Northern California Protests Expose Climate Engineering Cover-Up

Why is the general public so confused and in the dark about the highly toxic ongoing climate engineering insanity in our skies? Because mainstream media is doing everything it can to either spin the subject or completely omit it from any coverage at all.  Every individual in media that is in any way involved with the cover-up of the toxic aerosol spraying (which is occurring in skies in most regions around the globe every single day) should be held legally liable for their part in facilitating these crimes (once the illegal climate engineering is fully exposed to the public). Everyone that is awake and aware of this issue is needed to help sound the alarm on the toxic all out geoengineering assault being waged against life on Earth. We need to make the following point clear to those in mainstream media, we are NOT OK with their attempts to cover-up this extremely critical issue and we will one day hold them legally liable for their part in this cover-up. All of our voices are needed in this fight, every day counts.

42 Responses to Northern California Protests Expose Climate Engineering Cover-Up

  1. Winama says:

    Although I totally believe the geoengineering theory….I have to ask the question about the people orchestrating these catastrophes….how do they protect THEMSELVES? If they know they’re spraying poisons, don’t they care if they are raining this stuff down on their own children’s heads?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Winama, I answer your question in many ways in almost all of my public presentatioins which are posted on the home page of, hope you will continue your investigation.

    • M says:

      Certain clays strip metals from the body the citizenry even has access to them, but knowing the monarch that is the US government. There are likely FDA certified pills that more effectively strip metal toxins available to federal certain employees.

  2. chinookgirl says:

    I’m a neighbor. I was diagnosed in 2007 with Muscular Dystrophy, mine is cellular muscle failure. I have lived here since 2000. I am “sick and tired” of gray, cold, damp days. But people don’t see what is going on around them, nor do they believe when it is pointed out to them. Look at all the peoples in history who have been wiped out by government, and the media feeds the frenzy. Keep your eye out for the film “Look Up” – I am trying to get it to show here.

  3. Liana Lawrence VERMONT says:

    I am distressed that most people in the state of Vermont are either totally unaware of the assaults being carried out in our skies or are knowledgeable yet passive and paralyzed when it comes to taking action on this issue. I have tried to ask aware people here to join and have been turned down!
    The anti GMO movement people who worked for years to get a labeling bill passed here refuse to a part of this movement of which Monsanto is playing a huge roll in the spraying of our skies.
    Sen Bernie Sanders, Sen Patrick Leahy and Governor Shumlin all have lied and denied to the public who have communicated with them stating that “there is not any such activity taking place”. They have been assured by the very agencies and entities behind these crimes that “those lines are merely water vapor”.
    No newspaper will publish articles I have submitted and I was laughed at and told that “Our newspaper would never carry a conspiracy theory nut case article”
    ! ALL of these paid public servants of ours and the news media are accessories to the crime of mass genocide and nothing less!
    I am beginning to feel that sedatives may be in the chemical brews being tossed over our heads to keep people passive! Anyone over the age of 30 must be able to see that the snow does not look or act like snow and that the skies are full of unearthly anomalies that were never there before! Why can’t people connect the dots as to why they are all becoming ill?????

  4. sam crowe says:

    Same type of thing happened to me and my child. Now the school is making up problems….
    my email is

    I am interested in anyone’s story actually.

  5. Nicole says:

    To: ExpoGeo Jane, your story is pure tragedy indeed. One of the greatest lessons, and points in life today, is that the public school system is no place for a child to get educated, let alone anything else. People, if you haven’t already, get your kids out of these mental institutions, pronto. They are nothing short of brainwashing torture devices, and they have no place in the life of your family.

  6. John Spisak says:

    Hi Theresa, I am from Seattle too. I talked to and emailed Rep. Jim McDermott’s head of environmental issues. He said he hasn’t heard of this before. Here is his email. Let him know what you think. Tell your friends as well. “Mills Pete”

  7. jeanie says:

    I could not of said it any better than this. every line is what i think and feel. about the human race and our mother earth. we are in hell and the apathy of our situation grows stronger. thank anonymous vermonter. i am sharing this with everyone i can.

