Exposing Faces Of The Carnegie Science Criminal Climate Engineering Cover-Up


Dane Wigington

Industrialized/militarized society is, unfortunately, filled with individuals who are willing to do anything (or say anything) so long as it provides a paycheck, a pension, and what they perceive as a secure place in the most powerful tribe. The global climate engineering/weather warfare/biological warfare assault is the greatest and most immediate threat faced by humanity and the web of life (short of nuclear cataclysm). When specific individuals have made a career out of helping to cover up the criminal geoengineering programs by their "professional" public denial, these individuals need to be exposed. The "scientists" in question are paid to pretend geoengineering is only a "proposal" which helps to pacify the population in regard to the threat already posed by the ongoing geoengineering programs. "Carnegie Science" appears to be major sponsor of the ongoing climate engineering cover-up disinformation campaign. The 3 minute video below from Carnegie representative Ben Kravitz is a very revealing example of the "geoengineering is just a proposal" deception.

Two more primary actors in the geoengineering deception effort (also part of "Carnegie Science") are Dr. Ken Caldeira and Douglas MacMartin (AKA Doug MacMynowski). The 10 minute video below is a very revealing exposé, is their acting convincing?

Climate engineering/solar radiation management programs are obscuring skies all over the globe. Highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals from these illegal programs are supersaturating our breathable air column and thus contaminating every breath we take.

GeoengineeringWatch.org 445

Geoengineered skies, Yosemite National Park, California. Photo credit: Sydne Pomin

Yet another "Carnegie Science" climate engineering disinformation representative is Dr. David Keith. Keith has helped to draft the new study shown below. Ken Caldeira, and Doug MacMartin (AKA MacMynowski) also contributed to this "study".

Carnegie Council Announces Launch of Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative 

Two excerpts from this report are below:

"There is a considerable lack of understanding of the governance requirements for addressing climate geoengineering—technologies that fundamentally require multilateral governance approaches," said Pasztor, the executive director. "This is what the C2G2 Initiative plans to address."

there is no comprehensive international framework to govern these technologies, which have planetary-wide consequences, pose many serious, unknown risks, and raise profound ethical questions.

What did Ken Caldeira do when he worked as a scientist for the United States government? In the 1 minute video below you can hear some of the shocking answers in Mr. Caldeira's own words (how to spray pathogens into clouds to infect the populations below, create tsunami's for destroying costal cities, weather as a weapon, etc).

In the 5 minute video below, David Keith ( also exposed publically be Stephen Colbert) has stated at an international science conference that the goal of the geoengineers is to put 10,000,000 tons of aluminum nanoparticules into the atmosphere annually (by jet aircraft dispersion).

This final 2 minute video (below) is of Mr. MacMartin (AKA Mr. MacMynowski) explaining how we can "test" global geoengineering programs. 

With all the above information considered (along with other geoengineering studies and solar radiation manegement reports drafted by Douglas MacMartin), the dialog shown below becomes very relevant. It is a full transcript of my very recent communications with Douglas MacMartin in which he compares "believing" that geoengineering is already deployed, is to believe that "the moon is made of blue cheese".

The conversation with "Carnegie Science" climate engineering disinformation representative Douglas MacMartin (AKA MacMynowski) began from an initial message sent to MacMartin from a very dedicated and credible anti-geoengineering activist, Maciej Kocialkowski, who expressed his very dire and justified concerns about climate engineering to Mr. MacMartin. 

Response to Maciej from Douglas MacMartin (AKA Douglass MacMynowski):

Good day Maciej,

I am sorry that you have been so deliberately deceived, but if you were a decent human being you would learn the facts before accusing other people of bad behaviour.

Theory #1: Clouds are made of water vapour

Theory #2: There is a vast conspiracy of hundreds of thousands of people in every single country on the planet, not one of whom is willing to break the silence and acknowledge that clouds are, in fact, not made of water vapour.

Personally I find Theory #1 to be more likely, but I understand that there are some people on the planet who find Theory #2 to be compelling, and that they are even capable of taking pictures and posting them on websites; just because they know how to use a camera and know how to type doesn’t mean that you should trust what they say.  Like I said, I’m sorry you’ve been deceived by dishonourable people, but please don’t accuse us of lying when we tell you that clouds are made of water.

I think it is clear who is cowardly, morally and ethically bankrupt here…

I was cc'd the above communication between Maciej and Douglas, and joined in the dialog:

Hello Mr. MacMartin,  our legal team (Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineeing, LASG) recently conducted a survey of almost 1500 climate scientists/meteorologists. These academicians were asked if they were willing to deny (on the record) ongoing geoengineering deployment. Not a single scientist was willing to deny the geoengineering reality Mr. MacMartin, not one. Are you willing to tell us on the record that you know with certainty that global geoengineering/climate engineering/solar radiation management/stratospheric aerosol injection programs have not yet been deployed?

Survey of 1500 scientists/meteorologists (the entire list of academicians surveyed is contained in the link, PDF file)



I have been on conference calls all week with a growing # of attorneys that are joining our effort, geoengineering will be exposed, wait and see. When that happens, how will the public react to your narrative of denial which in effect has helped to cover up the ongoing climate engineering crimes? Time will soon enough reveal the answer to that question.


Dane Wigington


Response from MacMartin (MacMynowski):

Hi Dane,

Yes, there is no deployment anywhere of any deliberate stratospheric aerosol injection program that is intended to significantly alter the climate.  If there were some clandestine operation somewhere on the globe that was big enough to matter, we would be able to detect it from satellite data.

The fact that most scientists don’t waste their time responding to random emails from people doesn’t prove that they believe such a program exists.  I tend to get about 100 emails a day on average, I can’t possibly waste my time responding to everything that comes in.  A quick skim of some of the responses you got makes it quite obvious that no-one believes such a program exists. 

I also think that if you demanded of 1500 scientists that they deny that the moon is made of blue cheese, you would find very few who would open the email and bother responding.  If you think that that means that scientists think that the moon is made of blue cheese, you would be certifiably delusional. 

Please do not post material stating that I am a liar when you have no evidence of such a statement (and indeed, since that statement is false, it is you who are a liar, you who are deliberately deceiving innocent people).  I think that either you are incapable of rational thought, or morally repugnant.  You would be wise to stop and think clearly before trying to spread false information.

There are real problems in this world that demand real attention.  Inventing fake ones is a waste of everyone’s time.


My reply to MacMartin (MacMynowski):

Mr. MacMartin, it seems you continue to irrationally display your adversity to reality. As a "scientist" you can amazingly say with certainty that you somehow  that no climate engineering programs have been deployed anywhere by anyone? And for proof you state you would "detect" such spraying activity from satellite data? Though 1500 scientists refused to deny the climate engineering issue on the record, you somehow know for certain that no climate engineering whatsoever is taking place?


Perhaps you need to take a closer look at some satellite images Douglas, which you claim prove there is nothing going in our skies.

FYI, there are countless satellite images that clearly show ongoing aerosol operations, clearly not commercial traffic,

geoengineering trails satellite images

If your claim is that this is all just "condensation trails" Mr. MacMartin, this also does not hold up to any legitimate investigation. 



Are the NASA satellite images in the link below also just "natural cloud cover" Douglas?


or these NASA images


Perhaps you should comb through this 750 page historical congressional document on global climate intervention programs and explain to us all why we should ignore it.



The final statements in your message to me truly reveal an irrational desperation to deny on your part, Mr. MacMartin (the quote from MacMartin is below). 

"I also think that if you demanded of 1500 scientists that they deny that the moon is made of blue cheese, you would find very few who would open the email and bother responding.  If you think that that means that scientists think that the moon is made of blue cheese, you would be certifiably delusional. 

Please do not post material stating that I am a liar when you have no evidence of such a statement (and indeed, since that statement is false, it is you who are a liar, you who are deliberately deceiving innocent people).  I think that either you are incapable of rational thought, or morally repugnant.  You would be wise to stop and think clearly before trying to spread false information.

There are real problems in this world that demand real attention.  Inventing fake ones is a waste of everyone’s time."

The public is rapidly waking up to the willful mass deception being propagated from the very "academicians" like yourself that the public has been so well trained to trust. I would ask you, Mr. MacMartin, how do you think the population will react (once fully awakened to the truth) to individuals such as yourself who have done everything in their power to hide the lethal climate engineering reality from them? Do you not believe that such an awakened public will hold people like you legally and morally accountable as accessories in the crimes of the climate engineering cover-up? Time will soon enough tell as the critical mass of awakening draws near. About my statements relating to your total disregard for the truth, I stand by them. There are only three possibilities in your case, Mr. MacMartin, either you are criminally negligent in your knowledge of the very profession in which you claim to be an expert, or you are visually challenged and cannot see the blatant aerosol spraying that is so clearly visible in countless satellite images that you claim prove there is no aerosol spraying, or finally, yes, for whatever reason or motive, you are willfully choosing to deceive the population on this most critical issue, Mr. MacMartin.

The truth about the ongoing climate engineering reality will soon be known by all, Douglas, wait and see. When that time comes, you, and all those like you (who have willfully deceived the public about the geoenigneering reality and dangers), will face the public's demand for legal and moral accountability.

Dane Wigington


MacMartin's (MacMynowski's) reply:

On Jan 23, 2017, at 5:29 AM, Douglas MacMartin wrote:

It is clear that you are not interested in reality.  Please don’t waste our time.

My reply to MacMartin (MacMynowski):

Is that the best response to all the data I posted that you could come up with Douglas? "It is clear that you are not interested in reality. Please don’t waste our time". Did you even bother to examine the NASA satellite images included in the last message? Or the 750 page US Senate report? I see that Dr. David Keith is on this email list which someone has put together. Mr. Keith, like you, will soon enough likely be held legally and morally accountable by an awakened and enraged population.

Another FYI below Douglas, a very damning 5 minute video of Dr. Keith discussing the dumping of 10 to 20 million tons of aluminum into the stratosphere annually.


The next FYI 6 minute video below is shocking time-lapse footage of solar radiation management programs being carried out. Yes, populations are beginning to wake up to the fact that they are all a part of a grand and lethal experiment without their knowledge and consent. An illegal and unimaginably destructive experiment that individuals like you, Dr. David Keith, and Dr. Ken Caldeira, are willfully deceiving the public about.


And there are countless other up close film captures of what is clearly jet aircraft aerosol dispersions


2 minute video


And another


And another


And another


And there are many more.

Douglas, can you state with a straight face that this is just "condensation" being turned on and off from these jet aircraft?

Understand this, Douglas, I and a rapidly growing number of others all over the country and, indeed, the world, will continue to do our best to make sure the public is completely aware of the part you (and people like Dr. Keith and Dr. Ken Caldeira) have played in the criminal climate engineering cover-up.

Dane Wigington


Reply from Douglass MacMartin (MacMynowski)

Hi Dane,

I’m sure that you are a well-intentioned person who simply cares deeply about the planet (like me and presumably everyone else you email), but that you have misled yourself, and in doing so have gotten yourself too angry to have a polite and informed conversation from which you might learn something.

At some level I don’t really care if you believe things that aren’t true, but you are misleading other well-intentioned people and filling them with mis-placed anger as well.  The world would be better off if people spent their energy working on real problems in constructive ways.  If you are concerned about climate change, for example, write your representatives and senators and ask for policies to address climate change.  Unfortunately, by convincing people of things that aren’t true, you aren’t helping make the world a better place but simply wasting people’s energies.

While I unfortunately don’t have high confidence (based on your previous emails) that there is any chance that you will be swayed, I would ask the rest of the people that you have tried to influence to think carefully about why they are believing you rather than believing the tens of thousands of people who have devoted their entire careers towards understanding the climate and how to make the world a better place.

My understanding from people I’ve talked to about this is that the root confusion here is that what any meteorologist looks at as a natural contrail, you take pictures of and claim it isn’t a contrail.  Why do you believe that water vapour can make clouds under the right atmospheric conditions, yet water vapour that comes out of a jet exhaust shouldn’t do the same?  (Especially in the presence of lots of appropriate cloud condensation nuclei in the exhaust.)  This isn’t anything mysterious…

And I am utterly baffled as to why anyone would draw any connection between aircraft contrails and those of us who are working to understand climate engineering.  Those of us involved in that research are motivated entirely by concern over the suffering of humans and non-humans alike due to climate change, and we think there is sufficient cause for alarm about the future to do the research into the idea of putting something like sulfate (not a significant part of aircraft exhaust) into the stratosphere (higher than the airplanes you see making contrails).  No-one is doing anything like this now.  No-one ever has.  No-one is even proposing it.  When you claim that those things are true, you are simply making it up and then accusing lots of other people of lying.  (And if in 30 years someone does decide that the situation is dire enough to warrant geoengineering, it won’t look remotely like contrails from aircraft.)  The only connection between aircraft contrails and geoengineering is that both of them involve the atmosphere; that’s a pretty tenuous link.  The only thing that exists today is computer modeling.  Everything that you have said about me is something that you have simply made up and then tried to convince other people is true.

If you want to understand something about climate engineering, I would recommend reading the National Academy report on the subject from 2015, and you will quickly learn that it has nothing whatsoever to do with any of the things that you write about on your website. 

If you are interested in learning something from polite, curious, open-minded conversation, that’s great.  If you are only interested in ranting and accusing people of bad behaviour, I don’t think that is constructive or useful to any of us.  Sorry to be blunt, but I don’t go around making things up and convincing dozens of my friends to send meaningless hate-mail to random people, and I think you could help make the world a better place if you didn’t do that either.


P.S.  You might also want to know that when you try to disparage other people and falsely accuse them of bad behaviour in a public way, that doesn’t come across well and doesn’t reflect well on your values.

My response to MacMartin (MacMynowski)

Mr. MacMartin (or is it Mr. MacMynowski? Isn't that your former name? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o8wBo4R7ME), perhaps you think you are fooling some on this email list by pretending to be a victim (which you absolutely are not), but even the academicians and corporate media sources on the list are becoming aware that the climate engineering elephant in the room can't be hidden much longer. Coming article posts will continue to present data that exposes you, and those like you, who appear to be making a career out of public deception on an issue of unimaginable gravity.  Douglas, the truth about the global climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management programs will soon be known by the masses, how do you think they will react to those who did their best to cover-up the highly toxic and environmentally devastating climate engineering crimes? We will soon enough find out…




The questions below, already sent to you, which you never gave an honest answer to, or any answer to, Mr. MacMartin. (other than to compare the ongoing climate engineering issue to the moon being made of  "blue cheese" even when you have been directly involved in the climate engineering issue for a very long time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o8wBo4R7ME).  


