Climate Engineering, El Niño And The Bizarre “Scheduled Weather” For The Coming Winter In The US


Dane Wigington

"Forecasters" are now trumpeting the arrival of a "Godzilla" El Niño event, but somehow they seem to already know that there will be no relief for the epic California drought (which can be directly linked to the ongoing climate engineering insanity). How can such a prediction be made so early on? Ocean temperatures in the Eastern Pacific are at record shattering high levels, why wouldn't this translate into more rain for the now empty reservoirs in Northern California? 


The El Niño pattern has been trying to form since 2007 but has been repeatedly suppressed by what meteorologists have coined as "the ridiculously resilient ridge" of constant high pressure over the US west coast. Was this rain starving scenario the result of the climate engineers and their aggressive effort to suppress El Niño formation in a destructive attempt to hold the lid on soaring global temperatures?


The Eastern Pacific (off of the US west coast) is constantly the target of massive aerosol spraying operations as shown in the image below. Is "solar radiation management" the only goal of this spraying, or are the known drought causing impacts of atmospheric aerosol saturation and ionosphere heater high pressure zones a desired outcome for the geoengineers? The electrically conductive heavy metals being sprayed enhances the effectiveness of ionosphere heater installations (like HAARP) which would then increase the weather-makers ability to create and maintain consistent zones of high pressure. What does a completely sprayed Eastern Pacific look like on a radar map? The reflective metals show up like precipitation when there is none, the radar image below is a glaring example.


Climate engineering is about power and control, and about hiding the severity of climate damage already done (while doing even more damage at the same time) from a population that so far has not wanted to face the truth in the first place. The climate engineers have managed to keep the Eastern US cooler than average for almost three years in spite of a record warm world. Why? To help manipulate the perception of the US population. How anomalous has the Eastern US cool-down been? The map below covers "departure from normal high temperatures" for a two year period from 2013 to 2015, this is clear as it gets.


What should the expected impacts should be in the US for a strong El Niño Event?


With a potential record El Niño, abundant precipitation should show up in California with overall temperatures pushed from above normal to far above normal throughout the US. Higher temperatures should be especially prevalent given the fact that our planet is free falling into a state of total meltdown. All this being said, how is it some of the latest "forecasts" call for the US West to continue frying into the fall with little to no rain and with wildfires still raging? And with predicted snowfall further inland?


Next, given the fact that we have a record warm world, record warm oceans surrounding the US, a record El Niño, and predictions of above normal highs in the Northern US, how can it be possible for winter predictions of a "below average" temperature band to run right through the US from Southern California, to the Gulf Coast, to New York, covering some of the most heavily populated zones of the country? The "forecast map" below should be carefully examined.


Other maps (below) use terms like "wintry battle zone" to describe their predictions for the southern states (in spite of the record warm condition of our planet already noted). The map below also states there may be "above normal" snow in spite of warmer temperatures, who is making and running the weather forecast industry?


Continuously cooling down heavily populated regions of the US is about engineering public perception for as long as possible. In regard to weather forecasting, with few exceptions, the global power structure owns it all. The Rothschilds own much of the industry where the very defense industry contractors that are heavily involved in the climate engineering insanity actually supply the weather modeling "predictions" for government agencies like The National Weather Service and NOAA. The Weather Channel is owned by multinational corporations that are a core part of the global power cabal. And let's not forget about Monsanto Corporation and their purchase of "Climate Corp" for nearly a billion dollars. Controlling the message also allows them to control public perception. Meteorologists are (with few exceptions)  paid liars who are simply reading scripts. Their job is to convince the population that the completely engineered climate is just "natural weather". Their job is to convince the population that "mostly sunny" predictions that involve the sprayed-out skies we are all subjected to is just normal. Their job is to cover the tracks of the criminal climate engineering insanity. Anyone that contributes to such a cover-up in exchange for a paycheck and a pension should be considered a criminal accomplice to the geoengineering crimes. When the Weather Channel is not busy covering for the geoengineers, they now simply show countless reality shows in order to altogether avoid actually covering the engineered weather. So how about those predicted cold zones which are surrounded by record warm oceans and a record warm world? Welcome to engineered snow storms. The Chinese openly announced their practice of engineering snow storms out of what should have been rain until they did a billion dollars of damage to Beijing, does anyone believe our government does not know how to do the same?


With enough atmospheric moisture the geoengineers can produce snowstorms under a wide variety of conditions. The July 2015 snowstorm in Jackson Hole Wyoming is one of many examples. The extra moisture from El Niño will be used for the chemical cool-downs already scheduled for the US this winter. As the planetary meltdown accelerates, the Arctic continues to melt and glaciers continue to disintegrate around the world, the climate engineers are becoming increasingly desperate and blatant in their aggressive planetary assault. It appears that the moisture Northern California needs so badly may be siphoned by the climate engineers for use further east in the US. Whatever unfolds this winter, this point should be clear, the geoengineers and the global power structure have a noose around our collective necks and they are not about to let go. They control not only the weather, but the toxicity of the air we breath, the water we drink, and the soils we need to grow our food in. Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet and the climate system (this must always be considered and remembered), climate engineering is mathematically the greatest and most destructive single factor of all. If we are to have any chance at preserving Earth's life support systems, we must all make our voices heard in the battle to expose and stop climate engineering.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I have read and listened to several of Dane's lectures, radio interviews and articles, and know what he is saying is the truth. We have know about GeoEngineering for some time, and it is incredible what you see in the sky and at the same time the ignorance you see in people. How can that be? Unimaginable! It is now fleecing out, and yesterday above the clouds. Always, primarily before rain. I live in South Carolina and believe the terrible deluge we just got was related to this. Dane have you thought about that? It was incredibly weird looking on the map. Something really unusual went on, and then there was our snow storm November 1 last year. I woke up and thought I was somewhere else. Things are really happening and happening fast! I believe the people here are really looking for truth. And I hope that their hearts will be open to all truth.
    Thanks again Dane for the great, great work you are doing. Those who are seekers will understand. How could man do this to his fellow man, and mar the creation of God?

    • michael harrington says:

      Yes, rarely does some one speak with such honesty about a topic that is socially 'unacceptable'. There are few places where truth in journalism are available, this is one of them.

  2. Jay Boxer says:


  3. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    I would have never believed this if I had not searched to establish why ca was in a drought. I've always had a interest in weather since I was a little girl, and knowed my clouds distinctly. I started noticing a change in natural weather and wondered what was taking place. I found this site and others, studied, researched and was introduced to Haarp. My dad told me 40 years ago that there was a weather manipulating system. I laughed!!

    I guess what was the big factor in believing this was one day I went outside and there they where. Clouds had been looking abnormal for some time, but I thought maybe that was my thinking. From then on, I had the unpleasurable task of hoping the planes where not there, but they where. Wrote my senator, Rand Paul, who replied back by saying those where contrails and went as far to tell me about contrails. Which I already knew. Told my family, most believe, but it took all kind of evidence to get agreement. But I think the deciding factor where the planes, jets, whatever, flying over and watching the trails unfold like abnormal cirrus clouds. I have some pictures that literally make me sick. I have warned friends, farmers, my doctor who did not want to even talk about that subject, or look at the flyers that I gave him. Was beginning to know how Noah felt, warning the flood was on its way, people mocking, making fun, etc. 

