Geoengineered Mass Distraction, “Winter Storm Jonas”


Dane Wigington

The total desperation of the the global power structure and the geoengineers is manifesting into ever higher levels. There is no question that global climate engineering is a weapon mass destruction, but it must be considered (and remembered) that weather/modification (AKA weather warfare) is also a weapon of mass distraction. What are those in power trying so desperately to hide? Much more than the public wants to know or is willing to accept (on many fronts). The massive corporate media hype about "winter storm Jonas" started immediately before the global release of headlines like the one below from The Washington Post.

It's Official: 2015 "Smashed" Global Temperature Records, It Wasn't Even Close


Let's rewind almost exactly one year from the headline above, and move to a previous headline (also from The Washington Post) that is a near mirror image of this year's headlines.

It's Official, 2014 Was The Hottest Year In Recorded History

What were the weather-makers up to after this headline was released around the globe from countless media sources a year ago? The same thing they are doing right now with "winter storm Jonas". They were doing their best to completely eclipse dire news stories by manufacturing "winter storm Juno" in January of 2015. How parallel can these two scenarios be?

What else is the massive media hype about "winter storm Jonas" helping to hide? The global economy is crashing and it's not coming back. This is not a bump in the road for industrialized society, it is the descent to the end of the road. The delusion is shattering, perpetual expansion on a finite planet with finite resources was never sustainable and it is reaching its breaking point. Global shipping is skidding to a halt, economies around the globe will follow. There are many other headlines those in power would like to hide including the poising of the population in Flint, Michigan and the rapidly worsening gas leak disaster in Southern California. And then of course there is the ongoing Fukushima cataclysm which continues to worsen and which those in power wish to obscure with headlines of mass distraction.

Back to "winter storm Jonas", how engineered is it? Completely. If you don't believe winter storms can be engineered, think again. The power structure controlled "Weather Channel" has been tasked with hyping the manufactured winter weather to the maximum degree possible. One of the ways The Weather Channel accomplishes this is by assigning theatrical names to the engineered winter weather. The 2015-2016 list of "winter storm" names is below.


The beginning of "winter storm Jonas" is documented in the map below. On the so called "warm side" of the "winter storm" there were temperatures in the 70s with a threat of tornados and thunderstorms. Then, heading further into the chemically ice nucleated "winter storm", there is a transition zone where the chemically nucleated materials reach the ground before freezing. These "ice storm" zones have now become the norm due to the constant engineering of "winter weather" events. Still farther into the chemically nucleated "snow storm", a layer of cooler dense air builds in depth (from the cooling endothermic reaction of the nucleating materials), the generally large flakes of "heavy wet snow" begin to form and fall. Thundersnow" is related to the chemical nucleation of warmer convective rain bands that would not have produced frozen precipitation without the artificial/chemical nucleation process. Those that don't believe jet aircraft are spraying in our skies, (as part of the ongoing global climate engineering programs) have simply not objectively investigated. Though the western powers continue to completely deny the ongoing climate engineering, China has openly admitted to engineering snowstorms in the past, though they have since also gone covert with their operations.


The low pressure center and moisture feed for "winter storm Jonas" (shown in the map below) is feeding directly off of record warm oceans. The Weather Channel actors that masquerade as meteorologists are having an ever more difficult time covering the tracks of the geeoengineers. Watching them try to explain away the "warm side" of the "winter storm" (complete with thunderstorms and tornados) is troubling. Weather systems are being chemically ice nucleated all over the globe.11ac

As "Jonas" is migrated north toward its target area, the chemically nucleated "ice storm" zones will expand and likely do significant damage as reflected in the graphic below.


The next forecast map below shows "Jonas" hitting home Saturday morning. With the warm flow of moisture coming off the Atlantic the temperatures along the coast are far above freezing. As outlined earlier, there is an "ice storm" transition zone where the chemical nucleation materials are still reaching the ground before freezing. Further into the "winter storm" (as the chemical nucleating materials are sprayed over the precipitation cells), some cooler air accumulates from the chemically reacting materials and thus facilitates the formation of the "heavy wet snow". The headlines of mass distraction sought by the power structure and the geoengineers are thus achieved. The "snow line" within the engineered winter storms now has little to do with elevation, rather, it is related to a particular side of the "winter storm"(the "warm" or the "cold" side). A word of caution about the chemically nucleated frozen precipitation, don't eat it. Main stream media sources have already sent out a warning against eating the snow, though they won't admit to the most significant source of contamination in the snow, climate engineering fallout.


What is the final result of this massive climate engineering effort? The most populated urban centers of the most populated zones in the country are hit the hardest with the completely engineered winter weather. The desired headlines are thus created, maximum public distraction and political impact is achieved. Conveniently, Washington DC and Baltimore are at the center of the "Jonas" bullseye.


What is the latest and most compelling update on the actual overall state of the global climate? The just released 30 second animation below is a stark and shocking glimpse of a reality that much of the public still does not know, understand, or believe.

While the climate engineers manufacture weather in major US population centers, the Arctic continues into meltdown. The "departure from normal high temperature" graphic below clearly shows the far above average Arctic temperatures. Temperatures at the North Pole have recently been above the freezing mark even in the middle of winter . Where is the mainstream media coverage of this?


How long will "snow storm Jonas" remain in the Northeast? Likely not for long as the NOAA extended forecast below clearly illustrates (unless, of course, the climate engineers decide to again alter the "scheduled" weather). Each color shade represents a 2-3 degree increase in temperatures above the range of "normal". The engineered cool-downs in the US East are losing ground as the planetary warming continues to accelerate.


From collapsing economies to the imploding climate system, those in power will continue to use every weapon at their disposal to hide the severity and immediacy of what is unfolding until the last possible moment. All the while they are rapidly preparing for what is coming. Every day that climate engineering continues, an already horrific global warming scenario is made far worse. Geoengineering/solar radiation management is not a cure, rather, it is a curse that is even worse than the crisis it claims to mitigate. Our task is to beat the global criminal cabal to the intersection. We must fully expose the climate engineering assault and stop geoengineering before those in power are prepared for this to happen. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Some of The Snow Removal Contractors of Ontario have been deemed incompetent doing their Snow Removal from roads and Highways They have outstanding fines that add up to 47 million dollars that have not been paid to the Government. So the Government wants to recoup that debt of outstanding fines.

    Does that mean a Law will be drafted against the Geoengineer Contractors if they don 't make enough Toxic rain, snow or fog and the Government will impose fines on them also?

    All aboard "The Crazy Train"

  2. Kyle says:


    I want to thank you so much for having the courage to consistently reach out to people about the unnatural events that consistently take place these days in terms of our weather. I just had to drive to Anchorage Alaska from Athens Georgia last week. I was supposed to be moving there but due to issues back in Georgia, I am having to drive back and cancel my move. When I started to head back south, I noticed massive amounts of snow and ice in the Canadian Rockies was melting at an alarming rate. The sun was only put for moments at a time but was more than enough to cause the freezing lakes and streams to steam up. This cant be natural in any way since I was only a few hundred miles south of the artic circle and it's January. People really think that because we are having a huge snow storm on a heavily populated north east coast that it automatically is a sign that global warming is a hoax. I am truly convinced after driving the 4500 miles both directions that it can't be cold anymore unless we have complete overcasted skies which happen more often than normal. It also tells me our ozone layer is there to protect our planet from overheating. We need geoengineered man-made clouds to kind of shade the sun out. I rest hope people wake up and realize the path we are on is truely unsustainable. Thank you so much again for reaching out to the public. I really hope for the sake of our future ( if there is much of one) people will wake the hell up.

  3. Michael L says:

    I was wondering if the spraying has stopped in the meantime on the East Coast, since all planes have been downed? Has the temperature drastically increased, like it did after 9/11?

    • Michael L says:

      Interestingly enough, TWC has taken off their monthly temperature records recently. Also snow is forecasted in the DC area next week with temperatures at 45 degrees.

    • Michael L says:

      For those who have the time to do some dense reading, here is one of the most comprehensive case studies, HARD SCIENCE evidence by a team of scientists, who describe almost every aspect of climate engineering, and histories of their use. It is truly amazing, descriptive, and thorough. 

    • Michael L says:

      Whoops, helps if I post the link huh? :p
      It is entitled "CASE ORANGE".

    • Looking up in NJ! says:

      We're looking at 47 degrees today and up to 50 degrees going into the first week of Feb.  And now TWC is cautioning that winter will be warmer into Spring.  The spraying was furious after the storm.  It appears that the only way to melt the fake snow, is to make sure temperatures rise dramatically.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michael L, Hello and thank you!!  This is brilliant.  I "do" dense reading all the time and so am not intimidated, though this may take awhile!  So happy, so happy.  Does this mean they released it in 2010, has it been available all this time?  One amazing find and how did you find it?

      I've been "gone" awhile, see Dane's find from the University of Michigan, then find this.  Must be my lucky day!  Thank you, thank you.  You have, or maybe you don't! no idea how helpful this will be for me!  Just brilliant!

    • Lynn says:

      Michael L, thank you for that read.  Not sure if I feel better or worse though…Led by Dane and a few others we are ringing the Bell.  It's a link worth forwarding to inquiring minds.

  4. soothsayer7 says:

    First of all, many thanks to Dane for his Herculean efforts to expose the dangers of geoengineering to the public, to help educate and empower people, and to inspire us all to become active in the struggle to end the most imminent threat the world had ever known.

    I came across this headline today, "Monster Blizzard Dumps Record Snow Across US East Coast" on the Common Dreams website. Not surprisingly, the article wasn't using "monster" to denote "artificially nucleated ice storm" or "toxic-laden precipitation".

    But what did surprise me in the article was this:

    "State governments issued TRAVEL BANS on major highways and public transit closures were imposed from North Caroline to Massachusetts."

    And in particular this:

    "The snow finally stopped falling in New York City around 10 p.m. Saturday night, though AUTHORITIES INSISTED PEOPLE STAY INDOORS and off the streets as crews plowed deserted roads and POLICE SET UP CHECKPOINTS TO CATCH VIOLATORS."

    I've noticed many times before that the PTB usually have multiple agendas when they manufacture their "monster" events (i.e. false flag operations), and of course, their geoengineered storms are no exception. More and more often we see our ever-expanding Police State being further entrenched and normalized in the minds of indoctrinated citizens by rolling out "lockdown" and "shelter in place" events to condition the public.

    It certainly appears that manufacturing an artificial storm by means of geoengineering is being used as yet another vehicle/means to covertly condition people to unquestioningly obey our metastasizing Police State and submissively accept the imposition of martial law directives. "Winter Storm Jonas" looks to me like yet another Police State application of the Hegelian Dialect: problem, reaction, solution. 

    • soothsayer7 says:

      After submitting my other post regarding this "monster" storm, I just found this report that corroborates the use of Martial law in NYC:
      Headline: "NYPD: ‘We Will Arrest You’ If On the Road"
      (Posted January 23, 2016 11:19 pm by PatriotRising)
      Martial law has been declared in New York City. This comes in response to this year’s biggest snow storm.
      The New York Police Department is threatening to arrest anyone on the road. They are calling it a “travel ban.”
      After 2:30 p.m and you’re on the road, we will arrest you @NYPDChiefofDept says,” NYPD says.
      “Stay off the road, @NYPDChiefofDept says. We don’t want to have to arrest you.”
      “After 2:30 p.m and you're on the road, we will arrest you @NYPDChiefofDept says
      — NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) January 23, 2016

  5. Looking up in NJ! says:

    Went outside early this morning.  The sky was clear, very deep blue.  I hadn't seen the sky this blue in many, many months.  I decided to walk my dog an hour later and to my disgust, the spraying had returned in earnest.  Thing is, air traffic was still largely grounded, so who gave all of these aircraft clearance to fly and leave giant Xs in the sky?  The sky has turned milky white, AGAIN and the temperature is supposed to climb into the 40s by mid week!!!

