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Official institutions are still attempting to mask the ongoing climate engineering atrocities by parroting the "official narrative" of denial. The "Forum For Climate Engineering Assessement" recently contacted and requested an interview with me. The fact that institutional organizations feel they need to engage in such interviews is a clear sign that our combined efforts are gaining ground in the battle to reach a critical mass of awarenes. Some excerpts from their mission statement are below:

Mission Statement

The Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment’s (FCEA) overarching objective is to assess the social, ethical, political, and legal implications of emerging technologies that fall under the broad rubric of climate engineering (sometimes referred to as “climate geoengineering”). We produce high-quality and policy-relevant research and commentary, and work in a variety of ways ensure that the climate engineering conversation maintains a focus on issues of justice, equity, agency, and inclusion.

Scope of Work

  • Facilitation of climate engineering research in the academic sector.

Our work in this context includes: ongoing development of a timeline that chronicles the history of climate geoengineering and provides access to critical source materials; an occasional paper series; and development of a range of other materials for teaching and research on the social and political implications of climate engineering.

The 18 minute interview I did for this "Climate Engineering Assessment" group is below (full audio and full transcript). Whatever the overal agenda was behind this interview was (perhaps to try and marginalize those that are completely committed to exposing the climate engineering assault), the interviewer, Holly Buck, was cordial and professional. This being said, Ms. Buck has made her position on geoengineering clear. Though she claims climate engineering is only a "proposal", she advocates for all the "benifits" of deploying climate engineering/SRM programs.  Publically denying existing climate engineering is likely a mandatory position for any in academia who wish to preserve their paychecks and pensions. Does this excuse the denial of academia? Absolutely not. There are volumes of verifiable facts, documents, and film footage which confirm the ongoing climate engineering reality. Unfortunately, academia (as a whole) refuses to honestly speak out about the ongoing geoengineering insanity. The recent illegal federal gag order on all NWS and NOAA employees is certainly one of the reasons why. Whatever the hurdles to speaking out, academia's betrayal of the public trust must be brought to light.  The only way forward in the battle to expose and halt the ongoing weather warfare assault is to reach a critical mass of awareness with global populations, this effort will take all of us. Again, whatever the agenda of the interviewing institution may have been, the fact that they carried out this interview at all will help us carry the message to the halls of academia.

An Interview with Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch

By Holly Buck

Recently, I talked with Dane Wigington of

This site often features at the top of Google results for informational searches such as “geoengineering”, “geoengineering definition”, “examples of geoengineering”, etc.

You can listen to the interview or read the transcript below.

Note to listeners: I do not share Dane’s view that there is an ongoing deployment of solar radiation management.

Dane Wigington 11

Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch

Holly: I was hoping we could start out by hearing a bit more about your site.

Dane: Our site,, is simply a informational repository. We are nonpolitical. We don’t sell anything. We are simply trying to put data forward to the public so they can examine information on the geoengineering, climate engineering, solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol injection subjects; and come to their own conclusions.

Holly: Can you tell us more about the scope of your site — who uses it, and how they find it?

Dane: Well, we have about 20,000 visitors a day and we’re over 25 million total visitors. Any search engine, if you search the word “geoengineering”, we are typically at the top of that list. Sometimes ahead of Wikipedia, so we are not hard to find. Again, we stick to the science terms and the science issues and data to back that up, so again, not hard to find if someone searches the subject of “geoengineering”.

Holly: Given that international readership, do you have a “typical” reader? Do you have return readers? Or is mostly people from all around the world who are just searching for information about this?

Dane: Well in Google Analytics, we can search fairly accurately as to who’s getting on, and we have broad, expansive demographics, if you will. Everyone from military organizations, agencies, general public and everything in between. So we’ve had very high numbers of agency people on the site as well. In fact, when we published the 60 day notice of pending legal action from our legal alliance to stop geoengineering legal team, within 3 hours, I heard from Marcia McNutt. I think you know who she is, perhaps. National Academy of Sciences. So, she apparently had looked within three hours of us posting. So there’s a wide range of people looking at this data.

Holly: I would like to back up a little bit and hear your views on climate change. I was reading one of your articles recently, where you talked about runaway global warming, and my understanding is that you believe that people are doing geoengineering to either stop or cover up the runaway warming. Is that a correct reading?

Dane:  I think all available science data backs up that conclusion. I mean, I think you’re studying the issue of solar radiation management, and that is the purpose of the proposal of those programs, which again, we would argue the data indicates its long since been deployed.

The problem … there are some in the anti-climate engineering movement that have not accepted the fact that the planet is in full-blown meltdown. I gave global warming lectures before I focused everything on the climate engineering issue. But I don’t think we can argue logically, any of us, that the planet’s … what would be mathematically, statistically in a runaway greenhouse effect right now.

And we’re seeing statistically, an under-reporting of official high temperatures. Not an over-reporting as many people would like to convince themselves of, but we’re seeing an under-reporting. That means it’s even hotter than what we’re officially being told. And we are seeing significant under-reporting. Two, three, four, five degrees; so how hot is it really, if we looked at accurate data? And I would argue the data is being falsified. But in the opposite direction of what, unfortunately, many people choose to think. They think it’s being over-reported. It’s being radically under-reported.

The planet, I would argue, is much further into the warming curve than we are being told. And climate engineering is the last ditch effort to try to mask that fact from the public as long as possible.

Holly: There’s been a lot of talk lately in the media about so-called “fake news”. Some even say we are in a post-truth era. And I’m curious how you approach the topic of fake news, I mean, people must send you articles all the time. You’re a writer yourself, so how do you decide what’s real and what’s fake?

Dane: It needs to be verifiable. Period. And if we have, let’s look at the subject of climate engineering and the fact that all available data indicates it’s long since been deployed.

Our legal team; again, The Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, surveyed fifteen hundred climate scientists and meteorologists. Fifteen hundred. We published the full list of the contacts, every individual, so the authenticity of this could be verified. Not one, of fifteen hundred climate scientists surveyed — and your listeners can look this up on our site — not one was willing to deny on the record that climate engineering, solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol injection, had already been deployed. Not one.

When we post articles, for example, 750 page congressional documents, historical presidential reports, all referring to global ongoing weather/climate modification operations, we let the listener or the reader decide for themselves. Those documents are real, verifiable, available on government archives. The data is there. People have to make up their own minds if they choose to accept that data or not. But the data is there and verifiable.

Holly: I’m curious if you could tell us a little bit about how you got into this topic.

Dane: Yes. It’s not a job I wanted. I’m non-political, I’ve never been an activist. I have a background with Bechtel Power Corporation, a very corrupt corporation that I left at an early age because of issues I was not comfortable with.

My home was on the cover of the world’s largest renewable energy magazine. I’m completely off grid with wind, hydro, and solar power. When I began to lose massive amounts of my solar PV uptake. My photovoltaic power uptake from whatever these aircraft were emitting, not a single natural cloud formation in the sky. Only the lingering, spreading emissions from these aircraft. Losing sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety percent on some days, of my solar power uptake. Unimaginable losses. Something was clearly wrong. This was not condensation.

And as I began to research and found mountains of data on geoengineering, solar radiation management. Researched the primary elements listed in those patents. We have about 160 patents posted at The primary element being aluminum. I began to do precipitation tests, processed at the state certified lab. Found an initial baseline test of 7 ppb aluminum, 7 parts per billion. And I further investigated with a hydrogeologist that stated, given my filtered forested location, that amount was very high. It should be less than 1 ppb. Subsequent tests over the next year, in a single rain event, went as high as 3450 ppb of aluminum. Unimaginably high levels of aluminum and barium. Primary elements in climate engineering patents.

And after finding these government documents, presidential documents, patents, film footage up close, which we have posted at Of aircraft KC-10s, C-17s, KC-135s. Up close footage of them dispersing materials at altitude.

GW 615

Geoengineered skies, Clarksville, Tennessee. Photo credit: Brandy Glick​

Global dimming is at 20 to 30 percent, you may know that. Every single dot connects. And the mountain of materials coming down on us, for example, in California, CARB, California Air Resources Board, has done studies on the materials migrating from China. From coal-fired power plants and so forth. Aluminum not amongst those materials. Nor barium.

Where was it coming from, when elements have escalated that high in that short of time? No other plausible source. I was simply forced to face the fact that these programs were in fact deployed and raining an unimaginable amount of toxicity down, destroying the ozone layer, the list goes on and on. And so, I was simply forced to either turn away or face this issue. And I couldn’t turn away.

Holly: If I recall, a few years ago, some of your work was more about chemtrails. Now it seems it has more of an emphasis on geoengineering, and I’m just wondering if you could talk a little about the evolution there, about the relationship between the two concepts.

Dane: Can you cite any of my work that uses that term?

Holly: No, I’m not talking about now. I’m talking about maybe three to five years ago.

Dane: So am I. I mean, if you can cite any of my work other than to make the point that geoengineering refers to the layman’s term of chemtrails as no scientific basis whatsoever. And I had adamantly always adhered to the science terms. Thus the name of our site, which has always been the name So I would just ask not to be confused with other groups that are using that term. I don’t use it. And adamantly and tenaciously adhere to the climate science terms on this issue.

Holly: Okay. I know you said you’re nonpolitical, but I’m curious if you have any thoughts on what the recent election and the new administration means for geoengineering programs.

Dane: I think it remains to be seen. Certainly we know the new administration is sending out incredibly alarming signals with their appointees and their apparent denial of what is really undeniable. That the climate is changing radically. That anthropogenic causes are creating the damage. We’re putting 100 million tons of CO2 in the atmosphere a day. We’re lopping down the forest, we’re poisoning the oceans. I mean, I can’t truly fathom that anyone could not understand that that would radically disrupt the energy balance of the planet.

You know the military has always known this and we know that right now your listeners can research this. We have the US military stating on the record, the greatest national security threat of all is the disintegrating climate. So, I would argue, why would we think that the military would ask our permission before they would engage in climate engineering when we know, historically, they have been engaging in weather warfare for many, many decades. We know this. Project Popeye in Vietnam. The rain seeding over the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Project Storm Fury, on and on.

So, for the Trump administration to, apparently, at least at this point, deny the climate emergency which we face right now is certainly extremely alarming. That being said, I’m working directly with a retired Air Force Major General. Retired Army Major General. Both of whom are communicating with the Trump administration about climate engineering. Because they want these programs stopped as well. Our only goal is to expose these programs and to bring them to the light of day. And that’s hard to do when you have, Holly, I’m not sure if you know this, are you aware that there is a federal gag order on all National Weather Service and all NOAA employees?

Holly: No, I hadn’t heard that.

Dane: Your listeners might want to examine that. And that should certainly send up a big red flag for them. I first was notified of that from PEER, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. Who works directly with NWS and NOAA employees. I got a no return address, no identity, but I got a copy of the legal action. And there is in fact a federal gag order on all National Weather Service and all NOAA employees right now. We have to ask ourselves, what are they trying to hide?

Holly: I’m curious, in the course of your work, what kinds of people do you meet?

Dane: Well, we’re dealing with a lot of people right now. In fact, the former CEO of the world’s largest environmental and engineering consulting firm communicates with us on our attorney conference calls. Because he also, is very aware of these programs.

The former MP, Canadian MP for British Columbia, I communicate directly with him. In fact, he was just, he’s aware of these programs as well. He’s endorsed a book that we’re about a week away from releasing. And, again, the purpose of that book is simply to disclose the programs and give data to back up that disclosure.

We have also, at, visual proof of climate engineering in the form of NASA satellite images and people who would search this on our site and look at these images, you don’t need to know anything about meteorology. If you look at these images, you will be absolutely shocked at what you see. Not just the aerosol operations, but the interaction with radio frequency signals that are used to manipulate the particulates.

I simply would ask people to look at the visual data and if you don’t believe what you see with your own eyes, there’s not much else I could say. But the attempt to engineer our way out of this without reducing carbon emissions, reducing deforestation, reducing ocean contamination. That’s simply a fool’s errand. It’s an extremely counter productive life. Holly, you remember the chemical Corexit that was used in the Gulf of Mexico to mask the severity of the oil spill …

Holly: Yeah.

Dane: Do you remember that?

Holly: Actually, I do.

Dane: I would argue that climate engineering is in that category. Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico, according to environmental impact studies, made that situation 52 times more toxic. But they used it anyway. To hide the problem. Not to make it better, to hide it.

And that’s, in fact, what we see now. The UV levels, we’re seeing from climate engineering, for example, I’m working directly with a 40 year former NASA aeronautics engineer. Forty year veteran. With expensive UV metering equipment that we supplied him. He’s seeing … we’re seeing UVB 1000 percent higher than we’re being told. It’s burning the bark off of trees. The cambium layer. We have [inaudible 00:14:47] huge study of whales with massive UV burns on them. We’re seeing UVC now on the surface. Five percent of incoming UV is now UVC, that’s the last band of UV before x-ray.