  8. ExpoGeo Jane says:

    HI Pegi, Please contact me and please read more of my story at

    I brought up chemtrails outside of my daughter’s school (to adults only) and was immediately banned from the premises. This was because an unidentified man went inside and severely embellished on what I said, and they took his word as gold. I disputed the incident with Boulder Valley Schools, who then began helping my daughter’s dad use the courts to take custody away from me (He works in atmospheric engineering and SKY observation for University of Colorado! ALL of Univ Colo’s federal research institutes- NOAA, NCAR, NIST – are in hostile, criminal, imbecile denial of geoengineering chemtrails).
    I have been railroaded in the Boulder CO court by a very ignorant and biased judge, DD Mallard, who explicitly stated that “99% of people would know that those are just contrails,” and she said I was “immersed in a fringe counterculture” and was a danger to my daughter because of my beliefs. I can now only see my 10-yr-old daughter with a social worker listening to every word so that, as Mallard put it, “If she talks about chemtrails they will put a stop to that.”

    Please see my website about writing a letter of support simply by stating YOU KNOW WHAT CHEMTRAILS ARE! Thank you!

  9. Deborah Sacco says:

    This Jan we had a severe ice storm, ice nucleation to the max in my little town of Hope BC and up to Yale BC and not one mention anywhere in the news nor of the destruction of our trees, and we do not have the snow coverage in our mountains in this local area and if the tree debris is not cleared it will be potential fire trap this summer.Our area is a cross wind area and I can tell the weather by which direction the wind blows here to the degree that it effects the rest of Canada and it’s weather forecast and for sure they are always 5 to 10 degrees wrong in the media report of temperatures.But very grey skies prevail and besides this being a very heavy Cancer cluster area I notice that most people’s hair is falling out big time or very thin and oily looking even after just washing it. I’ve watched our bird population decline severely and much more but does anybody around here want to listen to the truth not many. Our insect population also has severely declined so I do my best to feed the birds and whatever else crosses my path. Next month I hope to go on a heavy campaign to raise awareness here in a very unique way. God Bless our world as we grow out of ignorance.

  10. Judy Persin says:

    The Gates of Hell

    If anyone had ever said
    You’ll find the Gates of Hell one day,
    I’d look at them and certainly say
    You must be crazy in the head!

    But now I live at the Gates of Hell;
    Three years now and I know it well.
    It’s the Valley of Death! It hurts my eyes
    To look around and see everything dies!

    I cannot seem to get away;
    It is entrapment every day.
    Poisonous snow and toxic rain
    And living every day in pain!

    Seldom sunshine do we see,
    And skies aren’t blue like they used to be.
    It seems the animals have fled;
    And trees are falling, broken and dead!

    We never smell nor breathe fresh air
    And oxygen levels are so low where
    The heavy metals hang everywhere
    Going into our lungs and staying there!

    At night the stars are seldom seen
    Because the air is so unclean;
    So many particles in the air
    To go outside you shouldn’t dare!

    It once was lovely here, folks say
    And people came to visit and play;
    But now there’s something very grim,
    That vibrant beauty’s grown so dim!

    Just like a lovely piece of art
    Was hanging on a wall one day,
    ‘Til a villain came with brush in hand
    And smeared the canvas with shades of gray!

    Yes, the Gates of Hell are here;
    The trees are sick, the mountains too.
    It seems as if they are screaming at you,
    “Help me, help me, can’t you see?
    Something is destroying me!”

    “Climate change” you’ll hear it said
    Is why the animals have fled
    And why we see the trees are dead.
    Powers coming through The Gates of Hell
    Have brainwashed the people very well!

    And people won’t look up to see
    The obvious re-al-i-ty !
    Planes dropping poisons on their head;
    They’d rather believe the LIE instead!

    Satan’s clever, yes, very smart;
    He has it down to a work of art!
    He rules the skies and kills people too;
    Yet they don’t even have a clue!

    They’re getting sicker
    And don’t know why
    “Cause they don’t even see
    What falls from the sky!

    Off to the doctor for a new vaccine!
    The saddest scenario I’ve ever seen!
    Vaccines to poison just like the air
    Yet people don’t know — or
    Don’t they care?

