Climate Engineering Completely Manipulating Precipitation


Dane Wigington

For many decades a covert global collaboration of governments has participated in the complete manipulation / disruption of the planet's weather and climate systems. There are many agendas being carried out in our skies by these global powers, none of these agendas are benevolant. The degree to which the weather-makers can manipulate precipitation is difficult to fully comprehend, the effect on populations and the planet has been devastating. The NASA satellite image below reveals extreme aerosol spraying operations being carried out in the Eastern Pacific over major flows of atmospheric moisture migrating toward the West Coast of the US. 4476

A large component of the jet aircraft sprayed aerosols are electrically conductive heavy metals like aluminum and barium. These elements assist the weather makers with their constant manipulation of precipitation events.

Extremely powerful radio frequency / microwave transmissions are another primary means by which the weather makers manipulate heavily aerosolized flows of precipitation. The very revealing animation below clearly illustrates the effects from a powerful radio frequency / microwave transmitter near Beale Air Force Base, California. By these methods those in power can effectively migrate rain over some regions and allow it to come down elsewhere, often in the form of a highly destructive deluge. The climate engineers decide where it rains, and where it does not. They decide how toxic the rain will be, or if a zone will be temporarily cooled down by chemical ice nucleation processes. From drought to record flooding deluges, the geoengineers are the ones pulling the levers. In addition to the climate intervention insanity, it is important to also remember and consider the countless other forms of anthropogenic damage to the climate system and the planet as a whole. 

Large incoming cells of precipitation are completely dispersed by the Beale transmitter with none of the migrating rain actually precipitating past the transmitter site.

This next NASA image is a shockingly clear illustration of the climate engineering process already addressed in this article. A massive cloud formation off of the US West Coast has blatantly obvious signs of heavy aerosol spraying. This formation also has extremely unnatural borders due to radio frequency / microwave transmission manipulation 446

The image above was captured as a massive high pressure dome was being set up over the US West Coast. This rain blocking heat producing scenario (termed the "ridiculously resilient ridge") was a primary causal factor in the record shattering California drought. Though much of California has been allowed to receive substantial rains this year, devastating drought could be put back in place by the climate engineers at any time.

The NOAA precipitation "forecast" (scheduled weather) map below is the latest example of the now unprecedented precipitation patterns.


Geoengineering is completely disrupting the global hydrological cycle.

A primary purpose of precipitation dispersion / migration / manipulation is to create largest possible expanse of cloud cover / haze, and to keep the moisture aloft and available for creating precipitation events and/or chemical ice nucleated cool-downs. Extreme weather whiplash scenarios are increasingly the norm as the desperation of the climate engineers continues to manifest.


Meteorologically unprecedented and completely engineered hot and cold zones now blot global temperature maps.

Every engineered (and highly toxic) chemical cool-down event that the geoengineers carry out comes at the cost of an even worse overall warming of the planet. It comes at the cost of an even more damaged ozone layer and an even more contaminated biosphere. The human race has inflicted countless forms of damage to our once thriving planet (with the ongoing geoengineering insanity at the top of the list). How much more can the planet take before complete biosphere implosion? If we remain on the current course, we will very soon find out. Every single one of us is needed to help sound the alarm, make your voice heard.

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141 Responses to Climate Engineering Completely Manipulating Precipitation

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  2. Silver Screen says:

    Almost 2 months of steady rain in central NY. When there is no rain which is just a few days we have silver skies no sun. The sun is being blocked. Only a handful of partly cloudy days. If the sun comes out it will be sunny in the AM and then get cloudy by noon and for the remainder of the day. Then it will get sunny again one hour before sunset. We have only seen 1 day with no clouds since April 2017. We are being sprayed like roaches. What amazes me is that people are more concerned about who goes first through traffic while driving. If the grid goes down there will be many helpless self centered ignorant people. These are the type of people that will stand on your head and pull you under when you save them from drowning.

  3. marc says:

    Read the article. It talks about Russia spending millions of dollars to manipulate the weather for their military parade

  4. Tim says:

    Yea, Happening here in Southern Cali also!!!  It was 96 degrees in Riverside, CA  4 days ago, and yesterday it only hit 53 degrees with some rain and our local mountains picking up 4-6 inches of snow in the Beginning of May?????  WTF!!!!

  5. Rutheford_County_NC says:

    The weather whiplash continues here.  Had to drag the winter clothes out again last weekend.

    We oscillate from 10-20 degrees above average (especially night time lows) to 10-20 degrees below average with frequent heavy precipitation associate with these radical cooldowns. The two states transition back and forth in 24 hour periods. It's insane.

    Normies I know are repeating the Weather Channel mantra "crazy weather is normal in spring".

    If you go to, type in your zipcode then press enter you'll be taken to current conditions. On the upper right is a button that says "month".

    If you click that you get a display that looks like a typical calendar. Then  you change the format to a list display.

    You get a graph of termperatures at the bottom — dashed lines showing average highs and lows, then solid lines showing actual temperatures.

    Historical data is available for free.

    When I look at 2017, every month has roller coaster like temperature graphs.

    What's it like where you live?

  6. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    The Omega Block has been set up, over the middle of the country by the Climate Engineers. This blocking pattern has produced the so called historic flooding over Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. The Southeast has had severe drought, excessive heat with many Wildfires over the past month. Temperatures in North Florida have been in the 90's, since Friday Low's have been in the 50's, a 40 degree temperature swing!

  7. C.J. says:

    You could put the chemtrail mix into a spray bottle and spray people directly in the face and they still would not get it. Said to say that people are very ignorant and want to remain that way. No sense in changing a dummy into a critical thinker if they want to remain a Dummy.

    The Turkish army is taking Syrians and harvesting organs. The Syrians might be slightly injured trying to flee the country. When they cross into the Turkey they are captured and stripped of their vital organs and left for dead. WTF is up with that. >>>> MONEY

    • Barry says:

      Yes, People are very ignorant.  I have talked to people about this issues since 1996 and they look at me as if I bumped my head.  I gave up talking to people long ago! And if you try to talk to elected officials…. they have eyes but they do not want to here it and give you the bums rush and of course your uncle is in complete denial….nothing to see here move along!  So, I am sure it will continue until TPTB decide to stop

    • Rutheford_County_NC says:

      With all due respect, then those Syrians should stay and fight for their country. We can't take them all in and give them welfare. That much should be obivous by now.  Just look at western Europe. What a fail.

      2/3s of the 'refugees' are illiterate in their own language.

      It would make a lot more sense to relocate them in their own geographic region, with familiar climate, language, culture, religion and food. Rather than importing them to Europe, with alien climate, languages, cultures, religions, and food.

      It makes absolutely no sense, unless there is a different agenda at play than the propaganda's claim of 'helping the unfortunate women and children' (a blatant lie).

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello RCN, something that must be considered in regard to the refugee crisis, who was most responsible for creating it? FYI

  8. Lawrence Beck says:


    Thank you for posting the first and fourth (enlarged) photos that accompanied your post on May 2.  Those photos, more than any I've ever seen, clearly illustrate the weather modification you've been speaking of for years.  The enlarged photo showing the cloud cover pushed well offshore from the California Coast (along the accompanying trails in the sky) should convince the most brain dead of SRM deniers.

    This photo should accompany any posts on's website on the government's efforts to drought out California.  


  9. Donna-AZ says:

    The Flagstaff Radar in on low this morning (Sat). Intelicast map shows the controllers allowing rain to the NE part of AZ, while Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma Radars are Blasting Away, (No Rain Pho You). Isn't there a limit to how long these radars can be turned on, in a half, or hours time to avoid harm to humans, and other life? Is this why my ears are ringing off the wall?

  10. Donna-AZ says:

    Phoenix officially reached 107 degrees Friday — breaking the previous record for May 5 of 105 set back in 1989.

    Phoenix's low temperature of 76 Friday morning also broke the record of 74 for highest low temperature set in 1990. 

    Phoenix was over 100 before noon marking the third day in a row the Valley has reached triple digits in May.

    It was 106.7 in Sun City, on my patio, in the shade at 4pm. I think it could have been even hotter had 'they' started spraying us sooner. I could see the spray coming from the west around noon. If they started spraying us at 8am, we could have really been baking in the oven. By 6pm it was a brow/white-out along with some puffy white clouds, very disgusting.

    It was a good time for Marcia McNutt to visit the 'gas chamber' here in Arizona. Our blue sky paradise has been taken over by terrorists, "shame on you, All of You."

  11. MAP says:

    An interesting quote from someone who was on the "inside" during beginning stages of Military Industrial Complex. 

    “Our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear.” – General Douglas McArthur

    Not much has changed over the years with regards to these types of manipulations from our War Mongerers

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To all my friends I haven't met yet,

    Stay tuned for some experiences in awareness from the horseman.

    I will post after the 5-6-2017 broadcast.

    "What does it cost to be in this battle", "how much will 'you' sacrifice in the battle against geoengineering?"

    I hope none of you pay the price I have paid………….

    Stand proud and informed, all you lovely wonderful people!

    "My friends I haven't met yet".

