911 Flooded With Difficulty Breathing Calls After Heavy Spraying


The degree of human health impact already caused by the decades long atmospheric spraying could never be quantified. Respiratory mortality is off the charts around the globe along with every other ailment associated with fine particulate exposure. Virtually every disease that is known to be connected to heavy metal contamination has also skyrocketed off the charts. The ongoing climate engineering is contaminating the entire web of life.  Its up to each and every one of us to help with the fight to bring climate engineering to light. No matter how difficult, no matter how uncomfortable, no matter how challenging, we must all engage in this battle. My thanks to the author of the article below.
Dane Wigington

911 Flooded With Difficulty Breathing Calls After Heavy Spraying

Source: TruthWeather.com

About two months ago I woke up one morning in New Hampshire and thought I was in Los Angeles. They sprayed all night long and you could literally see the fallout cascading through the rays of sun desperately trying to break through the man made haze. All of the bad memories I had from having to visit that area of southern California rushed back from recessed areas of my consciousness reserved for hard to handle experiences. If you’ve never seen it in person it’s hard to describe. In Los Angeles you can actually see the air. When it’s bad you can hardly see farther than a few hundred yards. It’s perhaps the most disgusting city in America because of this and people willingly pay huge sums of money to live there and subject themselves and their children to these conditions. This is beyond my comprehension.

Los Angeles On A Good Day

People generally need to be pushed before they will act and do something. That morning I had been pushed. I was mad and was determined to take action in a way previously unexplored. After brainstorming for a little while I concluded the best way to spread awareness about geoengineering/climate engineering would be to illustrate a connection between what we are being sprayed with and the real time human health effects manifesting on the ground.

Curiousity forced me to look into something I had always tried to avoid. When you know something’s going to be bad you tend to not look because you’ll be proven right and you will find the situation is far worse than you thought. Well guess what? As it turns out when you peel back just a tiny little layer of the  chemtrail onion you start to find really nasty human health implications. So how does a regular citizen prove this? You start listening to your local fire/ems/ambulance dispatchers. So I went to my storage unit and unboxed a thirty year old analog police scanner and programmed it with frequencies that covered my area.

In central New Hampshire (Lakes Region) all of the towns are very small and spread out. As a result a central control apparatus was esablished to handle all of the hamlets emergency fire amd medical needs. By funneling all of the 911 calls to a central location towns could forgo the expense of maintaining their own dispatch centers and use the Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid dispatch center.

I began listening and recording transmissions after heavy spray days and was immediately shocked by the number of emergency calls coming from people that couldn’t breathe. As it turns out it has become so common that the dispatchers have a term or a code for it. It’s called “difficulty breathing”. After about a week of collating data it was clear I was on to something big. Below is a quick video I put together documenting these calls.

I have already accumultaed hundreds of these difficulty breathing calls. HUNDREDS. I have only been doing this for a little while and I will have to stop because it’s taking too much time to keep track of it all.

Please keep in mind I live in a very sparsely populated area in a state that only has one million permanent residents. Now use your imagination. What are the larger metropolitan areas and cities sounding like in their 911 call centers? Another thing to consider. My state is 85% forested. This is some of the most prestine land in the country with some of the best water in the country. Why are so many people having such a hard time breathing?

Are we witnessing the beginning of the affects of mass oxygen deprivation in humans as a result of the huge plankton die off ocurring that is primarily due to geoengineering? Are we witnessing the affects of decreasing oxygen output by forests because the trees are dying and under extreme stress from the spraying? Are we witnessing the adverse human health effects of breathing unspeakable quantities of nano particulate of aluminum and whatever else they decide to spray on us?

If you were looking for some concrete data that shows a direct connection between the spraying that’s taking place over our heads and the harmful health effects that are being realized on the ground I think we’ve found it. This is a public health emergency. People are literally dropping like flies.

Climate engineering is negatively impacting every living organism on our planet. You must become a super activist, disregarding fears of ridicule, and push this information out to everyone you know. When facing opposition your argument should sound something like this: “Who is crazier? Someone who recognizes the dire consequences of geoengineering and wants to do something about it or someone who refuses to recognize the blatantly obvious weather modification, continues to live in denial, and refuses to act even to save their own kids?”

Source: TruthWeather.com

21 Responses to 911 Flooded With Difficulty Breathing Calls After Heavy Spraying

  1. cynthia says:

    Thank you for describing the effects of geoengineering …i am aware of these up and down days.

