Alzheimer’s Association Refuses To Allow To Sponsor Their Event


Dane Wigington

The “Alzheimer’s Association” has recently refused to allow to sponsor their fundraising event scheduled in Northern California for October 18, 2014. I tried to support their cause by purchasing an information booth for the standard $500 dollar donation they ask of all sponsors, but in my case they refused to allow this donation. Thus, the “Alzheimer’s association” has tried to block our efforts to raise awareness of the primary source of aluminum contamination in the overall environment. Even more astounding, the “Alzheimer’s Association” flatly denies any link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease.

My message to Suzanne Watroba of the Alzheimer’s Association is below.

From: Dane Wigington
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 1:32 PM

 Re: Redding Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Hello Suzanne,
Our group has one goal, to expose the ongoing climate engineering known as “solar radiation management” (SRM) and “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG). A primary element used in the climate engineering programs is aluminum. We have done about 70 lab tests of precipitation in Northern California over the last ten years, aluminum has shown up in very significant amounts in all tests. Our goal is to force disclosure of the climate engineering issue to the general population as the mounting human health effects of the toxic heavy metal exposure due to the climate engineering fall out are now exponential. Aluminum exposure has been cited in peer reviewed research to be connected with Alzheimer’s and autism. Our web site and our organization does not sell anything, we only spend our own funds in the attempt to educate the population about what is happening in our skies and the health effects that are connected to it.
Dane Wigington
On Oct 8, 2014


 From: Suzanne Watroba [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 4:53 PM

 Re: FW: Redding Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Thank you for your email.  I forwarded it to my corporate office, and my supervisor believes your company does not fit our sponsorship guidelines.  The Alzheimer’s Association does not support the claim that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease, and therefore we feel that your participation in our event would not be an appropriate match for our constituents.  I apologize for any confusion this may have caused, and appreciate you reaching out to us.

Thank you,


There are huge and very powerful interests in the aluminum industry, which of course included the climate engineering cabal. Their power goes right down the ladder and clearly includes controlling the flow of information through organizations that claim to exist for the common good. The people within these organizations seem to have lost any sense of honor and will do whatever their paymasters instruct them to do. Clearly the “Alzheimer’s Association” does not want anyone to talk about the connection between aluminum and the epidemic disease they claim to be fighting. Clearly the “Alzheimer’s Association” also does not want anyone to raise awareness on the horrific amounts of aluminum raining down on us all from the ongoing climate engineering programs. So, I ask, is the “Alzheimer’s Association a total fraud that exists only for its own purposes? If all available information is examined, I think the answer is clear. Alzheimer’s Association branches around the country should be contacted and given data on climate engineering (and the aluminum contamination related to it) so that they have no excuse for their denial of the facts. Peer reviewed study now proves the link between Alzheimer’s and aluminum, why is the Alzheimer’s Association still denying this?

Geoengineers discussing the spraying of aluminum into the atmosphere


“It can no longer be argued that aluminum does not have a role in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s—the evidence is very clear and growing. It really should not be surprising that people with aluminum toxicity display many of the same symptoms as those with dementia, Parkinson’s, ADHD, autism, and other neurological diseases, because aluminum targets exactly these areas of your brain and nervous system”.

Studies support link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease

By Joe Graedon, M.S., and Teresa Graedon, Ph.D. | June 7, 2013 | Updated: June 7, 2013 5:02pm

“Aluminum is found in higher concentrations in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients (Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease online, Vol. 35, No. 1, 2013). There is growing concern that aluminum is involved in the development of this devastating condition (Clinical Biochemistry, January 2013).”


47 Responses to Alzheimer’s Association Refuses To Allow To Sponsor Their Event

  1. Abe says:

    Have you heard about the weird shit up in the rain in Seattle Washington during this “Pineapple Express”? 2/6/15

    Mysterious “dirty rain” falling in Eastern Washington, Oregon

  2. Diana Moss says:

    I wonder if any of those taking part in the discussions happened to explain why Californis has the highest number of deaths related to Alzheimers Disease in the nation or the percentage of increase in the disease in the last few years….