    • I'll bet "THEY" block the view of your roof on Google Earth. I myself will make the ultimate sacrifice if called too, in the battle against Geoengineering. Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • K. R. Curtis says:

      I believe they have been seeding the skies for a number of years. Trying to prove my point just recently watched aircraft over our city (Amarillo). Along I-40 planes spewing streams of smoke filled whatever. 7-10 days later. 6 inches of snow, frigid temperatures, 75 degrees and upwards within 2 days. This NEVER happened in the 50's-90's. NEVER

    • Diane Friday says:

      @"a" Simple Horseman:  My friend I haven't met yet. I look forward to your comments here. Your intelligent, concise observations of the sci-fi nightmare in which we now live, combined with your love, empathy, and compassion for our formerly beautiful ecosystem and all living things, can sometimes pull me out of hopelessness and despair.  No easy task, believe me. But I fear what it is you have to enlighten us with. You know, as do we all, that the price for being awake, aware, and outspoken will be high. How much are we willing to give? Why, everything we've got, if necessary. 

      I find myself falling into that downward spiral of hopelessness and despair because I feel powerless. Raising awareness, getting people to wake up to what's happening and how much worse it's going to get, is indeed vital. But I want to fight – I mean really fight. I want to suit up for battle, and make these spineless, soulless, cowardly pieces of s**t face me. Face all of us. Let's see how omnipotent they are in an honest to god battle, rather than shooting fish in a barrel, or going on a canned hunt, or exterminating insects, all from the safety of their cockpits or gaming chairs in front of computer screens, remotely operating drones or the countless transmitters all over the country.  Such typical bully mentality. The internet troll given unlimited power to do harm. That's what we're dealing with. These order followers are, without a doubt, the biggest cowards the universe has ever spit forth and, to me, a coward is the lowest form of life. So I tell myself every day that no matter how this ends for me, at least I won't die a coward. We know that's certainly true for Dane, and ever single one of you who refuses to cower, refuses to shut up, and will never back down. 


  13. Lee Eyerman says:

    40 degrees,non stop rain and wind here in Oho.Weve gotten in excess of 10 inches of rain in the last36 hours here.I think the bastard weather is to ruin events Americans look forward to.This week they ruined the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks.In March fake tornados messed up the NCAA tournament for millions.Two years ago it record rained in Cincinnati screwing up the first all star game in decades in that city.Has anyone noticed that the current downpours make you sick to your stomach when your out in it.They must be raining fungus on us.Even after all this rain ,my truck looked crappy with green shit all over it .Remember 2 showers a day or your headed to the emergency room.We live in a dirty sponge.

    • MAP says:

      When possible, I stay inside during rainfall to avoid whatever toxic brew is being dumped. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      I figure they're also trying to ruin the crops in the mid-west too. Drowning them out and flooding for the spring planting season. Bast@r&s!!..At least the sun came out for the running of the Derby today, although it was a sloppy track. The horses are always so magnificent and I'm always thankful when horses and riders have a safe trip across the finish line. Horses are proof God loves us and wants us to be Happy!  : )   "I've spent most of my life riding horses..the rest I just wasted"  Anonymous… I can soooo relate.

  14. Rick L. says:

    Yes, this climate manipulation is so obvious around here and still most everyone that's lived in this area for any length of time fails to see it or all the chemtrails that streak our skies daily. It's such a sad state of affairs around here as people go about their daily comatose lives  oblivious of their surroundings. And the few that notice seem to just not care.  I find it extremely alarming when I see photos or videos from around the earth with those long trails criss crossing the sky. It sometimes seems like people think those long trails are beautiful and should be in their pictures. And photo shopped photos are the thing of the present and future, giving us blue skies we once had. So sad.

    I don't know, are we being sprayed with an additional additive? I have to add, once in a while I see droplets of stuff landing in our pool on non-rain looking days. I can only speculate on that and my guess is as good as any one else's would be. I don't know, there's some weird stuff going on today. 

  15. JF says:

    Heavy spraying over Socal today. Much heavier than the last couple of days, with cross patterns in the sky becoming one hazy overcast.They are forecasting rain tomorrow and Sunday. I bet whatever they are spraying dries up this low pressure system coming in.

    I notice that after a while, whatever they spray causes a heavy haze.

    • BaneB says:

      JF:  was suppose to rain here in Northern California yesterday and today.  A low pressure system has the jet stream right over us.  But, the aerosol terrorists have been spraying to prevent rain.  They are sucking up the moisture with their dessicants and creating a white out.  Wednesday it was 95F, Thursday 85F, Friday 65F.  Currently this evening it is about 40F and extremely windy, with heavy gusts included.  Very wild and wooly, a very disturbed atmosphere. I did note the weather set up from the satellite images for 5/5/17 It's obvious we should have received rain.  And it's obvious the jet stream has been hit with high energy microwave to set up an electronic fence to shut off the river of moisture coming into California to starve the low.  

    • Dennie says:

      Yup, same thing here in Nor Cal today– very heavy spraying two days ago, then lots of heat, then today started cool and clear, with not too much of the air crap, then it came in, thick and heavy, and now it's really cold.  We also have been having very high winds, I suppose, to make up for all the days that we don't have much wind if any at all.  The crap was so heavy today it looked like a mist, but was freezing cold and has a texture to it that too many ignore, "don't notice," or otherwise explain away– you name it, it's all the same:  D-E-N-I-A-L


  16. Susan Ferguson says:

    New Crack Found in Delaware-Sized Chunk of Larsen C Ice Shelf as it Heads Toward Southern Ocean
    A 2,000 square mile section of the Larsen C Ice Shelf is hanging by a thread as it continues to drift toward the Weddell Sea. Since January, according to researchers at Project MIDAS, the large crack has been widening but its length growth has stalled. However, recent reports out this week from MIDAS found that a new crack had developed at the ice-bridge end of the break-off section. The new crack appears to be rounding the corner of the bridge to begin a quicker path to segmenting the massive ice berg away from Larsen C. A testament to the powerful forces that are inevitably forcing this enormous section of ice to relinquish its hold.

  17. C.J. says:

    If people could understand about the Crop's and flooding taking place and figure out why, that would be a definite start. As it is, we in Central Ontario right now are being rained on certainly constant for the next few days. Flooding is enhanced by this weather manipulation. Insurance companies will shell out lots of money, but the insurance rates will go up. They have nothing to lose, only to gain. They always get their money back. Meanwhile the policy holders have to pay and pay and pay. It is supposed to Snow on Sunday. It will be 4 degrees above zero. How does that make sense? Well it is Nonsense because the Geoengineer's will dump barium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate in the upper atmosphere to make it snow. Nucleated Snow. They don't want any body to get one step ahead in the growing season as it will interfere with their own profits in areas that they prefer to let grow. This is all pretty easy to figure out. Dump that crap into the air. Let us breath it and get sick. Off to the Doctor or Hospital and the Big Pharma makes a huge killing. I mean that both ways. Also this is the time of year they get everyone to donate to children's sick fund. It's sick alright. Not me though. I'm not donating anything. That's like putting fuel to the fire. Why would I donate to these animals that are making everyone sick in the first place. It is a very viscous circle. Create a problem and make a solution. People might ought think about this. That is of course if they are able to think. Which I don't think most can. Their minds have been turned into Mush from the spraying. 

  18. mihaela says:

    The Daily Mail has been publishing some articles about the death of a British Airways pilot. Then I found a 60 minutes program on the subject of "toxic flyer"

    My first thoughts were that some planes are either flying through chemtrails or fitted with spraying tanks themselves. Somehow, nobody in either cases talks about this issue.

    • TP says:

      I agree with Mihaela. The toxic chemicals in the aircraft cabins can be a 'triple whammy' – the air directed air from the engines and/or from leaky internal spray tanks or flying through the previously heavily sprayed skies. It is a disgusting cover-up again. Many air crew are dying and the airlines are denying it all.  It is just like the vaccines saga all over again – profits against peoples health.

      I personally know a veteran pilot who flew for 40 years. He got skin cancer and then Leukemia.   

      The UK Daily Mail just published a photograph of a big, white, elongated cloud in Cumbria in Northern England and everyone looked in wonder at it but did not know what it was! I immediately put a comment onto that news article that it was geoengineering and I included a description of what was happening. The resulting comments to my comment were typical of the blatant disregard or out and out stupidity of people. I was told to "go hide in my basement and wait for the aliens coming" or "go and get my tin hat, go and hide in the basement and cover myself with tin foil".  There were a few others who took my comments seriously and were saying that it was "chemtrail" which I tried to correct stating Solar Radiation Management.  It is so obvious that most people don't care and are too stupid to even research it.

    • Rutheford_County_NC says:


      "It is so obvious that most people don't care and are too stupid to even research it."

      I don't think they're stupid. I think they're afraid. One night recently at a local watering hole, I ran into a guy I knew years ago who was a pipe line data collector and analyst. We started talking about 'beautiful sunsets'. Turns out he's a photography buff who likes taking sunset pictures and has been doing so for years.

      He mentioned the 'beautiful red clouds' and said he'd never noticed that.

      I briefly mentioned SAG/SRM. aluminum nanoparticles, and the causes of the unusual clouds. The look on his face was one of absolute horror.  I said to him "I'm an engineer, I believe in data. You're a data guy yourself. Just look at the data friend".

      His wife must've seen the look on his face because she intervened and changed the subject real quick.

      I spoke politely then went back to my group.

      I think they're afraid of what they might find out. After the election I think most Americans are at least a little aware that the MSM lies about everything and only covers stories advantageous to their advertisers.

      Love Trump or hate him, his campaign did wake a lot of formerly sleeping people — at least to the lies of the media and globalism.

