Climate Engineering And Climate Collapse, A Live Debate On WBAI Radio In New York


Dane Wigington

This one hour live debate on WBAI radio in New York (hosted by Geoff Brady) presents two opposing positions and conclusions regarding the state of the climate and the biosphere. Dane Wigington (lead researcher from and Patrick Wood (author of the book Technocracy Rising) debate the facts. The significance of the threat posed by ongoing global climate engineering operations is addressed, along with the role that climate engineering operations are playing in the rapidly unfolding climate / biosphere collapse, which Mr. Patrick Wood denies is occurring. 

Facts matter if credible conclusions are to be reached. Opinions and conclusions that lack verifiable facts, are ideology. If we are to have any chance of gaining desperately needed traction in the critical fight to expose and halt the climate engineering / intervention insanity, we must stand on credible data. All are needed in the effort to wake the masses to what is unfolding at blinding speed, make your voice heard.

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  1. Joe ceonnia says:

    The power elite have their own Scientist that run out their political driven answers, that ifvany other scientist disagree with their scientist vthey are ostracized – in fact we can't disagree here without someone hits you with their bulling comment, we must be able to discuss these topics openly without being forced to think a certain way, I believe in what Patrick is saying and I should be able to think that way, and there's some of what Patrick says i disagree.with…

  2. Benjamin Cehic says:

    What's amazing is that in Saint Louis, Missouri, in the Pruid Igo Neighborhood, The army did this on a small scale. 

    The military did aerosol spraying from roof tops in the projects.  The purpose was for military weapons testing. 

    As a result, 70 percent of that population developed some kind of cancer or disease. 




  3. Joe ceonnia says:

    Another Beautiful Start to a Saturday, No Clouds, then the aircraft fly overhead spewing these trails, NOW we have a overcast sky!! Coincidence? Coincidence I don't think so! We not all asleep at the wheel of reason!!

  4. Joe ceonnia says:

    I believe that Geo-Engineering is and has a two part reason, Dicholomy. The other part is fear! It's absolutely working, people knoe, however the majority are to scared to ask. This deliberate fear is not without merate. People can see these massive, life altering , and in some cases life ending Storms. People's habits are being disrupted, and destroyed. Most see how storms might have been weaponized. Whole countries have changed their political views, Some in Japan say that the Earthquake that hit Fukashima and destroyed their (which is still leaking nuclear waste) Nuclear power plant was no accident. Some say this was a weaponized weather attack? This type of storms & devastatiom can & do change political views. So it's true, weather warfare has been happening if this is true? Here in lys the fear, and why geoengineering is happening. One of the side effects is the destruction of the entire web of life. 

  5. Dog says:


    Patrick Wood: “I don’t have any statistic at my fingertip, or my lips, that I can offer you, and I generally will say I don’t argue by statistics anyway, because statistics can be completely misleading. But I will say that the Earth has been here for thousands of years, if not way longer – it’s been doing great, up and down, for sure, and hysteria that people are putting out there – OK, people have a right to be hysterical about stuff, I’m not saying they don’t…but, is the answer to punish Mankind, or man individually?”


    IMO, this is a glaring example of a learned and articulate man who, although aware of the corporate/financial/ technocratic forces arrayed against the common people, is yet so blinkered by his knowledge of this, that he dismisses other arguments that stretch beyond this paradigm (which he lumps into the “Conspiracy Theory” basket).

    Here, he is proffering a dangerous type of dichotomous thinking.

    The notion that that almost EVERYTHING that people think about the technocratic issue, which doesn’t fit his particular mold, and is solely the product of the system of disinformation itself – is fallacious reasoning.

    That this system of disinformation, and desire of those who seek global control exists, is well-established, but to dismiss anything beyond that out-of-hand, is not rational. It’s Opinion-Based reasoning.

     Quote: “…And I generally will say I don’t argue by statistics anyway, because statistics can be completely misleading.”

    I am ASTOUNDED that a person who sees so much, can yet see so little, due to internal bias –

    FACTS ARE FACTS, are they not??? He is presented with Facts (borne out by Statistics, which can be scientifically verified as true or not), but dismisses them out-of-hand, because they can be “manipulated”??

    Gravity worked just as efficiently before Newton “discovered” it, as it did after him…

     Quote: “…But I will say that the Earth has been here for thousands of years, if not way longer – it’s been doing great, up and down, for sure, and hysteria that people are putting out there – OK, people have a right to be hysterical about stuff, I’m not saying they don’t…but, is the answer to punish Mankind, or man individually?”

    WOW – is all I can say about this statement…………….

    This might be funny if it weren’t such a JOKE –

    • Dennie says:

      "….Everything's fine, go back to sleep…"  

      Variation:  "God will take care of it."  

      How about let's try "God helps those who help themselves," and "When you pray, move your feet." Wonder what that'd look like?

    • Ron Marr says:

      Nice comment, Dog. Yes, Wood and Beckwith, and the others debating so far, are victims of Newton's single vision. No imagination, no opinion, just stick to the objective, whatever that is! Hear no evil, speak no evil and say no evil.

