Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 18, 2016


Dane Wigington

The power structure is fracturing and losing ground on every front. This includes the medical/industrial complex that has been the source of immeasurable and irreparable suffering for far too long. Thanks to the film VAXXED, the lethal dangers of vaccinations are finally being exposed. A major VAXXED screening event is now scheduled for Northern California on August 5th that will include the VAXXED film producers, pediatricias, and climate engineering presentation from (more details coming on this event). There is also a 1 week showing of VAXXED at the Valley 11 cinemas in Anderson California (near Redding) beginning on June 24th.  On the wider front, May, 2016, broke yet another all time climate heat record. It was the 13th consecutive month of record breaking global temperatures. We are already descending into a runaway greenhouse event with climate engineering helping to fuel the overall fire. Record heat, record floods, record droughts, and unprecedented weather whiplash is now the norm. The Florida terrorist attack is playing perfectly into the hands of the power brokers and their corporate media weapons of mass distraction. With the biosphere implosion accelerating, corporations like Shell Oil use private mercenary armies to police their pillaging of countries like Nigeria.


Shell Oil and other multinational corporations have plundered countries like Nigeria for decades.

All the while elements of our government do all they can to protect the military/carbon fuel/ industrial complex and to hide their crimes. The Australian government is doing all they can to hide the fact that much of the barrier reef just died in the geological blink of an eye. The Saudi dictatorship is helping to fund the Clinton presidential campaign, while using US made cluster bombs to kill innocent men, women and children in Yemen. We are told by FOX news that "ISIS may take over the world", but what countries are actually part of the overall ISIS support system? The USA, Turkey, and Israel are three. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

How can we remain sane and focused through the gathering storm? It is imperative for us all to examine our believes, our perspectives, and our philosophies. Solace lies in an unyielding commitment to the greater good, make your voice heard.

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  1. Deanna says:

    Wow, I saw one of those off I95 in Florida! I pointed it out to my sister because I thought it was funny they made it look like a tree.

  2. Colleen Cran says:

    Just had Vaxxed here in Calgary, Alberta for one week. Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey were here for 2 nights, allowing for great Q/A sessions. Unfortunately not long enough though.Whether you are pro/anti vaccine this movie is a must watch. Unfortunately on Tuesday morning they appeared on a local morning news show, where they were "ambushed" by the main host of the show. The host read word for word what those promoting vaccines would have him say, including nasty words about Dr. Wakefield. Del and Polly stayed calm and defended the movie and everyone involved in the short time they had. I have never seen our Calgary media behave in such a way before. Although this movie is mainly about the MMR vaccine, the following discussion brought to light the risk we all take (not just our babies and children) when we get a vaccination. Wake up people.

  3. CJ says:

    This is to ALL OF THE CITIZENS THAT ARE AWOKEN and to the Sheeple that yet have not AWOKEN YET. But very shortly will be very suspicious that something is NOT RIGHT.

    Susan, Dennie, JR, Rachel, Marc, and the rest of the Rebels here:



    I have seen some other videos from this Rebel Guy. This video will show from a higher point of view the Absolute Destruction that this SRM is doing.

  4. CJ says:

    Orlando Gag Orders on medical staff. It would not surprise me if this DID NOT occur. Just more for the News Media to report. Gun Control and more Law Enforcement.

    Broadway for Orlando is doing a Song and of course looking for DONATIONS for some Center there apparently. Of Course.

    Kids in Venezuela are not going to school. One country after another ruined.

  5. Chad says:

    Together We Stand, Divided We Fall!!! Amen Jesus!

  6. Veritas says:

     INGSOC would be proud of these people for creating such Lies. They create " Terrorism " and then use it to " Terrorize " the world  through fronts like G4S and ISIS, getting us to fund it complicitly and silently, completely oblivious. Meanwhile they spray us with toxic chemicals and poison our entire planet, homes, loved ones, and ourselves. This is a spiritual battle as well as physical, there is a great corruption, a great darkness in our   " leader's  " hearts, and in their Master's even more so. They Lie to us all daily with a smile on their face, and plot our subjugation funded by " our " Federal Reserve, IMF , World Bank, etc. through Usury from the money they print to the USA, with wealth stolen from all countries of the Earth and their people.

     Like a repeating Nightmare this insanity continues unquestioned and unpunished. As the skies burn and the ocean's boil, what will it take for people to acknowledge these simple facts and shed their chains and shackles?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Everybody.

      Without the military and their weapons this would not be possible…

      But the others All together, are Stronger.

      Strange days on the planet Earth…


  7. Ingrid Lawrence says:

    Smart cities, Denver. Are all future smart cities dependent on geoengineering? If so there will be no animal kingdom and no plant kingdom. It is obvious that the planners do NOT plane on human beings being occupants on earth. Seems like just the oligarchies and robots are being accommodated in the future. This is unbelievable management. I hope all the oligarchies of China, Russia, USA and the rest all live a long life, immortal, full of pain, anguish and mental illness. I hope planet earth rids herself of all these parasites. May what they have done to all live happen to them 10 fold.

  8. Erik says:

    The west is baking!!! Los Angeles is breaking records again!!! It is currently 100 degrees in downtown Los Angeles. This is all due to climate engineer. And people don't realize that this weather patterns are not normal. Climate engineering is destroying the ozone layer. This is out of control!!!! 

    • Pedro says:


      And without the Ozone layer, the DNA of everything will be ripped apart with the UV rays.

      ( the DNA of the MFs too. )


      Good Luck to Us All.

  9. Rachel Robson says:

    Anonymous, Hi.  Glad you rethought that but I just meant regarding ignorant, though willfully ignorant IS stupid!  Sorry if I seem to be flip flopping, I'm one very sick Rachel today.  I think if your people you were seeing already know where you stand, sooner than later, they will begin asking you questions.  That's how it's gone for me anyway.  Everyone knows where I stand.  If someone demands! I not speak about it, then I don't.  I'm having to be very kind to people to gain their trust.  No one I know is "asleep", just ignorant, and some willfully so.  Oh well!  Given that they are neighbors and other people that count in my life as well, I'm not about to dump them, heck I need them.  At least they know they can ask me or mention any of this to me without me going all full Rachel on them!  Helps, I think…..An unholy number of people I know are dealing with cancer.  And there are other things than geoengineering pre se, that are causing some of this.  One neighbor who works at Kaiser with pregnant women, well there is the opportunity there for discussing vaccinations.  One thing leads to another.  Eventually, it all hooks up!

  10. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Money, Power and Control, are all the Leaders are concerned about. The governments and most of the one's that work within it, think like this, of course there are a few good employee's that are concerned with all the rogue actions and behaviors taking place, but they remain passive. If these Rogue actions do not take a 180 degree turn A.S.A.P., there will be no Planet, nor Natural Resources to consume? Dane has mentioned this countless times, about having finite resources available! I will be mentioning the documentary Vaxxed to my cousin, who has an autistic son! Was the attack on Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, a sign of more mass killings to follow. I was discussing the attack with a truck driver, he felt very strongly that the government was behind it!

    • Dennie says:

      "Money, Power and Control–" the New "Holy Trinity!"  With religion out of the way and "Reason" (so those in power call it, never mind their completely unreasoned destruction of the goose that's been laying their golden eggs) firmly in place, these heartless, soul-less monsters were free to use their so-called "reasoning" to take over the world and suck every last thing they wanted out of it, mostly, just more money.  Never mind what they actually need. 

      These monsters always bite the hands that feed them, if they don't just outright genocide those hands that feed their corporate money-sucking machine, mistaking the source of their revenue as their obligation, not seeing any real relationship between cause and effect, but what else is to be expected?  They will not miss their water until their wells run dry.

      "The White Man needs to dream a new dream," the First Nations peoples have said.  I shudder to think what a "new dream" would look like, coming from the current group of White Men In "Power," as do other people who are not The White Man.  Not that we don't already have many white men who haven't already dreamed that new dream– We've got quite a few, actually.  It's just that their voices are being drowned out, mostly, at this time.  Wonder when how many more will awaken to the Nightmare we're living in and get going on creating a more livable world?

    • BaneB says:

      Securacom is the entity to investigate.  The more questions, the more they squirm.  Something is not kosher.

    • Earth Angel says:

      My first thoughts too- another false flag distraction concocted by government goons. Either mind control or drugged up patsy's to be used as the perps. again. This is becoming so ho-hum now.. just another thing to fuel the GLBT agendas to boot, which we are all so sick of hearing about, ad nauseum.. completely irrelevant stuff on the grand scale of it all, with geoengineering killing off everything and burning down the house. Go figure!

  11. CJ says:

    Hi Susan F. You had mentioned if there was any difference about the air quality indoors/outdoors. I don't think it matters because this stuff is everywhere. Just look at the dust in the picture you sent.  On a good note Susan. Have a look at the post the person sent about the Hepa Fiilter in the attic. 

