Rapidly Increasing Awareness Of The Climate Engineering Crimes Is Panicking Corporate Media


Dane Wigington

The recent rash of mainstream media propaganda pushback against the rapidly rising global climate engineering awareness is a glaring red flag which proves that we are indeed gaining ground in this all important battle. Those who work for the mainstream media organizations of mass deception should at this point be considered as accessories to the geoengineering/weather warfare crimes of omnicide when they willingly participate in the cover-up of these crimes. "Scientists" like Dr. David Keith, and Dr. Ken Caldeira have been (and still are) leading the effort to deceive the public with yet another major disinformation pushback from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. These two individuals should not only be considered accessories to the criminal climate engineering cover-up, but should also be considered primary instigators of this cover-up.

Dr. Caldeira and Dr. Keith were both contributors to a recent disinformation "study" designed to deceive the population and intimidate others in academia from speaking out about the climate engineering crimes. Caldeira's employer, Carnegie "Science", was the supporting institution for this "study" (orchestrated survey). The Carnegie group has long since admitted on the record that geoengineering would not only "make the skies whiter", but it would actually "turn them white". So how is it that this power structure institution, Carnegie "Science", (with defense industry contracts) now tries to completely marginalize the very issue they have issued reports about? They deny the very reality of the solar radiation management effect in our skies which mountains of data prove is an ongoing reality. The CBC Canadian corporate news empire has added their voice to the cover-up effort, again with Dr. Keith at the helm of the deception. Once the Canadian billboard in the photo below came to Dr. Keith's attention (the billboard's link leads directly to GeoengineeringWatch.org), Keith apparently made sure there would be a corporate media pushback to blatantly lie about the billboard's meaning and message.

GeoengineeringWatch.org  78

Banff National Park, Hwy 1, Alberta, Canada. Billboard LookUpBanff.com photo credit: Jason and Lorna Hardy

GeoengineeringWatch.org 80

Banff National Park, Hwy 1, Alberta, Canada. Billboard LookUpBanff.com photo credit: Jamie Allen-Miller

‎For the record, David Keith's entire career is centered around the "solar geoengineering" issue which is exactly what the Canadian billboard was in fact about. With this in mind, let's consider the following quotes made about the billboard by Dr. Keith (in the CBC disinformation article).

"I think it's stunning and frightening because it is complete lunacy"

And this:

"A lot of people just believe things that normal science doesn't believe at all"

Watch this video and again consider Dr. Keith's quotes about geoengineering shown above. Bill Gates has even contributed to Dr. David Keith's and Dr. Ken Caldeira's efforts in the geoengineering field. If, after examining the CBC disinformation article, you feel the CBC author, Kyle Bakx, has been criminally deceptive, let him know what you think about his blatantly false and deceptive "reporting" by contacting Kyle Bakx directly. About Dr. David Keith and Dr. Ken Caldeira, if you are not OK with the part they are playing in the ongoing criminal climate engineering cover-up, tell them yourself (their contact links were given earlier in this article and are shown again at the bottom of this post). Communications should be done in a non threatening manner, though we can and should still point out to these individuals that once the public wakes up to the lethal deception, populations will undoubtedly hold those that participated in the criminal climate engineering cover-up legally and morally accountable. When messaging these individuals by email, it is important to openly cc as many other credible people as possible. Doing so further assists with the effort to expose those that are participating in the disinformation, and thus helps  to hold them accountable for their actions.

Climate Engineering Cover-Up Continues In The US

Redding, California, has been and will continue to be an epicenter for the effort to expose the ongoing climate engineering crimes. Shasta Dam (the second largest in the country) is located just north of Redding and the Sacramento River (a primary source of the State's water) flows through Redding. Lab tests prove that the Sacramento River and tributaries are being contaminated by the toxic heavy metal and chemical climate engineering fallout (starting with aluminum). The fight to expose the climate engineering issue in Shasta County has been long and arduous, but not in vain. As more and more in the Redding area have awakened to the climate engineer atrocities, Northern California's primary newspaper (The Record Searchlight) has displayed rapidly increasingly tyrannical behavior. In a blatant effort to sensationalize headlines of total deception, the Searchlight avoids the use of hard science terms and instead focuses on launching personal attacks in order to distract from the real issue of the illegal covert climate engineering assault. The local page photo of the latest Record Searchlight disinformation and personal attack publication is below. This travesty of "journalism" was published on 8-19-16.


Recent Record Searchlight headline on cover of the local section of the newspaper

Why does it matter to even bother exposing this completely immoral propaganda publication for what they are? Because the anti-geoengineering legal action from LASG may concentrate in this region. By continuing to shine the light on the Searchlight's unethical conduct, once the climate engineering issue can no longer be hidden the citizens of Northern California will then fully realize the part the Record Searchlight staff played in hiding critical information from Shasta County citizens. This will assist us with the legal effort to fully expose the climate engineering assault and with reaching a critical mass of awareness on the issue. The corporate media owned Record Searchlight "newspaper" has not only completely blacked out any coverage of numerous past major community climate engineering awareness events in Redding, but is at the same time giving front page coverage of any and every disinformation propaganda that attempts to falsely marginalize the critical climate engineering issue.

The editor for the Record Searchlight is Silas Lyons. Below is a message from Mr. Lyons after he was confronted with the Searchlight's blackout of a major community climate engineering awareness gathering with over 1000 in attendance.

Mr. Wigington,

Thanks for your note. The Record Searchlight certainly has no monopoly on the public receiving information, and you've used the Internet, events and other channels pretty effectively from what I can tell. Because scientists and government agencies are actively exploring geoengineering — SRM, etc. — it may be that the reality will someday catch up with your claims. I expect our newspaper will carry many stories about the subject, as the idea of using technology to cool the planet in the future is a debate with enormous potential consequences and grave ethical questions. But your claims about present-day conspiracies to poison the planet are not rooted in that reality. We continue to believe it's our journalistic responsibility not to lend coverage and — by extension — credence to thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories. 

Our position on this is consistent. As I told another correspondent, I recognize that by declining to participate in coverage we are fueling claims that there's a vast conspiracy and we are co-conspirators with our military, public servants and the entire body of mainstream science. I can't help that, as that is the very nature of conspiracy theories — and what makes them so elegantly self-perpetuating.

Best regards,


My response to Mr. Lyons:

Mr. Lyons, I would have expected a more plausible response from you than that which you put together, but I will say it is revealing. Have I ever stated there was a "conspiracy to poison the planet"? (stated in Searchlight article) No, that is just more spin from you and your publication which is what we have all come to expect. What I have always stated is that all available evidence indicates geoengineering is a reality, not just a "proposal". Our "claims" are "rooted" in countless lab tests done at state certified labs. Our "claims" are grounded in actual film footage of military tankers spraying at altitude with nozzles fully visible. Then there are the historical government documents, recent congressional documents calling for the global governance of geoengineering, , etc, the list goes on. The highly toxic heavy metal contamination is beyond dispute as already stated (proven by dozens of lab tests in Shasta County alone). The very dangerous UV radiation levels are also beyond dispute as metering proves. The ongoing spraying of our skies is beyond dispute as film footage proves. You have a moral and ethical responsibility to the community you claim to represent, Silas. You have repeatedly and willfully failed to uphold that responsibility. Did I ever claim there was a "vast conspiracy" that kept you from doing your job, no. Let me be clear, I simply believe you lack the moral fortitude to carry out your job, Mr. Lyons. You are entitled to your denial of the climate engineering reality, I grant you that, but there is absolutely no excuse for you to black out any coverage whatsoever of a major community event with about 1000 in attendance. A community event that featured testimony from our top local neurologist, from numerous former government scientists, from former military personnel, former defense industry technicians, A CEO from one of the worlds largest environmental and engineering consulting firms, etc. The public is rapidly waking up to the fact that media representatives like yourself are in fact not doing their jobs. Rather, in many cases (like this one) editors like you are going out of their way to omit stories that citizens have a right to hear about. The climate engineering/geoengineering reality cannot be hidden in plain sight much longer, the decimation related to these programs is becoming too great. Once the public is fully aware (especially in the North State), I believe they will want you to do some serious explaining, Silas. In the meantime, we will post communications like this so that everything is out in the open as I am sure you would want it to be. Again, Silas, to set the record straight, I have never said and don't believe there is a conspiracy linked to your decision to blackout this major community event, I simply believe you lack courage and are primarily focused on the protection of your paycheck and pension. Again, there is no rational justification for the editor of the primary local newspaper blacking out any and all coverage of a major community event with 1000 in attendance, local city officials in attendance, local physicians speaking along with testimony from former government scientists, a CEO a global environmental and engineering consulting firm with 10,000 employees, former defense industry personnel, former military personnel, etc. The citizens are waking up, Silas, and I can only imagine they will not be happy once they have a clear picture of reality and those that have done their best to hide it.
Dane WIgington

Who is the real Silas Lyons? How does he contribute to the greater good? The 1 minute video below is very revealing. In it Mr. Lyons displays his approach to dealing with ALS (a disease related to aluminum contamination and exposure), and the California drought (a direct result of climate engineering).

Searchlight editor, Silas Lyons, has exercised incredibly unethical behavior as "media" representative on which Northern California citizens depend.

More stellar examples of the Record Searchlight's completely unethical behavior have been displayed from the Searchlight's managing editor, Carole Ferguson.


Record Searchlight's managing editor, Carole Ferguson

After receiving a valid press release about a climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management study, Ms. Feguson gave the following response.

A news release about a study by a chemtrail believer in a questionable journal posted to the PR Newswire does not add up to Reuters covering geoengineering.

And none of it matches sound scientific principles or even passes Occam’s Razor, which is why we don’t cover it. 

Carole Ferguson
Managing editorRecord Searchlight
1101 Twin View Blvd. • Redding, CA 96003
530-225-8232 • Fax – 530-225-8236

After the Searchlight's recent publication of the disinformation/personal attack article shown earlier, Robert Wegman, an attorney from the LASG team, sent the following letter to Searchlight managing editor, Carole Ferguson.

Dear Ms. Ferguson:

I am one of the attorneys with the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoeingeering ("LASG").  I just spoke with Jessica Skropanic who referred me to you.  Jessica confirmed that your paper received the rebuttal piece written by Dane Wigington concerning the article your paper ran on August 19, 2016 by Damon Arthur entitled "Contrail or Chemtrail."

That editorial piece mentioned Dane Wigington by name and, frankly, parts of the article were patently false.  Dane and, if necessary, the LASG should have an opportunity to respond to the unsupportable assertions made in the article.  Moreover, we welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter openly with your staff.  Our only goal is only to bring awareness to this dire issue and to hopefully stop it.  I run a very busy practice as do all the other attorneys.  We have all felt impelled to rally around this cause for the sake of our children. It's no more complicated than that.  

To say what is happening in our skies is destructive to the earth's ecology is a gross understatement.  Unless geoengineering immediately ceases, we will experience cataclysmic effects (including mass extinction) of biblical proportions. I think your readers would be quite interested to know about the clandestine work its government is doing to its unwitting subjects. Publishing articles filled with misinformation (disinformation) only serves to further lull the populace into complacency.  It is no coincidence that California is experiencing the worst drought in history, while Texas and Louisiana have experienced historical flooding.  It is also no coincidence that wild fires are burning faster and hotter than ever before.  They are nearly uncontrollable.  Dry vegetation and fire fueled by aluminum oxide will have that effect.    

The LASG and Dane understand New York Times v. Sullivan gives the media nearly carte blanche to publish whatever it wishes, but Dane should be afforded the opportunity to have his voice heard and to set the record straight.  We trust you agree. That is, after all, the very essence of editorializing. 

I kindly ask you to advise whether Dane's piece will be published and when.  Should you need to discuss this matter with me, my contact information is included below. 

Best regards,

Robert L. Wegman, Esquire


Ms. Ferguson's reply:


Thanks for your interest in the letter sent by Dane Wigington.

We will not be publishing it. It will not clear our fact checking efforts.

We do not agree with your movement’s claims that the government is engaged in a plan to alter the weather using airplane exhaust.

Yes, there are studies on the effects of contrails on how they reflect sunlight back into space and thus may provide a cooling effect. Temperatures rose slightly after all planes were landed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And we acknowledge that climate change caused by too many fossil fuels – including jet fuel — is causing the more severe weather patterns such as drought and flooding.

But we follow real science and find that nearly all of Mr. Wigington’s claims to be false. It is against our policy to publish letters full of falsehoods.

Mr. Wigington had his chance to discuss his concerns when our reporter called him. But for the most part he didn’t say much and directed our reporter to a statement posted on Geoengineering.com.

I see where you suggest we can talk with Mr. Wigington about this further. Over the years, he and many others who follow him have discussed their beliefs at length with us. Another sit-down session would be futile for all sides.

The "letter to the editor" reply which I submitted in rebuttle to the Searchlight's disinformation/personal attack article (and which Ms. Ferguson flatly refused to print) was in complete conformity to the Searchlight's submission requirements. The refused submission is below.