  6. simone says:

    Nature’s Powers are impossible for us to comprehend, but many of us brainlessly imagine that we may possess these powers.  We Never learn that we can only mindlessly let Nature's mighty Gin out of its “safety bottle”.   Whether in labs or underground or in our skies the prevailing in this world “EARTH INCORPORATED” reveals our loose Human Stupidity, illegally arming itself with brainless-technology, doing nothing good but only releasing the Nature’s Gin out of its bottle.. Only Mother Nature has a real control over its powers. When we interfere,  we are unaware of the fact that we are truly possessing almost Nothing but only our inborn, most retarded and shallow human perceptions, when compared to deeply intuitive perceptions of all  forms of life on this planet.  No microscopes or telescopes can truly augment our old inborn physical “tool”, our superficial,  ultimately deceiving and confused human sight !!  It is hard for us to "see" that when we are trying to “correct” Nature’s  ways we, ourselves, eventually become bleeding victims of our own nearsightedness and unthinkable ignorance.. While Mistaking our Wretchedness for our Superiority, and by breaking Nature ’s laws and manipulating its conditions we drag ourselves to the end along with all precious life on this planet who have lived and survived on earth for millions of years, without our presence. Our existing Education is FALSE, as it is not giving any true knowledge,  but only TRAINING and TAMING populations to slave for man-made artificial wretched systems.  New breakthrough Education FOR ALL  is a must right now,  online and elsewhere, making available soundly comprehensive, revised knowledge on our reality, on our history full of false human achievements, revealing wretched human mentality and its “excitingly picturesque”,  superficial scenarios of our human consciousness thriving on our abusive  self-admiration. Nature is our only ultimate school but we have never truly attended it yet.  I believe that this extraordinary Dane's site is the pioneering beginning in education. Sorry, so little time left!!! 

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Definitely NOT nostalgic, Pink Floyd understood in 1975 and the maker of this video knows too.  Listen and Watch carefully, please.  More know than we may realize.

    Wish You Were Here

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Bella_Fantasia:  I wonder how many times I listened to this song in "the good ol' days".  For those unfamiliar, here's partial lyrics: "'And did they get you to trade
      Your heros for ghosts?
      Hot ashes for trees?
      Hot air for a cool breeze?
      Cold comfort for change?
      And did you exchange
      A walk on part in the war
      For a lead role in a cage?"

  8. ZNOStreet says:

    The debate unraveled near the end over the most serious aspect of what we all face in dealing with problems, 'Ideology'. This is why Mr. Woods chose to cry foul following the debate. This is what we need to recognize in addition to the facts that we all are searching for an ideology even if the wall is 10 feet to impact.

  9. I'm sorry folks, but attacking a gentleman such as Patrick Wood will not focus the debate on any proper legal resolution regarding elimination of the corporate system.  THE PROBLEM IS THE CORPORATE SYSTEM.  CORPORATE SYSTEM.  Ya know?

    Mr. Wood's books are clearly intended to focus readers on the dangers of technocratic process, and how these processes supervene governmental agency, personal property rights, and the will of the individual citizen.

    When some suited jerk 3500 miles away has the ability to bomb your home into dust, deny you medical treatment, or sterilize your children, maybe you antagonists will wake up to the truth of technocracy and corporate ownership.

    Geoengineering is a LEGAL issue, not a technical debate…

    • So on the one hand; we have the majority of the world's populations as landless – financially dependent lease holders.  On the other hand; we have a corporate dictatorship styled after the Royale classes of medieval Europe.  Who benefits in such a system? 

      Excerpted from: Delaware Court of Chancery – Wikipedia


      The Court's jurisdiction is a hybrid of constitutional provisions, statutes, and case law. > According to the Delaware Judicial Information Center:

      The Court of Chancery has jurisdiction to hear and determine all matters and causes in equity. The general equity jurisdiction of the Court is measured in terms of the general equity jurisdiction of the High Court of Chancery of Great Britain as it existed prior to the separation of the American colonies. The General Assembly may confer upon the Court of Chancery additional statutory jurisdiction. In today's practice, the litigation in the Court of Chancery consists largely of corporate matters, trusts, estates, and other fiduciary matters, disputes involving the purchase and sale of land, questions of title to real estate, and commercial and contractual matters in general. When issues of fact to be tried by a jury arise, the Court of Chancery may order such facts to trial by issues at the Bar of the Superior Court of Delaware. (10 Del. C., 369).[1]

      Article IV, Section 10 of the Delaware Constitution establishes the Court and provides that it "shall have all the jurisdiction and powers vested by the laws of this State in the Court of Chancery."[2] The Court has one Chancellor, who is the chief judicial officer of the Court, and four Vice Chancellors. It also has two Masters in Chancery, who are assigned by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors to assist in matters as needed.

      Complete definition:

      When you no longer have land, property, nor any personal liberties as individuals, it will be TOO LATE to approach the bench with your grievances… That's where the corporate bus is headed…

    • Tom Keith says:

      psssst. Paul. The legal system is stacked against you. In the words of George Carlin. "They own all the land. They own the politicians and the city councils. They own all the JUDGES and the courts. You have owners ! You have no choice."

        If we are not allowed to criticize these people who are obvious liars, what's the point of it all?

  10. Kathy says:

    Geeez not another to throw with Paul Beckwith and the gang with the lame lies to cover their uninformed arses. Does anyone make HUMBLE pie much less eat it to save face ???

    A boat cannot float for long with any size hole in it can it? What is there to not understand about "playing god with the weather"  I dont need to have anymore evidence aside from mine own pair of eyes to see whats happening in our skies that blatantly screams CONTROL. Dont we all understand the primary meaning of control?. Control weather=control everything. Yes facts are needed and thanks to Danes sweat and life long sacrifice he FREELY offers these for the taking for those who CHOOSE to follow up rather than make assumptions to fit ones own agenda.No charge, no ties to marketing. None FREE verifiable facts, patents page alone says it all.

    Again I beg the question "How long can a boat float with even a small hole in it?" If we don't take time to investigate thoroughly ( and one does not have to go very deep) ..doesn't this explain all the purposeful confusion and agendas and propaganda fitting into ones personal view rather than solidifying and sticking straight with the concrete facts/ verifiable data we SHOULD know like the back of our hand in order to keep the boat afloat???