  12. CJ says:

    Hello Dee Stew and Everyone… I see it too. Trees being cut down everywhere. Large drainage ditches being put all over the place with big rocks. Trees dying. Hardly any bugs on windshields. All that you mentioned Dee is so true. Look at the post's here and tell me that people here don't know what is going on. They do. This is absolutely way out of CONTROL. Look at the Flooding in Dawson Creek now. They hit certain areas and rake in the bucks after the disaster. Susan has the information and anyone that needs to know a question of any kind. She is the master. Dane you do such a great job also. Well everyone here does. This is so good that more information is being posted. Keep up the research everyone. We need to be informed. I need to get this off my chest. The person that said his father and himself were both pilots. He was very concerned about the Vaxxed Documentary he said because of his kids got vaccinations. How come all of a sudden this is a concern. When all the while he was involved in weather modification spraying the sky with these Toxins.  I don't get it. 

    • CJ — Thank you, and Dane is the "Master". He has been passionately on this for 12 years and more. Quite honestly I am only his devoted student. Everything I have learned has either been from Dane, or because who-he-is inspired me to research and learn. Without Dane's example, I would not have been motivated to leave my Sanskrit translations and endeavor to understand how & why these monsters are destroying our beautiful planet. I am in humble admiration of his knowledge in science and electrical engineering, his endless courage, adamantine will, patience and wisdom.

    • Sean Slavin says:


      To try and answer your question. My guess is that now that the damage has "hit home" it's something that he/ they are concerned with.

      Kind of like tha garbage dump Dane referenced in this post. Out of sight, out of mind.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Clinically, this is called Cognitive Dissonance.

  13. Mike looking up says:

    To whom it concerns …….. Is anyone om Dane's site from Northern Michigan or near the Lake Charelovoix area? I'm heading up for a week on a fact finding mission on the health of the trees. I havent been there in 20 years but one of the most beautiful areas in Michigan.  I would love a overview.

  14. Dee Stew says:

    The spraying is non-stop,,, from Upstate NY to NYC to VT to NH, 7 days a week, 24/7.  All tree's are dying, some area's like Albany, NY are worse than others.  MASSIVE drainage being installed in NE EVERYWHERE.  NEW huge gulley's, crushed rock and extremely large MOUNDS of DIRT,,, looking almost like Pyramids throughout the NE, some have new grass growing some don't.  Weeks are being cleared, MANY MANY area's are being prepared to hold LARGE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF WATER.  Taconic parkway has NEW drains on both sides of each lane, newly installed every 100 ft for miles and miles and miles.  PINES are dying at a rapid pace,,, with all other tree's right behind.  MANY tree's are covered in a vine that is CHOKING the tree's to death.  Large Mountain sides in the Catskills are ALL BROWN as of today,  6/20/2016,,,, the whole mountainside is dead trees.  Woods are being dug out and basins for water are EVERYWHERE.  Produce coming into grocery stores like Price Chopper in Colonie NY,, looks horrible,,, small,,, black marks on fruit, potatoes, celery, etc.  I go to the store every 2 weeks, and each 2 weeks the produce is looking worse and worse…. Drove to and from Albany NY to NYC today,,,, hot and humid..85 degree's and hardly any bugs on the front of the car or windshield,,, first time ever!!!  White Plains look normal – blue sky's and pretty white clouds but tree's are DYING, but once up past Brewster, NY heading North,,, nothing but white haze and tree's dying everywhere, as you go up and down the hills you can see the white haze just sitting on top of everything,,,, The last 4-6 weeks I'm seeing Hawks sitting on the side of roads like a Crows would do.  Never in my life have I seen this. The amount of work going on around the Albany, NY down to NYC is UNBELIEVABLE,,, would require an ARMY to complete ALL this work,,, multiple bridges and roads, ramps,,, cutting land back and digging deep trenches, construction, drains on highways that never had drains before, etc.  NEW Fire Hydrants going up everywhere accept in lower income areas. WIRES AND WIRES AND MORE WIRES are hanging from poles daily.  Train tracks going down in woods,,,, DRONES everywhere.  In 6 months this area has transformed in drastic measures and MOST people don't even notice,,, which blows my mind.  It's as if their brains will not allow them to notice.  NYS Dept of Labor is hiring Real Estate Agents, and has a massive hiring going on for anyone who can test anything.  Massive magnetic towers are erecting EVERYWHERE,,, but you never see them being put up.  FAKE tree's with the magnetic devices are going up,,, friends have pictures.  Hundreds of black oil tankers sit at the Port Of Albany now,,, the entire geographic landscape is being altered at a SUPER OVERNIGHT SPEED.  Car Dealerships are renting space in local malls and vacant land and doubling inventory in all kinds of work trucks.  Huge lots with new companies that sell construction equipment – SUPER large cranes, lifes, bull dozers, etc., are popping up every where I go in the NE.  Grass that was very healthy 2 summers ago but started to look crappy last summer is now turning into large sand yards with zillions of ants while the tree's have a ton of spiders and flying ants and tiny small mites. People are getting sick, or are very tired.  People with thyroid issues are complaining all around me.  Drugs stores in this area are now doing report cards on patients and rating patients on how well they manage their medications and refills. People from all over are being moved into this region.  Minorities are working in all the retails stores now and the whites who worked there for 5-10 yrs are gone. The last 6 weeks we hardly ever see local police,,, prior to then, we saw them all the time,,, now they are nowhere to be found. Today I must have passed 100 brand new WHITE Fire Chief SUVS on the NYS Thruway,,, from all different areas in NYS.  GE of Schenectady, NY, announced last month that in 2017 they will be building INTELLIGENT ROBOTS,,, word has there are already 4 on the premises and they are already being built, long before they were suppose to even start building them. They are the one's that a human would put on and wear to give him/her super powers with arms, hands, etc.  Police Dogs are being trained throughout the NE by private business owners and FEMA. Large Medical Supply companies are popping up everywhere.  Between the tree's dying, the animals dying, the fish dying, the obvious major flood that is going to hit the NE, then add all the Construction that is going on in Albany, NY,,, it's crazy.  There is so much MONEY behind this,,, obviously coming down from the UN with Bilderberg Group, top 1 percent backing things along with other sources…. NY has never had this much money to do all that is being done here.  But for as much as is being repaired, replaced, built,,, just as much as being destroyed. Taxes in lower income area's in downtown Albany are being raised 70-75%, 9/01/2016,.meanwhile, the homes that border the Pine Bush Preserve are getting tax decreases and their property values are dropping. How will any of this be stopped,,, I do know more and more people are waking up, and questioning things, and many more than 3 months ago know something is wrong, but no one knows what to do. Many plans for HIGH END High Rises are in the works but Albany is the home of NanoTechonology and Global Founderies, while 20 miles the other way is GE in Schenectady.  MEGA MANSIONS are popping up everywhere, and we have never been a MEGA MANSION area.  We WERE  mostly white middle class or black low income.  Colonie is our TOWN and we are the largest Town geographically speaking in the entire USA and Albany is the Capital of NY, but always played a back seat to NYC as did the rest of the State of NY until NOW.  It's like Albany, in the Town of Colonie is going to be a NYC overnight. Nothing that is happening in this region is NORMAL.  NOTHING… 

    • LS says:

      Thank you Dee,

       There is nothing like a report from the frontlines. When you accept the fact that the coastal cities are going under water, NYC needs to be moved inland and it sounds like the work is well underway.  Nothing makes sense these days. The village nearby has recently been re-signed as a city and rumor has it that high density living is coming our way.

      Here is what matters most in my mind. Walking in the meadow yesterday, there was 1 butterfly. No bees or buzzing among the flowers. No bugs. No flying insects. The small forest animals have been decimated and are all but gone. And the plundering of everything on Earth continues, like there is no tomorrow. Thanks and take care, all.

    • Jenny says:

      Wow, thank you so much for your observations, Dee Stew.  I am always fascinated by these sorts of reports from different places in the US.  I am in MA, so east of you and I guess a bit south too.  I haven't seen any of this sort of construction here, so is my area going to be drowned out in the flood your area seems to be preparing for?  Pretty scary.  I also have not seen any drones, to my knowledge.  We continue to have geoengineering every day, though, and the pines are dying.  In the past, the grass was always really green here in the spring and summer.  It's still mostly green but I've seen brown patches which I didn't used to see here.  We haven't had any rain for several days.  We're lucky enough that I can still hear some birds twittering.  People here continue to be completely blind to the craziness that is going on in our skies every freaking day, including my own family and an older friend who's been obsessed with the environment all her life!

    • Dee — Thank you for this mind-blowing detailed report. I lived in NYC for over 25 years and spent happy times upstate. Your info is shocking. They must be moving NYC to Albany. Wall Street will be underwater and NJ is no remedy. In 2001, I watched a circular/oval aerosol spray just sit right over Central Park for hours. No one seemed to even notice.

    • Dennie says:

      Zee-Big's Plan, hiding in plain sight in his 1997 book titled The Grand Chessboard, is for the U.S. to take over all the resources on the planet. First the oil, and now the water.  Next will be food– we have too many "useless eaters" with too easy access to too many calories, so says His Royal Lowness, Herr Kissmyassinger!!!

