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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 28, 2017


Dane Wigington

We are now over a week into the Trump administration takeover. Mass muzzling of agencies and information is taking place, where are we headed? Yet more toxic air alerts are occurring in major cities. Climate engineering is a major factor that is radically contributing to the lethal contamination of our breathable air column. A new peer reviewed study now confirms that bumblebees are also succumbing to toxic aluminum overload (just like the honeybees, also proven with peer review study). The worst forest fire disaster in Chile's history is still unfolding. The price of salmon is going to keep escalating rapidly as now farmed salmon is dying as fast as wild salmon populations. Our warming oceans are further fueling marine die-off around the globe. The nuclear contamination from Japan may soon become far worse as the Japanese government considers dumping its nuclear waste into the seabed. What are the super rich doing? Preparing for "doomsday". The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

As our former reality unravels, all will be forced to make a critical decision. Will we choose to be a part of the cure? Or part of the disease? The collapse of the reality we have all known is a given, and in fact, already in the process. If we are to salvage any future for our children, the effort will take all of us.

244 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 28, 2017

  1. Gary D says:

    It is a travesty Japan wants to dump nuclear waste into the ocean. International treaties from the 1970's disallowed marine disposal but nations did not completely stop until 1993. Wikipedia states that the solid and liquid waste contamination yield is 80,000 trillion becquerels, meaning ionizing radiation disintegrations per second. This witches brew of the most poisonous substances in the universe will continue for 250,000 years. The main culprits were Russia, the UK, Belgium and the US. A major dumping site of the US was several hundred miles from the coast of Washington DC. The sociopaths responsible must have believed their own lies on nuclear safety. The ocean ecosystems and fish are dying, what marine food sources remain are contaminated. Plankton, the oxygen producing micro-organisms are at 40% of pre-industrial levels and they produce 50% of Earth's oxygen. This catastrophe coupled with solar radiation mismanagement producing ocean acidification, among other things, places all life forms in dire straits.

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    An old friend, who is a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, once told me, he really believes that there are man made pathogens that are developed. He mentioned the Ebola Epidemic, that occurred in Africa. Are all these devastating disaster movies being produced, clues as to what is unfolding? Dane mentioned the large piece of ice, that is breaking off of Antarctica, just like in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". Government agencies have no concern for our biosphere, by illegally discharging biological and radioactive waste into the oceans.

  3. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To all my frineds I haven't met yet, I often like to mention "parallels in nature".

    Funny, many times I am told by religious people to "get right with god". seriously? I say to myself…. Um, I was raised to be good to my mother and the father will be happy. Do you see the parallel here? It's one that no one can walk around. Physically or spiritually.

  4. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To all my friends I haven't met yet, I often write about how "we" need to live differently to save our planet and to enable "us" to be happy, truly happy. A caged animal is not a happy animal. We all need to find ways to stop participating in the power structures game. It will have an measurable impact on "them". Personally, I live off grid up on a mountain side out on a knoll in a 350 sq ft cabin. My nearest neighbor is a half mile away. The next neighbor is a mile away. My adjacent property owner is the forest service. Sadly, we can not all have this simple life I lead. Fortunately there are many ways to be free and happy. I came across this video and was soothed by the people interviewed in it. They have brought a new light of hope to what has become a desperate depression going on in my mind. Comfort is rare these days. Listening to these folks brought some to me. Maybe it will for you also. Listen to the tones of the voices. It matters.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Hey a simplehorseman,

      Thanks for posting this video link. I gave myself permission to have a recess from grading papers (a teacher's nightly homework) and I thoroughly enjoyed these down-to-earth folks and their stories. They were all the kind of people I would feel instant kinship and community with.  Simplicity is something I am striving toward, and you have really inspired my thinking and imagination to disconnect from all the trappings so common to our conventional lifestyle and take this road to some measure of freedom and sane living.  Time really is what we must spend wisely.  Happy trails friend . . .

    • Wes says:

      Simple Horseman,

      Nice little video. I've thought all along this system is too big and entrenched to fight it. The only way is to divest as much as possible. As I was trying to do.

      I cashed out of a retirement fund to pay cash for a house. I bought a couple of empty lots, had them leveled out, so I could start an urban market garden and grow as much of my food as possible and fill it up with fruit trees and berry bushes as I've planted around my house. I was getting all the things ready while I had a steady income to then make the leap and ditch the hour wage slave job. To try to achieve some semblance of freedom.

      All of that is fine and good, but…………it can't work if everything is dead and dying.

      They have destroyed my dreams, they have destroyed Dane's dream, they have stolen all of our futures. The people monitoring this site, the people in the military need to change sides so we can hang the perpetrators of our destroyed futures and dreams.

      The game is over. The only question is how much time do we have.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blue Sue, Wes, I am delighted you both responded to my posting here.There is so much more I could add to how simple and happy AND informed AND!!! in tune with our mother, "we" can be. In these times it's like living through the mumps(which we all survived without vaccine). Blue Sue, you have no idea how fulfilling the "simple life" can be. Go for it!! We need only to give thanks at ALL turns and give thanks for "grace". Wes… good god man, how I feel for you and your investment "for the good of the many". I too have had my dream literally stolen by the weather makers. I'm mad as hell, I had a good plan. Gone!, Stolen!….

  5. BoomerFred says:

    What a passionate and intelligent group and growing I might add,as it must to be able to penetrate the 'fog'. Living in the drought triangle between Santa Barbara and Ventura Dane is certainly educating me about 'weather domination'. Lately a few storms did make it through but much more elsewhere of here. Then a couple of days no spray and the second was dazzling to see from up our hill to gaze upon.  As what seems like a lone battle (though I do hope it's not) I was thrilled to see how sparklingly clear this area could be. That was Sunday 1/29 and I had 'heard' it would now stop by several people but Mon it was light, today was early and completely hazed the sky. Dane had said pauses do happen, but cessation rarely, if ever, does. So

    Has anyone designed a dynamic informative bumper sticker ? Usually not a big fan of them yet they stay on all night and don't need breaks. I don't know enough people I'd trust with a multicolored brochure  based on my verbal examples poll. Something like top line Geoengineering Watch.org then Who's Spraying What Into Our Sky ?  or similar, as long as it 'delivers'. I might do this, the idea just hit me today. VistaPrint is tempting me to use them. Any feedback from this clear eyed, united, literate group would I'm sure be helpful. Dane, cudos to your extraordinary efforts and speaking to us without stuttering, or saying any of the trite statements the uncertain or uneducated use to buy time or garner agreement. I admire your Courage  All for now my first time here and I don't use f.b or any of the social media.    

    • Bija says:

      Welcome BoomerFred! There's a resource section available here to the upper left. Click on the Full Color, Glossy Flyers image and you will also see a bumper sticker that you can download. I have found this to be very effective because it is primarily visual and displays the website. I just took it to my local Fed Ex office store, but Vista Print is also good. 

    • MS P says:

       BoomerFred, welcome to the group.  I see the sky in the same general  location as you.

  6. Joseph L. says:

    I came across this link from CNN of all places– About how to stop the 6 mass Great Extinction.. 



  7. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    – International Iberian nanotechnology laboratory –

    source: wikipedia.

  8. Seeing Clearly says:

    Global warming and the environmental damage and our eroding government and health has proliferated over time too such a degree that its hard for most to comprehend however we need to help people be aware and educated them about these issues and many problems we face before its too late.

  9. AGENDA 23 says:

    I sense you're making vast progress Dane. Thumbs up!

    I would love this track to help the world wake up to all the evils…and songs/music can help if it gets enough attention.

    Whether you love this tune or not ..all those who oppose GeoEngineering will hopefully support the simple message.  This song could really help. It's chart registered or it will be in effect soon in the UK and then other territories. If people can share this far and wide and buy it enough if they're able to.. this really could help..as the message and what is associated with it will get greater attention globally.. I composed this because I actually care about the health of this world and of course its people. Thanks for your support if you can…https://soundcloud.com/nickmyersongs/wake-up-now-agenda-23

  10. frank says:

    Well, looks like a day of chemical nucleation around Philly today, or as they put it, "snow showers." What the hell are snow showers? We never has them way back. And it's not snow, it's little (1/8") white balls from hell, but it is keeping us cold, at freezing. Weatherman says it will be over by evening. He knows.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      How the hell do the weather guys on TV see the fake clouds and act like it's in their forecast.Is everyone on TV told what to say?It's obvious Hollywood has an agenda.Colbert and SNL are no longer funny with their agenda and sinking ratings are the result.End these shows please.Are the sponsors watching this crap?

  11. Michael F says:

    We can stop this, don't let the globalist win.



    • Michelle Squires says:

      Anyone see Fox News last night??  Geraldo Rivera spoke out about the atrocities of chemical warfare in Syria and of course everyone agrees…but I wondered if Geraldo knows that WE here in AMERICA and ALL OVER the world are being POISONED every so Slowly by Government and third party "non-federal" interests??   Could he mount the same kind of OUTRAGE for this??  What if the Pilots that have recently reported Hypoxia up there in the air in their cabins are in fact getting a taste of the Payloads they are spewing???  Are Pilots speaking out now???  WE need their help.  That would tip the scales!

  12. Game Over says:

    Hi Folks,

    hello from Germany.
    As my nick says, around here people are in so much denial about geoengineering, its shocking.
    Most people are conditioned by mainstream-media to react hostile to a person who wants to inform them about weathermodification, and ridicule the person, they dominate the conversation, shut it down, and the interested people don’t take much part in it.
    The ridiculers demand proof just to declare it invalid or the source as untrustworthy.
    They are compelled to deny it, and I don’t understand that.
    I am seeing weathermodification almost everyday.
    They seemed to change planes lately, from military-looking to professional-looking, getting support, but thats just my personal impression.
    I saw really heavy fallout lately directly in front of me in the sunlight.
    Does anybody know a forum on the internet for anti-geoengineering communication?
    Is it all on facebook?
    Germany is the “valley of the ignorant” on our topic, other people are hard to find, its hushed up, and scary.
    Nobody seems trustworthy.

    • Skeptikos says:

      Hello from Spain, fellow European. The situation here is exactly the same sadly, though I get more apathy than outright hostility from people ,but it depends. They dont care and dont even want to look at the sky, when they do they are adamant to make excuses.

      We have had the coldest late winter where I live (southern Spain) in a lot of years plus it has snowed for the first time in like half a century in a neighbouring beach. I think this is ice nucleation aka more geoengineering. How its been the cold wave where you live?

    • Cliff says:

      Sounds like the UK!!!

  13. Blue Sue says:

    Okay, here's a new one on me: the local weatherman, Robert Forgit, in Anchorage says tonight "there's a winter storm advisory west of the Parks Hwy." What the ??? Using highways to delinate zones of snowfall now?  Also, I notice that the little animated weather icon for a cloud with snow falling from it is no longer a white snowcloud, but now (to fit the artificial geoengineered variety), is a very dark grey snowcloud. Subtle, little changes to our morphing "reality."  I know that I just need to just turn the idiot box off and stop even watching the lying news. Habits are so hard to break.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Garden Guy says:

      Hey Blue Sue, KTUU Channel 2 Weather man Robert Forgit, what a STOOGE!!!  He is also in the Air Force, I,m not sure of his rank, but it looks as though he gets to schedule the the weather for us on NBC in Anchorage while pushing the buttons and pulling the levers for the Shadow Government to create it. What an evil scumbag!

    • MS P says:

      I too have noticed the "dark snow cloud" image used on the TV weather news. It's new, as of this winter. Maybe the snow will soon be black, when it falls from the sky? 

      YUP nothing to see here folks, just move along…..

  14. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Martin Luther King was quoted saying, "I believe that the unarmed truth 'and' unconditional love will have the final word in reality"

    Please folks, step out of your awakened box and expound. That is one of the laws of natures survival.

    • BaneB says:

      a simple horseman:  You are so right.  For evolution to be viable to produce simple to complex, there would have to be an underlying formula.  Two plus two can never equal five.  Four is reality.  Five is an anullment.  Truth, in its purest form is the essence of spirit.  Without that one ingredient there would be no life on earth, no matter how ripe the primordial soup.

  15. Joseph L. says:

    I just found this by accident that Andrew Wakefield from movie  VAXXED was at one of Donald

    Trump's inauguration ball's last week.  In the article it says he met w him last summer.  


    Media all over the internet is all negative about Andrew Wakefield and Robert F Kennedy Jr .  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joseph, yes, the power structure and their paid liars will of course try to discredit Dr. Wakefield. Though I have only had the pleasure of meeting with Andrew on a few occasions, I consider it the greatest of honors just to be able to converse with him. Dr Wakefield is among the most virtuous and courageous men to ever walk among us. I will look forward to the day of when immense vaccine crimes are fully exposed, thanks in large part to the efforts of Andrew Wakefield.

    • Joseph L. says:

      Dane what you just said about Dr. Wakefield I feel could be said of your self.   Anyway, this is all teamwork but you put out alot of great information.  Here is another link on Dr.  Wakefield


    • Dennie says:

      And may I add, if Wakefield has Trump's ear regarding toxic metal poisoning via vaccines he probably also would be able to confirm to Trump that we ARE being sprayed with toxic heavy metals that further compounds the poisoning of Us All.  Wonder if R.F.K. Jr. knows about this– how could he not?

    • Edward Palys says:

      Anything that the media is against is actually the truth. Liberals and the media accuse us of the very methods they themselves use, like the latest preaching of intolerance of conservatives. They flash signs about love in their protests while spewing hatred and evil to anybody who doesn't agree with them. Same goes for attacking others like Wakefield or Kennedy JJr.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, something to consider, those in the powerstructure who pull the levers are masters of orchestrating very convincing dramas designed for maximum public distraction. Yes, the media demonization of Trump has convinced most that he is not a part of the script, but can we be so sure? 

  16. marc says:

    It has now been actually over 3 solid weeks that little to no overt spraying has been occurring over Tucson, AZ. The first week brought a succession of strong storms which included much rain, gusty winds, and plenty of snow at higher mountain elevations. The second week was a comparatively glorious string of sunshiny days with spectacular cumulus clouds of all sizes moving swiftly across the region. The last straight 5-6 days have been cloud-free blue/washed blue skies, cold nights, warm days with virtually no detectable trails. Granted, my eyes are not glued to the heavens from morn til night, but I do examine the skies probably 10-20 times a day from horizon to horizon. What does this mean? Considering that 90% of October through Christmas consisted of one blitzkrieg after another, how might the average moron (me) interpret this apparent hiatus? Indeed, what does it mean? Does it imply nothing more than that the fleets otherwise dedicated to shitting on this region have, by some diabolical necessity, been redirected to another theater of disgrace? Regardless, I am 100% certain the devolved big babies who actually help to orchestrate these sorties, be it through complex algorithms or through some more "conventional" means, will sooner or later (probably sooner) be back at it. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be alone in a room with just ONE of those responsible for poisoning and infecting our children, our friends, our families, our whole f**king world. My Buddhist, Ghandi-esque and Hindu underpinnings notwithstanding, I'd happily cast it all aside to kick some ass or die trying.

    • sea says:

      Thanks Marc- I appreciate the last line of your post…I am trying to" be the change" but when I looked up at 7 am in the skies over Santa Cruz county this morning on my way to work and watched 8 jets criss-cross the sky with chemicals spewing out of their tails- I could not help but let the words fly (to myself).As I pulled into the parking lot at work and decided it was a full day of chemical coverage over our nations Salinas crops of greens (a source that has fed the nation for many decades) and the dying ocean just past that I went into work with a heavy heart knowing these demons are the ultimate in criminal behavior, as we slowly die along with our plants and animals.The emotional is just as painful as the physical for me.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi marc, they sprayed us (west of Phoenix) with both trails most of the day yesterday (monday). My neighbors flag was blowing south so you escaped the aluminumbrella. 'They' had to dry up those bits and pieces of moisture coming from the north. From NOAA GOES WEST this morning, it looks like we will see a repeat of yesertday.


    • MS P says:

      Happy for your good weather. On a side note. may I ask if there is any so called VIP-  1 %, types in your part of the country?  I noticed that when Obama would come to Los Angeles, they did not spray. We had blue skies, & nice weather.

    • Cleercreek says:

      Marc, Glad to hear they are not Spraying over Tucson. Rest assured they are still at it. They have been Spraying almost nonstop over Southwest Ohio for the past 45 days. First day of Blue Sky yesterday in over 2 weeks and they were Spraying it White by 10:30. So sad, the air smells like metal almost all the time now. 

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  Where I live its damned near a new Ice Age.  The skies are 90% of the time glazed over with aerosol canopies.  The heavy "cement" snowfall of four feet is still covering the land, and very little melt.  The weather forecast is for precipitation moving into Northern California by tomorrow afternoon, with More snow in the mountains.  And the weather control terrorist jets are at it this morning doing full circles up above the gray haze.  Other aircraft are laying down the long trails, north to south, in straight lines.  Those in the valley below likely do not see these barely observable operations.  