    One more thought. I have a elderly former airforce pilot completely awake, verified to me all Dane represents. One thing he often states as a former pilot….Being a pilot you must be precise, its a lot of numbers and not one thing can be missed or overlooked, nor can I ever allow emotion to control me when I am in a dangerous or ER situation. Everything must line up to land this plane and keep my passengers on board and safe, it rests on my hands, without this we lose control and site for the end goal. I will add to this, it doesnt matter if your quoting the bible/a Christian or any denomination for that matter, to a Boeing engineer to a Teller or a cashier at a local store etc… Facts/numbers ALL get distorted, lost or left out if we dont take as a WHOLE- thus too many choose to float their own boat with holes soon to sink. It can be clearly seen with our own pair of God given eyes, something is desperately WRONG and we better get it figured out yesterday, those involved in these operations didnt start yesterday launching their perfectly executed plan hidden in plain sight, therefore NO HOLE in a boat matters more than ever to gain any ground!!! If we want this criminal operation"s' to stop!!! and btw Mr. Wood Climate engineering is only one man made factor of the immense HUMAN destruction to the biosphere implosion happening now. Poisoning life through multiple factions by humans since the industrial revolution ramp up but it the worst and most immediate
     threat to address.

  11. Sezer Behlul says:

    Mr Wood contributed absolutely nothing to this debate. His stand point seemed to stem from an overnight effort of combing the internet. Such a deplorable effort on his behalf to not even come up with a decent challenging question or notion.

  12. Cori Gunnells says:

    This was a maddening debate to listen to, but another good example (shown by Dane) of how important facts are vs. ideology. Climate engineering/climate/science/Earth's balance requirements and where we currently stand (exponential rate of change) all have to be understood and accounted for. I've seen too many people who are only interested in select aspects, ignore or guess on others, and simplify outcomes (in error of not understanding how they all interrelate). Patrick Wood clearly fits the pattern of many – a weak ego points fingers and doesn't accept accountability themselves, or their part in the end result equation (civilization's draw on a finite planet). There is also apathy, disregarding careful examination and inquiry into how climate implosion is already negatively affecting life on this planet – this is it, it's all we have. Dane always encourages people to do their own research, and a curious/responsible person does. Those that hang on the words and conclusions of others risk repeating wrongs, and unfortunately that happens all too often. We are at a breaking point of no return from all the indicators I see – collapses are numerous, extinctions are final, healthy systems are failing, people are ignoring it, and business-as-usual is adding fuel to the rate of collapse. We could use 100 teachers like Dane, and millions willing to learn/help and carry this message of urgency. It's literally life or death of the entire planet – humans included. I grieve for the innocents we screwed. Yes, we humans.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Could it possibly be that "a weak ego" is reason for denial and or blindness to the truth we all see easily? 
      EGO = Etching/Erasing God Out
      Those who lack spiritualality are powered by ego. 

  13. Blue Sue says:

    Okay, I've come across something today in my online sky-watching research that has freaked me out. We have been under a heavy cloud cover today, so I've been checking out the photos from Alaskan webcams of the sky here all across the state and something dark and round is seen in all of these different locations that is strikingly weird! And it is right in the center of every shot of the sun –be it in ANY of the following locations: (you can click on the little dot to view the "loop" of photos over a six-hour period). Check out these Alaska locations: Amber (west), Ruby Airport (west), Tanana (west) Allakaket (southwest), McKinley South (west) McKinley North (SW), Coldfoot (west), Beaver (SW), Central (west), Shungnak (NW) and something a little different but also very strange at Eagle (in Canada).  Wow, please check this out and tell me what you think!


    • Blue Sue says:

      If you want to see a really bright sun, check out Noatak and Kiana:

      (I think it is time sensitive.) Can anyone tell me why the black "dot" is centered on all these sun images?

    • Bluesky says:

      I did not look at these cams until today, incredibly thick cover over most except coastline. Had thick coverage over WA state May 4 as well.

  14. rick dubov says:

    How can anyone argue with a rapidly collapsing ozone layer? The oceans of the world dying? A soon to be iceless Arctic? only to name a few. Like Mr. Wood I am not in favor of social engineering schemes, but to use Dane's illustration, they are not the biggest hole in the sinking boat by a longshot. And to bring up THE POPULATION BOMB by Erlich is not germain at all. The number of people on earth is not the issue.The issue is will the earth be able to support ANY form of life in the very short term


  15. simone says:

    Adam Bly started this petition to Representative Paul Ryan

    Science and technology underpin many of the most important issues facing society today — and, therefore, many of the most critical legislative decisions before Congress. Legislators ought to consider the best evidence surrounding the issue they are legislating and adequately understand the technical implications of their decisions. This is not at all a partisan issue; it goes to core of our democracy. 

    The recent hearings concerning data privacy serve as an example. While it is impossible for policymakers to be expert in all areas they consider, there is clearly a material gap in technical literacy that needs to be filled in order for government to legislate effectively.

    We've been here before:

    Congress established the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) in 1972 to provide its members with objective and authoritative analysis of the complex scientific and technical issues of the late 20th century. (Wikipedia)


    The OTA was shut down in 1995. The move was criticized at the time, including by Republican representative Amo Houghton, who commented that "we are cutting off one of the most important arms of Congress when we cut off unbiased knowledge about science and technology." (Wikipedia)

    There is widespread support for the re-establishment of the OTA. The time is now for soon-to-be-departing Speaker Ryan to act.

    Congress should establish a new, modern, non-partisan science and technology advisory apparatus at this most critical moment for democracy in the United States.


