Climate Engineering And The “Coming Ice Age” Narrative


Dane Wigington

When a society has been very successfully polarized by decades of carefully crafted propaganda, beliefs and wishful thinking can (and all too often do) take the place of actual investigation and fact based conclusions. Belief systems and biases can become so powerful that they completely override and block out evident and readily verifiable realities. The "coming ice age" false narrative is an epic example of blatant disinformation that has been pushed by special interest groups with an agenda of creating division and confusion within the population. Confusion and division in regard to the true state of the climate is exactly what the global power structure and the climate engineering cabal want to achieve. What is the real big picture on the front lines of the climate unraveling?

Hurricane "Alex"  was an unprecedented January hurricane, and a harbinger of what is to come. Its impact on the Arctic ice was not covered by mainstream media.


Hurricane Alex appears to have further fueled the ongoing extreme Greenland ice melt, even in the middle of winter. Geoengineering/solar radiation managment, and the global dimming chemical cloud cover effect it is creating, are also worsening the Greenland melt as recent studies prove.

We’ve seen unprecedented above-freezing temperatures at the North Pole coincident with record low daily sea ice extents. We’ve seen global temperatures hitting new, very extreme record highs. We’ve seen climate change related storms raging across the globe — flooding both the UK and the Central US, firing off record hurricanes during January in both the Pacific and the Atlantic — even as other regions swelter under record heat and drought. Now, it appears that Greenland is also experiencing an unprecedented melt during wintertime.

Over the past few days, just such a major heat-up has been underway across a large section of Western Greenland. Warm winds flowing off the North Atlantic — driven by hurricane Alex’s merging with powerful lows south of Greenland — have roared up over the southern coastal ranges. Meanwhile, warm, tropical air has infiltrated northward over Baffin Bay. The net result is temperatures approaching 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit above average (16 to 22 C above average) over a broad region of Western Greenland.

As the geoengineers orchestrate an early year cool-down in the Eastern US (in order to create the winter weather headlines they desperately need to fuel the climate confusion), the Arctic continues its ongoing meltdown with far above normal temperatures.


The corporate controlled media do not show temperature maps that cover the entire planet and which reflect the "departure from normal high temperatures" (like the map above). For this reason most populations continue to be blind to the bigger picture.

What about the "coming ice age" headlines that are seen on some news sites? The narrative is as far from reality as it could be. Excerpts from the most recent study on Earth's cycles of glaciation are below.

The advent of industrial society has since raised this level to about 400ppm. Add another 1,000 to 1,500 gigatonnes of carbon to the atmosphere, and the next ice age is virtually guaranteed to be postponed by 100,000 years, the Potsdam scientists say.

"The bottom line is we are basically skipping a whole glacial cycle, which is unprecedented," Andrey Ganopolski, who led the research team, told the Guardian. "It is mind-boggling that humankind is able to interfere with a mechanism that shaped the world as we know it."

The study reinforces the assertion that the Earth has entered a so-called Anthropocene geological age, marked by humanity's impact on the planet. An international scientific panel is working towards formally classifying the new epoch, with the middle of the 20th century suggested as a potential starting point for the new era.

What is coming for the US after the current climate engineering cool-down passes?


The NOAA "forecast" map above is for the last week of January, 2016 and predicts above normal temperatures for the entire country with far above normal temperatures in many regions. Each color band represents 2-3 degrees above normal. This map is no less than alarming and is a clear reflection of the rapidly warming planet. The intensifying "weather whiplash" is a direct result of the ever more desperate and destructive geoengineering insanity. 

How do we effectively fight back against the global climate engineering/weather warfare assault?  We start by learning to recognize blatantly false and theatrically hyped headlines, and completely engineered weather events. To do otherwise is to "toe the line" for the the geoengineers and the power structure they are a part of. Discovering the truth is not about believing anyone, it is about doing some real unbiased investigation from the front lines. Credibility is crucial in the battle to expose and halt global geoengineering, the greatest and most immediate threat faced by the human race short of nuclear cataclysm. The planet heating at blinding speed, geoengineering is helping to fuel the overall fire.  Make your voice heard in this most critical effort for the greater good.

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  1. #1 says:

    Hey Telena:

    I said that to people long time ago. Guess what? They did not listen. 

    They chose the TV set and the Movies over their own well being. See how much they make on the Movies in the theaters.  People love it. They have not an idea what is going on over their heads. 

    They love being entertained while being poisoned from above. 

    Makes everyone happy. Just like that song.


    Clap along if you like a room without a Roof.

    Huge storms and people just Lovin It.

    No Idea and Brainless.

  2. telena helotova says:

    you indicated that we can do soemthing to counter them , being knowledgablke of it is mandartory as yopu say, here are a few things one can do and thery are easy and mostly passive actions, turn off your television and throw it in the trash,do not buy newspapers magazines (pop) ,do notgo to movies,,those are easy and a start,thery can play to an empty house no one is watching that is hilarious wack on therm.if you are too weak to do these things,then you are far gone.