    • horsegirl says:

      Dear Marc, we're not even 100 miles east of you at the AZ/Mexican border.  In our four years here, we could count the visible spraying instances on one hand.  But the goo is there, rolling over the Animas Mts westward before dawn every day to fog in Douglas, AZ.  Evidently eminating from El Paso some 150 miles to the east, where our friend JR constantly witnesses planes slathering the sky with deadly scum.  Because we see heretical, phony clouds but never see the planes in action, wWe have become connoisseurs of surreptitious programs.  Realizing that Nexrad and GWEN towers can transport nanoparticle fields and then anchor them in place.  You are probably getting doused, all right.  To your south some 100 miles at Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, we witnessed a scum trail factory during the months we lived east of there at Alamos.  The apparent pattern was to disperse materials which then were drawn or pushed by another technology to other areas.  They constantly blitzed the Mennonite farming dystopia of Buenos Aires, Chihuahua (hardly!) to the east, but we also have witnessed humanly originated sky scum coming our way right from the Cuidad Obregon direction.  This of course is hypothesis and no one responsible will probably take a carpet call and confess.  Just so you know.  We think we are in an area dedicated to stealth spraying.  Keeping visible activity to a minimum.  Be advised that some 50 miles to your east lies Ft. Huachuca – said to be home to at least 60% of US top secret ops including torture traiing.  Be thankful for the rolling cumulus.  And I'm quite impressed you saw them move with dispatch, for if we see genuine cumulus they are slow-moving.  But I caution you not to suppose your skies are free of skyarrhea.

    • Bija says:


      They're baaaack!

    • Mish says:

      IMHO, European citizens have "learned" to be such gracious victims in so far as mass immigration is concerned.  The Globalists know how to MANIPULATE the public in this way.   I say, with regard to geoengineering, the more we lament and write poetry and sad songs, the more we are poisoned and lulled into this pit of despair!!  The question is, WHAT ACTION (BESIDES COMMUNICATION) can we take???   There are FAR MORE of US than those who would poison our planet.  WE HAVE THE EDGE!  How can we USE this ADVANTAGE???  THINK people!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mish, though there is no easy way forward, no “silver bullet”, there is a way, FYI http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/how-do-we-stop-climate-engineering-only-way-forward/

  17. Seeing Clearly says:

    The rain is shut off again.

  18. Wes says:


    About reporting sickness's. Here's something I find strange. I know of two people in this town of 1700 who have gone blind from "diabetes". They're not overweight or old.  My boss had dry eyes and went in for some sort of surgery, she's mid fifties my age.  Another older woman I know has some strange eye ailment and has to have these outrageously priced shots. Another middle aged woman I know who is going blind from some some other form of eye affliction, she's probably about sixty. And it's obviously not from too much sun. We're missing some nutrient? The lack of Vitamin D from no sun? Something seems to be going on. 

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Too much computer screen light?  Too much light from manufactured fluorescent skies?  Too much microwave radiation?  Our eyes are being overworked with every waking hour.  I recently read an article on the bet about the impending epidemic of people losing their eye site, going blind.  The drift was that from an early age our eyes are glued to artificial light such as the TV, etc.  

    • Dennie says:

      Other than lack of sleep, I am not suffering EYE problems, caused by "too much" computer or media time in front of goddamned screens.  I'm a professional violinist and teacher and most of my time is spent with a violin tucked under my chin in rooms using mostly ambient or (after dark only) l.e.d. light.  I use low levels of light as the night goes on.  Tonight I needed to practice for an all-Ginastera concert coming up at Mendo Jr. College, my first orchestra gig since the terrible injury last March– nearly one year with this crap, caused by intolerance to Big Pharma meds– so I'm up late, and am just now retiring, thank goodness!

      My problems from the toxic metals (so far) are:  1. Dehydration and attendant gastrointestinal inflammation, lack of peristalsis, nausea and vomiting (when ice nucleation is very heavy) with symptoms that can present at times as an obstructed bowel; 2. Dry mouth and lips, constant thirst (NOT from diabetes, which heavy metals have been shown to precipitate); 3. Lack of sleep from inability to breathe due to irritated nasal passages.  This was particularly bad here last night and the night before.  "They" have been blitzing us Big Time in the S.F. Bay Area, as it is due to rain Wednesday, again.  Over 49 inches in Kentfield, CA so far this season.

      The doctors first said we had an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, then we heard that was false, everything's okay, there is no such thing as widespread vitamin D deficiency.. even with a 22-25% reduction in sunlight getting to the planet–!!!  Sheesh.  What IDIOTS.

    • MS P says:

      Perhaps looking at the chem trails. Is worse than I know it is?

      I keep saying that they are very bad for your eyes. The nano particles are highly reflective. The fact that they are nano particles, means that our brains do not see the  great reflection. To put it blunt. It's worse than starring directly at the SUN! ☼ The worst time to look at the nano particles is at sunrise & sunset. Just in time for when people drive to & from work. The eye issue is also very well known. Lots of people are loosing their eyesight. I can see the International Space station 260 miles away, when the sun hits it after sunset & in the pre dawn hours. This might give a good example on just how reflective the sun can be, on a metal object. The nano particles are too small to see. But they do reflect. Sometimes I feel like the inside of my head just got fried, if I look too long or at peak reflection hours. (Sunrise/sunset)


       The other issue is Round-UP weed killer. A farmer in France sued Monsanto (Monsatan) for loss of eyesight, after using this product. 

      I also agree with the staring at the computer screen mention. This too is bad for your eyesight.

    • PYM says:

      Wes: about this tstrange case of blindness, I would like to contribute. Two years back I witnessed three similar cases in an french town, 4600 inhabitants. Categorized Macular degenerescence but classic treatments were unable to even slow the progress of the disease. They had a bunch of other symptoms which made me suspect a third-stage Lyme disease. The Lyme treatment not only stopped the progression of the blindness but actually started reversing it! In a way it makes sense, the borrelia genus has a fondness for slimy tissues, so the inside of the eye is a wonderful sanctuary. The other interesting point is that Lyme seems to have a symbiotic relationship with most of the now common pollutants, especially heavy metals. And the disease falls under the same narrative as geoengineering: "born" in the military, actively studied as a weapon destined to debilitate a population, now widely spread and thoroughly denied by the media and the so-called "experts" despite scientific proof. So maybe your contacts stood at the crossroads of two man-made threats: one chemical and one biological.


  19. Joseph L. says:

    I wonder what the cost is to put all these planes up in the air that are spraying us everyday.  There has to be a budget for this and very expensive.

  20. SedonaLeigh says:

    I've been a reading this site but not commenting. I live in picturesque Sedona, AZ. We are no sparred from the planes spraying us, even in a rural place, they find us. I saw images from the ProLife March and it hit me that those opposed to GeoEngineering Weather are, by nature, Pro Life. They want to live, to have that chance. Perhaps the answer is to link up with that movement rather than vie for separate attention. Attention is in very short supply these days. My two cents. Thanks to all who share their stories, it is a true pleasure to know people – some people – are awake and ready to fight for their sun and blue sky!

  21. Justice says:

    I'm not sure if this was ever covered here but I have been searching high and low across the web to try to find any kind of updates on a triple homicide that happened in minnesota in December 2014. Bodies not found until January of 2015. It was a family, David and komel Crowley and their 5 year old daughter. David was working on "gray state" a film that takes into account all aspects of what is truly going on behind the scenes and gives a glimpse of what may be coming very soon. Cops ruled it murder shocked after 24 hours, yet bodies had been there for over 3 weeks and family dog had been feeding on bodies. The fact that the dog was not killed indicates someone who knew that the bodies would not be recovered for a while and they knew the dog would eat remains. Sick shit but this sounds professional all the way through. Really horrific crime, have seen much less complicated crimes go unsolved yet this one declared in 24 hours. Any thoughts or news on this would be much appreciated. Stay safe and keep all eyes open. Evil knows no boundaries. 

    • BaneB says:

      Justice:  can you provide a link to the family pet feeding on the Crowleys?  The movie, Gray State, he was hoping to produce, has only a trailer, a trailer that would alarm any Citizen worried about a military takeover.  The murders look like a hit.  The police ruled it a murder/suicide.  This reminds me of the Philip Marshall "suicide."  In both cases, the sliding door at the rear of the house is found unlocked.  In the Marshall case the small sappy dog was shot.  His teenage son and daughter were killed. Philip Marshall had a very interesting bio, with Clinton/Bush connections, and he wrote the 9-11 expose, The Big Bamboozle.  Coast to Coast radio had interviewed Marshall a number of months prior to the deaths.  He was asked by John Wells if he was concerned about his revelations causing him danger.  Marshall said don't worry, I am not suicidal..to paraphrase.  There does seem to be a growing list of whistleblowers/authors who die suddenly, some are "heart attacks," others are suicide, car wrecks.  The Deep State, given the technologies and the failure of high risk individuals to understand the spyware penetration into one's personal life, schedule, plans, and writings, seeks total information awareness.  The spooks can make any murder a "suicide" or "accident" and "of natural causes."  These two examples failed to understand that as major disseminators of powerful truths, they were targeted for liquidation, in the dead of the night.

  22. Dennie says:

    Yesterday after coffee hour at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in San Rafael a number of us went upstairs to attend a "Basic Christianity" class, for many of us a welcome review.  The topic was one of the six tenets of being a vibrant community, this one titled "Cross." Meaning, what that means, how we work with the ideas, etc. A lot of what was showing up was that for so many people, most of their understanding and assumptions about reality is based in a false illusion of a DUAL REALITY.  When the priest went around the room asking each of us to speak one word, mine was "whole."  As in NOT DUALITY. 

    A lot of people wanted to talk about what's happened in the last election and where this country is headed, and what that means in relation to "Cross," and how we work with changing conditions, as well as how to bring about change.  When we went around the room again at the end of the class, in summary of the discussion, I pointed out that we have even bigger disasters unfolding that no one's noticing, no one's looking at and not one person's mentioned, and that is this:  There will be NO food for feeding Jesus' lambs when we no longer have an environment that supports vibrant, thriving life for ALL of Creation, and we had better get past that duality thinking that's been hobbling us all for tens of thousands of years now.   There is NO time time left and this internal, spiritual change must happen NOW.  I think it really left everyone speechless.  I don't think anyone knows what to do.  But if they can get off their shock, they'll see that there is much to do right around us, according to each's "Call," another of the tenets of the Six Points of a vibrant spiritual community (whether in Christ or Buddha or Allah, who cares–? Because in the end we're all talking about the same thing,

  23. LS says:

    Thanks to all who comment here as it seems you are the only sane among the population. I agree with. Dennie who says we need to try to help each other with the health problems, that are ever increasing in nature and variety, that we are left to deal with. His info that potassium helps with the pounding heart that hits at night, has helped me a lot. Maybe we could create a form that compiles the   most common symptoms, what people think it is related to, and possible treatments. For instance, I fight a rash on one side of my face that I am sure is related to Geoengineering, specifically, silver oxide used for cloud seeding and my son just told me our neighbor has the same rash. The medical community will never add two plus two so there you go. Compresses with half diluted Apple cider vinegar help. That comes from a retired dermatologist. There are so many issues and nothing but a bunch of lying agencies to keep us from the truth that might help us help ourselves. Good luck to all those who talk politics and politicians as though that matters now. Maybe for entertainment and wasting time but that is it. It is late in the game. The tell – all is that they've built cities underground for their future while all above ground infrastructure has been left crumbling with no investment for the future. The future is obviously underground and we are not invited. Where did people think 7 trillion dollars disappeared to? 

    And speaking of talk, I personally cannot bring myself to speak here or in my journel about the continuing spiral of decline that the planet is in. The observations that I am making are unspeakable so I won't speak them anymore. It is like when a local family lost both their young adult children in separate freak accidents in one month. Not one word was ever said because there are no words for something so heartbreakingly sad. Someone else from my neck of the woods will have to start noticing and reporting on it. The tentacles of this cancerous tumor that is the Geoengineering of the environment reach to every corner of our society, our world. It would be easier to list those who aren't involved than those who are. If public dollars are involved, they are involved either directly or by omission, distraction or cover up. I wish it was just utter stupidity but it is willful denial in order to keep living, and funding, our species worst nightmare.

  24. Mario says:

    Bane B: You are 100% correct.  There are two transmitters located south of Ferndale.  One is on BUNKER HILL and the other is further south between Petrolia and Scotia on RAINBOW PEAK.

    They've been at this for a long time, folks.  

    If people really want to start getting answers I think people need to start at a local level and begin asking questions of the local power company, the bureau of reclamation, and city / county governments to start "shaking the trees" to see what kind of information pops out.  I think its going to be easier to affect change at the local level, because people know people and the local municipalities are more accessible to the average citizen.  Forget your local congressional representative or senate representative . . . they wrote you off a long time ago.  I know that I was able to find lots of names and contact numbers by just going through the minutes of the local Board or Reclamation meetings.  Someone also mentioned the need for citizens to start going after the CAFRs to find out where the money is coming from and who it is being paid to.  

    My hunch, from the little I have found, is that the name of the weather modification program in my neck of the woods is called The Upper American River Snowpack Augmentation Project and it is under the jurisdiction of SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Water District).  But the company actually performing the work of the actual weather modification is Weather Modification, Inc. based out of Fargo, ND.  I'm sure there is a lot more to it as far logistics, support, and apparatus — meaning that the US Military is, I am sure, also heavily involved.  Other programs currently being run in California are The Kings River Project (snow augmentation in the 395 / Mammoth area), The Santa Barbara Project (rain enhancement . . . maybe we can get Oprah to do a show about weather mod. in her neck of the woods), and The San Gabriel Project (rain enhancement. . . here is a copy of the program report dated Jan. 2016: https://dpw.lacounty.gov/wrd/Projects/Cloudseeding/2016ProgramReport.pdf )

    And here is another report from the Los Angeles County Weather Modification Program: https://dpw.lacounty.gov/wrd/Projects/Cloudseeding/2015MND.pdf  

    My lingering question is whether or not these companies such as Weather Modification Inc. and North American Weather Consultants are simply front companies for the US Military Industrial Nightmare.  With things happening on such a global scale, I can't imagine that these private companies handle all of the logistics to do this.  At some level, there is local oversight and knowledge of these programs.     

    Thanks again to Dane, from the bottom of my heart and soul, for all that you do in the fight for the greater good.  I know I post a lot, but you inspire me to keep digging, keep learning, and most importantly to keep waking up everyone I can.  Blessings to you and your family.

    • Mario says:

      the links I posted above weren't exact and don't get you there.  Those reports are available through the LA Dept. of Public works.  Sorry for the bad links.  

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Thanks for all of your hard won information.  Sinister technology! Wicked persons.  Dying planet.

    • Chad says:


    • SD says:

      San Gabriel mtns and SoCal update 1/30, Monday.  Good old Mt Waterman ski area finally open for first time in years – natural snow only.  Can expect rapid melting of snowpack.  LA County rainmaking ops believed to be only ground based silver iodide emitters on posts 20 feet high?

      Tanker fleet out early Monday over SoCal, pulsed discharge patterns from aircraft designed to deceive and create a more natural "cloudlike" appearance.

      5:30 PM sky was PINK CLOUDS everywhere overhead,  Distant western horizon offshore showed intense pink/red aerosol coverage.  Noted at least one tanker jet heading east for presumed refueling/ refill @ March AFB.

    • Dennie says:

      We need an Occupy movement that goes after the damned TOWERS.  "KNOCK 'EM DOWN" must replace "LOCK HER UP!"  ARRGHHHHH!!!

    • MS P says:

      Mario your mention of the Humboldt weather modification reminds me of something. 1996 vote in Humboldt. They were already flying planes & spraying back then. I first noticed this spraying  in 1992.

      You said ► My hunch, from the little I have found, is that the name of the weather modification program in my neck of the woods is called The Upper American River Snowpack Augmentation Project and it is under the jurisdiction of SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Water District)"


      I remember when I lived up there from the early 1990's there was a water issue. I think somewhere around 1996. It was a watershed issue.  The local People were greatly  divided, & confused. On what to think, & how to vote?.

      Sensible Watershed VS. Sustainable Watershed.  

      You might find some clues in the archives of the North Coast Journal (1990's archives)  I also remember many land owners refused to have utilities put in. For if allowed, the power companies, had right to go on to your lands & put in what ever they want. Most ran their homes on solar, & generators. To keep the utility companies out.



      We had 2 men running for county supervisor back then. This is what they said about it►


      RODONI: Watersheds are considered sensitive right now without any further activities. We've got enough laws, in other words.

      HEIDER: I own property in Mattole watershed and I did sign a petition against declaring it a sensitive area. I think it's well protected now.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Excellent work Mario!  And you are quite right about being able to be much more effective on a Local level.  Even with voting.  A friend once told me to think globally, vote locally, act locally.  Good advice.

      Oh so many years ago now, it seems, when I first looked up weather modification companies, 3 came up in America and one in Australia. One was in Texas, actually I don't remember if two there and one in ND or the reverse.  I told a neighbor who didn't believe me but was going to house sit in Texas for a few weeks and she found one!  And it was a blimp with the company name on it, which she photographed for me. Recently, I looked up one of now several? in ND, and it said: "We can move that cloud where you want it and make it rain."  Gee.  There are now many more, seemingly all over the world.  These, I think, are independent companies.  LLC, it always says.  They seem to be very locale to where ever.  I feel certain these are separate from military efforts, and therefore from military agendas.  Some rich people who can fly their own planes or go all sorts of places have done various experiments themselves, such as putting iron in the oceans.  Really, you'd think there would be some rules, laws? against this.  But I've yet to hear of any brought to court.  It certainly does not help if every Tom, Dick and Harry adds on to all this.  The damages at times would seem to be court worthy, but now, how to parse out who did what?  And back to someone's idea of keeping a log, records of all this.  What a boost to insurance companies and the trading of disaster derivatives on the stock market!  I'm guessing the best way to determine if individual companies is if effects are usually rain and local.  And small planes, and apparently, blimps!  Rosalind Peterson refers to the government using rockets, perhaps at sea.  Given all this local stuff in CA, seems we should not be getting the cold shoulder from all who deny.  But again, no where near the scope or damage to environment as the government themselves.  Perhaps you could track what happens around the companies you mention?  And often they will say a lot about themselves, as if advertising.  Hmm, I wonder if they get grants from the government?  

