Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 17, 2015


What isn't the power structure controlled western media propaganda machine telling you? Did the US corporate media ever mention that the plans to topple Iraq and a half dozen other Middle Eastern countries was in place just over a week after the 911 catastrophe? Was this Zbigniew Brzezinski's "grand chessboard" strategy being carried out? Is it just a coincidence that all of these countries were subjected to catastrophic drought leading up to their destabilization? Was this intended weather warfare? A 750 page congressional report confirming US involvement in massive climate modification programs has just been located and posted. Why did the US government supply ISIS their fleets of Toyota trucks through a third party? Why did the US just airdrop 50 tons of ammunition and weapons into Syrian rebel territory which will most certainly also end up in the hands of ISIS? Is ISIS actually an orchestrated tool for the power elite who are pursuing the "full spectrum dominance" of our planet? Is the US government/military industrial complex lashing out at Russia's attacks on ISIS due to all the factors just cited? Are they demonizing Russia because their military is actually trying to stop ISIS expansion? How did Saudi Arabia (the beheading capital of the world) just get appointed to lead the UN human rights council? Oil, power, and control, these factors are the bottom line for the criminal cancer that currently rules the world. The noose is being tightened around our collective necks, events around the globe are all connected. From the catastrophic climate modification assault occurring over our heads to the US government funding of terrorists, the backlash is building on all sides.
Dane Wigington

117 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 17, 2015

  1. Jane says:

    Pretty much the Majority of people are complacent with the Solar Radiation Management. Most are doing their Mundane Jobs and haven't a Clue why. 
    Just the Paycheck Counts
    Very understandable….. Got to pay your Bills
    Got to pay the Taxes Along With The Aerosol Spray Program.
    The Vast Majority don't seem to mind much as they are being conditioned to think that way.
    Pretty Cool Eh!!!!
    All the cell towers and cell phones. People walking around texting constantly. Don't even know the Big Picture.
    About Wi-Fi and how it effects the Brain.
    Most don't give a Sht because they are Re-Tard'd from this Sht.
    Sorry if that is politically incorrect.
    But so True
    Well picture this:
    Getting Totally Fck'd over because you are not paying attention to what is really going on around the Globe and how controlled you are.
    Totally manipulated to serve the people in charge.
    Sound Ridiculous!
    Keep being Stupid and follow the Crowd
    Final Warning
    Wake Up People

  2. Jane says:

    Glad to see Dictator Harper gone and glad to see young Blood Justin as our Prime Minister. At least he is stopping the Slaughter Mission in Syria from the Canada Bombing mission. All a bunch of BS in order to fulfill the Agenda 21 New World Order plot. See how they keep moving the Innocent people this way. Pretty easy to see, but really hard to swallow that we have such a corrupt set of Governments worldwide. Now keep watching those planes spraying the Sht all over you 24/7 365 days of the year.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yeah, sure, as if Trudeau will make a difference. How do you think he'll answer to Obama who sent in his elite election crew to help get Trudeau elected. Even the CBC admitted openly how that team made a difference in the election. Canada will see a "change", just like the US is seeing its change in the past 7 years.

  3. robo sapien says:

    I wake up every single day sick with anger. The trees are dying much quicker now, from the stem out. Its like they are being boiled alive. I give us at tops 2 years until total collapse. 2017 is when it all collapses, they are having so much trouble just with minor cooling now.  I have got one year stored food, independent electrical production, atmospheric water production capability along with well and stream. I am ready, our ONLY chance is when the SHTF the power structure will get hit and it will be dazed. Then is our chance, when it first teeters we must strike resounding blows and take it down.I DONT THINK YOU ALL UNDERSTAND THIS IS REAL, THE EARTH IS DYING RAPIDLY, THE TIME TO PLAY NICE AND BY THEIR STUPID RULES IS COMING TO AN END.  It is OVER, there is NO recovery now possible. As I look at the dying eden I KNOW this is 100% the truth. here is what I am telling you, do as I have done. Buy a cheap peice of land, a trailer and a truck all paid for.  Get some solar on it.  Drill for oil, dont need permit, accidentally hit water and above all pay the government and their parasites nothing. THE ENEMY ARE ALL THOSE WHO MAKE THEIR PAYCHECK FROM OUR SUFFERING, IE LOCAL, STATE AND GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES AKA SLAVE DRIVERS.

    • Moon says:

      wow I am also feeling this way, but I felt the need to respond because of something that happened the other day. as I was preparing my yard for a higher than normal rainfall amount this winter I gently reached out and touched a small oak tree as I went by and the branch broke in my hand. I went to touch another tree and it also broke the inner part seemed to have no moisture at all. Two young saplings dead on the inside. Pray for the trees… Can I come live by you?

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Moon, Yep

    • Beverly says:

      Robo,  You are right on.  Don't forget to make a 
      Farraday Cage to put all your precious electrical things, like, cell phones, tablets, and things you don't want damaged by an EMP. This is supposed to happen to us before Obama leaves office in Jan 2017. Obviously, you have a Survival manual and have studied it well. Robo, it's hard for me to talk about this to others because I don't want to scare the hell out of them..Even my husband refuses  to talk to me about all this and even GeoEngineering. he doesn't believe it. He thinks I'm crazy. I just have to hold this inside me. I'm glad there is someone else that is prepping for the end days. I have Oleander hedges and many of the branches are turning brown and dying. I have never seen this before. I live in Parker, AZ and hour from Lake Havasu City. Our skies are all messed up with the jets flying every which way and leaving trails. I feel very informed and I know what is happening to us because of you Dane. I keep passing out flyers to everyone and telling them to be aware of what is happening to us. God Bless you Dane.

  4. Carolyn says:

    dear Dane thank you as always its truly frustrating it is to read the American newspapers and listen to the news in general. The guardian UK and ITN news UK are the only reliable news outlets, did you know that all European Countries ban American food companies from selling foods in Europe especially GMOS and make them label their foods. There have been big demonstrates against Monsanto and the TRANS Pacific Trade Deal? Then the endless non stop people from the middle east and Africa has invaded European countries who have been opposing American big business is now overwhelmed by millions off women and children trapped in refuge camps in Germany who are being raped every night by extremist and the German government does nothing to stop these acts. Plus my vegetable boxes never grew on vegetable this year!!!! And American weather channel made light news off the weather storms in south Carolina and LA

    • Rebecca P. says:

      Great show this week Dane, THANK YOU THANK YOU. Hey all, John Stossel is asking for people to tell what their BIGGEST FEARS are for this weeks show and thought if we could ALL write to him maybe he will not be able to ignore the obvious fight we are in. Go to fox news station and type in his name to get to his reply page and tell him about this atrocity happening to all of us. I have been writing to all news media, calling my congress and lacal officials daily and handing out flyers everywhere I go. Like so many of you and oh THANK GOD FOR YOU DANE W. I have also found people know something is wrong but, they just don't know what and for once they are figuring it out with this information. People are waking up so if some of you get discouraged you are not alone in this fight. I live in Yakima WA. and we have been pounded for days on end with this TOXIC soup. Today is the first day in a very long time we have not been sprayed and I am so thankful to have a day of some regular clouds and some clear air to breath. 

    • Rebecca P. says:

      Just as I thought we had a day of no Toxic aerosol spraying today for the first time in weeks, only when I went outside and realized something I have not noticed before and I see long strands of what looks like spider webs falling out of the sky, really creepy because it is not spider webs it is some kind of glassy looking strings of web, this is literally falling out of the sky from high in the atmosphere. It is hanging in the trees and off the power lines, it is everywhere. What should we do? This is lunacy at its worst!   OMG is their anywhere one could go to escape this for even a few days?

    • robo sapien says:

      I am sorry but NO MSM rag tells the truth. Its not American, we are a nation being held hostage by a tiny minority of dual citizen traitors.

    • penny says:

      I'll second robo's claim.  I was crushed when I learned (back in a simpler, more naive time) that the Guardian is closely tied to British intelligence spy agencies.