  3. Blue Sue says:

    After reading these posts, I am simultaneously buoyed by the courage and hope shown and deeply sunk by the terrible gravity of the problem confronting us. I have been metaphysically musing and contemplating the possibility: if the external world is a reflection of the collective consciousness of humanity, what in us is making manifest these corrupt and pernicious processes/formations such as we are suffering?  
    Karmic considerations aside, I applaud your efforts Dane (and fellow countrymen/women) for your clarion call for the saving of our planet. Like so many here, I have been awake to this sickening phenomenon for over a decade.  Where I live in the Matanuska Valley of south central Alaska, our skies have been and continue to be violated almost daily.  This is about the fifth winter in a row with virtually no snow in January and temperatures that are abnormally warm.  Strangely, we have seen "cloudy" skies and  gotten "snow" (a inch or so) when it's near zero now; which is not possible under normal natural weather conditions. We used to be able to count on clear blue skies along with temperatures ranging from 20 above to 20 below for the months of November through March — COLD!. Now the winters skies are hardly ever clear, hardly ever blue, mostly just hazy white or overcast and dreary gray.
    Another odd phenomena I am sure is from the military spraying us up here: I have also seen in the spring (a few years ago) in the very early morning, a weird  micro-filament "webbing" on the trees, bushes, and grass — over everything! Also, I have seen some of the most bizarre skies of my life these past five years.  It's so downright disturbing that it can become positively overwhelming – especially with so many who are simply oblivious to the reality of it and refuse to accept it when one brings it up – cognitive dissonance in deed!  I will be stopping into to Steve Chamberlain's pizza restaurant in Nikiski next summer when I head down to Homer.  Need to give that man a hug!

    • evonne says:

      blue sue, the same is going on in so.california.   no one ever looks up,  just busy  with their lives,and some DO NOT believe whats going on with the government here and climate control.   just a nation of sheep.i guess.  I applaud the ones that do believe. .

    • blazing_blasian says:

      I started noticing our skies being sprayed last summer. I'm from the Pacific Northwest. I would wake up every morning really early, beautiful clear sunrise. Then around 10 am they would start spraying and then by 2 in the afternoon the sky were a grey haze. 

      They geo engineer what ever weather is convent for their agendas. On the super bowl we had beautiful clear 67 degree weather here in Portland Oregon, the super bowl was played in Santa Clara California. I find it ironic that we're just 600 miles away. 


      I can see the subduction earthquake happen soon. Be prepared! Peace. 

  4. Nina says:

    Here in the west of Portugal we watch as the jets spray the moisture coming in from the Atlantic . Suddenly the temperature drops dramatically and unnaturally. They are creating the snow for the ski-slopes in the Alps. A fake winter. Wake up in the night with pain in nerves and joints. Brainfog. No-one looks up and makes the connection.

    • Anthony says:

      Same here in NYC area.  Nerve pain, muscle aches, and joint pain.  Just started last year.  Memory issues & brain fog.   We're getting blasted almost everyday here

  5. Leslie ...dancingspirit says:

    Greg…I am also in SW Colorado and realize that some of the spraying is ensuring that ski slopes have snow to make money and skiers happy. So we are bombarded with chemicals so ski slopes may have a good season??? The spraying is taking place year round here too. It is heartbreaking. I am also ready to address the geoengineering…possibly with a group of others in this area? There is power in numbers!!!



  6. Ana says:

    Hi Dane

    The temperatures are completely derelugated  ,there´s no seasons anymore ,animals and plants lost their North or season times.Trees are dying as you have mentioned but seem like they are slowing dying and people don´t even notice cause dead trees are not like us that can´t stand up when we die or are dieing  …I saw this link full of photos of trees dying and a link of a video that talks about radiation but i guess is all the things at once and specially geoengineering…Thanks for everything you do for all of us!I´m still  with you on this fight!

    • Dawnski says:

      My spring crocus bulbs are blooming. . .I anticipate the geoengineered ice storm will be taking down weak trees. . possible my moss and fungus infested oaks. . sad face :\

      Dane, I look forward to your observations and explanations of the "wicked winter storm", language MGSD just used to announce to all parents that school is canceled for tomorrow. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dawnski, I will have a full report up on “Jonas” on Friday am

  7. Michel B says:

    On the subject of whales, I believe they beach themselves in order to die not from drowning, but while still breathing as long as they can.

    Whales breaching the surface is a form of play whereby they like being in the air for a short time to enjoy their uselessness in that thinner environment.

    I first read of the whales' songs and high level of communication in Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos'. It is a must read and/or viewing.

    Now they are doomed because of the little industrialised apes running around on the surface of the lands and waters and in the air.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michel B, Hi and I agree except I might add that I imagine they breach the surface just for the fun of it and to glimpse what is above.  I have read and seen "Cosmos".  I used to imagine that if there was such a thing as reincarnation, I'd like to be a whale, a big one/variety.  Oh to be the largest thing on earth, singing those beautiful songs, going all over the world, ocean to ocean.  It breaks my heart.  I do believe they would beach themselves if dying.  For a while there, it seemed as if my house was a bee hospice.  They seem to want to die in here.  At one point I couldn't take it anymore and begged them not to.  They listened.  It stopped.  Then, I realized that since all the scouts do die every year, they would probably prefer to be somewhere where they are loved and revered, while resting as they die.  As opposed to being eaten while still alive, or just out in the world, defenseless, being fried by the sun.  And I felt guilty for denying them sanctuary and peace.

    • Dawnski says:

      Bee Hospice. . .Precious Rachel.

  8. stephan says:

    Winnipeg Canada – temperture is -13 Celsius with freezing drizzle ?????????????????????

  9. Dennie says:

    I just read Frank's post from SE Tennessee.  What a heartrending description of the results of geoengineered ice nucleation. We got The Treatment in time for Christmas, while you guys cooked; now the tables are turned.

    To my community at As distasteful as it is to contemplate, in order to achieve real victory we are going to have to appeal to those members amongst TPTSB to STOP the insanity, for it has been written, "without the mercy of the angels there will be no life."  Angels, Schmangels– "They" behave anyway BUT! 

  10. Greg Overton says:

    We are being sprayed five days a week in the San Juan mountains, in southwest Colorado.  Today , I watched six planes working in pairs, creating a grid with diagonals until the whole sky went gray.  I have a salty taste in my mouth almost every day.  I am donating money and educating as many as I can get through to.  I am ready to unite in numbers; the cabal must come down.

    • Donna says:

      In AZ on Tue. It was supposed to be a clear day, not so lucky. They sprayed us until it was white out.  Around 5pm, my head and ears were hurting, went outside, could see all the ripples in the clouds. Cannot believe they can get away with harming us this way. 

