HAARP – Unnatural Cloud Pattern in Australia


If you look up, and start paying attention to the sky, you’ll begin to notice that there are things taking place that are clearly unnatural. Here is a good example.

Dutchsinse on HAARP –
I propose that a series of ground based stations , using a HAARP type technology (i.e. a ground based station that emits a high frequency or low frequency) .. is being used to produce pulses which we see appear on RADAR for a short time.

It would appear this high frequency electromagnetic pulse is done to “heat” the atmosphere above each station …. possibly to create an “artificial ionospheric mirror = AIM” WITHIN THE ATMOSPHERE, maybe to have some other yet unknown effect OTHER than weather modification, or these pulses could quite possibly be done for the sole purpose of engineering the weather.

The “goal” of these frequency flashes has not yet been determined.

Also, it has been discovered that a global campaign is underway, to spray particulate matter into the air .. via aircraft distribution .. in order to aid in frequency propagation and transmission… substances like Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, and Silver Iodide (just to name a few). Commonly called “chemtrails” this “cloud seeding” is picking up in pace.

Observed so far:

1. Flashes into the high RF appear on RADAR — sometimes in the same geometric modulation patterns spoken about in HAARP research papers… they appear coordinated with other stations, and not all stations in the same area produce the flash.

2. SEVERAL times, too often to be a coincidence….we see severe weather (tornadoes , damaging winds, and hail) hit these frequency flash epicenters. This usually occurs within 48 hours of the high frequency being emitted from the ground based station (usually a ground based NEXRAD RADAR or similar produces the pulse).

I believe this pulsed heating, done from the ground based stations, is INDUCING or ACCENTING current coming storm systems. The energy pulses may even DRAW the coming yet-unformed storm systems to each station emitting a “Circle Sweep / HAARP ring”.

It also would appear that the “geometric modulations” [circle sweeps/haarp rings/sawtooth sweeps/scalar squares] are done to increase the amplitude of the signal being emitted.

Whatever the frequency is.. its showing as a quick flash into the high RF.. and as the flash intensity increases .. so does its geometric modulation appearance on the screen — ultimately the higher and more frequent the flashes = the stronger and longer lasting the storm that comes to the flash.

You can read below about the Fourier heat dissipation analysis. The square , rectangle, sawtooth, and circle sweeps can be explained in the Stanford VLF geometric modulation papers.read more…

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  1. Jenny says:

    We have HAARP here in Australia. There's one here at Proof Range, SA, I'm sure it is. It's just south of Port Wakefield on maps. I've been watching the skies for some time now. Yesterday above where I believe this HAARP station to be round radar looking "clouds" with a grey ring around them drawing in a small weather cell. I watched one appear from nowhere, grow into what looked like a tornado on a cartoon show, then poof…just like that it disappeared and all the "clouds" that were behaving the same started disappear as if something was switched off. Then you could literally see the metals and particles falling to the ground. They weren't very high either.

    • MisMarieK says:

      I am currently using the Satellite Tracker app on my iPad and there are 3 satellites on the south side of Australia. Aqua, Lemur 2 TOMHENDERSON and Lemur 2 VU. I can definitely see circular patterns from that app mostly on the South side of Australia. 

  2. Spooked says:

    You know they are changing the weather conditions in other ways as well as using HAARP ground stations.

    I have been paying careful attention to the Brisbane skies for the past 20 years & have noticed that they ( someone) are/is causing some weather events to dissipate. But they are doing it from a couple of planes.

    Huge rain clouds will come rolling in over the horizon & I instantly see these two planes fly low into the clouds and buzz around for 30 minutes or so. Then like magic these big water laden clouds begin to separate and finally they just seem to evaporate away.

    It used to happen constantly a few years back when South East QLD had the major drought, it lasted for about 5 years.

    Then not long after Peter Beattie quit as premier of QLD the planes stopped & SE QLD had a huge rain event with major flooding.

    Now the planes are back doing their thing & the same thing is happening in the skies all over again. It has been going on this time since about June 2016  & I saw these planes buzzing the clouds as recent as yesterday 30th October 2016.

    I know  they are landing & taking off from Archerfied airport but when you try to find out anything about these two planes using their registration numbers as reference, amazingly they don't exist.

    • Spooked says:

      just an update: These two planes have been very busy over Xmas. Right through January ( lots of Storms & rain clouds about) they have been going hard at it, almost every day now. I think that they are either Twin engine Beechcraft or King-Air.

