Lies, Deception, and David Keith


Dane Wigington

No matter how wide spread  the cancer of immorality and corruption is in our crumbling society and out of control government, some individuals still stand out as the epitome of despicable human beings. Geoengineer David Keith is one such example.

I met Mr. Keith in 2010 at the AAAS science conference in San Diego California. An exchange I had with David is recorded in the video linked below. His statements were very self incriminating in this Q and A, the fall out still haunts him today. Keith has demonstrated again and again that he has virtually no moral compass. His willingness to manipulate and outright fabricate data to fit his own agenda of personal gain is astounding.

David Keith is further exposed by Stephen Colbert on national TV. In the timespan between the AAAS video shown above, and the Colbert video shown below, Keith has completely changed his story. At the 2010 conference Keith was pushing to have 20,000,000 tons of aluminum sprayed into the stratosphere. In the Colbert report below, Keith is now trying to sell injecting 20,000 tons of sulfur into our skies. Get your story straight David.


Now for the latest BBC interview with geoengineer David Keith.

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  1. Bane says:

    David Keith is far from being stupid. Actually he pulled me in several directions. And those points have here been touched upon. I sense he is the front man for catch up with a pseudo inclusion of “public participation” about a “future” Geoengineering scheme, about which he knows already is a working solar radiation management program being carried out for at least twenty years. The SRM program currently taking place in plain sight for any and all to observe, can’t continue to be denied by those operating the global program. They get this. Further, as a part of the denial unraveling is a huge increase in general public observation, reports, and alarm at the disappearing sky and solar dimming. I sense a groundswell is flowering and people are demanding answers from public officials. The public is increasingly fearful and becoming vocal. Dr. Keith is a new kind of obfuscation not unlike a propaganda sapping operation to produce a bipolar style schism on the arena of a public debate that can best be described as a back to the future red herring.

  2. Tanya says:

    There have been proven video’s taken by individual’s on there phone’s etc….. It is supposed to be aluminum and Barium particles . This damages our soil’s and the tree’s – tree’s – oxygen – life ? What I don’t understand is how doe’s it stay up for 24 hour’s? It look’s almost like weird shape cloud’s etc.Every one’s afraid of believing in so called conspiracy theories and that’s obvious why. Because a bunch of corrupt people have spread that fear so they can get away with there dirty stupid behavior that put’s people’s lives at serious risk.

  3. Andrew says:

    Hey Dane, Just wanted to point out the guy sitting in the for-front screen shot of the video for the 2010 AAAS conference.

  4. Cassandra Anderson says:

    I know how you feel. I was one of those people who saw photos of lines in the sky labeled geoengineering, and one of those people with petitions to stop it showing up in my inbox. It only got a passive thought of “I don’t notice anything, our government must be doing what is best for the world”–and went on to sign another petition that seemed more worthy of my time. This is probably happening to millions of people. When someone finally pointed to a plane in the sky and gave me the spiel, that’s when I googled it–and never stopped! Now I spend most of my days trying to create awareness and getting it stopped.

  5. Chris chinalsky says:

    David Keith is a mad scientist of the dangerous kind. Although brilliant he will do anything for grant money even “put the danger on the backs of our grandchildren”, sick. He must be exposed and curtailed.

  6. Nicole says:

    Everyone please be sure to read this Report Abstract that Dane posted VERY important!!

  7. Nicole says:

    Sulfuric Acid he says which also comes from volcanoes. Let us not forget what happens to those who inhale sulfuric acid. It eats lung tissue and kills mercilessly and horrifically. For him to say these results look pretty good makes me want to drench him in a hot vat of sulfuric acid for an hour. If he pushes this agenda in any way whatsoever he is a murderer.

  8. Nicole says:

    From: Nicole Mardin []
    Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 12:52 PM
    To: Keith, David
    Subject: PS
    Are you going to LIE like your good buddy and send me the ChemTrails blurb or are you going to ADMIT it is happening and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? High road or low road, which will it be?

