Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 21, 2020, #241


Dane Wigington

So many factors are so far past the breaking point. How can we know the true extent of what is unfolding around the world? For so many, the paradigm they have always known has been completely overturned at blinding speed. Will the gravity and immediacy of the challenges we face begin to become apparent to a higher percentage of the population? Can we still make a difference if we collectively join the effort to fully expose the insanity? We must alter our current course over the edge of the abyss, time is not on our side. Eyes wide open, the latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

For so many, the reality they now face is already beyond what they previously thought possible. If there is a silver lining in the unfolding and accelerating societal unraveling, an awakening is occurring. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

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  1. Dennie says:

    Too many coincidences from all the events taken place on the October 18, 2019 date not to consider seriously that the COVID-19 pandemic was planned ahead.  This looks too much like 9-11 (drill gone live) and we all know what that was all about and how that all turned out.    

    • Wendy says:

      You are so correct! Just like Event 201 on 10/18/19, sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates.  When there is a drill, there is an excellent chance of a LIVE event. 

  2. Joe says:

    What going on right now, reminds me of the unveiling of the American Stonehenge March 1980 we're Robert C Christian and Friends made the Monument of granite stating population control, eugenics with the these super rich rich people know and is now. On it's way. Dane told us and yet so few listened,  Now its here the words on that Granite Surface stating the population of the world was written in stone warning us all of their intentions and we shrugged are shoulders and thought nothing more about it. I wish more people would of acknowledge this site, especially the mainstream media. We might not be in the seriousness of are current situation. Thank you Dane, I am so angry, I mean ANGRY! Because  I  should have done more myself and I'm  ashamed to admit it I got tired of being dismissed by friends and family. I stopped talking to people about this geoengineering  problem, I  started so committed and just stopped, sorry Dane I  feel I let you down, and your still fighting that's why I'm so ashamed.

    Dane I'd like to say I'm sorry!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joe, very glad to have you back on the front lines with us. I completely understand about the battle fatigue you experienced, it happens to us all. Lets keep marching forward in the fight, it is our combined efforts that can yet make a  difference. Even with the “social distancing” factor, we can still each do an immense amount of good by sharing data from our own home computers. The undercurrrent of awareness is growing rapidly, lets keep stoking the fire.

  3. Joe Ceonnia says:

    This just my opinion I have no sources or no proof but I think this whole virus thing has something to do with the whole geoengineering of the planet that thin The Herd, all this spraying and quite honestly who really knows which in the formula of this right is it the virus itself funny how they plant these walls to tell us that so many people will be on the planet by such and such a Time, or maybe just my paranoia or my lack of trust of our own government Karma where's just maybe the craziness of the super rich and Elite but whatever it is I believe this is no accident. Again this is my opinion it's my personal opinion but I wish somebody would look into it because all angles must be investigated I don't believe in coincidences there's been way too many coincidences certain people died professors die people with good intentions with hi morals seem to pass. Like Professor Mallow he died by trying to get out the truth about energy about cold fusion and how that was a real thing of the future he ended up dead as well from the MIT where all the bright thinkers are supposed to be. Oh I know it's our best and brightest people in the people to do some whistleblowing all seem to have fatal accidents like two bullets to the Head type suicides again I don't believe in coincidences or two bullets suicides. Again this is just my opinion I have no proof. What what's really going on??

  4. RandylJ says:

    To Be or not to Bee?

    We are all facing this question now in various forms. I was walking by one of RV park fruit trees in beautiful cherry blossom bloom and stopped to look for bees. I saw a little ‘fuzzy one’ landing on a blossom to collect nector. Then my mind asked, ‘Where are the others’? That’s all I saw – One!

    We must wake up! Now! We are going to be the ‘Bee’!  We need each other to survive and we need to stay focused on the “Now”!

    I met a friend at the laundromat. Our RV park doesn’t have one. My friend is one person out of so many who actually ‘believes’ when I explain how pathogens don’t just ‘jump from 10,000 miles to another place overnight. Something has to carry them and spread them. Look Up! My friend understands and agrees! But most don’t and are still living the utopian idea that “in a few weeks, all will return to status quo”!

    Meanwhile – there are NO eggs to be found. The grocery stores get eggs at 7 pm on Saturday. (Sounds like WWII) You have to get in line. (Early am is supposedly for ‘seniors’ but no one pays attention to that idea.) It’s first shove, first served.

    Toilet paper, paper towels, and whatever else has been on the “Store List” for several weeks – may or may not arrive in a delivery.

    Today I counted a dozen Unmarked Refrigerator Trucks – a convoy of sorts, heading towards our small town. My mind suddenly grasped the idea of various distribution centers around the country – no longer owned or operated by one chain or company. A lot has shifted in just a few weeks. How long have They been planning this?

    North Carolina came up on the CDC schedule of when COVID-19 is supposed to ‘peak’ as to States, and it looks like “May-June” for us. How the heck do They know? Everything is pointing towards a Very orchestrated process! Knowledge isn’t always power, but I’d rather at least know what’s going on. I guess most people would rather guess. Meanwhile, I point them to Dane and to GEW and to look UP!

  5. jodi says:

    I agree with you about being mindless order follers. My fear as martial law continues and steals more of our rights that fact that during martial law THE CONSTITUTION WILL BE SUSPENDED AND THEN THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW. WE WILL NOT HAVE THE RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH OR FOR DUE PROCESS (HABEAUS CORPUS) AND CAN BE DETAINED FOR ANY REASON FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME. In other words if we dare to stand up and buck the system we can be thrown in jail and the key be thrown away. I think the answer is to get out of the cities NOW if you can. Less people =more time,Less people also = less ruthless authorities bent on imprisoning Americas people for no reason. I cannot think of ANY REASON ANY OF US SHOULD STAY IN A BIG CITY so we can be subject to this type of future. just think about it folks. Its here.. its real..and its very very bad

