Climate Engineering Chemical Cool-Down Continues


Dane Wigington

Global climate engineering programs are not a proposal, but have long since been a lethal reality. "Winter Storm Decima" is bearing down on the US, but is this storm truly a natural weather occurrence? Will the hyped headlines on this event tell the real story of the global climate picture? An examination of the latest "Temperature Departure From Average" map below very clearly reveals where it is cool, and where it is not. The rapid heating of the polar regions continues to accelerate (as is the overall heating of the planet), but key western power population centers are miraculously cool. How can this be? Why does mainstream media exclusively cover the cool zones (with enthusiastic theater-like portrayals) while at the same time completely ignoring temperatures in the Arctic that have recently been almost 60 degrees ABOVE NORMAL?


The chemically ice nucleated cool-down focus zones are very visible in the global "temperature departure from average" map above. The extremely anomalous cool zones (in a record warm world) are located in regions which provide the headlines of "dangerous cold" that power structure controlled western media sources like The Weather Channel are paid to hype.

There are many agendas being carried out in our skies by the completely out of control power structure, none of those agendas are benevolent or for the common good. One of the primary objectives of the climate engineers is to keep the first world populations of western nations confused and divided as to the true condition of the overall global climate. Keeping the masses oblivious and bewildered in regard to what is unfolding until the last possible moment is a key aspect of power structure planning. The weather makers are desperately trying to engineer winter with unimaginably extensive atmospheric manipulation/geoengineering processes (which includes chemical and/or biological ice nucleation agents as a primary element). If you don't think water (cloud moisture) can artificially be chemically ice nucleated, think again. The Chinese government openly announced that they were engineering snowstorms. Engineered snowstorms are wreaking havoc around the globe. The two very short videos of lab tests below are examples of chemical and biological ice nucleation.

When the climate engineers seed storm clouds (via jet aircraft spray dispersions) with chemical or biological ice nucleating elements, precipitation that falls often reaches the surface before setting up and freezing. The geoengineers are becoming increasingly aggressive with the use of chemical ice nucleation in a desperate attempt to create short term (toxic) cool-downs.


In recent years freak ice storms have become the norm. Ice storms are occurring even in coastal zones with oceans that are at record warm temperatures. ​

The short weather radar map below should be examined carefully. Rain cells that are in far above freezing air masses can be observed anomalously "changing over to snow". This is a recently coined phrase that has now been adopted by many "forecasting" (scheduled weather) agencies.

Click to enlarge

Virginia Weather Radar Loop

In the animation above take note of the rain cells that are migrating toward Morgantown which are "changing over to snow". At the same time the radar map loop was recorded, the temperatures in Morgantown were from +35 to +41 degrees (shown in the screenshot below), why was the rain from a warm flow of southerly moisture suddenly "changing over to snow? 


As the chemical ice nucleation process progresses, a shallow cold dense layer of air is eventually created at the ground level. The chemical nucleation process creates an endothermic reaction that tends to reduce the overall precipitation amounts. 

The highly toxic short term engineered cool-downs come at the cost of an even worse overall planetary warming, this includes the Earth's oceans.  Sea surfaces are also being chemically nucleated in the polar regions.


The extremely anomalous sea ice formations along the polar shoreline shown above are a harbinger of aggressive chemical ice nucleation programs being carried out by the climate engineers.

Global sea ice volume (mass) is declining rapidly as shown in the graph below.


The plummeting sea ice levels are of grave concern, but there is very little media coverage of what is unfolding at the poles.

The thinning of sea ice is especially profound in the Arctic. As the melting of polar ice accelerates, the Arctic could be ice free by next year, the summer of 2017. The desperate attempts of the climate engineers to mask the unfolding reality is only greatly exacerbating the overall climate and biosphere implosion.


Arctic sea ice volume (mass) is seldom referred to by "official" sources for a reason, ice mass has crashed and is still declining. Massive sea floor methane deposites in the Arctic are also thawing and releasing into the atmosphere.

Climate ​engineering has also greatly contributed to exponentially increasing forest fires around the globe. The atmospheric soot and ash from these fires settles down on ice deposits making them darker and thus more prone to absorb solar energy.


Greenland ice is melting at a record pace, the meltdown will continue to contribute to rapidly increasing sea level rise. Photo credit: Sara Penrhyn-Jones

The west coast satellite animation below was captured as "Winter Storm Decima" began to hit the US west coast on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. The flow of relatively warm moisture from the Pacific can clearly be seen "changing over" to snow over large regions for no logical reason as the incoming flow of Pacific moisture was not cold enough. Also of note in the satellite loop below is the anomalous precipitation-free zone that is around the Eureka region of the California coast. Precipitation flows toward this zone, stops, and then continues farther to the north east. With careful observation of the animation below, a microwave transmission location can be deciphered southwest of Eureka (these transmissions are part of the climate engineering process). A very high percentage of the moisture flowing over California (and the west) is heavily sprayed with atmspheric aerosols which effectively keeps much of the moisute from falling. The aerosol saturation contribues to vast expanses of largely precipitationless cloud cover. This helps the climate engineers to migrate available moisture further inland where they can continue the chemical ice  nucleation cool-down process. Additional seeding of the clouds with larger condensation nuclei further inland can bring the migrating moisture down in the location of choice for the climate engineers.

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Redding Radar Loop

Climate engineering and chemical ice nucleation dispersions are creating engineered snow storms in many regions where it is not cold enough for natural ice nucleation to occur. When chemical ice nucleation is utilized in colder zones, the ground level temperatures can be dropped to dangerous levels like those recently seen in the Dakotas which followed a record warm autumn in the US.

The satellite/radar image below shows the earlier mentioned microwave transmission source (southwest of Eureka) with much more clarity.


Radio frequency/microwave transmissions can manipulate the sprayed electrically conductive atmospheric particulates. This, in turn, can manipulate air masses and precipitation patterns. 

Anomalous "ice balls" have been washing up on shores all over the globe in recent years. Often these "ice balls" appear on bodies of water that are far above the freezing point, why? It is a result of chemical ice nucleation elements. This type of artificially nucleated material can also remain "frozen" in astoundingly high temperatures.


Perfectly spherical "ice balls" are now becoming common on shorelines in northern latitudes. Photo credit: Ekaterina Chernykh

So, how cold is the start of "WInter Storm Decima"? Not so much. Warm moisture off the Pacific is nucleated as it heads inland. An "ice storm" zone exists in the transition zone between the warmer moisture and the chemical nucleated storm interior.


