Climate Engineering, A Toxic Deception


The Toxic Assault On Planet Earth Continues To Be Ramped Up

This is more of a statement than an article. The map below paints a very clear picture of the true reality on planet Earth. The climate engineers are frantically pushing the jet stream into unprecedented configurations in order to force cool air south from the Arctic. They combine what cold air they can round up with warmer moisture pumped out of the Gulf of Mexico. This moisture is then saturated with chemical ice nucleating elements to create one completely engineered storm after another. All of these “winter storms” have very theatrical names, the current one being ” winter storm Maximus”.

People are rapidly waking up to the fact that there is something very wrong with the snow. In the meantime, the ongoing theater of deception and lies being spewed out from Weather Channel and other power structure controlled main stream media sources is getting worse by the day. Their mission? To make populations believe the planet is not in “meltdown” but rather that we are all experiencing a “brutal” winter in the US.

They try to tell us all that the completely unnatural is just “normal” weather. Why the change in message from main stream media? Because the climate is unraveling at unimaginable speed and those in power now only wish to hide this fact until they have put all their preparations in place. Media hyped “cold” headlines create confusion and division in the activist community that might otherwise be a more united front. The same headlines also help to sell climate engineering programs to clinically insane leaders around the globe.

Yes, parts of the US have had some cold temperatures this year, but was any of this natural? Does the shallow layer of completely engineered cooler surface temperatures over land, complete with chemically nucleated snow, really tell the bigger picture? Of course, the answer is no on both counts.

The map below should be a stark wake up call, it should make clear the true nature and magnitude of what is unfolding around us. The planet is in meltdown, the oceans are warming at break neck speed and thats the bottom line. One cubic meter of seawater can hold 4000 times the thermal energy as a cubic meter of air. The climate engineers are spraying unimaginable amounts of highly toxic metals and chemicals into the atmosphere in an ever more desperate attempt to hide the rapidly unfolding meltdown. The paradox is that although the geoengineers can create incredible short term cooling events, these same climate engineering programs are radically fueling the overall warming of the planet.

Where is the highest concentration of climate engineering taking place? The map below should make the answer crystal clear.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 9.26.09 AM

“..Every day now counts in the battle to raise awareness and every one of us counts in this fight. Arm yourself with credible data, stick to simple and solid talking points, and start finding people that need to know.” -Dane Wigington

Dane Wigington
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8 Responses to Climate Engineering, A Toxic Deception

  1. Divina A. says:

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  2. Iam MacLeod says:

    Dammit, figure it out! There’s a “Depopulation Agenda”! Where are people supposed to live?? You’re NOT SUPPOSED TO LIVE AT A L L! They want you DEAD, along with nine out of every ten human beings on the planet, and they don’t CARE if ten of ten OTHER animals die, or if all the soil on the planet ends up toxic! All these insane, inbred sociopaths are looking at is owning their own country-sized compounds, their slaves and “things” and that’s ALL! If the rest of the planet is DEAD as stone they DON’T CARE! They own the gold, so they figure that SOMEONE will ALWAYS be there to supply whatever they need. They have NO notion of what science is about, no understanding of it at ALL. If they render the whole planet toxic, they figure they can always pay SOMEBODY to clean it up for them. They think if they offer enough gold, SOMEBODY will figure out how. Meanwhile they’re conditioning and collecting more and more rabid destroyers who will follow ANY orders of theirs. THAT’S where we are now.

    Good luck – we’ll need it!


  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Ok, I’ve been paying careful attention for over two years, but this really freaked me out. The North Pole is Now a Lake!

    Published on Jul 25, 2013
    Instead of snow and ice whirling on the wind, a foot-deep aquamarine lake now sloshes around a webcam stationed at the North Pole. The melt water lake started forming July 13, following two weeks of warm weather in the high Arctic. In early July, temperatures were 2 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (1 to 3 degrees Celsius) higher than average over much of the Arctic Ocean, according to the National Snow & Ice Data Center.

  4. alex says:

    They are really pushing the limits now. What the hell are people doing to this planet? Bomb it with chemicals? Then where the fuck is everyone gonna live? These fuckheads didn’t think ANYTHING through! Everyones gotta stop wipig their arses with this planet, stop WASTING taxpayer money digging massive fukn holes and START GROWING SOME BLOODY TREES WILL YA?

  5. skywatchergrandma says:

    Take pictures of that sparkly snow when the sun is hitting it directly, like early morning, zoom in on it. Then load them on your computer and when you look at them zoom in again. You’ll be amazed, I’ve done this for 2 years. You see all the colors of this “glittery crap” and the centers look scary. Then take pictures of your windows when the sun is streaming through. You can’t see any of this on the windows unless the sun is hitting the glass directly. Watch the windshield of your car when the sun hits it. I’ve been doing this for 2 years. Everytime I take pictures those nano particles look different. One day the tiny particles looked like long straight pieces, instead of the usual round pieces, really freaked me out. Sometimes they look like two colors in each round particle. You can also see these thin fiber like hairs that glow and some are colored too. Not everything is colored though, some things look like diamonds or silver. Mother Nature did not put this crap on my windows or the colored sparklies or glitter on the snow. Snow use to look like diamonds but NOT COLORED. I took some pictures about a month ago and they looked like the snow had giant flakes of silver on it, much larger than anything I’ve ever seen. Experiment, take pictures! Then get back on here and tell me what you saw. Watch commercials on TV or any show, even the news, now you see these colored particles when they show a streak of sunlight. They want us to know, it’s like they rub it in our faces and say “now what are you going to do about it”. I think they photo shop it though, because sometimes I see a streak and the particles are all one color instead of many. What I see on the snow and my windows is a mixture of colors. Plus, tell me why movies I have watched over and over for years and even have on tape or DVD, now all have dark gloomy or white skies, instead of the pretty blue skies I remember. Why do they photo shop all this? People are not stupid, we know how things use to look!!! Why must they change history!

  6. James says:

    Speaking of ‘Sparkly snow’ (Mary), last night (3AM to be precise), as I turned out all the lights to bed down, i was suddenly shocked and amazed by the noticeable radiance of light outside. My back yard, out into the woods, as far as i could see was way too lit up to be normal, as though there was the fullest moon one has ever seen. Everything visible in such detail. The only problem, it was completely overcast with a dense cloud cover, and at the end of the new moon, the least bright phase because the lighted half of the moon is turned away from the earth. It should have been pitch black.

    Today I checked the Aurora Borealis effect, and not only is it low, but it cannot currently be seen from my location, i’m too far south , so i ruled that out. No doubt there is some natural cause of this light source, but i have thus far no clue as to what. I stayed up late tonight to see if the same thing occurred, but no, it’s the usual dark night , plus the cloud cover is gone, and I can see stars.
    The amount of candlelight radiation i saw last night, you could easily read a newspaper standing in the forest. It was phenomenal. The sky was well-lit also, all the clouds were visible, to the horizon. I would surely like to know what the light source was; or even what it could have been.

  7. 1776 again says:

    That certainly explains why the entire Gulf Coast has been chemtrailed nearly non stop: except half days on Christmas Day and New Years Day Period. We can’t see what they are doing at night, as they have covered the lower atmosphere to block our “all-seeing eyes”, and keep their poisons in circulation over us all the time.

    But here is what I saw in the middle of the night October 24/25,2013 about midnight (except that the background was night time dark instead of daylight. The “chem bomb” was phosphorescent and location was approximately St. Petersburg Beach Florida, across Tampa Bay from our direction.)

  8. mary says:

    Snow in New Mexico seems unusually sparkly to me. Could this be so?

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