Questions formerly sent but never even acknowledged by you. No comment on the NASA photos and US Senate documents?

Perhaps you need to take a closer look at some satellite images Douglas, which you claim prove there is nothing going in our skies.

FYI, there are countless satellite images that clearly show ongoing aerosol operations, clearly not commercial traffic,

geoengineering trails satellite images

If your claim is that this is all just "condensation trails" Mr. MacMartin, this also does not hold up to any legitimate investigation. 



Are the NASA satellite images in the link below also just "natural cloud cover" Douglas?


or these NASA images


Perhaps you should comb through this 750 page historical congressional document on global climate intervention programs and explain to us all why we should ignore it.



Final response from MacMartin (MacMynowski)


First, don’t bother responding to this email, as I’ve already blocked your email address, as it is clear that you are not interested in any polite discourse from which you might learn something.  So I will never see what your response is, and you won’t be able to receive any satisfaction from thinking that whatever you type, someone just might feel insulted.  Any response you type will just be wasted effort going into a meaningless void (kind of like this email, come to think of it)…

So many in the circles of academia (and journalism) have completely betrayed the human race, and the entire web of life. One cannot help but wonder how such individuals can so completely and totally abandon any sense of honor or morality. Man's attempt to manipulate Earth's life support systems is the epitome of human folly and insanity, it is nothing short of willfull planetary omnicide.  Exposing the criminal climate engineering deception and cover-up (and all those contributing to it) is essential, all of our efforts are needed in this battle.

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to GeoengineeringWatch.org and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.

208 Responses to Exposing Faces Of The Carnegie Science Criminal Climate Engineering Cover-Up

  1. Daniel says:

    Echoing the statements of others, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart from WI. Humanity could not have asked for a better advocate Dane. Your dedication and passion for the truth here are obvious and appreciated. Will continue to do what I can to sound the alarm as well. Keep it up!! 

  2. Rasili O'Connor says:

    With my editor hat on, and with an open mind, I read every single bit of the exchange, and I looked at the videos to see what each one related to, etc, etc – clear as a bell that Mr MacMartin (MacMynowski) did not respond to anything clearly asked. [Ohhh I know this behaviour.]


  3. Dear readers: A great deal of modern technocratic denial, (as the above exchange) is due to the incorporation of Delphi method (fact-washing) upon unsuspecting industrial dupes such as Mr. MacMartin. Please familiarize yourselves with the term Delphi method, as this artificial consensus method is now in use throughout most of academia. >>>>> 

    Excerpted from: Delphi method – Wikipedia >


    “Overall the track record of the Delphi method is mixed. There have been many cases when the method produced poor results. Still, some authors attribute this to poor application of the method and not to the weaknesses of the method itself.[citation needed] It must also be realized that in areas such as science and technology forecasting, the degree of uncertainty is so great that exact and always correct predictions are impossible, so a high degree of error is to be expected.

    Another particular weakness of the Delphi method is that future developments are not always predicted correctly by consensus of experts. The issue of ignorance is important. If panelists are misinformed about a topic, the use of Delphi may only add confidence to their ignorance.[22] “

    Please read the entire page cited:



    The Delphi method is a Rand Corporation method of manipulating public "policy" through artificial consensus. It is also a method designed to override constructive communications between patients (civilians) and physicians (fascists). It is a powerful corporate tool designed to magically turn authorities into destructive dictatorial deities. >

    Please read associated links: Delphi Method | RAND


  4. Terry Adams says:

    I am in my third year of hosting/producing a radio program here in Montgomery (Alabama).. I call it "Clearing the Air" for obvious reasons.. It amazes me on a daily basis the number of educated professional intelligent people who flat out refuse to even consider the possibility that aerosols are being released in the sky above our heads.  I think it's a combination of arrogance and cognitive dissonance.. Either way, these deniers are just as guilty as the ones doing this to us… IMHO

    • H. says:

      After five years of failing miserably to awaken these people to the single worst assault on the world's health and well being, I hold them and their ignorance and contempt for basic logic as complicit as any psycho running the show.  I've stopped trying to engage these clowns.  Their own pride and egos are too much for them to overcome.  Their long-held political convictions can't be challenged.  This is the age of basic.

  5. Steve Hillier says:

    Dane, you should read this. Doug MacMartin was talking at the C2G2 geoengineering governance initiative. https://www.carnegiecouncil.org/studio/multimedia/20170216/index.html 

    • Chris M Hallman says:

      Way to go Dane. This dweeb thinks he is fooling us. You sure gave him hell. These mad scientists need to be stopped and jailed. I like how he continued to try and discredit your info when it is so irrefutable. What a weasel. It is sad we share this earth with such sick morally absent creatures. For a secret program they sure aren't hiding it well. Again out standing job letting them know that no one here is buying the ( its warm rain ) go round. Keep up the lords work . 

  6. Dylan says:

    There is a vast and screaming omerta on the part of spineless scientists who know some or all of the above but will not sacrifice their standing or paycheck or perhaps their lives. Orwell’s boot has stomped on the face of humanity throughout history. Tell us something new.

  7. frank says:

    Could you imagine the control center that these devils occupy? It begins with the schedule of planned "weather". From there the jet "missions" are coordinated according to jet, aerosol contents, fuel, crew locations, flight/rest times. The master computer also cranks out everybody's local weather forecast. Don't forget the control of all the electromagnetic antennae pushing and pulling all that aerosol sludge in the sky. Maybe that actually requires the human touch. Do they view it by satellite or a ground camera?

    I think you could feed the world on the cost and effort going into this poisonous crap shoot.  

  8. Seeing Clearly says:

    Mental disorders and the labeling theory is there a hidden agenda?

    Things to know about this theory 


    Labeling theory is the theory of how the self-identity and behavior of individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them. It is associated with the concepts of self-fulfilling prophecy and stereotyping.

    Labeling theory was created by Howard Becker in 1963. Labeling theory takes the view that people become criminals when labeled as such and when they accept the label as a personal identity.

    Stigmas are deepened by retrospective labeling, which is the interpretation of someone's past consistent with present deviance. People may also engage in projective labeling, which uses the person's present deviant identity to predict future actions.


    Ok so now think of the effects a label like ADHD and autism and ocd to name a few does to the child physiologically physically and emotionally does it change them does it change who they are if they believe there label to be fact this is a threat to our children and ourselves we are stigmatizing them and we are corrupting them and yes we are stripping them from there future this has to end we need to demand science and ethics and cures. 

  9. Martha says:

    WOW! The long, painful to read 'back and forth' with Douglas MacMynowski reveals a classic example of "gaslighting!" "MacMartin" and company must have studied or been trained in such tactics – although they're not highly skilled at it or it wouldn't be so blatantly obvious. This example of desperation on "MacMartin's" part, in my opinion, clearly gives validity to what Dane has been working so long and hard on exposing. Clearly, we have a classic example of gaslighting! 

    Here's a simple but accurate definition from Wikipedia for those unfamiliar with the term: "Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target's belief."

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Martha, yes, MacMartin and crew are power structure paid disinformtion sources, but they are now being exposed for what they are. None of them have fooled anyone that truly investigates the facts relating to the climate engineering assault.

  10. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    Doug MacMynowski, discusses Carnegie Science Models of the atmosphere and climate, comparing the models to the Mount Pinatubo Volcano eruption in 1992. MacMynowski said 'We do not know what the consequences are when intentionally doing things to the climate'. All tests are imperfect, tests are useful, but will not tell us everything. David Keith also states the risk vs. risk scenario, the risk of not conducting GeoEngineering vs. the risk of conducting GeoEngineering. These few statements are so blunt and vague, with minimal details. One would think before experimenting with the biosphere, they would know many more details from the effects of injecting unnatural toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. In the paper 'Can We Test GeoEngineering' there is no explicit statement that says YES or NO. All these GeoEngineers and Scientists are obviously on the fence, by not doing what is the honest and right thing to do. No Transparency exists what so ever!!!

  11. penny waters says:

    dear 'a' simple horseman
    am a little slow and maybe naive and often confused so – a question
    you finished a reply to me on the 1st feb with this 'how many ways have we chosen to take the PTB out of our everyday lives?
    be honest!…..'
    what is PTB?
    didn't know if you were telling me off? can get paranoid – that is why i am not really happy with the internet or mobile phones – prefer talking to a face – even then stuff people actually say goes round and around cos i am not sure what they mean
    words are expressions of feelings from inside so sometimes not sure of others feelings when written down or even said
    find being alive a crazy thing living in the human world – think we are all little mad in our own way
    cos humans don't make sense so much of the time
    not people on this site – tis great to converse with others who are also conscious, but getting angry gets less and less the older i get – tis too tiring – had chemotherapy some years ago and i think it has put 20yrs on me
    knowing all this stuff that goes on – like geoengineering – maybe all the information is too much for the human brain
    love to all
    orseman a cowboy?

    • stephan says:

      hello penny – PTB is simply an abbreviation for "Powers That Be". I really enjoy you're posts here. take care girl.

  12. Sherri says:

    Way to go Dane!  You nailed him and confronted him with hard cold facts that are undeniable but he still lied and denied it all big time and tried to make it lok like you are the crazy delusional one trying to mislead the masses…he and his cronies are very evil dark souls who are obviously on Satan's payroll and who have sold their souls to him and will pay the higher price when the time comes to meet their maker.  He used every tactic to bully and intimidate you and discredit you but you stood firm to the evil one and blasted him with the truth!  You are a true Warrior for the Lord and I know God is so proud of you for standing against evil.  I know this is your mission and yu will continue to fight this battle for the greater good and God will always win in the end…and you have Him and his mighty angels on your side in this fight for the truth and justice!  My prayers are with you that yu and your family stay protected against them because as we know the ones who seek to reveal the truth often end up mysteriously meeting an ill fate..because since the beginning of time it has been the war of good vs evil…and evil hates good and the Godly…stay strong Dane even in the face of evil God will always give you need to endure and succeed.  Those who are here to do God's work and good deeds have a special place in Heaven reserved for them 🙂 God Bless you Mighty One!

  13. Adam Coleman says:

    I probably took over x100 pics on Weds when WPAFB sent their tankwhores 45 miles SW to HOSE THIS AREA DOWN and saturation we received from dusk till dawn and back! Pink morning sjies and pink evening skies with HAARP scattering waves going throu ::) h it and a friend showed me a post of someone in Miamisburg, OH just N of me with the tracking she got from one of my shots 10 miles south. Sadly…Her post was about how beautiful life is and how much we should count our blessings. I don't do FB but I sent my friend my south born shot to show her friend with the reminder to tell her friend to reconsider her picture and check out geoengineeringwatch.org to see how badly misinformed she is about how to decipher beauty as a blessing. Yes beautiful it is but toxic it is x100. How do I send these collages to you cause they won't go here from my android devices and I have proof after proof these guys are all mad scientists and hopefully may go up w a friend in his Cessna 180 to get some close up shots

  14. Kenny Simpson says:

    Saturday Morning 2/4/2017, 8:04 AM     Myrtle Beach, SC   

    32 Degrees

    Numerous Jets, more than 10, spraying Chemical Particulates over the entire Grand Strand area.  We're all aware of this, Pure Evil and Criminal.  The day began at sunrise with beautiful blue skies.  Then the Tanker Jets arrived.

    Solar Radiation Management is no friend of the American People.  Nor is the United Nations New Agenda 2030 Program, nor is The Bank for International Settlements, Basil, Switzerland.

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Kenny Simpson: Almost the same scenario today here in southeastern PA. Temp 23 degrees @8:30 am. First day of clear (appearing) blue skies, horizon to horizon, since Jan. 1. At approx. 1:00 pm, I noticed the first aerosol trails being laid down from east to west. Each trail was being hit with rf/microwave/HAARP as fast as it was laid down. I went shopping at approx. 2:00 pm, at which time I noticed just how much spraying was going on to the south. I counted three trails side by side, and the western sky was already thick with toxic crap. When I got to the shopping center, in the parking lot with a good 360-degree view of the sky, it was unreal. I saw one plane climbing fast at a quite significant angle, as though trying to go vertical. By the time I was done shopping and walked back outside, I counted at least 20 recently laid down and in-progress trials. At least 20!! I didn't have my phone with me to take pics, but I did stop and look up at one point, moving my arm in a slightly exaggerated motion to block the sun (all trails were going west), just to see if anyone else would look up. No one did. Again, no one on their phones either, so it wasn't that. It was like the dozen or so people walking in the parking lot didn't see me at all, much less see the nightmare going on over their heads. 

      The spraying continued with the same intensity the entire day, and now, at 9:45 pm EST, we are once again under a toxic aerosol dome. When the moon was still visible a few hours ago, I saw the largest ring around it that I've ever seen in my life. Not the small ring we used to think meant snow the next day – though that's probably what they're working on. This ring was huge in circumference with no rainbow effects observed. 

      Temp never got above 32 degrees today, even with the unnaturally bright sun that should've warmed things up quite significantly. I'm assuming then that much of what was being sprayed was the ice nucleating crap. Based on how sick I felt again today – third day in a row – it was that and about everything else they could dump on us. And no one noticed. No one I observed appeared to be feeling ill, even people quite a bit older than myself. I, on the other hand, was moving slowly, feeling slightly confused, slightly nauseated, unrelenting loud hish in my head, not willingly interacting with other people, certainly not smiling. Maybe they were all too focused on getting everything they needed for their Super Bowl parties tomorrow. Sickening in more ways than one. 

  15. Michel B says:

    "All we need to do is to Geoengineer for a couple of decades." That's the clincher folks, they just need time to get their little project completed. Of course it really means they will have starved billions to death, changed the biosphere irreparably and gained their envisioned powers. That these gargantuan and globe wrecking plans can be uttered in such a short and blithe lie is one of the saddest things I can hope to witness. I see a desert in their souls. I'd like to be in a room alone with that weasel word utterer. I'm sure future history would forgive any and all acts of due punishment metered out by myself.

  16. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Hello Everyone: Being half Jewish I must choose my words carefully, After all my investigations into 911, like any good cop, you find out who benefits, profits, etc., now the other elephant in the room that no one will touch and is tabboo is the real Beneficial things that happened immediately after in your face false flag event and everything after. Don't take my word for it – Please Don't – Do your own investigation. But, before 911 in the Middle East Jews lived in Harmony with Palestine People, The Elephant in the room is Zionism or Zionist and a Zionist is not Judaism nor has nothing to do really with Judaism Faith. This is the elephant in the room that no one will talk about. As a Nation, and as a Half Jew, I urge all peoples to live in harmony, and to educate themselves of the difference between the two, Zionist have a very different agenda to peace, Do your homework. The Bible wars us of false prophecies and false messengers, Old and New Testament. Follow the money, and the who stands to directly benefit ?? When they declared certain words, they can stop you right there, it's important to have your words chosen carefully. Know your facts. It's all been written down for us to find. God Bless all of Gods People. Past history will tell you the future history if you care to read it. Again, GOD BLESS ALL!! 

