Dying Of The Trees, The Climate Engineering Nightmare Continues


Geoengineering programs are destroying the planet's life support systems, trees are dying around the globe. If this continues, we will follow. Forests in the Pacific Northwest  are literally imploding which were thriving only a decade ago. So many people are completely blind to the die off. Trees are of immense importance, they are a symbol of our living planet. I can now scarcely bring myself to walk in the forest that surrounds my wilderness home, the pain of seeing the rapidly declining forest is overwhelming. The US population is so distracted with various activities, iPhones, sports programs, etc., that they do not perceive the world is literally dying around them. Global geoengineering is destroying the web of life on Earth faster than all other factors combined at this point.  My most sincere thanks to the producer of this excellent 6 minute video below, Oliver Van. I hope all who view this will march forward with renewed motivation to expose and stop the insanity of global climate engineering.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Mary says:

    I suspect that the disappearance of the ozone shield that protected us from the UV is playing a part in this global die off.  And the change in the composition of the atmosphere, way too much CO2 stirring around from the trees point of view. It may have an effect like excess fertilizer on plants. The U of Illinois stopped doing an experiment in their introductory chemistry classes that measured the O2 content of the atmosphere in1989! Because the answers were not what they expected. At that same time, scientists were searching old  sealed containers to try to establish what the O2  in the atmosphere had been in previous decades. This problem has been apparent for decades, but the academics have been silent. The university system has a stranglehold on ideas, and intellectuals do not have the nerve to have serious disagreements with each other, they prefer to cling to the same shaky scaffolding as their peers. So here we are. The loudest mouth, the biggest bully, and the oldest ways of seeing the earth are our rulers. If the life on earth is to be saved, it is the smallest who must do it. Pestcides, must not be used. Stop all mowing. Plant birdseed. Sunflowers. Allow all weeds to thrive, they are the hardiest O2 producers. Avoid as much combustion as possible, in cars, heating, lighting… Put out food and water for any wildlife still with us. Tighten you belts, plant a veg garden, go vegetarian, be like the good old kings, laugh the loudest over the poorest meal, and lead in peace. 

    • Sarah says:

      I am in Charlotte, NC and our trees are COVERED in various colors of green.  I have recently noticed silver specs on the exposed roots of the trees as well.  We get plenty of rain but being that the rain is full of aluminum how are the trees supposed to take in the water?  When it rains the trees look neon green.  It sickens me that everyone is not taking notice.  Until we can’t beeathe everything else will be more important.

    • ronnie d says:

      There is an absence of ants in my yard. there used to be many in the lemon tree, around the hottub and other places but in the last two years or more no ants.They have killed by chemtrails.

  2. E. Rawlins says:


    What they are spraying with chem trails is 'aluminum, 'barium' and 'strotium' dust in the name of climate control.  But the real truth is that aluminum is is dangerous to trees and plants growing in the Pacific NW and most of Eastern US.  It kills all these trees and plants.  These chemicals also cause forest fires to burn hotter by 4-8 times and is is getting more and more difficult to control these fires.    What is even more strange is that in 2009, Monsanto received its first patent (#7582809) for a aluminum resistant plant.  How does Monsanto know that there will be a need for such plants ahead of time?  Can you connect the dots now?  Something ain't right folks.  Something has to be done or humanity as we know is doomed.  Talk about these chem trails with your neighbors, friends and write to your city officials, senators and congressmen to put a stop to this nonsense.  Do your bit otherwise face oblivion! 

  3. Robert says:

    Just noticed my apple trees are looking sick , leaves look schorched , very little fruit and that fruit looks awful.  Feel so bad.   I think it's the chemtrails, I have taken lots of pictures. What can we do? 

  4. Lanora johnson says:

    people seem to think these issues are recent ones, NOT SO the earth has been screaming in pain for as long as I remember and I'm now 50 yrs. old. our earth has given up on us, she just wants us gone so she can heal finally, her solution, let the plants die, so we can't breathe, walla  problem solved. we abused a gift freely given. I truly hope we didn't give this earth heart rot, that way maybe she can give host to others who will truly love and treasure her. it's too late for us, we don't deserve her.