      AZ. Statutes

      The state of Arizona has the authority, jurisdiction and power to protect the atmosphere and it has expressly delegated that power to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) pursuant to Title 49-104 A. Subsections 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Section 10 specifically states, the ADEQ, is to “Provide for the prevention and abatement of all water and air pollution including that related to particulates. 

      Arizona has been put on legal notice to stop geoengineering, yet they continue.

    • bija says:

      Donna…this is what is so frustrating! It seems there is absolutely nothing, even the law, that will get them to STOP! No one will step up and take responsibility, even when they are mandated to do so. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bija, yes, the spraying will stop, when the masses awaken. Unfolding events will soon force the sleeping to wake. Until then, we must keep sowing seeds. Our legal efforts are also ongoing, this will help with putting a “break in the dam”.

    • bija says:

      Thanks Dane for the encouragement. I am so grateful for all your efforts to wake the masses and the legal headway you are making. My frustrations aside, I am committed to doing whatever I can to help create awareness. I see little victories nearly each and every day, but it will be so fantastic when the first real blow to this evil practice is delivered. I know that each and every person here is an integral part of this fight, but you are truly a force of nature!

  11. Ed Bee says:

    Last Thursday, in Wisconsin, they started pouring on the chemtrails very heavily. I already know that about 3 days later, we always have some weather "event". They were so bad I got that familiar metallic taste on my lips, and also a headache. On Sunday, there were no trails and the sky cleared, allowing the Arctic air to drop in and give us 30 below wind chills. I long for the days when the jet stream dictated our weather to come, when snowflakes were 6-sided crystals, when clouds were fanciful shapes floating in gorgeous blue skies, and when gentle rains, not constant deluges, left the air smelling clean and fresh. Are those days gone forever?

    • Marc says:

      Ed Bee, I, too, remember when rainstorms would actually feel like a glorious cleansing of the air had just taken place. I so long for such things again. But I fear our entire paradigm has been overturned and  shall remain so for many, many centuries.

  12. horsegirl says:

    We recommend the recent Veritas interview with Mike King re his new  twin volumes Planet Rothschild: The Forbidden History of the New World Order [].  These villains have churned the unconventional warfare pot for centuries, masters of intrigue.  Assassinating a phenomenal number of royalty and sundry authorities who dared voice advocacy for the common man.  Somehow they long ago mastered the sinister art of infiltration to put a bead on anyone who stood in their way of planetary "full spectrum dominance."  The iciest of the cold-blooded, other authors expound on how they control members of their own family via Project Monarch/MKUltra style mind control based on early childhood sexual abuse and torture, making their evil family the apogee of The Pedophiles That Be.  For some time we have pondered just how much infighting must exist among them.  How do they even trust one another?  And how bored they have to be.  Never doing anything common people would describe as work.  Probably couldn't do their own laundry or microwave a burrito if their lives depended on it.  Remember when G. H. W. Bush was asked about the price of a loaf of bread and answered about $27?  Probably most of them never had the keys to anything in their pockets because drivers take them everywhere.  Surely everyone who works for them as well as all the other Pedophiles That Be is severly mind controlled.  TPTB can't cook for themselves.  Couldn't make toast.  So how else could they trust their workers not to poison the food?  They are slaves all.  Wouldn't they mentally style themselves as Ancient Greek gods, meddling with mortals all the time?  Because in their centuries of intrigue, killing off all authority who oppose them, it is evident they devote the lion's share of their attention to minding other people's business.  They'd have to in order to get such a surfeit of information.  Masters of meddling. Probably have some class of I-Toys.  "Oh, getting uppity in Toledo, are we?" and with the flourish of a joystick – poof, here comes a tornado, etc.  Inveterate busybodies with no life of their own.  Living in ice palaces of exquisite design, probably anyone in their family who dares display individuality of any positive kind is submitted to "reconditioning" or killed.  Mincing up and down marble staircases, treacly voices peeking in on family members to check for signs of insubordination.  There's plenty written on internal lock-down family control over Rockefeller family members too.  Want to keep money/power among themselves, make sure they only marry among the rigidly mind-controlled ruling class.  Got to be an utterly ugly destiny to be one of them.  Family sport is probably CFR-style meetings, their sole mirth being agreement on how to torment common people.  "We'll bury'em in barium, tee hee heee…"  Toying with mortals like children manipulate inanimate paythings.  All media figureheads.  Think Michael Jackson.  No God above them, no future, no vision, just passing along torture and pedophilia every chance they get.  No joy, no concept of goodness.  A putrescent carbuncle on the face of humanity, the whole dynasty.  

    • Diane Friday says:

      horsegirl: Exactly as I picture it, and how frightening that somehow they've maintained control, never collapsing under the weight of their literal decadence and inbreeding. I was thinking out loud yesterday when I was driving to pick up the very expensive medication I need just to function on a day-to-day basis. I was calling the Pedophiles that Be, to use your term, every disgusting thing I could think of. I do that every day now, several times a day. I was in an especially rabid mood due to the engineered below-freezing temperatures they've decided to subject is to this week. And I was saying that there's a reason eugenics doesn't work and will never work. There's a reason why purebred dogs and cats, for instance, have so many specific and sometimes severe health problems not found in "mutts". The reason is there's almost always inbreeding somewhere in the bloodline, and inbreeding weakens the breed in the long and short-term. The reason is for every undesirable trait that the idiot humans try to breed out, there will usually be even worse genetic traits to take their place. Now, responsible dog, cat, and horse breeders, and whatever other god forsaken species the idiot humans have decided to try and make to order, will try and avoid these practice so as to not produce weak and sickly offspring. However, when there are large sums of money involved, we know how quickly ethics and common sense are forsaken. It's a mystery how the families of the controlling elite have managed to survive so long, but I would like to think they'll eventually inbreed themselves right out of existence. Unfortunately, that won't happen soon enough. I too wonder what they'll do to amuse themselves if/when they succeed in eliminating the billions of filthy peasants cluttering up the planet they've decided to dominate. I picture them sitting around a mahogany conference table, with maps and little toy soldiers and toy tanks and toy planes, all squealing and getting aroused at the thought of wiping the slate clean, the slate being planet Earth, and starting over again after they've declared themselves gods. 