    The deception is incredible;
    I simply am amazed.
    Instead of waking up at all,
    Folks seem like they are dazed!

    When all the maple trees are gone
    And gardens don’t exist,
    Will people then see something’s wrong
    Or will apathy persist !!!!

    Yes, Hell has come to Earth, my friend!
    The gates are open wide!
    It’s a wake-up call here in Vermont;
    There will be no place to hide!

    If you tend to find this humorous,
    Excuse me while I fail to laugh
    For if folks don’t wake up very soon
    They should now write their epitaph!

    New Years Day 2015
    Anonymous Vermonter

  11. william says:


  12. Susan says:

    We have noticed the spraying has been stepped up recently here in Western NC and upstate SC. Today was the worst day ever. It is 3pm and the sun is so dim, it’s sickening what they are doing. They started at 9am and still spraying relentlessly through the pasty sky. I try to educate folks but they don’t want to hear it. I’m an organic gardner and I am forced inside when they spray as it gives me a headache and sore throat. I try to cover my plants. My doctor recently asked me if I felt tired after being outside all day, strange? People here are coming down with unexplained upper and lower respiratory viruses. This has to stop! Thank you Dane for all you’re doing. God help us!

  13. P.kamstra says:

    I live on the coast in Mendocino county and have been
    Taking pictures for the last 6 years ( at least) of the caustic
    cloud cover created by the planes as they make them.
    I have yet to see a true petition to sign. Mendocino county
    voted to ban GMO’s a few years ago and we also passed
    Measure S (reversal of corporate personhood). So if there’s
    a petition to rescue our environment and its living habitat,
    Mendocino County will come out of the corner fighting.
    How are we going to get it rolling?

  14. Bernard R. Hall says:

    When is a petition going to be sent out to the people to stop polluting the atmosphere with these toxic chemicals? I have over 80 contacts that I am sure will sign it, and I will be the first.

  15. Diana Moss says:

    It appears that more and more persons are becoming aware because of Dane’s persistant and important information. I have been recording, photographing chemtrails long before I knew what they were. I also have the same reaction when I point them out to people. I for one am willing to join up with anyone, anywhere to begin to establish somekind of a movement where maybe there would be more impact of things being done by numbers rather than single persons trying to do something and getting nowhere. Please let me know. Thanks,

  16. Pegi Brown says:

    My Daughter was the first to point out the spraying being done over Buena Vista Colorado. She was very verbal about whats going on. She was diagnosed with MS after being in Chaffee County for 4 years. She pointed out to me the trucks traveling down hwy 24 to Salida Co. then over Poncha Pass. They were red with small logo’s on them They were in groups of 4-6 with black unmarked cars in front and in back. They would travel every other day South into New Mexico. She was sure these carried the chemicals used in spraying. We now
    live in Canon City Colorado and watch the spraying every day. I have sent information to several friends who are in Government positions and I get the normal statements of those are normal contrails from commercial aircraft. We recently traveled through New Mexico, and we didn’t see one plane spraying.
    So tired of seeing the dirty sky. Thank you for your voices.

  17. Icareaboutmyearth says:

    Thanks for all your hard earned efforts Dane, To make the public aware of these criminal assaults on the citizens!
    I am very Ill now & no matter what herbal remedy I try, I can’t shake it.My cough has persisted for four months straight. twenty four hours a day. Every time go out, I mention the Chemtrails aka Geo Engineering. I am really disappointed to the publics reaction. We are living & sharing a World with Brainwashed Zombies. I have been trying to make the public aware for years now!

  18. Theresa says:

    Again, thank you you’re my hero!!!! I’m in the seattle area what can I do to help stop this slaughter? I’m down. Name it.

  19. This is how media works:

    How Fox news feeds sanitized fodder to the sheeple, and who owns the media in the former united states. The forth leg of government is just as corrupt as the government itself…

    Obama appoints Monsanto shill Tom Vilsack to USDA chief

    Did Tom Wheeler subvert Research Showing Harm From Cell Phone Radiation?