  5. Wes says:

    I ran into this story and thought about the drought, the mysterious  draining reservoir. They can't bomb power stations and water supplies here, but they can create refugees with drought and a slow poisoning and alteration of our biosphere. Are they doing this to create masses of refugees here? Sure does coincide with the FEMA errr (refugee) camps we've all read about.

    The English translation is at the bottom of the page. It states that the US has intentionally bombed the power stations in Aleppo to shut off the supply of clean water, a tactic they copied from Israel, to spread disease, and encourage more refugees ti head to Europe.


  6. carolyn shaw says:

    Dane the one thing you did not mention is the European countries have been opposing big American food Companies especially GMOS and water and Fracking. Now all off Europe has been completely over run by millions of young muslim men and desperate families women and children, all the refuge camps in Germany have become Brothels all children and women are raped at night and no one stops this. The only real newspaper that tells the world whats going on is the Guardian UK

  7. PatinsF says:

    This is the world I am from. It is difficult for us from the 21st Century to imagine It.
    we did not have to pay for phone calls. 
    we did not have to pay for any utilities. 
    we could provide FREE food and end world hunger. 
    defense budgets and war budgets would not be necessary. 
    houses could be freely given to all citizens. 
    corruption would not exist among authorities. 
    energy was used and directed the right way; for construction rather than destruction. 
    humanity could flourish, with the good life for all, if only we eliminated our warlike thinking and technology and concentrated on hope, trust and love.
    there would be no need for a monetary system, advertising or commercials. 
    there would be no government bureaucracy. 
    Science and knowledge could be intelligently, logically and compassionately utilized for the benefit of everyone!

  8. Rex says:

    Hmm, speaking of drought in CA, I heard a few weeks ago that Walker Lake aka Mountain Meadows Reservoir was drained overnight. I never did learn the cause of it and supposedly many many fish died. It was only briefly mentioned by the Mainstream Media but the MSM sure was excited about the discovery of salt water on Mars. Go figure. I guess with severe drought in CA that draining a reservoir in Lassen County wasn't that important. 

    • Michael Radney says:

      The same thing happened to Folsom Lake (near Sacramento, CA) but MSM reported it as wildlife officials using the water to mitigate poor pH levels downstream from the lake's dam. Their (reported) purpose for changing pH was so the trout would be healthier. This in the midst of a 4 year drought.
      (note to Dane) I've been saying this is an asymmetrical warfare plan since 2011. I don't know if you are a Christian, but God has given revelation about all this for over 20 years. There is a plan that includes certain "cities of refuge" throughout the Nation. My family hasn't gotten clear guidance as to what state we'll be existing in yet, but know that we have a couple of keys for developing spiritual relationship in a communal setting. We believe that there are others, in and outside organized churches who also have key or specific parts/resources to make such a community function safely, well supplied, and thrive in terribly adverse conditions. Then, the following scripture will find it's ultimate fulfillment, this side of heaven:
      "As it is written, he that gathered much had nothing left over; and he that had gathered little had no lack".  2 Co. 8:15
      What is coming is beyond anything we could imagine, and yet, we and our children, and all those around us will be protected if we are immediately obedient to specific direction and warnings of the Spirit of God. We pray for you and your family daily. You are definitely a voice in this wilderness.
      Shabbot Shalom, M. Radney

  9. Rex says:

    Well I had to find out the hard way how vile and evil our Mainstream Media when I got sick due to sick building syndrome which advanced to a moderate degree of multiple chemical sensitivity. I also found that the medical field wasn't helpful at all with this issue due to the drug companies, some of whom also make the insecticides, herbicides and fungicides and the various nonprofits that were connected to the insecticide and perfume industry.  And of course there was good ol Dean Edel, John Stossel and Mike Fumento along with Ronald Gotts and Stephen Barrett who were really venomous against those ill with sick building syndrome, Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome. This is how I got started in becoming an accidental activist.  I also loved hiking and biking and fell in love with the central CA and Santa Cruz coast and I dearly loved the redwoods along with the sea lions and sea otters. It makes me completely disgusted by what's happened and even more disgusting that the Sierra Club, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, World Wildlife Fund, David Suzuki and other fake environmental groups don't care about this GeoEngineering at all.

    • Hi Dane I live in Northern Ca  Oh! how it has changed & being Destroyed with all you list,  Thank you for all your Yrs put in to this research, And Now our Eyes are open, How can they be stopped , all God Created and said "It is Good", they are Destroying God Help us all & the Children of Generations to come     Jesus Blessings

  10. KeB says:

    Dane, you're SO amazing, keep spreading the word….I know I am!!!

    • KeB says:

      The bees are dying!!! I saw a crazy one just the other day. He was hovering my coffee frantically! No sugar or cream, then he went straight for my mate and stung him!!! This doesn't seem usual? Right?

    • KeB says:

      If you can find the Rosalnd Peterson discussion on YouTube worth it!

  11. jill says:

    Me 3. I live in Central Calif., and they spray 24/7, with a very rare clear day now and then.  I have to leave, but where to go?

    • wayne says:

      I echo your statement, I too am looking to relocate and leave this insanity….but where?

    • BaneB says:

      Where to flee?  A good start might be to flee Babylon.  There is a big increase in emigration.  We are on the Titanic.  That is how I see it.  The corruption is endemic, a culture of make believe.  But really, the mess is global.  So, there really is no "island" of safety and sanity.  One might buy some time getting out of the major population centers…way out in a little house on the "prairie."  At least in a very rural region one does not have the babel/confusion of vast numbers of polluting vehicles and conflicted hordes of noisemakers who are caught up in the purchase of a crumbling paradigm.  This is epic and epic changes are required.

    • Jill, I too! live in Ca Northern Ca, where the spray of Chem-Trail's go on , My Daughter has come down with 5 different illness, Her friend she went to school with, both girls came down with ITP & Lupis at the same age, they lived there school years in Fresno , Ca  where Spray go's on, we Believe their illness is due to the Sprays , Indeed, where to go, "No place to run No! place to hide for these Chem-Trail sprays are going on throughout the World, I don't know if Russia allows me God Help! us All in Jesus name, These are wicked people  Evil is their goal, Evil is their Mission. Thank God we have Dane Wigenton to Alert! all who will Hear & then see, Please Direct all to  Dane Wigington  to show them just what were facing, It's only our lives & lives of our Children at stake!   Jesus Blessings

  12. Melanie says:

    We all need to do our part to wake people up, staying silent will do nothing but ensure our demise. Doing nothing is worse than what is in store for us if we don't take action.

    • Meline, Yes! You are right, Govt won't save us, but I was hoping that those running for Pres. would use  these Word's, "Why is Govt killing the Earth & people of this Country with Chem-Sprays & GMO in our Food's & Vaccines known to cause Illness & Death". Until all the sleeping that never enter the world of the Real with eye's open to see, maybe they would hear it from the running for Pres or selected to run. We know  If Donald Trump is not real the Fix will be in as it has been for YRS  The Elite Corp Govt  that have created this mass killing of the people & Earth & it has only started, Next we will see the Mass starvation through the Man-Made Droughts , where food can not be produced, Funny they started the Drought with California the food Basket to the World, all plotted & planned, Remember your Garden you see if GMO seed's are used you are still consuming the same GMO food as in the stores, you have to get your seed's from well known Honorable Suppliers  Of seed's free of GMO. We are finding Garden's all over the Country produce little to none.   God Help! Us All   Jesus Blessing's

  13. Martha says:

    “The Truth about Cancer”, episode #6 airs tonight at 6 pm PDT and includes pertinent info on detoxing, which we all need. One purpose of the relentless spraying seems to be to alter DNA.  Altered DNA leads to cancer.  It's a 9 part series, to watch, go to: and click on "Yes, I Want to Watch".  I've seen the previous 6 episodes which are packed with excellent information. Each episode airs at 6 pm PDT.  Viewing is free for 24 hours. There are options to buy the series, if desired. 