      The slightly woke are still scared because they know everything's a lie and they can't handle too much truth.  They don't even want to look closely at 9/11 or many other 'official stories'.  Generally, official explanations look great from a mile high view, but when the detalis are closely examined the stories fall apart — this is true of every one I've studied.  There are many deep rabbit holes filled with malice.

      The average American is now more like the 11 year old that doesn't want to hear that Santa isn't real. He suspects, his friends tell him, but that reality is too painful. So he clings to the illusion, hoping Santa will come 'just one more time'.

  19. Donna-AZ says:

    Thank you Dane for this post. It is shocking to see the moisture completely disappear when the (northern Cal) transmitter is cranked up. I see what moisture is being allowed (to destroy crops?) 'or not' by watching the radars, Weather Warfare in full swing. National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Image Loop

    • MAP says:

      I live in Central Indiana right now. Yes the Weather Warlords have been trying to flood us out for the past week. Many crop fields have large sections with ponding water. Some of the fields were already planted and all of those seeds are now bye-bye. 

      Of course the vast majority of crop fields around these parts are useless to me as they are constantly doused with pesticides, herbicides and other types of Chemical-Deluge.

    • BaneB says:

      Donna-AZ:  As you know the rounded splotches are some of the 160 NEXRAD facilities showing activity.  I see Eureka and Beale are lit up.  Searchlight, Nevada, and something on in the southern Central Valley.  Etc.  Thanks for the link.

  20. Seeing Clearly says:

    We should not tolerate weather modification without our consent the same way you do not want people walking on your property what makes controlling the amount of water that falls on it any less of a problem?

    By the way on a side note has Trump done more good than harm overall or just another traitor, T⃠R⃠U⃠M⃠P⃠ his name means no honor to me at this point looks like he is on track to be the worst president ever.


    • MAP says:

      Until the masses wake up, come together and stop their useless bickering with each other, AND as a United Front boycott the Power Structure and disarm the authority of the Power Structure; until these things happen, nothing much changes. 

      Everyday, the masses (including myself) Grant authority to Power Structure by participating in The System (of over-consumption, waste of resources, pollution and ultimate destruction of Earth) that was setup by Power Structure. Take away that authority And their dominion by removing ourselves from as many schemes and scams of the Power Structure as possible. 

      Can that happen overnight? No, it takes time. But today I can do one more thing to remove myself from their madness. 

    • Dennie says:

      Well, and also, Every Little Bit Counts– it won't be a great place here until you can convince everyone that they need to pick up their trash, and stop contributing to the trash in the first place.  And not make the kind of messes that can't be cleaned up!

      Look at all the crap that winds up in the landfill.  We need to stop putting it there in the first place.  And look at the kind of punishment we dole out to minor offenders:  Go and clean up the trash that all the "good" kiddies dumped along the freeways– SHAMEFUL! 

      And look at how we educate our kids about the environment:  "The Environment is Somewhere Out There where it's green and pristine, untouched and seriously threatened by development."  Never mind ionizing radiation from nuclear plant melt downs, and toxic metal nanoparticulates everyone's being sprayed with, 24/7/365.  We send all the fourth graders in the public schools out to Environmental Education programs that last five days, only to see them come home and treat their own environment like a garbage dump.  If I were a classroom teacher I'd refuse to participate in this travesty of environmental "awareness."  I'd announce to my students that "The Environment is wherever you are– take a look around you, kids– is it clean? Neat?  WE'RE NOT LEAVING HERE TODAY UNTIL YOU PICK IT UP."  Then we'd have a Show and Tell like no other, and show the other classes all the crap that they've put on their campus.  I actually did something like that when I taught at a Waldorf school.  The main lesson teacher had me keep the "bad" (translated:  More talented than most and knew what he wanted in the fifth grade) kid behind at recess and pick up trash.  Man, were the other kids flabbergasted when they saw the big bag of trash we found on the campus!  It was a really eye-opening lesson for them.

  21. Alan says:

    From an article by Sean Martin in Britain's "Express" about the UAE planning to tow an iceberg from Antarctica to help them with their water shortage:

    "Up to four-fifths of an iceberg’s mass is underwater, and due to their vast density, they would theoretically not melt in the boiling climate of the Middle Eastern coastal line."

    In a nutshell, this kind of "logic" is why we are in the position we find ourselves in.  I think about the masses reading that sentence, nodding to themselves, and thinking "Yeah, that would work".  

  22. horsegirl says:

    Talk about a conspiracy theorist… try this for a contrast:


    The full speech  from which Kennedy's excerpt begins each Global Alert presentation stood polar opposite to our times.  This ought to blow everyone's mind if you haven't heard it lately.

  23. BaneB says:

    Agenda 21?  Futures betting long?  The last of the "cheap" commodities?  Just a "freak weather" event?

    The attached link, non-conspiratorial, except among those of us who suspect the weather control psychopaths would destroy a large part of the nation's wheat supply to advance their wealth and powers, has a few very interesting "tidbits " of 'motives.'  

    50,000,000 bushels of wheat, with the loss possibly going as high as 100,000,000 bushels will most definitely spike all product prices connected to wheat, from flour and baked goods, to wheat straw bales used by me and other farmers and ranchers.  This may well be a seminal event….the weather terrorists will now concentrate on the Midwest whilst giving California a bit of a break from the six year drought.



    • Dennie says:

      When the oil and the gold and the uranium runs low, what else ya gonna make money on?  Answer:  Pharmaceuticals, of course, and commodities!  Wheat's a commodity, so start manipulating the commodities by creating, then blaming it on bad weather. At least we here can go back to eating our salads… for a while longer, maybe.. while we wait for the aluminum and lithium to run out.

    • Dennie says:

      Bishop Michael Curry of the Diocese of California on the EcoJustice weekend at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, May 19-20, 2017: 

      "One of the old spirituals sings it this way:  God's got the whole world in his hands. This is God's world.  God created it; and he's given us the responsibility of tending and caring for it on God's behalf and for the good of God's world.  The EcoJustice Conference that is coming up is an opportunity for us not only to grow deep within in our spirituality and our commitment to serving God by helping to serve God's creation:  It's climate, it's water, it's air, it's land, it's people; but also by going out and taking action that can help to bring about a better climate and a better world for us all.  So I want to encourage you to come and be with us on this conference.  This is a part of the Jesus Movement seeking to transform this world from the nightmare it often is into the dream that God intended when God first said, 'Let there be light.' "

  24. Seeing Clearly says:

    These are just some images of the countless images out there of weather anomalies












    and many more examples

  25. Seeing Clearly says:

    The physics and power of frequencies and how they can be apply for weather modification purposes   

    Frequencies can cause things to behave like a liquid of solids basically can amplify or adjust the behavior of a matter when you run frequencies through it.

    Frequencies are oscillations or a pattern of micro shock waves and when this factor or variable is added to the equation in this case the weather it can be altered and manipulated.

    • Frequencies heat matter

    • Frequencies levitate matter

    • Frequencies move matter

    • Frequencies expand and scatter matter and the reverse 






  26. Fredrick says:

    Here in south Sweden things are looking very ill.

    Please take your time to look at these photos.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      It is from the defoliant they include in the sprays or from the ice nucleation chemicals. The MFs want to kill everything, our Food is on target too.

  27. paul fowler says:

    His quote from 1988 is one I find most disturbing . The population in 1988 was a little over 5 billion The Duke of Edinburgh (prince of darkness)  will need wheel chair access to his rubber room . He is retiring from "royal duties" ( What ever they are?  ) because he can't stand or walk very well any more . They are all slowing down but that doesn't  seem to be stopping their madness .

    • MAP says:

      Yes Prince Philip is on the dark side. He said a few years ago that his dream was to be reincarnated as a killer infectious disease and kill millions or billions of people around the world. He and Bill Gates are peas in a pod. 

    • Dennie says:

      The Ruling-Class A$$HOLES won't take a look at what's REALLY impoverishing the world and driving the overpopulation:  The Infinite Economic Growth paradigm.  Getting rid of that would level the playing field too much for their so-called "needs," so it goes on and on and on and on.  They then blame their "problems" on all the poor people who are actually created by their infinite economic growth paradigm, mainly because they also do not respect women and other lower-man-on-the-totem-pole types enough to empower them by actually educating them.

    • Earth Angel says:

      "royal duties"..hmmm..I guess that might mean living the high life most of the time and then buggering a few young girls or boys whenever he feels life gets too dull. At least that's what rumor has it.

  28. Lithium hydride – Wikipedia

    Lithium deuteride

    LiH, especially lithium-7 deuteride, is a good moderator for nuclear reactors, because deuterium has a lower neutron absorption cross-section than aneutronic hydrogen, decreasing neutron absorption in a reactor. Lithium-7 is preferred for a moderator because it has a lower neutron cross-section and also forms less tritium under neutron bombardment.[12]

    The corresponding lithium-6 deuteride, formula 6Li2H or 6LiD, is the fusion fuel in thermonuclear weapons. In warheads of the Teller-Ulam design, a fission trigger explosion heats, compresses and bombards 6LiD with neutrons to produce tritium in an exothermic reaction. The deuterium and tritium (both isotopes of hydrogen) then fuse to produce helium-4, a neutron and 17.59 MeV of energy.

    Before the Castle Bravo nuclear test, it was thought that only the less common lithium-6 isotope would breed tritium when struck with fast neutrons. The test showed that the more plentiful lithium-7 also does so, albeit by an endothermic reaction.

