Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 3, 2022, #369


Dane Wigington

Relentless heat waves and wildfires are taking a terrible toll on the US West. Even forested regions of Northern California are currently scheduled to hit 115 degrees in the coming days while hovering around 110 degrees in the meantime. Crops continue to be crushed by the heat and drought. In other parts of the world constant deluge is drowning out food production and decimating populations. Record drought / deluge scenarios are the hallmark of climate intervention operations, what will it take to bring these programs to the full light of day? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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59 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 3, 2022, #369

  1. Robert says:

    Recently I  traveled to see relatives in Butte, Montana and while I was there my Sister suggested that we travel to the mountain where our deceased relatives ashes are spread. Half the trees of what use to be a pristine forrest were dead or dying, truly a heart breaker. My Sister is a climate denier, and when I brought it to her attention she said, "Oh, that's beetle kill". I replied that it wasn't and she just rolled her eyes, I keep chipping away and I will til the end. On a special note, I live close to Hells Canyon and I saw a big black bear swim from the Idaho side to the Oregon side and traverse up a steep canyon face,  that would be the Snake river. A little later I spotted a golden eagle soaring above me in all its majesty. I suggest to everyone here to seek out what beauty and wonder you can find every day, it counters all the negative surrounding us, without it, they win. Thank you Dane and company for all you do, you inspire me to keep on in this battle of good over evil. No matter the outcome we've already won.

  2. renewed says:

    I found the introduction to Ms. Buck's book

    After Geoengineering

    Climate Tragedy, Repair, and Restoration

    is available here:

    To be clear, I agree with Mr. Wigington's conclusion that geoengineering operations have already been deployed, based on the soil and atmospheric testing and other relevant facts.

    Still, it is important to have conversations and debates with those who disagree.  It takes courage to do so.  It is helpful to have an understanding of what academia is discussing in order to address specifically what is missing from the debate.

  3. renewed says:

    Dear Earth Angel,

    THANK YOU for your prayers!!!  They are much needed and much appreciated!!!

    Once again, so hard to find info that is useful, all by design no doubt.

  4. Lance says:

    Morning again and "events" keep happening.  Mosquito Fire has grown big time.  Is well over 13,000 acres, likely over 14,000 by now.  Smoke from this fire is mainly moving to the SW now.  Cleared up some in the Lake Tahoe area because of this.  Lots of buildings and residences being incinerated that are spread out in the areas where the fire has burned.  Have driven through that area a few times in past years so I know.  Today this fire is going to be, according to the fire experts, as explosive as it was yesterday.  Fires like this create their own weather and wind.  Temperatures today will remain over 100 degrees with very low humidities with winds in the fire area gusting to 25 mph.  Same thing happened with the Caldor Fire which eventually burned E all the way into Nevada.  Its possible this fire could burn toward Lake Tahoe and eventually reach the WNW side of the lake!  Few people thought the Caldor Fire would reach the summit of the Sierra's on the south end of Lake Tahoe, but it did.  Oh, and as per usual, the disaster capitalists are hard at work cutting down all the burned up trees in the Caldor Fire.  In fact, a new mill is being constructed in Nevada to make wood products from these logs.  All kinds of new construction is happening on the E side of the Sierra's in Nevada by the way.  Same thing is happening on the E side of Lake Tahoe.  On my way back from Costco in Carson City yesterday I noticed a police vehicle cruising down Hwy 50 toward the Stateline Casino's.  It wasn't a local police vehicle.  It was from the North Las Vegas Police Department, you know, Sin City!    

  5. brent papon says:

    'How can we know what we can't know ///'


  6. renewed says:

    Dear Lance,

    I agree this nanotech thing is so serious!

    And the fires are just unreal!  It's shocking how the fires are NOT reported, even in local/regional news content.  They have managed to make all fire reporting totally hyper-local, so basically nobody sees how bad it is unless you are right next to it. Even then, there is very little information.  They used to post a continually updated fire map for the whole community to be able to reference and they STOPPED doing it!!!!  I saw it firsthand!