  6. B Eaton says:

    Update from New Hampshire. They are still spraying here. Total white out skies, barely any bright sunshine. It was up to 70* a few days ago but we got 6" of snow overnight (seems all storms are overnight, under the cover of darkness). Today was 50* again.  The large grocery stores have "senior" 60+ hours Tues-Wed-Thur from 5:30-7:00 am. Ugh I told my other half – who the hell gets up that early?  We had a sizeable list as we only shop every 2-3 weeks and I freeze alot of meals for reheating.  So he set the alarm and we got up at 4:30 so we could get ready and be at the store for 5:30 when it opened.  What a surprise when we got there! There were ALOT of people already inside and lots more walking down the sidewalk to enter as they only had one entrance open. I said to him "reminds me of 1984, look at all the zombies herding in line like lambs to a slaughter"  Some had masks, some had gloves. One look around and I didn't want to be there!!  As we shopped for our food we saw that most of the convenience easy cook items like mac & cheese, beans, canned soups, etc were empty. I was lucky to get the last jar of my fav Jif Natural peanut butter!!   There were so many people in that store and in all aisles that you could NOT even attempt to keep 6 feet away from anyone!!  I tried to thank the cashier and bagger (both college boys since schools are closed) and they looked at me like I was from outer space!  We couldn't wait to get out of there.  We had to throw out the plastic bags (we could not bring in our own) and wash hands, face, arms and put our clothes in the hamper too.  If one person in that store has the virus then 1000 or more were exposed in the hour we were there.  Talk about herd mentality (lol horseman) it was evident today. Gather all the 60+ together in stores.  If the infection rate doesn't go up with these ideas I'll be surprised.  I know we won't be doing that again.  We'll go during regular hours when there are alot less people to run into.  Geesus I don't trust anything they tell us to do except stay away from others.  How do we know that some of those "oldies" didn't just return from a trip or cruise?  The car next to us had Massachusetts plates – they have a stay at home order – so they come up here to roam freely among us and spread their germs.  We're not going to our camp in Maine because our county has the most cases up there.  My son who lives paycheck to paycheck is losing his job Friday. A used car dealership who has no business right now and can't keep the doors open any longer. He cares for his aunt, my 81 year old sister.  Without his pay they will be a total world of chaos, without any kindness. 

    • Dennie says:

      Here's a great COVID-19 tracker since the first case appeared in California:  It also tracks cases nationally.  For every confirmed case there are at least 11 more unconfirmed cases.  I am thankful that my symptoms are mostly done and over with today, eleven days after it first made its presence known, and now I have immunity to this dread thing that could have been so very much worse (I'm over 60).  Yes, I have temporarily lost my students, there is also no school so no coaching at the middle school, and I'm still waiting for my iPad so I can start teaching online so there's no money coming in from my work until then.  Thank goodness my housemate is a programmer for a video gaming company and they're busier than ever right now.  I'm depending on the rent he pays so I can keep the lights on here. 

  7. Awareness Now says:

    These Air Quality Districts are frauds, 
    HERE'S WHY …

    The US EPA only measures 6 "Regulated" "Common Criteria Air Pollutants:"
    1 Carbon Monoxide
    2 Nitrogen Dioxide
    3 Sulphur Dioxide
    4 Lead
    5 Ozone
    6 Particulate Matter [PM 2.5 & PM 10]. 
    AQI Index Numbers are provided only for Ozone & Particulate Matter.

    EPA does not measure Radioactive Materials, Heavy Metals, etc., Benzene, Methane, Hydrogen, Formaldehyde, Carbon Dioxide [these are some common fire emissions] nor any of the 189 Hazardous Air Pollutants [aka Toxic Air Pollutants]  for Air Quality Index. 

    Partial list of 189  hazardous air pollutants is here [NONE of these pollutants are included in AQI Index numbers] :
    [Note: See also
    Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM) | Radiation Protection | US EPA
    Nov 30, 2018 · radionuclides or radioactive elements as they occur in nature, such as radium, uranium, thorium, potassium, and their radioactive decay products decay products].

  8. steve says:

    It's time for disclosure. You have meticulously connected the critical dots, but people deserve to know the bitter, brutal truth behind your repeated statement, “like a tornado in the night.” The vast majority, indulging themselves with big macs and smartphones, will ignore you anyway.
    Salt Lake City, Utah, Croatia, and now Russia with a 7.5! magnitude quake.
    You may very well be the one to give the order. The military and politicians won't.
    Knowingly permitting the criminal lock down of healthy, innocent women and children in complete darkness and ignorance is immoral and cowardly. There is right and wrong, especially, with the quality and quantity of research you have undertaken.
    The last peoples to probably know about this rare, but cyclical, phenomenon were the Native Indians of the Americas. Most likely, that's why they were exterminated, along with their god-given knowledge and wisdom.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I completely agree with what you have contributed here. Blatantly 'and' between the lines. Maybe like you, you connect the dots between "Native Indian" folk lore and the "cyclical phenomenon" you mention. I doubt Native americans were genocided because they knew of the cycle. I'd say more that they were done away with because their life style did not have a profit margin built in. Anyone representing "money and profit" lost their souls centuries ago if not longer. The Cascadia subduction zone "is" one HUGE variable in this equation we all will face in the "could, may, might be" future. It's a little over due for sure. But what amazes me is how much energy is transferred shall we say to the north of and the south of this region. Also another food for thought, "our oh so knowing and mighty geo engineers love volcanoes". A cascadia "event" WILL set off much volcanic activity. Who knows, we here in the pacific northwest just might get to have the next mount everest. No. wait, it's not a volcano. Never mind, nothing to look at here. I dread the day if it ever comes in my life time. I will lose my entire family when or if it happens. I will be the soul survivor. I remember back in 6th grade choosing what "class" I wanted to take for summer school. I chose geology. 4 geology classes and two very good teachers since. I think I know what I am seeing in real time. "We are definitely in uncharted waters". Like I wrote a few days ago, I hope our Mother has a few tricks up her sleeve that we don't kow about. And if some mad scientist does and does not come forward, then we all get what is coming to us as a collective. My biggest heart burn in all of this is the fact that the stupid sheeple will take us down with them in one form or another. "We're all connect", there's no way around that fact of nature. Lord willing there will be pockets of humanity that survive what is inevitable. Always thought it interesting that Einstein said that he did not know what the 3rd global conflict would be fought with but he knew for sure that the next one would be fought with sticks and rocks. "Now there's some terms that even a common person could understand, right?" Doesn't seem to be the case in the good o'l US of A Inc. How many times are americans going to allow the "bail outs" to go directly into corporate pockets instead of our own pockets? Don't know about you folks, but I'd sure like to get 'my' hands on some of that free out of thin air money. The corruption of our money system never ceases to amaze me… "I'm wasted and I can't find my way home"…..

