Power Structure Wages Weather Warfare Against Dakota Pipeline Protesters


Dane Wigington

The Dakota pipeline protests have become the frontline representation of the critical struggle against a completely out of control totalitarian power structure. Those in power cannot afford to allow this justifiable protest to continue or succeed. Geoengineering/weather warfare has now been added to the already long list of criminal assaults that have been hurled at the peaceful pipeline protesters. In the coming days and weeks, weather warfare will likely be the most deadly and effective weapon that the power structure will wield against the pieceful Dakota pipeling protesters.


Record snowfall amounts have buried the pipeline protest camp at Standing Rock Indian Reservation, North Dakota, November 29, 2016​. Photo credit: Reuters

Climate engineering and the use of toxic chemical ice nucleation elements are the reason a record early season snow has just occurred in the exact region of the protests (named winter storm "Blanche"). If you don't believe snowstorms can be completely engineered, you have not done your research. Weather warfare has long since been a covert weapon of choice for the criminals that truly control our government. Is it just a coincidence that a record early season snowstorm also decimated the Occupy Wall Street protesters?


Occupy Wall Street protesters prepare for the record October, 2011, snowstorm that decimated their camp.

Weather modification activities were also noted over the massive historical gathering in Woodstock. The combination satellite radar images below clearly reveal extreme and completely unnatural weather anomalies over the continental US. The first satellite/radar image below was taken at 11:30 am (ET), Monday, shows a ribbon of warm air and moisture flowing in a northeasterly direction all the way from far west of Baja California, across Mexico and Texas (picking up even more warm moisture from the Gulf of Mexico). This flow of warm air and moisture pushes north where some of it eventually gets caught up in the counterclockwise low pressure system being held directly over the protest region (via atmospheric manipulation with radio frequency/microwave transmissions). An engineered winter chemical ice nucleation assault (by jet aircraft aerosol spraying) was then unleashed in the stationary low pressure circulation.


Note the center of the counterclockwise spinning low pressure system centered almost exactly over the pipeline protest region.

Massive atmospheric aerosol spraying operations were also occurring off of the US west coast on Monday, November 28, 2016. The aerosol saturation reduces west coast precipitation and thus contributes to the effective migration of Pacific moisture further east toward the low pressure vortex over the protest zone.


In addition to the extensive aerosol spraying visible in this NASA satellite image, some radio frequency manipulation waves can be seen in the upper right corner of the satellite image.

By the evening of Monday, November 28, 2016, the huge plum of warm moisture is pulled closer to the still stationary spinning vortex over the Dakota protests.


Aerosolized chemically cooled moisture flowing in from the Pacific also merges with the engineered Dakota snowstorm.

At 9:45 am (ET), November 30, 2016, the stationary Dakota vortex continues to spin (winter storm "Blanche"). The plume of warm Gulf of Mexico moisture is now directed at Maine, where "winter storm Blanche" has been scheduled by the weather makers to continue (completely separated from the still ongoing original "winter storm Blanche" over the Dakotas).


The engineered cutoff low pressure zone has remained incredibly stationary and nearly centered over the Dakota pipeline protest zone.

The "departure from normal high temperature" map below reveals just how warm it actually was in the regions near the center of the Dakota storm and along the entire track from which much of the storm moisture came.


Radical temperature divides, like the departures from "normal" reflected in the map above (shown in degrees Fharenheit +/-), are historically unprecedented. Now such incredible imbalances have increasingly become the norm.

The animation below contains the most revealing and important images of all. Drifting cells of liquid precipitation (rain) should not just "flash out" to frozen precipitation (snow) for no reason whatsoever (no change in topographical elevation and no colliding cold air masses). Areas of the storm then suddenly flash back to rain as the jet aircraft sprayed chemical ice nucleating agents settle down through the air column. Examine this animation closely, it is the "smoking gun" of a completely engineered chemically nucleated weather warfare assault.

Minnesota Weather Radar Loop

Massive climate engineering/chemical ice nucleation deployments can and will continue to create toxic cool-downs and radical weather anomolies. These anomalies will continue to manipulate the perception of populations who don't realize (or are not willing to accept) what is going on in our skies.  All the weather modeling for NOAA and NWS (National Weather Service) is done by private defense contractor, Raytheon, a corporation that is a primary climate engineering entity. This means that the weather forecasts are now the "scheduled" weather. Why don't employees of NOAA and NWS speak out about the climate engineering insanity? Because all the employees of both agencies have a federal gag order on them. The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) extended temperature forecast map for November 6-10 is below. 


The ongoing geoengineered cool-down is then "forecast" to center almost directly over the Dakota protests (shown in the NOAA map below). Again, it is important to understand and remember that engineering snowstorms is a well established technology that has long since been admitted to by mainstream sources.


The center of the cold zone in the US has remained astoundingly centered over the Dakota water protecter region as the 3rd NOAA "departure from normal high temperature" map below reveals.


The NOAA map above shows continued predictions for record cold temperatures at or near the Dakota pipeline protest for yet another 6-10 day period.  Also anomolous in the latest forecast map is the building heat dome in the US southwest. Climate enigneerign is greatly contributing to increasingly alarming extream temperature imbalances. Each color tear represents a 2-3 degree departure from normal high temperatures. The NOAA extended forecasts temperature predictions from late November were for the middle northern tear states to be at or near record high temperatures, what changed? The US military industrial complex has long since stated its desire to "own the weather" on the record, now they do. If you don't think that the order followers within the ranks of own government and military would carry out such toxic and deadly experimentation/assaults against US citizens, think again.

Why would the global power structure go to such lengths in the attempt to bring the Dakota pipeline protests to end? Because the Dakota protests represent the rapidly growing will and unity of the people to take a stand against the criminal corporate and government tyranny that has completely taken over our country. The power structure will clearly do anything they can get away with to crush this all important protest. We must not let this happen. GeoengineeringWatch.org is working directly with representatives from the protest to test samples of precipitation and aircraft aerosol spraying that has taken place at the protest site. All of us are needed in the critical battle to sound the alarm on what is occurring at the Dakota protest, share credible information, wake others up to the truth, make your voice heard.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to GeoengineeringWatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

120 Responses to Power Structure Wages Weather Warfare Against Dakota Pipeline Protesters

  1. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thank You very much Bane B for your advice on color therapy. I was fortunate to have had a Mom who was a Reflexologist and also well versed in Color Therapy.  She used Color Therapy through different light screens directed at infected areas on my Dad when he had  Lung Cancer. He was improving so greatly and I am sure he would have recovered if it wasn't for him caving into others (His many Sons & Daughters & the many medical Quacks) who wanted him to do the radiation death road. Only through Ignorance of course. Not long afterwards, he Died.  Until my Mom passed, with Alzheimer's etc years later & even in her late stages, she would still say; They fried your Dad with Radiation!  She knew the Color Therapy method was working. She regretted not standing up to the pressure put on herself & Dad.  My Mom never liked confrontations. But she knew that Radiation & Chemo, was a certain Death Sentence. He was only 72.       My Mom gave me a Book called Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, by Stanley Burroughs while I was still a Teen, many Moons ago. Chapter five is : The Miracle of Light & Color. You may be interested.  I Love Blue,Yellow, & Green. I have 150 House Plants which takes care of the Green which is a Healing Color. It destroys & heals all infections & Hospitals find less infections when Green is present. Not to mention the Air cleaning my Plants do for me each day. Nasa has even done study's on this.  Green also stimulates the pituitary gland, The Master Gland.  The Blue is a Cooling Color It relieves all Fevers & Burns, which if needed, can take down a high Fever by simply wrapping a Blue pillowcase around the head or a sheet around the entire body. {Also for Parents with Children in a High Fever, PLEASE put a bit of Pure Peppermint Oil on their foreheads (Not to close to their eyes) & on the back of their necks, & within minutes, the fever WILL be down. Instead of giving them Tylenol or other poisons. Also, one drop in a bottle for a Baby will get rid of tummy aches & help them to eliminate. I had a friend who had a Baby with so called Colic, many Doc's gave her no help. This worked & she never had a problem again.}     Blue is the Color of the Pineal Gland, the Color of the Spirit. So You are very right about the lack of it does effect our Moods etc.   Yellow stimulates, activating endless energy & building of the motivating actions of the body. Is a nerve stimulant & builder. No wonder why so few have no energy. Not helpful to breath the Toxic Chemicals too of course.  Lemon has more elements than any other color. It is a Bone builder. It heals broken bones faster  & hardens soft bones. God knew what he was doing when He created such a Wonder. The Color balance was there. All around us. Until now! I live in a Log Home & have no dry wall throughout. I do have Daylight Bulbs for light which need to be turned on for a ridiculous amount of time due to Very Little Sunlight. Never before did I need to have lights on all day. Others should take note of your advice if they have walls that can be painted. I Love the Wood & It too gives me comfort as my many Plants do. Alberta was known for it's MANY Sunny days a year until the last five years  for sure. Now it's a Bombardment of daily spraying!        A long response. I hope my advice too Helps others. You are all such Friends & care as much as I do. This means so much to me. Thank You All.   

    • gary hillman says:

      Bless ypur heart, my dear. Thanks for the color theraphy lesson. May you have more sunshine and fresh air, and clean water. Shine like the sun.

    • Blam says:

      The most damning fact of all is that less than 1%, that is right 1%, of oncologists who get cancer opt for chemotherapy. If that doesnt tell you its a crock nothing will.

  2. Deborah says:


    Do you know if climate control would cause such an inversion to keep fireplace smoke from rising?  I live in Albuquerque and most evenings the smoke is so thick you could cut it with a knife (this is even on burn nights).  The smoke also enters the house when doors are opened and through exhaust fans that are not left on. Our dog doesn't even want to go outside.  Last year was bad and this year is starting out worse.  Does anyone else have this issue?