  17. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Folks, I'm not asking you to watch the whole video here. Look at the trees in the back ground! And know this is not unlike what Dane has pointed out to many "officials" and told everything is fine. Here we have so called "nomads" telling us how to be free. Even they deny the assault happening over our heads. Who would have more time to "observe" than they have? (Present company excluded), (grin). I 'work' outside, C'mon….


    • Wes says:

      'a' simple horesman,

      Unreal! This is the kind of people we're all dealing with.  It's basically that bad everywhere but lots of trees that are dead have been bulldozed into piles and burned.

      From what I'm dealing with around here with these "farmers". My guess that guy before he took up R.V. living, had to be a grain farmer from Nebraska. Idiots! As someone mentioned, they're in grown bodies, but their mentality is juvenile. They're like children.

      Dane, I'm not sure how you keep it together like you do. I lost it this morning with one of the grain farmers like I mentioned. This guy is like 62 yrs. old. He farms around 5000 acres, built a million dollar house a few years ago. Into my rant with the sky stripers busy with genocide. He sheepishly looks at me and says, what are we suppose to do. A….geez, maybe get pissed. And he's a big contributor to the Democratic party, votes and I'm sure loves his country. And has the audacity to say, "what can I do". Then he starts mumbling about how when the railroad came through the country everyone thought it was going to be the end of the world, huh???? Then mumbles some more how it's the same as it was in the 1970's, huh????? I bring up all the dead and dying trees and he says, I guess their old. I asked him if he noticed the maple were budding out last week, nope, hadn't noticed.

      I've tried to use guilt it doesn't faze them. I'll say, "Every once in a while you read these stories how a mother cat will go into burning building to rescue their kittens." these are people with kids that I say this to, then I'll say; "not humans".

      Dane, you've dealt with farmers. They are the most peer pressured group there is. They can't do anything or think any other way then their pre school chums they've always lived around. Can't stand out from the rest of the gang.


  18. Dennie says:

    What's the deal with the two names, MacMartin / MacMynowski?  What are we supposed to think about someone who goes by two different names?  Does he also have two different faces–???

    • youss says:

      it's the same with most public 'lifetime actors' (like their holliwood family members), they change their names to make it harder for the goyim to spot the (often historical) connections and roots most of them share 

    • Dawnski says:


      I thought the same thing when I learned my sons high school principal went by the names Michael Seraphin and Michael Royal, MHS Royal Blue Devils. Obama came here to promote 1 on 1 ratio laptops for every student in the nation. Despite my concerns voiced against the technological lemming leading our children over a precipice of cancer causing daily doses of wifi radiation as they study and get educated. Actually there is a local pastor who goes by the name of Farrel Lemming…..made me think of feral lemmings as even the church is leading the masses astray with their pied pipers. I shared geoengineered weather and Dane's research with both to no avail. I wonder if name changing is the calling card of deceptive demonic dignitaries, perhaps a form of their Masonic temple rituals

  19. Rodster says:

    Dane, perhaps in tomorrows global alert news you might mention the produce crisis gripping Europe as Spain has lost a massive amount of it’s produce exports due to extreme weather including droughts, floods, rain, snow and extreme cold temperatures.

    Is this a sign of the future? Sadly, I think so !



    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Rodster, great, not so great in put. Thanks for posting. I did not know that was going on. Now I do, now I will ad this to my teaching….

    • youss says:

      this affacts only the outdoor stuff , not he massively grown artificial indoor stuff for export.we in germany still get plenty of tasteless spanish fruits and vegetables on sale, weekly.

      but same procedure regarding german potatoes,winegrapes etc. witch are affected by fungis and other newly spreading deseases.

      helps the us economy as we are getting more and more from there ……

  20. Wes says:

    I read this a few years ago and couldn't believe it. How much office space the DOD (dept. of defense) have.


  21. Rob says:


    I just thought I'd share this video with everyone – I came across it on youtube.  It illustrates every nuclear explosion from 1945-1998.  Notice the "score."


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

       Rob, that was a seriously compelling video. I like the format of the presentation. Simple and not arguable. I had to stop the video 3 times and walk away for the shear number of explosions/testing. I am sooo anti nuclear anything. I am affected by and have been raised in an environment my near forefathers did not have to endure. "We" as the human race globally have been short changed from our food quality on down to politics and the kitchen table.

      Anyone done any research on what can get rid of this nuclear contamination we have? There are ways. Lets just say the power structure/money changers made it illegal."They" keep the improvements in contaminated regions that have been "studied" a secret. The plant that can save the world. I'm sick and tired of inferior products at the expense of raping our own home/planet. How about you folks?

    • BaneB says:

      Rob:  For those who say "where is the logic to toxic aerosol spraying of the atmosphere, do not these also have children?  Why would they want to commit suicide?"  One needs only to point to the over 2,000 nukes exploded into the atmosphere disseminating radiation worldwide.  And as icing on the psychopathic cake, these death cult adherents exploded a nuke over the earth in outer space, too.  The very same high priests of another generation, arrogant and puffed up with taxpayer dollars, are Geoengineering our atmosphere with poisons.  One beneficiary of the increases in the attendant of cancers is the medical industry.  And 'charities' seeking monies for a "cure" for cancer.

  22. moderncalamity says:

    MacMartin's (MacMynowski) is either an idiot or "programmed to give a false response".  He or his family may be threatened if he spoke of the truth.  Everyone needs to vote with their feet.  Boycott everything that keeps the global empire in business.  Stop flying (even airplane exhaust is not healthy), resist Western medicine, .avoid GMOs and anything processed or treated with pesticides.  Drink spring water.  Walk and minimize your use of your car. Stop buying extras that pollute the environment.  We can make an impact if we achieve significant mass.  

    • Dennie says:

      @moderncalamity:  I'm doing my best to stay away from the Western medical ghouls. They are sooooo behind the curve when it comes to understanding real health.  Like the geoengineers, their cousins who've modeled their "cure" for what ails the planet (abominable HUMANS, the kind that don't think, don't care and don't even notice that they neither think nor care..) they just insist on the Quick Fix:  Vitamin D deficiency? "TAKE  A PILL!!!!" they grumble at you.  Then deny there is any deficiency going on at all.  Never mind what's going on right over our heads, these people never look out of the windows of the "ivory towers" where they are ensconced all day long, slaves of the Big Pharma companies who control them.  Yap yap yap yap YAPITTY YAP!!! They spew the words of the "research" back at their patients, all day long.  Yeah, well I RAN OUT OF PATIENCE a long time ago, especially when one of those EEDJOTS gave me a drug that has all but destroyed my ability to work as a performing musician. Thank God I can still demonstrate for my students. 

      As I told my physician, "There is an inverse relationship between the frequency with which I see you and my happiness and well-being."  God forbid I should become so sick as not to be able to function as my own health care advocate.  The Ghouls will surely kill me with their sick potions and "procedures."  No one will be here to miss me. 

  23. MS P says:

    Payday Monsanto song. (Lambs to the slaughter album) 

    The lyrics are spot on.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      MS P, Great Find!!! And good tune too. You are good to point out the lyrics. There just the truth in melody. I'll bet a weeks pay that Anne and Nancy gave the rights to this tune for free. "Seattle checking in there"

    • MS P says:

       Thank you.

      I actually found this song a few years ago.  It was not easy, to find it again. Glad that  I looked, & had the chance to share. The words are so very true.  

  24. Steve Brownsberger says:

    It appears as though all of the paid actors are suffering from Rectal Cranial Insertion Syndrome (RCIS). I just had not realized how bad their conditions where until watching these videos. As aways much thanks Dane for all of your efforts.

  25. Ron Marr says:

    totally incapable of responding to facts. Caldiera, Keith and McMartin or whatever his name is this week, can't be human! How long will we ride along on this train to the end of nowhere, forgetting we have a history; that we are the mass of humanity being separated from ourselves and destiny.. The gravity of the human molecule will pull us together as one; if we can remember who we are. Can you believe these clowns to have the nerve to pretend they have a superior intelligence than the mass from which they come? To throw stones at facts, from a pedestal that we have built?  Mr .Gates is a fan of these clones or whatever they are. Gates just pulled the paper currency from millions of people in India; to watch them starve and struggle in a new digital currency. I guess his vaccines have not done enough damage to people. It will come here, like everything else in due time, unless we awaken. They're insecurity of the masses allows them to only seek more and more control, distractions, murder, war, chaos, while placing their puppets in roles of leadership. Lets awaken to the human spirit, stop this train and throw the bums off…

    • Silla says:

      Is it me or is Ken Caldiera incapable of coherent speech? He dodges, bumbles, eludes etc. I've never believed he has advanced degrees.

      BTW more tree die off in all Marin county parks, – shocking if you haven't been there in a few months, it's really hitting the area fast.

  26. What is more frightening than a room full of terrorists? A room full of scientists.    Dane, I so applaud your intelligent and patient responses to these narcissistic, juvenile blurbs that lack intelligence and credibility and are meant to antagonize.   Doug sounds like a spoiled brat. I am so sorry Dane that you have been saddled with this burden and sidetracked from a peaceful life. But I am so very grateful that it is you at the helm of geoengineeringwatch.org.  Here in southern Manitoba we alternate between frigid -20C and 4C temps. We even experience freezing rain at -11C.  Unbelievable. The air burns and feels cold, as cold as -20C even at -6C. And we are never allowed more than 3/4 of a day with clear skies.  The "chemtrails" inevitably move in. This in a province that has always been know for clear blue skies. Living in rural Manitoba I have clear access to our skies.   I don't often meet people and therefore am not able to hand out many of Dane's geoengineeringwatch "calling cards". And no one from our various levels of government bothers to respond to my letters anymore.  But the fight to enlighten goes on!  It must!

    • stephan says:

      Hi Louise, I hear you. Remember when the slogan on Manitoba licence plates was "SUNNY MANITOBA". So much for that.

  27. BaneB says:

    The winter from hell:  From mid-October to this very minute of this early morning hour, there has been very little sunshine, lots of overcast, and torrents of rain.  And snow, of which there is much lying about for the past three weeks.  It's not exactly the light fluffy stuff of my memory, but more akin to cement.  So much damage, trees broken, gutters torn off, skylights busted, and the inability to get around outside with any ease.  Try living on top of a glacier.  The forecast is for rain, and it is raining.  All night in torrents.  The "glacier" is melting.  The creeks are overflowing.  What is interesting is two years ago there was no rain from May until mid-December, a span of about 8 months.  Normally the monsoon type rains begin in October through May.  So that was a major aberration, about which a farmer who was born here referred to the stoppage of the rain as "spooky."  The current forecast is predicted rain for the next seven days.  What I note for today is 100% all day long into the evening.  A couple of 90% thrown in.  I watch my weather and predictions like a hawk.  Always have.  This 100% forecast for all day is not the new norm.  Usually the forecasts are from 10% and upward to 100%, in the range of 40, 60, 80 mostly.  I have observed over the past 26 years a predictable "false spring" in January.  It's always been a norm.  That too is missing.  The averages are being re-averaged. Geoengineering is the main cause of this weather whiplash.  The meddling is causing a blowback effect.  The storms in the Pacific are becoming monsters.  The weather controllers are having to increase the aerosol spraying.  They have to power up to greater intensity their phased array microwave facilities to chop up storm cores, to create electronic fences to separate neighboring systems to maintain "normalcy," and to literally block and redirect the Pacific jet stream.  The weather terrorists are losing control.  They are unable to keep up their juggling act.  They are dropping the balls.  They hide behind "climate change," the new mantra.  They are the hand-in-glove from hell.

  28. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Hello Everyone, I believe after careful consideration and investigations, that the dark state that perpetrated 911, is the one and the same shadow government that is killing us softly with SRM, and All the Different Things like GeoEngineering, these are just a few of the war machine ability to destroy everything we hold dear! These are the same folks that control GMO's – Vaccines – etc., etc., etc., and we are helpless to a point, there is over 10,000 of these hidden agencies that employ millions of of witting accomplishes, because everything is departmentalized – they don't know the true BIG PICTURE?? We have awaken most of the people who care enough, but is that enough. Without a Kennedy type politician, we are doomed!! I send my love & prayers to all, sorry but that won't be enough. They have taken even their population and silenced the nay sayers of their own government, I think everyone at this site knows whom I referring to, too. 911 was the start of the boldness, it's been going on even back before Kenndey, it's just in our faces now.

    Signing off, Sincerely hoping for OUR HONEST MILITARY PEOPLE CAN STOP THEM, Before it's too late! 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi Joe, I know more people would care if they knew, they just haven't been told yet. It's been almost 2 years since I was told, and my blood is still boiling. Keep spreading the word. Thanks for your post.

    • MS P says:

      Well said Joe;

      As I had read your well written observations. Your words reminded me of a brave Marine. Smedley Darlington Butler,retired US Marine Corps.

      I am sure I was NOT absent in school regarding this tidbit of US History. NOOOO It was deleted from the curriculum. Just another example of US Education. 

      Smedley Darlington Butler,retired US Marine Corps wrote a short 51 page book. "War Is A Racket"

      It is about a cover up /American Coup de' Etat, 1934; to overthrow President Franklin D Roosevelt.

      When 9/11 happened, our country was overthrown.  We had a warning too. Does anyone remember they mysterious NY city black out?  Prior to 9/11? OK that is out there, just like Geoengineering is. The thing is a few people in my life, had noticed this, to be something brewing. We talked about it. With no idea what was to happen next….

      Back to what took place  in 1934; almost 100 years ago….

      WAR IS A RACKET book. Mr Butler said it best.


      The book online►




    • Al C says:

      Right at this moment, I look up and see a totally obscured sun and it's like like some bad science fiction movie.(East Coast, Massachusetts.

         How can these so called scientists lie with a straight face and say that SRM/Geoengineering isn't going on.

      Does the Military Industrial Complex and all the other names they go by really think we're all asleep and stupid?

          I used to love walking  to 5 days a week in mother nature and now I'm subjected to the malls…………..Lets continue to stick together and get this to end………………….but how?


  29. Dawnski says:

    I love how BOLD you are in speaking the truth. LKN, NC is and has been a toxic dumping ground for these liars.  Working with an army reserve airline mechanic was moist enlightening….if not creepy!! 