Your listeners can search — geoengineering destroys the ozone layer. There’s no question in the scientific community that will be the result. But, that is the result. For those that aren’t willing to admit for reasons I just cited, there’s federal gag orders and so forth, these programs are ongoing. We see yet another confirmation they are ongoing by the massive ozone destruction, the massive UV levels, also not being officially disclosed.

Holly: I’m wondering if you could tell us, what’s your goal or strategy? What do you and other concerned people plan to do about geoengineering?

Dane: Well, I would argue that the interference with Earth’s natural processes is highly destructive overall. Much like a pharmaceutical with the human body. How many pharmaceutical ads do we see now that say take this for this particular ailment and by the way, here’s twenty side effects that are unimaginably worse than what the quote cure is claimed to mitigate.

I would argue that we need to have disclosure on these programs. And when we have the environmental and the green community, for example, justifiably fighting to save forests and to preserve ecosystems through the world. If we have an element in the equation that is so horrifically destructive and not being admitted to, can we really have a legitimate discussion about the environment or the climate unless this issue is disclosed?

And that issue is climate engineering, when we have the world’s most recognized climate engineers, like Dr. David Keith stating on the record his goal, their goal to put 20 million tons of aluminum nano particulates into the atmosphere annually. And not even having studied the toxicological effects.

And that is a fact, that’s on film. If your listeners search “Dane Wigington/David Keith”, they can see me confronting Dr. Keith at an international geoengineering conference where he admits that they have done no study whatsoever on the toxicological environmental effect. So, I would simply argue this, this is the goal of our study; to have full disclosure of this issue. Because we can’t really have any legitimate discussion about the climate or the state of the environment without acknowledging and considering this massive unacknowledged factor of climate engineering.

Holly: Well, I think we’d better wrap up there. But thanks for sharing your perspectives. I appreciate your time.

Dane: Only asking people to investigate. That’s our only goal. We don’t ask anybody to believe anything we state, we’re simply asking them to investigate the data. So thank you for allowing us to do that.

Holly J. Buck biography excerpt:

Faculty Fellow

Holly Jean Buck is a Doctoral candidate in the Department of Development Sociology at Cornell University, where she is also a Research Fellow at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.

Her work looks at climate change, energy system transformation, and human-environment interactions in the Anthropocene.  As a NSF-IGERT fellow in Food Systems and Poverty Reduction in East Africa, she looked into potential socio-ecological impacts of large-scale land acquisitions for biofuels; currently, she is interested in the intersection of climate engineering with food systems and land use.

Academic Interests:  Geographies of climate change, energy security, remote sensing with UAVs, appropriate technology and algal biofuels, marine bioprospecting, bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, open-source biotechnology, startup culture, Anthropocene pedagogy & writing, the sociology of expectations, future studies

Holly holds a M.Sc. in Human Ecology from Lund University in Sweden, and previously worked in the geospatial industry.

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  1. renewed says:

    Great interview and I really love the transcript since it's often hard to watch videos.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Patti Minter says:

    Dear friends,

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:

    Here's some more information about this petition:

    Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

    We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.

  3. $cience is for Intellectual Prostitutes says:

    She would have to know exactly what's going on. are quoting her ( But they also quote David Keith himself (, They're all in bed together.

    Remember how Simon Donner just hung up the phone in an interview when Dane asked him how, as a scientist, could he possibly say there is no spraying going on after he said that no matter how much it looks like they're spaying, they're not?

    It was like this:

    And this:

    And this:

    They are so used to getting the friendly soft-glove treatment in their echo-chamber Rothschild-controlled media and universities that as soon as anyone asks them a real question, they either hang up the phone, walk out of the studio, or even switch off the TV connection on air.

    It's hilarious what these pathetic losers do when confronted with the truth for once. But they never stop. They just keep going, and going and going, because they want their careers and $$$$$$ so bad so they can be part of the “great and the good”. At some point in their heads, they have made the decision to sell out. Some people will genocide the entire planet just so they can “be somebody” and make some fake Federal Reserve fiat dollars in the meantime, even though they will perish along with everyone else. What a species this is.

    And if a reporter did try to get the story on television, THIS is what would happen:

    NOTE TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS: You are expendable too. Look at what the Bolsheviks did to their minions in Russia.

    "All mules, after they'd served their purpose, were liquidated. As happens to everybody that serves the Illuminati whether they know it or not. As soon as they've served their purpose, they're wiped out with as little compunction as you and I would swat a fly."

    Sleep tight.

  4. Bryan says:

    Weather porn. That's the only real way to describe the #fakenews now masquerading as weather reports.

    I live in L.A. and was astounded to see a University of Maryland climate change "expert" interviewed during this weekend's "storm watch." You'll be glad to know that we don't have to worry until at least 2060 because the Paris accord set high standards and global targets for real change.

    Such bull. I don't know how these boldface liars can live with themselves. And of course these new rounds of rain have convinced Californians that the drought is over, everything is back to normal, let's all go skiing because the hills are packed with fresh snow.

    Meanwhile, the interior of the country is TWENTY degrees above normal. I realize now the manipulators are playing hop-scotch with their transmitters and manufactured cooldowns.

    L.A. is temporarily benefiting from the jetstream while the interior of the country gets to bake. Then they'll install the high pressure off the coast again while premature spring sets in, and all that lovely moisture is diverted north and back over the Midwest and east coast. Hot potato, literally.

    People sense something is drastically wrong but they refuse to put the pieces together because the implications are too scary. The Fed is your friend, vaccinations are safe, stocks can only go up, infinite growth on a finite planet is no problem. Let the kids in 2100 figure it out.

    Oh, Bill Gates just warned that the world should prepare for a global pandemic. I'm sure it means nothing. He has our best interests at heart.

    Good luck waking up the sheeple, my friends. Disinformation is everywhere. Trump is the prefect weapon of mass distraction. Our days grow shorter and the weather girls get cuter. I can't tell what they're saying in those tight, red skirts.

    It rained today and it was cold yesterday. So I guess all that global warming stuff is hot air.

    We have to keep grinding, keep trying to break through. By the time the system collapses it will be too late. Even at this late hour, with chaos and devastation all around us, the mass hypnosis is a form of psychosis. We must be the sane ones who stand together, fighting for what's left of this beautiful planet while we can.

    • BaneB says:

      Bryan:  Well said.  And nicely written.  "Hopscotch" is a good description for how these predators work their microwave tag team operations.

  5. David Smith says:


    I finally had time to visit Holly's web site  "Forum For Climate Engineering Assessement" and reviewed some materials. After review i had to send an email attached below. I suggest everyone contact them and share your view point.

    I do not understand how this whole site that falsely pretends geoengineering is not already being deployed. I alone have hundreds of photos of geoengineering with spraying almost everyday over south Florida. Your discussions all say how do we prepare for deployment. It is obvious only select science is being used and not any real field work such as direct observations of the sky or testing of water and soil that is so contaminated microbes and plants will not grow.

    I hoped there was real science going on here but what i see is another misinformation group to hide the fact this is already going on all over the world and affecting human, plant and animal life. There is huge amounts of evidence already collected including the USA government admitting the use of weather modification (geoengineering)patents for geoengineering  and so much film footage this cannot be denied.

    This site apparently is working for the military / industrial complex to minimize the outcome once the masses cannot be fooled any longer. They only need to look up and they will see what is really going on. All replies or comment to this email will be shared with the masses that are being hoodwinked. 

    I know i cannot articulate as clearly as you Dane but I believe my point can be understood. 

  6. Donna-AZ says:

    Ron and MS P, next time you see a red fuselage jet, with silver wings flying, try to have some binoculars close by, it is Southwest Airlines, and if you look closely, the engines are also red, and at the nose, you can see a small amount of purple, the top of the plane is purple, but you can't see it from the ground if it's above you. At the very back of the plane there is a band of orange. I have many pictures of them spraying here in Arizona. Southwest sprays us with another plane which is mostly blue with a yellow and red tail, very easy to see and it says Southwest on the side in Big White Letters. The owners of these airlines need to be thrown in prison. Tick, Tick, Tick.

  7. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    Now, the Climate Engineers have increased the number of named Winter Storms to three per week! There are obvious Red Flags here! The atmosphere in its natural state, will have transition days were a High Pressure centers with fair weather will occur. Moisture continually is being pumped in (fire hose) from the Pacific Ocean into the West Coast, then is Chemically Ice Nucleated, to create massive snow storms in the Northeast! 

  8. Mario says:

    Laurel Mountain (south of Ridgecrest and east of California City) is hopping as is another transmitter which appears to be in the northern Santa Ana Mountains just south and west of Corona somewhere.  SoCal gettin' hit hard tonight.  For my friends in Idaho, one of the the heavy hitters this winter is somewhere north and west of Pocotello near Pingree.  Another interesting site in Idaho is Sawtelle Peak — big, dark grey radome.  I join anyone to jump on board and start trying to identify these transmitters.  BaneB, thanks for your verifications.  I'm simply using intellicast doppler and google earth.  When you see the radial patterns (just look at any precipitation in the US or Canada) and follow it back to the center or "eye" of the circle.  Then go to google earth and start searching the mountains and peaks in those areas.  I'm sure some aren't on mountain tops, but a lot are.  As BaneB has so aptly shown, there are probably multiple transmitters in a lot of areas.  They're everywhere.  Radar is a good piece of evidence to show skeptical people.  Unless they're a highly paid bulls**t artist, like a local "meteorologist",  they'll have a hard time arguing with you.  Thanks for all the encouraging comments from my friends that I haven't met yet.  Peace and love to you all and KEEP FIGHTING!!!  There's more of "us" then there are of "them".     

  9. Diane Friday says:

    A little off-topic, but not…

    After reading Dane's interview and the wonderful, intelligent comments from so many wonderful, intelligent people – all of whom, like myself, have the amazing ability to LOOK UP – I wanted to let those of you who have given up television know what's going on. Mainstream news and weather, mainstream media in general, may be towing the line as ordered their overlords, but the writers working on a at least two series must know what's up, and it seems they're trying to get people to get the message. It likely doesn't work on the average viewer, but with things degenerating as quickly as they are, it won't be long before even the most steadfast deniers will see that truth is indeed stranger, and worse, than fiction. 

    The first is "The Walking Dead". I won't try to synopsize seven seasons of this series, but the season 6 finale was standout in more ways than one. The latest and by far the worst villain, Negan, after capturing the core group of long-suffering but surviving survivors, gave a long speech about the way things are for all of those now subjugated by him and his merry band of psychopaths. He used the term "new world order"; everyone works for him now; he owns you and he wants and will get half of everyone's s–t; if he knocks on your door, you'd better answer it because he owns that door; if you don't answer the door, they will knock it down; if you don't have enough s–t, you'd better find a way to get more s–t any way you can, or he'll have to kill someone, and he doesn't want to have to kill too many people, because you're of no use to him if you're dead; basically, he'll only kill you if you don't tow the line and produce for him. After this lengthy speech, he proceeded to brutally kill two members of the group, then torture and humiliate their leader for hours until he was certain said leader was broken and would be cooperative. 

    The second is "Colony". The extraterrestrial overlords are known as the "Global Authority". The following excerpt of the plot summary was taken from Wikipedia: 

    In a dystopian near-future Los Angeles, a couple, Katie (Callies) and Will (Holloway) Bowman live with two of their three children under a regime of military occupation by an organization known as the Colony Transitional Authority. They are part of a larger invading force of extraterrestrial origin who are referred to as the "Hosts", and as the "Raps", apparently a reference to raptors (the logo of the human collaborating forces features a stylized bird of prey). It is said of them that "no one ever sees them". The Hosts have built an enormous wall, around 20–30 stories tall, several meters thick, and many miles in length, which surrounds the central part of Los Angeles, where the series is set. Other similar walls have been constructed around other major cities (now called "Blocs"), while various buildings still display severe damage from the armed conflict during the invasion, known as the "Arrival". The geographical extent of the alien invasion is unclear, but it is presumably worldwide. The occupying forces shown to the viewers are all human, and enforce their occupation via black-and-red-uniformed militarized police with automatic firearms and armored personnel carriers, nicknamed the "Redhats" by characters in the series. These Redhats, along with a privileged class of elites, the "Proxies", were all drawn by the Hosts from the local population, and are thus denigrated by some of those they control as "Collaborators". It is unclear how the Redhats were initially organized or equipped. They may be staffed by members of what was Homeland Security, and are still often referred to as such. The Redhats do recruit from the local population, though such recruits are sometimes shown to be thuggish or wannabe types. These forces maintain control by separation of loved ones, shoot-on-sight curfews, forced disappearances, random checkpoints and frequent electronic identity checks, limitation of motor vehicle usage to official transport by special permit only (most citizens must walk or ride bicycles), pervasive visual propaganda, slave labor in a facility called the "Factory" for any transgressors (and their families) who are not executed, and electronic surveillance with Host-provided drone aircraft that launch from the wall. Some medical problems, such as diabetes, have been "deemed unworthy for treatment" by the Hosts, to cull the population with a crude form of eugenics. An active resistance movement is referred to as both the "Resistance" and the "Insurgency" (without universal support among the population, even among non-Collaborators), alongside a black market, though both are subject to ruthless suppression. A resistance cell based in Los Angeles includes at least one former U.S. military/intelligence operative named Broussard. Most basic resources are rationed by the Transitional Authority, while limited trade is conducted between citizens, bartering home-produced, used, and sometimes stolen items. The apparent leader of the resistance is known by the codename "Geronimo", after the Apache leader.

