WHITE LINES – the Syllable Villain feat. Mere – ChemTrail Awareness


5 Responses to WHITE LINES – the Syllable Villain feat. Mere – ChemTrail Awareness

  1. chi canada says:

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  2. Pamela says:

    Great video. Thanks.

  3. Chris says:

    James Thanks for speaking for many of us, thats where I fit in ,is there one definative answer on why, and if we can firgure this out, we will then be able to stop it, I ve been thinking,the work thas been done anyalizing the samples,snow and water, soil , and all the photos my self and all of you have taken, still not much silencing of us , or have I missed this with the words chemtrails being clasified by the US federal Gov as only a conspiracy theory, I limit my use of these words.
    to sume this up what can we actuallly do?

  4. Sonya says:

    Yes, we have to spread the word. Yesterday in Virginia Beach, Va we looked up and saw so many chemtrails. We are watching closely to see how much these will fuel the snowstorm heading this way.

  5. James says:

    Agreed, we are in a war. We all can’t be in a battle against something that’s annihilating life on the planet, and think in lesser terms. Is this WWIII? or something different? Obviously the military are operational in the story, which means command and control. So let’s consider who is the likely enemy. a) is it a sinister eugenics plan unfolding to reduce the population a-la-Alan Watt’s matrix, and as per the Georgia Guidestones’ dark message; or b) Nato in the run-up stage to a full-on war against its geopolitical enemies; or c) a globally cooperative and desperate attempt to save the polar ice caps and fend off an imminent cataclysmic global extinction event accelerated by giga tones of frozen methane hydrates melting; or d) is all life on the planet under a terraform attack by extra-terrestrials who are controlling the operation from within Governments; or e) the big brother Orwellian scenario playing out, where the NWO has now militarily crystallized their control over most all governments on the planet, and they own and run the weather globally via military classified operations worldwide; and are managing it 100% according to some end game agenda.

    Is it some blend of the above? None being mutually exclusive.

    After reading and studying Clifford E. Carnicom’s thesis on morgellons, it does seem the planet’s biology is being invaded by a life form. This is not a disease, as he points out, it’s something more encompassing. How does that reconcile with the possibilities above? The UFO reality or non-reality must also be included, and questioned. If you rule an alien presence and technology into the picture frame, such as today’s story in The Telegraph about a rugby-ball shaped UFO that buzzed a Thomas Cook airliner flying holidaymakers home from Ibiza to Manchester and passed “within feet” of the UFO, then we open another can of worms. Hundreds and then thousands of new questions arise. Understand I’m not a UFO buff, but events like the Phoenix Lights can’t be ignored if we are to be truthful detectives on the trail of what is attacking life itself on our planet; i hope you see my point.
    So which one of these roads are we on, do you think? Or is it some other scenario altogether? (Add whatever scenario you favour). Please help me out here, i’m more than a little confused by all the data I’m processing. I think we need to get an answer in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, as to what is going on. Who is the enemy? What is this battle really about? Who is waging such a war that its taking over the planet and destroying and or invading life at the cellular level? Too many questions…


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