Geoengineering, Falsified Data, And Global Warming


Finally some acknowledgment of the data falsification which has helped to hide the true state of the climate. Many have been convinced that data is being cheated to the upside, however, an objective examination of this notion clearly shows the opposite is true.

Dane Wigington

This study was just released. Even though the light is starting to shine on the total falsification of data/temp reporting to the down side, this study still does not indicate the immense gravity of the issue at hand. The planet is in total meltdown, we are far further into the curve than what the public has been told.

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The Guardian – UK Met Office Data Underestimates Global Warming By Half Says New Research

Though the power structure wants people to know the planet is warming so scams like carbon credits and caps can be implemented, those in power do not want to panic populations by allowing them to understand just how far off the cliff we already are. The data falsification has also helped the orchestrators of covert global geoengineering programs to sell their stock and trade to politicians and leaders around the globe as “successful” when in reality this could not be further from the truth. Though geoengineering can and does create large scale temporary cooling anomalies, it comes at a cost of a greatly worsened overall climate dilemma. The global spraying programs have also literally poisoned all life on earth from the clouds to the ground with lethal heavy metal and chemical fallout.

“Unreported climate data proves warming happening 2 1/2 times faster than previously reported”

Now lets add “epic” releases of methane into the atmosphere, also being covered up by the power structure and the main stream media which they control,

Methane, Faults and Sea Ice – Shield breaking down

Until now, Arctic sea ice has been acting as a shield, in a number of ways, including:

  • Preventing sunlight from warming up water underneath the sea ice
  • Facilitating currents that currently cool the bottom of the sea
  • Preventing much methane from entering the atmosphere; as discussed in an earlier post, the sea ice collects and holds the methane in places close enough to the surface for the  methane to be consumed through photochemical and biochemical oxidation

However, as the sea ice declines, this shield is breaking down.  As a result more sunlight is reaching the water, contributing to warming of water in the Arctic Ocean.

  • Sea ice decline comes with the danger of weakening currents that cool the seabed
  • More methane is able to penetrate the cracks and openings in the ever-thinner ice
  • Warm Water traveling along Gulf Stream

At the same time, global warming is causing more extreme weather events to occur, such as the record warmth observed in July 2013 in part of the northeastern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North America. As discussed in a recent post, this warm water has meanwhile traveled along the Gulf Stream and reached the Arctic Ocean.

Methane Venting From Seabed

As a result, warmer water is now destabilizing sediments under the seabed that hold huge amounts of methane in the form of free gas and hydrates. Methane is now venting from the seabed of the Arctic Ocean, driven by sea ice decline and “by Gulf Stream heating, earthquakes and deep pyroclastic eruptions”, as Malcolm Light explains in a recent comment and as described in an earlier post.

The image below shows the result: Massive amounts of methane venting from the seabed, penetrating the sea ice, and entering the atmosphere over the Arctic Ocean.



In Northern California, and a number of other locations around the country which we have monitored, “official” daily high temperatures are routinely reported to be several degrees lower than the actual temps on the ground based on the same methods of measurement. We believe this falsification is taking place across the board. We know that the UV readings are also falsified exponentially to the down side.



Our climate and biosphere has long since been damaged beyond any return to what we have known, at least within any time frame that would matter. What we are now faced with is the challenge of stopping global geoengineering before the planet is rendered incapable of supporting life at all. This is not alarmism, but an almost certain reality if we continue on the track we are on.



“Global Geoengineering Fueling “Venus Syndrome”

The effort to expose geoengineering will take all of us, there is no excuse for “sitting this one out”.

Time is not on our side, please get educated, arm yourself with credible data to pass out, send credible information to appropriate people/groups on line, and help us shine the light on the greatest crime ever committed by the global power structure.



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