  25. virginia says:


    http://www.globalresearch.ca/ us-has-killed-more-than-20-million-people-in-37-victim-nations-since-world-war-ii/5492051

    Our government has no compunction to either stop our planet's death or ameliorate the dire health effects being perpetrated on We The People; for it is lacking in the main principle of life, and that is Reverence for Life (Dr. Albert Schweitzer).  To read the linked article may convince many of that.  It is an important roadmap to where we have been and to where we are going.  The numbers of deaths, destruction are our legacy. 

    We must now either take a stand to   change that course, or become a part of it and all that it entails.  We have no choice if we are to save our souls and our nation and our future.

    All of us on this forum are deeply concerned with the present state of affairs.  Reading the emotional comments are heartbreaking in most cases, but in gratitude to high-calibre activists and leaders such as Dane Wigington, we all will carry on in our best capacity, no matter what the consequences.  My sincere best wishes to all and my apologies if this post reflects anything other than a desire to be helpful to our cause.  Peace and Reverence For Life……

  26. Alexander Tierney says:

    A few days ago I posted on many of my friends FB timelines a link to geoengineering's latest post, I 'knew' few would respond quickly but found myself viscerally disappointed that still none have yet responded.  Those I have face to face discussions with have an air of embarrassed condescension about them. There is a sense of poetic justice to this as I hear the ( naive yet superficially 'reasonable' ) arguments I employed myself some while ago being used against my current , better informed position. Sigh……

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Alexander Tierney, Hello.  I know that 'air of embarrassed condescension'.  I too have smelt it!  Bites, doesn't it?  Well put though.  Exactly right.  In my experience, in general, people are not all that hard to manipulate.  And, as Dane so often says: it is not this or that, it's this that and the other, and the other, on and on it goes.  So, invariably, there is a way into their thick heads.  May not be our way, but there is a way-any port in a storm and all that.  I mean that all this here at GW is a big bite.  One can offer little bites that others show interest in.  I mean who does not care about bees, for instance.  And how do I find these peer reviewed studies?  That would be a big foot in the door!

    • Chad says:

      Theyve all taken the Mark of the Beast. Dont let it bring you down. I face the same thing with family and friends. I at least had 3 or 4 out of 500 plus friends. Lol. Keep battling on it will happen soon. God bless and take care.

    • MS P says:

      I'm in hopes that if we spin it enough, as for getting the  geoengineering info out, By more, & more people saying the same thing about it.. People will learn that this IS THE NEW NORM. It also is a major threat, to one's very existence. The later of this mention, will be the most difficult to get people to wake the F UP too!

      More & more are starting to at least wonder?. What is this that we are talking about? New words being used.  Must stretch & exercise the  brain & think.

      Just like words like "Yahoo" to people who never been on a computer, or "Goofy Foot" in the language of snowboarding. (Ride with left foot first)

        More than one person is talking about this. Are they all crazy?  What is being said about geoengineering,  is extremely difficult to comprehend. H A A RP is a mind blow to most. Disbelief is convenient. All that we know & share here, is a reality far, far beyond most people's comprehension, & wildest imagination.

      Then to hear about it in more than one place. Maybe, just maybe, it will sink in?

      The evil media & politicians do this. Maybe we can learn how to use their tactics on "their" telling  the people BS lies, to be able to tell the TRUTH?

      It's going to take more than just 1 person talking to these types, before they will acknowledge, that there is something to what is being said. It's not just  a crazy old granny in the corner, with a bottle, talking non sense! Or that party pooper, trying to be a downer, in a crowd. Nor is this the depression label,so easily used, for most anything inconveniently mentioned.  I really hate that the most. Someone  you love dies, & they try to say your are bi-polar & depressed. Suggest medication to fix you.

    • SedonaLeigh says:

      @Alexander Tierney, I found a way to explain that may help you. I show photos on my phone. I start with a blue sky image, then one with fluffy "natural" clouds (hard to find these days) and then I show the images from geoengineering weather – lines, crosses, taffy-looking clouds and I say, "these are fake clouds." Once I get their buy-off that they aren't the same as natural I then answer the "why" and limit it to aluminum spraying to modify weather. I'll add, "You didn't vote for this, it is being decided for you and unfortunately, it is your health and minethat is put at serious risk." Good luck!

    • Chad says:


  27. MW says:

    Follow the money!! I believe there should be full disclosure of the cash being spent by our government on spraying us daily! Is this why our national Dept has more than doubled in the last eight years? No  No No worries !

  28. Bryan says:

    More cognitive dissonance.

    Went shopping this weekend for groceries, filled with images from Moby's "These Systems Are Failing" video in my head. Stumbled around Costco wondering how a world of such massive inequality can continue, and felt hopeless about ever reaching the overwhelming masses who take our way of life for granted.

    Overhearing the mindless conversations that dominate our personal realities, knowing that business as usual must immediately change if we're to have any viable future whatsoever, I almost envy the blissful ignorance that most will dwell in to the very end.

    How can we reach people who can't see past yesterday or tomorrow? Only when the markets truly collapse and all systems fail will anybody turn around and ask why they weren't warned and what should be done. Panic will set in, which is of course why most of the real news is kept hidden or gagged.

    We are treated like children by a system that encourages us to worry about our own needs, be grateful for our "freedoms" even as our fearless new leader issues undemocratic executive order after executive order as if he were hailed the new Caesar. That's how democracy ends..to the sound of thunderous applause.

    I realize nobody wants to dwell on the imminent horrific consequences likely to end the human species if not all life on this planet. But to watch it happen in real time while everyone goes about whistling Dixie until the very end…it utterly breaks my heart.

    I'd rather die on the front lines fighting for a viable planet with other like-minded, courageous souls. I do not wish to go gently into that swiftly descending night.

    I refuse to concede to despair. But I have to admit that days like today hit me like body blows. The majority of those around me simply aren't going to wake up. Only the phenomenon of the 100th monkey has a chance here. Otherwise it will take nothing less than catatonic failure of an unprecedented kind shd by then it will already be too late.

    • Bryan says:

      Catatonic failure…gotta love spell check! 

      There's too much truth in that…aye.

    • S.White says:

      Bryan, so much and so well said.  I've thought and felt the same things.  I too refuse to concede to despair yet it is indeed hard to watch this happening in real time to the majority of those around us who seem oblivious to what will likely soon happen.  Like a biblical Daniel we see that writing on the wall and try to wake up others to God's message, but alas it seems very few of us are listening.  Maybe this is the way it is suppose to happen.  Maybe we will hear applause for our leaders who are merely redirectly everyone's attention away from the truth and speaking what their itching ears want to hear.  Sure I too want America to be great again but not worldly great, Godly great, humble, honest, caring and doing that which is right.  I pray I'm wrong but worried I'm not. 

    • Laura says:

      Bryan…..You write so well!!~! and I totally empathize with what you have written above.  As a matter of fact, I just got back from Cosco in Central Coastal California…and there were maybe eight parallel geoengineering trails above the parking lot…and I knew that it was very possible that I was alone in noticing the elephant in the sky.  It does get really surreal ..and lonely… and sort of Alice in Wonderland-y.  It's staggering sometimes.  I wish we had a national anti-geoengineering march or convention or something to alchemize this anguish about geoengineering into fruitful activism and/or action.  All ideas…no matter how rough or crude…are welcome.  Jot them down here in this forum post Geowatch shows.  Let's get something in the works..soon!


    • BaneB says:

      Laura:  I have had pretty good effect on others in front of a busy Cosco just off the active entrance/exit in the parking lot.  You just look up for a moment, fiddle with your purse or pocket, get out the iPhone, point it skyward, and take a few pics in a 360 degree manner.  Use body language to overplay but not too much so that the herd is freaked into a stampede by your seeming eccentricity.  The sheep DO notice, and DO look up.  Briefly albeit.  But, seeds can be lobotimized into their furrowed brains.  Good luck:-)

    • MS P says:

      AWE Costco what a place! The one in Oxnard CA has something to block cell phone calls. So you can not call out to anyone, while shopping there. I agree, so much mind-less chatter among the public. All have their face in their I phones…

      On the topic of the extinction of the US 1 cent penny. It gets interesting. I have a sign  up about it, where I cashier. People are starting to ask questions. My one go to word is "Inflation" .

      I also mention this is going on more than they realize. Perhaps they should pay attention to what kind of change they get back? They never noticed it before. Most walk away never counting any money, as for their change.

      Some are stupid enough to reply, that we should also get rid of the US Dollar. 

      Unbelievable! But true.

    • Laura says:

      BaneB  Thanks.   Very good suggestions!!!  For all of us!!!   Will use

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Bryan: I know the feeling. It's getting harder and harder to engage in small talk about anything with anyone these days. I SO want to scream at them to wake up, look up, before it's too late. I no longer bite my tongue if someone else want to chat about the weather. I don't steamroll over them with facts and figures; I watch their eyes and body language and, if I know they're not going to run at the first mention of "you know, this isn't normal", I'll elaborate on that just enough. Seeds are planted. Whether or not they'll germinate, I'm afraid is up to the individual. However, the majority of people I know – family, friends, and acquaintances – are firmly planted in their denial and will not be moved. Even those with whom I thought I may have made a little headway last week, for instance, will be tucked safely back in their cognitive dissonance this week. I don't understand it and I never will. 


      @Bane B: I've done the taking pics of the sky in the parking lot thing, at least half a dozen times. I make sure I move away from my car and can be clearly seen by anyone driving past or coming out of whatever store. I slightly exaggerate my arm movements, and try to give the unspoken expression of it being something important and urgent that I'm doing. Sadly, only once did someone even look at me, but never bothered to look skyward to see what I found so interesting that I had to take pics. Even more amazing is that, almost without exception, none of the people coming out of or going into the store had their faces buried in their phone. Maybe there were two people talking to one another, or a mother and her kids, but no one didn't notice what I was doing because they were too busy playing on their phone. I remember a time when if someone were to stop in their tracks, look up at the sky and point, the majority of people who saw this would also stop and at least look up. That doesn't happen anymore, cell phones notwithstanding. How in the hell did "they" remove that almost reflexive response from people? 

  29. stephan says:

    The movie "They Live" is still accessible on youtube – If you haven't seen it, here's a break down   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i_msSDvzbg

  30. Blue Sue says:


    I emailed my concerns regarding geoengineering to Jon Rappaport of "Nomorefakenews" (seems he beat the rest of the crowd to that idea) and still no reply from him.  From his last newletter, it sounds like he is a global warming denier.  Do you kow where he stands on this issue?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Blue Sue, about Mr. Rappaport, yes, unfortunatelly at the moment it seems he is toeing the line for big oil and the geoengineers, lets hope that changes. FYI http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/toeing-the-line-for-big-oil-and-the-geoengineers/


    • Josey Wales says:

      ditto Mike Adams at Natural News. Won't address the issue and didn't return  my email concerning geoengineering

    • virginia says:

      @Josey:  Ditto Mike Rivero of What Really Happened.

    • Dickard says:

      He could be ignorant on the subject, if not then he is more controlled opposition(i.e. Alex Jones).

  31. Seeing Clearly says:

     "Diagnostic criteria may be met when restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities were clearly present during childhood or at some time in the past, even if symptoms are no longer present  "


    This is a quote cited from the latest DSM , This is the reason once you're "diagnosed " with autism you're most likely not going to be able to get out. 

  32. Chicagoan says:

    I've lived in Chicago my entire life. Never have I seen 6 consecutive days of one continuous cloud blocking out the sun. It has effects on populations. In fact, our violent crime spike in this year as opposed to the same time last year correlates with the minimum amount of sun light we have seen this year. I think we have seen 5 total days of sun in January in Chicago. 40+ homicides. It isn't the only cause but it most certainly doesn't help. 

    • BaneB says:

      Chicagoan:  Welcome to what everyone else in the nation is having to endure.  Everywhere people are complaining about the lack of sunshine, too many 'cloudy' days.  Our psyche must have a certain amount of sunshine or depression occurs.  Depression equals suppression of our immune system.  Of course depression can lead to increased incidences of suicide.  A study might reveal a spike in Chicago relative to the number of days with diminished sunshine.  And, might also reveal a spike in the prescription counts for happy pills.  Meth labs are probably doing a booming business.  Afghanistan heroin is a bright spot for those in need of a cheer.  And who doesn't want a "light" in the darkness of these very dark times?  Increased depression = greater use of drugs = increasing gang turf warfare.  Good luck.

  33. Dennie says:

    I actually CAN'T BREATHE.  This website shouldn't just be a place only to share the Latest Informational news stories about microwaved skies, failed leadership and congressional incompetence run by corporate-military-industrial "needs" and "values."  And it isn't a place just to sulk, whine and pout about the loss of clear blue skies. 


    I see people sneezing, coughing and coming down with "weird" "colds," or "allergies," never wanting to look any deeper, especially if you open the door to it and point them in the direction of CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES that actually EXIST on the subject of WEATHER MODIFICATION. 

    "A fool wonders, a wise man questions."  — Confucius

    Should I really continue to be surprised that more don't, can't, or simply won't speak to this very REAL reality–???  Sheeesh.

    • Mario says:

      Dennie, get better my friend.  I know EXACTLY how you feel.  It coats the lungs and it feels like its strangling you.  Some mornings I feel like I'm suffocating.  When I go outside and its thick, it feels like breathing dry ice fumes.  The only thing helping me is getting my body as fit and detoxified as possible.  It's the only way to give your system a fighting chance at expectorating as much of the filth as possible.  Everyone is feeling it.  I see it in their eyes and hear it in their coughs.  People know something is up, but many are so far gone in denial that they won't accept the obvious answer right over their heads.  I work in a sprawling school district and people at every site over a wide geographic area are showing similar symptoms.  In my position as a highly qualified and requested substitute I have a unique vantage point of seeing waves of teachers needing subs because of this respiratory distress epidemic during the fall and winter months.  My phone blows up during these storm events.  Hope you get better, Dennie.  Laughter has helped me mentally, but also helps in expectorating this crud from your lungs.   

    • Dennie says:

      I teach private music students and they tell me all the time when "some weird cold" is going around.  I think some of the older kids definitely know.  The crap comes and goes but it is much more ramped up since 2010. 

    • MS P says:

      YEA I too am feeling it more & more. 

      Many around me are sick. They go on thinking that this is a normal state to be in. 

  34. MS P says:

    Hi to Dane & All here, I have to catch up on this most recent blog post. I just wanted to share about the US currency issue of ditching the US $.1 cent.  It seems as if a grass roots group dot ORG  (cabal) is doing this as a dot .ORG. Much to my surprise. This is a good example of how life in USA is taking a turn for the……(fill in blank here)

    They say Lincoln on currency will not be lost. He is on the $5. bill. Is the $5 dollar bill the NEW NICKEL?

    OR????  is the $5. bill the new penny in USA?

    I found this to be an interesting comment on the Retire the Penny website. What do you think?



    The real issue with killing the penny is handling taxes fairly on cash transactions. My solution: The government can set up a system for cash transactions only, that the arounds UP to the nearest 5 cent and the surplus goes to the government. Digital transactions stay the same. If you assume that of the $107 billion of cast transactions had an average surplus of 2.5 cents, the government could make $2.6 billion of extra cash. Thats on top of almost $10 billion they could save in killing the penny."






  35. Ed Bee says:

    I recently read an article on NBC News titled, NOAA's New Satellite Reveals Earth in Stunning Detail, which shows the images sent from the GOES-16 satellite launched in November of 2016. What was most stunning, at least to me, was the huge amount of cloud cover over the entire planet. There are geoengineered streaks and microwaved cloud formations everywhere. But the United States itself is one big thick mass of white clouds. That confirms what I keep reading about non-ending gloomy, hazy or foggy days. In the past month or more we have had only one afternoon of sunshine, last Saturday. Everyone around here went running around and enjoying it for those few precious hours.

    • BaneB says:

      Ed Bee:  That "blanket" is one very large microwave relay station.  The aerosols set up the metallic net upon which every manner of enhanced communications is skipped across like a pebble skips the surface of a pond.  They pounce, we bounce.