    • Lance says:

      Have resorted to accessing Twitter to see information on fires.  Usually better than msm.  The Mosquito Fire burning about 30 miles in a straight line from Lake Tahoe has "exploded" and "gone nuclear" according to some Tweets.  Huge pyrocumulonimbus clouds forming above the fire up to 40,000 ft.  One post stated it looked just like a super-cell thunderstorm.  There was even rotation spotted on infrared radar in the firestorm!  Probably generating lighting too!  This is serious stuff!  Over 13,000 acres and moving quickly in various directions.  Very dense smoke in the Lake Tahoe Basin right now and ash is falling out of it.  We're staying at a campground in South Lake Tahoe so I know.  Experienced the Caldor Fire last year and don't want to go through that again.  Had to evacuate for 9 days.  If the fire continues to move toward the E its possible that it could reach the northwest side of Lake Tahoe, but that's a big IF.  Given the forests are covered with many types of metal particulates the fires burn much hotter than normal and spread out in all directions.  This happened near Redding a couple years ago and there are videos of firefighters saying they'd never seen fire behave the way it did there, never!  Some of us know this, but most don't.  They think its just "climate change" don't ya know!       

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes.The fires are terrifying. I caught a glimpse (on a 24-7 weather channel) of one of the California fires. I'm not sure which it was. Unbelievable! Absolutely horryifing! I am distraught for all people in those areas. I cannot imagine living through something like that and yet tens of thousands apparently are. And what of the poor wild creatures, domestic animals, and pets in such a situation?! Heartbreaking for all living creatures. Plants, trees, homes & landscapes all totally destroyed. Everything consumed so quickly. God help the brave firefighters battling these infernos. I don't know how they do it. We see precious little reporting of this down here in the southeast on the regular local stations. Occasional brief snippets from the national propaganda outlets. I am heartbroken for so many out west and around the globe. Praying for you ALL. Please stay safe.

  7. Lance says:

    Forrest Hill is not the name of the fire I mentioned.  Its named the Mosquito Fire and has exploded to over 4,300 acres in less than 24 hrs.  Huge pyrocumulus cloud visible just before sunset.  Evacuations ordered in Forrest Hill and in other zones.  Rapid explosive spread of fire due to particulate buildup over many months?  Likely.  

  8. Lance says:

    GFS model forecast shows the cyclone off the coast of Baja moving right along the western coastline and up into S CA!  Will be a low pressure system by the time it gets there, but will still bring thunderstorms and heavy rain.  Moisture from this system will be heading further up into CA, AZ, and NV.  By the way, smoke from the Forrest Hill fire has filled the Lake Tahoe basin and surrounding areas.  Quite heavy right now.  Fire has grown to nearly 4,000 acres in less than 24 hrs!

  9. Lance says:

    Correction!  Mosquito Fire is now spreading toward the NNE and NOT the NNW as I posted.  My mistake.  Smoke is drifting into the Tahoe Basin, not good for not good air quality in the first place!

  10. Lance says:

    Big increase in the number of wildfires and not just in the western US.    Another wildfire started last night by lightning near Oxbow Reservoir near Forrest Hill, CA which is about 30 miles in a straight line from Lake Tahoe.  Can see the smoke from South Lake Tahoe at the campground we're staying in.  Fire is rapidly spreading due to very hot and dry conditions to the NNW.  Evacuations ordered for Forrest Hill, Volcano, and other smaller towns in that area.  Lots of residences in that area too.  More thunderstorms to come this afternoon in the Sierra Mountains and foothills on either side.  Events getting wilder by the hour!     

  11. Lance says:

    More "events" coming?  In case none of you have noticed a very large and strong cyclone is spinning off the coast of W Mexico and just off the southern end of Baja.  Its moving toward the NNW.  It now has a well defined eye-wall.  There is a real possibility of it coming all the way up into S CA.  Extreme heating of CA is continuing, but temps are to start dropping late Friday the 9th.  Rain is now in the forecast to begin late Friday and continue through the weekend.  A thunderstorm came over Lake Tahoe area last night and dropped some rain, just enough to settle the dust.  If, and this is a big if, the cyclone comes up into CA it will bring a lot more, inches more!  We shall see.  

  12. Lance says:

    The "events" ongoing compel me to respond.  As you may have noticed I've posted some information regarding nanotechnology.  You may or may not have noticed that in the scientific literature the wording used downplays the REALITY of deadly dangers associated with this technology.  To them the "risks" of using this technology are outweighed by the "possibilities"!  To them there is an acceptable amount of "risk", even though there are known, and more importantly unknown, deadly dangers involved!  Many of these scientists even believe they can resolve the problems that have been created, which are continuing to escalate, as direct result of at least 20 years of developments in manufacturing and applications of a broad range of nanotechnologies.  If you think that the current extreme heat "event" that has been underway in CA is not associated with advanced nanotechnology (airborne nanoparticles!) you need to do more research!