  3. Lester C. Muller says:

    Hi, Ben —

    Right on the mark — follow the money!!!!

  4. Patricia Kimbrell says:

    Hi Michael,

    I meant to send my comment above to you, in response to your comment, but i'm not sure that it is going to show up attached to your comment. If not, would you mind finding my comment above and responding to it?

    Thanks so much,

    Patricia M. Kimbrell

  5. Patricia Kimbrell says:

    Wikileaks too? I was unaware…how dissapointing =~(

    Would you mind elucidating how you came to this conclusion so as to enable me confidently to further pass along this information to others? I thank you in advance…


    Patricia Kimbrell

  6. Patricia P Tursi says:

    Bless Nick Nolte for starring in the movie Lorenzo’s Oil, which was based on a true story and illuminated the truth that most big disease-based and other cause organizations that purport to desire solutions, only care about the profit-driven life of the organization and actually do not want solutions. As aware as I have been of this for years, this really surprised me because of the research proving the connection between Alzheimer’s and aluminum. Amazing!

  7. Amen Chris.
    They use our tax dollars for all this evil. No work = pay no tax = starve the beast . Thats how we win. Trade barter and grow your own. Move to Chile and pay no property tax if you raise a crop, fruit trees , avacado whatever. DC facists want the small farmer out of business and Monsanto in business. What a freaking mess..

  8. Call your local Alzheimer’s Association and ask who they really work for. Sounds like they work for the likes of Monsanto not us. Same with the Cancer Association? Or the one where they want your money for poor Israelis while most support genocide for poor Palestinians .
    Give your money to someone in need directly. Nothing worse than a charity fraud.

  9. Ben Billings says:

    The Alzheimer’s Association fund raising running events, take place in almost all states of the US. These events play into the hands of the well-meaning, but uninformed of the population who are athletically inclined. Frequently the runners have no idea of the issues involved with Alzheimer’s (or other causes), they simply enjoy the event, which is a social event, and for many, this is their one annual contribution to a community cause or to “save the world”.

    To see where the Alzheimer’s Association is really at, log into their website, and look at their “Audited Financial Statement”. Totally bogus. Follow the money.

  10. Karen W says:

    Wow…Great topic to discuss Dane.
    Tell me David works along side the EPA because his explanation was very vague! And we know now the EPA is no longer taking advice from independent scientist who are giving facts to back up their study.
    It seems anymore all I hear from the rogue is “ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posers…ashes, ashes, we all fall down”.

  11. Chris says:

    How about we all go on strike we don’t have to be violent we just have a sick out if everybody stayed at home and did not go to work that would get their attention stop the spraying or we stay home and inside we are sick of being poisoned

  12. Michael says:

    Greenpeace, Wikileaks, A.C.L.U.,World Wildlife Fund: All are Illuminati sponsored groups created to spread lies. There are thousands of groups/charities bankrolled by these creeps.

  13. Tim says:

    They don’t want cures. It puts them out of business.

  14. Professor Chris Exley says:

    You ask ‘why the AD charities do not support a role for aluminium in AD’?

    The answer, at least for the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK, is quite simple. Their chief scientific advisors, such as recently Professor Carol Brayne or Professor James Edwardson, are paid consultants to the aluminium industry. I suspect that similar influence exists in the US and elsewhere.

  15. Warren says:

    Hi Dane.

    Thank you for this post. I’ve donated to Alzheimer’s Association for over 2 years now and I have known for many years that aluminum is a a major cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

    You are quite right to say, what are they hiding. I’m starting to feel like I shouldn’t be donating to the charity anymore if they don’t even recognise the science. (Not that it’s on the topic of geoengineering, but here in the UK there are ads still being played on tv where they are saying they want to put an end to dirty water, or whatever, in Africa by 2013…it’s now 25/10/14. As we know the WHO and the Melinda and Bill gates foundation are known for there sincerity, I wouldn’t doubt they have some form of connection with Alzheimer’s Association).
    Sorry to go off topic a little, but I thought it might be relevant.