    Please read complete Wikipedia text. The insanity will not end until ALL military nut jobs are arrested and permanently locked up in secure rubber rooms.

  29. There were a number of questions regarding the addition of Lithium compounds to our weather Kool-aid the other day. Sorry that many of my posts become late. My internet access is being jacked constantly…

    Here's a bit of Lithium information that most persons will forget immediatly, even though it's about military imbecils and nuclear "experiments":

    Excerpted from Wikipedia: Castle Bravo "The final version tested in Castle used partially enriched lithium as its fusion fuel."


  30. Steve says:

    Hi Dane,

    I reside in the East of England and I can confirm that for at least the last 10 years they have consistently sprayed our skies – sometimes with hundreds of fly-overs per day, particularly East to West and West to East when the wind is in any kind of southerly direction.

    The rainfall in England, particularly the East and East coast has been negligible at best for this whole period of time.

    Unfortunately, in the UK nobody even wants to look upwards, let alone understand what you're very simply attempting to point out to them.

    Thank you for your excellent work.

    Steve (UK)

    • Blu says:

      Hi Steve, I'm in Lancashire and very aware of what is going on. I'm alerting everybody l know, people are starting to ask me about it all. Just to let you know. I've also reached Australia and New Zealand

  31. John Edward Klasny says:

    Dane, I want to thank you for your excellent research and courageous public information warnings.  However I fear this battle is lost, and this (Geoengineering) is but one of many battles in this war being waged against humanity.  The Earth will survive, it's us humans that will be going bye-bye.  And that seems to be the plan.  Of course some will label me, and you, as conspiracy theorists; and that's fine with me because there is a conspiracy taking place.  The sad truth is, it is not a theory anymore.

    That said, I still encourage your work and dedication and I hope you you continue with your best effort.  It's time for people to prepare themselves Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually for the immanent crisis (Yes, it is a crisis now…it's going to get much worse).  I hate to be the man who delivers doom & gloom, but we are in a war designed to change the entire nature of life as we know it.  I know you know this, and anyone reading this message is probably well aware of the many threats we currently face.  And we call this insanity The New World Order (NWO).  So, what do we do?  Can we fight this Beast?  Not really.

    We can accept the fact that our world is going to hell, and we cannot stop that from happening.  Although many will continue on with the NWO using transhumanism to "evolve" living in Agenda 21 urban centers void of loving morals full of corruption and evil run rampent.  I know, I sound like a conspiracy theorist, like someone who "believes" in chemtrails.  Yikes!  

    And so we prepare as so many have done before us.  Not to simply accept our fate, but to boldly resist where appropriate and hopefully use this time wisely to prepare ourselves spiritually for the fate that ultimately comes to all human beings.  To be brave when scared.  To be honest and caring regardless of the situation.  To embrace our Higher Power in prayer and meditation…seeking a God of our understanding.  Civilizations come and go, empires rise and fall, World Wars will be fought, and this planet will survive; although it may take a long, long time to repair the damage.  

    The radiation from Fukashima is now hitting the West Coast of the United States, the Pacific Ocean is dying quickly.  Toxic GMO's and vaccines poison our bodies.  And Morgellens…well that is one freaky, creepy subject.  The pedophiles are haunting our children, violent crime is at horrific levels, and our leaders have sold the average person into a state of slavery or death.  But believe it or not, I am not a pessimist.  I am optimistic about my future.  I truly believe we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience on Earth.  Our time is about up here; As in the Days of Noah.

    I truly hope everyone shares the truth of our situation with anyone who will listen.  Many are finally waking up.  Do not be disturbed with those who cannot or will not come out of their zombie like trance.  We are all under the attack of lies, disinformation, and mind control.  The Good News is, once you are awake it is very difficult for the system to put you back into a trance.  "The Truth will set free." is much more than a simple spiritual axiom.  It is the key to Life!  And when your heart stops beating and your synapses quit firing…do you know what happens next?

    Take a deep breath and relax.  It's all good.  It all works out in the end.  And remember, "Don't take yourself so damn seriously."  Until then it might be wise to store some extra food, think about a clean water supply, stay out of the blinding White Hot Sun…and don't give up the fight.  We are all in this together.  I wish everyone the best in the weeks and months ahead.  Should we meet someday I'll be happy to lend you a helping hand or word of encouragement.  Or maybe we can just sit down, under the dead trees, and talk about the meaning of Life.

    Peace & God Speed!

    -John K. (Tampa, FL)  5/3/17 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, yes, the horizon looks dark indeed, I cannot argue with many of your points. This being said, no matter how certain the future may seem, no matter how carved into stone, there is so much we cannot yet know or comprehend. In regard to the power elite, all their agendas will very soon mean nothing at all, they are not the gods they believed they were. Empires are crumbling as we speak, as is industrialized civilization, we are in uncharted territory. Who can say what allies we may have which we are as of yet unaware of? Who can say how profound and powerful the planets life support systems may be if finally freed from industrialized / militarized society? What I would say with certainty is this, to dedicate ourselfs to fighting for the greater good, without yielding, without succombing  to the insanity, matters, under any scenario, and regardless of the final outcome. And again, I would ask, who can say what good we may yet accomplish, even at this late hour if we all stand together?  It is a privilage to march with you in this most critical battle, John, as it is to march with all other activists and individuals that are truly dedicated to this cause. Face to the wind, never give up, ever.

    • Dennie says:

      It's obvious we're dealing in conspiracy FACTS here– just take a look at the PATENTS for weather modification going back +100 years.  Now you don't file for a patent unless you intend to use your "invention;" it's really much too expensive and a big headache.  And the satellite pictures of the "weird clouds" (chem trail emissions), the EF-emitting frequencies affecting weather systems and causing square clouds, as seen on the doppler maps.  The evidence is hitting you right in the face, but you can only see it as long as you decide to look. ;-).

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      John K – that was an excellent comment that you submitted.  It is what my eyes needed to read this day.  Thank You.  I will take myself and life a little less seriously just for today.  Everything does work out.  This has been taught to me for my entire life, all situations.  

    • Ashleigh says:

      Thank you for this powerful comment. It made my eyes water. No matter how dark the world may seem, there is always the bright light that shines in all of us. And we are here to awaken to it. Namaste to you all. We are one. And we will overcome! 

    • Dennie says:

      It works out in the end if we actually GET TO WORK and FIX IT.  Here's what JFK had to say about Getting IT DONE:

      Now here's what Bishop Michael Curry says about getting to work and fixing our climate, our air, our water, our land and our people:  They'll meet at Grace Cathedral on May 19, 2-5, with reception following, followed by a 7 p.m. eucharist and a dedication followed by an afternoon of service the next day.  The Episcopal Church leadership is moving to encourage us to grow a backbone and stand up for God's creation by encouraging us to roll up our sleeves and get to work fixing it here. That means that WE have to do the work.  And it will only be "fine in the end" IF WE GET TO WORK AND DO THE WORK– !!!!!!!!!

    • Concerned says:

      So many people are not eating contaminated wheat anymore. Maybe they are trying to create a false need. 

  32. Ashleigh says:

    I just looked at the temperature for the week in Yosemite it says tomorrow's high (Thursday) is 70 clear and sunny while on Sunday the high is 37 and snowing. Talk about weather whiplash! 

    • Dennie says:

      It was in the 90s here in San Rafael since Monday.  Tonight the fog rolled back in and it's cooled off.  Yes, weather whiplash indeed.

    • Dale K says:

      More evidence how our geoengineered weather is damaging our food supply.

      Wheat Futures Surge After U.S. Crop Pummeled by Snowstorm
      by Jen Skerritt, Jeff Wilson, and Megan Durisin
      Bloomberg | May 1, 2017

      Wheat prices posted record gains in Chicago on Monday as the U.S. winter crop faced substantial losses from snow and high winds that slammed into four Midwest states including Kansas, the top grower.

      More than 12 inches (30 centimeters) of snow fell on ripening wheat in parts of Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Nebraska in the past 24 hours, David Streit, the senior lead forecaster at Bethesda, Maryland-based Commodity Weather Group LLC, said in a telephone interview. While it will take several days before the damage can be assessed accurately as the snow melts, early estimates suggest losses could exceed 50 million bushels, according to Pira Energy.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Jets spent a large part of the day spraying the blue sky here.  Lovely temp but the sun was a bit stinging.  The weather terrorists had the canopy here and there.  A front was approaching and is over me now.  But no rain, just the low low "fog."  No doubt the moisture will be resurrected somewhere else, like the low that came into California on April 28, gave no rain until it reached Utah, Colorado, Kansas where it snowed 12 inches, rained like crazy, and destroyed a huge amount of ripening wheat.  ;Meanwhile, back here, the freak clouds were much in evidence yesterday.  The next chance of rain here is forecast for Thursday.

  33. Phil says:

    West Coast marine life is flaming out.

  34. Seeing Clearly says:

    Global warming allows for the climate to be more global based and less regional making It easier for the people with climate weapons to manipulate the climate from a further distance and in an easier way.

    As global warming increases regional climates meaning that instead of getting your moisture and water from far away sources you get it from more localized evaporation decreases so it becomes more of a globalized climate system.

    We see bigger storms and faster moving weather systems.

    So the weather becomes more mainstream and my theory is global warming simplifies the overall weather patterns.