  16. frank reps says:

    Mr. Patrick Wood exhibits the very " Normalcy Bias " that most people who have not been subjected to personal traumatic events….or who have only  studied history in a cloistered environment would naturally have.  A Polish Jew who experienced life in the Warsaw Ghetto back in the forties….or an old Russian who spent time in a Gulag back in the thirties would not be as calm about the litany of disasters that Dane outlines regarding the documented temperature increases and the  die off of sea life  {which is a threat to life on Earth }  ; had he experienced some real trauma in his personal life.  Too many people are like  little poodles sitting in a luxury car behind a rolled up window; looking curiously at the  savage dogs staring at them from the sidewalk.  Even  on the Economic front ; we are moments away from a " World turned upside down ".  This Satanic Geo Engineering activity ;  which Dane warns about ; has  { in my opinion } it's roots in the destruction of Humankind , and all life on earth.  Call it Weather Warfare….call it solar Radiation Management…call it anything you want.  The Essence of Geo Engineering is to slowly KILL the unsuspecting mass of humanity. One does not have to be religious to recognize pure Evil.  Pedophilia is also a manifestation of the evil that is assaulting us as well.  Do not expect things to get better without doing your own part to wake up the complacent public.  Help Dane by donating some funds for his fight. 

  17. Alan says:

    "The reason for the 10-year increase in aerosols is not completely understood by scientists, but is the subject of ongoing study."  

    So, we know that NOAA scientists were trying to find the source of the increased aerosols seven years ago when this article was written.  Our scientists are really, really smart, so I'll bet they're very close to a groundbreaking discovery by now.  

  18. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Like many Americans, Mr. Wood is primarily an urban creature.  Persons who live and work in 55 story air conditioned environments, seldom experience the open sky or any other natural habitat.  Their lives are lived in office cubicles, elevators, sky walks, chauffer driven limousines, and other petro-industrial comforts.

    Many persons coming to these pages ask why the American public remains so clueless about geoengineering and the poisoning of our skies.  If all you see when you look up is another ceiling of acoustic panels, your cognitive processes are significantly impaired.  Technocratic policy is formulated upon economy and ease of implementation.  Not common sense. 

    The Bomb That Went Off Twice

    • simone says:

      Paul ~ Brilliant point, brilliantly put 🙂

    • Dennie says:

      @ Paul Vonharnish:  I have often thought exactly this.  The people who go outside for not more than just ten minutes a day, mostly while getting in and out of cars going to and from work/conferences/lunch/meetings have ZERO idea what reality is.  They are totally disconnected from N-A-T-U-R-E, so how could they possibly know what the difference is between a healthy nature and a sick one?  They live in Ivory Towers, nearly literally, all day long, where everything is controlled, including the lighting and the temperature.

  19. Jeff Z says:

    Just heard a radio show that takes further what you talk about Dane.  The nano particles that are in these chemtrails can be affected by the new 5G rolling out.  The electro-magnetic energy can cause the nano particles to cross the blood-brain barrier.  Dude, this is game over!  They're trying to kill us en masse!  And the vast majority of people think you're nuts if you SHOW them the facts!  The chemtrails, the fluoride, the radiation they're inundating us with destroy our fertility AND US at the DNA level.

    Health helps.  Vitamin D, iodine, etc.  Didn't actually believe I would live to see end times.

    • Jeff Z says:

      And btw, I did what you said to do…investigate for myself.  A study was done with rats where blue dye with nanoparticles was injected.  The dye & nanoparticles did not cross the blood/brain barrier until they were hit with electromagnetic energy….like the G5 that's being rolled out!  This is some evil stuff they've got planned.

    • BaneB says:

      Jeff Z:  I did.  Don't ask me how.  It was intuitive at a very young age.  Intuition is now gone.  Common sense prevails.  

    • Jeff Z says:

      Ya'know, the first thing my moron, scumbag mayor did when he got in was make sure we had those LED lights installed.  Certainly didn't ask for them.  Wonder what he pocketed.  Anyway, got one right outside my house.  My wife has to hang black towels over our blinds so we can keep the light out at night.  I'd love to go down and show him that video but he's so mouth-breathing stupid AND an ex-cop/ ex-military so he's probably already bought off.

    • Lucille Munro says:

      I didn't think I would live to see the end times either.

  20. Pete says:

    I wonder what you find more frustrating Dane, debating people who point blank deny and lie or someone like this who acknowledges what is going on above us and many of the agendas in play yet can’t accept what is happening to the biosphere is man-made or that bad!

    I suppose we can understand people’s reluctance to acknowledge the devastating damage Humanity has undoubtedly caused and I would agree with Patrick and others that Global Warming / Climate Change could seem like a hoax, unless of course you pay attention to reality. After all this world is full of so much disinformation it is hard to know what to believe, but your data and logic Dane compared to his arguments absolutely make much more sense. Data aside, we can see what’s happening – there is no debate.

    I agree totally that a huge part of the agenda is to cover up the collapse, yet with more Geoengineering – the insanity in this world has no limits!

    Yes the Earth has experienced many natural changes over many millions of years but it has to the best of our knowledge never experienced anything like US – how people can’t see that is beyond me! On that note though I would like to add that given the right set of circumstances WE are capable of doing so much better.

    To quote Carl Sagan “An organism at war with itself is doomed” & “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception” to name two of many – Patrick & others take note.

    You have to ask the question as good a man as Patrick seems to be on what he does focus on, is he also part of the agenda? Give people enough truth that has become so obvious but withhold the worst truth, although again very obvious, to create doubt or is it just Cognitive Dissonance!