  3. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I have heard the term "Winter Weather" since the first week into Autumn!!!  What is going on? Has the first day of Winter been changed??? December 21st is the first day of Winter. I have heard on the weather reports from Public radio stations along with the mainstream presstatutes since the first week into Autumn, Winter Weather conditions. It's Autumn for almost three more months! We have had snow on the ground in Alberta since Oct.3rd. It has'nt melted. They keep us at Zero F or lower.  The Sun is Constantly blocked.   If anything, call it an Autumn Snow!  Which is of course insane, so they must not do that.  Six – eight months of Snow every year and I am Sick of it, And they've Convinced all, that this is Normal in Alberta.   My favorite Season in Alberta was always the Autumn. And now their is NO resemblance to the Autumn's I loved so much for decades of my life. And I am sick of everyone playing into their hands. Why doesn't anyone say this is crazy for this time of the year? I listen to the oldest public radio station in Alberta with 16 transmiters. They are well versed on Geo Engineering for a Fact and they still pull this Shit off. We can't trust anyone. Daily reports: A mix of Sun and Cloud," But Mostly on the Cloudy side", with possibility of Flurries!  What sense does that make? Just say Cloudy with Snow. Cause that's what that means!!! Two more weeks until Winter is really Winter. This sure brings acceptance of the Ice Nucleation does'nit it?  End of my rope in Alberta!

    • BaneB says:

      Gail:  Have the weather control terrorists planned for the psychological effect of endless cloudy days?  Are these reptilians versed in plans  seeking to unravel mental happiness and stability for whole regions by creating lousy cloudy conditions, rain and snow out of season, in order to weaken the human immuno system?  Obviously these creatures could not care less about anyone's well being except their own.  They are pathological control freaks and get their jollies making people miserable. Diminished sunlight has a profound mental (emotional) and physical impact on every living creature.  Do plants and trees have rudimentary emotions?  We have to combat the bastards as best we can.  You are way north of my region.  I read some time ago that the color YELLOW (sunshine) is essential for mental equilibrium.  To combat the artificially created gloom paint some room or wall a bright yellow.  Light it up!  The primary colors are yellow, blue, and red.  Everything else is a derivative.  It's interesting that the first two are absolutely essential to emotional well being. The terrorists are depriving us of the sun and the sky.  The yellow sunshine passes through our once blue skies.  Yellow and blue create green.  Green is of course our plants (food) and forest, so these Luciferians are destroying the food supply.  Red is the color of Eros and life itself.  It flows in our veins.  And to belabor the matter, white and black are not colors.  White reflects all color.  Black absorbs all color.  Our team is white. The Luciferians are the black team, symbol of corruption, death and decay.  To be trite lets paint them into oblivion.

    • Colby Sanders says:

      I hear you about the situation in Alberta.  It has been unrelenting since around May, the sun has not been out at all.  Everyday there are blue skies except for where the sun crosses the horizon to the south.  Calgary winters used to be always sunny, more sunshine than anywhere else in Canada.  We have had maybe a week of sunny days in the past four months. I'm surprised more people don't notice because the weather never used to be like this, or maybe they do and just don't want to admit it.  

  4. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    The satellite images and temperatures forecast maps are more than obvious, that the climate/weather systems are being heavily manipulated! It is great to read geoengineeringwatch.org is communicating with representatives from the Dakota Pipeline Protesters. The samples taken and tested from the area, will be another piece of evidence in the fight to expose the truth.

  5. Frances says:

    Rosalind Peterson speaking of weather manipulation, etc.


  6. spartacus says:

    The psychopathic PTB poisonous atmospheric spraying isn't limited to geoengineered ice-nucleated snow storms against DAPL protesters. Apparently, various types of weather/chemical/biological warfare have been deployed against the brave water protectors at Standing Rock:

    Protesters at Dakota Pipeline have noticed unidentified crop dusters spraying chemicals over them late at night

    US Government Spraying DAPL Protestors at Standing Rock with Chemicals from Crop Dusters

    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z6rFRn2VTk


    • Marj says:

      They spray everybody late at night…except probably the White House and Hollywood and wherever elite psychopaths live who order it up

  7. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I've now heard they are fining those that donate supply's to the Protesters $1,000 Is this True?

  8. Joe Ceonnia says:

    My wife went to bed, she doesn't want to think about it…Not any longer.

    So, I thought I would share my thoughts of this night, a night that used to show us beautiful bright stars, Not any longer… There's just these alien sky's, I remember when people cared about each other – Really cared? Unlocked doors, cars that roared, music that soared! Not so much, It's as if people are losing there empathy. Is it the weather or what they're putting in our weather?? These power that believe that can can rule by fear and disharmony, they're wrong – Me and my wife had a sensational life and our evening was special. We made passionate love, and Image a world not that far in the past , that was so much more then ourselves.. It was our children, happiness, heartache, stress, but it was the very best of us…we never thought our own government was trying to experiment with diseases that could make people ill or even kill, we imagine that the folks were better than that, That the people in government were here to help the unfortunate. I thank god we never needed that sort of help, But I was happy to know our taxes when to those who needed it, NOW! However that's not the case, now we're looking for a break from these Government whores, leave the money on the table sort of rebbles, rebbles with a definite agenda. As John said, " there will be a day when there's no need for possessions, no need for greed, nor hunger, a brotherhood of man,  Imagine all the people sharing all the world, You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us and live as one". Well It's late, but I have these thoughts on my mind, and I wonder why these folks are so hell bent on destroying the only planet we have??? I just don't understand man. Americans used to invent things to help the fellowship of man, Invent at such a pace, now technology is at the route of the axes of evil, we're left to ride out the storm, and this is just the beginning of a storm, a storm so fierce that there will be no where to hide. As Rod said; " Live it long, Live it fast, get in kid because it doesn't last". How right those words are to me now.

    God bless all, for all the days that are left… Live every moment as it was your last, because life is fleeting………. From a guy with nothin, really important to say, just another day, I don't want to feel defeated. Don't let these SOB's make us feel as if this is their last decree, get out there and see, wake up and see for yourselves…Don't be defeated!! Thanks for letting me put some late night thought on the table. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year !!


    • Jina says:

      Thank you for that.  There are so many who feel the same.  We have something "they" do not.  Empathy, heart, compassion, and imagination.  Without that we would be like them and how horrible to be that way.  We are on the verge of a change. A change that will allow us humans to be the best we can be.  Hang on and keep being the person you want to be.  We all have choices and how we choose is the key. Much love to you and yours.  It is close, we will make it. ❤️䷀

  9. Marie Winqvist says:

    Do you remember Greenham common? They beamed the women and children with microwaves, and many of them got cancer after a while. And there was this wellknown situation with the american ambassade in the 60´s They were beamed too. I am really really worried that they are going to beam these heroes with microwaves to make them sick. Retired whistleblower former MI6 and Royal Navy : Barrie Trower, with 50 years experience of microwaves, has told about how the military has done this a number of times.( Lots of interwiews with B.T. on youtube) Is there a way to warn them ? Is it wise to scare them ? They need an electrosmog meter to check, but on the other hand, they can use frequences that are hard to detect. If this is happening, the world must know. I RECOMMEND  SOMEONE IN CHARGE OF THIS OPERATION TO GET IN CONTACT WITH BARRIE TROWER UK, AND ASK HIM TO ADVICE THEM ABOUT THIS POSSIBLE THREAT. (I don´t have his address but I can probably fix it.) I can´t of course not be sure that it is happening, but it is definitely a risk. Blessings to all !

  10. virginia says:

    How can our government allow this unconscionable  tragedy to keep going, knowing that they have power to put a stop to it? While the brave water keepers and others at the encampments stay the course in face of the tremendous cold,  Obamas are putting up the national Christmas tree and Trump is on a thank you tour promising us all utopia during his 'reign.'  But nary a word about the siege on the innocent Lakota people – the native inhabitants to whom we owe so much.  In fact, Trump (who has a vested interest in the pipeline) has stated he  has no intention of interfering with the construction.  Besides writing, emailing, calling reps (which I have done, knowing the futility of it) what else can we do?  The veterans who will arrive there this weekend to support and protect the protestors have my deep appreciation.  They will be in my prayers and thoughts. Christmas will be on hold at our home; for who can celebrate when there is so much suffering and despair – not only in the Dakota Territories but throughout the world where the might of America is on show?  We need a miracle.  We need many miracles. Peace.

    • sea says:

      Virginia, I agree, how can any one of us "celebrate" with all that is happening to our world and humankind right now.My thoughts and prayers are for the safety of the people at the Dakota pipeline , no matter who they are if they are assisting in the health and safety of the outcome.

      Where is Pres Obama…oh that's right he is turning the  lights on for  the White House Christmas tree!

  11. horsegirl says:

    After what I learned about the Asian destination of the 25 trains/day passing through Livingston, Montana – of which a public service professional assures me not a speck is for domestic use – I wonder about what they're saying regarding the Dakota Access pipeline on one of their own media outlets (http://www.daplpipelinefacts.com/resources/faq.html)

    The purpose of the Dakota Access Project is to safely transport U.S. crude oil from the Bakken/Three Forks formations in North Dakota to a terminus near Patoka, Illinois to support U.S. consumers’ energy needs. The U.S. still imports half of the oil it consumes per day and DAPL will provide a critical link to help close the gap between what we produce as a country and what we consume as we work to be truly independent of energy from unstable regions of the world.

    For years I've heard them bang the "meet our needs" drum about the Bakken.   Yet what is passing through Montana is not for US use.  So this is going to a terminus, but how are we bo believe this is not also part of the give-the-US-away-to-China extravaganza? 

    Anyone with hard data on this?  They are so slippery.  Really hard to believe a word they say.

  12. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane.

    I think something may happen until January 1st.

    They are talking about the "Nibiru" bullshit Planet and this and that.

    I think this will be some kind of distraction or deceive maneuver to justify some kind of brutal weather manipulation / earthquakes / nuc attack / electromagnetic attack ( with or without the earthquakes ) or something like this, to begin the World chaos the MFs want along with the cutting in the population worldwide. Normally I'm not paranoid, but this time I've a strange feeling. Maybe it's not bad idea if we all store some extra food, water, flashlights and woods in our places. I hope to be 100% wrong.

    Thank you for your Work and dedication to Humanity.


  13. Joe Ceonnia says:

    I will send supplies and donate, I feel ashamed to be too far away too be there side by side with the REAL AMERICANS, and the Agenda 21 New Americans are and have done every deviant, despicable and  inhuman thing to these people… The list is way too long, This email would go on for 100's of pages, and that's just on the broken promises/treaties, etc. etc. this American Government is now treating us all like they treated the Native People for their entire existence. NOW were up-set because we know these same type of people / politicians lie and cheat in the same fashion as they did for eons to the native Americans..Now this Corrupt America is doing the same to All Americans, My skies above, are really Alien looking and it's on;y 10 am.