      This is being accomplished by "Balkanizing" countries like the FSU and now the move's afoot to do the same to China, and here's how:  First, destablize those countries using Herr Kissinger's Plan for Phony Religious Wars and get the people out of the way via "ethnic cleansing" caused by "old ethnic hatreds;" force the Saudis to pump pump pump, flooding the market with cheap oil and undercut foreign oil revenues, then drought the targeted countries with the chem dumps while moving your resource wars into their territory using local thugs to which your media gives names like "Al Qaida" ("Al-CIA-Duh" is what it's called in the U.S. Intel sector), Boko Haram, and our new fav, IS/ISI/ISIL/ISL, take your pick.  Lastly, send in the "humanitarian aid."  Then distract stoopid Uhmeruhkun sheep by having your corporate-controlled media run stories that blame Obama and Hillary for the entire mess, never mind that at the end of the day they're just order followers, too.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Dee, Thank you for your report of what is happening in the northeast. This is some of the most shocking, disturbing and dismaying information I've heard yet. Amazing 'they' are moving with such blinding speed on projects such as these. Onward we all must march, walking in the Light. May God be with us through the coming days.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      They are also looking to frack the entire area for gas, i believe.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      I believe this area is also intended for fracking. It is all a nightmare for way too long now, all of it.

  15. June 19, 2016
    My photos don’t convey the creepy unfamilar alien feeling these clouds emitted. I’ve never seen anything quite like these clouds. It was like being on another planet. I can’t imagine what the Navy is doing to make these totally unnatural shapes. I never know what I will see these days when I simply look out my windows. What are they doing to our planet?
    One photo of white dust on my beside table, which happens to be black Chinese laquer and obviously always shows dust terribly. It’s a nuisance, but I have never seen anything like this, not even in Charlottesville VA. The circle of white light is the small flashlight I held on the dust while taking the photo with my cheap Canon. And yes, I thoroughly cleaned after taking this. argh…

    • I sent the link out to some of the local people here and received this informative reply today: HEPA CLEAN these appear to contain fungal spores. Stop taking these microbes for granted. Open the windows let the sunshine in to kill them. These monsters steal our energy until all electrons are drained, these stealthy parasites are the backbone of the pharma industry. Everything is spawning with the weather, the master criminals know what they are doing. Fungusamongus consuming us alive.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, Gee, the skies here look a lot like a graph of a migraine headache, seriously!  I ran across the first graph ever made of one, and if you curved this, it would be close to dead on!

    • Sean Slavin says:

      Hello Susan,

      We have dust here in Sonoma Co. but it is dirty like soot (coal fly ash??) This alone should make people think. I tell people go wash your car. Get it as clean as possible and then go park it in the most remote location you can find. Come back in a day and look at it. Filthy. Where do you think this stuff is coming from if not from above our heads? And still they sleep….

  16. Free Energy Technologies says:


    • Deanna says:

      The root of all tge diseases is glyphosate. It causes an inbalance in the gut and the body intakes more aluminum than normal. Switching to a diet of organic EVERYTHING especially grains. Wheat and gluten have been demonized, but organic wheat is fine. Wheat crops are routinely desiccated with glyphosate right before harvest because it hastens seed ripening. However, there is not enough time before that grain is harvested before the glyphosate leaves the plants system. Studies show 93% of all Americans have glyphosate in their bodies. Eat organic, grass and pasture raised foods. AVOID corn fed beef at all costs!

    • Drew says:


      While organic wheat is certainly healthier than non-organic, the truth is glyphosate is found in all organic grains except rye and millet.


    • Deanna says:

      The article did state that while glyphosate was found in the organics, the amount was much lower than the standard grains. It is very sad that even farms that are striving for purity cannot escape the contamination. 

  17. Frances says:

    SBS World News episode 161showed airplane/jet spraying over Sydney, NSW, presenter said something about electronic warfare (?). It was such a short clip, I was surprised to see it and when I searched to get the episode on demand, it was not there!!  Any Sydneysiders aware of this spraying?

  18. JR says:

    6-19-16 from Southwest, N.M. USA. Up north of Albuquerque in Estancia it was burning well over 200 miles from Las Cruces. I thought maybe the smoke may have traveled down South, but no. With very close observation the spraying of SAG/SRM has been seen, but it seemed the lowlife were perhaps trying to hide it. What I mean is that it did not look like an on assault as today or other days. The rain clouds trying to make it to our area from east of El Paso, Tx. were demolished and held at bay east of that city.  It's been miserably hot, even though naturally it would still be hot, but not like it's been recently. We are being cooked alive. Nice guys, huh? Freedom, yeah right! Yesterday it was 110 degrees in the shade. I firmly believe that the majority of the evil workers of iniquity will pay one day in Hell with these works if not repenting. Fire and brimstone they will receive with no control of their just reward says the Lord. Until then may God Bless All Concerned, because I Believe…….Check out dvd "No Intelligence Allowed" if a believer, if not I'm not here to step on anyones toes, this is free will.

  19. Veritas says:

    Here is the real reason Syria is being invaded, it makes sense with so much distraction worldwide for these SOB's to operate. As President Ovomit says " We will operate under the radar ". Oil and natural gas are easy pickings in their massive Greater Israel Plan land grab. And of course Bankers, Media moguls, and politician's are slithering around unnoticed. Huge Surprise….

  20. Phil says:

    It is very curious to me that the spraying has been greatly ramped up this year with the so-called elections coming up.  It is like they (the elites) know that we are all waking up to the fact that the elections are rigged and the candidates are all nothing more than corrupt hand-picked puppets, so they just double down on the spraying to keep us all pacified and docile. 

    • Tom F says:

      Spraying seems to be being ramped up on a worldwide basis.  Here in the UK the already horrendous spraying has increased markedly in 2016.

  21. Veritas says:

    "I sincerely believe… that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale."

    "When governments fear the people, there is liberty, When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."  

    Thomas Jefferson

    • Thomas Jefferson, who I admire and study, died in debt. "He was plagued with financial problems for many years and he lived beyond his means. …the Panic of 1819 and the severe recession that ensued. …this national economic calamity came about as a result of expanding credit and real estate speculation which led to a bubble market and eventual crash. Banks failed, real estate values plummeted, and loans were called in. Unemployment in the cities was as high as 75%. It was a bad time for the nation as a whole and many families of means were devastated, including Thomas Jefferson’s.
      "Thomas Jefferson died at Monticello on the 4th of July, 1826, fifty years to the day after he signed the Declaration of Independence. Shortly thereafter, the contents of Monticello were auctioned, as were the slaves. Then Monticello itself was sold. It was a sad ending to the story of a great American."

    • Veritas says:

      It matters little he died in debt, so will all of us most likely. Material Wealth is not the measure of a man, his actions are. We are in debt to the very people he and Jackson fought, Jackson of course destroying the Rothschild's first banking venture here. It does not diminish their efforts in building this great nation and the validity of their warnings to us all against these parasitic International Bankers.

      To qoute a comment from your site link:

      Larry M. Aden said…

          I will defend Jefferson until my dying breath, in all but his employment of slavery.
          You left out several facts about how Jefferson got into his economic crunch, which obviously did not happen overnight from his "high living". It is an historical fact that throughout his life he had been cheated time and time again, by a long string of merchants, whenever he ordered something from Europe, hence, his utter hatred of the merchant class.
          And, just like Washington, he never took a salary for performance of any of his many political offices in service to his Nation or his State.

    • Dennie says:

      Thanks, Susan.  Certainly points to ponder as we approach our national Independence Day.  Would be nice if we would only see ourselves independent of our bankster-corporate-military machine that so many nice little white boys identify with as being what they think they should be when they "grow up." 

  22. Adam says:

    Great post, Dane. Been arguing with the youtuber Adapt2030 about his YouTube channel promoting the idea that we are entering a mini ice age. It's ridiculous. It is 116 here in Tucson today and I understand that the powers that be use ice nucleation to create short lived cool down on the most highly populated areas to divide the populace, and inevitably conquer us if successful. He doesn't seem to grasp the idea and insists on the whole ice age scenario. I directed him to this website and yor YouTube channel but he did not reply…

  23. Von Droid says:

    Hello all.  I have a question that has been eating away at me for several months that some of you might be able to answer, particularly Susan Ferguson.  

    Ripple clouds, rf-influenced clouds.  What are they?  Is this plasma oscillation?  Langmuir waves?  Plasma is affected by electromagnetic activity and perhaps these cloud patterns are an effect of em influence.  If the ripple patterns indicate the presence of plasma, how does this affect life?  Human health?  

    Like the "2025" Air Force document says – "Chemtrails are the medium, directed energy is the method."  

    These cloud patterns are easily observable from the ground almost any day and large swaths of the land are covered by them frequently if you monitor nasa worldview.  I've seen the entire northeast covered by these patterns, literally the entire states north and east of pennsylvania shrouded in these patterns.  It boggles my mind what exactly is going on.  Geoengineering, radar shield, weather control, weather warfare.  Who knows really? 

    Any insights would be appreciated, thank you.

    •  Von Droid — "Geoengineering, radar shield, weather control, weather warfare." All of these. Also multiple uses in electronic warfare, creating plasma clouds to enhance the effectiveness of electronic weapons, for stealth, and other unknown military purposes, and 'fracking' the Ionosphere for Tesla plasma fusion power to eventually replace oil. 

