6/16/2015 – Geoengineering Watch Radio


Things are going to start happening fast and furious. Why are there no hurricanes? Gulf oil well still leaking; media not talking. Whistleblower says aircraft used for spraying can be taken out if pilot defects. Pilots told, "You talk, you die!" Whistleblowers put in prison; Why? How to get involved.

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  1. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Yes, getting the insanity stopped most certainly IS a matter of WILL.  And everyone needs to get their Will MOVING!!!

    Like Russ Tanner, I also have the great "gift" of being able to taste and feel the chemicals that are being sprayed on us.  There hasn't been any time since May of 2010 that I can't sense chemicals in the air and it is astounding that most other people can't sense them –?!!!  They MUST be living in a LESS-FEELING reality (or at least they should move somewhere like that AND the sprayers would naturally go with them). We have a raspy, fine grit that's gotten even finer over the past five years.  It's alternately gritty or powdery, or so very fine it just makes your mouth bubble, and it's salty.  There have been many times it tastes like baking soda.  The last few days it's also really bitter and has a pharmaceutical-like taste to it.  I noticed that whatever we got sprayed with since Friday (June 19th, 2015, a very busy last couple of days of spraying over the Bay Area) has a brown look to it, rather than just white.  The sprays usually make you really thirsty (and stooopid indoctrinated M-Deities think you have diabetes, hell, maybe this crap gives you diabetes, what do we know?), and I've noticed that my students are thirstier on days when I can sense the spray more noticeably.

    Anyone besides me notice the "start up" screen on the eugenicist Bill Gates' Microsoft Windows?  Looks exactly like a bunch of chem-trailing white dots laying their filthy, poisonous white lines down in an otherwise blue sky.  As(sterisk)-holes are doing it right in your very face, advertising every time you boot up and the stooopid sheep don't even see it.  SHEEEESH.

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