  5. Jose says:

    Biggest cause of the die offs is a lackof humidity in the air and ground. The sun blocking also causing lack of up sterilization that happens naturally.   I don't get sun burn in the summertime like I used to or skin darkening. 

  6. Steve Murchie says:

    Here in the Pacific North West, 40 miles South of Seattle in Puyallup, I noticed the summers getting hotter and dryer two years ago. Now in year three, the dead trees and bushes are everywhere. If you don't water every other day in the Summer, things die off. The land here is  changing from cool and wet to dry and dusty. The suburbs look terrible with all the dead, distressed trees and wrecked lawns. I agree with the others that a newly discovered dead tree is a saddening event. I had to cut down a mature Hemlock a year ago that up and died for no apparent reason. The arborist could not determine the cause of death. But I know. It's Summer UV index off the charts and Hot particles from Fukushima radiation. Literally scorches the trees to death. Add that to chem trails and you get massive die off. Lots of lawns in nice neighborhoods went from green to beige to bare dirt. Now you see re-seeding and re-planting all over my neighborhood in Gem Heights. The mountains still look good from what I have seen out there mountain biking. Still green and lush, but I worry about them. It won't be long before this change for the worst gets to the forests of the western slopes of the Cascades. If we ever lose those magnificent forests, there will be no point in living here.

  7. Jeff Fish says:

    I see this a little old but I would like to comment. As an arborist and tree taxonomist I started seeing the global die off of our trees in 1994 when doing a survey in Kodiak Alaska. Now I see that we are rapidly approaching the next global extinction event. Sorry but thats' a fact. Thank the fossil fuel giants for the death of this civilization. Love your family and be good. Humans will be back. This is not our first go around on the blue stone. Love to all. Jeff Fish, Ft. Lauderdale Fla. 

  8. Leslie says:

    I live on Long Island, New York. We are heavily aerial sprayed just about every day, 24/7. Our once  blue skies are dulled by canopies formed by the constant the toxic dumping.  I am both heartbroken and sickened by the vastness of the destruction here. Trees have snapped, twisted, arched, fallen, rotted and crumbled. This past season, My garden,which once teemed with vast assortments of wildlife, was almost totally void of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, butterflies, bees… even ants and Mosquitos! The devastation is everywhere, yet few of the many I try to inform show any interest at all. Because this is a well populated, suburban area, the few nature preserves, town, county and state parks have been precious natural assets of immense pleasure. Now, entire forests are dead and dying, along with much of the ornamental landscape. I have lost much joy in life because it has become impossible for me to block out the death visions all around. Long Island was hit pretty hard three years ago with hurricane Sandy. For the past three years many many more trees have weakened and died, seemingly at an exponential rate. In addition to those which have already fallen, many are severely leaning and ready to topple. I am very concerned about the next major storm that is bound to hit us… Whether it be a blizzard or nor'easter. From what I see I can't help but predict that trees will fall over the power lines, over the streets and houses, over cars and pedestrians in epic proportions as they are already poised to do. When this happens en mass , as it will, far greater will be the scope of the devastation, far greater will be the power outages, far greater will be the injuries and deaths… And there will be neither enough manpower nor road accessibility to get emergency services in or get the power systems up and running. We are soon headed into frightful times… And few, if any, seem to notice or care. 

    • Miss Aliaa says:

      Don't give up my friend. This is not over yet. Awareness is already happening although we can't feel it. 

    • Desiree says:

      As most, I wasn't aware trees are dying everywhere, but what I've witnessed the last six months or more has sickened me.  I live in western Michigan, the trees are falling like flies .. beautiful, massive trees that once thrived are now looking like a war zone .  The evidence is everywhere, ugh 

    • I'm glad you wrote this commentary.  I have been noticing these changes and tried to inform relatives and friends.  They don't even check it out.  You're noticing the same things that I am.  I could swear the sun on my back feels much warmer than it use to.  I see bark coming off trees in long sheets.  