  24. Michel B says:

    We must start painting a picture of how our lives could be if everything was as it should be. How would our lives, our neighbourhoods, our wilderness areas, our oceans, our skies, our countries appear if we had sane people in government, if we had no more bankster fraudsters, if we all exercised and upheld our best ideals and values, if we exercised our intellects, our compassion and our intelligence?

    No maudlin sentimentalism here, but a daring vision of the best we could do. My mind boggles with this task as it is so far from the world we live in. On this site we have become very good at the enumeration of instances of criminal activities. The answer to all we are sadly witnessing lies in our ability to imagine something better, that inner knowledge of what better lives actually means, from inside households to all global reaches.

    If we can sustain and manifest this highest vision, then immediate comparisons with the current squalor will reveal its obvious nature. We must solidify this vision as a bulwark against what is being created for us. We have to save ourselves.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michel B, Hi.  I saw today an example for what you are saying, and for conservation efforts in Indonesia.  Just gorgeous and hopeful and up-lifting!  Yes, what a beautiful world it could be, and is!, at least there.

  25. Dennie says:

    The U.S. Establishment's Biggest Industry I'll say right now is Terrorism Creation.  We've got government-directed terrorism programs as evidenced at Sandy Hook, Aurora, San Bernardino.. undoubtedly Mateen is just the latest chapter in the "Scare 'Em To Death" submission-by-violence CIA MK-Ultra programs, along with all of the others as part of the Mass Shootings Psy-ops Campaign to Frighten Americans out of Gun Ownership, as if guns are the things that actually kill people– never mind the people doing the shooting.  The "official" story is that the clandestine violent psy-ops programs were "abandoned.." for far worse ones from the look of it, while the insane media just keeps calling the shooters "lone nut" gunmen– now, do "they" actually want us to believe that the public is reeally going to remain all that stoopid after witnessing incident after incident after incident of mass, scripted "copycat" terror, after all this time?

    More people need to start looking at Terrorism-by-"Health" Care, which looks like it believes that "the more vaccines you get, the healthier you are!"  The Biggest Problem is that we have too many uninformed people here regarding who is actually in control of their own health– the American model of health is "drive yourself until you're worn out, then call an ambulance to drag you into surgery where you can have the techs cut out the old worn out parts, slap in new ones and you're good to go for the next hundred thousand!"  Well, it's our own fault– The Doctors are "supposed" to be in charge of our health and not us, right?  Or is that just pure and simple avoidance of responsibility?  Our so-called educational system is doing such a poor job of impressing upon students just who's in charge of their own health and what health consists of, most are completely uninformed regarding their own anatomy and wouldn't know their diaphragm from their duodenum.  Most won't even know how to spell those words properly and even fewer will care "y u shood." Fewer still will even think to understand why they need to know about their own body, as long as they have "doctors" who are always there to fix it for them, no matter how they treat their bodies or where they're getting their "information" about how to treat their bodies.

    Can we get a showing of Vaxxed at the Fairfax or some other independent film venue in Marin or Sonoma Counties?  I don't see that the film is showing anywhere in the "greater" Bay Area and Fairfax is just progressive enough to show it. 

    • sea says:

      Hi Dennie- I would email them on the site under "contact us".I live in the Santa Cruz area and it was here for a couple of weeks, my son saw it in Berkeley about a month ago.I believe the more people seek them out for showings it will grow!

    • Malinda says:

       Speaking of vaccines, a physician in Tennessee may lose his license to practice medicine because he has announced that he will no longer vaccinate children due to the connection of vaccines to autism.  If this brave doctor loses his medical license, other physicians will surely be weary of following his lead.  Big Pharma and the CDC (via the Tennesee licensing  Board) would penalize this physician for trying to "First do no harm."

    • Lawrence Beck says:


      Absent the film itself… this is a must see interview of the Producer Del Bigtree and Director Andrew Wakefield of VAXXED.  Download it and watch it before its pulled from youtube as it will give you what you need to know about the fraud committed by the CDC.  I can't get the link to work so paste this url into your browser:

      The following is another good panel discussion by four trustworthy individuals on the findings:

    • Phil Morrison says:

      "The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used."

      Quote:  Dr. James A. Shannon, Director, National Institute of

      Health from 1955 to 1968.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody,

      In Europe they will start now vaccinating pregnant Women. They are afraid of the rise of "many cases of whooping cough".. They have started already recommending the new damn vaccine to the young Women..

      And here Babies are vaccinated on day one. After birth.

  26. CJ says:

    See the Haze? Go to a higher elevation if you don't. You are breathing all that in

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, I see the haze.  I live at a higher elevation and for as far as the distant horizon will permit I see it everywhere from up in the atmosphere  and down to ground level.  The last few years have seen a huge increase in this nano-particulate grunge.  It never goes away, not after a storm blows through here because the entire atmosphere is inundated.  There was one almost perfect clear day this past Saturday.  Very rare!  The best weather in three years.  My energy level increased by 50%.  I felt physically healthy, alert, energetic, and happy.  A rancher drive by in his Rhino.  Stopped and chatted for a few minutes.  He and his wife were annimated, joyful, full of life, and very talkative.  The entire web of life was celebratory.  And this is what that HAZE has stolen from all of us.

  27. maciej kocialkowski says:

     If one truly listens to this entire message, seems like anybody with rational mind and sense of self preservation would act upon this information, starting with their own investigation on the matter. So why isn't it the case? Reasons are many, with denial, cognitive dissonance and inability or/and unwillingness to face the truth (regardless how dire it is), perhaps being at the top of the list. Fear, I think plays big role here as well. Realization of reality would wipe out most if not all of any sense of safety and security vast majority of population still have. It is fake sense, nvertheless as long as they don't know it, it is sense of security for them. 

    I want to bring one aspect of this to the equation as well. All of those who bring arguments and questions to the table, asking me for example: why would "they " do it to themselves? or why would "they" do it at all? I then offer for example DVD asking to spend an hour of their time, to perhaps open their eyes. And then I am met with immediate rejection. Well, this kind of attitude begs the question: Is this truly the person seeking any real answers, or simply seeking easy way out of troublesome for them subject? And on top of that, even if one cannot come up with the reasons why this is being done, it must NOT be used as the reason to reject the fact that it is being done, which again is easily verifiable for any rational mind, and anybody with any sense of reality whatsoever. 

    Thinking that those on top of the power structure are solely responsible for the current very dark horizon, which becomes harder and harder to hide by the way, is completely false. Proverbial "they" could not achieve any of this without an army of obedient, thoughtless "order followers" and also increasingly countless "bench sitters" who refuse not only take a stand, but reject the issue without even looking into it. And reading the flyer or googling "chemtrails", or so, it is NOT investigating into the matter. It is NOT! Passively watching our planet dying, along with all of her inhabitants (whether you believe this is a reality or not is irrelevant), is simply a cowards' way out of it. It is NOT an option at this point to take a stand against climate engineering which equals weather warfare, it is a MORAL OBLIGATION. I hope these words will sink deep into your conciousness.

    • Dennie says:

      It's like a train crash– the front of the train knows what's coming, can see it coming for a long way off, then whatever's causing the resistance causes the train, unable to turn onto a less-destructive path in time, to run off the rails, crashing the front first while in the back they're still sleeping– "..OH, what was THAT!!???"  Same thing.. The people on the forefront, starting with the oil companies' researchers themselves and the people running them knew about this for a long, long time.  We had "Limits to Growth" a report of a research project done by M.I.T. for a group of European industrialists who did in fact wonder Where This Is All Going, then the oil companies did their best to discredit the fact of Peak Oil (ditto for every other resource, as Richard Heinberg, senior fellow at the Postcarbon Institute in Sebastopol, CA wrote in his book titled Peak Everything).  Ronnie Ray-Gun took Jimmy Carter's solar panels of the White (Man's) House, then we watched the S.U.V.s roll out of Detroit en masse— "Be a patriotic Uhmerukun and guzzle away, folks!" became the message of the 80s.  All that cheap gas undercut Russian gas, causing the "Evil Empire," the former Soviet Union (oh, uh, like the U.S. didn't become one itself?), to crumble.  Moral of story:  Live like a pig and you'll stay on top!  Never mind "When fighting dragons take care lest you become one."  But that wasn't the point anyway, was it?

    • nobodiesfool says:

      I agree. When a teenaged girl expressed disbelief that "they" would do this to even themselves, i asked her if she was referring to the same entities that build nuclear bombs with the intent to use them? She had no response then.

  28. paul fowler says:

    Go to toutube and search, Hillary Clinton ; We created alqaeda

    Probally her most honest moment.

  29. TNGeoWatch says:

    Rapid Arctic melting occurring again. Looks like over the past 10 days extensive Geoengineering has been going on over Arctic regions to prevent melting but a big drop is starting to kick in now on the chart.

    Methane is on the rise too! 


  30. paul fowler says:

    Another example of vaccine fraud and it's detriment to people.  

    search 1976 "60 minutes" episode on the polio vaccine and the cover up by the CDC .  Last seen on you tube

    Wakey wakey sleepy heads.

