Lethal Engineered Pathogens are the Stock and Trade of Our Government


Where do you think all the Nazi bioscientists war criminals went after World War ll? Many went to Russia and many more came to the USA. There are now numerous cases of outbreaks around the globe that appear to be from engineered pathogens. There are things going on behind the military industrial complex curtain that are beyond rational comprehension. If we continue to look the other way in regard to the activities of those in power, and the militaries they control, the consequences will soon be total.
Dane Wigington

Deadly dose: US labs close after mishandling highly infectious pathogens

Reuters/James Akena

he Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention have closed two labs after it was found they had made dangerous mistakes when transporting pathogens like anthrax. The CDC’s director has called the errors “unacceptable” and potentially deadly.

In response to a series of laboratory blunders, the CDC announced the closure of two labs on Friday. The organization has also placed a temporary ban on the transportation of dangerous pathogens for high-security labs.

FBI investigating vials of smallpox uncovered in unsecured lab near Washington, DC

A report carried out by the CDC revealed that over the past 10 years disease labs have mishandled potentially deadly pathogens.

“These events revealed totally unacceptable behavior,”
said CDS Director Tom Frieden to press on Friday. “They should never have happened. I’m upset, I’m angry, I’ve lost sleep over this, and I’m working on it until the issue is resolved.”
Frieden added that the staff involved had knowingly disregarded laboratory protocol and would be disciplined accordingly.

The latest incident this year happened in June when as many as 75 CDC employees were exposed to a live strain of anthrax in Atlanta, after failing to deactivate the deadly bacteria according to lab protocol.

The potentially infectious samples of the pathogen were then sent out to other laboratories ill-equipped to deal with them. Staff members also handled the samples, which should have been deactivated without following correct safety procedures.

Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch

The previous incident, which was disclosed on Friday, happened in May when a sample of non-pathogenic avian influenza was accidentally cross-contaminated with a potentially lethal kind of flu (H5N1). No lab workers were exposed to the pathogen, but it was shipped to a lab administered by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Frieden said the most distressing aspect of the latter case was that although it happened in May, the CDC only found out about it this week.

The CDC says that there have been no reported infections after the two incidents and all workers involved had been offered vaccines and antibiotics.

‘Humdinger’: Swine flu virus which killed half-million modified to ‘incurable’

The latest revelations followed an announcement that two of six vials of smallpox discovered in a research center in Washington contained live strains of the virus. It is thought to be the first time unaccounted traces of smallpox have been found in the US after the disease’s declared eradication in the 80s.

Frieden argues that the latest findings are a sign that the world needs to minimize the number of labs that deal with dangerous pathogens.

Source: Russia Today

4 Responses to Lethal Engineered Pathogens are the Stock and Trade of Our Government

  1. Donna Hawkey says:

    i find it amazing that the latest ebola “strain,” that has infected and killed so many in Africa just happened to be the one the American and Canadian Gov.have been working on for a cure or a vaccine. It wasn’t until the two american doctors fell ill that they actually admitted they might have something. Last report, the doctors were recovering. What about the thousand people that have died in Africa. Will they be offered any of this “cure”?

  2. Rachel Robson says:

    Depends on what you call the end of days-time period wise. In early Europe, especially around the Middle Ages, after sacking and pillaging a brother, uncle-whomever’s castle, the men would salt the earth for “good measure”. Mankind’s inhumanity to mankind goes back forever. “To poison a well” is an ancient saying. The British passed out small pox infected blankets to Native Americans with excellent results from their point of view. Having never really much less fairly dealt with the “Indian issue”, our government carries this nagging wound that this could be done to them, and that this could and can be done. They invented Lyme disease, which didn’t just show up one day on deer in Lyme. Our government engineered this disease on ticks with the bright idea of unleashing them-perhaps-on deer in Russia, and then had a secure lab accident. Like the Brits, our government, not long after WW2 practiced loosing deadly pathogens off the coast of SF’s Bay Area to see how the wind would carry it and what would happen. Absolute power-and the wish for- corrupts absolutely. Integrity is what results from functioning from a moral and ethical core. This can be cultivated. This can be taught and admired, something to strive for. From this position the criminally insane can clearly be seen for who and what they are and removed from power. They are committing ecocide. These people should be very afraid. Their crime is unforgivable and they have the entire world to answer.