  36. horsegirl says:

    Bawling my stupid eyes out.  Again.  It's a new "blue" sky in southeastern Arizona. The new blue sky protocol many others mention. With some infernal kind of light-scattering particles we call the glare.  From a distance one can perceive a filthy giant cigarette shape of poisonous brew perched atop the international border.  Probably a surveillance device, who knows or would confess  I just came back inside after five minutes on the patio and I'm coughing like mad.  Lungers here like we've never had in our livesa.  This is the new plan..   Ever since the inauguration the coral dawn has disappeared all right.  A blue sky at dawn. AI night it looks fuzzy.  Forget stars.  Meanwhile I – recovering my vision after stitches from a botched and unnecessary childhood surgery tore out, and I can't afford new surgery – labor to see.  I am in a mental prison thanks to the blue glare.  Gone are all the delights of life.  I had achieved so much, being finally able to read newspapers in daylight.  Now my husband has to read to me unless  1) we are in a zone outside here where the glare does not obstruct vision, or 2) on the rare days they vary the campaign.  Reading was my joy, as was art.  I had a living painting contemporary works, made good money, now impossible.  Two years ago when I stopped wearing the glasses that crippled my eye and  put me into searing pain, which did not help me see anyway – I was able to see more clearly than now, if with multiple overstrikes of images from gross astigmatism.  An unending hallucinogenic trip, but I could navigate my way around much better in mesquite thickets than now, when "the glare" makes the world into soft fuzz.  The lights a mile away are much less visible at night.  It interferes with my husband's perfect vision too.  Everyone around here wears glasses, complains of bad vision anyway, and frequently mistake me for another woman in the community who doesn't look a thing like me but has long hair and a similar hat.  You almost never see people of all age groups without glasses.  So while I can definitely see all objects better after two years of vision therapy, it is so hard to track detail in this infernal glare.  If anyone recommends glasses to my face I might scream.  People think in simple dichotomous ("tell me – near sighted or far sighted") ways about vision.  I am in hell.  I hate this vicinity so bad, I beg God this hotbed of defense contractors like Northrup Grumman and other blood-sucking military leeches upon the human prospect perched at the college campus nearby (education is but a front) where torture is taught (http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=14796), who love to experiment on their human neighbors as well as all life forms – gets sucked alive into the abyss with a final muddy snort and a sulfurous slurp some day soon.  We are poor, and hope to sell our property and move to Mexico.  Where I can see much better.  Ten miles away.  All I have to do is go a few miles over the line, and this glaring military experiment paralleling the international border varies into whatever  they do on the other side, which doesn't render me blind for small details.  In Mexico I can read.  I can see subtleties of faces.  Maybe the air is laced with every other kind of toxin but I'll take it in preference to the hell of being rendered functionally blind by light-scattering geoengineered filth in the name of national security.

    • marc says:

      Horsegirl, I am saddened to hear of your suffering. I send healing vibes out to you.

    • BaneB says:

      horsegirl:  Nation security is all about destroying the "village" in order to "save" it.  Not so very long ago national "security" was a thatched hut containing an entire farming family living next to a rice paddy.  Today it's the entire planet.  The inevitable has arrived whereby the entrapment is near-total.  The contending nations must play the game of suicide.  The collateral damage of immediacy are our eyes, our ears, our lungs, our brain, and our spirit.  Currently my ears, rather, inside my head are sounds of trills, chirps, squeaks, and long parallel lines of high pitched sounds. The other noticeable oddity are occasional easily felt/discerned pressure changes in my head. Not all the time.  Should I see a physician?  Or a psychiatrist?  Or a priest?  My best guess is I am a frog in the proverbial pot of water slowly being cooked in the name of national insecurity.  Good luck with your eyes dealing with the fluorescent glare of our parabolic microwaved atmosphere.

    • Ron Marr says:

      Horsegirl, Hang in there,kid. Thank you for the article. "So, Miss Brown, informing the public is against the law? I rest my case!" GUILTY!!!, your Honor. Thinking about Mexico, too. Not because the grass is greener, but because of the warm weather. I mean, if I am going to be poisoned :)

    • Laura Marinangeli says:

      I am so sad to hear of your travails… and deeply relate.  I too was a professional artist and have been forced to relinquish my tools of choice.  My eyes are ok, though beginning to fade, but my hands are rapidly becoming less and less functional.  Rheumatoid arthritis, which developed immediately after grossly exposing myself to a chemically nucleated snowfall during 7 hours of pulling snow down from roofs a few years back, increasingly limits the use of my hands.  At the time I was not yet aware of geoengineering and the chemicals we are being exposed to with virtually each and every snowfall but, once I got onto the trail, the source, and impact, on my immune system became undeniable.  
      Since I am the only able bodied person in my household, removal of this year's unusually heavy snowfall has been all my responsibility, and one that has brought a heavy cost to these old hands.  The thing that frustrates me most, over and above the pain/tingling/numbness/inflammation, is that I had reconciled the loss of my illustration capability (can no longer hold a pencil for more than a few seconds) by substituting it with writing.  Now the ability to type is beginning to elude me.  The past week, or so, has been especially frustrating… there have been so many things I wanted to say, responses to posts here, articles on my blog, etc., but have been unable to type them out.  
      I'll find another way to express myself if need be, but it breaks my heart to hear of your struggles, knowing well the loss endured when you can no longer share your artistic vision with the world.  In spite of that, I would say this… you have a wonderful way with words… as long as you can see to type, let them be your pallet.  Don't relinquish your artistic vision, just change the channel… from your eyes to your hands.  If it were me, the vision problems you are dealing with would hinder my typing… I'm a "hunt and pecker" but, if your typing skills are good, you probably don't need to look at the keyboard.
      Anyway, the past 5 days of not removing snow has allowed some functionality back into my hands, so I'm typing away like mad while I still can… we have more snow forecast for the next several days.  The comforting aspect of this is that even after reaching a point of non functionality, once the exposure to the chemically nucleated snow ends, the use of my hands gradually returns.  That gives me hope for the future; if we can stop the chemicals and other abominations destroying our Mother Earth, we can begin the long road back to equilibrium.  Please stay strong sweetie… you're a great gal and we need you in this fight!  Here's a link you might enjoy:

      Much Love and Respect,
      Laura Marinangeli

    • horsegirl says:

      OK.  Now I get it.  A 205 tax on Mexican imports?  Imprisonment of this native people supposedly "illegal" north of the border? That's that this fornicating nanofuzz is.  A security ddragnet.  God help me, it is so hard to see, the "blue" sky is so fornicating filthy, and our mouths taste like hell.  This is Rump's war on Mexic.  http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/editorials/amp/Trump-embarking-on-perilous-course-with-Mexico-10894992.php

    • horsegirl says:

      UPDATE – it is not my eyes.  It is the "BLUE" sky.  I don't think this is what people are seeing in northern AZ.  This is just insane.  The mountains ten miles distant – previously flickering hues of amethyst, emerald, coral and moss green – are hardly visible.  Either to me or my husband.  The atmosphere is choking us.  I mean a "blue" sky.  When we go to town, we get so fatigued.  Evidently becoming hypoxic.  We lie down for a nap shortly after awakening that is more like a coma.  Knocked out for hours.  I think they are putting something into the air as a new surveillance device.  We have begun discussing evacuation.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  We have tried to ignore the speech of the POTUS because it is pure lies and rhetoric, but now that we're evaluating the animosity towards Mexico, it is clear that a war is in the wings.  At least an economic one.  This brilliant light blue blitz makes it impossible to enjoy our beautiful wilderness outdoors.  My nostrils are burning.  Mouth tastes like an aluminum can.

    • Horsegirl,

      I don't know why the link I posted for you didn't show up in the comment I made but, if you want to watch the video, go to my blog (Marinangeleo on WordPress… my website link, on this comment, should take you there).  Look for "A Few Glimpses of Equine Idaho".


      Laura Marinangeli

  37. virginia says:

    CONFIRMED; Trump is a completely ignorant jackass. 

    His latest tweet (1/29/17) in 'defense' of his Muslim ban edict is as follows:  (And a president communicates to the nation by Twitter?)

    "Christians in the Middle East have been 'executed'  {?] in large numbers.  We cannot allow this horror to continue."

    Trump,think, think, you moron.  WE are the ones who have been killing indiscriminately any unfortunate to be Arabian/Muslim/ or Christians living in the Near/Middle Eastern countries you so despise.  We have bombed and utterly destroyed orphanages, schools, homes, complete cities, water sources, electrical sources and on and on.  We have turned to dust Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan….and displaced millions, millions, of people from those countries. Our pilots dropping napalm, white phosphorous and other goodies or our missiles did not stop to ask, "are you Christian?"  What the hell are we doing over there?  These are all sovereign nations – who never attacked or threatened USA in any manner. (Arabs did not 'do' 9/11 – and if they had anything to do with it, it was the Saudis – and they are NOT banned. Curious.)

    If I sound angry or disgusted, I am, and I do not apologize.  This kind of performance with such sweeping ramifications by a president is nothing more than criminal.  Beyond that, he is so concerned with the Christians from the Near East, and yet he is building a wall to keep the Christian Mexicans out.  If it is Mr. Trump’s 's agenda to foment strife, hatred and racism in this country, he is doing a great job.  I would advise him to stop listening to his Israeli/American dual citizen, Jared Kushner, whom he calls fantastic and on whom he depends for his Near Eastern  foreign policies. I don't recall Kushner being on the Republican ticket and yet, he is, in effect, quasi-president.

    If there is a divine entity above, I ask that he steps in and re-assembles this world into one of sanity, kindness, human dignity for all, respect for our fellow human beings no matter what their status and respect and love for all of nature's animals, without whom this world would be so bleak and lacking. If we had all of those attributes, we would have a healthy, beautiful planet.


    • Dennie says:

      "If there is a divine entity above, I ask that he steps in and re-assembles this world into one of sanity, kindness, human dignity for all, respect for our fellow human beings no matter what their status and respect and love for all of nature's animals, without whom this world would be so bleak and lacking. If we had all of those attributes, we would have a healthy, beautiful planet."



      Doesn't ANYONE ever think to ask WHY it's ALWAYS "someone else" we need to come along and "fix" all the f*ck-ups, the kind we let happen and the kind we actually commit? 

      Earth would be a MUUUCH nicer place if EVERY LAST ONE HERE was taught to CHOOSE NOT TO  POISON, DESTROY, OVERUSE, ABUSE, MURDER and KILL in the first place– for God's sake. 

      WHEN ARE WE EACH GOING TO LOOK IN THAT MIRROR, grow up and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the world right where we find ourselves?

    • Anna says:

      Beautifully and intelligently expressed, Virginia. Thank you! I am sure you know, as many of us do on DW's incredibly enlightened website, that very few Americans understand these simple and obvious truths. We are all being led off a doomsday cliff by our sociopathic capitalist  "elite" mafia, scientifically referred to as the Sixth Extinction.

      Instead of crying and grieving about this ugly fact, we should all be informing our uneducated neighbors and family members about our fate whether they want to hear it or not! Lately, I have been been talking to anyone within close space proximity about what is "raining" down on all of us, pointing upward to evil chemtrails as "poisonous particles" killing everthing below them. including us. I also ask them if they have any survival plans for themselves and their family. Even if they don't really understand where I am coming from, I feel that perhaps I have planted a seed and they will investigate more information on their own.

      I agree with DW: are we going to go down without a fight? Or will we fight back and stop these Evil Makers before it's too late? It is our choice!!    

    • Wes says:

      It's all a movie. If it's playing out in the MSM is part of the script. Think about his for a moment. I would be willing to bet that D.C., the areas of importance, is one of most camera infested cities in the world. I bet every square inch is in the sight of surveillance cameras. Under everyday situations there's layers of different law enforcement. The day of the inauguration I was watching where "protesters" were running down the street breaking windows with big poles or sticks. How can anyone with a brain think that is anything but a scene in the movie. There is no way that could happen in real life under the lock down of that city. Not on a normal day or especially not on that day.

      Of course some billionaire is not going to be sitting around "tweeting and twittering". It's all part of the movie. Come on folks, it's all Hollywood. Their writers are coming up with these nonsensical B.S. tweets to keep things stirred up.

      Everyone needs to read some more Edward Bernay's. He spells it out way back when. There is a shadow government and the pretend government. The shadow government is the real government. The pretend government is the one everyone votes on. He says right in there you have to mold and steer societies unbeknownst to them, and they do.

      Remember went they went from analog to digital for television.   Why were they paying people to keep hooked up?  They were giving vouchers so people could buy the fix for their analog t.v.'s  to keep people hooked into their "programming". (the operating instructions for society). I wonder if everyone remembers when they gave vouchers out to people who had bought "Sony Betamax" players and lost out. They didn't, that's my point. It wasn't about poor consumer getting screwed, it was about keeping the umbilical cord hooked up.

      I'm sure all of you know about Anderson Cooper, right? Of the Vanderbuilt fame and name. He spent a couple of summers interning at the CIA. And now he's a "journalist" for CNN. You don't quit the CIA.



    • horsegirl says:

      Virginia, thanks for your beautifully voiced objections to policy for which cause I am ashamed of all my countrymen who can hold their nose to this resounding hypocrisy.  It is even worse, whether anyone has the guts to call it what it is or not:  this ditty against Mexico is nothing but an extension of the Indian Wars.  For even the CIA factbook admits that only 10% of Mexico is Spanish.  If they look like Indians, guess what:  it is because they are of primarily native American ancestry.  The Vatican has taught them shame over their heritage, and most won't discuss it or cop to it.  Mexico is the surprising success story of native America.  Whose War of Independence Octavio Paz characterized as the war without propaganda.  The elite could not understand that the people simply wanted their land back.  They liked to farm, somehting the "intelligencia" thought beneath them.  Unlike the other Central American countries, Mexico is a bastion of true wealth – land, farms, livestock and humble masonry homes owned free and clear and a 365 growing climate.  They love to work on their farms.  We saw plenty of this, for we lived in Jalisco and Guanajuato for seven years (2006-2013).  I am fluent in Spanish and had many Mexican friends who spoke not a word of English.  They liked to quip that they meant to stay in Mexico.  For "In the US, you live to work.  In Mexico, we work to live."  They actually have a radically higher standard of living, if taking the entire family spanning all generations to the beach twice a year for Easter and Christmas for two weeks is any index, when gringos had better not hope to find a motel room anywhere near a beach.  They also are brought up to remember their treacherous president who in 1848 signed off half their country to the US to pay for weapons debt.  A mid-19th century map shows Mexico extended nearly to Montana in the west.  Not a Mexican alive believes that is not rightfully their land, although most will never get testy about it to an outsider.  Nor in 1848 did all the Mexican families leave what became the US, where they had lived for centuries, even millenia before the English speakers showed up.  Most of the US population has never traveled the southwest very much, but Phoenix, for example, is primarily a Mexican city.  As is a great deal of southern California.  All across the southwest one finds pockets of Mexican American families who maintained close ties with family on the south side of the border until very recently when the treaties were grossly violated, making a war zone out of the international border.  Up close it is yet more stupid.  One realizes what a clumsy defense contractors' pork barrel the wall really is around southestern Arizona.  For example, the 12' iron walls are foot-wide iron plank horizontally bolted together with the cleats facing Mexico.  Which forms a ladder for the primarily Central Americans who illegally cross over  This is dramatically illustrated by a look at the wall some 15 miles east of Douglas, AZ, where the iron wall is nothing but a short, spindly jackfence a fat man could jump.  The big shiny wall is mostly for show.  Most Mexicans never want to live in the US.  Even ostracizing family members who do reside north of the border. The life truly is happier and more reasonable in Mexico, with of course the exception of very large cities which worldwide are nothing but teeming amalgamations of strangers.  One is never a stranger in a Mexican neighborhood.  Imagine being related to half the people on your block by blood, and another 45 percent by marriage – such is extended family society.  They get things done beautifully.  If you ever run out of gas in a village at night, no sweat.  Someone has an ersatz gas station, collecting it in gallon jugs.  Ask any child on the street and quickly someone will procure fuel for you.  They don't honk in traffic.  In Ajijic once as I took a bicycle to the repair shop, I worried about stopping traffic on the narrow cobblestone street as we unloaded it from the pickup.  The kid driving the car behind me jumped out to assist me and open the door to the shop.  Mexicans are the most wonderful people I have ever lived among in my life.  We lived on a cul de sac where the tight little neighborhood all knew and watched each other.  In five months we never locked the door and no one ever took a thing.  Viva Mexico.  The real native McCoy.

    • MAP says:

      So what's different? We have a new criminal in charge to go with Obama the Criminal, The Bush Criminals, The Clinton Criminals. It's called Window Dressing. Obama dresses the window one way, Trump another. Obama did nothing to stop foreign wars, GMOs, poisonous vaccines, the federal reserve from printing money to allow over consumption of everything imaginable. And the beat goes on…….. 

    • marc says:

      Virginia, powerful post, I concur. That a pathetic, ignorant, con-man like Donald Trump was actually installed as president of our country is a bold move on the chessboard by the Deep State. 

    • MAP says:

      Thank you Wes. You are Spot-On regarding the Shadow Government and The Big Show being fed to us by Mainstream Media. The Shadow Government is feeding people a storyline that Trump is so much worse than Obama, the sick Bushes and the criminal Clintons. Wait a second? The 4 previous presidents allowed the Shadow Government to orchestrate foreign wars to kill and displace millions of people, to poison our population with GMOs and flouride and vaccines and glyphosate, and allowed the Federal Reserve to run rampant and destroy our economy with debased currency (which also allowed over consumption of everything imaginable and therefore more environmental destruction).


      and now after decades of madness, we are supposed to be shocked and aghast at Trump. Please people. You have allowed yourself to be controlled and driven to a nightmare destruction by many many people during the past 60+ years. It's a long and treacherous Rabbit Hole as they say. 


    • BaneB says:

      Wes:  Rule comes out of the barrel of a gun.  Governance does not.  The Deep State rules.  The Constitutional government can no longer govern as a representative body for, of, and by the People.  It has been subsumed.  The situation is one of a protection racket that has the exact construct of a mafia operation.  Either pay up for "protection" or the "terrorists" will blow up a mass of people and property.  The labels are many, from a unknown group today, another tomorrow, and a lone diary writer leaving a "suicide note" and a trail of "evidence, accompanied by immediate release of incriminating images of an unknown life of make believe.  Pay up or else.  They are the infinite wars, the infinite national debt, and infinite death of empires long turned to dust by a LIE.  