  9. Black Cat Italy says:

     Zero Hedge might have reported the deaths in Italy had gone down but it was a "one day wonder". The deaths went up again yesterday!

    Today (25.3.20) We have planes going back and forth across the valley for the last hour. Turning back and forth above the cloud cover. As I reported previously, they have said it will snow. It did yesterday as scheduled and now they say it will snow again today! We sense the air is toxic because we feel it in the oesophagus and heart areas.  We don't know what is in that mix after the COVID 19 that was probably sprayed on Italy (and others).. I note from the newspaper here that Pescara had the most cases. Pescara is a city on the Adriatic coast and the planes normally spray out to sea and they arrive inland in the afternoon. Could it be where it came from to infect so many in one place.  I also note from the UK that there is only one tiny county in the very centre of the UK that does not have any cases (Rutland). Yet, even the Highlands of Scotland, they have cases, where population is sparse and people are less likely to have been to areas affected. It all points to it being sprayed on the population from above. 

    I watched a video last night of an Italian called Roberto Quaglia (a writer) who put forward all the so called "coincidences" that abound at the moment and said "why are we not looking at investigating this as a bioweapon". Anyone who tries to ask the question is demonized or even arrested. 

    I saw yesterday in the Jerusalem Post that an Israeli doctor working in Italy has said that "they will not be helping anyone of age 60 or over now. They won't give them access to a respiratory machines. Sounds like euthanasia to me. If they don't get you with the drugs for coronavirus, they won't help you breathe so you die anyway.


  10. Duane Martin says:

    "Everyone of you listening to my voice, tell the world, tell this to everybody wherever the are. Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep watching the skies!"  –  The Thing – Director Christian Nyby (1951)


  11. Dana Andrusik says:

    I live in Baltimore.  Our weather forecast is Cloudy for 14 of the next 16 days.  Who needs vitamin D anyway?  Better to breathe in microns of aluminum and plastic.

    Face it-we live in 1984 NOW!

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "Herd mentality". That's a term I have seen flung around in the condemning mainstream media. Here's what I know first hand about herd mentality.. Many of you know I ran sled dogs for 20 years. In the dog world most know about the "parvo" bug. My kennel was done in with that bug. I lost most of 3 good liters of champions to that bug.  The ones that survived passed the "immunity" down to their pups. The last 10 years I ran sled dogs, I ran only the ones I raised. By the way, we rocked, not on a timed coarse but trekking through the "wilderness". Life should be an adventure. I'm sure all my canine friends would agree. My bout with parvo was in the early 90's. I haven't given an "injection" since. To any of the creatures that depend on me. They have proven what should be proper protocol. I have not had "any" bout with any "problem bug" since I stopped taking a needle to my friends I count on in tight situations. I haven't lost one since adopting a strict belief. Augustas McCray said, you must go where the flow of mother nature takes you. It's not easy being a "lonesome dove". I've never before felt closer to my creator.

    We must NOT make a knee jerk, "emotional" responses concerning the equation we all are facing. Please tell me if I am wrong and how I am wrong. Maybe it's just me, being that I like to think 3 or 4 steps ahead of what I will be walking into. Options always open.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Correction: I meant to write herd "immunity".

      Maybe some day soon I will write about "herd mentality".

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      You make perfect sense, Simple Horseman! The vaccine industry has used the myth of herd immunity in an effort to have everyone vaccinated with their poisons. I stopped having my cat vaccinated, and she is thriving. I no longer take flu shots (as of 4 or 5 years ago) and absolutely no vaccines, both of which weaken our immune systems! I dread the day we are marching toward when the criminal thugs in charge try to force vaccines on everyone. Even at this late date, presenting evidence about pharmaceuticals to friends doesn't convince them, they are so brainwashed. People just roll over and take whatever comes their way, putting themselves and the rest of us in danger. Thank you for your good (and interesting!) posts. All best to you and everyone on this thread.

  13. Larry says:

    I agree 100% and think we should put a stop to it!

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ZeroHedge: GOOD NEWS!
    Italy's Civil Protection Agency just reported a second straight drop in new cases, offering some hope to Italians, and the global community, as the government in Rome has been desperately struggling to slow the outbreak.
    … And after cases seemed to hit a blow-off top over the last two weeks after a streak of grim consecutive numbers where Italy was reporting nearly 1,000 deaths a day, those numbers are finally coming down.
    According to health officials, the number of new deaths reported on Monday dropped to 601, down from 655. The number of new cases climbed to 63,927, from 59,138, while the Italian death toll hit 6,078. Total cases stand just shy of 64,000 one day after the Italian government went "full Wuhan" and decided to shut down industrial production across the country to try and force wider compliance with its social distancing recommendations.
    More encouraging videos are going viral as Italians rally their spirits to confront the virus. One video of opera singers entertaining a neighborhood caught the world's attention on Twitter.


    VSF:  Dr.Richard Cheng in Shanghai says that the virus has plateaued and probably in the declining stage.
    I realize no one believes the Chinese numbers, but what if this is true.
    Maybe the spread in the USA could settle down by July?
    In time for taxes… July 15 now.
    Video below:

  15. Black Cat Italy says:

    Dane mentioned last week that the coronavirus didn't do so well in warm temperatures. Well, here in Central Italy we have had temperatures in the 70-75F range for a few weeks. BUT, yesterday, the meteo said we are going to get winter now, with snow even on the plains and the temperature dropping as much as 15 degs! Even below freezing in some parts!. We saw a flurry of snow this afternoon after it being tee shirt weather for days and high pressure. So, obviously a chemical cool down designed to keep the coronavirus going for as long as possible!

  16. Black Cat Italy says:

    Here in Central Italy we are on TOTAL LOCK DOWN.  This is what we are having to put up with and we don't for how many more months!

    I had to go on my own because ONLY ONE person allowed to go in the car at any time. I have to have a special declaration to travel, filled out for the police check if I am stopped.

    I have to wear a mask and gloves at all times while out in the car and in shops. 

    This is what I have to put on the form for the police: 

    Your full name. Where you were born. The address you are resident at. Your cell phone number (I don't give it). Your document of Identification number (Identity card no). (And with our new ID card in Italy you have to now give fingerprints in order to renew it!). You have to state the place you are traveling from and the place you traveling to. The journey can only take place if it is necessary for the following: your work, a necessary situation like buying necessities, for purposes of a health appointment or visit the pharmacy, or to return to your place of domicile or place where you live.  If it is for work you have to give when you start and when you intend to return to re-enter your home. You have to date the form and give the hour of signing.  It is to be signed by the person and by the Police! Every time you need to go out. So, we have not been out. I managed to buy about 3 weeks shopping today.

