Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 29, 2017


Dane Wigington

These are indeed strange days on planet Earth. From perpetual war that is spawned, fueled and funded by the military industrial complex to mandatory toxic vaccinations, intentionally poisoning water (with fluoride), catastrophically destructive climate engineering, and so much more, the circus of insanity is accelerating. It is difficult to comprehend the apathy and near total willful blindness of so many populations. Will total collapse be the only means by which the masses can be awakened? The July 29th installment of Global Alert News is below.

If populations can learn to look past the media and power structure orchestrated political theater of the absurd, they will begin to see and comprehend the bigger picture. Those who are already awake are desperately needed to assist with the critical effort of educating the (so far) willfully uninformed, every day counts.

Below are some photos from the July 28th public action / awareness event in Redding California. People attended from as far away as the UK, France, Florida, Kansas, and Washington. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all the activists and individuals that attended this frontline informational event, and my most sincere thanks to those that assisted with the event. Videos of the individual presentations will be posted as soon as possible.

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  1. nobodies fool says:

    Very excited about your new 20 pager available, Dane, kudos. I will be ordering asap. Simply prefer not to do it on anyone else's computer, and google has been messing with mine in strange ways, so entertaining. Like, all I am allowed is facebook?  Give me a break , really? I'm way way ahead of that bs, as we all are. We also create plasma fields, folks, and we can do it much quicker and easier, just as our bodies heal without our intervention in ways that make "medicine" look lame lame lame. The future is ours, they are so done with, so done with. They are infinitely more terrified of losing their fragile hold than we are of their armageddon. We are giants of change, they are shrivelled remains of evil. Keep on keeping on, we are about to tilt in so many ways. How do I know? I was born for this!! All of us here were! We are simply awesome, all life is ready to aid us. 

    • Debra Evans says:

      Like 🙂 We are giants of change, they are shriveled remains of evil. Keep on keeping on.

  2. nobodies fool says:

    Have had an interesting book, perspective shared with me, called Blessed Unrest. We are the planet's immune system, and there are actually billions of us worldwide, working with heart daily on all issues. Forget the terrified, walk with the encouraged and lead by example. We must lead, that is all. Waste no time looking back and waste no energy on shaming and blaming.

  3. david says:

    I was shocked to hear this about Alex Jones.  I havent kept up or visited that site in a long time.  He's really gone off the deep end and is apparently very angry now.  


    • those who deny vaccines are dangerous 

    • those who don't see the danger of vaccines as a problem 

    pro-vaccine website links to blogs with an agenda to bring trendy  autism acceptance as a place to read and do your vaccine research.

    What a coincidence how come almost every pro-vaccine website is either connected to  big-pharma or is a disability pride anti-cure autism acceptance website?

    I haven't found one website that already humbly believes vaccines are unquestionably safe and has no connections to  big-pharma or the disability pride movement which is allied with the LGBTQ pride movement for whom it may concern to know that.

    ᴘᴇʀᴍᴀʟɪɴᴋs ᴛᴏ ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴠᴀᴄᴄɪɴᴇ ᴘᴏsᴛs:

    • June 20, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    • July 18, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    • July 27, 2016 at 10:05 am ( an older post )

    We are living in a time where people accommodate problems instead of eradicating them.

    We live in a time when we are told to change our perspectives instead of fixing our problems.

    Vaccine injuries and disability are not and never will be something that is good to be proud of.

    I call for an urgent halting of the normalization and acceptance of illness and disability.

    It's not about what color of eyes you have, it is about weather you can see with them or not, you can pe proud of your eye color and features all you want however stop being proud of your blindness and disabilities.

    It defeats the purpose of having eyes when you are blind this applies to everything why have something that doesn't work unless you hope one day you can fix it.

    Disability means deficit in ability disability doesn't mean diversity those are two different things.

    Cars are diverse however, they are all expected to run right?

    • nobodies fool says:

      Square hit here,Seeing Clearly. I hope I can get my beloved relations to read this. Mahalo.


    How YouTube will pick winners and losers and we all know what YouTube wants to win right?

  6. Anon says:

    Fantastic show! The Struggle Continues, it's been very difficult spreading the word to people who don't want to or care to listen. Long time listener and have to commend you for your efforts. I am one of the few who have done my due diligence and researched vaccines for over 760 hours before my child was born. Being awake is at times overwhelming, but I am forever grateful. Words cannot say enough. Thank you Dane. God bless.

    • simone says:


  7. LS says:

    Wow the things I find out here! Thanks horsegirl. I recognise what you describe. There are unusual numbers of both females and males having Urinary tract issues here. Painful spastic guts, kidney stones, diverticulosis, painful gonads and bladders,  painful joints and yes… too many people dragging themselves around barely alive. The dessecants are affecting all life.  I've put my neck on the block in the battle to inform and it is making a difference but there's no rest for those who need air to breath and that is all of us. Word has it that one of my presentations to electeds has resulted in lots of screaming behind closed doors, necessitating a mediator. Right on. Keep up the work my fellow earth lover's. Remember that in the realm of survival 3's, the only 3 that really matters is 3 minutes without air… Will kill all of us.

  8. Damon Duval says:

    More from the media – normalized???????????

    what have we been saying for years? seems more and more futile

  9. Coincidentally, as someone who is outspoken about the dangers of the sun and finding the cure on cancer, I just noticed a strange spot kind of like a rash on my skin underneath my hair on my head and was researching skin cancer images and I couldn't believe how similar my rash looks as the ones I see on the internet.

    I do spend some time outside, I have a really bad tan despite me not intentionally trying to get one just by being outside at all a couple minutes or hours a day I could feel the scorching sun burning.

    I made an appointment today for the coming Wednesday and I hope all goes well, I am way too young to be dealing with skin cancer this is ridiculous this UV problem has gotten to the point where people are now getting skin cancer scary times we live in. 

    I was made aware today I haven't noticed it before and I looked at how dangerous it could be and it seems like if caught early it could be minor however it could also be dangerous.

    Hopefully all this speculation is a nothing burger and I
    It's not skin cancer and if it is hopefully they can safely remove it so that I am back to normal.

    I am going to have to start taking into account that the sun is more dangerous than ever in history.

    As I was growing up I went from rarely hearing about cancer, cancer being high even at that time fast forward now just about everyone knows someone who has cancer.

    Just another reminder to stay out of the sun as much as possible, even in December you can feel the burn.

  10. marc says:

    I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I try to keep my eyes on the bigger picture stuff. You know, topics that most MSM won't touch with a 90 ft. cell tower. But I have to credit "Rodster" who posted here today with reminding me of the fact that Hollywood has got a new movie about to be released in October called "Geostorm". He also uploaded a link to a site that embeds two "Geostorm" movie trailers. I watched them both. Many of us are hip to the fact that there exists deep, deep penetration by CIA and other agencies into manipulation of content coming out of Hollywood. This is not wild speculation. It is fact. I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to watch these trailers and then sit back and contemplate just exactly what the fuck this movie is attempting to accomplish. Set in some "future" where routine weather modification is accomplished via vast space-based technologies with immense power beyond comprehension, something goes horribly wrong and the technologies commence wreaking surface-based havoc on a scale beyond human understanding. Endless special effects, endless destruction. That a movie like this would qualify as "entertainment" is, in and of itself, a sad epilogue to the story of humankind. But of extreme significance is the simple fact that a movie like this is coming out NOW!!! when all hell is f**king breaking loose in our atmosphere. Catastrophic weather events are NOT HOLLYWOOD FICTION, but are happening every single f**king day somewhere on the planet. People are being swept away to their deaths, lives ruined forever, towns, cities and villages being evacuated due to grotesque fires beyond anything ever seen, malaria and fever and heart-wrenching human suffering on the rise in flooded regions as potable water and food supplies remain almost nonexistent. Droughts, an inarguable result of weather warfare or experimentation (or worse, as in pure evil) are crushing agriculture in many regions causing even more human suffering to men, women, and little children on a scale that we well-fed, stupid Americans cannot possibly identify with. "Geostorm"??? Think about this just one more time. Why would the "powers that suck" want to see Hollywood put out a movie about global catastrophic weather modification technologies gone horribly wrong?? To FICTIONALIZE such a possibility in the public mind? Thereby DESENSITIZING us to the now blatant fact that something very, very close to this scenario is actually unfolding as we speak?? These motherf**kers are some of the sleaziest, sneakiest, most twisted psy-op magicians to ever take human form, if indeed they even are human. Whatever "intelligence" is behind this movie, in otherwords, those who conceived it, wrote the script, the screenplay, are masters of invisibility. The arguably evil intent lurking within the very fabric of this movie theme will largely be just gasped and laughed away into nothingness over boxes of popcorn, cold sodas, and milk-duds, though the lingering entrainment will continue to do it's job, perhaps even right up until the real-live actual Geostorm commences to kick all of our asses.

    • Tanya says:

      Hi marc,

      Consider that all TV and films have subliminal information in them as well. And another goal of the movie may be to cause division. Here is a link to a dr. Mercola article regarding the new" documentary" Food Revolution.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Wow Marc, You really Hit on Reality didn't You.   It is So Obvious to those with Eyes To See!  So many are already Suffering so Greatly from the Ongoing Weather Manipulations they have leveled on the Planet for so many Decades. So many Ranches, Farms, Wineries, Honey Farms, & Orchards etc. have gone under. Screwing everyone further.    Mass Migrations of People. I don't know how there's any Birds or flying anything left!  Yes, this new Ha Ha Hollywood flick is yet another in your face, Screw you, We can get away with anything as usual, attitude. 

    • Dennie says:

      Starting with Disneyland, and even before, mixing up fantasy with reality is a major Modus Operandi of the Powers That Never Should Have Been– it's a major "soft mind control" brainwashing technique/tool, the side benefits being that this "entertainment" makes mountains of money for the minions of mouthpieces hired to put the Peons on proper notice and kept in "place."

    • marc says:

      Tanya, thanks for the excellent link to the Mercola article on "Food Revolution". Superb article, even though disturbing beyond belief. I always have to "make" myself read about GMO industry matters, because few subjects enrage me more than the likes of Monsanto and the monstrous food-biotech industry. We really have to ask ourselves: has our species really gone insane? The endless ways by which we keep suiciding ourselves is difficult to wrap one's understanding around. Why? Why must so many within our species sell their very souls for a little financial gain or "power" and in the process thereby contribute so greatly to vast human suffering??? This article reminds me all over again that maybe, just maybe, a planet-cleansing extinction event might be Mother Earth's own way of ridding Herself of the diseases that plague Her. The environmental transgressions we have conducted over so many generations ultimately trigger their own built in self-correcting mechanisms. Unfortunately for us perhaps, EXTINCTION ITSELF IS, IN FACT, A SELF-CORRECTING MECHANISM. And therein lies the "fierce grace" of it all.

    • nobodies fool says:

      Precisely. Examine all with this critical eye, it is everywhere. Keep posting and teaching, You are deeply appreciated and not a single word is ever wasted. Nature doesn't make junk.

  11. marc says:

    To anyone out there who has a cellphone (smartphone, I-phone, whatever) No-brainer today, I walked into a competent print shop, pulled out my phone, clicked on Dane's 2-sided full color flyer and emailed it right on the spot to the print shop's email address. In less than the time it takes for me type out 10 expletives, they had it. Not cheap but I ordered two hundred flyers for about 115 bucks. Yep, not cheap, but hello? The stakes are high. I'm hitting the road to Missouri in a week to see family and I intend to wallpaper the f**king interstate between here and there (and back) with a little dose of reality. Don't worry, I will be selective. I can spot a moron from a mile away. 'Cause I are one. Furthermore, my VW jetta is a churnin' urn of burnin' anti-geoengineering funk. Just driving down the highway makes me a billboard for the cause. Got a large rear window anti-geo screen, got "spraying skies/telling lies" bumper stickers on trunk panel and side windows. I also received a very nice "" bumper sticker with graphics along with my my latest shipment of new pamphlets. Got that sticker dead center on my rear bumper. I considered creating my own custom bumper sticker that says something like: "HONK if you DON'T KNOW your government is spraying your skies with POISONS everyday". Creates a kind of logic-feedback loop that I figured might just get a few people thinking……Have a nice evening……

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, thank you so much for your unyielding efforts in this battle, thanks to all activists and individuals who are doing their best in this fight. About the flyers, we are going to offer our color glossy two sided 100lb paper flyers on the home page of on the flyer icon link. We will be able to print them for a small fraction of the price that it costs to print small quantities locally. We will pass these savings on as our only goal is to get more of these essential activist materials into circulation. Thanks again for all your efforts, Marc.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      marc, don't forget to bring tape. When I visited family in so. CA earlier this year, I left a little early so I could visit every Rest Area along the way. I knew the doors on the stalls were metal, so I put magnets on the back of business cards for those resting to read. I also left business cards in credit card slots at gas stations. Thanks for your post, have a safe trip.