  30. Joseph L. says:


    This  link says it all about  geoengineering cover up.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gotta give it to Chuck Norris. A man who stood up for our planet as a whole and was wiped off the face of hollywood. Nice to you you keep punching away Chuck. "Good guys wear black" and deal with things "expediently".

      Joeseph L, thank you for posting this.

  31. Kenny Simpson says:

    I've noticed several Solar Radiation Jets spraying toxic particulates over the Waste Management/Phoenix Open Golf Tournament that has begun today.  After observing such activity over the past 4-5 years, it's easy to detect what's taking place.  The skies over Phoenix are full of Geoengineering activity.  When is this illegal activity, spearheaded by criminal Dr. David Keith of Calgary, going to end.

    Has President Trump been completely informed of the continuous dangers that exist within our skies?  This must end now!

  32. Susan Ferguson says:

    Carnegie Wants to Spray Our Skies, Launches “Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative”
    Politics, Science / February 2, 2017
    Kind of hilarious when you consider Carnegie’s own climate scientist, rabid geoengineering supporter Ken Caldeira, claims chemtrails aren’t real… Since we’ve been sprayed in this decade, and since we’ve been unwilling subjects of other chemical and biological warfare experiments as Americans and other people from the 1950’s until now, it has become relevant to understand the exact individuals and entities responsible for geoengineering. Recently, the US government, Carnegie Institutions, Harvard scientists and other prestigious groups and figures have been voraciously calling for the skies to be sprayed to block out the sun and combat an overly hyped climate change. If we allowed them to spray in the open, imagine how much worse it will be than now. They claim “chemtrails” are a lewd conspiracy theory while openly proposing the skies be sprayed in the exact same manner. If we don’t protest their proposal to spray the skies now, in 20 years we’ll be living in an aluminum poisoned nightmare where questioning the health of geoengineering the weather, hazing out the sun to combat climate change, will be as taboo as being critical of vaccines. We cannot allow geoengineering to become normalized in the public consciousness: and the only thing necessary to prevent that is the simple truth. It’s not a good idea to spray the skies, to poison our environment with aluminum and other material. It turns us into subjects and grants even more control to a power structure over our lives. It will also make any other chemical or biological material sprayed on us indistinguishable from the geoengineering spray if we allow this precedent to be set. We must fight geoengineering, and target the exact players involved: such as the Carnegie Council.

    • Mario says:

      SF: I agree with you, with one minor thought . . . I think the "in 20 years" part is happening right now.  The subject of Geoengineering is already taboo.  Look at the childish remarks of Douglas Macmartin, who also openly states that he is in fact part of these programs.  The Orwellian nightmare is here and now.  I am watching the next generation have absolutely no awareness of what's happening above them.  They think it is normal.  You're right, Susan, we can't allow geoengineering to be normalized.  We must all speak, even if they don't listen.  We must keep talking: 

      "For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen. Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible. Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking." – S. Hawking  

      Humanity's greatest achievement in the short term would be the decommissioning of these weather modification and aerosol spraying programs.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Hi Mario — I did not write the above article, it is from Daily Westerner. Thank you for all your many insightful observations.   :o)

  33. susan higgins says:

    History should have taught this activist group you cannot win a war where you are outgunned, outfinanced, out maneuvered….I am not reading or hearing anything that would be successful in a Goliath and David scenario….what can be learned from history is that mobilization in terms of economic and civil disobedience has always been successful.  Unfortunately, Americans would never give up their rights to consume more than their fair share of global resources….and that is how geoengineering has been successful…by preying upon the American fears that there will 'not be enough' were we to share with the rest of the globe….Mussolini said something to the effect that when a state's interests superceed the individual, it is called fascism. In no article or response am I reading or sensing anyone's willingness to give up for the sake of the greater good.  Disappointed to say the least….I have been in the 'field' so to speak directly observing and identifying the results of this global fascism…I do not own a cell phone and have given up all semblence of a normal life.  Are you willing to do the same so that the globe will be saved from yet another version of fascism?  

    • Irene Parousis says:

      I agree, in order to see change in the world we must start with ourselves, there's no other way around this.

    • MAP says:

      Susan H: I have read more than a few responses here encouraging ALL to reduce our consumption and to stop participating in all aspects of the modern lifestyle that is promoted by Power-Structure. I urge you to keep reading and look for insights from "a simple horseman" as well as others here. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Susan Higgins, I live off grid. I cook on top of the heat that heats my cabin. I haven't had a cell phone for almost 4 years. A simple land line and an old answering machine is all that is really necessary, still. "I am not reading or hearing anything that would be successful in a Goliath and David scenario….what can be learned from history is that mobilization in terms of economic and civil disobedience has always been successful". Me, I disagree with the former and agree with the later. I have been participating in and being the later my life whole life.

      "If you want to find the lead horse in a herd of horses just look for the horse standing the middle of the herd". The lead horse is one that is wise, one that other horses 'want' to be around. (Kind of like Dane. I am sure that there are many here that emulate him in their own circles). Never is the "alpha" a lead horse. Those poor egotistical critters are out standing by themselves because no one wants to be near them. ("parallels in nature").

      And as for "David", that dude put it all on the line knowing he would be pulverized if he failed. He also knew he had a chance to hit the target. "One on one". He did not have to face the multiple layers of BS government or an ignorant overly massive population like we have today. We must not be a resident in a glass house throwing stones. Get your shovel and dig in. We gotta lot of "stuff" to shovel. It will literally take "mass awareness" to get us out of this mess. Teaching others what has been kept from them is a very important responsibility that has been given to those of us that have opened our minds. "Be" a good teacher. And if you know "a lot", be a damn good teacher. The rest of the equation will take care of itself if we have confidence in the truth of our teachings.

  34. Donna-AZ says:

    They are choking us out here in Arizona. Obvious depopulation plan in full swing. The worst I've ever seen, 100's of jets. I feel like we are slowly being murdered. And yesterday, there was a headline on tv stating, air pollution causes Alheimer's. I think they meant to say airplane pollution.

    • JF says:

      Heavy spraying over southern california yesterday and today. Horrible.

    • Terri says:


      Horrible, endless, ongoing, horizon to horizon spraying and the jets never stop.  I saw 7 spraying, all at once today,  coming from Sedona down to Cottonwood.  Unbelievable.  This is not Arizona, not the Arizona I have lived in for 60 years.

      I caught a picture of a huge, vibrant rainbow over my property, but no rain was around, blue skies.  I saw a Sundog today, it looked like a little sun was hanging out with the big sun..  I could see rainbow colors circling the sun, when I blocked the sun with my hand.

      Someone hit 5th gear on us in Arizona this week.  Lots of sick folks in Northern Arizona.  Headaches, pains in joints,back, neck.  Many with sinus issues, digestive issues, respiratory issues.  I walked by a Dr. office, everyone in the glass windowed waiting room were wearing masks!  What?I had to do a double take to check what I thought I saw!  There had to have been 15 people in that waiting room.


      I have noticed something interesting recently. My 5 rescue dogs will refuse to drink from outside water bowls after it rains.  They sniff it and walk away.  If I fill their bowls with fresh water, they drink like heck.  Anyone else notice something like their dog prefers not to drink rain water?

      Donna, I feel ya sista.  I feel Kerry also.  God bless us.




    • SedonaLeigh says:

      I'm in Sedona and it is "white out" conditions. I've written dear John McCain letters every week – not one reply. I am wearing a RZ Mask which is able to filter out nano particles. I also read about Mark at Facebook with new "neuro science" underway to read minds. While I don't use FB, I do find it interesting this is announced and the carpet bombing has been so perisstent. The mask is a bit of a security blanket but I think it works. Good luck to all!

    • JF says:

      After the heavy spraying this past week, the storm that was gonna hit southern ca fizzled out on Friday.

  35. Mario says:

    To all my awakened brothers and sisters:  The narrative is division.  Keep this in the front of your mind the next time you consume "news" from those who have a stake in controlling the narrative.  This agenda of divide and confuse is central to everything that is happening around us.  Trump intentionally pounces on every sub-narrative that has been pissing people off (which are pre-planted narratives that span decades), because his job is to foster dissent, anger, and most importantly division.  This was a shrewd and calculated move by the Power Structure (this is partly why the FBI decided last minute to torpedo Clinton).  Does that mean I endorse Hillary?…F**k no, absolutely not.  They're all deeply narcissistic sociopaths who are only pleasing people behind the curtain.  They are addicted to power like a junkie is addicted to a needle.  I think the power structure saw Trump as the extreme they needed to really ramp up the division to a level that fosters enough in-fighting among us, so that they can continue to bilk every resource on earth, continue to rape the planet in whatever manner they choose, and then turn around and charge you for it.  

    DON'T get caught up in the rhetoric of division.  Go back to observation and instincts, and not what someone else tells you to believe.  I trust GeoEngineeringWatch because it confirms what I see with my own two eyes and what I have come across while researching the subject through primary source documents.  Another clue is that Dane isn't selling anything and he's not sponsored by anyone.  To me, that says something.  It is also evident in his voice, his passion, and his willingness to tell you things that make you uncomfortable.  

    Compare that with the national TV news, where every other commercial is for a new pharmaceutical drug, a car, or another distraction from the REAL reality.  You have to read between the lines with media . . . start asking yourself questions such as: Why did they choose this story?  How did they present the story?  Was their coverage in-depth or summed up by sweeping generalizations that weren't backed up by anything?  Who was the source of their information?  Did that source sound credible?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Who sponsors the people giving the information?  

    The medium is the message.

    If the medium is a Happy-Go-Lucky weather person dressed to the 9's with a giant plastic smile on their faces who never mentions massive aerosol spraying, but instead opts to give you a 30 second snippet of Raytheon's weather explanation with fuzzy radar . . . then people who don't know shit from shinola are going to think everything is hunky dory.

    <SIGHING> Being critical of the medium and carefully dissecting a message does not make you a conspiracy theorist.  It means you have some modicum of intelligence.

    Stop defining yourself by the medium and begin dissecting the message.  When it clicks and you start to see that division (AND CONFUSION) are the narratives, it will change your reality. It will change how you view those "experts" giving you "The News".

    Trust me, the power structure is having a 5 martini lunch and laughing their sick f**king asses off while they watch people go round and round, fighting with each other about this issue and that issue.  Meanwhile nobody talks about the Pink Elephant in the Sky? . . . please . . .      

    • MAP says:

      Amen Mario! A-A-A-A-men……. Everything that you have described here regarding the Power-Structure-Controlled Media and their endless attempts to create division among the "Masses" is what I awakened to this past year. What an awakening it was to realize how I have been "played" by the games of the Psychopaths-In-Charge during the past 25 years.

      Wake up People. Please. This is one of the oldest "Tricks" in the book. It is called "Divide and Conquer". And the Psychopaths-In-Charge are laughing all the way to the Bank, and also all the way to the destruction of Mother Earth, Almighty God's elaborate Creation.

      These Monsters (FreeMason/Illuminati/Psychopath Cabal) have been working on this nightmare for a very long time. They love to use a "tool" called Predictive Programming. So in the 1980s, we received their messages through television "programs" (do you understand why they are called programs – to program the minds of the masses) that the Ozone Layer had been damaged/destroyed. Then in the 1990s we got the message of pending "Global Warming". These Psychopaths were communicating to us the damage that They Perpetrated through various activities of Military-Industrial-Complex; #1 among these destructive activities was SRM/SAI – Weather Modification -Weather Warfare.

      That being said, there are countless other human activities that are contributing greatly to environmental destruction as well "Global Warming". In my estimation, these additional activities were fueled and promoted by one thing: debt-based monetary system and Central Banks which supply endless Fiat Currency around the world.

      Back to the destruction narrative: These Psychopaths setup the story about Ozone Layer destruction and Global Warming. Then they setup the storyline that human activity was causing the destruction. But But But……. "they" forgot to mention that they themselves were orchestrating the worst of offenses regarding this environmental destruction: they were perpetrating Geo-Engineering on US without our consent and with out any "Debate" in Legislatures/Deliberative Institutions around the world. Wake up everyone to the "Divide and Conquer" Reality Show!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MAP, yes, as you stated, there are countless forms of anthropogenic destruction to the planet and biosphere, the human race has been very poor stewards of this once thriving world. The highly toxic climate engineering/weather warfare is indeed the greatest assault ever launched against the web of life by our species, exposing and halting the weather warfare insanity should remain our primary focus. If we can accomplish this, we can face a long list of other challenges. Never give up, it is our combined efforts that can yet make a difference.

    • Wes says:



      Here's how easy it is to figure out.

      If it makes it to the t.v. screen, it's a scene in the movie. Everything on t.v. is part of the script. The script is not the truth. Quit playing your part, don't believe any of it.

      Wake up people.

    • Dennie says:

      Look at all those right angles– clearly this is a visible Military Game that could be termed "Keep Away from California."  Bet those kiddies at the control rooms operating the drones that are blasting the sh!t on us day and night are sure having fun, fun FUN with the Golden State, now turned to dust, thanks to THEM.  Hope "they" enjoy it as much as the rest of us are forced to!

  36. Calixto says:

    Great job Dane! Perfectly handled IMO, the truth will out!!

  37. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Hello Dane.

    These MFs are surreal, for them to talk about lunch or about the preparation plans for MASS MURDERING All Humanity and Biosphere, is the F same.

    Thank you for your courage and great example, Sr.

    And you are correct, they will be EXPOSE.


  38. Curt Walker says:

    All, I wish to join with you who believe that Dane has an unbelievable amount of patience with people I cannot describe without resorting to language my mother told me not to use.  On the positive side there are any number of internet articles, many mentioning Dane, backing up the negative side of geo engineering including supposed confessions of pilots, scientists, etc claiming to be deeply involved in the lies.  I am concerned that neither President Trump nor our congress has sufficient authority to halt the egregious activities.  We have all heard that a few families fund both sides of a war so they always win.  I think that those same families are funding the decimation of earth, but I cannot understand what "winning" means if the earth becomes nothing but a big rock floating in space.  Keep it up Dane, Thanks.   

    • BaneB says:

      Curt Walker:  My best guess is these wealthy families cannot afford Peace In Earth.  That would bankrupt their stock portfolios, their banks, their vacations to those exclusion zones.  Their entrapment is our entrapment.  The economy, a rotten contrivance, will not hold and indeed is about to crumble.  These psychopaths require a war to "reboot."  Which is precisely why they are bitchslapping Russia (GOG).  They hope to push Russia into a conventional war or near enough that The Bear will say "Uncle Sam."   This is a foolhardy gamble, and with our very lives.  Theirs, too.  Logic has no basis except a do or die.  I suspect Israel is deeply involved, her agents and moles too utilize the US (Babylon) foreign policy and military to checkmate Russian support for Syria and Iran.  They goad, we load.  Indeed, one has to have a healthy suspicion about Israeli Intel.  They are the CIA and the burgeoning surveillance state.

