Media Blackout Of Geoengineering

Populations around the globe are waking up to the fact that they have all become test subjects in the lethal climate engineering experiments being conducted in our skies without their knowledge or consent. As citizens organize with experts to present hard science data to address their legitimate concerns, mainstream media continues to do its best to marginalize or omit any credible coverage of the facts. My most sincere gratitude to Garrett and Kristy Wallen for the 6 minute video below which sheds light on the completely irresponsible and immoral actions of mainstream media in regard to the issue of global geoengineering programs.

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  1. Alan Cameron says:

    Google Halifax Foliage Dying You Tube. Yes the trees are dying. That is what provide us with Oxygen. The soil is becoming way too Alkaline. The only way to reverse that is treat it with Acid. This will bring a better PH value to it. You can use various things to reverse the Alkalinity of the soil. A very cheap way is to dilute Vinegar or Bleach. Add it to the soil. But be careful not to make it too strong or it will do more damage then help. You will also note that the air around you that you breath will be more suitable to breath. The best thing is that it also helps dissipate the Chem Clouds especially when it is done in direct sun. These people are not about to stop this foolish agenda, so do what you can yourself to alleviate the problem that is here. No one else will do it for you.

  2. classy says:

    They know we are on to them…not eating their cancer food…cancer water; therefore we are strong and can stand up to fight..they poison our water, food, clothes, and now air. When it hits people and we quit walking around like the zombies they want…maybe someone can listen. If they could hear us..Riots worldwide would erupt…leading us to the new world government. Yahweh tells us all this would come. Peoples minds have been poisoned. They can’t think clearly anymore. Well how can we get good air? How can we grow organically? They pollute the air. So sad…demonic…our government is the terroists with these corporations…mass producing chemicals and GMO’s. They go after terrorist so they can go behind the doors and talk how they need to keep up with their mass extinction plot..they can’t let the terrorists kill us their experiments not done yet.

  3. Garrett Wallen says:

    Call the Record Searchlight and KRCR channel 7 and demand media coverage on Geoengineering. The numbers and emails are provided in the video. Please share and post so others can participate in bringing awareness to the media blackout in Redding CA. Thank you.

  4. Jimi bEar says:


    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU and blessings on you, your team and everything you see, report on, research, and bring to us!! i am in Northeast Ohio and we have just experienced 12 full solid days of NO SUN Blanket fake cloud sky engineered atmosphere!! Today we awoke to a CLEAR blue sky and bright, YES BRIGHT sunshine!! In real time it is now 12:30 p.m. and we can already see the blue sky disappearing before our very eyes while the aerosol overcomes our dear beautiful skies again. We must ALL Activate to stop this belligerent take over of our dear sweet earth, NOW!! We are with you All the way Dane and you have our Total support, let us know what we can do to bring us back the sky, earth, sun and beauty we all must have. Blessings upon you our dear Warrior, God be with You!! -JB–In the time it took me to write this, the Sun has now been taken over by a proliferation of aerosol spraying that has just come back over our town like a black shroud!! THIS MUST STOP!!

  5. Andre says:

    Dear Dane,

    Plz keep up the good fight!
    People need to know, that we are dealing with psychopaths, who have no regards really for other people, nor for the earth! These creatures only care for themselves! These lunatics are not doing this to protect our beautiful earth, they are doing this to bring the population down, so these lunatics can stay in control & power over the masses, that is their real reason & purpose!

    Once a certain tipping point is reached, they can no longer hide and once the majority of people wakes up, to what is really going on, they are finished!!

    Plz keep in mind that they have written the laws for their benefit, and not for us, who are the 99%!

    They own the courts and the judges!

    There is one way, we the people will get justice and that is to revoke any contracts made! By doing this, they will get to face cosmic justice!! This is real folks! Without these parasites, I have no doubts, that heaven on earth can be a reality, at long last!

    Jean Haines has been doing an excellent job, of exposing these criminals!

    I agree, this is the way to shut them down, or in other words, these creatures will get to face cosmic justice!!