How cold will the end of "Winter Storm Decima" be? Outside of the chemically nucleated jet stream manipulated interior of the "storm", not very cold. Again, there are large "ice storm" zones predicted (from the chemically nucleated precipitation) in the transition zones between the warmer moisture flows and the interior sections of the "storm". Why are there "icy" zones predicted in regions with such high temperatures in the "forecast"?


It is essential to understand the full arsenal of climate engineering weapons that are being implemented against unsuspecting populations. Chemically nucleated engineered cool-downs and snowstorms are a primary aspect of the global climate engineering onslaught. Climate engineering will continue to fuel ever more abrupt and radical "wheather whiplash" events all over the world. Help us to expose and halt the insanity, make your voice heard.

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  1. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    A 110 degree temperature difference, was recorded between South Dakota and Florida! Winter Storm Decima has caused 15 deaths. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore hyped about Soldier Field hosting the Coldest ever NFL game in Chicago.

    • Ridgeine says:

      Hi, been a reader of this site for a few years and wish to thank you and your associates for your necessary work.  I am a retired Science Teacher with Certifications to teach 4 different sciences.  I have been watching sickening chem trails for over 10 years, I often wondered how they do it?  Just how they are coordinated and such.  Often I would see 2 planes seemingly "speading" a mix while both planes follow the same line along the sky.  Recently (the past 3 months) I became aware of the following web site, and have since noticed an interesting connection.  This is visible on a daily basis.  Here is the site : ( It shows what planes are flying anywhere across the nation and beyond, but here's what I have been noticing every day: planes often shadow planes.  Far enough away the radar only shows one plane, but by expanding the radar, (enlarging the area shown) it becomes evident that often, two planes will fly so close together as both appear as one from a distance.  When I click on each plane in the group, several anomalies becomes evident; almost all of the time, one of the planes is not registered and the starting point and/or destination is not given, yet it generally flies within 100 feet of the elevation of it's "twin" or of the plane it is shadowing, the other planes always shows point of tak-off, destination, and identifiable identification.  Both planes follow the same flight path, approximate elivation, and flight speed.  I wish to add something I've noticed this strange occurance daily in the skies over Eastern Pennsylvania in the past few months since I discovered this site.  What can you make of it?

  2. Chloe hatchet says:

    Hey been reading Dane's work for about 6 months preaching on this subject to everyone to the point they laugh when they see me coming! This is my first time trying to say anything on this site I'm in Calgary would like to say it's garbage air up here they'be been white washing the mountains everyday down town Calgary is in a thick haze radio guy calls it clouds cloudy days OMG lies so bad get home from work gota cough it out get it out lung capacity to walk flights of stairs ! the planes are west jet air Canada lots of odd ones they are easy to pick out here they fly across City below the cloud smog deck not sure how far I can go so sending this

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Chloe, I know it's 10 days after you posted, but I wanted to respond to your news of Calgary spraying over the Rockies Daily –  Hourly.    I watched this first hand for two years before moving North, along the Rockies. Nothing has changed. It is Clear they are trying to destroy the Mountain Range & Everything within it, including every Water source, Tree & Living Creature.  I watched them fly over Calgary, back & forth day after day, living East of the City on some land.  You do not exagerate!   My mouth would hang open, & sometimes, I cried, (Okay, I Cried A Lot)  with the amount they sprayed the City too. So many times I would smell Blood when I went into the City for supply's. I would feel sick to my stomach & after leaving town, the smell would remain in my hair & on my clothes & even in my Car. This was the Hardest to remove. Then off the charts Respiratory Issues in  Children. Including the Elderly.  I wached in Horror each day as the planes flew so low, I worried for Calgarians safety from the likelhood of a crash. Not to mention the close proxcimily of the planes, in spraying toxic nano particles on their Citizens!!!    Calgary's "HISTORICAL CHINOOK ARCH", IS NO LONGER!  It was a Sight to Behold!  I grew up in Calgary so I KNOW the past weather. It was amazing!  It had a little of everything.  And I Loved Autumn!  I miss it so very much.   I lived in B.C. for many years, & my Family would tease me about the cloudy days there, because Calgary had over 300 Sunny Blue Sky days a year. When I returned, I was shocked to find, how few of those Blue Sky days there now was & how few remember, those days.  Or it would of ended here years ago.      Although it needs to end everywhere to make an impact.             And how about a Rainbow?     The Northern Lights?    Where are they?     They just disappeared!!!      Nothing to SEE here!  I have many Photo's of the different Aircraft.  Air Transat was one that I saw most often, along with Air Canada. Then I noticed others that seemed to be from another Country, Green & Blue jets. And in all sizes. They flew so low over our place, at times that they would wake me up, in the early morning.  Zero reason for them to be flying anywhere we were located. They seemed to line up the Farm Houses & spray directly over them. You can see a lot from the out skirts in how they spray. Might want to take a gander.  Sometimes I saw them fly so low, I thought about throwing a Rock to see if I could hit one!        I did make sure they could see me filming them, as I would wave !   The local station 770 Am  (All News) know full well about Climate Engineering.   At least a dozen of them.  They get a kick out of calling those that are awake lunatic's. They use to say…News without a Discussion is a Dictatorship. They stopped stating that now!  Now it's Breaking News & Conversation Station!   Oh Yes Indeed!   The Nerve!            I remember an older fellow calling in to the Home Discovery Show. He asked;  Does anybody know about these Clouds?  They, of course made him out to be an Idiot. What Clouds? It was so Sad to hear such desperation in his voice.  He Truly got it!  Do you think they would let me on the air to explain!  They would state the Weather was Sunny in Calgary while there was a 100% Cloud Coverage. I would call up & ask: Where do you see the Sun?There is not a Patch of Bllue.  It is Cloudy!  Oh, they would reply… I guess we should look outside!  I stated a Sunny Day is & use to be when the Sun would rise into a Clear Blue Sky & Set into a Clear Blue Sky.    They are the Idiots!       A man from down the road was chasing a few Starving Coyotes on a Quad, I stopped him when he came down our road to continue after them. It was 5 AM I had been outside after being awoken to the most Horrifying Bright Glowing Pink that had incompassed almost the entire Sky.  As he stopped, I said leave them alone. Knowing their battle to survive in this Province of Death. I Pointed at the Sky & said: If you want to be Mad at something….Be Mad at that, as I Pointed above him!!!  He had not even noticed this Toxic Plague above his head & all around him!  Choose your Battles Wisely Neighbour.  You need to go after the Wolf!  The Coyote at least shows himself!    (And no , the Coyotes had not killed anything on his property.)  They were in the fields looking for Mice & Voles.  I had already found others shot dead & thrown in the ditch.        This World is Crazy Mad.     I am so Glad to know you are out there Chloe & Together We Will wake others up.     Come Hell, or High Water!