    There are so many other ‘truthers’ out there who do good work in raising awareness on the Geoengineering reality, yet are also like Patrick – frustrates me no end.

    Then there are good people who put out some great videos on this issue and others yet also believe in utter nonsense or make sensational claims!

    Is the agenda of disinformation bigger than even us here can imagine or are so many just so damn confused of what the truth is – I am,  which is why I always look to Dane as by far the most logical and best teller of truth there is and can put things into such perspective that no one who takes the time can possibly deny with any sense of reason!

    Whatever the complete truth is, I stand by that this world is so backwards, upside down, so wrong, so stupid, so pathetic, so primitive in our thinking and absolutely must change – even it’s our last stand on this Earth, let’s go out the right way.

    One People, One Planet minus the Power Structure (who have made sure we did not move into a better world) = a nice thought to give us a chance…



  21. Bella_Fantasia says:

    "Explosions and Crashes:  Military Aircraft Are A Threat to US Citizens" 4/30/18 by Dahr Jamail,

    'Even retired Navy personnel are outraged by what they are seeing.'

    "I served at [NAS] Whidbey for eight years," Navy veteran Charlie Stephens told Truthout. "I retired in 1997, in large part because I had finally come to understand that there is no honor in dishonorable work, and I could no longer serve and maintain my integrity. In fact, it has long been true that it's not possible to serve this country honorably."

    Stephens said that the military "doesn't give a damn" about the damage it does, both at home and abroad, but that this "isn't big news."

    We know, we know already.  What we need is the whole truth.  We can't pry it out of anyone though, only set a good example.

    Oh, a C-130 just crashed in Georgia.  Fell right out of the sky.  I've wondered if an aerosol toting tanker were to crash, would the explosion, fire or fallout be shockingly different enough to make people ask questions.  Often I wonder what it will take. . . . .

    • When one considers the number of airborne operations at any given moment, it's a miracle there aren't more "incidents".  Consider the massive failure rates of F-35 fighter jets… The F-35 contract became the most expensive (and lucrative) fighter jet project in history.  The end product is so outranked by Russian capabilities, it's laughable.  Be sure to look into the history of the F-35 project, and the players involved…

  22. Jeff says:

    Good debate. Thanks for the fight. Here in the south, Alabama the spraying is unreal has been for a few years. The fools down here do not seem to notice or care. Trust me Dane, I have done my part since I was awoken.

  23. Rosy says:

    Mr.Wood keeps referring to how the Earth has been here for thousands of years and has always healed itself. However not once in history before modern medicine and technology has there ever been such a mass population of man ever been alive on this Earth. Destroying the Earth as fast as mankind can….destroying faster than mother nature can heal herself. Natural selection and population control to sustain Earths life was obliterated when Technology and medicine advanced enough to lengthen and cure mankind and animal of all illness created to stop death from happening on a mass global event. Without that natural selection of disease and death…man has suffocated and taken from the Earth more than mother nature can handle. Dane is correct in saying that Man has become the Cancer of planet Earth. So far in mans world, there has been no cure for Cancer in man, land, beast, air or even water…so long as we have technology, there never will be.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Excellent point Rosy! 
      That spin talk, " the earth has been here for thousands of years and has always healed itself", is really so old and worn out as said this way out of context and without completing the statement. 

      Yes that is true as said in a short spin sentence and that is exactly the point of our fight against the maddening geoengineering experiment that IS occurring in our skies in realtime dammit!!!!

      Stop spraying the firmament of Heaven and let this blessed planet Earth heal herself!  Exactly.

      Frigging idiots who don't get that! Arrogance is out of control and for Woods to attempt to say that, then post his comment in here as he did is sheer idiotic arrogant spin talk which places him among so many others in the box of those who will be held accountable when this entire issue finally comes to fruition. That day is fast approaching. You are breathing and eating this toxic madness too stupid Mr. News man. Grow some dam balls and help us stop this so your incomplete statement in my quotes above can become a reality!!!!!!!!!!!

      Dane I don't know how you keep your stance of confident composure when debating these a-hole news people! 

  24. Bella_Fantasia says:

    My brain kind of seizes up when reading junk like this from David Keith.  The Keith Group, Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory

    (Please note the links given for 'evidence' beginning with Wikipedia, which is universally rejected for use in writing college papers.)

    And the absurdity of Keith's 'careful' little balloon experiment releasing calcium carbonate, juxtaposed to the toxic, real-time blanket of death we're already choking on.

    Makes my head ache.

    • BaneB says:

      Bella_Fantasia:  The best we can hope for is THEY have brain seizures.  And lots of them.  I am certainly suffering mental depression from what these liars have unleashed on me and my little "Garden of Eden" here in Northern California.  Spring is sprung but with enormous damage to the flora.  Never have I in 26 years living here seen so much dead and dying.  Fruit trees barely issuing any green buds.  Mostly dead.  There is a stretch of willow that stretches about 500 feet along a downhill water course.  Fully one third at the top area is 80% dead.  The other two thirds is nicely leafed out.  Never seen this before, ever.  Something is seriously wrong.  I will not suffer pangs of guilt for wishing these psychopaths receive as much blow back and more for what they are doing to our planet's biosphere.  To hell with all of them.