  13. brent papon says:

    For the record.

    No pun intended.

    They can't produce 02 at scale. 

    Their underground cities are useless.

    And they know it.

    As our bro Dane says…

    Environmental collapse has beat them to the proverbial crossroads.

    A nuclear exchange is out of the question as well.

    The methane nitrous and 03 at ground is displacing the 02.

    No 02 no ATP.

    Won't be a 3 lb mammal alive in 3 years.

    Game, set, and match 


  14. Dennie says:

    Could "They" be blasting back at it, in some insane attempt to deflect the magnetic storm, or are "They" the cause, or are we seeing a few warring countries fucking with the planet's magnetism in some insane attempt to screw each other? Well, if so, it's succeeding beyond "Their" wildest, craziest ideas, more than they could imagine…

  15. researcher says:

    Thank you for the recommendation to watch "Planet of the Humans"

    I found it on bit-shoot

    I believe this is especially important for environmentalists to watch since it address exactly what they have been talking about most for so long.  It explains so much and it a perfect companion documentary to The Dimming

  16. Gene Adaway says:

    The Department of Energy is the former Atomic Energy Commission.  Use one crime to cover up another.

    • researcher says:

      Dear Gene,

      You bring up a good point about how these groups change names to hide the past.  This is an important thing to follow to be able to connect the dots.

  17. brent papon says:

    I got another classic for ya. @the aic…

    The pay sucks and the company is worse.

  18. Dorothy Derewicz says:

    Thank you Dane for all you do..You are a very patient man and what you are doing deserves much more than..a simple thank you..You work tirelessly to try to bring..people to understand that our planet is being destroyed…

    I watched a documentary on the Johnstown Flood an it was so alarming that I couldn't stop thinking about it..People knew that the dam could break..There was really nothing there to stop the water..Then came the storm..and people were warned to get out..but did not heed the warning..They stayed in their homes and suddenly the water came and they said it a train the power of the water was immense..The water was powerful and 37 foot high..

    I bring this up because this is just what we are seeing from people..No one will believe what is being done and the consequences that are coming..I post every single article you have Dane but people are totally oblivious to it..I don't know what it takes to make them wake up..They will pay attention to the price of a gallon of gas or the fact that food prices are rising to the point they can not afford it..but they just totally ignore..the fact that soon it won't matter because there will be no food or water..What is it going to take Dane to make them get it??..Or is it going to be a world wide Johnstown awakening..!!

    • researcher says:

      Dear Dorothy,

      I have not heard of this flood, where and when was it?

      You are so correct in saying that the work here by Mr Wigington and crew deserves so much more than simply "thank you".  The problem is that words can't convey so many things!

  19. Lance says:

    Its being claimed that environmental policies can help prevent toxic nanoparticle pollution.  Its way too late for this because the level of pollution is far greater than we're being allowed to know!  The main focus of many of these reports are on 2.5 nano meter sized Particulate Matter (PM) that are already present in enormous amounts in the environment.  They are bad enough, but there are, however, many other types of "engineered" nanoparticles (NP's) that are smaller and much more toxic for this reason!  It doesn't take a lot of nanoparticles this size to cause damage, illness, and death.  Its not the the amount of them that matters, but their extremely small size which enables them to penetrate individual cells and even what's inside each cell of any biological living thing, including all of us!  They are highly mobile, highly reactive, highly toxic and persistent!  They remain in and even accumulate in the environment and in biological living things causing chemical/thermal oxidative stress, inflammation, lung damage, and many more known, and as yet, unknown problems!  At the head of the list of these toxic nanoparticles is Black Carbon, or Carbon Black, nC60, which is used to make Carbon Nanotubes (CNT).  Lots of information available regarding nano-pollution, but I believe the damage they are causing is out of control!        


  20. Pete says:

    Dane, I do believe you are a great genuine man but I am also very aware of the very deep hole of deception that controls this sick world; makes it very hard to know what to be believe as truth no matter how much research one does!

    I think you are only the one I've come across who tells the whole dire picture as it truly is and I would be gutted to ever learn if you were anything other that what you most certainly appear to be… a true Human Being, showing so many the way with undying passion and courage…

    My path has been very difficult in awakening over the years now and honestly i do not have any faith at all in Humanity especially after the last few years of Covid lies and endless blatantly obvious agendas!