  3. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    MSP on Wind Turbines. The Department of Energy released a paper on Wind Farms (check out Alex King, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Director of Critical Materials Institute) on green energy elements. Rare Earth Elements such as Neodymium, Dysprosium, Cadmium, Tellurium, Gallium, Indium, & Selenium are used in the manufacture of Wind Turbine magnets & also in Solar Panels. Most of these are Deadly Poisons & can be absorbed through the skin. These are common minerals, but not found in concentrated amounts, so mining them is costly. A 3.5 megawatt Wind Turbine uses 600 kg of rare earth elements in it`s magnets. Mining 600 kg of rare earth elements creates 2000 tons of toxic waste discharged in a deadly poisonous radioactive slurry into a settling pond. This is for ONE turbine! China is the main producer of rare earth elements. The slurry is contained in settling ponds many times greater than Oil Sands settling ponds put together. Mining Rare Earth Elements is a dirty business that contains radioactive materials such as Sulfates, ammonia & hydrochloric acid. Thankfully, Rare Earth Elements are produced in China using Coal fired power so our going Green to get rid of 1% (I think it`s 1.6% in Canada) of World pollution will keep this side of the World safe for everyone else to move to. There is no way in 2016, to recycle these elements, so when the Turbines die we can use them for fences & hope nothing leaches into the water supply. The elements involved in the Wind & Solar systems have effects that are not yet fully understood & are potentially more hazardous than Oil or Coal. The aftermath of pollution generated by producing Rare Earth Elements is 30 times worse than anything created by Natural Gas or Coal. We are so interested in CO2 emissions that we forgot the after effects of going Green will create bigger & more dangerous problems. We are basing our renewable resource energy on a non-renewable resource  (Rare  Earth     Elements) that are in much shorter supply than Oil & Coal that we will run out of long before Natural Gas & Coal. When Rare Earth Elements are gone, what then.   – Tim Eatons article in the Edson paper on Wind Turbines

  4. BaneB says:

    Speaking of weather whiplash, it has been raining off and on since mid-October here in central Mendocino County, Ca.  In 25 years of being here never have I seen so much water running off this mountain.  It's pouring now and is scheduled to do so until this evening.  The weather warfare schedulers say we will have three days of sunshine.  LOLs:-))). They mean to say three days of mostly no sun and mostly haze, weird clouds, and large aerosol canopies floating over from the Pacific.  Northern California is getting rain but the terrorists are working overtime to make sure the southern half of this state remains in a man-made high-tech drought.  

    • JF says:

      Here in Socal were dry, just clouds and no rain as of Thursday morning  11 AM. The rain is supposed to hit later today. They have been spraying very heavy this past week, and I can see the chemtrails above the breaks in the lower level clouds.

    • Dennie says:

      Marin's getting inundated.  It's flooding in the gutters and run-off areas.  Was out in it all just now at the Marin County Farmer's Market held these days of rail construction in the Northgate parking lot over by the Guide Dogs for the Blind/Mt. Olivet cemetery– buckets of rain! 

    • Dale K says:

      Dec 15, 2016

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dale, yes, engineered cool-down in parts of the US, and record warm in the Arctic (that almost no media source is talking about). FYI, new today

    • JR says:

      Here in the Southwest, New Mexico we have been bombarded with Chemtrails-SRM-SAG. We have had record breaking temperature with heat. We know all to well here on site where that comes from with the milky white outs and crap up there. The lowlifes (jackasses) spraying this trash over us are sick in the head and nothing but terrorists themselves, no if ands or buts. I spoke with friend this morning in Southern, Ca. where she said it had been raining since Thursday afternoon as well. I'm happy for you guys getting rain, hope for the best in this for all. We are clouded over with real clouds coming in from West, but as always these punks are hard at work to demolish them with spraying their trash up there. We are getting a lot of humming constant in our area and homes, buildings, etc. but people don't notice unless it's brought to their attention? Maybe people are getting conditioned as if it's normal?! Merry Christmas to All and God's Blessing for a Happy New Year……….

  5. penny waters says:

    dear dane and everyone 

    a little something about our immune systems

    echinacea angustifolia is an immune enhancer – sometimes it is mixed with e. purpurea – not a bad thing because purpurea needs enhancing with angustifolia otherwise it is removed from the body by the liver too quickly – there is much science evidence (that's if you want scientific confirmation – tis a north american native plant – ask your local native american tribe – if there is one)


    with an infection coming on or maybe heavy spraying take 5ml 5times the first day, 4 the next and three the next and then carry on with 5ml x3.

    turn to herbal medicine – traditional medicine – enhances the body's ability to stand stress whereas modern medicine tries to subdue the symptoms

    eat your local weeds – usually herbal medicine – food and medicine have the same origin – your native locals hopefully know their stuff – they has been oppressed and dislocated from their environment as have we all!

    only found you all recently – so still catching up on previous info on this site and just watched the canadian woman's video of her garden and the damage to her plants – and she cried – as do so many of us who 'know' nature

    there, i think, is the difference – 'sheeples' are people who don't 'know' nature

    to 'know' nature, in any conscious way, is to know we come from it, and to understand that 'science' is a very crude human tool that is used to measure nature

    to be consciously alive – to be conscious of our own consciousness – that is why all this is so painful – to feel the love of life as a human can really only be felt away from human buildings and felt amongst the rest of the environment

    and once that wonder is felt it never goes away because that is part of consciousness

    i have no time for organised religion – someone else telling me how to interpret writings from a mystic?

    each and every one of us has to become the mystic – for ourselves

    am more of a pantheist – like william blake (crazy geezer) – to me everything is sacred

    tis strange being a pensioner in this country cos most of the others of my generation were conned by the thatcher years to think that they were wealthy cos their homes began to be worth silly money

    now they spend their time wandering about looking at historical buildings and churches built by raping the landscape and oppressing the natives

    they are not awake

    i am happy that i came from anglo saxons – historically they lived in wooden buildings and it is difficult to find much of their archeological evidence because they lived more closely linked to nature and so their possessions degrade

    don't be fooled by the idea that anglo saxons are the problem – think there are many tribes who run the show – all mates – cos they all went to the same public schools!! – and have a hand in each others pockets – ego, money and power!!

