Anonymous – Against Geoengineering


(only the 1st 2 minutes are in Spanish)

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  1. Angie Home says:

    A question for Admin.

    Would it be okay if I mentioned that Anonymous is supporting you on my flyers?

  2. Angie Home says:

    Awesome, just awesome. How great is it that Anonymous have joined in I am so, so heartened. Ever since I found out not long ago, a month maybe more, I have felt we would never even dent the public’s lethargy towards chemtrails. No one I have spoken to about will believe me – its hard to understand. But now Anonymous has joined I can see we may have some chance of convincing people we are not raving conspirators.

    Welcome, Welcome Anonymous you are very, very welcome.

  3. Florence Levy says:

    Was Anonymous at the actually at any of the chemtrail protests? What is their plan to help us stop these chemtrails?

  4. Sukie says:

    Anonymous……THANK YOU!! More support, more investigation, more solidarity equals more power. This issue is one of the most powerful catalysts that I can imagine. The more we push past fear of alienation, of ridicule the more we will succeed. The ones that puke up mainstream fear based rhetoric must be smashed down with facts. We must always be aware, we must be honest in our anger and opposition. We are the many, they the few and no matter the propaganda, we have the ultimate say. Start NOW, write your MLA’s constantly, plaster your bulletin boards in your locales, talk to the naysayers and be armed, always be armed with the facts that we have gathered in the last 15 years. Show your pictures, relate your stories of new physical ailments, of struggling gardens and orchards. Be pure of heart and confident in the knowledge that there is legion behind you, many with the same fears, the same outrage! We do NOT forgive, we do NOT forget…..SOLIDARITY. THE FIGHT IS NOW!!

  5. Fran says:

    Woohoo, I am happy to hear this. I have chemtrails over my place a few times a week if not more. I do energy work that all toxic substances from chemtrails are transmuted into non-harmful substances. I am also happy of the benevolence of Anonymus to help get the info out on what is happening!

  6. Florence Levy says:

    The church won;t do anything about this or let their flock know. They never get involved in political issues. Very sad!

  7. Florence Levy says:

    The church won;t do anything about this. They never get involved in political issues. Very sad.

  8. BellaNatura says:

     ” First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” – — Mahatma Gandhi.

    The biggest crime against humanity is going on daily & no one is talking about it.  

    It’s time to wake up, folks.

    The daily assault of aerosol spraying of chemicals in our skies contaminates every breath we take….our water, soils, wildlife, food and quality of life is at stake.

    The poisoning of our planet Is compromising our health & well being.

    GeoEngineering & Chemtrails has to 
    STOP NOW!!!
    Do not accept this criminal act……

    Believe in our common unity with all life and in the community of all human kind empowered by love……

    To Learn more go to
    March Against GeoEngineering & Chemtrails
    August 25th
    PeAce n LoVe

    PeAcE n LoVe…thanks!

  9. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Having Anonymous on our side is more than awesome and very exciting! Spanish is the most widely spoken language, so beginning in Spanish is genius. Forget about the propaganda that says young people could care less about what is happening. Anonymous is young people with ethics, justice and real activism. I’ll sleep a little better tonight. This video is a gift.

  10. francis m Reps says:

    It is time to convince the Churchmen to tell their flocks about the impact of this strange weather and particulate spraying on the health and welfare of all life on the planet.

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