    • Marc says:

      Horsegirl, awesome summation of the filth by whom we are subjugated.  Hear ye!!

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Excellent post Horsegirl! I always look for your comments as they're deep, well-thought out and written with flair.

      One thing I would add is that not only are these "controllers" satan's children, but the framework of their belief system is based on thousands of years of collective writings which go way off track from their origination!

      The average person knows nothing about what's contained within these collections of writings. Vile, nasty and supremacist are just a few words that immediately come to mind when assessing them. As well, are the deceitful and veiled belief system of "those" dispensing the evil.

      I ask how many recognize that the media constantly attacks Islam & Christianity (yes, both have their radicals), yet it is verboten to speak against this group of people and their collection of writings?

    • bija says:

      horsegirl – I feel your contempt, but thank you for making me laugh! Somehow comforting that you are an Arizona witness too. Thinking you might like the honest telling of history of Terry Boardman, in particular the tragic story of Kaspar Hauser and also the real truth about WWI and what that set in motion.

  13. Texan Fellow says:

    Yeah, I've definitely noticed changes in the weather, especially intensifying the past couple years, here in TX. Storm systems seem much more unorganized. It seemed the like most weather systems used to traverse relatively smoothly. Now we have cold fronts coming from weird directions, getting stuck, turning into occluded fronts, dry lines forming, "moisture" lines coming in off of the Gulf. The pressure systems/isobars on surface maps also seem much more chaotic than I remember. On a number of days this season, when conditions were set to be outrageously warm,  we start seeing trails in the sky and soon a thick, whitish-gray canopy of amorphous clouds has moved in. On some days this past summer, there was a hanging, whitish haze about the place. During sunsets, sometimes the sky would have a iridescent glow, with patchy hues of different colors. The local media attributed this to "Saharan dust," which would have produced a reddish-orange, not subtle green, yellow, orange, etc. In fact, we had record flooding here in Texas last spring, and drought over the summer through early fall, with some flooding again mid to late fall. Major whiplash. Might as well add that this year, TWO tropical systems hit Yemen (a rare trajectory) following almost the same path, and we have Patricia, the strongest ever recorded Eastern Pacific hurricane; And now we also have Alex forming in January!

    • Texan Fellow says:

      In terms of solutions, I think we need to be process-oriented, not object or instant-oriented. The challenges are complicated, so they require complex solutions. Not just one thing or action, it involves living in a more sustainable way coupled with ideas to salvage, preserve, and protect what remains of our habitat and our health.

      I think a great idea for anyone with the time/know-how would be to create a open discussion forum/brainstorming center for solutions to these crises. The best ideas can be consolidated into action-plans for communities. To give an idea, here are a few ideas for potential solutions,

      1) There is some evidence that specific types of silica can prevent absorption of aluminum in the digestive tract

      2) Some types of clay (e.g. montmorillonite clay) can be ingested to absorb heavy metals and aid in detox. I don't the efficacy w.r.t. aluminum and the other heavy metals in the skies

      3) Making a repository of edible plants that are most resistant to the geoengineering climate destruction (might be increasingly difficult as climate becomes increasingly damaged). Also ideas, instructional documents/videos, etc for indoor gardening/farming.

      4) Conferences for experts and scientists to discuss/collaborate on whatever possible means exist for repairing some of the climate damage.

  14. Barb D says:

    David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    You may not be aware, but Jim Stone has revealed the truth behind this situation at   (more at link- scroll down quite a ways)


    • BaneB says:

      A study of genetic engineering/gene splicing will lead any investigator into the nether world of disease creation, disease enhancement, disease experimentation on unwitting populations, and patents for the cures of all the new "emerging" diseases.  One can see the trail of death and tears from, say, Legionnaires disease in the 1970's, to AIDS, Hanta Virus, SARS, and this new virus that shrinks the brain of new borns.  One should suspect Ebola is a man made disease given its origins.  Indeed, these twin psychopaths of the Geoengineering cabal are possessed with bio lab terror on unwitting subjects.  And, they too can spray aerosols from a can of deadly disease cocktails into the sky, or anywhere….a hotel convention, an airport lounge, a train station, a subway system, any vector that can deliver another nasty experiment on the unsuspecting.  Drug sales slow this year?  Oh well, just go dump some flu virus into an air conditioning unit at a international transportation hub.  Yes I am very cynical.  Having read many scientific papers and books on the matter of disease creation, it is my opinion that what I describe above is a reality.  The CDC ought to be labelled the Centers for Disesse Control and Disemination.  And in case you don't know, that brew pub is under the control/auspice of the Pentagram.  And like its counterpart in the skies above, the testing of novel bacterium and viruses goes way back.  Just recall the Tuskegee Experiment, and the feeding of radioactive oatmeal to under privileged children.  Yes, it IS nearly impossible to accept that our fellow man is so obsessed with curiosity from their drive to "create" their paycheck passion that all of us are nothing but guinea pig lab rats.  But, sadly, these monsters are real and in human form.

  15. [Is this a massive pulse from an Ionospheric Heater in S. America?]
    Massive Wave Burst Caught Extending Over North & South America   / DAHBOO77 / Jan 18, 2016
    This is just another example of how these massive waves are caught on radar and satellite feeds. You can find the other video at the link below…

    • bija says:

      God help any planets they have an eye to colonize!

