Chemtrails: New analyzes in French laboratories


Filaments collected in the field in four places in France since the end of 2012

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
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Samples collected from individuals, entrusted to Analytika (Center for Independent Research and Expetises Organic Chemistry, located in Cuers, Var, France). Evidence was such that a French local newspaper picked it up in one of their publications.
The report recently published by Analytika analysis provides scientific evidence of anthropogenic origin of these filaments.Among the many various known organic compounds are detected in the composition of fuels and lubricants for aircraft engines molecules, including several phthalates , “endocrine disruptors”.
Drôme and Ardèche: Mysterious Filaments fallen from the sky “Reliable Explanation”

Tailliez Bernard, founder and scientific director of Analytika, concerned that its investigations reveal the existence of a new form of pollution directly attributable to air traffic air. The scientific community and relevant authorities are now alerted. Must quickly improve their knowledge about the origin and consequences, health and climate of this new form of air pollution and publish their findings because: “ The filing requirement entitles know . “(Jean Rostand)gives Analytika thank the association ACSEIPICA and citizens who participated in sample collection and research, without a commitment as a citizen the subject matter would not have attracted the attention of the authorities.

Polymers or nanorods
The full analysis here: (press)

In France it is reported through the streets:

Meanwhile, farmers in Spain Zamora and Clear Skies Association continue to provide visual evidence as polymers fallingin this video recently

In recent months they appear analysis of water, soil, blood and polymers: Analysis of water and soil carried on a farm on the outskirts of Lisbon – Portugal
Josefina Fraile , president of Earth SOStenible and member of the Spanish Association of Clean Sky, is involved in a TV show:

10 Responses to Chemtrails: New analyzes in French laboratories

  1. mr Grumpy says:

    3rd Oct 2015 (yesterday)  chemweb filaments fell over dept 41  France,  I was able to collect some but I think it is now well proven where it comes from and what it is.  Bad people will always do bad things, and sometimes good people do bad things because they have been convinced they are doing something good. We must tell them, THEY ARE WRONG.


  2. Jayne Ribeiro says:

    Interesting article, thanks for posting. I was in the Haute Savoie region in France this weekend (19 October 2014) and saw some of these white filaments floating down from the sky. There were chem clouds overhead. I’d never seen these filaments before but had read about them. Interestingly, one day there were no chemtrails and we had very heavy dew at night, the next day we had non-stop chemtrails all day and at night no dew – the garden and garden furniture were completely dry during the night and next morning.

  3. michael says:

    it is amazing to hear these reports from all over the world including all of Europe and still the media will not fess up, it is going strong in the central us I can promise you

  4. Linda Moore says:

    Natalie, not to be rude, but the UN is worthless! They are involved. They know this is going on. It’s The George Sorros, and Bill Gates and the people with big money that call the shots of what is going on. Bill Gates wants to kill off people for climate control. George Sorros, thinks he is God.

    • mary says:

      True Linda Moore—UN Agenda 2030–united nations and federal land grabs through corrupt smart cities network-HUD-BLM-EPA etc.–UN Depopulation Agenda through forced and mandated smart meters-endoccrine disruptors-geoengineering/chemtrails-fluoride-vaccines-glyphosate-GMOs etc.–UN Peacekeepers Human Trafficking and Sex Traffickin of our Children!!!

  5. Victoria Ross says:

    I have pictures of very similar looking filaments that I gathered in my yard in Manitoba Canada. We have had two air deliveries of this stuff here so far. I sent the samples to Carnicom Inst for their analysis. Pictures available on Facebook/ Congrats on your article.

  6. Natalie says:

    Hello, good work!! They spray here everyday in Switzerland, it is so sad. We dont have any blue skies here anymore and the trees and everything are no longer green but a brown green color, and of course our air is full of poison, my sinuses burn every day. We must protest to the UN!

  7. TheNowaytogo says:

    Hi there, this not the good video for this title :
    “Josefina Fraile , president of Earth SOStenible and member of the Spanish Association of Clean Sky, is involved in a TV show:”
    The good link is this :
    I did this onn too, just to down the pressure :
    Thank you for all you do !

  8. Hsaive says:

    I expanded the coverage on my post. French Laboratory Analyzes Pollution From Aircraft “Trails” Emissions

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