    • Dennie says:

      @marc:  "HONK if you DON'T KNOW your government is spraying your skies with POISONS everyday".


      My prospective new housemate suffered from asthma as a child.  He walked right into my house and started talking geoengineering.  He knows who I am.  I hope the Hell he moves here.  And stays, too.

  12. barbzi says:

    In response to beatriz

    As Martin Bunzl, a Rutgers philosopher and climate change expert, points out, these facts alone present an enormous, perhaps insurmountable ethical problem for geoengineering. In medicine, he writes, "You can test a vaccine on one person, putting that person at risk, without putting everyone else at risk." But with geoengineering, "You can’t build a scale model of the atmosphere or tent off part of the atmosphere. As such you are stuck going directly from a model to full scale planetary-wide implementation." In short, you could not conduct meaningful tests of these technologies without enlisting billions of people as guinea pigs—for years. Which is why science historian James Fleming calls geoengineering schemes "untested and untestable, and dangerous beyond belief."

    David Keith says….

    "I don’t think it’s science fiction … to me it’s normal atmospheric science."

    • marc says:

      If David Keith were to accidentally step in front of a semi truck going 60 MPH, sorry folks, but I for one will not shed one solitary tear. The world would be a better place without the likes of psycopaths like him. 

    • Dennie says:

      David Keith is a flaming psychopathic personality.  He has gone soooooo faaaaaaaaaar over the edge of reality and is Hell Bent on taking the rest of the planet with him, yanking everything to the point where his sick gyrations are tweaking the very ionosphere.

      This is a group of "people" whose compartmentalized thinking has chopped everything they touch into itty bitty pieces and they still are not capable of understanding reality.  They smash atoms and they still can't understand Creation.  Their motto may as well be, "If you can do something then you should– damn the torpedos, full steam ahead!!!"   


    I was commenting on a blog, said something unpopular however rational  and received a lot of hatred for it and was falsely called immature.

    This is the conversation we had

    First of all I was called immature for saying I was young 

    Seeing Clearly says:

    Excuse me, I have no tattoos haven't tasted a drug, I don't cuss, I don't play video games or watch TV I Don't eat junk food and basically l am a Christian that wants to make the world a better place even if the world doesn't want to be a better place and resists being a better place. I am pretty mature just admit it unless you can give a real proof that l am not mature, sorry to say but age doesn't tell you about maturity. 

    Box of Salt says @ Seeing Clearly

    Seeing Clearly "unless you can give real proof that l am not mature," Here you go, from the same comment: "l have no tattoos I haven't tasted a drug, I don't cuss, I don't play video games or watch TVI don't eat junk food" In other words, you have NO life experience. To make things clear for you: No life experience no maturity. 

    My response 
    Seeing Clearly Says @ Box of Salt,

    That response was shocking in a bad way, it is so blatantly backwards and misleading that l hope you are not in a position of influence especially to children and youth. You are literally glorifying the screw ups people get themselves into (their sin) and belittling those who haven't screwed up (mature) as immature and not knowing about life. I have to ask now have you done anything of what you quoted me saying l haven't done?

    This is a clear example of the backwardness of society, up is down, good is bad, black is white,propaganda are facts and facts are propaganda, screwing up in life indicates you are mature and not screwing up indicates the opposite (not mature).

    I am by no means saying I haven't screwed up in countless ways like most people I am not trying to say I am better than you or be narcissistic in any way the intentions of this comment is to raise awareness on how backwards society has become in regards to common sense.

    • Dennie says:

      Confucius might have said, "Best not to relax in a den of pit vipers."  Likewise, "No wise man is found in a den of fools (trolls)."

      When I was younger, so much younger than today, I actually had a mature outlook and thought that the idiots I saw doing silly stuff, wasting time and energy on partying and getting into crazy situations and saying crazy things were just that– idiots.  My guilt told me that this wasn't a popular take on the 20-to-30-year-old set's pastimes, and yes, that was correct.  It didn't mean, however, that the idiots I saw behaving like idiots were actually any wiser than they appeared.  I was "only" in my twenties then.  Everything my gut told me was right, was right– I just needed to live long enough to have some gravitas, actually, so that when you see a spade no one thinks you're a party pooper for calling it a spade, and they may be encouraged to acknowledge the truth without wasting so much time on bullshit ;-).

    • Tanya says:

      Pathetic to consider watching tv and eating junk food as life experience

  14. Rodster says:

    New Hollywood 'End Of The World' Movie Has Weather Modification Wiping Out Everything – 'There Is Nowhere To Hide'

    – As One State Governor Admits Weather Modification Program – A 'Conspiracy Theory' No Longer

  15. beatriz says:

    They geoengineering cabal is desperate and preparing the public for

    their overt nefarious actions. David Keith is quoted and cited in the above article, and of course never mentioning that GE has been going on for several decades now, this article has just been published, it is full of misinformation, and talks down on the now prevalent observations of "chemtrails". What is new?


    • Dennie says:

      "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Power…" may I add also:  Poverty is Wealth; Illness is Health; Lies are Truth, and "Free Thought" is Total Mind Control… that's what.  My apologies to George Orwell.

  16. C.J. says:

    This is totally pathetic. The human race letting themselves being poisoned. WTF is wrong with everyone.

    I guess Zombie land


  17. C.J. says:

    I have been watching the slow death of the Tree's. I just saw a whole bunch of new tree's that were planted last year. They all died. New trees were replanted again. I wonder how these ones will do. When I look around, there are so many that are dead and dying. Fortunately today I awoken another person about this ongoing Weather Manipulation. The person was very eager to listen as they said they were somewhat a conspirator themselves.

    I really want to thank everyone for their own disclosure here. I am truly grateful for Marc posting the absolute truth. Also I am even more grateful for "son of san quentin's" post. This person seems to have more knowledge about everything other then S.F. and Paul Von H. I enjoy the reads. We are all very fortunate that D.W. lets us display our thoughts here. This is a roller coaster ride. Many dips,dives and turns.

    The heat is being turned up on everything. Literally being fried.

    • MAP says:

      The tree die-off in Indiana is alarming. Intense UV, Weather Whiplash especially in Winter, all the dispersions of God knows What, Chemical Ice Nucleation, etcetera are all just too much for these trees. At my parents' property there are 60 trees in a 4-acre area. 15 of those trees are DEAD. 30 are in severe distress and these 30 trees are each in different stages of dying. 15 appear to be alright but I am sure they are on their way to the dying process like the others. Drive around anywhere in Central Indiana and you will see the evidence of collapsing environment right before your eyes.

      By the way, weather warlords have scheduled an intense Chemical Ice Nucleation for the end of this week. Forecast for these parts for Aug 4 – Aug 7: 73F, 75F, 77F, 77F. way below average and I am sure is weather modification through chemicals. Just enough manipulation to keep the "sheeple" in their slumber while Mother Earth is destroyed.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.
      Hello Kaza Dum, thank you for the reply.
      Hello Earth Angel.
      For detox from the FLUORIDE;
      Good Water, diet, and these Foods will Help – Watercress, coconuts, avocado, pineapple. If your body reacts well to bananas, people say that bananas have good properties and may help also, do not eat this fruit, green.
      And the info in this video maybe is very important;

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      About detox from the fluoride..

    • BaneB says:

      MAP:  Conversely, the weather terrorists have for eight weeks plus  parked a high pressure dome over California. Here in the north we have had triple digits for at least 8 weeks.  They will cool your region down whilst setting us up for forest fire conflagrations. Weather whiplash is their playground, the seesaw con game.  I was watching an expose by someone using satellite data and it's obvious the weather warfare nutcases do not want any cool down.  High pressure is set up off our coast and down to San Diego.  Every time the monsoonal rains try to move into Califirnia from Mexico the controllers hit the storm cells with microwave heating.  It's is easy to see the shock waves and the cell disintegration.  Arizona is being spare though there is some aerosol spraying.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Detox from the FLUORIDE.

      The most astounding fact is that the fluoride ( this POISON ) comes from the fertilizer industry, and in the World we do NOT need fertilizers for ANYTHING!! The best fertilizer is organic compost with excrements of some ungulate like Horses and Sheep, guano of some Birds is also excellent. But business above everything..

  18. A pattern of flights for several months:  The planes come from the ESE at 30 – 35k and make a starboard turn right over Salem, OR and go due N.  Do these flights come from and return to Lewis-McCord? 

  19. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Truth will always be Truth, regardless of Lack of Understanding, Disbelief, or Ignorance.   Truth is Reality!   We swallow greedily any Lie that flatters us, but we sip only little at a Truth we find Bitter.                 – Denis Diderot –           They deem him their worst   Enemy who tells the Truth    – Plato –      The Truth is found when Men are Free to Pursue it!  –  Franklin D. Roosevelt –     Dan G. You are Sane. A Man that seeks the Truth & Loves it must be reckoned Precious to any Human Society. – Epictetus –   So sorry your family doesn't think so. Along with so many others here that are feeling the Pain of your own family members ignoring Documented Facts & Truths that have been hidden right above those nay sayers heads. You are amoung friends here.

  20. marc says:

    Well, well, well….the filthy, disgusting losers who are behind all this so-called SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT are at it again finally over Tucson, Az. Granted, we cannot know with any certainty the extent to which they may have been conducting night raids. However, as regards daytime spraying, I have been acutely aware of an apparent hiatus for many, many weeks. Yes, they could be employing some other technologies to release their poisons that don't appear as "chemtrails". In any case, we've been experiencing a very humid, robust monsoon, with many, many intense storms across the region. Yesterday, though, was the first day in a long time that OVERT spraying resumed right over town. And today is even more so. I was up at dawn and immediately noticed crisscrossing lines low in the eastern sky. The shitbirds are continuing, as we speak, to lay out numerous parallel lines that almost span the entire canopy of heaven, west to east. And VOILA!! the humidity has dropped radically, the skies look completely different than the pattern of the previous month, exhibiting the telltale wispy "horsetail" clouds everywhere. Not one single f**king cumulus cloud in the entire dome of sky. Gee, do you think the trailing just might have anything to do with the change???

    • barbzi says:

      I agree with you marc about your observations of the skies over AZ. I really enjoyed the big beautiful towering cumulus clouds we were having lately while less visible chemtrail . But now that the trails are back so we can see them and the wispy clouds  there were drizzles this morning but no cumulus just a gray fog type of cloud look with a very large rainbow. I'll have to pay closer attention to the cumulus vs the wispy ones and the trail activity (short vs long) hmmm

  21. Kathy says:

    Dire doesnt even describe the amount of information revealed for the Redding event that took place last Friday night. It was an honor to be part of and in the presence of such selfless brave people willing to give up so much to get the truth out. I can attest to the sweat and  immense work that Dane and Lori pour into just this one event let alone the 24/7 demand weekly.

    My husband and I and my 2 adult kids traveled from Washington state as I was determined to get with other like minds and reach out to anyone in my path along the way. It was awesome to say the least seeing the integrity and determination of everyone involved and the HUNGER of many that attended to just get the missing info in bite size conversation with us volunteers. How fulfilling… Because we started the trip with not letting one opprotunity pass from handing info to young men at gas stations to the highlight of speaking to a Ranger in Shasta Mts who was starving for CREDIBLE info. Off of one simple statement I got the hugest thank-you because she sees it everyday but with no facts she has been deemed crazy…now armed with truth. It didnt stop there…upon our exit in CA was a heavy SRM day all way to grants pass, I was soaking in all that took place and wishing for more like minds around me when once again opprotunity.., we stopped at a Organic hole in the wall in Portland and talked with a young kid who was aware lacking info,posted a flyer and left a pamphlet in the diner info booth.

    Simple horseman it was awesome to meet you and you can be sure we will be working hard here in Wa. with you as well as the other connections we now have for bringing awareness on a grander scale in this state.

    As for the speakers, enough cannot be said for their willingness and sacrifice to get the truth out. I spoke personally to Kevin, Dane and other soldiers in the battle. They are men of strong Integrity, giving their all…may I say God Bless you DANE, KEVIN, LORI, Dr. TENPENNY and all those willing to fight evil on the frontlines. Thank-you for letting me be part of sharing the truth and thank-you to all the volunteers there, I very much enjoyed working alongside each of you! Praying Gods protection over all who continue to fight for the common good!