  14. Robert West says:

    I just received a reply from Ron Wyden, United States Senator from Oregon, thanking me about my concerns regarding air pollution caused by contrails. Wyden knows that I was a jet engine mechanic and he has the audacity to think I am stupid enough to believe a document dated 2000  that was intended for disinformation. On top of that, he said "I will continue to work in Congress on measures to limit all types of pollution and to ensure the health of all Americans." I am letting everyone know about my personal experience with the so called Congress that we now have in office. It's obvious that real Americans don't count for anything.

    • BaneB says:

      Get right back into his face.  Let him know he is promulgating a bit of misinformation.  Toss at him the 1978 Congressional report post in the preceding day's alert/update post article.  His reply to you is the very same verbage we all receive.  It is like a packaged cereal…. looks good, taste good, but no substance and full of roundup.  Feinstein, and Congressman Huffman sent me the same disinformation.  They are either ignorant because they except the "experts" lie, lazy, or they are in the know about this obvious geoengineering program.  Either way, we have to barrage them with the mountain of factual data….from the federal government's own data that IS in the public record.  

    • Robert you are so right, we fought the Vaccines given to Children that is known to cause illness-unto the death of so many, they the lobby Giants stopped our 100's of personal appearance with 1,000's of signed paper's to vote it down, opposed to their 12-20 votes Rep Pan of California pushing for this the Lobby King walked up said on film  to tell Rep Pan to come back in a couple of days, knowing the group's opposing Him would not be allowed in the closed meeting, they are so crooked, they are going to Kill your Children Be Dam what votes are brought to vote it down, this will be Required Vaccines by Law, & shortly after Gov Brown pasted the bill that adults Too will be required to by law take the Vaccines or Fine & Jail, Why INDEED are all the Doctors being killed they found out what was in the Vaccines, it stop's the body from fighting off any & all illness like Cancer & a list of other deadly illness. This is Evil what they are doing & with the Chem-Trail, I thank you very much for doing your part to inform the Govt rep's but we know how far that will go,with Bribes & threat's  The Elite Corp Govt keep them on a short leash, but never stop trying !   Protection in Jesus Name!

  15. ABR says:

    "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
    author unknown
    Keep waking up…

  16. I am happy to say that, from what I see, Dane has created one of the best news channels out there . Truth truth and more truth . Hitting the subjects the sheep have been totally duped over as they are bought off with entitlements .. What's the definition of cognitive dissonance ?  The biggest voting block known to man, the baby boomers, who clamor for entitlements as their federal government destroys the planet. The voters are pasified and most say nothing .

    It appears the fed spends less 200 billion per year on entitlements and they spend nearly 800 billion on contracts to companies they own through the largest case of Facism known to man. The military, medical, agriculture, pharmaceutical industrial complexes the NWO elite world bankers own and control . 

    Thanks Dane for having the will and the guts to stand toe to toe with the liars and deceivers who have been at work for centuries . JFK started the awakening . God bless and protect Dane and his followers . You are helping us Stand tall while the masses and many family members call us crazy. It's not easy being us.

    Thank to all standing strong against all odds . 3% won the revolution . We have greater numbers and will win over .

    • Bradley, Your very right with EVERY !word, this is bigger more Important than people will ever know, those that  try to reveal , well you know what happened to at last count 8 Doctor's killed because they discovered what was in the Vaccines, to kill &cripple . I must add they do have a Red List & Blue list,  they do plan on having, a Depopulation of 95 % of the people, it has already been put into affect by what they call  SOFT-KILL Slow-But sure!  Chem-trails, GMO Foods, our water, Vaccines, but from what has been leaked their tried of waiting, in come's  the  Deadly-Viruses , & other things they have planned,  How can they kill us let me count the ways, sorry list is too! long.!  TPP will be the real Demon we can't put back in the Bottle, they will control all of it & give the orders  Again I say God Help! us all  In Jesus Name. 

  17. Robo says:

    The declaration of independence DEMANDS WE ABOLISH THIS CURRENT GOVERNMENT. THERE ARE NO IF ANDS OR BUTS ANY MORE. They passed a law saying the news can lie to you. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WE CANNOT LIVE UNDER THIS TYRANNY ANYMORE, WAKE UP.  PROTESTING A BROKEN  CORRUPTED SYSTEM IS INSANITY. THINKING THIS BROKEN IS GOING TO MIRACULOUSLY RIGHT ITSELF IS INSANITY. It must be forced to change, awareness though a good thing, is not going to change anything.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robo, your are correct that awareness alone cannot change the course we are on, but a critical mass of awarness is the most essential first step that then triggers all the other wheels turning. Our attorney team is solid and growing simply because we were able to raise awareness to the level it is currently at. We now have agency and university people reaching out to us and asking to join the fight. We must all channel our justifiable anger in the most productive direction. When we fully bring the climate engineering insanity into the light of day, you will see a shock wave around the globe.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Me thinks it might be too late for what you're saying. The attrocity is going on all over the world at an alarming rate. 

  18. G.E. Morck says:

    Dane, thank you again for more news and knowledge of the truth about what is really happening all around us everyday. I had the opportunity to talk with guys from a tree removal company Friday and pass on some flyers as well as getting to talk to them about Geoengineering and the tree die off which they are now starting to better understand .One of the crew had heard about "chemtrails"and another said he did not trust the government. So many people seem to have the general sense that things are messed up in America- but know little about how and why- because there is so little news available to the public to fit the real picture people see in their daily lives the second they go outside. The normalcy bias is a powerful thing and very dangerous. I hope people will continue to go to this web site and learn all they can, and join in this fight. I am planning to try to find a way to talk with people in the Indian fisheries here in wash state to see if I can find any ears within the tribes to get involved in what ever way they can. I'm in this battle with you to the end Dane, thank you for all your hard work and lets not let all of it be wasted a moment longer. God Bless and Protect You My Brother !

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello G. E., thank you for the update and for your efforts in this most critical fight. Each of us working together form the spokes of the wheel. Each of us is needed to make the wheel function.  It is all of us working together that can yet make the difference. 

    • Rebecca P. says:

      Hello Dane and fellow friends who are doing their best to stay grounded in this most heartbreaking time in life. Dane you are an inspiration to keep this fight going. I talked to a news reporter last week about this insane experiment going on and was told this is normal for planes to leave these toxic clouds in their wake, she said she gets these calls all the time and sent an e-mail to debunk them. I asked her if she had looked at the scientific findings regarding the test that have been done by many experts who have come forward and her reply was she would not believe them and was not willing to even look at them. I, like most of us get denial of the obvious going on. I think these people are not human or have some sort of retardation in their brain. On Friday I witnessed heavy spraying in central Washington where I live and saw what looked like a cloud on fire, it was bright orange red color and lasted for about 10 minutes.

      G E, or any of you who live near me in central Washington please get ahold of me as I am doing my best to find a group of supporters to demonstrate outside the news station and court house. This is so insane and out of control I am struggling to keep my sanity because of this everyday pounding of this toxic soup over our heads. I am noticing all of my family and friends memories are failing and know mine is not what it used to be. I am sure this aluminum we are breathing is causing brain damage and having terrible health affects. I have been taking shocking photos almost everyday that are sky filled and a complete blanket of grid lines and ugly dirty looking toxic crap. We are being destroyed at rapid pace and we cannot go down without a fight for our earth. Thank you everyone helping in this effort.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rebecca, perhaps you might mention to your journalist friend that the public is waking up in spite of criminal journalistic cowardace. Further, that populatioins around the globe will be justifiably furious at those who’s job it was to report on the truth, but didn’t.

    • Beverly says:

      Hi You All,     All I know is that Hilary Clinton is connected to the Saudi's and other very wealthy people and they want to make sure she's the next president. We will be in a whole lot of  trouble if she makes it to the White House. She's totally selfish and corrupt.
      Hey Dane, I live in the CA in the SO, CA Dessert and they did a lot of spraying yesterday. Then, it rained yesterday and through the night. My stomach was aching all the  time it rained and it didn't occur to me that it was raining something bad. It was so uncomfortable and it really made me mad. Do you have any ideas. ?? Thanks so much for keeping us alerted to what's going on.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I tell tree removal guys about this every chance I get.  They really do "get it."  They have to deal with the end product of the insanity– another real "plus" on the balance sheet of Disaster Economics, I'm sure, but believe me, NONE of these guys are happy seeing the trees die.  I tell them the name of this website, three times, so they remember it, then ask them to pass on the information and get informed.  The nature of information is that it spreads.  The truth takes root more slowly than dis-information and lies, but it certainly passes the test of time.  