    When re-entering the home. You have to take off your shoes, disinfect them. Leave your bag, keys and wallet in the hallway. Take off your coat and put it somewhere else outside the house. You have to disinfect anything you have touched and where your bag has been put down. So I have to go around to disinfect all the door handles etc. where I have had touch. Take off your clothes. Take a shower or at the very least wash all exposed skin and hair! If you have pets like a dog you are supposed to disinfect their feet!!! That would probably kill them! I don't do that with our cats. Yet people have their mobile phones with them in the queues and they are the worst for transferring infection, The virus can survive on the phone for about 96 hours. So if you have one wipe it down with alcohol etc. It feels like a war situation or is this fascism and a police state?

    I left to get the food shopping this morning at 9.30 am and got back to the house at 1.30 pm. That was going to two supermarkets and a little shop. ALL the shops, bars and restaurants are closed and many businesses. Only the supermarkets and the pharmacies are still open.  The post offices have been closed but now are opening every other day.  The banks shut for a while too but luckily I got some cash beforehand.  I am exhausted and hope I won't have to go again for three weeks. 

    I notice that the Fauci has come out and said that the Scripps Institute have done a study and say that the COVID 19 was not a manmade virus engineered in the lab. Smells like a cover up again.  The media have tried to block everything that has been said about it having HIV inserts. Of course, Bill Gates is funding PureVac and they have been doing research in HIV. The hospitals in Italy have been treating the Covid 19 hospitalized patients with a cocktail of HIV antivirals. Coincidence? I think not.  Also, I am beginning to see that the drugs they are using to treat the Covid 19 patients in hospital (some of which are experimental and have never been licensed or approved anywhere globally).  One of the drugs (Tocilizumab, the main warning on side effects reported on is "infection, hospitalization and death (among about 5 pages of side effects)" Another drug they have used is Remdesivir which has never been licensed or approved globally and not for that type of disease). So, if these drugs are given to patients in an Intensive Care situation there is a pretty good chance they will end up dead. Most of them are already suffering at least two or three other health conditions and probably too weak to stand these drugs. One of which had been used for Ebola in Africa.

    The more you research the worse it gets.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Black Cat Italy, Thank you… I appreciate the time and effort you took to inform all of us of what is happening in your neck of the woods. Pardon me, cuz no one has out right said it, but what you have contributed just down right smacks of the late 1930's through the mid/late 1940's. Not exactly good times world wide.

      There's a big part of me that literally wishes our Mother would perform a sudden and life saving "shift". Not life saving for "us", life saving for "her". Many of our mountain ranges were not formed over millions of years. They were subjected to sudden and very abrupt movements. There is much geologic evidence that proves many large scale tectonic shifts have happened over a matter of hours or a few days.

      "Let's not count "mom" out just yet". If she's anything like 'my' mom, 4 foot 11, we had better watch out, just sayin(grin). Anyone besides me know the power of the wooden spoon?(lol)….

      Thank you Black Cat Italy for keeping it real. Love and strength to you my friend I have not met, yet. "Nobody told me there'd be days like these, Strange days indeed!".

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Coronavirus Can Survive Airborne And On Surfaces : UCLA Study

    The coronavirus can remain in aerosols for hours and on some surfaces for days, according to scientists at UCLA.

    LOS ANGELES, CA — A new study reinforces the need for caution when handling objects that may have been exposed to the new coronavirus, finding that it can remain for days on some surfaces and several hours in aerosols.

    According to the findings by UCLA researchers, the virus that causes COVID-19 remains for several hours in aerosols and days on surfaces, suggesting that people may acquire it through the air and after touching contaminated objects, UCLA announced Friday. These findings, and others like it, have promoted the World Health Organization to consider ordering medical workers to take "airborne precautions" while treating COVID-19 patients.

    Specifically, the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the virus is detectable for as long as three hours in aerosols (liquid droplets that float in the air similar to dust).

    It can live for up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

    "This virus is quite transmissible through relatively casual contact, making this pathogen very hard to contain," said James Lloyd-Smith, a co- author of the study and a UCLA professor of ecology and evolutionary biology. "If you're touching items that someone else has recently handled, be aware they could be contaminated, and wash your hands."

    … the biology and epidemiology of the virus make infection extremely difficult to detect in its early stages because the majority of cases show no symptoms for five days or longer after exposure.
    "Many people won't have developed symptoms yet," Lloyd-Smith said. "Based on our earlier analysis of flu pandemic data, many people may not choose to disclose if they do know."
    The new study supports guidance from public health professionals to slow the spread of COVID-19:
        •    Avoid close contact with people who are sick;
        •    avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth;
        •    stay home when you are sick;
        •    cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue, and dispose of the tissue in the trash; and
        •    clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a household cleaning spray or wipe.

  18. Mike says:

    It is said that the virus will die when it turns warmer. I live in the Netherlands and it is mildly cold now. I wonder why the virus turns up in tropical (warmer) countries. 

    • John says:

      I wondered the same.!

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Mike, do you have these planes flying overhead spraying the sun shut? I often wondered what are the real mixtures in those  nonstop flights, I  Dane has been blowing the whistle about this geoengineering programs for years, and the things that have been mentioned here by reading the comments. I must admit that I  love my country and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights absolutely, but there is something afoot about and in this country that I  don't  like, there are and is something I feel and I know others feel something is wrong too! So yes Mike I  know  something doesn't make sense with this double talk I've been hearing. God bless the people of the world..

  19. Mike says:

    It is said that the virus will be less damaging when it turns warmer. I wonder why the virus turns up in tropical (warmer) countries. Could it be so that, as well as there seem to be different strains in Asia and Europe, there is a variety that survives in warmer climates or am I missing something? 

    • Dennie says:

      The jury's not out what you wrote above.  I did in fact hear on NPR yesterday, 3/22/20, that SARS-CoV-2 is being studied very closely and researchers have found that there are mutations in it about every 3-4 days.  

    • Dennie says:

      We also heard today that the virus is likely to become endemic and will certainly mutate again before next fall, when it will very likely recur.