      But I did notice one day that one of them had part of the under wing painted black, then a week later the entire bottom of its wings & fuselage were now all Matt black. And they also seem to be getting braver and better at chasing away rain. In the beginning they didn't seem have much affect on the really big Storms and they would stay out of the big stuff but now they fly into Huge Storm fronts & do their thing with almost a 100% success rate.

      Maybe the black that has appeared underneath these planes is a non conductive material or rubberized paint. But whatever it is it seems to have given them an edge when it comes to dissipating big storms.

      I guess they would have authorization from the QLD Government to be doing these TASKS. The reason I say "tasks" is because they are getting too good at it to continue calling their manipulations experiments.

      That's all we need! A Government or Department that is secretly choosing where and who should get rain.

    • Kim Shardlow says:

      Yep…same with the clouds in Cairns. We haven't had a wet season for almost 5 years and whenever there's a cyclone warning, poof, it disappears into the gulf of Carpentaria like magic. The soil is depleted, butterflies and bees and other bugs have disappeared. I used to grow all my own vegetables but now, the seedlings shrivel up within a few days despite adding copious amounts of compost minerals and mulch. 

    • Earl Grey says:

      Last week in Sydney ,I have never seen so many Chemtrails bevor.The Clouds on the next day have been so unnatural even my old Neighbour next Door noticed.The sky looked very dirty and the blue in the far back,was not a blue like a sky should look like.

  3. David Telesz says:

    Almost perfectly circular, stationary, radar pattern that even appears to draw in a small storm cell, centered on Emerald BOM radar loop evening 17/10/16. This occurred during a fast moving low pressure trough with a line of storms sweeping west to east across southern Queensland. I am researching my acute weather sensitivity in particular sickening Northerly winds.



  4. Brights says:

    we have haarp in Oz, on Brunny Island. Been down there constant constant weird cloud formations, locals know about it.

  5. Anna Warnock says:

    I believe we have haarp' here in Australia and we are getting very bad weather patterns

    • bev says:

      Yes we have the haarp in australia,they have bases everywhere, including Exmouth in WA and Pinegap being just 2 ,they have been practicing geoengeerening for years in Australia ,Australia is not immune to this kind of weather manipulation,it should not be allowed,this is Australia not America, STOP GEOENGGEERENING in AUSTRALIA as i believe that is what is changeing our weather and killing the Great Barrier Reef 

  6. Tony Celee says:

    Read this! The Neocon Jews have obtained a stranglehold on the International Monetary Fund World Stockmarkets and The more dangerously the whole US Military Machine after most of their BEST GENERALS RESIGNED!! http://kingworldnews.com/paul-craig-roberts-nuclear-war-now-threatens-destroy-world/


  7. Tom Sucic says:

    Take a look at Project star fish prime and ask? Could the A bombs that were detonated in the Van Allen Belt named after Van Allen have some impact on our global weather patterns? While I was in Europe Croatiua there were a lot of Chem trails sprayed over the region I have filmed some, 4 out of four times I was taking notice these were followed by big rain and storms. Causing flooding, could there be a link in geo engeneering and Chem trails. Do they need the heavy metals and chemicals dropped to be used as a reflector to bounce the radio and micro wave waves back causing more heat there by producing un natural weather patterns? Yet we are told that they want to control the climate change and introduce Carbon trading to offset the pollution and reduce the impact of global climate change. We know that the Earths magnetic field has weakened the most since recorded histroy 1970 till now. Polar shift occuring. The carbon emmissions could have increased the natural effects, however the question remains regarding the other factors. Since 1960 J F K had stated that weather control weapons could be the next generation of warfare. He also revealed the Secret Skull and Bones Society. Was thsi the reason he was assassinated? Interesting SBS show regarding his death was aired just after the G 20 summuit in QLD, Blaming the Secret service for his death and the cover up that followed, Are we at war? Or are the HAARP devices used to try and balance the natural global weather changes that occur periodically? We are not in the “need to know” group and I doubt that even some of the politicians do know. Could this be a part of the global population reduction control agenda? Like the 1930 Rockefeller foundation plan for global population control,
    G M O Foods, Cancer and other deseases that are occuring or are they experimenting and preping for the real deal? Recently I found out that the U S A has a patent and claim legal rights to EBOLA. Sounds silly does it not? But they can claim royalties and have covered other variants of the Ebola virus as their property? Here is the question, if Ebola has never killed more than 300 people previously how come it has claimed over 5,000 lives in West Africa this year? Was it engeneered? Too many coincidences for my level of intelect.
    Maybe I am reading too much into it and trying to find conspiracies where there are none? You decide.

