Geoengineering And The Loss Of Photosynthesis


Dane Wigington

Global climate engineering is wreaking havoc on crop production all over the world. Geoengineering's devastating effects come in many forms including drought, deluge, extreme UV radiation levels, and the total contamination of the entire planet, but what impact is climate engineering having on photosynthesis and thus our ability to grow food? The most obvious and easily identified factor in regard to photosynthesis is the blocking of direct sunlight, this is the stated goal of solar radiation management (SRM).

  • Reduction of the total solar radiation (sum of direct and diffused) in the photosynthetically active part of the spectrum (0.4-0.7 µ) reduces photosynthesis, which in turn leads to a reduction in productivity.
  • Settling of aerosol particles (e.g., fly ash, black carbon and dust) on the plants can shield the leaves from solar radiation.
  • In addition, aerosol deposition can increase acidity and cause plant damage.

The points cited above were taken from peer reviewed scientific study on the effect of atmospheric aerosols on photosynthesis. Toxic light scattering heavy metals like aluminum (a primary element used in SRM programs) are, of course, not mentioned in the study since the scientific community does their best to stay away from any admission of climate engineering due to the effect such an admission would have on their careers or worse.

pic 32

Global Dimming

Blocking the sun is the primary purpose of solar radiation management, this effect is called "global dimming". The 6 minute video below on global dimming is important to view and understand. Though the film makers also did not speak directly about the issue of climate engineering for the reasons already cited above, the information presented is still completely relevant and alarming.

Does the blanket of sun blocking aerosols used for SRM actually contribute to the overall heating of the planet instead of cooling it as we are told? Does this heating also impact photosynthesis? Yes, and again, yes. Even NASA admits that ever more prolific aircraft trails in our skies are warming the planet overall. Recent studies prove that geoengineering programs CAN'T WORK.  Earth is currently heating at the thermal energy equivalent of 4 Hiroshima Bombs per second. The rapidly warming climate has a profound effect on photosynthesis.

Sven Draeger

Photo credit: Sven Dräger

Excessive heat stops all Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis stops at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Few are aware of this fact as the power structure does not want the media and official agencies they control to report on it. 2014 was the warmest  year on record, 2015 is on pace to shatter that record and 2016 will likely break the record yet again. As global temperatures rapidly climb (with geoengineering helping to fuel the warming overall), harvests will continue to sharply decline. The constant spraying of toxic sun blocking SRM aerosols will further magnify the mounting crop loss. Mongolia has just lost 80% of their crops and crop loss in Venezuala has caused the government to order farmers to hand over their produce to the state. These are only two of countless unfolding crop loss catastrophes. The climate engineering juggernaut of destruction is disrupting all the planet's life support systems in too many ways to quantify. All are needed in the battle to expose and halt geoengineering, learn how you can help and join us in this all important fight.

35 Responses to Geoengineering And The Loss Of Photosynthesis

  1. dave says:

    Someone commented on the descent of the huffiington post–it's by design as the Ratschilds purchased it a year or two ago.Apparently it was all a payoff after   Ariana Hufington'  husband was vote-cheated out of State election many years ago. I was watching it on the tell-lies-vision and actually SAW a 100,000 vote SWITCH from her husband to the opponent! She and he didn't sue, etc. even with this clear evidence of vote fraud–now we know why;ie, she was given Huf post website and it was eventually purchased by Ratchilds at hefty PAYOFF

  2. Dennis says:

    Snake, huh.

    Well I guess your "handle" says a lot about yourself. Meaning the one eyed jack boot thug in "Escape from New York/LA".

    Clever you would come to this site and spew your toxic BS. No one on this site disagrees with getting off of fossil fuel dependency. However, to think WE can stop the CORPORATIONS from producing the garbage we consume is an exercise in futility.

    I also agree it would take ALL of us refusing to buy their poison; good luck with that. Have you noticed how divided we are as a species? We can't get ten people to agree on ANYTHING! Do you really see people not going to work, not paying taxes or bills, not consuming anything for longer than 3/10's of a second?

    NO, NO and again NO.

    So, did you (I doubt you are even a human) actually think you were going to regurgitate the COMPANY line about how we should, "with the aid of short term geo-engineering"? How do you suppose doing more of what screwed us BAR(beyond all/any recognition) is going to  FIX anything? You are beyond stupid. Get educated. You are on the right track as far as coming to this site.