    OH FYI…anyone with smart meters on their house PLEASE investigate the symptoms of exposure, my entire family was affected every day while in CA because we do not have them here in WA yet. We all had wired brains all night long, restless, no sleep. Got home, no problem. Long term…scary!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Kathy, hello my friend I have now met. About the smart meter thing. Same thing for me. It all started as I was walking to the Red Lion early in the morning. The ringing in my ears was louder than usual. The loud ringing lasted all weekend. Still had it when I got home to the cabin. It's not so bad today. Also about sleep. Geesh, what sleep. What little I did get was not fully resting. I know half of it was the excitement of the whole adventure of my four day trip. But then there's the other half of the equation. I slept like a rock last night. I will write to you soon. We'll "do the Puyallup".

  22. LoriBridgeford says:

    Once we all grasp the terminology of "shadow government" and the Deep state , we can better apply to  geo-engineering and vaccine atrocity upon us. Kevin Shipp gives us ,as a former CIA whistle-blower that the"shadow " manipulates Congress & the puppet President role; while  the deep state navigates the TRILLIONS of dollars with military industrial  complex, the power and greed -all unconstitutional.  Follow the money on Deep State. They both go together -in concert. The shadow gov.  (via CIA , NSA)  is under foreign influence  like Saudi and Israeli… deep state Senator Chuck Schumer  warning Trump  that 6 ways to Sunday comment ,  if cross the line. Is it ANY wonder so few will come forward on vaccines, and geo-engineering programs? Where do we go with wanting a clear breathe of air-and when the serial pedophiles at the top (UK also)  are allegedly the ones we  must confront ?  MUCH was  raised at Redding event on July 28.  I assisted in event preparation and  sincerely ask  those reading this > that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Kevin Shipp  who went on record/ filmed for upload on Dane's site BE fully infused with massive protection prayers, visualization and safety. Dane  himself is reaching about 15 years of revealing massive  data on intense corruption. Without his integrity, tenacity and fortitude , we would not have any  sharp & meaningful focus whatsoever..He is the  hub and valued vortex to keep us all aligned to press forward together ! Who would want such a heavy  position in life -with no time off?  His family sacrifices more than I can define here.  I saw Dane be embraced in the flesh by  dedicated attendees , and wish it was more than once a year.  So, a sk your allies to contribute directly if in northern CA or offer funds (donate)  for the massive toll to do  the MASSIVE outreach needed right  now. This cannot be the  "summer vacation  " narrative. Screw it. Time is evaporating,  just like the ice shelf !

  23. If you believe in God and we evaluated ourselves as a whole and judged ourselves collectively, I would be very embarrassed of how much the world has screwed up and would only prepare for the punishment or consequences of our collective actions that is going to come without thought.

    In this regards we are all a team in the world in which we cannot opt out, how we treat the environment affects us all collectively and we cannot allow anyone to fail at not hurting the environment and quit frankly should be held accountable for their actions.

    I refuse to live in a soup of chemicals because you can't properly dispose waste.


    ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴇᴀᴘᴏɴ ɪs ᴡᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ ᴍᴀɴɪᴘᴜʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

    The climate is earths major life support system that delivers water to the forests and what not.

    As the protective layer of the atmosphere is destroyed now they can pick out where they will install an artificial protective layer and where not.

    As the climate becomes warmer it takes more rain to keep the availability of water at normal levels so now with a warmer planet and frying radiation hitting the earths during the day now a drought can be created by simply quenching any cloud cover in a specific area.

    A hot, dry, windy perpetual pattern will kill just about everything without irrigation, creating a desert environment and if the topography allows even a dust bowl like the one around 2011-2014 in the panhandle of Texas.

    The California drought was very extreme, even near the coast the rain was lacking and even the humidity along with scorching temperatures.

    Can they kill all life on the west coast? It is gruelling to say for sure due to the uncertainty of the limitations modern weather weapons have, however there is a possibility the rain allowed in February of 2014 was only allowed to fall because the drought was so extreme, so bad that the population was already beginning to panic and they had to let some in to give the illusion that it still rained in California and that crops and green grass did grow that winter at least to some degree.

    Will they do it again in California only time will tell, however, just know that if California is targeting again the environment and biosphere is so damaged that the drought will burn harder next times you will most certainly see 90+ cloudless Decembers if the man who have weather weapons really wanted this kind of weather in California.

    If they really had a strong motive they could effectively kill the entire forest that grows in most of the United States west coast and make all the rain go to Alaska and Canada, it isn't likely they will do that because it will create a panic, let alone the effort it would take to do that and the amount of global climate disruption that would impose alone the globe.

  25. Ashleigh says:

    Thank you for this Dane. I was wondering if you would do any more events but closer to the Bay Area? You are truly an inspiration and I deeply admire you. Sending you all the love for the next coming days I saw it's going to get extremely hot in Redding, you are in my thoughts and prayers Dane you are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for everything you do. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ashleigh, thank you for your support in this battle. About your question, we may try to organize a large event in Sacramento down the road, nothing set yet. I will announce if and when it is appropriate.

  26. ron hall says:

    Dane:  I just finished that link you advised me to read. Thanks!  Sobering, indeed!!  Based on what the "insider" was saying, this so-called "shield" project was necessary well over a decade or two ago-because  humanity/civilization had created an overwhelming amount of pollution from every imaginable source(I noticed he never referred to the 2000 nuclear tests) from spraying under arm deodorant to  destroying whole mountains for coal or dumping who knows what amount of spent nuclear fuel in the ocean. Therefore ALL LIFE was to go extinct. Billions, apparently would die(and were apparently dying) because of the then geo-engineering("shield").  But his "higher ups" said that would be the price to pay. I wonder what the INSIDER would say now in mid-2017? And would he expect such dark developments like PLASMA physics, HAARP projects blasting the  ionosphere, etc., etc…What would he say about giga-ton methane burps?                                                                                                         What was interesting to me, if true, was that all major nations were formulating the aluminum, barium, and sulfur oxides and sharing it among all nations.  That means our skies could be sprayed by Turks as we sprayed little Iceland. Geezus!                                                             From my own tiny POV a had a strong feeling in the mid- 1980s that humanity would go extinct based upon my own experiences and studies and I had never heard of climate-engineering!  I talked about my feeling very little-too dark.  But, if asked how long do we have?  I think I would've said about a century- around 2080. Man! was I off!   I am including your link because it needs to be read again, IMHO. Thank you Dane for everything!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, about the insider interview, and about his perspectives and conclusions, they were both based on the data he was given, this must be kept in mind. The reality is this, there is no benevolance in the climate engineering insanity, It has not bought us more time, but rather it is rapidly subtracting it.

  27. Robert Martin says:

    Hello Dane and all,

    I just want to share more about 9/11 with everybody.  The following excerpt is from Michael C Ruppert's book, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

    Chapter 18:  The Attacks

    Washington Air Traffic Control Center knew about the first plane before it hit the World Trade Center.  Yet the third plane was able to fly 'loop-de-loops' over Washington, DC one hour and 45 minutes after Washington Center first knew about the hijackings.  After circling in this restricted airspace, controlled and protected by the Secret Service who had an open phone line to the FAA, how was it possible that that plane was then able to crash in to the Pentagon?  Why was the pentagon not evacuated?  Why was our Air Force so late in its response?  What, if anything, did our nation do in a defensive military posture that morning?

    -Testimony of 9/11 widow Kristen Breitweiser before the Joint Senate House Select Intelligence Committee, Sept. 18, 2001

    b. Support.  When notified that military assistance is needed in conjunction with an aircraft piracy (hijacking) emergency, the DDO [Deputy Director of Operations], NMCC [National Military Command Center], will:

    (1) Determine whether or not the assistance needed is reasonably available from police or commercial sources.  If not the DDO, NMCC, will notify the appropriate unified command or NORAD to determine if suitable assets are available and will forward the request to the Secretary of Defense for approval in accordance with DODD 3025.15, paragraph D.7 (Reference D).

    (2) If suitable assets from a unified command or NORAD are not reasonably available, the DDO, NMCC, will coordinate with the appropriate Military Service operations center to provide military assistance.

    -Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Instruction, CJCSI 3610.01A

    Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) and Destruction of Derelict Airborne Objects, 1 June 2001

    The first hijacking was suspected at not later than 8:20 am, and the last hijacked aircraft crashed in Pennsylvania at 10:06 am.  Not a single fighter plane was scrambled to investigate from the US Andrews air force base, just 10 miles from Washington DC, until after the third plane had hit the Pentagon at 9:38 am.  Why not: there were standard FAA intercept procedures for hijacked aircraft before 9/11.  Between September 2000 and June 2001 the uS military launched fighter aircraft on 67 occasions to chase suspicious aircraft (AP, August 13 2002).  It is a US legal requirement that once an aircraft has moved significantly off its flight plan, fighter planes are sent up to investigate.

    Was this inaction simply the result of key people disregarding, or being ignorant of, the evidence? Or could US air security operations have been deliberately stood down on September 11?  If so, why, and on whose authority?

    Former British Environmental Minister and MP Michael Meacher "The War on Terrorism is Bogus", The Guardian, September 6, 2003

    Transponders and radar

    All commercial airliners are equipped with transponders – devices that emit radio signals at frequencies selected by air traffic controllers (
    ATCs) and pilots so that each aircraft can be easily identified on radar screens that are often very crowded.  I have flown in small private planes many times and watched as the pilots responded to an ATC instruction to "squawk" on a designated frequency.  This involves the pilot setting the frequency in the cockpit and pushing a button that emits a signal on that frequency.  Failure to do so in a timely manner results in an immediate inquiry from the ATC and a repeated instruction.

    When a transponder is turned off, several things happen to civilian (FAA) radar screens that do not affect military radar.  First, a small identifying symbol on the blip on the controller's radar screen goes out.  Second, although the civilian ATC still has the ability to track the aircraft in two dimensions, he or she is no longer able to pinpoint its altitude.  Third, as reported in an on-the-record statement by a veteran pilot (and confirmed by at least a dozen others), when an aircraft under ATC control goes silent, the blip for that aircraft is instantaneously inserted in a conspicuous manner on the screens of every other ATC in the region.  Everybody sees it.

    What is lacking in civilian radar is more than compensated for by US military radar.  The major media have failed to disclose or discuss the fact that military radars – which are capable of determining the altitude of targets without transponders – are always tracking all commercial traffic inside the country as well.  Investigative reports that became public after the equally suspicious 2000 crash of Egypt Air 990 off the Eastern seaboard establish this.

    Several commercial airline pilots also confirmed to me that all commercial airlines are equipped with identify Friend of Foe (IFF) buttons on the control yoke which emit special frequencies to silently alert the FAA and military to specific emergencies:  7700 indicates emergency, 7600 confirms communications failure, and 7500 confirms a hijack.  Once tripped, these transponder codes activate an SSR radar system that directly and continuously transmits the airplane's altitude above sea level.  At least one press report from 9/11 confirmed that one or more of the hijacked pilots had pressed his button.  What about the other pilots?

    I have received innumerable messages from commercial pilots, military personnel, and researchers describing a wealth of figher aircraft routinely available at many bases in the area.  There is also compelling evidence of scramble-ready fighters having been available at Andrews Air Force Base, just ten miles outside of Washington.  What happened to them?

    I received one message from a highly credible source expressing the outrage and horror felt by many government employees over the dog-ate-my-homework story offered on 9/11.  Yet, like so many of these people, the writer, afraid for his pension and his family's welfare, denied me permission to publish his name.

    Something has bothered me since 9/11 and it just occurred to me what it is!  What wer they thining when they sent an F-16 from Otis ANG [Air National Guard] base to NY?  I worked as a general aviation pilot based in [deleted].  I flew for an FBO [Fixed Based Operator], a company that does charter flying.  We used to take a group of gamblers to Atlantic City frequently.  I did many trips to Atlantic City, and on almost every trip we landed in front of or behind NJ ANG F-16s.  Atlantic City is an Air National Guard Base!  Atlantic City is half the distance from NYC a s compared to Cape Cod.  Furthermore NAS [Naval Air Station] Willow Grove … has a Marine Fighter/Attack Group flying F-18s.  NAS Willow Grove is considerably closer to NYC.  I don't know what it means to you, but to me it seems that someone did not want fighter protection to arrive too soon.


    FAA, Aviation Safety Inspector

    XXXXX Flight Standards District Office


    More to come…

    • Robert Martin says:

      Crossing the Rubicon: The End of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

      Chapter 18:  The Attacks p 332

      Let one happen.  Stop the rest!!