    The U.S. Government Earns Royalties from the sale of the Gardasil HPV Vaccine.

    Dr. Eric Suba tried to use the Freedom of Information Act to find out how much money the National Institute of Health (NIH) earned from the sale of Gardasil, but they refused to report the amount of revenue the government earns from this vaccine (although not denying they do earn royalties). Did you know that the government earns royalties from the sale of the Gardasil vaccine? Does your doctor promoting the HPV vaccine know this?

    Julie Gerberding was in charge of the CDC the years the FDA approved Gardasil as a vaccine and is now the president of Merck’s Vaccine division, a $5 billion dollar a year operation
    Julie Gerberding was in charge of the CDC from 2002 to 2009, which includes the years the FDA approved Gardasil as a vaccine. Soon after she took over the CDC, she reportedly completely overhauled the agency’s organizational structure, and many of the CDC’s senior scientists and leaders either left or announced plans to leave. Some have claimed that almost all of the replacements Julie Gerberding appointed had ties to the vaccine industry.

    Gerberding resigned from the CDC on January 20, 2009, and is now the president of Merck’s Vaccine division, a 5 billion dollar a year operation, and the supplier of the largest number of vaccines the CDC recommends (article here).

    There are 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 television stations, and 2400 publishers > all owned by only 6 international corporations. Public media is no longer a news and information service. All of the above media clones are psy-op and propaganda machines for the elite. Tom Wheeler (Federal Communications Commission Chairman, and Obama appointee) knows this, the Federal government knows this, the NSA knows this.

    The citizen public remains passive, as the propaganda is designed by professional television producers, actors, and actresses. Look at any news service page and a hundred other pages show up with the same linguistic manipulations.

    Media cross-ownership in the United States – Wikipedia

    It’s all a farce.

  20. Dana Feldman says:

    I’m in Chico and would like to help organize a peaceful protest!

  21. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Doesn’t is seem like all of the meteorologists are nervous lately. They stumble and mumble through their segments like bad actors, which is what they are. The other night KTUU channel 2 Meteorologist Tracy Sinclair struggled to explain why our temps. are 25 to 40 degrees above normal with NO snow on the ground. After her forecast, while talking with the Anchor and the Sports Guy she said ” It would be nice if we could get some REAL weather, I mean normal weather.” She shouldn’t have corrected herself. I really don’t know how they do it. Either they are threatened, or are being paid off. IT has to be one of the two, but which one is it? Both maybe?

  22. Marc says:

    The arrogant ass who met with the protesters on behalf of the newspaper proves by his demeanor and cavalier dismissal of their protest that these spineless babies KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. If a local group decided to protest, for example, abortion or GMO’s or legalization of marijuana, I’d bet good money they’d make time to cover it. The blackout speaks volumes about what is really going on in so-called America. Makes me wonder if there might even be black ops or covert elements threatening such newspapers to blackout such events. If this is the case, then we are in a virtually totalitarian state in which ANYTHING THAT THREATENS THE AGENDAS OF THE ALMIGHTY CABAL MUST BE MARGINALIZED OR CRUSHED.
    I am afraid. But I am proud to be part of the movement to expose these genocidal criminals and their unbelievably fucked-up “solutions” to the planet’s problems.
    Support this website and Dane’s brave and essential work!!

  23. bija says:

    TRAILS=TRIALS for all those who are committing and hiding this deadly assault on all life on planet Earth!!!
    The method of spraying in our area has been different in the last few days, resulting in wispy, cloud-like fluff. According to the local weather report on our public radio station, we are having “a mostly sunny day with thin, light cloudiness”. Whoever heard of such a thing??? This confirms that our weather reports are simply read from a script, even down to what our clouds will look like on any given day.
    All you liars and deceivers – BE AFRAID!. Your judgment day is coming soon

  24. Howard says:

    California news people suck for lying.Anonymous would be a great group to recruit to break into computers of the military to find out what is really going on.WE need another Snowden to hack into computers to help our cause. He would be my hero.

  25. Jeff says:

    Much respect,Dane. I hope more wake up so we can stop this crime,I fear for my children every day, when I look at the sky . Lets wake the people up and start the trials.