    Subject: RE: PS
    Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 18:25:30 +0000

    If you are totally sure that we are liars why bother to ask us? My guess is that you are not totally sure. Doubt is healthy. Conspiracy theory like this poisons democracy. They make it hard to have reasoned conversations between people of goodwill to solve the real problems that face us. Cheers, David
    From: Nicole Mardin []
    To: Keith, David
    Here is a picture of me and my family. If you don’t act, you have our blood on your hands.
    Your IQ is high enough that I don’t need to fill in any more blanks.
    Treat us with the same respect.
    And Meanwhile, His Colleague Had Stated:

    Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 08:10:35 -0700
    Subject: Re: Ken – From a mom in VT
    Nicole, I do not believe that there is any intentional spraying of the atmosphere going on aimed at altering climate. There are plenty of pesticides etc and there is some cloud seeding. Our government routinely lies to us so it is hard to tell when government officials are telling the truth. There is no ChemTrails.
    (Note: I had NEVER used the term ChemTrails. That was Kens blurb).
    I prefer to spend my time working on real threats to our planet, not imaginary threats. Therefore, I will not spend more time with ChemTrails conspiracy theories. Best, Ken
    Subject: PS
    Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 12:12:57 -0400
    Ken, Try your ChemTrails blurb on someone who has had a great big intake of aluminum, I try to stay out of the rain. You need to get a new gig, at the very least.

  9. Michel B says:

    If not for the fact Geoengineering is occurring and has been in earnest for nearly two decades, and practically researched since the ’40s, DK’s comments would be reasonable in an open scientific and public debate, especially if they ventured into the IPCC’s split on whether CO2 leads climate change. Though, it would be impossible for him to not know that SRM is in full operation, so great suspicion immediately arises as to his motives for continually talking about SRM only as a proposal at this stage. Interviews such as these, which are not front page news and should be, are the public dialogue that is being introduced to soften us up to the current implementation of SRM.

    The interview itself is too short to really plumb the depths of all the issues inherent in this subject. The interviewer looked frustrated and raised ‘contentious’ points, but they were too easily dealt with by DK. DK seems to be the promotional face on a deliberately inadequate public debate/interface in what I see as a transition from current public ignorance to mindless acceptance.

    The public are mostly unaware that SRM exists let alone is falling on their heads. They are unaware that ‘helping the climate’ is a ruse and a cover for military, economic and collectivist purposes. They are unaware of the real machinations of world history and financial control. Alternative technologies have been around for as long as the current fossil fuel technologies, but these are suppressed because there is little or no control (taxation) possible over those who are autonomous in using passive means to sustain their lives.

    Whether DK believes what he says about inherent problems with the ‘future’ implementation of SRM is moot; we the consumers have not been given the option for more carbon neutral technologies and now we are largely conditioned to not even seeking them out, although there are plenty of projects going on that have come up with great ideas. Look up 100 Top Technologies for some actual ideas for ways to power our lives largely without the continual use of carbon production and keep spreading the word on the current and devastating SRM programs.

  10. skywatchergrandma says:

    This morning on the Weather Channel was a segment about “clouds”. They showed lots of pictures and then even talked about where to buy T-shirts. No mention of our lost once deep dark beautiful blue skies with no clouds. I remember endless days of blue sky with not a single cloud, not now, we have clouds everyday. They even mentioned a facebook page called Cloud Appreciation Society. I went there and not one word about chemclouds, chemtrails, nothing. I wanted to post this websites address and say something but I didn’t. I need to think about what exacally to say first. I’m kind of frustrated lately, I get no responses when I talk about or post about chemtrails and geoengineering. I’m upset that people ignore and don’t pay attention to what is going on. I can’t believe all the people who don’t have a clue. Just what “they” want. I can’t imagine what it’s like for Dane. He must get totally frustrated at times. Sometimes I just want to ignore it too, but I can’t. What do we have to do to wake people up? So sad to see this beautiful planet being destroyed by these insane people. The earth has taken care of itself for billions of years.