    In "The Walking Dead", while our group of survivors has lost many of their people and will lose more, it is said they will ultimately conquer Negan and his new world order. Just sayin'. 

    Frame things in the context of a fictitious zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion/takeover, and no one's the wiser. Except for those of us who are. 

    • Dennie says:

      You know, I COMPLETELY DO NOT UNDERSTAND why ANYONE would want to torture themselves further by watching the fictionalized slight exaggerations of what they're already facing every day, and call it "entertainment."  Ya know, what a "great" use of one's time, especially now, when there is NO TIME LEFT–!!!!

      Watching good people being bullied, murdered and tortured by thugs until they're submissive is not going to change One Goddamned THING in the lives of the people doing the watching.  Because these "people" HAVE NO FEELINGS. 

      The ONLY time the kind of @ssholes who watch this crap are going to feel anything at all is when the kind of shit they're watching actually happens to them.  JEEEZUZ.

  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Nature, the first people and our ancestors are giving you loud warnings. Today you see more floods, more damaging hurricanes, hail storms, climate changes and earth quakes as our prophesies said would come. Even birds and animals are warning us with strange change in their behavior. Why do animals act like they know about the earths problems and most humans act like they know nothing? If we humans do not wake up to the warnings, the great purification will come to destroy this world as the previous worlds were destroyed.

    Hopi message to the united nations, Dec 10 1992

    My dear friends I haven't met yet, "mass awareness" is our one and only way out of this mess we're in. Take it from the Hopi Nation. So, strike up the drums in your spirit, stoke up the boiler in your heart and get that steam pressure up! We've got a load to haul.

  11. Tim says:

    How is this for global warming? We have a major wasp problem in the neighborhood in FEB!!!! This is Winter! Wasps should be dead until atleast April/May here. Not February. Something is seriously wrong.

    • MAP says:

      On that same subject. 2 weeks ago in Central Indiana, temperature in 50s F and I noticed a bumblebee near front porch. Knowing the struggles of bees these days, I was happy to actually see one buzzing around. There were pots near porch with Christmas poinsettias made out of silk. The bee kept buzzing around the silk poinsettias expecting something real. This was earlier in February. Not really a time for bees to be very active in these parts. 

      This reality is becoming so very surreal. Last Sunday, the Weather Gods "manufactured" these small clouds that looked very much identical to each other. And perfectly separated and placed throughout the sky. More surrealism. 

    • Loeta M says:

      Tim…I live in Tn. we have wasps ,flys and moths already…going to be a very bad summer


  12. paul fowler says:

    Looks to me like another good guy .

    It's only 2 minutes long 

    • BaneB says:

      Bryan:  Well said.  And nicely written.  "Hopscotch" is a good description for how these predators work their weather war machine.

  13. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, I just wrote this letter on the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment web site.

    To whom it may concern,
    (Which is all of you folks at FCEA).

    Recently, Holly Buck interviewed Dane Wigington from The interview has been posted on that site and has been distributed around the world. I do not see the interview anywhere on your web site.

    I highly recommend you folks take a good long look at Mr Wigington's web site. It is packed with factual, verifiable information. Most of which would apply to all of you the at your Forum. Geo engineering has been deployed for over 60 years and was ramped up during the 1990's. If you bother to look up and see the sky once in a while you will see with your own eyes that geo engineering is in full swing, or shall we say in full swath across the skies of our globe. If you folks want to produce a real and factual assessment of the impacts of geo engineering, simply study what has already taken place around the globe over the last 60 plus years.

    Fair warning to you all, there are millions upon millions of people world wide that know geo engineering is already deployed and know the horrific effects it has already produced globally. Denying these programs are in existence will only make you look like one of the naive sheeple you claim you are wanting to help. Of coarse, maybe your organization is on the side of the geo engineers that have been sustaining the already developed and deployed geo engineering industry.

    I invite you all to step outside the box you have encased yourselves in and do some honest research into the programs that are currently going on regarding geo engineering and weather modification. You will be welcome to get as much info from as you wish to have. Every single piece of data offered is factual and verifiable. Surmising from your web page here, you will find many things you currently do not know or admit to.

    'a' simple horseman

  14. Susan Ferguson says:

    Scott Pruitt, longtime adversary of EPA, confirmed to lead the agency – The Washington Post
    At his confirmation hearing, President-elect Trump's Environmental Protection Agency administrator nominee Scott Pruitt outlined his plan for the agency.
    Scott Pruitt, who as Oklahoma’s attorney general spent years suing the Environmental Protection Agency over its efforts to regulate various forms of pollution, was confirmed Friday as the agency’s next administrator.  Pruitt cleared the Senate by a vote of 52-46, winning support from two Democrats, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. Only one Republican, Susan Collins of Maine, voted against him, saying he had “fundamentally different” views than she about the EPA’s role. The vote came after Democrats held the Senate floor for hours overnight and through the morning to criticize Pruitt as a pawn of the fossil-fuel industry and to push for a last-minute delay of his confirmation. Part of their argument was an Oklahoma judge’s ruling late Thursday that Pruitt’s office must turn over thousands of emails related to his communication with oil, gas and coal companies.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Sadly our local politicians (Big Oil supporters) Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, both voted for him.  Just one more case of the fox guarding the henhouse.  Disgusting!

  15. Dennie says:

    Hello Everyone:

    I'm working on getting all the good souls at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in San Rafael, CA to PROMISE TO GET OFF THE COUCH and OUT THE DOOR to JUST ONE meeting a month, that's ALL, of either a neighborhood association, school board, city council, county supervisor or Town Hall coffee with their ELECTED REPRESENTATION. 




    Now here's a copy of the letter I sent to Ms. Buck today:

    Dear Ms. Buck:

    So you've made it official:  You don't "believe" that SRM, SAI or SGM is and has been ongoing..

    Let me remind you:  At one point in history no one who was "anyone" believed that Earth is actually round.  These monstrous bullies we know them as today were sooooo terrribly SURE of their "alternate facts" of "reality" that they had people persecuted and imprisoned for stating this now indisputable truth (and in case you didn't get this news yet, we have had many many photographs taken of our only home, Planet Earth, very clearly showing it's roundness, taken from space…).

    Do your homework:  Look up Galileo Galilei.  And do your reading.

    I'm wondering today, do you ever look up at the sky, actually?  Because real scientists do a lot of unbiased O-B-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-O-N.   I think your answer to this question will be pretty revealing, if not just interesting.  I say that, because I'm "just" a music teacher, and I see "persistent jet contrails" (a misnomer actually– because what so many of us are seeing is NOT condensation, actually–), all the time.  I don't take prescription or recreational drugs, I don't smoke pot, I don't drink.  And you and the rest of your staff of Imperial-Headshrinkers-In-Service of Money, Power and Control are not going to tell me and millions of others like me that we're "seeing" things.

    You and I and everyone in the so-called "scientific" community, believers and non-believers alike, are being treated to these poisonous chemical stews every day.  Poisons that, for a paycheck and a pension, the people you're defending are not even required to tell what's included in the list of their "Magic Ingredients–!!!"

    Perhaps this little list of U.S. Patents for weather modification, going back over 100 years already, will jog your memory:

    And if that does not suffice for "scientific" evidence, then you can read what's on record from the United States Congress Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation:  A 700+ page report– public information, mind you– not only about future plans but ongoing efforts by this country and others, noted here, for weather modification, from back in 1978:

    Now here's a link to the source document:,%20Problems,%20Policy,%20And%20Potential%20%28May%201978,%20784%20pages%29.pdf

    FYI: In case you didn't know, filing for a patent is a fairly arduous process.  I'd say with certainty that anyone that does so is more than just a tad intent upon using their invention.  We have water tests (CA Dept. of Health Drinking Water Division) going back to the 80s that prove the stuff being found in our drinking water matches the chemicals listed in the patents, actually.

    Now, paycheck and pension aside, just how much more obvious does the spraying have to get before people like you will admit to these ongoing heinous crimes against man, and nature?  Just wondering…

    — Dennie Mehocich

    P.S.:  A bill of sale for 400 lire sits in a museum in Italy, a sales receipt for a violin made by Antonio Stradivari, sold to Galileo Galilei, the "heretic believer" of the Earth as round, actually… as a present for his nephew.  Not every violinist out there is dumb, actually.


    • marc says:

      Dennie…as one violinist to another, I love this post! Indeed, for Ms. Buck to swaddle herself in the fiction that atmospheric geoengineering is not occurring is either the penultimate self-deception or a cognitive failure of such magnitude that she should immediately resign her post with the so-called "Forum" on the grounds that she is an abject idiot and will only serve to end up doing great harm to her fellow man. Of course, her naivete may be only a costume she is wearing to conceal her subservience to a darker master.

    • Dennie, an excellent rant you composed for the oh so skillfully blinded Ms. Buck! She strikes me as yet another example of finely tuned, completely engrained cognitive dissonance, in that she can virtually edit out the testimony of her own eyes, as if the SAG artificial trails and resulting celestial smear jobs are no cause for even recognition, let alone concern. Unabashedly myopic, even though she is totally familiar with all the “proposals” for just such manipulated skies.
      There is something very odd about the prompt, automatic dismissal with which so many people
      react to the SAG/SRM topic. It smells like a widespread subliminal brainwash of some type.
      Example: I sent the link to Dane’s broadcast of Jan. 28/17, with an extensive introduction, to 65 friends, family members and former co-workers. You know how many replied? Two. And neither one of them even mentioned the broadcast…or went anywhere near the whole concept/deployment of SAG/SRM! They just said “Hi, how ya doing”, blah blah blah etc. Twilight Zone, or what?!?!
      It seems incredibly difficult for many people to simply look at the sky while checking/comparing their memories from 20 years ago. God only knows WHAT it will take to activate some critical observation skills…perhaps when the PTB take it to the next level with full-bore electro-weaponization of the stratosphere. Oh wait a minute…. they would have to (gasp!) look UP from their Smart Phones….Hmmm, it might take an air-burst nuke to get ’em to do THAT.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Impressive.  Hope she replies, but if nothing else, hope your words penetrate her soul and stir her to face and see the truth. Thank you.

    • Dennie says:

      @marc:  I'd bet my Mario Gadda that the latter is the case.  We're dealing with a massive number of abject-idiots-on-purpose clones, actually.  

    • LS says:

      Yes Dennie!!! Boom! actually.

    • Dennie says:

      Steve Thompson:  The "friends" I used to discuss this with have gone back to their daily little rabbit-run routines of work-work-work/pay-pay-pay.  They "complain" about making too much money to qualify for Covered California/ACA medical insurance: Oh, Boo Hoo HOOOO!!!

      Meanwhile, the planet's in a final meltdown and all they wanna do is make their fvcking car payments, drink fine wine and go out to dinner at fancy restaurants, take exotic vacations half a world away and come home a month later while, unwilling to spend a nickel on something of real value, their houses rot out right over their heads– some "values," eh???  UGHHH!!!

  16. MAP says:

    Temperature update. 67 degrees F in Central Indiana.

  17. MS P says:

    The mention of the book" Cadillac Desert" Hit home with our CA water system. That book should have been a must read for school children.  W. Mullholland sure did change California.

    • Blue Sue says:

      MS P, thank you for the link. I look forward to reading the book described there, and hope to share it with my students. It's a shame Muir died when he did; the outcome may have been different. 

  18. Dennie says:

    Antibiotics (fluoroquinolones) have left me with a permanently impaired right wrist (bowing arm)… and I'm a professional musician…  Like geoengineering, this is the Big Pharma "solution" to problems.  Yes, the chem sprays make me feel sick.  Lately I feel like I cannot breathe, the air is thick with very very fine nanoparticulates, like a fine fine powder.  When the ice nucleation crap's really thick before storms I often spend half a day with stomach cramps and vomiting.  I strongly suspect that "they" are adding viruses to the slurries.  If "they" are using pseudomonas bacteria to create the ice nucleation, imagine what else they could be adding.  But we're not supposed to know. 