    Instead of accepting your paycheck for sitting in a room somewhere placing BS comments on sites that are trying to undo your "masters" handiwork.

    Maybe you should,

    Go away TROLL!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennis, I agree with your response to “Snake Pliscon”, the comment from this person has now been deleted as we did not see his statement advocating for geoengineering to be done. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Dennis.

  3. Felix S. says:

    ALL GeoEngineers should be JAILED or worse! It seems to me that there is enough info now to SUE the Gov/Military for doing this to us.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      It was dangerously hot here today, August 16, 2015, in Marin County, CA, a mere 13 miles from the Golden Gate bridge toll plaza.  I went outside in the backyard (shady side of my house) at 4:00 p.m. PDT and was hit with a wall of hot air; it was exactly like walking into a hot oven.  You could not breathe the air without breathing through a wet washcloth. 

  4. Stuart McDermott says:


    Just a question to ask if anyone can tell me if the event being hosted this weekend is going to be available to view on live or recorded streaming. I am using all of the information currently published on this site and transferring it over to the Russell Brand website in the UK and would like to be able to publish the event on there. I am also extremely keen to watch the event myself.

    Their are numbers now building in the UK in regard to the issue of Geoengineering and any information with regards to being able to view the event would very much be appreciated. Keep up the fight. We can win if we raise enough awareness.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Stuart, there will be no live stream, but a video taping of the event will be released as soon as possible. This can then be freely copied and distributed.

    • Stuart McDermott says:

      Hi Dane,

      Thank you for that it is appreciated. Your continued efforts are an inspiration for us all.

  5. Michel B says:

    Dear Snake Pliscon, These Geoengineered skies were not to avert global warming caused by carbon emissions. Geoengineering is for weather warfare and for resource control by corporations. Methods of weather warfare have been researched and deployed long before tipping points were reached.

    Along with carbon emissions, it is just another problem we are heaping upon the earth. The idiots behind these programs may well be trying to hide the worst effects of what they are doing with the same things that caused the problems in the first place, which of course is pure insanity.

    It's like shooting someone, then shooting them more to help them. Six bullets to the chest will distract the wounded from the initial bullet to the leg, but it won't do them much good.

    Coal and oil are cheap to obtain, though oil is getting more expensive to access. They are energy-rich, full of hydrocarbons. It is a problem to keep burning these sources of energy, but humans are endlessly inventive. There are alternatives, but they would free us up from the corporate control that has been wielded over us for so long now. Imagine breaking the reliance on oil and coal?!

    The first priority is to inform enough of the population of these global programs, force the programs to be stopped, start developing a carbon free economic model as soon as possible and then start repairing the earth as much as possible.

  6. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, First thank you for the link to 4 Hiroshima bombs per second.  It is hard to visualize, to even begin to comprehend and so I hit the link.  Which was very very good-however this is a 5 year old reference (original by John Lyman in 2010), so I'm guessing exponentially worse by now?  Loved how the guy brought up sticking points right off the bat and examples of.  This is very useful info when telling other people.  Very.  Thank you and much luck and progress with the upcoming event.

    What I want to know, since President Obama did admit to some degree to weather modification in Jan. 2014-saying to make rain and to use HAARP with it to uh, offset hurricanes and typhoons, why oh why does that not open a few doors?  He actually said the public has the right to know and that it was not right to keep secret.  Jeez.  Seems like he left himself wide open yet no one pounced?

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello Snake Plison, Obviously you are new to this site.  Geoengineering is in fact what has been being done and what is creating far more heat than our everyday human usage does.  Just imagine all the planes flying all the time all around the world in an attempt to theoretically cool the earth, meanwhile filling it with way more CO2 than we all use, not to mention the toxic substances they are using either because it is cheap and available, or for more evil reasons.  Everyone is angry who knows and there is just tons of proof.  The science communities doing this can't admit it without admitting they have destroyed any chance we had.  Notice I say had.  You need to re-do your time frame because on the track we are on, we'll be lucky to survive 5 more years, if that.