    love to you all out there

    penny waters



    • Dennie says:

      penny and all:  Hullo from Northern California, where it's raining like cats and dogs at the moment.  I have a neighbor, also British, whose daughter was a very good violist in high school and became a pharmacist.  She lives in Berkeley and spends weekends foraging the parks for edible weeds that have great nutritional/medicinal healing value.  She's fed up with the Big Pharma model, as is my viola student, a physician who works for Kaiser, and has been trying for years to develop an integrative medicine aspect of Kaiser– they are completely stoooopid for not letting her.  People in Northern California would JUMP at the opportunity to have a good wholistic doc and I counted fewer than eight listed in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Alameda counties– WWT?? Willits, in Mendocino County, CA, home of the great race horse, Sea Biscuit, is also the home of Permaculture.  We're the hot-bed of "alternative" that will eventually save the planet.

    • G=me says:

      brilliant. thank you


      all is sacred, or all is scared or scarred, especially our souls. Blake was a tue mystic/poet…keep the fires burning. the human spirit is the most indomitable creation ever known, as is the power of life itself

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Penny Waters,

      It's because of People like You, that I still believe we have a chance.

      Thank you.


  6. horsegirl says:

    Thanks always, Dane, and also the commentariat who now serve as oxygen to us in this depleted, horribly stupid world.

    One of the things this mob quantum disaster of corruption doubling for governance is doing – or are we the only ones? – is fatiguing us through petty subterfuge.  Internet, phones, devices etc. etc.  Just for example I had the fight of a lifetime to name a folder on the browser to conserve bookmarks that should be of no concern to the mob.  Humdrum everyday things, simple business needs.  We notice this a lot.  A copier/scanner that formerly performed well suddenly starts giving all kinds of bogus and random results.  Then suddenly gets well, no problem.  This is the deliriously creepy mentality of the little goofs behind computers in boxes wherever they collect like worms, "monitoring" the public.  Next door is the college of infamy (claims to have trained two of the 19 alleged hijacker/pilots how to fly), allied with the vile Ft. Huachuca, the major US torture training center.  Behind the front of academia there – and probably at every "institution of higher learning" – goofs whose sex is interfering with others are doing every kind of malevolent deed against humanity and the planet.  I can just see them, eyelids droopy with guile, smacking a wad of gum, joystick in hand as they mess with "surveillance" tools.

    It makes life suck.  It is the number one, almost only cause of us swearing in this household.  Has led to days where we wished we were not alive.  It discolors our days.  I even regret putting this in words as I don't want to know they're congratulating themselves.  But are any others among the commentariat here experiencing the same petty grievances? 

    I have observed James Tracy try to set up his Memory Hole Blog for weeks after WordPress guttersniped him with bogus allegations of copyright infringement by Lenny Pozner-Poseur, fake Sandy Hook student parent whose "child's" photo keeps turning up as a victim in one fake news live shooter drill after another.  Poor Dr. Tracy, they are trying to crush his efforts to bring the truth.  I know he has difficulties with these worms.

    Anyone else?

    • BaneB says:

      horse girl:  I am a fish out of water to dare weigh in with commentary about the silicon beast, i.e the computer.  Remember the old filing cabinet?  Nostalgic for privacy?  I really do not see much improvement over the old system.  That is my take albeit antiquated.  What has occurred is the beast has placed a bit of spyware into every location that bought the con.  My device is a "smart" phone.  It's very smart.  I am stupid for having one but need it if I am going to communicate to anyone anywhere, any time.  What I do not do is use apps, wallet, medical, personal calendar plans, and the myriad other "Disneyland" assortments.  Further, they press me for cookies and I refuse and move on.  They press me to register and I move on.  They throw up advertisements, and some refuse to go away.  I move on.  In short anything placed before me that is superfluous to my basic need to communicate is in their out-box.  The interactive TVs are spyware.  Even  some children's toys, such as dolls are interactive and thus spyware.  And of course our buildings and streets are laced with spying eyes, and more are being surreptitiously fitted with audio intake.  Your ATM might capture your retina print.  That local billboard you drive by can be spying and reading your auto computer.  The door entry into a building may be fitted with techno-spyware  to read your entire wallet.  The wireless world, microwaved into submission, all for the good of the many, while the individual is set into the age of the dinosaur, a relic fit for extinction.  Did you know that silicon is right next to carbon as a possible foundation for life?  It's interesting to me that carbon is utilized to create the skeleton whilst silicon is the nerves and brain.  Given the drive to abstract and artificialize human existence, the eventual goal being to kill off the natural world, is there any wonder these same sociopaths are pushing artificial intelligence and Transhumanism?  Frankly, from my probably stilted perception, while the computer seems to have all the benefit of a good, it's a subversive soulless cancerous creature spreading at exponential speed into every nook and cranny of our dying culture, a Pavlovian psychosis on the march driving one and all over the edge of what once passed for sanity.

    • horsegirl says:

      Thanks, BaneB, for a superb rane about one of the only tyrants we can hurl into a wall.  I have a stupid phone, but my laptop thinks it's smarter than me.  As a friend said when I dropped my cellphone into water, if they're so smart, why can't they teach them to swim?

      So right on about the abstract nature of "modern" life.  It is an illusion about to vaporize like a dream.

    • horsegirl says:

      PS – remember all that humbug about how industrialization/modernity was going to make life easier?  I think we toil more than ever.  And in much more stupid, painfully abstract ways.

  7. nobodiesfool says:

    Don't count on Drumph, they are about to dump him.

  8. L says:

    Does anybody else here find themselves plunged into depression, despair and a sense of chronic grief akin to mourning over all this? Does anybody else struggle with such a visceral response to looking at the sky, that they are almost physically sick and have to fight not to faint every time? As I wake every day here in the UK, just lately, I have seen nothing but swathes of toxic aerosols right across the sky. The area I live is flat and the other day, there was a huge dark band right across it as if somebody had sliced along with a knife. Beside it, there was nothing but that white rubbish and the entire scene as far as my eye could see was rippled with microwaves. I had the most difficult time not to vomit on the spot! Today is just a thick, murky looking mass of foggy haze and I swear I can smell the stuff when it rains and feel it around my visceral passages making me just feel plain unwell. This is not the world I elected to be born into!

