Climate Engineering Toxic Fallout And Northeastern US Tree Die Off


Trees are dying at an astounding rate all over the globe. Even in areas that are getting plenty of rain the die off continues to accelerate. This short video is an excellent documentation of the alarming tree die-off in the US North East. The film maker had been observing the increasing tree decline and eventually connected the climate engineering factor. The highly toxic fallout from the ongoing geoengineering programs is devastating all life on our once thriving planet. It is imperative that we prioritize the effort to expose and stop the spraying in our skies, this effort will take all of us.
Dane Wigington



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  1. Wayne says:

    Trees are dying here in Titusville, Fl. (Near the Kennedy Space Centrr). Saw a stand of Sycamore this morning that had already turned yellow, like in late fall, early winter.  Very hot and humid summer, more so than usual.  It will all not matter much after Russia or China bombs us out of existance.  Jesus will be coming back soon, get your spiritual house in order!

  2. Nicole says:

    Ted your comment is so sad and awful. The truth is its going to get worse for all unless this stops soon. We’re at Chemtrails Global Skywatch (started by Russ Tanner) on FB if you’d like to share more details, more than 26,000 members sharing data. Love and peace to all, keep getting the word out.

  3. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Here a another video of the devastation of plants and trees. This is giving me a very sick feeling inside.

  4. TED DOLAN says:

    I left san francico because of the mess starting to arrive there!!! Pelicans starving on the beach no fish and the fish that were around were bunched up in the bays almost like hiding very strange.Couldnt get my daughter and grandkids to come back!!! Even for a free house!!Drove cross country :drought everywhere few if any birds no wildlife EERIE!!!!

  5. TED DOLAN says:

    don’t forget that FUKUSHIMAS reactors are spewing tons of nucleides into the atmosphere fo 4 years now,changing the sunsets with their colors and definitely poisoning nature beyond repair.Try ENENEWS for the daily stupidity of the worlds govt especially JAPAN.

  6. Steven Chamberlain says:

    The fireweed here in Alaska has been decimated. I’ve lived here 20 years and have never seen the fireweed like this. It looks like its been sprayed with RoundUp. Every year the seeds burst out and fill the air with Hundreds of Megatons of delicate white fuzzies. I remember it, it’s was beautiful. This year the small deformed seed pods are basically empty. I guess when there are no bee’s, there is no pollination, which results in no seeds. I think we are very, very close to a major tipping point. THEY are effectively killing everything, fast.

  7. Thanks Dane. It’s hard for me to keep any cool about the chemical spraying in my area. 73% decline in local moose populations since 2006. Many small mammals are being found dead in the forest. Even crows won’t eat the carcass. The boreal forest is decimated and dying from fungal and mold diseases.

    I live on Lake Superior’s Western shore. I contracted lyme/morgellon disease in 2012, and now physically disabled and unable to work. Lost my cabin and living in subsidized housing like a prisoner. No way out…

    Citizen protests are stupid and futile. You will need to stand and fight with everything you have. Planet Earth is becoming a corporate grave. Get rid of ALL corporations and ALL current governments. The geoengineering program is a form of mass insanity. These planes and the control elite need to be grounded…

  8. verna Smith says:

    I could not hold back the tears that overflowed from my heart. Its all so very needless. The way the Creator and His son Jesus made everything is for our good pleasure and to care for it.He made mankind for His good pleasure.If we as mere sinful created beings are drawn to tears as we see how greed and selfishness has corrupted the hearts and minds who want to play god, who want to destroy the beauty and life of this planet and replace it with what the futurist the singularity. Nano mass taking over biomass.The destruction of the trees and replace them with patented carbon nanowire trees in order to profit such as Geoengineer David Keith who owns a carbon sequestering business. Between DARPA and the Elite that value nothing but their own greedy selfish ambitions and the futurist like Raymond Kurzweil we have a hard battle ahead of us for their goal has been for a very long time to set themselves up as ‘god’ to rule this planet and rule it their way all the while promising if we join machinery with man through the neuroscience, and nanotechnology and join their religious cult the we to will never die. It all makes me sick. They may try to play God,but one day there will be the day when they will cry out for the mountains to fall down on them. Its a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God.For man is without excuse for by the very things He created man knows there is God. All authority has been given to Christ in Heaven and on earth. By no other name are man saved but by the name of Jesus.They want us to believe we evolved, no there is no evolving and thats why they have to take from what the true creator made and distort, genetically modify whether it be a bioengineering scheme or a nanoengineering scheme they have to take from what God made and manipulate it so they can control and make a profit and set themselves up as the owner. The use of transgenics, trying to make a so called new species. You see you can not have a lie unless you start with a truth and distort it or even deny it.The destruction of this planet is a plan to control, air,food and water. To tap the energy from the sun and store it just like tapping the carbon and storing it.All for profit. So I ask what does it profit a man if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul.

  9. Rebecca Matthews says:

    I live in White Rock British Columbia and we have the same green fungus on the bark of trees. The trees are absolutely devastated by what they are calling root rot where the inside of the tree is so wet that the middle of it is black and rotten when it has fallen and you can see inside.
    I drove for 5 hours yesterday and the day before into the interior of BC to the Shuswap and it is the most spectacularly beautiful scenery on top of mountains and foothills but so many of the trees are dead. I would give it one more year before the masses wake up to this devastation because there will be so many trees coming down this winter, everyone will notice.

  10. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I forgot to mention in my last post that our mosquitoes are gone! I must admit that I hate them and they are very annoying, but I haven’t seen one in several weeks. Not one! Alaska without mosquitoes? It’s Frightening!

  11. Håkan says:

    The same thing happening in Sweden, especially oaks and birches are dying. And when I’m writing this, the news talking about massive bird deaths, and they can’t understand why.