      In a story headlined "FBI Investigates Possible Hijackers on 5th Flight, Tribune Says," Bloomberg News reported that the FBI had started an urgent investigation of an unspecified number of passengers booked on American Airlines Flight 43 from Boston to an unnamed West Coast city on the morning of September 11.  The flight, scheduled to depart at around the same time as the others, had been canceled because of an unspecified mechanical difficulty.  The problem was that the passengers in question never came back for a rescheduled flight, nor continued their travels when air service was restored two days later.  Other passengers with "Arabic-sounding" names, also on flight 43, were being sought by authorities.

      Canadian General Ken Pennie, Deputy NORAD Commander, reported the likelihood that more than four aircraft were involved on 9/11.  He cited an instance where suspicious passengers left a grounded airplane somewhere in North America.  A press report disclosed that Pennie had been alluding to a Los Angeles-bound flight grounded in New York from which three Middle-Eastern passengers had been kicked off after demanding that the plane take off.  The plane, United Airlines Flight 23, was destined for the West Coast and full of fuel.

      And in Toronto an interesting discovery was made on a plane that never took off on September 11.  Two box-cutter knives, like the ones reportedly used by the hijackers, were found in their original packaging in an overhead storage bin on an Air Canada flight that had been scheduled to fly from Toronto to New York.  The discovery was made as the plane was prepped for its first post-9/11 flight on September 14.  Canadian officials offered the explanation that they thought the box cutters had just fallen out of someone's luggage.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Robert Martin:  Thank you so much for the lengthy quote of Mike Ruppert's Magnum Opus.  I have been trying to get people to read that book for years.  It's amazing to me that people these days are unwilling to do just that.  One guy, who thinks he knows everything, wouldn't even crack it, though I lent it to him for over a year.  I asked why he hadn't read it.  This guy is convinced he's smarter than I am.  He said it was "too hard" to read.  I read the book cover-to-cover not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES.  It's the only book that has footnotes that provide actual documentation as to who said what and who did what.  There's a whole several-pages-long timeline of the attacks on WTC I, II and VII in there.  We have a chapter devoted to Israel.  There was that chapter on Mike Vreeland– yeeeeesh!!!!  

      Four years after his suicide I am still saying Mike Ruppert's "effing" name for him, may he rest in peace.

    • nobodies fool says:

      No plane ever crashed into the Pentagon, and air traffic controllers where busy sthat morning with a simulated exercise that was an exact replica of what was happening in reality, and as usual, COULD NOT DISCERN  FICTION FROM FACT.  Where have we seen this before? Oh right, in everyone that watches television!!

  28. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The GeoEngineering Community wants to cool the planet, by thinning the High Level Cirrus Clouds. What a idiotic statement that is. These Tyrants are the ones producing these artificial Aerosol clouds, which are heating the planet, by trapping in radiation, which acts as a blanket layer trapping in heat especially at night. Radiational cooling is greatly reduced by this aerosol layer. They are experimenting with the climate taking guess's on what the outcome will be. It is like saying we will be very clean as if we have just stepped out of the shower after playing in the mud! It makes no sense at all.

  29. horsegirl says:

    To all in southern Arizona, the walk-in cesspool we recently left: 
    From 2012-2017 we resided very close to the Mexican/US border – first on the Mexican side, then on the US.  About three weeks ago we relocated a few hundred miles north to an area where indeed we still see geoengineering galore, but also patches of old-fashioned blue sky.  Interesting developments following removing ourselves from that  militarized border zone include: 1) a complete cessation of UTI and other related problems that plagued us during those five years for the first time in our lives, and 2) although we are in an area a thousandfold more densely populated, we have not seen one ambulance.  I have been crying out for years now on this forum that every time we went into Bisbee or Douglas, Arizona, we saw a minimum of one ambulance every trip.  People are dying in droves.  Also there is NO pregnancy to be seen in humans in Douglas.  Despite being predominantly a Mexican-American community – folks who will take newborns to town to show them off, as well as proudly bring toddlers everywhere – we almost never saw children much under three years old.  I would ask clerks in Douglas if they knew anyone pregnant in town, and watch their faces grow aghast with shock to realize they knew of not one.  FWIW we had litters of kittens born mostly hideously deformed.  They are doing something to make war against life and procreation in the vicinity, whether by design or "collateral damage."  Everyone I knew well enough to parse the issue had some reproductive tract/groin area troubles.  Hypothesis:  an airline employee once explained to me that there exists a 100 mile zone extending out either side of the border that is an international zone.  Some call the US side the constitution-free zone, where human rights are trumped (pardon the pun) by national security protocols within 100 miles of the border.  We have observed, when driving south over the continental divide above Lordsburg, NM, that the white haze always increases in density in proportion to proximity to the international border.  This is very likely some kind of nanoparticulate surveillance blanket.  Possibly it extends the full 100 miles inward, but for sure it is ridiculously opaque over Douglas and quite noticeable all along the border vicinity.  It is probably more intense on the US side (people do have some babies in Douglas' Mexican sister city Agua Prieta south of the border) because Mexicans aren't illegals until they're on the US side.  I don't know if this explains the toxic soup obscuring the sunlight, but we are all but on our knees with gratitude for getting free of our ills.  The international border – at least in Arizona – is a totally deadly zone by our experience.

    • horsegirl says:

      Other indices:  a cessation of "nose crust" and the plague of lungers we coughed up every morning.  We have not seen the shufflers – men of 50 years old, not necessarily overweight, who inch along, dragging the soles of their feet as they take mincing steps with mouths open gasping for air.  So many of them in Douglas.  People walking as though their joints had been welded in rigid place, as though every move pained them to the core.  We do see fat – the hideous kind that hangs in festoons entirely disproportionate to the overall body form.  But the atrocities so common on the border are almost nonexistant further north in this region.

  30. horsegirl says:

    Dane, after hearing about Alex Jones' call for murder of "liberals" – I mean, look at him, the psychedelic background, the strobing patterns, him straining ike a rabid dog – we just had to look up the June 15 reference to agitating civil war.  I've always thought he was a widget, an operative honed to defame "conspiracy theorists" in the greater public eye.  Sure enough.  I don't know if the video we saw on this article will show with every viewing, but there is a montage of Jones calling various outrages (Ground Nero, Sandy Hoax, etc.) out as the inside jobs they indeed were – a tear-jerker aimed at inducing outrage over the cry for civil war, intended to morph outrage into public opinion against the "dangers of conspiracy theories."  If he's not an operative on an ultimate mission to make "conspiracy theory" illegal (whatever they define as such), I'm covered in feathers.  Jones is a grotty whore stained with the issue of deep state perps.  Every bit as creepy as he looks, and worse.  And yes, a true traitor to the truth.  Here is the agitprop:

  31. BaneB says:

    Just wondering..  did any media show at at the Redding event last Friday?  Anyone?  Any media coverage, newspaper photos, etc.?  Of course one does not expect the a Record Searchlight rag to do its journalistic responsibility.  But one would believe that a 'Convention' gathering of this size with the topic being how to stop climate engineering genocide, that the media would cover this.  Further, this gathering together of so many people from around the US and from Europe, too, who stayed, and dined at local establishments, in temperatures that rival Phoenix, dropping a great deal of money in the process, it seems to me worthy of some mention in a local newspaper and/ or on the television nightly news.  Am I expecting too much?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Very valid question that did need to be asked. Thank you BaneB.

      FYI, I saw only one camera all evening and the only note pads I saw were of those folks exchanging contact info, just sayin…..

      They missed their chance. "They could have made me the poster child of what a "chem trail believer" looks like(smile). Hey, it's ok to laugh at yourself. I know what I look like! It's funny.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, as you correctly assumed, total media blackout on the event. This is in spite of hundreds attending and in spite of the CIA whistleblower and main stream medical doctor testimony on vaccination dangers.

  32. Dennie says:

    Activist Jane McAlevey was interviewed on KQED's Forum last Friday, July 28th, 2017, speaking about her new book, Reinventing the Labor Movement for a New "Guilded Age."  Highly recommended listening, it CONNECTS ALL OF THE DOTS:  If you don't listen to or read anything else, this would be the audio program NOT to miss!!!!

  33. son of san quentin says:

    I dedicate this post with heartfelt sincerity to all the eugenicists and other unnatural men of this world who have been so highly miseducated through the poison ivy league schools that they have been taught (brainwashed and skull fucked) to actually “believe” in the demonic precepts of mutating natural laws, including the nefarious and malicious biological and chemical mutation of human beings.
    To all the chemtrailers of the air we breathe, vaccinators of our sacred blood, fluoridators of the water we drink, and GMOers of the food we eat, from laboratory to the human blood stream and immune system, may the Universal God and the collective consciousness of this planet strike you and yours dead for your paid genocide and crimes against humanity.
    On a brighter note, great work, Dane. You have effectively dismantled the entire false and deceptive paradigm and narrative, by demonstrating through facts and indisputable evidence, the complete betrayal of the human family by a very tiny but incredibly incestuous and inbred psychopathic power structure. Is it just me or is there a marked resemblance between Mein Trumpf and his European wife in all those close up photo ops? How about Theresa May and the Queen Mum running the other concentration camp across the Atlantic? The new found French minion mandated vaxxer, Macron, and his aged pedophile schoolteacher wife are a welcome addition to the world of depravity and degeneracy. Inbred, psychopathic vile creatures who are hellbent on taking down humanity and enslaving the few sickly retards who unfortunately manage to survive this genetic onslaught.
    A true healer and servant and protector of human health, Dr. Rima Laibow's definition of vaccines has been the most honest and forthright thus far, but unacknowledged by the medical mafia: “vaccines are an abomination of the immune system.” Dr. Laibow further adds that she abandoned a successful, dope-free medical practice in the US to relocate to South America because she refuses to be genocided by her own government.
    Considering the manufacturers, legislators and toxic dope dealers who administer shots to innocent children, a further suitable extension of the definition of vaccines is simply CHILD ABUSE. But to inbred demons and their minions the pure evil goes much deeper, to the point of ritual child sacrifice and demonic possession by violating the mind, body and soul of pure innocence via a filthy toxic syringe. As such, it is tantamount to the systematic rape, maiming and murder of children, or simply a UN/NATO program of maniacal depopulation.
    In the mid 60s, the medical establishment at San Quentin State Prison used to reward convicts, especially the trembling and convulsing smack addicts with $2, if they “voluntarily” subjected themselves as human lab rats to “trial” vaccines. Mostly undocumented and covered up, there were big strong guys who immediately collapsed and died after being shanked with these $2 treats. After experimenting with vaccines on drug riddled inmates, the pharma and medical mafia decided to target newborn infants.
    The one and only normal decent human being to be evenly remotely associated with the new Trump administration was Robert F. Kennedy who blew vaccines and the CDC right out of the water in seven minutes flat. Funny thing is, no MSM coverage about Mr. Kennedy's findings. Instead, there is now a completely frantic international global push to vaccinate, that is, brand and cripple the human cattle and swine from birth for the profiteering big rich and their pharma dope trust. Unfortunately, the only time a noble and worthy Kennedy gets any mainstream play is if his head is shot off in public or he is thoroughly assassinated by the US government.
    “Vacca,” the sacred cow with it's filthy diseased puss had no idea what a “cash cow” moneymaker it would be if simply scraped or injected into the human blood stream. In conclusion, pure humbug, toxic quackery, and an outrageously monumental violation of the sanctity of human blood, innocence and children.
    Only medical quacks and degenerates, warmongers, pedophiles and treasonous bankers with their whore politicians could have concocted and forcibly unleashed the ungodly filth of vaccines and completely fictitious immunization on a global scale on “believing,” unsuspecting ignorant populations. For a group of pimps, whores, hustlers and thugs to con entire nations of people into outdoing or giving them an edge over the Universal God and Creator, is in and of itself, completely ludicrous and an abomination of every natural law.