    (now that I'm closer to fully understanding their greed and power of the elite multinational corporations) !!  Still looking very alien to me, I've never seen these types of skies in my long ife, I wish I could do something, but this newer generation are too busy looking into their cell Phones. There is not enough empathy across this nation, and our media do not report a word of what is REALLY happening.

    With the Chemtrails above, Fracking below, polluting our water, our skies and every breath we take, the Indians were right, this is the end of our 6th lives of this planet (extinction) that started in 2012. But I would like to apologize for anything I might have done,or a passed retaliative may have caused  native peoples. Like I said it's a very sad time to be an American, I think it's all over for us all, They control the our weather, our energy, our food. I hope there is one honest person out there that can make a difference, everyone else who stood tall against these type of pirates for power, they end uo dead, Can TRUMP be the answer, however after the hangover wares off, I believe it's game over for all of us, although I really hope hope their families get their own toxic diseases they so deserve.

    I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive a Christian from Pennsylvania.

    I have no idea how to stop these activities, we all are well passed knowing… I'm ashamed!!!! I find myself welling up at night.

    I hope Trump Elect and the Constitution / oath takers,  loyal Military men, can rescue us all from these man made sciences. I feel, well, horrible. God help us all, No one can stop this machine now.

    Live it long and live it fast nrt in kid because it don't last !!

    • MS P says:

      Sadly the younger generation does not care about the environment. Us older folks had done much to clean it up. Yes what is on the cell phone is most important, to the youth. Who someday, will make DRs & chiropractors very rich, for a bad case of tech neck. If we even have that long to survive?

    • BaneB says:

      Joe:  Coming soon to a bank near you will be the cashless beast.  It's in the works.  The MSM is in full propaganda mode.  The articles exhorting us to accept the rationale of the banksters for why a cashless society is a boon are appearing with a greater rapidity. Overnight India has ordered a cashless society. And millions of Indians are miserable, and thoroughly pissed off.  Most of the approaching con falls under the heading of negative interest rates.  The idea is to charge the savings accounts a penalty for saving rather than spending on consumer goods. Of course one might not want to keep savings in the bank if it's going to reduce the purpose for why one saves.  Savers will simply remove their money and hold it under a mattress.  Why be dinged by the bank?  So, the bankster solution in cahoots with government is to call in all $100 bills, $50s, and likely $20s.  The only cash will be in ones, fives, and tens.  No longer will one transact personal business with a $hundred or $fifty.  This forces one to use a debit or credit card.  All privacy will be gone, tracked by the predators.  And simple daily operations of ones affairs will be cashless except for the use of the smaller denominations.  It's more complex than my partial outline.  It's amazing what is planned.  Search it out.

    • Jenny says:

      BaneB, I don't always get to follow every story I hear something about.  But what you wrote reminded me of the interview of Aaron Russo by Alex Jones where he stated the elites' end goal is to "get everybody chipped" and form a one-world government.  I've mentioned him a couple of times on this site, but anybody who hasn't seen this interview (there are short and long versions of it) on Youtube, should definitely watch it.  One of the elites befriended him, tried to get him to join the CFR, etc.  We all need to do whatever we can to keep this cashless society from coming about, since it's all part of very nefarious plans designed to benefit only those few at the top.  Keep exposing this, and I think all decent people should do their best to expose PizzaGate, too.  And geoengineering, of course.     

  14. Dennie says:

    Hi Everyone:

    Here's the letter I wrote to the Research Bank at Kaiser when they sent me an e-mail about participating in their research efforts to stop cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more:

    Dear Researchers:

    I'm a Kaiser member and I want to weigh in with my very own "two cents' worth" with regard to stopping (if ever such a thing as an actual end to mortality could be possible) cancer, heart disease and more.

    How about let's all you healers and we, your lazy patients, turn our attention to the massive problems that have been and continue to be created by at least the following list of ongoing situations:

    * Nuclear anything what do you think those radionuclides do once they hit the air or are unleashed underground?  There is NO ANTIDOTE to ionizing radiation, whether through warfare, manufacture or "peaceful" (NO SUCH THING!!!) atoms.  LET'S WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, folks.  Physicians are supposed to be educated professionals.  Go to fairewinds.org and bone up on what's going on here on Planet Earth with regard to nuclear power plant infrastructure, microwave weaponry and nuclear meltdowns.

    * Ongoing carbon pollution– Docs should be VERY concerned here, because you should know that small particulates, the kind spewed from burning hydrocarbons and other sources, lodge in the lungs and cause respiratory and heart disease– again, PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK and PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!!!

    * Glyphosate (called RoundUp, sprayed liberally on wheat and other crops that YOU wind up eating) and other pesticides such as the neonicotinoids; the U.N. has identified this as a "probable" carcinogen– get it?

    * GMO anything– the jury is starting to come out on this you bet the farm– GMO corn caused serious GI problems in rats in a French study– are the French all a bunch of stoopids??  Truth is, researchers here bow to Big Money that is raked in by Big Pharma and the chemical industry– "Better living (or at least a nice, fat paycheck and a pension, obviously more valuable than life itself, apparently) through chemistry," eh?

    * Artificial sweeteners have been proven to CAUSE changes in the gut that precipitates diabetes!

    * GEOENGINEERING is the massive program of military-industrial "control" of our planet's solar radiation and weather control via spraying the planet 24/7/365 with toxic nanoparticulate metals, a military ops program masquerading as a crazy attempt to cool this planet!  Don't take my word for it, do your own research here:  https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

    Let's work to STOP the poisoning of our planet.  Many, many more of us out here are very aware of these problems and we are watching those in charge of managing and stopping the groups who are polluting our planet and adding to the sickness.  How do you think people are going to feel when they find out what you did or did not do to make our situation here on Earth more bearable, without making it worse via the strictly Pharmaceutical Approach (for profit, not people) to healing?

    My solution?  JOIN PHYSICIANS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, as well as the S.P.I.D.E.R.s, that is,  Scientists for the Preservation of Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research

    If you are really serious about ending illness on Planet Earth, you'll need to take action.  Please join with one or both of these groups.  We are counting on YOU to stick your necks out and stand on the side of the TRUE angels.


    Dennie Mehocich

    • Marc says:

      Dennie Mehocich, incredible letter, but will it fall on deaf ears?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Excellent Dennie!

      We must start somewhere.

      Artificial sweeteners also causes blindness. And in the gut, as you said Brother, the transformation in the intestinal flora make digestion and nutrients absorption to be deficient. ALL sport supplements has tons of this shit! And Persons with diabetes take this sweeteners thinking that they are defending themselves! The responsible for this nutritional plague is a very well known hi-rank political and military of the US. Look for it, info is in the net. I would like to add in your list the golden tool that the MFs use to destroy our children – the ""vaccines"", with the load of poisons that come inside the syringes under the cover of this being a medicine. People; read the papers that comes with the damn things, and look info about the harm and BRAIN-DAMAGE that the 3 forms of ALUMINUM and the MERCURY that is being used in this CANCER / VIRUSES SPREADING devices causes to Humans!


    • T-Ozzy says:

      "I" am but a human being  that CARES for ALL life, yours  as well as mine. I do NOT really  care  I'm thought  of a crazy, I have been swear worse than what many USED to say as a  SAILOR  on my videos ON the "SPRAYING OF  MASS MURDER"  over  the  EMPTY   heads in America. I use a channel,oz z y m a n 1 2 03   (no spaces)  ON shill site YOU…TUBE. I try to GARDEN HEALTHIER vegetables FULLY  KNOWING the POISONS  rained in "STILL"  contaminate them. I hope  eventually "WE  SHALL UNITE  to  STOP  THESE  INSANE  MAD CREATURES  I call SPRAY  BASTARDS.

  15. Susan Ferguson says:

    #NoDAPL Live Blog: 13 Sioux Officials Pen Letter to President Obama / Nearly a foot of snow has blanketed Standing Rock since Monday. (Standing Rock Rising / Facebook) / Editor’s note: Scroll down to see the live multimedia updates embedded in the Evrybit story at the bottom of this post. Read Truthdig contributor Donald Kaufman’s firsthand accounts of the water protector movement… [link below]
    The Washington Post reported that Ed Ou, an award-winning photojournalist, was detained for hours on the Canadian-U.S. border on his way to cover the #NoDAPL demonstrations.
    10:17 a.m. PST Wednesday: Yesterday, “water protectors” sued those allegedly responsible for excessive force during peaceful demonstrations. Indian Country Today Media Network reports:
    On Monday November 28 the Water Protector Legal Collective (formerly the Red Owl Legal Collective) sued Morton County, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and other law enforcement agencies in U.S. District Court for their alleged use of “excessive force against peaceful water protectors” on Sunday, November 20, when rubber bullets, mace, pepper spray and freezing water were deployed overnight during a standoff at a bridge on Highway 1806. Dozens of people were injured, including 21-year-old New Yorker Sophia Wilansky, who is still waiting to find out whether she’ll lose her arm.
    The class action suit was filed on behalf of the injured and “seeks an immediate injunction preventing the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement from using impact munitions such as rubber bullets and lead-filled ‘beanbags,’ water cannons and hoses, explosive teargas grenades and other chemical agents against protesters,” the group said in its statement. Despite Gov. Jack Dalrymple’s orders to evacuate, “water protectors” and their supporters are still standing strong. In fact, around 2,000 veterans are expected to arrive at the #NoDAPL encampments in the coming days to participate in the demonstrations as “human shields.” The New York Times reports: The effort, called Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, is planned as a nonviolent intervention to defend the demonstrators from what the group calls “assault and intimidation at the hands of the militarized police force.” … The veterans’ effort will also run up against a plan by the Army Corps of Engineers to close off access to the protesters’ campsite and create a “free speech zone.” Federal officials said anyone found on the land after Dec. 5 could be charged with trespassing.“Yeah, good luck with that,” Michael A. Wood Jr., a founder of the veterans’ event, said in an interview.      http://www.truthdig.com/avbooth/item/live_blog_nodapl_protesters_arrested_pepper_sprayed_in_north_dakota_2016111

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  The propaganda specialists at NPR stated as if the morning there was two feet of snow on the ground there.  They also stated 'authority' is concerned for the welfare of the water protectors.  LOL on that…..about as concerned as was authority at WACO.  I have been closely observing the weather terrorists' weather warfare efforts to freeze out the water protectors.  A week ago my forecaster, The Weather Channel, predicted at least three days of rain for my region beginning on Wednesday.    Next one observes a bulls eye approach of very a very cold Arctic low heading out of western Canada toward South Dakota.  The rain we did not get likely is going to merge with the Canadian low over South Dakota, if not already.  If the plan is to stall the system over the region of protest for several days the protest will be buried.