    • Rex says:

      Hi G.E.  Talking to the tree removal service is a great idea. I should try that too. 

  19. Frank says:

    The greatest controlling factor ever of mankind is mind control. All other equations like Geoengineering lead down the rabbit hole of manipulation and control of mankind thoughts and actions. The study of the mind and manipulating it surpasses all other forms of controlling mankind.The control of man's cognitive thoughts and actions have always been the grand plan of the parasitical elites. The human brain is very complex but also very easy to trick. At a time before man discovered consciousness the brain worked as a bi- carmel mind. The bi-carmel mind was very easy to manipulate as the mind was controlled by most outside authorities like stone idols and visions. When man discovered consciousness there was always a part of the bi-carmel mind linked to consciousness to this day. With the advent of modern technology like microwave and low level frequency transmissions, the parasitical elites are able to play God so they think. The history of mind control is so vast in all cultures that this is the point at the top of the pyramid. The human brain has the power to heal both itself and the body if outside authorities stop controlling. What we have now is high tech scalar wave control beyond anyones imagination and is the grand plan of the parasitical elites. The grand illusion continues as we all are surrounded by the frequencies that control our minds from the parasitical elites of The Sounds of Silence. 

    • Frank, Yes!  Mind control in so many  area's of our lives, don't forget the Smart-Metors  effects of any & all illness . Why Frank did it suddenly become required to change our Cable Boxes or just normal TV station's had to have that little Black Box changed?   The  CIA & Military Govt  didn't do research in Mind-Control for no reason, Commom-Core  New Math to stop the young from learning the Brain  stop's it's advancement   with memory at first years of School, we will have a generation of what is know as BLESS Their Hearts,  a generation of what they call slow , very low IQ's   Take a look at New Math  spelled out  in how Johnny learn's, Johnny doesn't learn  Johnny is led, led to believe what they want them to  Agenda-21  & Common-Core   Mission-Evil Control  who they can't control they will get rid of, God Help Us All, God did not intent for Man to be Mind-Controled,

    • penny says:

      I am thrilled (and stunned) to find that someone else not only read Julian Jayne's book, but accepts his thesis.  Personally, I think it's perhaps the most brilliant work of the 20th century.

      For those who might be interested, it's "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind", and it is both fascinating and incredibly beautifully written.

  20. ken says:

    Well, mission accomplished here in the Northeast, Daytime highs not expected to get out the 40 degree range, with strong wind gusts, making it feel like it's in the 30's.  Folk, this is mid October, we do not have temps like that until mid December.  Only consolation, its way too windy to spray.  The mourning doves have now disappeared and have been replaced by a huge flock of pigeons.  I live along the NJ coastline in the suburbs.  we now have more pigeons than seagulls..WTF

  21. Scott Bandalos says:

    Much Respect for the efforts put forth by all of those (us) who are doing what needs to be done to wake others and for not letting the tidal wave of evil to overtake them – "Surfing the Tsunami" is a title to a song I wrote a number of years back –
    Wax your boards well people it's only going to get worse –
    Everyone thinks of changing the world, but nobody thinks of changing themselves." Tolstoy
    So a few questions for us all  –  are you still drinking their coffee? are you still drinking their booze? their pop? their "monster" drinks?  their fluoride laced tap water? their more expensive that gold bottled water? etc.etc.etc.?
    Are you still eating their fast food? their pizza? their processed gmo poison from their "super markets"? Are you still a Walmart person?
    Are you "aware" but still continue to finance their machine of death?
    Are you still lost in and continue to contribute to the functioning of the matrix? – the world of lies we were all "indoctrinated" into from birth?
    If so, it's time to make those changes as well –
    Awareness without meaningful action is useless –
    Remember – The collective is made up of the individual – true change starts there – are you making that effort?
    We've reached that time in human history when the lyrics to the old Kansas song rings as clear as any clear sounding bell anywhere –
    The prophets have spoken the words of ill fate – the fool and the wise man both burn at the stake…"
    Would you rather have them burn you as a fool or to burn you because you're one of the wise ones?
    The choice is yours and yours alone –

    • Scott Bandalos says:

      ps. not to forget their cigarettes/tobacco- TV – movies – what passes for music – their entertainment industry etc.
      Stop polluting yourself first and the efforts to help others will be greatly enhanced –

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      ..and what "choices" have we had regarding our all-necessary need for transportation?? What about the +2,000 open-air nuclear bomb tests that added massive amounts of man-made carbon-14 to the atmosphere, and it's subsequent conversion to methane??  No one's being told about that.  Instead we hear that it's spray-on underarm deodorant and cow flatulence that's caused the depletion of the ozone layer, and NOTHING about it being shredded by the 24/7/365 spraying of nanoparticulate metals.
      You can drink fair trade coffee.
      You can eat organically-grown food.
      You can buy spring water.
      And NOTHING is free of the contamination caused by heavy metals!!!
      SOME choice is yours.  But "climate change" is going to make it impossible for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to continue to live here– NOT my choice, and I don't remember being asked about this. 

    • Emily says:

      You make many very wonderful points the change starts with your every day habits & purchases habits are huge, getting healthy is huge as well. I eat local as much as possible whole foods, I eat only local restaurants if ever, I am looking in to buying all sweat shop free organic cotton , bamboo & hemp clothing, I am working a retail job which I don't like selling slave labour products but I need moeny to save up for my schooling to become a holistic nutritionist. Once i am a holistic nutritionist I could probably will have to get a job I dont fully support but hopefully not hopefully i could work at local health food store or something but sometimes we arent so fortunate then build my career and own company from there.Switching your products is alot easier I am all for buying ethical products organic products healthy products, second hand products but not every can up and quit there job, we all need  to survive , do you have any suggestion on how people and up and quit there job and not work for the war machine ?

    • Emily says:

      OH also I am going to start growning my own greens and as much as I can possibly indoors so I can grow the healthiest most mineral dense food possible because I know even organic practices aren't up to par they are better but still not great . That's huge people can start growing there own food & then fermented canning freezing to make it through the winter / growing some indoord is very important in our freedom fight & for our health.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      You know it's "kinda" hard to grow food, even "just" your own, when there is NO WATER in sight and the water you do have is heavily watched– Zbig's Asshole Brigade is seeing to it that water policy in the Western U.S. falls into their unholy hands.. as if somehow, "They" would actually know how to use it– HAH!!
      MY solution to The Problem of "Them?"

    • Nnikki says:

      Unfortunately, as worthless as money actually is, it is still necessary to have it to purchase the necessities of life.Alot of people simply do not have enough of it to afford to pay the substantially higher prices for organic foods, holistic remedies, bio-friendly products,etc. Especially if they have a family &/or pets to support as well. So they are forced to get by on GMO laced foods & other toxic products, even if they would choose a healthier regime if they could. Same for holistic medical care. Most insurances will only cover the usual western medicine monopoly. All part of the cabal plan to keep people sick & unable to make healthier improvements to their lives. Of course, abstaining from tobacco, booze, etc. is a healthy choice that is up to an individual to make for themselves, & many choose to do this. As far as water goes, it's a tough call if you do not have a well. There are filters available, but again, most are priced beyond the means of the average person. So, one can only do ones best when so much is stacked against one. I can understand the needs of most persons for TEMPORARY diversions of entertainment, sports, music,etc., in order to give our over-taxed minds a break from the atrocities we are facing in this world. The genre of angry music that I listen to is what helps me vent as well as cope & keeps me sane in this outrageous asylum. So does walking many miles, although I pay the price of constant sinus issues because I have yet to figure out how to walk without breathing…..I believe in continuing to strive to make beneficial changes in your life even if it requires making sacrifices along the way. Never to accept defeat & to continue to face the challenges, no matter what the odds appear to be. Thank you Dane, & all others who continue to promote learning from awareness. This world needs all of you.