    • Mary Allen says:

      July 14,2017 I have noticed the last week that trees, especially the pecan trees are starting to turn brown. Never seen it like this before in this area and I have lived here all my 63 years. Lord help us!

  9. Marlene says:

    I live in New Hampshire and for the past few years have noticed trees dying – firs, poplars, maples. Where once they were full of leaves they now have fewer leaves, some branches completely bare. tops are bare. Do most people notice? Most do not because their eyes are glued to their cell phones, etc. The ones who notice are, I believe,  those of us who appreciate nature. Ours eyes are open. I also think that the chemicals being sprayed in the atmosphere almost every day have caused some, if not most, of this die-off. People I talk to look at me like I'm crazy and dismiss what I tell them, but I have pictures of chemtrails (not contrails). I've called my senator to ask who's doing the spraying but get no response. You will not get any answers from the government. Frogs, bats, fish, trees, they are telling us the world is sick and people just don't get it. Someday it will be too late to help mother nature recover. Power and greed is killing our planet.

  10. I'm sooooo concerned about this. Just this year I've seen the death of trees and animals around my home in the suburbs. I feel the pain of the trees.

  11. Connie Hyde says:

    I live in the high desert in Idaho and our trees are vital.  As I drove around the valley this summer, I noticed an alarming amount of large dead trees.  I have one on my property and did all I could to save it, but it now stands in ruin! 

  12. Tim says:

    Report from Boulder…trees are dying at an alarming rate. You drive around and tons of them have zero leaves. Also, the sun feels super hot.

    How is it that people don't notice?

  13. ginny linn says:

    Here is a tree flyer I have developed and intend to share with neighbors:
    Please Help Save Our Trees<
    Dear Neighbor:
    As you look around Sacramento and outlying areas, you will see that many of our trees are sick and/or dying.  The major reasons are geoengineering, and the drought. It is imperative that we do all we can to keep our trees healthy and alive; that means to water them.  We can water twice a week which can help do that.  However, some residents have decided to not water at all, leaving dead and dying trees, lawns, plants, and bushes. It’s important for residents (property owners and renters), to know that dead trees contribute to the following: Heat due to lack of shade Depleted oxygen levels Danger of trees toppling over in windy, rainy weather because their roots systems are shallow.  (Tree roots improve structure, add nutrients, and control soil erosion) Reduced property values Increased costs to replace the landscape Huge costs to cut down large trees If we lose our trees, we risk losing our quality of life in Sacramento, and throughout California.  Just imagine your street with houses sitting on dead lawns, surrounded by dead landscape, and no shade.  It won’t be a pretty sight, and it just might happen if we don’t do something now. Here are just a few of the sick trees in the Sacramento area that everyone can see:  Sycamore, Redwood, Magnolia, White Birch, Sweet Gum, Chinese Pistache, and Japanese Maple. You can call your local water district with requests to help you set and/or adjust your sprinkler systems, and you can call The Sacramento Tree Foundation at 916-924-8733, for more tree care advice such as using soaker hoses along the tree line or five gallon buckets with holes in the bottom, filled with water, and set along the drip line. You are also encouraged to call or fax Governor Jerry Brown’s office at Phone: (916) 445-2841, Fax: (916) 558-3160, and ask him why the people of California are required to sacrifice their property and quality of life while Nestle’ Water Bottling Company, California Almond Growers, and the Oil Industry (Fracking), are not being made to reduce their water consumption to any degree, as they continue to enjoy corporate profits. Finally, why are we not hearing any concern from Governor Jerry Brown’s office regarding the alarming state of our trees?  Is he not concerned?  If not, why not?  Please email any questions or concerns to: 

  14. Ashley says:

    Report from Cheyenne, Wyoming  Summer 2015.  Well, I've lost 4 trees this spring – an apple tree, an apricot tree, and 2 lilac bushes. The leaves wilted, then turned brown and just hung on the trees. We had plenty of rain this spring. I've also noticed the sun getting more intense the past 5 years. I can not go outside during the day. The sun burns my skin.