  8. Steve Parsons says:


  9. This is why I refuse to work and pay taxes to a government who wants to kill us and make us pay for it. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bradly, I hear that!  Back in the 60s even, working, and as a woman barely making enough to live on, I made sure not to earn enough to pay federal taxes because I did not want to support the war in Viet Nam.  By the way, my brother in law is/was a Freeman, refusing to pay taxes.  This went on a very long time until finally busted and goodbye home, work place and everything he had.  Now, in his old age he is basically couch surfing.

  10. Raymond Rush says:

    I have come to the conclusion that science is sold to the highest bidder!

  11. Marc says:

    Thanks Paul V. for the great links and info. And thanks to all who post here….you are the awakened ones….you are the last hope of sanity in an insane world.

      Normalcy. Normalcy bias. What IS normal, anymore? Dane has shared with us that he keeps one eye on the shenanigans of MSM, such as Fox, CNN, etc. just so that he can stay tuned in to the lies and slop that is cast before the ravenous masses. It is relevant AND important to have some clue about what BS is being spoon-fed to countless millions of slack-jawed sponges. I myself do occasionally tune in to certain venues, but do a lot of wincing and grimacing in the process. Huffington Post can be added to that list. HP is not exactly the New York Times or the Wall Street journal, but it never attempted to be. But I have seen this site descend into really nothing more than a tabloid for mostly low-level "human interest" articles. Other news sources strike me as having gone far in the same direction. A whole lot of incredibly superficial "stuff" is being blasted in our faces just about wherever we turn. And that includes major league ball games. I've been to exactly one (1) baseball game in the last 10 years, and I went because I was invited by my new son-in-law and daughter. I was completely taken aback and astounded at the degree to which corporate interests have co-opted the whole goddamn stadium and the game itself. I kept most of my comments to myself but I was truly repulsed by the "in your face", "waterboarding" style of the corporate octopus.

      And so it goes EVERYWHERE ELSE in our society. Land of mass distraction. The power structure KNOWS that by pummeling the American public with bullsh*t it will go long way toward directing our attention away from such harmless topics as GEOENGINEERING, WAR CRIMES, 9/11, ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION, HAARP, FRACKING, FUKUSHIMA, GMO'S, BAD PHARMA, etc etc etc.

      It all smacks of orchestration at a deep level. But, you know what? Today is my birthday and I'm gonna try to keep my spirits up in this impossibly weird and corrupt place we call America. At least for today.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Happy Birthday Marc!  No bad news for you today.  Heck everyone needs a break here and there, and living is a real achievement these days!  Hope Your day is a great one and filled with the love of your family, both at home and here where you are so appreciated.

      I don't go to the games, never have cared, but for the fact those stadiums do not pay taxes!!!! WTF?  But what you said reminds me of our roads, our freeways.  For a long time, being me, I didn't travel.  Back when I did, one summer I drove 18,000 miles looking for home with my baby.  So fast forward a whole lot of years and in the mid 90's a trip back to KC which was no longer recognizable.  Freeways packed, endless hours on freeways.  Then, the same in Oregon.  In fact the same everywhere and even on a British TV, PBS series, the same, right down to what gas stations look like.  It is like LA all over the place.  Everyone spending half their lives in cars, on freeways.  I can't help but see this as a similarity to the stadiums.  A profound stamp of uniformity.    

    • penny says:

      Happy day after your birthday, Marc!  And many thanks to you, as well, for helping to promote sanity in a world long mad.  Your posts are comforting to fellow irate citizens, and are invariably a great read!

      Since it isn't your birthday any more, I'll just mention, for anyone still doubtful of "their" willingness to kill their fellow human beings, here is a quote from A Tale of Two Cities, written in the mid-1800's.  The context is this: the carriage of a marquis on his way home from a very upper-class dinner party has just run over, and killed, a child in the street – a not uncommon fate for the poor then or now, though now the deaths are caused less directly. 

      "You dogs!" said the Marquis […] : "I would ride over any of you very willingly, and exterminate you from the earth! […]" // So cowed was their condition, and so long and hard their experience of what such a man could do to them, within the law and beyond it, that not a voice, or a hand, or even an eye was raised.

      So at least we few are getting somewhere, raising our voice, and refusing to look down.  But "they" haven't changed, and never will.  Let's hope Friday's event helps to embolden many more to speak out.  As Paul V. repeatedly points out, we have a brilliant Constitution, which has been subverted by the greedy plutocrats (as was anticipated by the founders of the nation).  The most damaging flaw in the system is that we have abdicated our own responsibility to be the government of the people, by the people, etc.  There shouldn't even be an "us and them".

