Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 25, 2020, #246


Dane Wigington

New science reports confirm that Covid-19 has been found attached to atmospheric pollution particles. How did that happen? Further, more lethal versions of the coronavirus are now showing up. Is the current pandemic the greatest foe we collectively face? Or are there far greater challenges looming on the horizon? With each passing week the walls continue to close in from countless directions, how much longer can the human race continue on the current course? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

If our collective efforts to sound the alarm can force a critical mass of public awakening, the power structure cancer could be overturned from the inside out. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

What in the world are they spraying?
Shasta County, California. Photo Credit: Jovyde Wigington
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  1. Robin Christensen says:

    A recent internet explosion of interest, narrated in part by Kevin Shipp (a credible source backing Dane)  "From the Company of Shadows,"  has garnered much attention.  It is about how the media programs us.  Its also about Hollywood, its role in the media linked to diabolical connections of shadow govt, including Satanic cults.   If anyone has seen this 1hr 17 min. video, what do you think?  It was deleted from Twitter before I finished viewing.  I found it again through another search.  

    The Qanon crowd has gained such momentum and probably supports this video.  Qanon has been listed as an ultra right wing organization, using anonymous format to write about supposed developments in the intelligence community (Q for clearance) to oust rogue elements within.  They agree, for example, that 911 was an inside job, thus gaining eager supporters.  Yet, Qanon- as I understand- strongly supports D Trump.  As if he will lead us out of our problems!!?  

    A coworker & Trump supporter alerted me to Qanon, after I gave him Dane's photo fact sheet.  I am frustrated how much time I've spent down the rabbit hole scanning this endless stream of available info.  I realize that whistle blowers such as Edward Snowden fail to grasp  Climate Engineering, though making great contributions to public awareness to protect our constitutional rights to privacy (noted by Dane in GAN).  

    More recently, I suspect some critical thinking is due for whistleblower Judy Mikovits.  Her conclusion that viruses can not be a threat when on objects for much more than an hour contradicts what other scientist conclude.  I had sent that info to this blog site & understand now why it did not get submitted (likely not a computer glitch).  Still, I think most agree that she is to be saluted for her courage & lasting contributions toward health & well being, 

    As Dane says- 'To thine own self be true.'  We must work diligently to become our own critical thinkers as we find our way against the current of this sea of insanity that we are living in. We must become just stewards of the planet.  The parable of 'The unjust steward' says it all imho. ….vs 17 (American Std. Bible) "But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one stroke of the letter of the Law to fail." (Creation's law of the living & of things)

    ID support and move on.  Its been good to get dialogue going with coworker to build skills needed for debate, but I'll leave it at that. Blessings to all who struggle to keep their eyes on the broader horizon, while taking action.  

  2. GOD have mercy! I think we lost! says:

    Its been nice knowing you guys but I'm fearing that test yet alone that vaccine by June they want. I did want to leave this world at 30. 🙁 Fear and Money always wins. Unfortunately the poor and weak lose no matter what. :*( I hope God forgives those who have no choice. All I ever wanted was truth and world peace. 🙁 all I can do is pray and spend my last days with my dogs and my two other family members. 

  3. Joseph says:

    Profit Over People: The Meat Industry’s Exploitation of Vulnerable Workers


    Slaughterhouses have always been viewed negatively because of what happens to animals behind their walls. But how workers are treated is also despicable.

    And now, in the middle of one of the worst public health crises in a hundred years, the Trump administration is actively working against the interest of the workers in order to benefit the corporations that stand to profit more off the backs of their labor force. By increasing line speeds and weakening what is already very lenient oversight, the Trump administration is making the conditions for vulnerable workers even more dangerous than before

    The sudden interruption to the supply chain brought on by the COVID-19 shutdown has left farmers with too many animals. The Guardian reports that more than two million animals have already been killed off and that number is expected to rise dramatically. This hit in revenue and profits for major corporations with strong lobbies and endless influence in Washington makes them willing to do whatever is necessary to open shop and get the kill lines running to normal again, regardless of how dangerous it is for the workers. The coverage of mass killings is another story that puts the industry in an extremely negative light. The meat industry is used to working far from the public eye, keeping its dirty practices in the dark as they know the truth about factory farming and slaughterhouses, both the treatment of animals and workers alike, would shock and enrage consumers. 

       The situation for workers is far worse now. Beyond the countless dangers and struggles faced by slaughterhouse workers on a regular basis, now their lives (and the lives of their families) will be put at risk by being forced back to work with the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing. And for what? To make sure that rich corporations don’t lose money. Remember, the workers are replaceable. But it’s too far-fetched of an idea for those in positions of power to do what’s right by their workers if it threatens the company’s bottom line. 



