Denial – Hey, That’s My Story – Oh, Yours Too?


We are dumbfounded -  those of us deeply concerned about geoengineering and chemtrails –  by the apparent inability of so many people to see, acknowledge, or care about blatantly obvious chemical  trails in the sky.

Guest Writer

What are chemtrails? Jet aircraft smearing the skies with toxins, and turning clean air into grey death. Doing this the world over. Are big X’s and tic-tac-toes in the sky natural cloud formations?

Perhaps this apparent inability to see or care is readily comprehendible, as its’ underlying causes are nearly universal among us humans.

Here are a few thoughts regarding various forms of denial – all of which I have mastered at various times over the years:

Keyword Shutdown

This is an automatic programmed reaction to one of several hundred “Keywords”, intentionally placed into a person’s consciousness, by human intention via endless repetition.

Shutdown words include, ”conspiracy theory” “climate manipulation”, “911 truth”, “chemtrails”, “government criminality”, ”war machine”,….. there are many more.

The Keyword causes a complete mental and emotional shutdown, which prohibits a person from receiving any further verbal input. A solid brick wall.

Instigators of this shutdown programming include the mainstream media (especially Fox News), TV violence, other TV programming distractions, “ governmental “No Child Left Behind” programs, schools in general, parents, relatives, friends and social circles, employers, politicians, and a vast array of attitude and mind control programs of a technical nature.

Often the person exhibiting this keyword shutdown behavior is completely unaware of his or her reaction.

I should know. I am an expert in Keyword Shutdown and have done it many times, in spite of the angst, mistakes, and missed opportunities that it brought.

The 1950s and early 1960s was an exciting and even exhilarating time for grade school and high school. Great careers, glittering new technology, the exploration of space, and the moon. Wow!

With all of this optimism came programming from every direction, including  rigid limits upon the range of possibilities. Being young and inexperienced in life, I mopped up this programming and its limitations big time.

We experienced an endless barrage telling us the acceptable version of reality, what is good, bad, dangerous, acceptable, mandatory, prohibited, fashionable, attractive, desirable, not cool, on and on.

So anything that didn’t fit the vision promoted by parents, relatives, the schools, newspapers, radio, peer pressure, TV, was shutdown and never penetrated my self imposed brick wall.

It took only about 10 years to slowly open my eyes and perceptions enough to wiggle out of that one. Mostly. Still do it sometimes, decades later. Will I ever learn?

Does this sound even remotely familiar?


Willful Ignorance

“Yes, I know it’s a big problem, but don’t tell me about it, I don’t want to hear it, I can’t handle any of that right now”.

Willful Ignorance, along with Keyword Shutdown, are the most difficult forms of denial to deal with. I can sort of handle these in my personal affairs, but with other people, even with those near and dear, I am at wits end. Just don’t know what to do.

Simple Denial

Dismissal of a particular subject, usually without much emotion. “Not a problem”

Fracking, environmental degradation, air pollution, Fukushima radiation, chemtrails, species extinction, NSA spying, fluoride, global warming, vaccines, peak oil, UN Agenda 21, pesticides in food, endless wars, tornados, floods, college tuition, wildfires, the homeless, that faint knocking sound coming from the car’s engine. .The list is endless.

There are so many concerns, problems, wrongs, disasters, etc., that to maintain our sanity, we must ignore almost everything, and focus only on our most imperative concerns of the moment.

“What am I supposed to do about all of this stuff anyway? I’m still alive and able to function” ….. So “what me worry?” “Not a problem”.

Consequences of simple denial – Strained relationships, the inability to listen intently, oblivious to signs of danger, the “domino effect” with one problem triggering a string of additional problems, missed opportunity, preventable accidents, personal injury. . .  the list goes on.



“Who cares about all that environmental stuff, the Denver Broncos are on the TV, 20 to 10 up, with 2 minutes left to play.”

As we know, it is a delight to fluff up some pillows, pop up some popcorn, and curl up on the sofa to watch some TV sitcom. Have you seen “Are You Being Served”, “Jeeves and Wooster”, or the short lived “Faulty Towers” series? Total delight!

But Diversion becomes escape with the help of excessive alcohol, recreational drugs, and to a lesser extent, smoke.

Difficulties ensue when we use diversion to avoid that which must be discerned and acted upon…

Self Deception

This is my favorite above all – We talk ourselves into a course of action on the premise that it will be just fine, but without careful consideration of the pros and cons, our abilities, and our real desire for that course of action.

Another aspect of self deception is NOT being alert to events, with the consequent failure to take necessary action, under the false premise that everything is working out just fine.

“No, I don’t need to concern myself about those “contrails” in the sky. The people flying the chemtrail jets breathe the same air as we do, and besides, the government wouldn’t allow us to be harmed.”



This is a biggie! We go through our daily routines, jumping form one little isolated compartment to another. No connection between the compartments.

The compartments include career/job, home life, recreation, vacations, interests, idle time, education especially university, religion, and politics., to name a few.