    • MS P says:

      Sure, it has hit me in bad ways. A few years back, even more so.

       I still cringe when I see the spraying. Decided to have a new attitude. Being down about it, will not help anyone, or anything. Not healthy. Do your best to jump start your survival instincts. 

      In the 60's as a child I found is very sad to see all the pollution. Massive fish dying in lake Michigan, while on vacation & more. Everything was so very polluted. I choked on smog walking home from school.  I wondered if I'd even grow up?  People stepped up & much has been cleaned up, compared to 50 years ago.  

      Maybe the people here. A small & very vocal minority, could change this for the better?

      One can only hope so.  Stay well my friends. Fight the good fight. Dane is very inspiring, in doing so. 


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I struggle to look at the Sky too. It is beyond me each & every day I wake to see it as it was yesterday. It is Horrifying to look at. It is, “Ground Hog Day“! I too feel physically sick & so sad to see it over & over again. Thousands of Jets have passed over the years, & yet it still makes me feel this way with each & every one. This sadness & anger though encourages me to do even more to awaken the sleeping. I said to my (Adult) Son about a month ago….I feel, & then thought for a moment, Like I am being Poisoned! Then, I cried. I was shocked when I said it out loud & knew my statement, was True!  So Yes L, There are many of us that See & Feel the way you do. All around the World. — And Yes I Believe We did sign up for this time. As the Hopi Indians stated…We are the ones we have been waiting for! —The task is Great, But it is Ours to change. Whether we like it or not!   Keep Strong Everyone. We Will Do This.

    • LS says:

      Wear a mask. It does help some. When people give you a weird look or ask if you are sick…. point to the sky. Two birds with one stone. Also, the white windowless planes are drones. They are coming out of every corner of Nevada. What does anyone think happened to Yucca Mountain? They added 50,000 military related jobs there last year alone. Reid has made Geoengineering a windfall for the center of evil. Nevada.

  9. Dennie says:

    Okay, folks, here it is, once again, by popular demand– David Keith's e-mail address:  Have at it!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I Just Love Everyone on this Site!              And this is how it's done!  Great Job Dennie.      You deserve a Great Big Hug!

  10. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Remember one thing Folks – That is – What goes up, no matter how high up in are phere's – must come, "YES" you guessed it – DOWN!!!

    "YES" temperature, other criteria can be used to define different layers in the atmosphere. The ionosphere, for example, which occupies the same region of the atmosphere as the thermosphere, is defined by the presence of ions, a physico-chemical criterion. The region beyond the ionosphere is known as the exosphere. The ionosphere and the exosphere together make up the upper atmosphere (or thermosphere). The magnetosphere is the region above the Earth's surface in which charged particles are affected by the Earth's magnetic field. And this is the area in which these private company's like the one David Keith (the Dickhead) (Sorry for going there) Started and is playing in, with tax payers monies, and the user of the Military Industrial Complex. That's also your tax money at work, and is why it's so important that our military doesn't buy into what their being told, which is it's for the greater good of the humans populous, that these mission be flown. Nothing could be further from the truth…Please wake up and smell the coffee !! We need you (OUR MILITARY) to be better educated about these matters!

    Another well-known layer of the atmosphere is the ozone layer, occupying much of the stratosphere, which these scientific scientist boneheads are destroying. This layer is defined by its chemical composition – where ozone is especially abundant. If left to it's own defenses, which are main-well-known science community should know, but their hell bent in destroying even that !! People we are out of options when it comes to the ozone of this planet!!

    Layers of the Atmosphere

  11. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Eastern Pennsylvania, Once again it's one extreme after another, Night time seems tobe the right time for this aircraft to be flying high, Tonight again it starts with a clear night and then they came!!  Once you see them with their Contrails of Chemicals, you can see an immediate change in the weather, the forecasters can't keep up with what (they) bring to the table, because they the weather forecasters said (CLEAR) night and cool; reality is that it's NOT CLEAR and it more over cast then predicted, so, this means that their not in th loop, although the weather channel is closer to the real temps and forecasts more so then all the local channels put together. more so then the actual mainstream media outlets, like NBC, ABC, and CBS, which are the local channels. it fact they couldn't catch a cold. Or maybe they could catch a cold;  rather then catching the correct forecast. They should do what I do, and stand out side and wait until you see the aircraft spewing the chemtrails; which means an immediate change in weather. You can see the long white trails following the craft it's amazing to me that they can't follow what's going on??? Amazing. Tomorrow it's really going to change because like Dane said before: "Their doubling the doubling Down" if there is such a term?It's like they think it's about tostop, so they're really spewing this stuff out! And "YES" it's cooling temps for now, but it's been so dam windy that their having a hard time keeping it still long enough to block the sun, so they're spraying morning noon and night….I'm sick to my stomach about what they're doing without any reprisals from any law enforcement what so ever and there are laws in place for this type of activity; but like most elites, their above the law, literally !! GOD BLESS ALL IN THE KNOW! Please tell someone, to awaken them too; so they can tell someone to awaken them. Word of mouth is what's taking place now! Pray that it falls into the right earlobes…  and the sounds are deafening !! To all a good night! And keep fighting.

  12. Dale K says:

    Jerry Brown to Trump on Climate Change: ‘We’ve Got the Lawyers and We’re Ready to Fight'
    Breanna Khorrami | Citizen Slant

    • LS says:

      JB (Jerry Brown) said it is a moral imperative to act on climate change. Who appointed him God? Why should he be trusted??? He has been there while the sky terrorists took over the skies of California and the UC systems too. How about the GMO tragedy that came out of California?  Crimes against humanity. Jail. Prison. That would be too good for one that stood by and stopped nothing sinister. He is obviously suffering from age related, and probably metals in the brain related,  degenerative brain disease. I trust ANYONE who has never been in office before anyone that has been……. let alone numerous times over multiple decades. History will slay this so called man.

    • BaneB says:

      Dale K:  This is good.  But, the governor has yet to say he will fight Geoengineering.  Taking the weather control terrorists to court to stop climate engineering, and receiving a favorable judgement, would mitigate a major factor that exacerbates the over all global warming.  His office is not ignorant about the Geoengineering.  If nothing else his state government sits under a war zone of engineered aerosols in the Sacramento sky.  It's so bad there that no way can they not see it.

    • MS P says:

       J  Brown seems to want to make the state of CA, a dust bowl. With plans for 10 million acres to be solar, & wind. I'll guess that he is going to fight for the FED money, for this. Just like the money grab for  the bullet train, to no where.  Water  rights grabs too. He is not a good man.