    • Nicole says:

      We don't have a cable box, and don't watch "TV" – I immediately break out in hives. The lies are so LOUD and INFURIATING that I actually have a physical reaction to it. I can't even sit in a lounge like a doctors office and listen to local news – heart rate goes through the roof and I break out everywhere. Sheeple do not realize the lie box is actually physical torture and mind control, and it alters the psyche for the worse. Unlike Dane I would not even have the ability to watch it just to be informed of the lies. My body can't take it. 

  12. anotherAnon says:

    While reading this website and thinking about such things daily does get me down (and who wouldn’t be distraught over times like these), it really does piss me off to no end. North Alabama has seen an uptick in the striping and as usual we had heavy rains coming through the area. I’m telling you, with every storm that comes through, the sky is filled up with this garbage.

    You know, all I want to do is live in peace, mind my own business, enjoy my land and my family, take care of the gardens and animals and be the hell left alone. Is that too much to ask? This earthly adventure is getting unbearable at times.

    Dane, best of luck this Friday. I can’t wait until you post the update for those of us who could never make it that far.

  13. Andrew from scotland says:

    I remember last year there were posts from people saying their tomatoes weren't ripening/going red in the USA.  This year, mine here are showing no signs of doing so either.

    I can only think of two reasons: less direct sunlight/global dimming; and the atmospheric spraying & HAARP/SBX experiments with light frequencies. 

    Any other ideas? 

  14. BaneB says:

    There is a spinning low off the coast of California and Oregon.  It has cooled down the heat today.  But, the jets have been spraying trail after chemtrail which is creating some of the most bizarre synthetic clouds I have ever observed.  The low pressure system might have provided some needed moisture for us victims of the artificially created drought that is drying up and destroying California.  But no, the psychopaths conducting the symphony of environmental destruction can't allow their genocidal weather war upon us to be thwarted by a natural order that is struggling to correct the moisture deficits.  The death cult combo of military and science psychopaths has a grip on our throats and intend to choke the life out of life.  The sunshine here in central Mendocino County, California is always dimmed because the aerosol particulates are so totally ubiquitous that even a rare storm front can't clean out the metallic crap.  There is no clean air.  Breathing is a form of suicide over the long haul.  How do we stop these bastards?

    • Kyle says:

      Let them put a breathing tax on us?  Give up our rights to the EPA and let them baby us?

    • Janice K says:

      Yes, I've been watching the contrails being  laid in-between the clouds, above them.  NO RAIN.  Tomato plants are hardly growing, few tomatoes setting.  And they always grow. 
      Just a note:  research ZEOLITE (a fine volcanic ash) as a defense (one) against the metals / poisons we are breathing all the time.  Also CHLORELLA as a heavy-metal detoxifier.  There is obviously more that can be found, but few know about ZEOLITE, either in liquid or powder form.  It's powerful yet completely harmless to us. 
      Hopefully starvation isn't in our future, but it's possible.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Wow, Rachel– where did you hear this?  Do you have a link to the article or video?  Would love to see that here.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Plenty of hot air coming out of Washington, D.C.  Would like to see some real "climate change" there.  Perhaps we should apply a carbon tax to the carbon dioxide/hot air coming from the Senate and the House?

  15. Will says:

    First the Venezuelan state asks (and allows) climate engineers to wreak havoc on their climate.
    Then, it "kindly" steals the produce of their citizens, to "solve the problem".
    How benevolent are all the governments of this planet! We really are in good hands, aren't we?
    Dane, what about Project Copernicus?
    Seems like they are making a move to a whole new Orwellian stage.
    With all these new data gathering (which include crop health and climate data such as sun reflectivity), they will more easily predict which crops to target (and how), make more precise use of their climate games, while the masses of this poor planet are still busy watching their favorite TV series and asking government help!
    Thanks for the good work and may God bless you!

    • Kyle says:

      As soon as the American public elected Bush twice and Obama twice I realized America is totally done for.  It's only a matter of time before reality kicks in.


      Kinda like when you have a very bad accident and your body doesn't register it yet and people don't feel the pain for some time.

