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Karim Sulayman – I Trust You


Source: Vimeo

Karim Sulayman – I trust you from Meredith Kaufman Younger on Vimeo.

4 Responses to Karim Sulayman – I Trust You

  1. Incredible… both comforting and inspiring.  Inspiring for the obvious reasons.  Comforting because, in the insane and fragmented world we now inhabit, seeing so many in the act of expressing unadulterated compassion to a stranger shows me that humanity still has what it takes to forge ahead toward a future filled with hope instead of despair.

    A million times thank you, my friend!!!

    Much Love and Respect,

    Laura Marinangeli

  2. Monika & Sam says:

    A very moving and exquisite video that took my breath away when the first person touched him and the tears started flowing with the others. Have shared on my FB page. #itrustyou

  3. Julie says:

    Thank you. I am very moved and will post on my facebook wall.  Julie

  4. Andrew from scotland says:

    Beautiful, very moving

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