  19. Mario says:

    They split the Artificial River coming in from the pacific on Thursday 2-16-17.  Sliced it right down the middle and sent moisture south to SoCal and North of Sacramento Valley.  We'll have to see what they decide to with what "Warning-Coordination Meteorologist" for the NWS, Michelle Mead states is the "problem child" of their current set of "storms" — and that would be the warmer moisture field scheduled for Monday.  The storm scheduled for Monday is a "problem child".  Interesting choice of words from a woman with an interesting job title. 

    Holly, this is the kind of stuff you should be studying if you are truly worried about climate change and ecology and sociology.  You should ask your team if they know who makes the call as to who gets how much precipitation and what that precipitation is composed of.

    Interesting RF signature that I seen all winter long: Watch the transmitter in the Santa Maria area (California coast) interacting with a transmitter near Ojai, CA.  They make a perfect perpendicular intersection of energy just west of the Grapevine.  

    • Mario says:

      There is also action east of this in the California City area.  There is a transmitter located on LAUREL MOUNTAIN  (Google Earth it) that is the likely candidate giving off RF/Micro signature. This affects precipitation in the area east of Bakersfield. 2-16-17 7pm. 

    • Dale K says:

      A radar view of this storm split can be seen in this YouTube video.

      Oroville Dam / FREQUENCY RING Weather Modification
      tatoott1009 | Feb 16, 2017

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Mario, I appreciate what you have to offer in this comment column.

      A couple years ago I read "Cadillac Desert", the american west and it's disapearing water. By Marc Riesner. Who is died at an "early age". (Hmmm)…

      Folks, the layer upon layer of deceit and deception are unimaginable. This book opened my eyes as to the water situations we are now experiencing with situations such as Oroville Dam. Anyone remember the Teton dam? "The rest of that story" will piss anyone off. Pro-dam or not.

      "We" in the "first" world have virtually painted ourselves into a corner. Can we accept foot prints in the finish in order to get ourselves out of this mess we have bestowed upon ourselves?

      Mean while back in the "third world" there are happy people. Really happy people!!! I love all those friends I haven't met yet!! (I fight for them all).

      I'm tired and weary of being governed by a false paradigm. I am more than ready for truth to spread it's mighty wings across the land, no matter what, so long as truth will prevail. It may not be pretty folks. But what will you be without truth?

      "Live like you want things to be" and remember to keep our mother in the forefront of your mind. "Our home" MUST "always" come first. Please, give it some thought if you actually want to change the world…. "Live the dream", Go for it!! Reach low(smile)….

    • MS P says:

      Mario how right you are. Ojai is due for 6 inches of rain today/tonight. The Las Padres Mountains run a straight E-W line between Santa Maria & Ojai. Ojai being on the south side & Santa Maria on the north side, of the Los Padres MTNS…

      Ojai is where the Topa Topa bluffs are above. (the ocean floor up-side down) . There are Sand dollars & shells, up there @ about 5000 feet elevation.

      What I saw as amazing, last night on the TV media news (weather forecast prediction)  was a very long red line in the weather report pattern. Perfect North- South Red line (meaning an inch of rain an hour +) It went from northern  Kern county, (maybe even Oroville?) on down to San Diego County. Right down the middle of the state of CA.  I have never seen that before.

      I can only hope that the people of Oroville, are packing up, & this time, also getting their animals out. Many animals kept by people, were just left behind. 

      With a 35 foot snow base already @ Mammoth Lakes CA. We sure will see a whole lot of flooding, when the snow starts to melt. Later on this year.

      The weather has yet to start here in Ventura county. It's been raining. Nothing too bad just yet. Two days ago it was clear. Almost 80 degrees. Yesterday we had the clouds roll in. Oddly it got hot under the dark clouds for a while. Then the Ice Nuke weather made the temps drop, like a snap. One minute, yesterday AM I was hot, (T shirt & shorts weather-opening the windows to cool down the place.)  the next minute I was cold. (Bundling up, closing windows, & turning on the heater in the house. Then once it started to rain, in the afternoon, it was warm again. So I was outside working. 

      What is also noticeable is these "Wind Events' They fly, creating white out, & we get blown out! They predict 85-90 MPH winds at times during this next  (today's) storm. Water Spouts off the coast. 

      It's windy now, but not blowing too hard. Just yet.

      I also agree with some interesting choice of words, by meteorologists on TV. Sometimes so very  bazaar,that  I  just have to write them down.

    • BaneB says:

      Dale K:  Thank you for posting the utube video.  It is through such visuals, and Mario's excellent reports, with Dane's incredible Geoengineering website, that we can appreciate just how extensive is the microwave manipulation of weather over the entire continental US.  A weather control machine has been surreptitiously put into place under the guise of missle defense, and Doppler radar.  It is nationally coordinated operation involving a myriad of government agencies, universities, corporations, and the Pentagon.  This could not be kept quiet but for the complicity of the mainstream "news" media.  The public is abysmally ignorant due to the omission of the reality.  If one wants the truth one has to ferret it out.

    • Dennie says:

      @Mario:  Great catch, as always.  Yes, it's begun to rain harder in San Rafael, CA.  Just as with "their" dichotomous "thought" process and Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm, it's always either feast or famine.  "EITHER/OR."  These A$$holes can't think any other way, can they???

  20. Blam says:

    80 for 3 days in the colorado rockies at 8000 feet in the middle of winter. Today the first day in years, we had blue sky, deep blue sky. I sat and stared for an hour, I cant remember the last time I saw that deep blue but it was here today around 2pm. I wonder if Trump might have some effect, I cant help but like him, the msm cant feign that type of hostility. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, I guess. Trump really was the only choice given the 2. I hope he does do something about revealing the truth, its all he has to do is tell the truth and the house of cards will fall.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blam, "tripe" was not the only choice!!

      I hope through your own observations in watching the temps in your area soar to 80 F degrees, you connected a few dots as to the state of of our planet and only home we'll ever see. Deep blue skies are rare, but does it take 80 degrees in the middle of winter to have them? If so, what will non aerosoled skies be in the summer. "I, personally, 'want' to find out'. And I want to let our Mother have a good crack at dealing with them.

      "Hell or high water", let truth prevail.

  21. Wes says:

    Eastern Nebraska Update:

    It hit 70 degrees today, unreal. It's suppose to be like this for a couple more days. I overheard someone talking today at work. This person was saying he heard it's suppose to be in the 20's for a high next week. It sure does feel like intentional genocide. Get all the trees to bud out and then freeze them all. The suns intensity was incredibly hot on the skin today.

    If any of you have a hard time grasping how you can heat the planet with blocking the sunshine. I'm going to throw this out there. Think of a high tunnel (unheated greenhouse). I buy greenhouse plastic. When I buy it, it says it has 90% clarity of clean glass. I'm guessing clean glass blocks out hmmm, maybe 10% of the sunlight, maybe less, it doesn't matter to get my point across. So that would leave a perfect new piece of plastic blocking out 15% of the sunlight. Now if it's wrinkled and or dusty, now we might be down to letting in 80% of the sunlight. If it's a sunny day or even a cloudy day it gets extremely hot inside with 20% of the light being blocked.

    Like yesterday we got sprayed all day long and the same today. It is not the grayed out non descript cloud cover like we have lots of times but what they are spraying is more clear. I'm sure they are not using what I am going to mention, but lets say for example they are spraying nano particles of greenhouse plastic. Now it's easy to see how they could warm the planet even though the sunlight is being blocked.

    Here's another tidbit on glyphosate(roundup). I was reading an interview with an organic cotton farmer in my "Acres" magazine a few months ago, his organic cotton plants get stunted when his neighbors spray from over three miles away. He's had to resort to suing his neighbors, and he ends up being the bad guy in the community.

    To all of you woman out there. The cotton in your sanitary hygiene products poison you with glyphosate directly into your bloodstream from the cotton.


    • Earth Angel says:

      I can really see how much of the beneficial sunlight we AREN'T receiving anymore. The trees are suffering terribly and I think that's why so many are becoming covered in the greenish grey lichen like substance- its even covering large rocks too- and trees and rocks sitting in the sunshine- not just the shady or north sides of things. My white plastic water tubs for the livestock must now constantly be scrubbed because of the noxious brownish green algae that keeps building up in them. Easy to see how quickly it builds back up because of the white color. It's building up in the other color tubs too. Sickening how much extra work, problems, and sickness this is causing us all.  : (

  22. C.J. says:

    I invite Holly to go to YouTube and look at videos on Spraying.

    One in particular is: "NEVADA BLUE SKY SPRAYED BY MORONS" 2/16/16 You Tube

    Take them golf clubs with you "Holly" on your next Vacay. Enjoy breathing in the fresh polluted air while examining the beautiful crissed crossed sky when looking up. 


  23. Wes says:

    Check this out gang, this is absolutely mind boggling. "The Power of Big Al (Algorithms)". Do you know what would neuter the power structure, ditch your cell phones and pay for t.v. I get over 32 channels from an antennae for free. If I want to see how the populace is being lied to (which is very seldom) I can watch. But you don't support the propaganda machine with any paid for subscription. Do you know what I miss, pay phones.



    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      So, let me see if I get this one right… "It is a good thing to let big brother track my every movement and thought". "It will be used for the good of the many", "right?". And to think people actually buy off on this crap.

      Wes, good, bad or catastrophic, let us know how this coming growing season goes. Please keep us posted.

    • MS P says:

      I agree. Use as little as possible.  MASS Consumption, & Convenience, is going to be the doom of many. 

      Due to the fact that pay phones no longer exist. Which is really too bad. Since most people run their phones, on near dead batteries.  So if really needed, the  electronic device, will most likely fail.

      I just have a pay as you go phone. I spend such little time on the phone. I also tell people not to text me. The reactions are classic. (I've got better things to do then twittle my thumbs.)

      Also my phone is NOT a electronic leash either. Just leave a message, & maybe I will call. They really do not get it there either. So conditioned to be so very obedient to an electronic device. They wear their I phones, like an ankle monitor.  People wonder? How can I survive without having my phone on me, at all times? 

      On the flip side. I told someone a few days ago." It's raining." They looked at their smart phone & said, "No it is not" My smart phone says it's not raining."

      My reply was "then why am I all wet, & had the wipers going, when I just drove to the store?"


  24. LS says:

    As Marc said, nothing in the sky is natural or normal. Being the watcher that I always have been, I went out to look at a big sky sunrise yesterday. I got up pretty high on a ridge and had a huge view to the East and below to the snow fields on the mountainside and in the valley. The Geoengineering is constant and has changed dramatically. The sprays include dark colors as well as light, even mimicking the old blue of the real sky color. Deception is unleashed on us in so many directions.

    This is the 3rd year where the ground is not frozen under feet and feet of snow. The streams under the snow run continuously and have not frozen. It is mind boggling. For the folks downstream…… from my vantage point yesterday I could see water ponding on the snow fields everywhere.  The weather actors are lying when they say the snow will be stored in the mountains for a spring melt. It keeps coming at you downhill. And the central valley was known as the "inland sea" by indigenous people. Fathom that and best wishes to all.

  25. Bryan says:

    I find it unfathomable that the weather warlords can have so much power and control, yet either fail to stop or criminally allow the dam to fail in Oroville. 

    I've been watching CNN coverage in horror, knowing that storms can be steered at whim, yet so many homes and families are in harm's way. To what end the needless suffering?

    As Dane often warns, the walls are fast closing in. This isn't half way round the world (for Americans) like so many others, easily pushed aside and dismissed. This is occurring right here, right now, in real time, right before our very eyes.

    And yet the propaganda machine is in full effect, blaming the whims of "mother nature." If only! I fear her far less than man's ego, taking over control from natural forces that keep our beautiful planet healthy and alive.

    I pray the worst doesn't happen. If it does, when weather manipulation could at least be a power for some good for these people taking shelter in Northern California, then all bets are off for what's in store for the rest of us.

    Either way, I'm saddened and outraged by the end of the natural world as we've known it. 

    God help us all.

    • MAP says:

      Look at The Great Flood in Baton Rouge from last year as to what are the possibilities…..

    • MS P says:

      If the DAM goes down. Army Core Of Engineers will be buying up prime CA real estate,for pennies on the dollar. Just like when the levies broke. (Katrina),PIS_ID:, 

      Don't forget the "primary Lien holder" to any property in CA, is the State Of CA. Eminent Domain & so forth. Where a natural disaster, will make all these property owners,  will gladly sign away their Real Estate holdings. Without any protest. 

    • Deb Buckler says:

      My thoughts exactly. I have been just watching in horror over the Oroville dam too. Just knowing that the weather lords can choose to either destroy or not is frightening. Certainly they can do it. Just think of all the "jobs" they could create with all the re-building that would be required! Sickening. Even with all the work that's been done, shoring up that dam, boy I sure wouldn't feel safe there. Perhaps they are planning to only let PART of it go. What a huge distraction it would be, either way.