  39. nobodiesfool says:

    Yes, the bloodlines, this is central and has been for thousands of years of "blue-blooded" horror. I'm pretty sure he answered you repeatedly Dane,only because he was given a bonus -who knows what -to do so. Theatre of the absurd. The jokes are writing themselves, I'm surprised he didn't tell you that you're being "negative", don't they use their own "New Age" weapons?  Thanks for the entertainment, Mac. See you on the Jesus Springer show, by and by. Oh, by the way, comic relief for the trump drumph bullshit blues can be found in the excellent comedy play, on Youtube of course , Jerry Springer – The Opera. Laughter is the best medicine. Trigger warning: The christian far out right in Britain hounded this one., pressured BBC to drop it, though wildly popular. Adult fun, enjoy y'all. If we go down laughing at them, what have they proved, what have they won? I'd advise them all to get a life, but obviously they wouldn't know what to do with it. Thanks, Mac, for the wit sharpening exercise, altho minor.

  40. Dennie says:

    The level of insanity exhibited by these monsters is simply beyond astounding.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      The population as a whole overall became corrupted and has committed and still is committing treason against everything that is of good or most things at least there is some resistance to this insanity this website and organization would be considered an example of that ,correct me if I am mistaken maybe there is a better wat to say this.

    • Dennie says:

      Reality is, the population as a whole overall couldn't give a rat's a** in regard to one damned thing happening to them.  They aren't paying attention– muuuuch too busy preparing for the Stupor Bowl, checking their stock quotes, giving the servants their orders to wash the Tesla, etc.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Dennie and Everyone else at GEW:

      What's truly missing from this WAR, Is the Clarity of pur Enemies !!

  41. BoJ says:

    Greetings to all of you good people.  This was a classic example of a paid liar being dissected by mr. Dane the man.  It makes me happy to see that I am not alone.  Here in Toronto, we don't have normal snow since they started heavily filling the skies with this bs about 5 years ago.  It can sometimes throw down 30-50 cm of snow in two days, and it allways rains so hard after that that the snow melts totally, only for the cold air to kick in after and bring the temp down to -20.  It all happens within a week.  Also check out the recent disaster in New  Brunswick, Canada, where thousands of trees got simply crushed by a freezing rain storm.

    • Dennie says:

      I don't see how "MacMartin/MacMy-Knowski-It-All" or whatever the Hell is his real name, can just LIE right through his teeth.  On the other hand, ANYONE who has Zero Problem keeping you guessing as to what his actual name is won't have a problem with lying in general.  CLEARLY we're dealing here with a certifiable PSYCHOPATH.

    • Bija says:

      Paraphrasing here, but these scientists say the Arctic warming is so extreme that there must be a human hand in it. Brilliant deduction! Now…if they only had eyes to see 

  42. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Trying to comment on anything Trump is impossible, I've tried to send a message to the Camp of President Trump, Saying it's a good Idea to look into this GeoEngineering THING!! But, it's impossible, they have cut off everything political about this subject along with anything, even positive comments are not possible. I reached out to all politicians – both repb. -decr., no one will answer any type of question, it's created a vacuum of doubt like no other. Not one politician would answer a letter,  a email, a tweet, nothing, I didn't post anything for a while, because I wanted to make sure I gave amble time to respond. I have. NOTHING. The only thing I agree on is vetting people who want to come to this country from the middle east, because of the enemies we've created from other previous administrations, so I think the Trump Admins., at least should be given a chance about that one thing. Only because it makes sense now, since we did create a monster of a problem there and here. But stilll – No One will touch this question politically about Geoengineering the planet??? I frustrated to say the least. 

    • JF says:

      Trumps plate is full to say the least. Wether we support all he's doing or not, he is having to spent a lot of time just fighting back against all those opposed to him (Rep's and Dems)

      Hopefully he will be informed of this issue and do something about it. Maybe defund it.

  43. ron hall says:

    Dane: I think you could drive with this guy to dozens of the smaller land- based silver dioxide releasing sites all over the country; watch them in action shredding the tropospheric weather and this pure HIGH ORDER FOOL, Mac Martin–or whatever the hell his name is, would simply go into cognitive dissonance and thus deny reality.  There is nothing behind the eyeballs of this creature!  Board an actual jet with him and see, touch the containers of Aluminum oxide, Barium oxide, etc. At that point, he may suddenly feel ill and flee to his Lexus in a raging state of cognitive dissonance.  The man has been lying so long he has forgotten the deeper meaning of anything. He is a MATRIX CONCOCTION-pure and simple. And , please let us all not forget for one second, we also are in this matrix; albeit, clawing our way out.

    Yet you still have the tenacity to deal with such automatons. Good on you, Dane!

  44. SortingHat says:

    I mean holy Jesus Christ people are just pretending nothing is wrong.  Is it going to take no electricity to get people to take action?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      YES!!! and probably more! Sad, ain't it?……..

    • MS P says:

      No water will be the human breaking point.

      We can live without electricity. Although many will go berserk! The day people can not buy gas, go to the bank,& go to their jobs.

      YEA that will be the day.

      Just look how everything depends on electricity. I got a taste of it, when the 1994 Northridge earthquake hit. There was no power in S CA. All the way up to Ventura/Santa Barbara counties. No gas, no bank. A few stores started to let people in, a few at a time. Into a dark store. We still had people who could cashier, by using a calculator. Able to count money, & do some math. That will not work with a debit card. It was cash only. Think about that for a second, as we go to a cashless society, dependent on the all mighty machine. That runs only on electricity.!!!!

       The smart phone  public,  are even more stupid out there now.

      Or what about the famous CA Aqueduct? 440 miles of flowing water, into desert dry  Los Angeles. It runs electricity at the starting end. For water musty be pumped UP 390 + feet. To start flowing. It's the biggest PG&E bill, in CA.(Huell Howser did documentaries about CA water system. Starting with the snow pack, in the Sierra Mountains. All the way to Los Angeles.) 

       So when it all goes down. People will be freaked out, & crazy.Then instead of realizing what has been done. By the cabals.  People will just turn on each other. Since most do not have survival skills.

      Just as planned. 

      Those hurricane disasters, in the USA were a good example of just that. Also I felt that they were a human experiment on the people. We have been divided, & soon will be conquered. If all goes to their plan.

      Also the gas shortages;  More so the  water shortages/conservation programs, of the past. A TEST folks. Just to see how little water, we can survive on?

    • BaneB says:

      MS P:  Yes, and the computers run everything.  Even the Golden Gate Bridge, which has become a very user unfriendly nightmare.  The Zillionnaires who are richer than imaginable want the entire world to operate on an algorithm.  The New Yorker Mag rag just did an insightful expose about silicon CEOs with bug out planes, helicopters, private islands, landing strips, underground bunkers, to flee if their ephemeral inventions should cease to function.  This mad dash to a cashless society will push all of us even further out on the proverbial limb, a limb being sawed off by techie nerds and these bug out Kings.  Because these high priests of technology are losing faith in a cohesive society, should we also not be a bit edgy, too?  I think so.  There are many reasons why cashless disadvantages the middle class and the poor, and the enumerated breakdowns you describe says to me the last thing we should tolerate, outside of nuclear war and Geoengineering is a cashless society.  Even more important, imho, is that it might be time to leave the urban areas.  If the supposed smartest are freaking out and ready to bolt, it seem sensible to consider it is that time to do the same.

    • MAP says:

      I can totally relate to your  sentiments, Sorting Hat. I began sharing with family members last summer regarding SRM/SAI. 3 of them are open to hearing the arguments to expose it. They can see the aerosol spraying with their own eyes. But they "Refuse" to connect all the dots of GeoEngineering and Weather Modification and Weather Whiplash. Whenever I try to "connect the dots" for them and explain what I understand about Chemical Ice Nucleation, weather whiplash, etcetera, etcetera; they simply respond that it is all normal. Nothing to see here just move on. 

      Some family members I'm referring to belong to Left-leaning politics, others to Right-leaning politics. But they all have one thing in common: they are only concerned with their paycheck and how they can engage in highest form of "over-consumption" and be comfortable. 

      Very sad. Sigh…..





    • Dennie says:

      People won't budge until they are PERSONALLY hurting.  These IDIOTS won't miss their water until their well runs dry.  They will only be moved to notice anything's amiss when their hair catches on fire, as Dane says.

  45. Here's one description of the bad guys.

    "These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water … "    – Jude 12

    • JR says:

      Bombarded in Southwest, New Mexico with SAG/SRM-Chemtrails. Got off the phone earlier complaining now for years to Washington, D.C. on such matters and I am a Christian with eyes open. There is a Hell and I don't want to go there where anyone is welcome should they choose being as we have free will. So much for our Rights of Freedom with the like works over our heads shoved down our throats and pushing freedom off in other parts of the world, right?! Blood been running from nose with much dryness and stench of death in the air. 

    • horsegirl says:

      Ah, the DUMBs and their billionaire inhabitants.  I've been astonished at what's written in the Nevi'im – recommend the reads: 

      Amos 9:2:

      "Though they dig into Sheol, from there will My hand take them; And though they ascend to heaven, From there will I bring them down…

      …And though they conceal themselves from My sight on the floor of the sea, from there I will command the serpent and it will bite them;…


  46. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To "all", If this post is not you, ignore it.

    Me, my "self", am sick and tired of those that had faith in "Trump". If you did, "you" need to do some serious house cleaning in your mind.

    To me, "trump" has always meant, "you're screwed".

    No such thing as coincidence my friends.

    (And just cuz I like to stir the pot, "ain't no such thing as hell either").

    May you all find a path to being truly free.

    "choose the middle path". (Buddha and Jesus)

    War is over. If you want it….. (Thank you John)………..

    • penny waters says:

      thank you kind sir for your kind words further down

      the only reason i wanted trump to win was because the others are obviously mad selfish demonic liars – like blair over here – when he ran hackney council london, where i lived at the time, his council was called the loony left and when he became prime minister he became politically on the right – and a war monger – so he blows with the wind – not a real politician – and the first night he was in he had a party at no 10 – if that had been me i would have been sitting somewhere quiet wondering how to govern such a massive responsibility

      when he was in hackney him and his cronies brought in positive discrimination for black people

      at the time the ethnic minorities made up 83% of the population of hackney (obviously that included many different nationalities) so the british numbered 13% (not a great majority!!) which also included the irish, scots and welsh – so crazy blair ignored the english natives

      natives are linked to their environment – without them and their cultural link to their environment (albeit the built environment) there is little understanding of behaviour

      i noticed that obama had a nigerian father – how can he understand what a descendant of a slave feels like – or make a difference in society so divided

      tis like tony blair being a socialist – an academic socialist – from the blairs in scotland – loads of money and land

      they were called 'champagne socialists' – that is what the democrats look like to me!

      tony blairs mate charles clark – i used to do his garden – was a nice man (who was brought up in hampstead – posh) but not very bright

      my friend was his neighbour – when her daughter had a child he bought her a teddy bear that was 5ft tall – these people were not wealthy – a 5ft teddy????? baby clothes no – mad eh – no idea

      tis like the academic scientists – i had a young friend who loved the environment – then she went to st andrews uni (posh uni) and came back changed and actually said to me that – i was an intellectual but i had a london accent!!!!

      i try not to judge too much but as i have said somewhere else i hope that trump(et) concentrates peoples minds  – and have just noticed my comment below – hahaha how mad

      have to keep a sense of humour

      we are just nature observing ourselves

      love to you all

  47. Chad says:

    Their time is coming soon. Theyll still be a few good ol boys left that dont play by the laws of the land but by whats RIGHT. LORD have mercy on the poor souls they avenge us all for. And after  that, the Creator has another plan in store for them. Lol. God bless us all.

  48. Ken says:

    Dane, there is no doubt that geoengineering is being implemented and Mr. MacMartin is very aware of it. His condescending attitude, defiance and lack of honesty are appalling given the dire state of the environment and the part he is playing in covering up the greatest crime against humanity and all life on this planet. You reap what you sow and will have to face that in the near future. Standing on the side love and truth, especially in the most challenging situations, is worth more than anything and is more important than anything. Love will never fail and there is an incredible future just ahead, no matter how dark the horizon appears.

  49. Mirjana says:

    Wow- i feel personally insulted….really….are you serious…Shame shame shame!

    And this is the behavior of only one such @($@11!!%!!.

    Must be Satans right hand!

    Dane, you put so much work in putting all this info and videos in the reply's – just to get this kind of treatment….it pains me….betcha he didn't even look at it, because he knows it's the truth!

    Deny deny deny….guess that's all they can do.

    What they fail to realize is- with all the money they have saved up in the bank and in the 401K- isn't worth shit if there is nothing to buy- food will be the new gold. Dude! You are on the same sinking ship as us!!

    But i totally expect that exact response- until there are no more rocks to hide under.

    Greetings to you all!!


  50. Rosalie says:

    Great correspondence, Dane. They lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.   Hold their feet to the fire! They should all be thrown in jail.

  51. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, very good article, good job my friend I haven't met yet,

    The interview videos tell it all when it comes to how folks are going to get the snow job of a life time. "Con men" and "engineer/scientist" often are one and the same. Some of them get real good at it. I've seen it first hand. Believe me, they get lots of practice trying to speak with those that control the money, justifying why they need what they need to get the results that were mandated in the first place. LOL, oh my you should see them squirm when the hard questions get asked.

    A simple(I love that word) coarse in how to spot a liar and be able to tell when someone is lying would help anyone when watching these videos. Sadly, for myself, these characters pose no competition. They are no worthy foe of "my" intellect. There tendency to avoid simple people such as myself is testimony to their weakness and their deception. I find it ironic that Mr MacFakename "reacted" to Dane's emails. Guilty people react, the innocent or knowing stand their ground. A parallel in nature here: With horses, it's all about "do 'I' make you move 'your' feet or do 'you' make me move mine". You get a horse to move his feet where you want them and there is no need for anything else in order to get along and "live together", plain and simple. Dane, this article set me right. I am so proud to know you are "there" and I am amazed as to how you have swept Mr MacFakename into a corner by his own doing(grin). It'll all look good in court, won't it?(wink).