    • Anthony says:

      You are right on the money with your theory mate. Im an Aircraft Engineer whom has worked for some of the industry leaders (Airbus, Boeing/Boeing Defence Australia, BAE Systems to name a few)

      And over the years they would always harp on about "export controlled items". They would reinforce our obligations yet would disclose very little about what items this covers. I never questioned it as i figured most things with defence were simply disclosed on a "need to know" basis…. however, having recently been "black listed" by the majority of defence contractors; and having noticed a recent change in flight paths in my local area (to directly over my residence) ….. (also noticing strange ground transmissions from the local airforce ground station) coinciding with the sudden change in flight path got me wondering exactly what is on this "all important list of export controlled items" ….. so i decided to do some research and found that if you get onto the department of defence's website, or even on google; and look up the DGSL list of items in which are subject to export compliance (also the "sensitive" and "very sensitive"lists) you will find a plthera of items from aerosol spraying devices (for civil and military aircraft) as well as viruses, genetic alteration and manipulation devices, (DNA sequencing and targeted gene vector enhancement)

      ……. in fact; there is information on many "controlled" devices in which support the vast majority of these media labeled "conspiracies" 

      Has anyone thought that adding ionic compounds to an environment may improve "over the horizon" radar capabilites?

      What about the fact that spraying viral vectors via "aerosols" can be used for target DNA sequencing… the vectors are sprayed as an "inactive virus" so it is harmless to the population until artificial light at specific wavelengths (outside the visible spectrum) could be used to activate these vectors in specific individuals as the government sees fit?


      Then theres the whole haarp concept which is substantiated by the above mentioned export controlled list too!


  8. fiona says:

    We should not mess with anything that we don’t fully understand, haarp should be shut down immediately!!!

  9. Redmond says:

    It is simply horrible what ‘scientists’ and all the other creeps are doing . For what ?
    It would be wonderful if there was some outer space authority blew they to the weeds .

  10. Michael says:

    Supposedly, the HAARP which was at Alaska is or is in the process of being shut down as of 19/July/2014.
    I have found a strong, usually very wide band emission around 3.2MHz for over two years. It has been there 24/7 but for a short period or two all this time including now.
    In defiance to international law, it never identifies itself as all intentional emitters are required to so I can’t say what it is other than it’s different than anything else I’ve found across the spectrum I have found around 18 other emitters across the High .Frequency spectrum that have similar characteristics

  11. […] HAARP unnatural cloud pattern in Australia […]

  12. […] HAARP unnatural cloud pattern in Australia […]

  13. Rina van der Merwe says:

    Oh how wonderful to know that South Africans are waking up ! Please lets all be alert to the proposed changing of the Air Quality Bill. Eskom is providing Electricity to Alusaf aluminium smelters at a fraction of the cost which consumers in South Africa pay.Radio Frequencies and Chemtrails are so bad in the North West and yet it seems like people are totally in denial as to what is happening.

  14. Snowy Smith says:

    BAN ALL HAARP and Geoengineering

    BAN ALL HAARP and Geoengineering
    We want to assist you in your fight against HAARP and Geoengineering.
    Our Government in South Africa has also been bought by JEW HAARP and Geoengineering.
    What we do is collect all the important videos and articles on the subject and put them onto DVD.
    We have 2 Multi DVD recorders making 24 DVD at a time.
    We hand out FREE DVDs to the Public and to Organisations who are on the same subject.
    We encourage people to make many DVD COPIES on the subject and give to friends.
    As you know JewTube has pulled many of the Best Videos on the subject.
    Also our internet in South Africa is pathetic making it very difficult to download videos.
    We need good videos on the subject.
    Please POST us good videos on DVDs.
    Pollution Watch South Africa
    P.O. Box 3021,
    South Africa.

    We will do our best to get ALL HAARP and Geoengineering BANNED in South Africa, Africa and World Wide.
    Please FORWARD this letter to other important supportive organisations.
    Best Regards

    Snowy Smith
    PollutionWatch SA
    Environmental Protection Activists,
    Nature, Marine & Ecology Enthusiasts.
    Civil, Political and Environmental Watchdogs.
    P.O. Box 3021, Durban, 4000, South Africa.
    Environmentalists: NO Fear, NO Favour.
    Mike Bloxham, Cell: 078-745-9049
    Snowy Smith, Cell: 082-964-8877
    Email: pollutionwatchsa@mail.com
    Email: faircivillaw@yahoo.com
    Whistle Blowers please contact us.
    Please Post us your pollution photos on CD.

    Snowy Smith, Pollution Watch SA

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