    Best Regards

  16. tom dinny says:

    they must start being exposed from the top down until the list of demands of the people have been met.

  17. Lynn says:

    I have been taking pictures of the spraying in Whatcom county and some in Skagit, Washington state for the last year or so. We are covered often. Trees are dying. Dieback on the east sides of some trees in some areas. I’ve lived here all my life. Never saw some of these cloud shapes years ago; now they have names! Google and Bookmark the MIMIC-TPW map. First time I looked; it brought tears to realize the scope of the actions. You can see storms being created and thrown towards whatever. Asia just had some tossed at her because of the demonstrating. Can’t have the serfs raising their collective voice…

  18. E. Grogan says:

    I SO agree with you! I’d also add the American Diabetic Assn as well, who tell diabetics it is OK to drink and to eat white flour, as well as using sugar as an ingredient in their RECIPES FOR DIABETICS. Also add Mayo clinic since they also tell diabetics to eat sugar and white flour in their diabetic recipes. WTF??? The CDC, NIH, NCI and its many subdivisions have been compromised since at least Clinton.

  19. Bella_Fantasia says:

    To Andrew:

    It seems the AMEG tactics you describe are being deployed over Anchorage. Pre dawn and post dawn spraying, white clouds over dark gray clouds promoting unseasonable cooling. Even the spray formulas seem different since the summer fare. Thanks for the heads up.

  20. Bella_Fantasia says:

    To Dan Cieri:

    Great job telling Suzanne and all the other schills off! You have a forceful way with words. Thank you 🙂

  21. JR says:

    You think the disease organizations are fraudulent, try contacting any of the supposed environmental groups to talk about SRM. I tried to contact all of them and none of them had a single person who would talk to me. I e-mailed them and not a single reply. I had a small, monthly amount going out to Greenpeace that I pulled. I told them that I wasn’t about to continue funding a group that couldn’t take 5 minutes to talk to me about the aerosol spraying. I was actually able to reach the head of our state’s ecology department to whom I’ve been sending pictures of the overhead spraying. He was great to talk to, not condescending, has actually looked at, contacted Boeing to talk about the planes, etc. He said they get numerous calls a week about the overhead spraying and encouraged me to continue sending pictures as he has to forward them up the chain. I’ve been super normal, professional and reasonable in my contacts as Dane has strongly suggested and the response has been really positive. As the head of the ecology department said though, this is a federal program and the individual states are powerless to stop or question anything going on overhead. It was apparent that he’s been looking up and if he wasn’t concerned he is now.

    • Patricia Kimbrell says:


      I just wanted to Kudos to you!!! Excellent work, very well done!!! My hat is off to you…Thanks so much!!!

      Patricia Kimbrell

  22. middleway says:

    Of course the Alzheimer’s Association refused the Geoengineeringwatch sponsorship. Their association’s objectives are not concerned with solutions, but rather, managing the public’s awareness to correspond to their primary sponsor’s interests. Prior to attempting to engage any public group or association, you should first identify their funding source to gain some insight as to their allegiances and objectives. Are they beholding to the objective ethical form of science that we were taught was the goal of all science; or are they beholding to the academic/corporate sponsored science model; or are they beholding to the academic/governmental/political form of science? There are occasions where it is virtually impossible to discern a difference between the academic driven corporate and governmental science models. The means by which this control was achieved can be found in two truths that were realized in antiquity: “Money/power can be created from nothing (interest/usury)” and “People/human beings can be bought”. Hopefully the above will help save you from wasting your valuable time.

  23. Heidi says:

    Let all 14 million of us contact the Alzheimer’s Association along with our representatives, and inundate them with information. Each one of us must act, find the time to make connections. Peace to all and prepare as you can..

  24. Michel B says:

    They have been infiltrated/threatened/coerced/infected/whatever. We expect organisations such as these to come to the fore but the corruption takes over the important organisations first.

    We cannot depend on them for the required change. They too need rescuing. Look at the count of the visitors to this site growing. Keep spreading the word, people, to everyone you know and know of.