    Like many here, I brought snow into my home via boots, etc.  The snow sat on the floor and took forever to melt, even though the temp indoors was 73 degrees.  The snow on my dog's coat formed into small balls of various sizes.  I could not brush them off.  I could not pull them lose.  I had to wait for them to melt before I could clean my dog's coat.  It's not snow, that's for sure.

    Over a week ago, we had a dusting of snow (less than an inch), that snow sat on the ground for days, even though the temperature climbed above freezing.  Quite a bit of snow was still there prior to storm. 

    • Ally says:

      Over a week ago, we had a dusting of snow (less than an inch), that snow sat on the ground for days, even though the temperature climbed above freezing.  Quite a bit of snow was still there prior to storm. 

      Ya know what's interesting about that comment is here in Nebraska we've had temperatures in the 40's and it didn't melt the snow either. I thought that was very curious ! Put the snow into a ball and put a lighter to it and it burned instead of melt ! Def not snow !

  6. Jeff says:

    I live in NYC.  This weekend, I have been taking repeated strolls in the snow to enjoy the tranquility that often accompanies winter; instead,I unexpectedly came to the conclusion that this is not "snow" or "winter."  The ice formations are quite odd and awkward; the snow does not resemble or feel like snow (I've not tasted it, wisely); and the refreshing quality of the air that typically follows a storm is simply not there.  It's hard to describe, but something is just not right.  These observations of an off-kilter blizzard led me to do some web searching after my morning walk.  I'd not heard about your site and was only vaguely familiar with the work that's being done to understand climate engineering.  I will now read more thoroughly about these techniques and consider it a political and moral obligation to have the ability to begin to discuss this with others in my life.  Thank you for all the work you're doing to organize this information.  And nice work to all the folks offering comments– unlike most boards, the comments are quite informed, civil, and collaborative.  Best to us all during these very concerning times. 

    • Jeff says:

      Also, in addition to creating storms to study their and bring about desired changes, I imagine that the powers-that-be gather very useful information about how individuals and communities react and how (in)effective the systems of response may be. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Welcome Jeff, and as they say down under 'glad to have you aboard mate!'

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Jeff, Hello, and yes I think you are right about gathering useful information about how individuals and communities react.  Maybe even more than that.  Hopefully this site and these comments are both useful to them and terrifying to them!

  7. Andreas says:

    Did you notice those electro-magnetic anomalies, which occurred at January 17.? Just bevore the large signal pops up there´s another opposite one over the east coast.

    Could they have contribute to these disastrous storms?

    • Vonny says:

      Hello, it's very interesting that you mentioned those "electro-magnetic anomalies". It so happens that on January 17, 2016 after 2pm, there was a 3.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Bolivar, WV which is about 45 miles outside of DC. It's quite strange the the Weather Channel and other media stations rarely covered that! I wonder if they were stirring-up "Monster Storm Jonas" at that time.

  8. Linda says:

    Addendum:  Has any else noticed how gleeful the weather people are on the weather channel when announcing severe storms, floods, hurricanes etc lately?  The worse it is, the happier they seem….I understand from Dane's messages and other reports that the Rothschild (sp?) billionaires etc. have bought the weather channel for billions of dollars and have banned any mention of chemtrails, but have they mind-controlled all the weather reporters?  Seems so….It is like watching some sort of strange parody…can't hardly look at the weather channel anymore…

  9. Linda says:

    I empathize with Marc about losing friends over talk about geoengineering…not only are they killing all of life w the spraying, they are also breaking up families and friends.  I wonder about the nanobots in the spray that are said to have microchips that embed in our bodies ….is that why so many people are in denial about the spraying and geoengineering?  Are they becoming robotized?  A sort of lobotomy of some people?  Some are immune perhaps and can wake up, but others?…nothing seems to get thru to them
    I also wonder if it would do any good if hundreds/thousands of us people could send short letter to each rep in congress and senate etc and tell them we know what they are doing to us and our planet…and ask them why they want to kill us and the most beautiful water planet in the cosmos?  Are they just pure evil?  Confront them directly….I guess you could not sign your real name or address, because you might end up dead.  But I wonder if it would cause any effect at all if thousands did this and kept doing it…a bombardment
    Just fantasizing I guess….

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Linda, Hello.  Many of us have sent repeatedly comments to all our representatives, all sorts, and we all get back form letters of denial.  While some are certain this is in fact Evil, from an evil agenda, cabal, etc., I am not so sure.  Nor am I sure if our reps and congress are even aware.  They may well not be.  This is a very big pill to swallow and many who discuss this also discuss other stuff, agenda 21, etc. that scares people off.  Some seem to fear getting on some government list.  Myself, I just spent nearly two weeks immersed in a murder trial.  Had to.  Took nearly every waking moment.  Many do not have the motivation nor the stamina to do the research, plus they fear the stigma.  Many are put off by the sheer anger and profanity.   That does not bother me, and I use some profanity, but sometimes too much is too much and especially for some I know.  Luckily, more and more hard science is coming out of the woodwork.  Too little too late?  Maybe, maybe not.  I for one am forever asking our president why our country is attacking our country?  No answer ever, of course.  And of course, the bottom line sucks in that this may well have pushed Earth beyond tipping point, yielding no upside.  Everybody likes a happy ending.  This may not have one. 

  10. bob says:

    Our snow (in Ohio) looks real but you can't touch it, it is so cold.  But we had flowers blooming in January a week ago.  Snow feels rubbery if you squeeze it down.  It injures or kills pines and plants, made most of the pollinators that weren't already dead disappear over winter two years back – I think they just froze, it froze the water instantly into a solid block – fish need air but you can't get through this crap, caused frostbite then gangrene on a stray cat … he died too.. and all the tv shows on half the stations is how New York is banning travel as if it is some huge event.  

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      At 6:30AM, approximately one hour before Sunrise, I observed Natural Low Stratocumulus clouds at 2,500 feet, creating an Overcast Sky Condition. The temperature was 40 degrees, with Westerly winds 20-25 mph with gusts over 30 mph, this created Wind Chill Factors in the upper 20's. At 11AM the temperature dropped to 38 degrees, as I was driving through a shopping center, I noticed several snow flakes land on to the windshield, the snowflakes melted in one second. The temperatures have been constant all day in the upper 30's with Westerly winds sustained over 20 mph with gusts over 30 mph. A Hard Freeze Warning has been issued for Northern Florida until 9AM Sunday morning. The average High temperature for late January in Jacksonville, Florida is 62, the average Low temperature is 40. We have been 15-20 degrees below normal, the past two weeks, after experiencing record High temperatures the past three months. Of course the month of January & February, are the coldest two months during Winter. It seems like to me this was an intentional plan to confuse people, to believe that it is all normal. I certainly hope people collected snow samples, for testing the chemical components.





    • Earth Angel says:

      Oh no, the poor cat.It makes me sick to think of what this is doing to domestic animals and wildlife alike. I hope somebody tried to help the cat… the bas*@r&s doing this need to be hung..or drawn and quartered, better yet. 

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, if you're a "stray" ANYthing right now, life is very tough and it's only going to get tougher for most of the innocent as they try to continue life on a planet where those we've allowed to take control have nothing but a DEATH WISH.  The poor cat.  And all others who suffer from "better living through chemistry–" INDEED.

  11. Dew Away says:

    We're tracking the weather in DC at 

  12. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and All, Thank you all for being here and "out there" spreading the info/facts about the assault on us and our planet/home.

    Today is once again a chemically nucleated snow day here on the North Okanogan. Another 1-3 inches. I wrote once before this stuff sets up like cement after I plow it with my tractor. The snow banks are hard as a rock and it's not even cold enough for that to happen with real snow. I did not plow the long drive the last time it snow 3 inches. I only plowed around the cabin and horse area. I now have an ice sheet under the long drive and yesterday it got up to 45F and none of the snow melted off of where I didn't plow but it did up here where I did plow. It was a partly sunny day for a change. They are rare these days in the land of the winter Sun. There is slush already forming in the horse water tank(140 gallons). Real snow would melt right away when it hit the water. I have had this slush happen even after I filled the tank with well temperature water. I dump out and refill(I have to truck my water) that tank twice a week so as to keep the chemicals from the nucleation processes to a minimum. Right now it is snowing those crummy "hairy, fuzzy" snow flakes that pretty much look the same… "at 36F degrees"… again….. It always starts out with the tankers flying over and soon enough little "flakes" start to fall. Then come the larger "flakes" for as long as the tankers fly and there is moisture to nucleate. I think the snow might stop pretty soon. I haven't heard a tanker in over 3 hours now and the sky is starting to lighten up or thin out per say. I just went out and rechecked the thermometer out on my little shop(away from the influence of the cabin heat and out of the "sun"), it says 38F!! and it's still snowing those crummy flakes. I stay inside as much as I can for living off-grid and up high. The few times I have worked outside during the ice nucleation events I have come down with respiratory discomforts. I am an ex distance dog musher, This feels very strange. The snow(real snow) was my playground for decades.
    I feel this quote from Glendon needs repeating and please allow me to pair it with John Lennon's quote, "War is over, If you want it". Glendon wrote, "I just don't understand the 'control to exploit' syndrome.  this concept doesn't resonate with me".
    My land here was already a fragile habitat. Geoengineering is tearing the ecosystem apart at the seams and in the middle. Geoengineering was a huge player in this years "wild fires" here on the north Okanogan. I watched HAARP facilities in action and "they" pushed those fires right where they wanted them to go. Then the wind died for the next several months. The north Okanogan is historically known for wind from all directions at all times of year. Only once since the fires has the wind been over 20 mph. Now days we're lucky to get 5 mph winds. Up here I watch the thick toxic fog roll in and out and up and down these valleys I look over. Some days I can't see my horses 50 yards out in the pasture. The fog is a sick grey soup and sometimes has an odor. I came here to live out the rest of my days. I thought they would be many. Now it seems as though they may be numbered at the hand of some else. Like in the movie 'Network', "I"m mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!" And just to pass on a smile to ALL, you all should hear how far that carries when shouted from my ridge top out here in the "wilderness", you'd all be proud.
    Enjoy your day, Keep up the good fight,
    a simple horseman

    • OSullivan says:

      @simple horseman
      I've posted your comment on my Facebook page. I'm in Ellensburg and watched the fires for the past several years.
      I do not understand why so few people seem to care about the geo engineering and the extensive and ongoing damage to the earth. Is there a zombie effect in the nano particles too?

    • Abby says:

      Thank you for your well written piece on what life is like up in your area, I agree with you about the wish to 'live out the end of your life' in peace and how you can't anymore because of the crazy weather mod crap going on- it is also going on in our area, in the Upper Peninsula.  

      We have a thick layer of chem snow that the out of state snowmobilers are loving but it is even starting to melt in the above freezing temps that we have, at least where it's gotten dark from sand kicked up by the infernal machines.  

      No one seems to notice or to care that the snow is odd- that it is like Styrofoam when you walk on it and is rock hard underneath.  All they seem to care about are the tourist dollars for the snowmobile 'season'.  

  13. Koolz says:

    All Major Bases by Country in the Artic have a HAARP.
    People in the US are an experiment to the CIA/Pentagon.
    The Weather has been bought by the Rothschilds(something I am sure everyone already knows)
    Just like False Flag events one has to wonder who will cross over the line and present powerful evidence for all GeoEngineering.
    Get it on TV on the News)which sorry to say is part of their whole group under the Rothschilds.
    I think creating a movement like the 9/11 movement would be good idea.  Talking to your Mayor, or Gov would do nothing.
    Did it all start with Katrina…

    • Chris Elliott says:

      Replying to Koolz.