  4. Susan says:

    More insanity: from KOMO news in Seattle this headline: Colorful Clouds Put on a Show Over Downtown Seattle, accompanied by a photo of what we geoengineerwatchers know is a manufactured cloud full of heavy metals. "It was as if someone spilled soapy bubble juice in the skies over Seattle," write the weather reporter, Scott Sistek. More nonsense.

  5. Ralph says:

    Has anyone else noticed how divided people are in the United States over this entire pandemic? Even when you have to go out to get the basic necessities at the grocery store, you will see more than half of the people without masks. Why does the US have over one million cases and the other countries do not have even half that amount. Could it be because Americans think they are immune to everything, so they do not follow other countries and all wear masks. Or are the other countries not reporting accurate numbers. Or are the other countries actually being honest with their numbers and the US is counting everything from having a splinter in your hand to just an allergy sneeze with this virus!!

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Ralph, yes, this bifurcation is absolutely happening. It was most vivid to me when collections of student essays all started saying either one thing or the other. I've been teaching writing & grading essays, for years, and they used to be more various.

      We want to be on the narrow path, not well-trodden road. (Robert Frost)

      to maintain our individuality, while part of the whole. (Ephesians 4:16)

      Stay safe.

    • Wanda says:

      Have you not been watching the news, seeing the internet and other sources of news? The hospitals are being paid massive amounts of dollars per each death that is coded Covid. So when they have a death, they've been coding it as Covid. They stand to make over 30,000.00 per death!!!! That's a lot of money. That's why you see memes that say, "my neighbor died in a MVA, but it was counted as Covid!" Hospitals and doctors need to be held accountable for this! 

    • Theresa says:

      mask are not going to save anyone>


      healthcare worker

  6. Steve Olsen says:

    To JonathanO'Quinn, how many of the 50 Covid-19 patients at your hospital were actually tested for and have the bioengineered Sars–Cov2 rather than one of the other Corona viruses ? Which test was used? Did the hospital check off the Covid19 box for each of the 50 patients admitted for the $19,000 insurance allowance,even if they were there for some other medical condition?  Thanks

  7. Mary Hollowell says:

    Do any Redding area activists have contacts to Lisa Ling?  She was born in Sacramento. 

    Ling had a rough start on the controversial Channel One news, which was broadcasted with ADS in all public schools. Her sister also suffered when she accidentally stepped over the border into North Korea. 

    Let's get Lisa Ling on board. Here's a decent bio:



  8. God have mercy. says:

    Well I guess most of us are as good as dead. They are wanting testing so badly I seen so much it's like evil will rule unfortunately. I wish we could of took care of our planet. I bet soon the force a vaccine that won't be proven safe just to harm and kill more. I hate seeing this it feels unreal I wouldn't mind vaccines if they were harmless and worked. I cant believe I live in the city that founded veterans day. I don't think they would my governor just keeps extending the social distancing and pushing testing I've heard so much about possible contaminated test and so on. Also the roll out of the next generation cellular network. The media is all over the place but who is telling the truth I feel like my privacy is gone no matter what all the killing of the planet our whole ecosystem deeply depressing. Besides just waiting to know if life will change for the better but I have a feeling it never will. I'd almost would give up everything for the life of the whole planet. Is there a virus? I have a feeling the 5 Gen network kills to we depended on the government to much now its costing us all. I just want people to love one another and be honest and just take care of our planet.  I feel like the rich did play into this to. I never mean to offend or disrespect anyone but I feel like it's a lost battle I truly hope not!

    • Jonathan OQuinn says:


      Please remember this sage advice:

      Things may happen around you, and things may happen to you, but the only things that really matter are the things that happen within you (AKA the level of your consciousness with which you meet the circumstances that Life presents).

      We are not responsible for events external to ourselves, only our choice of how we respond to them.

      We are also not responsible for fixing everything, merely to do our best. 

      Be encouraged,



  9. Dennie says:

    Here's what I  found in my inbox today, from WW0, a climate crisis group that includes some of our former political leaders, headed up by John Kerry:  "Coronavirus is a Dress Rehearsal for Climate Change:"

    “Coronavirus is a Dress Rehearsal for Climate Change.” Phew — what a title, huh? The Nation covers why this pandemic could be just a preview of what’s to come and what to expect in the years ahead — unless we take action.

    We’ve been saying all along that climate isn’t a partisan issue — it brings folks together from both sides of the political aisle. It could do exactly that this November, too: Read more from Vox.

    If this pandemic is teaching us anything, it’s that “nature is mighty, and scary, and we have not defeated it but live within it, subject to its temperamental power, no matter where it is that you live or how protected you may normally feel.” That’s the subject of a New York Magazine piece by David Wallace-Wells, who literally wrote the book on what life looks like after the climate crisis.

    Floods, fires, and natural disasters caused by the climate crisis will keep happening, but now all of that will happen alongside a pandemic. Grist covers the idea that “when it rains, it pours” by reporting on the expected flooding in the central United States during a pandemic lockdown.