    Correct me if I am wrong this my theory or analysis.

  35. Keith Howe says:

    Governor Brown is behind this raketeering of water in California. He has illegally injected toxic, fracking, wastewater into protected aquifers, making the water unsuitable for consumption.

    He is attempting to build two giant tunnels so he can hold our water ransom for he and his criminal amigo's to profit. 


    He is involved in geo-engineering and responsible for the orchestrated drought, which began when he took office. 

    Time to lock this criminal away for the few days he has left before going to Hell.


    • MAP says:

      I saw something on another website of Alt-News regarding Oroville Dam and wanted to ask our California Geoengineering "Watchers" here on this site if they know anything about the truth of the matter. Anyway, it is noted that State Officials in CA announced "Controlled Blasting" near Oroville Dam in late April. Is that correct?

      If true, could this blasting endanger the stability of the dam and endanger millions of people in California? Please advise.

  36. john kowalski says:

    Thank you Dane for everything you are doing!

    • Dennie says:

      I've been flabbergasted whenever I've heard anyone insist that the U.S. is NOT an empire!!!!!!" 



      The United States had aspirations to become an Empire of Empires as soon as the greedy white people landed here and their leaders encouraged their scouts to look around and their explorers to spread west in search of the other ocean and find it as quickly as possible (Lewis & Clark, etc.).  Now imagine being able to control a continent that spreads "from sea to shining sea.." then you'd want to have a navy that commands those seas… How many other nations on this planet enjoy this kind of geographical advantage? What could possibly be the geopolitical aspirations and the ramifications thereof, of such a country??

  37. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: I have been shifting my point of view lately that now allows me to understand perfectly what is occurring. First and foremost: Think EMPIRE.  Forget democracy, "the land of the free", or even a republic. Without most of us realizing this, our beloved country became an empire. Chalmers Johnson revealed this fact in his 2005 book “The Sorrows of Empire”. Either you are part of the Empire – or not. Only those who continue to support the Empire are allowed to be successful and prosper — and only as long as they play by the rules of the Empire, the elite. Those who do not are marginalized, ridiculed, vilified, reduced to poverty, and often imprisoned. The multinational corporations, the behemoth military with over 800 bases worldwide, the alphabet-agencies, the judicial system including judges and the courts, the monopoly media, and the universities ALL support the empire, otherwise they would not receive funding and would cease to exist.  The empire is financed, juiced and fueled through the Federal Reserve, every level of the manipulated banking system, global financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, etc., and currency trading the Petro-dollar (thus oil will not go away anytime soon, it is too useful). Wars are conducted solely to profit the Empire, forget patriotism for your country etc. This kind of false sentimental 'emotional' understanding is meaningless in an Empire.

    All empires inevitably collapse.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      CHRIS HEDGES: Reign of Idiots
      April 30, 2017  / (excerpts)
      The idiots take over in the final days of crumbling civilizations. Idiot generals wage endless, unwinnable wars that bankrupt the nation. Idiot economists call for reducing taxes for the rich and cutting social service programs for the poor, and project economic growth on the basis of myth. Idiot industrialists poison the water, the soil and the air, slash jobs and depress wages. Idiot bankers gamble on self-created financial bubbles and impose crippling debt peonage on the citizens. Idiot journalists and public intellectuals pretend despotism is democracy. Idiot intelligence operatives orchestrate the overthrow of foreign governments to create lawless enclaves that give rise to enraged fanatics. Idiot professors, “experts” and “specialists” busy themselves with unintelligible jargon and arcane theory that buttresses the policies of the rulers. Idiot entertainers and producers create lurid spectacles of sex, gore and fantasy. There is a familiar checklist for extinction. We are ticking off every item on it.
      The idiots know only one word—“more.” …
      The more the warning signs are palpable—rising temperatures, global financial meltdowns, mass human migrations, endless wars, poisoned ecosystems, rampant corruption among the ruling class—the more we turn to those who chant, either through idiocy or cynicism, the mantra that what worked in the past will work in the future, that progress is inevitable. Factual evidence, since it is an impediment to what we desire, is banished. The taxes of corporations and the rich, who have deindustrialized the country and turned many of our cities into wastelands, are cut, and regulations are slashed to bring back the supposed golden era of the 1950s for white American workers. Public lands are opened up to the oil and gas industry as rising carbon emissions doom our species. Declining crop yields stemming from heat waves and droughts are ignored. War is the principal business of the kleptocratic state.

    • MAP says:

      @Susan: You "knocked it Out of the Park", so to Speak, with this observation. You are Spot On, my friend. As I wrote a few days ago, we have a Very Thin Veneer of Constitutional Republic/Democracy on top of a Corporate-Fascist State (what you term as Empire). In my estimation, it has been building ever so slowly since 1913 (they take it slowly so that no one notices small changes as they eventually morph into HUGE changes.

      Oh yes, Our Masters (Power Structure) make us go through the motions of "elections" when it is obvious that with regards to Presidency that we have "Selections". But going through the motions and Reality are 2 very different things. And in regards to Congress, it does not matter who wins as they are all pretty much bought off. What we get mostly from these Congressmen/women is mostly "window dressing".

      My other big issue with 99.9% of these representatives in DC is that they now consider themselves Royalty (Perhaps leaving out Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard). Anyway, as we commoners discuss the benefits and shortcomings of ACA health insurance, the elected representatives who sit up their as Royalty get "Cadillac" health plans where everything is provided for them at probably no cost. I hope they are all getting their appropriate vaccines (sarcasm).

      And you are spot on about the organizations that participate in its expansion: Military, Other "ABC" government agencies, Judicial System, Media, Corporations, Universities, etcetera. We are supposed to have academia members who think of the "Greater Good" not a "Greater Paycheck" and living in a "McMansion".

      That is the Bottom Line. All the people who have worked (for organizations listed above and more) have been bought off by The System or as you write, EMPIRE.

      The information around "Operation Paperclip" pretty much says it all. They took the left-over evil from Nazi Regime and dumped it right here in USA. A 'softer and gentler" Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts would replace the Nazi Youth. Blind Patriotism and the "whole nine yards"…..

      Talk about our Orwellian Nightmare.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Susan, thank you for your on target message and for the Hedges excerpt.  He has always been an adroit decoder of the deception and fallacious and pernicious agenda of the hidden puppet masters.  I always enjoy your contributions regardless of the dark content, importantly, they ring true. 

    • izzy says:

      And the rise and fall of civilization itself, be it constitutional democracy or empire or alien anthill, is but the thinnest smear on top of a roaring engine of cosmic creation/destruction that never ceases. Dark days currently on Terra, but in the larger scheme, still a local problem. As Dane suggests, “Who can say what allies we may have which we are as of yet unaware of?”

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Mrs SF.

      All empires do crumble but the "individuals" responsible for these and its secret organizations ( masonic ), from where the strings of "governance" are pulled, from the shadows for long last manipulation, seem to survive the changes and cataclysms that often are the shock waves of these same collapses.

      This time, maybe "they" will not survive the coming one.

  38. C.J. says:

    PEOPLE DYING IN THEIR SLEEP…Young at that… I talked to a young woman at the in and out door (HOSPITAL). She is young and I asked her why she had a cast on her leg…. She said she had a stroke and a heart attack in her sleep. Doctor's couldn't figure it out she said. She was not overweight or malnourished by any means. I have heard about this before on this site.


    Sound familiar?

    While your sleeping or anyone as a matter of fact… Who is to say these Monsters doing this, can't beam down a constant frequency on any particular area they choose and send some EMF that interrupts your bodily functions…. What about some accidents in vehicles… The technology that the Military Complex including, Air Force, and Navy can pretty much destroy whatever they want. That is including You and I. I don't believe they are looking out for the best of our interest's…

    People think that the Slogan "SAVE OUR TROOPS" is very Patriotic.

    I say NAY…

    I do not think they are working for us… The only thing that they are doing is killing everything… Bombing countries and taking their resources for VERY EVIL THINGS.

    That is what I think.

    • helot says:

      You could be right, C.J.. Who knows. However; consider these bits:

      ‘Sudden-death heart attacks often occur while exercising and sweating away important electrolyte minerals, particularly magnesium. According to a study by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, there is one SCA death per 22,903 athlete participant years among students 17-24 years of age participating in NCAA sports. […]

      The risk of death from a sudden heart muscle spasm is reduced by 40% or more with maintenance of adequate magnesium levels.’ …

      ‘Magnesium depleting agents:

      * Alcohol
      * Birth control pills
      * Calcium
      * Cocaine
      * Coffee (diuretic)
      * Anti-diabetic drugs (Metformin/Glucophage)
      * Diuretics
      * Digitalis
      * Estrogen
      * Insulin
      * Nicotine
      * Oxalates
      * Soda pop (phosphate)
      * Sugar
      * Tagamet (cimetidine)
      * Theophylline (asthma)

      Magnesium blockers

      * Antacids (Nexium, Prilosec, Protonix, Zantac, Aciphex, Tums)’ …

      “Magnesium is farmed out of the soil much more than calcium… A hundred years ago, we would get maybe 500 milligrams of magnesium in an ordinary diet. Now we’re lucky to get 200 milligrams.”

      Herbicides, like glyphosate also act as chelators, effectively blocking the uptake and utilization of minerals in so many foods grown today. As a result, it can be quite difficult to find truly magnesium-rich foods. Cooking and processing further depletes magnesium.’ …

      I wonder if aluminum and barium are chelators.