    I will continue to spread the word as best I can. Ohh, yes a local TV station has received documents from me but have not heard a reply yet. We are having a small drought, which for the past years about this time it happens. Thunder does not sound like thunder anymore, just like the clouds don't look right. I loved watching the thunderheads build and bring rain. 

  4. Kittenfuud says:

    I'm having a hard time with my 20yo son who lives with me. He knows they're spraying and says he doesn't care! We live near Seattle and the spraying was so heavy today. We were out and I pointed that out to him but he just says "Mom, I don't CARE." I can't even make him understand poison is being dumped on us to our detriment! If this was a friend (and I have a pilot/Army Airborne vet in disbelief, no surprise,) I would head to more fertile brains but this is my son and he's got a higher IQ than I do for goodness sake. (I do have a high IQ but I digress.) How to help him understand it's not a conspiracy theory? 

    At any rate, I feel the brain fog. Perhaps he does as well but doesn't attribute it to geoengineering. BASTARDS.

  5. The chemically induced cold on the east coast is awful. I started seeing leaves changing color here, several weeks ago. That should not occur until late September. People have noted it, and I try to direct their attention to the geoengineered sky over their heads.

  6. While flying to the Redding, CA, event on August 13, I watched artificial thunderstorm creation.  I stared out the plane window into the night sky, somewhere over the Midwest.

    HAARP blasts were in a triangle shape: orange flash to the east, orange flash to the west, orange flash to the north. Repeat, repeat, repeat this pattern in a counterclockwise motion, creating and steering the storm in the center.  Of course, the pilots know this is happening, and commercial pilots appear to be military.

    Who exactly is in charge of these weather weaponry coordinates? Expose them, now!  And what unbelievable audacity to attempt to control weather on the entire Planet Earth!  This secret WILL come to light.  Thanks to all the truthtellers.

  7. michael says:

    god danm look at all that red in the pacific , how many atomic bomb's worth of thermal energy is that above normal?….

  8. Bob says:

    Ok, so here's a actual rebuttal to my ongoing attempts to enlighten my friends about geoengineering:

    "According to wiki no large scale projects have been done. There is plenty of ongoing research but the effectiveness and potential pitfalls are large. You can not show any concrete evidence of large scale projects. There is no smoking gun, just accusations from fringe groups"

    So once again, it comes down to credibility and unarguable proof, or "smoking guns".  Grrr.  So how do we show these Cyphers of the Matrix that there truly ARE ongoing programs.  It seems like we would need an organization to come out and downright admit it.

    Any advice?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, you can’t wake those that are “pretending to be asleep” aa the proverb goes. Those that are willing to ignore their sense of reason and completely accept “wiki” at face value are not ready to open their eyes. Plant the seed and move on to more furtile soil. Many are in fact ready to wake up, that is where your time is best spent.

    • David says:

      Hello everyone, The Climate Engineers spray the toxic chemicals in the skies over Jacksonville, Florida on average 6 day’s per week. I can go onto the NOAA Weather Website and view previous hourly weather observations. Everyday there is a cloud layer (more like a toxic unnatural chemical layer) reported at 25,000 feet. This layer looks like a High Cloud Layer of Cirrus, Cirrostratus and Cirrocumulus clouds, but it is not natural, it is the Aluminum, Barium, Strontium etc. forming the artificial cloud layers. Natural Cirrus clouds tylically do not occur 6 out of 7 days per week.

    • Jan says:

      California already is predicting "blob" ridge (RRR) block "Godzilla" subtropic jetstream. On top of this is there any study on a similar permanent blob of high pressure stacking from Gulf of Mexico  keeping El Niño moisture away from central Rockies and concentrated in AZ? I think potentially these two factors are key as of now. NM and Colorado and parts of Texas were expecting decent rains in September but for asters are now stumped that projections we'll into October show dry dry dry and record heat. It's obvious manipulation when even natural reaction weather pattern to climate change doesn't occur like this! The weather is the weapon now

  9. kathy benn says:

    My email exchange with Silas Lyons, editor of local newspaper 'Record Searchlight' re: no reports of Geoengineering Conference nor exposure of spraying damage in paper:

    1. "No longer can look at sun from ozone depletion.

    2. Do you love your family – protect/care for them against harm?

    3. How morally are you incapable of not informing Shasta County of poisons/viruses/biologicals daily sprayed on them?

    4. How explain your silence to your family when they are damaged and discover your coverup?

    5. How proud is your wife of your community response? How does she hold her head up when amongst your neighbors/residents?"

    Response to me:

    "Fringe conspiracies  we will not indulge in. No evidence to support opinions."

    Return response:

    1. "Reciting the corporate script exposes your lack of research, thus, your personal ignorance.

    2.  Does the reward given to you for towing the line deflect responsibility to your family?

    3 . We/you/Shasta County citizens are facing a possible life-extinction event as has happened historically.

    4. ( Include our correspondence in your news editorial for full disclosure.")

    ((No inclusion in his editorial section so far of our exchange.))

  10. Marc says:

    We who are kinda up in years and who are not in an Alzheimer's unit yet, do retain magnificent memories of just how ALIVE  and VIBRANT the natural world was back then, compared to now. I'm talking even as recent as the 60's and 70's. When I was 14, my folks sent me up to work on a ranch in Montana for 3 solid months on summer break. Little Belt Mts. southeast of Great Falls. I hayed, fly-fished, built sheds, milked cows and hiked Grinnell glacier in Glacier National Park. There are no words to describe the majesty of the pristine skies over Montana back then, and the deep aliveness of every single thing. Other forays into the Medicine Bow mountains of Wyoming, the Tetons, all of Colorado, Sangre de Cristos of New Mexico. every inch of Arizona……my geezer memories abound, though many are fading. But I'll tell you one thing, I am old enough to really and truly see a palpable deterioration in what I guess I'd call "lifeforce", the Essence…..that "something" that we conscious beings can become so tuned into in wild places (at home in the city, too) Not just talking about browned out plants, bushes and trees. Even things that still look pretty ok, are not. I sense a death, a closing, a shrinking, a recoiling. UV rays are so intense now, it feels like when it did back in 1972 when I was at 10,000 ft, except I'm just hanging out in my yard at 400. Everything just "feels" different. Are the mother***kers bathing us in mind control frequencies 24/7? 

      I swear to God on high, if I was in charge, I'd vaporize every single one of these madmen and every single one of their accomplices on down the chain. And I'd (strangely enough) call it a holy war of sorts, though I don't care for that concept much. I'm still, at my age, not sure how "God" dovetails himself (itself, herself) into this world. If these bastards can so easily gain the upper hand on the rest of us, and systematically disintegrate the precious ecosystems and biosphere of the entire planet, then i confess I do not understand the idea of "God" anymore. God is Love?