    • Dennie says:

      I read this idiotic charade found on the Keith Group's Harvard U. web page– totally idiotic, it sounds like he's lecturing to a bunch of morons who have NO senses whatsoever.  Only a monster with evil intentions would deliberately talk to you in such a way in order to try to get you to deny your own senses and reasoning abilities.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Bane B.,

      Thanks for your reply.  From life experience I know that depression is anger, and I'm feeling it also, every day reminded by something I see that is just so wrong and so profoundly heartbreaking.  When I'm more balanced I think any resentment we have and hold will hurt ourselves spiritually, making us ineffective.  But, Yes, they should pay a price commensurate to their crimes. Hell even seems inadequate. So, the psychological ground keeps shifting underneath me.  I cling to the hope there is Justice in the Universe; knowing we're not the judges to mete the punishment is a relief for me, even though we have a responsibility to bear witness to the crimes.  It would not surprise me if my comments reflect the roller coaster of feelings that reflect my experience day to day.  You candor is appreciated and has helped me find my ground.

      It's just so hard to see the degradation of the astoundingly beautiful Earth and it's remarkable living treasures so clearly.

  25. Patrick Wood says:

    This "debate" was a fraud from the start. Just so you all know, the radio host did not inform me that there would be a debate such as this, so I was completely blindsided and unprepared.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Mr. Wood, I just contacted WBAI host, Geoff Brady, to confirm that he invited you to debate, just as he invited me. Mr. Brady was kind enough to forward the email message shown below, which is the actual invitation he sent to you, inviting you to, quote, "debate with Dane Wigington of". Sorry that you feel the need to make false accusations because the debate did not go as you had expected or hoped. In your own words, you were, "blindsided and unprepared". This debate is over. 


      "Dear Mr. Wood, 

      I host a one hour radio show on WBAI 99.5 FM in NYC called In Other News. Its the only show on the Pacifica network that discusses geoengineering. I've generally had on anti-geoengineering viewpoints, however the program director has green lighted a 2 hour discussion on the topic for Thursday April 26, 2018. This would be scheduled for drive time 3-5PM Eastern.

      This topic of climate change and climate engineering has confused many listeners especially in the progressive – left environmentally conscious realm.

      It was suggested to have you bring your perspective on climate change and crossover technocracy topics such as Agenda 21 to the table and discuss-debate with Dane Wigington of 

      Please let me know if you're interested because it would make for good radio and would have a very large audience.

      Thanks very much,

      Geoff Brady

      In Other News

      Pacifica Radio"

    • virginia says:

      Mr. Wood:  Me thinks you were caught with your pants down.  Tsk. Tsk.


    • Hawkeye says:

      Ahhh, welcome aboard Mr. Wood. You are in here now,  and so hopefully you are now reading all the credible information packed into this site. 

      FYI: You need no preparation to speak (debate) what your eyes can  see. 

    • Pedro says:

      This is happening? Unbelievable.

      Mr Wood, You will never be prepared, even if you would be informed with one year in advance.

      For covering one Truth, the evil that cowardly is hidden in Earth has to invent one thousand lies. And we have in our hands more than ten thousand Truths.

      The psychopaths behind the lies know that, and it is because of that they want to kill Mankind.

      Join Us and be one more carrier of Truth, if you have the courage for that.

    • Pedro says:

      This is happening? Unbelievable.

      Mr Wood, You will never be prepared, even if you would be informed with one year in advance.

      To cover a Truth, the evil that is cowardly hidden on Earth has to invent a thousand lies. And we have in our hands more than ten thousand Truths.

      The psychopaths behind the lies know that, and it is because of that they want to kill Mankind.

      Join Us and be one more carrier of Truth, if you have the courage for that.



  26. karim says:

    Dane i feel your frustration. jumping from one man acknowledging one true denying another.Guy MC. says lay down and die but denies the skies sprayed hour by hour. then there is this guy that admits the spraying but denys all die off….. painful

  27. Jeff Z says:

    Southern Connecticut, May 2, 90 degrees.  2 days ago it was in the low 50's.  I picked up my wife from work tonite around 7pm & as I looked out her office window I see two (2!) planes doing their spraying with the chemtrails.  Come home & see the forecast has changed from sunny tmrw to cloudy with showers instead. 

    And nobody seems to notice.  And the plants & trees continue to look God awful.  It's like staring into the abyss with a group of people but I'm the only one that can see it.   Beyond tragic!

  28. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    I listened to this debate the day it happened. For anybody paying close attention to details and what actually is being said on both side of the debate, it quickly becomes obvious how little, if any, backing Patrick has for its conclusions. He sounds knowledgeable on the subject of "technocracy" and NWO and such, and I generally agree with his conclusions in this arena. But based on what exactly does he deny global warming and imminent climate collapse? 

    We get closer to the answer to this question when Patrick is confronted with fundamental question pertaining to our planet's energy balance, which he completely fails to answer. That begs the question on my part: Based on what is he so sure that planet is not warming, if he does not understand the mechanism of planet's energy transfer? Based on what? It sounds to me that just because subject of global warming and then climate change got and still gets heavily politicized and exploited and distorted by different factions, groups, special interests and others, then it is not real or legitimate. Basing one's conclusions on assumption or fact that issue got exploited tremendously is NOT a sound base for having meaningful opinion. Verifying data and scientific analysis of the facts IS.

    We would all be wise to remember that. Following any one group or individual, party or such, always carries the risk of falling into trap of group think or herd mentality. Mr. Wood didn't particularly occur to me as ill meaning or deceptive or anything like that, quite to the contrary. He sounded really convinced that he believes in his erronous conclusions as far as state of the climate goes. That however is not an excuse. There is nothing embarassing or shameful in simply saying: I don't know, it is not my area of expertise. That requires though a good dose of humbleness and way less ego than most public people carry nowadays.

    Great debate overall. 

    • Rodster says:

      Anyone who believes the climate is not changing for the worse as scientist have predicted decades ago, needs a reality check. In Miami which is a few hours away from me, they are already dealing with sea level rise or as it’s referred to in Florida as “King Tides”. In fact certain areas of Miami have had to reconfigue certain parts of downtown Miami pedestrian walkways because of King Tides. A quick Google search on King Tides will lead you to recent articles published in the Miami Herald.