      I think forming groups can be dangerous – in the terms that they can easily be infiltrated. Remember shortly after 9/11 there was a group of people who'd organised themselves to read poetry, or exchange cake recipes or something, who were infiltrated by an FBI agent? They only found out when the guy died in a car accident and his photo appeared in the paper along with his real identity and occupation. If the FBI had agents out to infiltrate groups as innocuous as this, you can guarantee they'll infiltrate groups whose purpose is to challenge and expose the government. If you're going to organise groups, make them really small so that you know exactly who the other people are – and even then be careful. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chris, I would not be the least bit cautious about forming groups to help sound the alarm for the common good. If some spineless coward tries to join in for the wrong reasons, so be it. Perhaps such underhanded individuals will learn that we are fighting for their futures as well as their children’s. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Koolz, hello and no, this bull started way way before Katrina.  Some think Katrina was on purpose and it surly looks that way.  Weather as warfare and manipulation has been going on "forever" it seems.  The rich, uber rich, however, who are funding much of this would like to clear some of their favorite areas of "rift raft".  But now it seems out of control and may well even be biting Them in the ass. 

  14. Doug says:

    I live in northern NJ and am disgusted by the daily chemtrails that horribly pollute the sky.  I complain to everyone I know and no one seems to give a rats ass.  Why apathy, denial?  This Jonas storm is clearly engineered and with the full moon and high tide tonight will likely cause massive flooding just like Sandy (also engineered). My recent trips to MN and NV confirm chemtrails are being sprayed everywhere but again no MSM coverage. I appreciate all your comments and support and hope something can be done about this soon bf it's too late.  Same goes for 911 another massive government deception and travesty!  Stay awake people!

    • lcrews says:

      Believe it or not some good people are oblivious to the problem.  If you are truly 'disgusted' you can write/email someone at your local newspaper (not necessarily the editor).  You can write to an actress or actor that you think might be receptive.  You can even write/email your congressmen and/or the governor's office.  But if you do, please be brief.  Brief but compelling.

      I have written a few letters and a lot of emails.  I write to anyone who I think might have a brain. 


  15. jake says:

    has anyone contemplated the enormous cost this year to pull the jetstream south. with the pacific being as warm as it appears, shouldn't that force the jetstream up to middle canada. so to hold the jetstream down for any amount of time will cost an insane amount of money and resources.  thinking logically in a time of rapid deflation  of resources coupled with inflation of food costs, is something drastic about to occur on planet earth, that needs people distracted from. what are the effects of artificially heating and cooling the ionasphere, and how does it affect life on earth

  16. Hello Susan Ferguson and concerned readers: There are several mentions regarding Russian HAARP capabilities within comments below. As Dane (and others) have pointed out in past articles, there are now numerous HAARP systems in place around the globe, along with "other" military and private projects such as Google's insane global wi-fi tropospheric Balloon plans. The entire spectacle is a certain brand of mass insanity…

    It may sound off-topic, but the "blow down" event depicted in the links below describe a VERY unnatural event. The forest in these affected areas has not recovered at all. Most wildlife in the area have declined by over 70%. The US Forest Service refuses to discuss the reality of what's taking place all over the United States. >

    Boundary Waters–Canadian derecho – Wikipedia

    Ten years after blowdown, Boundary Waters still recovering | Minnesota Public Radio News

    • Rachel Robson says:

      You really are back Paul and I am glad.  Looked at your links and I had never heard of a derecho before.  Now I know.  But have no need to experience!  I kept thinking it rhymes with Jericho, as in Joshua and the walls of Jericho!

  17. Carol says:

    Don't eat the snow! Did anyone tell that to chipmunks, squirrels, birds, dogs, cats…wildlife in general?

    • Crystal says:

      Don't forget what it would do to our water!

    • KC says:

      I am in Virginia and I went out and scooped up some snow and put it in a small clear glass bowl.  I then went to the refrigerator and got a piece of ice and put it in another small clear glass bowl.  The snow is very slowly disappearing BUT it is leaving NO WATER behind in the bowl.  Not a drop.  The ice cube on the other hand is melting into water.  I put the snow in the bowl 20 minutes ago and it is in our warm house along with the ice cube.  This is not real snow.  It is evaporating and no water left behind.

    • KC says:

      Final update on the snow that had no water.  After approximately one hour, the snow finally disappeared in the bowl and left behind a very small amount of water on the sides and bottom of the bowl.  The ice cube bowl was full of water.  So not sure now about this snow if it is real or not.  There were some pieces of debris at the bottom of the bowl where the snow was. Larger black specs and very tiny little brown specs. 

    • Dennie says:

      Of COURSE that "snow" isn't real!  Seeing IS believing.  Usually.

  18. TnGeoWatch says:

    The charts keep following the curve every day moving up! This does not bode well!

  19. JR says:

    Hello from Southern part of New Mexico. Here in the Southwest part of US of A we are getting bombarded with SAG/SRM aka/Chemtrails period. The lowlife bastards are just tearing it up in our skies, our skies mind you. The moisture is being sucked up and very dry. I'm blowing my nose and some red blood very uncommon for me. These S O B are just plain dirty dogs who go back to their vomit and eat it. One day they will pay the ultimate price if they don't repent of their evil deeds and go straight to Hell…..That's what the WORD says….

    • thedesertchick says:

      I am in Arizona and they are chemtrailling to beat the band here also. Yesterday and today. And the temperatures are going up, too. We have been having some nice cold weather, (and some rain) and now this spraying is jacking up the temperatures. And no more rain. This always seems to happen here. As soon as they start attacking the sky, the temperatures go way up. Coinky-dink? Nope, cuz there ain't no such thing as 'coincidence.'

      The spraying is so blatant, they do it right in front of you, not caring if you catch them red handed. They used to be sneaky about it, but no more.  No wonder we can't rid of the creeping crud in our lungs.

  20. Marc says:

    I now have around 5 close friends and several family members who have all behaved in extraordinarily contentious ways when the topic of geoengineering is laid out on the table. As "tag" posted below, isn't it odd how many folks will be concerned and upset about things like GMO foods, vaccinations, financial collapse, government surveillance and corruption and so forth, yet, when the aerial spraying is mentioned a psychological switch is thrown that causes them to morph into cornered animals. I must confess, I do not understand this phenomenon. Is the reach of government psy-operations and disinformation so effective that this is the result of their efforts?? Divide and conquer?? Incredible that this issue, even in my humble and insignificant corner of the world, has managed to drive a major wedge in between me and several good friends. This issue contributed in no small way to sabotage my relationship with my girlfriend of 11 years. Other close friends and family absolutely refuse to discuss it or worse, lash out with pseudo-scientific sounding arguments all of which are designed to refute everything Dane has assembled here after a decade and a half of intense research. Most, of course, refuse to even visit this website, probably because doing so would "legitimize" my arguments. I mean, I get that we are all under alot of stress with our jobs, our finances, our relationships, our families AND our health issues. But these aspects all serve to delineate our normalcy bubbles. Even though these aspects of our lives are sometimes tough to deal with, they are mostly things we understand and fit into our paradigm. SRM and SAG, though, for some reason suddenly hits the "blood-brain" barrier and can go no further for many people apparently because it is manifesting well outside their normalcy bubble. Yet for millions of us it has long since been self-evident. Wow! What a continental divide!! So……….the accumulated efforts of paid liars and psy-op writers to seed the internet and all media with bullshit has been successful? Unfortunately the answer is "Yes". 

      But here again, as Dane always reminds us, the TRUTH about this cannot be hidden much longer. Even if the ship goes down and millions, or even billions, STILL believe the lies and fabrications they were fed, by that time it won't matter anyway so I reckon there will be no more need to angst about it. But until that point in time, I, personally will continue to LAMENT the horrific and irreversible damage the issue of geoengineering has inflicted not only upon our beloved biosphere, but the damage it has done to my relationships with some of my favorite people on this Earth. 

    • Jb says:

      Totally understand your feelings.  Most of my family are mad at me for using my brain. You're not alone.  

    • Peter says:

      The public is now being PRIMED by the industry owned lamestream media to ACCEPT geoengineering. CBS link below they just televised that lying dog David Keith and this is what the public will be fed going forward. But even Keith knows the truth, that we are already being sprayed around the globe with aluminum barium and strontium. He won't admit it, instead he implies geoengineering is about diamonds and says we are only afraid of geoengineering because it might cause us to forget to cut back on carbon emissions. David Keith is quite clinically insane. It is up to the public to become educated on what geoengineering is and how it affects the health of the entire planet. It's too late to "pretend this technology doesn't exist" because it has already been deployed without our consent. You can't "vote to have less global warming and less risk" with geoengineering. It has one effect and one effect only, and that is death, of all living things. The information has been available to the scientific community for decades but the average person has not researched this at all. It's time to wake up, look up, and get involved in what you're breathing world. The trees are almost all gone. They are twisted, dried out, the fruit died this last season without even ripening. How far will this go before the people take notice? Here is is your true Global Warming culprit. Geoengineering is BAKING the planet.

    • tag says:

      I know what you mean.  My own daughter, who is open to about everything, just shuts me down when the trails come up.  She always says, "I know"  but she doesn't and refuses to learn.  Sometimes it is just easier to shut up, know what you know and pray for the rest. 

    • Dennie says:

      David Keith is certifiably clinically insane.  I e-mailed him back and forth around 2011, calling him on his insane sh*t idea of spraying the planet with aluminum and barium.  I asked if he had kids, he said yes.  I said "What do you think that spraying this planet with this massive amount of toxic heavy metals is doing to your kids?" and his reply was that he would never do anything unethical.  Well, okay, then how about IMMORAL, actually, Dr. Keith, hmmm???

    • OSullivan says:

      @ Peter, David Keith is well paid by Bill Gates. Seems money really does come before integrity. 

    • CL says:

      I think the hardest part is about geoengineering is that it requires admitting that we have completely lost control. That is a really really scary idea for most people, particularly the strong father patriarchal types.  I have had some success in sharing Naoimi Klein's This Changes Everything Capitalism vs the Climate. My neighbor thought I was nuts, then he read the book and completely changed his mind. The movie is out now, and the first scene takes place at a geoengineering conference at the royal society. It is a must watch. But, I digress. I think that we have to just keep passing on information. I was really pessimistic about 6 months ago, but I am feeling a shift in American popular opinion. The winds of change appear to be at our backs. Just keep telling the truth. Most people are angry and confused, they know that things aren't right. But, they need our help to understand what the heck is happening. Keep strong. Keep telling the truth. Don't be discouraged. The rich and evil may be all over tv. But, as you will see in This Changes Everything, the bulk of the world's population is on the side of life. 

    • Dennie says:

      Too many people wanna be rich, and "evil" seems to go with the territory.  Unless you're Herb Alpert.

    • Abby says:

      I know how you feel, I have given up trying to tell my peeps about what's going on, but I'm getting more frustrated by the day because with the Today show mentality everyone thinks it's novel for it to be 'too warm' and how it will 'cool off' any time now.  

      My brother finally agreed to let me talk about what's going on and so I dumbed it down for him, saying, "Imagine the planet is getting way too hot (remember the new info out just last week?) and they've discovered how to make artificial cold…" I went on that way for a minute before he cut me off and changed the subject, apparently that was too much for him.