  20. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL,  On February 25th a tanker flew directly over my cabin. It was distributing an enormously huge aerosol dispersion. 4 nozzles wide!  It looked exactly like the one in the Dimming trailer video just published. Please look at 3:20 thru 3:25 in the video. Please help me in identifying who owns that logo on the bottom of the tanker. OK, so great, a tanker flew over my cabin, "again". What is astounding in this case is how fricking low that tanker was. I could see that logo with my eyes. It showed up pretty well on my cheap little pocket camera. But there's no name. That particular day the atmosphere was extremely still. The fall out of aerosol was almost vertical. Pretty scary to witness. The next day I started getting feelings like I was trying to catch a cold. You know, the usual slight chill and a little sensation behind the eys, scratchy nose. So I got plenty of rest and made sure I ate 2 good meals each day and I felt better. So now I'm almost a month passed that occurrence and I still am fading back and forth with feeling like I'm getting sick to feeling just fine. One of the things we know is that this CV does not like hot and dry. I've written before advising folks to keep there home as warm as they can stand and as dry as possible. Crank up the wood stove. And for the record, "self quarantine" is pretty much how I live anyway. It took a lot for me to dig deep enough for me to set up a public awareness booth 30 weeks out of the year in a very small town community. I'm a pretty quiet person ordinarily. Awareness has become the most important topic for me. Doesn't matter who I am talking with. Some of my friends have poked fun at me when they see a tanker spewing overhead. I usually reply with something to the effect of, "ya, and in a short while you get to breath that stuff that is designed to make you act just like you are now!" That usually shuts them up and gives them something to think about when I'm not around. I'm 12 and 0 for run ins with shall we say hecklers that have stopped by my booth. 3 of which have come around and have become good sources of observation. I love being a teacher. Ask anyone I know and they will tell you I am a good one. I kind of like being "older". I learned long ago that the way to get someone to listen closer was to speak softer. Dogs, horses, people, matter not. Works every time(grin). Ya see, it's what you got backing up that softness that counts. No need to enforce it. "Just be it". Now all that being said, I want to share a parallel in nature that I hope you ALL will at least try to understand if not accomplish in your own rights. Back when I had my horsey business going. I took on "problem horses", and their oh so very disconnected owners. Never once did it come down to the horse. It was always the human that needed to be "trained"(I dislike that word). Stick with me here. In these very profound and challenging times we will all be directly faced with what has been planned for us. Believe me, there's lots and lots of people starting to think that something ain't right. Those of us that have tried and tried to get through to others will understand that it starts with just a little crack in the levee. I've seen first hand how fast a levee can "blow out". It was crazy! Awareness will be no different. The Skagit river is a sleeping giant "event" waiting to happen. 3 hydro dams, within 10 miles of each other, backing up the 3rd largest fresh water flow into the pacific ocean, "what could go wrong?"

    Parallels in nature. Lord only knows what we will be individually facing in the days, weeks, months and hopefully years to come. To me, what matters is how we face it, how e react. Do we avoid, shrug, duck, step back? Enter the problem horse. What do we do with such a creature? Let me share one little and important point of what "to do". Pretty quick when working with a horse that "has been used to getting his own way", will rear up and flail his front feet at you. Why not? It's an action that has worked successfully many times before in getting his own way or getting release of pressure. The latter being the "horses" first choice. More on that in a "minute". So hey, there you are in real time face to face with a 1200 lb horse and he just jumps up in your face and flails his front feet at you, "what do ya do?" What is the correct response that will "cure" the situation "and" create communication. Well believe it or not, you must take a confident step "forward" and hold ground(It's a serious rush). That horse will come down so quick and take a huge step back and the fun part is the puzzled look on his face. The real trick of it all is to not let the horse know the relief you feel for not getting hurt. I've never seen an honest horseman get hurt. "Horses don't roll that way". The powers that should not be are playing their last cards of control. Just like the horse when he reared up and showed his best game. I've been there, "what are 'you' going to do?" I feel it is important to note "what happens next" with the horse. Well, I just stand there holding my ground and let him make up his own mind. A smart horse will always give you another go to see "who makes who move". Always those horses become the most kind and reliable.  We are so close to mass awareness that they are shutting us all down. "Who's making who move?" From the outside looking in, it seems to me that there is a global "training session" going on. God bless all the smart horses. The ones that know who to be kind to and know who to folly with. Parallels in Nature, just sayin.

    Love and strength to ALL,   'a' simple horseman

    • Donna-Arizona says:

      Delta Spraylines and British Airways Spraylines both have that blue oval bottom. Track planes the here:

      The commercial Spraylines are still flying, THEY HAVE NOT STOPPED.

    • rick savage says:


    • Robert says:

      I too noticed a large plane flying lower than usual the other day spewing out who knows what. It was so unusual that I just blurted out to all around me "Look at that", it was just a knee-jerk response. Some of those around me know what I've been saying for years and just nodded their heads, others looked puzzled and scared, as they should. 

      Yesterday in the skies above Portland, Oregon, above my neighborhood flying low and and slow  in a grid pattern, was a small plane Cessna/Piper ? I don't know. What stood out to me was that there were no identification numbers on the plane. Isn't that strange?

      I also heard that Air Guard fighters we taking off from their station at PDX, nine in a row, one after another. The person who reported this info and who lives nearby said that he had never seen that many fighters take off at once. Maybe they're up there to fight Covid-19. Strange days indeed.

      Thanks to Dane and all. Take care.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Donna-Arizona, thank you for the ID. That narrows the culprit down to two. Seriously, that tanker was super low. Not even the Emirates planes have been that low. And they are the "lowest" offenders in my region. I'm sure it comes down to "corporate liability". "Admiralty law". (What do you think Mr Paul V?)

      rick savage and ALL, I'm happy to know you enjoyed my contribution. I put a lot of time into them. I very much try to convey how I perceive things in these crazy times. It seems that the crazier things get the more they align with the parallels of nature. "Somethings gotta give". You, I, and every other of the almost 8 billion people on this planet will experience it soon enough(like we haven't already). Like I wrote and the most important point I made is "how we react". And in all fairness to my story, when a horse rears up, his front feet will come down exactly where they took off from. So, if you're 2 steps away to begin with and take one step in, you are out of harms way. That "confident step forward" is "calculated", only the horse doesn't know that. Get it?