      How about take care of the one we are already on???

  16. Hawking: Humans at risk of lethal 'own goal'
    Humanity is at risk from a series of dangers of our own making, according to Prof Stephen Hawking. Nuclear war, global warming and genetically-engineered viruses are among the scenarios he singles out. And he says that further progress in science and technology will create "new ways things can go wrong". …assuming humanity eventually establishes colonies on other worlds, it will be able to survive.  "Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years. By that time we should have spread out into space, and to other stars, so a disaster on Earth would not mean the end of the human race.  However, we will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years, so we have to be very careful in this period."  It is ironic that such a prominent figure in science identifies scientific progress itself as the major source of new threats. On previous occasions, he has highlighted the potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI) becoming powerful enough to cause the extinction of the human race.

    • Dennie says:

      Hawkins is certainly spot-on with his warning predictions.  It's just his "solution" that I cannot stand:  ABANDON SHIP!!  We've f*cked the planet over and over and over again, so grab a sack of potatoes or two, ring up Sir Richard Branson, jump on a space ship and head for Mars!

  17. Frank says:

    Last night in SE Tennessee we had a engineered low 11 degrees. The power went out at 3am and was out for 2 hours. I presume it was planned as high demand for electricity is really taxing the grid. The extreme low temps are followed by below freezing temps during the day. The total infrastructure of the US is crumbling before are eyes as everyone is glued to there entertainment centers. To have large blackouts with temps as low as they are would cause extreme damage to property and lives especially in the south where many don't prepare like northern climates. I see many here buy plug in electric heaters and fireplaces not thinking if there is no power. Our country is so screwed as most depend on our criminal power structure to help them out. A mass power outage whether planned or a CME in a engineered chemically nucleated cool down would be horrific.The only way to survive a cold weather event is to maintain proper body temperature. The body can survive only 3 days without fluids but without heat hours or minutes mean certain death. Any prolonged cold weather event power outage for most would be total mayhem especially in the cities. We all are so vulnerable to simple ways of survival. We all need now to plan for future events as the power structure is getting more desperate. I drove home the other day on a 2 lane road and spotted a large object in the road ahead. I slowed and saw a bald headed eagle eating a dead carcass in the road. The eagle took flight before I could hit it and the birds massive wingspan flew off as I was shocked at what I just saw. That eagle was starving because a bird of prey would have never come close to a road, crows and vultures yes but not a eagle. Our nations symbol of strength and freedom forced to eat road kill to survive. Our planet is in turmoil the animals are starving and we all are sprayed like rats everyday. I still shed a tear for that eagle as I know we are all next. Please stop climate engineering as it is our only recourse of survival. I work hard everyday to inform people of this weather warfare and am grateful to each and everyone of you for doing your all. I at times say what's the use but snap back to reality because we are all at the point of cataclysmic events that mean certain death for us all. Thank you Dane for all you do and everyone else.  

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      Around 3am there where helicopters flying north over I75.  Loud military not the fast hospital types. Last night was very weird.  The sky at dusk just looked weird.  Wavy.  Like the sky was being pushed down.  Cold air pushed down on us maybe. 

      Buy warm blankets and extra socks!

  18. From what I have read in a pile of recently published books on the new military and corporate mercenaries, there is no way in hell that the armed forces of ANY country, multinational corporation, and the Global Corporate Regime are going to give up Electronic Warfare. All war is now EW! There is no war anywhere without EW. And it’s not just the USA, Russia, China, Iran, and Israel that have developed advanced technologies in EW. It is also the so-called “rogue states” all the have-nots and the fanatic religious sects desperate for power and their share; with populations heavily dominated by young men who have no prospects of any hope for anything and are perfectly willing to spend their youth fighting under any conditions – they have no options. The Global Corporate Regime has hard evidence to fear these groups because they are developing their own EW, genetically-engineered viruses, and AI. Even if geoengineering is prohibited for climate control & weather manipulation, it will still be on the table for war. There is no alternative for the military but to escalate. Only an act of Nature, an act of God could change their minds — something so cosmically shattering that it would convince every leader in every country around the world that these heinous evil uses of the electromagnetic spectrum technology – which could produce miraculous healing – has been misused, abused, and have become a demonic Siren Song seducing the entire planet into suicidal omnicide.

    • Wake Up World! says:

      There have been so many who have tried to explain this complex overtaking of our global governments, the information is valid, it is available, it is known. Certainly those seasoned in gov. positions know. This "New World Order" is bringing hell on earth. It's not a matter of proving what Kennedy pointed out as common sense and what every member of Congress is well aware of. It's a matter of turning a coward into an upright human being. That has turned out to be the greatest challenge to man. And they counted on it.

  19. Sebastiaan says:

    I am not afraid
    They are human, just like me
    If they can change the world, so can I
    Stay strong, keep your head up high.

  20. michael says:

    You doubt we are going into a new Dalton minimum at the least. Possibly an early ice age might be kick started by the interference of the chem-trail gangsters, in their god-like arrogance. The Wall street bandits who buy weather like it is available in Sea Can from China.
    You realize we also live in the atmosphere of the sun, and Solar Cycle 24 has been much to be desired, especially here on the backside slide. Normally without human interference, there should be a normal cooling.
    This great solar system fading in and out of those vast rivers of galactic current in space in our spin and journey towards oblivion. Every so many hundreds of thousands of years we slip out of the river and rest a while. And a dormancy, and solar hibernation. And then we sleep and dream, and then wake in a galactic spring and slip back into the river and drift again, and a new thing is gained in the dreaming. 
    Our ever so bright light-bulb dims a bit it seems.
    Do you watch the Sun?

  21. Dana MacCuish says:

    " Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter. " Martin Luther King Jr.