  16. joe says:

    Climate Engineering is lethal in many ways and a big one is that, Climate Engineering prevents the planet from responding to the activities of burning gasoline and coal.

    • otterwalks says:

      That has a small percentage of truth in the vastness of the overview. Here, this dialogue runs into issues of communication; basic misunderstandings regarding new words beginning to come into usage; semantics… There is a growing usage of the terms Anthropogenic and Anthropomorphic. By the hand of humanity or by natural entropic processes. I put it to you, that the elephant in the – house – is in fact -Technopogenic degradation of the Environment. Yes, there are many products that are created by the Corporate Industrial Complex, sold to the public which then makes use of them prior to examination or research of the detrimental after effects. The same is true of Corporate creations by Big Oil i.e. the Petrochemical Industrial Complex, and Big Pharma with its usage of solvents, its waste materials, and their disposal. Evermore we see that they are being integrated into Aerosol slurries. Back on point… NASA, the Military Industrial Complex, and the Global parallel industrial machinations that go to War, alleged space travel, and the pursuit of a Future Weapons Arms Race, create far more of an issue than singular human existence. Each Space Shuttle launch disbursed more Green House Gasses than 100 years of vehicular travel, including both business and private emissions. As well, the GHG's that were produced were far more detrimental in their nature.  

      Note: This is shorthand…   I put to you that it is Technocracy in its myriad agendas that is the culprit in the issues we now face. Ionospheric Heaters continue to increase R and D at exponential rates. The launch or every single missile, rocket, aircraft usage, their development and deployment massively out weigh humanities generic use and wastes in daily life.

      Now, don't get me wrong, I am on board with Dane and virtually all he says. One must applaud his research and test results. Here I am simply pointing out one of the largest factors which goes to the CO2 PsyOp being propagated by TPTB and their minions. CA to tax cow farts; really…? Granted Australia has its Sheep Flatulence Tax, Canada its cow methane – flatulence taxation. It will not be long before an attempt is made to further ingrain the CCX. – The Carbon Exchange – here… And, you know who is making the $ on that disinformation boon doggel. Misinformation, propaganda, depletion of critical thought by design; these are tools to keep the Pavlovian response active and bound by tunnel vision. If you are going to fight for the Earth, you must expand your global view of the events that are being driven. 

      The Corporate Industrial Complex simply must be reigned in! Technocracy has an Agenda. That Agenda is Eugenics…!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Otterwalks, thank you for your support in this battle.  Yes, the carbon taxes are a sham, as you stated, but it is important for people to consider and remember that the greenhouse gas build up of Co2, methane ,and other gases, is real and dire. All of which climate engineering is helping to fuel.

    • otterwalks says:

      Howdy Dane and friends, Agreed. My remaining issue comes in with the negation of the newest coal fired energy plants. I'd rather have them than outdated nuclear facilities. I see no one addressing places like the SEMASS recovery plant here in MA which shreds and burns using outdated scrubber stacks. The data shows that 3000 tons of waste is processed daily. Their stacks emit toxins born of all form of Corporate Swill. I will leave that at that.

      On point here… An Ionospheric Heater event has just registered center at NEXRAD KMBX – Minot AFB, North Dakota. The conditions are close to the prior weather modification event which saw a ring centered at KBLX – Billings, MT on the 28th November. Naturally censorship of all Radar sites continues negating the full extent of this new event's duration. Loops are frozen and data is being wiped.   o…   

  17. MS P says:

    Your mention about Woodstock is very interesting.  In the early  1990's I experienced an odd event, 3 years in a row @ Sam Boyd Stadium, (Los Vegas NV)  I was working selling T shirts at a Grateful Dead show. ( I was straight, since there was lots of money involved in the sales. I was there working.) What took place was beyond me? The shows were 3 day shows. It happened like this. Dark clouds appeared above Sam Boyd Stadium, which located east of the Vegas strip. An isolated area.  With a big stadium in the middle of desert dirt lands. A big flat open area.  Every year summer month shows. (June) there would be a big build up of  very dark clouds. A lightning storm, rain, then a rainbow, or even a double rainbow. What was really odd was this. It was only over the stadium. It was clear & sunny beyond the parking lot, in all directions.  The lightning was severe. I dove into my van as a  major strike came down. The entire parking lot smelled like electrical burn. Many cars did not start after that.  People walking about seemed frazzled. from the lightning strike. I think a few went to the hospital?  The last show I went to out there it was 122 degrees. Record breaking temps.

    Until now. I sort of thought that the equipment on stage (sound wall of speakers) was attracting this weather storm. Not so sure anymore.

    Also something I have recently noticed. After the last 2 rains here. It seems like the clouds that I would see at 10.000 to 30.000 feet elevation. The kind from up drafts, along the mountains. Sat very low in elevation. maybe a couple thousand feet. As if something was pushing them down, to prevent them from going up like normal. They look like cauliflower heads, when rising then max out. Even when they maxed out. They were still way too low in elevation, compared to what I have seen, all my life as normal. So real clouds, after a storm, are prevented to rise? Maybe so?


    • BaneB says:

      Geoengineered aerosol spraying over the top of cumulus clouds acts as a inversion cap.  Combined with microwave heating of the air above the clouds will force them to flatten and also to become fuzzy and disorganized.  I see that here in my mountainous region of Northern California.  It's virtually a non-stop operation.  

  18. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thank You Mauro too. Any Friend of Dane's is a Friend of Ours.

  19. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Great Information June Williams. Thank You!

  20. Earth Angel says:

    Folks, Here's a heads up- You can go to greatagain.gov and send in a request for Dane Wigington to be the next Climate Science Advisor to the Trump administration. If enough of us do this at least it might get an audience with Trump for Dane and our Legal Team. I did so yesterday. Dane, I hope you don't mind. Go to the box on the right, titled 'Your Story' and put in any requests/ input you have. It's worth a try! Also mention Sheriff Richard Mack for Head of Bureau of Land Management(BLM). He is a good and decent man, Head of the C.S.P.O.A.( Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officers Association) working closely with the Oathkeepers, I believe. Let's do this!!!!

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Earth Angel, My computer will not even allow me to go to that site.

      It steers my to many other "sounding like sites" or should I say, I can't get there from here??

    • Earth Angel says:

      That's so weird Joe, I just tried it now and had no problem pulling it up. Lot's of weird stuff happening lately.. I've never trusted Google; and now we've turned the internet control over to the UN cartels to run?! I guess we really don't know WHO's running the show do we? For all we know it'll soon be artificial intelligence if it 'ain't already!! Just keep trying is all I know to do and hopefully you'll get through.

  21. kathleen says:

    If words can act as a halo, I send them to you Dane, Mauro, all the legal team, and to everyone on this site who contributes — in words or unwritten thoughts — so much to our collective knowledge and well-being. Further, I send them to the brave souls who are forever our water-protectors and their supporters. What "our" militarized police are doing to innocent people is a travesty, and I am FURIOUS! And, no surprise, outgunned.

    That some of our veterans are joining to protect the water and the people is quite medal-worthy; but that it's necessary is shameful. And it IS necessary. Anyone who ever took an oath to defend this country from enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC is bound to that oath or risk being murdered by the state (after, of course, loads of torture), or perhaps promoted to some Cabinet position…grrrr.

    We're on the brink of extinction, by our own greedy hands, and our last effort MUST be one of kindness, defense, education, not revenge. The mind-numbed idiots shooting off water canons and such at innocent
    people in North Dakota (and elsewhere, surely), should be left to perish and consumed by vultures. Barring some sort of miraculous rehab, they are not suitable to coexist with indigenous people, or anyone. They are a species destined to die off.

    Thank you Dane for sharing how weather modification is being used as warfare against those of us trying to save our planet. You have many more followers than comment here. We MUST be legion, we can
    be, we ARE. Someone with cred should be nominating you for the Nobel Peace Prize. You are my hero and give me hope in this seemingly hopeless world. May angels and healing magic always keep you and yours safe until and beyond the time your message reaches the tipping point of the masses when we right the ship in this $#!Tstorm.

    • Dennie says:

      The IDIOTS-In-Charge would rather drink OIL, or FRACK WATER–?  Did everyone see the documentary where the guy goes over to his CO, U.S.A. home, turns on the tap and proceeds to LIGHT THE WATER ON FIRE with a butane lighter– a huuuge flame shoots up in the air– that's what's in the water there after the oil companies got through with it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_m-yxNgb-Y, just ONE with many many more such examples just like it, found on YouTube. 

      I wonder if all those guys involved in this hideous destructive process actually would drink this water, or serve it to their own kids, and if the kids are any smarter than their completely morally compromised parents, who are sooo fcking stoooopid all they think that is of value on this planet is the Almighty Dollar.  Never mind life itself.  And then the idiots have the silly notion to wonder why we have so much cancer, and run off to Big Pharma for the "answer" to their own foolish, short-sighted, HEARTLESS stupidity

  22. Elena says:

    The DeFund DAPL Facebook page has a list of all the banks that fund the DAPL and is trying to create the largest divestment movement ever. Please take your money out of banks that fund the pipeline, and give them a letter saying why, sample on above site. This pipeline can never be completed or used. Besides the fact that it is on Native land and they have no right, oil pipelines always leak- see video of a big oil whistleblower at: https://youtu.be/TThkWlQsbcM. The water it would contaminate constitutes 30 percent of crops of midwest besides being needed for millions of people. A leak would cause famine and mass deaths and cripple our country, anybody who wanted to destroy our country could blow the pipeline; it is a national security issue, we are being plundered. Also people can call or e-mail their local sheriffs office and voice opposition to police being sent there. Sheriff's depts in some states like Wisconsin and Minnesota have already cancelled sending their forces there due to constituents' strong opposition. One of the protectors also pleaded for prayer, so please pray. It literally works miracles; you may never know the good you do while you are still here on earth. The line has to be drawn here; this has to stop. God Bless all involved in this fight.   

  23. stephan says:

    Thank you Dane and Geo Watch crew for bringing this travesty to light.