    • Richard Bertrand says:

      Also only 10% of the population was vaccinated for polio, so how the CDC or anyone can use it as an example of success is beyond my comprehension.

  31. Malinda says:

    Here in Baltimore, Maryland we have yet another Air Quality alert for ozone and fine particles.  I guess the spays from the past few days and nights are raining down today.

    Regarding the Orlando massacre:  Just as NOAA scientists are under a gag order, the "Emergency staff at Orlando Regional Medical Center are being FORCED to sign non-disclosure agreements."  So what's up with that?  And what happens to those who fail to sign?

    And in an article by Paul Craig Roberts, he continues to search for evidence that the shooting actually occurred:

    So is this another false flag?

  32. Roger Gibbons says:

    The Skies here in Burlington Ontario are being scared by jets this morning. The sky will be covered shortly if they keep this rate up.

    Burlington is on the north side of Lake Ontario and from where am sitting most if not all these jets are coming from the US.

    Just in the past hour I have chemtrails that count to about 10, has I write this message their are two new ones going over head.

    Weather fore cast was to be bright and sunny today …hahahaha how about just bright would do.

    My weather App shows no moisture coming or around this area today but the skies are filling in with trails.

    I find my neck gets tried of pointing up …….cant wait for this movie to be over.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Mine too, as the show gets weirder and weirder, thanks for the humor. fourteen years of despair, but France is rising.

  33. Roger Gibbons says:

    Secrets your government wont tell you. Google China's Pyramids …….you never got this in the history books. So if you think the governments of this dont keep things from its population think again. Up date on my van sign …..Stop Spraying Us ……I said to my Son laws neighbor ….I see they are spraying us again today ….we both looked up and he and his wife said is that what their doing …..wè saw the sign on your van about geoenineering and we were wondering what that was about …so I informed them. So it is working.    

  34. m says:

    The haze coverage has gotten increasingly worse last couple of weeks in so CA. It is disgusting to witness.  Does anyone know if staying indoors is at all different than being outside or is it a pointless measure?

    Everywhere I look and everywhere I go it's just toxic toxic toxic. Really difficult to be aware of this for as long as I have. Thank you Dane.

    • BaneB says:

      M:  Take heart. You are conscious of the war againt the earth and sky.  Knowing is worth its weight in gold.  Your area is under attack!  We all are but Southern California must have been slated for a meaner leaner assault given the obvious deliberate withholding of rainfall from everything south of San Jose, Ca.  Your region is now a tender box.  You have a great resource for observing how the sociopaths operate their weather warfare and control mechanism .  1pacificredwood does a daily meteorological annalysis of your weather.  Since discovering his insightful indepth outing of the manipulations being done to the weather, I have ceased looking at Intellicast, et al.  There are several moisture field headed your way but the sociopaths continue to destroy these with high powered microwave.

    • Greg says:

      M, To protect your indoor air quality, get a large heppa filter from a hydroponics store & a 4" turbo fan. Put the filter in the attic @ ceiling level & duct the filtered air into the house or AC ductwork so house is under positive pressure with filtered air. Let run 24-7. I change my fan every 5 years, there designed to run longer.

    • m — "Does anyone know if staying indoors is at all different than being outside or is it a pointless measure?" Personally, I find that when I go outside my eyes/nose/throat become more irritated. The particles are now so small nano-sized, that I don't think there is any filter available to us that will help. I see tiny white particles in my house as 'dust' when the sun hits them at a certain angle – which I believe they have fallen from these new fine gossamer transparent sprays here on the Olympic Peninsula WA:

    • James says:

      You can thank March AFB in Riverside County for the aerial destruction in Southern, CA. Possible the Base Commander could use a little dose of reality to the death he is participating in!

    • Global Riot Control System Market 2016-2020
      55 page PDF US$2,500 / April 05, 2016
      This market research report presents a detailed segmentation of the global riot control system market by end-user (law enforcement and special forces) and by geography (Americas, APAC, and EMEA). The leading vendors in this market are Combined Systems, Condor Non-Lethal Technologies, Dae-Kwang Chemical, Lampered Less Lethal, and NonLethal Technologies. Other vendors in the market include Brügger & Thomet, Raytheon, Safariland, and TASER International.

      Global Riot Control System Market to Exceed USD 5 Billion by 2020, According to Technavio
      April 20, 2016 / LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)
      Global riot control system market expected to exceed USD 5 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of over 5%. According to Abhay Singh, lead analyst at Technavio for defense research, “Protests, riots, and demonstrations are major issues faced by the law enforcement agencies across the world. In addition the increase in incidents of civil wars in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt along with an increase in the global defense budget will generate demand for riot control systems.”  … The militarization of the police department and other law enforcement agencies in the Americas has encouraged the use of advanced riot control equipment.

    • Combined Systems, Inc. is a U.S. based company owned by Point Lookout Capital and the Carlye Group that specializes in the manufacture of military and police equipment such as tear gas canisters, flash grenades, breaching munitions, and handcuffs. It supplies these products to police and military in the United States as well as Egypt and Israel. Evidence has also been collected by the War Resisters League that its products have been used to disperse protests in Tunisia, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, Germany, Netherlands, India, East Timor, Hong Kong, Argentina, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone. … In February 2012, the online activist group Anonymous claimed to have hacked the company's website in retaliation for the company's supply of protest suppression weapons to various countries. The company's main manufacturing plant is in Jamestown, Pennsylvania.

      Condor Non-Lethal Technologies
      Located in Rio de Janeiro within the municipality of Nova Iguaçu, Condor Non-Lethal Technologies is installed within an area of approximately one million square meters in the vicinity of the biological reserve of Tinguá, the largest reserve of the Atlantic Forest in the State of Rio de Janeiro. With a focus exclusively on the production of cutting-edge equipment, non-lethal ammunition and pyrotechnic signaling devices. [colorful website!]

      DaeKwang Chemical Corporation / Korea
      Tear Gas Cartridge | Tear Gas Shell | Tear Gas Hand Grenade | Teargas Gas Solution | CS Cartridge | CS Hand Grenade | Rubber Ball Shell | Rubber Ball Cartridge | Multiple Launcher | Color Smoke Hand Grenade | Tear Gas Solution | Anti-Riot Product | Tear Gas Manufacturer | Sound Bang Grenade | Multiple Launcher Set | Anti-Riot & Firework Item


  35. We Must Understand Corporate Power to Fight It
    Chris Hedges / Jun 12, 2016
    … The aims of the corporate state are, given the looming collapse of the ecosystem, as deadly, maybe more so, as the acts of mass genocide carried out by the Nazis and Stalin’s Soviet Union. The reach and effectiveness of corporate propaganda dwarfs even the huge effort undertaken by Adolf Hitler and Stalin. The layers of deception are sophisticated and effective. News is state propaganda. Elaborate spectacles and forms of entertainment, all of which ignore reality or pretend the fiction of liberty and progress is real, distract the masses.  Education is indoctrination. Ersatz intellectuals, along with technocrats and specialists, who are obedient to neoliberal and imperial state doctrine, use their academic credentials and erudition to deceive the public.
    …The loss of privacy, the constant monitoring of the citizenry, the use of militarized police to carry out indiscriminate acts of lethal violence—a daily reality in marginal communities—and the relentless drive to plunge as much as two-thirds of the country into poverty to enrich a tiny corporate elite, along with the psychosis of permanent war, presage a dystopia that will be as severe as the totalitarian systems that sent tens of millions to their deaths during the reigns of fascism and communism. … until the last moment, this reality will be hidden behind the empty rhetoric of democracy and reform. Repressive regimes gradually institute harsher and harsher forms of control while denying their intentions. By the time a captive population grasps what is happening, it is too late.
    … Our corporate masters know what is coming. They know that as the ecosystem breaks down, as financial dislocations create new global financial meltdowns, as natural resources are poisoned or exhausted, despair will give way to panic and rage.  They know coastal cities will be covered by rising sea levels, crop yields will plummet, soaring temperatures will make whole parts of the globe uninhabitable, the oceans will become dead zones, hundreds of millions of refugees will flee in desperation, and complex structures of governance and organization will break down. They know that the legitimacy of corporate power and neoliberalism—as potent and utopian an ideology as fascism or communism—will crumble. The goal is to keep us fooled and demobilized as long as possible.
    … We have little time left. Climate change, even if we halt all carbon emissions today, will still bring rising temperatures, havoc, instability and systems collapse to much of the planet.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh Susan, She of good news!?  Yeah, I figured as much.  Seems kinda obvious.  Things are going to get wild, as in crazy.  I figured that, in part, some of what the military and all are doing is for riot control.  Love-not- the above post from you listing companies and what they do, like non lethal-that sounds good.  Lampered Less Lethal, sounds less good.  My God, how many companies, products, etc. are making bucks off all this, maybe even drooling in hopes of societal breakdown?!  And no doubt one could trade those odds on Wall Street.  Vultures all.

  36. Tombola says:

    Dane & fellow listeners,

    A lot of people saw one single long dispersal this week in Perth, Western Australia right over the middle of the city during lunch hour which did not disappear for about 30 minutes after it was sprayed against a totally clear and blue sky (the first one for quite a few days).