  25. Freedom Ranger says:

    Electron microscopy of barium strontium titanate nanostructures in the aluminum oxide matrix.

    Interesting read. Turns out when you mix theses elements they form crystalline nanotubules with capacitance and dielectric capability. Self forming. This is what they are dumping on us. This is what we are ingesting.

  26. sherry taylor says:

    They have Alzheimers..they are not in their right minds. Mind you it is most likely organized by relatives and friends who are likely stressed to the max.
    That is like asking a certified mentally ill person to acknowledge that they have a mental illness..that is part of the condition..that they do not have insight.
    The rest of those people actually think they are “protected” by “not thinking about it” how people are getting sick.
    When people stopped living in their own dirt they got a lot healthier(from plumbing) the plague. Not doing anything about it..thinking or acting..did not help.

  27. Muad'dib says:

    Paul, our only hope is to prepare and be prepared for when the climate thoroughly breaks. This will be our chance. If you try to do anything they will just label you a terrorist and I honestly don’t see how taking out a few of these bastards will change their agenda (justice is another matter entirely). If you try to organize enforced resistance they will call you a domestic terrorist group. Peaceful protest don’t do much these days except reinforce the knowledge you are enslaved. In the meantime try to win over as many to the cause as you can. Its a game of one’s. Call your congressmen and let them know that you know they are bribed to the hilt sell outs. I put carbon filters on my house, 2 1000 CFM can fans to overpressure my house and to clear the air of nano particles. Carbon filters can take out paint fumes so they work at the nano level or on sub micron particles. I put a submicron water filter on my house water.Detox. 1750.00 invested in water/airpurification (2 can fans/carbon filters, hydrologic water filter with catalytic nano particle carbon filter (can even get out chlorine))works nicely and will add dramatically to the quality of your life. I find parsley is the best at leaching heavy metals out of the blood for me. Store lots of food (year’s worth). Be prepared for when the shit goes down and believe you me it will.

  28. James says:

    Too many of my family have died with Alzheimer’s. Several aunts & uncles and many friends of my parents ended their lives not knowing their loved ones. In one case, a pair married fifty years ended their lives next to each other in the same care-home, not knowing each other. I’m sure most of you can or will repeat this story in your life.

    Understanding the chemical reaction that takes place when we think, namely the firing of synapses, then one can see how metals can disrupt the bio-electrical process. Thinking occurs as an ion exchange between potassium and sodium. These electrolytes are conductive. Metal accumulating in the brain, especially in the hypothalamus, the small control center of our brain, must have a disruptive effect.


  29. carol freiberg says:

    Soon, many of these folks who deny the connection of aluminum to alzheimers will be babbling incoherently, unable to recognize their loved ones,fed by a strangers and eventually become even more pathetic beings than they were when they had half a brain and denied the facts about the cause of their malady.

  30. Paul says:

    If a normal joe like me knows what is happening and what these monsters are doing so do the people who run these organizations.They have been told to lie through their teeth.Paid to lie and threatened to lie or ELSE?
    There is no money in curing any disease,only treating it and prolonging it.More people on meds,more money to fill there pockets.Im afraid this will not be stopped without some drastic measures on the publics part.unfortunately we don’t scare them much.They could care less about our health concerns.we have a rally somewhere and 50 people show up.we piss and moan in these forums but what are we really doing to stop them.Any suggestions would be appreciated.Im pissed off,I want to fight,but how???

  31. Sadly, the ‘shadow government’ elitists are either already behind or have infiltrated the lion’s share of ngo’s…Do your homework VERY carefully before giving of your time or money to any of them.

  32. Wow…so Alzheimers Association joins the ranks of The American Cancer Society & The American Heart Association et al….these front orgs just collect more money from well-meaning people to continue keeping people sick & making more money …a vicious cycle. DISGUSTING. Blow the whistle…LOUD & LONG !!! I’ve been doing this with other fake front “do-gooder” orgs for years…at some point, we’ll tip the scales and it will be common knowledge. Then & only then will they be forced out.