    Looking for a classic to read with the family? To celebrate Earth Week, Secretary Kerry himself read to his grandkids (over Zoom) a book — Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax — that he used to read to his daughters when they were kids. People are still reading it because the message is pretty timeless: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” 

  10. Bane says:

    GAIN-OF-FUNCTION.  An important phrase. Used by Virologists to create our emerging diseases.  They go out into the world seeking out the most deadly pathogens in order to enhance these into dangerous novel diseases refractory to the human immune system. It can be bacterium or viruses.  They aim to create highly virulent strains in “secure” labs so their genetic codes can be studied.  Mutations that make a respiratory virus lodge in the throat (as an example), can make the virus more transmissible through coughing.  Business Insider December 20, 2017:  “The US government is lifting a ban on engineering deadly viruses to make them more dangerous.”  The following link might function.  So much is being scrubbed.

    • Chuck says:

      it's been scrubbed

    • Black Cat Italy says:

      Hi, Bane,

      Tried to find that link and it says "page not found" error 404

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, well we need to scream louder than Hell so everyone in Washington hears us higher than Heaven about getting every single one of these damnable diabolical labs shut down for good.  Get the kids outta the control room!!!

  11. Bonnie Crawford says:

    I just saw where the power structure, aka Rockefeller Foundation, is going to ramp up testing people, before they will allow the country to open up and go back to work. I don't trust these "tests" since many will probably be contaminated, and I don't want to come in contact with this through a testing kit. Any thoughts on how we can avoid this assault? I'm sure they will say it is "mandatory."

  12. Dieversity says:

    God Pacific Power is VERY fast at getting power back on. We just had a truck not only wreck a pole but knocked it clean off the highway here in Stayton at around 10am two weeks ago.  It seemed like it was going to be an all day/night event because usually it takes a long time but we say the back of a military helicopter go to the thing maybe carrying the pole?

    Not sure how they did it but the lights were back on before dark.  We saw a guy try to route power in one of those boxes mid afternoon but it didn't work.

  13. Rick M says:

    Dane- I searched out and watched "Planet of the Humans". A 3-Ring Circus of corruptions, lies, manipulation, and profit if the pocket motivated greed. How sad! And for a brief moment, the expression on the Orangutans face – for me – said it all – it tore at my heart and I wept.


    Science without humanity is tyranny. – M.K. Gandhi 


    • Gary Morrow says:

      Rick M, be glad that you can still cry. Because it means that you are still a caring human being and not one of the mutant monsters that are destroying this planet.

  14. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Anyone besides me find this plandemic to be nothing more than a traceable sheeple training session? Correct if me if I'm wrong here, but the numbers, "comparatively", do not add up to what is happening to, being imposed on, the populous around the globe. Even if the numbers were 10 times what they are, we all should be reacting the same way. Hiding in your homes and ramming your head in the sand will not save anything. What needs to happen is for truth to rear its ugly head and get mad. Get real mad! Get mad for the accuracy of this targeted virus. Get mad that "we" let it happen in the first place. And then we must "do" something about it. And it won't be behind any kind of mask or constraint of movement. Ever punch a bully in the nose?" I have!! It's amazing how they always act so surprised. One more in the old snoot and that's about the end of 'that' business. Figuratively speaking "of coarse"(grin). These times are going to experience some serious push back. It's just a matter of time. Are you going to watch it on the news or are you going to be on the news? Or maybe become a statistic. Which we all are in one way or another anyway. Personally I'm not particular which category I fall into as long as it's not a category that stayed put while the truck ran me over.

    • Wakai95 says:

      That's what I feel I'm a 25 year old male in Seattle area and I feel like one of the younger ones on here. The majority of people act like human cattle most at least here don't question the "new normal" the media says but I don't accept it. I feel like I've been robbed of my future and not just because of the older generations actions but because of those around my age group especially the younger ones lack of action and being completely disconnected from reality and  nature. I meani  feel like they stand for nothing but their personal pursuit of pleasure which is already ending now not sure if they are that dumb or ignoring reality cause it's scary or causes anxiety which is nothing for compared to what's coming like starving to death or dying in a gross depressing camp. With that mind set they are already dead but then so is the whole web of life. I've been doing tree planting and nature restoration work for almost 10 years in the Seattle area more so in Bellevue but most people around my age could do the same and need to quit living up to the labels  gates, Rothschild and all their friends use to describe them cause lack of action now means  true evil wins but I'm not going to givin in to the new normal. I mean what more can we louse cause on the current coarse most of humanity will die unpleasantly and the rest micro chipped so no more wasting time!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      So!… Tomorrow, we, the Tonasket farmers board of directors are going to have "an outdoor meeting" where the market takes place. Interesting how one of the members thought we should ask the city directors if we could have a meeting there. Word came back that it was OK as long as we were maintaining our 6 feet social distancing and there weren't more than 10 of us. Sorry, but that's just regodamndiculous. "Their all waiting to see what the "governor" says in the near weeks to come, in regards as to how close to normal we as the market will operate. Since when was it a good idea to put the cart in front of the horse?! Maybe it's a good idea that the meeting is outdoors. According to my email exchange, we're going to have a record turnout "in person", not just call in, board members. There are growers that have watched me for years at the market. Every grower appreciates a plant that does not diminish. I went out to the end of the limb last fall at the "vendors" meeting and stood up and impressed how important "this next growing season is going to be". Seems like I now have a two fold message to declare at the market. I encouraged all the growers to grow as much as they can. "They will sell it all". Sadly they will now see me fight for the basic right to get food from the grower into the consumers hands. So far my impression on the board is to just "get them to think". It ain't over til it's over. I've written many emails to my fellow board members over the last month. Even told them it would be ok fine if they threw me out. I plan on "standing up" in front of my peers tomorrow and having my say. It's way to late to be any sort of bashful.