    • Laura Hefner says:

      I'm with mark & wanted to pass on some hope , Most religions simply say that God gives man & woman free choice I.e. self will or 'God's' will , All god asks is for us to ask him/her/ it  for his / her . . .  'will' to be guiding – on an individual basis .  These soulless  & self seeking  sociopaths have no 'god'  & are the opposite of any & all that is true & good & pure !  I have experienced enough in this lifetime to convince me of Karmic Law – trust me , that belief helps !!  Each day I choose to do my best , to do the 'right thing' , & I constantly remind myself that this is my footprint of love on a probably soon to be extinct planet..  That is my choice

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I don't think anyone really knows what "free will" is, because, if I can speak just for myself here, I haven't seen anything much that looks like a will that is truly "free," except in those who have the freedom to continue to stomp on the planet and steal all of the resources in order to have as much as "they" want– "They" who are aggressive enough to take everything for themselves continue on in the "freedom" to take freely.  Well, that's coming to and end, and it WILL, when we finally wake up and stop listening to our guilt, that wants to insist that we must continue to make room for "Them."  THAT is what keeps getting us in trouble here, too.  And we need to raise our children with much more conscious parenting, so that they have some real humility and realize that they are not, and never will be, God, in God's right place.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, our will does in fact belong to each of us and cannot be taken. Even if someone puts a gun to your head, they cannot take your will, you still have a choice. No matter what “they” have done, it is up to us to excerise our own will in the correct manner no matter what.

    • Jan says:

      Thanks Marc for those words. No beuuracracy on earth will fess up or stop this, and it could just as easily be private enterprise of mega collusion proportions as it can be govt. it doesn't matter, what matters is there will be no whistle blowers and no one official will face it. It's up to every citizen to investigate locate and either destroy or nullify. And this includes world wide not just US. Woodpecker was Soviet project and that anntena is till there. But California New Mexico and Texas all potentially have networked devices beyond the Haarp in Alamsa! The pacific SBX radars and the year round spraying over pacific to create an capacitor of atmosphere is the main system possibly. Somehow it needs to be stopped.

  11. West Coast wind patterns lead to below-normal wind generation capacity factors – U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

    Who'da thunk???

    • Marc says:

      Hmmm……sure looks like a slam dunk by the Beavises and Buttheads who are totally in bed with Big Oil. What a slick countermove on their part: disintegrate the age-old weather patterns coming in off the Pacific to compromise the effectiveness of wind power, spray the skies relentlessly to compromise solar power, sicken the populations in the process to compromise the health of the millions who had the audacity to sign up for Obamacare, thus further enriching their buddies in Big Pharma and Big Healthcare, drought out some and flood out others to enrich their buddies (and themselves) on the Chicago Mercantile and Wall Street,,,,,and so on.

        Thanks for the link, Paul.

  12. Bob says:

    I must say this article is a masterful compilation Dane.  I certainly do not wish to downplay any of the others, but this one was extremely well done.  Anyone reading this should have all they need to know regarding the fight we are in to combat this insanity.  You have presented it in such a way that my 5th graders completely get it, and it's implications.  Crazy good job Dane, you get an A+ !!! 

    So, I sent this article to a particularly stubborn friend of mine.  Very intelligent, but just doesn't seem to give due diligence to the subject.  He replies with just a linkThe whole word 'debunk' gets me pissed off to.  Its more 'word magic'.  Since when did 'debunking' equal, " I scientifically disproved your theory".  Debunking is a lazy, ignorant man's word.  Anyway, so how do we deal with the Cyphers of this Matrix we are in?  You know, the ones who think and live by "ignorance is bliss"?  I was so disappointed because I thought this article would be the one to open their eyes.  Could the chemicals they are using in the aerosols, actually be interfering with frontal lobe activity?  Interesting thought because it sure appears like it.

  13. Sr. Gladys Marhefkaj says:

    Thanks Dane for this update.  Eager now to see the CA Conference of August 14.  Have a great day..

  14. Andrew from scotland says:

    There is something very strange going on….

    Real time satellite photographs of the Arctic ice do not agree with the publicised charts for Arctic ice extent or volume.

    On 20th Aug, the Arctic Ice Cap started to drift out of the Arctic Ocean into the Greenland Sea, leaving just broken ice in the Arctic Ocean which will quickly melt.

    The Greenland Sea surface temperatures average 40ºF, so we can expect the ice cap to rapidly melt as it drifts south (maybe we should now call it a big iceberg).

    How much will the loss of an ice cap in the Arctic facilitate the escape of methane, not to mention all the other resultant climate change effects?

  15. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi all….sorry for the old saying here, but continue to keep a bee in your bonnet about geoengineering, otherwise human nature tends toward lethargy and apathy.

    I'm reminding everyone that it is for our children (even grown ones) and grandchildren that we keep pushing the issue outward and upward. That includes grinning & bearing through forms of ridicule or alienation!

    I've said it before…most of us that read at Dane's site have truly lived  lives under favorable conditions, including the weather. Although weather modification has been around for decades, this last decade has been an all-out war on the planet. Our children and grandchildren don't have the luxury of time nor wonderful memories regarding the weather or even the freedoms that we took for granted!

    May the Lord have mercy on California and all of us in spite of what the wackos deliberately shred and destroy.

  16. Tamara says:

    I was camping last weekend in the Pine Nut Mountains south of Reno and Sunday they started spraying like I've never seen before. It's high desert and a place where I spend a lot of time always loving it. All of a sudden I felt suffocated, the sun was so hot. It felt like being in a microwave. We were going to spend another night. I looked at my husband and said lets break camp and get out of here. We looked up and the trails were layered and so intense. We could see the planes flying low blowing it out thick. The "clouds" were different shades of blue that changed to rainbow and a complete yellow halo around the sun. The whole sky was layered in thick striped haze.

    We got in our truck and drove up over Donner Pass into the inland valley and there was no clear sky to be seen. Thick heavily assaulted striped skies for hundreds of miles. The only clear sky was over Beale Air Force base, hmmm. 

    I remember saying to my husband, they're trying to stop El Nino.

    Did anyone else experience this kind of assault last weekend in your area?

    • elliot wave says:

      Tamara:  How awfully sad. I can imagine your heartache. I know that area and it was paradise, even on a bad day. These are hideously awful times for man, nature, fish and the entire animal kingdom. I say man, but those involved in these acts of aggression and prolonged campaign of terrorism are in-human and do not deserve their next breath. Make NO MISTAKE, this is chemical warfare. If it had been Saddam Hussein or Syrian President, Bashar al Hassad, the mainstream press would be all over this like shit on a stick. Everyone….  Pray for Justice. (11)

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, it was absolutely terrible in the Bay Area, plus all the smoke from the wild fires.  I could barely breathe, getting back to Marin from having spent the day in San Francisco– sheesh!!!

      God HAS mercy, but he can only work through OUR hands. 

      And we need more hands on deck to Get The Job Done.  We must find our OWN Will and take our own power back.

