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You are now Breathing Ethylene Dibromide, Virally Mutated Molds, Nano-Particulates of Aluminum and Barium, and Polymer Fibers with Unidentified Bio-Active Material

This image showing a relatively pristine earth was taken during the Apollo Missions between 1969 and 1972. The earth floats like a beautiful blue and white jewel in space with no haze or luminosity covering it.

Compare it with the next few images of earth taken during the era of chemtrails.  Shocking isn’t it?



Do you have toxic levels of Barium and Aluminum in your blood?  A number of people living in Arizona have discovered that they have blood levels of Aluminum or Barium 150 times higher than the amount considered safe. Many are experiencing the classic symptoms of Barium poisoning. Barium damages the immune system, causes dose-related muscle weakness up to total paralysis including the heart & lung muscles.

Arizona, like the rest of the country has experienced heavy chemtrailing since 1997. So there is good reason to suspect there may be widespread problem with toxic levels of Barium & aluminum in the U.S. population,


In 2003 life expectancy in the USA was 77.6 years. The drop to 69.3 years since 2003, a drop of over 8 years in less than 6 years, is startling information.  This period of time just happens to coincide with a time when there has been non-stop spraying of chemtrails coast to coast on an almost daily basis.  There is plenty of scientific research proving that any increase in airborne particulates causes a corresponding increase in the death rate of the exposed population so imo the chemtrails are a glaringly obvious factor in this significant drop in expected life span.



According to a report published 8/28/06 in The Idaho Observer recent lab reports found the following in samples of chemtrail fall-out: bacteria including anthrax and pneumonia, 9 chemicals including acetylcholine chloride, 26 heavy metals including arsenic, lead, barium, mercury and uranium, 4 molds and fungi, 7 viruses, 2 cancers, 2 vaccines and 2 sedatives.


An Arizona Doctor speaks out after finding high levels of Barium contamination in his patients:

“… patients are coming in with frequent headaches, sinus congestion, asthma and ear infections… I attribute this to the chemicals which our government is spraying in OUR air!
… the “hair analysis” labs which I run on some of my patients are all indicating HIGH levels of Barium. My own hair analysis indicated high Barium levels…  high levels of barium in our hair means either barium is being stored from digestion or the hair is being contaminated by an outside source[barium from chemtrails]. I am quite concerned with this violation of our environment by a government that denies it is occurring… One only has to step outside and look up at the sky to see our tax dollars at work”


Chemtrail aerosol fibers enlarged 60X above

“Polymer chemist Dr. R. Michael Castle has studied atmospheric polymers for years. He has found that some of them contain bioactive materials, which can cause “serious skin lesions and diseases when absorbed into the skin.” He has identified microscopic polymers comprised of genetically-engineered fungal forms mutated with viruses. He says that trillions of fusarium (fungus)/virus mutated spores), which secrete a powerful mico-toxin, are part of the air we breathe.”


Jan Smith has been suffering from Morgellons/Nanotechnology disease for over 10 years now.  Her impressive research and

documentation has put her in the forefront of those working to unravel the mysteries of this horrifying new disease.  The research and documentation presented at the link below is a must read.  Please pass this information on to your doctors, congressional representatives and the media.


Before It’s News <—Source

49 Responses to You are now Breathing Ethylene Dibromide, Virally Mutated Molds, Nano-Particulates of Aluminum and Barium, and Polymer Fibers with Unidentified Bio-Active Material

  1. Trini says:

    Lived in the US for a few years.. even though I was actually seeing the doctor more often than when I was at home in the Caribbean, my health was terrible. Back in the islands and it took twice the time to reach some sort or normalcy. Still get terrible headaches.. but the detox process is terrible. I undertook loads of vaccines that made no sense and probably added to distress. Europe has the chemtrails as well.. so how do we get out of it?

  2. Jessica says:

    Very informative website. Orlando has been getting clobbered with chemtrails as well, some of which are low lying in the recent month. Everyone signs of allergies, coughing, swollen throats.