      I do think wind generation is part of the geoengineering scam. The way this chem clouds are oscillation  shaped. (Like a coil)  Create oscillation. There is something to this. Not sure what, or how it is used?  California has increased  it's wind events. Maybe so, in other places too? 

      H A A R P s amplifiers also have oscillation.  Rise & fall time, in nano seconds.

      All that aluminum, in long lines, across the sky, could be used as a antenna, if used in some ways?   RF technology. There is so much more to this.

      California Eugenics? This state has some dark history. Going back over 100 years. Google it.

    • Dale K says:

      Besides all the other things mentioned, we can't forget Gov. Brown's support of mandatory vaccines (by his signature on SB277) as well as unisex restrooms.

      California governor Brown approves gender-neutral restroom bill
      Sep 29, 2016

  13. MS P says:

    Thank you Dane,

    I love to learn from you. It helps, in striking up important  conversations. Everyone here, is just great in sharing info. 

    Media coverage of the NOV 12, Full  Perigee Moon (Super moon in simple TV terms), was non existent. Maybe they decided not to have people look up, into the sky?  Last month's Perigee Moon, had  some coverage. It was lovely to see. The clouds were high thin lines.  We are supposed to get rain in So. CA. Last weekend, the  TV weather reports, were saying Thursday, would be the hottest day of the week, close to 80 degrees. Now we get rain, & a cool down. 

  14. Melanie Moran says:

    Hi Friends, 

    If any of you would like to post on this snow forecasting site for the Lake Tahoe area in Northern CA, the moderator is not censoring comments. Awareness is spreading. Best to all of you.


    • MS P says:

      Great posts on Tahoe blog. Also good insight on how the younger people, see this. They think this is old news. Since they never have known what a normal sky is like.   

      They talked about 1982 there. That was one crazy snow year in Tahoe. The snow was up to the tops of the telephone poles. The chair lifts went through dug out  snow tunnels, @ Northstar. I was there skiing. I wish I had moved up there that year. 

      DEC 1996 it dumped 8 feet of snow overnight. I had to dig my truck out. It used to be like that a lot in CA. Dig out. Starting by finding your license plate. All the cars & trucks buried in the snow. I sure  do miss a real  winter.


  15. Mario says:

    I've been sick ever since they ramped it back up in September.  Literally on the day they started blanket spraying again, I went to bed with the window open and the fan on (I have to, I live in an old apartment with no AC) . . . and when I woke up I had an extremely sore throat.  That traveled into my lungs and became pneumonia.  Which I am dealing with to this day.  Two courses of antibiotics helped a little.  I can absolutely feel the toxicity of the air flowing through my lungs and body.  Its like breathing in dry ice fumes, if that makes sense.  I am convinced that they have ramped up the toxicity of the mixture.  But hey . . . good thing we have those noble and honest folks over at the CDC to tell us the truth.  I often speak of hope and not letting the fear get to you.  Well I still believe that.  I just have an ominous feeling like we are about to enter the death throws of this battle.

    • Mark says:

      you should watch Doug Kaufman, he teaches you about all the problems antibiotics cause, you will stop getting sick if you listen to him and Dr Joel Wallach, Deaddoctorsdontlie. Mold and fungus cause so many health problems, lack of minerals and vitamins also cause serious health problems. No one ever dies of vitamin and mineral overdose!

    • Dennie says:

      @Mario:  You got dried out by the desiccant sprays– happened to me here, terrified me nearly to death.. to this day I do not stay in my own house overnight.  Got all new double-paned windows and new doors, custom weather-stripped around the windows and the doors, making sure the edges of the stripping met fully at a 45 degree angle, and put double door shoes on all exterior doors, then had my upstairs chimney capped (downstairs one has a flue and firebox doors that close tightly, maybe not enough, but they close tightly).  Gas wall furnaces are huuuuge offenders as they have a 6-inch oval exhaust pipe that is open all the time to the ambient air to vent the pilot, so I got rid of my fancy Italian (too big for me) viola and a modern violin, cashed in for $12k, then installed a central heating system. Most of the air crap that drifted through the house is now STOPPED. 

      If you can, try like HELL to get into a newer building with good newer double or triple-paned windows and weatherstripping.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

      ~ Dennie in No. CA

    • MS P says:

       Back in the early 90's. ABX did more harm than good to me. The more I went to the DR to take care of my health, the sicker I was.This went on for a few years.   I could even feel it coming on. My white blood cells going through the roof in numbers. Near death experiences. Gut pains to the max! As I dragged myself to the ER. So one day as I felt like I was to have another 1 week  hospital morphine holiday, with an ABX drip. I took some Echnecea Purpurea caps.. The pain stopped & I never took any ABX again. Never got sick like that again either.  My only DR visits have been injury related.  

      Even when I get hurt. I'd rather not see a DR. I busted up my elbow pretty bad. Was too screwed upm to drive to see the DR. So I healed my broken bones. With no DR. My bones healed fast, not being in a cast.

      I'd rather no see a DR. They are insurance company whores, for the most part. Ruled by the AMA protocol. (American Murder Association)- My humble opinion. I know a few people who went to the DR, and are now dead. A simple health exam & dead 3 days later. From ? picked up at the (germ factory)  DR's office? 

      Muellen is good for the lungs. So is Coltsfoot. A shot glass of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar,  Poured into a glass of water, clears up the throat. Has other health benefits too.

    • MS P says:

      To Mark. I'd be a little careful on mineral supplement  intake.  I was taking a multi * was getting sick. I sort of figured it to be the minerals in the vitamins. They are less refined, than what we get from foods. A good example is calcium carbonate. It's ground up oyster shells. Same  white powder stuff, that is used to mark baseball fields.  I sort of am shy from taking supplements. Try my best to get what is needed from a wide variety of foods. 

  16. Earth Angel says:

    The demos in these science lab classes are excellent resources for making believers and waking folks up who refuse to pay attention to what we have been telling them! A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks for compiling them for us Dane, and all the other amazing information you bring forth. Too bad we can't get the corporate controlled media or weather channel to play them over mainstream news for the herds of dummy sheeple out there. It just might open some minds and eyes fast. Keep hammering away everybody and may God watch over all of us.

    • MS P says:

      David Dees had created some great pictures of the North Dakota pipeline protest.  With a big chemtrail "X" over the "Protector". "Chief", is also good.