  17. What incentive should you have to strive to do what is RIGHT?….. Mine is my children. I cannot sit back and and wallow in the corporate pillow that is 'LIFE' today.
    We are so many and they are so few; the sheep and the sheepdog come to mind. Be the black sheep and stray away from the flock.
    The power structure are on the back foot. Now is the time top act. The more we push, the more they will falter. 
    I have a time lapse archive on Vimeo which can be viewed at
    The full spectrum of what is happening can be viewed there. Not always in your face trails, but climate engineering and weather modification as it happened. It may help some of the 'unbelievers'
    Dane, you and all your dedicated volunteers and helpers will always have my full and unwavering support.

    • Viv says:

      I watched your video. You did such a great job with the music and quotes, and the video itself that I had to remind myself that what I was watching was a travesty.

      What you've captured in your video looks much like the chemtrails and fake clouds in Salt Lake. Lately, there has been no blue sky at all; just a pale cloud cover, which makes it difficult to see the spraying itself. There are no stars at night anymore.

  18. Gene Maynard says:

    Feed Back Loops I’ve Noticed


    When anything becomes self perpetuating, especially if that anything is bad, remedies are limited. Either it continues until it’s host is depleted, or it dies through its own gluttony, or a hero steps in, or God stops it. This self perpetuating nature seems to be what we have in geo-engineering. I was just thinking about some of the aspects of what it means to be self perpetuating; there are more than what I’ve talked about here. Until this is stopped one way or another, maybe something here will be of help; especially the segment on hydration.


    Photosynthesis: Simply stated it is the process by which plants convert Co2 into O2. This process requires rainwater, basically normal temperatures, and normal sunlight. In times of drought when plants become water stressed, photosynthesis is hampered and even shut down. However this can also happen when there is an abundance of rainwater. Heavy metal nano-particulates in the atmosphere act as a desiccant and absorb water from the atmosphere as well robbing plant roots of needed moisture which mimics a drought and interferes with photosynthesis. With oxygen levels diminished, Co2 increases. This not only weakens the immune systems of humans and animals, it ultimately cause the plants to shut down their uptake of Co2 is a self defense mode; this decreases available oxygen and increases carbon dioxide.


    Forest Fires: A forest fire can emit as much Co2 into the atmosphere in three hours as all of the automobiles in the same area can give off in an entire day. As the Sun emits heat energy which is absorbed by the Earth, the Earth also emits its own heat energy which is roughly equivalent to that of the Sun creating a kind of equilibrium. This is what keeps the Earth at a constant and predictable temperature. Severe droughts have occurred periodically around the world but have always been overcome after varying durations. Artificial droughts are different in that they are manufactured for a purpose and therefore focused to achieve that purpose. Extended droughts cause forests of an entire region to become water stressed, shut down and finally die. As regions dry up and forest fires increase, these fires become uncontrollable living entities creating storms and winds that drive them to even greater extremes.


    When the resulting Co2 builds in the atmosphere much of the heat energy from the Sun is absorbed heating the atmosphere. The energy that does pass to the earth is trapped heating the earth and adding to the amount the Earth must emit through its albedo process. A molecule of carbon dioxide can absorb heat energy from the Suns infrared radiation; it can then dilute that energy and release the molecule. However, when carbon dioxide floods the atmosphere, equilibrium is skewed and the absorption of energy overheats the atmosphere as more heat is trapped. This flood of Co2 also prevents the escape of the heat radiating from earth, thus causing even more atmospheric heating. This causes more forest fires as metal particulates in the atmosphere energize the lightning creating even more fires. As these metal particulates blanket the trees and forest floors they absorb whatever moisture has survived creating a tinder box that burns with even greater intensity, creating intense heat and winds while releasing even more stored carbon into the atmosphere.


    The Human Forest: As the bio-accumulation of metals in human and animals moves toward saturation, {meaning death} the same phenomenon repeats; just as desiccant moisture is absorbed from the body. Water molecules make up 65% of an adult. They carry nutrients and hormones to the body. H20 regulates our body temperature, cushions joints and lubricates our eyes. As we urinate an average of 1.5 liters every day we are already maintaining equilibrium and must continue to replenish our bodies. When we don’t replenish body liquids we almost instantly begin to feel the signs of dehydration; nausea, dry mouth, dark urine with a strong odor, trouble swallowing, muscle spasms. These are all signs the body, just as the trees, is in the first stages of shutting down in an effort to conserve fluid. This all happens within the first two days of no liquid; blood stops flowing to the skin and core temperature rises. Finally our organs and brain shut down. It is essential to stay hydrated but it is becoming more and more difficult. The reason is the aluminum and barium nano particulates we inhale with every breath as I said, are bio-accumulating. These desiccants rob our bodies of liquids and convince our systems the water was never there in the first place. More and more liquid is required to do the same function. If you are experiencing dry mouth, nausea, or occasional stomach cramps; it may be that you need to increase your water intake. Watch the kids; they won’t know to do this in many cases. I’m certainly no expert, just an observer; thought I would pass it on. 

    • Tom Liccione says:

      Excellent points, Gene. My son , studying to be a nutritionist, recommended a small reverse osmosis system at least for cooking and drinking. We then take some mineral supplements. Some people recommend a little apple cider vinegar every day.

  19. Steve Parsons says:


  20. Daniela says:

    I am from Australia and we are not doing very well here either . Here in Queensland where I live we are experiencing very low rains, 80% of the state is in drought, cattle farmers are destocking for lack of pastures, kangaroos are skeletal and dying because they have nothing to eat and also compete with cattle for a feed. The sky is never really blue but a pale white blue  I don't see a lot of butterflies and very little bees. Whoever is stuffing the world weather must be a bloody psycopath. Are they even human?

    • Jenny says:

      I never see butterflies anymore and it just occurred to me that I never see lightning bugs anymore.  I saw alot where I grew up and i saw them in NC a few years ago, but for some reason I never see them here in MA.  Although at least we get rain here, and the grass and trees are green.  I've seen a couple of evergreens that are dying, though, and when I've seen a few trees with a split up the side I've wondered if it had anything to do with geoengineering.

  21. Ken says:

    Thanks again Dane for the great job you continue to do.  Here in AZ we get sprayed a lot.  My wife was asking me yesterday if it was supposed to rain and I had to tell her it was Geoengineering.  It gets so bad here that by the afternoon, it looks like we have smog and can barely see the mountains.  Take a deep breathe!  Ahhh!  They say it's dust in the air and blame it on some farms here.  But, it's Geoengineering.  The local newspaper lies and sometimes takes bribes on everything, from the private prison, to the wonderful hospital, to Geoengineering.  Ken in Golden Valley, AZ

  22. Tammy says:

    Hi Dane, I invite you to speak at a NY College. We can pay your expense and you will be able to explain this science to people who not only don’t understand but are also in the science department. Please contact me. Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thanks for your message and your invite Tammy, I don’t take this for granted. I am no longer traveling as conditions are too critical and I can reach the most people from my work station doing radio and posting articles. This being said, hope you can use one of the existing presentations posted on GW for a screening. All the data in the presentations is more relevant than ever, thank you for your help with sounding the alarm Tammy.

  23. Michel B says:

    I will wager they are ramping up their spraying to compete with growing awareness of the general populations, at least as one of the reasons. They wish to achieve their aims and put a noose around the neck of the US population and elsewhere so as to force costly privileged access to water.