    Dane, I thank you for opening the eyes, ears and heart of an ignorant university educated, previously federal government employed professional, who did not know shit, knows very little now, and has a great deal more to learn about this system, but no longer for or from the system itself.
    You have brought in the handful of courageous, honest professionals, men and women who have now shined the light on true “compassion and caring.” But unfortunately for the still majority of sleeping sheep out there, it may be necessary to call in the big guns. As a suggestion, it may be now time to call in the other courageous and honest people who are brilliantly shining light and giving truth to these biological and chemical programs of genocide and human experimentation – but only if you can handle the truth.
    And the time is now because it is almost game over. The major problem with the US war machine is that when the murder, rape, plunder and pillage of a foreign nation is satisfactorily completed, the surplus war industry materials (mostly poisons) no longer have an external market. The only reasonably profitable alternative for corporate and political America is to then mix these poisonous materials into the food and water supplies for the “public benefit and common good.” It seems that the inventories of such poisons and toxins are in good supply with the addition of vaccines and chemtrails.
    It will only get worse. Aside from the resulting insanity of intense inbreeding among the “elite,” they are now literally locked in for the death kill. As the toxic food, water, vaccines and chemtrails decimate us all, the political misleaders are not immune either. They, too, are receiving adequate doses of heavy metals, etc. from the vaccines and chemtrails. To quickly wrap things up, they, too, are demonically possessed, but in a different manner. The new 5G technology and extremely proliferating intense cellphone/GWEN tower microwave radiation, when used strategically (militarily) on a population loaded to the hilt with conductive heavy metals, makes for interesting entertainment and viewing. I do not recommend it, but try turning on the television and stomaching the complete anti-humanity freak show on almost every channel. To be fair, the political jesters no longer have a say in the matter. They are obedient, compliant, erect antennas being pulsed with frequencies and very special instructions on how to effectively dispose of all the unnecessary and obsolete human resources.
    And with hope until next week…

  34. Nina says:

    Thousands of fire fighters stretched to their limits here in Portugal (The Portugal News reports) . Extreme drought and heat. This horrible white burning sun! The light is so intense, like a magnifying glass!

    • BaneB says:

      Nina:  White sunshine here in Northern California.  Very intense.  Very pin-prickly to the uncovered skin.  And windy at times.  Triple digits (Farenheit) next seven days.  My thought of yesterday is that the deciduous trees are beginning to show stress.  And this sets up a greater threat of forest fires here later in the season.  The conifers will be primed.  104F today.  109F tomorrow.  My day is done by 11 a.m.

  35. Wes says:

    Thank you Dane for your endless efforts in exposing the numerous assaults against humanity.

    At the 41st anniversary of the davistating 1976 Big Thompson flood here in Colorado. (144 lives lost) I'm curious if one could find evidence of weather manipulation during that horrific event?

  36. Carolyn says:

    thank you and everyone who has and continue to share the truth here is mine I have been very quite for over a month.I moved from Oakland California to Burlington Vermont when I was recruited by an employment agency here my specialty is working with families who have children with autism and emotional and physical problems from vaccines. After a built up arrival and promises of a great new career in the public education system here in Vermont I was quickly and publicly humiliated for my views on the dangers off vaccines and have been blocked from any job in the public or private educational institutions because I am a danger because I have presented in a calm clear way the dangers of vaccines.I made a number off observations here vaccines make children less hungry children don't want to eat organic food what I by that is children are eating a lot of dried proceeded foods which pediatric doctors say is normal and the children will grow out off and don't bother with fruits and vegetables and cooking just give your children processed foods? I have been talking to people at farmers markets and organic markets here they all know what's going on and have been pushed to the sidelines and feel angry and portrayed by the Democratic party.the weather here is non stop rain all the fresh fruit and vegetables have been destroyed by the non stop rains farmers will go out off business if this continues tourism has suffered and families take their children to indoor games places with violent video games and GMO foods and sugar where violence is encouraged children and families lose hours a whole day. Welcome to America.

    • nobodies fool says:

      Interesting to read your post, as i encountered the same rabid denials from a nurse here in Norwich yesterday while visiting. Heavily invested in a system of privilege which makes them believe they are "saving lives." How can they know they saved a life ahead of time is my question, no proof the vaccinated would have ever gotten ill. Money is their belief system, money and power, it is just so …. lost. They protect their status, not their patients!!!! 

    • nobodies fool says:

      As Dane nails it here, "addiction to power". False power over,not true power within. 

  37. Mary Hollowell says:

    I flew cross-country to the July 28 event and spread flyers along the way: to flight attendants, international travelers, a Buddhist monk from the Himalayas. Yes, there is an aerosol haze across the entire country.  I watched dry lightning and saw one plane spraying. The scene on the ground, 34,000’ below, was staggering.

    It's not just our coastlines that are changing with sea level rise. The whole interior geography of the U.S. is changing.  Many riverbeds are dry.  Crops appear to be losing to encroaching desertification.  There is also some terracing going on.  Fields are covered with waves and ripples (? reflecting overhead microwave transmissions? Lidar?). Some fields appear ground down.  Windmills are not functioning.  They’re almost stationary.

    The Eastern U.S. is still green, and we've experienced deluge.  From on the ground, in Atlanta, I've noticed canopy thinning.  But from the air, you can even see rings of concentric circles in the forests.  My seat's flight tracker screen / satellite mode was fairly accurate.  This is monumental and cataclysmic! If you must fly, please choose a window seat and stay alert.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mary, thank you for your very important observations from the plane, and thank you so much for traveling so far to attend the awareness / action event in Redding.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Mary, Thank you for the words of encouragement over the last few years. I just wanted you to know how much of an influence you have been for me. Without the comments from people like you I might have just pulled down my cap and kept my eyes below the horizon. Knowing that you made the trip to Redding shows how dedicated you are. You are an inspiration to many. Never,Ever, Give Up!!!

    • Erica in Florida says:

      I too fly and drive across country multiple times a year. My latest trip that began on 7/5 was from Orlando Fl, to Denver, with a two day layover in the western Rocky Mountains and then back to Denver to LA and then to Panama City, Panama. My final destination was Tegulcigalpa, Honduras for a medical mission that was 2 weeks and 4 days long. At the end of the trip I took a small charter flight to Roatan and back. My observations are as follows. 

      This is my second time in Honduras for any length and weather manipulation appears to be ongoing in most of the Francisco Morazan Department. The state of the water resources in the country also seems to be at risk and major waterway pollution is apparent throughout the country. Soda is cheaper than clean water.  I am a native Floridian, who was raised on the beaches of NE FL. I have an olive complexion that tans and rarely burns. While I was in Roatan, Honduras, I was sunburned while using 30 protection sunscreen after about 1.5 hours in the sun kayaking on an overcast day. This is NOT normal for me, especially this late in the summer. Even the dark skinned Islanders were keeping themselves fully clothed and covered, in the heat and under trees. I was surprised to hear them complaining that the sun was too strong although I know enough from Dane's radio shows to be aware of the dangers of increased UV exposure at this point. Thank you Dane.  Another issue with Roatan is the noticeable decline of sea life living in in the coral reef, which I was told is now the largest reef in the world since the collapse of the Great Barrier Reef. Most of the Roatan natives admitted that the reef population is quickly disappearing but they seem to think it's from the increase of the Lionfish population, which apparently has no natural predators to keep them in check. No one seemed to think that overfishing, pollution or an increase in solar radiation was an issue to the decline of the reef. 

      Other oddities include multiple levels of cloud cover that include both engineered and real clouds. This has been a issue that I've noticed on most of my flights across country. The lower clouds will hide an entire layer of engineered clouds. Also, although I have been aware of the toxic clouds and dangers of aerotoxic syndrome, this is the first time I have been seriously ill after flying. I've felt a little exhaustion after flying but I'm generally young and healthy. The final flight back to Denver from Miami was the worst one, in that for most of the 4 hour flight, we were immersed in a complete whiteout of clouds. It was challenging to determine if these clouds were real or part of the modified skyscape, but I'm guessing the latter because we went through 2 layers of cloud cover as the plane was descending. 

      Also, as I make my way back across the US to Gainesville, Florida with my husband and 7 year old twins, I will continue documenting the sky as I have on our many cross country road-trips over the past 4 years since I've become aware of what is happening to our planet. Sad to say, I haven't found one state to the east of Colorado, that doesn't have some sort of SAG going on. Colorado experiences spraying daily.  The only place I've recently been that I didn't see any evidence of Geoengineering is Golfito, Costa Rica and I was only there for 7 days in late January, so that may have been only a pause in their programs. It was a nice break from the constant haze in North Florida. 

      I've been afraid to say or post much in the past due to being scared of  ridicule or fear of it affecting my job, but now I've finally gotten to the point where I feel comfortable and well armed with research and data(another thank you goes to Dane for this) to share the truth no matter what response it may garner. I have finally become brave as I realize there is NO other choice other than the truth that is right in front of all of us. Peace and love to all. 




    • nobodies fool says:

      And be prepared to be thrown off your connecting flight if you choose to confront the pilots or airline employees who don't want to hear it!!

  38. marc says:

    Incredible radio show, Dane. Thank you. 

      I have several hundred facebook "friends", or at least I thought they were friends. Several months ago I shared a link to one of Dane's articles but prefaced it with a long paragraph of my own composition to illustrate my own view of the dire situation we find ourselves in. Only one person, ONE PERSON, commented, and that was my good friend who posts here often known as "horsegirl". Bless you horsegirl for having the kahunas to rail against all this bullshit along with me. Yes, I do occasionally post other things on FB like pics and videos and shares. Those NEVER fail to capture comments from people. But OH!! When I talk about geoengineering heaven forbid anyone might say something!! All I can say to my so-called "friends" is…what the f**k is the matter with all of you guys??? Are you all so terrified of ridicule and/or judgment that you must remain silent?? Or do you really honestly (and stupidly) think I'm full of shit and what I say is happening, cannot possibly be true?? Do some homework, you f**king idiots!! "Oh, Marc, Marc, the real question is……what is the matter with YOU?" 

      This disconnect between people who will cling to their "world" at all costs……and those who WANT TO UNDERSTAND what is really happening could not be more astounding. Once again, I submit that in the bigger picture, humans are perhaps like any other animal in that they will just blissfully go on about their business without concern as long as the food and shelter and basic amenities hold out. I know so many people who are exactly like this. As long as their piehole gets filled, their indoor plumbing still works, their flatscreens still emblazon lies, shiny objects, and fictional entertainment in front of their brain-entrained faces, they could not give a rat's ass about something as absurd as worldwide militarized weather modification. Ok. I'm done with my facebook rant. Actually no, I'm not. To the extent that I myself am participating in "human interest" posts and shares on FB unrelated to geoengineering, I might be part of the problem. And I cannot know how many have unfriended me because I had the audacity to post anything at all about weather modification. (note: I have unfriended a few dumb-asses myself) 

      There's an old saying that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. Seems true, at least on my FB page. 

    • Dennie says:

      I used to drive by the Facebook campus in East Palo Alto on my way to teach students in Mountain View (Google) and Sunnyvale (Yahoo and Apple), CA.  Not long ago Mr. Zuckerman announced naively that he wants to see ALL disease eradicated in the next 50 years.  That's kinda like saying "I want ALL of you to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, RIGHT NOW!!"  Ha.

      The problem with EVERY SINGLE ONE of the people who just wanna say "YOU'RE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG" at every turn is that they have NO FACTS with which to argue.  Just name-calling.  Ha.

    • MAP says:

      Millions are waking up to reality that FB is really fakebook. FB is most likely a creation of CIA/MIC. They just love it that everyone using it volunteers endless personal information about their lives. Just another tracking device from Power Structure in my estimation. And lots of "fake and phony" people posting pics, bragging about this or that but not interested in discussing real issues such as geoengineering.

    • marc says:

      MAP, I agree. Facebook is like handing our whole personal profile on a silver platter straight into the hands of the deep-state surveillance jackoffs. Somebody please ask me if I give a shit.

    • Ed Bee says:

      I believe most people still depend on mainstream media for all of their news information. I was talking to a couple friends the other night and mentioned the ongoing Fukushima fiasco. One guy asked, "What happened there again? I thought that was over a few years ago." I briefly explained about the still-unfolding catastrophe there, the deaths of so many ocean creatures, Alzheimer's and autism skyrocketing, etc. They already think I'm crazy for "believing in chemtrails". All they could do was shake their heads and quickly change the subject.

  39. Ingrid Ekpenyong says:

    Extreme temperature Chance in Munich. From 15 to 34 C. Continiously up and down. It gets hoter and more humid towards evening. I can sense, that something is very very wrong. Most People here don't seem to notice anything wrong. The sun is to hot, this is not the yellow friendly companion…. White and merciless hot. I am so sad and shocked. The sun is gone, and left a hot Star behind which does not mean any good with mankind and his enviroment. How is it possible, that so few people realise the facts, that whatever is happening is out of natural order. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ingrid, thank you for sharing your observations. To clarify, the sun is the same, it is the formerly protective layers of the atmosphere that have been altered and are now horrifically damaged.