  11. L Nesset says:

    I definitely believe that GeoEngineering, and specifically SRM, is happening already and to a large degree. After watching these DK interviews, and others, I am wondering if DK is now trying to get the public to get more involved. His comments certainly support much more public involvement. It is almost like he is trying to warn people. Of course he cannot admit to the reality of what is happening, he is much too involved, but perhaps he is becoming aware of the dangers and the only thing he can do is get the public to start questioning things. Dane, I would appreciate your take on this.

  12. Karen says:

    Can’t STAND him—he is the epitome of what is wrong with the those that rule the world—egoism, greed, selfishness,sociopathic materialism—with no sense of compassion or moral fortitude at ALL…thoroughly disgusting.

  13. Geni says:

    Are they using the recycled aluminum we are so diligently conserving???!!!
    We should all vow to never never drink anything out of aluminum cans!!

  14. Csaba says:

    This guy is ILL

  15. To Mossmoon. First of all David Keith is NOT a reptile that’s for aliens believers and a distraction from the FACTS of Geoengineering. Second of all Colbert is NOT brilliant he is just ANOTHER highly paid talking head working from a SCRIPT to “brainwash” the masses and make a JOKE out of Geoengineering. It is NOT at all funny that the U.S. Government is POISONING our air with Aluminum, Barium and Strontium Oxides. The reason Dane put this video up is NOT to praise the MSM and Colbert BUT to expose the LYING EVIL doer(KEITH) AS a FRAUD and A LIAR. Just like Colbert.

    Douglas Bickford
    and Donna

  16. Lynn says:

    While Colbert’s interview is very entertaining, (David’s satire is brilliant as always), the BBC interview was far more informative and a more equitable look at the two issues of solar radiation management and the reduction of CO2 emissions. We must listen to all information; this is not going away whether we like it or not. The one part of Colbert’s interview that was not touched on in the BBC interview, (because it was the BBC), was the bit about the US government keeping things from the public.

  17. Carol says:

    DK made many contradictory statements between his first and last interview. Still denying that the spraying of poisons is NOW taking place. Unfortunately, the bulk of humanity never sees these interviews.

  18. Nancy Levant says:

    Marjorie, I tried to set up an on-air radio debate between Dane and David Keith on the Govern America radio show, in which I agreed to moderate the debate. Keith refused. I practically begged Keith to agree to the invitation, but he would not agree to debate with Dane. He said he would come on the air with me, but not Dane. He said he did not believe I would fairly moderate such a debate. I promised him equal time and that I would only moderate, keeping my opinions to myself, but to no avail.

  19. Johanna Finney says:

    All this talk about it not happening now but some time in the future is such subterfuge. This political bold face lie is nauseating. Thank you hardtalk for keeping that snake on point.

  20. manor dweller says:

    he appears to be a perfect example for their way of thinking and being

  21. Laura Sutton says:

    Laura Sutton Something tells me that David Keith is being “a bit’ more vocal about geo-engineering than he’s been instructed to be…I don’t wish any human harm, but it will be interesting to see how his safety fares

  22. Laura Sutton says:

    If I wasn’t so sure that he has played a key role in the implementation of the horror of geoengineering, I would think that he was secretly on our side…..the transparency of the things that he says that are HUGE negatives regarding geoengineering are striking….and actually the first time that I’ve found anything laugh out loud funny about this subject

  23. mossmoon says:

    Wow, Colbert was brilliant. Amazing what satire can do if done right.

    I know we shouldn’t make this personal but David Keith is a f#cking reptile.

  24. marjorie horner says:

    Dane – would love to have you and david keith debate the pros and cons. we need to know the truth, the REAL facts, and cut through the bullshit. set it up! and thank you.

  25. All liars everyone of them. It blows my mind how the masses have been dumbed down by the TV. People have been “brainwashed” about everything. Our food has been poisoned with artificial colors and perservatives, our water has been poisoned with bleach and flouride, our minds have been poisoned with the talking heads on CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC ect.. NOW to top it all off our air is poisoned with Aluminum, barium and stronium oxides. Depopulation is EXACTLY what it really is. The government can get away with all the above and STILL most people look at us that KNOW the TRUTH as NUTS! Unbelievable!

    Douglas Bickford
    and Donna

  26. Kurt Pantaleo says:

    This man is a bold faced liar

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