False Flags And The US/NATO Juggernaut Of Insanity


Americans need to wake up. The government of the US and most if not all of the NATO countries are nothing more than state sponsored terrorists. Though all governments around the globe are corrupt, the center of power is also clearly the center of off the rails insanity. This power and criminal behavior has gone completely unchecked for so long that the magnitude of the threat it now poses is nearly incomprehensible. From false flag events, to endless assassinations, to the decades long chemical spraying of global populations, the power structure is completely out of control. The only plausible chance for a change in direction rests in the hope that the US population will wake up and squarely face the monster it has helped to create by sheer complacency.

Dane Wigington

 Putin Planning To Release Evidence Exposing 9/11 As An Inside Job

As tensions between the U.S. and Russia remain at an all time high comparable to that of the Cold War, it seems that strong-armed Putin has had just about enough of Obama’s petty nuisances. Several analysts have recently speculated that to put Obama in his place once and for all, Putin was set to release evidence (i.e. satellite imagery) in his position that revealed the 9/11 terror attacks as an inside job.

These so called “inside jobs” are better known as false-flag attacks in which they were specifically and strategically designed so as to deceive the public into thinking something that isn’t true. In other words, U.S. officials would plan and execute an attack on America and its people that would look as though a certain enemy entity had carried out the atrocity.


This is only the case when America has proven interests in the homeland of the attributed group. As many have explained before, from both sides of the aisle, the United States had a heavy oil interest and is thought to have been the motive for the alleged false flag attacks.

Several documented cases have been exposed showing that this would be nothing new in the military realm of America in the pursuit of selfish interest. That being the case, it appears as though the rest of the world is growing tired of the impact America is having as it carries out its agenda.

In an effort to expose the government for what it is doing – killing Americans in an effort to invade elsewhere, and then killing nationals wherever they go – some have threatened to leak military details exposing America’s atrocities. The most recent of speculation has fallen upon Putin as he is said to have certain satellite images that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that America was complicit in a false flag attack.

Supposedly demonstrating that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by American officials – well, you could imagine the repercussions. All faith and trust in government would disintegrate, riots would break out in the streets and perhaps a civil uprising would commence.

Vladimir Putin, Enrico Letta

That being said, imagine what America would look like upon the world stage. An easy target for Muslim extremists or maybe a takeover by a foreign competing superpower? Although these scenarios may be a stretch, you could see how other forces could easily take advantage of such a situation.

What do you guys think – could Putin have such evidence in his possession? Could this be why Obama has gone so soft on Putin throughout the past month – perhaps he was blackmailed? Let us know what you think of this in a comment below.

Source: Tell Me Now

14 Responses to False Flags And The US/NATO Juggernaut Of Insanity

  1. GARY DOBBINS says:

    Well said + I know exactly how you feel. I too sense that many more people are becoming aware that they are constantly being lied too and misled. They are waking up to the reality that they can no longer remain sceptical nor unaffected. STAY TOUGH AND KEEP MAKING PEOPLE AWARE BROTHER………..peace

  2. Wayne Jett says:

    Michael B., for such a book as you describe, you and others may wish to consider “The Fruits of Graft – Great Depressions Then and Now.” It does not cover geoengineering, but it is the first to identify the specific actions taken to impose the Great Depression on America and the world – including who took those actions and why. The Amazon link is http://www.amazon.com/Fruits-Graft-Great-Depressions-Then/dp/0615458890/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1311624974&sr=1-3

    Or try http://classicalcapital.com

  3. Michel B says:

    Everything should be exposed, but the difficulty is that it might overwhelm the listener because of its magnitude. Finding out this leads to the deep rabbit hole where further questioning just results in finding out more and more how the world is simply not as we thought it to be. What needs to be done is the compilation of a comprehensive and succinct lesson in real world history, explaining the subversion of finance, politics, education, national health, why wars and depression happen, etc. In this treatise, which is already being done in many ways though disparate, there will have to be a play off between succinctness and detail. If it is enough to get the interest of many more public members, then further investigation at other current sources will serve their purpose even more so. This website is excellent, but it is so dense with articles and info, I fear many may see it negatively. In many instances of introducing this and other topics to people, I am met with every type of reaction from incredulity, disbelief, denigration, anger to just plain switching off. Occasionally I get through. But at this stage, like Dane says, we cannot afford to worry about what people think of us now. We must appeal to as many people as possible in order to reach those who will listen. I told my doctor about it and he hadn’t heard of it. I told him to look it up. When I next saw him I asked him if he investigated it. He said no, but he mentioned another patient had also mentioned it to him since. So, people are starting to talk and spread it to others. It seems the spread of the knowledge of this will be by attrition that will build momentum. I endure the criticisms of my own family, when they say I am so boring the way I go on about chemtrails. The denial of those around me is staggering, but I shall not stop introducing the topic to people. But the method of introduction is what I need to refine so as to not repel potential listeners. If others can discuss their methods of gentle persuasion I would love to hear them. The smallest and largest details of garnering attention need to be taught in an effective and systematic way.