  15. kirk mannor says:

    The trees here in  north ohio are in very bad shape this year,cherry trees did not flower, the one next door was suddenly almost dead this year,insects are vanishing , something is badly going wrong, geoengineering must stop now, all who are involved should go to prison. They are killing everything to kill us, what other reason is there, they know what they are doing.

  16. Chicken AR Little says:

    Carl:   I watched the whole filmhttp://foresthealth.fs.usda.gov/portal/flex/fpc?&level=2&center=-10138133.6622616,3756270.4064391274&pC=21028&pN=Sudden_Oak_Death.   Forest Pathologist are not adverse to warning the public about an outbreak and there is a relationship between climate warming and bark beetle outbreaks.   The data is taken every year and available to the public.  I will include a couple of links.   Forest scientist are aware that climate is warming and that vegetation will service better at their northern (Northern Hemisphere) and most southern (Southern Hemisphere) ranges.  Pest will take advantage to weakened plants.  The manzanita dieback may be Sudden Oak Death:    http://nature.berkeley.edu/garbelotto/downloads/sod_diagnostic_report_final.pdf

    Check these maps out.


    Check out the range map for Sudden Oak Death (Phytophthora remora)



    Dane, This is what my brother, Mark, Phd. in Forest Pathology, had to say in response to your video.  He worked for the USFS his entire professional life. The links he has provided contains some pretty good science minus the underlying data on soil ph and contaminates that would weaken plant defenses against the various diseases he has presented.

     If you email me please respond to him directly.  Maybe you could win him over to the cause as I have already sent him the Flaming Arrow package.  Carl

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carl, thanks for all your efforts. About your brother, those in agencies are the toughest of all to reach, he will only wake up when he is ready. All that the agencies cite as reasons for the dieoff are only symptoms of underlying issues that directly relate to climate engineering. The heavy metal contamination, the drought causing effects, the intense UV radiation due to the now shredded ozone layer, etc. 

    • Mark Bottorff says:

      Dear Chicken, 

      The underlying data is probably what you should encourage looking at:

       some pretty good science minus the underlying data on soil ph and contaminates that would weaken plant defenses against the various diseases he has presented.

  17. Linda Evans says:

    I totally agree Deborah….Just when it seems all is lost and our planet/us are doomed, there will be a change. I have been told about it nonstop for the last 30 years, and I believe with all my heart. The earth near to dying will blossom like a young girl and be beautiful beyond belief. Even Amma, the hugging saint, said that what we see now is all illusion/maya, and she waved her arm & produced a vision of a world beautiful beyond belief…”that is where we are going daughter,” she said. Look at the love, care, and devotion to the planet that this campaign led by Dane has caused….people are weeping daily for the loss of our beautiful planet, creatures, insects, trees. To see how the trees in the Bay Area stand tall, strong, persevering despite no water for months…yes, they are wilting but to see their spirit & grace makes us weep. I think Creator will surprise us at the last hour. I do not think the killers will have the last word. Forgive me for sounding like a Pollyanna but I have heard of this sudden change for too long now….Yes, we must keep on fighting and striving, but I believe it will bring great & beautiful changes at the perfect time, decided by Creator. May cosmic justice be done swiftly. Yes.
    Ramtha called it the blossoming New World; Revelations calls it “a new heaven and a new earth”, and others call it the golden road or the tree of life. It is not that far away…”He shall wipe away every tear from their eyes”, and “Behold, I am making all things new.” Please do not give up; persevere to the end & overcome.

  18. no blue says:

    Do you know if there is a list? Has Dane Wigington started anything like this?

  19. Alan Lackey says:

    I have recently moved to Montana. The forests here look to be in horrible shape. I’m watching the complete die off the Lodge pole Pine like I saw in Colorado.

    Several years ago as a suspicion of the die off relating to the chemtrailing I was able to find some information relating to aluminum levels in the dead pine tissue taken in Colorado. I have not been able to find that info again. I would like to learn how to take samples here and find a lab to test them. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.