Searchlight Blatantly Omits Facts On Critical Climate Engineering Issue

The Record Searchlight continues to demonstrate an unfortunate disregard for factual reporting. An article in the Friday edition of the paper (8-19-16) by Damon Arthur titled "Contrail or Chemtrail" is a glaring case in point. The "science study" (in reality an informal survey) which was the entire basis of the Searchlight post (clearly directed at me) is very deceptive. First, the Searchlight (and the propaganda report they published)  chose to sensationalize with completely unscientific terms like "chemtrails" and thus they completely omit hard science terms that would have lead readers to real facts and data. Terms like "solar radiation management" (SRM), "stratospheric aerosol injection" (SAI), and "cloud albedo enhancement" (CAE). Instead of objectively reporting the science terms that relate to the subject of global climate engineering, the Searchlight falsely infers that this issue in question is about "a conspiracy to poison the planet".  Mr. Arthur,  since you have directed your hit piece toward me, can you now show your readers when and where I have ever, even once, recited such a statement? The "study" in question actually solicited 450 scientists, not 77 as the Searchlight (and the "study") falsely reported. Of that 450, nearly 84% were unwilling to even participate in the study. Why not? Could it be due to the fact that there is an illegal Federal gag order on ALL National Weather Service and ALL NOAA employees?  Why is there a gag order? Why wasn't this illegal gag order reported by the Searchlight or the "study"? This means that of the total number of scientists surveyed, only slightly over 16% were even willing to respond. Why was this crucial fact also completely omitted? Next, the Searchlight repeatedly quotes the head of a disinformation website as if he is some sort of authority. The primary function of this individual and his site is to falsely discredit anyone who says anything negative about the actions of our government. Do the opinions of such an individual really belong in a "science study"? The Searchlight article author  then falsely reports on the citizen attendance at a 2014 Shasta County Supervisors meeting on geoengineering by stating "dozens of people attended". In fact, at the peak of the supervisors meeting, there were estimated to be 500 people at the supervisors chambers. The supervisors admitted on film (posted at geoengineeringwatch.org) that the attendance was the largest in the facilities history. "A few dozen", Damon? Continuing,  Damon Arthur did not bother to mention anything about the 750 page US Senate document that proves conclusively the US government has been heavily involved with international climate engineering programs for decades. Mr. Arthur further failed to mention that the head of the CIA, John Brennan, just spoke in front of the Council on Foreign Relations about geoengineering. There are also extensive historical presidential reports, military documents, and 160 geoengineering patents, (all posted at geoengineeringwatch.org). Finally, Damon and the Searchlight continue to completely omit any mention of the fact that a team of US attorneys (Legal Alliance To Stop Geoengineering) has started legal proceedings to expose climate engineering along with the agencies and officials that are helping to hide it by failing to disclose a proven and dangerous heavy metal contamination from the public. How would Mr. Arthur know about all this information? Because he telephoned me days before the Searchlight hit piece and I informed him of virtually every verifiable fact stated above, none of which Mr. Arthur bothered to report. The bottom line is this, the Record Searchlight has not honestly and objectively reported the facts. 

Dane Wigington

A follow-up reply was then sent to Ms. Ferguson by the LASG legal team:

Double click to enlarge and read




The Searchlight's managing editor reply is below:


We stand by our decision and our story.

The point of this example of corporate media tyranny is this, honorless individuals will continue to lie, falsely report, or completely omit whatever they want until the population as a whole takes a stand for truth and justice. The power structure could not continue to carry out their crimes if not for the complete and total obedience of the mainstream media machine of mass deception. How do we effectively push back? We start by taking the time to send articulate but direct (and non-threatening) messages to every individual that is participating in the criminal cover-up, whether actively or passively. Let them know that we know who they are, that we are not OK with their criminal behavior, and that once the crimes in question are fully exposed, we, society, will hold them legally and morally accountable. I am supplying some key email contacts for criminal propaganda perpetrators below for a starting point. Make your voice heard, forward the contacts to others so that they can continue and build the wave.

Dr. David Keith: http://keith.seas.harvard.edu/contact-us (click open the link to access email address)

Dr. Ken Caldeira: http://globalecology.stanford.edu/labs/caldeiralab/ (click open the link to access email address)

Record Searchlight editor, Silas Lyons: silas.lyons@redding.com

Record Searchlight managing editor, Carole Ferguson: carole.ferguson@redding.com

Record Searchlight journalist, Damon Arthur: damon.arthur@redding.com

CBC "reporter", Kyle Bakx: http://www.cbc.ca/calgary/contact/reporters.html

149 Responses to Rapidly Increasing Awareness Of The Climate Engineering Crimes Is Panicking Corporate Media

  1. Mary Hollowell says:

    I couldn't find the David Keith "complete lunacy" quote in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation video.  In regards to opposition to SRM, I found  David Keith saying, "I think it's healthy that people are concerned."  Is this reflecting updating of the video?  

    I posted a letter seeking truth in media, here. http://theforgottenroom.org/ltr_to_AJC_re_airstrikes.html

  2. Carl says:

    I've lived in Redding CA for 24 years and the Record Searchlight has always been known as a right wing conservative biased paper. The local slang for the paper is.  The " wretched penlight"   

  3. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Carole Ferguson, “discredits most of what Dane discusses with her because the information does not pass The Record Search Light's Fact Checking Efforts”. Has Carole even taken the time, do to a thorough investigation on Geoengineering,  how can she discredit this mountain of data when she knows very little about it. Ferguson makes a statement on the climate being affected by fossil fuel consumption and also comments on the grounded aircraft from the 9/11 terrorists attacks. Did she do thorough research for these two statements? She needs to stop the denial before doing her own research.

    • Michael says:

      You are wasting your time trying to get the truth out of Illuminati bloodline family members who have been raped and tortured since infancy. See: MK Ultra.

  4. frank says:

    The top local news in Philly has a representation of geoengineering as the backdrop for the news anchors. It is blue with crappy geo-clouds and, get this, little moving white arcs that look an awful lot like tanker spraying. And this has been going on for over two years. I can't express how perverted this is. They are putting the geo-sky show in our faces every day as if conditioning us for the day they reveal it as some kind of God. I hope everyone sees the weirdness in this, and remembers it. 

  5. Martha says:

    Dane – I was about to have some of your 2-sided, full color flyers printed and discovered that the only downloadable version seems to be in Polish right now. Are they still available in English and if so, where and how do find them?  Thanks!

  6. Kathleen Roberts says:

    This is all good stuff to take to court with you when these media people are sued for concealing a deadly hazard to the community.

  7. Lonnie G. Harp says:

    The Day Climate GeoEngineering Died

    There once was a time when the Earth had become overrun with small minded humans.
    Who through science, education, and ignorance turned Mother Nature's beauty into ruins.

    These were intellectually puny men who thought they were Gods equal to Zeus.
    Convincing themselves that it was cool to control weather their selfish excuse.

    They created quaint and harmless sounding phrases like Climate Modification.
    A global experiment of deliberately controlling weather and creating obliteration.

    They intentionally filtered out the sun with aerosols calling it Solar Radiation Management.
    But sunlight is a necessity for all life, proof these men were cold, calculating, uncompassionate.

    Clear blue skies were turned cloudy and dark by their concoction of brews, endlessly, day after day.
    Trust us it's a good thing for the planet, too hot for life to survive, we'll fix it soon they would say.

    Corrupt these men were, and done merely as their insane way of seeking recognition, money, and fame.
    It made no difference to them the sky was no longer sunny, as they were incapable of feeling any shame.

    They had done these things simply because of ego, a quest for power, and or personal greed.
    But time stands still for no man, and eventually a price was extracted for such a dastardly, dirty deed.
    Put on trial for the crimes they committed, the jury witnessed them as they cowered in fear, and pee'd.

    They were indifferent as living breathing beings, having no sense of right or wrong, much like a fish.
    Sinful, psychotic, and inhuman they are as people…an end to climate geoengineering my wish.

    lg harpe

  8. M says:

    I decided to forward the CBC article to the Council of Canadians, an organization that is opposed to such things as GMO foods and tar sands expansion, and has also been a vocal supporter of the CBC. I copied a few others such as the Green Party and Greenpeace and while the Council of Canadians has not responded, Greenpeace did. Here are the highlights of that exchange: 

    Good day,
    I am deeply saddened to see that the CBC, an organization I myself rallied to protect along with many of your supporters, has been reduced to such low quality reporting as this:
    As an organization that has supported the CBC and also cares about the critical issues that face Canadians and the population at large such as GMO foods, please take some time to investigate this issue at geoengineeringwatch.org and contact the CBC to let them know Canadians will not support corrupt and dishonest news agencies for long. 

    Dear M,
    Thank you for getting in touch with us to engage in discourse about this crucial environmental issue. We appreciate your giving us the opportunity to share our point of view.
    Tar Sands development is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, as it accounts for more than 40 million tons of CO2 emissions per year and means that thousands of hectares of ancient Boreal Forest are clear-cut and destroyed. Producing tar sands oil is 3-4 times worse for the climate than conventional oil.
    Part of your donation goes towards defending these worldwide campaigns. Also, Greenpeace takes no corporate or government money, our work to defend the environment is made possible by donations from individuals like you.  
    Please see the links below for more information on what we’ve done—and are doing—to address the issue:
    Greenpeace International campaign
    Greenpeace US campaign
    Greenpeace campaigns to stop Amazon deforestation
    As a Greenpeace supporter, you are helping us to run this campaign. Thank you very much for your generous support! And you can also help us to change our food system by taking action here: I know who grew it!
    You can also learn more here:
    I hope this address your question
    In solidarity,

    Thank you, I appreciate your prompt reply. 
    Are you aware that in addition to the tar sands and industrial agriculture, climate engineering now poses a highly significant global threat to our planet's climate integrity and very life support systems?
    If you have not done so already, please take some time to investigate this critical issue at geoengineeringwatch.org. Our children and future generations depend on us to take action and protect our planet at this very crucial time.
    All the best, 

    Hi M,
    Thank you for your email. 
    To get further information about Greenpeace's position on this topic, I encourage you to read our article called " Greenpeace's view on chemtrails" posted on March 2015 on Greenpeace UK website.
    I hope this address your question
    In solidarity,

    Hello again,
    From the Greenpeace article you shared:
    "Geoengineering – Geoengineering is the science of deliberately altering the global climate and is currently almost entirely theoretical. All geoengineering techniques are regarded as potentially hazardous, as they can only work by having very large impacts on how our atmosphere functions, with the possible risks being equally large. There are many different techniques proposed, some of which could include aircraft emitting substances to block sunlight from reaching the earth. The very few techniques which have had some limited, localised testing do not utilise aircraft. If the chemtrail conspiracy is real, then it is not a geoengineering project, as it has had no discernible impact on the climate."
    The opinions expressed here are nothing but that – opinions. They seem to be based on loose interpretations of reality at best. How can the author assert with any certainty that these projects are almost entirely theoretical? I have not seen any conclusive or convincing evidence that this is indeed the case. 
    I wonder if the author is aware that the "proposed" method of dispersing aluminum particulates in the upper atmosphere would lead to a decrease in atmospheric ozone due to the formation of aluminum oxides? I would argue that this impact is indeed discernible, with heat records being shattered monthly now and plant and animal life dying around the globe, and that this is accompanied by other discernible impacts such as increased drought and other noticeable alterations in precipitation patterns. 
    For the author to categorically state that the vapour trails we see behaving exactly as we would expect particulate trails to behave is not evidence of a geoengineering  project, simply due to the author's assertion that there is no visible impact on the climate, is a weak argument indeed that would not hold up in any court of law.  
    On that note, I would highly recommend that Greenpeace take note of the legal proceedings that have been but in motion both in Canada and the United States. It will be interesting to see how Greenpeace supporters respond to articles such as the one you shared after becoming aware of the reality of covert geoengineering projects employing stratospheric aerosols. 
    Here is an interview with one of the environmental lawyers involved in the American legal action, which may help you to understand what is taking place and why legal action is being sought:
    I will also be happy to share your responses, including the article you shared in lieu of a proper response, with other concerned citizens who will be interested in knowing what Greenpeace is or is not doing to educate the public on these critical matters. Would you mind if I post this entire email correspondence to the geoengineeringwatch.org website? This way you can reach more people with your message at once and perhaps save yourself some time with copying and pasting the link you shared. Please advise.
    All the best,

    Hi M,
    Thank you for your answer.
    As you can see at the bottom of the article, it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, …etc. So feel free to share it.
    Very Best,

    So there it is – in case anyone is still supporting this organization. 

    • BaneB says:

      Thanks for sharing this correspondence!  Perhaps the problem is the color green?  If the correspondent from Greenpeace would like a tour of my area here in Northern California, it would be obvious that the green is turning brown.  The green is turning brown because the blue is being targeted by jet aircraft that spray sun-blocking toxic aerosol particulates into the atmosphere.  How about Bluepeace?  How about PEACE?

      Meanwhile, the weather warriors have overtly returned to Mendicino County, California.  Two days ago the relatively blue skies of the past two months (skies still saturated with haze) were returned to the freak clouds, and slow flying jets spraying both short and long aerosol trails. But, no doubt there is a moisture field approaching which cannot be allowed to bring moisture into this State.

      Regarding the pathetic non-local rag referred to as the Record Searchlight, it makes an excellent fire starter.  Winter is approaching and one can gain some satisfaction by using it for a more realistic endeavor, including in the outhouse.  There are a few invectives for describing the hypocritical newspaper.  The name should be changed.  It is not a full record of local events.  It censors op-ed letters to the editor.  The staff disdains and disrespects the people of Redding and region.  They are not neutral disseminators reporting on local events but dis and mis-inform their diminishing readership.  In sum, there is no full record, no genuine search, and no light allowed.  It is no wonder they operate at a loss.


  9. Dennie says:

    Well, now, I'D certainly like to take a HUUUUUUUGE bucket of proverbial ICE and pour it over the likes of Mr. Keith, Mr. Caldeira and their stooopid media mouthpieces, who shill for them, like "Silence Lyin' ", (that pathetic little mind-weevil)–  Maybe this is precisely the effect that the lawsuits will have:  B-I-G WAKE-UP CALL to Cold REALITY for these a$$hole Privatizing Piratizing Profiteers of Poisoning, of people's (children's, for God's sake) minds, and our air, water, soil and food… FOR SHAME—– SHEEESH!!!!!!!!

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    Howdy sea!  Thank you so much for mentioning Myrrh!  I completely forgot about it!  Not for nothing the stuff has been used and valued for so many thousands of years!  And, I don't even use my neti pot!  Reason being is sores in nose, which do go with my autoimmune issues which have made me feel confused as to what the hell.  I am so used to being sick, so sick of being sick and going for this and that, that I end up actually neglecting myself!  As a kid I was so sick all the time and beaten too with many broken bones then leg braces which I'd take off and stash in a bush and go!  I just wanna go!  Ignore me and go.  Funny how I can care for Earth yet not myself!  Thanks for a wake up call.  Tell me, if using myrrh in neti pot, do you still use the salt?  Is Herb Pharm on line? Or a store?

    What about profound tiredness?  Clues?  How about an itchy rash for one and a half years?  As a kid I was found to be allergic to literally hundreds of things such that family moved from Oklahoma to Arizona!  which to a kid in mid 50s was like heaven.  Then I got Valley Fever, usually mild, but I nearly died for real.  Missed an entire year of school.  Very high fever for 6 months.  Scar on right lung from it.  Whole life like this, but used to have some wellness in between weirdness.  So used to ignoring self and just pushing forward!  But so miss my sense of smell.  So much!  I do believe in myrrh.  Would never have thought of it though.

  11. CJ says:


    Just look around…. People walking around with wires in their ears looking down at their I phones. NOT EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO THE REALITY THAT IS UNFOLDING. 