    How bad is the damage done… I really do wonder!!!

    If you are right and I think you are… damn… the shit that hit the fan long ago is absolutely going to fly all over… can Humanity find anything collectively then or is it already way too late! Is the hole way too deep!

    But some of us can at least keep going until our own end and take comfort in the knowledge that we cared and tried no matter what the full truth is… the world is clearly in rapid decline and it sure is well overdue absolute change, but not what they have in store…

    Respect you loads Dane and you are an inspiration to keep going…

  21. Lance says:

    The weather forecast temps for the Sacramento, CA area are calling for it to be at or near 114F today!  In fact, the entire state of CA is forecast to experience "extreme heat" until later this week.  Thunderstorms are being forecast at the end of this extended period of extreme heating.  A huge tropical system is now forming just off the coast of western Mexico.  Will it come north into the now well heated waters of the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of CA?  We will soon see!

  22. Lance says:

    Impossible for me not to comment on the "events" ongoing!  Any of you see or hear information concerning the G2 geomagnetic storm that hit the earth's magnetic shield on Sept. 4th and lasted 24 hours?  Cracks in the magnetic shield that protects the earth from the incredible level of energy that was blasted directly toward earth from the sun allowed that radiation to be seen as far south as Oregon!  In fact, people there were stunned and started screaming when they saw the aurora with their naked eyes!  They do not understand that if this energy actually made it all the way down to ground level that everything in the vicinity of this radiation would be burned up!     

    • researcher says:

      Dear Lance,

      This is crazy, I didn't hear about this.  Were people screaming because they were excited or scared?  Maybe they didn't know what it was?

  23. researcher says:

    Thank you for another awesome broadcast!!!!!!! 

    This is a key fact to help others see the deception:

         "a warming planet HAS to produce more rain"


    Dear Friends,

    Never give in to the feelings of defeat!  It's ok to feel them.  Then just let them pass over.  They always will eventually, if one does not give in.

    We are being subjected to a pacification program through demoralization and gaslighting.  Why?  They are losing and they know it, because real truth is utterly unshakable and they deal only in lies and deception.

    Focus on small steps that are achievable, small seeds of truth to share with others and small steps towards resiliency.  Never give up.  That is how we win.

    Sending love and big hugs to everyone!

    • Rhonda says:

      Thank you Researcher,

      I agree and it is good to hear someone else shinin' victorious truth!

      Many Blessings of Love and Light to You




  24. Lance says:

    Am staying in the South Lake Tahoe area.  Been here for three days.  Have to comment on what's happening to Lake Tahoe.  Went to meet some friends at a restaurant near the south shore of the lake.  We noticed a very stinky smell.  It was coming from all along the edge of the lake.  A huge algae (phytoplankton) bloom has taken place all along many miles of the lake shore that's caused the stink!.  Locals say its being caused by an invasive species of clam?  Total baloney!  There were many people swimming, wading, and playing in this water!  The water in the lake is polluted!  Sources of the pollution?  UC Davis scientists claim its coming from "urban storm water" and the algae.  This is true, but let's just get to the real truth, shall we.  There are numerous sources of pollution that have gotten into the lake water.  The reality is the earth's atmospheric rivers contain toxic micro and nano particulate pollutants and in huge amounts!  Any rain or snow that falls contains them, period!  Climate engineering projects are a source many of these pollutants!  All sources of water, whether above ground or underground have been polluted!  These toxic pollutants are causing biological ecosystem illness and death all over the world!  This is reality, not the psycho-babel being pounded into the heads of the masses via mass media!

  25. Hailey M. says:

    Any thoughts on the abnormal hurricane season?  Forecasters keep moving the goal posts.  They start the season out by saying it's going to be busier than ever (i.e. the scheduled weather).  Then after a slow June and July they try to explain the slow season by claiming most activity occurs after July.  Every article in August claimed that 'next week' activity will be ramping up.  August had zero names storms, the second time in 50 years.

    September starts out with weak storms that they predict will strengthen, however they are falling apart and struggling to organize.    They already know Sept won't be going as planned, because i just read an article that says most hurricanes happen in October!  There is some factor at play that is outside of the weather maker's control.

  26. brent papon says:

    Why does human trafficiking exist???

    It's called income inequality !!!