    Right now, if the population were to wake up enough and rebel against this, it could probably be successful. But with enough time, they will drought everyone out and we will all be over a barrel. They will then be able to announce a 'solution' to these awful droughts but it will be costly of course. "Pay up or have no water."

    Even if enough people accuse them of these heinous deeds they will plead ignorant of such things and the allowance of rain will be presented as an act of benevolence, albeit very costly. Because water allows food production, access to water is access to food. But it will all be limited to GMO as the soils will be very toxic for a long time to come.

    So, their evil aims or our natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which they wish to eradicate? We must wake up enough others to gain critical mass.

    On another note, I watched 'Capricorn One' on Youtube and saw many images of geoengineering throughout the movie. It was made in 1977. People have been looking at images in movies, etc and actual skies full of geoengineering activities and not had a clue what they were looking at, totally oblivious to anything as abnormal. I was one of those people. I woke up in September 2013 and it joined up a few big dots for me.

  24. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you, Dane, as always for this enlightening forecast.  We'll have to see if they allow CA to become wet.  I wonder what they have planned for Alaska?  For almost three years now we have gotten our weather from the Pacific south of us.  Then the jet stream peaks and turns south in the Gulf of Alaska.  We are not seeing weather fronts moving in from Siberia.  So naturally, all the warm weather coming up into the Gulf cannot bring any snow.  What will happen if we have another hot winter in Alaska?  MSM ignores it, of course, wailing about the cold and snow back East.

    I'm just sick and tired of those described as meteorologists.  They'll say anything, it seems, to try to make this manipulation seem natural or a quirk.  They are losers to play this game.  They'll be easily cast aside like so many others.  They won't be rewarded or shielded by the elites.  But they could take a risk and talk about what's happening, then get fired.  I dare them.

    My apologies for the rant.  It's just frustration.  Wishing Love, Peace and Determination to All here. 

  25. Linda says:

    So many VERY intelligent commentators, here, am delighted to observe!
    We can reckon with any force and become ONE.

  26. Mark from OZ says:

    Godzilla El Nino
    From the OZ perspective. In addition to the damage being done to the sea, its creatures and ultimately land based creatures, 'going troppo', 'mango madness' and 'the build' all refer to the recognized changing behavioral patterns that affect humans. Official gov't publications admit that the period from Nov to Mar(monsoonal wet season), those up north (nearer equator) have higher stress,poorer sleep, appetitive suppression,and rates of violent crime and homicides spike.

  27. Kate Willens says:

    Hello Dane,

    Thank you for this beautiful explanation of the state of our weather manipulation.  I can only hope that somewhere in their plans is a respite for poor starved California, the once most glorious state in our union, which now is being crippled by the fallout from the incessant geoengineering programs overhead.  Appreciate all that you are doing to move the truth outward.  

    Blessings and best, Kate Magdalena Willens 

  28. Rachael says:

    i try my best to stay positive, i still write to my representatives, i call my local news stations, i share literature, and i share Danes links. But i have to admit, every morning i go outside i look up and i just loose all hope, its so depressing, and they have already been getting us ready for a below average winter with lots of ice here in North Texas. Last fall it was almost 90 degrees and within five hours the temps dropped almost 50 degrees and it snowed and "thunder sleeted" for three days. im born and raised in Texas, the last 5 years have been the harshest winters i have ever seen. I am giving up on my organic garden as everything has stopped growing, and the birds and bees are gone, its crazy quite. I really fear we are reaching the end of days.

    • Tamara says:

      Rachel, I know what you mean. I live in Northern Ca and travel around the Sierras a lot. I have been watching them cover us in the coastal mountains for a decade. 

      The drought is scary, no snow pack on the Sierras is a big thing. Dry rivers, all lakes severely down and wild fires. Not to mention I feel sick, no vit D (I eat it like candy). Low vit D causes depression. My garden is puny and I think all I'm doing is eating more chemicals.

      I live in the woods and I watch all nature around us being severely stressed.

      All I can say is, first of all don't give up hope. Change can be tough because for most people it has to get really bad before something is done. Before they wake up. We have to carry on and help the rest of the planet wake up. I do believe that there is power in the people.

      I read this article this morning and was shocked and validated at the same time. It's exactly what I have been feeling and saying for months. I feel helpless but at the same time, I don't want give up the fight.

      Reading your post and knowing that you are out there along with all the other people that post gives me strength. Gaining knowledge every day on this site is enabling me to become an activist in this cause. I'm not afraid to speak out in fear of being called a "conspiracy theorist" any more because I know this is real and the most hideous of all the terrible things mankind has come up with. I am angry and I'm gonna talk about it.

      We gotta keep our chins up and understand that this is our only chance to stop the "end of days" and provide a healthy planet for future generations. We are it.

  29. Keith Whittington says:

    The forest around me is yellowing, canopy gone thin, dying in clumps. It is slow fall rained again today and it will go down into the 50s tonight. It is August and should be in the upper 90s. The house plants that go out every year look sickly, again much yellowing and appear to be dying. The death I am surrounded by is a reflection of the disease that infests industrial culture. To emphasize that these are the sickest people controlling the sick sick society/culture that we are dealing with…. the Guardian ran a story about government *scientists* growing human brains. Have you ever heard a lie about the diseases associated with aluminum? I quote “could potentially be useful for scientists who want to study the progression of developmental diseases. It could also be used to test drugs for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, since the regions they affect are in place during an early stage of brain development.”

  30. marta says:

    Hey Dane thanks for this succinct take on the el nino issue. everyone in ca is talking about it like it will be our savior and i have been  thinking… they wont let the moisture come to california…they just wont. and really that means we are toast at this point. i went thru the rocky and jerusalem fire in past three weeks. evacuated TWICE…. i will share and share this article and i promise i will send you an article about my take on why everyone is so much in denial.. but as to what to do to wake people up…. well i think we all need to get as creative as we can. Our lives and  our planet , depend on us finding some clever new creative ways to do this….

    as for the jackson hole evil cabal cluster. all i can say is eeeeuuuwwww. it is like bohemian grove only worse. so it seems like the evil ones, are going to jackson hole and panama and central america in general.. …thank you Dane for all you do.


  31. SD says:

    Wow, another incredibly descriptive and RATIONAL analysis of our climate/Geoengineering nightmare.

    What is truly irrational is the meteorological community and their DENIAL OF REALITY.
    What is truly irrational is the Media's BLIND IDEOLOGY.
    What is truly irrational is the scientific community's LACK OF ANALYSIS and their BIAS!

  32. T.A. Sampson says:

    The bottom line: we've been lied to. The government can no longer be trusted. Money, greed, and profit are running the country to oblivion.