  33. Marc says:

    Anyone who still believes that the really BIG fund-raising causes like MD, American Lung, Alzheimer’s, United Way etc, etc. exist to rid the world of these diseases is living in a dream world. Yes, some of the funds do get directed to research and care, but the lion’s share undoubtedly goes to executive salaries and self-promotion. Real cures would only put an end to their lucrative game. So it comes as no surprise to hear of this groups positively laughable stance regarding aluminum’s connection to Alzheimer’s.
    And beneath this denial are most certainly other even darker links with the agendas of Big Pharma and the nursing care industry.
    The seemingly infinite ways that man concocts to fuck over his fellow man for a few bucks!!!! Stay the course, my friends, all ye who have awakened from the dream.

  34. Earth Angel says:

    Well said Michael Greiff! You speak for me also.

  35. Howard says:

    The cancer Society belives same thing.$$$$ buyes all the societies. I want to form new cancer society in Houston that concentrate s on the real causes of cancer. Heavy metals.

  36. Dan Cieri says:

    ‘Suzanne’ from the Alzheimer’s Association says ‘The Alzheimer’s Association does not support the claim that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease…’

    Hey Suzanne…ever thought that maybe that is precisely WHY your organization isn’t making any headway into stopping Alzheimer’s?! You are either ignorant in understanding the causes of this horrifying affliction, or you all are complicit in keeping it repeating over and over for the revenue, and possible culling of the population. Aluminum is being found to be related to the causes of autism. We know this. So, you tell us, are you ignorant or complicit in continuing to harm so many people, especially CHILDREN? How do you live with yourself if you are even covering for the upper management of your company? I’d say that if you have children or old parents that I hoped they were afflicted with such dreadful diseases so you had to deal with the despair that so many other families struggle with because you despicable people won’t look at anything other than money. But that would be terribly wrong for them. It would, however, be completely apropos for you to have to suffer through what you have taken millions, if not BILLIONS of dollars from us taxpayers to supposedly prevent in the first place. You should have to suffer such devastating despair of having to care for those with such disease that you caused in the first place. Shame on you and your organization for turning a blind eye to the real causes of Alzheimer’s and autism, for greed. Shame on all of you. There are no excuses.

  37. Ken says:

    I don’t think the power structure or these institutions are going to listen to much except a law suit.
    Same with the chemtrails. Where are the lawyers? Is there just no rule of law, or does no one want to fund it?


    They need to get that message.

  38. DF says:

    I get the sense that they are like some of the big cancer awareness/etc. groups in that they ultimately do profit from the condition and are just as much a part of the racket as drug companies.

  39. This is just sad. They are either in denial or very ignorant of this issue. Probably the first one.

  40. Michael Greiff says:

    Nature doesn’t lie…
    Eating natures foods, whole, ripe, organic foods are Compatible with the physiology of human Anatomy. Dis ease and disease disappear when we are connected to nature…

    Health is simple, and free to all Who apply the simple science

    These organizations, governments do not work with the people. We have out grown them

    We the people are the heart and love on this planet
    I stand next to you, with you, and hold up the light that shines so bright from each and everyone of us who say no more…

    No more Lies, stealing, wars, killing animals and human life, polluting our waters and oceans, raping and polluting this planet for profit, greed, control..

    These are desperate people who hide behind a title.

    We see them clearly.

  41. andrew says:

    My 16th email to my contact list:

    16. Cloudy days, clear nights

    1. The atmospheric aerosol spraying/weather manipulation appears to have changed tactics since the Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere).

    What I now see:
    a. 2 hrs before dawn – 2 hrs after. Intensive spraying to create clouds of various types, including supercooled, ice nucleated, refractive and cloud whitening. I am sure you have also seen the brilliant white clouds next to and above really grey clouds – supercooled below and whitened/refractive ones above. The cold clouds probably have a dual effect of extending the night cooling.

    b. 2 hrs after dawn to 2 hrs before sunset. Depending on wind direction and speed, continued spraying to maintain cloud cover, including above rising cumulous clouds to flatten them, giving better coverage.

    c. 2 hrs before sunset to 4 hrs after. Spraying to disperse clouds, or to bring them together by coagulation (using fluoride). This is to allow latent heat to escape during the longer winter nights (which is having less and less effect as the methane blanket spreads over the Northern Hemisphere).