  3. Ana says:

    It´s incredible what is being donne without our knowledge .I can´t understand why scientists need to do this if not for evil purposes cause they create new lethal pathogens that perhaphs they would never appear in Nature as they say as a justification for creating and studying modified lethal pathogens…For me these people are criminals and not scientists ,these so called scientists and their governments and health pandemic security groups etc. are all together (in a big group of insanity of power) the very real conspiracy taking place against humankind …I can´t understand why they call to people that exposes the truth -“the conspiracy theorists” when governments are really conspiring to kill and poison people with such policies …is this not conspiring to find new lethal agents? are not chemtrails a conspiracy to spray nocive agents among populations and in our ecosystem without our consent or knowledge?They even deny ! if they are not real conspirators doing such things(many projects are donne in total secrecy,we just can guess some of them) then they are what? legal criminals paid with our taxes ?so,that gives them the right to do everything they want including to use us as laboratory rats for experimenting their modified biological agents and nano-particules to reflect the sun rays ?And who told them that we wanted them to reflect the sun rays back to space ?There was any X to choose this projects or not in the voting paper? and who told them that a vote on them is a vote in their secret projects that are not showed in their electoral program or revealed/explained to us during their elections campaigns?if they are not conspirators with those secret projects,what are they?Are they “honest” and “true” people with lots of strange and secret good intentions without our knowledge?who are the theorists of conspiracy aftherall?those who are tired of playing blind or playing dead while everything goes down the drain ?I´ve learned that conspiracy theory usually means inconvenient truth…is more like a “conspiracy of truth!”…They are doing these to our atmosphere since long ago,even before any global warming was effective and why they started to do it?now that they are starting to be exposed they came with that excuse of avoiding the global warming (cooling the planet)? they are simple destroying the natural defenses of our planet Earth (it´s like destroing the planet “natural imune system” ,they are killing the planet ,they caused the global warming themselves)and Haarp was because of what ?better military transmissions excuse?how did they felt that they were authorized/voted by us to do such criminal acts against Nature/life cause the only thing they did wih these projects was always going too far on experimenting/testing us and the Nature in order to find better ways to control everything on Earth just to serve their own purposes and to play their ultimate card :to play Gods !…they discovered how to be Gods! we´re no longer in God´s hands but in their hands!where is God aftherall ?…
    These scientists were always resurrecting all the old viruses and bactérias for what?to create other new and more lethal ones? to create biological weapons ?new diseases?it´s all these people the normal ones while the others are the crazy ones called the conspiracy theorists?It´s surprising or dificult for people to believe in chemtrails in the world where they are living in ?Wich are the world where they are living to not believe in “chemtrails” but believe in “geometrical clouds” in the sky made by contrails?…

  4. Constant Walker says:

    The minimum possible “number of labs that deal with dangerous pathogens” is zero. As the most “dangerous” of them all (and the ‘incubator’ of all the ‘lesser’ ones), the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease with its immune function-suppressing “self” infection, runs its lethal course here, that number is dead-certain to be reached.

    Meantime, these blundering lab techs and their ‘managers’ are as subject as everybody ‘else’ to the rampant “dumbing-down” features of the disease process. Expect a lot more, rather than less of this sort of “self”-inflicted imbecilic behavior, as the disease gets deeper into its own already-far-advanced terminal stage.

    Only actual Living Free Wild Natural Human “Communities” (for want of a better word in English) of Free Wild Natural Persons, which are our true Organic form in Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement, have the Organic Integrity needed to address remedially the consequences such total institutional malfunction and severe “individual” organic dysfunction, as the component of Earth’s immune system that we are. Our presently “individual”-ized and “self”-captivated tame Sisters and Brothers have no access at-all to that Integrity. They might still recover our given Human Form and Function….but to do so they must first get over their own too-precious crippling”self.” Yelling and screaming about the awful things happening here near THE END of Days, no matter how many do it nor how loudly, can’t do any of us a damned bit of good.

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