  22. aubie says:

    Was a bright sunny day yesterday in central AL until the planes showed up.  Took them about 3 hours to blot out the sun.  They came from the East so I suspect they are based out of Warner Robbins, GA.

  23. Wyatt Berry says:

    Great radio show this week Dane,

    I appreciate that you take the time to examine and tie in the other current events surrounding us and how the agenda of the power-structure fits into not just the chemical aerosol spraying, but rather their desire for complete involvement in all of our affairs through incessant lies pedaled by the corporate mouthpiece known as mainstream media.

    Keep the pressure on, you are doing great.

  24. Sara says:

    I was trained as computer software engineer, when there's problem I naturally try to find solution. Here is something that may not solve all our problems, but provides answers to some basic needs, without many of the harmful side effects.


    "The world is facing some huge problems…This film is the story about a group of doers, the elegantly simple inventions they have made to change the lives of billions of people, and the unconventional billionaire spearheading the project. "

    It is people like Dane, Manoj, and many of us contributing and trying to wake other people up that keep hope alive.

  25. Robo says:

    One of my favorite games is when people say we are 18 trillion dollars in debt, I ask what is a dollar worth. Eventually they must get to the  fact that the dollar has absolutely no value, no INTRINSIC value which to have, is an absolute must for a sound economy, it worth zero. So I laugh and I say what is 0x0 they say 0. That is how much our debt is. It is all an illusion to keep you enslaved.

    • Emily says:

      This is all very true but how do we fully break free from the illusion and enslavement they have made laws here in Canada to say living off the grid is illegal they are doing everything they can to keep us in the system and keep us down, do you have suggestions on how to break free?

    • Robo says:

      Emily, you are free once you let go of fear. It is only fear which holds you captive. The worst you can be is homeless, the LORD will take care of you, trust me. Now about their laws, well an illegal law is not a law at all. I would disregard it and live off the grid. How do you do it? Well all you have to do is by some solar cells, inverter charge controller and a bank of 4 batteries. For 1800.00 US you wont need to buy electricity for the rest of your life. Make the system separate from the house and classify it as a hobby and never use grid power. This way you are not breaking any laws and living off grid at the same time. I have lived in houses on the grid. Just dont use it.  THEY DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL YOU HOW TO LIVE, YOU DONT HAVE TO OBEY AN ILLEGAL LAW, WE HAVE RIGHTS GIVEN TO US BY OUR CREATOR. IT IS YOUR DUTY TO DISOBEY.

    • Robo says:

      If they try to paper your house and say you cant live there, pull of all the stickers and live there. If they try to move you out, this is when you decide if you will live as a slave or live free.  Sell your life dearly my friend, dearly.

  26. carol freiberg says:

    The haze is so thick here in rural Idaho and this is not from a fire. I am trying to wake people up but I am convinced there is no hope for some.Saw the posts about the particles people see in flash lights etc…I hose down my white pick up almost daily and see the shit that has rained down that night. The thick mucous and coughing bouts are very familiar to me now. Glad to see more awareness and will keep on fighting along side of you good people here.

    • Martha says:

      Thanks for posting, Carol.  Yesterday was one of the worst of the worst (sadly, there have been many) spray days here in N.Idaho (Cd'A).  Huge plumes and Xs directly over my house and elsewhere, being spewed one after the other all day long.  It's truly bizarre that so many don't notice (or care) when so blatantly obvious. Today is overcast and drizzled just a little. I direct people to this site frequently and do what I can.  I wonder if banding together with others in our respective areas would be more powerful.  I would be open to ideas on how to have the greatest impact although I'm not willing to leave my contact info here for shills to have. Thank you, Dane for all that you do.  You're my hero.  Thank you everyone for being aware and caring that this atrocity is occurring. Stay strong everyone. 

  27. chris says:

    Living here directly on the coast in Pacifica (CA), the most important change in the recent years, in addition to obviously missing rain, seems to be the lack of wind. Also it is remarkable, how fast a dense fog can be generated and than make it disappear, within 1-2 kilometers, within few minutes! That's almost like mastering absolutely visibility with a very precise spacial location.
    The increase of national debt accompanying these times, the increased explosion of GMO crops, all in the same time, is pointing to some exponential need for a total destruction of our planet, putting the US 'enemies' and own US citizens as the target. It is actually very suspicious that the states with the most GMO's approval and cultivation are the states with the highest afro-american population, in average. The important problem which assures that this entire situation can't change quickly, is humans isolation, lack of information exchange, by serving the people that, what they 'individually' want, through their IPads, cell phones, computers, etc.      

    • Michael Radney says:

      Chris, I used to live in Half Moon Bay (near San Gregorio actually) and with the exception of earthquakes you are fortunate, in many ways, for living where you do. Just make sure you have access to fresh water outside of commercial providers. If you can secure that you may want to look into Aqua-ponics. Hard times are coming and this is a great way to supply veggies and fish pretty much off-grid if you used wind power. There still is some wind, I presume?

  28. Dennie Mehocich says:

    I wonder how many Christians understand what Jesus meant when he said that when your enemy smites you, turn the other cheek..??

    In those times, if a Roman soldier struck a citizen a second time, he earned the death penalty… get the drift?

    Jesus was no "pink and fuzzy" namby-pamby panty-waist.  He lifted and hewed and sawed and hammered wood for a living.  Cicero told us that crucifixion is so heinous, no one should ever know about it.  You basically die by asphyxiation.  Being stuck in that position the heart can no longer properly pump blood to the lungs, so they start filling with water.  The protocol of breaking the legs of the crucified was to hasten the death of the victims all the sooner, no doubt in order to hasten the end of the "work" day of those administering this bizarre, humiliating, disgusting program of murder.

    Jesus is considered a prophet in the Jewish and the Islamic traditions.  He was a man who reached to unite in himself the great Macro and the Micro, the Within and the Without.  He was a man who tried to balance the Spirit and the Will in the Heart.  That is our calling too.

    • BaneB says:

      There was so many crucifixions of the citizenry during the slow collapse of Rome towards it corrupt demise that no small wonder there are no real forests left in that region.  By the time Rome was finished as an empire, their system, just like today in our epoch, had plundered the environment, trees for crosses and warships, and endless wars everywhere.

  29. dave says:

    Soon the president ( of the DC corporation known as the 'federal govt') Mr Obummer will say "we can't tolerate any more of these school shootings —turn in your guns or get the death penalty!" Of course , no Constitutional/legal authority –but these criminals don't care!    BTW, it's fun to watch utubes of these often highly paid crisis-actors caught in their lies! Just google:" Sandy hook hoax"( 35 free houses given to fake 'parents, relatives, etc.' on Dec 25 2009!!Right in the real estate records! and $billions spent on the Ratchild's DHS crime-syndicate's gun-stealing scam!), 'oregon shooting hoax', 'bst bmg hoax', etc etc! Every high profile 'shooting' since the mind-controlled Hennard  shooting in the Luby's restaurant in Texas has been FAKE! Enjoy–and buy a gun(s) and lots of ammo while you still can! (and practice with photo-targets of your favorite villains , just as DHS actually practices  target shooting with photo-targets of children, pregnant women, etc. And contribute/join which may very well be the REAL 'govt in waiting'!