  33. Marc says:

    Imagine living your life in today's world with a mind-set that believes we are utterly at the mercy of whatever "Mother Nature" throws at us, in terms of weather. Anyone who is not aware that our own government has almost limitless weather modification capabilities is truly living in the past. That being said, for those who even casually suspect that the government has "rain-making" technology which is, by the way, easy to verify online, would not such thinking individuals wonder WHY THE HELL OUR GOVERNMENT IS NOT INITIATING RAIN IN CALIFORNIA??? Meanwhile, many absurd explanations are tossed out before us in a lame attempt to confuse us and create detours around the truth. The perpetuation of the drought in California is particularly insane when you consider the fiction being peddled to us that this drought is simply a "natural phenomenon" which we must endure, BECAUSE WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER SUCH CLIMATE CHANGES. The very assholes who peddle this fiction are the ones saturating the eastern Pacific skies with rain-destroying particulates. What a diabolical bunch of absolute cowards and psychos. I would happily volunteer for firing squad duty should these murderers be tried and convicted.

       On a different note, what a fantastic article Dane has researched and put up here. Incredible, and really, really disturbing, to say the least. And yes, we must not lose sight of the fact that each and every one of us are contributing to these threats to biosphere, by the simple fact that we drive, and use computers etc. etc. "Anthropogenic damage". But we who recognize this fact have a special obligation to enlighten others and to reduce our "footprint".

    • Tom Liccione says:

      I'm with you, Marc. We should think about the following:

      A gallon of gasoline creates about 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, counting the entire process, from extraction to burning! 

  34. Steve Mobley says:

    Thanks Dane for all you have done and the sacrifices you have made to get this message out. I was wondering if you have any bumper stickers so when someone is sitting behind me at a red light they can see the bumper sticker then look to the sky and realize what is going on above them. I live by Bass Lake in Central California and just read in the news today that Willow Creek that flows into Bass Lake has gone dry for the first time in history putting over 1000 people at risk of having no water very soon. They have been heavily spraying here all week. We have 1000's of dead and dying trees with fires all around. The Earth is dying and the lunatics are spraying. What a sad and frustrating world we live in. We need a mass awaking —and soon.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, I gave away my last 200 bumper stickers at the event in Redding, but you could design and make them through countless sites, thanks for helping us to sound the alarm.

    • Veronica Roach says:

      Hi Dane – if you publish the design for the sticker you used – we can all make some the same – then people may start noticing a consistent message !  I have Thorium stickers on my car (& which I also follow) – would love to make my own copies of yours !

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Veronica, I am not involved with the bumber stickers being put together because I am so buried with other tasks in the battle. This being said, I would certainly encourage people to design and print their own versions (simple and clear is best) and put them to use.

  35. Truman says:

    Another interesting read but of course highly disturbing. Will anyone in Government pay any attention to this? How do these people that are doing this to us all sleep at night?

  36. How hypocrite of the U.S army to go aid the firefighters in California as stated on our news bulletin here on channel TVA NOUVELLES. I mean, the army are the ones spraying and causing the drought in the first place and now they offer help to fight the forest fires. It seems to me as if they want to divert the attention about climate engineering onto others and fool the general public in believing the U.S Army are working for the people. When will California residents go out on the streets and manifest their anger about all this assault on their homeland? Print out flyers found on Dane's site, make huge signs, go out and paralyze main streets to pass a message (it was seen here in Québec when pig farmers wanted to pass their message to the government, they brought truck loads of pigs on our main highways) it turned out to be quite effective, they got what they manifested for! As of where I live, it's our third consecutive 35-45 degrees Celsius day. The sky is blue-grey, it's like it's all foggy on the horizon, my eyes itch a lot, the sun feels like I'm in an oven even with my 110 FPS sunscreen lotion. I guess it's our turn out east to fry! El nino must not be stopped! Start a petition about it! Again, great post Dane.

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Tuman
      Thanks so much.
      Idea to run with:  there are so many Dylan tunes (early work) begging to be spoiled and answered:  
      – the answer is blowing in the wind
      – don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows
      – the sky now is falling over you / baby blue
      We should spoil that work for geoscatology critique.  Lyrics from those who look up to the sleepers.
      hanks for your excellent comments we've enjoyed so much.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Californians don't believe it's polite to discuss "negative" topics.  We're supposed to be happy with all of our high-tech money, fancy degrees, million-dollar mortgages, personal-trainer-toned bodies and the latest BMWs parked in the driveway.  They would NEVER riot– that's just "uncool.." besides, why would you, if you have all of this wonderful stuff–??

  37. horsegirl says:

    Thanks for this great study on the McWeather industry.  Sure appreciate the excellent research here.

    And  hello to the commentariat here.  By way of introduction, my husband and I want to tell you all how much your comments, insight and fervor mean to us.  As if words could.  We lived through a geoengineering genocide in Mexico from 2008 on, which is covered in a post elsewhere.  During which time my eyesight was severely harmed to where I have struggled with loss of most things since 2011.  I am now getting my vision back after ditching glasses last year (wore an 8.25/7.50 with beaucous astigmatism correction) when the sheer pain of wearing lenses totally overwhelmed me.  I happily report improved vision to where I can drive in sunlight.  I can see better with either eye than I could with glasses.  Vision therapy continues with daily improvement.  However reading has been a problem.  I can focus but it is hard, so my husband reads the comments aloud.  We are so grateful for this forum.

    The occular damage occurred in great part in San Carlos, Sonora where hideous grids were dismissed by locals as passenger traffic (during prime beheading season when the spooks saw to it no one wanted to visit Mexico).  Since then we fled to one place after another trying to find a place with at least less horrid toxic spraying.  Now we are located in extreme SE Arizona where I can say despite totally heretical heavens – berserk, mean preposterous satires on what clouds used to be – we experience sunshine (somewhat dimmed at times), rain (sufficient for the Congo) and at least don't see the jets overhead in what I call our Not-See zone.  We are plagued by HAARP activity at intervals when the "queen" is not here.  We suspect as with San Carlos that our area is one of the chosen places for some elite party to dwell, because of periodic cessation of the misery.  Carlos Slim lived in San Carlos.  You'd see deep bright blue skies, then in his evident absence the place was blitzed with poison.  

    My postings have been sporadic as I labor to improve vision, complicated by our off-grid lifestyle lacking electrical lighting and internet.  When we get to town we always come to this website first..

    I'm writing this morning with a fresh impetus to not try to do anything creative or logically challenging after having driven through any town. I know I'm preaching to the choir here but there are particle fields in place over absolutely every community usually proportionate to population base.  But especially prevalent if a large Mexican community dwells there, as the fiends are Hell-bent on sterilizing that population.  We believe it is fluoride.  Last night after a longer-than-usual stay in town, I could not play guitar as usual.  I could play, but like a wanker.  I had quite an outburst and tantrum, I was so furious and frustrated.  Calling out the cabal who actually probably can listen if of interest.  Now rather than give them what they want – incendiary emotional fury – I'm going to attempt to reorder my daily schedule to be more productive.  Prayers appreciated.

    One comment somewhere by Marc resonated – he postulated a great underground hub somewhere with the fiends gathering about.  Well I grew up 50 miles from the Yellowstone volcano and I can say for sure that a bastion of the most hideous souls ever birthed (???) now cluster there.  As a child we could ride horses into the mountains from our tract home lane.  Everybody knew everyone else, you went through gates and closed them without problems.  If kids acted up there was a call to the parents so a form of social insurance existed.