  22. Falcon101 says:

    The only people that benefit from these chemtrailing operations are the energy Corporations and the Government. When they manipulate the weather, they can keep it cold all winter forcing us to utilize more energy to heat our homes and businesses and in the summer months they keep it hot and dry so we are forced to use the A/C longer and in both instances, the energy companies rake in billions of dollars each month.

    Then they refuse to allow us to use wood burning stoves to heat our homes claiming it is a major pollutant so we are further forced to only use THEIR energy sources. The system is rigged, we are being played, all to put more of our hard earned dollars into the pockets of those that already have money to burn.

  23. What I don't understand is why they don't know they are killing the planet?  

    How could you knowingly kill a planet and its people?

    Where are they going to live?

    The ignorance of ignorance is to be sure you are right when you are wrong.  How sure are they that the planet will survive this?

    It is probably some version of narcissistic personality like Trump that is calling the shots.  

    Imagine Trump taking control of the planet with his vast stores of empathy.

    2 cents

    • Shannon says:

      They, the criminal cabal/bankers, have built DUMBS, Deep Underground Military Bases, and that is where they plan to go after the planet becomes uninhabitable.

  24. Margriet O'Regan says:

    20 million five hundred thousand  'hits'  on the website folks  !!!!!

    What an army ………

    Why not join forces with Alaskan Judge Anna von Reizinger & help her set up Common Law Courts, cite charges, arrest & prosecute all of the perps, including Obama, Congress, Secretary of State, all of the Supreme court judges …………

    We have enough of us 'awake'  ….now let's act …………

    Quick, before they take your guns away.

    They got ours here in Australia after orchestrating the 'Port Arthur Massacre' in which 35 were shot & killed, 27 wounded…..Makes for an especially horrifying read ….go Google it…. It was a totally real 'Sandy Hook'……….

  25. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I made this YouTube video of what I am doing to raise awareness. Please check it out and pass it on to ALL of your contacts. PLEASE find a way to be active in this fight EVERYDAY and Never Give Up!!!.

  26. Marc says:

    In Dane's Saturday Global Alert show, he made a reference to a recent article that indicted neonicotinoids as the "smoking gun" causing bee colony collapse. The recurrence of this and other similar reports in MSM would have us believe that the agricultural industry is to blame for their use of a certain class of pesticides called neonicotinoids. As Dane made abundantly clear, a fine peer-reviewed report revealing phenomenal amounts of aluminum in bees is most certainly the overarching reason that bees appear to be functioning as if they have Alzheimer's i.e. unable to navigate, unable to coordinate function within the hive, and outright death from poisoning. The reason I mention this incredibly important finding harkens me back to the day after Dane's big event in Redding last August, where I was in attendance along with 1000 other heroes and saints. On my drive back down I-5 at around 8 in the morning after the event, I pulled off the freeway at the little town of Maxwell, Ca. I was hungry and was hoping to find an Hispanic market…anything but fast food! Much to my complete joy I DID stumble upon an awesome little market where I purchased homemade flour tortillas right off the grill, along with a sack of cooked pork and homemade salsa made that very morning. Awesome! I drove back out to the edge of town and parked on the side of a road to chow down. I finally got out of the car to stretch and suddenly noticed one single, solitary bee clinging to my driver-side door just above the handle. I bent over to check him out and I wondered at why on earth he would choose such an unlikely spot to perch. I noticed he seemed lethargic and wasn't buzzing his wings or anything. In my concern I had a conversation with him and asked him if he was ok, or what problem was he having that was causing him to remain clinging to my 2015 rental car. He stayed there for some 10-15 more minutes as I piddled around with my phone and so forth. When It came time to hit the freeway again I apologized but said he'd be better off if he didn't hitchhike with me, so I nudged him a bit fully expecting him to take flight and disappear into the sky. Instead, to my alarm, he dropped like a stone to the ground and just kind of wiggled around a bit and was clearly not well. I know it may sound trite and perhaps even ridiculous, but seeing the little feller behaving so "out of character" for a bee, I remember feeling great sadness for him, so small and so helpless, and so maligned by forces so beyond his understanding and so heartwrenchingly unfair. I had already known by that time about colony collapse and I felt an overwhelming need to apologize to him on behalf of humankind's insensitivity and unbridled stupidity. I considered taking him with me but decided against it in case he managed to "revive" on his own. So…I just kind of left him there on the ground. But I didn't feel right doing it. I know in my heart of hearts his "illness" that day is our doing. In some kind of mystical way I felt like his appearance on my driver door was an entreaty, a call for help, a demonstration to someone who might just listen…..that all is NOT well. In decades past, I have always wondered and reflected deeply on the "meaning" of reports of whales collectively beaching themselves. What were they telling us? Like when 56 sperm whales beached themselves on the Mexican Pacific coast in 1979 on the very day that the great jazz bassist Charlie Mingus died, in Mexico, when he was 56 years old. He was cremated in Mexico, as were the whales. Strange.

      Now we are in a new phase altogether. Catastrophic die-off of species is out of control, from the tiniest critters to the most majestic behemoths, from bees……. to whales……to…..?………..I think we're next. 

    • Dawnski says:

      Thank you Marc for sharing that story. It touched my heart and at same time gave me all the more reason to be the bee in the bonnet for those who turn away people trying to do something for the little fellers NOW. This loan tear running down my cheek is for the bees!

    • Drew says:

      Marc, ive had the same experiences with insects and wildlife. Exactly. And your feeling you describe–  ive had them too. I HAVE them now. And im sure as hell positive that most of us here also feel this.

      The movie SnowPiercer Is becoming our realty. 