    • BaneB says:

      MAP:  Target Oroville Dam?  Target California?  Six years the weather terrorists have been screwing over California.  The governor has a moon beam in his eye and is unable to disentangle his brain from his antique precepts.  He is in Sacramento.  How can he not see the aerosol assaults?  And Sacramento is sprayed like a nest of cockroaches with a can of Raid.  He got his ill-conceived $15 billion bond measure.  It would have been much less costly to threaten to secede if the Geoengineering is not stopped.  Instead the past-it progressive governor has a disaster that could easily define his second tenure much like the fruit fly branded his first tenure years ago.  Meanwhile the weather terrorists go about their assaults.

    • Dale K says:

      We don't know now if this pessimistic projection will come to pass, but if it does, the situation at the Oroville Dam will become cataclysmic, indeed.

      Rainfall Projections Will Overtop Emergency Spillway by 13 Feet at Oroville Dam (313)
      Adapt 2030 | Feb 16, 2017

      With five overlapping weather forecast rainfall models, a full 3-5 inches of precipitation will fall in the drainage basin of the Oroville Dam, which will raise water levels faster that the damaged spillway can out flow over topping the emergency spillway by 13 feet. The last over top was 2-2.5 feet. Are you ready for the effects if the spillway ruptures as the water will damage natural gas pipelines, food deliveries and scour away roadways?

    • MAP says:

      Bane B:  I completely understand what has already been unleashed upon California these past few years. From what I understand of the plans of NWO Goons, this was all by design. They want "control" of all major resources and taking away the ability of California to produce bountiful crops of fruits/vegetables, etcetera was one of their many goals. The road ahead will be difficult and treacherous for everyone in all parts of country. The Weather Gods are slowly taking away our ability to grow enough food for survival. And they are killing our trees and thus taking away our oxygen. 

      Politicians are sad duplicitous creatures. And 99.9 percent of them are working for Free Mason/Bankers Cabal. As I wrote a few days ago, I am now coming to terms with what I have been witnessing over the past 20 years: untimely deaths, untimely suffering especially with dementia of many people around me. Lastly, I was living in New Orleans when Katrina hit. Now I ponder how much of that event was natural and how much was Manmade. 

      God help us All…..


    • Dennie says:

      Never fear, "They" split the "problem child" storm in two.  So Northern CA is no longer on track for the torrential rains that had first been predicted for today, at least.  Wonder what the real current status of the dam is up in Oroville?  My student's father, who's got family in the Feather River valley, told me this evening that the graveyard where his family is buried is completely submerged…

    • MS P says:

      We can only hope for the best. Oroville  dam is close to 60 years old. Perhaps CA  disaster history,  is about to repeat, some 90 years later??

      March 1928 was a major  Dam disaster in CA. The 2nd worst disaster in CA's history. Worst flooding disaster this side of the Rockies.  (Which was never taught in California schools. )  

      Thanks to William Mullholland. Who had inspected the dam 12 hours earlier, & said it was safe. He also brought water to Los Angeles, A to help the urban sprawl happen. Built 19 dams, & the LA aqueduct from Owens Valley. 

      Sir Frances Dam disaster ►

       W. Mullholland & water history for Los Angeles.

      Southern CA water system is very fragile, & extremely taxed. 



      34 construction workers had  died building the Oroville Dam. I do not think that this DAM story is going to end well. Sadly. We can only hope  that people  will get out now! It's time people wake up. I can only guess, so many are in denial. With the " Can;t happen to me, & They will fix it, idea".

      Just like with geoengingneering & the collapse of our biosphere. 



    • Dennie says:

      What blows my mind is, Do people REEALLY believe that infrastructure will somehow, magically, never wear out…???? Just wondering..

  26. Blue Sue says:

    Hello fellow truth warriors,

    The skies over Alaska yesterday were much like Marc describes in Tucson — an impossible mix that even included the "waffle" variety

    I agree with your suspicious assessment Marc, Mario, Gretchen (and others) regarding the disingenuous nature of Holly's interview tack.  

    On another note, God bless Bobby Kennedy who along with Robert DeNiro gave a press conference today on the proven dangers of vaccines.  He speaks the same truth as Dane: telling the journalists that (you) have a duty to see what the science says yourselves!  He lambasts the CDC — "it is a vaccine company, it sells vaccines!"


    • Blue Sue says:

      That is, Bobby Kennedy Jr. of course, one of the last true statesmen, and his poor suffering voice is ragged from giving his all — constantly speaking out against this travesty in our "health" system.  

    • Bija says:

      If you peruse any of the MSM fake news coverage of the press conference, their bias is so embarrassingly obvious as they dismiss all question that vaccines contain anything harmful. In their skewed and propagandized reporting, they claim there is no longer any mercury in vaccines, Dr. Andrew Wakefield had been discredited, any link between vaccines and autism is a proven non-issue, and both Robert Kennedy Jr. and Robert Dr Niro are attention seeking conspiracy theorists at best. Same old , same old from the MSM presstitute corp. How do these pathetic excuses for human beings even look their children in the eyes? 

    • Dennie says:

      "Department of Developmental Psychology…" hmmm.. let's see if we can find a definition…yes, here it is: 

      Pulse-taking Head-Shrinking Drones in service of The Imperial Agenda according to the Luciferian Corporate-Banking Cabal and their ugly miscegenated children whom they put in charge of "running" the military, at their service, of course, which in turn, runs EVERYTHING on Planet Earth.  Then everyone else makes "nice" and sucks up to them, imitating their violent, heartless-soul-less, brainless behavior in spectacular displays of mass psychosis known to us as Societal Stockholm Syndrome— might as well tell the lemmings to go jump off the bridge.  Someone in the military needs to get the message that homicidal "people" are also suicidal people. 

  27. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    This is INCREDIBLE !  Picture of Glacier on the Move…
    I think what is shown in this video will turn out to be  one of the rarest sights we humans will ever  see.
    Click below & have sound on:  
   C3VTgIPoGU?rel=0 <http://

  28. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Many thanks Dane….so hard to believe that any sane intelligent person would deny what is going on….and has been going on for so many decades…all over the world.

    Bless your strength and perseverance.   Your commitment is awesome and may the rewards be tenfold.  Mother Earth and all of us really treasure you, and those you provide a voice for, on these pages.

  29. MAP says:

    I have an off-topic question. On this site, there is reporting from GeoEngineering "Watchers", so to speak, from various countries around world; Canada, Mexico, Australia, England and many countries on continental Europe. But i have not seen any locals reporting from South America – specifically countries in Southern Hemisphere in S.A. Are places like Chile, Argentina, Peru and Brazil experiencing SRM/SAI?

    Thanks and God bless…..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MAP, reports to come in from all over the globe regarding the aerosol operations, including from South American counties. Iran and several other countries do not appear to be involved, though they are still greatly impacted. No place to hide.

    • Wes says:


      A woman I know from Peru, she lives in Lima. She said they are being sprayed. None of their weather is normal as she remembers it. She has posted on here in the past explaining she is trying to wake people up but gets the same response as we get here.

      I watched a video on how the UV rays were way above normal in Lima on the beach. Some others have reported on here an expat living in Peru, in a jungle area and he reported being sprayed.


    • Dale K says:

      I visited Ecuador in 2015 and caught sight of the telltale lines in the sky in the northern lowlands region west of Quito and near the coastline. While I didn't see heavy spraying or X's drawn in the sky, it was definitely visible to the naked eye.

  30. Donna-AZ says:

    Not one plane in the sky, all day today here in Sun City, AZ. And why would there be? There is no moisture to suck up. I looked at the satelite loop, zero moisture. I have been watching the weather controllers for some time now, and they spray us when there is moisture they don't want us to have, like during golf tournaments. We should have had rain a couple of days during the Waste Management Phoenix Open 2017 that just past a couple of weeks ago. I wonder who paid for all that spraying, some of the worst I've seen. So, is it really solar radiation management, or just over-cloud-seeding to control the weather? Maybe, the question Holly should be asked is, has she seen any over-cloud seeding to prevent rain? 

  31. Mario says:

    Just watchin' the old radar.  It's one of those empirical pieces of evidence I like to study.  The entire north west coast is hopping right now – 2-15-17 4:30pm.  Usual, predictable RF/Micro signatures from the same places, creating overlapping circles of coverage.  I've been particularly intrigued by the transmitter in the Camano Island area.  If you look closely, going east from Camano you can see how they split the precipitation and aim it in very direct places.  They've got it tuned and dialed in.  My initial thought is that these voids in the air mass probably help concentrate the chemically laden aerosols and squeeze them, like ringing out a wet towel. But I'm not a weather maker . . .  The transmitters will put out very predictable and repeated patterns that have very direct targets.  I wonder if Holly has ever watched radar during a weather event?     

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  My wonder is whether or not the weather controllers are using their sorceries to make or break the Oroville Dam.  It's raining ere in Mendocino but not a deluge.  Steady as she goes.  Of course once this storm crosses the Central Valley and hits the higher Sierra Range, precip could ratchet upward.  Just a thought.  Loud tinnitus all night, and chirping sounds in my head.  Reminds me of the cartoon where little birds are fluttering about.  Thanks for your microwave reports.

    • Mario says:

      BaneB: I think the question of motive is up for grabs.  Given the fact that the weather controllers show reckless disregard for the planet and humanity, I wouldn't put anything past them.  Many in the last decade have witnessed and warned about the ominous actions of FEMA and other federal agencies (buying millions of coffins and hollow point bullets) and the rise of the militarized police state.  This last week, the Cal OES proved exactly how they could potentially displace hundreds of thousands of people within hours.  Control the infrastructure, control the people.  We have to remember that the PTB had no problem blowing up 4 iconic buildings on 9/11, killing thousands of innocent people, in order to start a never ending war based on the FALSE jihadi-boogeyman narrative.

       So would they intentionally sabotage a dam?…I think it's entirely possible, but too early to make conclusions.  

      They steered their Artificial River towards the north on Wed.  "Storm" steered away from Oroville.  At 4am this morning, exactly when the weather controllers told us the rain would hit, i heard and felt the loudest thunder of my life.  Sounded like an atomic bomb.  Then, hail.  Tons of hail.  They let it be known that this system would be mostly snow in the Sierras ( just east of me). Even though the moisture is very warm.  It will be interesting to watch how they plan their weather events in the coming months.  Mark Finan from channel 3 kept saying over and over…snow is our friend…put that snow up there and lock up the moisture.  The problem is the temps.  The temps are rising. They can't hide that and the UV problem much longer.  

    • Mario says:

      BaneB:  Looks like the Flood Manual hasn't been updated in 47 years.  1970.  

  32. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    Excellent responses and leads, as always, Dane! I appreciate Holly's politeness. I think you gave her much to contemplate. I do hope academicians will listen and investigate! Thank you! 

  33. Laura says:


    I am relatively new to the conversation since June. Thank you for your compassion and commitment. I live in Santa Barbara a "stones throw " from the harbor. Since  Trump has been elected the planes are flying near non stop. It is very loud and unnerving. I also walk the beach a lot and see very few seals and Dolphins. I find what is going on so hard to comprehend. I grew up in Hawaii with such a strong connection to the natural world and have traveled much of the globe like you. With the ramped up spraying and Fukushima at my doorstep, I often wonder how it is we are all standing. We must be like cockroaches! How much more can we take and what is the militaries' plan? I feel like they have us all on slow kill. I try to live with love in mind at all times with my art students and my two children. 



  34. Christina V says:,MODIS_Aqua_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor,Reference_Labels(hidden),Reference_Features(hidden),Coastlines&t=2017-02-15&z=3&v=-15.203972279626004,33.88414044067313,-8.15580612909341,42.694348128838875

    I often look at this website, almost daily.  They are seriously attacking Spain today 15.02.2017, it is unbelievable.  When they chem trail our area in SW Cornwall, UK 

    I get sick, I cannot even begin to imagine what so much chem trailing does to a population and how they must feel

  35. Greg O. says:

    Great work Dane!  Thanks from a very deep place in me where I hope no nano-particulates have found a host in yet.  Greg O.

  36. MS P says:

    To top off any other of my mentions here. I must say Dane, you sure did an awesome job, in this interview, with Holly.

     Thank you.♥


  37. C.J. says:


    wonder why?

    • Mario says:

      C.J.: Same for weather articles.  People in ivory towers don't like to listen to the masses screaming down below, so they just shut the window.

    • MAP says:

      Censorship from the NWO/Bankers. The Final Assault of spraying for final phase of depopulation is happening now!

  38. C.J. says:

    "Definition of Academia": The environment or community concerned with the pursuit of research, education and scholarship.

    I beg this question then?

    How does Holly fall into these categories?

    If she was concerned about the environment and does not seem to know what is happening in our skies, then is she a good representative of the community? For not acknowledging what is right apparent when Looking Upward into the sky. Or is that just a silly question?