    Chasing Pokemon…. 

    Huge Diversion for People. No Clues. No Nothing. 


  12. Teri says:

    might already have this Dane but wanted to repost it for those who may not have seen it. it is a paper by David Keith talking about the many aerosols he wants to inject into the atmosphere. in one section he says he admits that Geoengineering causes ozone depletion and an increase in radiation but those are mere ''disadvantages'' to these monsters quest to play with the biosphere of the planet. truly insane person he is.

    ''such particles might avoid two of the disadvantages of stratospheric sulfates: the increase in diffuse radiation and the increase in reactive surface area in the lower stratosphere, which can accelerate ozone depletion''

  13. New Girl says:

    Newbie posting here. I discovered this site about three years ago after my "awakening". As most will agree, it is a daunting journey on a bumpy roller coaster. And you end up experiencing life in a very different way from others around you. I tend to classify people in what I term as the rule of 33. 33.3% of the population is awake and aware, 33.3% are not, but only because they are not curious, critical thinkers. These are the people that will start wondering after you plant the informational seeds. The final 33.3% are completely clueless and happy about being so. These are the sheeple. Going along to get along while avoiding any reality.
    After passively reading and researching Dane and others' posts am I beginning to broach geoengineering with others. My boyfriend used to dismiss the topic right away, "there is no way. It's a conspiracy. They are contrails" followed by a verbal dissertation on science and the atmosphere.  Although he agrees the military has experimented on troops, given small pox contaminated blankets, etc. Why is geoengineering so hard to comprehend? The phrase, "past performance is indicative of future results" is a no brainer to me. This is the same person that believes vaccines are safe. It's also a conspiracy fueled by Jenny McCarthy back in the 90s that was a total hoax. And my personal favorite, there are no credited studies published to support the theory. Duh. Because the studies are paid for by the medical industrial complex that is owned by the military industrial complex. So frustrating to be aware.
    Next I move on to a friend who interrupts me by fiercely shouting "that is BS. Complete and utter BS. If you want to be worried about something worry about ____." Saving grace: my sister is aware.
    Happened upon this interesting tidbit about the DEA adding a PLANT supplement to the schedule I narcotics list in order to ban it. Slippery slope my friends. I find this behavior tyrannical and oppressive. First its this supplement. What's next? I feel I must do something. How does one protest this? http://boingboing.net/2016/08/31/dea-will-ban-kratom-a-popular.html

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, New Girl.  It's our pleasure to read your post.

      About Kratom.  I'd never heard of it until this year when a dear friend of mine miraculously was able to finally withdraw from painkillers using it.  He tried valiantly on his own several times.  He'd been addicted since he had two failed cancer surgeries.  He finally got good cancer treatment, was pain free, but to get off pain medicine they just suggested taking methadone, switching addictions.  It seems they don't care if people end up on heroin, but Big Pharma loves prescription addicts to death.

      Pharma really does seek to control the supplements.  If they do, we're all in trouble.


  14. Free Energy Technologies says:

    California drought intensifies to turn people away from trump as he doesn't believe in the lack of rainfall (the drought ) It's most likely no coincidence I know they can crown who ever they want but if they can control our minds they would save themselves from the idea that we are going to ask questions because we been controlled so they can control the election but they prefer controlling who we vote for instead.

  15. youss says:

    hi everyone,
    for the understanding of the 'climate as a force mutliplier' as geopolitical tool, it's worth to have a look at this very sad real life example and how its buried in and accepted as such even by the not too dump originator of the article.
    „The background behind those public demonstrations against the Assad regime is important. As Grist reported, regarding the record drought in Syria, on 16 January 2010:
    «Prices are soaring and supplies are becoming scarce – not merely because of international demand, but because of drought and agricultural water scarcity triggered by global climate change. The same climate-driven pressures are affecting the survival of the Halaby pepper and its traditional farmers near Aleppo, Syria. In the past three years, 160 Syrian farming villages have been abandoned near Aleppo as crop failures have forced over 200,000 rural Syrians to leave for the cities. This news is distressing enough, but when put into a long-term perspective, its implications are staggering: many of these villages have been continuously farmed for 8000 years. As one expert puts it, this may be the worst long-term drought and most severe set of crop failures since agricultural civilizations began in the Fertile Crescent many millennia ago».
    one side note regarding the sky appearances,  specially at night time.
    i can confirm from my observations (not only in germany) that after heavy spraying days the night sky  seems like self illuminated from violett to deep red or reflecting likewise (specially where streetlights or other type artificial light below). it seems it depends on the type of particulates they use and their impact on the reflection factor in the air  / artificial clouds .
    best to all

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Youss. 

      There's no doubt in my mind that weather warfare is big in the Middle East, and coming home to a town near us at any time.  Just another aspect of Full Spectrum Dominance.  Lives, Culture and Traditions be damned. 

      Imagine pepper farms 8,000 years old, producing continuously.  My heart goes out those who are suffering so egregiously or for whom so many of their family members have already died, just because a few psychopaths have big, greedy plans.  I cannot imagine the desperation of having to walk with your children across Europe.

      About the lights. In my city they often cause the sky to appear green.  It might be different types of lights.  I'm in Anchorage, Alaska and sometimes I think the Aurora is out, but usually these days it's just a green reflection (even though some of the lights are pink).  But we know they've got plenty of particulate formulas too.

      Thank you for comment on Syria.  The chaos there, in Lebanon, Iraq, Libya and in Yemen has been deliberate for no good reason.  And that's only a partial list of plunder.  So very sad.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Youss, I forgot to mention Israel stole the Golan Heights for its water back in 1967.

    • Dennie says:

      Text of "Owning the Weather in 2025: Weather as a Force Multiplier:" http://fas.org/spp/military/docops/usaf/2025/v3c15/v3c15-1.htm


      But hey, all you COINCIDENCE THEORISTS get to be the judges out their is Stooopid City, in the United States of Amnesia!!!!!

      oh, and "Have a nice day!"

    • From Hungary says:

      The crops are failing in Hungary also. Every year they try to adapt to the cataclysms, they rotate crops and nothing works as before…I notice that the droughts alternate with floods, and the temperature drops from 33 in the day to 13 at night killing all plants.

  16. helot says:

    RE: ‘wheat (Triticum Aestivum), being a grass, excludes the free aluminum in the soil by secreting organic acids such as malate, at the root zone.’

    One of the magnesium capsules I take is called magnesium malate, is that similar to what is produced by the wheat? If so, does it work the same in people? I hope so.

    • helot says:

      I wonder if eating these foods helps to, ‘exclude the free aluminum’ in people?

      According to wikipedia – ‘Malic acid contributes to the sourness of green apples. It is present in grapes and in most wines […] The taste of malic acid is very clear and pure in rhubarb […] Malic acid occurs naturally in all fruits and many vegetables’

  17. Free Energy Technologies says:

    What is information? Answer: information is a tool that can be weaponized.  (Tool and weapon) (advantage and disadvantage) (power and no power) there is a battle on suppressing and obtaining valuable  information ,a fight for power (there are things they don't want you to know and there are things they want to know ,they want to replace our reality with lies and deception while they know the truth and they will use there power against us however we take fault in there actions as we are the ones who raised them and feed them those at the top live off of us so we have some fault there and we are quilts for allowing all this to happen and doing nothing because we are too busy enjoying our pleasure and being a loser I am speaking to the whole here please get up and do something we know longer have a world of peace anyways at least get up and do the right thing.

  18. Dave says:

    David Kieth and Ken Caldeira, the American equivalent of Baghdad Bob.

    • Dennie says:

      … yeah, we got here The Bobsey Twins of "Advanced Scientific Knowledge;" or maybe Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum (okay, "Dumb and Dumber–" you get to decide Which Witch is Which)… naaaaah, it's really more like Beavis and Butt-Head: Sorcerer's Apprentices in the Laboratory (again, YOU get to decide which witch is which… haha!!!!!)

  19. Gail Goett says:

    Dane, You are Bat Man! Shame on the Searchlight. Their Excuses don't hold water. You are so Professional. We are Big Boys and Girl's and can decide for ourselves what is Fact or Fiction! If of course, we are allowed to hear both sides. Truth is so easy, Lie's are broken  and awkward as their responses clearly show. Yeah to the Legal Team. And yet another proof of the lie's to keep on file when the truth is exposed to the masses and finally spoken openly. I have kept a list of names for three years now and now into the hundreds. We do know who you are ! Your face WILL be known,                           Bravo Dane and the Legal Team.

  20. marcia says:

    To: A Simple Horseman…..I also have recent sneezing and horrid arthritis pain that flares up. I have definitely seen a correlation to the spraying. I have also been dragging around in a daze and so very tired that I find it hard to get up in the morning. I take B12 and D3 but will be adding additional vitamins and such. 
    AND…THANK YOU DANE! Enough words cannot describe the appreciation for all your work..

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marcia, I thank you kindly for your comment. We each have our points for warding off the evils that we eat and breath. Please let me offer a point that crossed my memory while reading your comment and reflecting upon my own "ailments". As a very young man… I remember vividly 'a star trek episode'. Mr Spock got hurt real bad and he did not react "normally". He was quized, "how can you endure over such pain?" His answer, and one that I live by is this, "mind over matter". Simple up front, yes, then you get down to the nitty gritty of it all. That's where one finds their true inner strength. When I stop ticking, that's when it's time to tip over. Until then, I stand as tall as I can.

      "quote for the night", "those that tell the truth are bound to repeat themselves" (MFT, 2010). God help our elders see the truth and not just be senile…..

  21. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Many people still don't see and are proud knowing nothing ,don't get carried away on the size of the awareness we still are not safe I never came across anyone who has knowledge of this.

    • SimpH says:

      FET, I know exactly what you mean, My experience if I  mention it to younger ones, (Most give you a blank stare), On the other hand the majority of older people that farm, garden or hunt (outdoorsmen) will realize the link to Geo-Engineering when you put them on the right path to knowledge such as this site. Keep up the good work my friend!

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      You do it anyways it doesn't end there if they are not going to listen then you expose that and walk away as he proudly would label you a conspiracy nut job because the truth is good people are hated.

  22. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Yes the awareness is already big however many people still give in and are just not seeing and are proud of nothing we need even more whistle blowing.

  23. Dave says:

    Tom, much thanks for the answer as to why grass doesn't seem to be affected by SRM/SAG, as much as other flora and fauna.

  24. BC says:

    Hi all

    Anyone you has read my previous post knows how much I comment on these fabricated lows across British Columbia. We are in the midst of another stalled rotator that is continuing to dump heavy cloud & rain throughout the region.

    Just a theory on my part. The PTB continue to open the door of the refridgerator  so to say to drain the cold from the high arctic through their facilities in Alaska through windows they open in the north pacific. These cold air masses are then redirected into their weather modification schemes across north america which is why NA temperature is not warming as fast as the rest of the northern hemisphere. This effect is what is probably warming the arctic so fast as the cold air that is being robbed is being displaced from warmer air through siberia & northern europe. Hence the melting permafrost & methane related problems. I have watched the weather patterns in the north pacific for a long time & the repetitive aspects are undeniable. What do you say Dane? Maybe you have already observed & spoken on this?



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello BC, though the cold from the Arctic region is often used for the engineered cooldowns of lower latitudes (via ionosphere heater jet stream manipulation), this does not imply that the Arctic is being intentionally melted off (though the overall effect of global geoengineering is worsening an already horrific anthropogenic warming scenario). There are countless complexities, we must always keep this in mind. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-and-greenhouse-gases-the-toxic-tug-of-war/

  25. SF: Paul Craig Roberts at his awesome accurate best!   :o)

    Are You a Mind-Controlled CIA Stooge?
    Paul Craig Roberts August 31, 2016
    Do you smirk when you hear someone question the official stories of Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris or Nice? Do you feel superior to 2,500 architects and engineers, to firefighters, commercial and military pilots, physicists and chemists, and former high government officials who have raised doubts about 9/11? If so, you reflect the profile of a mind-controlled CIA stooge.
    The term “conspiracy theory” was invented and put into public discourse by the CIA in 1964 in order to discredit the many skeptics who challenged the Warren Commission’s conclusion that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman … The CIA used its friends in the media to launch a campaign to make suspicion of the Warren Commission report a target of ridicule and hostility. This campaign was “one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time.”   So writes political science professor Lance deHaven-Smith, who in his peer-reviewed book, Conspiracy Theory in America, published by the University of Texas Press, tells the story of how the CIA succeeded in creating in the public mind reflexive, automatic, stigmatization of those who challenge government explanations.  This is an extremely important and readable book, one of those rare books with the power to break you out of The Matrix.  The CIA’s success in controlling public perception of what our Founding Fathers would have regarded as suspicious events involving the government enables those in power positions within government to orchestrate events that serve hidden agendas.  The events of September 11 created the new paradigm of endless war in behalf of a Washington-dominated world. The CIA’s success in controlling public perceptions has made it impossible to investigate elite political crimes. Consequently, it is now possible for treason to be official US government policy.


    • Dennie says:

      Susan and Commentariat:  Somewhere on Google or YouTube you can find a copy of the "Conspiracy Theorist" Namecalling Propaganda Memorandum from the CIA, complete with date (1968, I think). 

      These Gate-keeping Media A$$holes are just sooooo PATHETIC I mean, COME ON, NAME CALLING??? How freakin' lame is thaaat, and how revealing when all you have is mud-slinging name calling as a "weapon," and NO ACTUAL FACTS– ???  Proof Positive these assholes are definitely backed into a corner!!!!