    • BaneB says:

      Ingrid:  Your sun is white and so is mine!  Mendocino County, Northern California.  There was a water element I neglected to fill up for the animals over in a remote area.  Laziness was the problem this morning though the others were replenished.  So, out of guilt and sense of duty I scurried out of the house into a white landscape, and dipped out cool clear water (pickle barrel) and filled it.  And damn was the sunshine WHITE and HOT.  My little dog loves the sun and heat but even she stuck to the shadows like glue.  It's blinding and sunshade glasses are a must to protect your eyes.  I have not yet checked out the official UV count from The Weather Channel.  The highest to date they report is a 9.  Compared to what?  And they predict temps here in a temperate rain forest (what is left of it) to be triple digit (Farenheit) for the next seven days, with three or four at 104, 106, 109.  These triple digit temps have been this for most of the season beginning around June 14.  Stay cool.  Protect your eyes!

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  O–M–G—!!! Temps that hot for a week?  I think Mendo County gets those around this time of year for several weeks but these have really crept up– boiling frogs, for sure.  104-106-109 are temps you used to see in Death Valley in the summer about 30 years ago, has anyone checked on that?  The whole planet is going "Death Valley" and stoopid idiots will cite scripture predicting this, saying WILL-LESSLY that it is "God's" Will– now, I'd like to know JUST HOW DOES ANYONE KNOW WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY WHAT ALL IS IN THE MIND OF GOD???

  40. LH says:

    Many of those people lost their homes because of the Federal Reserve's evil usery scheme of defrauding Americans.  When you buy a house, your promissory note pays for that home immediately, by taking money out of your secret account which was created by the Fed when they  took us off the gold standard.  They re-sell that debt to other companies, and you essentially pay for that home twice, first by the promissory note, then by slaving away for 30 years to pay it a second time, plus interest. Neat, huh? So, you can thank the Federal Reserve for the homeless defecating on your lawn. Perhaps we should all defecate on the bankers lawns!

    • Elisha s Street says:

      I never thought I would actually say tis …but your better off now days if you don't own anything and have as little as possible, only what you need.

    • Dennie says:

      LH, it's called the "Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm."  EVERYONE's got some responsibility for participation in this false assumption that you can keep up the increasing interest game forever.  Nothing grows without limits, except cancer, and even then, that comes to an end when the stoopid cancer cells commit suicide by homiciding their host.  WHO'S RESPONSIBLE?  WE ARE, when we don't speak out about being treated to +2000 chemicals in our environment, and continue to use products containing known carcinogens, like chlorine (Chlorox, and any other bromine-containing products you'd be exposed to). WHO'S RESPONSIBLE?  The CHEMISTS for creating the evil shit in Mad Science laboratories, not caring about their DENIAL that this crap is BAAAAAD for you.  WHO'S RESPONSIBLE?  The people that tell themselves it's okay to use the crap.  WHO'S RESPONSIBLE?  The NUCLEAR NUT JOBS, in massive denial that nuclear energy is somehow actually "clean," because it does not emit carbon pollution (just never mind the ionizing radiation pollution). WHO'S RESPONSIBLE?  PHYSICIANS, CLERGY, and TEACHERS who do NOT open their mouths about the insanity when they know full well about the toxins.  The list goes on.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself YOU are The One you've been waiting for, then go get trained with, write letters, e-mails and make call to Washington.  They WILL listen to you– they HAVE to.  SERIOUSLY.  Let's GET GOING!!!!!

  41. Dawnski says:

    I just willingly left yet another toxic workplace where apathy reigns. The 33 year old, obese gal in charge spent 90 percent, I kid you not, just staring down at her cellphone in front of her keyboard, thumb scrolling all day long to what, God only knows. The 63 year old apathetic boss was such an enabler as he sat within eyeshot of this ongoing sluggard cell phone addiction. I could glance over and see him doing the same thing on his computer screen. Both, glued to the nothingness of social media that swarmmed around them. This was by far the quietest print shop I had ever been in in my entire life. Silence for hours at a time. All I could do is shake my head.

    I finally spoke up and was flabbergasted and flumoxed at the response I got from said male who also does website design and still lists his business as women owned. His wife died three years ago so no dude, it is no longer women owned. Probably some deceitful tax incentive for claiming to still be women owned. I was most disturbed to hear him tell me how much he hates the government and used that excuse for telling me why he takes cash from customers that get a sales tax deduction. And yet, just a month ago a local businessman made the headlines when he was busted from the IRS for doing the same fraudulent behavior.

    I tried to discuss the geoengineered weather with this group while I was at our lunch breaks. Total apathy and denial. The 63 year old retired from IBM dude has life all figured out. Even though he hates the government. He is convinced that he headlines are accurate. And he refused to use his analytical brain to consider anthing else. All while openly admitting he does not like the government.

    All I can say is the ZOMBIE mentality is alive and well. And it is creepy to say the least. . . .I will keep going where I am led by the Lord and sound the alarm to the sleeping society in the hopes that they will WAKE UP and join in the crusade for HUMANITY's SAKE.

    Dane, I love the smiling faces in the pictures you posted. They express HOPE and JOY in the midst of the reality we all face. Keep up the good work and Eternal Thanks to you for being a shinning LIGH in this DARK WORLD. I know how humble you are but please know how much your ministry and mission means to me and many as our numbers GROW 🙂

    • Catherine Priestley says:

      The problem you have in America is that over 70% are sleeping

      the sleep of irresponsibility! 

    • Dennie says:

      I've found that what gets inert people MOVING is to FEEL something.  They won't be motivated intellectually until you hit them in the gut with something that gets them MOVING.  Unfortunately, most will not move to do even one damned thing until they are HURTING.  That's when they would actually FEEEL something.  Maybe they'll be motivated to move then, but who knows?  You cannot control other people's actions.

  42. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Last nights presentations were of an alarminly heightened perspective in comparison to previous venues. “You' 'should' have there. Kevin Ship was extremely on his game last night. The man is amazing. Dane's presentation was absolutely alarming and very disturbing. There's no more time for foo-foo and sugar. Doc Tenpenny's presentation was as always. She has a way of being very human as she teaches us what we need to know about vaccine issues. My greatest thanks and gratitude to Doc Tenpenny, Dane and Kevin.

    What took place last night at the awareness event is virtually impossible to put into words. Compelling comes to mind though. For those that were there, it was positive energy feeding on positive energy. My journey of spreading the word and teaching received multitudes of compounding positive factors. The Universe, the creator was very busy last evening. I heard it many times from folks I spoke with. Our Mother and our Maker are always speaking to us. We just need to listen and follow the guidance. There were soooo many “meant to be” occasions that unfolded for many that attended, that showed up regardless. I had the grace of meeting many folks that I can now say are “friends that I have now met”. The opportunity to form a mass of organized people is unfolding faster than many here understand.

    I heard folks say last night that Dane should “do this more often”. My reply each time was, “No, It's up to 'us' to do this more often. I doubt that anyone would argue that Dane is doing all he can already. It is up to us, “all of us”, to emulate the master and 'not' go off on our own agenda's or remain in our little cocoons. We all must seek out forums in our own communities where we can present awareness like Dane, Kevin and Doc Tenpenny. Would you rather die at the hand of corruption or get up in front of a crowd 'you' organized. Take those first few steps, I promise, you 'will' be rewarded. I'd bet that years ago Dane's presentations were not as polished as they are now days. I know my own have become more effective the more I get out there and practice. Don't wait, just don't, don't wait for someone else to do what needs to be done. You are the one you have been waiting for. Time is running out faster than we can imagine. What happens when the clock stops ticking is up to us all. We 'can' over come the corruption that has been inflicted upon us. Make it happen.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Simple Horseman, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for the effort you went to in order to attend the event in Redding. It was an honor and a pleasure to finally meet you face to face. I am very grateful to you for all you have done (and are doing) to sound the alarm in your neck of the woods. My most sincere thanks also to all activists and individuals that are doing their best to raise critical awareness of the climate engineering insanity.

    • Joseph L says:

      Hello Simple Horseman,

       I enjoy reading what you wrote . I am sure the big event was inspiring in person. You personally are a shining light.  I talk to lots of people over the years and have handed

      out lots of info on the dangers of Geoengineering.

      I personally like what you said it is up to all of us to do more.  Most people sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to be a messenger.    Dane thank you for all that you have done for so long.

          I hope Gary Null has you on his show soon. He really does not do much w Geoengineering.   I would hope when he does shows on the environment that he would mention it more often and refer people to your website for more info.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joseph, anout Gary Null, yes, he is an exceptional individual whom I hold in very high regard. He does air Global Alert News on the PRN radio network every Saturday at 2pm Eastern. About the weekly Global Alert News broadcast, anyone can help to share the program with local radio stations that might then pick it up. SInce we do not ask for or want any fee for the show, and since there are no commercials, it is very easy for other stations to utilize, and it costs them nothing. If we all sound the alarm together, we will be heard.

    • Joseph L says:

      Yes Dane I agree w you about Gary.  I know about the PRN network .  Gary has his own show on public radio in the tri state area 5 days a week and rarely mentions geoengineering.      I was only trying to further your cause. What you said about Gary — I feel the same way about you.

  43. sven Family gansen says:

    Thanks for your Work over there! Without People like you, we would'nt know that much!

    Greetz from the Warground Germany

  44. Frederick says:

    There's nowhere to hide from this… They spray Hong Kong (China) regularly, I've seen trails out of Changi airport in Singapore, and also  over Ubud in Bali.

  45. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 176th email titled 'Permafrost Methane Releases'.

    1. The average weekly loss of Arctic sea ice volume (JAXA/Wipneus) for last week, and calculated each day, We (still!) have over 6 weeks until the end of the 'official' melt season (15th Sept).

    Torstein Viddal does a more long term calculation each day and three times out of seven for the last week it indicated a 'Volume Blue Ocean Event' (less than 1,000 km3 sea ice) in the first week of Aug.

    Please note: Short term outlooks like this during a 'free fall' period may not be particularly accurate and natural variability and intensive geoengineering might delay the ice melt. Calving glaciers and ice shelves also cause an increase in sea ice. 

    During the week to 28th July, the Arctic sea ice has apparently grown by 2340 km3…despite 30 – 40 km winds and therefore wave action, mostly above 0ºC temps, and little visual confirmation from satellite photos.

    This is not unusual and it is not natural. However, intensive toxic geoengineering events have little long term effect and will have to be repeated several times in order to avoid a Volume Blue Ocean Event this year – the timing of their covert Arctic geoengineering is critical. When they are intensively spraying the Arctic, they are not spraying elsewhere.

    It appears that we are following the 2013 atmospheric spray programme.

    The only indication of admission about this ongoing intensive toxic geoengineering by most Arctic scientists and watchers has been the increasing number of comments about the "unusual amount of cloud cover" that obscures accurate visual analysis (assuming no photoshopping).

    2.  There has been a dramatic increase in the pink areas on charts (indicating methane levels over 2000ppb) at different altitudes – and primarily over the mainland Siberian permafrost. 

    Joe Neubarth commented on this: 

    '…it sure looks like a major increase in Methane release yesterday (27th July). Will it continue to increase and thus increase the Radiant Heating of the Arctic? If so, will it trigger a two, three or four Gigaton Methane release this summer and massive heat waves over the entire planet a year from now?…We are going to do to ourselves what we have done to millions of other species on the planet.  Extinction is forever.'

    He also recently wrote: 'Here are NOAA's IN SITU methane readings for Barrow Alaska. Note that last year, they cut off every reading that was obviously above 2000 ppb. They effectively erased over 50 percent of the data. That is fine for them, as we know that the Boulder office where all of this data is altered or adulterated is just doing political favors. My personal feeling is that all of the people complicit in this mass data tampering should be tried for Treason and then placed before a firing squad. They are responsible for the deaths of millions of people because their screwing with the data has given corrupt government excuse to do nothing to save the Planet.

    I have written to Congress about NOAA's tampering and pointed out that the Flask measurements confirmed the Satellite Data. So then NOAA stopped posting the Flask Data for months on end. I guess that at least one of the Congressmen called them on this issue. NOAA's way of fixing the problem was by not reporting the data that made things look bad.

    Trump shifted the Satellite reporting from NASA to NOAA so they could block out high readings. NASA would not play that game, so now their employees have been reassigned to paperwork jobs. A foolish waste of High IQ employees who were doing a very good job at NASA.

    As you can see with NOAA, the charts for the satellite data used to rotate over the surface of the Earth as the periodicity of the "12 hour reports" was not in exact sequence with the Earth. Now that is not done, and everything is based upon excluding the hot spot over Eastern Siberia. So you will see either darkness for Eastern Siberia or White out spots where NOAA does not want the high methane readings showing on the Chart. 