      My closest friend got ticked at me for telling him that the military is involved in the program, even though I've talked about this issue for the last 10 years and had told him before what groups are involved.  Suddenly he can't remember anything like that.  BTW, he's a big Today show lover, watches it every weekday morning and looks for it on the weekends.  :-/  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, if you can, print out the large report from Belgium that Michael L found.  With copies.  Give to said people.  A real eyeopener/mind opener.  No geoengineering needs to be attached.  Independent hard science.  But then, maybe your friend will balk at foreigners!  Then you will know for certain how very closed minded they are!  You'll know it is not against you, nor Dane, just fixed heads, permanently screwed on wrong.  Thus, people you probably don't want in your life anyway!

  21. nomad says:

    This is precious! As this weather system is leaving our area the TV weather person showed a shot of an even line of clouds, grey with gold on top, across the horizon. "It doesn't even look real" or "It doesn't look real" she said. BWahahaha. Accidental truth from a TV weather person. It doesn't look real BECAUSE IT ISN"T REAL!!!

  22. kenny says:

    Hey everyone, to Dane's point, just caught this headline on RT:  Cold feet: State Dept uses blizzard to try delay major Clinton email release.  In essence, they had until Jan 29 to release them, now seems they want another delay until February 29 to pass them to intelligence agencies for review and redaction!!!!

  23. kenny says:

    Now experiencing snow "lightning" here in southeast NJ.  strong wind gusts keep shifting directions

  24. kenny says:

    I have been sitting here since 5 AM, near a window.  There is an odd humming like sound outside, it is constant, yet fades and grows louder. ( Sorta sounds like when the condenser in your refrigerator kicks on.) I remember this same sound during hurricane Sandy.

     When it grows louder, seconds later the winds slam against my house.  Must be some type of space weaponry being beamed at us, to fortify this storm.  God only knows what they have put up there and why, like cubesats.

    • Dawnski says:

      My son and I heard that last winter. We have the creepiest humungo tower at city hall. God only knows what is actually doing.  Ever wonder if they are DUMB tunneling underground? I think some of the people who deny this unfolding reality are involved and making a living off of it. Ironic as that may be. Local Masonic Temple worshipers or various other secret society members perhaps? I know a local Baptist business owner/sports nut who says the current economy is just a bubble. . .false sense of reality. Thanks for sharing Kenny.

    • Kat says:

      I heard the same thing in Missouri last week,.. like your refrigerator kicked on and kept running.  We got about 4 inches of snow that night. Most everyday there is spraying in our skies leaving big chemtrails.

    • Pat in FL says:

      You are correct about a space influencer.  Read about the AF defense satellite with HAARP technology.  Read about it and track it here: 

  25. scott clayton says:

    Two years ago the snow in Colorado started to look strange.

    One bright sunny winter day, I took a "non contact lazer thermometer" and got measurements off the snow.

     Still solid at 45degrees f, surface temp.

    Below the surface by several inches, 34 to 36 degrees, without melting.

    Sophisticated tests not required. Things are not right.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      scott clayton, hello and I am impressed.  Where does one get a non contact lazer thermometer?  I want one!

  26. Rosie says:

    Hi Dane,

    Several years ago I started to notice really weird cloud formations that I never saw in 60 plus years on this planet. The winter of that same year (maybe 5 years ago), I kept seeing youtube videos about

    "What's wrong with the  snow?" That was all it took, I went outside and scooped up half a small bowl of snow off my car so as not to contaminate it and brought in to my kitchen counter. The videos were saying it didn't melt. I put on my strongest magnifying glasses to study my flakes, but they were not flakes! It looked like tiny crystals. Odd. It took 3 1/2 hours to melt in a warm house, I had about half a measuring cup of snow in the bowl and figured it would melt in 30 minutes-wrong! The videos were right. I was about to dump it out after looking at the clear water, at least to the naked eye it was clear, and the thought came to me to look further. I put on my strongest magnifying glasses and saw some little specks, so I also got out my jeweler's loop with glasses still on and what I saw shocked me! There were many tiny black specks, but I also saw red  and blue irridescent ones that just glowed! What freaked me out was the blue ones looked like small filaments and the were wiggling. I spent about an hour with my face in a bowl staring at this water, knowing that this was some kind of chemical soup with something alive in it! I was horrified. I'm just a grandma who likes to know everything about everything. So I started telling everyone not to get rain or snow on their skin and make sure the kids don't eat the snow. That's how I found your website and was able to get more information and connect more dots. So thank you for all you do in waking people up from their "American Dream" which is really an American nightmare, and together we can stop this insanity and live a quiet and peaceable life.

    Just thought I'd share my experiment with you.

    • Rosie says — "but I also saw red  and blue irridescent ones that just glowed! What freaked me out was the blue ones looked like small filaments…" Perhaps a bit like this that I am having analyzed :

    • I have also been seeing the new cloud formations. The 'trails' that do not disperse are less alarming to me than these..Also very troubling are the square patches of 'rainbow' that show to the east ( no matter where the sun is. Not that I often see the sun w/out that weird haze. ) I've  remarked to umpteen people about the strange weather reporting surrounding this storm. Usually they show 3 different computer models and show many maps with snowfall ammounts. I am scared. Glad tho, that I am not alone in thinking these are new cloud formations.

    • Ken Maltby says:

      Rosie, your research prompted this short note. The phony snow is very easy to detect when cross country skiing on my old wood skis (40 years experience) waxed for both grip and slide. I ski strictly on farm fields in western Ontario, no groomed trails, therefore one might assume "virgin snow", ha! I skied to work and home each day of Winter 2015. My research proved that on most days, if I waxed with milder temp grip and slider wax, when temps were in the traditional temperature range of colder wax, I would improve both grip and slide. By the end of winter I could improve my phony snow ski experience, plus predict the best time to take a snow sample (which melted slowly with a high snow/liquid ratio) that would yield a scary lab analysis. Lab results confirm what Dane and others advise, please don't let children eat this poison. 21st century slang for snow is not "white shit" but "witchit". Thanks again Dane for your ice nucleation lesson.

    • nomad says:

      Wow! To Rosie and Susan.

      It reaffirms something I observed last summer.

      1:30 PM. Now this is interesting. Remember the analogy I made about dust particles being captured in the beam of a flashlight? Well, what I do when I want to look directly towards the sun while simultaneously blocking the sun itself is to stand behind/in the shadow of the satellite dish on the roof. It’s the perfect size for blocking out the sun.

      This time, however, I noticed something I had never seen before, too minute to show up on this photo. Looking at the halo around the satellite dish, the blocked sun, I could see caught in the glare tiny glittery specks milling around, seemingly descending from the sky. And not microscopic sized particles either. They were relatively large. Smaller than glitter or salt grains, but still quite noticeable. It makes me wonder if these glittery specks reflect something that has happened locally, like a truck spill, or is this some kind of chaff dropped from those chemtrail planes? I never thought that the particulates were big enough to see with the naked eye.

      Nope. Damn! This is the stuff! I just went outside to take a second look at the particles in that halo. And the glittery particulates stretched upward into the distance. It’s not coming from some local event. It’s coming from the sky. These are the chems from the chemtrails.

    • Dawnski says:

      This morning, the snow on my steps and sidewalk has little white dots scattered about. They look like tiny little cotton balls. Because we continued to shovel all day yesterday, only last nights dusting was on the concrete. I just put some of those on my flashlight to see if any fibers show up.

    • Dawnski says:

      10:55 am, EST. Mooresville, NC.

      Tiny Cotton snow ball experiment. It appears as "melted" on top of the flashlight lens. I used a magnifying glass to inspect with the flashlight on. Tiny fibers were visible. Wished I had a. . .WAIT A SECOND. I just spotted my sons vintage $4.99 @ Goodwill microscope from home school days. I set up the mcroscope. The melted miniscule snowball drop did not move when I tilted and rolled the flashlight around. I unscrewed the lens from the flashlight. Set it under the microscope at 50X/100X/300X. The oil slick snow melt has royal blue twisted fibers. A bluish looking tiny gem. And the glob never ran off the slide/lens as a normal drop of water would/should.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Rosie, hi and I too am just a grandma who wants to know everything about everything!  A few years ago, one of my nephews who was in Kansas at the time experimented with the snow.  He brought a huge glob into the house where he was staying, said it would not melt.  After hours of this, he took a torch to it and said it turned orange.  It doesn't snow where I live.  Still wishing for the jeweler's loop I once had!  The wigglies are giving me the creeps.  Thank you for sharing.  We don't have snow where I live.  But, sorta near by and maybe I can get my kids to try this.  Good science experiment for the youngest age 12.  Grandson, that is.

  27. ts gordon says:

    While watching the Sat weather images closely for clear fingerprints of manipulation, I stumbled upon a persistent diagonal line worth paying utmost attention to. It runs from the middle of Baja, Mexico all the way to Nova Scotia. Basic laws of physics explain that straight lines of this nature don't exist in fluid mechanics!  Never mind the name, its function is all we need discuss, and it so happens to perfectly coincide with the path of this particular storm. 


    Here in Little Rock, over the past 5 years we've watched a nearly identical play of summer storms sweeping our way up from Dallas, always rubbing against this virtual 50-yard line. For example, they could use it to dump rain on New Orleans, or way up the Mississippi Valley, inundating the mid-west corn, soy and cotton belt in one fell swoop.

    Three years ago I took the initiative to set up a dirt cheap, (2×4's and PVC) high-tunnel greenhouse that has consistently outperformed these nasty storms, (knock on wood!) So now, we've always got lettuce & salad greens. It's not enough to sustain one, but good enough to boost our morale out of the ball park!

    • Dawnski says:

      ts gordon, I have noticed a similar diagonal line/pattern. The past several weeks the line designated blue from green, snow from rain. I remember the day when weather maps were not so sporadic and squiggly, not to mention looking like a 2 year old just went crazy with their box of neon crayons.

    • CL says:

      I was looking at NASA pics of the snow today and noticed something similar. Zoom into the last pic and check out the parallel line patterns all over New England:

      Over Christmas I had dinner with a NASA employee and spent about an hour grilling him. Surprisingly he admitted that geoengineering would destroy solar power in cities. But, don't worry he said, "the solar plants will be outside of the cities and the cities will be covered in bubbles"!!

      I told him that we know about the plans and won't stand for them. He said that he understood and that we need to protest.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      ts gordon, and the cover material was?

  28. pharmer says:

    There are so many horrific things happening right now, and it just seems to be getting ever worse – doesn't it?  Currently we have the (orchestrated by the evil entity) "Bundy gang" incident about to explode, the 'methane' gas leak in Aliso canyon about to explode (or continue spreading), which also contains other toxic chemicals and radiation (they used to dump radioactive waste nearby), WW-III is seemingly about to explode, and much much more – who can keep track?  Is the weather warfare distracting us from the mass destruction, or is the mass destruction distracting us from the geoengineering weather warfare – an even worse form of mass destruction??  It seems overwhelming, but we are still in control IF we don't give up. This is what I expected the evil entity to do all my life: hit us with everything it has in the end times to produce maximum chaos, so it can install its kind of order out of chaos  The evil entity tells us everything it's doing, and then does it – doesn't it?  As a pharmer, I'm especially concerned about the increased aluminum (etc.) and alkalinity of the soil, which is killing the micro flora and fauna, thereby starving and killing plants and animals. The  artificial UVB increase is contributing to the destruction too, as are other components of the geoengineering warfare being waged against us.  I can grow in a greenhouse, or indoors under lights, but seeing our awesome planet slowly being poisoned to death is intolerable, and doing nothing about it unthinkable.  This full-spectrum genocide/ecocide by the evil entity has got to stop soon, and it will stop, but not until we demand our elected representatives recognize it's happening.  As long as we allow our government representatives to pretend like it isn't happening, it will continue… We are all here for a reason.  Please stay healthy, detox constantly, and keep your faith.  Thanks for more vital information we all need to know Dane – you are awesome!  