    With Research, I can say that whatever she is researching then she might want to research a bit deeper. Does she have a seeing impairment. Doesn't LOOK UP and see this or does she have blinder's syndrome. All a big Hoax.

    When it comes to Education, most should throw away their books and use common sense. Only because what is being taught is a bunch of BS.

    Scholarship: Seems to me a Scholarship means a piece of useless paper unless the recipient can find a Job. 

    To me it's a money making scheme.

    Teach the students a bunch of lies and they will believe them. Like the blind leading the blind.

    That is only my point of view.

  39. C.J. says:

    After reading all the comment here, I am not sorry for the first comment I made. I believe this person knows what is going on and is fishing to gather information. I really hope that she is doing what you say Dane. Personally I am finding it very hard to trust many in todays society.

    On the matter of Fluoride in city water, it is very clear that it is poison. If you look up images of it. The containers show a scull and cross bones. That means it is poisonous. Many cities also use powered aluminum to put on top of the doo doo in order to make it sink to the bottom to clear the water so it looks good. The only problem with that is when you drink the water you are ingesting aluminum traces and fluoride. When the two compounds are mixed together and enter your body by ingestion, it creates havoc on the brain. The penal gland especially. Wonder why so many people are getting Dementia or Alzheimer's. Breathing that in also with the Aerial Disbursements of the SRM program. Another gloomy day once again here. No sunshine again. Looks like no sunshine for some time now. Nobody questions it hardly. A guy said to me today that its just that time of the year when I pointed to the mess in the sky.. I even mentioned the Weather Modification and he didn't seem to even acknowledge what I was saying. Just like most do when I tell them. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello C.J., perhaps there is a misunderstanding. For the record, I do not believe Holly Buck is in any way personally attempting to help our cause or to tell the truth regarding the climate engineering reality. I simply stated that the exchange which occured in the interview would be helpful to our cause as it circulates more widely.

  40. Donna-AZ says:

    Dear Holly, It sounds like it's time for a little vacay! Come to Arizona where you can enjoy watching the jets turn their spray on and off. I'd love to loan my telescope to you so you can have some "real fun" identifying which airlines are spraying us. And when you tire from watching all the planes spraying, you can play a little golf under some filtered sun, or, maybe no sun at all thanks to the aerosols that will have expanded throughout the day. Bring plenty of SPF 95 and sunglasses, because it's a lot brighter here now that our sky has been whitened and the ozone has holes in it. Oh, and Holly, no need to bring a sweater, the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles has resulted in an increase in global warming.  


  41. Wes says:

    Dane, thank you very much. It worked out perfect. I now have in my  possession 200 high def full color two sided flyers. Lacking one I gave to the check out clerk at "Natural Grocers" and a small handful to a friend who is taking them to work. She works at a medical clinic. I also woke up the owner of the print shop. He said he printed himself some. He was very receptive.

    I decided to step up my game on informing people.

    I'll also be taking a handful or two to Central America with me next week. I had more luck waking up backpackers and expats in Nicaragua last year than I have people I know. 

    Holly doesn't know this is and has been going on. You betcha, we all believe that. Here's what is sad and funny. My friends five year old son knows something is up. Here's a heart breaker for you. I woke up a friend to this criminal activity a few years ago. He's telling me a story that happened to him last summer. He was out in the yard in the dark with his five year old son. He said his son starts yelling at him, Dad, Dad, come here, what is this. His son was pointing and looking at the snow storm of particulates in the beam of his flash light.

    Yes Holly, these innocent children are breathing all of these metals and chemicals that you know nothing about. Maybe you should go out with a light on any night, I've seen them every night for about 20 months, and see for yourself how these programs are killing the innocent.

    A five year old can see this and be freaked out, but not you?

    We're been being sprayed like cock roaches all morning here in eastern Nebraska.


  42. izzy says:

    Well, if an academic “interested in the intersection of climate engineering with food systems” can’t look up and see what’s going on, it’s either a sign of severe cognitive impairment, or outright deception.  ‘Doctoral candidate in the Department of Development Psychology’ has a slightly ominous and Orwellian ring to it. Could that be the source of the problem?

    • Dennie says:

      My sentiments exactly.  Orwellian Agenda right in your face.  She sounds like a Stepford wife– NO Will at all. 

  43. horsegirl says:

    Dane, as for the photo series I recently sent you witnessing a bizarre aerial assault over Douglas, AZ which got us sick, I keep having disturbing follow-up.  Tthe day we took those photos, we simultaneously felt something like a spore of millions of inflammatory microscopic bits of something bursting in the backs of our mouth/throat.  I asked a friend at the credit union where all employees are sick with respiratory issues, and she said that bursting spore sensation was exactly how her sickness began.  I keep asking around among contacts in proximate areas.  No one else reports a rash of respiratory infection.  We are currently calling around for someone to rescue us with another place to live.  This is too much.  Life is torture, absolutely not worth it.  We are petrified of driving into town.

  44. EyepilotX!!! says:

    Maybe she "has to take" the position against geo-engineering in order to be able to present Dane's great info. If she said she believed in it I'm sure there would be no chance for Dane to get his message across… As a photographer and artist I have been posting my sky shots on my art web site with a link to geoengineering watch… How can anyone see this and think it is natural? 

    This is a link to my pics;

    • BaneB says:

      EyepilotX:  Thanks for your pics. 

    • Ron Marr says:

      I was on the bike the other day and noticed the pilots working away like busy beavers preparing tomorrows snow storm. For the first time saw a red and silver jet dispersing a thick flume of white spray. Those planes are most often white. But,with that thick flume,you know, the snow is going to be heavy. The two tone jet was shooting almost straight up, like a rocket. Down below people walked the bike path. Some walking with their dog, others chattering away the path in full stride. A couple was walking holding hands conversing in isolation. There was a young couple, fooled into spring, fondling each other on a park bench.  Nobody noticed…. Nobody looked up…it was normal. I forgot my camera.

      Very nice, interesting shots, EyepilotX!!!

    • Bija says:

      EyepilotX!!! – Terrifying and breathtaking at the same time. A modern day GUERNICA ! (Picasso's response to the deliberate targeting of civilians by military air force 80 years ago!!!)

      I guess all we've learned in 80 years is how to covertly spread the genocide!

    • marc says:

      Eyepilotx…..great pics. 

    • MS P says:

      Hi Ron, we also have a red fuselage jet, with silver wings flying in Ventura County. It dumps a heavy load. I also have seen the straight up application. Looks like a rocket had went up.

  45. curly says:

    I liked when she tried to suck you into the fake news or untruth issue, and the trump political argument.  You totally ignored the bait and stayed on course.  

  46. MS P says:

     CA Legislature’s deadline of February 17 of introducing new bills.

    This is where  a “spot” bill,  is placed there as a place holder. The rest of the words will be inserted later Watch out, for such CA legislation. 

    I've seen some strange stuff crop up in bills in the past. They name it a clean air bill & it becomes legislation for a ban on Bob Cat hunting. So many of such CA bills start out saying one thing, & then have all this other stuff inserted.

    Same story for what happened with many of our new CA voter laws. People were clueless, unless they actually read the entire proposal. Instead of listening to the media on what this is about?

    This is how "we the people" get duped.

    I already see a battle coming, in regards to a few new CA bills. Another group that I am on; are already talking about it. Fax-um Fridays coming soon, in protest!

  47. Dennis H says:

    The most curious part of this to me is Holly's area of expertise. Sociology. She is helping the PTB figure US out. How we think and most importantly WHAT we will do when the public in toto figures it out. 

    There is an interesting study ou there,

    Done in 2014, I wonder how the public feels about this now? Well, Holly and thousands of others are working diligently to COUNTER the coming outrage over geoengineering.

    Good for you Dane!!!

  48. frank reps says:

    It is gratifying to read the complimentary comments about your informative artilcles Dane.  We are all used to  sitting on the sidelines watching and cheering.  In this case ; we should also make a tiny effort with some currency to help you get the message out.  Most of us forget to think about this part of the fight.  I hope the readers of my polite note on this subject actually send the ten dollar check like me and mine. 

  49. Drifter says:

    I'm posting an open question hoping Mr. Dane Wigington can answer truthfully and to the best of his ability. But I'm also posting it for anyone else who cares to participate in some good discourse. 


    Given everything we know about the environment and the human contribution, geo engineering and weather modification, my question is two fold. First, had the government not began weather modification systems 60 years ago, would the amount of damage we as civilization have done brought us to the brink of catastrophe as we stand today? Alone. Without geo engineering, simply humans being destructive. Would we be at this point or would we have had a better chance at reversing our ways? Secondly, if instead of trillions of dollars going into technology and research going into the death and destruction of humans and the planet, and this part here is specifically for Mr. Dane Wiginton if you are able to find some time I recognize you cannot possible respond to all folks, but instead trillions of dollars went into research for the betterment of all mankind in a symbiotic relationship with the environment and technology (i.e. Clean energy for all, resources for all) would we still be facing as many human causes problems with regard to the environment today? In other words, I'm trying to find out if there is a world that you can see where we aren't all about to die because of corporations like Lockheed Martin, Bechtel, etc. . What does that world look like, because unless we have all accepted our demise then we have to enact that as we save the world from destruction. There has to be a blueprint from which we can begin to employ corrective measures to our existence on this planet, or as you so accurately state Mr. Wiginton, we will all perish in our ways. Thank you and I look forward to any responses.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Drifter, in regard to your questions, first, all available data clearly indicates climate engineering has made an already bad (and rapidly deteriorating) climate/biosphere scenario far worse overall, not better. Anthropogenic destruction to the planet must be halted on all fronts if there is to be any chance of continued survival of life on Earth. The greatest first leap we could collectively make is to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity.

  50. LoriBridgeford says:

    I looked up.

    I agree with the others wondering is she is legally blind /low vision ? How can she possibly need the note "I do not share Dane's view that there is an ongoing deployment of SRM…  What the hell is in the campus  water coolers  ? Holly seeking a PhD –OMG . Like we need another bought & sold academic. Hope I am wrong-yet she meets the criteria of being rewarded/paid off in some way-pleasing the grant writers or her superiors with the proverbial carrot. Her studies show the ecology is not sustainable-maybe Dane you can interview her (and those like her) on the FUKU  full disclosure on radiation reactor BLOW Up. No PhD required to grasp this melt down for all we know-so, Holly,  hope you enjoy the journey for a very useless degree it seems. May ones like this pull their head out of cubicle and step outside-Look Up and try not to choke to much. Who even reads this except those who paid for it ? Such a joke !  Excellent composure with this one Dane. Keep exposing every corner of these  awful cowards in media, academia, medicine, military, government, and religion. I know I shall- as we now have a local Oroville Dam  (CA) issue that I think is part of intentional sabotage- invisible tech, Monsanto, Gov. Jerry Brown  and UN Agenda 21 2030 -depopulate, and relocate / control and surveillance state. Globalism agenda.


  51. Joe Sullivan says:


    I enjoyed reading this and again

    many thanks for your continuing efforts

    It surely helps me to communicate

    what really is occuring over all of our heads.



  52. Constant Walker says:

    No doubt it's been noted by many here that the list of "implications" the Forum For Climate Engineering Assessment organization's "mission statement" claims to be the object of their attention and research, including "social, ethical, political, and legal" ones, makes no mention whatsoever of the Biological "implications." Meanwhile, the Planet-wasting "civilization" disease is entirely Biological in its origins, it's processes (including the present-day rampant insanity symptomatic of the disease's terminal stage), and its ultimate outcomes.

    The things they do focus on, though, are all at-best derivative aspects of of the Biological. At-worst they are mere make-believe, conceits and constructs that 'exist' only in the fevered imaginations of domesticated Humans….whose behavior, as driven by such abstractions, nevertheless  brings about the very real consequences so regularly described and decried by participants on this site….and indeed by afflicted peoples everywhere.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Constant Walker, Hello.  I was never sure of how to agree with you before, and a bit surprised at missing you anyway when you are not here!  This, you say here now, I agree with completely and yes, I did notice.  Myself, I prefer undomesticated humans.  However, I do not see how that can be in this world now but for very small opportunities.  As the world burns towards 8 billion people, I do wonder how that could be achieved?  Prior to this stage, even undomesticated humans felt a need to belong to a group for survival's sake.  Ever since we first were on this Earth, we have helped plants that benefited us to survive.  Biological preferences were apparent very early on and even hunting groups traded with those who grew plants and not only for food, salt, and plant medicines, but also for hard objects, stones, spear heads, etc. but also for paints and decorations.  What would You suggest we do?

      You are quite right about this group and conceits and constructs and their consequences.  Again, what exactly to do?  I have always obsessed over our soils, our used to be natural environments and what has been done to all.  Heart breaking and soul shattering and gone.