  4. barb says:

    You hit the nail right on the head!

  5. Bobby says:

    I wish Putin would release everything Russian Intel has on this group of psychotic sociopathic satanic blood ritualistic child murdering child raping cult of insane creatures that call themselves human, who have been running the country for decades now. The media is blackmailed/corrupt, leaders are either blackmailed/corrupt, and money and power and children are used to put their fellow sociopaths or criminals in power. The scope of this insane corruption and evil goes down to the state and even town/city level so there is a constant supply of “recruits” to keep the “establishment” going strong, against most people’s knowledge, and in our (truther’s)case, against our will. We need to boycott now. We need to organize and stop contributing to this insane madness. Stop paying our bills, stop going to work. Stay home, and defend our family, neighbors and property and put a stop to the power they hold over us. They want us to snap and start fighting with violence. We don’t need to resort to violence, we need to unite and shut down the whole corrupt system once and for all. Then we need to put potential future leaders through the ringer as far as determining their sanity.

  6. emil says:

    try fear, with derivatives cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, lazyness, overrating the sacred feminine/underrating the sacred masculine

    on a substrate of MSM propaganda, aluminium in deodorant, pop cans, air, artificial sweeteners, GMO-corn syrup & other foods, fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste, processed foods, deliberate dumbing down in schools & media in general, mind numbing jobs, false icons

  7. horsegirl says:

    Proof? Of an inside job?

    Ask any concrete mason. What is the function of a jackhammer? Half the work of any sidewalk job is ripping out the old work. Only concrete is torn out with a jackhammer. Horrible work. Not a cookie jar worth of powder comes from ripping out eight feet of sidewalk.

    So concrete masons drool worldwide, anxious to know the magic. How do you get 880,000 cubic yards of concrete to instantly turn to powder in midair? Not a piece of rubble the size of a peanut was evident in the waste from that day.

    Or why do jackhammers exist if it is possible to instantly turn concrete into something finer than flour?

    Not to mention thousands of architects and engineers whose careers are dedicated to building high rise concrete/steel structures have put their lives and integrity on the line to demand a forensics investigation. There WAS NO FORENSICS INVESTIGATION. Ever. Only a serial regurgitation of media in the report that followed.

    So we need some head of state to say the thing was bogus?

    Bless his little pointed head for objecting to it all, but ask any concrete mason. Cement doesn’t ever just turn into powder and blow around.

  8. Lori Kelsi says:

    I absolutely hope and pray that Putin does have and will release this proof and show the Anerican people how they have been duped into giving up their ‘freedom’ that they are so whole-heartedl adamant about, in the name of money.

  9. Jack Elwood says:

    Absolutely an inside job. And I believe Putin, why not? Too much evidence for any thinking person not to question 9/11.

  10. david gwilym says:

    Quote , “Putin as he is said to have certain satellite images that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that America was complicit in a false flag attack.” this makes no difference whatsoever, youtube has over 100.000 videos explaining the false flags operations, with high def videos in slow motion proving that 911 was an inside job, yet the comments section on those videos are full of brainwashed /conditioned Americans who are too arrogant and stubborn to re-assess the world in their eyes, perhaps they all suffer with dunning kruger effect but I very much doubt it. Those videos have views totalling over ten trillion….and still NO CHANGE, but what was the chant at Obamas election campaign? mmm something about change??

  11. jeff paulyono says:

    We dont need Putin’s comments. We need to find who in America gave the Ok to explode the demolition devices set up at WTC 1,2 and 7. The pulverized dust, basement explosions, missile hitting Pentagon. If the attack was really done by outsiders, wouldn’t the investigation have been the most vigorous in-depth, scientific research in our Nations history? I feel we owe it to the almost 3,000 victims to never give up till we uncover the truth.

  12. Christina Sarro says:

    Go for it Putin! It’s time to slam dunk Obama for what he really is!

    • Frieda Nelson says:

      Concise and intelligent comments everyone. We need to find the author of the inside job and see that they pay for the lives lost on 9/11. That is the real evil. To think its taken this long to find a way to do that. Buildings can be replaced but the pain and anger surrounding those people lost in the tragedy must be avenged.. Putin is one tough guy and I like the face. Our Obama is too pretty to be true never mind when he opens his mouth or starts signing laws over the heads of the Congress. We have a dictator and will take care of him with the Russians help I think.

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