    • Hello dave: Thanks for including the link to Most persons are unaware that local sheriffs represent NATURAL LAW and the authority given BY the People. This feature is expressed and defined in the American Bill of Rights. Local sheriffs trump Federal authority, period. The Federal government in Washington, DC is defunct and treasonous by definition. ALL Federal authorities NEED TO BE ARRESTED, period. That's what local sheriffs are hired to do… 18 U.S. Code § 962 – Arming vessel against friendly nation
      "Whoever, within the United States, furnishes, fits out, arms, or attempts to furnish, fit out or arm, any vessel, with intent that such vessel shall be employed in the service of any foreign prince, or state, or of any colony, district, or people, to cruise, or commit hostilities against the subjects, citizens, or property of any foreign prince or state, or of any colony, district, or people with whom the United States is at peace; or
      Whoever issues or delivers a commission within the United States for any vessel, to the intent that she may be so employed—
      Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
      Every such vessel, her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with all materials, arms, ammunition, and stores which may have been procured for the building and equipment thereof, shall be forfeited, one half to the use of the informer and the other half to the use of the United States."(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 746; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)
      Complete text:

  30. Rex says:

    Personally with all these wildfires that have been slamming the western states but especially CA, I think that if anybody died as a result of these horrendous fires, I think all those involved in this Geoengineering as well  as covering it up should be charged with Murder. I also find it curious that there was no reaction at all regarding this Geoengineerimg issue when I wrote the World Wildlife Fund 3 times, the same with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I wrote San Diego Sea World twice because they were taking care of sea lion pups whose population was devastated during January and a couple of more months after that. 10s of 1000s supposedly were dead on one S Cal island alone which was blamed on Global Warming.  I also wrote the Audubon Society and the Sierra Club once and all of these entities didn't answer me once. I've also written Dianne Feinstein numerous times and wrote Channel 7 News a couple of times and even Jerry Brown, naturally with no replies. I also wrote the Guadalupe River Conservancy director that complained that this river, really more of a creek than it is a river, was all dried up, so I wrote her and I tried to explain that Geoengineering was probably responsible for the empty river and I've also written the San Jose City Council about this Geoengineering and Agenda 21 involvement as well with again, naturally no answer.  And naturally my family doesn't seem to care about this issue.  Well to conclude, I've learned that the Global Elite want to kill off most humanity and I've heard that there's Speculators of food and water as well as those who bet on the weather and I wouldn't be surprised if we wound up with either severe food shortages or famine.  Well sorry about being long winded here.

    • Duane L says:

      Hope you have figured out very few care. Time is short probably need to focus on preparing for your own well being including your relationship with your creator. If they ain't sobered up by now, ain't going to. (as in drunk on the wine of babylon)

    • BaneB says:


    • Michael Radney says:

      Rex, Mr. Wigington could address this much better than I, but the reality of what we're dealing with is that most people suffer from "normalcy bias". You may know that term. If not, it's basically summed up as the normal response of the brain to shut down and deny any issue presented which falls far outside our natural frame of reference.
      But, beyond that, and what I suspect you're dealing with regarding "officials" is the sad fact that they know exactly what you are talking about. (but don't know what to do about it) And on very high levels of gov, they've already "signed off" on the issue, some are even promised they won't be liable should the courts begin to prosecute ptb. It really is a hard nut to crack, but I have had some success when I tell them their children are also effected should geo-engineering be real. At least they, as responsible parents, should truly investigate the claims. Anyway, just some thoughts. Take care….and if you pray….DO.

  31. Marc says:

    There is a breaking point in all this. There just has to be a breaking point in all this, when the bench-sitters all suddenly get up and scream bloody murder. At what point will this occur? How much worse than the way it is now does it have to get before there is revolution? And of course, the motherf**kers have anticipated our uprising and prepared themselves for it with overwhelming firepower. And all for what? Picture the absurdity of a million-strong protest turning ugly on the streets of, say, Washinton, D.C. The protesters are protesting the poisoning of the world by geoengineering, while the very goons sent in to quell the uprising are themselves poisoned already by the very thing the protesters are protesting. In like manner, the very people still in denial about geoengineering, are themselves actively being poisoned by the very thing they deny is happening. It's all so f**king ridiculous and insane.

    If you accept that the Earth is a living, conscious being (GAIA) then is she so upset with what she sees happening that she is committing murder-suicide? Murdering us by using us to murder ourselves, and then killing herself to cleanse herself of not only us but of all remaining "disease". In her grief is she not doing something akin to resorting to the ancient practice of suttee, the Indian custom whereby the widowed wife would immolate herself on her husband's funeral pyre? For GAIA, has not something so inexpressibly beautiful and cherished beyond words already died? I am 62 years old. And even though this geoengineering bullshit has been going on for virtually my entire life, it never approached the order of magnitude we've seen emerge inside the last 15-20 years or so. I feel the dying. And no, it ain't just because I am myself a geezer now. I feel a change to everything in wild places, I sense a waning. Maybe all I'm really feeling are the bio-accumulations of electro-magnetic exposure, or nano-bots poised to deliver the knock-out punch in my brain when the weasels deem the time right to throw the switch.

    In closing, I have to say again, Dane is connecting the dots more and more in his News Alerts. Standing ovation!! And in truth, one cannot look at geoengineering but NOT look at how geoengineering dovetails into the geopolitical machinations and psycho policies of what used to be our government.

  32. As a mother and grandmother reading these posts I say do everything you can for our mother earth and never ever give in to despair ! You owe to your children to step out from under that dark cloud . Happiness is still a choice last time I checked . Where there is life there is hope . 

  33. Michel B says:

    re Glenda, positivity is a short lived emotion, just as all emotions are. Our emotions are in a constant state of flux and are always flowing one into the other. Positivity and negativity are links in the same circle and they flow back and forth all the time.
    You cannot be in one emotional state all of the time. That is not how our brains work.
    Different stimuli cause different emotional reactions in us. Positivity, just because it is called 'positivity' doesn't mean it is better than negativity. One is not worth more than the other. Of course people can exercise trying to stay in one state more so, but this effort usually fades given enough time and the necessary change to another emotional state will ensue.
    Positivity from your heart will not stop problems. If it could, we could create impermeable cells of positive emotional resistance to whatever the universe might throw at us. Though, many a positive person has succumbed to forces around them.
    I'm not saying don't be positive. I'm not saying to be anything in particular. Emotions can cloud as much as illuminate. It is better to be aware of your emotional state and then make a conscious decision on the merits of a situation. Edward De Bono's 'Six Thinking Hats' is a good read as it suggests a way to make decisions based on various conscious factors including emotions. Many of us make decisions on an emotional basis only.
    So, let us look logically and in a balanced way at the vast and complex issue of Geoeongineering, assessing the facts and data as much as possible. Reading through this entire site is a good start.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Emotions are a kaleidoscope.
      Emotions are like the WEATHER!  And that, as we know, should change appropriately, as the seasons should, in the old sense, too. 
      Too much micro-management of either assures life out of balance. 

  34. Derek Crawford says:

    Dane. You are a brave man. And I know of no one calling it with the high-relief clarity you are. I will keep your name in my mind along with Gandhi, MLK, Michael Ruppert, et al. Stay safe.

  35. Ry Brannock says:

    Wednesday and Thursday of this week in NE Ohio had clear skies with no chem-trails visible.  A brief respite. So difficult to guide people over the 'Bridge of Asses' from identifying the clear difference between chemtrails and contrails.  But I keep praying.  I pray everyday God frightens the pilots destroying his creation from ever wanting to fly again –

  36. Richard Raymond says:

    Dane, what is your best assessment of this supposed threat?

    Real or contrived? Thanks for all you do!


  37. DAVID DARBY says:

    Is there a compilation of the physical illnesses caused by the aerosols from geoengineering? I know I have gotten much more arthritic in the last 2 years and this year has been just messed up when it comes to physical issues. I know I was out walking briskley regularly 45-90 minutes in early afternoons, in the early part of this year and seems I would get ill and flu like symtoms afterwards and this, also, I noticed about 2 years ago when I first learned of the geoengineering. 

    • I had to stop all outside training due to recurrent illness (pneumonia 3 times in one year).  This info needs to be passed on to all athletic facilities, school teams, and weight loss groups.  I have never had arthritis, but it is getting bad now and I used to be a great physical specimen, being a bodybuilder.  I cannot do sprints properly in a gym, and have gained quite a bit of weight. I got laughed at by a family member ( gov employee) in her mid 20s when I discussed this problem tonight.  I told her "you will feel it too, sooner than later, just remember you heard it here first".

  38. Tom Keith says:

    Their downfall will be in believing this secret society of theirs will prevail.  Like,some kind of voodoo-ism is going to make them better than us.  We have our conscienous and they are scared shirtless! 