  20. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Well, If we are going to start a list. Eielson Air Force Base just south of Fairbanks, Alaska Flies KC-135 Stratotankers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So how do WE shut down an Air Force Base? I will do anything necessary to make this happen. WE need leaders , and a plan.

  21. no blue says:

    No one sees. They are in such denial.

  22. Valerie McMurray says:

    Does anybody who has anything to do with aviation work 365 days a year?Globally every person from manufacturing aircraft, to pilots, controllers to the janitor cleaning toilets in airports around the globe has at least 1 day off a year. The internet is global. Every single person take the same day off. One 24 hour period around the globe with nothing in the sky except nature is bound to be noticed that we all are not dumbified by them. Yet

  23. Marc says:

    Hopelessness. I feel hopelessness in view of the vast agenda apparently hell-bent on destroying most of us. And “us” includes all of the infinite forms of exquisite life throughout the lands and seas. Why? Why? Why are these armies of thugs so obediently executing this repulsive aerial agenda? Who do THEY answer to?

  24. Marc says:

    The hopelessness i feel in view of the unimaginable vastness of this sinister agenda to end all agendas, goes to the very core of who I am as a body and a mind,a participant in the sublime dance of organic life here on this exquisite planet.

  25. Libuse Leman says:

    It is not industry that is killing, it was there before. It is chemtrails. Spraying chemicals all over the world can not be for anything good, everybody with working brain can figure that out. And you can see it, I can see it. I can see trees dying and I feel so sorry for them and for us all. It is so many of us and we are unable to stop this horrible crime !? I can see pine trees with falling of needles, I can see ficus hedge that was so thick before and now there are only some leaves and some branches are bare. It was never so before, even last year it was still good, green. And I live where there is lots of trees, I see that they have something wrong with them, many, most of them actually. Palm trees, many kinds are half dead now, not sure if they can recover. And they used to be so beautiful! And there is not many bird singing any more. We know it needs to stop before it stops us ! But how do we make them, that is the question! If somebody know how to, please share.

  26. Virginia Friend says:

    Dear Arborist,
    Tell them anyway. Ultimately, you might garner their respect. Gather some written evidence and give them pages with links that will nudge them to do their part.

  27. Tim says:

    Not proud to be a citizen anymore. Screw July 4th – it is ruined. Our founders would be so pissed off at what is happening.

  28. Danielle Daniels says:

    and now you have tornadoes too. about 3 weeks ago the Billings news had after footage exposing the division of the clouds, like haarp had been activated to create the storm. unfortunately, I was not home and unsure of the news station. Now I cannot find it.

  29. Danielle Daniels says:

    I have been a climbing, working arborist for yrs. and cannot explain what is happening with the trees. There is absolutely no sap flow detected when trimming and they splinter and break under the heavy laden chemicals that are sprayed for geoengineering. I do believe it is on account of soil ph change, and that the heavy spraying is turning our land to cement which virtually nothing will grow in without the assistance of a gmo modified seed. I don’t even know what to tell customers’. If I told them chemtrail kill, they would look at me like I had burst their bubble.

  30. JR says:

    Hello Everyone; I’ll try to be brief. Yesterday-June 30-14 all day these lowlifes were spraying rain clouds over Las Cruces, New Mexico-USA area breaking them down to nothing-Mesilla Valley. Over El Paso, Texas-Juarez, Mexico at least 50 miles south of this area as well were they up to the same busting those rain clouds southeast of this place. Ironic or whatever word you may choose to use the normal flight patterns one would see were not in the areas they normally fly in. It’s planned all the way going out of their way to kill any and all in their way of destruction as what Satan does. That sucker is getting its way with these lowlife form of a human being in all wickedness and any who worship evil. God Bless to all, nothing happens without Him in judgment on that final day. We have to get straight with Him folks and align ourselves with His word, Have a good day…

  31. JT says:

    It is june here in AZ and I have watched my big beautiful tree in our front yard go from blooming flowers to green leaves, to withering, turning brown and dropping so many leaves that it looks like fall in our yard now. All in the last few months. The same with our grass in the back and many other shrubs. There all dying and they get plenty of water.