    This may all sound a very reasonable way to combat global warming. Indeed it is in line with the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) recommendations of 4 Dec 2012

    Their recommendation was/is:
    “A combination of three cooling techniques is proposed, to give flexibility in deployment and maximise the chances of success:
    stratospheric aerosols to reflect sunlight;
    cloud brightening to reflect more sunlight;
    cloud removal to allow thermal radiation into space.”

    The trouble is, they are spraying toxins that are harmful to humans, other life forms, the environment and which destroy our ozone layer.

    Since there are no peer reviewed studies on the health effects of this sprayed toxic cocktail and its synergistic toxicity, we are all part of a global gassing experiment, and it is being organised by exactly the same companies and type of people that carried out the atrocious experiments and gassing at Auschwitz.

    The IG Farben Group organised and funded the construction of Auschwitz and other concentration camps, so that the forced labour could then build their huge chemical factory near Auschwitz, so that they could conduct their experiments and drug tests on the Jews.

    The majority of IG Farben’s ‘doctors’ and ‘scientists’, were taken to USA after WW2 under Operation Paperclip.

    The IG Farben Group include Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF. More on this in another email.

    2. If there is any truth in the press conference with John Kerry (US Secretary of State) on 13 May 2014, when the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said “We have 500 days to avoid Climate Chaos” (end Sept 2015), then the Spring Equinox 2015 could prove to be the start of interesting climate activity.

    3. This video is well worth watching and gives compelling evidence of aerosol spraying – chemtrails not contrails.
    If for some reason that is not available, you may also find it here:

    Future e-mails will include:

    The USA budget for Climate-Weather Modification programmes rose from $9.325 million in 1967 to a recommended $146.83 million in 1970, with a continued steeply rising expenditure graph.
    Weather Warfare
    Arctic methane
    much of the northern hemisphere is burning – California, Canada, Siberia (2,000 mile smoke clouds), Sweden etc. Think Pyrocumulonimbus!
    who is controlling the spraying – who are “they”
    our forests are dying, our seas are dying, our biosphere is dying

  42. Cori Gunnells says:

    I wish Russell Blaylock, M.D. could attend their event and take the podium and mic for 30 minutes. Shame on them for their stance, ignorance and apathy.

  43. gm says:

    The love of money is the root of all evil. I’m through being surprised.

  44. Arapuni Wizard says:

    It’s sad that these organizations exist in a fraudulent manner. Lots of people probably trust them to be doing something positively helpful for the cause they pretend to respresent. I have noticed the same with Greenpeace, whose street canvassers also seem unaware that geoengineering exists. One of the political parties here in New Zealand is called the Green party and they are also blissfully unaware of geoengineering and many other important issues, while supporting Agenda 21, like most of the other parties. I think these parties will lose support, when the general public realise how fraudulent they are and have been leading everyone in the wrong direction and hiding the truth!

  45. Judi Brisse says:

    I agree with Michelle here. All of these organizations do exist solely for profit and control. I also do not donate to these organizations because they aren’t interested in finding a cure. Sorry, just what I have seen for 30 yrs.+ working in the natural foods industry. I have been asked by friends and neighbors over the years to suggest natural ways to care for their animals that have had some afflictions. I have healed where vets failed so I have a bit of confidence in Mother Nature’s ways vs. western medicine. Our horse is now 33 yrs. old, have had her since she was a year old, and to this day has not had more than 4 antibiotic shots in all those years. Of course the geoengineers would think I am from another planet. But they have ZERO understanding of how nature works.

  46. Michelle says:

    I have suffered from the autoimmune disease, Type 1 Diabetes, for 29 years. I do not donate to any T1D “find the cure” charity. The cure and prevention of every disease exists, nearly all these organizations (companies) exist solely for profit and control. Example:

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