911 Architects and Engineers For Truth Joins GeoengineeringWatch Radio


It is a great honor to feature an interview with Richard Gage on GeoengineeringWatch Radio. Richard is the head of the 911 Architects and Engineers for truth movement. This group is over 2200 strong and growing. The evidence they present about the true realities of what happened on 911 are truly shocking and beyond any reasonable doubt. The crimes of 911 changed the course of the world. The US government used this event to fully unleash the military industrial juggernaut of insanity upon the world. 911 was also the license for clamping down on civil liberties. The two issues that could most change the world if fully exposed are the true events of 911 and the global climate engineering insanity. Each of these issues helps to expose the other by shattering people’s delusion about what the government really is, and what our government is capable of. The hour long interview with Richard Gage is enlightening and alarming. Let’s all make our voices heard while we can, we must all help to sound the alarm.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Alton T DeVeaux Jr says:

    We all are very aware of the  WTC/911 attack that resulted in the murder of several thousand Americans, a war that slaughtered millions of Iraqi people and killed or maimed several thousand American soldiers.. This was a blatant act of Domestic terrorism, treason, murder and theft.. We have a shadow government replete with psychopaths committing the most heinous acts of criminality in our country with impunity..The question is, what is going to be done about it and when will these perpetrators be brought before the judicial system to be held accountable for their crimes??? We definitely don't have a problem becoming outraged and demanding of justice when someone mistreats and animal.. Go figure!!

  2. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you, Richard, Dane and Russ for all you do.

    As someone who recognized, even watching TV, something like controlled demolitions as the towers fell, it was easy to spot geoengineering aerosols being sprayed. Although shocking, history pointed to the possibility. It is true that once a healthy skepticism is matched with credible facts, our whole understanding of what it means to be an American is challenged.

    This is an especially impactful interview right now, since it seems that some “new and improved” threat is being foisted upon us with ISIS. Whether this is the extent of the threat or if there is more drama planned, we need to call FOUL on all of it.

    A incredibly disturbing headline today on Democracy Now! (9/30) states that we have lost 52 percent of all wildlife population on the planet since 1970. My heart is broken to hear this. We must keep talking, exposing and looking up while we can still think!

    Love, Peace and Courage to all who come here 🙂

  3. josef rueschli says:

    they might think that a sizeable number of the amer. folks are stupid or don’t care or ????, but not all; some of those that are not stupid ,etc, will do the critical investigation that your organization is doing. why not hit youtube and every other internet tool (infowar.com, etc. etc. Rush Limbaugh, etc.etc. ) to get to more (stupid)of the amer folks….non stop. n the know. how about getting Rand Paul to blast away. God bless your forward motion.

  4. James says:

    Tremendous epic interview with Richard Gage. Concur wholeheartedly with the commentary appreciating Richard as the prime mover growing 9/11 awareness and keeping it alive. This interview is jammed packed with insight into the awakening process. For me it was like coming out of a trance. The real world faded painfully into view, slowly materializing, as the make-believe world dissipated like morning mist burning off.

    When Colin Powell stood up and spoke at the UN, I didn’t believe him. I followed the unfolding war story ardently without fully understanding the real background, because I was still under the spell. Then one day I watched a youtube video showing one of the towers coming down. I was stunned by the clear recognition that it just couldn’t physically happen without controlled guidance, not once, and most definitely not twice. My understanding of 9/11 did a back-flip on the spot, and within days I found Architects and Engineers. Then Niels Harrit published his work and everything clicked into place; there was no longer room for doubt.

    Back then I was struck at the number of people bringing Judy Wood into the conversation. Her comic-book version of the event would sweep Niels Harrit and the facts of demolition under the rug. Many thanks to Dane and Richard for tossing this scarecrow in the garbage bin. She is indeed a piece of work.


  5. John Seeland says:

    Thanks for your efforts Dane! It’s great to see almost 14 million views on this important site. I agree that 9/11 and geo-engineering are the two most important events of this century. Both of them were done right in our collective faces, making the widespread apathy/denial about them even more startling. I believe this is a clear example of Cognitive Dissonance… people don’t want their belief systems challenged. Thirteen years have passed since 9/11 and there has been no true investigation. This has allowed those responsible to crawl back into the darkness they represent without being exposed, tried and punished. Many truth seekers have given up trying to educate people about these events out of sheer frustration. I’ve come close after my brother, who is an engineer, refused to believe the truth about either of these outrageous events. One of the reasons is because there is no clear picture of the end result. Should the individuals responsible for 9/11 be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity? Would the war, hatred and curtailing of civil rights be stopped and reversed? If geo-engineering were simply stopped, what would happen? In addition to these questions, how do we disarm the powerful effects of Cognitive Dissonance so that people’s long held beliefs are replaced with the truth? How would we rid ourselves of the criminal corporate influence that replaced “the government” many decades ago? Aren’t elections an integral component of the corrupt system? People need to have at least a glimpse of what would replace the insanity that’s raging in a positive light along with an idea of how a return to sanity would play out. Until this happens, the powerful programming we’ve been subjected to will continue to generate the apathy that allows it to continue.

  6. contessa montreal says:

    The financial corporations that received the TARP monies in trillions of dollars are all in those buildings that were destroyed to rubble. So George Bush and his cohorts they were able to wipe out the American people financially, declared war on the entire world,and created the Muslim terrorism project,etc. But for a simple purpose, acquisition of money? They will destroy themselves too, because they are still living in planet earth, including their progenies! They cannot escape all these things they are doing, because there is no escape, including geoengineering.

  7. contessa montreal says:

    We are now in the Orwell 1984.

  8. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    Excellent interview Dane, thanks. I watch all the shows they have on every year about 911. It frustrates me to no end to see all the jets they show with long “chemtrail” lines in the sky and clouds. Yet the shows will start out with the speaker talking about what a perfect weather day it was with beautiful clear blue sky. How stupid can they be to insert the geoengineering activities and clouds when we know that is NOT how the sky looked on that day. They even do this to 911 videos on YouTube too. Makes me so mad! I hope others have noticed this too.

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