  24. Mauro says:

    thanks Dane I'll make sure the legal folks, media, and the security. Hierarchy know about this article/update


    leaving now

    • Dane Wigington says:

      To all those who read this thread, Mauro is a front line warrior in the battle for the greater good. I do not use the “frontline ” term as a metaphor, again and again, and again, Mauro is at the front of the frontline and now he is headed to Dakota, again. I am honored to have known Mauro for some 15 years, and to call him my friend.  Our thoughts and prayors are with you Mauro.

    • SuZ says:

      I live in Bismarck, and have been watching the chemical weather modification spraying in our skies.Saturday morning, November 26, started out as a beautiful clear cloudless day. Between 10 am and 1 pm, I counted at least 25+ small white jets (from my window at home and while out taking a walk) flying in east-west and west-east patterns spraying white trails mainly to the south of the city. The southern horizon was filled with long white lines that by early afternoon became a large white blanket overhead.  Similar to my previous experiences when I am out walking and taking photos of the spraying with my cell phone, a small white unmarked jet came down very low behind me and then flew directly over me. For some reason, that day my phone continued to work. Other times when I have been out taking photos, and I am buzzed by a jet, my phone will suddenly shut off. When I turn it back on, what was a charged battery will now be drained. Anyway, I knew the spraying that day had to be connected with the Standing Rock NODAPL activities. So, I was not surprised to see what had originally been a forecast for 5-8 inches of snow had now become a major winter storm event.  

    • Deb Buckler says:

      God bless you, Mauro. Please be safe. Perhaps there needs to be some truck loads of sand bags brought in in case they decide to flood the river? I. too, have notified certain key individuals out there too….I know they don't want to cause a panic and have all the people leave…is there just a way to keep them safe?

  25. Cathy McComas says:

    Revelation 11:18 This promise is in these folks very near future. The destruction of the earth will be avenged and stopped.

  26. gotta go says:

    It occurred to me this evening as I  completed my evening hike that I should have two sets of clothes, one outdoor, one indoor,  the toxic dust flurries are falling from the sky 24/7 and it only makes prefect sense that my clothes as well as my hair are covered in this dust……just an idea for you outdoor enthusiasts.


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      gotta go — I rarely stay outside for more than a few minutes anymore and often when I do my eyes begin to burn, I feel my nose-throat irritated, sneezing when I get back inside – and I head for the colloidal silver. And I still try to embrace my favorite Cedars. Even so combating the weird dust particulates INSIDE my house, on tables, kitchen & bath surfaces, etc. is equally threatening. I have a vacuum cleaner with a serious filter, but I resist cleaning it as I know I will end up inhaling the stuff that will escape into the air. Now I need a gas mask to clean? When I do go out I wear hat that covers my hair, sunglasses to protect my eyes, and have "outside" shoes at the door. For me however the most noticeable symptom is my trembling hands here in the Navy's EW electronic war zone on the Olympic Peninsula.

  27. paul fowler says:

       "Nasa Geo engineering and climate intervention" Prime Documentary . On You Tube Be sure to catch the Q&A at the end .


  28. Kathy Jennings says:

    I seem to recall a freak snowstorm that happened in Washington DC Christmas week of 2009, which canceled all flights out, thereby trapping senators who were otherwise leaving to go home for Christmas break, forcing them to stay in session.  The Affordable Health Care Act passed the Senate in a vote on Christmas Eve 2009.  For some reason, I can't find it on the web.

  29. Dave says:

    Dane, any hope of getting the analysis of the precipitation to those brave souls and even the so called press to buttress the truth in time so more can be proven about  SRM/SAG, in time?

  30. Carol says:

    Hello Dane . Contacted Greenpeace put your website up ??? I ask why are they not covering this issue big time ??? Reply no evidence that  they can see that's supports your claim I couldn't believe it it just vapour  trails not chemicals !! What is wrong with these people so blatantly obvious …. when you try and tell people what's going on its  like pulling. Teeth they start to ignore you or  change the subject, you must  have  patients of Saint but will still fight the corner know matter what ???? Thanks Dane Big time ……

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, Greenpeace and all the rest of the major environmental groups are unfortunately not truly commited to the greater good. There is a national radio interview in the attached link in which I discuss/debate the geoenigneering issue with the top scientist from Greenpeace. Though he does not show the courage to admit to the climate engineering reality in the interview, it is clear that he knows. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/the-solar-radiation-management-governance-initiative-and-the-environmental-organizations-who-are-involved-with-it/

  31. Mishelle says:

    I took some photos of the very bizarre storm action here in East TX. I hope anyone will take a look and tell me more about them if possible.  Thank you so much Dane and all for your contributions it's really helping us learn and become aware and spread this info.

  32. Adam S says:

    Early morning over Tacoma, WA. BLACK TRAILS IN THE WHITED-OUT SKY…..Wtf are these psychopaths spraying now???

    The time for an eye for an eye looms closer than ever….

  33. Man has made his inhumanity to nature abundantly clear over the eons… it's no surprise that his inhumanity to his own kind is equally as heinous.  The mistreatment of those who peopled this land before the whites arrived has always been a point of great sorrow for me.  As a teenager, I had friends who traveled from California to support their brothers at Wounded Knee in 1973, and were injured during the occupation.  As a young adult I was deeply moved by the book Seven Arrows and have built much of my personal philosophy of life around its tenets.  Among the many antique photographs in the book was a portrait of Chief Joseph… an image I would render many years later as my art career matured.  When doing a portrait of an individual from a photograph, one has the opportunity to look deeply into the eyes, to study a single moment's expression combined with the more permanent expression left by the lines of aging and, with a little luck, to glimpse the soul.  The sadness in the face of Chief Joseph, emanating from his soul, has been indelibly imprinted onto my own.
    Joseph, or Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt, whose birth name means Thunder Rolling down a Mountain, was a chief of the Nez Perce.  In 1877 the Nez Pierce were ordered to a reservation but refused to go.  Instead, Chief Joseph tried to lead 800 of his people from their home in the Wallowa Valley of Northwest Oregon to safety in Canada, fighting the U.S. Army all along their 1100 mile journey across several states, including Idaho and Montana.  Trapped just forty miles from Canada, and after a five-day fight, the remaining 431 Nez Perce surrendered.  On October 5, 1877, at Bears Paw, Chief Joseph made the famous "I will fight no more forever" speech, which now lives in the annals of history as an eloquent expression of grief and surrender… as well as an indictment of man's inhumanity to man:

    "I am tired of fighting.  Our chiefs are killed.  Looking Glass is dead.  Toohulhulsote is dead.  The old men are all dead.  It is the young men who say yes or no. He who led the young men is dead.
    It is cold and we have no blankets.  The little children are freezing to death.  My people, some of them, have run away to the hills and have no blankets, no food.  No one knows where they are–perhaps freezing to death.  I want to have time to look for my children and see how many I can find.  Maybe I shall find them among the dead.
    Hear me, my chiefs.  I am tired.  My heart is sick and sad.  From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever."
    How is it possible that, nearly 140 years later, we are still indulging in the same type of atrocities toward nature and our fellow man?  Have we learned nothing about respect for life?  Why is our time on this Miracle of Nature squandered so horribly by the pursuit of wealth and power?  I am incredibly proud of, and thankful to, these people now standing up to Empire in the name of our Mother, the Earth.  They are fighting the same fight as Joseph, but on a global scale… unwilling to submit to the poisoned industrial paradigm, aware that there are no longer any safe havens to retreat to, they now stand on the front lines of the future.  Without them and their ilk (those willing to fight for a living planet, like Dane and so many who visit this site), the future is not only bleak, but nearly nonexistent.

    Chief Joseph now rests and will fight no more forever… but the baton of his valiant effort was long ago passed to all of us.  The willingness to rise against inequity, in the name of compassion, is an honorable pursuit that must never be lost.  The names and faces have changed but the battle remains the same in this fight to preserve a future where we can regain our true place on this Earth… functioning as a balanced part of it, rather than submitting to the destructive paradigm now plundering it.  

    To the warriors at Standing Rock, and to all who commit to the battle to protect this Earth and the future of all creatures that dwell upon it…
    Thank you, my brothers… forever!
    Laura Marinangeli


    • virginia says:

      To Marinangeli:  So beautifully written and with the deep emotion so many of us feel toward our native citizens for the sorrow and persecution bestowed upon them by our government.  How much more evil can the United States Government thrust upon them?  I am ashamed for America and hope the Lakota Nation will win this current cruel attack on them.  Thank you for the comments on Chief Joseph, a man of true nobility who showed more courage in his time than all those now carved on Mt. Rushmore, combined.  With that one soulful speech, he became immortal.

      Thank you for presenting your most timely and inspiring post.

    • BaneB says:

      We must question the role of governments, but certainly government of the sociopathic displays we see in the historical records and in our contemporary immediacy cannot do its dirty work without the collaboration of the grass roots.  Did anyone on the Godspeed, the Santa Maria, and the Pinta upon their embarkation suggest the land belonged to others?  Did not General Custer have a mighty ego To be the hero?  Was not the order to kill off the Buffalo purposed to starve the Plains Indians?  What kind of people forced out the Cherokees from their native lands in the east, and force a death March into Oklahoma?  Well, we might want to look in the mirror.  People en mass collaborated in the theft of a continent.  All the while waving a parchment that stated something about freedom and rights.  Gosh, who was freer than the native peoples?  We now know the entire build up to our modern entrapment was a confidence game of our own creation of government from the very beginning when two corporations, one in Massachusetts, and the other in Virginia, planted their flags and the cross (guilt) upon the beachhead, from whence went out we grass roots to conquer and destroy and build a ICBM.  We have the luxury of a comfortable lament.  We understand the foundation of corruption but cannot turn back the clock.  What we can do is recognize the fool's paradise for what it is.  We see the end game.  It's in the air. Once one gets the picture though, there is no way back to a former unconscious unthinking genuflecting Luciferian exhortations to lie, cheat, steal, and mass murder…..all for a corporate paycheck.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Laura. Your words are beautifully spoken. Prayers for the lives of those standing for Mother Earth this day and success in their mission. There has got to be a break for those fighting for what is right and just, hopefully an awakening of higher conscience takes hold of the people of the world right now. The native peoples have been treated horribly in the past and now we are ALL being treated horribly by the same vicious offenders. It must stop now. God be with them on the front lines.