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah. Painful is the existence of those who know, them, and us.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I am a major bee lover and bee whisperer.  Have been my whole life. &nbsp  They are a part of Monsanto's evil empire, genetically built in to many crops and flowers, plants that people buy at box stores, etc.  All bees and pollinators require teeny tiny doses of caffeine and nicotine and so are attracted to plants that give them a wee tad.  But if built into plants as a pesticide, the dose is so strong as to kill them.  Make no mistake, there are many many ways bees are being killed.  Certainly geoengineering is a major one but not the only one.  Like us, we can fight or try to fight one thing, but EVERYTHING?  Not so much.  Honey bees are not native.  And they are pimped out.  I don't know if you've seen the documentaries but what these poor bees go through no human could survive.  The real wonder is that any survive at all!  These pimped out bees not only have to travel the country breathing fumes and being knocked around, but also get sprayed as they pollinate because it is more convenient to man to spray in daylight, which is when the bees are working.  And by the way, diddling around on your phone didn't help either as they are so very sensitive to electro magnetic everything!  I figure that bee was looking to hitch a ride with you!  A ride outta hell!  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I was referring to neoniconoids.

    • Dawnski says:

      I just watched Vanishing of the Bees and thought the same thing Rachel. .  


  27. Earth Changes 2016: Mass Die-Off Leaves More Than 10,000 Squid Dead In Chile  / DAHBOO77 / Jan 18, 2016   /   * Last month's die-off was said to be the biggest single event of its kind known to science, more than 330 whales found washed up in a remote inlet in southern Chile, this week it's thousands of squid Pelicans, dolphins and penguins also on the list. Translated from Spanish: The Chilean coastline is once again the home of marine life carnage as thousands of giant cuttlefish or squid have washed up dead in recent days. The mass die off occurred along the beaches of the island of Santa Maria which is located off the coast Arauco. The death of more than 10,000 of the large cephalopods has once again left "experts" scratching their heads for answers and the incident is believed to have nothing to do with El-Nino.

    • Marc says:

      Susan, shocking die-off events like these should be scaring the shit out of all of us. I understand how cuttlefish or sqiud might "wash up" on a beach…..but 330 Whales? Whales don't just "wash up" on beaches. They are highly conscious and intelligent animals whose wisdom we can only imagine. THEY ARE SHOWING US THE ERRORS OF OUR WAYS. And now, with all the accumulating pathological destruction laying waste to their beloved seas, they are succumbing and in their desperation are no doubt, in my opinion, committing collective suicide.

    • Nicole says:

      Not to mention the 300 whales from the same location last month:
      This is what happens to people who stand up to the nuclear regulatory agency: start at ten minutes:
      A nice tutorial in why we are all screwed.

    • bija says:

      When I heard the story about the 330 whales on public radio, all they could offer was that the whales had somehow lost their way.  REALLY!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, I remember mass beaching of whales before when most said sonar.  Very sensitive to sonar.  I am wondering what all the navy may be doing down there?  Many more tricks in their bag these days.  Also, are not the waters very warm down there now, didn't I hear that somewhere?

  28. Katherine Close says:

    Spraying seems to be ramping up here on the east coast of Australia, I will send some money for the legal fight asap

    • Jane says:

      Same here in Western Australia. When you see 6 parallel lines in the sky you know its not just clouds. You can actually watch it precipitating. I will also help with a donation.

    • Nicole says:

      The whales did lose their way Bija. They got lost and ended up on planet earth.

  29. Melanie says:

    Hello All, 

    If any of you are interested in helping with billboard signage, please visit this link:

    This sign was recently featured on this site:

    Let's all do what we can to sound the alarm, and lead with our hearts. Best to all of you.






  30. Dap says:

    Here in the N.E. the chemtrails are constant and have been for months. Lately people along with myself have noticed an overwhelming taste of salt in their mouths when outdoors (I live far from the ocean). I have written to local and national weather also state senators about the spraying. Everyone seems to have their heads buried in the sand

    • Dawnski says:

      I realize this may seem petty but at the same time it has given me a new audience for Dane and his work at this site.

      I tried to get my son signed up for Meck Bee School in Charlotte. I was seeking a sponsor & $80 scholarship assistance back on Jan. 4. Nope, no such luck. How anyone who claims to be passionate about the bees and teaches bee school can turn away a future environmental conservationist is beyond my comprehension. If the bees die we die. Duh! Anyhow, I shared this website in every email I sent to the local and state bee keepers organizations & schools. Kuddos to my sons sponsor in Iredell Co. who said he'd be honored to sponsor my son!! Wise owl! We are equally honored to DO something tangible!

    • Wayne says:

      Dap are you in the Northeast as in New England? Thanks.

    • Dap — “Lately people along with myself have noticed an overwhelming taste of salt in their mouths when outdoors (I live far from the ocean).” I used my intuition and it seems that my guess has some relevance because lithium is said to taste like salt. Lithium is one of the new widely reported additions to the chemtrails. Here’s one report from online with link: “…with lithium.  The one side effect that is most annoying is the insatiable thirst and the sensation that I am tasting salt, metal in my mouth.
      This is on Forbes, but won’t let me in without losing my AdBlocker.
      The Fake Salt Problem – Forbes
      The Fake Salt Problem … The only other chemical that tastes wonderfully salty like sodium is lithium. Lithium's not a great candidate as a substitute.  [no link, you can google this one].

  31. maciej kocialkowski says:

    Good piece Dane, and I know what you are talking about. You really hear this global cooling or ice age line from people who actually are somewhat knowledgeable on the subject. They are onboard with halting geoengineering, global opression and so on… You think to yourself, oh great, this is someone I can dialogue with, and then wham! Ice age! what? And it is amazing, because we are talking about really otherwise quite knowledgeable people, who do a lot of good in other arenas of awareness. Well, leave and learn! I just wanted to share my observation on the issue.  