  53. Michel B says:

    So Holly doesn't know anything about what is going on???!!! Dane, commendations to you for your diplomacy. The time is soon upon us when diplomacy will have no place. Necessity will wipe it away. There is only a sniveling, lying diplomacy from their side, while from us there is still the polite, restrained gritting of teeth while we watch the likes of Holly play dumb and really badly at that. All that study she has done. All that academic acumen and still, "No, I can't see anything going on!" I don't believe for a minute that she does not know. Look at her blithe language: "thanks for sharing your perspectives"! These aren't effing perspectives, this is planetary destruction!

    The ordinary citizen can within minutes learn of these programs and start to identify them in the skies over their very heads. The ordinary man and woman have enough deductive abilities and capacity of making good conclusions that they can see easily what is going on. Not having noticed yet is not evidence of nothing going on. When enough notice and critical mass is reached, there will be a reckoning.

    • MAP says:

      Academia has failed us through their "Games of Denial/Obstruction" as the academicians receive lofty paychecks and pensions. Meanwhile, the Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical Complex carries on with their Dirty Deeds…..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, I agree and Holly is with Cornell university as in Marcia McNutt.  So, no joy there.  I suspect that given so much attention on Fake News, and some thinking this falls in that category, that she was feeling Dane out, like an errand girl, if only to assess himself and his information straight from the horse's mouth.  And report back.

      Apparently the other night, many saw a bright ball or two in the skies and called in.  Our military testing missiles for nuclear 'deterrent'.  That! people saw and at night.  Amazing they even asked given what they do not see in daylight. 

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, this "interview" gave off the  same kind of smell as The Inquisition.  Only, er, subtler, actually.. uh… maybe… aHEM!!!!!

  54. Earth Angel says:

    We've been heavily sprayed over North and Eastern Georgia the past couple of days from Jasper through Gainesville, Athens and over to the Lake Oconee area. We took a road trip and it was very bad all the way over and back again. Really disgusting to see this toxic waste in the skies. The people responsible for this are completely evil and insane. Must be stopped soon. Thanks for your integrity and tenacity Dane. Keep going everybody! We are gaining momentum. The a**h*les will be exposed.

  55. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, I commend you in your patience and wisdom in this interview. Good god man, I am in awe of your composure, thank you for the re-enforcement of a lesson I learned long ago. I try sooo very hard to emulate those behaviors and am proud to say I achieve the necessary persona to be listened to. Your unintended re-enforcement is vital to us all. I know how you handled what came your way is the way we must all behave when confronted with a "scripted" format.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      'a' simple horseman, Yes!  Quite true.  Many of these people have in their heads angry emails urged by Dane.  He himself in every video I've seen of him and that must be hundreds by now, comes across so very well presented, calm, factual, to the point, humble, polite-and I could say even more!  It is a lesson indeed.  Where he gets his patience I do not know, but so wish I had some! 

  56. paul fowler says:

        If there are still people that don't think weather can be manipulated perhaps they could call or email these guys . They have a nice little web page with contact info and a list of their services .

                 "North America Weather Consultants INC ."

    Providing WEATHER MODIFICATION SERVICES for over 50 years

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Nice little web page indeed". I tell ya, if you can read between the lines, this is a site to scour. Like with a wire brush on a rusted pan!! Many of you folks have more vitality than I do, but this "is" where the rubber hits the road. These types of "Inc's" need to know they are being dogged. And there's a tree that awaits there fate when the "guns" show up to determine their future. Not actually guns folks, something much more powerful, Truth!!! and… Fact!!!! Think D-9 Dozer "for the good of the many" and proceed. What if their public relations "directors" were inundated with "inquiries"? They will be getting "my" inquiry in the morning, count on it.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Great Job, Paul Fowler!

  57. Joseph L. says:

    Dane you did a great job on that interview.

  58. Rosalie says:

    Really well done, Dane.  Putting issues on the table as examples of what are short sighted solutions that don't fix the problem and only make things much worse, like Corexit and pharmaceuticals, and tying it in with geoengineering was executed poignantly. And also the NOAA and National Weather Service employees' gag order comment along with the underreporting of UVB levels were all excellent facts that she probably didn't know that you knew. So much good stuff in the whole interview.  

  59. marc says:

    I shall choose my words carefully here. Dane, your patience and equilibrium, with an eye forever on the ultimate goal, was in evidence here in this interview. Overall, though, I am MORE THAN puzzled by Ms. Buck's milk-toasty manner and disclaimer printed underneath the interview window. I have gone to their site and surfed around only to be ONCE AGAIN disgusted with the language and stance proffered by their site's interviews, articles and links. Last time I checked, an apple is still a f**king apple. It's not a "not-apple", except perhaps in some existential or quantum physical sense. Point being, and I will not sugarcoat it here, I long ago had had enough of the "deaf-dumb-blind" phony-ignorance practiced by the likes of this interviewer here. (maybe she really, truly doesn't know?) And her website is laughable at best, for all it's earnestness regarding every conceivable aspect of geoengineering, AS IF THE WHOLE DAMN THING IS JUST THEORETICAL!! I'll put a hundred bucks on the table right now that says this so-called "Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment" absolutely reeks of yet another government disinformation conduit to spread blatant lies designed to meme the public further into questioning the reality of what they themselves can see happening right over their heads.I have great, great difficulty tolerating this kind of ostrich-head-in-the-sand naivete.

      How can these people walk around outside and not question the shit-smeared skies, the repulsive, drifting, spreading trails that NEVER used to occur like they do now. Today in Tucson the skies were a disjointed, meteorologically impossible palette of weird cloud-hooks, lines, braided or twisting wispy lines, herringbone criss-crossing fine cloud-lines, "cumulus" clouds and very high gossamer-thin curtains of white filth. NONE of the 30 or so different kinds of cloud structures seemed to have anything whatsoever to do with one another. Almost resembled a few Picasso paintings I've seen. Absolute schizophrenia. Has anyone else seen this kind of thing? This makes zero meteorological sense as in…..naturally impossible. In fact, I would rate the disjointedness of today's sky right up near the top of my list. Truly ridiculous. And yet, I'd wager me and maybe only 5-10 other people in the entire rest of a city of 800,000 are wise to the fact that such a sky is not possible except it being under the influence of HAARP, SRM, SAI, and/or other technologies we may not even have yet a clue about. What must go through the minds of the Holly Bucks of this world when they personally witness skies torn and shredded and sliced and splattered by scores of trails and bombed by nano-particulate/bio-warfare cocktails? Indeed, what is ANYBODY thinking when they witness these atrocities? If it is isn't outrage, there's something deeply wrong.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc, Once again you write the words than need to be written. Some make me laugh in spirit and some make make me down right mad, but the words needed to be written. Keep it going my friend I haven't met yet.

    • Smartgirl says:

      In response to Marc, yes!! The most compelling descriptive I have seen! You describe it perfectly, to a "T". After four months of total "grey-out",  and no sun, we now again are back to the "white-out". The ever present white scum that heats us up and blinds us as the sun's rays attempt to peak through it. February 15th.,and we are at 14 degrees above zero, Celcius!  We have the same skies you described, up here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! I am a farm girl from Saskatchewan, and I can clearly recall what the skies used to look like. NOTHING like they do now! And along with you, I know of one or two people in this large city, who will admit and agree they are doing "something" in our skies…Many just get that "dazed" look…. (Most are too engrossed in staring at their phones, don't even look where they are walking)! You are so right, Marc, something is deeply wrong. Keep up the amazing work, Dane!  Your interview with Holly was outstanding!


    • Greg O. says:

      Yes, Marc, I see those type of skies here in southwest Colorado  on a more regular basis. It seems to be the final concoction of the crap-mix as it moves to the East and out of my view.  Thanks for your post.  Greg O.

    • Chris says:

      Same schitzoid skies over the Northeast too, Marc. There are cloud formations that make absolutely no sense in relation to one another or the 'given' weather data. I have hundreds of pictures and hours of time lapse collected as evidence. 

      Excellent work, Dane. Occasionally I see glimmers of hope as more eyes are directed upwards. It still feel we're a long way off from full disclosure but I'm not giving up on getting  more eyes to the sky.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, "milque-toast" is a great way to describe this absolutely WILL-LESS paid Whore of The Powers That Never Should Have Been in their inquest to suss out every last truth-teller and ridicule them into silence, or set them up for worse.  As if playing that kind of stupid game, such as what they did to Matt Simmons, is somehow going to alter the facts.  Listen up, Holly, sweetie:  Even if you set me up to kill me, you're not going to be able to alter the facts of global heating, Corexit in the Gulf, and the chemical shit we can measure with spectrometers that your buds over at Hahhvaaahhhd and down on The Farm have been and continue to spray on us.

  60. Gretchen says:

    Her stated note that she does not share Dane's view that geoengineering has already been deployed is the tell-tale sign of a disinformer. Anyone with a pair of eyes and an open mind who looks at the facts at, as she claims to have done, and looks up at the sky occasionally should be able to connect a few dots. Could she really be that clueless, given her credentials and education? I doubt it. I did get the sense that she was on a fishing expedition, there always seems to be a hidden objective within the stated objective. Dane, as always, well done.

    • BaneB says:

      Fishing expedition?  Maybe.  The information is all there on Dane's website.  Enough to qualify for a university Phd in Geoengineering.  My thought is she wanted the interview because the topic is heating up, Dane is well known as being knowledgeable about the Geoengineering reality and is out in front giving no compromise and no quarter.  If these sociologist want to know how far the Pentagram can push public acceptance, they need only read our posts.  Maybe the big rub for them is how to segue a "future" program into an ongoing lie and make the transition comfortably hidden and indiscernible to us who are the watchers. 

  61. r k says:

    Dane, thank you for all you are doing and sharing. Your website is one of of my antipsychosis resources.

    Cory Booker just posted a discussion with the author of  The Sixth Extinction on his facebook page. I am not on Facebook, but anyone who is may want to visit.

    Dane, have you had any communications with Cory Booker? Perhaps he is someone who would be willing to listen to you and take some effective action.

    May freedom and sanity come to full manifestation for all humans in their current incarnation.


  62. BaneB says:

    My sense of the interview is that it had integrity.  There was no attempt to sandbag Dane.  Indeed, there were few interruptions by the Host, and those were respobsible inquiries in which Dane was given time to complete an informative response to present his (our) case.  I felt the host was fair.  An interviews that transit 100% perfect is rare. I give this one a 95.  It is natural to look for slight upon a modicum of contention in this great interview, and find more than is negative therein because the subject matter has been given such short shift by academia (some of it in on the 'secret'), and the outlets for a public dissemination. We want acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the Geoengineering facts, now.  This interview seems to be in the that direction.  Listeners to the interview are most definitely going to have an arousal.  And the fact that the interviewer is no academic slouch, Cornell no less and home to ionospheric experimentation, says to me a bubble is favorably about to burst.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      That bubble would be in hell, would it not?  And one can not get out of hell, or so they say.  But, yes, upside is that Dane comes across so very well.  She must have felt she was entering the lion's den.  Probably favorably surprised.  In which case he would be seen as More of a threat.  As opposed to a sweaty ranting Alex Jones type.  I think they would fear Dane's demeanor and knowledge as well as millions of followers–a heads up to them for their coming repudiation of what we know to be true.  I am not at all sure that all these people do know.  It is a bit like the one hand not knowing what the other is doing for them perhaps as they sit in their cubicles and offices, running numbers and models on their computers, trying to solve, adjust, change up whatever is their task at hand.  I truly believe that some of these people are out of the loop and if they ask, they are told what to think, what to say and not say.  And they accept this as it is part of their mission statement.  They believe those who hold their paychecks and credentials in hand.  And, they are literally invested, time, money, and degree needs to be met.

    • MS P says:

      Bane B;

      I sure do hope that you are correct.♥

      Any more I feel this  very strong belief,

      NOT  to belive, &  much that I hear,

      & (more so)


      of what I SEE!

      or even read: (outside of Dane's website.)

      YES I do Look UP this info provided,

      Thank You MR DW & Family for being there,For us ALL!


      (I can only hope that your mileage may vary?????)

      The Queen  HOLLY need"s to SEEEEEEE!

      With some real eye balls (HA!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Very Positive thinking Bane B. Whether or not Holly believes it, need not matter to most listeners. Dane evoked question to the events happening in the World. And once you know a fact…The Eyes are Useless when the Mind is Blind!    Every interview informs others of the Weather Truths. Each person reached, is a Gain on Our side.   

  63. Mario says:

    Why do these academics keep throwing themselves under the bus of reality?  Something doesn't add up with these academicians.  The resume does not match the level of naivete this woman is showing (naivete that shouldn't be present in someone with her level of education and a seat at the ivy league table).  Sorry to be negative, but how can you be at that level of "academia" and be that ignorant of Geoengineering?  Is she visually impaired? 