    Parallels, "never take more than a dollar to a poker game with a Mustang". (And be prepared to lose it). If you play like it's all you have, then you are on equal ground with the Mustang. One is best off just sitting back and sharing a few beers and talking about reality. And then go home and "live it". Mustangs are into that kind of stuff….

    • LS says:

      This could be the material for a class in non-answering. Or a class in how micro expression says more than words.Look at these guys holding their own hands in an attempt to not give away their lying ways. So sorry, we see and feel the truth and you are not it – Mr Mac-whatever. The video from 2011 with Caldeira and MacMynowski… is almost hilarious as they try to spit out their controlled lies they are literally choking on their own fumbling words. Even MacMartins denials of Geoengineering are actually statements with clauses that negate qualify the original meaning. Obviously he is panicking as he is up at 5:30am e mailing a reply to Dane. I love knowing that he will NOT be able to stop himself from reading this site and comments. He can say he is no longer communicating with Dane via e mail but I guarantee he is reading this. And employing  a P/R communications consultant to help him read, understand and respond to simple questions in English. Way to go , Dane. I get a big payoff in seeing these criminals squirming.

  52. Pardon my french but this really pisses me off. Hang in there Dane we are all with you.

  53. Helene says:

    Feb 1 2017 5pm PST MAJOR SPRAYING RIGHT NOW ACROSS STRAIT OF JUAN DE FUCA WASH STATE>SOUTHERN BC VANCOUVER ISLAND.  Weather yesterday clear cold sun today so hot felt like burning suddenly chemtrail appeared in skies above and across US/Canada border extremely windy wind from arctic snow forecast for Fri-Sat-Sun across PNW just when we had settled into normal raincoast weather of rain and temps 40sF during day.

    • BaneB says:

      Helene:  Yes, your region is under a major weather control terrorist assault.  There is a mega storm out in the Pacific.  The aerosol jets are working overtime to impact the precipitation and possibly to create major snow.  I saw the huge canopy of grunge over Washington this morning at the 1PacificRedwood site.  

  54. Daniela says:

    Hi Dane thank you for your beautiful article and sharing the correspondence with McMartin. I find that talking some sense into him is like try to talk to the vaccines link to autism and the rise of chronic autoimuine disease that doctors refuse to acknowledge and which you recently talked about with Dr. Andrew Wakefield who's trying his very best to raise awareness to vaccine damage. I think that the " Gods in White Coates" are totally blinded by the  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ signs and nothing else matters. I sincerely hope your efforts to raise awareness to the genocidal geoengineering together with your legal team will be uber successful or we will be doomed ! Keep up the good work Dane we are all standing with you !


    • nobodiesfool says:

      Yep, Mr. Dylan said it years ago, "they all play on the Penny whistle, you can hear them blow…"

  55. kathleen says:

    There's something in common with all these vids: LIES. I don't give a damn if they're due to misunderstanding of facts, ignorance of facts, or deliberately mis-stating them. They are lies.

    I've worked for small and large private, public, and non-profit organizations, and they had one thing in common: they all told lies. For profit (yes, even the "non" profit ones).

    Didn't someone say "truth is the first casualty of war"? And by "truth," one must be extremely vigilant to discern that nowadays, particularly since all media are controlled by six (or five?) multinational corporations, and corporations have one goal: profit. And they (and their in-control media) can legally lie: "In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States." (http://projectcensored.org/11-the-media-can-legally-lie/) I think it goes farther than this, but you can research that yourself.

    Quite the example for our kids, eh? Oh, nevermind, they won't live long enough to grow up in this atmosphere, or what's left of it after the incoming "team" (none with environmental credentials of the least) scrubs all environmental data that doesn't conform to the "new truth", i.e., whatever the dictator claims. "Blue skies, nothin' but blue skies, from now on…" And so it goes, down the rabbit hole. 

    Please do whatever little you can to awaken people to what's being done IN our skies, that, in turn, rains down on us, our water, our soil, our food, and we breathe every day. 

    The most personal way to fight back is to keep yourself healthy, a topic I rant on regularly. Please, do that for yourself and your loved ones, and for those who might endure in the future. And do it for Dane and his family and friends. He asks for nothing but for us to spread the information, yet gives of his time and resources daily. Use him as a model of kindness and your actions will surely reverberate in a positive manner. And while kindness may not be rewarded in this lifetime, surely it counts towards karma in the next one.

    I send Dane and each of you healing vibes and wishes for a better tomorrow. You people are WONDERFUL, and I thank you for all the good you share. Some of us feel alone in the midst of "others," those who say "Hey, that sky looks normal to me," or some such. But here, we can find kindred souls who care for each other, even those we don't know or will never meet. Group {{{hug}}}

  56. TNGeoWatch says:

    This is insane.  They lie blatantly about everything.  We live in a world of lies!

    • SortingHat says:

      Just shut up and watch Faux News nothing wrong here!   Click your heels three times and believe in Trump!

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      SortingHat; I know that's what you mean people are buying into the lie that Trump is the answer by the peddlers at infowars and others who are peddling that propaganda that Trump is the answer and truth Alex even went as far as to say Trump is a modern profit which is worrying it feels like that's what the power structure wants us to believe that Trump the illegitimate president is the answer to all our ataraxia which is so far from the truth , the system is broken society is very dishonorable at this point in the overall bigger picture perspective I know there is individuals who are doing hard and even there best to bring good change but the critical fight we need to happen is not happening people still live like there will be a tomorrow and don't care about a better future because they are satisfied with what they have as of now even if it's very little.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Lies from everywhere even the victims warship the same beast that the bullies do at this point with very few exemption people don't possess the good spirit anymore if they ever did I personally believe it's worse now.

  57. Carbon says:

    With people like these Ken and Doug in control we're really buggered!

  58. Neil says:

    Bravo, Dane! 

    My feeling is that these types will never admit culpability.  They have gone too far and are in too deep to ever turn back. 

    • Chad says:

      Thank you Dane Thats the stuff these mind controlled idiots and government need to see that is utterly pure irrefutable evidence by their own idiot paid scientist liars an admission of truth and omission of truth of the study of aluminum and study done on total impacts and published none!!!! Wake the f ck up PEOPLE!!! AND THIS IS A BLATANT LIE SAYING TH8S IS ONLY PROPOSED. IVE SEEN SINCE THE EARLY AND MID 90S MYSELF. I WORKED AT SACRAMENTO METRO AIRPORT BEFORE IT BECAME INTERNATIONAL. YOU CANNOT FOOL THOSE OF GOD , OR THOSE NOT MIND CONTROLLED AND I KNOW IT PISSES OFF THE POWER STRUCTURE IMMENSELY!!! WAKE UP AND GOD BLESS IN THE NAME OF JESUS. AMEN. 

    • SortingHat says:

      I wonder if they ever heard of the Chinese waterboarding torture?  Perhaps something along those lines might loosen up some lips?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Neil, my friend I haven't met yet, You bring up a very formidable point we all will be faced with before it's all said and done. Individuals trapped in their own stew.  And now we have folks like Chad on one end hollering of persecution and sorting hat on the other calling for torture. Who won that one?

      Neil, Good Job!! Sincerely…. You are honest. You call out a good point.

      Persecution nor torture will get us out of this mess "we" are in. How about "we" choose the middle road and be satisfied with the geoengineering stuff and it's perpetrators just stopping there evil deeds and fade into the sunset/history? "Mass awareness" is the one and only way this can happen. Dane knows this oh to well, and does his darndest to help us realize it. Will famous trials bring out those that can help save us? I doubt it. so why expend the energy on that subject. Bottom line folks, "mass awareness is the only way out", period. I quoted MLK the other night and I will add this, "we can not get to where we need to be in the vehicle we currently navigate". Truly by the laws of nature, trials and vengeance are not for the individual but for the many. Always we should know, neither are necessary. We can "simply" not do business with an individual that is questionable. This rule ranges high and low. If the responsibility be taken with moral responsibility and the good of our mother first and ourselves second… Well, "the skies the limit"(pun intended), parallels in nature….

      "It is amazing to me as to how easily the sheeple have been lead into a trap they may never get out of, or any after them". "It drives me that they will take us down with them"

      Remember, it's all about the feet(smile)…..

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Thanks simple horseman.  I needed to read what you wrote today.  My mother taught me to turn my back and walk away from people that have wronged or treated you differently then you would treat them.  

      "We can 'simply' not do business with an individual that is questionable."


  59. Gretchen says:

    Another paid liar bobs to the surface impersonating a human being. Definitely part of the problem, placing him in the psychopath column. Only a sick, twisted mind could betray all of humanity  to this degree, and his pathetic attempt at logical argument fails because its fiction.  I wonder if he realizes that when push comes to shove, he will be one of the ass kissers sacrificed to the demons. There are way more of us than them, Dougy, your diabolical masters whose boots (and god knows what else) you lick when commanded; and now we know you are a traitor.

  60. Erik says:

    Heavy spraying today in southern California. They are dimming the sun all day. Again exposing this all over Facebook and other social website so people can be aware and look up.


    • MS P says:

      I agree WORST DAY EVER! In 2017 Ventura county.

      With less than 1/2 mile visibility. . Looks like a major brush fire! Topped off with more planes currently flying.So thick I can barely see the chem trails being layered on top of this mess.

       Whatever it is. It cleared up the water in my lungs from the ice nucleation attack last week. Feel like I am trapped in a plastic bag with no air, but the water in my lungs is gone. (I was not sick from any virus)

      How strange is that????

      TV news just shows up as"►

      "a nice day with a fight through a little cloud cover. "Not a whole lot happening" 

      Now back to your regularly scheduled program….


      At Trader Joe's today some sheeple was saying "What a nice day" 


      It's  really just awful.. As I just said► worst day ever in Ventura county 2017-so far……..

    • BaneB says:

      Erik & MSP:  Yes, as I posted above about Washington State, Southern California is also under a major aerosol terrorist assault.  The huge low out in the Pacific is being microwave zapped, and the right top has spun off some errant residuals that promise rain to your region.  The weather geoengineered do not want this at this time and are spraying like mad.    Good luck. I don't know why there has not been a mass uprising in the southern part of the state.  It's really so very obvious what is occurring.  One only needs to pay attention by simply looking UP.

    • MS P says:

      Thank you BaneB, I used to live in the PNW. I also saw it going on up there. It's bad everywhere.

      Today (S CA) we have a heavy cloud cover, with slight sun peaking through. My cough is now a  mild dry cough, from my lungs being under water. From ice neuclealation.  To  a very slight dry cough. Not as bad as so many around me. I really am noticing just how many people are mindlessly coughing. They do not even notice that they are coughing. No hand in front of mouth either. They will cough in someone's face, while talking too.

      Valley fever anyone? That always was such a strange term & condition, used. It really was major after the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake. Not so much anymore. Maybe a new name is being used for the same condition. This way the Pharma industrial complex gets funding to create new drugs. This is not new. Lots of old conditions, that ail mankind, have new names, for GOV funding reasons.

      People in general, like to talk about the weather. But it is used as polite small talk. Most just sound like parrots saying exactly the same scripts, as what was on TV.  Word For Word. 

      "What a beautiful day"  -As we are under major  aerosol attack! 

      Last night a customer said that  the weather is so very strange. I managed to use Dane's term "Whiplash Weather" in reply. I heard " that's a good one! So very true". From there, they went back to sounding like a parrot, talking about what was said on TV. 

      Maybe if we can teach these human  parrots some new words? A few words at a time. I think  that I need to learn… How to teach a parrot to talk?   HA!

    • Dennie says:

      "Weather Whiplash" is a term I'm using all the time whenever anyone comments on the weather anymore.  And that we are under obligation to find out HOW our "weather gods" are doing this and we all need to find out where they live and see to it that they are strung up from every lamp post on every corner.  That always gets a good laugh.

  61. Christina V says:

    Strange looking clouds in the sky, long streaks, which I often see over my County, in Cornwall, UK!



  62. If this wasn't voted on by every country in the world we are looking at crimes against humanity

    • Chad says:

      H.R. 2977 . In 2001 they allowed this in USA. I said thats it, we are DONE!!! Implemented in 2002. Star Wars and chemical spraying testing allowed on people od USA. Probably all over the World. NEW WORLD ORDER. UN , NATO. SAME SHIT. ALL PSYCHOS MURDERERS, LIARS, CHEATS, THIEVES AND NEED TO BE HUNG, DRAWN AND QUARTERED!!! CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND THE WORLD. PURE OMNICIDE!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  63. David says:

    A friend of mine was in town for Chinese New Year after moving to China a decade ago. I showed him several images of aerial spraying and asked if he ever saw the same in China. At first he didn't understand what I was showing him until I explained it some after which he replied that he had NEVER seen skies in China look like that. I started to explain to him geoengineering starting with weather modification first but he said it wasn't necessary because he knows all about China's attempts to manipulate the weather typically with disasterous side effects. So in conclusion I was able to learn that in China geoengineering is a well known practice executed by the government however China has no chemtrails suggesting they are a wholly western phenomenon.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, thank you for sharing the message from your friend in China. Though ongoing aerosols spraying operations over China are visible on satellite images, the visibility (due to extremely poor air quality) in many locations in China is so poor that it is likely a clear view of the sky is not common. Aerosol  operations are also visible over Russia, South America, etc. Unfortunately there is no place that is free from the toxic heavy metal fallout.

  64. frank says:

    I think on one of your videos a few months ago you had one of these guys on the Stephen Colbert Show. The subject of geoengineering came up and at one almost unnoticed moment, Stephen joked, "aren't they doing that already?" It got a laugh and the talk moved on.

    It's easy for these jerks to tell you nothing is going on in the sky when they are just writing to you. If you had them on TV with an audience, maybe it would not be so easy. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Frank, yes, thank you for bringing up the David Keith Stephen Colbert interview, very very revealing. FYI   http://www.cc.com/video-clips/lv0hd2/the-colbert-report-david-keith

    • CAROL says:

      I am sure this Mr.  MacMartin (MacMynowski) gets paid massive amounts of income for being the LIAR that he is. That's one reason he would go change his last name! 

      To live is Christ  and to die is GAIN. In the end EVERY KNEE will bow before His Maker GOD to give account for all their sins, and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY… Clearly he is with the dark AGENDA 21 Global Depopulation team, and of course he has all his agents in this dark deed monitoring this and al other emails and sites exposing them. 

      My prayers are with you Dane that you will have God's Supreme protections and guidance, as you Sir are one of the Bravest men I have ever seen upon this earth. May NO Weapon formed against you Prosper!

      All in the Household of FAITH please agree with me on this prayer by saying "In JESUS Name AMEN!!"