    • droughtsurvivor says:

      I really enjoy your insight and words of encouragement.  I know that evil has already been defeated even with my finite understanding.  For now I see through a glass darkly, then face to face.  Love will prevail in the end and all things will be made new again.  But for now we are in the midst of the battle to completely destroy all things of beauty and love, to make cynical with hate like death raining down from the toxic sky crushing the spirit of life within.  The pain in witnessing this insanity is overwhelming and feels hopeless at times but I thank God for people like Pastor Sayeed Abedini who, though horribly tortured by evil, did not give up hope and all the brave people everywhere, including Dane, who fight in this battle.  Beauty unspeakable is waiting if we don't give into this ugly hopelessness.  That vision, like a seed growing into it's full bounty of life, is what keeps me going each day.  Peace

  29. According to Michio Kaku, Humanity when reached galaxies, We will find many extinct alien civilization /Ray Courtney/Jan.22, 2016
    … Unlike Earth, most worlds will likely not find this balance, ultimately succumbing to being cooked by a runaway greenhouse effect (like Venus) or frozen by a thinning atmosphere (like Mars). Life will often not be fortunate enough to win the race against environmental fluctuations to become a stabilizing factor.  The number of stars in the universe is uncountable. The number of planets potentially even higher. Earth is just one small, pale blue dot orbiting a very average star. The probability that life is abundant in the universe should be high, yet we have located no undeniable signs of life beyond Earth.  “Early life is fragile, so we believe it rarely evolves quickly enough to survive. Most early planetary environments are unstable. To produce a habitable planet, life forms need to regulate greenhouse gases such as water and carbon dioxide to keep surface temperatures stable.”
    [videos here]

    • Dennie says:

      You can kinda tell who's going to "get it" and who won't.  The problem I have with proselytizing is that it starts to feel like an evangelical vocation.  No one much likes having things forced down their throat, even if it is the awful truth.  I only talk about geoengineering with the people I'm pretty sure have noticed that everything is somehow just not right.  Otherwise it is a waste of time and in doing something that amounts to a kind of political action, it's about making connections, not enemies.  I've seen people I know here who have been very active in waking the public up via letters to the editor, prepared statements at city hall meetings, etc. demonstrate just how ineffective they actually are when engaged in actual conversation with real people.  There's one I'm thinking of who actually behaved towards me as if I were somehow The Enemy, wanting to do all the talking, all the ranting, and really NEVER any of the listening– WHY?  You know, you gotta be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, almost anyone will accept an informtional flyer if it is passed on with very few words (and in a relaxed fashion). I always carry flyers with me and when an appropriate situation justifies passing one on, I simply say, ” Many researchers are trying to alert the public to the fact that climate engineering programs are going on without any environmental impact reviews or oversight.” I continue with ” This flyer will give more details, nobody is trying to sell anything, this issue is non-political, we are simply trying to alert the population to an issue of critical importance that is not being disclosed by the government or mainstream media.” This approach has proven very effective in most cases.

  30. Marc says:

    Just had a volley of comments with a friend on FB, after posting the Collier mag article. He stated and I quote: "I'm very alarmed to find a person as intelligent as you getting duped by this kind of nonsense."

      He argued that geoengineering has been thoroughly "debunked" by Scientific American and "Skeptical Inquirer". Etc. Etc. We are talking about a person who is already virulently opinionated about a whole lot of things and now he has added "geoengineering" to his hit-list. How do you deal with this brand of idiocy? "When you argue with a fool it's hard to tell the difference." That's how I deal with it. Move on. Plant the seed. If the seed falls on sterile ground, so be it. The truth of all this will be widely known soon enough. And even if this friend of mine never arrives at an understanding of the truth of what has been done by the geoengineers for 70 years, it doesn't matter. His ignorance is of no concern to me. But I must pose the question: How incomprehensibly absurd is it that, even as my friend stands up tall and mocks me for being duped by this "conspiracy theory" (zzzzz-yawn), his very own body is filling up with heavy metals or worse, and jets continue up to this very minute spraying millions of pounds of nano-soup right over his denying head? Unbelievable.

    • Marc says:

      Gee, do you think he would also deny that the Fukushima tsunami and earthquake were initiated by a massive, scientifically documented burst of intense EMF/ULF on the days prior to, and on, 3/11/11? Ha!

    • Dan says:

      I know what you mean Marc. I have friends who are supposedly smarter than me argue that this is not real. Some say if they are really doing it it is for a good reason. I have noticed that where I live the spraying has intensified the last year. It seems they are doubling down on their efforts and I know we are almost out of time and these blind souls will find out just how bad this really is if we cannot stop it

    • tag says:

      I hear you.  Even friends that are open to the GMO and poisoning of our food, a pill and vaccination for every ill, fluoride tossed and the economic and financial collapse going on, they seem to hit the emergency brake when chem-trails are mentioned.  I guess I handle it by documenting with pictures what I see in my own skies, asking them if they even remember what a blue sky looks like and challenging them to give ME some facts to prove me wrong. They can't.    Most still don't get it.   It is just to scary for them to think about.  My thoughts is to prepare for them also.  We are going to have to stick together.  Believers and non-believers alike. 

    • Inretrospect says:

      Just plant the seed. If you plant it on a infertile, rock-hard surface you will reap no harvest. I have pointed-out the spraying in the skies to a brilliant man with his Doctorates in Chemical Engineering, and asked him while pointing up at expanding chemtrails: "What is that crap they're spraying in the sky?" He looked up, shrugged his shoulders and replied: "I never even noticed… that's just jet contrails I suppose".   WYF? People are just so caught-up in their professions and daily life that they have lost touch with the reality of what's happening around them. I gave up on trying to wake people up, because when SHTF day arrives, the people that you tried to wake up will blame you for having a part in making the Conspiracy happen… you had knowledge about it; therefore, it's your fault for letting it happen and responsible for the consequences. They will blame everything except their ignorance.

    • Dawnski says:

      My accumulated knowledge and experiences in overcoming a sociopath has given me the strength and wisdom to politely and boldly proclaim what is REVELATION reality to me. The narcissit or sociopath lives in a FALSE SENSE OF REALITY. Regardless of their socioeconomic status. A rich, educated man can be just as confused as a poor, uneducated man. I love when I look in the face of a great falling away 501.c.3 executive/elder/pastor/what have you and use the very same Book of knowledge they just misused to STAND FIRM AS I DECLARE, DEFEND, AND DISPLAY THE TRUTH AT ALL COSTS. That usually really pisses them off and makes them try to bully me by ganging up on me with even more lies to cover up their inadequacy. God forbid I have something impotant to share thst they dont see or do see but are trying to hide under a bushell basket of lies. But then, I have a great commission and calling that I do not profit a dime from. . .WAKE UP! LOOK UP! 

    • tag says:

      For Dawnski

      Hey, me too!  28 years of belittlement and abuse.  And I also survived with a thinking brain while he still wallows in his self glory.  I am glad I am where I am at.

    • CL says:

      I am not a fan of the "self help section." That being said, it can be helpful when forced to deal with really difficult people. I read a few texts about how to deal with narcissists, and that has been very useful in my social life. But, honestly I wouldn't worry too much about a single individual (although once someone gets under your skin that is really tough.) We need to touch base with the people that we can reach, and not waste time on people we can't. There are more intelligent people out there than we are led to think. Keep strong. Keep honest. 

  31. Sezer says:

    Hello Dane,do you have any information and references on wether the same thing is happening in Europe at the moment in terms of engineered snow storms etc?I know there is an abundance of video's and such of nucleated snow not melting upon exposure to heat,but I am receiving information and photo's from the mediterranean region with unusual snow levels and extreme cold where their summers have been record shattering hot every year.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sezer, the chemical ice nucleation assault is occuring all over the globe.

    • Mahara says:

      I have traveled to many countries and seen the chemtrails in all of these countries except one.  President Correa of Ecuador has stated that there are no chemtrails in Ecuador.  I have read that Vilacabamba in southern Ecuador, near Peru has had some sightings, but nothing north of there.  I recently made a trip to the highlands of Ecuador.  I can say, it was refreshing to not see them, to enjoy real cloud formations, Also, overall, my body felt better for not being around so many chemicals and EMF waves. I just returned last week.  I live in Southern California.

    • sylvia andromeda says:

      sezer, this was brought to my attention, several years ago by a friend, who happens to live near the Alps in Italy. My family and friends in Europe are fully aware of it. Since then I've taking so many pictures of the constant spraying, that I can wallpaper my entire house with it.

  32. Texan Fellow says:

    Makes me wonder what all this weather whiplash is doing to agriculture; this whiplash must be stressful for plants and animals. It got so warm this December trees started budding and blossoming. My friend in DC told me the same happened there. Then we get these engineered, sudden cold snaps. Here in TX this past month 40,000 cattle died during the engineered snowstorm Goliath…. And this coming on the heels of an imminent economic collapse. Productive animals are dying. The environment is becoming more inhospitable to native vegetation. And we're being sprayed with heavy metals and nanoparticles that are undoubtedly affecting our health and cognition. Almost seems like the perfect storm brewing….

    • tag says:

      My thoughts exactly.  What is this doing to our agriculture…FOOD?  I love my garden.  I spend my summer tending it, cherishing mother earth for enough food to last me all winter long.  I posted the question once on another site, questioning if growing our food from heritage seeds, never ever tossing chemicals to achieve truly organic food while the chemicals rained down on us.  Can that produce be considered CLEAN?  I got nothing but negative comments.  I am still trying to figure out why not one person questions this.  Too scary I guess.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tag, you have already come to the correct conclusion, all is now tainted with the toxic fallout from the climate engineering assault. Many are already aware of this fact, and more awaken every day.

    • Linda says:

      …and not only were the trees and shrubs acting as if spring had sprung…I watched two cardinals in my backyard teaching thier fledgling to fly…just before Christmas.  (In far western Ky on the Tennessee border)

    • Teri says:

      Last spring and summer we had healthy young female livestock drop dead from no apparent reason. the vet said they were genetically flawed. The moment they started eating grass as browsers should they developed ulcers in the stomach and quit eating. many of them simply bleed to death inside. what the heck is in the grass? what has happened to it that it causes sudden death?

      the deer have been getting something they call 'blue tongue'. that is fallacy as what it really means is the deer are bleeding to death inside from eating grass. yet another browser drops dead. 

      i do know that only the young females were affected. the males seemed unaffected. though what it does to their fertility is unknown. this is in goats and sheep. a neighbor who raises cows said they had a high mortality rate in calves. some still born others just didn't survive the first few days. not sure what happens after they start grazing. 

      so yes. these chemically induced snows and rains do affect the animals. the livestock eat the grass that is coated with them and bleed internally. 

      some of our animals would hay and refuse to eat grass in the pasture. pretty amazing. and deliberate as well i think. it isn't a coincidence. it is by design. 



  33. Thomas Bruce Michigan says:

    I posted this message along with pictures of the sky above my home on my facebook account today: "Pictures taken above my home today at 0400pm as the Climate Engineering assaults continue day after day after day. An unbelievable amount of toxic heavy metal aerosols were deployed today as witnessed on my drive from Detroit to my homestead in Bruce. The sky was completely covered from horizon to horizon on the 40 mile trek. As you know this material falls to earth where it ends up in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Go to and learn what all of us are being subjected to without our knowledge or consent. Your government is poisoning you and your loved ones and has been for many years but now they are doubling down as their illegal activities are being exposed. Make your voice heard and join the fight to stop this completely illegal and immoral activity. TAC" Just trying to get the word out but not sure if anyone reads or cares about this. I never receive any comments or questions on the postings. When they are spraying this heavy it really pisses me off to no end. I tried to contact the MI Senators today but their offices were shut down due to the latest Geoengineered snow storm. Waiting to hear what is happening with the legal team. Hoping that some sort of precedent and cookie cutter legal action can be established and Michigan attorneys join the fight. I am going to write the Michigan environmental protection agency and start a paper trail with them also. Dane is there anything people should start doing in preparation for the legal battle. I have about 10 water samples showing aluminum, barium and strontium in the rain, snow and pond water. I also have receipts of letters I sent to both senators and a letter from the pentagon Air force Chief of staffs office denying any involvement in Climate Engineering. Do you think these documents will be useful at some point?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Thomas, yes, the lab tests of the spraying contamination taken by the public will certainly soon be of use. We hope that the template our legal team is putting together can then be utilized in states all over the country. More announcments coming soon.