  32. WrenchMonkey says:

    Industrial civilisation is unsustainable and irredeemable. By now it should be perfectly clear, to even the casual observer, that those in power are intent upon pursuing their present course of destructive exploitation regardless of the consequences to Earth and the Life it harbours.

    The “civilisation” they foster, which is destroying Life faster by the day, will never willingly submit to the changes necessary to stop the destruction, let alone reverse it, which by now is probably impossible.

    Absent such changes, more like restoration than change actually, Life on Earth is destined for decimation with many if not most species facing extinction. The longer it takes for these changes to happen, the more catastrophic and irreversible the destruction and consequent loss of Life will be and the greater the suffering for any Life remaining.

    Compromising with the pathocracy will not stop corporations from clear-cutting every forest on Earth. It won’t stop factory fishing from wiping out everything that lives in the oceans. It won’t stop fracking, mountain-top removal, geoengineering, GMO crops, factory farming or strip mining. It won’t remove the dams from the rivers of the world. It won’t stop civilisation from murdering the planet.

    We can have our ecocidal civilisation, with all its accoutrements, comforts and luxuries OR we can have a planet that will support large, complex Life forms such as Homo sapiens. Those who actually “believe” we can have it both ways are simply delusional.

    Our current actions or lack thereof ensure that civilisation will collapse in due course, probably sooner rather than later. On the other hand, it could be dismantled voluntarily, logically and rationally with the aim of making the transition as painless as possible. That we “downsize” and deindustrialise are nothing less than evolutionary imperatives. We must go back before we can go forward.

    The human species, if it is to survive, must return to the natural world, find its proper place there and accept it with humility.

    Just my opinion

  33. Grace says:

    Climate change and global warming are all being blamed on the people but it is clear to me that is is because of the cemtrails being sprayed and geoengineering that is killing our planet. Nobody wants to listen.

  34. skywatchergrandma says:

    I have to agree with Steven Chamberlain “The Earth is not dying, it is being killed!” I agree with every word everyone has posted. I am so sad and depressed about all this I can hardly stand it anymore. I’m so sick of hearing the words wrote by these liars “we may have to do this (geoengineering). Everyone who is awake knows this has been going on for years. I would say the last three years it has increased drastically. How can people not know CA is buring up because of what is being done. It’s all about the food supply. This was a good video and another should be done with pines and spruces, also shrubs. Unbelievable the amounts of those that have died. People blaming the past winter. We’ve had cold winters forever and it never killed things like it did this past year. I’m so sick of of it all! Another thing I’m sick of, is the small military prop like planes that are constantly going over us, what looks like a couple hundred feet in the air. Yet I read little to nothing about this. I read once they were checking the chemical levels. Dane I wish you would address this, please. These planes are loud during the day. At night they sound very very low and are quiet, not like the loud ones during the day. What are they doing at all hours of the night? Never saw this in my life until 3 years ago. The closest military base is over 100 miles away. How can our elected people not know what is going on and not see all this with their own eyes? Destroying the soil, water, and air, killing every living thing. It makes no sense, they have families too. Do they think this earth will be inhabitable when they’ve destroyed everything? They are full of it if they think they will survive this. Reading all these comments makes me cry. I hate going outdoors now and I use to be out all day everyday in nice weather. I never open the windows now, I know what comes in. No longer can I hear the birds singing outdoors or feel cool breezes at night. For those of us in the know, our lives are changed. So much for the golden years!

  35. Constant Walker says:

    The ‘theme’ of the background music accompanying the video here is quite telling, when it comes to ‘clues’ about how come the domesticated peoples are now in the terminal throes of a “self”-inflicted predicament. Caught-up in the toils of a “self”-induced obsession with their make-believe “human rights,” our tame Sisters and Brothers are failing utterly and miserably to fulfill our Human Responsibilities as a component of Earth’s immune system.