      And just for fun… I've worked with all kinds of horses over the years. Always, without exception, the easiest to hang out with were always the easiest to "work with". And I'm not talking about any puppy dog kind of stuff. Now factor in that I have "worked with" a half dozen born and raised in the wild Mustangs… And bar none, they, much to their own selves, were the easiest to "communicate with". Just saying…

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Wakai95, Wow, how nice it is to have questions come from the younger generation. Thank you. It is a reply like yours that helps me find the resources to keep writing what I do. Ha, you're 10 years younger than my son. "And you definitely get it". I am proud for you. Be strong!!!

  15. Duane Martin says:

    Thanks, Dane – we hear you and confront the "madness" you speak of … after day……….we're not abandoning the light of this world to the darkness without  raising our voices.

  16. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 310th email, titled: 'Global Climate Chaos within 4 months. 3rd generation Aryan/ 

    Professor Luc Montagnier, the French scientist who shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has added his voice to those who believe the new coronavirus was created in a laboratory.

    There have now been at least 8 strains of coronavirus (labelled COVID-19) that have been released on a planned time and location schedule. Add to that the virus mutations, and we have over 30 strains infecting the global population.

    Even so, the number of deaths per population remains staggeringly small for a "pandemic". 

    As of 24 April, globally and irrespective of the level of lockdown, less than .01 of a country's population has died.

    The method of listing Covid deaths is also very questionable – in some states in America for instance, deaths are listed as died with Covid even when there have been no tests for Covid. 

    Similarly the media wording of "died with Covid" means nothing when 96% of so called Covid deaths had other underlying ailments/conditions and any one of them could have been listed as cause of death.

    Similarly again, the speed of many 'Covid deaths' were actually caused by sepsis – so why not say they died of sepsis?

    Sepsis can be caused by a multitude of reasons – from a prick form a rose bush thorn to the slip of a scalpel during surgery, and before Covid they were reported as sepsis deaths and not killed by a rose bush or surgeon error. 

    Despite what our politicians say, they are amazed at the population's compliance to the imposed lockdowns. In the pandemic exercises that have been run over the past few years, it was factored in that up to 10% of the population would not adhere to a lockdown. Obviously flouride is again doing the trick (it was used in Nazi prison camps to keep the inmates docile).

    Good to see the UK government is thinking about an inquiry into why there are so many black/Asian/brown skinned deaths compared to white skinned people…though they will probably come to the inane conclusion that only black/Asian/brown skinned people are poor and live in close proximity/family groups.

    Oh to be a healthy (no underlying health conditions) 3rd generation Aryan.

    London's 3,600 bed Nightingale Hospital has only 26 patients – I am not even sure if they are all Covid related patients!

    Global methane and CO2 levels are soaring; the ocean's heat content is at highest ever recorded; the Arctic continues to have heat wave after heat wave; major crop failures are extremely likely this year – globally famine and starvation are already at highest levels; with all the heat in the oceans and air, there should be a lot of moisture/humidity in the air/ atmosphere, so why don't we feel it and why is it not raining – oh yes, they have over-laden the atmosphere with sprayed condensation nuclei to try and keep the water droplets up there (well, that is partly the reason); and yes, I still think global climate chaos within 4 months.   


    • Al Brown says:

      Some very strange happenings 2 sons both involved at high level have encountered strange happenings in last year 1 was treated for cancer to brain other went to conference and visited us on way home week later we were all in lockdown his skin was bubbling up in red blotches and doctors havent put diagnose on what is wrong yet 3 months later he is still isolated we have not suffered any effects even though 80 and with med conditions that put us high risk

  17. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To whom it may concern. What am I saying? To ALL my friends I have and have not met, yet.