      Robert, very excellent observations and dots connected. Keep it coming. Portland is somewhat my home town. It's where I finished high school in 78. My brother and mom still live there. Observations like yours help me know what they are ignoring. Sad but true. My brother keeps the bad guys out of corporate computer systems and my mom was a league of women's voter you didn't want to mess with as well as being an executive assistant to several very influential rich guys…. I am so happy that I live in a little cabin in the mountains. The lives I witness from the outside looking in are not fulfilling in any way that matters. I can't wait until humanity gets past the "woo hoo, look at me" stage of this so called techno-age. My entire awareness campaign is based on the exact opposite. It should play out more like, "oh no!, WTF is happening here?"

      Face to the wind my friends………………

      Love and strength to ALL, "watch your top knot"

  21. chris safos says:

    we have become sheep for the slaughter.we have been brainwashed to think we live in a democracy and a government to protect us,what we have is a greedy,corrupt system that we are slaves too.i thank you so much for opening our eyes and minds to the real truth.we must fight this to survive life and freedoms!!


  22. Donna-Arizona says:

    They are slipping. Pompano did a slip of the lip in a news conference on Friday, saying "we are doing a live exercise" trump said “You should have let us Know."

    At the 1:03:06.

  23. Laurie says:

    As always, thank you Dane and to all of the kindred spirits who post their comments on this website.  I concur with Earth Angel regarding the blatant heavy spraying that went on yesterday in that area.  Being in the Northern part of North Carolina, the same thing happened here yesterday.  The weather was warm like a spring day and then by mid afternoon their evil spraying began.  This time it was more than ever and totally everywhere to be seen.  They flew in three line formation as though you were at the Air and Sea Show while they were putting on a show.  The stripes were so close together and perfectly straight and then they began to spread across the sky all blending together. While that was going on, there were planes all over the sky making huge X’s and just going mad.  It was so crazy.  Then the sky was completely covered without a speck of the sun.  By evening the temperature dropped dramatically.  It was like you turning on your heat and then turning it off and turning on your A/C.  It would be welcoming if they were spraying something of value that would combat the virus and help the pandemic going on in our country and around the world, but rather they are adding insult to injury by spraying toxic chemicals everywhere.  And then to hear about how we are in an economic crisis when they are wasting tax payers dollars paying for these pilots to fly and while they are purchasing toxic chemicals to spray everywhere.  That money could be used to supply necessary supplies and food everywhere rather than on their evil agenda.  Have you ever looked inside their many different types of chemtrail planes where you can see the actual cans attached to tubes that run along the entire inside of these evil planes?  Many years ago I went online and typed in “Inside Chem trail planes” and I was amazed at what came up.  Wow!!! Total Proof.  Besides my friend Daryl being a retired Pilot, many years ago he was actually flying right above one of those planes and he saw the spray going on and off while it was coming right out of the wings of the plane and not the actual back where the contrails come from.  God help us all and God Bless Dane for his constant efforts to warn the masses.  

  24. RandylJ says:

    Once again, and for always ~ May God Bless and Keep You Dane and ALL of YOU who are here and staying Present in the Moment to add Credible information, wisdom, and positive Direction for others who join!

    Now from North Carolina ~ On Lockdown as to events, schools, 'groups' and the usual but no 'Martial Law' in effect. It's the Weather Whiplash that's bothering me the most. Yesterday it was in the 80 F degree range so I sat outside under nearly blue sky with fluffy clouds – a few days will spoil you completely! Still, I'd see the smaller dispersion trails above the clouds. However, March 20 (Friday night) a huge military plane flew so low over the campground that I could see the running-landing lights and also several military helicopters which is unusual. Today, even though the thermometer shows low 70 F degrees, it feels much colder. I need my winter coat on again. People seem to be taking it all in a myriad of ways. One young neighbor found work in a local nursing facility that's in chaos because it's changing ownership. A lot of people camping are on road work or construction teams and outdoor projects. Younger people seem to be 'staying in place' less as they strive to keep income going. Age 70 doesn't necessarily keep me home, although I'm inclined that way normally. Next week will find me out for groceries, propane, and gas – but using precautions. When/if North Carolina follows other coastal states, remains to be seen. The population is more conservative than I remember it being 'Out West'. And I did see a graph outlining the 'Virus Shelf Life' as lasting into summer, with May-June being more active in this area. I know Dane is correct to point us always towards the Larger Picture of Geoengineering. It's the huge determinant that literally Does 'connect-the-dots'.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      RnadylJ, I highly respect the life style you and yours are leading. I was once going to be "mobile" sporting a sheep herder/gypsy wagon made from old free off of craigslist pianos. The woods were beautiful. Had it all ready and then life brought me here full time. I had a four up team of horses that were small yet strong and reliable.

      I appreciate your contributions here. It's always good to know what is happening in all walks of this life.

  25. George Heronema says:

    Thank you for your continued efforts! I share in your frustration and it gives me some hope that the masses will wake up ! Unfortunately, here in Colorado there is a strong presence of those that are corrupted, many others that are oblivious, and the ones that are aware feel helpless!        It is absolutely necessary that those responsible for 9-11 crimes be held accountable and brought to justice. It will be a monumental day on biblical proportions when the powers to be are stripped of their influence, and brought to justice!       Then and only then will America be great again! God bless!

  26. Stu says:

    We know that UV radiation deactivates virus particles by breaking DNA/ RNA strands.  So does Solar Radiation Management enable viruses to live longer into summer than previously?

    Heavily sprayed areas like Seattle, SF, LA NYC, Italy and UK also showing high levels COVID19.  

    Over two weeks of Engineered Cloud Cover here in southern CA. We should be seeing beautiful clear skies this time of year.  They have wrecked our once wonderful Mediterranean Climate.

    Updated list of "Special Place in Hell" candidates :

    Geoengineers​, Deniers, Debunkers, now to include

    Toilet Paper Hoarders

  27. Fydp. says:

    Amazing episode, connecting so many dots! I salute you and the team.