    • virginia says:

      A very huge thank you to all who responded so honestly and intelligently to my post.  It was not my intention to solicit responses, but appreciate such a  varied array.  And, I learned much from them.

      So, Anna, Dennie, Wes, Map, Bane, Marc and Horsegirl….great to hear from all of you.

      Special to Horsegirl:  Ay! Jalisco, la perla mas rara.  How many times our family sang that one.  Muchas gracias, senora, for your great story of Mexico.  It is, indeed, a colorful, beautiful land and its people, despite subjugation by so many dictators and invaders, still manage to be musical, artistic and hopeful.  Buena suerte.

      Wes: Ah….Edward Bernays, the inventor of propaganda and the ability to manipulate it to form the idea of government.  I have read Bernays and, thanks, but I'll pass on that one. Thank you for your interesting response.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Well Virginia, who do you blame for the carnage that the US has been imposing on the Middle East and Christians all over?Clinton with that private email server while ditching a government issued secure server. At least the ignorant jackass is doing something about the mess that the US has been creating, or is this mess a result of the deep establishment that is Washington?

  38. nikki says:

    The project Bee Heroic in central Colorado focuses on the impacts of Geoengineering toxins, practices, impacts on bees and other pollinators.

     If you know anyone in central Colorado please direct them to that project.  Dane's extraordinary knowledge and capacity to share that is extremely important, but so too, are all of the people who know about these projects.  

    Being concerned if someone doesn't believe you should no longer be an issue.  We are at an extraordinarily dangerous time in history.  Bee Heroic will be executing several bee/climate events and talks this year. Beeheroic.com You can view them on facebook as well:  bee heroic now

  39. DrDignity says:

    This is worth a look everybody.  Wadhams & Hunt treat geoengineering as if it is just some far off theoretical design to save the world, first needing abundant research.  They are just pretending it isn't happening:

    Arctic News (22 January 2016), "Can The World Be Saved With Geoengineering?"  These presentations occurred in Marrakech (November 2016)

    Thanks, Dane, for your comments & presentation.

  40. Katherine says:

    I was introduced to this site by a dear friend. The information is alarming and we need to something more than talk about it! Could you imagine this site has gotten  25,333,854 visitors what if we were STAND UP and SPEAK OUT about how this is not ok!! The time for talking is over we need to band together and PROTEST! Let those F****** B******* know that we know what's going on and we will not let it continue. We need to this not just for ourselves for our CHILDREN!!!

    • Dennie says:

      @Katherine:  There is an increasing BACK-UP of smoldering energy that wants, and needs, to move, to bring awareness and AN END to the massive environmental and other crimes on this planet.  We had this very discussion after church today in the Basic Christianity class.  I pointed out that NO lambs will be fed without a HEALTHY environment in which food can grow and flourish.  That DENIAL and LACK OF AWARENESS, LACK OF CONSCIOUSNESS, is our worst enemy now.  Until the consciousness grows, we face the consequences of our collectively thoughtless actions and inactions. 

      Movement without greater consciousness is simply movement in a state of Denial and will only back fire.  Do we need the movement?  YES.  But NOT in a state of DENIAL.  Go figure.

  41. youss says:

    followed some links mario put out earlier and landed on a site where some 'guys' of the criminal geoengineering mafia are archiving theire annual meeting presentations. just starting to look into but very revealing :


    • Ruthanne R. says:

      Not sure how you got to see that page, but using the link, opens a page that looks secure and asks for a login pw.

    • youss says:

      hi ruthanne,

      no problems opening the site here ?

      you can try just visiting the homepage at weathermodification.org and browse around

  42. This is just an update on the starving deer and elk in my region of Idaho… I wrote of the deer sheltering in tree wells in the park of my tiny mountain town of Bellevue, last week.  This week the situation here in the Wood River Valley has become so bad that it made statewide news.  Unfortunately, what made the news was not the fact that the ungulates have shown up in force due to hunger but, rather, just that they had shown up and are wandering around.  The focus of the report was not that the animals are starving and need help… it was that there are so many wandering the streets that we need to be watchful so as not to hit one as we cruise through our neighborhoods at the 5 or 10 miles per hour necessitated the 6' snow burms along each side of every street.  Really? The issue here is to avoid hitting a deer walking through my neighborhood, in search of food, where the speed limit is 20 miles per hour on a good day?  Really?  Not one word was mentioned about what brought them into town in the first place… starvation during a winter so harsh, following a summer of bleak forage with near record snowfall and temperatures well below normal, that these animals are coming into humanized areas, en masse, out of sheer desperation.
    Since it seemed obvious that the real problem is not being addressed, I decided to do what little I could, on my own.  With temperatures hovering around 5 degrees f, tonight I took the carrots, celery and lettuce from my crisper and headed out on foot for the park, only about 7 blocks away.  I know it was a pitiful offering, but it was all I had, and I had to do something.  When I arrived, I found the deer trail leading under the trees and went in.  There were no deer on site, but there was fresh sign everywhere under the trees.  Anyone who has seen deer scat knows that it usually falls in small quantities of about 1/2 of a cup or so.  Under those trees, where I initially thought I was seeing large spots of bare earth where a deer had been laying down and melting the snow away, actually turned out to be massive piles of deer pellets… some piles 2' wide and 3' long.  Obviously, these deer were spending much time under the trees just standing in one spot. So I scattered the veggies near the trunks of the trees and headed home.  About a block from my house I spotted a doe on the far corner.  I ducked out of her line of sight and watched as another deer joined her.  They disappeared into the shadows and I proceeded down the street where they had been.  The doe spotted me and bounded away, in that amazing way that they do… leaving deep hoof imprints in the compacted snow of the recently plowed street.  I think the other deer was her yearling, but it did not emerge from the shadows.  I felt terrible about making her expend valuable energy by spooking her with my presence, and hurried away as quickly as possible so as not to spook the yearling too.
    Seeing the desperate behavior of these animals, and the lack of awareness of the humans around them, breaks my heart and grieves my soul.  That humanity is responsible for the suffering of so many innocents is a debt that can never be evened.  I will do my utmost to alert those who I come in contact with to the dire reality all life on this glorious miracle Earth now faces… with the worst offender being geoengineering.  I will also do any, and every, thing I can to help the innocent lives affected by our abomination of this miracle… though I know it may be futile and is hopelessly insufficient.  If, in some way, I can alleviate the suffering of an innocent creature, it is the least I can do and, unfortunately, maybe the most I can hope for.  In a world where insanity rules and morality is increasingly falling by the wayside, isn't compassion really all we have left?  Win or lose, to have made an effort to make life a little better for some being along the way, be it human or otherwise, is a reward in itself… even if you don't witness the benefits of that effort.  

    Goddammit… this is killing me.  I am so pissed off.  I can live with not getting to do the things I looked forward to in my old age… creating art, making music, cruising the desert with a donkey, sleeping in high mountain meadows, awakening with frost on my sleeping bag, sitting for hours on the banks of a mighty mountain river, or lake, or pond, or stream, gardening with grandchildren, sharing the dream.  But this… this ending of everything that is good and beautiful about our world… this is beyond unacceptable, beyond nightmarish, beyond belief.  I refuse to relinquish this magnificent gift we were all given, without a fight.  Win or lose, until the day I die, the worthless pieces of crap, who have stolen our future, will have the wrath of Laura upon them.  Sorry for venting… but this is killing me, and you, and everything… literally.

    Laura Marinangeli

    • BaneB says:

      Laura:  I relate to how you are feeling.  My area here up on my ridge has been buried in "cement" snow for almost two weeks.  The temps have remained at between 30 and 40 degrees Farenheit. This is warm compared to your region.  About four feet was dumped here.  The stuff is so extremely heavy a skylight in the house and in the barn broke through.  Lots of trees broken, too.  The animals are having a rough time of it because they cannot paw or dig to find sustenance.  It's difficult for me to get around.  It's like living on a glacier.  But, I do put out dry dog food and meat scraps for the Ravens, and many pounds of bird seed.  No deer around.  It's assumed they moved lower down towards the river.  I hope so.  In my 26 years in this locale, I have never seen this much precipitation, rain and snow.  Since mid-October.  And of course the blue sky is a rare sight.  All life is threatened by the weather control terrorists.

    • Thank you, BaneB, for caring and sharing… I was thinking of you as I left the house to take veggies to the deer the other night.  Today I drove by the park to check on their status.  None were present and, hopefully, they have found their way to the feeding grounds several miles south.  As in the comfort I find knowing you and others are doing all they can to help the wildlife around them, approaching the park today I found similar comfort… one of the homes closest to the park had a large pile of alfalfa hay, put out in their driveway, for the deer who now cruise our neighborhood every night.  It is comforting and inspiring just to know there are others of like mind in this world… be they across the state or country, on the other side of the globe, or just around the corner.  There are many more good souls out there than main stream media would have us believe and, together we are strong… if not in body, then certainly in spirit.  Thank you for being who you are, my friend!
      Much Love and Respect,
      Laura Marinangeli

  43. Elena says:

    There was a rumor of a massive raid conducted on the CDC by the FBI this week; I know of one devoted researcher/activist who spent an entire day trying to get confirmation of this, but no-one would either confirm or deny. To him that was significant; he felt that if it were false it would have been denied outright. Many are saying it was fake news, but nobody knows for sure, so now we can only wait and see. I'm hopeful it is true; I know what I did! (I sent a package to Trump Tower the day I learned of his appointment of RFK Jr to lead that task force on autism- Jan 11- with two Vaxxed CDs and a long letter to Donald Trump and family, including Ivanka, telling them of the dangers of vaccines, how corrupt the CDC is, and how we will not be able to have a standing army in the future if the current autism rate continues. My read on the Donald is he really hates government corruption; he is savvy to it, though he is possibly blind to the corruption of big business, and he is such an extreme nationalist that he would hate anything that would diminish the strength of our military. Anyway, I don't believe in blanket condemnations of people, and he has already saved us from the hell of the TPP- so much worse than I had already thought, more secret pages I never heard about would supposedly destroyed our use of the internet, and other things would have made us complete slaves. Now at least we can duke it out in our own country.

  44. Mario says:

    I found a tremendous document while poking around on The Google:

    Th title is: The Sierra Ecology Project, Volume II

    It is a 415 page report outlining discussions about the potential effects of Weather Modification along the American River Basin in California.  It was written by James L. Smith of UC Berkeley.  Date of the Report: 1980

    I haven't gone through it yet, still skimming to get a sense of just how much is in this document . . . Umm . . . it's the closest thing I've seen to a smoking gun, at least as far an explanation for why they would f**king do this (in my area of California).  It was a holy sh*t moment when I started to read some of the stuff in there.  One thing that has struck me so far is the often cavalier language that surrounded potentially harmful effects to humans and the environment.  It was like six dudes sitting around discussing it and they have this aw f**k it kind of attitude about what's going to happen to the environment.  It seems they were intentionally downplaying potential negative side effects.

    The deeper I go, the more I realize that the answer is right under everyone's face.  Local power companies have a verrrry big stake in weather modification.  You pay for geoengineering every time you pay your SMUD or PG&E (for those in Sacramento, California) bill.  Jesus.  We've been suckered bigger and longer than anyone can comprehend.

    Dane, I didn't see this document in the library and wondered if you're familiar with it?

    • Mario says:

      I also wouldn't be shocked it the Bureau of Reclamation is in it up their eyeballs as well.  I've read some of the notes from their meetings and the rep. from SMUD was the one giving the precipitation projections.

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Local county weather meddling fiefdoms that add up to many many locales everywhere inducing grabbing precipitation.  The term is water thievery because the downstream county loses.  Each entity that contrives local weather only can lead to a shredded natural hydrological cycle, patterns naturally founded upon natural dictates long before we humans reared up our unnatural profit motivated mental detachment. So, we have one layer, local, and another that is continental and global.  Assuming we need "deluge" over drought, the locale operations are either ignorant of the Pentagon's weather control programs, or know and this is their way of "fighting back.."  No matter, I suppose.  The bigger picture is the small operators are scrambling the weather, micro-managing with their Cessnas and helicopters, whilst the Pentagon fleet of terrorist jets and land based microwave facilities literally are blocking the jet streams to create drought and mass starvation.  Obviously there is nothing sane about this picture.  Maybe it's me….too much inhalation of nano-aluminum.

    • Shig Rocks says:

      It's another chem-crap morning in Marin County with more milky white streaks and patches in the sky than pale blue. About a week ago, the geoengineers slammed the barometric pressure down to 29.37 inches of mercury while peppering the area with continuous days of rainfall. Now there hasn't been any precipitation for several days while the current barometer reading is hovering at the opposite end of the scale at 30.47 inches. I suppose if you've been given access to weather-control technology that you're more inclined to use it. 

    • Bluesky says:

      Mario, do you have a link to the document?

      The Sierra Ecology Project, Volume II.

    • Mario says:

      Huh . . .  the link that took me to Volume II of the Sierra Ecology Project Report is not there anymore, I'll keep looking.  Some of the other volumes of this report can be found in Google Books.


      I downloaded a copy of Volume II and sent it to Dane.  I have also found parts of this report on several college library websites, along with similar reports and projects that were also occurring in the mid 70s – mid 80s in other states like Colorado. 

    • Dennie says:

      One of our high schools in San Rafael, Terra Linda H.S., has a student ecology class that is studying the county's relative "green-ness."  Marin County got a B on their report card.  One of the things that was a plus was the "deep green" energy supplier, Marin Clean Energy.  If they're using hydro as a source, customers need to know how that rain and snow are being induced and every last bit of the chemistry and hydrocarbon burning that goes into how it is being produced– Not-so-clean, when you look a lot more closely.  Wondering how many of their customers know about this aspect of energy production, let alone think to ask?

    • sea says:

      @Mario- this appears to be quite a find! Amazing what exists that we don't know about.Thanks for the efforts .This document appears full of information that makes the GE effects sound ho- hum and very standard.

      Amazing- thank you!

  45. Susan Ferguson says:

    Experts: US hit with sudden spikes of rare radioactive material from Fukushima — Has 15.7 Million year half life — “Orders of magnitude” rise in levels on West Coast — Much higher amounts than were detected near Fukushima plant just after 3/11
    By ENENews, on January 23rd, 2017
    Royal Society of Chemistry, National Institute for Physics & Nuclear Engineering, Romania, 2015 (emphasis added): AMS analyses of I-129 from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in the Pacific Ocean waters of the Coast La Jolla, San Diego, USA — This paper presents the results of an experimental study we performed by using the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) method with iodine 129 (Halflife = 15.7 Million years], to determine the increase of the radionuclide content in the USA West Pacific Coast waters, two years after the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident… The results of the experiments showed a significant increase of the radionuclide concentration during the late spring of 2013. Compared to the isotopic ratio 129I/127I, measured at a 40 km distance, offshore of Fukushima and immediately after the accident, our results show an increase on the USA West Coast that was more than a 2.5 factor higher. Also, compared with the pre-Fukushima background values [in San Diego], our results show an isotopic ratio of about two orders of magnitude higher…  The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant… released an enormous amount of liquid waste of 129I and other fission isotopes directly into the Pacific Ocean that were subsequently dispersed eastwards. This paper reports on the determination of the nuclear plume impact on the West Coast of the USA that happened during April–July 2013… This work reports two sudden increases of the 129I/127I isotopic concentration in the ocean water, which were observed at the end of spring 2013…  Our exploratory measurements on the USA West Coast started on samples collected at the beginning of 2013.  Our results… measured offshore of Cove La Jolla, San Diego, USA, during the spring of 2013, are presented in Fig. 5. Two high and distinct spike maxima are visible. … Both peaks occurred in the measurement spectrum after a slow increase in concentration that started about 15-20 days before the main increase…

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      "…As a physician I examine the dying planet as I do a dying patient. The earth has a natural system of interacting homeostatic mechanisms similar to the human body's. If one system is diseased, like the ozone layer, then other systems develop abnormalities in function – the crops will die, the plankton will be damaged, and the eyes of all creatures on the planet will become diseased and vision impaired. "

      Helen Caldicott - from the comments

    • Kathleen says:

      Thank you Dane for what you are trying to do to wake those around us.  My daughter told me I was "insane" when I tried to get her to watch The Fluoride video and the silent epidemic.  My granddaughter was dx with ADHD which I know is an incorrect diagnosis.  I am an Occupational Therapist and know the signs and sx of high functioning Autism Spectrum disorder.  She stopped responding to her name and looking me in the eye after becoming very sick after her MMR vaccine.  She's now 11 and her peers make fun of her speech which she is trying to master.  Now my daughter is planning to have my 11 year old granddaughter injected with the gardisil vaccine.  I am in fear for her health after this.  I don't know how to make her understand I am not a conspiracy theorist.  She won't even look at the facts.  She is so busy trying to be a single mother to a child who is struggling in school, and trying to "make it" that she can not take any  more information.  How could I, as a therapist who quit her job rather than take the flu shot, know more than the "best" pediatrician in Charlotte, NC.  I am listening!  All of my co workers took the mandatory shot rather than lose their positions.  I was the only one who quit!  I have tried to educate everyone who will listen.  Most turn off the listening and never look up anything I have tried to warn them about.  I am at the point where I feel like no one wants to hear what I have found out.  I must let them watch the media brainwashing, and pray I have resources to help those I love when they have no food or water.  I listen to your show every week and appreciate you doing the research for me to look up after you help me become aware.  Please don't give up.  I am so at the point of giving up.  Listening to you every week helps me to keep my  focus on what's important.  I love you my fellow human!  Again, thank you!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Stay strong Kathleen, all those with whom you are communicating will very soon be forced to wake due to unfolding circomstances, wait and see. Lets continue our march to fully expose the truth, our numbers grow by the day.