      In Broward County which is about 25 miles north of Miami, they have had to install four large pumps to remove the sea water that threatens the fresh water aquifers. So the disintegration of the bioshpere is already occuring in Broward County, Miami and parts of the Florida Keys. And the scary part is that this is all occuring 15-20 years ahead of schedule of the predictions scientist have made.

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Fighting Has Begun Over Who Owns Land Drowned by Climate Change
    Bloomberg / April 25, 2018
    America’s coastal cities are preparing for legal battles over real estate that slips into the ocean.  As seas rise and coasts wash away, who owns the land that goes underwater? Versions of that debate are taking place in courtrooms, legislatures, and government offices, raising the question of whether and when climate change justifies seizing private property. The stakes are enormous, affecting not just ownership of offshore mineral and fishing rights but also potentially trillions of dollars of coastal real estate.
    A decade after the global financial crisis popularized the term “underwater real estate,” parts of the U.S. are grappling with a new, more literal version of that problem.  “There’s no question it will be a huge fight,” says Holly Doremus, a law professor at the University of California at Berkeley who specializes in environmental law. “We don’t exactly know the boundaries of what the state can do.”  For centuries, a body of law called the public trust doctrine has stipulated that, when it comes to coastal property, anything below the average high-tide line is owned by the government for the use and benefit of the public. Those rules also cover what happens when the high-tide line moves.  …  As sea level rise accelerates, potentially leaving coastal homes abandoned from Texas to New England, the legal debate over submerged land could determine whether governments have the authority to tear down those homes.  … “If you have an area that has become eroded, and the Corps of Engineers has come in and done a project where they literally pump mud into a water body and it becomes land again, who owns that?” Schoeffler asks. “Nobody knows.”

    • Hello Susan:  Thank you for another well founded contribution to readers of geoengineering watch.  Please take good care of yourself… 

      My sense is that "government" within the United Sates is "Of The People" not a pack of rabid autocrats looking for auto-enrichment… Illegal seizure of property must move very quickly to the forefront of American civilian awareness.  Our legal systems must be pressured into protecting personal property rights within the courts, or every citizen will eventually be getting screwed with the same bullshit modus…

      The autocracy was allowed to cross the line with confiscation of personal property and seizure of personal assets, as soon as busting people for marijuana use became a lucrative and popular method…

      Our (privately managed) prisons are jammed with individuals who committed the victimless crime of personal liberty… It's time to stuff it up the asses of plutocratic pigs who wield corporate power as if it's an invincible force… Racketeering is racketeering…

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. We don't get many warm sunny days. Today reached nearly 70 degrees and the sky was close to blue. And then they came and they sprayed and they sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. The Navy or whoever is in charge of these death operations covered the sky with toxic trails of lithium fog – and left me angry staring at the milky haze of aluminum, lithium, barium, and god-knows what else.  Plenty of now even smaller nanoparticle metals based in fungi  [biotechnology: heavy metal-resistant fungi & bacteria]  find their way into my home, into my breath, respiratory system, and bypass the blood-brain barrier.  I try not to hate them, I reach into my soul to forgive them.  However some days, God forgive me, I simply hope these demons go back to whatever hell-world of the damned they came from and leave my sacred planet alone.  Dane's voice gives me courage. His relentless integrity is our North Star. Thank you, Sir.

    • Dennie says:

      They're here because we keep putting up with psychopaths all along and even enable their behavior.  I believe Uhmerukunz actually want a Bully-in-Chief in the White Man House.  Most L-O-V-E remaining unconscious and would absolutely hate to have to change their rapacious habits of consumption– "Who, ME, turn out a light?" "Who, ME, take a short shower–????"  The Attitude is "If I can pay for it then I get to use it, okaaaaay?

    • Rosy says:

      Mrs. Ferguson I completely agree with you on everything. The skies here in Thunder Bay Ontario are daily covered and milky white. Maybe every 2 weeks we have one or 2 days of a beautiful blue sky. Even then its not the blue I recall as a child, and 38 isn't old enough to say this fact. The skies are hazy even when blue. Its sad and sickening what the government is doing to all of us. I listen to Dane through YouTube every Saturday and during the week, youtube videos of all the work he is doing to save us. Unfortunately telling others around me is a joke! They don't listen, they make excuses for the skies above them " since we live near an airport, that's condensation trails"! Grrr frustrating. Then people here get "offended" ( I truly hate the word 'offended'.)..when you start a friendly debate and they cannot handle your facts on the lack of Ozone layer, the fact our Oceans ice are melting…the death of the ocean…the magnetisphere breaking …..the fact that our snow about to implode all around us!" 

    • BaneB says:

      Rosy:  My retort about the willow die off further up the page is likely from two parallel tracks causes for what is occurring on my little corner of the world.  For the past 20 years the larger native tree and shrubs have been in a slow decline.  A large fir or pine will look ill for several years before giving up the ghost.  There are large areas that are slowly being denuded.  And I live in a rain shadow with average or above precipitation.  No drought here.  Yet, the large section of willow where there is always water and moisture showed no signs of imminent collapse.  Always healthy looking.  My conclusion for the trees is the forest is a victim of aerosol contamination, UV assaults due to the loss of ozone, and microwave radiation.  The willows have held up against all of this fairly well. But the last few years the snow has been different.  It's a bizarre gloppy type that turns ones boots into four inch clogs lifting me up, elevating me off the ground.  It's really strange.  The snow looks and acts different including how it hangs down over the eaves.  It's overall amalgamation is not the same.  My best guess is the chemicals used in the ice nucleation process, and its impact on the branches, is the major culprit for the willows and fruit trees looking so dead.  The snow globe is the snow glob.  The haze is the harbinger of death.  And the United States is the epicenter of the disseminations.