    Many of you you don't have much contact with your family due to your 'beliefs' shall we say. I am an extreme example of this scenario. So in that let me suggest, "Ya don't get from Anchorage to Nome in a day on a dog team". Meaning ya don't start out in reasonable weather and expect good weather the closer you get to the goal. Things "can, have, will", (how's that for the opposite of could, may, might?) get more extreme the closer you get to the historical archway in Nome, "Or where ever!"

    I wrote my only son an email today. We're not exactly on speaking terms, his choice. That's fine by me. In the end it is an action that was taught. If you don't have anything good to say or give, then don't! I've never held back the truth from that boy/man and he's paid me me back with the same, "even". Can't ask for more. So anyway, I wrote a concerned Dad email with a few planted terms meant to bring a response. I was proud of what I received in return. My son feeds 150 or more people in an old folks home. He's the "director" or something like that of getting all the chow together to feed 150 people every single day of the week!! My son is a food magician ever since he was a boy. Camp fire fish from a 12 year old chef was pretty cool. I submit this contribution only to help those that may be in my shoes to have hope and keep chipping away at the boundaries that separate you from what will make your family whole again. "Oh, and if you can get my son to reply to this here, I'll buy you lunch". that'd be one lunch worth buying".

    Greetings from faraway,

    So how's the plandemic going for you? Are ya broke yet? How's life with kids out of school and so on. I'd really like to know what's happening on your side of the mountains. All I see on the news is a massive sheeple training session.

    I have no doubt that I got that engineered CV. Took about a month to shake off the 'mild' symptoms. Attached is 2 pictures, please notice the date stamps, of the plane that distributed the assault. It was INCREDIBLY LOW!!! "Con" trails don't form at that low altitude and especially not that immense. 3 days later I got sick and I had not been to town in over a week. And, the CV had not arrived yet in the USA Inc. More over, this region is not renowned for travelers that go to china. Just saying.

    When's the last time you went fishing?

    This was the reply minus the personal stuff, read closely:

    Hey dad, I'm glad to hear that you are alright. We are all fine and healthy. The kids and I never had symptoms, (my wife) was sick for about a week and very tired for about 3 weeks. 

    Evan broke his arm during a bike ride. He rode right into a cable across a roadway. He had surgery this week and had plates in both bones in his forearm. Poor guy is hurting pretty good. 

    The kids are liking home school. We have a very nice routine set up for them that pairs with online schooling. 

    I have returned to work only to have my crew members test positive so they all had to quarantine. They tested my kitchen found no virus and barely any germs. It's been ruff, my residents are miserable and dieing from fear, anxioty, and depression long before this virus get them. Our community is on strict percussions and we are case free at the moment. This is miserable for them and for me, my food is being served on Styrofoam in there rooms. They miss meal times and so do I.

    This was my reply minus the personal stuff::

    It is good to read that your mind and heart are still in the right places. Also, it's good to read that your family is doing well. I am not surprised to read that your kitchen is above standards. Note that your "customers" are dying because they have been shut off from each other and 'you'. "Fight for them!" You need meal time with them as much as they need it with you. "It's just the way we were designed". Give it some earnest thought. Which I know you have. "They need you!" Be strong, for them.

    You know deep down that "something ain't right" with what is being inflicted on all populations all around the globe. I'll leave it there, for now…

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Want to hear a good one horseman?  I got yelled at by a customer in the grocery store the other day because I was going up the down aisle!  I didn't know they put damn arrows on the floor to keep from over crowding the aisles!  Then today I watched a video on YouTube about two doctors in California giving a briefing on this Covid19.  I thought it was very informing and something my 7 siblings should know about, since my one brother's daughter canceled her wedding this fall till Aug 2021.  Since I am no longer on social media, I decided to send them a group text with a link to this video.  What a fiasco that was!  Half of my siblings are Democrats and half are Republicans.  At one time they were all Democrats.  I am non political since becoming awake, but use to be a Democrat myself.  I was told by some of them that I am nothing more than a conspiracy theorist.  I replied back that I am a conspiracy truthist, (if that's a word), and was told that they were not going to listen to 2 doctors about wether it is safe enough to gradually open up the country again.  I was yelled at by my sister for sending this info to her because she can't take it anymore, and angry I put it in a group text.  I think this quarantine is really starting to get to her!  Some actually took the time to watch the video and said it was good and made alot of sense.  Some didn't even watch it and had plenty to say!  Some never commented at all.  Then the whole family got into an argument over it.  All I meant to do was give them two doctor's views on this and it turned into a political battle!  You can't win for losing!

  18. Oh my lord says:

    Dane theres a social media app based off of our fore father's called Parler and my town I noticed is making it so we cant listen to them anymore via Trunking scanner system concently enough during this pandemic also the Utiltys I heard went up to and the White House Petitions page is loaded with alot of what you talk about. Some are aware not enough though! They just passed a law here in Kansas that we have to have a permit to sell a tractor off our own rural property!