    • sea says:

      Yes Laura M. thank you for your beautiful writing…so sad, and embarrassing how we "the white man" continues to live life bent on greed and self-indulgence at the price of life itself… a sick irony.

      Tremendous piece you shared with us.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Laura. You touched my Heart so Deeply. I am so Ashamed of some. Thank You for telling us about another Great Man in History. It is Men like Joseph – Hin-Mah-Too-Yah-Lat-Kekt – that gives us Courage and Strength. God Bless all the Standing Rock Protesters I Pray for their Strength and for all their needs to be provided for. .

    • MS P says:

      Laura, Well said. I too was so very touched by the book, " Seven Arrows". I have read this book a few times in my life.  I need to read it again. What a great book.

      In my late teens, I had a chance to go with some invited friends,to visit Hyemeyohsts Storm's home, in Ojai CA. I'll never forget that night.  All the black & white photo  pictures, from Seven Arrows, were framed & hanging on the walls.  A lovely place to be. Hyemeyohsts Storm was  so very kind. When I drive that back  road to Ojai. I think of that night. The energy in the room, was so magical. Some very amazing people were there. We smoked his pipe, of a sweet mixture, at the end of the evening. There was so much to this night.  Driving home on that back road.  a big white owl flew across the windshield.  WOW! The get together was of great importance.  The friends who I had went there, with, were trying to help an Indian issue "The Forced Relocation @ Big Mountain." (North-Eastern AZ). In 1980 the GOV had purchased a new location.

      ►"The U.S. government purchases a uranium-contaminated site near Chambers, AZ as the "New Lands" for the evicted Dineh. This site qualified as a candidate for the Superfund cleanup after the worst RADIOACTIVE SPILL the world has ever known!
      Instead of spending money for a cleanup, they thought it could be purchased for a very few dollars, and used for the "New Lands" for the evicted People!"


      It just goes to show how our Native Americans are  still  being treated. Along with all of us, under these geoengineered skies!

       I found this link written by Hyemeyohsts Storm- 




    • Deb Buckler says:

      Laura, I am in tears reading this. Thank you for posting it. I can not believe what has happened to this country. HAVE we learned nothing?  One thing remains that is good…there are from 7 to 10 thousand people from all over the world out at Standing Rock trying to protect them and help them. Whatever the outcome, the world is changed forever after this. We won't be able to go back to "business as usual" after this. Pedro is right, it will take something really big to distract the world from Standing Rock. Be prepared!

    • Thank you to everyone who responded so kindly to my post… it was spoken from the heart and your responses mean a great deal to me,  they lend much spiritual support for the path I have chosen in life.
      Thank you, especially, MS P.  for sharing your story about visiting the home of Hyemeyohsts Storm and for the link to his page.
      Hyemeyohsts Storm has been a name I have carried in my heart with much respect since 1974, when I first read Seven Arrows.  The link you provided to his page was a wonderful gift that fills in much detail.  Thank You!!!
      Much Respect to All…
      Laura Marinangeli

  34. otterwalks says:

    Greetings Dane, I'm mailing you two images from the CONUS Merged Reflectivity Composite, AKA CONUS2, it is from 28th November and has great relevance to your Weather Modification presentation. It is the only image of the event. All feeds were wiped, all Radar returns frozen with negated archives. Adieux

  35. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Where are the NGOs to support these Persons that are suffering with the actions of the cowards that run the crime deep state, and their co-criminal associates of the bank-oil mafia??

    Good Luck to the Protesters, they are defending democracy and the Earth itself.

    Great Courage and Great Example!

    • BaneB says:

      The "non governmental organizations" are mostly coopted and a number of them are deep state creations.  Russia got so disgusted with the NGO fronts there that they threw the out.  

  36. david says:

    how can one tell what weather is natural or manufactured anymore with the constant spraying.  it seems to never end here in FL.


  37. LoriBridgeford says:

    NEW Gov. Doug Burgum  (R) starts  office on Dec. 15th it seems, in case this issue continues.  He is a fmr. Microsoft exec. (millionaire) as an  "outsider " from politics , & lifelong ND resident, so hopefully deeply  Native rights considerate & water safety conscious. Current Gov. Jack Dalrymple did not seek office again. (Vets on way to be unarmed)   .http://fortune.com/2016/11/09/former-microsoft-exec-doug-burgum-wins-north-dakota-governors-race/

    • Deb Buckler says:

      Mr. Dalrymple  will have blood on his hands after  the issue with Standing Rock is over. Hopefully he will be behind bars soon. He knows very well that he has approved a devastating storm for that area. Perhaps the cosmic powers that be will 'sneeze' and send the storm full fledge into Bismark instead!  Wouldn't THAT be something!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deb, yes, historically the Dakota winters are well known, but much has changed. If not for the climate engineers, their manipulation, and their toxic chemical ice nucleation, perhaps we would be seeing the kind of record heat we saw in the Dakotas that occured in 2012, a winter high temperature of 94 degrees (this broke the former all time high record for that day by 32 degrees). FYI http://www.climatecentral.org/news/2012-record-temperatures-which-states-led-the-nation-14951

  38. LoriBridgeford says:

    Truly hope all camera devises work to capture every minute of this righteous stand, and will be interesting to see how Obama, or Trump who claims to value & honor  our Vets. They are to arrive Dec. 4th and my CA radio news (Fox ) stated the vets are bringing body armor, gas masks, ear plugs and other protection from abusive attacks.  Am suspicious of what "x-tra" toxins can be slipped into sprayings.  Or Drones .  A new Governor to begin soon -so sketchy times. This situation has the hallmark of a documentary on persistent injustice to Natives. A family member in the area felt some reassurance that pipes are double-lined , and has some safety detectors–so I had to chime in on Fukushima, the lies of Flint, and so on.  "Safe" is almost a misnomer these days. Look at  the festering conduct of CDC, EPA, FDA,  WHO, etc. I wonder if the Canadian Indians have come on record with this Dakota  assault.  (They have endured their own tar sand/  and fracking abuse as well) Brave souls need warm thoughts – chill factor makes cold very painful,  hard to move & breathe. Thanks Dane for bringing this to front and center ! May they have LEGAL TEAMS  in place as well.

    • BaneB says:

      Their assurances are about as good as a signed Treaty.  Let's not forget the Titanic.  How many believed that ship was "unsinkable?"  The Titanic is the quintessential symbol of the boondoggle of our modern era.

  39. Deb Buckler says:

    Well this is my worst nightmare. I mentioned that I was worried about them sending a nucleated ice storm to Standing Rock a while back.  These ghouls are setting up to murder those people. There are children, horses, dogs, elderly folks…..they truly will kill them. 2,100 veterans will be arriving at Standing Rock in a few days and hopefully they will make a difference, but this needs to be documented and watched all over the world. Someone once mentioned that other countries should put sanctions on America because of it's abuse to the native Americans and I think that's a great idea. Shame, shame, shame.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Deb, Yes to sanctions!  Indeed, many countries focus on America's treatment of Natives.  In the hey-day of our protests, there was the buckskin passport that some Natives used successfully to travel to various countries to testify to abuses.

      I'd argue that in my lifetime, nearly 70 years, this is the norm for North Dakota, always a daunting winter that can come so fast so hard, that I worried not for Natives who are used to this, but for the others.  Even some winters in South Dakota near Nebraska on Rosebud Rez, my in laws had to burn everything they owned each winter to survive.  Winds there seem to blow in all directions at once and winter always comes early.  Or, did.  But, I guess since I was born after WW2, who knows what would be normal.  You might remember the photos in the snow, deep, intense cold snow at Pine Ridge, the fort there, during the first Wounded Knee, around 1890.  So….?!

      Really? 2,100 veterans are coming to Standing Rock?  WOW.  I'm impressed.  That should be interesting!  Can't wait!

    • carrie from aus says:

      Hello Deb, I read your post in a previous newsletter. There has been absolutely nothing on the news in Australia about Standing Rock.  It does not exist as far as our censored media is concerned.

  40. sea says:

    IMPORTANT– please everyone listen to Dane's interview from November 27th on you tube.

    As always Dane's information is above and beyond!

    Here is the link:


    • Deb Buckler says:

      Yes, at LEAST 2,100 veterans from everywhere are arriving now to Standing Rock. They will be wearing their uniforms  when they stand in front of the oil police. One amazing marine just finished his trek of 200 miles to get to Standing Rock to stand in solidarity with them. He was ( naturally!!) given a heroes welcome.  CNN news is also now on site which adds to the concern as to just how "with" Standing Rock they really are. Probably just after a good juicy story. Yes, North Dakota is known for it's harsh winters so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to make it an "unusually harsh" winter. No one would question it. The Native Americans are fully aware of chemtrails and toxic spraying and they do various things to cleanse themselves of it as much as possible. They have so much to offer the world as far as a better way of living and treating the environment. MAYBE the world will get a chance for a closer look now.

    • pete says:

      Damn, how did Dane learn to talk so fast and clean like that?!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pete, about the particular interview in question, those that posted it sped up the audio for some reason.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Deb.  Few will know how radical it is for this number of Vets to show up in support.  And, apparently, few know the degree to which the government has been constantly trying all these decades, the last 100 years to kill every single Native one way or another.  And, especially in North and South Dakota.  The very fact that any remain is astounding.  Keystone tried its trip through Rosebud lands and failed, coming up with this one which skirts by inches Standing Rock.  A main issue is Sovereignty.  Standing Rock is a Sovereign Nation, as are all tribes of the Oceti Sakowin, and all treaty tribes.  This means a Nation State.  Like say the US or Russia or Japan.  Can you imagine if the US were to do this to a Nation State that was not Native American?  This is Standing Rock's legal standing.  But, we know well how the treaties have been disregarded.  Broken, again and again–just words blowing in the wind to the US.  Empty words.  Yet they have legal meaning and standing, in theory.  So, for Standing Rock, that is the main leg they are on.  Alternative media helped destroy Keystone.  They are trying, but a bit late, to do the same here.  Much of this part of the pipeline is being paid for by Wells Fargo bank, and Citi Group.  Stop funds and dealings with them now.  As much as protecting the waters count, this is a test, make no mistake, of Standing Rock's sovereignty.  Our relatives in these two states have lived in dire poverty all this time.  They do not get free housing as many think, nor are they free from taxes.  No free ride at all.