    I find it horrendous that when you google it, a large thing comes up that states conspiracy theory. If this is conspiracy why won’t anyone answer what they are?

  3. Donna says:

    I’m with you on every subject you covered.This monolithic secretive society,is bent on our destruction for one of the following in my opinion.Corporate take over for remaining resources(profits).Following mad scientists and profiting from geo-engineering.Self created insane power hungry,right wing religious fanatical apocalyptic,self righteous,morons.Depopulation in attempt to keep remaining resources,water,food,air for themselves.To mutate us all to the next toxic evolution for profit.To destroy all enemies of a corporate military,bank take over.To economically destroy all competitions.
    These insane sociopathic,power hungry,greedy assh….have corrupted every aspect of american and world society.
    Our medical establishment kills 400,000 americans annually by misdiagnosis,doing nothing,or wrong procedures.Cat scans are killing 30 thousand(conservatively)a year from over the top radiation that other nations use as last resort medically.GEO-ENGINEERING is poisoning/spraying us with nano-alluminum,barium,polymers,metals,mold viruses,anthrax,and more.
    The media is part of this corruption and are profit driven.There protecting the very people that are killing us all(all life).
    A nuclear disaster(Fukushima:3 reactors melting down for 3 an half yrs,Japan)is spilling plutonium into the pacific at unprecedented rate/levels.The ocean is interconnected to entire environment,air,water,soil,land,food,ect.Whats wrong with this picture when a disaster 500 times more toxic than Cherynoble doesnt get mentioned in the news?!3 mile island was relentlessly covered for months for a small leak in the 70s.The media is the corporate puppets and ass sniffers and sold out in 2006.
    As long as these conglomerates are in controll and we have no communications(media) besides edited internet,we are fighting a impossible battle.We need to organize and tske back our media,by force if neccesary.I’m ex-military(reformed)and to regain controll we must take back the media false propaganda machine.
    JFK in April 27,1961 speech warned us of a impending secretive monolithic society.(not communism or foreign nation).A society that has economic,military,scientific,intelligence,material/human resources that are a threat to a free society.He was referring to corporate take over(business).And how the media must help/protect/inform the public of dangers.These same entities killed him and his brother who would have been president and followed JFK’s lead.This was a crucial pivital time in history we could have made a difference.
    We are already past the point of no return according to nobel prize winner world renown scientist Dr.Lovelock.
    At least they wont have any more profits,or habitable world to live in.Besides under ground in controlled environments or in space..

    • Robert perry says:


      As a very conservative Christian person, I take exception to your "right wing power hungry religious" description of the creation of this problem. In fact, if I were to really point out its inception, I could trace its roots to the liberal NWO power mad psycho's trying to redistribute  the wealth, and prepare the world for the great depopulation coming to preserve the worlds resources for the super rich elite so we can become the workers to serve them.

      I will not do that. There are just as many republicans screwing us over as there are democrat liberals. Power drives everyone in contact with it mad. Government, including world government has decided we are too stupid to govern ourselves, and God knows what they really put in chemtrails to control us. There are people like you and me who at least have eyes to see, and while we may be idiologicaly different, we breathe the same crap, and recognize there really is a Frankenstein monster, far scarier than the one in the movies floating right above our heads. 

      We all should spend less time trying to pin it on an ideology, and pin it on the criminals who are doing it to us. I am not sure if the world is gonna wake up and "see the chemtrails"; we can only keep delivering the message, change minds one person to another at worst, and to groups as we get the platform.

      We are all in this together, left right, up down, black or yellow or white; its the EARTH that is suffering nad the threat of extinction that unifies us. 

      I am with you concerning the future of our planet, and how geoengineering affects us. I do not take anything else into consideration, not male, female, dem or rep, lib or conserv, not sexual orientation, not color. We all die the same way….

      Keep fighting the "good information" fight, and spread the word.