      I got the same UGLY TREATMENT as Dane got from "Silence Lyin' "  when I mentioned the drought and wholesale attempt at "Solar Radiation Management via spraying of the planet with nanoparticulate toxic metals to a guy who said he'd been a reporter at KPFK ("progressive" Los Angeles radio station) who told me most definitively (oh, yeah.. as if you in fact KNOW— arrogant know-it-all A$$hole!!!!!) that the barium poisoning I was hospitalized for in 2010 was, as everyone knows (??) due to barium "used in (1800s) GOLD MINING" efforts… How lame is that?  The guy doesn't even know what every California fourth grader knows about history– duh.  Now, the onus is on assholes like this guy to prove to me and you and the rest of the wide world when was the last time we had wholesale gold mining in California (Answer: 1800s) and why is Marin County 200 miles away from the gold deposits (There are exactly NO gold deposits in Marin County– gee, DUH!!!!) and it's your tough crap if you don't like that fact, and yes, the answer to that is "duuuhhh," as even fourth graders know the answer to that, for God's sake! Oh, and why don't they use barium in gold mining (ANSWER FOR DUMMIES:  Because you need MERCURY to wash the gold ore and that has been found in S.F. Bay– NOT barium…);

  26. LS says:

    My letter to Lake Tahoe News.net. was right up top in the news section this morning titled – Letter; Govenment needs to stop Geoengineering

    It has been buried at the bottom under news feeds or the like. We are not surprised. Please read it. Thanks, Linda

  27. Marc says:

    I have said for some time, as have many others, that weather modification alone cannot possibly account for the vast array of what we see going on in our skies. I submit that the aspects of the aerial (including HAARP) programs that succeed in actually modifying weather in one form or another are THEMSELVES red herrings and distractions intentionally designed to throw us off the scent of what the deeper and more overarching AGENDAS are. In much the same way that the Apollo and subsequent space programs have all been designed to throw us off the scent of the SSP. And I believe those agendas to be military in nature. The biologicals and nano-dust known and proven to be deployed as part of the sprays are well beyond our wildest imaginings. How many different ways can one say "we're f**ked"??? Because, quite frankly, we are. It really looks like the bad guys win this one. The motherf**kers behind these programs will stop at nothing. Many who dared to speak up or question the programs have been suicided or outright murdered to silence them. We cannot know their numbers. Hello? I truly do apologize for my sentiment here (no, I don't) but we are all sitting ducks and the mere flip of a switch could quickly annihilate us all. Forget all the bullshit about overt nuclear war etc….etc….We are already all swimming every second of every day in an invisible nuclear war of ionizing radiation and will ALL die as result. And if that somehow magically doesn't kill us, the next thing on the list absolutely will. Bad guys 1, rest of world, 0. 

      We can all continue to fight the good fight against geoengineering, which is exactly what I intend to do, in my humble little way. But I gotta be frank: ever accumulating DATA points in only one direction: game-over. Why sugarcoat it? Everyone here can handle the truth. Parallel timelines notwithstanding, we're screwed every which way but loose. At this late stage of the game, there are only two wild cards that might possibly make a difference: 1) Divine Intervention (not sure how that would work)

      As bleak as this all sounds, I will personally continue to live my life "AS IF" there is a future and with as much love in my heart as I can engender. I adore life. I adore this world and have experienced a relationship with HER that goes beyond indescribable. Though I have railed endlessly at the nearly unforgivable ignorance of my compatriots, I understand why their ignorance is not 100% their fault, though my comments often suggest otherwise. These are wild times we are living in. We, every one of us, are tethered by the merest filament to the paradigm we've all known for most of our lives. That is all about to change. Namaste.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc!  You mentioned 2 wild cards yet said only one!  Is the other supposed to be obvious?  I'm in a mood.  I agree with you and I too for quite some time now am certain this is way more than weather modification if it ever really was that or just a happy accident!  Idiots.  They come right out and say so about the ionosphere and plasma, which really is not hard to understand at all.  They are trying to ionize the plasma more for communication and weapons.  A sort of narrow band in the ionosphere, really, a very delicate system, carries various sorts of radio wave lengths.  Like the metal boxes a simple horseman asked about, they want to implace plasma where they need it.  Where it is weakest because it is not even steven all the way around.  There are gaps.  The military comes right out and says they are wanting to do this in order to better communicate with submarines.  The ionosphere holds enough electricity to power the planet.  It is also our first line of defense against the sun, like a blanket they say, a protective one.  So, this question of a simple horseman is quite telling.  First, the military wants something.  Then they float the idea, to modelers: we need something like this to do that, can someone make it happen?  Design it?  Same thing, m.o. as all their other geoengineering schemes.  Sooner or later, some genius will think of one and they will rush to do it.  Without a thought to this extremely important, incredibly delicate and extremely hot and dangerous layer of our atmosphere, basically separating us from space and they want to play with it!!!!?  Not for weather, not for profit, not for electricity or any scheme to benefit mankind–only for US submarines.  The hubris is beyond even the first atomic bomb.  These are scary crazy people.  Utterly terrifying.  Soon it is gonna be Kostner's Water World, maybe, looks like.  Well, that would be the upside.

      The CIA has hijacked science and universities.  You'd think Dick Cheney was involved.  Their name, Central Intelligence Agency, is ironic beyond belief.  It's like a sicker version of Father Knows Best.  We're the clueless as children? hoi polloi who can't possibly grasp the big picture; best if we are kept in the dark.  Sure, of course they are doing weather modification–as a weapon.  Hey, just weeks ago the EPA slapped Obama's hand for having given permission to the navy to blast sea life with 10 times the amount of sonar deemed acceptable, instead, deadly.  Oh ooops.  The USA is the largest supplier of weapons to Saudi Arabia! USA is our name, War is our game.  Perhaps they didn't even really intend to poison us, that too a happy accident and a huge boon to Big Pharma and docs everywhere.  That stupid, that fixated.  Like a rabid dog, beyond reason, beyond hope.  And what luck that all the trees died!  the better to drill, frack and mine.  They think they have us on the defense now.  They are wrong.  This is one unhappy country and the fuse gets shorter every day.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Marc, wow, I am humbled by your words of things as they truly are. I am in adoration of your spirit to fight to the end. Even if we lose. Your are a great Warrior! (Takes one to know one). Attila the Hun would say so also. He surrounded Rome and had it with in his power to conquer. "Why did he order his troops to leave"?, after a closed door meeting? Valid questions in history that are prevalent today.

      Marc, Mr Speaker of the house(I just elected you). You are more than you think you are. I promise. I read it in your words. Be Great!, Be humble and compassionate. Many will will follow you. Lift them high.

      As high as you lift all of us here at GW…………..

    • Diane Friday says:

      Sad to say, I agree with you Marc. Even if my eyes and ears were deceiving me, my gut never lies. We all still possess certain primal instincts, and those instincts are screaming at me now. I've seen behavior changes in our cats as well. They seem to be more nervous, on alert too often, and sleeping under the bed – hiding – more often. I learned long ago not to disregard those gut feelings, and I'm not disregarding it. Something's coming down and it's going to be soon. When the evil corporate behemoth that is Walmart starts selling emergency survival backpacks – enough basic supplies to last two people three days – that's when you know it's about to get real. 

      I too will continue doing what I've been doing for as long as I'm able, but yes, our familiar and comfortable paradigm is about to change. 

      Love and light to you and to all the wonderful and dedicated people involved in fighting the good fight. 

      To the end. 

    • Carrie says:

      Thank you Marc. I resonate with your every word. Beautifully expressed! 

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  "……..designed to take us off the scent.."  For some time now I have been reading about a lightening that is not a collusion of energy between the earth and the atmosphere, but is from the upper reaches of the atmosphere.  I am trying to recall which of the Space Shuttles was destroyed upon entering the Earth's atmosphere after having been struck by this recently publicized type of very powerful "lightning."  A photographer south of SF had taken a photo of that Shuttle being struck.  I recall seeing the photo in the San Francisco Chronicle.  Oddly, NASA did cartwheels to deny what ones own eyes could see in the image.  Actually, not so odd because we now know NASA is another major liar.  The "lightning" was a purple color.  It came out of the region of the upper ionosphere.  I cannot help but wonder about this and if perhaps the Shuttle destruction was an experiment gone sour, maybe the psychopaths we see meddling with "tether" experiments, and assorted zapping of the ionosphere, are causing a blowback.  And, the other day at a large EU national park that also manages a herd of 25,000 elk, one of these weird bolts that came down but not conjoined to the earth killed 323 elk.  The term I believe used was a "Sprite."  Now I read scientists say it was a gamma ray burst that killed these animals.  My post is mostly conjecture but my suspicions are valid given what the nut jobs are doing to the upper reaches of the atmosphere.  "And they made fire come down from heaven in the presence of men."

    • Ed Bee says:

      I agree once again with you, Marc. There is a Big Plan unfolding which we know virtually nothing about. Each day I feel more and more anxious and uneasy, with a growing sense of dread. As I've stated before, I believe killing everything off is the surest way of guaranteeing there are absolutely no unintended survivors to mess things up for the elites who plan to repopulate and regenerate the world to their specifications. It's hard to keep fighting the unknown, but fight I will for as long as I am able.

  28. Leo Derosia says:

    Carole Ferguson is more interested in her hair than what we are all breathing , thanks for being a patriot

  29. frank says:

    I think everyone knows the skies are screwed up, but the fear of being called a "nut" is in control of the mob called man. When the truth comes out, all that fear will turn to anger and there will be a reason for everyone to get very mad.. 

  30. Mark bayne says:

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall to hear what these people say out of the public view !!!!! " We will be ok just deny , deny , deny "

  31. Nasa: Earth is warming at a pace 'unprecedented in 1,000 years'
    "Records of temperature that go back far further than 1800s suggest warming of recent decades is out of step with any period over the past millennium. The planet is warming at a pace not experienced within the past 1,000 years, at least, making it 'very unlikely' that the world will stay within a crucial temperature limit agreed by nations just last year, according to Nasa’s top climate scientist.  … “It’s the long-term trend we have to worry about though and there’s no evidence it’s going away and lots of reasons to think it’s here to stay,” Schmidt said. “There’s no pause or hiatus in temperature increase. People who think this is over are viewing the world through rose-tinted spectacles. This is a chronic problem for society for the next 100 years.”  …  Lingering carbon dioxide already emitted from power generation, transport and agriculture is already likely to raise sea levels by around three feet by the end of the century, and potentially by 70 feet in the centuries to come. Increasing temperatures will shrink the polar ice caps, make large areas of the Middle East and North Africa unbearable to live in and accelerate what’s known as Earth’s 'sixth mass extinction' of animal species."

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, as dire as Gavin Schmidt’s report may seem to some, if human race remains on the current course, the time horizon is unimaginably shorter. The greatest leap the human race could take in the right direction is to expose and halt the climate engineering assault. 

    • Christine says:

      After ~ 2 months of not seeing any visible chemtrails, except for a strange clouds layered into totally 'parallel horizon' every evening, since yesterday a heavy chemtrailing and HAARPING of the skies in Pacifica, CA took place. What is most frightening is the change in 'colors' of the sky, in particular in evening hours. The CCD camera, which is used for ~8 years by now, is showing different color scheme to what my eyes see. With sun way behind the horizon after sunset, the possible fluorescence of the metals in the clouds and free air completely saturates that area when looking at it with CCD. So instead of seeing everything blue, what my eyes see, the camera is filling the entire atmosphere above the ocean with white-golden color, which my eyes see as blue.. Settings on the camera were not changed…

  32. sea says:

    For all those suffering with respiratory ailments (as we all are to some degree, we cannot avoid the daily aerosol assault on our body's).I am a nutritionist and prefer to use a few drops of tincture of Myrrh in my neti pot of distilled water.

    This is taken directly from my herbal studies – the book is Medical Herbalism , author David Hoffman FNIMH, AHG

    "Myrrh is an effective antimicrobial agent that has been shown to work in two complementary ways.Its primary action is to stimulate the production of white corpuscles, which have anti pathogenic actions.Secondarily , it has a direct antimicrobial effect….listed are laryngitis , (infections of the mouth,cold sores), sinusitis, and respiratory complaints"

    I use it often…almost daily- my favorite, easy to get is Herb Pharm- that is what I like.Hope this helps someone….by the way MUST do it regularly (daily).

  33. DrDignity says:

    Important read today, "Climate Change May be Readying to Split the Heavens"


  34. Dave says:

    While witnessing and lamenting the hundreds of thousands of dead, dying, and soon to be dead trees,I wondered why the soil contamination doesn't seem to have the same effect on grass, at least not that I can see. I would greatly appreciate any answers from fellow posters as to why this is. The sky smearing has been non stop the last couple of days in West Michigan area, good to see there seems to be some "cracks in the dam"  as Dane refers to state of affairs, keep pressing on in this righteous cause, were gaining ground.

    • tom liccione says:

      Dave, grass seems to be naturally tolerant of Aluminum. For example, wheat (Triticum Aestivum), being a grass, excludes the free aluminum in the soil by secreting organic acids such as malate, at the root zone.

      Other plants can actually uptake and store the aluminum and survive. For example, the Tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, stores aluminum in the older leaves so much that it is considered a hyper accumulator. My guess is that it would be wise to avoid black tea, since it is made from older leaves.


    • Jenny says:

      As I keep commenting here, the grass in my corner of New England is very dry and lots of it is a light tan color.  Every other year, it was a beautiful deep green all summer.  I am so angry about this bleeping man-made drought.  Not to mention all the crap I see in the sky hovering over so many small farms.  

    • Yamakawa says:

      Hello Dave. Glad to hear, at least the weeds are adapting, it seems.
      Here in Tokyo Japan, although it may be less than the US land, we still do have constant diligent sprayings, but even in the urban areas, we have massive weeds growing around everywhere. The weeds are lively, and the trees I see in the parks are still healthy so far (some trees “waves hello” with their leaves sometimes when I approach them. People may see me crazy if they see me “hug them”, so I pat their roots softly with my gentle stomp LOL). We still have cicada chorus ringing lively this year, the routine orchestra every summer. Cricket and grasshopper chirpings also.

      My speculation is, grass has life cycles quicker than forest trees, so they are more adaptive to massive changes in surrounding environment, even toxic changes. I am not sure about the dying trees, since I could only see videos and photos on the US, but they may still be enduring by detoxicating, shoving off the surface part, since they could survive as long as their roots are alive. Forest trees could team up as groups, so some part in the group may sacrifice themselves to support some selected trees to earn their time to adapt and survive.

      In my experiment with spinach, when I planted the seed in shallow pots, they adapt themselves to grow less tall. Even if I transplanted them to the outside field in their infancy, they did not adapt to grow larger as the size of those that were seeded primarily to the field. They grew small like those growing in the shallow pots. So it seems that the spinach is making their adaptation decision around the seeding/sprouting timing, and it is difficult or may be impossible to change their adapting plan after that timing.

      Speculating from that, it may be difficult for trees to change their adaptation plan after they reach their adulthood. They may have to reset their plan by passing on to their next generation, which is by restarting by their new seeds. “Scientifically speaking”, their primary epigenetic alternation timing may be limited to seeding/sprouting timing.