    • KC says:

      My brother-in law works for the EPA.  Whenever I mention the spraying to him he pretends like he knows nothing and those are just con trails to him.  Conversation closed.  Even though he sees the chems in the skies, he cannot and will not discuss it, or he says he will talk to the guys upstairs and then I never hear another word about it from him.  It is as if he is gagged from speaking about it.  He is in charge of making sure the water is not contaminated in his state, but he refuses to acknowledge that the chems have anything to do with it.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thomas BM, Presume you mean 4pm or 1600hrs, rather than 4am or 0400hrs…!!

      Either way, well done you and keep posting. 

    • Yes, we must put together Grand Juries to unbiased investigation and educate the people of the how to of law. Be sure to be like a forensic team and document with witnesses and accompanying affidavits to every piece of evidence and be sure to make many copies an put in many places which no one knows about and then publish. Create a group of at least 20 people who will download videos and then when they are taken down the next one of the people uploads it. experience has show that after ten times they stop taking it down.

          Under 18 USC 4 Misprison of feloney one must "make known to some judge or other officer of the United States" of any criminal activity "cognisable of a court of the United States". I use that to notice "make known to some judge or officer of the United States" and then remind them that if I had failed to do so I could be charged and "imprisoned not more than 3 years" so then now that they have been "made known" of these crimes "cognisable of a court of the United States" (in which put the laws which are being broken and even some case law which binds them), that if they fail to perform and take appropriate action that at the lesst they are looking at the same three years.

        I use the phrase "So that I may not be charged under 18 USC 4 Misprision of felony, I am here to make known to you "some judge or officer of the United States" of crimes cognizable of a court of the United States, including but not limited to 18 USC 241, 242, 471, 472, 473, 474, Art III section 1, Art. VI, Amendment I,II, IV, V, VI, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVII, XXIV,  XXVI,  (of course use the ones you are pointing to and have knowledge of and or evidence of.

          Certified Mail along with a copy of the tracking from the internet along with an affidavit notarized (have a witness as well, "Having no evidence to the contrary and to the best of my knowledge, information and belief under pains of perjury the under signed states that the foregoing are true and correct." (look up various forms of Jurats) and be sure to have the page which identifies each page document and so forth and always number them 1 of 12 2 of 12 and so forth at the bottom and have the signature and jurat page as part of the document page numbers,  is sufficient evidence… Not sure if there is a way to make a record of some sort other than create a case and continue to put documentation and evidence as you continue to request discovery of documents which you know they will delay, deny, motion to prevent and all sorts of things adn then get a Declaratory Judgment as to the Fact of the evidence on the record which has gone un-rebutted. Look up "negative averments" and do like they do when they want to steal property by publishing for three weeks in the local paper, requesting anyone with evidence to the contrary to come forth. and of course mail out copies to averyone who is in a position to do or is required to do something about it and will not. Again time stamping it and using a Notary or other third party to verify that no mail has been received by affidavit again (this process will became second nature after awhile, just pretend that you will be called a liar on everything but you will be able to produce substantial real evidence to the contrary. Today you can do to the post office and do all the certified mail via a machine after hours adn have a receipt.)

         Make contact with others who will support and give feedback, process and procedures that work. And always be aware of shills, trolls adn contelpro agents as well as idiots who talk a lot but do nothing. Give them an assignment, if they fail to perform then they are not part of the team and only an energy sucker and attention grabber, let them mop the floor, sort paper, run errands to get them out of your hair and still be even slightly useful or just tell them "thank you very much, but we can not take time withe those that do not perform an actual function or service.

        The whole thing is Stratigy…… you must have one .. they do …. and then implement it. It is a 9 inning game a 4 quarters play, a 15 round bout, not a tweet!!!! Every action taken in Court creates a record, you will not win!! You ae not there to win,!!! you are there to create a record of the courts collusion against the law and the people. Put objections in writing get everything stamped by the  clerk then turn around and get a certified notarized gold raised seal stamped copy for your records to use when they tamper with the file and keep an electronic record as stated above.

        Begin studying RICO and 42 USC 1983 for which you will be using the evidence collected along the way to show a "pattern of activity" over a years period that exhibits the existence and the perpetrators of the criminal enterprise. And the evidence that it is a "policy or the state" and its actors/agents to act in this manner in contravention of their oath of office, the State laws, adn the USC and the various Constitution and that you noticed them so they can not say they did not know (see 18 USC 4 strategy above).

         When ever possible try to use C/O in front of the mailing address and do not use your home address, be prepared for the attacks of your character and false charges and other dirty dealings. It is a good Idea to get a "clean bill of health" from the police departments and other agencies so that you cn again evidence that their assaults began as a direct result of you taking lawful adn justified action on behalf of the people. And it goes without saying, that you want to be stealthy, not bravdo, not yelling, confrontational, and most definitely not spouting or teaching as you go!!!!! It is difficult I know but you will only paint a target on your front and back and they will resist your every move. Be like them except a lamb in wolves clothing. Pretend that you are gathering evidence to rebut idiot patriot myth bullshit, conspiracy dumb asses. And you can't wait to shut them up with these records. You MUST appear to be as one of them even in your filings.. just the FACTS… all to many times people blow their whole Motion by ranting at the beginning… you want to slowly Pixel by Pixel, paint a picture which they will agree with each pixel but not the brawd strokes. slowly and methodically brick by boring fact brick, evidence, un-refuted assertions, use of their own records, piece by piece, law, code and statute, case law after case law, point by point one at a time not two no "and", just point for point.

      1. the sky at 3 pmE was clear. (see picture exhibit 14)

      2. At 3:15 pmE there appeared  jet trail "g". (see exhibit 16)

      3. At 3:45 pmE the jet trail had expanded into a cloud line (see exhibit 17)

      4. At 3:25 pm E  jet trail "h" appeared in the same sky crossing the previous trail (see exhibit 17)


      27. At 4:45 pmE the sky was completely covered with these expanded jet trails.

      28. At 2:30 pmE jet "a" passes overhead leaving a diminishing contrail  (see exhibit 8)

      29. At 2:45 pmE jet "b" passes overhead leaving a diminishig contrail (see exhibit 9)


      and so forth, Fact by simple Fact No conclusions!!!  Let the FACTS speak for themselves, Paint pictures pixel by pixel, fact by fact which must be refuted each and every one in order to dispute the obvious.

      Hope this helps.

  34. D says:

    Thank you again Dane for getting all this information put together for us, so that we may as a whole make greater efforts at putting a stop to this wickedness in our skies. Here is a link to a discussion on reddit about this very issue. They even had a couple of scientists doing an AMA on this, answering questions.
    Reddit is a large active community, that is a very mixed bag, but unfortunately quite ignorant on the subject of geoengineering. I hope some people from here will be able to go and help enlighten some of the people there, because I think there is a lot of potential for the word to get out through that site, as it is a popular info hub of the internet.

  35. tag says:

    Has anyone noticed on their local news channels the weather people are now calling (what used to be referred to as "partly sunny" or "partly cloudy")  FILTERED SUN?  HUH?  I have seen our white milky sky days called "filtered" on several channels.  I am in NW Ohio and we have had 1 day so far this Jan where the sky was blue.  We also haven't had a 1/2 inch of snow this winter and days in Dec. saw the 60's several times.  Our weather is manipulated just like the east coast is getting now and California has gotten for years.  

    • The obvious collusion between mainstream media outlets and their interlocking directorates in defense, banking, big-pharma, university systems and science & technology by consensus, is an intelligence game pitting David against Goliath. Guess who's forced to wear the blindfold? We remain focused with our eyes on the ball, blindfold or not. The game is not over, yet.

  36. KC says:

    Thank you Dane for keeping us informed.  I am in the Blue Ridge mountains and I tell my family not to let their kids eat the snow and they call me a conspiracy theorist.  Their kids went out today and ate a bunch of it.  Being from the west coast and now living here is a real culture shock.  The ignorance and the lack of wanting to know is mind boggling.  They just say only God can make weather and are completely shut down to any idea that this could be going on.  What is a person to do?  We can try to share the info but closed minds that are dominated by fluoridated water and fundamentalist beliefs are hard to penetrate.  The skies yesterday looked like a checkerboard and it falls on deaf ears.  It is really frustrating.

    • BaneB says:

      My sympathies!  I too am a Virginian.  Returning a few years ago for a several weeks vacation, it quickly occurred to my why I moved to California.  Closed minds predominate. Mention any topic not sponsored by MSM and suddenly you have two heads.

    • Mike looking up says:

      KC, find books on this and download stories from Dane's site. Show them and read everything you can.

    • tag says:

      It's not just in your beautiful area of the Blue Ridge Mts.  (I love Virginia!)  Denial is everywhere.  I'm the kind of person that IF I don't know something and want all the facts, I look at both sides and try to find truth.  Common sense should play a part, but sadly common sense doesn't exist anymore.  I'm always up for a conversation on any subject and willing to listen to others thoughts and beliefs if different from mine.  BUT PLEASE offer some real knowledge or facts, not opinions soaked up by believing the MSM.  Yes it is hard.  People just don't want to listen, explore the possibility things are not perfect or give up that sense of (false) security they are comfortable with. 

  37. horsegirl says:

    Hello Dane and commenters,
    Dane, I tried repeatedly to get an email to you, that I bumped my eye in early December and temporarily set back my vision recovery.  Hence the stoppage of the translation effort.  Just this past week I am having great improvement.  Only that I still need someone to proofread for me.  My husband proofs my English typing (I once typed for a living so that's not dependent on eyesight) but he can't help me proof Spanish. I now have several of your articles translated – handwritten.  But I can't always make out small details like accents.  So if anyone reading this – preferably a native speaker – could proof my typed translations of these articles into Spanish I would be forever grateful.  Ask admin here to get us in touch if you're out there.
    Also I want to thank many of you for your feedback on my comments. We don't have internet yet (although that may change very shortly) and often ;by the time I read the responses the articles are many days old.  Please don't think it hasn't been appreciated just because you don't hear back from me.  Hubby has had to read everything aloud to me for the past six weeks.  Now I am getting my focus back and hope to be more in touch.  

    • Donna says:

      Always good to hear from you Horsegirl, glad you are doing better.

      Thank you Dane, loved the article.

  38. Katharine Spehar says:

    Thank you for this article. I KNEW this storm wasn't created by Mother Nature! 

  39. HB says:

    Dane W,
    I really appreciate the fact that you got it right with the made up weather as a distraction, and as a destruction.  How about  as a diversion.?  This is so horrible that we breath in these nano powder which ruin our health. This weather is a force multiplier alright.  It can induce wind speed, storm, hurricane into destructive forces.  What a mad world.  Be careful out there.  We need people like you around.

  40. Dawnski says:

    RIP Christmas Crocus. I'm so sorry the wicked block of ice busters killed your premature joy. Please try again when it really is Spring. . .