  16. Items to copy and post on other geoengineering web sites:
    USA Government, admits secretly spraying poison on us
    Dr. Perlinigieri (Massachusetts School of Law) exposes many aspects of the Chemtrails including nanoparticles as well as aerosol chemtrails loaded with toxins and poisons.
    John Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
    Dr. Arnold A. Barnes, Jr.
    Senior Scientist
    Optical Effects Division
    Phillips Laboratory
    19 March 1997
    The people of the United States allowed our fake government to invade Iraq (twice) to depose Saddam Hussein, and slaughter over a million (non-combatant) Iraqi civilians. This was done in retaliation for alleged ownership of "weapons of mass destruction" that WE the people sold to Iraq in the first place. The invasion of Iraq was clearly a war crime, but no one seemed to notice…
    The same cowardly society who allowed this travesty of justice, have become so brain impaired they'll allow their own military goons (brothers and sisters) to poison their lands and starve them to death. Is this the best America has to offer the Universe???
    Maybe you should read about LAWS and Constitutions? Maybe arrest the assholes who are doing this to you? Or maybe just hope to sleep away the rest of eternity with your cell phones, junk food, and flabby bellies…  
    18 U.S. Code Chapter 11B – CHEMICAL WEAPONS
    § 229. Prohibited activities
    § 229A. Penalties
    § 229B. Criminal forfeitures; destruction of weapons
    § 229C. Individual self-defense devices
    § 229D. Injunctions
    § 229E. Requests for military assistance to enforce prohibition in certain emergencies
    § 229F. Definitions

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Paul, Are you old enough and, uh, "hip" enough to remember when we stoners were impressed by the rounds of black hash from Afghanistan that were stamped with the Taliban's signature?  That was back when the US armed them to fight off Russia.  Russia was there for 8 years and finally gave up.  We all laughed at our patriotic duty to smoke this stuff.  Perhaps I've gone a bridge too far?  But it is true.

      Even as much of Mexico falls to pieces over first, meth, now crack-hence ensuing violence, and Trump trumpets the horrors of letting peoples over the border, who recalls or knows that our own government distributed these drugs in LA, CA. and in South America where the 18th street gang got its mojo going?  Last year the program Vice did a sweet episode on this very issue.  I say sweet because it is so informative and connects the dots.  Horrific is what it really is.  Heck, even the LSD I did when young was a government project.

      Our youth has been purposely dumbed down.  I'm not so sure this society is as cowardly as it is stupid.  Rather, uneducated-meaning lack of critical thinking much less applying critical thinking!  It is a rough world, always has been, but good news!  Soon it will be no more.

      Sorry, bad mood, all this is taking its toll on my wee brain.  

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The entire "Sixties" was a psy-op:  Here we learn that Frank Zappa was a supporter of the U.S. invasion in South Asia and his daddy was a chemical warfare specialist; Jim Morrison's (The Doors, a reference to LSD) father was Rear Adm. George S. Morrison, the commander of the U.S. naval fleet at the Gulf of Tonkin "non-incident" (not even a false-flag, it never happened, spun from whole cloth); Stephen Stills grew up on military bases and admits that he was an adviser in South America before he was a rock star; John Phillips (The Mamas and the Papas; penned the song "San Francisco" that precipitated the Summer of Love) attended elite military academies and Annapolis– I could go on.  Just read this.  We had a covert "controlled opposition" manufacturing program going on and NO ONE understood that the Peace and Love Generation's parents WERE The Ones wielding the knives, guns, bombs, and the chemicals, too.  Did they actually put their kids up to this?  You tell me.  I don't think it matters, actually. 

      It is amazing what idiots will do once they "grok" (did you really "get" that, I mean, the sound of it…) that their poor little brain's pleasure centers have the capacity to be forever stimulated, multiple times per day.. and they can just choose to keep doing that– until they drop dead of said stimulation– oh, HAPPY DAAAAY!!!  I'd say that the CIA drug-smuggling/money laundering covert-op to get Amerukuh hooked on drugs, then bankroll all the Black Ops with the massive revenue, as chronicled in Crossing the Rubicon, worked pretty well.  Drug addiction is now a socially accepted norm.  When the party that was the Sixties was finally over too many of these happy dippy loopy addicts just stayed loaded.  They missed the point; instead of facing down the military/industrial complex, watching as ever more foxes were set to guard the hen houses, they went back to watching tee vee.  The "Me" generation.  Sheesh. It's either grow up or die now. 

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