  28. Lockdown Australia says:

    Spraying along the east coast of Australia ramped up dramatically, in the last 24 hours. It appears whatever attempt in the past, that was being used (or not) to cover these terrorist operations, is no longer considered necessary. White toxic skies horizon to horizon. The weapon ( covid-19) continues to destroy the illusion of democracy, that previously existed in this country. We are going down the drain just like Italy. Just like the rest of the planet. Announcements (Proclamations) today here in Australia: ADF (Australian Defense Force) to be deployed to "support" medical services. The Northern Territory introduces strict border controls. Self isolation mandatory if traveling into this area. Non essential travel to be banned interstate and within state borders. i.e. only exemptions, travel to and from work, to go to pharmacies and buy groceries. Closure of beaches ( Bondi, Manly etc) and "other" targeted areas,for breaches of "social distancing restrictions." Bars, restaurants etc to be closed. PM(Prime Mobster) issues decree telling population "cancel upcoming school holiday travel." Victoria calls for closure of schools by next Tuesday. Calls for closure of all schools Australia wide and a bringing forward of school holidays. Announcement tomorrow regarding school closures in NSW. NSW reported to be in "total shutdown" within the next 48 hours. "Reported" infection rate of the weapon, in Australia, today, passes 1200. (Our Pop about 26 million). Rottnest Island Western Australia, to be turned into a "quarantine" area. Security cabinet meeting brought forward to tonight, to discuss more "Draconian" measures, to be introduced within the next few days. Speculation is now rife that Australia, is about to be put into a nationwide form, of "martial Law". I hope that the "the spirit of the digger" still exists within the bulk of our population. That we have not been conditioned and manipulated, into being a mob of baying sheep, asking the question, "please sir can I have some more.."  Our lives, our pitifully small liberties are slipping away, right before our very eyes…STOP the atmospheric poisoning…STOP the slide into this sick dystopian future…

  29. Bella_Fantasia says:

    I thought it was just me, but the report from Italy on the lockdowns, forms and the checkpoints for approval in leaving the house worry me immensely.  They are something that could happen here or anywhere.  These heavy handed control measures are indicative of fascism. Once the military is in the streets, it is chilling to imagine living with that.

    Obviously there are multiple agendas being tested for repression and control of populations.  Until I read this article (below)I had no idea that people can never be too poor or too marginalized to be ground in further. 

    "Poverty in the Time of Corona: Victims of a Sickness That is Yet to Exist"  by Norbert Ross, March 20, 2020,

    Please read this one if you have time.  It demonstrates how tightly the Matrix plans to strangle every human on Earth.


    • Dennie says:

      Reality is that people are just not good at physical distancing, which is what WHO is calling it now, and pleading with us all to observe strictly.  My neighborhood reports groups of 3,4 and more people out taking walks, walking closely together, less than 2 feet apart (!? You're supposed to stay 6 feet apart).  There were about 2 dozen "guys" (translated:  "I-don't-care"-type 20-and-30-something yr old males) down playing a wild game of soccer on the football field much of this afternoon until dusk– plenty of close calls there.  Lots of other neighbors are reporting sizable groups of people out walking in groups and sitting closely together on picnic tables, in parks, letting groups of little kids play all over the playground swings and ladders, acting like they're going to let their kids run over and pet your dog, etc.  Shouldn't be happening.  You'd think it was just one big grand extended vacation here.  Where are all the sick people? 

      Westerners aren't obedient and they don't care about the group good like they do in the East.  This is why Italy and the rest of the West will have a much higher death rate than in Korea.  I heard that in China the authorities tracked your movement on your cell phone and probably called to remind you that you need to shelter at home if you took off anywhere.  That's how they were able to slow the transmission of this virus.  Uhmerukunz would just leave their phones at home and go about as they wish. 

      I live in a locked-down state where the threat of COVID-19 is everywhere so the state threatens slapping violators of the shelter-in-place order with a misdemeanor.  After  just one week we already have 20% cleaner air than when all the damnable cars go whizzing every which way all day long.  There is more birdsong, lots here now, in fact.  It's a great time for bird watching, right in my front yard.  I'm seeing more wild animals out again and it's m-u-u-u-c-h quieter out there.  Except for the loss of income there is much I will definitely miss about this time in my life. 

    • Rodney says:

      Yes we need to be very worried, its become so obvious the hubris that is upon us by the reduction of our freedoms ,no sense of law or justice for all, and the spraying of the planet to kill it off, oure insanity and remember those who brought Hitler and the SS to seek out jews and make life hell are the same mindset and Agenda from that time who run it all today… Until we get rid of these Central Banksters and their buddies we will all be chipped and wearing a mark living in a gulag.

  30. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Call it either irony or blow back, but the US has halted the deployment of and is recalling the troops from NATO's biggest drill, Defender Europe 2020, due to Corona virus threat.

    It seems important for people to know (especially clueless Americans) how massive these planned wargames are. The enormous size and scope of these wargames has been described as Barbarossa II, comparing them to Barbarossa, code name for the NAZI invasion of Russia in 1947 that killed 27 Million Soviet citizens.

    So much for distraction by the Corona virus.  When a little germ can derail and disrupt the rogue nation's big, big agendas, we can take solace that some unexpected justice exists. Cracks are appearing in the seemingly nonpenetrable Leviathan.   

  31. jodie brown says:

    Why on earth,during a worldwide pandemic, is our president and all the people surrounding him and all the reporters and cameramen in the room NOT WEARING A MASK?? Looks like they are TRYING TO SPREAD THE VIRUS. This sets a bad example, or maybe they know they wont get it because the Elite already have an antidote?? Just a thought to ponder

    • Robert says:

      My thoughts exactly, Jodie. The people running this mad house have no reason to cover up, and when you see none of our handlers getting sick you have to ponder this question. 

    • Brent Papon says:

      Yeah, Our Putz Resident was shaking hands, touching the mic several times, and standing close to all his goons.

      I thought the same thing when I saw it.

  32. jodie brown says:

    In the Denver area,the day started clear,no clouds,and by noon the jet created lines in the sky lines rolled in . Temps dropped and Boom I was suddenly sick,shivering and got a headache. I have been light headed for 7 days. What are they spraying on Denver? Are they spraying Covid19 on us????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    • Earth Angel says:

      I would say very probably! Yesterday (3/21/2020) in north central Georgia we had heavy spraying operations overhead. Within an hour or two one could feel a cool breeze and the temperature dropped quite rapidly. In the days prior to this we were experiencing some sunny skies and a spring warming trend. Very nice to see the sun after the wettest last fall and beginning of year 2020 here on record. In just 2 1/2 months we are already at a surplus of about a foot of rain! We've been joking that we now have Seattle's weather. Glad for the water though, even if it is toxically laced. Better than the alternative so many are being subjected to with water being withheld. So back to the subject of releasing the virus with the colder air spraymix. I don't doubt that at all. I was working outside all day yesterday while they sprayed and it felt very creepy. I kept wondering, Am I breathing this virus in now? Took some Vitamin C, oil of oregano, and aspirin and seem ok. Today much colder and overcast with rain predicted for the next 3 days. Seems an awfully odd coincidence with this sudden change back to colder temps.and the virus thriving in same. I notice this morning on the news nearly the entire united States is covered in cold temps again. So sick of these constant assaults- can't wait 'till the population at large realizes what is being done to them! Come on enlisted military people, hurry and WAKE UP. HELP US STOP THESE CRIMES NOW!!