      You may be surprised to know that many claim to be unaware of geoengineering.  Many say they have seen no chemtrails.  This stuns me.  My nephew is aware, his mother is not.  She is too focused on staying alive.  Next door to her little home, finally paid for, is a pack of dogs that ate an old lady last year.  These attacks happen all the time.  Grandma had huge scars on her lower left leg from when a dog took her down, she so old, trying to beat the dog off as he ate her leg until a church lady driving by stopped and intervened.  Daily life.  Her oldest son wanted to start a dog pound of sorts on Rosebud, but not allowed.  Almost no Native business allowed.  Pine Ridge does better in this regard, it all depends upon Tribal Councils.  And most members of those are corrupt.  So, people keep their heads down, mind their own business.  One niece is in Germany now with her husband, a lifer, stationed at Ramstein, Air Force Base, is it?  Most of my nieces and nephews have college degrees.  Torn between two worlds, sweat lodges and the Sundance, and semi Catholic.  It is a schizophrenic world they live in wherein the biggest social events are funerals.  My sister in law's counters in kitchen melt from having to keep the stove on for heat.  The kids there have the highest suicide rate in the world.  And Rosebud has the record for rapes.  Whole focus is to be a "good" Indian, stay alive, feed the kids.  "Go" with whatever church or organization willing to help the survival aspect.  Nothing means more than family.

      For a long time now some conflict over flying the American Flag at Pow Wows and Sundances along with Native flags as so many opposed to the US, but moreso on the coasts than in SD and ND.  Many Natives are/were Vets.  So, we honor them.  Many now refuse to do that.  So, the Vets coming to support is very meaningful.  Will another treaty be broken?  The government has good reason to think no one cares.  This changes that!  Very grateful for support!  I hope that support continues after the drama ends, whichever way.


  41. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane – A great technical analysis of an evil deed. You are so good at these. Thank you. Events really are coming to a head. This headline will not surprise many, but the full return of the Vampire Squid to acknowledged power and influence in the Empire is a nightmare.

    Goldman Sachs poised for return to power in Trump White House  / By Ben White  11/30/16 1
    NEW YORK — Government Sachs is returning to Washington.
    After a decade in the wilderness, Wall Street’s most powerful firm, Goldman Sachs, is dominating the early days of the incoming Trump administration. The newly picked Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, spent 17 years at Goldman. Trump’s top incoming White House adviser, Steve Bannon, spent his early career at the bank. So did Anthony Scaramucci, one of Trump’s top transition advisers.  Goldman’s president, Gary Cohn, spent an hour schmoozing with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday and could be up for an administration job, possibly as director of the Office of Management and Budget, people close to Cohn and the transition said. … It’s a stunning reversal of fortune for Goldman, a long-time Washington power that fell out of favor following the financial crisis.  … “There are a number of serious problems raised by populating the most senior positions in government from a single bank and from a single industry,” said Dennis Kelleher, CEO of financial reform group Better Markets. “Whether it’s true or not, Goldman Sachs will be perceived as having privileged access and influence throughout the government. What we need most, and Candidate Trump seemed to understand this, is a view that prioritizes what’s good for Main Street and the real economy.”  … Wall Street critics worry that the return of Goldman to such levels of power will ensure friendly treatment of the industry that could spark more crises in the future.  “My real issue with Mnuchin is that it really is a start the countdown clock moment to the next crash,” said Kelleher. “That is the inevitability if the Wall Street view of the world once again becomes policy.

  42. Christine says:

    Half Moon Bay, 30-st of Nov, 2016: largest 'cloud' ever, with minimal systematic hexagonal boxes, within all its volume, right near the area of huge cell tower (cross section of Hwy 92 and 1). This area has always the strangest 'clouds' pattern, every single time I visit it.. A total stranger confirmed that observation..

  43. horsegirl says:

    I understand that the railroad line passing through southern Montana now has some 25 trains per day – around 1.5 miles long apiece – carrying mostly coal but also oil and grain to Asia.  That's about 40 miles of boxcar/day.  1,200/month.  Every day – not a bit of it destined for domestic use.  And that's just southern Montana.  We understand the "Highline" in the northern part of Montana is at least equally busy with the same.  What can this mean?  China, where workers are being laid off? 

    Hence pipeline struggles for oil which also will go there, such as the one approved in the past day by Canada.  What is wrong with this picture?  Looks like an overthrow well in progress.  All over but the part of the PR campaign titled war in the US.  We are being plundered alive. 

    God bless those trying to preserve our planet in North Dakota and all commenters here.

    If anyone has insight into the meaning of this plunder I'm all ears. Interested in hearing how others see this and what you know.

    • Deb says:

      When Trump came to Tallahassee Florida there was constant ChemTrails for two days, especially during the time of Trumps outside Rally.   I have lived here 60 years and have never seen anything like it, obviously, they were trying to make a point. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi horsegirl!  It's been nice to have you back.  In prior page/post here I wrote about Space Wars, the CNN presentation about this that was shocking.  China has the upper hand and has us scrambling.  Which made me wonder about the now dead TPP that was pushed so hard and in secret for so long, along with Obama's pivot to the East, as in China.  Really, China has done some very clever stuff in Space currently giving them the upper hand, if the story can be believed.  I remember being shocked during Viet Nam that we were selling/giving wheat grain to the North, the "enemy".  Nothing ever seems to make sense.  But cyber war does and it is very very scary.

    • horsegirl says:

      BTW I got info from someone in public service whose job it is to know, in addition to plenty of south central Montanans witnessing the noise and traffic of all this highly flammable "coal tar sands."  One moved because of trains.  And that is just one line..  Somewhere there is a reciprocal negative space of phenomenal volume. This started up some five years ago.  Mountains and mountains of material removed, perhaps also by fracking.  Maybe from other localities than the Bakken Fiedls?  AND WHAT IS CHINA DOING WITH ALL THIS?

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Horse Girl, Have you seen the You Tube video; Cut Bank Montana "Death Camps"? A lot going on in Montana.

  44. Marc says:

    Dane, incredible expose of a crime in progress. I guess my intuition about the storm up there (from my bitter comments posted yesterday) has been validated by Dane's more in-depth examination. Dane has so often reminded us that there really is very little of what could be called "natural" weather occurring anywhere, anymore. When I saw the FB feed yesterday about the snowstorm, I blew a gasket, KNOWING in my heart of hearts that it was "too good to be true." Someone else a week or so ago posted a speculation that the bastards would do this and he/she was right. If there is a God, (and I'm pretty sure there exists something inside time and space AND beyond time and space that is supremely WISE) then I don't have the slightest reservations in pleading with HE/SHE/IT to pull the f**king plug on the evil motherf**kers responsible for all this intentional harm being perpetrated against a living planet. In this vast, great and ALIVE universe I cannot imagine a greater transgression against God's creation than to knowingly and consciously commit acts of war against a whole planet and all beings who depend on it for survival. 

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  I believe I read the other day that the land the Army Corp of Engineers allowed to be used for camping by the freedom fighters has to be vacated by December 5.  The Corp gave notice to vacate.  This designer terrorist weather system is to make sure they leave or freeze to death.  

  45. SD says:

    Yep, "Just freeze 'em out" order must have been given. But we have to wonder if the high winds generated across Tennessee and which fanned the flames were more Collateral Damage. And were the tornados generated over Alabama even more Collateral Damage?  

    News reports here in CA call this the wettest early winter in 30 years? Engineered rain every 7 days for the past month.  Public perception also engineered. "Finally feels like winter" Ugg boot sales way up!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello SD, yes, there was a report about California rains, but the reports do not give a real glimpse of the truth. Other than some specific locations, the overall precipitation has not been overly excessive. Stream flows in most locations of California are not at all excessive, in fact, many locations are still quite low. Each of us must learn to sort the truth from the lies as the mainstream machines of mass deception are now completely out of control.

    • SD says:

      A suspicious shallow (10km) earthquake of approx M4 was reported in central Poland several days ago.  It struck near a major copper/silver mine and latest casualty report says 8 miners dead. And once again, major weather change noted, with snow in Warsaw. 


    • BaneB says:

      SD:  While my area of Mendocino County has received early rain off and on for the past month or longer, it's the southern half of California that is the main booty for the weather warfare terrorists.  It's the agricultural lands they want.  And the water rights.  The north along the coast range is mountainous and mostly forested.  The big trees were raked out of here years ago.  My county is the poorest in California. We get rain only because it's convenient to their overall weather scheme.  Kinda like how these same Luciferians handle truth.  Otherwise, a couple years ago we had no rain until mid-December I suspect because a greater need elsewhere or experimenting to just do it to do it.  We have had several days now of high and excessive winds.  A installed high has been intensified.  The criminals pushed expected rain north and it's headed to North Dakota.  One good news is there is snow on the western slope of the Yolla Bolly Mountains that divide Mendocino from the northern Central Valley.

  46. Ron Barr says:

    Dane, thank  you so much for your work . I think there's finally a flaw in their defenses we must pour thru, as an aware public that's will demand change.

  47. virginia says:

    What we are doing to the Lakota Nation today reflects the hidden, ugly racism permeating the minds of our 'leaders' – still present after the brutal genocide by this country to the native American Indian people.

    America has lost all the moral authority it claims to possess.  We have been accused and rightly so for being the number one terrorist nation in the world, responsible for more wanton killings of innocents than any other country.  And, here, in one of our own states, America once again rears its historical ugly head and is subjugating innocent people standing up for their lands. 

    If we all write to Gov. Dalrymple, or email his office, we can at least voice our opposition to his inhumane stance and tactics. There is a website given for his contact.

    Address: Gov. Dalrymple, 600 East Boulevard Ave., Bismarck, North Dakota, 58505-0100

    The following link will enable you to email him.  I tried but can't get through.  The link:  www,governor.nd.gov/contact-us

    It may do little, but, then, it might do much.  We have to try. 

    On another note: it has been learned that Trump has a vested interest in the pipeline.  Dalrymple, himself, states that his grandfather settled his ranch in N.D. in 1875 – just two years before Chief Joseph (of Oregon territory, not N.D. ) gave his famous "I am tired. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever." speech and gave himself and his people up to the "American" oppressors in 1877.

    And the Lakota still stand.  May they be victorious in their fight.

    Please try to write to Dalrymple or try the email link.