    • Dennie says:

      Everyone who isn't paying attention to the radionuclide and geoengineering toxins poisoning our planet does so at their own peril.  Now, WHAT do we DO to STOP THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THIS?

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Kathleen, there are many young girls that have died from Gardisil. Your daughter should view some of the you tube videos of mothers that have lost their daughters before she puts her's at risk. I don't know any kids that have had HPV in my 56 years. These companies will push anything to make a buck.  

      Also, I worked at a hospital and wore a mask along with another person all through flu season each year and I asked my co-workers, "how could they put toxic aluminum and mercury in their body?" They said, they did not want to wear the mask.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Kathleen,

      Hold tightly to your convictions as you are absolutely right on each count you mentioned. As another mother of a grown daughter with high-functioning autism damaged by the MMR vaccine, I can relate to your daughter's plight and your own wiser and more educationed view of the situation.  I really admire you for sticking to your guns and refusing the vaccine, even though sadly it cost you your job, and if it ever comes down to mandatory vaccinations where I teach, I will be following suit. I pray you can convince your daughter to forget about that damned criminal Guardasil vaccine, and hope you can enlighten her as well regarding the dangers of flouride.  Know that there are many unseen friends in your court, supporting you, sending love and light, and prayers for strength in this ongoing battle to protect and save lives and loved ones here on earth.  God speed . . 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Kathleen, Brave woman you!  My daughter has two sons, one is 21 and a home birth.  The other just turned 13 yesterday, literally.  He is extremely bright, but has the most intense ADHD I have ever seen.  My poor daughter, who home schools him, is just exhausted.  All the time for 13 years now, utterly exhausted.  Owing to a home birth from hell, she had the second one in the hospital.  I was not on my toes and slow to get there to boot.  Not like in the old days when I'd be the only one to show up as planned.  I had No idea the degree to which vaccines have been changed and multiplied.  Thus, I have Huge regrets that I did not do more, like follow where they took him and what they did.  Jeez, I used to do that.  At the very least, you don't have to bear the guilt I do.  But boy do I empathize.  Here is my very good explanation of why I think your daughter should not allow her young daughter to get this vaccine.  If possible to not and it should be possible.  Besides death, at the least and even if vaccines were not so contaminated, it practically encourages sex.  Without protection, as in a condom.  It gives young people the false idea that they are protected.  As I've said here before, I do know of one woman who died of HPV.  But, she did not stay on top of her pap smear tests.  Somehow didn't think she needed to.  Did not realize her husband was fooling around.  False sense of security and all that which young ones cannot possibly hope to understand.  Almost as if giving the go ahead to sex! I will never know what they gave grandson #2 in hospital at birth.  Do know that some months ago now, following this HPV shot and I'm not sure what else, he had an "episode".  Very strange and my daughter assumes drugs, but I'm not so sure.  He ran around the outside of the house at night screaming at the top of his lungs, could not be caught, was "out of his mind".  He asked his mom why, why did he do that?  I told her it seemed too too coincidental with the shots, vaccines.  She blew me off.  Exhausted and done is done, and so far will not watch one of the films about it.  I applaud your commitment.  Keep it up no matter what.  At least, you know you tried and in a timely way.  Good luck to your granddaughter!  And to her mother and to you!   

  46. Chad says:

    Im telling you all. We need physical protests in groups to make a difference. Yes, some will probably get arrested, even if peaceful demonstration, But, it will show the world what we face by real time, real people, real circumstances, not just talking amongst Ourselves. They watch and listen to everything we say here people. KNOW THAT…PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP, WAKE UP. GOD BLESS US ALL. UNAFRAID IN IDAHO.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi Chad, I've spent my entire life avoiding aluminum, had no knowledge of these programs until I moved to AZ, and to see 'they' dump it on us in mass, poisoning every breath we take, killing all life on earth, you can bet 'they' are watching us, and if we're still here when 'they' are hanged, as bad as this sounds, I want a front row seat in the coliseum. 

    • MAP says:

      I am fully aware that The Powers That Be (in Reality, Should Not Be) are recording every written word here. I Am Not afraid. They can take my life if they want. I refuse to be willfully blind and willfully silent like most people who want to continue to live an outrageous lifestyle of over consumption at any cost : and the cost is world wide melt down of all life giving systems. The Bible tells us that there would come a Strong Delusion over the people towards the end. If this is not Strong Delusion what is? Traveling down Interstate 65 yesterday, 2 things stood out and  actually Screamed at everyone. The trees are dead and dying. The intensity of the Sun (that they allowed to shine) was off the chart, both in warmth and brightness. 

      Wake up people. May Almighty God give us the strength to stand up to the monsters perpetrating this destruction. 

    • Eric says:

      I agree that is what has been so frustrating . Dane you are very respected you are truly right on the money.  We need to organize and go right to DC. So ? Will you lead this.  I'm from Lansing Mich and will be all in. We will need every body that's awake all scientist ,whistleblowers ..this is Eric from Lansing Mich

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Eric, yes, we must all keep up our awareness raising efforts, but there is not yet enough of the population willing to fact the truth for any such demonstration to be organized. With the limited activists and resources we have at this time, our local efforts will do the most for the cause. As we near a critical mass of awareness, many more efforts will become possible. FYI http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/how-do-we-stop-climate-engineering-only-way-forward/

    • Chad says:

      I love your response Donna. Unfortunately that will probably never happen and Martial Law will be declared first and they will come get us then. I will be ready then, until then i must give it to God, rest assured when that time comes, i will be forced to take new measures i choose not to talk about here. Thx , keep up the fight, organize protests, pass on info until completely stopped, and use chealation cleansing processes and PRAY. GOD BLESS US ALL

  47. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Marc, your heartwarming story is just beautiful.  May we all sing songs by the river with people we love and trust.  Maybe that will get us through all the drama happening now.  May we all hold templates of love, harmony, good will, ever-new hope….God bless you and yours

  48. Bluesky says:

    @AltNOAA posted this on January 27 –


    Alternative NOAA ‏@altNOAA Jan 27

    "We're leaving for the weekend. When we come back Monday, we're going to ask – what did you do over the weekend to make the planet better?"

    …perhaps we can all tell them that we spent time becoming educated and informed at geoengineeringwatch.org!

    …and that they too can be educated and informed by listening to Dane's January 28th Global Alert News!

  49. Great broadcast, Dane! You are the super-wide
    angle lens on this whole divinely beautiful, but also horribly oppressed, planet Earth. Our only home, now inexorably orbiting into deep, dangerous and uncharted cosmic seas.
    I was so inspired by the breadth of your coverage…. that I just sent the direct link to the broadcast, complete with a full introduction to Geoengineeringwatch, to sixty-five friends and relatives. Yeah, 65! It will be interesting to see
    how many will respond. I will let you know.
    If we all did something like this every freaking week, just maybe we can crack open that veil of silence around geoengineering. May God bless
    and strengthen all here on this beacon of hope.

  50. CJ says:

    Based on what I see and how I am feeling, I suspect the formula for the aerosol spraying has some new ingredients. I wish I new of a place to hide from this! I realize it may be worse in the US but, it IS a world wide problem. I feel like I am in the Matrix movie. Hopefully, our new President will want to stop the depopulation agenda.

    • BaneB says:

      CJ:  It is very likely the weather terrorists have developed a less visual aerosol trail.  I notice here in Mendocino less visible trails of the horizon to horizon variety.  There are of late far fewer jets over my area.  No jet noise, no jet trails.  Except there are a few high flyers that emit the shorter variety of the con job.  This change is not to say the blue sky is back as a major natural feature of normal weather here.  Nay, the grunge is still covering the sun on most days to varying degrees.  The major aerosol operations are out in the eastern Pacific.  Those continent-size rafts drift in very very slowly squatting over the region for hours if not days.  It's very depressing.  Natural uninhibited sunlight is vital to a healthy mental state of being.  Depression can and does come from lack of direct sunlight.  Research has well documented the relationships between disease and depression. Perhaps that is the goal of these weather Nazis, to slowly kill off the global populations by way of immuno suppression, and drought induced starvation.  It's the velvet glove profit center approach to genocide, another means along with bombs and bullets.  

    • Chad says:

      Hey Bane, here in Idaho today, they sprayed like Crazy. I took pictures, multiple X's lines everywhere, i mean Everywhere. Showed my mother, she knows its happening but doesnt want to face it forthright. We came from northern california. Im ready for whatever. Know that when you dont see as much spraying, they are concentrating in other areas. The east coast and great plains are getting hammered. Starts east of the rockies where i am. We have 3 days of bullshit freezing fog. Ice crystals everywhere this morning. Chemical Ice Nucleation. Its time to stand up physically pretty soon, before its really, really too late. Take care and God bless all. CHAD IN IDAHO. UNAFRAID. LISTO. JESUS DE CHRISTO. AYEEEE!!!

  51. Bleu says:

    Dane, Have you tried to get an audience with President Trump? I am believing that we can change this tide, but we need to reach out to the new administration. We need to organize our own 'march' for humanity. We need to remain positive.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bleu, the top Trump and Carson campaign people attened a meeting on the geoengineering issue at the home of a retired USAF general that I communicate directly to, this was over a year ago. GeoengineeringWatch.org materials were given out, they no, but have not responded.

  52. Dawn says:


    I agree with you 100%.  I support you 100%.  But please, PLEASE!  The Trump administration is only a week old.  Give it, and him, a chance to make things right.  He has a whole itinerary of wrongs to right. 

    I have a job that keeps me outside, and I have been waiting 20 years for the SRM program to be discontinued.  The sea is dying, the flora is dying, the fauna is dying, and soon mankind will die. 

    You’re right about the government gag orders as well.  We need them lifted and the truth forthcoming.  And the people have a right to participate in advanced technology from which we’ve been withheld.  But would we have seen any results under Hillary’s watch, or would the world today be a smoldering, barren cinder succeeding a nuclear war?

    • Gretchen says:

      Eight years ago, I thought the "Hope" and "Change We Can Believe In" had come. Slowly but surely, the realization that we have been lied to our whole lives about pretty much everything is apparent after searching for the truth. Our perceived reality has been cleverly, meticulously, and malevolently engineered by criminal cabals to create, and maintain power and control of us. These psychopaths infiltrate every government entity in existence, including ours, and have for centuries. Every American president since __________(fill in the blank) has been selected by this cabal, not elected by us. How many times did we hear "the election is rigged"? That was a truth. The so-called media and our "government" are co-conspirators to this criminal cabal and their evil machinations. I choose not to participate in this "lesser of two evils" charade. It all an act, and we're being played; don't play their game!

    • Chad says:

      Please forgive me for judging you Dawn, but no One man can ever possibly make a difference even if they wanted to, and quite frankly its already evident Trump doesnt want to . Wake up wake up people. Its impossible. God bless and i pray you further wake up to reality. Be a part of the Cure, Not the CANCER. THX. CHAD IN IDAHO. UNAFRAID, JUST GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED.!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Sloganeering now gets unknowns into massive positions of power and control, including "Hope," and "Change," as well as "Make America Great Again!"

      Martin Luther King Jr. was one man and look at the difference he made.  I can think of a whole list of people like that.  Siddhartha Gautama.  Mohammad.  Jesus of Nazareth.  Saul/Paul the Apostle.  Mahatma Ghandi.  What did we do to every one of those people?  First, they were vilified.  Next they were persecuted. Then they were murdered.  After that we canonized them all.  And the real monsters were individuals who wreaked massive damage, then bowed to by the Power Structure that pulled their strings:  Christopher Columbus; Oppenheimer, Teller, Cohen; Hitler, Reagan, Thatcher, Bush, and now Trump.  GO FIGURE. 

  53. Carol says:

    Hello Dane .. London has stop the Vaxxed movie 48 hours before it was to  be shown … Human outcry from scientist  ..!! The cinema was the Curzon in Soho ??? Insane … Love what do .. Gave a lot of flyers out on weather modification .. 

    • Chad says:

      Dennie, not saying one man cant make a difference, saying one man alone cannot change things against a global scale. Will take all of us , or at least a large enough amount of people in one place to get their attention. I saw that you play music. You arent a one man band or symphony are you? You get my drift my friend?! Dane is one guy and so am i, we all make a difference, we just need a whole lot more before anything realistically can make a change. I believe in God and Jesus. Got all i really need on my side. Im still alive. Even if they come kill me, theyll only be doing me a favor. Id rather die quickly than slowly and horrible how they are right now. Id rather just go to sleep in this world and wake up in Heaven. Thats my dream to this unreal fantasy world of a nightmare im in right now. Unafraid in Idaho, and Not in control. Just spreading TRUTH. IN Jesus name, may you all be blessed. Thx and keep fighting for truth and righteousness!!! Amen.

  54. Yar Swerc says:


    Re: Atmospheric oxygen content.

    Even though my short term memory is history, I distinctly and clearly recall my initial scientific education in the early sixties learning that the oxygen content of our ambient oxygen content was 23%. Now if you look at the current analysis it is 21%. Is this not confirmation of environmental degradation?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Yar, the atmospheric oxygen content is much lower still in many regions such as urban zones, severay percentage points lower. Our situation is dire.

  55. Yar Swerc says:


    My respect and admiration for your intellect, courage, and commitment are unspeakable. Thank you for being.

  56. Matthew Clayton says:

    Andrew Norton Webber suggests spending 15.00 on a TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids) to check your water. I wish we had an inexpensive heavy metals meter for water, air and soil. We could all be posting alerts in our areas when it is not safe to go outside.

  57. kathleen says:

    To all you other folks like me, living beneath the poverty level (a sad joke, particularly in CA), I know this may not be possible. BTDT for many a year. But for those of you who can afford it, PLEASE contribute. Dane gives so much of his time, heart and soul, as does his legal team. All the support we offer via comments and informative links are surely helpful and buoys them, but they can't feed their families on our words. 

    If you are required to "tithe" to a religious group, I suggest you rethink it if said group is not practicing a "do unto others…" policy and, instead, donate to a force that truly fights for all, not just a particular group. I could write a book on the horrors of a certain so-called "Christian" sect that peddled "alternative facts" like they were penny candy. Any "religion" that advocates torture, and any oligarch who favors such a travesty is anti-humanity, and if you support that, you, too, are anti-life.

    Look up the hidden history of how this world has come to be run by three sovereign city-states (are they also giant multinational corporations? hell yes): the City of London for currency, the Vatican City for religion, and Washington, D.C. (U.S.A. Inc.) for the military. Talk about a terrorist triad organization! If you're broke, not only can't you feed yourself, but also you can't contribute to the intermediary for your "god" and the armed militia will come and get you!

    Yeah yeah I know, no one wants to believe this (commenters on this site excepted), but it is happening, has been happening, and will continue to happen until we peasants revolt en masse.

    1. Buy (and eat) beans. They are an excellent source of protein and who knows what all else, and you can sprout them and grow more. They can be seasoned with anything you like. They are also, for the most part, really cheap. Choose dried beans, preferably organic and heirloom.

    2. Buy (and eat) seeds. Purchased in bulk, they're a bargain, and also can be sprouted (and eaten) or planted, or stored. When sprouted, they offer some of the highest concentration of nutrients available.

    3. Buy (and eat, sprout) greens. You can plant these densely and harvest at any stage. Snack right from your garden unless you see bird poop — in which case, pluck those leaves off and leave on the ground to fertilize (or let grow).. 

    And should you plant any of these outside, and you don't harvest them entirely, they will first flower and attract pollinators, then go to seed and attract other pollinators (or you can gather the seeds), then, drop their seeds and GROW AGAIN, by themselves, if the environment suits them.

    I share this sort of information for two important purposes: first, your health; second, the health of your immediate surroundings. But both can result in your ability to aid a larger cause, the one that Dane is dedicated to — the health of our planet. When you take baby steps along your path to better health, you help yourself, the environment, and will find a few dollars remaining to help the cause of a lifetime: saving the planet by helping Dane and his legal team's efforts to awaken the masses and forcing the cabal to DO RIGHT!

    Thank you again, Dane, for your weekly inspiration that came when I could show my support in not just words, but a tiny contribution towards your Herculean efforts to alert the planet of its impending doom. Stay strong and well. You are a humble hero to us all and your bravery is exemplary. Much love always all ways.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Kathleen: Agree with all you have said, and thank you for your courage to say it in print on this forum.

      As to the seeds and beans….just be sure they are not GMO.

  58. L says:

    I am so tired of waking up every single day in a state of mourning about this wanton destruction of the natural world, having to literally wipe away deluges of tears that are my heartbreak before I can whip myself into the day- and then just to look at at the massively aerosoled skies from my window. I continue to put out information and speak to people about it because it is the right thing to do. But I have totally lost faith in people and feel as if I am on an alien planet surrounded by indescribable mass stupidity. There are some people who you know simply cannot even begin to take on board the information. I have honestly lost all hope even as I do the work and listen faithfully to Dane here. Looking at this elephant, everything else I am supposed to be doing and am being forced to do as a so-called citizen of this insane human engineered parasitical society feels futile with the biosphere collapsing and maybe a decade left, if we continue on this current trajectory, which I think we will. I wish I could believe otherwise, even as I keep trying.