      FYI Suzanne Simard: How trees talk to each other

    • Jenny says:

      Tom, I did not know this about black tea.  Camellia sinensis being a "hyper accumulator".  I live on black tea.  I love it and I need the caffeine of loose tea to function.  Thanks for the warning.

  35. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all, I've been wanting to post about my day last Friday.  For one thing, this has been one long cold summer in Berkeley and as with others here, for awhile our sky looked blue-ish.  Except for here and there.  In my inbox mail, I read some articles from a group called Global Women.  They would like financial support, and to have people will them their estate, but also to sign for different issues, in the main, issues that primarily fall on women, women all over the world.  One article of interest focused on Imperial County which they say grows 2/3rds of all the vegetables consumed in winter in the US, calling It our food basket.  The issue they were addressing is one of extreme pollution from a great many sources affecting both sides of the border.  The dust so thick few can breathe, most children with asthma.  All sorts of diseases due to intense dust and pollution, emphasizing that even if one does not live there, one eats from there, and therefore eats the pollution.  Birth defects too, many issues, many reasons.  They mentioned the worst of the pollution is measured in PPM, that 2.5 ppm violates the law, and has stayed set at that level for a decade despite huge population increases and the pollution that goes with.  Almost as an aside they mentioned that there is a small naval air facility nearby that can have more than 450 flight operations a day!  Well!  That caught my eye!  And where is Horsegirl when I need her?!   Seemingly, it is not known what these 450 flights a day are for.  Seems odd and greatly contributes to the overall pollution there.  If anyone is near there, check that out please!

    Then they asked me to sign something and also allowed me to give my own input.  So, as usual I mentioned geoengineering and weather modification programs and the harm they drop on us, along with a number of other aspects, but that in the main.  After signing, the site turned into a bunch of squares filling the whole page, a different issue in each square.  To my complete surprise, nearly shock, one was on geoengineering, I hit it and it was Dane!  I was stunned and for me, this a first.  After watching that, I noticed another-Dane and Dell Bigtree!  From a FB interview.  I'd not seen it before as I basically don't DO FB, am on it but seldom go there.  Then felt I should as I realized I am missing out on so much!  This was a great interview and not short!

    Then, as I tried to send it to someone, computer had a hissy fit and I had to call Comcast AGAIN–hate that, hate.  Long effort requiring a special tech guy to fix.  As we were waiting for this and that to happen we chatted.  He is 34, has a 9 year old daughter, complained of military spending while neglecting infrastructure saying he lived in the capitol of Michigan, yet there are pot holes that will take out your rear axle!  He was a calm, gentle spoken guy, and also said some stuff about the weather.  So I asked if he'd ever heard of geoengineering.  No.  So I said weather modification?  He said That he Has heard of but didn't know much about.  So I began giving out info, site, etc, and he ate it up.  Knew what I was talking about, knew the skies were weird but not the why of it, kept wanting to talk more, know more!!  We ended up talking way long, considering his job.  I even went a bit deep explaining how very dire and he got it.  Fully grasped his responsibility to his daughter.  I have no doubt he is now quite aware and continuing his own research.  Wow.   All this from Global=Women was amazing.  Very much a world wide site, focusing on health for women and children, safety too and freedom.  So, apparently, this international group is aware of the issues with geoengineering and it's harmful health and weather impacts, as well as aware of Vaxxed!

    Seriously, a day like this was, bolsters one's spirits and more.  I felt this huge surge of pride in Dane.  A global tsunami if you will. No nay saying.  Global awareness!  Just wonderful!  Never give up.  Never.  Hope lives.

    • ron hall says:

      Rachel Robson:  What's going on at KPFA in Berkeley regarding geo/climate engineering?? I used to live there and in Bay Area.  Back in the day people like Chris Welch, Philip Muldari, Larry Bensky and Dennis Bernstein et al.–at least one would've spotted this horrific matrix we are inhaling.  And I would think one or more would get into ionospheric heating, HAARP, and world- wide ionospheric heaters and the creation of heavy duty PLASMA EMBODIMENTS some 200 miles or so above our heads orbiting the planet and used to blast everything from jet streams to a troposphere thick with metals. Or Pacifica's sister stations–have they all caved like now useless NPR??   'just wondering. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey ron hall, I have no idea!  I don't listen to radio much at all and never have.  Oddly or not, I have very little patience for talk radio, instead just playing music I like if I do that.  I write, I'm a writer, and I write and sing music too, make up songs all the time.  It's as if I need my head free of noise so that I can hear the music in my mind.  It is a refuge of sorts.  But, for what it is worth, Berkeley has sold its soul to the company store. Berkeley just is not Berkeley anymore.  Literally hundreds! of new buildings and I mean big ones, ugly for the most part and tooth by jowl.  What the hell?!  As I keep saying, do they not know the world is ending? Supposedly movies stars are moving here.  Prices are astronomical.  I don't get it but maybe that is why it has been so cold, like a refuge for those fleeing LA.  With all these buildings, many of which are ugly, come big city deep shadows and people I don't recognize anymore.  Techies are everywhere, with their man buns!  Everybody has upped their game. But, still a very very diverse community.  Which, I love that aspect even if all the faces are new.  As far as I know, there is no talk about geoengineering but for me!  I feel like the lone ranger.  People I know seem concerned with how they are perceived.  I live in west Berkeley, a used to be dangerous area.  One neighbor is mega into Halloween, and I've always done some version of it, but owing to him we use a ot of lights for safety and we get huge crowds.  Of mostly poor people.  This year, I'm thinking of changing up my porch stuff big time, maybe.  Occurred to me to turn it into a geoengineering porch, but for scaring the kids.  Still, maybe ways, things I could do.  I'm thinking of hanging planes from porch roof-with chemtrails attached!  Maybe a big globe looking like it is burning up and a thermometer in it.  A monster made of plastic stuff surrounded by belly up birds and fish.  Any ideas anyone?  A big poster of a turbo fan engine?  Don't want to scare little children with stuff they cannot imagine or know, but parents come with…..Not sure about this, but, you know, kids, future? and all that.

  36. Danny says:


    What a crazy world we live in. The planes here in Toronto are so ridiculously easy to spot:

    1) Planes that take off from the airport have chemplanes flying directly overhead and yet the planes that are taking off are traveling faster than the planes at 30,000 + feet.

    2) The "on-off" spray pattern is such a ridiculous giveaway it is painstaking to listen to the unawakened declare there must be "multiple ""pockets"" of cooler air" leading to "random natural jet contrails."

    Good luck with the lawsuit please give us updates here in Canada! What do you need to succeed? Money? Time?

    God Speed Mr. Wigington,


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Danny, thank you for your report, for your support, and for making your voice heard in this ctitical battle The most important help we need is for everyone everywhere that is awake to help with the effort to effectively and efficiently sound the alarm, every day counts.

  37. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia. Revision Update on my previous post where I described the SRM as being less obvious: Yesterday it was extremely blatant, with the 'feathering' trails ('FT', ie SRM trails that spread from their central line of dispersing) above the normal fluffy clouds ('NFC'), known in the industry as Low Level Cumulus (LLC).  The NFC/LLCs were melting away as per the desiccating effects of the FT.

    There were many other FT that had been laid down a while before as per the width of spread and their interaction with any and all NFC/LLC is markedly obvious by their cloud clearing effects.

    There was a very blatant thick line laid down east-west arching over the city. I have seen this position utilised before. it is not a commercial route as it is too high. Typically, planes coming in to land or take off from Brisbane circle much lower as they wend their way around the outer reaches of the city. Brisbane's International and Domestic airports are right on the water's edge of our bayside area.

    Our closest Airforce base is Amberley Air Base west of Brisbane outside the satellite city of Ipswich, about a 40 minute drive from Brisbane. Apparently Amberley is where military tankers are situated for use in SRM. That would make sense for our local weather modification.

    A very disgusted and sarcastic "Thank you" to the Australian Airforce for participating in this treacherous and destructive program. When I was in Primary School, I remember an excursion out to Amberley and to us kids  it was a blast. What young boy is not fascinated by planes and helicopters? And how sobering it was to grow up and learn about the realities of the War Machine.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Michel B, Or girl!  I SO wanted to fly, so much, so much.  I love to "go" fast!  Horses, cars, planes.  I was truly shocked to discover way back when that they would not allow female pilots!  I mean, I guess unless you were "somebody", at least somebody who could own their own plane.  Dang.  Even now at 69 I want to fly in a wing suit!!!!

      Here too, for a short bit the skies were blue, as close to blue as it gets here anymore.  And by the way, I've heard Brisbane is a lot like the Bay Area in many ways.  Monday was mind blowing.  First, weather guy said it would be colder!  Colder?!  But no, it was actually warm and really hot in the sun.  The skies were like a display of every kind of fake cloud there is, and much of it fried.  First, to the East, fat layer after fat layer of different colored clouds, just round, thick, long layers like a parfait.  Right though the middle was a pin line of a trail, so high up and I could not see the plane, just a point that left behind it a very long, very thin white stripe that really stood out in the parfait.  All over, some blue, but with trail flourishes like a big X that seemed to be collapsing inwards, big checkmarks, decorative whisps, all sorts, plus the squeezed puff ball big ones with that microwaved look, zig zaggy.  The entire sky full of distinct weirdnesses and really,  I must get my glasses and learn to use my camera.  I'd say it was one of a kind, but of course it will happen again.

      My take is that as soon as the law suit hit Dr. McNutt's desk, she called in favors from, oh say, Arianna Huffington and others, hence all the news and mags coming out against our delusional selves.  They took a short break, when reassured that all think us nuts, and others seemingly convinced of that, they had themselves a field day.

      Today I find out my best friend's husband posted on FB something to the effect that not only are we crazy, we're stupid beyond belief and called us "dick heads" or something like that.  Put up a big sign and rap about it.  I am shaking, not unlike Susan at the naval meeting some time ago. Bothers me that that can upset me so much!  Tricky waters.  Wish I could sic everyone here on him a la Dane.  This guy thinks he is so hip, so aware and he is intelligent.  So that makes him willfully ignorant, and therefore, complicit!  I am pissed!      

    • a simple horserman says:

      Notice the album cover. Two left hands grasping the bars. I likens to egyption symbolism.

  38. Free Energy Technology says:

    We need to make an effort to maintain and raise our intelligence level before the world becomes unsuitable for intelligent life forms.

  39. I would be curious to know how many of you now have this persistent throat-sinus-lung-coughing thing that does not go away. I contracted it from a man who came to talk about my work in metaphysics. We made almost no physical contact, except a parting hug, so I assume this ‘fungal’ respiratory illness is easily transmitted.  Are many of you enduring this? The Coughing makes sleeping difficult…  I had to visit my local car dealership yesterday and the owner was suffering from the same ailment, which he called an allergy.  Allergies in the PNW in August?  Since he works in a chemically contaminated environment, which all auto dealerships are, I did not have the heart to tell him that the Navy was responsible for our misery. The Navy is spraying here on the Olympic Peninsula like crazy with those wispy-filmy-milky-glass-drippers that eventually cover the entire Peninsula and turn the sky to a slow-death grey-brown. Sometimes there are even black clouds, I assume from the coal-ash.  The air would normally smell of the beloved evergreen Cedars, but instead has an icky acrid smell that cuts through the air and irritates the throat and eyes. No escape. I close the shades and stay inside. We are helpless. I wonder how long before the trees up here begin to die?  I’m still screenshot documenting what I find on EOSDIS Worldview.
    EOSDIS Worldview: The end of August 2016 / Olympic Peninsula WA, New Zealand & Africa Gulf of Aden

    • PatinSF says:

      Hi Susan I have had it all summer long! Despite being very healthy eating well, drinking lots of water, and avoiding alcohol I can't seem to kick it! I am scheduled to get a Sinus Scan on Thursday to see if it is an infection or what perhaps antibiotics? People think I'm crazy off course when I blame it on chemtrails..However they can't deny..Industrial pollution from cars, trains, factories, agriculture products and dust, construction products, and the list goes on and on.  Our sinuses and respiratory systems are under attack…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pat, I would advise caution on the use of antibiotics unless or untill a culture proves conclusively the infectioin is not fungal. The data to prove most chronic sinusitus is fungal is not new, but the informatin is virtually ignored by mainstream medicine as a whole. FYI https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/09/990910080344.htm

    • Thank you, PatinSF for your report – and thanks to Dane for this link: Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis   / September 10, 1999 / Source: Mayo Clinic
      ROCHESTER, MINN. — "Mayo Clinic researchers say they have found the cause of most chronic sinus infections — an immune system response to fungus.  They say this discovery opens the door to the first effective treatment for this problem, the most common chronic disease in the United States.  An estimated 37 million people in the United States suffer from chronic sinusitis, an inflammation of the membranes of the nose and sinus cavity. Its incidence has been increasing steadily over the last decade.  Common symptoms are runny nose, nasal congestion, loss of smell and headaches. Frequently the chronic inflammation leads to polyps, small growths in the nasal passages which hinder breathing.  "Up to now, the cause of chronic sinusitis has not been known," say the Mayo researchers…  "Our studies indicate that, in fact, fungus is likely the cause of nearly all of these problems. And it is not an allergic reaction, but an immune reaction."  … they discovered fungus in 96 percent of the patients' mucus. They identified a total of 40 different kinds of fungi in these patients, with an average of 2.7 kinds per patient."

      Susan F:  No wonder this is so ubiquitous since they have been spraying us for so many years now. Here is the fungus we are breathing in the wispy milky trails that drifted into my home and accumulated on my (black China lacquer) bedside table:


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, I am now into my 8th year of some kind of sinus weirdness, so far undiagnosed.  It has turned me into a mouth sleeper which I never was before, and I constantly want to blow my nose, yet nothing.  But for drips.  My skin around my eyes is red/pink.  I cough up stuff all the time but the first hour of every morning is the worst.  I used to have the sense of smell like a bloodhound.  Now, I can barely smell a thing!  A couple of months ago I caught an actual cold.  It was almost fun because for once I could blow and hoped that would clear out all.  But it was one heck of a cold that made me sleep all the time and feel so weak and feeble.  One day, feeling a bit better, I went out in yard to do some work, that went well so I decided to dust off the coop as it always has so many spider webs, so many, little hammocks of webs from edge to edge.  Like an idiot, I did not put on a mask, found myself in my own little haboob of dust, thick dust and wow.  Sunk into lungs and I got so sick.  So sick.  Now, better and back to stuffed head, no sense of smell.  So tired of this.  and I have a bit of a fever too.  I'm thinking this will never end.  Makes me so tired as I don't sleep well at all.  Good luck to you, me, and all! 

