20-06-2014: the day I got convinced of the existance of Chemtrails


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  1. Muad'dib says:

    I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain

    This is how you should keep your mind during this assault

  2. deborah sacco says:

    Stay out of Fear, that’s the mind killer and you would be playing into the negative’s hand or game plan. I suggest a peaceful way through would be to a concentrated effort of our minds towards the chemtrails may be to intend “neutralize for our (humamity’s) highest greatest good and point your finger at the trail ans circle it counter clock wise thinking Neutralize!We are Humanity and we are sovereign, sacred and Powerful!!! Especially when five or more get together.. cloud busting was just child’s play but good practise. Ask, knock and the door will be opened! They’re here to aid. We are here to “DO”!! Of course there is lots to do raise awareness and vibrations the one place that fear does not live!!

  3. sherry taylor says:

    ah..haven’t seen circles like that before.
    It took more than that for me..well even after being directly sprayed from a low altitude and getting very sick..it wasn’t until a friend said he was depressed about it..that I thought I’d start investigating and observing..as I felt badly that he was so sad and angry about it.
    Then..I felt that way too.
    I was listening to the love frequency just now and saw that it was used to clean water in the Gulf.
    I wonder if we could use a good frequency..similar to chem busters or cloud busters..to clean the air on a bigger scale.
    I am not sure what the frequency of the orgonite towers is but it seems to work somewhat…and there are how to build sites on the net.
    If only we knew where these planes were based..and had some way to influence them..to stop the poisoning of the atmosphere and all of us..and start cleaning it up.
    There are so many negative factors happening right now..and yet the most recent Jeffrey Smith talk I just saw on the Grapevine..is so positive re gmo eradication. Hopefully if we keep going..re both this and the air..it will help.
    Breathing clean air should be the first right of a human..that and clean water..then the right to grow your own food.
    It isn’t worth the effort in my opinion to argue with people or try to convince those who refuse to inquire with an open mind..but if we talk to people we know and care about about how it makes us feel..that’s a good start.
    I feel very sad for the planet.
    sure the pole shift, methane melt, nibiru orbit, nuclear meltdowns. and a few things I may have forgotten can do us in..but do we have to deliberately poison everything?
    All nuclear reactors could be encased in cement right now if there was the “will”.
    It is amazing this whole scheme is working so well..to me.
    Brain freeze from poison air, food and water, then radioactive fallout..and just “not telling” the people should be enough given they will be so numbed out from the fluoride..and other goodies added to the chemical mix. Of course this has been preceded by half a century of carefully planned brainwashing. I only hope some kind ET’s save us.

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