    Now the greater Yellowstone periphery is so controlled by globalist elite – who have put up no treaspassing signs on every speck of land adjacent to forest land – that my childhood friend has to haul her horse twenty miles to ride on public land

    This was the upshot of the big wolves bailiwick.  Remember?  Yellowstone Park is too small to consider an adequate wilderness for any burgeoning wolf population and of course now they are overpopulating.   But at the time a psy-ops seemed to be in place whereby Yellowstone periphery ranchers had to get used to wolves slaying their lambs (they know each one) and not defending the herd under threat of incarceration (probably a gun control psy-op too.  Get used to the villainous federal hand reaching under the skirt for rape.  Which was a laughing stock in Canada, second largest country on earth, a few hundred miles to the north.  There was a bounty on grey wolves, the forests teemed with them in the nearly unpopulated giant nation with but some 35 million people.  Here come US bureaucrats paying a million apiece for the creatures.  Of course the media helped make sure the US imagination – as usual – drops dead at the border, thinking the US is the only place anything matters, and no one seemed to see the specious nature of the claim of endangerment.  

    It was hardly about wolves.  Well not animals, but human wolves.  Right now the "greater Yellowstone Coalition" is in a land grab beyond scale.  The small college town of Bozeman (with itts formerly small "Moo U" agricultural university) is now rightfully called Bozangeles.  There are Lear Jet rush hours as the banksters fly over a friend's house to cluster daily.  Some entities located nearby include ranches of Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Ted Turner, Bill Gates' Armaggedon hideaway, several "millionaire clubs" and media whores like Brokaw, movie stars [queue up sound of wretching]. 

    Dwelling on the other side of the volcano in Jackson Hole are Cheney, principals of Goldman Sachs, the head of the Arab Oil business from Saudi Arabia (Bin Laden et al) and numerous others.  Focus on Jackson:  there is a reason all the banksters go there for their sortees.  This is where the Federal Reserve has its meetings.  Greenspan's stomping ground.  All their machinations happen during meetings in Jackson, known locally as a place where the billionaires have run out the millionaires.  Who says they all live in New York?  They work there but reside in the Jackson vicinity.  "Ranchers" of the region include Rockefellers, Whitneys, and Vanderbilts to name scant few. No wonder the state has no personal income tax.  Check it out.  Home to the Hellions.  

    I've puzzled as to why the elite would choose the Yellowstone region – the most geologically threatening site on the planet.  There are more beautiful areas, such as around canyon country in the four corners area where the EPA (gasp! Opps!!!) recently poisoned the rivers of the Navajo and all tribes downstream.  Yellowstone is vaunted as the beauty of beauties, but look around Asia.  It is not unique.  What does make it unique is the easily accessible head of magma under the world's largest land-based supervolcano.  Shaped like a mushroom some 800 miles across, men have boasted they would utilize Yellowstone as a power source for ages.  I grew up hearing that mantra.  And magma could power scalar weapons.   In fact it could be powering the entire underground military matrix. I think there is more than postcard appeal at work in all the fiends clustering in the region.

    For a hoot, google the job ads on Craigslist in Bozeman where people are getting $15/hour at McDonalds and the whole town cries for help. From a local's point of view the place has transmogrified beyond recognition.

    Well this is just to properly introduce us if possible.  Hope to be a more coherent and consistent commenter if possible.  You might be amazed at the power of the witches' brew they spew on border communities.  Mental and physical decrepitude unrivaled in our travels north/south traversing this country on trips from Arizona to Montana.

    After time spent in the haze of any town, I find my vocabulary deteriorates.  When writing I phoneticize words,.   Sometimes both my husband and I – his eyesight is amazing, perfect – both experience going cockeyed – double vision – when driving through particle fields.  You can feel like the hemispheric cooperation of your brain has been disabled, like you can't get the two sides to work in tandem.  We experience personality changes, not a pleasant side effect.

     Luckily I worked as a secretary for years and can type without seeing the words, or I wouldn't even be able to comment.  My eyesight improves daily (I've forsaken corrective lenses) and anybody who wants to trade notes on vision therapy is welcome to get in touch for that topic far outside the scope of this already overly long comment.

    Thanks to all the wonderful people who comment here.  You help us keep a nostril above the water.

    • Marc says:

      Horsegirl, hello!!! What a fantastic post you have made here. I am deeply troubled by your health issues which appear to be involved with geoengineering fallout. This should enrage all of us!!!

      Are you guys down in the Bisbee area? Agua Prieta? Sierra Vista? I've roamed that entire area when I was a touring musician for the Arizona Commission for the Arts back in '80-'81. I lived in Tucson a long time, too.

      I may be the guy you made a reference to ("Marc") regarding underground or "remote" or "secret" command centers for geoengineering . Could, of course, all be executed from the deep interiors of U.S. military bases anywhere in the country. Not under any delusions for there being even just one central command center, since this could present a strategic liability. (don't put all your eggs in one basket).

      Thanks again for the great observations.

    • Truman Green says:

      Great comment, horsegirl. I've been telling people that there's no more natural weather.
      There's something wrong with humans when you can look up in the sky when the chemtrails are as obvious as the nose on a face, and yet so very few can see them.
      And then, there's the cowardice of those who know but pretend not to see and will call anyone who does a conspiracy theorist.
      Nothing will help except millions of people out on the streets as they did in the Vietnam War era.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Horsegirl,
      PLEASE SERIOUSLY CONSIDER WRITING A BOOK (I predict a best-seller if it's not sabotaged somehow) about the 'elephant in the room'…….actually the elephant in the sky…..about the systematic poisoning of our air……and subsequently our food, our animals, ourselves and so on. You write magnificently. Your story is compelling. I'm serious. Preferably soon. You are very very talented.

    • horsegirl says:

      Hi to you all, and thanks for the encouragement.

      Marc, we're your groupies – comment groupies.  We have thoroughly enjoyed both content and manner of expression.  Yes, you're the one who lit the fuse.  The proverbial swift one that helped me put in words something splintered, inchoate for several months.  I hope to be a more frequent contributor here.  Snapping out of it.  Eyes better every day.  You're welcome to get our email from Dane too, and get in touch.  We're between Douglas and Bisbee on a splendidly unique piece of ground.  Would like to get word out.  Ninety acres to share with others.

      @ Laura – thanks for the kudos, so greatly appreciated.  It's been a long year seeing phantoms.  It may be more daunting to be somewhat blind than totally, as your mind plays tricks on you all.  Day.  Long.  An artist condemned to seeing the world as a Picasso or a Monet.  And yes, I'm writing a book, manuscript some 40% done with the working title of "The Girl Who Stopped Wearing Her Glasses."  Thanks all over again for the words of encouragement.

    • Hello horsegirl: Good to see your post. It's too bad about Jackson Hole and surrounding areas. I used to love the whole Four Corners region… With a wee bit o' luck, Mother Nature will blow the entire Yellowstone formation, and put these "elite" asswipes into orbit around Neptune… Neptune was original man with an attitude and Trident, but these asswipes are so stupid they praise Saturn… Dumb shits…

      About your health issues: PLEASE take the time to peruse the following links regarding electromagnetic effects on health.