    • Dawnski says:

      The weather channel & AccuWeather have 28* listed continually for temp. It has been 36* most of the day. Now 32*. I grew up in Wisconsin. Many a wicked blockbuster blizzard under my belt. This storm is tame lame in comparison. Just annoying tiny little ice pellets. Liar liar pants on fire. . .

  41. Mary Beth in NJ says:

    They have been cheming over NJ since Tuesday and pretty much every day this month.

    • Lori says:

      Like Mary Beth said, they have been spraying like crazy over NJ. Wednesday was an all out assault getting ready for the "snow".

  42. AllyL says:

    Hi Dane,

     I've noticed for a few years now that one of the consistently coldest areas noted on the yearly temperature maps is still a huge area in the ocean between the UK,Greenland and North America, colder even than the East Coast US. In fact, in the latest map, it is listed as 'record coldest'. Is this where the now familiar UK Winter storms are originating and what is being done to the Gulf Stream ?  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello AllyL, the massive amoung of meltwater pouring off of Greenland is one factor to consider, the attached link elaborates on other possible considerations.

  43. Trixie says:

    Is it true, that the chemicals being used in the geo engineering, are nano particles which have been inhaled by every human, and can be activated at their timing to destroy the human beings via disease or any thing these sick sick people want to do…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Trixie, though “electronically activated biotechnology” could be some part of the equation, the bottom line is this, we know from extensive lab testing that the breathable air column is saturated with the highly toxic climate engineering fallout.

  44. glendon says:

    the military government are such hypocrites.  while the epa efforts to 'keep our water clean' is enforced, the snow and rain are loaded with toxic substances.  hypocrites all.  dare i say liars (?)
    And what really, really bothers me is that they don't care about poisoning us.  i really don't understand these people.  
    I know, I know, they are military pilots, just following orders.  but good lord, they are poisoning humanity.  
    I just don't understand the 'control to exploit' syndrome.  this concept doesn't resonate with me.
    Life is a wonderful experience. one of my most pleasant enjoyments is to look up at the sky, through some leafed out trees, admiring and appreciating the contrast between the two.  it's most lovely and something i treasure.  
    What a wonderful world, when man let's go of control, and just allows each of us to enjoy life.

    • glendon says:

      My post is an attempt to be positive, while the topic is just so depressing.  
      I want them to stop and I want it stop NOW!

  45. My morning fun here on the Olympic Peninsula:
    I was deep into the Rig Veda when the phone rang and my local WiFi provider called. I asked him about EMF sensitivity and he gave me the usual answers, but said he felt it at times himself. So I asked him if he thought the Navy’s electronic warfare EW was having any impact on his business. He then began to tell me that he was a ‘navy brat’ and actually knew some of the people involved and had in fact worked on some of the radio-frequency/microwave technology – of course nothing secret – and that it was completely safe because it was pin-point directed. I then mentioned my photographs and how I had evidence that the sky was being chemtrailed and rf/microwaved. Also that I had photos of the particulate/fibers. He then assured me in the same old patronizing tone that there are no chemtrails – only contrails!

    Up until that moment he must have thought he was just talking to some sweet old lady (which I am!) who was hanging on his every word impressed that he knew the Navy people. But I told him that he could never convince me that there are no chemtrails and that I had photographic evidence.  I asked him if it was OK to send him my photos and he said yes, but a cold chill ran through the phone line, a icy-silence. Feeling his reluctance to be further caught out bragging to the wrong person, I cheerfully thanked him for his honesty and said good-bye. I then sent him my photos, including the particulate/fibers now at the Carnicom Institute and three links to articles by GEW Dane on the contrail deception. Hah!

  46. ironside says:

    Dear Mr Putin, How long until you can nuke the HAARP arrays ? Please do so quickly !
    BTW… D.C. could use another DEEP fishin hole somewhere around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    • ironside — the Russians invented HAARP and are still at it, perhaps even more advanced than the western technology. Excerpts from Tom Bearden on the Russian version of HAARP known as ‘Woodpecker’ because of the sound it made:
      large TR [time-reversed] wave interferometer weapons, such as the Woodpecker systems, usually first produce very powerful, scalar EM "standing wave" beams by continuously transmitting (in the beam) both a normal EM wave and its phase conjugate, modulated (locked) together to produce a "zero EM vector resultant" electrogravitational (EG) wave.  Interference of two of these scalar EM beams in the targeted area, plus internal scanning within the beam by other signals, allows EM effects – of either normal EM energy or time-reversed EM energy – to be produced and controlled at very precise locations within the broad interference area.
      Each such huge "scalar EM standing wave" beam represents a gigantic electrogravitational standing wave, and hence a giant oscillating potential in spacetime.  This standing wave represents a sort of gigantic "capacitor", or accumulator of infolded energy.  Enormous energy may be collected in this potential, charged-up over a period of time.  "Shortout" of this giant capacitor – by transmitter failure – can result in a large flash-over discharge of the EG energy into the local earth, producing a massive EG ground wave that can be enormously destructive.

    • SD says:

      Yes, winter storm Jonas is another "Show of Force" by the Geoengineers.  Carefully crafted to cripple and deceive.

      As Dane pointed out, the storm originated in the South. The LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM moved NE slowly, accompanied by another unusual M3.0 seismic event in West Virginia last Sun.
      The artificial creation of a low pressure area is KEY to begin sucking massive amounts of sub-tropical moisture towards the target area.

    • Nicole says:

      Russia is busy preparing for total economic collapse, which is also a mathematical certainty. 
      Shit Hit The Fan Reports:

  47. maidservantofyahweh says:

    What about the waves/frequency that came out of Argentina (maybe from a closed Nuclear facility)?
    They had a lot of animal deaths close by (off Chile coast).
    Could that have caused it?

  48. Marilyn Avila says:

    Southern California – L.A. area bombardment going on daily & heavily,  and lower than they usually are.  We get forecast of rain,  then the actor meteorologists change it back to sun and "clouds".  I see huge storms on radar out in Pacific headed right for us,  then suddenly they only go to the north where it's flooding.  I guess they are trying to keep us in the drought.  I have a sign in back window of car with some photos & "look up,  wake up" and this website printed.  I hope it helps to wake up some people who see it, since it is eye-catching.   Of course it's low enough for me to see out the back,  so police don't have an excuse to pull me over!   Thank you Dane for all your work and excellent explanations of their methods.   God help us all to stop these demons from killing the planet and us with it.

    • Jerry says:

      I too have made a sign to watch    Project Lucy in your face /YouTube
      and placed it in the back of my Van … Hoping  to wake some up .

    • Em Eng says:

      I've noticed the same. My fiancé gets really upset with me as I look this stuff up. This is so depressing. Today had a 50% chance of rain and as I've been looking up in the sky's the last few days I see more trails following planes more than I've ever seen. All flying north/south. I'm normally a non believer of "chemtrails" but after the 50% chance of rain disappeared it leave you to wonder. 

      God bless this world!! 

  49. kenny says:

    All out, here in southeast NJ. Skies clear (as usual) at 5 AM, as dawn approached around 6:30 AM and the skies were just beginning to brighten, massive amounts of chemtrail planes, all over the skies. At 7 AM, HAARP/ELF turned all the way up, making me so ill, could not go to work and the chemclouds were turned into solid white skies.  Hearing planes overhead constantly all day, but cannot see them.  The original chemtrail planes in the early AM could be seen, but not heard, they were flying so high above.  Now, after the skies were turned solid white, I can hear the planes (so they must be much lower) but cannot see them.  Obviously, they are up just above this artificial layer, doing more and more.  When the light from the sun tries to shine through, the planes are heard again, and the sun is once again dimmed, and ever so slight glow and I get this bone chilling cold run thru me.  Sunday's very light snow coverage finally melted off our woodern dock, that had been "painted" with marine grade stain, now looks like it had been covered in paint remover, all flaking/peeling.  Yet underneath our patio table and chairs, that is covered by weather proof tarp, it completely fine.  The other area's that have with hit with toxic rains/snow/frost, where the stain was already off, the wood is now rotting away.  I have lived here for 15 years, the house built in the mid 80's, never have I seen such a denegration of all horizontal surfaces.  The vertical or covered surfaces, perfectly intact. Last year, we had to replace the vinyl siding on our house, because it was flaking and peeling.  Vinyl siding flaking and peeling…come on, we are not taking paint/stain.  Black mold on roof tops that face the what is left of the sunlight, with no over hanging trees?  Pale yellow horizons?  This morning at dawn, the skies glowed pink in the south and the west.  As Dane says, how much more proof do we need?  We are dealing with minions of these "entities" held in some kind of trance or form of transhumanism.  We are taught this behavior is childish, but I believe this is the wrong term, in this upside down world.  They are not children or child like, they are dinosaurs, trying to hold onto power.  The dinosaurs, who's minds were so manipulated, they actually believe the narrative and force their beliefs onto the world, in even aspect, from mankind to microbe.  These minions, so jaded, so individually "helpless", lazy, dependent on the external, instead of what is internal.  Have sold their souls to the devil, and thru their so called treaties, regulations, executive orders, etc, try to bond us as collateral to this/they entities.  In effect, selling the sovereign free will earth dwellers, under their (minions) false representation of the People/plant/fauna/fora.  There should never be a government anywhere on this planet.  A very hard lesson to learn, "God" takes care of those that help themselves.  Please do not make this political, left/right.  If we go back and help ourselves, instead of relying on the "government", we take our power back…going to try to attach this comment from our seemingly "eternal" one.

    Quote by Henry Kissinger: “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

    • Dawnski says:

      kenny, as I have been shoveling this heavy ice off of my sidewalk and stairs stoop, which is painted brown, there is a brownish color that has seeped in to the snow/ice. I was wondering what the heck was going on. But your observations validate what I have seen. It's eating the paint right off of my stair stoop. Lord have MERCY!
      I am in the center of the weather map that shows where the highest ice accumulation is supposed to be. Just north of Charlotte, NC. The words that the media and even the school announcement used are "Wicked" and "Blockbuster" Winter Storm.  
      I thought it interesting that the highest percentage of ice for this storm is in the heavily populated area of Charlotte, which is where the Blockbuster Broadway Play "WICKED" is playing Jan. 1-31. They even used the same language in the blurb on their website. 
      Back by “Popular” demand. Variety calls WICKED "a cultural phenomenon!" Winner of over 100 international awards, including a Grammy and three Tony Awards, WICKED is “Broadway’s biggest blockbuster” (The New York Times).

    • Dawnski says:

      Sensei Dane,
      Thank you for getting this out so quickly today. I find your indepth reports so helpful in maintaining clarity. As your "Grasshopper" student I am most appreciative of your excellent teachings!

      Wax On! Wax Off!

  50. Paul vk says:

    Hi Dane, I came across a article about the supposed AF tanker pilot, and Idigo Sky, any truth to this story, and have you guys ever tested for radiation readings from the spraying.

    Thanks for all you do, I’m trying my best to wake others up.

  51. carol freiberg says:

    When will people realize that the sun never comes out anymore? About the time it gets a bit brighter in the sky and the sun almost coming out, look up and we see the tanker planes spewing their "persistent" contrails that completely obscure the sunlight again. The morning sun is never allowed to come out. Every living organism that requires sunshine is feeling the strain, including US. If genocide is the objective here than it won't be much longer.

    BTW. What are the chemicals they spray for ice nucleation?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, though we cannot know the full composition what is being sprayed as ice nucleating agents, the attached link will shed some light.

    • penny says:

      If you, or rather we, anyone out there, could find an honest chemist with access to a reasonably well-equipped lab (a college chem lab for undergraduates, e.g.), they could easily determine the chemical composition of the – for want of a better term – snow.  Any college students taking chemistry could propose doing the analysis as a senior project.  It may be harder to find anyone above that level of education who is willing to help.  I'm sure there are people already who are collecting samples of this "snow", although the chemical composition probably changes some over time so the freshest possible sample would be best.

