Climate Engineering Atrocities Captured On Time-Lapse


How expansive and blatant does the climate engineering elephant in the sky need to be before society wakes up and the climate science community shows an ounce of honesty? Unfortunately most of society no longer recognizes natural cloud cover from a sprayed toxic aerosol sky. Our atmosphere has long since been completely altered by the constant toxic jet spraying assault, rapidly accelerating impacts are now taking a catastrophic toll on the climate system and the entire web of life. Time-lapse film footage is particularly useful for clearly revealing the true extent of the atmospheric spraying, the 6 minute video below is a compelling example. We are all now living under a canopy of contamination that is decimating the biosphere and all life. Join the fight to expose and stop the climate engineering insanity, make your voice heard.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Sue says:

    Dane that video says it all, I am so disappointed with most everyone I know, they are in denial and some of them told me they don;t want to know because it made them feel depressed.  Like I told them , if this depresses you, wait till there is nothing left for us to save and see how depressed you will feel then. 

    Thanks for all you do, I keep sending out the material so hopefully someone will actually  WAKE-UP.



  2. Daniel Stephenson says:

    Hi Dane

    I forgot to mention, here in the uk the BBC are using many subliminal short frames of the trails in their tv programs. One such series was hosted by Monty Don of gardening fame. In his mastercraft series on different crafts like Thatching, Weaving, Gass Making etc, you willsee the trails en route of the films, together with the mentipn of sustainabilty and carbon fpotprints throught the series, especially the thatching category. Thats BBC Mastercrafts with Monty Don, who is an advocate of Climate Change.

    • Nick says:

      Yes, I've noticed this too, fairly typical under-handed trick from the BBC. I've seen trails in still photos in the background on weather reports too. It's all part of a very subtle but very effective brainwashing technique. It's going to take more than that to fool me though, I have eyes, and I am awake.

  3. Daniel Stephenson says:

    All this sun blocking must be having an effect on crop developement early in their germination stage. Plants rely upon the blue light spectrum known as Chyptochromes. This may also have an effect on global grain prices.

  4. I have a feeling this is why my state is on fire right now. I live in East Tennessee.

  5. Chad says:

    Phenomenal how blatantly blind people choose to be. I see this same thing for years from Cali to Idaho. Everyday 24 7! God bless us all! 

    • Chad says:


  6. Peter James Resnelis says:

    I live in Melbourne Australia, no one seems to be paying attention down here, chem trails in Melbourne are happening so much to the point our sky is looking like a naughts & crosses board each day and people are so brain dead they don't seem to care, I take photos and videos of our sky daily and some of what I have a captured need explaining, there is No Way our weather (Melbournes) is real, Melbourne is known for Four Season in a day, it changes so rapidly from cold to hot rain to sunshine anyone who thinks that it's natural weather can Yeah 

  7. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Anonymous, about your question, I am already planning on addressing this in the next addition of Global Alert News, stay tuned.

  8. Rebecca Royle says:

    Yesterday was clear and blue skies…….this AM I awoke  to sprayed , silvery grey blue skies…….I'm feeling angry today, and worried….I have written, and received an answer from my senator John Tester  of Montana…..he is a good man ….and I believe he cares about the "little" people. I honestly don't think most of our congress and legislators know what's really going on…..who are these " Demi gods" who can just decide this is how we will deal with a warming earth?   I wish I could find some "locals" to talk to…..anyone live in Montana? I'm ready to fight for the rights and health of the people….

  9. Luana Andrew says:

    How can people not plainly see what is going on in our skies? So many people I talk to either think it's just normal contrails or don't care because they think it doesn't affect them! Thankfully I have done my research and can be very convincing and determined. What truly blows my mind is how the public is being brainwashed to believe this IS normal. I am seeing trails in tv ads, online games (especially Gta5) and even in pictures for sale at stores. Since when do clouds form in multiple straight lines across the lengh of the sky? It breaks my heart and angers me to see our lovely planet and it's inhabitants being treated like vermin! On a happier note I would like to thank Dane and all the people out there helping the fight against Geoengineering. Love, light and peace

  10. Christin Arvidsson says:

    Wake up people, look up in the sky, only we can stop this!

    • William says:

      It is insane the level of dont giv-a-dam some people have. I was doing a physical the other day and the nurse was talking to me. I told him my allergies were on tormoil he asked if I knew why. So I said I had a really good idea, then began telling about the climate engineering. The second I asked if he knew what the trails left by jets were he said it's just jet engine's smoke, right, and then blew me off like an atom bomb. I tried to tell him that I am a jet mechanic from the usaf in my 1rst half a life, and he that, no, it was not engine smoke but he dropped interest in what I was saying completely and just had no more of it. I said that's fine, you will wake up one day, hope it's not too late.

  11. Kevin Deroy says:

    I live in Eugene Oregon. Same stuff going on here. How can I help this cause?

  12. Robin Mead says:

    How exasperating it is to fight against the proponents of something so clearly hurting all life on the planet, when these very same proponents lie about what they are doing and why in all possible forms.

  13. Steven Clark says:

    But the worst of it all is that none of the spraying is monitored and is being done by private entities who are not regulated. So who knows what we have hanging over our heads? New deseases, devistation to plant life on high elevations in California. Trees ther are rotting away, and there is so much silver and chemicals in the soil that they are unable to grow plant in some areas.

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