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Worst year ever year for wildfires in N America predicted
    Dante's Inferno! Severe drought billions of dead trees and terrorism promise the worst year ever for wildfires in North America
    Last year was the worst year ever for wildfires in North America Droughts and billions of dead trees are exacerbating  the problem Colorado and California alone have nearly 2 billion dead trees   the Big Wobble, / 1 May, 2018

    Last year was the worst ever for wildfires in the US and this year appears to be starting early. Oklahoma is currently struggling with several wildfires this month resulting in Oklahoma's governor, Mary Fallin calling a state of emergency in 52 counties due to wildfires which are thought to have killed thousands of cattle and wild animals.  According to Rod Hall, Oklahoma state veterinarian put preliminary cattle deaths at roughly 1,100 head and expects that number could eventually climb to around 2,000.  “We’ll never know the exact number and people are also still finding dead animals,” Hall said in an interview, adding that recent rains helped contain most of the blazes.  …  Some cattle died directly from the fires while others were later euthanized due to injuries or smoke inhalation, he said.  Many Oklahoma pastures had not received adequate moisture for more than 200 days.  Animals in these areas were caught off-guard when flames were fanned by winds of up to 60 miles per hour (97 km per hour).  Some of the acres destroyed were much-needed grazing land for cattle, state officials said.

    Firefighters battling a wildfire in north-central Arizona were hampered Monday by strong winds and dry conditions as residents of surrounding communities remained out of their homes for another day.  Authorities said some homes were lost as the wildfire consumed almost 14 square miles (35 square kilometres) south of Flagstaff.  About half of Arizona is in the worst two categories of drought, a stark change from a year ago when only some areas were characterized as abnormally or moderately dry.  The wildfire in Arizona is one of the most active in the country, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.  Weather forecasters have warned the fire season will be dangerous and life-threatening.

    With more than a billion dead trees Colorado is an accident just waiting to happen!  Authorities have ordered the evacuation of a central Colorado subdivision after a grass fire threatened some residences.  Park County officials issued the mandatory evacuation order Sunday afternoon for the Ranch of the Rockies subdivision, which is about 75 miles west of Colorado Springs on the Park County border.

  32. Tom Keith says:

    Nice job Dane. Note how he tried to steer you into his Corner towards the end of the presentation. 

     Glad you didn't bite. This guy was nothing but controlled opposition. 

    " the best way to control the opposition is to lead it" 

     Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Lenin said this

  33. Dawn Woodruff says:

    Thank you so much, Dane. I take interest, value, and listen to both you and Mr. Wood via various outlets and radio broadcasts. Mr. Wood's area of concern is economic technocracy. But Dane, yours is the more reasonable argument due to the lateness of the hour. I love your fast-moving automobile 5 seconds from impact analogy. Yours is the voice of reason. I so wish I could help you with this desperate last-minute warning to mankind. I, too, am for life. Yet all we see is death all around us. I am nearly 70 years old, and have spent the better part of my life warning others of the "New World Order's" nefarious tactics politically, economically, socially, technologically, etc. etc. But there's no point in arguing the condition in which mankind should live when all life on earth is imperiled at this point. Once again, I wish to support and encourage you on your journey. Thank you so much for being the voice of reason!

  34. kckelly says:

    Sadly surprising how ignorant and "out of touch" Patrick Wood is about the present deterioration of our planet.  He seems to live in a suburban bubble of ignorance and denial. He, obviously, has not kept up with reality and cannot see the world around him, and other aspects of life and people unrelated to his lifestyle – without his ideological, political, blinders removed.  Not about to happen as Wood's learning curve and abilities seem frozen in time…Too much atmospheric aluminum exposure damaging his abilities, perhaps? (Tragic, and embarrassing for him, that he would enter into a "debate" without doing his homework, i.e., without proper preparation that utilized his once active mind  – and without the considerable time to research and present updated science, data, and other research, academic and otherwise, about current global conditions before agreeing to appear and speak here.) 

  35. Abigail says:

    Thank you Dane Wigington! Please press on in your committed assignment (voluntereily) to STOP GEOENGINEERING!  Praying for you. Sincerely blessings, Abigail  We are so proud to be on your Team. As you often say, it's Team Work. 

  36. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I'm only 20 minutes into the interview with Patrick Wood, and am very impressed.  He is in total agreement with the fact that geoengineering has been deployed for many years and should be stopped immediately.  Bravo for his recognition of this reality.

    Some difficulties in dialog arise at approximately 27 minutes into the interview.  Mr. Wood is perhaps overwhelmed by the concept that anthropologic damage to the atmosphere has reached critical mass, and that a major extinction event is on the immediate horizon.  I cannot find fault with his reluctance to embrace the horror of that reality…

    He alludes to the fact that the planet has experienced many (natural) extinction challenges in the past, but fails to clarify timeframes within his intellectual framework.  Recovery from prior events spanned tens of millions of years.  All of these extinction events were PRIOR to industrial interferences.  At this point in time, Earth "resilience" is quite contingent upon the stability of our radioactive footprint as we exit the stage…

    Criminalizing geoengineering contributions to climate shift would seem to be the most relevant issue to discuss… Mr. Wood expresses a very anti-United Nations perspective, and this position is well appreciated by myself…  Here's what the UN does to mitigate CO2 contributions via commercial aviation:

    Aviation and the Global Atmosphere

    Hundreds of pages of rhetoric.  Zero effective mitigation.

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