    • PatinSF says:

      Thanks for the heads up Dane against taking antibiotics…My ENT in fact prescribed Aflox a dangerous antibiotic like Cipro which I did      NOT take! I am going to try a Candidacleaner.com product instead..It is clear we are all fighting a fungal type of infection/outbreak here perhaps for many years now. I hope and wish for healthier days for all of us here and be well Susan and Rachel!

    • PatinSF says:

      DO NOT TAKE THESE ANTIBIOTICS! They should be reserved for hospital life and death situations only and if then!

    • Marilyn Avila says:

      Hi Susan – my husband & I both have sinus/lung issues.  I always seem to have mucus stuck in throat that won't go up or down & he coughs unproductively.  Nasal saline sprays seem to help a little, along with chlorella for detox. We are both in our 60's & live in Los Angeles area.  Otherwise healthy, vegetarian & even quit eating dairy.  Son & family live in Seattle – he was just diagnosed with lymphoma in lung and is getting treatment.  Breaks my heart.  I know it's from spraying but who can ever prove it?  I go up to visit frequently and also get photos sent of grandkids with wispy sky non-clouds in the background.   The spraying down here in SoCal is very covert (off-shore) – no lines for a long time, but still silvery-white sky.   I enjoy your posts very much,  and everyone else's too.   Keeps me (fairly) sane.  Thanks to all for efforts to expose these crimes,  especially Dane & LASG.  I'm trying to do my part also!

    • Teri says:

      I have it too Susan. I had it so bad over the winter with their spraying that creates ice nucleation and winter time cold that i couldn't go outside for 3 months. if i stepped outside i was coughing up a lung. it caused a bout of pneumonia of course and the coughing was so bad my doctor said i tore a small hole in my lung. get that! a hole. tore the lung tissue coughing. nothing worked. i finally tried our homemade stuff called firewater. it is the only thing that worked. my spouse took the liquid. i took the pulp and dried it and put it into capsules. the capsules were the only thing that quieted my coughing.  attaching a link for another recipe for it that is pretty much the exact same thing. all the ingredients are the same anyway. i am sure it would work for you the same. 
      I still cough. just not as bad. i found that if i take allergy pills i will stop coughing. i think what the chemicals do is irritate the sinuses which causes fluid to run down into the lungs. that is what i think happened with me. 
      I do believe it is the spraying campaign. the war on all life is what it is. it isn't just to kill people. it is to kill everything. perhaps they have an insane vision to remake the planet in their own monsanto image. all gmo. everything. even the air will be genetically modified. canned air for sale…who knows. all i do know for sure is they are insane. and the pilots that are taking money to do this deserve whatever hell they have coming. i have no sympathy for them or anyone else who takes money to kill other people.
      The cough for me is worse this time of year as they start to create the artificial ''fall'' by killing the trees. then comes the artificial winter with the ice nucleation chemical mix. there is no good time to breathe these days though. every breath is toxic 

    • LS says:

      I have it some days worse than others, Susan. It affects my singing voice a lot as well as my sleep as you say. I use a humidifier and take C daily. The person I know that has it the worst is a singer. Of course. It involves deep breathing.

      I wrote an open letter to the President, our Senators and Governor Brown that will be in the online news outlet, laketahoenews.net and maybe the local newspaper too, tomorrow. The Tahoe Summit has the President as keynote speaker and it is hosted by Senator Reid with our California Senators and lots of other dignitaries in attendance. I feel good about my effort and I needed that. I hope you'll search it out tomorrow, August 31. Of course I referred everyone to LASG.org and Geoengineeringwatch.org for facts and evidence. I can hear the talk already……

    • a simple horserman says:

      Susan, I am familiar with what you speak of with folks hacking. Geez, I feel sorry for them. I'm sure what ever they are taking(script or not) is only making things worse. A friend that had been taking "allergy shots" for years recently fell off his horse(he's 72) and got broken pretty bad. While in a "different" doctors care, the Doc diagnosed his sinus condition (he thought allergies), as a very long lasting "sinus infection". I doubt he is doing better now that the infection was arrested, via drugs of coarse. But at least he won't be getting "allergy shots" anymore. He lives 1 mile from me. We breath the same air. Susan, I see in my own sky what you see in yours. I think my skies are more inundated with what you picture. This "practice zone" stuff has got to stop! Unfortunately I can not stay inside. I must be outside every day. Here on the north Okanogan we have what locals call "moon dust". The dust from the soils are so fine they act like moon dust. Makes quite a cloud even when walking over it let alone driving over it. I have 1 to 2 inches of it on my driveway. It's 3/8ths mile long. I know what's in that soil. It grieves me to know. However, it also makes me even more determined to call out what is happening to us all on so many levels. I do not believe that the poisons being put into our air will coerce me to give in to the "agenda" of the ptb. They do affect us greatly though. Myself, my muscles and joints hurt 24/7. I have half the symptoms of toxic heavy metals in our systems. Lately I've been sneezing for no apparent reason. I wear grey polarized sunglasses with a mirrored lens. They help my eyes and they show the skies in great detail. Add years of acute observations to that and here I am today, The emotions I experience from all that are a full spectrum of highs and lows. Right now the ringing just started in my ears. Been silent all evening. So I look outside and what so I see?, HAARP lines right above my cabin. If it didn't happen together just once in a while, I could dismiss it to getting old, but no.

      The smell of the cedars in the late summer. Ah yes, I know that smell well(pun intended). And the Hemlock, and the Doug fir, GONE!!

      I do not know the smell of my own forest, anymore………..

    • Thank you all for your informative, painful and sad replies.   – Susan

    • James says:

      Hi Susan,

      Dito with the sinus problems and I'm from Ireland!  It's widespread here too and in fact, I have many acquaintances who are experiencing the very same symptoms. The sad thing about this is that there just doesn't seem to be any solution to it at all (be it natural or conventional treatments.)  Personally, I have been trying for two years to get these issues resolved – to no avail.  I live in Northern Ireland and I am convinced there is a Genocide going on over our heads, the spraying here is simply horrific and relentless – never allowed sunshine and always dark, demonic clouds, totally weird.  We have got to have one of the most corrupt and evil governments around, to allow this assault on the people daily and ..we have simply no where to turn and no redress.

    • helot says:

      Dear Susan Ferguson,

      I know someone who cured Lifelong bouts of sinus infections and conditions you describe by taking vitamins and minerals. Namely; magnesium, D3, K2, zinc, vitamin C, B12, and natto, along with a few others, I think.
      One of those, or a combination, did the trick. It was a significant hurdle to overcome and the change was quite dramatic and noticeable. I hope that helps.
      I briefly had the symptoms you describe awhile back, they all went away about the time everyone on the West coast mentioned they stopped seeing regular flights overhead. Coincidence? I don’t know.

    • tom liccione says:

      Susan, the more I learn, the more I see the similarities between us and the trees. For Example the majestic, centuries old olive trees of  Apulia hve been exposed for centuries to Xylella fastdiosa without a problem, but now they are dying. The garden variety bacteria and fungi are all of sudden dangerous. Our useful Aspergillus fumigatus, which breaks down dead leaves and gives us compost, is now causing Invasive Aspergillosis in some individuals. A compromised immunity system or the presence of Aluminum, which is a stress multiplier, could be the triggers for a fungal infection.


    • Jenny says:

      I noticed when I went out yesterday afternoon (sky full of mare's-tail thingies, short lines, some of which interersected, and blobs of white haze)  my eye started tearing and it didn't stop for hours.  It was reddish.  I take cetirizine 10 mg daily which helps with runny nose.  I get really painful foot cramps (only last few yrs) sometimes and now have "minor arthritis" in my knees.  I can't crouch on my left knee anymore and can hardly get up from my right–have to push off of something.  I have no idea if this last has anything to do with this subject but I just seem kind of young for arthritis.  How many people are getting the foot cramps?

    • marcia says:

      Hi Susan…I also live on the North Olympic Peninsula and the cough kept me up through the night. There have been many people in the area, also inflicted with the same cough. Another presence is fungus, also rampant with myself and others.I have been watching the  increase in chemical drop, saturation of the area, military missions over the area, and electro-magnetic war games – ha! (war games ON us). for 2 yrs. In regards to the death of our trees…I AM experiencing this already happening. Have you been to Dungeness (the spit) or Robin Hill Park? I started experiencing the black trunks, death and dying last winter. I spoke to a Forest Service guy there and asked his thoughts on this situation. He said he was rather new to the area but drought was his answer. I gave him "food for thought" – geo-engineering! I find it interesting that twice in a week there have been articles in the paper – 1 with Professor Mass, at the U of W indicating what our weather will be for the winter (no snow, lots of rain and flooding) and mentioning a few libertarians regarding climate change.Yet another article in last Sunday's paper headed "Short answers to hard questions about climate change" by Justin Gillis, The New York Times  where the finger is blatantly shook at the people, agriculture of all types being the producer of greenhouse gases that warm the planet, and  even cows being a culprit of producing methane. I continue to talk to people, known and unknown, and still amazed at the amount of people who know nothing nor look up, and other people who don't want anything to do with this sillyness (brainwashed) but more positively a number of people that listen and want to investigate further.

    • marcia — Thank you for your report on the Olympic Peninsula. Very interesting indeed. Both the cough and the trees. Thank you!

  40. bill mudd says:

    Actually while the focus here appears to be SRM and the other applications like drying out storms with coal ash aerosols – I wish as much attention was being made of the transmitters (AKA Radomes) floating out in the Eastern Pacific and throughout our whole country that are really a big part of the damaging forces.

    Radio waves are used to superheat storms every day. They blow apart the cores of these storms that in the past produced rain.The remnants are then chemtrailed.

  41. LS says:

    Carol F. So glad you could make it here. About the photo of you. Isn't that a computer in front of you? You searched and found this site so just keep going.  It is all there. I know it is painful and upsetting but now that your eyes are open and looking in the right direction (at the site that will lead you to facts), enlighten yourself. We look forward to you sitting down with a plate of crow in front of you……it's okay…waking up is hard to do.

    BTW, I loved Redding and the friendly people that live and work there. Hopefully on my next visit to one of Dane's events, the city will be prepared for its visitors. The local Chamber of Commerce should be vocalizing their disgust (and demanding change) with the Record Seachlight's abandonment of the principles to keep the public informed and appropriately pulling all advertising by its members.

  42. Zach says:

    I admire your utmost integrity and passion to continue this fight Dane. We are almost at critical mass and it will be over for these jackasses. 

    • Edward Palys says:

      I really hope that the game is close to being over, but am afraid that when the game is over, our world will be history. If geoengineering was the sole culprit of the evil cabal to destroy humanity, maybe we could stand a chance against them. But, they are attacking us from many other angles, scientific, medical food industry and you name it. This is what happens when people get too rich for their own good, they want to have total control.

  43. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Exchanges like these are informative and telling.  Even if someone following along knows next to nothing about the subject, it soon becomes obvious who is saying something important and who isn't. 

    This dynamic is obvious in the comment sections where I endeavor to post detailed, credible information regarding this complex subject matter.  Along with favorable responses, every insult or ignorant one liner reply actually seems to bolster my credibility.  Since I've made my argument, I always let them have the last word.  Every insult is a win.  Funny, isn't it?

    Both Dane and the lawyers on the legal team are clearly eloquent, articulate, organized, pointed and sincere.  They set a high bar for all of us.

  44. Cindy Spencer says:

    Dear Dane

    Mr Winston Churchill said in 1942  !!

    Never give in never,never,never,never, in nothing great or small large or petty never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense, never yield to force ; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy .

    Dane you have never given in ,ever …that is why there is a positive turning point and we all know it and can feel it !! 

  45. CJ says:

    Just before Lyons gets the ice water dropped on himself he says I know we are in the middle of a drought. The question is this? If he Acknowledges that, then he must have some sort of an idea WHY?

    The other thing also is, will the Real Carol please stand up. I am questioning this. If it is really her then, having the courage to stand up to justifying her Bad Hair Day is not Good Enough. Justifying that, and stating that the SRM is contrail jet exhaust is simply a poor excuse in her reply. If she has taken the time to post here then she is well aware of the Truth. 

    Will the real Carol please step down from your position or stand up, face the Factual Truth and Report it without hesitance.