  12. kathleen gabel says:

    Finallly I made the time to watch this video today. Right now, I want to cry. I am incredibly moved to see this man, who clearly loves his land and loves his trees…. this man who clearly has a relationship with his land and the lushness of Life’s Great Natural Glory ….and to hear him speaking of all the dead trees…showing his viewers the dead trees… to hear him mourning the absence of the cedar waxwings usually feasting on bountiful berry bushes mysteriously dead. And to know i have been mourning the same death all summer. Watching tree species along the road die out or turn yellow in the midst of summer… to see the leaves lose their turgur power….to hang limply, curled. so that their underside reveals itself pale, vulnerable and unhealthy. I am deeply grateful to this man. He, like Dane, will awaken many. I am so thankful he has discovered

  13. Tracy Stevens says:

    We live in the Huron Nat Forest in northern LP Michigan The Tamarack stands are brown and dead in one season too.I thought maybe the bitter cold winter last year,along with the strange looking snow.The snow appeared like flat looking not so fluffy, and the flake shapes were very easy to see with the naked eye.There were strange looking icicles on our cars too.Now this summer has been wet and cool and the maples have had red/burgundy leaves that have a wilted look for the last month and a half.Lots of thick scale type of parasite on a lot of trees,seems to be slowly killing them.When I asked the Mi DNR about this all over the trees,I was told this is a normal event.Im so broken hearted over all of this.

  14. Mark Johns says:

    To succeed in a government job, one has to be a “yes” person. You can’t question what is happening around you. You go with the program or you get fired or demoted. How many in government are privy to what is happening and keeping silent for fear that they will lose their job? This insanity has to stop.

  15. Cori Gunnells says:

    I’m deeply moved by his video, and his willingness to be open to learning about something new to him (geoengineering), and his willingness to share his new knowledge and concern with his viewers. For that I have gratitude.
    We are in deep trouble here.

  16. Tim says:

    CO has massive tree die off.

  17. Randy Hanson says:

    Steven Chamberlain this is your neighbor, Randy Hanson. I believe you 100%, as I have documented the same thing. We are freaking out at the amount of dying here in our own backyard! Thanks for posting and for your effort to bring attention to geoengineering! Keep up the good fight, neighbor.

  18. Fay Knox says:

    Same thing happening here in Lancaster Ontario Canada.

  19. Steven Chamberlain says:

    The same thing is happening in Alaska. All species of trees are affected. Even the underbrush and ferns are dying. I tell people about it and they say it is part of some 10, 20, 30 year cycle. As the devastation progresses, the deniers will be held responsible along with the perpetrators.

  20. C.Bell says:

    Beautiful natural storm came through central CA today. Instead of comma shaped lower pressure clouds, it was evident that pressure was rising. Wisps blowing up and behind these magnificent cloud formations.
    We in this area only received a trace if sprinkles. Not measurable.

  21. Gloria says:

    This truth he shows breaks my heart and makes me cry. What have we done? Its like crapping in our own NEST !!!

  22. Gloria says:

    The guy who swooped in to our local KGW TV News FB page trying to debunk Chemtrails showed some books where CONtrails went as farback as 1956. In this video it shows they existed as far back as 1944.

  23. Jason Foust says:

    Same here in Louisiana and Texas!

  24. James Lesperance says:

    Stan Myer’s developed the technology to run a combustion engine on water. Gage Transformation- generates more energy out than what goes in. We have Cold Fusion, has produced over 30 times more surplus energy and it’s clean, no radiation or chance of meltdowns. We have the the Searl Effect Generator and we can get a tremendous amount of free energy from a vacuum, all of which are clean! In fact some, produce Oxygen but banks profit from war, the military Industrial complex and big oil Mongols hold us captive via our pattern office which deny patterns and either blocks their use as a National Security Threat or kills the inventor that offers it for free to save the planet! WE HAVE TO WIN!!!

  25. thea says:

    There is a global march against geoengineering on 9/27/14. Check this website for a location near you.

  26. Ken says:

    I am seeing the same thing here in Texas and it is devastating and so depressing. I went on a bike ride to our local park and stopped to really look at the trees. MOST of them are in decline. 100s of trees were removed after dying last year and the rest are now in decline. I can’t stress enough how absolutely terrible this is. The Trees are Lungs to the Earth and our main supply of oxygen, besides ocean plankton which is also in a MAJOR decline. It all is beginning to seem like this is all part of their population reduction plans. ie: Democide.
    Thanks again for everything you do. It’s priceless.
    We need to take a coordinated effort and SOON!

  27. Ben Billings says:

    Not only are the trees dying at a horrific rate, but here in Northern New Mexico, the pollinating insects are almost completely gone. And the number of insect eating birds are way fewer than in years past.

  28. Sharon LePere says:

    I have been trying and trying to people to see this! All of the beautiful trees on our property are dying . Everywhere I go I see it. Why doesn’t everyone else? It is all I think about from morning til night . My husband says I am obsessed. Yes I am, I surely am. How can a person not be with the horror that is happening all around us.

  29. Angelique Zammetti says:

    I went camping last weekend at Whitehorse Lake, Arizona. At least 50% of the trees were dead half way up the trunk, some more. Near the entrance were stacks of dead trees totaling 7. The stacks were about 50′ in diameter and approx. 25′ tall. I walked barefoot around the campsite because the ground was softened with a thick blanket of pine needles. It was shocking! >:(

  30. Tony Orlow says:

    Nice testimonial. Everything is being killed on the surface. Good witness. Thank you.

  31. Barbara Santora says:

    There seems to be a green fungus (I would assume) on all the bark of the trees in my neighborhood. Nothing is dying yet here in south florida. It is excessively hot and humid and planes 24/7.

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