    • Dennie says:

      There's some web page that tells which toxic metal does what in the human body.  Barium takes the place of potassium.  The recommended RDA of potassium is 4700 mg/day (that's a lot of potassium!) When potassium levels get low enough, voila, you've got cardiac arrhythmia.  That can be fatal.  Aluminum displaces magnesium.

  39. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane. This is total insanity! Dane, your hard work and long hours will be greatly rewarded. Press on! Sharing with Russ Tanner's OrbisVitae. Thank you for all your long hours spent on getting these reports to us. Thank you to those of you who have had the highway signs installed. This earth was made perfect. It is truly the government that is destroying us! I find it so hard to believe they 'can't see the forest for the trees!'  Sincere blessings and prayers for you, Dane. Pray on!  'It ain't over 'til it's over.'  Rosalind Peterson is a very informative woman. I have watched and heard her reports on various posts here. Thanks again, Dane.   

  40. EyepilotX!!! says:

    The weather pattern in the Chicago area is a couple of warm days followed by many persistent artificially nucleated cooldowns including usually cold rain. The last consistent warm/hot days were during the record summer of 1995 heatwave.  In the spring and summer we get a day or two of "record" warmth followed by persistent cold-chilly air masses. During summer we do not get long heatwaves like when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s… I think '95 made them realize they needed to fake cool the eastern part of the US. Too many people died from heat and it became too noticeable. In winter not much snow but blasts of hurtful (literally) "arctic" air… then of course we had that fake "arctic blast" a few years back. The weather is persistently cool but overall still above average. It is harsh. Trees look bad and animals and insects very less prevalent.  Skies are full of shiny metal trails. People are getting crabbier and more spiteful. All they care about is sports. No one is happy. Everyone thinks Trump this or Trump that… IMO all that happens is to serve the bankers and corporate power structures. I'm so tired of feeling hopeless; unless I could be like everyone else and distract myself with ball, food, beer, and TeeVee. Depressed in Chicago… Thanks for listening. Peace, I wish!

    • Eyepilot, you poor laddie! I empathize with you totally, it is a bizarro crypto-reality we are wading and thrashing through, for sure. Thank God for islands of sanity and knowledge like this site! And if you are just too weighted down by the SRM Blues Again, have some homebrew musical video therapy by checking out the tune by that name at my YT channel, fishersofmenvideo. Sorry, I am on a crappy French language library internet access computer, and I cant for the life of me figure out how to post a link! Hahaha, la plus ca change, la plus cest la meme chose, as they say. God bless you, and Dane, and ALL the Geoengineeringwatchers! We shall never surrender!

  41. Phil says:

    Western Maryland has been covered with an artificial cloud canopy for the past month and we have only seen rain for a few of those days.  Blue skies with a visible sun have been non-existent.and I honestly can't remember what that even looks like anymore.  Once again today, a heavy canopy over us with no rain and no blue peaking through.  The sad part is that nobody else is questioning this insanity!   Scientists at Harvard recently came out and said they are going to start spraying the atmosphere with particulates, even though it has been going on for a couple of decades and has been ramped up the past few years.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Phil, thank you for your report from Maryland. About how long the geoengineering operations have been deployed, over 7 decades. FYI

    • Randall. RJ says:

      dane is right on how lone this has been going on. I watch lots of old westerns, and you can see the up tick in the program as the years progress through the film industry. Just watched a palidon western from early seventies and trails were obvious and long

  42. MS P says:

    Anyone else notice the cloud wall, being created?

    . No sun  light comes through these clouds. They are so very dark. New technology? I'm guessing so?  They have it where this cloud is in the direct path of the sun. Such as blue sky on both sides & a big wide cloud in the middle. 

    I've seen the " wall cloud"  at sunset looking out at the ocean. Also seen it at sunrise. Like a big cloud mass. Once the sun dipped behind it. No light at all. Dark. In a scary kind of way. 

    In So CA, Ventura county. The spraying continues. A few more are starting to notice the non stop X's & tic tac toe patterns. Also they have been doing curve clouds, where they cross like X's too. 

    When they spray heavy, creating the white out of a perfect blue sky. The winds are created. It blows!

    • JF says:

      I have seen the same happen to incoming rain here in Southern Ca this past year. There will be a large band of precipitation on the radar, and then it jst dissipates. I thought it was just a malfunction it was so abrupt.

      By the way, its 90 degrees here in Riverside and its to be warm all week. Sunday the forecast is rain showers and a temperature of 57 degrees for Sunday. Almost a 40 degree change from today (Wednesday) to Sunday.

    • MAP says:

      I am very tired of their near-constant "manufacturing of wind" around these parts. As mentioned before, one of my illnesses has diminished my ability to "maintain balance" while standing and walking. All of this excessive wind makes it much more difficult for me to get around. Then I must cope with the over-zealous Police State officers (local cops) who think that I am under the influence. Oh yes, Pigs, I am under the influence of Geoengineering and all of its machinations. Bug off…..

  43. Dina says:

    There must be a way to protect ourselves when outdoors from inhaling the toxic aerosol sprays like wearing masks which would filter them even they are so tiny. Those with the wet cloth etc are not practical. Should Dane inspire someone to manufacture efficient masks that could be bought online? 

    • Dominic says:

      There are some good masks that have a carbon layer as well as the normal fibrous layer. I bought some on amazon which were very breathable and good. Really help reduce symptoms. 

      There is also the discrete nose filters. The ultra ones are helpful but not quite powerful enough. The super defense are good but not breathable enough perhaps because of my small nostrils and damaged nose top. 

      What we need is some kind of breathing mask which is bigger than the woody nose so has more air flow but is not as large as a normal breathing mask.

      When I am in Dubai I use the carbon mask no problem as I am not worried about people staring. However in the UK I am not brave enough to do it yet so use the the ultra discrete filters.

      I find home HEPA filters do help no matter what people say about the particles being too small.  

  44. Martha says:

    Normally, I strive to keep my posts at least somewhat upbeat, positive and encouraging. Today, however I've been excruciatingly aware of the hell-on-earth conditions we are all being forced to live in thanks to the soulless psychopaths in control and their sick, evil schemes with their willing or ignorant, bought-off minions – an Orwellian nightmare indeed. It's not like I've been unaware of this or in denial. I've tracked this insanity since 1998. It's just so much more blatant than ever!

    The aerial dispersions over this part of the Northwest have very recently become more intense and intrusive than ever. It's quickly gone from bad to much, much worse. I think they've changed their formula and have made it considerably stronger, more toxic and even more insidious (if that's possible). Today was "sunny" with almost "normal" looking puffy, white clouds yet with constant heavy dispersions. The trails went over and under the clouds then eventually filled the entire sky with dingy, grey, toxic haze and more trails laid over that! Several were straight above my home (I don't take it personally). I also noticed dark grey or black trails interspersed. That's something I've seen others post about but until today I hadn't witnessed. It saddens me that the vast majority don't even notice! If they do, they don't question it. I tangibly feel the effects in my body and mind. I see it clearly in the dazed, zombie-like demeanor of the masses when I'm out and about. 

    The good part is that I'm more determined than ever to do what I can to stop this. The only thing that makes me feel better is handing out and posting more flyers to inform people which I'm doing with renewed vigor. I love talking to people about this especially if they're already aware and want a stack of flyers. People are waking up.

    I've already found a store interested in carrying Dane's book. Knowing the book's been released has increased my courage, strength and determination. So has the blatant increase in spraying. Yeah, keep it up you pathetic, lying, scumbag jerks and you're going to go down hard – one way or another – hopefully sooner rather than later. I will stand tall for truth in dignity and strength and fight you until my last breath if needed!

    Anyone for a multi-trillion dollar class-action lawsuit for crimes against humanity? These unconscionable assaults certainly warrant it! I so regret not going to law school.

    Much love and strength to those who care…

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  With all the extras on that fake tree, it could well be a GBOSS tower. They Live:  mastering the human domain through full spectrum dominance.  

  45. ron hall says:

    This work of the ruling psychopaths is truly startling and should be of interest to newer visitors who are now watching this site regularly. 'Care to see what selection of RADIO TOWERS DESIGNED AS TREES are close by your city neighborhood?;_ylt=A0SO8w0pSQlZPMUA3QJXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEycWU4a2hsBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjM5NTBfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=radio+towers+disguised+as+trees&fr=yfp-t


    • carrie from aus says:

      I have not seen any of those here in Australia – that's insane.  Yes geo-engineering happens here but it appears to be more intense in USA.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carrie, not sure where you are located in Australia, but there are numerous anti-geoengineering groups in Australia that are reporting constant heavy spraying activity. You can search out these groups online for more information.

    • Gertrude says:

      First do some research as to what the condition psychopathy entails. One of the many mental health diseases. And although there are more then average psychopaths in politics, i doubt it is the psychopaths really steering this abusive system. Rather Illuminati families, who use mindcontrolling on their own todlers, and their descendents are responsible for what currently unfolds. And on the other side all those humans making it possible. And all those humans who themselves are pollutors of environments, dogpoo leavers, abusives, alcoholics etc. etc. Possibly seduced and lured in the loss of morals and manners by those mindcontrolled todlers having grown up physically but mentally either dissociated or no older then that traumatized todler.