    • Edward Palys says:

      The simplest way to "catch" these idiots off guard is to have them explain what contrails truly are. If they are water vapor trails, have them explain how it is possible for water vapor to persist long enough to turn into haze at -50*C way up in the atmosphere. I have questioned such "scientists" and they simply walk away.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, the attached link will shed much more light on the solar radiation management/geoengineering particulate dispersions we see in our skies. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/the-contrail-lie/

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dane,In regards to Edward Palys comment. I think this is an up front valid question.No matter whom we are speaking with. And to "all", let the question roll out like this: Why did we as children(those of us over say 50) watch real contrails and they disappeared in 5 to 20 seconds behind the "jet"?? HEY!, it's a good point to point out! Simple things for simple minds said the "simple" horseman. I believe "we" all need trigger points to pose to get folks to thinking beyond their little unsustainable bubble. Right?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Simple Horseman, yes, your point is valid. Further, with the moder high bypass jet engine design, with very few exceptions, we should see no trails whatsoever behind commercial carrieers and military tankers (which are both fitted with high bypass engines). FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/the-contrail-lie/

  46. Lori Bridgeford says:

    How frightfully sad that an attorney (busy as they all are with this class action) must stop what working on and  admonishes (even tries to warn) both Silas and Carole of their off task roles.After tracking the past few weeks of their deniers position, and sadistic manner, I can only describe  this behavior as perpetrating the criminal actions the lawsuit is aimed -a felony, crimes against humanity.   They are just as culpable as those spraying  away on us. How can they not see this  ONGOING attack ?  This reminds me of the enabling parent while the perp parent molests away–offending, scarring, damaging. Looking away will not work ! My question for Silas will be why has he not used any of the HUNDREDS I have sent him past year  for the Aug. 19 th publication ? I have every possible formation that has been emailed to Record Searchlight and local Channel 7 TV. Most have  massive trails, X -shaped, half circles, loops, zig zag. broken stem like segments , rainbow color with NO rain,  black, grey and brown spray to haze ,  & the  herringbone pulsed from radio frequency. Nope. Searchlight  used the  standard stock pic of clear blue sky and some generic  jet with no date on day of this  alleged commercial jet. (Can they prove that was commercial ? not other ?  I am not the only one with a massive stash of sky photos. Why won't they publish these intense  "contrails" or "chemtrails" that I have taken ? It would never fit the  pathological agenda and  corrupt narrative .  Nothing to see. Move along. That's bunk. How many people work at this paper and not see the cover up, minimizing, lying !  They are the looking  MORE guilty when refusing to cover such events, nor offer Dane a response to great defamation aimed a him.  Will only matter when it's all broken and then  personal. Grid down. Forced vaccines. Guns taken. Get chipped. Germ /virus outbreak.  Martial law. Or, mass electrocution via cell towers to microwave us in an hr. Right now Dane must have his reply to harsh attack/ hit piece  AND without them wanting to help him write it to their terms > like they have offered to  "help" others. RE: the ice bucket challenge vid with Silas-what ever people want to do in their private life is not the concern. The issue I see is that he did this stunt on Record Searchlight property, during work hrs, and in response to a fellow media TV Jennifer S.  "challenge"  to be ice dumped . My younger brother died  a long and slow death from ALS , and  I could not wish more for  mass awareness & funding  (if monies  even go to real true  research & I do not  actually trust Big Pharma, or charities of this nature due to fraud). So, if Silas is mainly  performing this  goodwill gesture  to really reduce  the  ongoing  negative impression , to maybe  soften any public stain/disdain  or  very bad reputation-it has actually made my opinion  of this peer challenge from TV anchor  even  worse to witness. Looks  ego driven more than sincere. Too much superficial "news" . Filler.  Just do your job in real journalism, or terminate and sever ties with news career. It does not fit at all.  To those who keep hiding the truth, reality, hard science, official documents, etc. >there seems to be plenty of job openings with Killary -many dead ones over the years I keep hearing. Clinton-Obama machine  value those who never question. Never challenge.  Comply . Just take money.  Be an order follower. Don't look up. Don't wake up. And certainly don't speak up.  Definitely do not let others speak. Record Searchlight and local TV KRCR have been mastering such unfortunate manner of work ethic and hope they grasp the severity of the very  clear role they have in  the near term extinction of EVERYTHING. Omnicide.  Breaking news !  We are broken.  

  47. ron hall says:

    Global awareness growing.  India accuses USA of HAARP antics!  This awareness is a long, long way from a small totally compromised newspaper in Redding, Ca.


  48. Ron Barr says:

    Exactly what 'advanced models' is Caldeira referring to, I wonder ?

  49. a simple horseman says:

    I will always reply to a comment like this. "Rabbit nexus", "rope" got us here. It sure as heck ain't going to get us out of this mess". Vengeance is not for mankind to mandate. We only have today. That is true for all living beings. Shall we hold you for all you have done? Maybe get a rope? Do you know who the judge is?

    No! And giving fight for truth will make the most blind "see".Truth is the only thing that lines up in our minds. They didn't get a degree for being stupid.  But they can get an education by listening to those that are worth hearing.

  50. a simple horseman says:

    Dane, and All, Goodness, it's come to a battle of the press. That's when those in the know , know things are getting stressed from within. I feel like a second string player watching his team "Win!" And being that it's the beginning of the "football"(roller ball), (look it up and watch) season. I once was on a two seasons in a row regional championship little league football team. My third year I was yanked half way across the country and ended up on the most losing team in the league. "That was my most Fun year". We were "friends", the coach took us home in the back of his pickup(63 chevy) after practice. Point being, Coach made it clear, "we" were all equal in his book", "our task was to do the best we could". And we did!, together. Where'd those days go?

    We lost and survived, and we knew each other well. Kids……

    I'm so appalled "we" must fight to have the truth be known "without" any false takes and not enough truth.

  51. a simple horseman says:

    It's not just Mosquitos people!!

    Look for the bugs that didn't bug you.

    Did you ever take notice of them?

    No bottom of the food chain, No chain… Game over!

    Pay close attention my younger friends. Listen to your elders.

    The awakened ones of coarse………..

    Seek!!, Damn it!, Seek til you drop in your tracks.

    And give of what you know, freely…….

  52. Denise says:

    It used to be that the media was there for OUR protection.  Huh, guess not anymore.  Don't buy the rag newspaper, I don't buy ours. 

  53. Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?
    Paul Craig Roberts / August 29, 2016
    Paul Wolfowitz and the lies that he told in the high government positions that he held are responsible for a massive number of deaths and massive destruction in seven countries. Wolfowitz has announced his vote for Hillary Clinton. Does this make you feel reassured?  … This is politics in America—totally corrupt. Chris Hedges might be right: nothing can change without revolution. … The demonization of Trump by the presstitutes is proof that Trump, despite his wealth, is regarded by the Oligarchs who comprise the One Percent as a threat to their agendas.  The Oligarchs, not Trump, own or control the media.  So the presstitute demonization of Trump is complete proof that he is the candidate to elect. The oligarchs who oppress us hate Trump, so the oppressed American people should support Trump. The presstitute demonization of Trump did not work in the Republican primaries. Is it working in the presidential election? We don’t know, because the polls are reported by the presstitutes, not by Trump. If the demonization does not work, and the election has to be stolen from Trump by the electronic machines, the consequence will be to radicalize Americans, something long overdue.  Perhaps the expectation of this development is the reason all federal agencies, even the post office and Social Security, have acquired arms and ammunition, and Cheney’s firm Halliburton was paid $385,000,000 to build detention centers in the US.  Those who control us are not going to give up their control without a world war.  In the United States evil has seized power from the people, and evil will not give it back.

  54. Joseph L. says:

    Great work Dane and the legal  team and everyone else that  spreads the word about climate engineering , srm etc.  This is a great 3 minute video from the great George Carlin
     The truth about the American Government  This is worth watching.


  55. Damon Duval says:

    ***** Dane & Co.

    Truth is a movement?

    I thought it was just the facts. Prosecuting the guilty tho is thru moving papers …. and they have been served.

  56. frank says:

    It is one of the great mysteries of existence, how the smallest drop of understanding can cleanse a sea of mistrust and hate.

  57. Carole Ferguson says:

    Yeah, about my hair. It's tied back and my bangs tend to separate like that because I have curly hair. Glad you got a good laugh out of it. 

  58. Dawnski says:

    Carol has the same demonic sociopathic smirk and look in her eyes as my ex's cyber stalking widow. .  .may God have mercy on her sold out soul!

  59. What Will You Do When The Lights Go Out? The Inevitable Failure Of The US Grid / By Julianne Geiger – Aug 12, 2016
    "…in the event of a power grid failure—and we have more than our fair share here in the U.S.—your survivalist savvy may be all for naught. … This horror story doesn’t need zombies or genetically altered mosquitos in order to be scary. Using data from the United States Department of Energy, the International Business Times reported in 2014 that the United States suffers more blackouts than any other developed country in the world.  Unfortunately, not much has been done since then to alleviate the system’s critical vulnerabilities. … we all understand the wisdom about not putting all our eggs in one basket, as the old-adage goes. Yet the U.S. has done just that with our U.S. power grid.  Sadly, this infrastructure is failing, and compared to many other countries, the U.S. is sauntering slowly behind many other more conscientious countries, seemingly unconcerned with its poor showing.
    The Grid, by Geography and Geopolitics: … the American power grid is made up of three smaller grids, known as interconnections, which transport energy all over the country. The Eastern Interconnection provides electricity to states to the east of the Rocky Mountains, while the Western interconnection serves the Rocky Mountain states and those that border the Pacific Ocean. The Texas Interconnected System is the smallest grid in the nation, and serves most of Texas, although small portions of the Lone Star state benefit from the other two grids. And if you’re wondering why Texas gets a grid of its own, according to the Texas Tribune they have their own grid 'to avoid dealing with the feds.'  Now that’s true survivalist savvy …."

  60. michael says:

    wow this one was extra long 😮

    yup the establishment is crumbling on all sides , along with the biosphere , but it's really amusing to see the establishment start to be really blatant and in our faces just how retarded they really are , watched a video on hillary's newest speech and it had me laughing harder than i have in weeks , their reign of terror is coming to an end , now if only we can make sure everything else doesn't die a long with them….

  61. Marc says:

    Yeah, yeah, I know you can't judge a book by it's cover, or in other words you can't judge someone's character by their appearance. But, after peering deeply at Silas Lyons in the embarrassingly stupid little video-op posted here, his actions in the context of the present broo-haha make more sense to me. I'm gonna temper my tongue lest I get in trouble but suffice it to say, this guy ain't no part o' nothin' and ain't worth the paper he's printed on. Good God Almighty, and to think this dweeb has what it takes to be in his exalted position at the Record Searchlight "strains credulity", to use a phrase. And Ms. Ferguson's grease-bombed hair and general appearance does go a long way toward making her pitifully deficient commentary more understandable.
    But again, I know a person's appearance is no indication of their character. But I'm just sayin'………….have a nice day. 🙂

    • Carole Ferguson says:

      Yeah, that's a very sad screen grab of me. Dane must have pulled that from a video I made two years ago from a chat we did on Measure B. That grease bomb look is because I have curly hair that I tied back, and all you're seeing is my bangs, which tend to separate like that. Looking at the photo, though, I do need to be sure I sit up a lot straighter when on video!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Carole, of course we would never post any private photos. The photo in question was taken from a public forum you were in. This is not about appearances, the real issue at hand is this, the Record Searchlight (and you), have shown a complete lack of journalistic integrity on subjects of grave importance. The Searchlight (and you) have completely abandoned any sense of responsibility to the public that depends on you to objectively report on legitimate issues. Further, in order to distract your readers from verifiable facts you launch baseless personal attacks and then refuse to let the person attacked have any opportunity to refute the false and baseless slander. You claim to care about the facts and yet you (and the Searchlight) quote a video game programmer who runs an internet disinformation site as a “science source” for your own disinformation hit piece. The citizens of Shasta County (and elsewhere) are waking up to the completely unprofessional and unethical behavior of the Record Searchlight and their staff.

    • Ron Barr says:

      Right on, brother. We need to shake these idiots up.

    • Marc says:

      MISSION F**KING ACCOMPLISHED!!! Ms. Carole Ferguson has just revealed to all of the many thousands who visit this site THAT SHE IS NOW DOING SOME INVESTIGATION OF HER OWN, ON THIS VERY WEBSITE. Gee, or do you think she's just TROLLING the site to see what's being said about her? Which do YOU think it is? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, Carole Ferguson might be starting to GET THAT HUMANITY IS IN EXTREMELY DIRE STRAITS AND MAYBE IT'S TIME TO SEE WHAT DANE AND ALL THE RUCKUS IS ABOUT??? OR……………….do you think she really is the shallow, unconcerned, one-dimensional non-entity that her comment here has put on full display?

    • Carole's hair and posture are not the problem!

    • a simple horseman says:

      Marc, See? Thanks for lending credence for when "I" elect you "speaker of the house". A humble "good job" to you.

      Carole, "Welcome", you are a singular rarity to this forum. I commend you for standing up for "yourself". Now, how about standing up for what you know to be "the right thing to do". Start with "doing your homework". It's painful, I assure you. But you are in good company. We all feel it. You will not be alone…..

      Carole, I'm glad you visited Dane's web site. There is so much to learn and so little time left to perform, "for the good of the many".

    • Marc says:

      Dane, your unyielding focus on the core issue and all that pertains to it is something to be admired. I am humbled. However, with regard to Carole Ferguson, if we assume that the Carole Ferguson posting here is really THE Carole Ferguson in question, and not some imposter, I find it interesting that the only two comments she posted here appear to be direct replies to my comments about her appearance/hair/whatever. Again, if we assume this is not some imposter, this reveals several things. First, she is surfing the comment section of this site, which suggests strongly she has probably read the entire article by Dane. Secondly, the only comments of enough importance to her to warrant going to the trouble of posting replies are those drawing attention to her hair. She is clearly making some kind of point. But, again, assuming this is not an imposter, her comments are intending to draw attention to (mock) some perhaps questionable commentary from some of those who frequent this site (myself, :-)). If this is the real Carole Ferguson posting here, she could not possibly have done a better job showing us her complete lack of what Cori Gunnells calls "journalistic integrity". She seems to be essentially holding up her middle finger to all of us who have the audacity to be concerned about the future of our children and indeed, of all living things on Earth. To so cavalierly dismiss ALL THE SCIENCE, THE ENTIRE LASG TEAM, DANE WIGINGTON'S IMPECCABLE CHARACTER AND INCOMPARABLE EFFORTS ON BEHALF OF ALL OF HUMANITY, as if this is all just some kind of weird hobby that she can't relate to, truly portrays, to me anyway, that this person is just a cardboard cutout resembling a human being, a person of little depth and zero understanding of the fundamental data upon which the entire anti-geoengineering effort is based. She is hardly alone. She has millions of like-minded folks who also enjoy living in this gated-community of ignorance. And undoubtedly this is part of what makes such ignorance so comfortable and rewarding for people like Carole what's-her-name. 

  62. Marc says:

    Anonymous, LOFL!!!! Thank you.

  63. Cori Gunnells says:

    Regarding the Record Searchlight (N. California's primary newspaper) –  Editor and managing editor, Silas Lyons and Carole Ferguson, are clearly digging a deeper hole and crawling further and further away from journalistic integrity with each passing day, and each passing remark. I find it ironic that the very name of their publication falls far from the mark of their corporate owner's (E.W. Scripps Company) motto: "Give light and the people will find their own way."  Clearly Silas and Carole feel their personal brand of light is best for their readership, rather than allow their readership to assert their own intelligence in determining what is important to them and what is not. I know for fact that many in the N. California area (as demonstrated by the huge attendance at several GeoengineeringWatch sponsored events of the last few years) feel that climate engineering/geoengineering is 'very' important to them – both ordinary citizens and educated professionals in fields of expertise. They all have concerns about their health and welfare, the environment, and their rights – including their right to know. The sarcastic replies from Silas and Carole to Dane Wigington, legal counsel with Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering (LASG), and concerned citizens is reprehensible, indicative of poor professionalism,  and shows their repeated arrogant sarcasm. This should be known by their readership. I also find Silas and Carole's behavior falling far from the 'Code of Ethics' spelled out by the Society of Professional Journalists. Here are a few obvious principles they egregiously fall short on – 
    Be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable. Give voice to the voiceless.
    Diligently seek subjects of news coverage to allow them to respond to criticism or allegations of wrongdoing.
    – Boldly tell the story of the diversity and magnitude of the human experience. Seek sources whose voices we seldom hear. 
    – Avoid stereotyping. Journalists should examine the ways their values and experiences may shape their reporting. 
    If Carole and Silas claim to stand by "sound scientific principles", the August 19, 2016 article they published shows they do not know what that means. I would encourage both of them to read the response that Clifford E. Carnicom from the Carnicom Institute wrote, titled: "A Response to the University of California and the Carnegie Institute." It will school them in what real scientific principles truly are, as well as show the motives behind the so-called peer-reviewed paper (survey) that the Record Searchlight chose to feature.
    At some point the general public will realize what has been censored from their view, and of a magnitude so great, they will seek to hold the editors of the Record Searchlight accountable for keeping them in … the dark, not the light. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Cori, Hi, and thank you for this link.  I live in the belly of the beast!  Yet, yesterday our skies were a wonder of a 'Heinz 57', everything but the kitchen sink, display of apparently every kind of fake cloud known to man, and with flourishes to boot!  Nearly artistic!-defying any other explanations by light years.