  19. john says:

    Still spraying in Las Vegas Nv

  20. Dava says:

    This really sounds like they do not want to face the Social Security failure, so they will do away with older people…. separate those who are vulnerable????? be more worried about their 2nd wave and the Zionist backed vaccine to be forced like rape on people. Is it true that in New Brunswick received test kits that are tainted with the virus?

    • L.R. says:

      The tests were defective.  With the lockdown, the province hasn't seen any new cases develop.  

  21. RandylJ says:

    Sunday Potluck ~I Wasn’t Invited and I Missed Nothing Except Junk and Useless Babble!

    All my close neighbors had a ‘driveway potluck’ (between Four RV Park Sites.) I wasn’t aware until I took my little dog out. No one invited me. They know I’m a ‘picky eater’ who tries to eat healthy and no one is gluten-free – much less aware of sugar’s negative effects on the immune system. Many smoke and gobble foods loaded with corn syrup and chemicals. They get their news solely from mainstream or each other. As to Climate Collapse, Vaccination Dangers, or Biological Warfare, they would need a terminology lesson. They are mainly ‘middle aged’, ‘Let’s Go RV’ing’, ‘retirees’ seeking a ‘simple faux country lifestyle’ without the upkeep or maintenance of an actual farm, ranch, hacienda, or whatever and the last thing they want to hear about is any barricade to their dream life.

    Because they aren’t honoring ‘Social Distancing’ among themselves, it would be acceptable to give them handouts, but those would just end up in the trash. And since I only go outside the RV park for groceries, gas, or laundry; I’m all for sharing this information online. 

    So here we are having to use the very electronics that damage our health to alert others. Yes it is all insane, however to do nothing is to contribute more to that. I’ve been through a couple category 1-2 hurricanes here. Out of blue and ‘fluffy cloud sky days’ where I hear the jets at night or early am, They create pop-up area thunderstorms from the greatly warming Gulf. Instances of rain last night, came down similar to hurricane strength. Not wind-driven. More like being under a waterfall so powerful that I was concerned about my RV roof. Then cleared by morning for another picture perfect day!

    I shall KOKO (keep on keeping on)and I Constantly give Thanks to the Creator for watching over Dane, and for ALL who are meeting here and sharing truths!

    And here’s one for the record :

    Crystal Courier, Inc., Denver, CO 80216 – published a tiny folklore booklet on ‘Spirit Totems’ with insightful and somewhat whimsical comments on various species. Here are some samples from about 80 animals, insects, reptiles etc.:

    Horse: Endurance, independent, friendly

    Bee: Organization, hard working 

    Lion: Health, nobility, courage 

    Bear: Power, renewal

    Ant: Industrious, efficient, dependable 

    Turtle: Protection, longevity 

    Wolf: Perseverance, wild spirit, loyalty 

    There are many more but you get the idea. And then I read:

    Bat: Death & rebirth! Initiation!

    Wow! As they used to say, ‘If the shoe fits’. Another piece for the puzzle!

    • Jonathan OQuinn says:

      Like the BATS on the back of the new USA quarters!

      I quite understand how you feel. I too have been ostracized from many of my family and friends after YEARS of attempting to tell them the truth of what's going on in this world. They rarely say anything; you just stop getting invites, phone calls, texts, emails, and so forth, and then one day you realize you are no longer a part of certain people's lives.

      So be it. 

      I have more important things upon which to focus my attention, evergy and whatever is left of my time on this planet in this particular Life experience.

      I accept that and move forward.

      Blessings to you all who have been essentially persecuted for attempting to bring life-saving information to the masses.

      Look the storm in the eye…



  22. Noel S Smith says:

    The spraying was actually decreased in the last two months but now has picked up again. The spraying is creating a respiratory nightmare for everyone especially in the big cities. For weeks now there have been such blue skies and cumulus clouds almost everyday. I think one reason they stopped was because everyone is so brainwashed that these aerosol trails are contrails that they didn't want folks looking up and thinking that travel bans had been lifted. It was so nice not to have skies full of trails but it looks like even the geoengineers are out of lockdown also.

  23. Faith says:

    Matthew 7:20-25(KJV)

    20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

    25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

  24. B Eaton says:

    Update from New Hampshire.  Spraying continues as usual.  The air is so dry they comment about it on the news every day.  61* today but up to 6" of snow tomorrow they say.  Up one side, down the other. After that next week will be cloudy for 6 out of 7 days.  What else is new?   I suspected from the very beginning that they've been spraying "the virus" just by the way it spread the whole world in a matter of days.  Hubby just lost his brother who was in a nursing home in Chicago. They didn't say it was the virus – yet.   Can't wait to listen to this weeks broadcast!!   Phony phrases I'm SICK of hearing all the time "we'll get through this" "when we get to the other side of this" "we're all in this together"  The more the networks pound them out the more disgusted I get. 