  39. Duff Thompson says:

    No one can say if you are right or wrong, Glenda. Maybe you will save the world in some parallel universe by thinking positive thoughts only. Maybe Dane will save his world by his heroic efforts. Maybe we all create our own future world. In my world I call bullshit on all this evil. In fact, it really pisses me off–negativity be damned!  Some asshole just killed the biggest elephant. They're killing our planet. Insane people everywhere! They're all excited about the stupid Jays here. What can we do? Somehow find some kind of peace. But not at the cost of being unaware. Own those feelings of dread and horror! Eat them for breakfast! There is something bigger than all of this. 

    • I feel your angst Mr. Thompson. It infuriates me no end to see how many so called adults will invoke the power of prayer, but you will never find them among those sharing what they have learned through diligent effort to dig through the mountain of lies fed to us by the Establishment which is destroying this planet with their toys of mass destruction while zombies pray for help from a god they turn away from the moment they seem to have been ignored. The last thing this type does is to realize that there is some action required of every one who believes in their illusory democracy; and they cannot even comply with being an informed member of their revered ideology of democracy.

    • Marc says:

      Duff Thompson, I'm with you every word, my brother.

  40. horsegirl says:

    Hola a todos!  Hello to all.
    I salute you in Spanish because I want to get the attention of native Spanish speakers reading this site as well as others who are fluent in the language.  Dane has welcomed me to translate posts.  I'm not a native speaker although my parents began taking me to Mexico at four years of age, and it has been heaven on earth to me ever since.  Viva Mexico!   My husband and I lived there for seven years from 2006-2013 during which time I became fluent in Spanish, learning to read and write the language.  I have the support of the native Spanish speaker with whom I had a Skype language exchange for several years.  Our co-teaching effort was a success on both sides.  Henry will be proofing my translations.
    But there's so much more to do.  I asked Dane if I might form a team/think tank to begin to make the website accessible in Spanish, and he has lent his blessing.  Since that welcome I've done a bit of brainstorming, and it seems to me that a couple priorities would be 1) putting Spanish subtitles to Dane's most recent Collapse of Earth presentation; 2) translating brochures to Spanish; and 3) developing a list of priorities as to what should be translated first.  Meanwhile I will be plugging away at individual posts, and would love getting others involved in a coordinated effort.  Also there will need to be some tech support in making materials here Spanish-friendly.
    Come on, let's get this done!  A huge flaming arrow to everyone south of the US border!  Because south of the US, Spanish is the language all the way down to the tip of South America.  Where's my team?
    As for the Collapse video in Spanish, what about getting together a couple dozen native Spanish speakers, assigning each one perhaps a five minute stretch to translate in order not to burn any single person out.  Then my friend Henry could proof the results.  I don't know how many Spanish speakers read this but I bet you are numerous.  Also a welcome is extended to accomplished non-native speakers.  I would love to hear from anyone who is willing to join the team.  
    Also please feel free to pass along suggestions.  
    I believe we can put together a team to get that Collapse translation done pronto.  We viewed the Collapse tape from 2013 in January 2014. No presentation we ever viewed even comes close. Dane is so true, so pure and so brilliant in his presentation.  It's all about giving the viewer a crash course in the science, it's not about Dane at all.  I want the entire Spanish-speaking world to share our experience.  
    Thanks very much for your interest, and I hope to hear back from many.
    To the administrators of this website, please do not hesitate to put me in touch with interested people via my email.  Anxious to get the show on the road.

  41. Nigel says:

    Dane thank you so much for your dedication and i'm sure thousands of hours spent. There is no turning back for those who are awake to the truth.

    Dane If you haven't already connected with this woman, you need to! She would be a great Plaintiff for the legal action as she has spoken at the United nations 

  42. Rachel Parsons says:

    Thank you Dane for you commitment to truth.

  43. Lift your Heart to not excepting this dark negativity upon US, we will Prevail this. These Dark negative ones survive on the FEAR we project from this..have you not noticed all the Red Flags like the movies the cabal is putting out being they own the media, meaning they are in control of all movies and network..Spider man..and so many others are being hijacked to when watching them most will be getting brain snapped into thinking their way is right. Our Government and other highly ranked officers..have you all not remembered the higher you get in POWER the Higher you get in aligning up with the Cabal/Illuminati since the beginning of time..People have dyed unexpectedly due to them offing them for knowing too much or the BS they give us on the Tube wanting us to Fear the worst  of what's happening which a lot of this is Red Flags they wanting us to think negatively and fear them the most of what happening.. We most are considered to be sleepers ones that do not want to look beyond the tip of the iceberg  align ourselves with the all American USA Status of BS.. Wake Up People our time is being shortened as we speak.. Feel Love & Open your Heart and stop hating what's around your frequencies number one will feel a lot stronger about yourself that joining ones that are yelling at the top of their lungs doing nothing but going in circles.. PS: I feed my Mule Deer daily out back and feed the Birds daily and I have plenty of bugs and spiders and all other species due to me pushing Positive thoughts from my Heart I will not allow myself to think Negativity on Anything in this lifetime as long as Im here on Planet Earth this is my Home also as is everyone else  Our entire thought in a Positive manner will keep Planet Earth from dying we are the Breath that Breathes this Earth..LOL We Will Prevail This Be Patience  Silently remain at Peace with yourself if you continue to harbor bad thoughts about all this you will shorten your life 100% Follow your Gut feeling of Love

    • sharla says:

      Glenda, I totally agree with you.
      The cabal greedy elite's, feeds on fear, and while we need to keep an eye on what they are up to, we need to keep our vibrations in a higher state. it is with the light, that we will dismantle the dark…  these people wil be brought to justice. there are many good people working deep undercover to remove them from power, and it's happening, I am seeing signs of it.. we still have a ways to go, but enlightening the masses on their dirty deeds is necessary, as more wake up, we will have more of collected power over them. we just don't have to dwell in the negativity for sure.

    • Marsha Fulkerson says:

      Glenda, part of what you said is true. And if you are a Christian, then Jesus does not want us to fear, but he also said, " people perish for lack of knowledge". In other words, sheeple are who he is talking about. We at least have to try to reveal the evil going on in this earth. You can't be nice to these people, so we fight and pray. Not just sitting around with our thumbs in our mouth.
      Also, I just got through face timing my daughter on the beach in Florida, and she showed me the sky and it's sickening. She watched as the planes went over spraying the hell out anyone on the beach. It's massive. They got so low that she saw the crap coming out of the pipes. You like that for your children and grandchildren? Follow the Bible, but it seems you are not following the one I read. My trees are dying in ky, no flies, no bees, no nothing. 
      If this does not work, then the almighty will take over, and these people will be trembling, and have a hot place to go, hell.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Well said Glenda. BUT, your typical welfare bum thinks just like you too and therein lies the problem. I have personally exposed people to the truth that is around us and some told me that they would rather not know the truth! They back up into their shell, feel good and safe because they get what they can without worrying about the next dollar to survive.Being positive as you imply simply is facing away from the evil that is going on. That is exactly what the government and these evil elites want to happen to everybody. The indoctrination of your ideas has been going on for decades. What this site promotes is not HATE, it is AWARENESS. I have thought much about all this development and feel helpless as things are at a disaster point. Yet, I am at peace with myself because of what I know as the truth. If this is the end-times so be it. We will all be doomed, including the evil ones. 

    • Laura says:

      Dear Glenda Jasper…Under certain circumstances being cheerful and 'positive'  is great and appropriate.  Under other circumstances it is completely inappropriate and extremely counter-productive.  We find ourselves in one of those circumstances where being stereotypically 'positive' is not only counter productive but totally destructive.  This particular radio broadcast is completely productive, instructive and so so so needed.  THIS is positivity at it's best. 

    • Janice says:

      If seeing Truth, seeing Reality, makes you fear, fear is your enemy, not Truth/Reality.  Fight the real fight, fight fear, don't hide from Truth and Reality.  If you hide (seek only 'peace' and 'positive thinking' without engagement), all that you fear will come upon you and you will blame others while ignoring the fact you passively let it happen by nonparticipation in Truth/Reality.