      Your true sister in Christ~  Carol




    • renate summers says:

      Just watched the above video on Colbert Report.

      LOL the ass david keith is selling his book. All information in his book you’ll  find on geoengineeringwatch.org. What a weasel, it’s about selling his “F” book.

    • frank says:

      If this were a Sci-fi Channel Movie, David Keith would mistakenly order a load of Chemical Ice Nucleation be dropped on his house. As he was freezing, his last act would be to send out a nasty, condescending email to some anti-geoegineering person. Then there would be a commercial. His tombstone would say,"Here lies David. He claimed there was no spray in the sky, but he ended up frozen, why, oh, why"

    • MS P says:

      When cornered on TV. They try to change the subject & hope that no one will notice.

      Did you catch the part where Prince was talking about geoengineering on TV? He was trying to expose it.

  65. penny waters says:

    how stupid are humans

    this is amazing stuff but it doesn't surprise me that some people say black is white

    i have a sister like that – her truth is the only truth! we never did get on! 

    when i meet someone they have to be open to another human – the conversation we have energetically is in middle ground – between us

    other people have helped me so much in the past with things that i didn't understand but only by discussion with them have i learnt

    what i find with academics (and others) is that their language is made up of statements – closed sentences – and psychologists recognise that when using closed sentences the conversation doesn't go anywhere – it is just face offs

    and that is what politicians are like – trump is a breath of fresh air cos even though i know me and him wouldn't get on (he has no link with the environment and i aint no oil painting hahaha) he is honest with his opinions instead of those mealy mouthed politicians who lie through their teeth

    many of the scientists above are the same – you can read it in their attitude to others

    haven't seen yet any scientist who doesn't believe it, actually be concerned that others believe it and are upset about it – no-one!

    i am pretty sure too that they have no contact with the environment and if they do it is with closed eyes.

    i was told by a young man (ethno botanist) who works with the bbc that he is not allowed to mention the word 'species' and recently read on his website how some wonderful maize that is very sweet has had a genetic mutation to make it so

    i wrote to his agent but don't expect a reply because we are not allowed to question the 'establishment' and their blind acceptance of experts

    it appears that george orwell's 'big brother' is alive and well and in control of the human world

    it is heartening for me to know that there are conscious people out there because i am so isolated because i know too much – my dad always said 'read between the lines'

    i bet he could not have conceived that the lines would be in the sky and am glad that the generations before me are no longer here because their anguish would be more than mine

    we have drizzle and rain and mould – and yes i get the similarity to our guts – kill the bacteria and fungi take over

    i have been living an alternative lifestyle ever since i left home and some time ago studied herbal medicine at university where i met other herbalists training who had never grown a plant

    the scientist have limited knowledge – when one of them was talking about how maybe human health might be affected and that people involved in the health of humans are being involved

    are they the same humans involved in human health that cannot cure people of disease – heart disease, diabetis, cancers, obesity, digestive problems like crohns where the barber/surgeons just keep cutting out the dis-eased part to the extent that some people have no gut left

    i find people in general ignorant, ignorant of their history, of humans and our place in the world and everything else

    reasoned discussion with the rigid is well nigh impossible for me so i applaud you dale when you try to get them to understand – they would suck the light out of me

    you are a light worker sir



    • r says:

      Penny says:  "how stupid are humans?"  Answer:  Verrrrrrrry stupid.  It's up to each individual to learn truth from lies.   Health:   Eat healthy – and if they don't …well, that's their problem.   They eliminate themselves from the gene pool – (IMO) doing us all a big favor


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Penny, please if I may, You are amazing. I enjoy the depth to which you dwell and can easily elaborate from. I always enjoy what you have to offer all of us here. Philosophy is always the precursor to any kind of evolution. I'm sure many of us here are ready for some evolution in the direction of the "good of the many". How many ways have we chosen to take the the PTB out of our every day lives?

      "Be honest!"………………..

  66. Manofsteel says:

    "Industrialized/militarized society is, unfortunately, filled with individuals who are willing to do anything (or say anything) so long as it provides a paycheck, a pension, and what they perceive as a secure place in the most powerful tribe."

    Exactly.  This just about sums it up unless you want to delve into -why?

    The sale of aluminum?  Follow the money to find the source?  Or, something sinister, population reduction?  We will find out, hope it is not too late.  Thought Trump was against the plan, so, why am I being chemtrailed everyday?  Our AC just went down, the sun?  Weird.

  67. Abigail says:

    WOW! Thank you, Dane! I am so proud of you. Only a man with such integrity and wisdom could expose this guy Douglass Mac.. as the ignorant person he is. Yes, he has some smarts, but 'Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.'  Press Onward!  Sharing with Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae. and Herb Allure forums. Douglass has his hand caught in the cookie jar for sure!

    Blessings and thankfulness to you, Dane. ' (Thumbs Up! ) 

  68. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Fix-Nothing Farce of Symbolic Politics
    oftwominds / Charles Hugh Smith / January 31, 2017
    Solutions gut the rackets by breaking down the status quo's regulatory walls protecting the privileged elites who are strip-mining the bottom 95%.
    Much of what passes for politics these days is symbolic. Anyone who studies the issue of illegal immigration concludes that the solution lies not in building $10 billion walls but in changing the incentive structure of citizenship, legal and illegal immigration. As long as successfully crossing the border enables access to free healthcare, education and sanctuary and the potential for cash work—the equivalent of winning the lottery for those with none of these benefits—walls will be tunneled under, overflown or bypassed by sea. The Trump Administration's proposed policies on tariffs, walls to stop illegal immigration, etc. are defended as symbolic gestures—in other words, their value is in communicating "things have changed", not actually solving the problems facing the nation.  On the other side of the spectrum, protests in defense of a corrupt, failed status quo are also symbolic. … Protesting in defense of a racket-based status quo fixes nothing and solves nothing. Protests are also purely symbolic: the indignant express their indignation, gather to support a corrupt, venal system of rackets and then go home to stroke their egos on social media: I struck a blow today for… a corrupt system of rackets that enrich self-serving vested interests and privileged elites. … The farce of symbolic politics fixes nothing. Solutions are not symbolic; solutions gut the rackets by breaking down the regulatory walls protecting the privileged elites who are strip-mining the bottom 95%, "snowflakes" and "deplorables" alike. That's how the fraud and the rackets are enforced: get each camp to view the other as the enemy in the great coliseum of symbolic, do-nothing politics. Mix and stir, then stand back and continue skimming the nation's wealth in whatever racket is buttering your bread while the two camps distract themselves with symbolic battles.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      If we choose very carefully where we put our money, the products we buy, the pharmacies we go ( homeopathic, etc ) and where we buy our Food and Water, things will change very fast.

  69. Wes says:

    Eastern Nebraska update;

    I thought I noticed something last week. Last night while grocery shopping in Omaha my hunch was confirmed.  Talking to one of the employees at "Natural Grocers". He also saw it. The Maple trees were budding out last week.

    Day after day of gray gloom. I bet 20% of the cars are driving with their lights on, in the afternoon. The matrix muppets seem to be transforming into something different. Not talking about it but there demeanor seems different. They seem more nervous and agitated. It seems like it's becoming more difficult for them to try to block reality.

    • Jon says:

      Hello Wes and fellow Nebraskan,

      Your observations are correct. I am from the same area and both my large sugar maple trees have been starting to bud, along with my dwarf apple and my pear tree. Same thing I observed last year as well.. 3 TIMES!



    • MS P says:

      MY trees are budding in S CA & my Daffodils are already in bloom. Last year the Daffodils did not bloom till mid-June. 

    • Wes says:

      It's nice to know we are not alone. Maybe we can get together sometime and pass out flyers or brain storm on something more. I'm limited on what I can do in this town I live because of the job I have. A year and a half ago I got "wrote up" for spreading conspiracy theories while I was at work. In that write up it stipulates in my off time I am also representing the "company" I work for. 

      I'm so close to just quitting what most would consider a great job, and it is. Great pay and full "benefits" and five blocks from my house. But, it's an hourly wage slave job and everything is dying or already dead, so what's the point?  Quitting, cashing out, selling everything I have and heading for somewhere green, the jungle somewhere. (although, it's also dying) central or south America.

      Before this genocidal onslaught, when I thought of my future. I would think, hmmm, I hope I have at least twenty growing seasons left. My whole life revolved around soil and plants. That's what I lived for. My soul is attached to the earth. They've stolen that.

      Yeah, my fruit trees are also messed up. I have/had seven cherry trees. Two years ago my biggest one start dropping leaves in July. Then this last year they all did it. I had one die two years ago. My jostaberry bushes also died two years ago, and so did my friends. My apple trees last year bloomed for a over a month and a half. Then ended up with only a few apples. My currants dropped their leaves and looked fried. And on and on and on……………..

      Everything is running on residual. I'm sure it takes a certain amount of vegetative state for energy renewal each year.

      Dane, what happened to the other download for flyers you had before? Did Monsanto lawyers make you take it down? That is the one I wanted to use to make some copies. If you have some for sale I would be happy to buy some.

    • MS P says:

      The trees that should be budding by now-fruit trees are dormant. My apricot trees usually are in full bloom by now. Forming fruit in February. 

  70. Dennie says:

    These EGG-HEADED overly-highest-chakra-weighted Zionist-tinged EEDJOTS are eating this planet alive.  Out of one side of these monsters' mouths we hear "Heal the world," then out of the other side of that same multiple-personality-disordered maw we see spewing weapons of mass destruction the likes of which their arch-nemesis, Adolph Hitler, could only use THEIR pointed blue-and-white heads to devise– SUCH HIPOCRISY!!!!  Like the Japanese "hungry ghosts," NOTHING is EVER ENOUGH!!!!!!!  They are OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

  71. Donna-AZ says:

    Dear Doug, the well-intentioned, mislead people in Arizona, are waking up at an extreme pace. We watch the jets turn the aerosols on and off almost daily in an area that is NOT on a flight path, turning our beautiful deep-blue sky into a 'gas chamber'. May I suggest you get out from behind that desk and come for a visit, toss in a game of golf and take the opportunity to open your eyes like the rest of us. Oh, and don't forget to take some deep breaths while your here, wouldn't want you to miss out on anything.

    And Doug, when the 'weather domination', climate engineering, cloud seeding, solar radiation management bs, and poisoning of all life on earth is exposed to all, things could get ugly, real fast. I know how angry I was, let's times that by a few billion. Just saying!


  72. Alexander Tierney says:

    Discussion of "pulsed stratospheric spraying" creating less noisy data for analysis of effects gave me a simple idea –  If the input to the models assume that stratospheric spraying has been ongoing for decades, then plug into these models the temperature data accrued in the three days after 9/11 when , as reported at the time, the mean temperature over the US landmass "inexplicably" rose by 2 degrees C. in only three days while all aircraft were grounded, then the actual effect of  stratospheric manipulations over US will emerge. Even without recourse to sophisticated models the raw data screams loudly of an enormously chilling (literally and figuratively) impact these flights are having.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Hi Alexander, I'm not sure what you are suggesting with the 2* rise in temperature right after 9/11. My reasoning would say that if all air traffic was stopped and a temperature rise was evidenced so clearly, then air traffic on a daily basis actually cools down temperatures. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, about the temperature rise just after 911, this is accurate, but the equation is far more complex as you eluded to. Though the ongoing climate engineering insanity can and does create short term highly toxic cool-doens, these weather anomalies come at the cost of an even worse overall planetary meltdown. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/double-catastrophe-scenario-document-paints-bleak-picture/

    • Chad says:

      The towers need to come down. They cant control the weather without them. They can only poison us then!! Ponder that one for a second good folks.

  73. jeff says:

    Its always uplifting to see the awake comments here,when I see cowardice in so many when trying to alert them of the on going geoengineering crime over head. Thank you.


  74. MS P says:

    Anyone else seeing Hole Punch Clouds?  

    (Earth/Sky is in denial  or has a GAG Order; about geoengineering. Still the photos are interesting.)


    • Dennie says:

      .. yet another "newly discovered" cloud formation, no doubt… I've seen something like this over the skies in Marin County, CA, just not as "distinctive," shall we say…

    • BaneB says:

      LOLs!  The term "treated" is hilarious.  One can suppose being "treated" to weather terrorism is suppose to be a form of entertainment?  And the closer truth is a jet might have created the cloud lunch hole, but only with chemicals combined with ground based microwave energy.  The more the weather aberrations occur the more forced are the excuses and the make believe.

    • Diane Friday says:

      I've seen some very unnatural-looking clouds, seeing more all time, but that?? I've never seen anything like that in my life, and how many people have? And still, as BaneB pointed out, throw in a word like "treated", give the article an upbeat tone, and that's all it takes to keep anyone from asking questions? Where are the WTF?? reactions? It's very much like when there was snow in Montana last year, IN AUGUST, and whoever wrote the very brief article about it exclaimed how it was "cool" to see snowplows out in August. That was it. 

      I don't know what the Kool-Aid is exactly; I'm just very grateful that I've apparently never had a drop. I'm partially disabled, home most of the time, so I watch a lot of television and I'm on this stupid smart phone more than I should be. However, for me, at least, these things have not been delivery systems for the Kool-Aid. Makes me wonder if there isn't something a little unique about those of us considered "baby boomers", and if that isn't why there's a massive push by big pharma to scare baby boomers into getting tested for hepatitis C. Even if you've never had symptoms, and haven't engaged in anything that would put you at risk, you should still be tested (baby boomers) because it can be passed from mother to baby at birth. Are they freaking serious?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello MS P.

      In the other day you were in doubt about the micro chip the MFs want to implant in the right hand of everybody..

      AAron Russo, exposes the rockefeller's



    • MS P says:

      YEA About that Hep C mention on TV. WARNING BIG TIME! 

      I had a dear friend who had that Hep C test. DR's said positive. (I question any med diagnosis anymore?)  Long sad story short. The treatment is Chemo. In fact I just heard chemo being used on a 40 YO woman with NO CANCER (Just to be safe).

      Back to my friend. it was a very rotten drug session. Horrific! Side effects. My friend was so called cured. By some great new meds. Only to die a rapid death from cancer, a year later. Gone within a few weeks.

      This is as bad as any VAXXED issue given to children. 

      The last drug advertised was for chicken pox. The teachers gave the children chicken pox, on the last days of school before summer vacation. So now they have shingles meds to get inoculated with.

      This is bad folks!

      I have survived deadly venomous bites.  Broken bones & more. NO DRs!  All I can say is if I do get sick, the germ factory MD will be the last place that I will seek!

      Your mileage may vary….