    I received quite a few messages and questions from people i have been trying to make aware which was pleasing for a change. I think seeing it with their own eyes in plain sight was beneficial although i have shown them photos and videos before.

    Also the plane was flying a non-flight  path. How do they get permission to fly these routes? Nobody i know could get permission to fly these routes over our main airport and city. Previous governments and residents have made a  lot of hoo-ha about flight paths and the suburbs affected by aircraft noise in cities across Australia in recent times. Where are the people that complained about the flight paths now.

    Your site should be getting quite a few visits from Perth this week -I sent them straight  to your radio show – the majority prefer to listen rather than read i have noticed.

    Good vibrations to all.

    • Tom F says:

      You can be fairly certain that civilian air traffic controllers traffic control will be under firm instructions not to geoengineering operations. Essentially this would mean that the geoengineers have free range in our skies.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Tombola, Thanks for the good vibrations!  More please!  Just wanted to comment that via this and other comments it does seem as if people are "suddenly" more receptive.  Perhaps the tipping point Dane talks about is getting closer and closer.  I'm not sure why people would suddenly be receptive who were not before, but perhaps this site and others and all our efforts really are beginning to work?  And, or things are just getting too strange, too difficult, begging for answers?  I think you are right that people are more receptive to listening to a broadcast than to reading, much less researching.  Seems that most people these days don't read much at all.  They want to be spoon fed?  Too bad more won't do research, and by that I don't mean only reading some site somewhere, but in the kind of research I have done, from scratch, I have learned so very much about Earth that I did not know and would not have known otherwise.  Dane's admonition to do the research oneself is a great gift to us all.  I already knew so much and loved so much, but now I see I'd barely scratched the surface!

  37. ron hall says:
    "V" talking recently with Mr Schlanger who is in Vienna touching on many similar topics as Dane.

    Thank You Dane and the commentors who see the light and will not quit.

  38. Shane says:

    I would like to add. Those who follow, accurate knowledge applied is wisdom. Do the research. But discern what is truth and what is a lie/ deception. There is plenty of deception to go around. I have been silent for a long time. Read up on phased array microwave.  Learn how cell towers and phones work. Look at haarp. That's just the basics. Building blocks to a grander scheme. It's a big puzzle. The pieces are all there, just have to figure out how they go. Think outside the box. Peace my friends. 

    • BaneB says:

      Shane:  Anonymous below in a brief post suggested to take a look at the  new installations referred to in an anachronym as G-BOSS.  I did.  Its bizarre and concerning.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      We must do more than think outside the box my friend, we must live outside the boxes.

  39. Theoldman says:

    This is my reply to a doubter a few days ago… feel free to share this …

    Atmospheric geo-engineering.

    All it takes it to look up in the early morning…a clear beautiful blue – sky and then about four hours later after all these strange planes flying over – we have haze. I call it atmospheric geo-engineering. the intent according to USA Environmental Scientists, was to create a shield that would reflect sunlight away from the planet.

    Dumber than a bag of hammers used for a toilet float in an outhouse. Why? Well you put a shield over a planet with a hot core ..the heat builds up under the shield – called global warming – ummm lets charge carbon taxes..hey who gets them…..ahhh

    Well what happens when you have a shield up around 16-20,000 feet. Well you get a layer, on the upper side it is super heated and below it is it cold…ummm but you have warm air just below it downward to the earth. What happens when you have cold air over warm – the cold drops. This drops the jet stream – but worse than that it causes cyclones or a cone of air dropping fast – warming up and picking up moisture…owwwweeeee.. And just think the jet stream also controls the flow of hot and cold air around our planet… that causes major ice melt and the change of the oceans currents…hey open the NW passage – great for trade across the poles..

    What do you get? Oh yeah force 5&6 tornadoes and force 5 hurricanes. Hey what does that do – destroys everything in it's path. hey who does that help – ah yes corporations who rebuild, evacuate coast lines, redevelop them and sell them 100 times higher and you just keep doing it over and over…

    What is the outcome? Ah that depends on what you create the shield with – that is aluminum-silicate – barium, boron, and long strand polymers. Wow complicated..yeah check who holds the patents for these aerosol dispersants – MacDonald Douglas , Boeing, Hughes Aircraft Companies a host of other companies with the defense department.

    What about the aluminum – ummm odd the relationship to this metal and Alzheimer's . Odd how the concentrations of aluminum particles, have increased so much in the last 26 years. I could go on and on…and then some yahoo..jumps up furious and says conspiracy theory…you know the only true conspiracy theory is believing your government wouldn't do this… – Theoldman

    • Deanna says:

      Lookup the connection between glyphosate and aluminum. The body gets out of balance, as the glyphosate causes imbalances in the gut it causes a domino effect and the body uptakes increased amounts of aluminum. Studies show that 93% of Americans have glyphosate in their system.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Theoldman, Hello old man, and thank you for a laugh that lasted 5 minutes!!!  I view laughter as medicine and you gave a good dose of it with: "dumber than a bag of hammers used for a toilet float in an outhouse"!!!!  Hysterical!  I've known more than my fair share of outhouses and this blew the lid off.  And your humor continues even as you describe the horrors so accurately.  I have noticed, mostly at night and sort of late at night, the temp dropping really fast, almost instantly to quite cold, for a bit.  "And then some yahoo jumps up furiously"-I too use "some yahoo" in similar context which tells me you must be about the same age maybe.  Love your wisdom mixed with dead on humor!  Thanks from an old woman! (I am still laughing, will not forget this saying you used, priceless!)!

  40. Shane says:

    Being prior military, and my father who is now deceased, who also was military. Once out of the airforce, flew c-130's for weather modification. Without putting too much info for fear of who is watching. I am extremely knowledgeable on what is going on and what the forces that be are dealing. I am not so knowledgeable on the vaccine part. I seem to be confused on whether the Vaxxed film is available at this time. I have 2 boys under 4 and very concerned. Not just for them but my whole family. Knowing too much is a burden. Sharing appears to be even harder. Need to see the documentary. ASAP. HOW, WHERE, AND WHEN?

  41. Erik says:

    I agree 100%. Its unimaginable.

  42. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Hi!  Gee, lately your broadcasts are so packed with info that I have to listen to them twice!  Thank you for ferreting out so much from the pile.  Did you know Obama is visiting Yosemite this weekend?  One can only hope he gets to meet Ron Kauk.  His visit is to talk about climate change!  And to further his reputation of creating more national parks and protected areas.  Which would of course be swell if I didn't know the back story to that! 

  43. Rachel Robson says:

    Anonymous, hello, and gee, ignorant only means uneducated, uninformed, regarding something specific, or in general if the person is grossly uneducated.  And as such, is not the best put down, but the way you put it is so true.  The weirdest part to me, is how many people who are not ignorant in the general sense of the word, are ignorant about what is really going on!  I think their prior education-which cannot be the fault of Common Core!-is in fact what prevents them from letting go enough to catch on.  Something like a trapeze act.  You have to have the guts and will and skill to let go, and grab the higher bar.  You have to trust yourself, as opposed to what you were taught to fear.  The best educated people I know seem to have the most trouble accepting our so called fringe truths, as real as they are.  Why?  They seem to fear some loss of status, and to have a prejudice regarding controversial issues and web sites.  Some things I find out strike me as a bridge too far, I don't buy every thing I read on the web anymore than I would on MSM.  As Dane says, do the research.  But these people won't.  Why?  Because their friends won't peer review what they found out?!?  Funny-not-how grown ups don't trust themselves, afraid to stand out from the herd.  Afraid they can't parse out the truth from extremist distortions regardless of how many degrees they have.  Afraid of their own personal social suicide?  Not to mention that if they do get involved, it is not just one thing, but a ton of stuff that just gets darker and more bleak by the second with barely a glimmer of hope.  Because if they believed and understood, they'd have to take a stand.  Which includes cleaning up this mess insofar as possible, because we kiddies and those before us have made quite a mess of this world.  A daunting task forcing one to re-evaluate one's own actions.  And there is little feeling of accomplishment in this effort.  These tend to be goal oriented people.  Who define themselves by their education, their status in life, and are loathe to mingle with the masses.  Unless they are exotic!  So they have a train of thought that plays out.  Myself for instance, I can reserve judgment on whether or not Mateen's actions were indeed a false flag, or, "simply" co-opted as one, while still standing firmly against geoengineering.  One does not negate nor validate the other.  I can think for myself, but it really helps to have really great information to work with.  Thanks to Dane and others here as well, and our own research, we do.  These other people, willfully ignorant, locked into Sierra Club or whatever, cannot seem to seek out multiple sources of info, juggle them, and catch on.  And they think they are intelligent!?

    By the way, though it sure does look as if we and Earth will all die one way or another via harm done to Earth and by military and their supporters, I am taking some solace in knowing that no matter what we do, unless we blow the whole Earth into fragments in space, life will continue on Earth, even if only microbes.  I say "if only" though they are what made life possible!  Hey, it is more than nothing!