    Thank you so much.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Maybe what people don't get is how for all this time the Lakota peoples have suffered.  All these generations starving, freezing every winter.  No help at all.  The Dawes Act of 1887 was designed to divest the peoples of their lands and has nearly succeeded.  As family lands were different sized and located all over the place via inheritance, no one could in any way manage their lands as few ever had a car that worked or money for gas.  So the lands were leased for grazing.  This was true all over the west, from the Missouri River west.  The grazing fees were ridiculously low, but all together enabled people to survive.  Barely.  Except here and there the checks did not show up.  No one had phones or any way to straighten this out.  Some went to Tribal councils but too often the councils are corrupt, having learned all too well from the whites.  The only alternative was to sell your land, a piece of it, back to the tribe, for pennies on the dollar.  Eventually, nearly all did and so no longer have family lands.  Elouise Cobell is the brilliant Blackfoot woman who figured it all out after years of work.  Incredibly difficult work.  All these grazing monies went into ONE slush fund-which had been robbed, more than 55 Billion dollars.  In the spring of 2001, Elouise took her work, all her ducks in a row, to Bush 2.  I still have the news clipping in which he owned up to this saying that Chrysler Corp. took about 5 billion, the military the rest, and yes, they would pay it back.  Yay!  But no, then 9/11 happened, so conveniently.  Then the banking crisis.  When Obama in office, Elouise, now with cancer went to him and he cut a deal, as supposedly the government was broke (!) for 3.4 Billion.  Which at best is 47 some billion short!  Talk about salt on a wound.  No one cared.  And, the military uses these lands on rez to mine and drill without the slightest concern for the people or the land or cleaning up their messes.  North and South Dakotas are famously anti Indian.  "The only good Indian is a dead Indian".  People still act terrified of Natives!  Amazing!

    • SIRENA SEDAT says:

      We must all divest from our banks that are funding these pipelines! Stop supporting corporations raping the earth! Monsanto products! Nestles! etc.

  48. Seeing Clearly says:

    I noticed that as well but a didn't make too much of it that's my mistake on that part. We have such a society where even saying Trump can trigger someone and put you in danger is that a sign of a healing society I don't think so yes Trump is a clown he is not the most legitimate person running for president but I feel that he is not going to attack us and slather us like Hillary would and Obama has been doing I think he supports people speaking up on dire issues like vaccinations however he has started he doesn't believe in climate change or global warming and may approve the pipeline while I do have problems with Donald Trump on many issues and he may be a puppet he may not be he may turn against us he may not I didn't vote I don't think I would have voted if I could vote I do hope Donald Trump doesn't approve the oil pipeline and he did say I think that he has an open mind to how humans can impact the climate so I don't know it's hard not to fear going outside these days but that doesn't justify is taking antidepressants which can kill us depending on the individual and what they are talking or they could harm our health more like would harm our health and on and on and on we need to deal with life not run away from it thank you for publishing this article and yes I agree I noticed the same thing it's snowing a lot in that region while raining everywhere else not only that but it's stationary.

  49. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    Thank you, Dane, for your clear and direct explanation of this engineered event and for working with the Water Protectors in this historic protest! 

  50. brian girard says:

    Now that the so-called ELITE POWERS THAT BE have this weather warfare weaponry down to a science they are going to use it like mad more and more just like they have been . We are going to really bust are asses to wake up the planet , but i dont  know what good it will do with all the tech and bio-weapons they have to use on us. God bless us all and god bless Dane. The most heartbreaking thing for me is that  have to see all are wildlife, sea life, bird life and animals die and be murdered because of this. I think to have to watch our planet be slowly killed by evil scum will give me a heart attack in its self. I will die fighting these SCUM ELITE for doing this thats for sure and i pray all of you will help fight till death to save our planet and all life on it.

  51. LS says:

    Thanks for putting this together Dane. No question about what TPTB did there, only what anyone will do about it. It was just reported that over 2500 veterans are in route to the protest site. I've heard different reasons as to why but let's hope their presence alone changes the direction that things are going. We are about to find out if the corporate energy raiders hired security will attack veterans of the U.S. military.  Peace will prevail.


  52. Rosalie says:

    Great job Dane.  You've set this up so well in your modules to show very clearly the weather manipulation by the power structure. And to have contacts at Standing Rock doing the soil sampling: fantastic! It's providing the proof that no one can dispute. Keep pinning them in a corner where they can't hide from their lies. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rosalie, thank you for your support in this battle. Just for the record, the samples we are attempting to collect from the protest site are precipitation and aerosol dust samples. Soil samples are not helpful in most cases due to the fact that there are generally no comprehinsive historical baseling studies available.

    • Silla says:

      yes, Dane, great job, looking forward to seeing the results. I'm amazed at the way SR is bringing ppl together, lots of ppl. it seems there's an awakening going on, though lots are still sleeping. many many thanks,


  53. Sherri says:

    This evil must stop now…this is becoming so insane and to allow them to continue and lie about it – there has to be more that we can all do – we are small in numbers, the evil ones outnumber us…they are like bullies on the playground, until you punch them in the nose and stand your ground they will never stop.  It is getting worse by the day.  It appears weather warfare is now their cowardly weapon of choice, they are like the mafia…only they are using the manufactured weather do fo their dirtywork.

  54. Bluv says:

    I'm sorry, but Sanders quit on us and went to the other side. Let's look at all the alternatives before crowning him as  a savior of the nation. Did he or did he not quit on us, it's as simple as that. And if he was forced out for whatever reason, threats to his life or family or his future, he should have stood tall and said so. Let's not be suckered again like Obama did to us. I say vote all of the established politicians out and start over. 

    • Carolyn says:

      the new president Donald trump has assets in all the companies that are putting the Dakota pipeline together he will make millions. As for Bernie Sanders I believe that they threaten his family, Obama was also threatened along with his Children and family.with the new President and the people he has chosen they will finish us all off especially water, the air and the earth it may get a lot worse

  55. Joseph L. says:

    Great Post — I wish more environmental groups were on to this part of the destruction of the planet w weather warfare.  All the environmental groups appear to be on boad against the pipeline but never seem to touch the taboo subject of geoengineering, climate engineering etc.

  56. Susan Ferguson says:

    United States Patent "cc 3,127,107 GENERATION 0F ICE-NUCLEATiNG CRYSTALS John Patrick Merryweather, New Castle, Pa., assign'or to Canadian Safety Fuse Company Limited, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, a corporation of Canada No Drawing. Filed May 29, 1961, Ser. No. 113,063 4 Claims. (Cl. 239-2) This invention pertains to the art of cloud seeding. It relates to a new process and a new device for generating crystals of ice-nucleating materials for introduction of the same into supercooled atmospheric clouds. The seeding of clouds, i.e. the introduction into supercooled atmospheric clouds of materials which cause the formation of ice crystals in the clouds, has been practised for a number of years for the purpose of controlling or modifying weather conditions.  … A preferred method, however, is that disclosed in United States Patent No. 2,527,231 issued on October 24', 1950, to V. J. Schaefer and B. Vonnegut, and consists of introducing into the clouds crystals of materials foreign with respect to the clouds and having a space group and unit cell dimensions closely approximating those of ice crystals, the said foreign crystals acting as nuclei for the formation of ice crystals the clouds. Such foreign crystalline materials are known in the art as ice-nucleate ing materials and include chemical substances such as silver iodide, lead iodide, cupric sulphide, etc., as Well as natural minerals such as zincite, nephelite and apatite, A list of ice-nucleating materials is given at page 227 of Physics of Precipitation, Publication No. 746 (1960) of the American Geophysical Union of the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council. It is with the latter preferred method that the present invention is concerned. Ice-nucleating crystals, in particular silver iodide crystals, have heretofore been generated for introduction into clouds by means of special generators located on the ground or attached to aircraft. In these generators, the ice-nucleating materials are placed in a zone maintained at a temperature at which they have an appreciable vapour pressure, which in the case of silver iodide is at least 1500 C., and are thus vapourized into the atmosphere where they recrystallize upon contact with the coolor In the case of generators located on the ground, the crystals are carried aloft by ascending air currents whereas aircraft generators produce the crystals within or in the near vicinity of the clouds. Typical generators are devices where a solution of silver iodide in acetone is injected or sprayed into a propane, oxyapropane or hydrogen flame or where coke impregnated with silver iodide is burned in an air-blown crucible furnace or where a rope or wick impregnated with silver iodide is burned in an open flame or in an air-propane blast furnace.
    3,127,17 Patented Mar. 31, 1964

    PATENT: Method and apparatus for modifying supercooled clouds / Inventors: Fukuta; Norihiko (Salt Lake City, UT)
    Appl. No.: 08/986,348 / Filed: December 8, 1997
    Abstract: Factors controlling the effect of cloud seeding were critically examined, and a new horizontal penetration seeding method using liquid homogeneous ice nucleants at the lower level of the supercooled portion of clouds was invented to maximize the microphysics-dynamics interaction between the seeded ice crystal thermal and the supercooled cloud through optimal utilization of the phase change energy.  Cloud seeding tests showed a remarkable effect. This method allows the development of twin rotating horizontal cylinders of ice crystal thermal, which slowly rise, expand and entrain the supercooled cloud droplets to provide the supersaturated condition and time for the required growth of seeded ice crystals. When the thermal reaches the top of the cloud, it spreads horizontally while lowering the ice crystals of sufficiently large size and fall velocity resulting in an effective treatment of the existing and induced cloud volume for precipitation augmentation and the associated dynamic effect. The seeding method and apparatus for the operation are claimed.

  57. Doreen says:

    Way to go, Dane!  We await the results.  But in the meantime, like Dane says, we all have got to do what we can, make phone calls, send emails, donate supplies, pray, mediate, share information, etc., there are a lot of web sites out there that help us do that, just search Standing Rock.  Standing Rock is the line, here and no further! Bernie knocked it out of the park the other night during a protest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9FS56zwvas

    • BaneB says:

      A couple of weeks ago or thereabouts I heard an interview of the pipelines be CEO.  He was asked if he thought the pipeline be would be built.  He stated he was 100% certain it would be completed.  Maybe it's bravado.  Maybe he is thinking of his investors.  Maybe he knew a weather assault was in the plan.  Would he get such a service gratis from Raytheon(ray of God) and the Pentagon, or is there a fee.  "They shall seek to change time and season."  Day light savings time.  Geoengineering.

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