MIT – Using Aerosol Injections for Geoengineering


Joyce Penner, University of Michigan

If you take the time to view the recent ABC “Report” on “chemtrails” (ABC made it a point never to mention the terms “geoengineering” and “climate engineering”) you will see that Professor Joyce Penner is asked to answer a particular question about “jet exhaust” (not the subject at hand) The way in which she answered this question leads one to believe she knows nothing about “geoengineering’ or “climate engineering”.

The link below is only one of many and ongoing lectures done by Professor Joyce Penner on the subject of “GEOENGINEERING”

ABC’s goal in the “report” they did was clearly to hide the truth, not to tell it.



Artificial clouds produced by jet aircraft emissions actually enhance global warming according to IPCC member,  Joyce Penner (link will download .wmv file )

Here is Penner’s lecture on geoengineering at MIT:


“Contrails tend to warm the Earth’s surface, similar
to thin high clouds”

6 Responses to MIT – Using Aerosol Injections for Geoengineering

  1. S. Lynn Knight says:

    Who is orchestrating the atmospheric spraying? And if there is a control center where is it?
    Our biggest hurdle in saving ourselves is overcoming learned helplessness. Believe it or not, I am only in the second day of personal awareness and my emotions and thinking are reeling. I vacillate between defeated helplessness with a desire to go back to being ignorant to angry activism and needing to do something, anything right now… I suspect my reaction is not atypical but common. For now, I will continue to study the material so that I may converse intelligently with others in a supportive effort.
    Yesterday, in NW Arkansas I watched in horrified dismay as the clear morning sky was filled with line after line of these chemical trails. I took pictures and video of my own for myself to see to remind myself this is really happening. Gratefully, I videoed a plane going over that had a condensation trail that I was used to seeing as a kid and in stark comparison to the majority of the planes that flew overhead. By the late afternoon the sun and sky was obscured with a murky haze.

  2. Rainer Ziegler says:

    how about putting David Keith into jail and throw away the key?

  3. bill wilt says:

    Not if the goal is the elimination of all exposed flora and fauna, the goal being to even the odds for the 1% from 99:1 to some ratio the 1% like better, such as 2:1 or 1.5:1.
    Remember, the 1% don’t want to take the population of The Others (hominids not themselves) from 90 billion or whatever, down to zero, because the 1% need the slaves to kill “other Others,” (the non-compliaisant ones, the out-spoken ones, etc.), to take care of their dozens of extra houses, palaces, fortresses (all that good medieval Dark Ages stuff), to act in their Military Exercises, also known as False Flag Operations.

    one could go on.

  4. bill wilt says:

    I’m wondering if state governors have the authority to call out their Air National Guardsfolks and order them to “intercept” these hominid-dusting planes in their air-space (planes which apparently have no license plates (tail-markings), are not registered with the FAA when they fly, etc.) and force them to land, escorting them all the way down to earth.

    And, of course, if they do not respond to the universal “wing-wagging” and other attention-getting maneuvers (like firing shots across their bow), then order them shot down.

    I wonder if, say, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts were to order the team of four “Sky Spiders” that have been immensely active over the Commonwealth airspace through the whole of December, and now on into January to either land and cease operating in Massachusetts air-space, or shoot them down (at the cost of, what, a pilot and navigator and aerosol-tank operator, or perhaps no deaths (in the air), as they’re being flying á la ‘Vigilant Guardian’ or whatever the “military exercise” was called that flies drones around the NYState airspace, PA airspace, NJ airspace as well as MA airspace.

  5. darrell allen says:

    Question is how many jets…locations spraying schedules…amounts contents…history &future of sprays.

  6. Karin says:

    How about just planting more trees instead of adding more pollutants?

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