The Untold History of The US. The Bush and Obama Age of Terror: Oliver Stone


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  1. Dyl80 says:

    I feel like my fear of being ridiculed, questioned and pressured on what know to explain myself by the many ignorant people stuck in cognitive dissonance about the global conspiracy an the state humanity is in, is stopping me from taking some kind of action….. thats probably another reason they are spraying and trying to poison us in general….. deep down i know we all have the power for action its just ingnorance and division that stops it from happening peace out

  2. B Merriott says:

    I don't want to read any more details about how unbelievably appalling this attack on humanity is.   Instead, please can we use this speedily diminishing opportunity to discuss what can actually be done?  Can we start by publicising those names that come up again and again as the power behind this global assault?  And what about those organisations that provide the psycopathic mercenaries who carry out the actual mur.ders and destruction?  i also am finding it more difficult to excuse the stupidity, laziness, greed and cowardice of so many who are "innocently" involved in carrying out highly suspicious orders. 

  3. Michel B says:

    Isn't it incredible how this small corrupt group, concentrated in families, has taken over the power centers throughout much of the world?! What persistence, planning and adherence to a central plan. And that it has been achieved over generations is testimony to the ethic of inheritance, a central tenet of those families.

    And think of the bloodshed, poverty, misery, the stifling of the flowering of most human's potential in this world. And all for what? A feeling of power? More money than you can spend in dozens of lifetimes? Fear of their own inevitable death? Their lack of consciousness is the most glaring thing.

    Just look at what is missing in what they say. They don't talk about any real essentially good thing. They spiel out the most hollow of rhetoric and truly poorly too. It should be moving us to rage because it is so obvious, so audacious, so blatant, so transparent. Besides those who are swept away by the bullshit, the rest of us, I am afraid, just hope for some improvement. But there is nothing more useless than hope. 'Hope' should be a word of shame because of its inherent intimation of non-action.

    Look at how much effort the bad guys put into their actions! They don't sit around wishing. They get off their arses and do something.

    • bija says:

      Michael B – I always like what you have to say, I suppose because it often matches what I am thinking and you say it so precisely. I no longer have hope in the real sense. I just believe that action is its own reward and that striving carries more weight than actual accomplishment. That is what keeps me going these days.

      In the words of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Hesh: "Indifference to Evil is More Evil than Evil itself."

  4. bija says:


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