    • marc says:

      Ron Hall, thanks for the excellent link to the tree images. I have one of these about three hundred yards from my house. Looks like a forty foot conifer, until you look more closely and see all the sinister-looking technology embedded up in the crown. I wrote about this recently here. I've been seeing these fake trees for years. This one near me is right next to a free standing liquor store. I asked the store owner about it and he acted real cagey and weird when I asked him if he is paid a fee for the use of his lot. (he is paid) He alleged that the city of Tucson requires all new "cell-towers" to be camouflaged in this manner. Not sure if that's bullshit or not. This is absolutely NOT just a cell-tower. There's way too much hardware hanging off of this thing, all different shapes and sizes. We're all being played for dumb and no one, I mean no one, will convince me that this is not some vast network of ELF OR MF OR SOME KIND OF CROWD-CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. 

    • BaneB says:

      Ron:  Thanks for the pics of the devil's camouflaged fake trees.  The movie "They Live, 1988, is very insightful about how we are slowly being subverted.  And to think this all started with silicon breast implants.  Fake people, fake government, fake weather, fake news, fake freedoms.

    • ron hall says:

      Gertrude:  Please note in a top paragraph of this article that radio towers constructed to look like trees are, in fact, being sent to Australia.  This article is interesting because it goes into the type of "TREE TOWER"–pine, etc..

    • ron hall says:

      Oooops! my bad! I meant this for Carrie of Australia!!

      And for Gertrude:              Yes, I may be guilty over- generalizing with the term  "psychopath".  Let me just say various degrees of psychopathy…and throw in sociopath, megalomaniac, narcissism, lust for power, greed,  etc.  Yet, there are some who are full-blown psychopaths

    • TOMBOLA says:


      I can confirm these techno-pine trees exist in Perth, Western Australia.

      I accidentally stumbled accross one on the corner of Roe Highway and Kalamunda Road – it is there for all to see.

      I had heard of them and then I saw one – astounding.


  46. James says:

    This year 2017 the tree die off in Southern California has increased substantially. It is May and the trees should be lush and green and full of leaves and most are not. Even the tall and beautiful pine trees are showing signs of dying. I have in the past  commented to my husband how the large pine trees seemed to be able to withstand the chemtrail poisons and even seemed to be able to protect the smaller leafy trees and bushes under them. But this year 2017 that has changed. This damage is cumulative to all living flora, fauna and people. Seeing the strong pines succumb frightens me beyond measure. I live in the hills in S California and for several years now we have had strong pines protecting our plants and birds as well as our foxes possums etc. This year, there are almost zero birds and that's saying a lot, I had woodpeckers, owls, blue birds, red birds, as well as various song birds. I am amazed the giant crows are totally gone, they were very noisy, now silence. I also had a hill of frogs for over 25 years and I am just stunned that they are gone. The days and nights are silent. I used to see foxes and possums and skunks, even the occasional bobcat.  Nothing this year nada. Yet the buying and over building of the land continues. I read yesterday that the our own President Donald Trump has decided that the National Parks are too large and is having one of his minions look into "downsizing" our National Parks. Trump is a developer by trade  and is looking to allow transnational corporations to mine and develope United States land that was once pristine National Parks! If you look into the BLM you will see that the law passed in 1973 allowing Wild Horses and Burros to live unmolested on over 33 million acres of the Peoples Land administrated by the BLM is being violated, the horses and Burros are being removed from the land under the guise that there are too many of them. This is incorrect as they have admitted they actually have no idea of how many there are, further its a known fact that animals self regulate based on food and water availability. These lands are being cleared of the Wild Horse and Burro bands so that the land can be mined and developed by transnational corporations.(Look at the alliance of the State of Michigan granting a transnational Canadian Corporation the right to mine the pristine upper peninsula under the guise of creating jobs when they  now admit all the workers but 3 will come from Canada) I point this out as I am of the mind that we the people of the United States of America are being destroyed by chemtrails instead armies  so that our land is a empty, clean and available as a resource for exploitation and profit for large transnational corporations. Additionally it is clear that once the trees die the crops will be next, I think famine for us all is coming. Need I say I hope I am wrong because famine is scary stuff. 

    • BaneB says:

      James:  Thanks for your report from Southern California.  Up here in Mendocino County, my area has had at least 100 inches of rain since last October.  Never have I seen so much winter.  In spite of a very lush spring, the pines are ghosts of what was once.  The firs are all in trouble.  One ridge across from me has been losing huge old growth trees for years.  The die off began about 20 years ago and is moving from northwest to southeast.  Casting my eyes around at the mountain views it's obvious trees are dying everywhere.  My thought is at the current rate, there will be a very depleted forest canopy here before too many years. So far, my wildlife seems to be intact. Sorry about your situation.  

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      James,good report.My trees here in Ohio are falling everyday.We have some acreage and I can't afford the constant tree cost anymore.Why with all the rain are the trees looking relatively healthy breaking off Midway up the trunk?The fallen wood looks good but the tree is breaking where it shouldn't.What chemical are they spraying to attack a tree Midway up? And no it isn't bugs.If all these clean up costs were passed on to the insurance companies,maybe this crap would stop.Momma don't let your kids in the woods,it may be their last trip anywhere.STOP THESE BASTARDS SOMEONE PLEASE!!

  47. paul fowler says:

         Even dr David Keith thinks climate engineering is a bad idea .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, David Keith is a power structure PR prop in the play. His job is to confuse and bewilder the public. FYI

    • BaneB says:

      Paul:  Finally got hold of a copy of THEY LIVE.  Someone here had mentioned this movie not too long ago.  It's a cult classic B movie written, and directed by John Carpenter.  And very presient.  I had a chuckle because one of the actors name is Keith David.  Names reversed.  Just like he reverses his PR ploys.

    • paul fowler says:

      I know , I was being sarcastic . I liked the crowds reaction to his comments , it suggested to me that people are aware of the  detriments of GEO engineering . 


    • Earth Angel says:

      That's funny, since David Keith has been one of the biggest proponents of it. He and Ken Calderia are both such creeps. They remind me of the caricatures of Boris and Natasha in the cartoon of Bullwinkle and Rocky. Remember those? I can just picture David Keith prancing around in a long black wig with his fat little sidekick Calderia as Boris..Always good for a chuckle!

  48. paul fowler says:

    Justin Trudeau , I think he got this out of the Clinton foundation play book . Peirre Trudeau , Justin's  father and long time Prime minister of Canada , paved the way for the Paul Demarais (power corp) . Every single prime minister since Peirre has been directly tied to Paul Demarais . Paul Demarais  was connected with the Rothchild and Rockefeller families , business and pleasure . I would not expect any assistance from our Primed minister Justin Truedodo on the issue of climate engineering , global banking ect . 

  49. jake s. says:

    it absolutely will not stop raining in washington state for several months. also dane have you heard or seen plant problems due to light leak? basically not dark enough at night from so much reflective material.  just more potential problems.


  50. Frank says:

    Whenever I get one of their pitiful rains, if I am in bed in the early morning, I can hear the intensity of the rain being dialed up and down as if with a knob. It starts very gently, then lurches into light rain, then ramps up to their best steady rain (still not making noise on the roof), lasts a few minutes, then dies off to drizzle. This is how most rains are – we get a taste – but nothing compared to a rain that would come at least once a week in years gone by. But nobody notices. Philly area.

  51. Jake Tinsley says:

    Hello Dane, just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work , dedication and sacrifice.

    • Deb Buckler says:

      Good grief. This is REALLY horrible!  Nothing on corporate news about this, I am sure!

  52. Joseph L says:

    Good information here.  I have been listening to Gary Null for over 20 years.  I wish when he mentions  Geoengineering like he did the other day he could mention your website.  He is now back on Pacifica radio sister station 5 days a week besides his prn website.  I only mention this because he has a large following and it would help drive more people to your website.   I also hope he has you on again too.

  53. Randy says:

    Hi Dane,

    When are you starting your Nation wide tour of all states? I know your spread very thin now and have been for years since starting this journey. And most likely not getting very much quality family time either, but if you traveled and created a following, that might bring the ATTENTION we all need!! If you had GO to leaders in each state, that could/would send out the notice you were coming, Bingo your following will grow and attract ATTENTION. Is for me to say, as I'm not the Guy spear heading. But brother we seem to be running out of time. Dane I would quit my job today if I truly knew devoting all my time to spreading the word can or will make a difference in time. I'm a grandpa of 4 wonderful grandkids, and know there is NO future for them. That kills me!!! Is this journey we are following you on going to be able to wake up the masses? I think not!! WE need something BIG to Happen to draw ATTENTION RIGHT? Dane I ask GOD to protect you and your Family every night. We need YOU our LEADER to have the slightest chance of drawing ATTENTION, and to put a STOP to what's being done to all mankind!! I know it's not something you asked to get into, and I know in my Heart it's not Fair to YOU either. I'm Sorry this is something your locked into. You and all of us on this earth do not deserve any of this!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Randy, my deepest gratitude to you for your support in this battle, and the same thanks to all activists and individuals that are truly commited to this most critical cause. We do not have the resources or support system to carry out the type of strategy you outlined, but this does not mean we are at an impasse in the battle. Our best course of action is to individually utilize specific methods to help create mass awareness of the issue. If we can fully expose the climate engineering insanity, we can stop it. I have attached an instructional link with many more details on what each of us can do to move this fight forward. FYI

  54. John says:

    Dane, what is the latest with the law suit?  When will it be formally filed?