      Bob Perry

      Indianapolis, IN

  4. Marc says:

    Jill, I live in crescent city, california.
    I am 44 years old and I too suffer from some sort of chronic lung inflammation. I too believe it is caused from what is being sprayed in our skies.
    My wife and kids suffer almost daily from the planned genocide that is taking place.
    I am hoping to network with people in my area that believe. I am assuming that you live in either Oregon or Washington.
    Would you be interested in talking on the phone. My doctors have no answers for me. They keep telling me I have asthma. But I know that is not the case. I need answers. Perhaps you could help me?
    duramax. 308 at g mail

  5. Deb Fowler says:

    Angela, hair analysis are very good to find out what is in your system. I had a friend who was a full time equine nutritionist and he always did those on horses too; he found out how to cure horses and build their systems with adding the right amount of nutrition and minerals

  6. Deb Fowler says:

    Wonderful, Alan!

  7. Deb Fowler says:

    Roundup leaves toxins into the ground water table for 30 years. It’s horrible stuff: I toured Scott’s Lawn corporation in Ohio; they use chemicals on the lawns to make them green, not just nitrogen, but nitrogen causes all types of global warming and problems killing fish and wildlife, so watch not to use any chemicals; if your soil and plants are healthy and full of nutrition they will fight off disease, just like our bodies; we don’t need poisons to fight other poisons.

  8. Tammy says:

    I agree….I also know that population reduction is a key issue.

  9. Jane says:

    One more comment today. I bought Weed Killer from the States years ago. This stuff was like Roundup. The one ingredient in it was Ethylene DiBromide or DiBromate. I can’t remember as I stay clear of it Now. As some of you are familiar most likely Monsanto makes Roundup and does The GMO thing that makes the seeds he alters the genes in which make them Roundup resistant, Aluminum Resistant and Drought Resistant.

    If they are spraying Ethylene DiBromide into the atmosphere and we are breathing it which I don’t doubt. It is neurological damaging to your brain and real bad for your well being.

    I don’t think that anything they are spraying up there is any good for you.

    History will tell you that this kind of nonsense has been going on for quite some time. No sun and Toxic spray interfere with your immune system.

    People on this God Playing with the world should really access what they are doing because it is affecting them and their own people that are involved.

    Wait a minute

    They are not thinking because you must be completely insane or just plain stupid to play the save the world game

    Or just interested in Money

    And we think that most are Stupid because most are not listening to this.

    Well these people are Stupid’r to do such things.

    And if everyone is Going to fall for the Flu Shot first ask yourself why it is free everywhere and why it is being pushed onto you.

    Better research well everyone.

  10. Jane says:

    Hi Jill. I’m from Ontario. Have you checked out PH kills Cancer You Tube. Also MSM crystals at Health Store. Get the Organik 99% pure. It is good for lung function and connective tissue. Get some raw cilantro into your diet. Also use Turmeric spice mixed with pepper on your food. It is high in antioxidant. 600% more effective when mixed with pepper. Use it raw though. Cooking will take the goodness away. Also cook with avocado oil or coconut oil as it can withstand high heat unlike the other oils that change when you heat them at a high temp which is not good for you. You. Have to research what the name is. I can’t remember the name of it. Good Luck Jill

    Alan have you heard of Oil of Oregano. You can buy it in different strengths. I would water it down though with alcohol because it is powerful stuff. You can take it orally also. Only a few drops under your tongue. Your infection around the ear might be fungus from the crap spraying going on. Also regular apple cider vin-a-gar with some alcohol might be a solution. Put a bit on Q tip swab and put it on the affected area on a regular basis. You might want to look up PH Kills Cancer also. Baking Soda is a wonderful cure for many things. Even bathing with ebb’s and salts will likely help. Good luck Alan

  11. Angela Jones says:

    My daughter and I both had hair analysis done, we live in central Indiana. Both showed off the charts levels of Barium. Hers also showed even higher levels of tin. We both are having neurological impairments. Crazy!

  12. Kathy J says:

    You have said it well!