    Who else on this forum is in the UK doing any coordinated action? 

    • penny waters says:

      to L

      i have tried these last few years to talk to people here in essex – as i have most of my life about injustice in the world – but i find many people lacking in an interest of anything outside of themselves – be in their families for a while and it is apparent that within their families it is the same – competition within – no common connection that holds them together – no outward looking

      having come from adults who went through 'first' and 'second' world war (and it still goes on – suppose someone has to keep buying the armaments that industry makes!) and were 'working class' people i have never been conned by the rich that run us – and never wanted to join them

      but others wish to make out that they are – the ol' witch of the west (thatcher – daughter of the corner shop owner who made a living out of his neighbours ) made ordinary folk think that they were wealthy – and now we are paying for it – how easily they were conned

      i think that once people are isolated from nature and the green environment and from their tribal lands ( i include london in this – as my family had lived in london for hundreds of years and until the car etc came along the people in london lived in villages next to each other – london was just a large conglomeration of villages – with their specific village culture reflected in their slightly different accents – many of which i could place – but only north londoners) then humans become distracted by shiny fast moving things

      to feel nature one has to be quiet – if one is quiet then others don't notice them

      i used to know a place where 'radicals' lived and i used to visit until i realised it was like clinton and blair – all the right noises but their actions say it all.

      i have been told that i am an intellectual but i have a london accent – so the london accent precludes me being able to talk intellectually

      so i am afraid that i do not talk to many people now about anything that might involve them thinking too much – cos it seems to be a strain upon my energy as they look at me with their glazed over eyes

      if there was somewhere in this country – or people in this country that i could get together with to take this into the public domain – then i would step out again and try communicating with others

      i, too, like many, shed tears for our human stupidity

      if there are any uk people out there who would want to join together maybe you dane could help us out and put us in touch – and maybe get you over here to talk

      much love to you all out there in crazy human land

    • L says:

      Penny, thankyou for writing. Yes, it would be excellent if some of us could be put in touch with each other.

      I agree with so much of what you say, the eyes glazing over, the lack of interest, the casting of you as some kind of nutter because you care to look beyond the trash that constitutes a so-called "normal life" filled with meaningless and banal activity. The capacity nowadays for people to think intelligently and to discuss important issues sensibly- if at all- is woefully lacking in the majority and I think, getting worse by the year!

      I too would love to be put in touch with others in the UK. The same kind of effort needs to be made here on the legal front as it is in the US and Canada.

      I noticed a lecture that was being given about extreme weather at Cambridge University by Dr Emily Schuckburgh in January. She has co-written a Ladybird book with Tony Juniper (Friends of the Earth) and HRH Prince Charles about Climate change. She is a member of the polar oceans team in the British Antarctic Survey and I think I am correct to say they support geoengineering. I would like to have gone to the talk but not only was it a venue set up to not be conducive to asking questions (I enquired), it is one of those events where security would be high and I would have been on my own, probably chucked out and then tracked without being able to achieve anything whilst costing me a lot in travel! Had there been a group of us from here, it would have been more feasible and potentially productive. I think these are some of the things we need to do here as these people are giving talks unchallenged. This was the event:


      Of course, if Dane could also get over here and speak, it would be awesome!

  59. Donna Steinacher says:

    Today, this morning when i got up, the sky was being sprayed heavily.and within an hour the sky was completely covered,and before that the sun was coming out and Blue sky,  Gone now.

    I see this every day now, and the weather is just sitting there doing nothing, except being grey,from the spray.My home is in North Idaho.

    I wish for it to end.

    • Barb says:

      Donna, we see the same thing at least once a week. I am horrified. Friends and family think that I am crazy when I call them chemtrails. 

    • Pam says:

      DITTO!  I'm in the Boise area of Idaho — we're being slammed with back-to-back snow storms.

      When this isn't occurring; then its NON-STOP spraying . . . what sweet-Jesus joy it'd give me to, bitch-slap them up and down the celestial clouds they toxify !!! 

    • Randall says:

      yup! Don't know about anywhere else but here in north Wisconsin January is the month of the bluest skies and cold. Never seen more than three blue sky days this month and not the deep blue of past. Temps are 20-30 degrees above the norm. 1980 it never got above zero the whole month. These days we have had 50 degrees above zero ,forties ,thirties with little snow so far. 

      Even with constant trailing here it's still warmer big time. 

    • Blue Sue says:

      Yes, January used to be cold, +15 to -15 was normal, with clear blue skies, and now it can be in the same temperature range and we have "cloudy" skies from all the damned spraying.  We had a temperature swing of 60 degrees from last week (-24) to this week when it reached 40 above here in South Central Alaska.  We got two good snowfalls of about 6 inches each time and more snow is supposed to come in another day or two.  

  60. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: If you have ever wondered how Wall Street transferred the wealth to the One Percent, and why it is a ponzi scheme, then consider how algorithms allowed for 'death by a thousand cuts' from the elite financial tech wizards that first learned how to scrape small amounts of profit off thousands of computer generated trades in mere seconds. This method is termed high frequency trading, black box trading, or algo-trading. Being used even more today by hedge funds that often require as much as $5 million to join, the competition for faster more efficient models is fierce – and often results in ugly “blow-up” because the best are all doing the same thing. Algo against algo to the death! It is said that the biggest hedge fund managers meet every morning to insure that they don’t inadvertantly crash the market, which would result in the end of the game – and their jobs.
    Black Box Trading: Computers Taking Over Wall Street?
    Kapitall /Aug. 15, 2011
    In the "Robots that Take Over the World" department, we revisit the controversial topic of high frequency trading, black box trading, or algo-trading – the practice of using complex algorithm programs by hedge funds. Together, algo-trading is responsible for nearly 70% of the trading done on Wall Street. The gist of how and why black box trading works: If a hedge fund's client wished to sell off $500M worth of Google stock all at once, the markets would notice and price may fall, to the despair of hedge fund and client. To avoid these consequences, hedge funds use algorithms that break down the stocks into several smaller transactions and sell them through several more discreet channels.  … Kevin Slavin argues in a TED presentation that we are increasingly writing algorithmic programs to be so automated, complex, and lacking in human oversight that the implications are no longer entirely within our control.  "We're writing these things that we can no longer read. And we've rendered something illegible. And we've lost the sense of what's actually happening in this world that we've made." Whether Black Box trading is a path to a financial Matrix or not, the prevalence or algorithms in the market cannot be ignored. An investment firm reported to CNBC, “some of the stocks most commonly held by average investors are also the ones most often used in high-frequency trading and thus subject to high levels of volatility."

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      SF: It is said that these algorithms are also controlling the various multiple aerosol spraying transmitter generated programs around the planet, which are plainly visible on NASA Worldview in increasingly bizarre and incomprehensible forms. Here is an interesting video, that has had over 3 million views:
      How Algorithms Shape Our World: Kevin Slavin
      July 2011
      We live in a world run by algorithms, computer programs that make decisions or solve problems for us. In this riveting, funny talk, Kevin Slavin shows how modern algorithms determine stock prices, espionage tactics, even the movies you watch. But, he asks: If we depend on complex algorithms to manage our daily decisions — when do we start to lose control?

    • Excellent presentation on algorithms, Sue.  I sense that a similar process is underway in California functioning along the lines of "the nuclear war without a war".  That is, after over a decade of protracted drought, we are now seeing heavy rainfall.  Talk of the drought being over.  Just a few weeks ago, A rain gauge I monitor in Palo Cedro collected over 12 inches of rain in 24 hours. To put that into perspective, understand that a cubic foot of water (12"X12"X12") weighs about 63 pounds.  Spread a 12-inch-deep layer of water over a square mile and you're taking about over a billion pounds of weight.  Not only does the sudden precipitation cause a deflection in the earth's crust, but it has been shown to cause earthquakes.  See:  https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn13371-heavy-rain-can-trigger-earthquakes/  Considering that seismologists in California are saying the San Andreas Fault is primed for a "big one", one can easily extrapolate the consequences of prolonged heavy rainfall into this geological situation:  Rain-lubricated fault zones, dried up during the drought are now quite literally being lubricated by the penetration of heavy rainfall as deep as two kilometers in as little as five days.  The fault zones are suddenly on the move again.  With tidal forces of the New Moon and sun we could see a major catastrophic quake in California within the next month.  Remember:  "A war without a war".  A 9.0 quake on the full length of the San Andreas could level San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco over the course of a few hours or days as the stresses cascade up the fault zone from remote places like the Salten Sea.  It could cause greater casualties than all previous wars combined- all from geo-engineered rainfall.

  61. Wayne Koppa says:

    I don't agree with everything the Trump Administration is doing.  Successful lawsuits to expose the truth in everything is the key in my opinion.  Left / Right dichotomy is a fraud. I value truth.  Nuclear cataclysm already exists with Fukushima. 


    Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

    • Matthew Clayton says:

      When I click on the link, Global Research says, "Sorry, what you are looking for isn't here". Looks to have already been removed.

    • virginia says:

      Mathew: It hasn't been removed, but is in Global Research archive, since it was written on 1/25/2012 by Prof. Michel Chosssudvsky.  Click on Global Research and type in "Fukushima, a nuclear war without a war" and it will come up.  Excellent article, by the way.  Recommended. Thank you.

    • BinghamtonNY says:

      Link has been removed.  Try here:



    • Bonnie says:

      Matthew, regarding the Fukashima article from 2012, delete the end of the given web site (delete /28870&nbsp).

  62. Wayne Koppa says:

    http://www.militarytimes.com/articles/trump-to-let-pentagon-chief-override-on-torture President Trump said Friday that his defense secretary's opposition to torture would override his own belief

  63. Bija says:

    If you want to get to the truth about what is happening in Syria and what the US stands for around the world and particularly in the Middle East.
    Benghazi Whistleblowers – The story behind the cover up – CTM#670

    We have let this go on for far too long! There is no reason not to know anymore unless we are cowards or psychopaths like the Shadow Government/Cabal behind this Military/Industrial/Pharmaceutical Complex.

    Not in my name any longer! If you feel the same, you have to show you mean it…disengage from this insanity now!

    We are all required to match Dane's energy and passion. He cannot do this alone. He and many others here at GW gives us all the ammunition we need to stand up and be leaders. Look into your children's and grandchildren's eyes and decide who you are going to be.

    The rabbit hole is deep and ugly. I'm sick with each new discovery I make but I know facing my fear and repulsion is the only way I can get beyond my own inertia.

    Blessings and strength to all my fellow truth seekers!!

    • Bija says:

      After a putrid and depressing December and early January, with hacking and sickness running rampant, we are now treated to several days of stunningly blue sky and real clouds. I LOVE it but, of course, question why and know the 'scumbrella' will return. Every aspect of life is enhanced under real skies…no denying it!! I'm in Tucson area and invite anyone nearby to join and strategize with me. Someone recently approached me about starting a play café for our young ones. Their were three of us on the project and within a week we had it going. Just a great reminder of how people coming together can make things happen. We all have certain skills and talents. It's my hope to join with others to effectively reach more people. That's my foicus for 2017.

    • virginia says:

      Thanks, Bija:  Essentially, what is happening is the continuation of the Crusades started over 1000 years ago.  Muslims and Arabs are to be destroyed, one way or the other.  What has happened in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and perhaps soon Iran, is nothing more than the planned desired effect of killing as many Muslim/Arabs as possible; destruction of their countries, their culture, their artifacts, their history, their people. their ancient structures – a complete erasure of ancient historical people – the people from whom we got the alphabet we are all using today; Arabic numerals; scientific discoveries; alcohol, algebra, alchemy, and many, many more Arabic introductions during their height of learning, when all of Christianity was in their Dark Ages.  Trump and all previous administrations are the white knights with their red crosses on their chests leading the charges of our modern era.  To boil it all down, that is what it's all about.  Muslims/Arabs must go.  Just as Rome stated fighting ancient Carthage (present day Lebanon, Syria and Palestine) "Cartago dilendum" (Carthage must be deleted). And so it is today.

      It might be of interest to know that the religion of Islam does not permit usury….perhaps our New York bankers don't like that? And, on another note, millions of Arabians are Christian, especially in Lebanon and Syria.  Lebanon's constitution allows only a Christian to be its president. So, Bija, there is an awful lot of history and information about these wars in the Near and Middle East about which Americans (and the international community) are completely unaware.  Unfortunately, we hear the mythology presented to us as fact.

    • Right On, Bija! That’s the Spirit, Lady!
      We need to tell ALL the people we know to
      Look Up, Wake Up, Find Out, Speak Out!
      Don’t Let Them Boil That Frog!

    • marc says:

      Bija, I am also in Tucson. I humbly offer my participation in local activism. I can be contacted through Dane.

  64. Wayne Koppa says:

    USA government also violates international law without consequence.

  65. Seeing Clearly says:

    How ethical is it for the weather to be controlled? I would say not ethical at all as of what I know .

  66. Sean says:

    Yesterday as I watched the filthy sky over Redding a thought occurred to me: Are there any reliable estimates/ satellite counts concerning the number of flights spraying worldwide on a daily basis? Just the thought of how many pilots are up there doing something so horrible at any given moment-although I have heard that many "don't know" they are participants, they must see what's happening in the skies around them. I grew up around aviation, and known plenty of weird pilots- but no dumb ones. Thank You, Dane, for your honesty & courage.

    • TNGeowatch says:

      Who says that a pilot is flying these flights? Automation is likely involved. 
      Plus order takers just just do the job. 

    • julane jazzique says:

      My dad flew in WWll. And was a captain for American Airlines for 35 yrs.

      I asked him about those so called con trails. He said they weren't, contrails disappear quickly, as we all know on this site.

      I asked him if those long things were clouds. He said no.

      I asked him what they were, he said “hon I don't know, but not anything I'm familiar with" he was in his 80's when I asked him. Probably in 2010.

      How the hell did the lie get sold, even to people in their 60's and 70's that that is either clouds or con trails? WTH. I'm constantly amazed at how many refuse to SEE the truth.

  67. CJ says:

    Since the beginning of Aviation there have been very many changes. If one was to go outside instead of watching TV, then it would be quite apparent that something is happening that is unusual in our skies. The saying is Business as Usual as Dane has pointed out. Here in Central Ontario that is exactly what is going on.No Sun at all, just Business as Usual. People breathing in and breathing out. They seem to be very Care Free. That is real nice when living in a Grandiose State of a Warped Mind. Don't forget that is what the Aerosol Injection Program along with the Gwen Towers do for you. They incapacitate the mind into a realm of a Fantasy World. That is OK if one can't perceive the difference between Truth and Fantasy. Enjoy that Fantasy Life. Just like Fantasy Island. It all looks nice from the outside, but the Evil lurks within. I just watched one of the little planes fly over to do the operation that the job is intended to do. Either the little plane and the pilot are scouring the area or they on their devious little plot to inject more aerosols. Most likely both. I "don't" find it hard to believe that most, don't get this. They are in an induced Coma, not only from the EMF radiation, but also from the wonderful chemicals that are raining down upon them. So that being said. I say that this is a state of Emergency. It will be the "Emergency Room" for each and everyone until the Mass figures it out. I have my Doubt's about that though.

    Mr. Wigington seems to present these observations also, by all the presentations and the facts that he has concluded to. He always state's that in most each presentation. He has to do that.

    We are being Dumbed Down Fast. It is time for the Sleepy Ones to take Heed and Awaken.

    Good work as always Dane.

    • Chad says:


  68. Wayne Koppa says:


    The problem is that the gag-order story – like a lot of news stories these days – is really a mischaracterization. Here's the reality. These memos, which were portrayed by the press as unprecedented control over agency communications, are actually standard procedure for whenever we have a new administration. Having lived in Washington through four administration transitions, (which makes me feel really old), I can assure you, this is a normal state of affairs. 

    And there's a reason that this happens. When a new party comes into power, there is a lag between the Inauguration and Senate confirmation for agency heads and political appointees.

    • Mary Altmann says:

      Thank you for this clarification Wayne. It makes me feel better. :)

      Thank you Dane for all you do! I am cautiously hopeful a new world will emerge. Peace and Blessings :)

    • Chad says:

      Please do not downplay the lies, and truths that they cover up. That maybe how it works but tell it how it is. Not how they are. Say they are fooling those that dont understand. Most of us here, all know whats really going on. Dont misinform . I understand what you mean, but your words sound like covering for them. They need to be held accountable . Period. When you cant eat, drink, or breathe its game over. We are there now. I speak solely for myself, but for the good of all. Im Native, and a Protector of the Land. Sorry if i came off wrong, but give better info please!! God bless. Peace, love, and joy in all this Carnage.

    • Chad says:


    • virginia says:

      Hi, Chad:  Please know that I interpreted Mr. Koppa's post just as you did.  I have lived through terms of 14 presidents and have never heard of all these gag orders.  Or, if they did occur, were not publicized.  But, it seems Trump was selective in which agencies were gagged.  And that is the question.  Why? 

      And why is it that America can only find crazy people to run for president?  I dream of a time when we can be proud of our government with a Tulsi Gabbard/Dane Wigington ticket.  Wouldn't that be tremendous.  What sayeth thou, Dane?