    • Sylvia Sires says:

      Our own freedoms and liberty are being slowly chipped away. You need to know we fought a war to gain our freedom and liberty from Britain. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE and has to be WATCHED vigilantly from people who want to take it away, people of power who want control!! You keep your head and heart buried while others do the fight for stupid people like you that only think of themselves. Our government has been corrupt for years and its getting so bad that it's become visible. We love America for what it used to represent, LIBERTY AND FREEDOM FROM THE LOVE OF GOD!!! Government is spraying you and your little world to destroy it.

  44. Zachary Isaac says:

    Mr. Wigington, I am a 25 year old originally from Texas.  I was not aware of geoengineering for a long time until 2011.  And sometimes I really do wish that I was still unaware.  Before I learned of your site and the patents and laws regulating this travesty, I did my own research.  When the space shuttle endeavour was retired in Los Angeles and everyone was pointing their cameras skyward, I took the opportunity to point the trails out as weather modification.  90% of the people were ignorant of the fact, 5% of them called me crazy and misinformed and only 5% of them listened and suddenly sided with them citing that anything would help with the current drought situation.  So I believe that the programs now are trying to save the mountainous areas from erupting in flames.  Seeing that there are already wildfires consuming hundreds of thousands of acres, their only defense is to use SRM.  But not even being a scientist, and just using common sense, I see that they are only insulating and not reflecting the sunlight.  And that is failing also becuase over the 50+ years that they have been conducting this hooplah, they've shredded the ozone layer, the natural blocker of UV rays.  So, like a child who breaks something and doesn't want their parents to find out, they attempt to repair their damge by speculation.  By using past models they predict the weather based off of the past "successes" they've had(I.E. el nino from 97-98).  So since this is all failing they probably will continue destroying everything until we the citizens file lawsuits on the Senate panels that regulate these programs.  They hold liability for the past 50 years of damage.  That means they owe more than they have ergo the secrecy issue.  The best way exposing them is to get those cameras in front of Danes face.  I believe it's time for this to end.  I've already been waking folks up but had to check in

  45. dan kelley says:

    Stand Ready! Stay Vigilant!!!

  46. Linda Bonam says:

    I always enjoy your programs.  I try to never miss one because they are so informative and helpful.  This is such distressing news, but it goes hand in hand with the end times in which we are now living.
    We noticed the heavy chemtrailing, or geoengineering, right before a major snowstorm.  We barely got dug out of it, before we were hit with another.
    I take photographs of the sky all the time and I have seen some amazing things. 
    Keep up the good work.  You are a gem.

  47. Chad says:

    Pissing me off! My dogs getting sicker bout to die she's older and can't cough the nasty , dry sticky phlegm like myself, out its hard to get out! Then your heart is racing after gagging and coughing to vomit stage! If things don't change soon, something's gonna give, when good people like me have had enough something will have to happen! My cousin doesn't think they are trying to kill us, he thinks they are trying to fix their mistake and can't stop now? That part probably true, because ozone gone now! Why it feels so hot in sun ! Not the actual heat, the heat from the radiation! UVA ,UVB , and now UVC ! No ozone left! We are screwed on all four sides of the box with nowhere to run and hide! It's like I'm in a jacked up episode of The Twilight Zone! Freakin Nuts! Anyway , God bless us all and please God, I ask of  You my Lord, No Mercy for the Evil ones and the people going along like cowards!!! Amen!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      CHAD:  Get a bottle of Nin Jiom PEI PA KOA and start spooning it down– fortunately it's very delicious and will calm your dry throat and lungs.  A tea of fritillary and other Chinese herbs that moisten and calm the lungs is most helpful.  Please consult a very good long-time Chinese herbalist and get going!  Be sure to mention the dog, too.

      All best to you and your doggie too!

    • Teri says:

      I have a little puggy girl who has heavy metal toxicity.  I have been using a holistic heavy metal detox clearing and it has helped tremendously in the last 2 months.   We use the Nestmann test kits to muscle test what is needed in her clearing.  You also must do daily toxin eliminations to keep yourself in good health:

  48. Chad says:

    I can't get it through peoples tiny brains and mind altered brainwashing!theyve watched too much tv and have been led like rats from the Pied Piper! People think survivor and American idol real  and that airplanes make clouds, zombie movies, etc etc etc! I can't fathom how people allowed it to get like this! I saw it all along! But one guy alone can't do shit! They'll lock u up throw away keys or kill you! They don't give a fuck about you or I! You'll see! Mark my Words my Brothers and Sisters! For the End is not near, it's Here! Just time before complete collapse then the Game changes! Excuse my language, family members are trying to rationalize with zero proof! Dane, you need to get copies of lab tests blood, urine, soil, water, doctors documents and post for retards like my family and friends who don't really understand physics, chemistry, basic science, or have common sense! Please help post, people who are skeptical need something that knocks em on their asses before they get it! Give them a knockout punch please! Ps, getting worse   At Pacific, Northwest! Rained last night I went out hit it with my spot light, and look like ash falling in between the few rain drops! Bullshit! Together We Stand, Divided We Fall! If I go down, so do the Bastard Culprits even if I Die trying to hold those responsible accountable and pay their dues! God will take care of the Rest! In Jesus Christ's name I say Amen! I pray to God people will get what they give and what they deserve!thanks for all those trying to spread the Truth and being an activist for the common good of the planet and mankind! Realistically I just think Gods had enough and prophesies and Revelation along with scripture are now coming to pass! Wake up People, be a Human Being if you are one! Do what's right for everyone and everything! Quit being in Denial just cause you are scared! Man up and be Real American damn it! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chad, we are already compiling human heavy metals contamination testing data, and we have lots of lab tests already on the site. This effort will require all of us to particpate. 

    • Wes says:

      It's looks exactly like ash. Here in eastern Nebraska I've been out for two weeks, every night and every day. Even if it looks clear throughout the day or clear at night, it's not! I accidently walked into a "sweet" spot. My porch light was on and walked past and it stopped me in my tracks. I backed up and blocked the direct light from blinding me and there it was, a fricking snow storm! Minute particles of what looked like ash. So after finding this spot to observe I've done it every night and every morning while it dark. It's there, all the time. The particles are so small and lightweight they float around in all directions and the slightest breeze whooshes them around. On about the seven night and morning I broke down. Then a couple of nights ago I also saw what looked like a fiberglass thread or something floating around with the particles. It was about and inch long.  Everyone at work is hacking and going into major coughing spells. It sure does feel like it's over.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I just cannot BELIEVE the IDIOTS would actually decide it's "safe" to use COAL FLY ASH, then go and spray everything with it– jeeeeze, COAL FLY ASH?  Now how Crrr-AY-zee is THAT??  If it weren't true, something in me would just burst out laughing, it is so far beyond absurd.  Can't get rid of all that toxic waste?  Well, put a little in every house, require multiple smoke alarms in numerous rooms and put some crap that emits ionizing radiation in every one of the alarms; put a little in the toothpaste, put more in the drinking water, and zap all the food with even more of it, to kill the bad bacteria, never mind the radiation that will kill those who try to eat the zapped food, it's gotta be better for us than letting bad bugs multiply that would make us sick, but don't worry if you do get sick– "They'll" make money on you again when you drag in sick and sell you MAGIC PILLS to fix your problems!!! 

      Most of the crap we're being force-fed and zapped with is toxic industrial waste from all of the MESSES THAT CAN'T BE CLEANED UP, including nuclear waste.

  49. Norman Goldstein says:

    As the 1950's (previously posted here)  training fill showed what was happening then! This sounds like a real possibility. We will see … 

    • BaneB says:

      That film was absent of any humanity.  It was all about mass murdering civilian populations.  The accompanying music was a major asset to understanding how a non thinking viewer easily can be swept up into a mind set of " normalcy.  Also it was instructive to see the young unwitting soldiers placed out in the desert in trenches to experience the blasts and attendant radiation.  And too, those handling toxic materials and aerosols, young, compliant, and expendable.

  50. Michael says:

    Boom! Well done, Dane!!

  51. Paul says:

    I am really worrying

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