  13. Nick says:

    Indiana seems to have had below average temperature highs for the Summer. This year, the temperatures have often struggled to get above 80 degrees, which makes me believe the Powers To Be have manipulated the jet stream to push colder air from Canada down here to Indiana. We usually often have Summer days in the 90’s, but not this year. Precipitation has also been really weird this year…pop-up showers and thunderstorms seem to come from nowhere. The radar all of a sudden blows up with storms that all of a sudden came out of nowhere. In fact, we had a really rediculously obvious weather modification program going on last Winter….several days below minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit..it rarely gets below 10 degrees on the plus side here during cold spells in Indiana. From what I’ve noticed, we haven’t been sprayed as heavily as compared to years past. The clouds have been puffy and the sky seems to be more blue than usual….or maybe I’ve just totally lost my mind because my brain may be full of toxic heavy metals from years of being sprayed upon. Looking forward to having a heavy metal screening done on myself to see how much we are being poisoned. God bless all of you.

  14. ceejay says:

    Noticed the spraying around 2001-2002, when I lived in Florida. By the time I left, in 2009, it was insane. Criss cross patterns, odd weird color “blue” skies, not of nature. People were always sick, with respiratory, and other ailments. My health has diminished rapidly, and I always took good care of myself..now I’m in the north east, Near Philly, (in jersey..the garden state..huh huh)…Planes overhead, are a regular occurrence, as the airport is nearby, across the river–BUT– Those streaks are NOT contrails……Def. not the same skies I remember growing up, 40 years ago..That color blue is now a distant memory.

    Blessings to you all….

  15. Had Enough says:

    Hi Olly, I live in country Victoria and have been observing and photographing chemtrails for about 2 years now. Yes….absolutely definitely they are spraying our skies here in Oz. Happening in NZ too, don’t think anywhere on the globe has escaped this madness. From what I can glean it may not have been going on as long here as it has in the northern part of the world but I can tell you that they are certainly doubling their efforts at the moment and have been for all of 2014. Go to youtube and check out videos the locals have posted, have certainly seen heaps posted by Melbourne residents.

  16. JulieClarity says:

    Ah, the psychotic second personality…the Military Industrial Complex, also known as Economic Hit Nation…of the USA is finally emerging plain to see. And, we the people seem to have become its primary target.

    It isn’t of the people by the people for the people in the USA anymore…if…indeed it ever has been. But, I regard the current state of the USA nothing more than a reflection of the willingness of the current species of humanity to induce its own extinction…take a look at Syria, the Ukraine, Israel…think of all the cultures that marry off their child brides in order to further the extinction of their very own nation’s bloodlines. I really can’t expect much from a race of beings that kills all other beings with thought of profit before longevity. Interesting times doesn’t even begin to cover how disgusted I am by the current race of humans. We are so disgusting…watering the increasingly contaminated earth with the blood of our opponents…whoever they may be…somehow or another, the USA is always at the heart of the killing of other nation’s children, it seems, now including our own. Way to go Humanity. Keep on pushing that extinction button because you do it so well.

  17. Olly says:

    hi, does any1 know if the spraying is going on in Australia 2 or just in nato countries

  18. Norman Gritzfeld says:

    We have a slough(in U.S. I guess it is called a pond) that I have lived beside for over 50 years. Yesterday I noticed something that I have never seen before. On one side of the slough there was a blue and green color film covering the water. At first I thought it was algae but was to thin for that. It looks like a bright blue and green dye was dropped in the slough and moved to the shore with the wind concentrating in one spot. We had 3 or 4 days of strong wind from one direction. We live in a rural area that would make it unlikely that someone dropped it in by accident or on purpose. It may be chemical runoff from adjacent farm fields but does not appear to be any chemical I have ever seen here. I believe it comes from all the chemtrails we have now. Has anyone seen this as well and do you know what it is made of?


  20. Gloria says:

    Yes. But Barbie….it is more important to run your kids to Soccer practice….

  21. Gloria says:

    I agree Doreen

  22. gingercake5 says:

    Go to https://earthdata.nasa.gov/labs/worldview/
    for current views of the earth. I think it is SO LIVE that the pics are 3 hours old or less. Scroll along the bottom by clicking dates. It goes back months. You can see proof that California gets no clouds whatsoever. There are chems everywhere else on the earth. The Gulf of Mexico appears to be dead. Check out a pic from July 11 just south of Texas. It’s a cesspool!