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, I will give another update on the legal efforts in my weekly radio broadcast. We are working constantly on the effort, some agencies are not responding to our FOIA requests even though they are legally required to respond. This being said, we are making progress, again, I will update on my next Global Alert News hour.

  55. Diane Friday says:

    Dane, thank you for this timely and very important installment. As you know, while the weather controllers have decided to once again keep precipitation away from the west coast, specifically California, they've been equally busy making sure all the moisture diverted from the west gets funneled into the southern states, central plains states, and the east coast. But it seems just diverting the precipitation wasn't enough. Somehow, a huge low-pressure system developed over the center of the country, lingering for days and intensifying, until multiple states were gifted with flooding rains and tornado after tornado. The latest death toll, according to what I've read on Yahoo! News, is 16, with many children and senior citizens falling victim this time. I'm guessing it's too soon to get an accurate assessment of how many people lost their pets, their homes, their vehicles, leaving them with nothing and nowhere to go. No one wants to talk about that. A few articles and pictures and videos of the devastation, and the press moves on. Until the next time. And because of these highly illegal and immoral weather modification/geoengineering programs, there will likely be a next time very soon. 

    The scheduled chemically ice nucleated (and jet stream manipulated) cool down is well underway here in SE Pennsylvania. As has been the pattern since February, after two days last week of 80 or near 80-degree temps and heavily aerosoled sun, by Sunday we were under a whited out fried sky, with a high temp of 54 degrees. We needed AC on Saturday and heat on Sunday. Yesterday, with parts of the south still experiencing severe storms and flooding, and with snow in parts of Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota, there was a tornado watch issued for central PA. And it looked like the weather controllers were hell bent on making that happen, because the day started with a temp if 51 degrees, and as the humidity steadily increased, the clouds would break just long enough here and there for the temp to rise to the scheduled 80 degrees. We all know that a tornado needs heat and preferably humidity to happen, and suddenly we had heat and humidity and just enough sun. The recipe was carried out, and some parts of the state did get hit with heavy bands of storms, but I don't think they managed to conjure up any tornadoes. Today, strong winds all day with a high of only 68 degrees. The temps are scheduled to be lower every day for the rest of the week, and now I see on the departure from normal map you provided that the cool-down is scheduled to last for a week, at least. One look at that map shows how completely anomalous things are, particularly Alaska being once again in the above normal range. 

    There's no need for this weather theater anymore, as "they" clearly want to be seen and want it known that they control the weather, or will, so why? Why the persistent and ridiculous cool-downs? Perhaps it's as simple as the extreme toxicity of the chemical ice nucleation crap. I don't claim to know what's in it, but I know it's been tearing up my stomach since the first "Arctic blast" back in December, I think, and with each cool-down, it gets worse. Or maybe it's just because they can, and because they get so much perverse pleasure knowing the suffering they're causing. And for this, one way or another, on this plane or the next, they will rot. 

    • marc says:

      Diane Friday, absolutely superior post! Gracias! I have a theory about chemical ice-nucleation that I posted here long ago (a year or more). Maybe I'm full of sh*t, but when artificial cool-downs are initiated, many things are coerced into happening. One of those many things is SUBSIDENCE of upper air flows. Cooler, denser air subsides, or descends down toward the ground. Gee, what the f**k do you think these descending air masses bring with them as they descend? That's right. They bring massive incalculable quantities of deadly toxic nano-particulates (and ionizing radiation) closer to ground level, where humans just happen to live. If precipitation events are successfully initiated, even MORE poisons are brought down to the earth, where they can infect and contaminate every f**king living thing, all soils and bodies of water, etc. Can it actually be possible that this is one of the goals of their treachery? These assholes are not complete idiots. I think they know goddamned well what their geoengineering programs are doing to the eco-systems of Earth. I pray God designs a special type of Eternal Hell for the utter filth who are consciously and knowingly carrying out these programs.

  56. Maobe says:

    As my husband and I were driving home from errands today (north of Detroit), we were shocked to see how many trees in our beautiful area of natural forests which did not make it through the winter and are now dead! Big majestic old oaks, pine trees, elms, poplars, other mature trees. It is so sad. They are dead even in our neighborhood. What is next? The small animals? The deer, coyotes, turkeys? I notice there are fewer birds who have returned this spring. I haven't seen any bees yet. Temps are in the 40s and lows in the 30s at night. This is the coolest spring I have had in memory. Too much rain, little sun. Yes, the weather is definitely out of control. I feel summer might clobber us one of these days overnight and we will be dangerously too hot — just like last year, or even worse. We used to have beautiful seasons in Michigan and they worked like clockwork. Those days are gone forever. Now I pray that humanity does not kill this wonderful planet, our home, a life-giving source for all. Time is running out.

  57. Barb Eaton says:

    Dane these maps are quite accurate concerning New Hampshire. We get a few hours of "sunshine" and temps go from the 40's to 70's then it's been right back to rain, rain and more rain. Rain predicted now to May 10 th with maybe 1 or 2 "partly sunny" days. It's been like this for the past two weeks!!  I swear they are hitting all the food producing areas to create the food shortage. Already at my big grocery store the organic produce section has a sign that says "we won't be getting any produce from California for several weeks". Their plan is working!!  Our farmers market is already a few weeks late opening with no sign of when they will.  Can't grow very well in MUD and NO SUN.  Only organic produce coming in here now is from Mexico and Canada.  I think the USA is out of business with all the droughts and now all the floods just in time for planting season.  Part of the big plan?  Of course it is.  But throw all the "ugly" fruit/vegetables in the bump to create more methane!! Heaven forbid we might want to eat them or even send it all to those 20 million that are slated to starve to death in the next six months.  Hell no!  That would twart their efforts to get rid of 20 million more living, breathing human beings.

    • Jeanette S says:

      I had heard long ago that the knuckleheads want to make this country the center of the information age and import all food so that they can wave in more bodies. You get little hints like "your congressman" telling you you will get 20% less SSoc. You have to be diverse and kiss butt so that the slaves come, work for less, the salary differential adding to their already out of control fortunes.

    • Dennie says:

      It's looking to me like "The Big Plan" IS NON-EXISTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sure, there ARE "plans," but everything, even "THEM," is so obviously fragmented and fractured, I'm convinced that believing that there is some kind of Central Plan by The Powers That Never Should Have Been is a laughable issue. 

      WE have to fix the world right around us. 

      So find a niche of the environmental movement that appeals and GET TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. C.J. says:

    There is No More normal weather. Our weather is manipulated. Whether it be Floods or Devastating Storms, it is owned by the Owning The Weather. 2025. It is already here. Thanks to the lovely Military Complex and all other's that are involved in this covert enterprise. Money to be made here. Money comes and goes. So do LIVE'S. THE>>>> Name of the game is get as many cookies before you DIE. That is what is for all that participate in the Project mentioned above. Nothing Else. Just BIG COOKIES.

  59. Loran Conley says:

    I happen to live about 1 mile from injection wells (frack waste) that just began about 5 years ago. I have small houses here with no access to city water, so i have 3 private water wells. I started having them tested in 2013 for a base line for future issues with the injection wells. It is most distressing to open up about this, but: in 2013' there was nothing bad about any of the 3 wells. Next test was 2015 and what do you know- barium, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, and sodium, and calcium were ALL non-detectable in 2013, but are now QUITE DETECTABLE. Strontium had been detectable at the start. Nothing has changed, no building or farming has taken place within a mile of me. Gotta just wonder….

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thanks, DeeDee.  It seems GOES R has video and actual photo images, 16 various methods.  On the PBS Alaska Weather, the 'meteorologist' and someone from NOAA (maybe) were talking about how 'cool' the new GOES R images are.  Compared to older satellite photos, they look shiny, bright and colorful rather than drab and murky, which is the reality.  And they can detect DUST in the atmosphere over Alaska.  Dust, really?

      So many new conditions and explanations that were never heard of before, but no one asking any questions but us, apparently.  Who can't love or appreciate how those storms 'erupted' out of nowhere?  And all the main stream media weather forecasts seem to be animations like those, which may as well be cartoons.

      Dane, all the really great source images you've posted here are indisputable evidence of the insanity.  It seems the weather masters just really aren't trying to hide it anymore.  It really helps us to have such great evidence to pass along.  Thank you always.

  60. Seeing Clearly says:

    It would be nice if we had a way to secure our water or protect ourselves from these climate manipulation attacks, maybe in the future.

    One basic idea would be to reduce evaporation from the soil to ensure our crop survival.

  61. John Phillips says:

    Dane I live in SW Ohio and we are experiencing high winds for today and yesterday. Is this from microwaveing the atmosphere? It is like 40 to 50 mph winds. This is 5/2/17 today

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, it is not possible to say with certainty what factors have contributed to your particular event. What can be stated with certainty is this, the entire climate system has been completely derailed. There is no natural weather at this point.

  62. The clearing offshore/onshore of California, Seeing Clearly says:


    • Jean Ann Kezlan says:

      I know this is all true and is happening.  However, i still do not understand who is responsible and why they are doing it.  Can someone please explain_ 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jean, your question is complex, but I have addressed many aspects of it, many times, in many presentations. Numerous examples are on the center of the  home page, one is attached here. FYI

    • Dennie says:

      We have multiple agencies with multiple agendas operating with no coordination, no oversight and no public discussion.  — Rosalind Peterson, Agriculture Defense Coalition.

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