  6. Garrett Wallen says:

    Thank you

  7. Danna says:

    I live in Vancouver British Columbia. I have been taking photos since may 2014. Everything is dying over here never seen anything like it. I would probably say about 90% dying. Entire forests along the highways look like broken tree trunks. All the grass, bushes, have turned a black/brown (something I have never seen before). We live in a rain forest so everything should be lush, green, and full of life. Bark is peeling off several species of trees (I have photos). Does not appear we have that long as I expect even by spring people will notice the mass devastation. By the rate I am noticing I would expect anywhere between 2-5 years and there won’t be much left to salvage. This is horrible to witness. I am telling who ever will listen. All trees are either thinning from the inside out, being overtaken by moss, breaking apart, peeling, turning orange, or mutating by falling over or branches bending toward the ground. I wish I could comment on something positive but it gets worse daily. Not only that we don’t get any sun and when it finally decides to break through the clouds the planes are actively spraying to change that.
    I have a question regarding my soil samples. I did take to an independent lab but the lab is quite large one so not sure if they are giving me accurate results.
    Anyway Soil: PH level was 8.4
    Aluminum level 7310 ug/g
    Calcium 5820 ug/g
    Barium 49 ug/g
    Magnesium 5010 ug/g
    Potassium 638 ug/g
    lead 8.75 ug/g
    Arsenic 3.53 ug/g
    Chromium 25.5 ug/g

    Thought I would pass these results along. The lab I used was bought out recently by a big corporation so it is hard for me to trust. Anyway if you can give me more clarity on these results to advise if these are normal. Clearly everything is dying in my backyard so something is wrong. Also rain water is high in Arsenic and chromium.
    Dane you are my Hero. You are very brave in your fight to save our earth. I pray for you daily.
    Thank you so much

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Danna, I certainly share the angst and anguish about the dying boreal forests, it is so painful to witness day in and day out. Still, the forest has not given up, nor can we. If life has any potential to survive, it will. About your soils, there is no way to determine anything from your test without a historical baseline test. You may be able to find historical soil PH studies for your region, but in regard to the elements, it can be difficult or impossible to find historical baseline data that would have any verifiable relevance to your exact location. Rely on precipitation testing, this is where we stand on a solid foundation. Please keep me posted on any future testing you do. We march on in this fight, very glad to have you with us, Danna.

  8. bija says:

    No disrespect, but it is a Conspiracy – just not a Theory! And the man to thank for his tireless and valiant effort is Dane Wigington!

  9. Laurel M Marshall says:

    Thanks Dave Wiginton & ALL of the other contributors to this site. It sure sounds like there ‘is’ a news blackout about Geoengineered chemical ‘clouds’, Chemtrails & all the rest of the nanoparticle junk that’s being sprayed on us. And ‘if’ Rupert Murdoch is in on this EVENT (and I refuse to call it a ‘conspiracy’) [that’s one very easy way of dissing everybody & anybody who is talking about something the MSM is ‘not’ discussing].

  10. Ria den Breejen says:

    Sometimes you have to be pushy to get a reply. Therefore, your video is very important, Garrett and Kristy! Very well put together!
    And the audio works fine! 🙂

  11. JPV says:

    We need court cases, possible Supreme Court action to stop this. we have the evidence.

  12. Garrett says:

    Hello and thank you. Q- Did you have any problem hearing the music or the audio from the news clip?

  13. Kathleen Gabel says:

    Excellent video, Garrett and Kristy Wallen!!! It is completely worthy of the people’s follow up actions and with hope, successful results!

  14. Michael Thomas says:

    Hi good people
    I’m Michael, Cairns north Queensland Australia.

    Cairns is located on the far north east coast of Australia for those who don’t know.

    As recent as 3 years ago I have personally witnessed the dirty geoengineering of our beautiful skies here as well, so the situation for you guys, is exactly the same as we’re getting.

    You will have heard of a guy called Rupert Murdoch???? This eco-terrorist and his eco-terrorist nephew we’re awarded no less than 10 million dollars (AUD) by the then Gillard government here in Australia, for the sole purpose of poisoning the Australian people by dirtying our skies with their filthy chemical clouds…without the prior consent of the people.

    I am in the process of compiling a complete report on the issue.

    Also, with regards to our localized environment on the ground, I have had the unfortunate experience to witness a few native wattle trees which had fallen down.

    These trees were still green all the way from trunk to foliage. However, when I inspected the fracture point, I found that there were no signs of any species of termite incursion. In fact, the timber at fracture was completely devoid of any moisture, and cracked like dry earth.

    Something has dried those trunks up so suddenly that the leaves and the remainder of the tree had no time to dry off or begin to decompose.

    So, it’s not hard to tell that something more serious is afoot here, meaning we have heavy fallout of nano-partricles of heavy metals settling into the soils due to blatant geo-engineering.

    When I have more info, I will forward copies to you.

    All the best for now

    MichaelT (Cairns, Australia)
    MOBILE: +61438-492962

  15. rudy hoffmann says:

    Dear Dane Wiginton, first I want to thank You most heartfully for what You are doing for all of us and our whole world. I am writing from Italy and there is one very particular thing that I am working and practising on, on behalf of dissipation of either trails and chemclouds. Would it be possible for You to contact me? Maybe then it could beef help to achieve good progress in our fight against geoengineering. most faithfully,r hoffmann

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