  75. Alan says:

    Yesterday's ocean fishing report in this morning's San Diego Union-Tribune:

    12 anglers, one half-day boat: 1 sculpin, 1 triggerfish



  76. MS P says:

    WOW Dane, What a great  resistance that  you have to put up with. So happy that you tell the truth. So sorry these idiot professionals are in such obvious denial. I must say keep fighting the good fight. Thank you for doing so. 

    It sure makes it more real. When I deal with idiots in denial, on a publicly uninformed level. 

    You sure do have a great way with words.

  77. frank says:

    You know what's even worse about all of this is that these guys cannot be the best scientists to be doing this because those guys refused to do it.

    It's like when Hitler wanted to fill the ranks of the SS. You can't just advertise for psychopaths, you have to know them.

    • r says:

      Frank, do some research as to who's the bad guys during the last century.  Hint: "He that controls the money supply controls/dictates the laws".

  78. E. Andrade says:

    Well, how long before most of us die off?    A time frame would be useful.   Thank you for your tremendous efforts to inform. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “E”, about your question, so much depends on what we collectively do, or don’t do. No one can know exactly events will unfold, but if we stand together in the critical effort to expose the truth to the full light of day, we may yet make a quantum leap in the right direction, even at this late hour.

    • virginia says:

      Hello, E. Andrade: You sound as if you have given up and given in to the present plan of genocide by the FreeMasonry cabal that is guiding their ship of evilness.  It is their intention to sicken, dumb down, increase hatred of fellow man, to destroy the world in all aspects to gain their total ultimate power.  They will win only if we allow them to.  We are not sheep.  We are not stupid to what is their plan and we have the numbers to win, if we unite.  Please do not feel that we are all doomed to die.  Stiffen your spine and be resolute, and above all take care of your health.  Be alert to info being spitted out by present governmental agencies….so much of it is disinformation.  

      As someone once said:  We shall overcome.      Peace.

  79. Rodster says:

    If I were just a casual observer to the conversation between Dane and Doug, it became quickly apparent that NOT once did Doug acknowledge he viewed or even considered any of the evidence that Dane put forth, including the 750 page US Senate report and former Gov't officials who are speaking out that they KNOW these programs exist and have been going on for a long, long time.

    However, I had a LOL moment when he asked Dane to view and consider his material. All these guys and I put Guy McPherson in the same group, they all operate the exact same way. Which is to blow off/deny and make it personal by suggesting you are not dealing with reality.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Unfortunately, most of the government "scientific" community is the same, including the EPA, the CDC, the education system and on and on. Just try to ask anyone in the civil service about geoengineering and you'll get the same crap that this Doug boy just gave to Dane.

    • Chad says:


  80. Eric says:

    Praying for us all . Thank you God bless you and your family..  Eric from Lansing Mich.  

  81. Irene Parousis says:

    Wow, I just spent a whole day in court with my landlord and his lawyer who are on the same frequency as this guy.  I absorbed so much of their darkness today that will take days to clear from my system.  It's 3:30 am, still can't sleep from a racing heart and now read this, hope I don't have a heart attack.


    • virginia says:

      Irene:  Hang in there and don't let these rats tear you down.  Take a deep breath and think that all things change…and they will get theirs, in spades.  Good health to you. I will be sending as many positive vibes as posssible to you in your hour of distress.  Go smell some flowers at your local grocer……it helps.     Good luck to you and yours.  You will be ok.

    • Bija says:

      Irene…sorry you've been so affected by this darkness. I know from your comments here how important you are to this battle. Whenever I can't sleep or feel agitated by demonic programs like geoengineering or baseline sociopathic behavior that encroaches upon my sense of well being, I listen to 528 Hz. Pure Frequency on youtube. Dr Len Horowitz refers to it as the frequency of Love. This help keeps my heart from racing, helps me breathe and sleep. Experiment with this and links to other harmonizing frequencies. It may offer some relief as it has for me. Be well and stay strong!

  82. Diane Friday says:

    Dane, your tenacity is second to none. 

    I cannot commend you or thank you enough. 

    It must be quite maddening to come up against not only the abject denial from these so-called scientists, but the condescending manner with which they deliver that denial. I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but irrespective of their pseudo bravado, condescension, and obvious superiority complexes, their walls have been breached. You've probably sent them scrambling to their controllers, on their knees, of course, asking with heads bowed what they should do next. What a pathetic picture that is. 

    I had a thought a few days ago, borne out of the sadness, anger, and frustration I feel – we all feel – due to these non-existent, bleu cheese moon, geoengineering/climate engineering/solar radiation management/stratospheric aerosol injection programs slowly killing every living thing on this planet. I was thinking about the actual meteorologists who KNOW they are lying through their teeth every day, several times a day, smiling and joking as they do so. I wondered what it would take to get one or more of them to finally blow the whistle, which could potentially be the first step toward blowing the lid off this whole thing. We're pretty sure they know what a dangerous road that would be, and they've no doubt been told so in a roundabout manner. But what if their parents, or siblings, or spouses, or any loved one, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at a much younger age than average? Or Parkinson's disease? Or cancer? How about cancer? What if more than one family member, or dear friend, or they themselves, were stricken? Would that be enough? Probably not. 

    Then I had an idea for a novel or a TV movie, and I invite one or all three of these alleged scientists to feel free to steal this idea any time: Fake your own death. Yes, I said fake your own death. Even the big-time meteorologists would have the money and the connections to pull that off, AND I don't think it's a crime as long as no one tries to collect your life insurance, or you're not assuming a false identity in order to commit a crime. Quite the contrary here: you would be assuming a false identity in order to expose the crime of omnicide. Kind of a big deal, no? So fake your own death, and be thorough about it. Go into hiding for as long as necessary, or until your controllers are satisfied that you're really dead and thus no longer a threat, then reemerge armed with all the facts, figures, dates, patents, documents, charts, graphs, test results, etc., etc., that it will take to shut these (non-existent) programs down once and for all. 

    Of course, I'm aware that this site has to be heavily and thoroughly monitored, therefore that made-for-TV-movie idea couldn't be used.  I'm also aware that neither these three nor any one of their ilk have an ounce of courage between them, and merely put it out there as my own simple attempt at poking them in the ribs, so to speak. 
    You have my utmost respect and gratitude, Dane. 

  83. Dave says:

    Going back to Danes weekly Saturday updates my heart aches when he talks about the lack of activism from those who should be on the front lines leading the charge against this evil. I assume they are Christians, as I am, and ashamed at the lack of caring, interest, and leadership that this issue demands of believers. The first I learned of this travesty of SRM/SAG I sent an e-mail to my pastor asking him to listen to Danes presentation and what we could  and should do. Sadly, I got the same response Dane got (Gods in control and sovereign). Nothing since then from him (I think he believes its a conspiracy theory). Very few among the congregation are interested either. Recently I gave the website to a former state legislator and asked him how many of the legislature know about these programs and his response was some do and some don't and reading between the lines during our conversation i got the impression that it was off limits to bring up the subject. Of course I disagreed, especially as a believer we are required to expose works of darkness, and be good stewards of the creation, as so many here have been convicted of. Strangely enough, I get more spiritual nourishment from the passion of so many here than I get from my church regarding this issue. Dane, and others, please continue to believe that there are some dedicated christians who are committed to this cause.   

    • Eric says:

      Dave I here you loud and clear.  I'm a follower of Jesus and there is no way we Christans are to sit with are heads in the sand .  Thanks Eric from Lansing Mich. 

  84. Al C says:

    Once again Dane, thanks for your perseverance exposing these lying psychopaths with PhD's.

    I wonder if they've been in some sort of brainwashing program? especially Dougie Mac………….Sounds a bit insane with a pseudo intellectual bent.

    • MS P says:

      Sort of reminds me of the blinky thing on the Men In Black movie. 

      They must serve up some interesting Kool-aide in the coffee pot, over there at the science center lab.

      These PHD s are sure shaking in their shoes to give such replies. The party is almost over. They need to collect more pay, for that yacht & vacation to?  

      Thank you Dane, for rocking their boat full of BS.

  85. Mario says:

    Douglas, you shriveled under the weight of the evidence.  Your responses speak for themselves.  Umm, I live in California and they spray aerosols all day every day here.  Who am I gonna believe?  You or what I see right above my head everyday?  The photographic, video, historical documentation, lab tests, satellite images, radar images, and my own eyes all point to ONE THING: AN AEROSOL SPRAYING PROGRAM.  You gotta be real dumb to think we don't see what's happening.  C'mon man, you can't stick your fingers in your ears and yell LA LA LA and think that's a convincing argument.       

  86. Tim says:


    i have been looking at CIA.gov and searched for weather modification. Found lots of good stuff, but in particular were the McNamara Report (Oct 1966) and the senate records etc showing we first used weather modification as a weapon of war in 1968. Worth a look for anyone who want to see how these programs developed, and why they are so secretive.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes, no wonder the McNamara "think tank" was so popular and full of the top "brains" in the country. 

  87. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — Brilliant exposition of what we are up against. Well doneI The Keith video has long been one of my favorites! Thank God you were given your stoic strength of character and adamantine will to intelligently oppose these sycophants, the obsequious minions who by their silence are guilty of contributing to the destruction of our planet, the oceans, and the slow death of millions of innocents from inundations of toxic aluminum, strontium, barium, coal ash, and nano particulate fungi that fall on us from the sky.

  88. BaneB says:

    Who the hell gave these creeps the authority to Fvck up our atmosphere and our oceans?  Somehow the system has conveyed upon these clowns the idea that the earth is THEIR science lab to do with as they want via their self dealing protocols.  I see this mind set in so many nowadays.  Many of them are DARPA groomed, and come out of the university/Pentagon military-industrial nexus, consuming tax dollars via grants.  There is a snobbishness about these bastards, too.  The exchange of these communications was rife with the "Big Mc's" arrogance.  That finally devolved into a petulant crybaby whine about the threat to block further "interference" into his very important busy tax consuming scheduled destruction of Planet Earth.  Regarding Ken Caldeira, he stated some time ago that Geoengineering is a good opportunity for investment to turn a profit.  That profit too will be derived from government contracts as is already the fact now with the ongoing Geoengineering program. No doubt he is raking it in. My message to the Big Mc and Caldeira is KEEP YOUR TALONS off of my life giving planet.

    • Chad says:

      How are these people not in jail or still alive?

    • Chad says:

      Lucky i believe in God and unafraid of death. Lol. Cowards. God bless their wretched souls. They have no idea the hell they face later. Lol.

    • jill phillips says:

      Carnegie was BAD from day One. Bad, but very clever.

      Making a fortune from paying the immigrant population who worked in his steel mills in Braddock next to nothing for 18-24 hour shifts, sacking the hundreds who went on strike, he built his famous 'libraries' wherever he pursued his infamous work – and is even adored posthumously by a worldwide audience for his great Carnegie Hall. What a wonderful man he was. NOT.
      Making a link between these aspects of his 'work' could make a very visibly valuable point.

    • Dennie says:


    • virginia says:

      @JillP:  Like your post, but you don't know the half of what this criminal Carnegie was all about.  Read up about the Johnstown Flood (I believe in 1889) which killed hundreds of innocents…..by the criminal acts of Carnegie and his millionaire buddies trying to capture all of earth's goodies for themselves.  This Carnegie should have been jailed for life.  Instead, thanks to good public relations, a criminal government who hides the truth from all of us, Carnegie is now touted as a Hero, of sorts.  Not to the people of Johnstown…who lost everything and most who lost their lives.   Peace.

  89. Greg O. says:


    What an exchange!!  These liars are the academic a$$holes, most of which are cowardly wimps, driven by power and greed.  The ones that scare me are the violent socio-paths that lie and kill women and children by force, as in the cabal.

    I wrote my Congressman for the 4th time with more evidence and still no reply.  We have a corrupt system, as we know.  Critical mass is the answer.  Will it lead to revolution on some level?   I guess we will soon know the outcome.  Thanks for all that you do!  Onward we march.  Greg O. 



  90. marc says:

    This MacMartin fellow isn't worth the paper he's printed on. Attempts to understand this ethereal level of denial are doomed to fail. I almost detect a palpable Trump-like quality in the way this loser's mind works. Thank you, Dane, for emblazoning this guttersnipe's ignorance and deception here for thousands and thousands to see. 

  91. Earth Angel says:

    I don't know how these creeps can look themselves in the mirror. Clearly they are in deep deep denial, lying to themselves as well as others. They think we are fools- but it is they who are engaged in the most dangerous folly. Shameless they are.

    • Edward Palys says:

      They look themselves in the mirror and see themselves as the upper well-educated "scientists" , far above all below them. It's the same with die-hard political believers.

  92. virginia says:


    These friggin morons have the temerity to tell us (MacMynowski): "There is no deployment anywhere of any deliberate stratospheric aerosol injection program……!!!!!!!!!! 

    And Caldeira on uses of climate warfare got me on this one: "Tidal waves can be made to go over a city."  Can anyone spell Fukushima?  And Bande Achi (mispelled)

    Just blows me away that there are such hypocritical, blatant liars who will sacrifice this planet and all on it….for what?   Money?  Glory that they will be promoted at Carnegie or whatever rat hole they hide in? 

    The final letter to Dane is unforgivable…the letter of a little petulant child.  And the reference to 'blue cheese?"  It is all a nightmare.

    And the name MacMynowski doesn't compute.  The combination of Mac plus Mynowski is impossible.  Wonder who the hell this guy really is?  All in all, thank you, Dane for giving such a forceful and cogent response to these monster-pseudo-scientists who should all bow their heads in shame.  Kudos to you, unstoppable Dane W.


    • virginia says:

      Sorry: Forgot to mention that Bill Gates refers to Caldeira as "my amazing teacher."…..well, that fairly well explains Cladeira + Gates=two psychopaths who would kill for the love of killing, as Gates has without compunction.  Sickening, evil sub-humans.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Virginia.

      Right Words.

      For you;

      Mark Passio Newest Interview We Live in a satanic Minded Society


      This young Man has a few very interesting videos and talks about some very interesting books as well.

      He talks about social satanism.

  93. alan says:

    Carnegie is one of the bloodline families. Have you researched the bloodline families Dane? Doing so would get you closer to identifying the predator. 

  94. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    Excellent, Dane! Doug Mcwhatever clearly didn't look at any of the evidential information you sent. It is what it is and he, Caldiera, Keith and the others are obviously committed to their careers as disinformation agents.

    • MS P says:

      Nope Dane! Doug Mcwhatever sure did not look at any evidence.

      He has his cranial nerves, too deeply inserted into his anus, to know any better.

  95. Keith Arnett says:

    Give 'em hell Dane!!!

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