  2. An excellent study and more at the right of this link on the effects of aluminum of the human body! http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3720708/

  3. Marc says:

    Remember that phrase: “the dumbing down of America?” BINGO!!!! Long term exposure to aluminum nano-particulates and God knows what else, may be the invisible “agent of change” which is dumbing us down on an apocalyptic scale. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and I am convinced that the open spraying OVER METRO AREAS has absolutely nothing to do with solar radiation management but rather, is a blatant program to YES FOLKS, KILL US ALL, OR, AT THE VERY LEAST,TO INSTIGATE WIDESPREAD HEALTH PROBLEMS TO KEEP US CONFUSED AND INEFFECTUAL.

  4. Chris says:

    I was born in Pomona CA. I am so glad my parents moved us to the east coast when I was a baby. I went out to Riverside CA around 20 years ago to visit my brother who moved there to open a chain of pizza restaurants. I was blown away by the air quality in LA it was brown air/smog. I was sick the whole time with a fever/flu like symptoms. I was there for only a week. After leaving to fly back to SC I lost hearing in both ears and went to a hospital right after getting off the plane. I had a double ear infection and a double lung infection. I know the ear issue could have been from flying but this was not the case. I didn’t see the brown cloud of crap in the air in San Diego. I could not imagine what it looks like now as back then there was bad air days warnings on the news.

  5. JC says:

    This is one of the reasons I smoke… I eat a mostly organic diet and have raw green smoothies almost every day however I do smoke 2 or 3 American Spirit cigarettes, which seems crazy for someone who is as health conscience as I am. Cigarettes have been demonized by the MSM and whenever that happens I tend to do the exact opposite. Smoking causes your lungs to go into a “cleaning” mode and lines your lungs with extra mucus, possibly catching and getting rid of the particulates before they get transferred into your body. It may be counter-intuitive and smoking more than a half a pack a day WOULD be detrimental, just like anything else, protection could come in “moderation”.

  6. Danielle Daniels says:

    Quite unfortunately, I was only made aware of the spraying myself in April 2014. My father passed away at 73 years, on February 22nd, 2014. He moved from Wyoming to Phoenix, AZ for respiratory ailment problems, and sea level did help his health for a little while. Little did I know that the Phoenix area was one of the heaviest sprayed and I am sure compromised his health even further. As a young man he was exposed to Agent Orange, spraying without PPE under high transmission lines, which I believe was the catalyst to his health for the rest of his life. His death was really hard, however in light of the spraying of toxic nano particulates we now see heavily everyday, for me the spraying was even harder to take on as a reality. That was like being kicked right in the heart. I talk to everyone about the spraying now that I know. Most look at me like I am crazy. The safety of their bubble seems to be the better deal. I encourage everyone to continue to bring others into the light of these serious crimes being committed against humanity and the planet and all life forms included. And I do thank God Almighty, that He is the judge and none of us. They will one day know His wrath and be judged for what they have done to His precious creation. I am sorry that I knew too late to help or make my earthly father aware. Sorry Dad.

  7. Mikeee says:

    Keep posting and trying to raise the noise people are slowly getting aware.

  8. Albertro Gonzalez says:

    I live in Whittier California we get spray’d like rats almost every day, i like to go running to the hills that are close to Whittier, when i run to the top of the hill and look towered Long beach, Whittier, Los Angeles my God it looks horrible you can see all the crap that there spraying on us. Geoengineering needs to stop, or our planet will be destroyed. God helps us!

  9. The best thing we can do is make sure these planes never leave the ground. 50 states militia may come in handy. Never vote against your 2nd amendment .

  10. JR says:

    Today 8-16-14 12:43 p.m. from all day spraying El Paso, Tx. is whited out and very bright in appearance. The lowlifes are in force, just like the Gremlins they are. Up the valley in Las Cruces, N.M.-USA the super big beautiful rain clouds are being hounded after and obliterated by the sky turds as I write. It is written the dog goes back to eat his vomit. I don’t cease in praying for our Lord’s remembrance just going forth daily in this world in all good and bad. He sees everything and all will be held accountable, even I am not exempt. Read Proverbs if you feel led today 24:17-20, Take care……….

  11. cj says:

    There are many things you can do. Post the many articles and videos on social media. Attend protests in your area. Hand out flyers on spray days by simply asking people to look up, and then point out the trail. A lot of folks still don’t know, and if nothing else, you have planted the first seed. There is a global march on Sept 27, 2014. Find a march in your area and join. Joint the effort to inform!!!

  12. Karen Strong says:

    How very odd the video has disappeared … Mmmmmmm yes ,well does that really surprise me … I never got to see it, it doesn’t matter though I am still utterly 100% convinced that this is true

  13. Paul says:

    My belief is all these so called experts know what is happening. There is no reason for any government official or expert in the science and ecology field to deny what is being sprayed into our atmosphere on a daily basis. If they are shame on them. My belief is that they are told to keep their mouths shut if they want to keep their jobs. I believe the media, especially the weather reporters have gag orders when it comes to SRM, chemtrails, HAARP, etc. Also the big pharma companies plan to get rich from all of us getting sick. Monsanto can sell all there aluminum resistant seed to the farmers. Can then spray them with ther Round Up, hence making more money while the general populations continue to be poisoned.nice world we live in now. There time will come when they all burn in the pit. God Bless us all.