      Of course, as Dane has mentioned, there are probably several different poisonous brews used.

    • JF says:

      They have been spraying heavy over here in Southern California the past 2-3 weeks. Except for the two storms we had early this month, all the other storms have been tracking north, from the central to northern CA.

      Seems like most every day is a milky cloudy haze from the constant spraying. Last week I saw three planes in formation spraying. One in front, two others behind to the right. I had never seen that before.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Penny, Gracious sakes! That is one the most profound and achievable ideas on a tangible level I have heard in a VERY long time. It ain't the ones that are written in stone or encrusted in stone that will find "our" way out of this mess. (Please refer to Einstein there). These days I am old, however there was a day when all it took was an over confident engineer to tell me, " you can't do that!", several times those engineers came to work on monday and had the process laid in their lap and a copy sitting on the CEO's desk. I have a serious dislike for the word "can't"….
      To anyone "young" or old if you don't know, please look up the term "Maverick".

    • penny says:

      Greetings from a fellow maverick, horseman  🙂

  52. Alida says:

    I'm at 3500' in  western NC and for the past 3 nights between 1130 pm and 130 am heard the jets overhead.  So even while we have complete obliteration of the sky, the spraying is going on at higher levels ahead of the "storm".  We had a brief  break in the blanket of cloud cover on 1/21 around 1230 PM and I saw the stripes before the "blanket" covered all up again. I knew I was hearing the laying down of the aeosols to make this storm as  heavy as possible. The snow is very wet this AM as compared to the brief  "rehearsal" we had 2 days ago when a shovel full was airy light.Today, a shovel full is a potential heart attack. I collected rain in November after spraying and got positive results for aluminum, barium and strontium. I will collect this snow today. Thanks for all you do, Dane.

    • Dawnski says:

      Hi Alida,
      I am down south, near Lake Norman. This slushy, icy fake snow is like concrete. I hear what you are saying about a heart attack. I shovel hourly to keep a safe exit out of my home, in order to prevent us from having a week long melt of hazardous, inches thick snoment (snow/cement). I hear those planes too once they have their blanket in place. Helicopter activity was loud the other day too. 
      Be Safe! 

  53. Ron lech says:

    Again the insanity continues of denial playing God by the minions of lucifer I personally get fed up , even the clergy say nothing do nothing never looking up is every one BLIND or drunk on entertainment of all kinds especially politics which is controlled by the same entity that is destroying the planet , a famous climatologist said this week there is over one billion people in the world suffering , you ignorant politicians do you realize your in the cross hairs also your going down with us but then you will answer to God which it seems you are are not afraid of 

  54. Tom ONeill says:

    They have been spraying like crazy in the Philadelphia area for days now.  Controlling the storm's path and intensity I presume.  Didn't think about kids that will eat the snow like I used to.  More poisoning, between vaccines and breathing and eating and drinking- how evil are these people.

    • trudyb says:

      Tom  O – Thank you for waking  me up about kids eating snow!  Oh, how I remember the pleasures of those God given  flakes from heaven and what fun we had!  Parents…! somehow you have to explain that it is "dangerous" > "bad" to eat snow in these times!  Tell the truth as best you can without scaring them unnecessarily (if that is possible…) but explain as carefully and truthfully  that there is another entity > a someone "else" >>>not God >  interfering in His  >God's > Work on Earth for His People > and for a time period we humans cannot at this time fully measure . Pray and maintain  "Faith"  among yourselves and do not listen nor fear those who laugh or damn you for your belief.  God's Own will survive what comes! Thank you and God Bless all!

    • Mary says:

      Ive told my older daughters(45 & 46 when they wanted to gather snow like their grandma used to do and make snow ice cream- Don't Eat The Snow Its Full of Chemicals!!! They did not try it after that .. Sometimes a stern mama warning works, even if they don't believe in Geo engineering !!! 

  55. Emmy koponen says:

    With Stephen Hawkins advice to leave the planet within 100 years, why is he not mentioning geoengineering?  The heavy metals are free falling so how much does it take for people to wake up?

    • Edward Palys says:

      Why is Stephen Hawking not mentioning geoengineering? If anything, he's probably a member of the same group of "scientists", whose preoccupation is to distract people from the evil that is going on. It would behoove scientists of such renown to delve into this ongoing mess than to waste their time on theorizing how the universe began. Our chances of knowing how this earth will end are far greater than knowing how we began. I wonder how much energy these weather engineers put into the oceans.

  56. jason dw says:

    We in Omaha had thunder snow about three or four weeks ago. I remember growing up hearing it a few times. But its been a long while…strange stuff…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jason, yes, you may have heard it growing up. Climate engineering has been going on at a significant scale for over 70 years, the first patents for “chemical ice nucleation” were from 1950.

    • staceyi says:

      we had it in vermont last week—lots of lightning too—Christmas eve it was 70—-

  57. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…thanks for your very fine report. It's a great mix of last year's absurd and blatant weather control LIES as well as events occurring right now!

    Dane and others of you out there know that the battlefield of weather modification is not for the faint of heart… and there are an overwhelming number of battles the world over that are in motion to undermine life as we currently know it.

    The battles are stretching the population thinner and thinner, but take heart everyone, there are waayyy more of US (we the law abiding and conscientious) than "them", those twisted and perverse destroyers of people and planet along with those willing to hedge, construct lies and stage false-flags!

    They exist to destroy. They destroy to control, whether it be constitution & law, rule of international law, marriage & family, labor & trade, taxation….on & on. They are able to do it because they have key control of all major columns. We must up-end those columns.

    We must keep sharing wherever and with whomever we can.  We all use techniques that suit our style of communication. So if it's flyers, hand them out, mail them out…man plaster them everywhere. If it's social media, blitz it. If it's conversation, use every opportunity, repeatedly. If it's contacting Congresscritters, keep hounding them.

    I'm betting many politicians aren't sleeping too well these days. I wonder how many of them have spin-off health issues from stress due to constant cover-up and lies. And remember, as we suffer health issues from toxic skies, food and water, so do they!

  58. Agen says:

    There will be numerous fatality's from this Storm. The Agenda 21 is in full Force. The Georgia Guidstones are letting people know what's in store for everyone yet most don't even know what that means. Both of them are easy enough to look up. Yet most think all of this is just the way it is. All completely Normal only because that is the Brainwashing Methods from the Madmen out there.

    Cull down the Sheeple and Useless eaters.

    It is really something for sure.

    • Edward Palys says:

      The biggest problem is that most people don't want to hear about "disasters" that are going on. My own sister asked me "what is truth?" We had a lengthy discussion and she realized what it's all about. Two days later she sent me an email saying that she would rather not find out the truth because it's very depressing!

    • Diane Friday says:

      I have to agree Agen. There's simply no other explanation for the furor — that's the word that comes to mind — with which these storms have been created and manipulated and steered into densely populated areas. That's the case for the entirely engineered snowstorm/nor'easter heading for us on the eastern seaboard and the northeast. I had no idea how many other devastating and destructive storms are happening or have happened elsewhere in this country until I read this. I honestly don't think even the best and brightest sci-fi writers could come up with something like this.

    • Jerry says:

      The masses are overpopulated and pushing everything to it's limits .
      IMO that can be seen almost everywhere .
      It is the equivalent of a Bus with a capacity of 65 people carrying 300 people … There are just Too Many People … We all need to come together on this issue and find a solution before we become ( Star Trek / Gideon ) But because so many selfishly reproduce and think it is their right to diminish the quality of life of others we cannot agree on a solution … Thus the Elites take it upon themselves covertly to cull the population … Openly Stated !

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jerry, your points are certainly valid. I would only add this, those in power have gone to unimaginable lengths to create this paradigm of total destruction. Populations may have responded more productively if they had any real understanding of the truth (which has aggresively been hidden from them by those behind the curtain). The most important leap forward for us at this critical time is to expose the crimes of those in power structure, starting with the ongoing weather warfare/biological warfare. If we can do this, our focus can be put toward the other very real challenges you have cited.

  59. Greg says:

    Dane, can samples of the nuclear inc chemicals that hit the ground be collected and analyzed.  If so, analyzed with what?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Greg, yes, you can collect a “snow” sample, let it melt in a clean collection container, and have a lab test it for heavy metals (don’t tell the lab why you are testing the sample). Sum such tests are listed under the “tests” section of geoengineeringwatch. I have attached a citizens account of snow testing. Though the “disinformation” sites and sources do their best to cast doubt on the heavy metals showing up in the snow, the toxic climate engineering fallout is indeed showing up in extreme quantities.

  60. Sean Cairney says:

    at the end of 2015, the Met Office here in the UK took up to following suit of the US in naming our storms….. first thing i notice is they dont name every storm we have, if they did we would be up to Z by now .. is this the same for the US Dane? or are they expecting just 26 storms in the USA for the whole year? … seems to me they are being selective as and when it suits them. As you say to distract us from other worsening situation.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, The Weather Channel names “winter storms” when there specific conditions are present. One primary factor is the amount of the population that is impacted. This is why the climate engineers so consistently focus their efforts of destruction over the most heavily populated zones and urban centers.

    • Dawnski says:

      "Blockbuster" & "Wicked" are two terms repeatedly being used to describe winter storm Jonas. Isn't it interesting to note that the Blockbuster Broadway play "Wicked" is playing in Charlotte Jan 1-31? And according to the map, that Charlotte is targeted as the iciest ice accumulation?

  61. 1 says:

    I wonder how many deaths will occur from this Storm named Jonas. I know that sounds terrible. But this is actually an every day occurrence. Sadly there are too many people turning a blind eye to the Fact. More and more people are being displaced from their homes and land because of it. How many people know what is really going on? It sure makes me wonder.

  62. Nicole says:

    I read the Times article on Flint you posted Dane and had to shake my head at the comments of Bernie Sanders. Just like Peter Shumlin he is beyond useless. He allowed the state of Vermont to crap directly into its lakes and water systems for over a decade and it still continues. Those two like to show up at college graduations and newspapers just in time to get their pictures taken, nothing else. Lousy damn desk riders, they have sabotaged us all.

    Changing the headmaster won't fix the problems we've got. It's time to occupy the vote people. Kick them all out 2016.


    • Edward Palys says:

      An employer pays his subjects to perform. Your government pays its civil workers to perform what they say. The media pays their journalists to say what they want them to say. THAT is the biggest problem that we are faced with.Whoever is the biggest employer, is the one who controls what we see and hear. 

  63. Jen says:

    Is "thunder snow" a thing? I'm a Florida girl so I'm not familiar with snow storm terms, but I don't think I've EVER heard of this…

    Also, speaking of distractions…how about the economic summit going on in Davos, Switzerland right now. Almost zero coverage about this on MSM. Hmmm….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jen, “thunder snow” is a phenomenon most related to weather conditions that have been completely engineered. Warmer convective rain cells are chemically ice nucleated creating “snow storms” from what should have been rain. The Chinese have openly disclosed this practice in the past, though they are now much more covert about their geoengineering activities as are the western powers.

    • Chris says:

      Jen, the reason for the lack of Davos coverage on MSM in the US is because of the need to get the T.T.I.P deal done & dusted with as less fuss as possible. Such a deal would sound the death knell for the much higher E.U food industry regulation. We could end up with non labelled GMO products, Ireland, where I currently reside, is the biggest exporter worldwide for powdered milk & baby formula. The beef is some of the best in the world. We would be inundated with the piss poor nutritional beef from the US that is pumped up with GMO feed & steroids / growth hormones. Much more quantity, much less quality. That's just the beef………. 

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