  44. Ed Bee says:

    Today the forecast called for sunny skies. I agree that it was bright outside, but the new definition of sunny didn't describe the continuous plane trails or gray canopy overhead. I have a question: are there any local "support" groups a person could connect to? I live in Walworth County, Wisconsin and would like to join forces with like-minded people from around here. It's tough being a one-man show all the time, constantly being ridiculed for being negative or an alarmist. As I've stated before, even those who agree something isn't right with the climate and weather still think our own government would never do anything to harm us. And if things are changing, that is just part of the natural cycle of things.

    • Dennie says:

      I've heard "progressive" tie-dye wearing long-haired pot-smoking folks call me "alarmist" when discussing global heating and chem trails.

    • sea says:

      Hi Ed- I have been following Danes site for quite a while and thought the same thing- I wish I could gather with those that are like-minded in this effort, I also think it then would gather more steam…tough for all of us 

    • Sean Slavin says:

      Try You can create a group for whatever you want and then people join if they have a similar interest.

      Walworth Co. WI. I know the area well. I left McHenry Co. IL and moved to the West coast for exactly the reasons you stated. I feel your pain.

      Stay strong and best of luck.

  45. Another outstanding program, Dane. Thank you, for your work and your bravery. Just a quick report for you from Costa Rica. I see daily spraying of the skies and it does seem to be on the increase. I saw a plane at probably 30000 ft. spraying a long tail . I usually start pointing up at asking anybody close by, what is that? But today I was at a bus stop with nobody around. This year at least so far, we seem to be off to a wetter wet season. Thanks again to all the people especially Dane, who speak out  and call attention to this.

  46. Chad says:

    Omnicide! God Bless All good, God fearing, loving People!

  47. Edward Palys says:

    There are too many living zombies already conditioned by these monsters. I know of quite a few well educated  and professional people who don't believe what I show them. 

  48. Tammy says:

    I agree..i see

  49. AR says:

    We have a nearly 8000 acre fire burning in Santa Barbara, CA right now called the Sherpa Fire..and non stop aerosol spraying clear as day for anyone that will pay attention above all the fire smoke. Planes are coming from the direction of Vandenberg Air Force Base.

    • Lisa Zabriskie says:

      We had a week reprieve from the aerosols due to our elections, would hate to have irritated voters, but now it's over  and the spray is full on! From what I understand, the aluminum is also considered an accelerate. 

  50. Marc says:

    Superfine show once again, Dane. Thank you. Anyone who pretends to not see the DISINTEGRATION of our environment, our climate, human behavior, our civil liberties, common decency, truth in reporting……well…..they're just pretending. Or are victims of their own chosen form of distraction, or suffer from a focus too narrow to take in the entire landscape. On the plus side, at this late stage of the game it could be argued that the world is, in fact, in a process of "waking up" but at a pace out of synchrony with the real events in the field. As if there is some kind of delay mechanism (inertia) that prevents full awakening commensurate with the gravity of what's actually happening. (Stockholm Syndrome?) Consider how absurd it is that there are many who, when confronted by the data on geoengineering, rather than examining the data on it's own merits, recoil and react instead to how UNCOOL and IRRELEVANT such data is to their so-called chosen "lifestyle". Really? Everyone seems to have their own special little philosophy of life, their own way of rationalizing their way out of concern for the problem. Human nature? Maybe. No matter. Unfolding events will wipe the smiles off the faces of those who couldn't be bothered with the truth. Unfortunately for us all, speaking of truth, I, for one, am convinced that, given the now irrefutable history of our own despicable government orchestrating and pulling off one false flag event after another, there exists an extreme likelihood that the same bastard asswipes who did 9/11 have been feverishly and incessantly working round the clock on their next big public extravaganza which may make 9/11 look like a cakewalk. Almost have to assume they will employ something nuclear…..or scalar….or worse. Anyone really think they don't have another such ACE UP THEIR SLEEVE? It didn't end with 9/11. In fact, the Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Paris….all of them…..were clearly false flags. This world has fallen. It has fallen prostrate at the feet of the almighty god of DECEPTION. It was inevitable in an information age. Back 50 to 100 years ago, deception was infinitely easier because our sources of information were so immature and slow and undeveloped. More difficult now to bamboozle the masses with the advent of internet and instantaneous communication. However, the deceivers have simply had to up their game to accommodate these changes. Now we are in drowning in information streamed to us instantaneously from a multitude of potential deceivers and buffoons and snake oil salesmen, all with their own pathetic little agendas born of their allegiance to some corporate or government entity, or any manner of lesser but equally manipulative concern. Add to this recipe the very real technologies of mind control, be they chemical, pharmaceutical, electromagnetic, microwave, scalar, false flags, GMO, whatever. And it's really hard to not come away with a feeling of utter helplessness and hopelessness. The beast has become too big, like Godzilla in a cheap Japanese movie. Too overwhelming and too huge to fight against. Yet we must!! And you know what? You might think my Godzilla analogy mostly refers to the machinations of the PTB. But there is another Godzilla, Ms. Godzilla, if you will. And she is none other than "societal disdain" in the face of what looks for all the world like a very real extinction event rapidly overtaking the biosphere of this world. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, about “the beast” perhaps being “too big to stop”, don’t lose hope, it can be brought down. From within the ranks of those that have until now unknowingly supported the insanity, we can yet effect the outcome. It is imperative for us all to make every day count in the critical effort so wake others. Passing on credible data is essential, never give up.

    • Marc says:

      Thank you, Dane. I need to be reminded. Just seems like "they" perpetually have the upper hand on us all and I watch in horror as everything beautiful in this world keeps dissolving before our eyes.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Mark.
      We will Win. We will F Win.
      No doubt about it, my Friend.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Yeah, Marc, remember the knuckleheads at the top don't do anything for themselves, they NEVER get their hands dirty. That is their Achilles heel. That is why when we pay police and military in other countries to kill their people for us, they throw the guns down and run off. Like they are going to kill their own people for being hungry/tired of being slaves. Even if the top kills us all, know this, there won't be anybody to fix their rocket to Mars (a U turn would be poetic justice) or underground bunker. It would be fun to be a fly on the wall to see which of the scum of the earth (you know the smartest and most "worthy" of us all, the ones that created this mess in the first place) scrub the toilets and flip the hamburgers. LOL Either that or they keep a few as pets and threaten them to do repairs, kill the rest -that is what they get for being a cock roach, reptile toe licker. They'd find out first hand why NOBODY should help the power structure in doing this to everyone else. Kind of like "V"…they get suspicious of you, you're lunch. Wow, what a life.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Marc, My chem brain is trying to remember these details rattling around in my head, but do you remember Buckminster Fuller?  He of the Geodesic Dome and so much more?  Very long ago, uh? early 50s, earlier?, he was suicidally depressed after, for one thing, his young daughter died in a fire I think it was.  And, he was promoting an electric car, but shut out of some big city show of new things and so took to driving that car around the block of that building all day, I don't know for how long, but that he had an accident, hit another car, and I can't recall if it was his fault, do believe someone died-not sure!  Other lesser bummers and he fell into profound despair.  But, being a scientist of many hats, he decided to do the math first.  Which was what was the lag time between voicing, proposing something new, revolutionary, something not yet known or understood, and people grasping the idea and putting it to use.  The answer was something like 30 years, could have been more.  Point is, he decided that if he just stayed with it and continued, he would live to see some of his ideas come true, to fruition.  And he was right.  And old but incredibly energetic, radiant in brilliance man so in touch with nature that that is where he got the idea for the geodesic dome.  Staring at grass growing.  So Dane is right Marc.  There does come a point where all seem to realize at once and get it, or not, but to many it will be crystal clear, to the majority.  Regardless of what happens, that's got to be helpful if not everything.  And they will probably not even think of what all we all went through helping pave this way.  That doesn't matter.  What does matter is a world wide awareness of what is truly going on and on all levels.  People who do not want war and refuse buying into fear, people who want to nurture nature and each other.  People who question authority.  Other "resources" may disappear but human resources are nearly infinite!

  51. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

    Hello Everyone,

    This is repost from a few days ago in case you missed it.

    I wanted to share with you all some big changes that are coming here in Nikiski, Alaska. As Many of you know, I own Charlie's Pizza here in Nikiski, Ak. and I have been using my restaurant to spread the word since Dec. of 2013. Every Pizza that leaves Charlie's Pizza gets, a flyer, or a number of other printed articles on the box. The walls of my restaurant and the changeable letter sign out by the highway have become a daily reminder to my community of the all out assault that we are under.

    After word got out about my plans for the restaurant, and quite quickly I might add, a reporter from our local newspaper called me for an interview. I am thankful for what she printed even though she neglected to include the website, Dane Wigington's name or the term Climate Engineering. She did use the word Geoengineering and refrained from using the word "Chemtrails."

    Whether I'm selling pizza's or petunias I will continue to spread the word until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity.

    I am eternally thankful for all who are aware and active in this fight everyday. Never, Ever Give Up!!! 