    Wanna see a good one, say at the  top o your lungs


    I have never heard so much as a groan

  27. brent papon says:

    Calpers (people who worked in the state of CA) owns 30% of big oil. As of ten years ago. 

    Had a uncle I used to play with in LA.

    Told me about his pension.

    32 years, got 92 % of his pay and full medical for the rest of his life.

    I said cool, but how is my generation going to pay 4 it. 

    I was 26 at the time.

    I live w a woman who put less than 20k into SS. she's extracted  @ half a mil.

    How can I survive.

    I can't




  28. Joseph says:

    Dane great beginning to this broadcast — especially for new listeners. 

    All your broadcasts are great but the beginning of this one  was really great and gets right to the point for everyone on this planet.

  29. TNGEOWATCH says:

    North GA just had 8-11 inches of rain while the surrounding area is overcast or light rain all the way into the midwest, upper south. While keeping our temps down here in TN.  This is so obvious now that I'm waking up people daily.  Best progress I've had in 10 years.  They don't care any more. This isn't going to get any better soon.  Keep it up all.  Dane well done with Natural News.  Best interview hands down for that crowd.  USA watchdog was solid too.  Wake people up folks.  Let's go!

  30. John says:

    On July 19, 2022, there was a so-called "microburst" monsoon thunderstorm event in Douglas, Arizona that took out many homes as well as 70+ power poles. Do you think this was a geoengineering event? 



  31. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Dane, I saw your interview with Mike Adams of Natural News — wonderful! This needs to get out to more and more people. I often post photos of the ASI/SRM over Phoenix, telling people to "look up." It's amazing how many friends comment about the "beautiful, strange-looking clouds we have here." LOL!! People just don't get it! I try to tell them but I douth they will learn. I forwarded the Natural News piece and video to my friends. Hopefully they will learn something.

  32. Robin says:

    In regards to hurricane suppression, an overheated ocean can't vent it's heat.  Also, the stirring of the surface water by hurricanes is necessary to provide more oxygen content in ocean water.   Finally, correct me if I'm wrong, hurricanes have powerful updrafts that bring oxygen molecules high enough to create more ozone (basics I learned from Dane).  This is the stuff of critical & common sense thinking, highlighting how sacred the hydrologic cycle is.  

  33. brent papon says:

    For the record. Those kids that mine for cobalt make 1 to 3 dollars a day.

    When they are injured or die, the mining companies claim that the CHILDREN  were trespassing. They get NOTHING., Enjoy your cell phones…

  34. Researcher says:

    Thank you for another awesome broadcast!!!!!!! 

    This is a key fact to help others see the deception:

         "a warming planet HAS to produce more rain"


    Dear Friends,

    Never give in to the feelings of defeat!  It's ok to feel them.  Then just let them pass over.  They always will eventually, if one does not give in.

    We are being subjected to a pacification program.  Why?  They are losing and they know it, because real truth is utterly unshakable and they deal only in lies and deception.

    Focus on small steps that are achievable, small seeds of truth to share with others and small steps towards resiliency.  Never give up.  That is how we win.

    Sending love and big hugs to everyone!


  35. Nemo says:

    You have shined the light into the darkness

    and the darkness did not understand.

    • brent papon says:

      So TRUE. Awesome my neighbor in PA.

      Thanks to Dane and ALL on this site.

      Shine on you crazy diamonds.

  36. Duane Martin says:

    Dane: Regarding Douglas McMartin -"Mr. Bumble" (Charles Dickens – "Oliver Twist" – In Summation ….

    "The law is an ass – a idiot".

  37. Lance says:

    Have to comment on the situation(s) regarding the fires on the western half of the US.  Oregon National Guard is now deployed to help "fight" the Rum Creek Fire which is now over 18,000 acres (not 11,000 acres!).  Unarmed soldiers(?) are manning road closure checkpoints around Merlin, OR.  They're there to provide "safety and security" the msm news reports say.  A state of emergency has been declared in the entire state of OR.  Mill Fire near Weed, CA was started when an OLD (not fully operational anymore) Roseburg Forest Products mill caught fire.  (I worked in a plywood mill in Roseburg for 18 years that wasn't run by RFP, and I can tell you the insides of these mills, especially where they dry veneer, is coated with a pitchy residue caused by the hot dryers.  When it catches fire it spreads very rapidly!)  Eyewitness reports state an "explosion" was heard and then a fire erupted which spread throughout the mill.  100s of homes burned to the ground as the fire spread north.  Mountain Fire near Gazelle, CA only 25% contained.  CA National Guard on duty there "fighting" the fires and manning checkpoints.  100s (really 1,000s) of people have been made homeless by all these fires.  Excessive Heat Warnings for most of the western US.  High temps in central CA specifically are to exceed 100F, possibly reach up to 113F by mid-week, and continue above 100F for days after this.  Red Flag Warnings issued for Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.  Many fires continue to burn in these states.  Long range forecast calls for a major cyclone to form off Baja September 7th which could move north bringing torrential rains to CA.  Weather whiplash, or geoengineered disaster?         