    This severe organic dysfunction, the effect of the industrial-strength “individual”-ization that is the ‘process’ of the usurping alienating crippling “self” that is the active mechanism of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease’s immune-suppression regime, has rendered homo domesticus not simply useless biologically, but actively destructive of Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement….ultimately not excluding, of course, their own virtual ‘kind.’ Their ‘fate’ is the same as that of the living yeast organisms used to make alcohol (their excrement) for the ‘benefit’ of brewers and distillers and the slap-happy ‘consumers’ of their toxic waste-products….to, quite literally suffocate and perish in their own ‘shit.’

    It sure looks like these poor ‘ones’ are going to also render the Birthday-suits of our Mother Earth and all “the rest” of us unwearable, too, in their worshipful ‘service’ to the wasting disease and the invasive wannabe-parasitical retro-viral tormenting entities whose pseudo-metabolic process it is….degrading, with the witless ‘help’ of their captive Human ‘agents,’ the myriad material expressions of Her Natural Vitality into the sorts of degenerate “energy” these entities ‘eat’….and of which they therefore consist. The only viable alternative for our domesticated Human Relatives is for them to first get over the “self” sickness Then they can emerge from the stifling shroud of their “individual”-ity into Earth’s Living Arrangement as the Free Wild Natural Persons us Humans are by-nature, and coalesce spontaneously into the Free Wild “Communities” (for lack of a better word in English) that are our Natural Organic Form….and wherein alone resides the Virtue of Organic Integrity necessary essential to fulfillment of our Function. That is The Way for them to join with us surviving Free Wild Peoples of ALL Kinds to BE The Medicine specific to the process of the wasting disease. They have nothing “better” to do….nor anything “else” at-all.

  36. Deborah Rush says:

    Dane,RE/the Trees,here in southwestern NY past 2 years it’s accelerated:Fungal growths appearing on the prevailing-wind(!!) sides of trees…this’spring’ normally when trees begin to leaf out,I’d drive along I-86 and notice the pattern:northern-slopes/protected pockets of Tracts were coming more ‘alive’despite the delayed Spring;on the southern/SW exposures…the Trees(all species,but esp.the maples;alders/related)looked dead.The Mold/Fungals have increased,as-if’plastered’onto the Trees.Arborvitae/related species & pines dying;Apple trees having’peach blight’?!1st time,and for the 1st time in my 60+yrs.the Lilacs(again,on the prevailing wind-exposure side)are bizarrely-deformed in newer buds…can’t grow out,they’re struggling.Wildlife;esp.Deer on ‘scalar activity’days are running erratic,birds not as fearful;a pattern of chemical-affectings on the nanoparticle level.&esp.since last yr.,I’m horrified to see the blue-green metallic strands(slightly smaller than cobwebs,which do not have the metallic shine)from the Chemsky draped over the windows & aluminum summer screens in the morning;growing,as well as contact onto plants;trees,even inside a plastic bucket left outside in the same place for 3 days.This year?they’re starting to appear IN parts of my house,I wet-wipe them,but today I see some returned…Since ’12 on some nights,strange-linear+hieroglphic type patterns in my vision are seen,just before awakening & I’m not on any medications producing this.(Anyone else here having similar-?)
    Dane,it’s a complete change going on,Please keep up your Reporting.It’s the Best,and we count on it.
    This evil Warfare WIIL END in the sudden action of a Divine Promise,Revelation 11:18.

  37. Bryan Dagel says:

    Here in Minnesota i can show you entire groves of pines dying,, in the DNR forestry land. They say they don’t know why there dying,,do a water test and see the crap in our rain water. 100 year old pines to new seedlings are dying and no one gives a dam.

  38. Becky says:

    Seems like it has really increased the past 5 years with dying trees, dying bees, dying birds etc. Is anyone keeping track of the people dying too? I have not seen one Humming bird this Spring. I have to have something to do about this. I am fatigued, have severe headaches, cramping in my legs, feet, and hands. No one will listen. I am exhausted to do anything but I am willing to fight with all I have left. WHAT CAN WE DO?

  39. Superluminal Man says:

    Excellent suggestion. When are you starting?