      I hope you can clarify something for me.  As I researched Record Searchlight, I did not find what you said.  I found that it is marketed by Gannett Company, Inc., a publicly traded American media holding company headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia near McLean in Greater Washington DC, the same company that publishes USA Today.  Of which 'Conservapedia' said has all the nutritional value of a fast food meal, calling it a McPaper!   Their regional papers are based on USA Today, with a few local things thrown it, and much, much sports coverage.  If this is true, then they are not really involved with journalism as we think of it.  More of a cut and paste.

      I am 69 getting closer to 70.  As a young rebel in KC, I was part of an underground news rag put together by the stellar writers there.  Underground writers with big name connections like Norman Mailer.  Our paper did not tell the truth but for by way of lampooning media and the government, and parody of the offensive sort which did get attention.

      The Record Searchlight is a lost cause that will Never change its stripes.  I'd say what a good opportunity for a new paper to move into that area, but for it being very hard times for newspapers, given computers, digital communication.  If they had skills, they'd know how to acknowledge current events such as Vaxxed, and prior anti-geoengineering efforts.  This would benefit the community and appeal to their reader's limited, uh, minds, as well as promote local services!  They could easily do this without approving or believing.  Just announce, advertise? the event-which of course would heads up and benefit local businesses, and they could cover things like who, what, where, why and when without dipping a toe into the water.  They could refer to the crowds as "alternative types".  They could include caveats so that they could slide by with some coverage.  For instance, they could have said that the screening of the new film: Vaxxed, was well attended by another record crowd of people often termed alternative, concerned with this very controversial topic.  They could even say that while they, themselves, chose not to attend, many businesses benefited from this influx of people, contributing to the great diversity of the area and all it provides for its residents and visitors.  Surely that would fit a minimal requirement for reporting news, while distancing themselves from blow back.  If they would Only do this, it would be a huge step forward.  All faces saved.  To ask them to believe, to become aware, is obviously a bridge too far—for now.  And, this basic reporting suggestion might just protect them from liability in the future.  I am hoping "someone" is reading this, hint, hint, hint.  Carole?

  64. jim stewart says:

    Dear Dane,
    I emailed both David Keith and Silas Lyons, et al. and cc'd each to LASG.
    All the best,

  65. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Progress is being made.  These people at the Searchlight are in trouble as their lies are now open.  Still too silent here when we email our TV Stations in Chattanooga,TN,  you get no reply at all.  Same for local radio.  

    Dane, What is causing the fear to not not report.  What card is the power structure holding?  There has to be something big and bad to get so many to fall in line.  It just can't be normalcy bias? What is going on out there that's worse then this to keep them quite?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello TNGEOWATCH, those in the corporate media are very clear on what they can and can’t report on if they wish to protect their paychecks and pensions. Honesty is not a part of their equation, only the objectives of those who pull their strings. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/climate-engineering-cover-up-exposing-the-criminal-corporate-media-is-critical/

    • Rabbitnexus says:

      I really don't think there needs to be any big thing keeping the majority of low level enablers which is what this Record Searchlight and it's denizens are, in line. The simple if sad truth is that personal courage is not something common to humanity when it comes to challenging the status quo of their lives. That oxygen thief Lyons has arrived where he is at via a certain paradigm of his own and who he is, what he is and why he does what he does will be part of that paradigm. People sense when new information is liable to severely damage the paradigm in which they live and as natural as it seems to some of us to pursue any avenue of knowledge no matter the consequences to ourselves, to many more the decision to even accept new information will be based on whether or not it is a threat to their current comfortable paradigm. Silas is a mediocre soul, someone who manages to keep a balance between turning over a dollar for an enterprise without creating out of proportion problems for the enterprise, which a truly honest and courageous editor might indeed do. Whether or not he knows this is all he is is immaterial, since his natural limitations will tend to work in harmony to ensure he keeps on doing what he is doing, nothing more.

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      So paycheck, fear of losing job?  Do you think they truly know the severity? I personally think most do and just don't care they just don't have fundamental values to love as Jesus taught.  Fear of losing a job is pathetic.  They have no soul no heart or kindness for anyone.

  66. izzy says:

    The willful ignorance displayed by the editors at The Record Searchlight is of course despicable, but certainly follows the larger pattern modeled by Calderia and Keith. Your tenacity in holding their feet to the fire is necessary and heroic, and awareness does seem to be growing as the symptoms become ever more overt. It’s hard to understand the mentality behind this sort of denial, except to say that much of our national story and current cultural climate seems based on similar blind foundations. And I would note that GeoengineeringWatch, with a visitor total now in excess of 23 million, has probably grabbed a lot more eyeballs than the local paper ever will. Let’s hope WW3 doesn’t go hot and make the whole issue moot.

  67. adam coleman says:

    Just an after thought after watching Mr. LYINGs take the ice bucket challenge…it would have been nice to see them pour ice water on him while he was running his BFM so it could have caused him to possibly go in to shock not expecting it but then again… it's also usually is nice to see turds disappear all together and forever after enough water is poured over them. I'm sure N Calif would call that a gain worthy of the water usage or they certainly will when his treachery is eventually exposed.

    Sadly…neither event occurred that day. Maybe next time?

  68. droughtsurvivor says:

    Unprecedented reindeer herd kill in numbers they have never seen. Will they care if Santa can't deliver their presents because Rudolf was killed by a freak lightning storm?   When the sky starts raining bolts of deadly lightning on the complicit criminal media cabal, et al maybe then they will wake up….NOT!!  This was predicted thousands of years ago that good shall be evil and evil shall be good and a strong delusion shall make them believe the lie.


  69. Joe Strauss says:

    You have those "Others"..by the …….
    And, I note:
    Chem trail spraying is now made to mimic the whips of natural clouds,
    Here  over San Francisco, CA..So, when you ask those to "Look up."
    The answer will be , I see that all the time.  (He/she is crazy.)
    No Worries however, Dane and associates are letting YOU  KNOW.
    Oh Yes,  I remind all of Germans during WW 2
    Heinz Knolke, German ME-109 pilot told yong pilots,
    what Hitler was doing (not favorable to Third Reich)
    And..the young ones said"He would not do this against
    Germany !"  Ah, He did do those things, Pilots ignored the senior
    pilots and of course..perished indeed…!
    So now, we  in USA have those negative beings still here, yet
    can not deny anymore..Too much is known now.

  70. adam coleman says:

    I agree that is almost as dispicable as their failure to objectively cover the issue along. If one thinks about it and their failure of the local business who probably spend much of their advertising dollars supporting the very publication that scrooed them form making a better profit at the expense of some scumbag's "moral authority" problem, I suspect after a few withdraw their money and their subscriptions that the snowball will give an ample opportunity for a startup newspaper WHO HAS ETHICAL MOTIVES to go forward with a promise to cover ALL ISSUES AND ALL SIDES

    • a simple horseman says:

      Adam Coleman, I've always enjoyed your comments. Often they bring a smirk to our faces. Is that a Great Dane in the pic with you? If I knew how to get a pic on my own postings, I would do so.

      Ok, so thanks a lot, you just turned up the pressure(universal guidance) on me. A "new publication". A thought I have had for over 2 years now. I am, or should I say my Mustangs are capable of riding in "public" locations. They love people. I can get the existing papers to cover me, and I can sell copies "and" subscriptions. (Gotta start somewhere). A man on horseback in front of the county building will get a little attention. Maybe home depot or wally world.  I've checked, it's still ok to ride your horse in towns(more than one) around here. I know the main writer for one of the two local papers around here. Had many an evenings discussion regarding many topics that affect us all. In the end, the happy writer couldn't endure the reality which they are alluding us 'all' from. In this case I know for sure, "we can't 'unlearn' what we let into our minds". Those seeds will sprout when things get "sparse". 3 kids and 3 grand kids will do that to ya. Myself, I have 2 and 6.

      Guess I'm going to have to break down and buy a color copier…

      Maybe I'll start with "The Ponderosa Report", They're dying folks!

      "I want my life back!", "Yesterday!!"… But then, "what 'was' my life?"

      "Parallels in Nature"

  71. Alan says:

    Since the "study" in question mentions increasing air traffic as one possible reason that we are seeing more "contrails" these days, I thought I would once again take the opportunity to report that, according to the FAA (http://www.faa.gov/data_research/aviation/taf/), aircraft operations in the United States have declined consistently and significantly (in almost every year) between 2000 and 2015.  In 2000, there were about 122 million aircraft operations (an operation is a take-off or a landing) in the United States.  In 2015 there were about 98 million.  So, we can logically ask ourselves, "If the authors rationalized their conclusion (even in part) by making a conspicuously and verifiably false statement, how much value can we place in that conclusion, or in the study itself for that matter?"  I mean, this is information that a nine-year-old could find on the internet in about five minutes.  How could it be that these very smart scientists couldn't find it?  (That's a rhetorical question!)

    • Christine says:

      That's a great information, which could be used to apply for an official  retraction of Caldeira's article, simply due to fraud. One could add couple of more reasons, like:

      1. the claim of having the high response rate (~90%?) of the 'experts', where in fact it was ~15%, from the ones originally asked for participation

      2. equally important would be to find how much Al, Sr, Ba can be in exhaust of jets, if any..? And add that info as an argument for the source of these chemicals clearly present in atmosphere, sils and waters

      3. I found one of the explanations in their paper for the longer contrail persistence in particular ridiculous, namely: "higher water vapor content of the atmosphere due to climate change (six experts, 12%)", since where is that water?? Shouldn't we see more rain with that higher water vapor content??

      and many more issues which could be in fact used in discussion with IOP editors about the retraction..

  72. Reggie Walsh says:

    Sent to Ms. Ferguson

    When faced with the facts of geoengineering and unable to either analyze or rationalize the information and thereby inform your readership makes you an ignoramus.  Give up on journalism and try another field instead, preferably one with pigs in it.

    Yours in disgust,

  73. Dane — This is excellent. You are beating them at their own game! Good evidential work.  "The point of this example of corporate media tyranny is this, honorless individuals will continue to lie, falsely report, or completely omit whatever they want until the population as a whole takes a stand for truth and justice. The power structure could not continue to carry out their crimes if not for the complete and total obedience of the mainstream media machine of mass deception."   They are students of Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, and is famous for saying, "If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it."   Bernays called this "engineering consent."   In 1927, Harold Lasswell wrote "Propaganda Techniques in World War I" and suggested that, "familiarity with the behavior of the ruling public (meaning those who had so easily succumbed to the propaganda) has bred contempt… as a consequence, despondent democrats turned elitist, no longer trusting intelligent public opinion, and therefore should themselves determine how to make up the public mind, how to bamboozle and seduce in the name of the public good…"   Alex Carey: “Propaganda has become a profession. The modern world is busy developing a corps of men who do nothing but study the ways and means of changing minds or binding minds to their convictions. – Taking the Risk Out of Democracy, Corporate Propaganda versus Freedom and Liberty, by Alex Carey, 1997; University of Illinois Press

    • jim stewart says:

      Dear Susan,

      I've found Aristotle's Rhetoric, Topics & Sophistical Refutations be an excellent antidote to 'engineering consent' or what Bertrand Russell once called the educational 'aim at destroying free will' (cf. Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt's the deliberate dumbing down of america: A Chronological Paper Trail, rev. & abr. ed. 2011, Conscience Press, p. 61. Always good to have an argumentative foil ready at hand just to preserve our sanity or soundness of mind. Some of us have a natural talent for soundness; but others, like myself, have to learn the art of discerning truth from meme, especially if the maxim is 'mimicked' via hyperbole and ellipsis! Or should I say by publicity? Nasty man that Bernays. Gen. Brock Chisholm, a Canadian psychiatrist, wrote in 1946 for World Health Organization in a paper called "The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress": The reinterpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong… these are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy (ibid, p.44). What an agenda!

      Stay sane and sound.

    • jim stewart — I'm laughing…  :o)   I never would have considered Aristotle as the antidote to Bernays. You say "if the maxim is 'mimicked' via hyperbole and ellipsis!"  Still laughing!  :o)  Your delightful, insightful erudition is both a welcome relief and highly amusing. THANK YOU!  Yes, Bernays left us glutted in sick insidious pervasive evil. Freudian control freak insanity, like the cacophony of most NYC shrinks. Thank you for this intelligent fun reply. Laughter is the best medicine.  :o))) I remember Bernays with the French sauce… …

  74. LS says:

    When we were in Redding for the event we told every single person we dealt with, why we were there and the fact that the Record Searchlight refused to notice the public of the event. Here's why it should matter besides free speech. The restaurants around the theater were unaware that there was an event at the Cascade Theater and were not prepared when the breaks came and people showed up in large numbers. We went without eating all day and I know many others did also. So businesses lost business and staff didn't get the opportunity to earn a whole lot more money that day. That is worse than being neutral on an issue. The Record Searchlight is an actual detriment to people earning their living. Resignations need to be submitted so the citizenry of Northern California can have a free press again, because they certainly don't now.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Excellent points LS! The Record Searchlight is demonstrating dereliction of its duty in the worst way. The incompetent and disingenuous staff members working there should be let go immediately. Unfortunately this is difficult when the ownership and management are directly involved in the cover up. Keep exposing them all.

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