    • Dennie says:

      Oh, "They're" doin' it, all right.  112 degrees in Santa Rosa yesterday, 109 in San Rafael.  Now that we're good and dried out down here in the once-Golden State, we're hearing the distant drumbeats of lightning occurring with the arrival of a storm from Mexico– what do you suppose is in store for us next?  SOMEONE (and I think we all know Who, pulling Gov. Newsolini's strings) has ordered California to be dried out and burned up.  Qui bono?

  38. Millard Ardoin says:

    I live in Lancaster Ca. and I'v measured 134 degrees in my back yard on September 1st, and 2n and 3d. My temp. in the shade has been reading 120 degrees. They are under reporting the true tempertures.


  39. Bridgeford says:

    Stunned re the court case against Doug McMartin SUDDEN shift, to deny justice.  Power brokers do NOT want  geo-engineering getting such a spotlight.  Sure seems like suspicious matter to hear of the tactics used to halt discovery phase . Keep exposing everything wrongful ways to silence. Even the Bloomberg reporter calling the day prior to such legal action.This is just so obvious , and appeal seems like only next step if I have that right. All the new radio stations (Mike Adams too) will keep this matter in the forefront ! We know the court system  is tainted – rigged the more we see  verdicts of late. Court  and legal work is very time consuming, so we are behind you & this entire situation. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, the majority of defacto corporately controlled court systems are totally sold out & rigged. We will find precious little TRUE justice in these institutions. There might remain a judge or two somewhere that isn't owned by USA, INC. so perhaps the answer is to hold another 'People's Court of Public Opinion' Grand Jury Hearing as was chaired in February of this year by German Atty.'s Reiner Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer and others from around the globe. The compiled evidence and  findings of the Corona Investigative Committee, numerous doctors, and other expert witness testimony was documented for all the world in these 6 days. If you have not heard it it is WELL worth finding and hearing. I discovered on and I believe is up on odysee as well. I think a format like this will be the only place a case regarding the immoral, unlawful crimes against humanity that the climate disrupting spray programs pose will EVER get a fair chance to be heard. Worth a try if we can find the atty.'s to do it. There are a few of those with courage and some decent morals left I hope.

  40. Jiujiu Beans says:

    Dane, I love what you and like-minded people are doing. I share links and post downloaded fliers from on street poles and notice boards. You, too, stay strong, my brother!   🙂

  41. Rhonda says:

    Thank You Dane. You and the entire crew are so appreciated. It is an absolute blessing to see another human being that encapsulates such integrity and have the opportunity to feel such a deep respect. Thank you for inspiring us all to not only stay strong, but to get stronger. We do need to make every moment count.

  42. Gary Morrow says:

    Dane, I listened to your excellent interview with Mike Adams on Natural News. Mike Adams has a huge following and you are sure to get many views from this. 


  43. penny waters says:

    our local reservoir is very very low

    it was created in a dip in the ground some years ago and drowned the village of north hanningfield – some buildings can still be seen when the water is low

    it was crammed with birds yesterday – never seen so many birds – my surrounding local area is so dry 

    what will recover – what trees can survive much longer – seems like only young young trees have died – with the older ones, deeper in the ground are reaching water and still have leaves – but for how much longer?

    and the septic tanks – what a pong – nothing is being washed through and everywhere stinks and as i have said before i do not understand why people can't smell it? – but they are doused in perfume – tis the only explanation 

    we seem to only appreciate things when they are gone

    there are no herbaceous plants still alive in my garden except my food and medicine plants – i will not stop watering them whatever kind of hose pipe ban!

    the harvest is small, erratic and sick

    the british government keeps giving out money? i don't understand? tis truly crazy times in the world of humans


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