  23. SkyWatchrrr says:

    Ive had the same symptoms with muscle aches and pains, and my mother had A Fib this past year. I never thought about the connection of GeoEngineering to her A Fib. That just fuels my fire that much more..

  24. I’ve never in my life felt such unified world pain and discomfort, and distress based upon one common issue. i hope this is the awakening needed to bring us all together, well this and as mentioned above Fukushima, i do fear though that most won’t do anything till the last minute when it’s in their faces and we are all in for a Walloping of some sort. I still believe that everyone should immediately stop paying taxes. Do not give these Crazy greedy, evil UN well people another dime, that is their fuel. Try and boycott everything mainstream and commercial
    when ever possible.

  25. Dennis says:

    Use coloadial silver for ear drops. should knock the ear infection right out!

  26. Darlene says:

    Well put Barbie, and knowing the creator is in control gives peace of mind that he will intervene.

  27. Darkdays says:

    I also live in Edmonton and watch the spraying daily. Can always expect a Jet around 630am sun up flying in the east to north. They sprayed Very hard the last few weeks and I got many pictures. Tweeted them to CTV news also but they will not respond obviously. Canada is certainly getting hit as hard as the states. Disappointing to say the least. Some days the sun is completely blocked out in a haze/fog.

  28. Gloria says:

    Alan, I have been getting those too this past year. I Slam Echinachea 1500mg tabs 2 ea 3 x day for first 2 days then cut back to 1ea 2 x a day, and keep that for a month. It has saved me from harmful antibiotics and doctors!!! A combo with Golden Seal also helpful!

  29. Barbie says:

    So much sorrow and devastation has occurred because of human greed, selfishness, and the desire to dominate others. Some blame our Creator when it is really fellow humans creating their own form of rule and ruin! As bleak as it appears, that same Creator has promised to bring to ruin those ruining the earth before it is destroyed. Although I grieve over the suffering of all Creation, human and all life forms, I do not feel it is an unending cycle leading to our eventual demise. It is however, an obvious sign of how badly we need Divine intervention. We are limited as humans in the face of mounting assaults on our environment and health. Gmo’s, Fukushima, and geoengineering are only a FEW of the global crisis that face us and that would otherwise very soon lead to extinction of life on this planet!

  30. Doreen says:

    There is something we can do. Change our way of thinking and feeling towards each other and towards all living entities right now. Think and live benevolently. Nothing can hold back the manifestation of our collective good will.

  31. Becky says:

    ok so I am going to try something here in my community about Geo-engineering. I am a musician so I have decided to devote this summer to playing music at our local Farmers Market. If I actually earn some money I can donate. But most of all I need to get this information out to the farmers and to my community while our sky is still blue

  32. Lynda says:

    I am sad for you ! We are horse people too and I have 5 children… we are always tired and sick! we live in the mountains of Québec not Montréal… We should be well but we are not…

  33. charleskafka says:

    part two, also GMO labeling, is being fought out in the open now,
    towns all over, are realizing that fluorine in the water supplies are a waste of valuable township monies.
    personal gun ownership, is still strong..
    we are winning this sort of..
    but it won’t be an easy victory.

  34. charleskafka says:

    there is a fix..
    make it public,
    the mandatory chip clause was just removed (disappeared) from obama care,
    in 2007, a false flag attempt (the sinking of the USS Enterprise (with all hands) was foiled..
    make it so congress, and the lame stream media are the last to know (again, in my best forest gump voice)

  35. James says:

    Jill, that’s a heart breaking story. I know the Charlottes, having trekked miles and miles on the inside Hecate Strait beaches. Don’t give up.

    James (in Ontario)

  36. James says:

    SB, being an active organic farmer myself and looking for a solution, i discovered this interesting place in Arg, called El Bolsón, also in the mountains. I’m looking for a back-up plan which seems adaptable for me,(just passing it on). Lots of water, nuke free, no GMO, horse country too. Try Ginger root capsules for the aches, it might work for you.
    James (in Ontario)

  37. Tim says:

    We are all DEAD once they unleash part 2 of the spray. FEMA is already prepping.