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Hello Maciej, I just wanted to pass the link to the article Dane did on your activism in southwest Florida. Thank you again for all that you are doing to raise awareness. Never Give Up!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      maciej, hello.  More like the goodbye ice age!  Ice is going going gone all over the place.  Just read today from Daily Kos, and saw film of the masses of ice lost from Greenland, just stunning.  And Antarctica!  I mean wow! and they say there is no stopping it, beyond being able to stop it in any fashion.  Same for Greenland.  Sea level rise expected to be astounding and very soon, much sooner than anyone thought.  Mush higher than anyone thought.  Those still clinging to ice age will have to change their tune any second now.  The Greenland one has to do with sorta weird pulses-of seemingly warm water literally ejecting the ice.  Absolutely horrifying.  But Antarctica is so much bigger, and loosing way way more every single second.  All this is moving very very fast.  I couldn't place these articles here but did put it on my FB page.

  32. Tom Keith says:

    I've written letters to local papers over and over trying to get people on board. Mostly I get denial and apathy. Planning on going to the City  Council soon to distribute Danes' flyers and make some plans for the coming chaos. Uphill battle, but I have to do something !

    • Hi Tom–I so can relate to all of the denial and apathy that you see. Have done the flyers, etc., and not much happens.  Another way to do something is to help with trying to fund raise for the coming lawsuits.  Have a fundraiser–email people, donate.  Lawsuits are one way that things start to change! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Petra, as you so correctly stated, supporting the pending legal action is imperative for our efforts moving foward. If we all work together, we could put the final crack in the dam with this action.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Tom, I know exactly..the Toronto Star ( keeps publishing puff pieces; often three page spreads eg. David Keith, David Phillips (Environment Canada) and I have vigorously challenged them. I don't expect a reply and I realize they KNOW. My thought was a litigation by various people, groups working in conjunction against media, scientists, government departments. The courts will still have to deal with it and it must be public record. Personally, I've grown an onion skin to deal with being called a goof by my family and I don't care if they don 't believe me. Let's think higher and positive as Dane keeps saying; Time is running out. Regards.

    • RedFox says:

      This effort might turn out more motivation to false flags… backfire.

  33. Steve Parsons says:

    Looking forward to the 'Paradigm Shift' and 'Biosphere Consciousness' … Peace to humanity and planet earth . . .

  34. Rex creesen says:

    Side effect of Wellbutrin and other depression meds: "False beliefs that cannot be changed by facts. " You can't make this stuff up.

    • Audrey says:

       Can anyone say MKUltra?  It's estimated that about 10% of Americans are taking antidepressants. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Audrey, only 10%?  I'd have guessed much much higher.  In my immediate community in a few square blocks of Berkeley, nearly every single person says they suffer from depression.  And hey, what is not depressing these days?!  Sometimes if you are not depressed, that is a bad sign, a sign that you are complete unaware.  Sometimes depression is the correct reaction!  Few really need the drugs, and the side effects are horrible.  For those few that do need them, choose very carefully.

  35. Danny says:

    Keep[ It Coming!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Susan, just wow.  Excellent photos.  Amazing.  Incredible.  Thank you for sharing them!  That concave "hole" in the clouds is jaw dropping.  Have you had more weird electrical stuff happen at your home?

  36. TNGEOWATCH says:

    It is all falling apart right now.  It is just a matter of when.  Pollution is now out of control.  We are totally destroying ourselves.  Easter Island is our civilization now.

    • Mark from OZ (native Minnesotan) says:

      Hey TN Geo

       I suspect you are correct about 'now'. No one really expects to see the 'flash' but all who do will never forget that moment.

      My observation is that Joe and Jill 'Average' are now aware that something really is happening as weather related events across the globe cannot be smothered like they once were. Now is time to kick up the campaign into overdrive and connect them to credible info sites like this one so they can validate their concerns, nourish their curiosity, and add some arrows to their empty quivers.

      There will be a metaphoric 'battle' once the world wakes up unanimously to what is / has been done and we'll need the ridgetops in all directions, from horizon to horizon, populated by those ready and willing to participate in stopping, then reversing this madness.

      It's one thing to point out the grievance and another to get involved to do something about it. Be encouraging. Be honest. Be dignified. Be a leader. Be noble. Be a human being. Be like Dane!


      On this day of remembrance for Dr ML King, consider 'his' powerful words ahead of another time when two vectors were about to collide:

      "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Our Channel 4 Chief Meteorologist John Gaughn, was all excited/hyped up when discussing the Arctic Plunge, that has moved into Northern Florida today, Gaughn also mentions Hurricane Alex, the tornadoes that struck Sarasota County in Southwest Florida over the weekend and mentions Blizzard Conditions will be occurring with tons of snow expected in the Northern U.S.. Gaughn once again fails to discuss the driving force behind these numerous weather extremities. The Seawater temperature off the coast of Northeast Florida, is currently 58 degrees. The average Seawater temperature for mid January is 50-52 degrees. The current Seawater temperature is 6-8 degrees from departure, this is far more significant, than the air temperature being 6-8 degrees warmer. A travel warning has been issued from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC). The first case of the Zika Virus (Flavivirus) has been reported in Hawaii. This virus is transmitted from Aedes mosquitoes to humans and causes birth defects with unusually small heads and brains in newborn babies. The report states Climate Change and El Nino could bring mosquitoes with the Zika Virus to the U.S.. Is this the plan for biological warefare from the government, GeoEngineers, Scientists, CDC etc. President Obama gives a speech announcing that a Nuclear Deal has been reached with Iran and said we are all safer now! How can any living organism be safe now, when Nuclear weapons exist!


    • Stuart McDermott, England. says:

      Stay strong my friend, the journey has only just begun.

      Remember that saying,'when the going gets tough'…….You know the rest.

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      The sky tonight where totally sprayed. Manufactured weather.  It's old!  Point this out to everyone you know.  Even if they don't care!

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