  14. Tim says:

    Also, a doctor family member that works in ER says that on heavy spray days, the ER is loaded with people complaining of “inability to breathe”. This crap has to STOP.

  15. AZgirl7 says:

    It started on Oct 29th 2010,a day I had off and was sitting at my window with my first cup of coffee. One after the other, flying at a low elevation back and forth in a pattern, were the unrecognizable airplanes. Right away I thought ‘hey, that’s those chemtrails people talk about’! Little did I know that day would change my life.

    That evening, never connecting the two events, I thought I was getting a cold. Two days later my friend took me to the ER. I was struggling to breathe. They said I had severe asthma and COPD. I stayed there a week and went home. Thinking back on it, I remember a few days before the 29th saying I had a metallic taste in my mouth that wouldn’t wash away. I live in a remote area where if we do see any air traffic, it would be one or two planes in a day way up at cruising altitude. Photography is my first hobby and I’m sure if they had been spraying before that, I definitely would have spotted it. My previous photos showed an occasional one or two stripes mixed in with the sunset. But since that day in 2010, our previously PURE BLUE desert skies have been saturated with chemical spraying. Day after day, I open the curtains, and there they are. They even sprayed on Christmas and New Years. I got involuntary burning tears of frustration each morning for about a year. Each month that went buy I needed my inhaler a little more, then a nebulizer, then oxygen at night, and now 24/7. I moved to AZ from PA for the year round outdoor lifestyle. But staying inside seems to be the only way I could fight back. Yeah, life is great.

  16. Constance says:

    My asthma and allergy problems increased so much in recent years that I’m in the process of moving to a different part of the country with supposedly clean air. Some nasty allergens like cedar/juniper species are blooming longer periods due to warming trends. Now I wonder if much of my problem is instead related to the crap put in our air by the geoengineering gang. I know more people who’ve developed respiratory problems in recent years, even after moving to cleaner air areas. Then compound this all with the tremendous amount of smoke being released by wildfires in the Western states and elswhere. How are we supposed to live?

  17. It would be helpful to know over what period of time these calls came in; a day, a week, a month, many months?
    Doctors also would know if they are seeing elevated patient visits for heart and breathing issues. I have tried to get physicians to see the connections but they are hardwired not to believe this is happening!
    The air quality agencies need to be taken on in a class actin by the public who are aware of the connection!

  18. I thank this writer for making the clear connection between the deliberate spraying of our air and difficulty breathing!
    I live in the national forest area of Vermont where the air used to be clear and fresh and the locality quiet. Now it has become similar an area around an urban airport. The spraying aircraft are constant and I have almost blacked out several times due to breathing issues and heart arrhythmia while being sprayed. The spraying campaign has been stepped up a great deal this past winter to date in New England.
    I have tried to get articles about the spraying in Vermont’s newspapers to no avail and have been insulted for even suggesting that we are being sprayed with these toxic substances from above. The FAA in Maine (David Knowles) would not return my call when I wanted to ask where all of this air traffic is coming from that never was here before.
    Bill Mckibben (the founder of 350.org), my neighbor, also refused to return my call.
    I have had a so-called expert from the Vermont Department of Parks and recreation up here to see the dying trees and he acted as if there is nothing wrong at all; in fact he said the forests are in good health, except for the few species that have certain blights etc. I have 100’s of photos documenting the extensive damage to and death of trees across all species here!
    This flat out lying and denying has become the way of our reality. Our governing bodies, their agencies and even “environmental” organizations are part of this conspiracy against humanity! To me that rivals the evil of corporations like Monsanto and Dow.

  19. john says:

    I cant believe my daughter has got to grow up in this toxic man made environment, it sickens me to my stomach. I get the impression they are trying to eradicate mankind or just a percentage of us. Why? Are these evil destructive people getting away with it, are world is a ses pool ruined by greed and power? Its just looks like people have given up, its unrepairable, its gone too far. Would love to help, but how ????

  20. Gloria says:

    KUDOS to this ASTUTE citizen! Thank you so much !!!

  21. Ally L says:

    Hi there,
    I don’t think the worst part is that the dispatchers have created a term for the condition, I think it is far more telling that they are routinely categorizing the calls into specific levels. Bravo level, delta level etc. That shows how prevalent the condition is. These lunatics need to be called to account.

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