    NOAA is corrupt as hell! In 2015..they left a few streams of high data. In 2016 they would not allow any. In 2017 they have allowed two days of streaming high data, but erased all of the rest. Anything to please Trump and his gang of crooks.'

    3.  From Farsnews: 'Nearly 3.3 million Yemeni people, including 2.1 million children, are currently suffering from acute malnutrition. The Al-Saud aggression has also taken a heavy toll on the country’s facilities and infrastructure, destroying many hospitals, schools, and factories.

    Also, according to reports, a total of 2,000 people have also been killed by a cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen since late April, as Saudi Arabia's deadly campaign prevented the patients from travelling abroad for treatment and blocked the entry of medicine into the war-torn country.'

    4Notes to Self (week 29 of104). All that toxic geoengineering effort to control the clathrates under the Arctic sea ice and the mainland permafrost methane releases have taken over. Not surprising, considering the numerous wildfires in Siberia…and Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, etc.

    Monitor Iceland's Katla volcano webcam for a few days 
    Our niece's 19yr old boyfriend has stayed and worked with me the last 6 weeks and we had some good  discussions about the climate and geoengineering.  I asked him how he would live his life if he truly believed that we only had 1 to 4 years before chaos and probable extinction. I also asked about his survival skills – his reply "Well, they're better than most people my age".

    Maybe prospective sons-in-law should be asked these questions – they are far more important than how they would support their wife financially! 

    "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late".  Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803 – 1882.


    • BaneB says:

      Andrew From Scotland:  Great reporting! And I thought EPA was about as corrupt as any agency or department could be, but NOAA is directly involved in the weather warfare programs, the experiments, the collusion, the coverup.  The methane feed back loop is very serious.  I cannot help but wonder if the increase in the white atmospheric glare is due in part to the methane reflecting back to earth the "earthshine."

    • marc says:

      Andrew from Scotland, exceptional post, my friend. Thank you! One cannot help but feel a dreadful certainty that we are perched on the horns of virtually unsolvable dilemma. The Arctic region is a huge f**king place, to use a colloquialism. What would have to happen in orders of magnitude large enough to keep the methane clathrates frozen and in the ground or under the sea? I cannot imagine their chemical ice nucleation orgy in the Arctic being of sufficient magnitude to make a rat's ass of a difference. Because the (warmed) North Atlantic currents, and currents at the Bering Strait are being prodded further northward by rotations of storms, further causing an influx of warm waters into the polar ice region, how in hell might these geniuses account for that? Runaway methane release seems baked into the bigger picture as regards the sheer complexity of the whole Arctic "system", and no amount of chemical nucleation will stave off an apocalypse. 

        I also agree with your comments about putting those data-tamperers in front of firing squads for their complicity. While you're at it, add in every last bastard who has knowingly participated at ANY level in aiding and abetting the massive geoengineering machinery, including the military goons who operate the HAARP/SBX equipment. All of 'em. Sorry, don't care if you thought you were saving the planet. You thought wrong, and now all life on earth, what's left, that is, is careening down a bobsled chute straight into hell.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Hi BaneB, here is an interesting experiment: hold a piece of paper at different distances in front of a torch and you get a larger white light. Comparable to sun : cloud shield : earth?

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      BaneB, meant to add that the same applies to an old type light bulb/slightly yellow orange light and white paper.

  46. anais says:

    Fantastic show this week Dane. Powerfully informative, analytical and energizing.

  47. damon says:

    Thanks again Dane and your guest last night at the Redding Red Lion Inn .I wish more people would understand the very dire situation we are in a right now.  Please everyone here check out flight Rader24 and you will see all the airlines that are involved in this atrocity unless of course the military is flying over you it will not show up.Every other jet that flies over will show up except military or other covert missions flights I wonder why that is ?You will see that every major airline in the world is involved in this. Look up Speak up Wake up!!! Once again Thank you Dane for your enthusiasm and devoition to this very dire situation 

    • BaneB says:

      Damon:  Someone, maybe you,  a few weeks ago posted a link to FlightAware.  I use it whenever I hear a jet flying overhead.  So far only commercial.  None are overtly spraying us here for about 8 weeks, though two day before yesterday at very different altitudes did leave the shorter dissipating aerosols.  What shocked me was the overall picture of ALL airline flights at any given time flying over the US.  And these thousands of jets are pumping out aerosols and particulates 24/7.  Also one has to ask about the consumption of our planet's oxygen supply, what is naturally produced and what tens of millions of autos and tens of thousands of aircraft worldwide are burning up.  And manufacturing processes that use fossil fuels, too.  I have not seen a study.  There surely is one somewhere?  

  48. James says:

    Geoengineering is the biggest threat to life on planet earth. Nothing is as important as stopping it, absolutely nothing. I have never seen so many dead trees and plants dead and dying. This is a world wide catastrophic event. When these plants and trees are gone so is our food and climate. It is my understanding that geo-engineering is creating what we call scorched earth. There will be famine. People do not look up, they do not want to know. The azure blue skies of the western United States are gone. California is a basket case, while the skies are being decimated the homeless arrive in droves in Los Angeles and Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties. They are in tents all along fifth street in Los Angeles as well as surrounding the convention center. It looks like New Delhi India, they defecate all over the sidewalks and parks as well as walking and standing in the painted medians on the streets. People who live in the OC and Riverside have hundreds of them living in local parks defecating on their lawns. 35000 currently of them in LA alone and more arriving daily. Yesterday a homeless woman walked with her arms out in heavy fast moving traffic between the cars   on a 4 lane road. It cost LA county 45 million so far to clean up the huge piles of trash the homeless accumulate and store under overpasses and empty lots. The homeless tragedy and resulting mess is distraction I believe created so people do not realize the famine is coming ever closer. Oh and the local police say their hands are tied and that 80 percent of the homeless are on illegal drugs the rest are mentally unstable, they carry TB and scabies. But the state and cities feed the homeless give them tents and clothes. The police basically said that California is a sanctuary state for the homeless, coming soon to all cities and states.  Welcome to life inside the walls of a dying empire once known as the USA. If I could hitch a ride to another place and time, I would do so in a heartbeat. I am sickened by the apathy all around me here in Southern California. This is all going to get worse in the coming months and I have a front row seat sadly enough. 

    • Dennie says:

      San Rafael now has a Director of Homelessness, Andrew Hening, who worked to help end homelessness in Palo Alto, CA and consults with other cities.  He's worked with a number of agencies here as well as instituting an annual homeless count using citizen "census" takers to find the homeless and interview them, like Becky Kanis, former Army officer and West Point Grad, did:  The problem of homelessness is a symptom, not a cause, of our massive problems.  In a society with massive income inequality and unbelievably expensive real estate (median cost of a single-family house in San Rafael, CA is now < $1million), this is what you can expect.  It shouldn't be surprising.  The homeless are the detritus of an overly complex society that cares not what people feel, only about what they own.  

    • Jeffrey E Fish says:

      So, you position on the homeless is what? I am in Ft. Lauderdale Fla. and it is the same. These people are victims of the root cause of all of our problems. This consumer based, corporate profit scheming, "Petro Giant" controlled, evil construct. It's not their fault. They are just some of the first cracks to appear, along with many others, in this system which is about to fall. I was homeless in 1982-84 when I was in my twenties after a horrible incident and it is a living nightmare. No one would help. These people are desperate and do not have a nice air conditioned home with running water and a toilet. The despair is unimaginable.


    • Dennie says:

      James, Homelessness just ISN'T a LEFT or RIGHT issue.  IT IS A VERY COMPLEX ISSUE THAT MOST STOOPID UHMERICANS CAN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT.  And taking sides is insane.  So think some more about what THAT does.  It's how you start wars.  


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Oh My James. That is So Disturbing !     How Awful.    Is this the way they plan on spreading illnesses in very populated areas? Ofcourse !  I think toilets set up would reduce the spread, or are they all full.   Dr.Tenpenny makes it Clear how important sanitation has had on many illnesses, if not all.  Is this how low we have become?  What a Shame.  

  49. Susan Ferguson says:

    Good work, Dane! As always.
    In my view, I can feel what is coming. “…we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ ”  The confluence of increasing reports of extreme weather and polar meltdown appearing in the monopoly corporate media, coupled with a plethora of articles on how geoengineering will “save us” are evidence that soon these ratzoids will push to indoctrinate the public into believing that they must accept geoengineering. Never mind the consequences of the lithium, aluminum, strontium, barium, coal fly ash, and fungi-based nanoparticles we are breathing every moment, and that are destroying our immune system. No mention that this has been on going for 50+ years. As Thomas Ackerman at the University of Washington, said in a recent article: “We’re talking about some kind of new world in terms of the ethical issues,” Ackerman said. “But for climate, we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ We are altering the climate already.  It’s now a case of ‘the lesser of two evils.’ “
    Was his statement an admission? "We are altering the climate already."  Until enough people stand up and insist these operations be halted, we will see ever increasing amounts of transmitted radiation and toxic materials being dispersed in deformed clouds around the planet. We have been officially warned by the minions of the elite, Gates, etc.  “…we’re no longer in an era of ‘do no harm.’ ”  However, as public awareness appears to be diminishing under a continual milky-haze blanket of lithium, chemical toxic food, ubiquitous cell towers, mindless entertainment, and endless stooge propaganda that even Edward Bernays could never have imagined, what chance does our beloved planet have? Still we must not give up, we must stand against this blatantly demonic insane evil omnicide by the corporate elite criminal cabal. No matter what happens, the effort to expose the heinous atrocities taking place in our once beautiful, now starless skies is right, true, Righteous.


  50. Christine Hudgins says:

    I've tried to tell all my friends on FB and Twitter but not one of them will look or even comment. Yesterday, after I posted 2 sets of pictures of chem-trails and the info with them and my internet was denied me.
    I see it, I feel it and am deeply worried. I don't have much money but could someome tell me the best place to go to where it might be safer. I live in Nags Head, NC so could someone tell me of a safer place to live that is fairly cheap. They spray us everyday here – it's really bad. My name is Christine. Thank you!

    • James says:

      I also want to leave but it looks like the spraying is worldwide. I have been watching travel videos on YouTube and the days even in Guatemala look hazy. I have also been reading the comments here on Danes site for over a year and people from all over the world have commented that they are being sprayed like bugs. 

    • Dennie says:

      A few years back, a friend in Florida said it wasn't so bad there, like it was in L.A. where he was living and working (he went back to L.A., Topanga Canyon).  He wanted to move to Costa Rica because they "don't have a military" (no, they just use ours…) and there was relatively little to no spraying.  I don't think that's true any longer.  The one thing I did read here was that Ecuador banned the spraying and their military has orders to shoot down any aircraft caught doing it. 

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      The spraying is worldwide. The spraying is worldwide. This is a planetary operation. No escape unless we people stop it. The milky haze is increasing.


    • BaneB says:

      Christine:  Not to pile on with further bleak cynicism, but there really is no place to go to get away from the weather warfare terrorists.  At least you reside by the ocean, and you are facing out to a ocean that produces oxygen and contains no polluting cities.  That could be considered a plus in a world that is seeking the lowest common denominator.  While we concentrate on the visual impacts of aerosol nano particulates, we sometimes forget there is the unseen powerful microwave manipulations of these particulates.  We do observe the Frankensteinian fake clouds this creates.  These Doppler facilities dotting the nation are involved in storm creation and suppression of rain.    The technology is rapidly moving into the barely comprehendable, clasped solely in the talons of the high priesthood of science and the Pentagram.  There is no where free of these psychopaths and their weather machine.  The situation requires us to stand up in our communities to expose these monsters.  Arm yourself with information, go to local council meetings, and get in their face.  It's far easier than moving away.

    • Dan G says:

      I don't believe you can run . I have moved three times the last 18 Mon and everywhere people are completely ignorent flying the flag and talking of the next big hunt or fish that got away . Right in front of the eyes young trees are bowing over like rubber . Sprague River no exceptions . My wife son and daughter suggest I seek counseling and then maybe we could reconcile . Maybe I have lost my mind .

    • Gretchen Thomas says:

      Christine, unfortunately, running and hiding is not an option, unless you are a soulless globalist subspecies criminal with too much money and an underground bunker in Paraguay, and not enough courage or honor to participate in the paradigm shift and its aftermath. The only way forward is accurately perceiving the truth and caring enough to do our part in spreading that truth everywhere we go and to anyone we talk to. FB is controlled by the criminals and should not be our primary avenue of disseminating information to the uninformed. I don't, and never will, FB, social media is cleverly created by social engineers as another way to violate our rights and learn how to better control us.