  38. Jill says:

    I used to be a very healthy, active person. At 54 I’m dying of lung disease. Never a smoker. I don’t have a load of time left so I’m doing the little left that I can do this summer and I’m speaking out. Believe it or not there is quite an interested audience. The government sprays over my home almost daily (gotta love the Northwest) so it’s easy to point out what’s going on. Everyone is so used to the aerosol clouds that they didn’t even realize it wasn’t natural. Everyone I’ve talked to just keeps asking questions. I don’t dramatize it, I just tell what I’ve read about and then point overhead. I then give them some good resources to look at. I feel that our area is under extreme stress this summer. This summer has been like no other. I moved here in ’89 and it was still beautiful. Today when kayaking back from our local islands, you couldn’t see any of the mountains that are only 40 miles away. They were shrouded in a white haze. The sky it completely white this afternoon as I write this. I’m doing the best to manage my disease, but I’m not going to buy into the lung transplant cure as there’s no point. I really don’t want to live in this world much longer. I hope I last long enough to see my youngest dog into old age, but other than that he’s my last dog and I’ll never get another. My heart breaks daily seeing this world and its beautiful inhabitants suffering and dying because of this insane group of humans. I just got back from the Queen Charlottes, BC hoping to see the “pristine” west side of Graham Island. Instead I walked beaches layers deep in plastic bottles…..all the beaches. I wanted to cry and scream, but I knew it wouldn’t do any good.

  39. kyle says:

    edmonton ab canada clear blue with particulate coming after. then spray hard three days out of seven no particular sequence.mix it up mix and mix up the minds

  40. kyle says:

    hijack,or pirate the planet ,pirate the living cell,a new age of existance the world will see.they have minds without emotion we have hearts with LOVE AND COMPASSION. We will not be selfish.Dane Russ Richard love you people and all friends together thanks..

  41. Southernbelle says:

    I am a very active organic gardner, own horses and ride a lot. I’m always outside. I noticed the chem trails in 2012, they have been stepped up in 2013 almost daily. This year I am suffering from muscle aches and pains. Also I was hospitalized last Dec for A Fib when my heart went out of rhythm for almost 2 days. I don’t smoke but now notice my lungs arent as strong as they were. These virus’s that we catch now go straight to your lungs like GLU and you cough for 2 months. I live in the mountains with clean air. I have to stay inside now until it falls or wear a mask outside. Some days I want to scream.

  42. Might as well party like a rock star we are ALL DEAD anyway. I have been fighting an itchy rash for 2 years now. Just keeps spreading all over my body. I am being told by my VA Dermatologist my immune system is wacked out and NOTHING can be done about it. The bastards(U.S. Military) are NEVER going to stop. I am to the point I don’t even care anymore. NOBODY is going to do anything about it and this whole read from Dane proves it.

  43. Francis Reps says:

    Future generations will be living in a hell on earth. The NSA has so much dirt on our representatives that they { almost to a man } will not utter one word against this poisonous activity. Their complicity is as evil as the instrumentalities who are engaging in this activity. do not expect much resistance from our schoolchildren since Common Core is dumbing them down at a remarkable rate. Take heart in your belief of a Divine Being who will certainly visit proportionate retribution on these so called Human Gods. Other than that : Find a safe place { relatively } and stay calm.

  44. Alan says:

    Ear infection, check. First one at age 50 and can’t get rid of it. It’s spreading all around the ear.

  45. Alan says:

    Whoa, SCAREY stuff. Anyone offering a solution?

  46. Erik says:

    Instead of sharing thru a controlled social platform, simply print copies of articles and hand them to people. Handing just 3 out reaches more people then hitting share on F’dBook

  47. SParky says:

    I tried to read post this on Facebook. I received it on my feed. When I tried to repost it it said that there is something in the feed that is not allowing me to repost this. Is my freedom minutes between your freedom of speech being interrupted or is this a glitch?

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