    • Robert says:

      I remember back a few years ago when out of nowhere I became totally disoriented and basically immobilized, it was as if a switch was turned on, and I had no symptoms  prior to this happening. I often wonder what the heck happened that I could become that ill so quickly. What I do know, is we live in a whacked out world filled with malevolent beings intent on doing harm to all of us who oppose tyranny and injustice. Great work Dane, I'm staying true and on course no matter what the outcome. And to all, strength and resolve in exposing the filth being rained down on us, never give in and never give up. 

    • Gina says:

      That's my theory.  I've read and heard that the virus dies in direct sunlight and temps over 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  It hasn't been that warm here in Southern California in about two weeks!

  33. Georgia LaMantia says:

    We need to film the sky today.  The air travel has been so mild over Redding, Ca we can actually see the blue sky and some real clouds (not sure about some of them).  What a reality check. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today.  I hope it lasts.

  34. raymond a zurlino says:

    please tell me how i can help to inform my community about the spraying going on now it is unreal .every time i look up they are spraying allover. 

    • Jeanette S says:

      Sidebar to the left of these comments. Photo of young man with flaming arrow is for an introductory letter and the next below it black and white drawing of protesters is introductory/activist first communications package. Items 7 & 8 from the top.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Take a look at the story photos from last weeks GAN. You will see our friend and front line warrior, Maciek, a friend I have met. Also look at the table Robin Christensen set up at the library. People are only limited by their own imagination for creating awareness. Personally, I always liked Tom Keiths sandwich boards. I kinda miss seeing them.

  35. Wanda says:

    Thank you so much for this broadcast in a time of uncertainty.

    • Henry says:

      Thank you Dane!

      Your courage is very motivating!  I think you should broadcast (even if not on the air) but just for your listeners with the info you provide, even more often now that the crisis is accellerating!  

      People will listen now more than ever because the situation is right in front of our faces!!

    • Henry Einhorn says:


      You are a true "Freedom Fighter"!!

      Now that there is no denying what is happening, the message will be received more than ever before.  I wish we didn't have to wait a whole week for the next update.  The more pertinent evidence and data, the better.    I am sending your broadcasts to everyone I can.

      Thank you!


  36. Andrew says:

    The real silver lining is witnessing Uncle Sham's financial and societal neck on the chopping block… and as goes the "neck" so goes the body of gluttony, willful ignorance, blind nationalism, and disgusting disdain for all things non-homo sapien. The momentum of this panic provides a glimmer of hope for planet earth to at least be given a chance to heal herself… at least in part.

  37. Gary Morrow says:

    The aerosol assault continues unabated here in South Carolina despite the decrease in air traffic. The sky spoilers and planet polluters do not have any problem keeping THEIR  planes in the air.

  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ‘Terrified’ Package Delivery Employees Are Going to Work Sick – The New York Times

    Hour after hour, day after day, the packages keep arriving: food, medicine, clothes, toys and a million other items brought to the doorsteps and building lobbies of Americans who are hunkering down as the coronavirus sweeps the land.
    An increasing number of the workers sorting those boxes, loading them into trucks and then transporting and delivering them around the country have fallen sick.
    They have coughs, sore throats, aches and fevers — symptoms consistent with the coronavirus. Yet they are still reporting for their shifts in crowded shipping facilities and warehouses and truck depots, fearful of what will happen if they don’t.
    “I have been coming in sick because I’m worried that I’ll lose my job or just be punished if I call out,” said Angel Duarte, a package handler at a UPS hub in Tucson, Ariz. “I am 23, and I have no savings, and I have a 4-month-old son.”
    UPS, FedEx and XPO Logistics are three of the largest shipping and logistics companies in an industry that collectively delivers about 18 trillion dollars’ worth of goods every year. With millions of Americans now on lockdown, home-delivery orders have soared, and the companies have become among the few power sources keeping the lights on in the darkening United States economy. UPS, for example, is one of the main companies that deliver packages for Amazon.


  39. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    L.A. County gives up on containing coronavirus, tells doctors to skip testing of some patients – Los Angeles Times
    Los Angeles County health officials advised doctors to give up on testing patients in the hope of containing the coronavirus outbreak, instructing them to test patients only if a positive result could change how they would be treated.
    The guidance, sent by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to doctors on Thursday, was prompted by a crush of patients and shortage of tests, and could make it difficult to ever know precisely how many people in L.A. County contracted the virus.
    The department “is shifting from a strategy of case containment to slowing disease transmission and averting excess morbidity and mortality,” according to the letter. Doctors should test symptomatic patients only when “a diagnostic result will change clinical management or inform public health response.”
    The guidance sets in writing what has been a reality all along. The shortage of tests nationwide has meant that many patients suspected of having COVID-19 have not had the diagnosis confirmed by a laboratory.

    • Dennie says:

      Many people here in my locked-down area of California are mindlessly waving their middle fingers in non-compliance, at risk to all.  I see them out my front window, from behind which I am recovering from every symptom that matches that of COVID-19.  I'm just thankful I did not have the pneumonia (yet) but this has been described as a "stealth" virus– gets on you and in your nostrils and such but waits to attack for up to 2 weeks.  

    • Gina says:

      Dennie there is also the flu going around right now.  

    • Dennie says:

      Gina, this wasn't "just" "the flu."  I'm 62 years old and have NEVER had anything that felt like it just couldn't wait to incinerate my lungs, all the way down to the bottom, which is where this goes.  SARS-CoV-2 also sticks around for days and I'm not completely out of the woods almost a week later, prob'ly will take another 7-10 days for that.  I'm not in denial like everyone else: "Oh, it's just a little sniffle!" (FACT: COVID-19 does not come with a runny nose and sneezing).

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