      Knowledge give us the courage and power to fully face reality, to leave behind the people and their preconceived biases and beliefs they so bullheadedly refuse to question; let alone, contradict. We are in this together, there is strength in numbers which grows by the day. Exposing climate engineering to the uninformed is our obligation; and evident or not, every effort we make has an effect. Think positive and move on past the willful ignorance and denial; hey, you tried, right? Not much more you can do there; trust me, there are a lot of accepting and grateful people out there to cross paths with that want to hear the truth. An informational flyer is an excellent tool to hand someone who never heard of geoengineering; or to someone who knows and only talks amongst their circle of friends anymore to avoid being ridiculed, as I'm sure all of us have, by willfully ignorant close-minded people.

      The ones who know and aren't doing their part… I love crossing paths with them, asking them whose job it is to raise awareness, and how not speaking up makes them a part of the problem. Just the other day, I crossed paths with one, I handed him a flyer, gave him my spiel, and he told me he's only focusing on things like the oceans and coral reefs to avoid the ridicule. I informed him that geoengineering is a major causal factor in the death of both the coral reefs and the oceans. With a look of realization on his face the only thing he could say was, "thank you." 


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Dan G — You have not lost your mind. Those who see and speak the Truth are often ridiculed and worse. I understand how tragic and painful for you it must be to be alienated from your family. But know that it is you who are not DELUDED as are so many, and hold fast to that Truth. Use your faith in whatever form to strengthen your resolve. The Truth does set us Free. We all take courage from Dane and his relentless adamantine Will. 

    • horsegirl says:

      We just escaped from what recently became an exceedingly hideous zone.  We have been comparing webcam pictures from throughout the Americas with an emphasis on latin America. Some places are definitely worse than others.  All cities of any size are out of the question.  Guatemala is being pounded for reasons that escape us.  Some places in Latin America look relatively decent – you can still make out detail and contour in the hills and mountains.  I'm not saying there's any sure bet or refuge but a lot can be learned from local webcams.  The US seems to look the worst of anywhere with the exception of all cities worldwide, particularly any in the northern latitudes.  We can't encourage people enough to run from a lot of these places.  We have had an amazing and rapid health turnaround after vacating southern Arizona.

  51. Rhonda says:

    Thank you Dane, for another powerful report.

    Please, please, please! Who is responsible for the rapid placement of this multitude of towers?!! They are going up EVERYWHERE and seemingly overnight! You never see them being constructed. We wake up and there they are!! And what is the purpose exactly?! It is terrifying and yet no one seems to notice or care!

    Thank you so much for all you do. I pray for you and your family daily. Stay safe and keep the faith.

    • James says:

      They are being built under the guise of being cell phone repeaters. They often hide them by disguising them as trees. Look hard you will see them everywhere. 

    • One says:

      yes,,, this Towers ( or Fake Cellphone Towers are spreading , also called Killer towers, Gwen towers, all implemented by goverment of course…) look up youtube for more videos… It is ultimate weapon of mass killing… 🙁 🙁


    • BaneB says:

      Rhonda:  TIA = TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS.  We might as well have been invaded by Aliens from another planet.  It's insidious and deigned for our total enslavement.  

  52. michael says:

    Hey Dane mention the cease fire of Syria….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michael, you suggestion is, of course, valid. I am certainly keeping an eye on the Syrian situation, always, and will try to update on that in the next broadcast. There is so much unfolding on so many fronts, just not enough time to cover it all. Lets keep our eyes to the horizon.

  53. Gary D says:

    There was a rain bomb that hit Washington DC during the past several days. Cool low pressure from Eastern Canada met the moisture laden too warm air over the Atlantic and the skies opened. Three inches fell within an hour. Trump was in his usual rhetorically challenged mode fielding questions outside in the torrential downpour, shielded only by an umbrella a hapless aid provided. It was a fine metaphor if there ever was one, of the latest reincarnation of the presidential puppet, sounding off on platitudes while the real world crumbles or in this case floods around him. It will be most amusing to see his Florida mansion being inundated with the Atlantic in the not too distant future. The weather warriors most likely did the deluge to distract from the White House gong show.

  54. ron hall says:

    Dane: Below is a dramatic, voiceless 9 minute video done in 2011, therefore the word "chemtrail". The people who made this voiceless video listed EVERY COUNTRY that they found doing aerosol spraying. I assume, of course, they did not command the levels of knowledge that you have-i.e., ionospheric heaters and the now breathtaking scope of 'WEATHER- WEAPONIZING",etc.. Yet there remain too few of us barely interested as we sail "through the guard rail".  My questions are essentially two:     Since regular climate controlling countries are all of Europe, Australia, USA, Canada and irregular spraying of South American countries, my assumption would be that it is US controlled: would you agree?  The other question is a nagging feeling that Russia and China and/or India may now be involved.  That raises a whole can of worms. Would this all be coordinated? By whom? Or are we at War? Period.   Or is the opacity/complexity to much? I remain fuzzy on this.   BTW, Great talk!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, in regard to your question, the attached link may fill in some blanks. A sobering read, FYI

  55. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and all my friends I haven't met yet,

    Dane, thank you for organizing and hosting the event in Redding.

    I am on a bus right now heading back home to northern washington. Wow. It's been quite the adventure this weekend going to and participating in the awareness event in Redding. I was very honered to say to many in attendance, "hello, my friend that I have now met". It was like we have known each other for a long time. I got to give a hug to Mary Hollowell. She flew all the way from the east coast. I met Jane Tande, check out her utube channel. She got a hug too. I met Bob West from northern oregon. Many other folks walked up to me and said, "hello, my friend I have now met". I guess I looked like a fish out of water just like I wrote(grin). It was nice to see that people are paying attention to my trivial writings. Being in Redding and meeting sooooo many kind, aware, awake people was just what the doctor ordered. I will write more soon. I have a few things I want to express about the congregation of so many great people. Right now I am suffering from lack of sleep and my head is little scrambled.

    Love to you all,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Wow, a hug from Mary Hollowell, that would be worth the trip in itself. I actually consider her to be "Family" I haven't met Yet! I wish I could have made it down to Redding this time around to meet her. Getting together with my actual family is like walking on eggshells these days. I consider All of our friends we haven't met yet to be family. Thank you for making the trip Mike. My trip to Redding a couple of years ago for "Geoeengineering a Clear and Present Danger" was inspiring to say the least. Dane was a most gracious host and went out of his way for me. I will forever be one of his front line soldiers in this battle.

      Until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity!

    • – sending out a big round of virtual hugs & good will – And please see my post at 7:08 AM

    • nobodies fool says:

      Not a word that you write, not a breath that you take, Simple Horseman, is "trivial". Of such hearts are eternities constructed. 

  56. Seeing Clearly  says:

    Hello All 

    An elaboration on what is considered geoengineering and what is not.

    First of all geoengineering is intentional or deliberate.

    I noticed a contradiction and misunderstanding of when an infringement on the climate is engineering and when it is geo-disruption.

    Geoengineering is the deliberate intervention of the environment to result in a desired outcome.

    A burning smokestack is not engineering this is not to say it isn't geo-disrupting the climate, however, if the person burning the smokestack in their backyard has no intentions or agendas in engineering the climate in any way, it cannot rationally speaking be considered geoengineering it's the engineering part, that is why I say this.

    You have to be engineering something for you to be operating a geoengineering procedure.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Seeing Clearly.
      the use of the term ( by the Fkrs that are destroying the Earth ); "geoengineering" or "engineering" the Climate, is a way of creating confusion. We are assisting NOT to a Climate modification, but instead to the destruction of our Life support Systems, on Planet Earth ( and without Atmosphere, no Climate ). These Systems are; the Forests ( Trees ), which are connected with the rain cycles, with the existence of the OZONE gas, with CO2 levels, and with O2 levels ( and Trees are fresh Water reservoirs, and give fruit ). The Oceans ( which are connected with the rain cycles, with CO2 levels, with O2 levels, with the patterns of the Winds, and because of the O2 they are connected also with the existence of the OZONE gas ). Rivers and Continental Wetlands, Swamps, Mangroves, etc.., which All together are connected with the previous Natural systems. And the Blood that runs in the "Body" of these Great Natural Systems, are the Animals.
      Atmospheric Humidity brings Rain, and the evaporation of Rain is the only way of cooling down the Planet.
      "they" are stealing OUR Rain.
      We are witnessing to the Climate destruction.
      And it is very interesting to notice that some decades ago, the nebulosity formation which covered the Earth through the year was much lesser than the covering of ""clouds"" we have today, and we have had in the past much more rain per year ( in ALL the World ), falling in the right places with the right intensity. This can be confirmed ( the images about the "nebulosity" which is covering the Earth, past and present ) by the nasa pictures. Another thing, we have now more "cloud" covering with less RAIN, and MORE heat. The cloud covering is a way of keeping the HEAT in the lower Troposphere.
      The goal is the creation of a TOXIC bubble, a pseudo atmosphere, and Water scarcity, for total OPPRESSION of the ones which will survive this MADNESS, if some one can.
      We know about that.

  57. Lorna Couillard says:

    First, thank you for the work you are doing, and the stand your taking. I am finding the same reactions from people in my area, apathy, and putting their heads in the sand. It is sad to watch, because I know the day is soon coming when they will have to face what is coming upon us all.
    As you were speaking of Julien Assange, I struggled with whether to say anything to you of what I believe has happened to him. I've been following him and the events about him since early last year. I know you are a busy man, but I hope you may find the time to look at these videos.


    • BaneB says:

      Rhonda:  Thank you for those links!  I have for some time, since the visit to London of John Kerry back in 2016, believed in the real probability that Assange was "neutralized, and is no longer at the embassy.  Until I see over the top convincing proof of his existence at this point in time I will stick with what occurred at that time during the two weeks surrounding the Kerry visit. The Equadorians were told to shut down Assange.  He was destroying Hillary's campaign lies by exposing the digital facts.  My gut feeling is Wiki-leak has been subsumed by the spooks.  Given the technology now available and that which is at the leading edge to which we are not privey, the grand illusion of truth is packaged and we are none the wiser.  Yes, that Hannity interview is utterly a fake.  Which says to me Hannity too is a spook, assigned to journalism.  Is Assange dead?  For all intents and purposes from my perspective he is.  Held somewhere, incarcerated?  I think the Hannity "interview," AFTER the odd stuff going on at the Equadorian Embassy, and the evacuation of the terminal at the London Airport (not Heathrow), was to quash the vigorous rumors and assertions that Assange was forcefully removed from the embassy.  It was and still is, not unlike the 9-11 con, classic deception on the public.  

    • BaneB says:

      Lorna:  Sorry about the handle name mix up!  To you I say thanks for those most revealing links.  I did not know about the "green screen" fakery.

  58. Wanda Allen says:

    As always Dane thank you for all the hours and effort, it seems people are more determined than ever to not open their eyes. It can never be said that you haven't done all you could.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      We all have to do our part collectively in regards to facing global  issues.

      As Dane says we must all do our part to salvage what we may have left of the earths life support systems.

  59. frank reps says:

    Please do not expect the recently elected POTUS to turn the tide.  I believe Trump's turn about on his major campaign promises is due to either one…or both of the following reasons ;  The elites have some real " dirt " on his past activities, { Trump is reputed to have said that ; " Epstein really knows how to have a good time "  }  which Trump  may not want revealed….or Trump  and his extended family have been seriously  threatened { somewhat like Ross Perot's withdrawal from his presidential race } because of threats to his person and family.  Ordinary people can help alert others to the dangers of geo engineering by accessing the Donate section of Dane's website.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Hello Frank Reps and All,

      Based on research I've done in regards to Donald Trump someone I felt represented me politically turns out to be that the Trump administration was never about to be legitimate to begin with. 

      I was not exposed to the whole picture before the election and I regret supporting Donald Trump due to all his behavioral and political toxicity.

      For more posts in regards to Trump click permalinks below and wait a few seconds.

      • July 26, 2017 at 11:07 am

      • July 26, 2017 at 11:31 am

  60. C.J. says:

    There will be no way to be sure. If  indeed all of  the mass's can be awakened.

    What's next.

    More suicide

    More Homeless

    More of everything

    I do agree with the WTFU deal

    To be clear.

    The mass do not get it though.

    They are breathing it in, yet it is all just GREAT. Fairy Tail Times.

    Nothing to see here though FOLK'S

    Just >>>>>>

    Back Away


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