      His political satire art, is really well done. I share it with those who do not listen to words. So I show this art to  some people. Just to see if they might get a clue?  He covers chemtrails, GMOs, military industrial complex, vaccines, & much we talk about here. .( Click on the image to enlarge the picture)

    • Dennie says:

      You just gotta l-o-v-e David Dees!

    • James says:

      Funny that I tried this today with one of my co-workers and he still does not believe that weather can be manipulated in any way.    Even the video where the bacterial ice nucleation was produced and the endothermic reaction made ice and still he does not believe.    It's so hard to tell ignorant people that know no science how all this works.   It's quite frustrating to be honest and everyone thinks I'm crazy or a conspiracy theorist.    Nobody looks up and when they do they just don't understand the atmosphere enough to interpret what I'm trying to say.   🙁

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, don’t lose heart, every seed of awareness you are planting will soon be forced to sprout, wait and see. Lets all keep our faces to the wind, and keep marching in the battle, we will expose the insanity, our day is coming.

    • BaneB says:

      There is a video out showing the latest oil pipeline rupture and spill taken from a flyover.  This is in North Dakota.  There is a watershed creek there. It's is running black.  The operating company has had a string of oil spills polluting local ground water.

  17. David Thomas says:

    They can say what they want, I see for myself. Spraying continues to this day. Everywhere I've traveled. Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, England….must I go on? 

  18. GM says:

    Here in San Bernardino Country they r "Fumigating" us ! Thanks for the "Acid Rain" we r about to receive :/ !

  19. AllyL says:

    Hi Dane, has anyone managed to obtain flight data to prove that the aircraft that are taking part in the spraying programmes are flying unusual flight patterns (criss crossing the same areas of sky before returning to the airport or airbase they took off from for example) instead of commercial flights taking off from one airport and landing at another? I'd imagine most if not all would either have transponders turned off or transmit false info but I wondered if any had slipped up early on.

    • youss says:

      hi ally,

      i tried to verify the flight routes of a lot of the spraying airplanes here in my living area in the US colony of germany (right in the middle of many usaf bases and next to FRA airport) for some time last summer.

      Checked on flightradar and other public online Flighttrackers for quite a period and could verify most of the civil flights coming going to FRA etc.But these high altitude spraying planes didn't show up on any of them. Sometimes it seemed as there where different airlines on the same routes but eventually they where just obscured by the srm trailed sky and not actually the spraying ones.

      i concluded these spraying planes where mostly special ones (i suspect even mostly UAV's ) run by either USAF/NATO or prifate front companies,  doing their jobs from (at least around my area) from all the known and unknown USAF and eventually private airports.


    • Ben says:

      Rosalind Peterson ( i Think) has documented and cross-referenced flight paths and confirmed these planes are not regular flights or commercial flights. She never says it but hints towards the fact that they are military and this can be confirmed by Kristen Meghan who used to work as an industrial hygienist for the air force. They have both posted many videos on youtube. Lets make sure Trump kicks these scumbags out of our skies, bring back honor, benevolence, and a new renaissance of prosperity to humanity all around the world. Thanks from Ben in Vancouver, Canada

  20. Joseph L. says:

    Nice work w all your diagrams showing cool downs in different regions of the country.-Chemically nucleated engineered cool-downs and snowstorms .  It appears to me that is exactly what is happening to the east coast right now for the next few days and then we will have a warm up come the weekend over 50 degrees.

  21. Rachel Robson says:

    Wow Dane, stunning tutorial here.  Myself, I could not make out the microwave off Eureka, until the next pic of it larger.  I really appreciated the demos also.  It appears this "snow" is not hitting you or Shasta?  I believed you but did not know the basics, this is really helpful, thank you so much.  Makes me wonder how long this has been going on?  Because in very late '72, maybe first days of '73, but I think end of '72, I was living with Shoshone peoples and my Lakota man in a very old Airstream trailer outside of Carlin, Nevada where the winters are brutal.  Even so, last I checked and it has been awhile, that night still holds the record at 47 below, F.!!!!  I thought we'd die.  In the very early morning, I woke dreaming I was on fire and it felt good!  I ran across the little dirt road to the main house and my dear friend Spotted Fawn, a Shoshone woman to tell her my dream, when Rolling Thunder, complete with bedhead, came in saying: Your trailer is on fire!  In socks yet, I ran out, tried to go in to save stuff but gave up, too much smoke.  R.T. and my man braved it and tossed stuff out into the snow and both had major lung issues after.  The outdoor water faucet, main one and used to Nevada, was frozen, totally.  The fire department could not come because they could not open their doors!  Everything SO frozen.  And I've wondered about that ever since.  Just to get into a car, we jerryrigged with wires and a prop, blow dryers aimed at car handles and it took forever to unfreeze them.  Could this have been a test area?  Hmmm.  As I said, for a long time I tracked it and as far as I know still holds that record.  And, it was Nevada.

    Here and now, I've felt the temps go from warm to cold in a second it seems.  No ice but very cold.  And for some long time.  I suspect, at least in part, owing to the very expensive housing buildings and Hollywood peoples moving here, plus a lot of tech folks, media centers everywhere and sky high prices.  Kinda like the reverse of cooling the East coast, it seems.  Can they do this without making ice?

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  About that second satellite image of precip over the Eureka area, where those rays converse at the apex, that is most likely the remote location of that NEXRAD facility that imo is majorly utilized in manipulating Northern California weather.  As with all NEXRAD microwave transmissions, the reach from center and outward is 250  miles 360 degrees, or a combined reach of 500 miles full circle.  There is one just north of the Oregon border more to the east that overlaps the Eureka ray theon (ray of God) phased array golf ball transmitter.  I am guessing but the overlap in the shape of a football is of a special weather warfare utility.  Southeast of me is another NEXRAD near Sacramento.  That, too, overlaps the Eureka facility on its southwest side….another "football."

  22. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane – Thank you! These in depth comprehensive evidential proofs you excel at continue to expose break-apart the endless confusion and outright mendacity that pervade this decaying empire. As you know, the Trump regime is going after climate scientists. Our world continues to exceed all previous excesses of Orwellian-madness. Can it get any crazier? We now have the twisted mind-bending absurdity 'Whaaat?' of going after the climate scientists who accept warming, but are denying that geoengineering/climate engineering are reality. The military & oil cartel will want to continue using these technologies for EW electronic warfare and to intimidate countries into giving up their oil & mineral rights when faced with earthquakes, drought and floods. Meanwhile, a bizarre unexpected witch hunt?
    Reuters: The U.S. Energy Department said on Tuesday it will not comply with a request from President-elect Donald Trump's Energy Department transition team for the names of people who have worked on climate change and the professional society memberships of lab workers. … a request for a list of all department employees and contractors who attended the annual global climate talks hosted by the United Nations within the last five years. Energy Department spokesman … said Tuesday the department will not comply. …”We are going to respect the professional and scientific integrity and independence of our employees at our labs and across our department…" He added that the request "left many in our workforce unsettled."