    Peninsula Clarion Article "From flour to Flowers"

    Link to my YouTube video and article posted on GeoWatch.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hello Steven, Sounds like a reasonable move. Producing more food on any scale can't be a bad idea given the earth circumstances we are all now facing. Especially with the warming temps. the arctic is experiencing- you should now have a much longer growing season, how about it?! Best of fortune to you and your family on the new venture. Bless you for all of your activism on this issue my friend! : )

    • stephan says:

      Steven – Wishing you the best with you're new venture – activism above and beyond the call of duty –  a while back I asked you what kind of pizza you would serve to these demons – you replied "double toadstool and arsenic sauce" – now my question is what kind of flowers would you send to their hopefully soon funerals ?

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Stephan — How about a dose of these wild Alaskan beauties on the tip of a blow dart?

      The triple decker toadstool pizza with arsenic sauce idea was borrowed from Thurl Ravencroft's "Your a Mean One Mr. Grinch"

    • maciej kocialkowski says:

      Steven, I want to applaud you for your relentless efforts to sound the alarm on this dire issue. This is what characterizes truly awaken people: they never stop and never will! Simply because they understand there is no other way forward, period. I read the article about your plans, and this is all great all the way across. The very idea you plan to implement, and the reasons you do it for, are all commendable. Way to go my friend! If it comes to apathy and denial of people around you, I so can relate, but having said that, it is not deterring factor for me, and I am sure it is not for you either, nor there is for anybody truly feeling strong about this cause. I am sure there are always some new folks reading this, that is why I want to show to everybody what I came up with so far, as far as activism goes:

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Maciej, Your efforts to raise awareness are also commendable. I can feel the energy of your words and actions. You are one of my many heroes in ths fight. Our stories are very important. We must continue to re-post the links to our stories for all the newbies to this site. Thank you for all that you are doing. If all of our immigrants were as honorable as you we wouldn't be in the mess that we are now.  Never, Ever Give Up!!!

  52. Roger Gibbons says:

    This is very troubling when you think that the governments around the world are using climate change to spray toxic chemicals down on their citizens. This is for the new people joining this task of opening the eyes of the public. They say they are spraying to defect the sunlight back out to space …….hmmmmm ok, then why are you spraying at night? Is the moon light to strong of a light and it to cause's greenhouse gases or the warming of the earth?

    So why spray at night then? Could it because the spraying during the night is like the day its for killing us day or night……it dosent matter to them if its day or night as long as we die. 

  53. Orlando Killer Omar Mateen Harbored by G4S, the World’s Largest Private Security Company
    By Peter Phillips / Global Research, June 15, 2016
    The Orlando mass murderer, Omar Mateen, worked for G4S, one of the largest private security employers in the world. G4S has some 625,000 employees spanning five continents in more than 120 countries. As a private security company it provides services for both governments as well as corporations. Some of its well-known contractors are with the British Government, the United States, Israel, Australia and many more. G4S providers a range of services in the areas of corrections, policing, and security of important facilities. In the corporate sector it has worked with such well-known companies such as Chrysler, Amtrak, Apple, and the Bank of America.
    … G4S is a transnational security company in direct service to the global corporations and the transnational capitalist class. G4S protects capital and assets around the world and is increasingly taking a private military style approach as needed. As a multi-billion-dollar public company major investors come from the financial core of the transnational capitalist class including; Blackrock, UBS, Vanguard, Barclays, State Street, Allianz, J.P. Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, and FMR. Even the State of California and New York have holdings in G4S. Nine of the thirteen largest most connected money management firms and banks in the world have direct investments holdings in G4S. Omnicom, the largest public relations and propaganda firm in the world, handles media for G4S and undoubtedly is currently in full crisis management mode to protect the company and minimalize links to Omar Mateen.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Imagine the millions that are involved with G4S world-wide. The power structure is almost too powerful to stop, even if more and more people are waking up. Did it ever occur to you that many of these major tragedies are false flags mustered up by the same power structure that want to govern the world? Look how nicely (stupidly) some of those tragedies have been investigated and officially explained. People have to be totally ignorant and stupid to not see that these official reports are FAKE, and it all started with JFK's assassination. Unfortunately, most of the population has been "treated" to believe what these guys say while their "scientists" have been gagged to conceal the truth under pressure of threat. The more people wake up and reveal the truth, the faster and more aggressive these monsters work. That's why we see all these climate disasters and nature falling apart.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, I read this, about this already somewhere, but cannot find out if he was still employed by them when this happened.  Do you know?  And G4S, does that stand for Global For Security?  Could be read as Global Force.  Or, is the 4 for 4 countries behind it?  Do you know?  I'd like to.  Seems as if there are quite a few private, military style contractors these days!  I'd like to start a list as they are no small thing. Thanks for the post, reminding me, and giving me the opportunity, opening, to ask! 

    • Earth Angel says:

      It recently read that G4S was formerly operating under the name Wackenhut.

    • BaneB says:

      This behemoth is Israeli owned. The former name was Securacom.  This interesting monstrosity had the contract for security at the WTC up the the moment of the treachery.  It had the contract for Logan, Newark, and Dulles airports. Likely they have security contracts for government agencies of all sorts.  How can this be?  A foreign power with the ability to compromise our national security.   GS4 is only a part of a gargantuan holding company.  How much has Israel penetrated Babylon?  Well, Israeli companies handle the billing for most of the phone service in the US.  Verizon is an Israeli company.  It's astounding!   The Israeli Intelligence is in a position to maintain a terror program here because they have all bases covered.  9-11 was their coup.  I ask again….how many Saudi Arabians/Arabs were arrested on 9-11?  ZERO! MOHs many Israelis?  DOZENS!  Wake up folks!  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, Thank you, I think!  I mean this is too horrible.  Even I avoid going this direction which I guess makes me willfully ignorant.  There is something to be said for ignorance!  Reality is SO overwhelming!  I am gobsmacked!  I do remember the name: Securacom.  Guess I must "wake up" but I don't want to!!  Does explain a lot.  Talk about a country with very little resources yet can wring money from debt and disaster.  And I valued humans as resources.  This Behemoth is inhuman!!!!  

  54. U.S State Department’s Collective Madness: Launch Military Strikes against Syrian Army
    By Robert Parry / Global Research, June 18, 2016 / Consortium News
    More than 50 U.S. State Department “diplomats” sent a “dissent” memo urging President Obama to launch military strikes against the Syrian army, another sign that Foggy Bottom has collectively gone nuts, writes Robert Parry. Over the past several decades, the U.S. State Department has deteriorated from a reasonably professional home for diplomacy and realism into a den of armchair warriors possessed of imperial delusions, a dangerous phenomenon underscored by the recent mass“dissent” in favor of blowing up more people in Syria. Some 51 State Department “diplomats” signed a memo distributed through the official “dissent channel,” seeking military strikes against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad whose forces have been leading the pushback against Islamist extremists who are seeking control of this important Mideast nation. The fact that such a large contingent of State Department officials would openly advocate for an expanded aggressive war in line with the neoconservative agenda, which put Syria on a hit list some two decades ago, reveals how crazy the State Department has become.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello again Susan.  It maybe inappropriate, but I cracked up at the mental image of: "a den of armchair warriors possessed of Imperial delusions"!  Sounds ripe for a cartoon I can just imagine!  As Dick Cheney leaps to mind in his current addlepated state of of seeming dementia as he can't seem to remember who "we" attacked or when under his command, getting it all ridiculously mixed up while still sure he is right.  And we now know of course that he never did have complete blood flow to his brain!  But, to multiply him by 51 is indeed concerning.  Perhaps before these guys go out on a stupid limb like this, they should be required to have a thorough physical check up!

    • BaneB says:

      The "dissenters" ARE the neocons.  The sane and the diplomatic were purged back during Baby Bush's regime.  The coup that was 9-11 put the dual citizenship crowd in control of not just the State Department.  Any who dissented from the PNAC agenda were purged.  Hillary has done good.

  55. Laurie Buckley says:

    I speak of it as often as I can…I see the skies, I look at the trees – and notice which ones are dying…my heart breaks over the millions of trees dying in our forests…and our daily heating of the planet for oil addiction. Doing my best every day to make each day count, and I do see the distractive news…in the world of the magicians they say: while one hand distracts…the "dirty hand" does it's work…observing has become an important part of my daily life…staying aware for the rest of my life as I examine my day to day changes – and do my best to stay connected to the energies of the conscious mind sending mindful thoughts to generate the wisdom of the human mind and the belief that not all is lost..


    • Bing says:

      Wow, well said, Laurie. You are a wordsmilth and I love to read posts like this. Thank you for your thoughts. I feel the same. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Everybody.
      Hello Mrs Laurie.
      The capture of CO2 in geo engineering it's only a business and a farce. Like also ( of course as we know ) the geo engineering about the – s r m – with the frankenstein's toxic clouds that cause massive floods.
      To sequester carbon and to have clouds with Pure Rain, is needed only letting the Forests grow again ( and stopping the cutting of more Rain and Boreal Forests ). It's so simple.
      And this is the PROOF that what they want it's only destroy everything, and rule after, in their ultra pathologic project of a dead World.
      They are precisely Killing the very most important Key to control carbon emission and Global warming:
      The Ancient and Pristine Forests with ancient and massive Trees, its creatures, and the Persons that live there. And all the other Trees we have in the World.
      But We will Win.
      Good Luck to Us All.

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