    • darren says:

      the same phrases are popular in Australia at the moment

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      These same messages are in almost every commercial on TV…subliminal messages meant to brainwash you.

    • Cathy says:

      They are puppetting the same scripted phrases in New Zealand. Here in NZ we haven’t been able to surf under this month of lockdown level 4. Some who tried got arrested. Heard today from a guy that the cops who live next door to him have been going surfing every day when off duty. Yep, it’s ok for the rulers and their ilk and it’s not ok for the ruled-over! 🤮 Bloody God-damn hypocrites!

  25. Cherwatch says:

    Since this whole "event" started, we have had more sunny days.   Then when the temperature starts to get near the high 80s, near 90, we start to get some very early morning spraying which brings the gray clouds from horizon to horizon.   Dane is a brave soul in trying to wake up the public.   When I've mentioned to people about all the crazy designs in the sky and that it's come from planes spraying chemicals everywhere, people look at me as if I've gone nutty.  They think it's normal condensation from the planes.  Really!

    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      Ah….. that is the beauty of handing them Dane's printed materials instead of trying to explain it verbally. I've been through the same thing

  26. Laurie says:

    I agree with TNGeowatch as living in North Carolina, only 25 minutes from Tennessee, the same things are happening here.  We are currently having a storm with possible tornado warnings just a day after they sprayed our sky.  They always spray heavily before it rains because they know that the rain will bring their toxic chemicals to the earth.  We are also very upset that our governor stated that NC wil reopen on May 8th and Georgia's governor stated they will reopen on April 27th.  Friends and neighbors that go out tell us that people are not wearing masks in Walmart and at the grocery stores.  And yet family in other states are telling us that their states made it mandatory to wear masks in grocery stores.  This country is so divided it is not funny anymore.   God bless you Dane and my fellow kindred spirits on this website.  

    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      Yes, divide and conquer!

      I'm in Greenville North Carolina.

      I am all about getting the economy going again. However…..

      When people are in public or anywhere near other people, they need to have a mask on preferably n95 n100 or p100 mask.

      for example, I have to go do a surgery a few minutes at the hospital. I'm going to have an n95 mask on, a surgical mask over top of that, a bouffant hair covering to keep the virus out of my hair, and DeWalt goggles to keep stuff out of my eyes. I'll come home, the shoes get disinfected and stay outside and the clothes go straight into the washing machine without shaking them to stir up more virus into the air, and we have an air purifier that has a filter that filters out viruses in our kitchen. So that runs most all the time.

      We have roughly 50 covid-19 patients in a hospital at least. The thing is, this is absolutely airborne transmissible, not just transmissible by droplets like sneezing coughing. Think of it this way everybody. Any building that has a closed ventilation system is the equivalent of a cruise ship!

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      The power structure actually wants to keep everyone locked down for as long as they can in their evil depopulation plan. I believe those in power are just stringing people along, saying they will open at such and such a time, then continue extending that time. While the Georgia governor pretends that he will open on 4/27, I saw where he is now getting reluctant, since "it might be a disaster waiting to happen." Well, the disaster has ALREADY happened by putting 22 million people out of work, with no sign of businesses actually reopening!!! THAT is the disaster the power structure has created, and it has done great damage, as planned. I wish people everywhere would rise up and open their businesses and tear up any "fines" they receive. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "People have an obligation to disobey unjust laws." People need to take their power back!

    • Dennie says:

      Though I wouldn't have agreed a week or two ago, I agree now that we are going to have to start opening our businesses cautiously while following disinfecting protocols, in spite of our failed leadership.  I like so many in the modern world cannot continue to pay our corporate overlords for electricity and internet usage or have any kind of effective transportation without money.  So I expect to see some kind of major bullshit coming down the pike in terms of reordering our money system, outlawing cash, electronic-only, so "they" can leverage our money system to the max.  Well, that won't work, either. 

      There's a time for caution but monsters like Bill Gates, who has abso-f**king-lutely no scientific or medical credentials, should not be telling our leaders what to do-!!!  In fact, I think he should be X-ed out of the picture entirely…. We really do need more exposure of Gates and his Evil Plans– wondering if the GW billboards could be turned into "Bill-Boards," showing pics of his grinning evil face while displaying running short quotes of his and links to sites where ppl can educate themselves further as to who The Real Bill Gates actually IS.

      If Gates is calling this Pandemic I, what will they be giving out with Pandemic II, and when might we expect to see this?  Small pox?  Polio?  Nilah, a fatal encephalitis?  Ebola?  Could happen, probably next fall/winter, and The Program will keep going until "they" kill every one they want to see gone.  Why can't we make a virus that kills only selfish megalomaniac billionaires, and one for lying media moguls and their flunky mini-me monsters, as well as a very special one that just kills the monsters who work in labs and other places to enable the creation of these monstrous pathogens, and the ghouls administering our failed Western Medical model?  