Do we flow back and forth seamlessly between these activities or “compartments”, interchanging what we learn from one to all others – thus transforming a compartmentalized existence to an integrated whole, without compartments?

Most potentially damaging is the career/job compartment.  How many millions of people around the globe have jobs that are clearly detrimental to other people and/or our planetary life support systems? Compartmentalization insures that they have no concern or even awareness of the consequences of their assigned tasks.

Compartmentalization is not denial as such, it is more like a disconnect. It makes denial unnecessary.

Compartmentalization can be our friend, to help us clarify issues.

With the global warming controversy, Al Gore and his higher up Cabal minions are using global warming in the political realm to push their UN Agenda 21 objectives of total control, one world bank, one world police force, enslavement of the human race, and ultimately mass genocide.

So we place the above in a compartment and call what you want. Thus we turn down the “volume control” on the many shrill distractions and distortions clouding the issue of global warming.

In doing so, we can examine what is actually happening on the ground around the globe, the hard data, even our own personal observations,  without the lies, deceptions, disinformation, and manipulation of the political arena.

Memory Loss

In the short term of days or over longer periods. Oh, how easily we forget!

We forget the hard lessons “learned”, from life experience and also from Keyword Shutdown, Willful Ignorance, and the other forms of denial, disconnect, and stress.

And with the mainstream news….. Only when we see a series of video clips of the political figures and “talking head experts” – repeatedly contradicting their own statements and their versions of events – do we realize how little we remember from day-to-day.

Economic Stress

The grand doozy of them all – it trumps everything. With economic stress comes anxiety, fear, worry, and in the extreme, a feeling of desperation and helplessness. Pretty much boils down to money, or lack thereof.

When scrambling just to survive economically, everything beyond the scope of money becomes irrelevant.  Many an activist in the alternative arena has been neutralized, along with his or her program by a lack of money.

We see that economic stress is not really a form of denial, but neutralizes action, and limiting awareness of the bigger picture. Only when our basic needs are met, can we reach out beyond ourselves, taking action in the community and beyond.


Total Overload

Way too much to deal with on a daily basis. Especially true for working parents.

Too many things to do, not enough money, time flies past in a flash, missed priorities, too much commuting and repetitive driving around, job concerns, unmet needs of those close to you, can’t take a break, no time for relaxation or a walk in nature, urban noise and chaos, intermittent social life, obligations, intrusions and interruptions of all sorts, overwhelming preoccupation with the zillion details of daily life.

Too much input, cannot compute, too preoccupied to look up at the sky, even for a moment.


Everything listed above affects us all. Come on, fess up. We have all used these forms of denial at one time or another in our lives (well, most of us mortals anyway).

I can give you a recent example from my own experience – a convoluted mixture of the major points above.

In 2003, myself and a friend looked up in the sky and yelled, screamed, and cursed those jets overhead, watching them spray a clear blue sky with gray chemical goop. Day after day – jumping up and down, hollering, complaining, pointing. . . outraged!

Then things changed.  Two young children showed up at my doorstep and stayed for several years. Busy, very busy, being a “parent”, school, food preparation, transportation… all that stuff, and much more. You know.

And then for the next ten years, yes, ten years, I never saw a chemtrail . . .  or never looked for one?  I don’t remember. Chemtrails were completely gone from my awareness. Gone, Gone, Gone.

I spend most of every day outside, enjoy gardening, go into the wilderness for weeks at a time, get up before sunrise, and watch the sunset. There must have been gobs of chemtrails in front of my nose, but why did I not see them? Or even look? Whaaat?  Gads!

Was it government mind control, Wi-Fi, HAARP, Big Brother, mental degeneration, not eating enough carrots?  Did I suddenly move to the planet Pluto and slowly return via the Big Dipper?

In early 2013, a friend sent me an e-mail link. It was this Dane Wigington guy giving a presentation at some convention somewhere.

No ordinary presentation, right to the point, clear, concise, compelling – the six decades long history of geoengineering  (including chemtrails) and its catastrophic consequences for planet Earth.

And then came the ghastly realization! Where have I been for the past ten years? Chemtrails!  There they are – So obvious! How could I possibly have missed seeing them?

So What?

So what can we learn from this little exercise?

Keyword Shutdown, Willful Ignorance, Simple Denial, Diversion, Self Deception, Compartmentalization, Memory Loss, Economic Stress, Total Overload – We all experience these things at various times in our lives. They are Universal.

Is denial in its’ many forms necessary to keep us from going totally bonkers in a crazy, super busy, criminal infested world?

For those of us deeply concerned about the massive ongoing global geoengineering programs – how might this affect our strategy to awaken others to this criminality?

Perhaps it is time for us to quit being dumbfounded by the apparent inability of many people to see, acknowledge, or care about blatantly obvious chemtrails.

Denial has been our “friend” and “foe” for a lifetime, and identifying its various forms, and confessing our complicity in the matter, may lead more effective approaches to stopping the geoengineering insanity.

Exactly how might our strategy change? I don’t know. You figure it out. It’s a do-it-yourself life.






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