  69. marc says:

    After just listening to Global Alert News for 1-28-17, I confess I find myself once again shell-shocked, deafened, dumb, blind with grief. This grief explodes in my heart often at the oddest times, too. Maybe I'm just an old geezer who's prone to emotional instability but….I just wanna share a few observations. I now live very near a mostly dry riverbed here in Arizona. The Santa Cruz river is dry 51 weeks out of the year, except for a few rainstorms, after which there will be flowing water for a few days. The river actually flowed year-round for centuries up until the 1940's when the cumulative effects of deforestation, mining, cattle grazing, damming and irrigation finally overtook it's ability to flourish naturally. Believe it or not, there has been a massive restoration-of-the-river project in the planning stages for almost 20 years, with an incomprehensible price tag running into the hundreds of millions. The whole idea is to "recycle" waste water, treated sewage water, run-off from storms, etc. to create a green zone adjacent to downtown Tucson. All for the low-low price of anywhere from 300 to over 700 million dollars. Really? All for what? Hello? All for what, to green up an area near downtown for the enjoyment of tourists and bird-watchers? Yes, if successful the project would indeed attract much wildlife and birds and would sustain a wonderful array of desert flora. 700 million dollars. Probably more. Meanwhile, it is well known that Tucson has a large homeless population, drawn here by the predominance of warm weather. About 5 days ago I was riding my bike on the magnificent bike trail that follows the Santa Cruz River when I saw a guy in a wheelchair up ahead stopped in the middle of the trail. I slowed down and asked the one-legged old feller if he was ok. He looked like Rasputin, beard and all. He asked me point blank if I would go buy him some Stolichnaya vodka. Even as I said I couldn't do that, I looked just off the trail to a slab of concrete next to a drinking fountain where I spied his filthy sleeping bag and a dirty plastic bottle of Pepsi. I asked him if he'd had anything to eat. He said he was ok. That he begs across the river over near a Denny's restaurant. Can't explain it but when he told me he was of Russian descent and could speak Russian, something snapped in me. For you see, my father's side was from the Ukraine, and I studied Russian language and literature for years. Now, truth be known, I almost always give money to homeless people no matter where I encounter them. ("There but for the grace of God go I.") But this unfortunate man had the manner and aura of a saint, I kid you not. He had NOTHING! But he was so very kind-hearted and filled with love and gratitude and I promise you I am not easily bullshitted. I told him I'd come back the next day and bring him some food and some Stolichnaya, goddammit. And that's exactly what I did. Abraham Pretofsky and I drank vodka on the banks of the dried up Santa Cruz River, just downstream from where almost a billion dollars will be spent to beautify downtown Tucson. But not for Abraham. Abraham, and those like him, will by then no longer be tolerated anywhere near this little paradise that the movers and shakers of Tucson seek to create. After he and I sang songs to eachother, he reflected on how much he loves that little stretch of the river. Nobody bothers him, no cars, nice and quiet. It was home to a homeless man. 

    • Helene says:

      Mr. Pretofsky may very likely be Jewish and in that case, the local Jewish community will reach out to him; if he is, he will also speak Yiddish.  His story and how he got to be where he is will no doubt be extremely interesting and amazing.  He may be a Holocaust survivor or may have been in a DP camp.  He obviously is out of touch with family and may have lost his leg either from illness like diabetes, or during WWII.  He may be a decorated Veteran which means the local VA can also provide some help.  Best of luck if you choose to follow these threads.   

    • Yar Swerc says:

      Marc. God bless the love in your heart. That love may be all that can save us.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Marc, thanks so much for your story, I enjoyed it tremendously. It only goes to prove how unjust politicians are. They don't care about PEOPLE.

    • julane jazzique says:

      thank you for posting. Wow about the river. So sad….

      but the story of your Russian friend made me cry.

      good god what animals so many have become. Thank you for your kind soul helping him. Thank you. 

    • Neil says:

      Thanks for sharing, Marc!

    • NewGirl says:


      Your gesture of pure love and compassion is inspiring. Others may argue enablement…I keep hearing about our collective consciousness being raised. I believe that. I also believe the stand we need to take is between good and evil; returning to God in order to unite humanity through love. All things are possible through God. I  have no doubt about miracles happening if we all found our way "home".

    • marc says:

      Helene, yes Abraham is Jewish and lost his leg due to diabetes, which has run in his family quite badly. Ongoing story…..

    • virginia says:

      Helene Hi.  What about – what if – he was merely a fellow human being who needs help, encouragement, warmth and the right to live the good life, regardless of ethnicity or other factors?

  70. jean ballard says:

    i can no longer  share these pod cast on any of my social media networks . face book ,google, tumbler , link .   i posted yesterday to all of them .

    • jean ballard says:

      right after i posted  my comment on not being able to share  low and behold , i can now share this podcast. thank you dane, and my guardian angel .  i will speak out and share as long as i have breath to do so.

  71. Bryan says:

    The widely reported news of Trump's blatantly tyrannical gag orders against federal scientists and the EPA ought to be a clear wake up call to every thinking human being that global warming denial can't be supported by hard data. You don't need to suppress what should support your own case. 

    But the real truth is that there IS no case, only suppression of obvious facts in the name of pillage and plunder. Ironically, average Americans wishing to maintain their own ignorance of the impending cataclysm have their own built-in justification for endorsing Trump: they really don't want to know. This is don't ask, don't tell on steroids.

    How can you wake people up who'd rather sleep than confront disaster? That's the uphill battle we all face.


    Luckily, most of us are not government scientists and we CAN speak out while we still have breath.


    I admire your courage and integrity, Dane. You are a true leader in every sense of the word.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bryan, thank you for your support. This is a team effort, it is all of us working together that can yet make a difference. Glad to stand with you in this battle, Bryan.

    • MAP says:

      Trump does come in a different "package" of presentation when compared to Obama, Bush Jr, Bill Clinton and Bush Sr. Each president can choose his presentation but other people (think NWO elites, International Bankers) are calling the shots when it comes to the destruction of environment, economy and pretty much life-sustaining systems through GeoEngineering/Weather Modification/Weather Warfare.

      I recall only a few here mentioning that Obama had horrific shortcomings in regards to GeoEngineering/Foreign Wars funded by central bank. Wake up people. There is another sellout politician/actor in-charge. Nothing has changed. The same people who gave orders to past 10 presidents are still in charge. And these people are leading us to mass extinction if we don't come together to stop this madness. 

      Obama screamed about Global Warming until he was blue in the face. Fine. But he failed to admit to the #1 contributing factor to the whole nightmare. So he loses all credibility. Yeah right hope and change. Just same old same old. 

      We all are very familiar with what happened to the last President who said "No" to New World Order and their plans for destruction. I urge everyone here who has not seen it to view the Farewell Address given by President Eisenhower in January 1961. That was the Warning of all Warnings. Ike was telling us how dangerous things would become if the MilitaryIndustrialComplex and universities were not kept "In Check".

      We are now reaping the fruits of not heeding Ike's warning. The issue of Willful Blindness has been going on a very long time. My belief is that the "money printing" at Federal Reserve encouraged and fueled this willful blindness. 99% of people just want their paychecks and pensions. So very sad. 

  72. Barb says:

    We are now over a week into the Trump administration takeover. Mass muzzling of agencies and information is taking place, where are we headed?

    ANSWER:  truth and transpancy.  — Pres. Trump wants a better earth for his grandchildren/children.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Barb, forgive me for not agreeing with the point you have stated. Muzzling agencies cannot lead to truth and transparency. Mr. Trumps environmental record and current actions are not pointing toward leaving a better Earth for our children, or even ourelves, the biosphere implosion is already here.

    • virginia says:

      Barb: I hope your post is meant to be irony.  But, you are right on the last paragraph:  "Trump want this earth to be better for HIS children/grandchildren."    And so he does….but for the rest of us, he couldn't give a fig leaf. I think, in time, (if he lasts that long) you will see how wrong his decisions have been during his first week…and the tip-off should be:  just research the people he chose to be his top advisors and those he chose for his cabinet.  Whom he will put on the Supreme Court is another good indication of "where we are going."  It looks like he has chosen two….one, of course, being Jewish, which would make the SC majority Jewish.  The man's loyalty so far, has been to a foreign country.  The USA is essentially a illegally occupied territory of that country and we are the new Palestinians.  Sad, sad, state of affairs.

  73. izzy says:

    As we learn that numerous ‘tipping points’ keep tipping over, and the wholesale toxification of our environment and death of the biosphere continues ramping up, it begins to seem that digging in for survival (as the rich are now doing) might not be a bad idea as part of the overall plan. Protest we must, though the larger battle does not appear to be going in our favor, as the mounting pernicious evidence keeps indicating. But we still have some small agency in our personal spheres, even if the collective is in a state of blind confusion. Kind of gives a new twist to the notion of “Think globally, act locally”.

  74. Ron Marr says:

    The Trilateral Commission that permeates government, banking education, foreign affairs, military, and the CFR, who sec. of state Clinton claimed, to be her boss. Guys like Brzezinski, Rockefeller, Bushes, Clinton, Cheney, Carter, and many others we trust with our blindness, have, for the last forty or so years, implimented the esoteric agenda 21, sustainable energy, population control and depopulation. Silently, they move to abolish freedoms from bottom to top throughout the planet. They have cloned the illusion by obscuring reality, so we can no longer see ourselves; our choice between spirit and physical…like a cat. Instead, we wear uniforms, follow orders, seek power and control within our sphere. If we are to save our planet we must ask Brzezinski, to backhand his chess board off the table. Rockefeller and Rothechilds' put your money and greed aside and stop geo-engineering! All the politicians that allowed scientist, engineers and technicians to usurp governments, because they're smarter? If you think you have a superior intellect than fix Fukushima! I mean, if you are a scientist you should stop pretending and find solutions. If you really are the most intelligent than find global solutions that benefit life! We are tired of dodging your stupid vaccinations that are maiming our children; your ignorant GMOs' , Nuclear weapons. Come on down men, leave your pedestal in the sky and join humanity.  

    • Jacob says:

      the days for asking came and went decades ago. We asked. We were never heard. To this day. It's time for the people asking other people to wake up to wake up themselves and realize where we stand at this hour. Dane provides accurate portraits of the mess we call reality. If 'the masses' had a shred of dignity or intellectual capability, we would be hearing towards a new way of life today as opposed to crying the same battle song that has been for century, maybe even millennia. So now I ask all of you who are awake to clear your eyes and see that this is how it is suppose to be and that your neighbors and fellow citizens may harbor the same sentiments as their owners. There will be no mass awareness aside from the one inside of yourselves. May the creators of have mercy on all our souls. 

    • Edward Palys says:

      Very well said. I had a fellow tell me once, way back in the 1960s, about NASA and its scientists. He said that if America wants to solve ANY of its problems, give the project to NASA. The unfortunate thing is that NASA scientists only do what they're told to do and are paid gazillions on anything but solving the world's problems.By another comment, what leader in the US has the guts to stand up to "elites" you describe? We can't expect Trump to solve problems overnight. Like you, he has exposed the real enemy against the people.

    • Michel B says:

      Spot on Ron. All those people and groups you named have precedence prior to WW2. They were already established long ago as power centres and global stage players. So for me, this begs a vital question: Were the victors the good guys? I am not implying anyone was or wasn't the good guys, but who are these people that direct all the destructive paths our societies have been driven down? They thrived due to the wars. Their powers grew and the growth of their establishment flourished. Anyone can verify that the big banks, the rich families, the corporations, the secret societies have always been in the background pulling the strings. This then begs the question: What were the wars really about? Besides the two big wars of last century, war has not ceased. As per JFK's speech on secret societies, our power centres have been taken over long ago. We cannot ask that they stop their evil deeds. They will not stop on their own. They have to be made to stop.

  75. CJ says:

    We are truly living in Demonic Dimension of time. We have been for some time now. and Decades. This toxic pollution that is being dumped in the breathable air from aircraft will eventually take it's toll on everything. I think that time is getting very close. All things must come to an end though. This is just speeding up the process. Demonic World of the Fast and Furious. Very Sad

  76. Paul says:

    This is just something I read on a Youtube comment section on another channel and it may be erroneous but 2 commenters said that since Trump's inauguration there have been no sprayings at the Mt. Shasta area and in northern Virginia. I would have to hear more confirmation to believe it so if anyone can please do and thanks. Here in central Oklahoma there has been one day of streaks in the sky since the inauguration.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, though I cannot specifically say what is happening in the skies over Virginia, the skies in Northern California around Mt. Shasta (which is visible from my mountaintop home) are being completely sprayed over almost constantly with no let up. We are also getting reports of extreme spraying from all over the country and the world. We must all remain grounded in reality, reaching a critical mass of awareness with the population (in regard to the aerosol spraying assault) is the only way forward.



    • jean ballard says:

       paul . i live in central oklahoma . and we have  silvery sky and constant aerosol sprays . they are doing it at night . what you are seeing is none during day. but look at the percentage of moisture in the air . it is zero. we have been under critical fire warnings for a week now.  we had 3 days of heavy aerosol spraying  be for last cold front came ..i live 12 miles  east of tinker air force base.  i am awake every morning at sunrise. and my big bay window faces east. you can see the last few lines of aerosol spraying that has been sprayed during the night.  we are still being  sprayed constantly we just do not see it al ot during the day.i,m curious to know what part of oklahoma you live in ? much love for being  awake and sharing . i wish there were more like you in oklahoma.

    • Randall says:

      Trump would not even been informed or had time to address climate. Too many other things on the desk for sure. I am sure trump will be educated soon however since it is a national security issue. Then we will see if he is honest with the info which is dire I'm sure. If he hides the verrrrry serious climate, methane, geo-engineering facts. Then we will know.   It's all truth, not half truth that we need from a leader. Time time

    • NewGirl says:

      I live in a suburb about 25 minute from the twin cities, MN. The last 8 days has been a solid, stinking, oppressively putrid grey canopy that includes thick dripping fog, miniscule water vapor that dampens the road without raining. And the stench is overpowering at times. I think I have seen the sun a total of 4 hours. Last week my house of 6 was so incredibly tired- the exhaustion overwhelming. The few times I could see the open patches of blue sky the planes came out. Everyone has the "cold'; dry cough, itchy watery eyes, allergies and respiratory distress. My 70 year old mother ended up in the hospital for 4 days. In the past 8 months we've had 4 family members pass away.  In addition we have 3 fighting cancer, and 1 suffering from stage 4 liver failure- at 53 years old!

      I feel we are being gradually trained in the NWO- has anyone experienced a different siren on police/emergency response vehicles? It is the European siren, but it isn't every time. The ratio seems to be 1/20 times. May God show us mercy.


    • Darkansas says:

      A lot less spraying over Arkansas this past week too. Spraying has subsided several times for a week or so in the past years but seems to always resume again. We should tell the administration to halt climate engineering.

    • Paul says:

      Jean Ballard – good to run into a neighbor here! and we are just that as i am a couple of miles east of tinker. If much of the spraying is at night then i could miss some of that but as you know every several days the skies are streaked with trails and yes the air is often very arid. Do you think there is more spraying on east of you than over the metro? Thanks to you.  Thanks Dane and the others who have replied with your reports and for those who are in heavily sprayed areas like NewGirl and her family's health affects i just don't know what to say.

  77. RockGoddess says:

    What can we do?  We can all try and work together in getting the word out.  While it is a new Presidential administration and new EPA head, we need to "educate" them in the mass destruction of Climate Engineering / Weather Warfare Gov. Programs.  We have sent letters to the new EPA Administrator.  We all need to reach out to them.  Together, it is imperative that we come together on the same page in assisting to raise critical massive public awareness and in educating those who are new to the subject is most critical.  Thank you! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello RockGoddess, about your question, there is no easy way forward, but there is a way. FYI http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/how-do-we-stop-climate-engineering-only-way-forward/

  78. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 150th email, titled 'In the year 2020':

    1.  Kevin Hester writes regarding the link below: "Classic. The Brits write a super conservative analysis of the predicament and then cover it up, then leak it to pretend that they didn't want the information in public and then the suckers fall for the super conservative report when the truth is infinitely worse":  http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change-risk-assessment-global-warming-government-accused-burying-report-a7540726.html 

    It is not just the US military that are now concerned about climate change https://cleantechnica.com/2017/01/24/climate-change-will-fuel-unimaginable-refugee-crisis-military-analysts-report/
    Global Sea Ice Volume is @ 21,000 cubic km, @ 7,000 cubic km below the 2000 – 2016 average. The expected sea ice collapse over the next two years is highly likely, Arctic (with resultant methane releases) first. If this rate of loss is maintained, there are just 3 years until near zero sea ice. Arctic sea ice annual average volume is at it's lowest ever recorded.

    Increasing numbers of farmers in Scotland are changing from arable to pasture because the humidity is making drying grain too expensive (not to mention the mould that is now everywhere).  If we are/can not grow grain, the stores will quickly run out – not just the whiskey.

    The Doomsday Clock has (at last) been brought forward by 30 secs, now at two and a half minutes to midnight. They have blamed it on the 'fall guy' Trump, of course!

    If you think it is unrealistic that by 2020 (3 years) we could be facing global unrest, famine and possible extinction, think again, and remember the "3s Rule of Thumb": humans can survive 3 mins without oxygen; 3 hrs without shelter in harsh conditions; 3 days without water; 3 weeks without food. We are always only 3 days from civil unrest.

    2.  Notes to Self (week 4 of 104):  Now that Spring has almost sprung, research and try various types of 'alternative' growing techniques e.g. vertical gardening (indoor and outdoor), grow lights – dramatically reduces seeding to harvest times (particularly with global dimming/ low light levels). Research food storage methods.

    "You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them."   Maya Angelou 

    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer"  Albert Camus

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