  26. Rex M. Vaughn says:

    Action News Now, in Chico has a weather person who emailed me (i still have the email)and asked me to stop posting statements, on their website, about geoengineering, or referring to it. I did not stop so, that person or, someone else has BLOCKED me from commenting on the website. So much for FREEDOM OF SPEECH @ ACTION NEWS NOW in CHICO!!

  27. The Mayhem says:

    It’s been now over a month since Central California saw rain. It’s time to stop the spraying of rain-omitting aerosols in our skies. Take back the skies, California. Send those chemtrail bioterrorists to high security prisons.

  28. William Baker, MD says:

    Bravo Dane!

  29. Ally L says:

    your points are very eloquently put as always. The spokesman from the newspaper was completely lost for any reasonable response to the question put to him by the interviewer.
    Awareness is growing, keep it going.

  30. Jay Fiato says:

    They don’t care about us, all they care is about Money and power, not one has stepped up to plate. They all should be but they not because they work for the banking cartel, the corporations and their own egos. peace

  31. Jay Fiato says:

    The politicians are in on it its obvious this is a fact i call and send e-mails they do not respond or promise to get back to you and never do .

  32. Ana says:

    Power structures want the inconvenient truths in “clandestinity” ,out of the oficial news !So…welcome to the “free press” or “genuine freedom of expression” of our democracies in the world…if at least this constant criminal atack made by geoengeneering could give our “honest and true democratic leaders” more votes like happens with other alleged terrorist groups atacks reported by Media…then for certain every Tv station or news channel would have been there to cover this subject and every geoengeneering criminal would have been already arrested or worst…but who are going to make justice ?the same people that are doing this to us? the same that are hiding this from people for decades?

  33. Sherri Mitchell says:

    Thanks to all those in California for showing a stand. We need more of these all over the world. I am having issues since i moved to Oregon 3 yrs ago that i never had before. One of the first things i noticed in 2011 was the weird clouds and air felt thick. Now i see more everyday and yes the chemtrails to.

  34. Michael Sabo says:

    This may be small now but we must act as a unified people against this catastrophe so we can put a stop to this. The economic situation is dire, yes. The police state in the US is growing more tyrannical by the day, yes. But even if both are solved and this remained unchanged, it matters not when we no longer have an Earth to inhabit and everyone is growing more sick by the day. I am proud of California for getting out there and raising awareness. Rest of the world, it’s time to step up to the plate and join them!

  35. Shaunna Satterwhite says:

    Dear elected official, civil servant,
    The stunningly massive aerosol spraying program government agencies and elected officials, in the United States of America and around the world, that representatives quietly allow to continue to happen, is an assault on humanity and the entire planet. Given the many alarming reports about what chemicals the aerosols are actually made up of, as well as the harmful effects they have on humans and the ecosystem it is now time for an immediate halt to the spraying, followed by a public and intellectually honest discussion where all the facts are presented to the public. Those whom have committed these crimes should be held accountable.
    The media refusing to cover the topic, then blatantly lying and deceiving the public are just as guilty as the government and elected public officials whom support and allow these geoengineering programs to continue.
    Not only is this an assault, it is genocide.
    We demand the immediate halt to all aerosol spraying programs.
    Your response, including a proposal for action-plan to end these programs is expected immediately.

  36. carol freiberg says:

    They are simply told you are crazy and anyone who believes in the Gov’t spraying their own people is a nut job,and several other names to control the conversation.Until we get leaders who are not spineless and not being blackmailed or paid to shut up we are in deep doo. Without a moral compass the foxes are in charge of the hen house and the aerosol planes.Total control is what psychos crave.Making another humans suffer is the icing on the cake for them.Thanks to everyone who has found it in their heart to expose this insanity.Once this crime is exposed a house of cards will tumble and expose the rest of the lies we have been spoon fed for decades.

  37. Dorothy Derewicz says:

    Thank you Californians for fighting for our planet..God bless you all. I see it here in Dover Delaware all the time. I have never had breathing problems before..I don’t smoke and I cough every morning as if I do.

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