    • Dieversity says:

      The power companies around here have 'withheld' non payment issues and ordered crews NOT to disconnect non paying users during this crisis. It's called Keep The Lights On and it's working.

      The water companies have done the same thing ordering those not to disconnect and the dates that people have their waters disconnect time have also been canceled.

  27. WHAT!!!!! says:

    So I'm gonna die regardless? It this true what's True anymore!!!! How does one protect themselves and heal? Starting to think God is my only savor!

  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Wuhan Lab Scientists Reportedly Created Coronavirus to Be Lethal to Humans, Russian Scientist Says
    By HNGN Staff Reporter Apr 24, 2020
    Russian scientist claims that Wuhan scientists created the coronavirus to be lethal to humans in more ways than one. The proponent of this 'mad scientist' is that an outlandish project called the coronavirus was carefully planned by the scientists in Wuhan lab.
    The difference is that the monster didn't kill like what the coronavirus does as it attacks the systems of the body. He emphasized on the crazy as the coronavirus or COVID-19 has eluded an effective vaccine, which is the only life-saver option for the infected patients.
    Coronavirus was 'designed to be lethal'
    According to expert Professor Petr Chumakov, he claimed the goal was to study the pathogenicity of a viral strain. One part is to see how much tweaking can be done to max out how pathogenic it can be.
    And most important is how with malice can a virus be weaponized to turn a cell's defence inside out. Even attacking vital systems in the body like the blood and turning the immune system on the host.
    Chumakov is the chief researcher at the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology in Moscow, has expertise in the field, he said," In China, scientists at the Wuhan Laboratory have been actively involved in the development of various coronavirus variants for over ten years."
    He added it was done not to create several variants of the strain and degrees of lethality, but to study how the pathogens work and how to custom it anyway. Paraphrased, the coronavirus is a masterpiece of weaponizing a virus to unknown levels.

    He was quoted saying, "They did crazy things, in my opinion. It is in a way, the best masterpiece of bio-weapons that led to many deaths worldwide."
    One way for the coronavirus to infect human cells efficiently are inserts in the genome to bypass defences of the host cell, which proceeds to dismantle cellular defences and kill the host in time. He added that everything about pathogenicity has been analyzed.
    All these assumptions that are stated only show how the coronavirus has emerged and become what it is, a global pandemic.
    Sources reveal that he told Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, "There are several inserts, that is, substitutions of the natural sequence of the genome, which gave it special properties."
    Utilizing inserts in the cell will allow it to do more, compared to a simple type. He commented that it was interesting that Chinese and American scientists who worked for the better good. Most of the researchers have published in the scientific press.
    "I even wonder why this background comes to people very slowly," he added.
    After an investigation into the creation of the coronavirus, there will be a reformation and new rules to guide scientists in this kind of studies. It is important to control the genome of dangerous pathogen and viruses.
    The blame-game can wait. Chinese scientist made strains of the virus that is targeted at getting HIV vaccine. He is also associated with Russia's Federal Research Centre for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations.
    Putin's spokesperson warns about allegations that it was manmade. According to Dmitry Peskov, "In the situation where there is not enough information that has been supported and checked by science … we think it is unacceptable, impossible, to groundlessly accuse anyone."

    • Bane says:

      Susan:  Some interesting links to the bio-lab at the University of North Carolina:

      November 6, 2015 Nature Magazine published a scientific paper   It states clearly they (Virologist Ralph Baric and his team, including two Chinese nationals) at University of North Carolina created a CoVid15 chimera.  One of the Chinese participants five years later is head of virology at the P4 lab at Wuhan.  University of North Carolina Institutional Biosafety Committee.  (Project Title:  Generating Infectious Clones of Bat SARS-Like COVs; Lab Safety Plan ID: 20145741; Schedule ID:  12279

    • Dennie says:

      Well, BRAVO to all you ghouls in your BSL-4 labs, I hope you're happy now.  Only the sickest of the sickos do the bat-shit crazy-ass weapon making death-dealing shit you guys like to do.  So administer it to yourselves, make a toast to Satan, then all of you lay down in your coffins, get sick and DIE! WE DO NOT SHARE IN YOUR DEATH WISH!

  29. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Everyone, Tuesday in Tennessee our Government declared we would open up.  Roughly two weeks of reduced #'s in our state prior to this announcement.  Next Day and every day since almost record day new cases.  So stinking fishy…  Weird sprays trails visible every day.  Blue Blue Skys with random white milky trails.  When the storms roll in watch out the jets are everywhere.  What are they spraying on us in deed.  Stay safe all and DANE Keep up the great work.  Praying for your safety in California!

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