  40. Tricia says:

    I’m a new transplant to Washington, the Pacific Northwest. I haven’t understood why within a lush forest there are trees that are completely dead and it’s along every route I drive. The only reason it’s so prominent a sight is it’s far too expensive here to have the trees cut down. They’re too large. The comment Jody made re the headaches, cramping in the legs & feet no energy, cropped up just in the last few months.

  41. Vivian says:

    Microwave tech kills trees. It also increases mold growth. I get skin sores with exposure to microwave signals.

  42. Laura Sutton says:

    To E. Linfield….I couldn’t agree more about figuring out more ACTION sooner rather than later, because I, for one,am getting so depressed about the current state of affairs…it’s becoming frustrating and de-energizing at a certain point. I’m going to send away for some bumper stickers and at least put one on my car…it’s a start/

  43. Alan says:

    I have noticed dead trees in Iowa, even my mom pointed it out to me while driving.
    Of course people take down the dead trees when they get sick or die, so it is a bit tricky to know how many have died in the past few months or couple of years. It sure seems like the arborvitae and evergreens are dying quite noticeably around here.
    And me and my dog are both having skin irritations to the point of needing medications/antibiotics.

  44. DebW says:

    you are correct…many people I know are having the same symptoms..including myself…so I try not to go out when I see them spraying heavy because i know what that means…also a nagging phlegmy cough..

  45. Colt says:

    Trees have died in my own yard. They had aluminum junk at base. Awful.

  46. R.J. Mika says:

    I have been an Arborist for 22 years. I have been noticing in the last 5 years oodles of trees dying one might say its the extreme cold,heat,rainfall,drought,insects,disease. But I really think something else is going on.

  47. Laura says:

    I see trees with scorched leaves started noticing since 2 years ago, and this is not because of a drought. It just doesn’t look normal. -North Texas.

    • Jose says:

      I have also seen scorched branches on trees. The grass doesn't look healthy anymore since about 3 years ago. It's like the soul of plants is leaving them. A large, tall tree  (50 feet) down the street just started dying last year. After last year's rains, the wood in my front yard's tree became dead and brittle. I was able to rip off a branch with my bare hands….

  48. Jody says:

    If the trees are dying what do you suppose is happening to us with all of these chemicals they are spraying on us. More and more folks complain of no energy, headaches, cramping in their legs and feet, can’t sleep, can’t concentrate…..

  49. George says:

    I suggest organized marches at the bases where the planes take off from. Shame the pilots get media coverage.

  50. Parry DuBois says:

    Enormous amount of tree death in North Texas. People are oblivious.

  51. Rebecca Matthews says:

    The trees in the video are the same as here in White Rock, BC. They are dying fast and this next winter will be devastating because so many are hanging on by a thread of life. No one seems to notice though. When they start falling on houses, I think more people will wake up.

  52. A J Gourneau says:

    We have many trees in ND dying everywhere too. We’ve had plenty of forced rain, much chemtrails (I have pictures) and less bees, humming birds, meadow larks. This is truly dis-heartening especially when we see rain, clouds and never a bright blue sunny day.

  53. Gloria says:

    Kinda looks like my pacific northwest garden the past 5 years. Many I have talked to do not understand why their gardens are not giving proper yields if any yield at all. When have you ever heard of people not getting LOTS of Zucchini? That’s what is happening. I rest my case

  54. Lana Givant says:

    I completely agree Utah Phillips!

  55. I could not agree more. I have a friend who works in air traffic control so I gave him my info pack on GE so he can open a debate amogst this work mates.

  56. It’s happening in the Okanagan, BC. Trees are sick! Not many are aware. My trees are about done. 🙁

  57. E. Linfield says:

    Why don’t we start an online list (wiki) of all those names and addresses, so we can expose those involved including pilots flying those planes and their bosses. Just repeatedly saying what is being done without providing an action item that may lead to a solution is just getting people more depressed. We need action. Let’s expose the individuals involved. We can start with David Keith and work our way in all directions. We need to know which individuals are involved and how they are connected. Perhaps there is a list already?

  58. Steven Chamberlain says:

    The Earth is not dying, it is being killed and the people who are killing it have names and addresses.

    -Utah Phillips

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