    Either the education she has isn't worth the paper its printed on (this usually holds true for Cornell) . . . or she was sent to interview you with an agenda.  Or both.  They are on a mission to discredit and marginalize you and the movement.  That's the only answer that makes sense.  They know that.  And they know that we know that. 

    Their attempts at discourse with Dane simply make them look like imbeciles.  You can tell her strategy was to ask very broad questions with the idea that Dane would open his mouth and sound stupid.  And we all know that ain't happening.  She obviously had not done her homework.  It's like a 2nd grader interviewing the teacher.

    When are these people going to learn that this strategy is backfiring on them?  Playing dumb when your an academic is a ridiculous strategy.  You know, and I know, and they know — that when they go home at night and look in the mirror that they can't be happy with what they see.  They can't be happy at how they prostitute themselves to the highest bidder at the expense of the truth and their fellow human.  Shameful.  And not a smart career move.      

    • marc says:

      Mario!!! This was the most cogent review of Ms. Holly Buck on the entire website. Absolutely brilliant x-ray vision defrocking her phony-ass facade. Everyone here needs to read what you wrote here. "Something doesn't add up with these academicians."  Indeed, this observation has a very broad application. None of this kind of stuff makes any sense whatsoever and because of this recurring fishyness, something begins to smell "rotten in Denmark". Or in otherwords, they're all f**king phonies with a hidden agenda.

  64. C.J. says:

    Thanks Dane. I did "not" note that.Only because I tend to look at things in a Negative way. Not by any Chance.  It is imperative that people get the truth. Maybe I overlooked the situation which you pointed out. I am so unconvinced right now. with all of this going on that it truly startles me. I can hardly trust anyone anymore. I look at the Orwellian Theory. The Eugenics and all that Garbage. The situation at hand is not at all good. Poisoned beyond Belief. Thank you though for responding. I am in total Chaos right now. I do not like what is and has been thrown into our Abyss.  We are there and the Ship is Lisping.

  65. paulfowler says:

            It was a beautiful sunny day right up till about 2:30 pm then the psychos in the sky came flying by and obliterated the sun's rays with in an hour . These crackers are really pissing me off .

           Speaking of psycho crackers , I just saw a doc. that had a clip from an interview with David Keith on the Steven Colbert report where he spoke of spraying diamond dust and SULFURIC ACID ! The good news was that Steven Colbert stated that he thought that geo engineering might already be deployed , of coarse Keith thought that was highly unlikely . The pencil pushing purp must have seriously depleted powers of observation .

  66. Randall says:

    Beautifully done Dane. To the point and plenty of info. 

    How can she deny??

    I am sure she will be doing some deep thought if a real human, especially if she has kids. 

    Hope we see her here if allowed by her masters. 

    We need a go find me page to collect a fund to help whistle blowers. 

    Even secured jobs to step into?? 


  67. David Smith says:


    Thank you again and again for your dedication to the cause. I work every day to get the word out, just posted an image from a friend in Nashville of heavy spraying. I'm currently on a one month heavy metal detox and have installed a reverse osmosis filter in my home and addressed the fluoride with my city water plant. More and more people are seeing what cannot be hidden but only ignored. 

    Holly appeared interested but at what end was not clear and appeared as looking how to redirect your site visitors. As far a Trump I do not see any positive movement as of now. He has large amounts of money wrapped up in these negative industries and i don't see him shooting himself in the foot to save the planet.

    We all need to keep getting out the word and information before it is too late if it is not too late already.

    Thank you again Dane may the force be with you.

  68. Blocked/Not Downloading.

  69. moderncalamity says:


    Your are truly amazing and patient to provide such an articulate response to these questions.  If anyone does not understand or believe what you say they are either already mentally compromised by the hazardous particulates or so threatened/gag ordered that they can never acknowledge the truth.  Please do not give up this journey.  You are the only one keeping me sane in an insane world.  I hope the world is listening and those who participate in this calamity come to their senses and just STOP their actions/participation.


  70. Sherri says:

    Bryan – i buy the Blue Buffalo for my cats…omg they are now contaminating it with heavy metals…this is insane…thank you for the info i will check out that site right away…i have cats not dogs but it might be in the cat food too…my one cat has been sick the last week which seems odd to me…

  71. Dina Kostarelou says:

    Hi Dane, I personally want to thank you for the great service you are offering to people of your country and not only. I am Greek living in Greece. My country was well known for its sunshine, now with all that constant aerosol spraying  it has become a cloudy place with only two sunny days during the 4 winter months. Spraying has never stopped from September till now and we are having repeated  snow storms  and the snow that falls is different from the real one as it took days to melt even when the weather become mild. Also  we have very low temperatures which we never had before. But what is making me sad is that people in this country do not have   the slightest idea of  what is going on in the sky, they never look up and they laugh when they are told the truth. People who are aware of what is going on in my country are very few. So we are an easy target and I don't really know what I can do to help. I am glad though that you are fighting there and hope we will also be able to  enjoy the benefits of a positive outcome  in your efforts. Thank you.

    • annick says:

      In response to Dina in Greece: the same thing is happening in France and England, and so probably in the whole of Europe. In France and England, the spraying is continuous, every single day, some times even at night! We're having fake ice storms, fake snow storms, and constant solar radiation deeming. No more blue sky. And just like you Dina, I feel very alone: people around me never look up, hypnotized by their little cell phone screens. And they take you for a conspiracy believer when you mention the subject. During the whole of last summer, I counted only 6 days during which no spraying occurred and I found leaves of all the trees in my garden burnt as if with a torch. So it looks like we're "damned if they spray, damned if they don't." I also now observe strange growth in vegetable. I buy organic and local. Since last summer, the tomatoes have a weird, whitish and granulated flesh inside, and their seeds are black as if burnt.What I do know is that Barium promotes bone cancer, and so Germanium, Curcuma and vitamin D will help detox and prevent this. Courage! Keep trucking, keep speaking up: for 100 people who will laugh away at what you say, 10 will open their eyes…    

  72. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Holly asked questions & allowed answers. I am sure the interview peaked questions & curiosity in those listening, thus a wee bit of research & maybe a Good look at the Sky above them.   Cornell University, No small potatoes.       I'm Proud of Bill Vanderzalm.       I am Glad he has stuck with it. Another Great Canadian, along with Former Head of Defense Paul Hellyer who has spoken out on numerous occassions about the Horror of Weather Modification Programs.     I Hope others find their Courage & Understand the Late Hour!

  73. Cindy says:

    Dane, thank you for everything you do.  Keep going don't ever quit.

  74. Sherri Prock says:

    Dane, I will always do my part to let everyone what these evil doers are up to on a non-stop 24 hr basis…most think i am crazy but i know we are the very sane ones…we have to do whatever it takes to now allow them to destroy our home, the gift God gave us all…I am so glad there are people like you who stand for the truth no matter what the cost, God bless you!!!  🙂

  75. DanaG says:

    Dane, has anyone talked about the "spotter planes" that are plain prop planes with no visible call letters, and they seem to continuously fly in large circles when they are spraying.  I feel they are checking wind  patterns and high UV readings and sending those coordinates to the tanker jets. I saw and heard one all morning here in STL. Btw, my son just gave a speech and presentation on Geoengineering in his speech class in college. He said his teacher and 45 students in the class were all very interested and he even had kids come up to him after class. I'm so proud of him and a little more hopeful today!

    Continued thanks for your diligent work exposing this global disaster!! DG


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dana, please give your son a big hug from me, I am very grateful for his courage, an example for us all.

    • Ron says:

      The actions of your son are an inspiration for us all.  Tell him "thank you" from a man in northern California. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Your son is awesome Dana! Make sure he has plenty of Geoengineering color flyers to hand out to his classmates and teachers.  : ) You and all the rest of us are very proud of him I'm sure. Great job!!!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      DanaG, I am extremely proud of you for supporting and purporting such outside the box thinking. My hats off to you… and your Son.

      As for the "spotter planes". Wew!, I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees this happening in our skies. There's a lot of dark agendas being carried out in out darkened skies.

  76. Martha says:

    Yet another outstanding interview with every question answered credibly, thoughtfully and thoroughly. Dane, you and the sane, intelligent, aware people whose posts are published here give me hope. You give me hope in what otherwise would be a dire, hopeless and frightening situation; one that the majority of people are amazingly still totally oblivious to. Yes, it remains dire and deeply disconcerting but, thanks to you and the friends that I haven't met yet who post here, I have hope. 

    Gratitude and love to you all.


  77. Bryan says:

    The link I provided didn't paste properly. I'm having difficulty transferring the information from my phone. 


    The website is and the story begins as follows: 

    February 13, 2017 — Blue Buffalo Company has issued a voluntary recall for specific lots of Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight due to possible aluminum metal contamination.

    Aluminum contamination?!?!

    See website for specifics.

  78. Sherri Prock says:

    Wow, it almost appears to me she is grilling you and interviewing you to size you up and the rest of us to see how and if we plan to act on what we know they are doing to us.  Just by everything she says and the way she says it shows to me she is deeply involved and knows what is going on and is part of the problem – i hope she is not able to get the site shut down – she seems to want to know about the audience and how we found you and what our intentions are to make as many people as possible aware of geo-engineering and about what they are doing to us and the entire planet and the huge cover-up they are all perpetrating. This concerns me, she asked many probing questions as if to gather info on you Dane and your intentions, knowing you have nothing to hide you were very forthcoming as always, i just don't trust any of these people.  In my line of work i deal with Bechtel (for the Russell Energy Center in Hayward, CA and also the Nipton location) – they are one of my customers but now knowing how corrupt they are as well it pains me to sell equipment to them.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sherri, if the power structure wanted to shut us down, certainly they could do so anytime they wished. There are individuals on the inside that are also looking at the facts, and realizing what they are involved with. Many are begining to understand that they are part of the system that is ensureing total planetary omnicide (which includes them and their children). The bottom line is this, we must all keep sounding the alarm, every day counts.

  79. C.J. says:

    It seems like Holly has been paid well in order to Silence the Elephant in the Elevator. How much money? Probably Lots.

    What's that the Sunshine Group? How much all of the People that are CEO's and in upper positions that drain the taxpayer's out of their hard earned money of course.

    Exposing these people is no easy task. The Lead person in the exposures has done a fantastic job and continues as always. It won't be long until the Obvious becomes so very Obvious, that there will not be any Denial. Until then, take a Deep Breath while you can. This is very real and has been for such a long time. Thank you Dane for your latest installment. Very Informative.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello C. J. whoevever Holly may be employed by, she has in a sense done us a service by helping to get our information into the circles of academia. As I stated in the article post, Holly’s demeaner was cordial and professional, this helped to make the overall message in the exchance productive. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dane, Yes, cordial and professional is an hallmark of academia, and medical doctors too and even in every day sorts of Congressional talks, and politics before Trump.  It is not as if they mean it, it is more like lubrication to facilitate communication.  Up until now, many just know our angry side.  So many were so upset by hateful emails that there was a lot of blow back.  To many it seemed like out of the clear blue as if there was any.  They felt victimized.  While that gets some attention, it is unproductive.  This interview will offset that by miles.  No one can deny how well you handle yourself, how informed you are, how sincere and not self aggrandizing at all, not a bit.  Holly will at the least come away with a favorable impression, and who knows where that might lead.

  80. Bryan says:

    Here's a new one. Any pet owner has every right to be outraged…and cautious.

    I follow a pet food advisor who tweets recall warnings. Lately there seems to be a surge in exposure, accidental or otherwise, to "metals" contaminating popular brands, including this one. The text, with link, reads as follows:

    "Blue Buffalo #dogfood #recall due to metal contamination Please retweet;

    There are others. Be on the alert. Your animal family depends on your vigilance too.

    • MS P says:

      The FDA food recall list is very  long. For both pet foods, & foods for humans.

      What is ever worse is that brands like Purina will change their feed to "New & Improved" after too many animals die. With no recall notice at all. Unless they get busted.

      I had such experience with them. There was this mysterious issue going on. May 2009. It was so major that state veterinarians had got involved. Cornell & UC Davis were doing a whole lot of testing. As to the why. It was feed related.  Massive amounts of dying animals.Mostly in the mid-west. Also in CA.  

      I had the Purina  feed independently tested. (Mycrotoxin levels high enough to kill a horse!) I also expected to hear back from Purina, who was also going to test the bag I sent back. (No reply) Lost a customer for life as a result. I did save my animals. They were messed up for months, after that bad feed day.

      I now do not buy any pelleted feed. It's loaded with GMOs (GMO Soy & GMO corn) anyway. 90% GMOs grown, go into livestock feed. Unless the animal owner, buys NON GMO Feed.

      Which brings up another topic. Dogs used to live 18-20 years. Now many do not make it to age 8-10 years. 

      Also on the topic of dog food. Look out for the brands that are showing "Potential presence of pentobarbital" (Against The Grain Dog Food-Recalled)   What this means, is  that you are feeding your pets, euthanized animals.  



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