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump / Washington Post, 13 Dec. 2016
      * Alarmed that decades of crucial climate measurements could vanish under a hostile Trump administration, scientists have begun a feverish attempt to copy reams of government data onto independent servers in hopes of safeguarding it from any political interference. The efforts include a “guerrilla archiving” event in Toronto, where experts will copy irreplaceable public data, meetings at the University of Pennsylvania focused on how to download as much federal data as possible in the coming weeks, and a collaboration of scientists and database experts who are compiling an online site to harbor scientific information. “Something that seemed a little paranoid to me before all of a sudden seems potentially realistic, or at least something you’d want to hedge against,” said Nick Santos, an environmental researcher at the University of California at Davis, who over the weekend began copying government climate data onto a nongovernment server, where it will remain available to the public. … In recent weeks, President-elect Donald Trump has nominated a growing list of Cabinet members who have questioned the overwhelming scientific consensus around global warming. His transition team at the Department of Energy has asked agency officials for names of employees and contractors who have participated in international climate talks and worked on the scientific basis for Obama administration-era regulations of carbon emissions. One Trump adviser suggested that NASA no longer should conduct climate research and instead should focus on space exploration.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      So, Susan,  the climate scientists who accept warming, but are denying that geoengineering/climate engineering are reality. WTF is going on really. They can deny the President Elect, all information and the United Nations can give us all the middle Finger, (sorry to put it so bluntly). IT LEFT THEM unsettled, what about the rest of us…I'm felling a little more then unsettled!!!

    • LS says:

      Scientific integrity? Doesnt exist or we wouldnt be on a collision course with planetary extinction. All scientists, except Dane, should be shaking in their boots for staying silent in the face of facts and data. They have left themselves zero plausible deniabilty at this late date. Imagine if they are copying the material that convicts them in international trails of crimes against humanity and the plamnet earth. That would be justice. I can only hope all parts of the federal government are this concerned about keeping proof of their work. I can hardly wait to see it come to light.

    • BaneB says:

      LS:  My exact sentiments!  The high priests sold us out.  Along with the politicians, corporations, the bankers, and thePentagram.  Civilization was DOE when it first squatted on the life-sustaining marshes of Mesopotamia.  What was the first order of business?  Enslavement, as in  "Nimrod was a mighty hunter before God."  He hunted men.  From that time to our present era God has been a war god.  Each antagonist prays for victory.  Whoever wins goes to the temple or seat of worship to thank God for victory.  The losers are slaves.  The second thing these early "civilized" creatures did was begin the filling in of the life-sustaining wetlands upon which to build and expand their artificial creation, the city. The incredible stupidity continues right up to the present day.  Yes, some protection has been enacted here and there, but way too little and I think too late.  I suppose we all have collaborated to varying degree.  Yet, when one carries the moniker of "leader," we expect wiser counsel and wise leadership.  We get neither.  We get corruption.  And such is the state of affairs referred to so grandly and species-self-agrandizingly as human history.  They turn beauty into ugly.  They turn riparian into desert.  They turn peace into war.  They turn life into death.

  23. Seeing Clearly says:

    An earthquake struck in northwest California at about 9:00 am the earthquake was about a 5.0 I wonder if it was related to some kind of man made operation or procedure.

    • SD says:

      Quakes in NorCal reported past 24 hrs sure look suspicious AGAIN. Shallow depth and in line with continued flow of Atmospheric River over that area. Western NV also showing seismicity.

      Prof Fran de Aquino has run calcs on HAARP energy output and believes it can cause earthquakes. Gravity shielding his hypothesis.  Some have dismissed his ideas as "outside mainstream" Maybe/ maybe NOT.

      Article in November issue Nature Communications showed evidence of gravity anomalies associated with Tohoku/Fukushima quake. 

    • Dale K says:

      Geothermal development and activity appears to be linked to the ongoing series of quakes that affect the area near Cobb, CA.

    • Dennie says:

      @Dale:  The Geysers geothermal area is managed by CalPine, a local northern California geothermal business.  My uphill neighbor in San Rafael works up there several days out of the week.  They put water underground to create steam in the hot volcanic upwelling occurring naturally there.  The water causes the temp to drop and the rocks to crack– voila– steam.. and earthquakes.  Been going on around Cobb, a beautiful little coastal mountain town on the flanks of Mt. St. Helena east of Sonoma County wine country (that burned almost to the ground in the Valley Fire two years ago), for decades.  Before he went into geothermal, my neighbor was a petroleum geologist.  Saw the writing on the wall and went "renewable," but even that has its drawbacks, as nearby Anderson Valley residents will attest.  Lots of nice vacation homes up there above the wine country, and an increase in cracks since the ramping up of the geothermal energy production.  I will ask him about this next time I'm out on a walk and see him.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Ah memories:-). I went up to those geysers several times back in the very early 70s.  The old baths were still functioning.  Enjoyed it though the experiences were a bit weird.  I do recall the rumor PG&E wanted to run off everyone and take it over.  They won.

    • Chad says:

      Mark my words Seeing Clearly, soon will be a Great Earthquake of 9.0 plus magnitude which will destroy whole western seaborg. I was born and lived in northern California, right at ocean in Eureka, Ca. I got out, i know whats coming. Manmade, but on a biblical scale. God bless and Amen

  24. Ron Marr says:

    Interesting stuff, thanks.  I saw them spraying the other day, here in Rhode Island. We received a dusting over night into Monday. It has been cold, clear and sunny the last few days with full moons. The thing that I notice is a small air craft that flies over the the area always at around 3am. I awaken every time. It's not every night. every other or every three days, twice a week, I am not sure. I haven't been sick since I don't know when. Three weeks ago I had the flu. It took five days to run it course. I can't help wondering if it is related to the over night small craft. It flew over last night.

  25. Dale K says:

    "Al Gore, Ivanka Trump to meet today-Ivanka Trump has identified climate change as an issue she would like to focus on"

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