      Citizens for Safe Technology–health-action-kit-in-health-effects,77,0

      Mast Sanity – Home

      Dr. Magda Havas

      Many of your symptoms could be caused by cellular towers emissions and wi-fi "services". If you're using a wireless computer, get rid of the wireless capability and use a direct wired LAN connection. Wireless communications are killing every living being on the planet. It's no joke… Good luck to ya's.

    • horsegirl says:

      Epiloque on wolves boondoggle:  while I know hunting permits won't stir the affections of most readers, in recent years almost none are issued in Park County, Montana for elk or deer (herds in densely populated areas need to be thinned or they starve in winter as has happened lately).  Not because of any protection policy but because the numbers of Yellowstone Park vicinity elk, deer and other ungulates has dropped so radically.  The famous herds of Yellowstone are a scant fraction of what they were pre-wolves.  

      You figure Yellowstone, not 100 x 100 miles, being too small to tout as a wolf pack-sized wilderness, is also encompassed by rather thick settlement.  The periphery is not "wild and free" as the national conceits ran re wolf packs.  Trap herds in there with a rapidly rising wolf population, and wolves being wolves, doing what they do that enraged all the erstwhile ranching generations to shoot them in the first place (run herds to death for sport, etc.), and what can be expected?  They did with the protected, oversized zoo inhabitants of Yellowstone just what wolves are born to do.  Almost eradicated elk and deer herds given there was nowhere for them to escape predation.

      Wolves since fell from the endangered species list.  Ranchers went back to shooting  wolves to defend sheep etc., the elite greenies screamed foul and blitzed them with lawsuits, and now the opposing sides of the question have locked antlers like bull elk in a death match while, generally speaking, the wolves are all the worse for it all.  No more electronic collars alerting bureaucrats to their whereabouts when bullets fly their way.  No more arrests of anyone shooting wolves. 

      Just to give the lie to the idea that the elite EVER do anything benevolent.  The entire wolf deal had nothing to do with protecting wildlife, nothing at all.  It served as a pretext for a land grab.  A colossal psy-op to hijack the public imagination regarding wolves running "wild and free."  A public relations maneubre to make sure all the federal interference with ranchers peripheral to the volcano was cheered and applauded by an international audience.  Hooray for the feds, raspberries snorted at those evil, wolf-killing ranchers.  Any good for the four-legged stars of the show?  Just ask the elk herds of the greater Yellowstone region.  If you ever find them.

  38. Gwen says:

    One of the wealthiest corporations in the world is the telecommunications/war industries.  Surely they must be behind some of the spraying programs. "For what reason?" you ask…  new research is coming out that microwaves used in cell towers, gwen towers, ionoshere heaters, etc., ARE heating the planet.  It's a no-brainer… microwaves heat things up!  Fiber Optics don't.  YES, OUR INSISTENCE ON HAVING A PHONE ATTACHED TO OUR EARS 24/7 IS CONTRIBUTING TO THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR PLANET!!!!   A FACT!!!!!!   But this FACT must be covered up at all costs, and they have the bucks to do it.  The website // explains how these waves travel up to the Arctic, causing melting faster than at the Antarctic. This also messes up Earths magnetic field, us, and I would bet even sucks the life out of earths natural systems.

    Who owns the planes?  Who is supplying the chemicals?  Can we answer these basic questions yet?  Is the old "for national security" tag being used, and who's national security are they talking about… the corporations?  I pray there are military men and woman out there that can't be bought or fooled.  You know who you are…  much love.

    • Martha says:

      Gwen:  I was listening to Dick Gregory, who was talking about the Iron Mountain Report.  He says that in the Ecology section, pages 83 and 84 it states that the chemtrails are run by Mitre Corp. They coordinate the FAA, DOD and Homeland Security.

      It seems to me this is only part of the war on humanity, which includes Agenda 21, ICLEI,  Monsanto, vaccines, smart grids – controlling every aspect of our lives and behavior.  It appears that they are willing to destroy every living thing on this planet in the process…….to what end, I cannot imagine.  It's like an attack on God and all His creation!


      Horsegirl, you truly are a very gifted writer. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to hearing more from you.

  39. carol freiberg says:

    Mother won't stand for much more of this weather manipulation before the whole thing implodes.

  40. Roy Magnus. says:

    I find this very scary. How is the government allowing this to happen? What can they possibly gain from a planet after they have killed it. Are they not aware that it affects them and their children also.will a new president have the power to stop this or are they controlled by big business like all politicians. It seems obvious that stopping the spraying over California will allow nature to bring rain to help with the fires and also the drought.i live in the north west and I see daily the lack of moisture in the marine layer that the redwoods depend on, I also see a great number of them turning brown and dying, between that and the burning of the rain forests in Brazil we are taking away earths capability to oxygenate the planet. We only have this planet. How can a stupid few not see that mankind will dissapear soon. And for what. . A few dollars in their pocket for the short term. Makes me sick. Bring on the end times get rid of the unbelievers and money mangers and let nature start again. Even without mankind. At least the animals will be safe at last.

  41. Frank says:

    As we shall see what the power structure has to work with this upcoming winter. I watch with utter amazement at the weather sites with tropical storm Danny in the Atlantic. The so called weather experts rely so heavily on computer models but miss the obvious. The blatant manipulation of tropical systems and all weather has been ongoing for many decades. I look at the whole picture and what will the weather warfare parasites unleash upon us and call it what they will. I watched a developing tropical storm yesterday in the Atlantic. The storm Danny should have been a hurricane today but I watched as the low behind Danny eat the storm apart. They use many parameters to enhance or steer or destroy a storm. I have watched this for many years and it becomes so obvious that the so called weather experts know this is happening but never speak out. They are criminals that have destroyed millions of peoples lives in the past decades. What will the fall or winter behold or will a place near you be destroyed by Danny or another down the road is up to them. They need there flow of weather to create the terror they unleash each and everyday. That weather is controlled by the parasitical elites to enhance there agenda. Never give up and stand tall to expose there lies.

    • vilano says:

      Winter battle zones..what if heavy wintry mix is used to prevent grouped resistance in the face of an attempt to disarm?
      Owning the Weather 2025 – Weather as force multiplier…

  42. Stacey says:

    Very interesting and informative read…thank you!

  43. Marc says:

    I went to the Redding event from St. Louis. On my return flight thru Phoenix I witnessed a bizarre thing.I had a window seat and was attentively observing the filthy atmosphere and also two massive spray trails very close to the jet, going in a line slightly above us and in the same direction. Suddenly to my horror I witnessed what I think was a military tanker, but with really weird vertical black stripes painted all over it at regular intervals. And THIS THING WAS FLYING CLOSE TO US GOING OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!!!!!! It zoomed past us and slightly above us and was basically flying almost on the very edge of one of the massive trails. I mean, this sucker was TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT! I asked one of the flight attendants immediately what the minimum distance between craft was required by FAA. He said "one mile and a thousand feet up or down." I said "Are you kidding me? There is no way that tanker was a mile or more from our jet." I saw it clearly, and even with no aerial "point of reference" there is no way that tanker was "a mile or more away". I was quite frankly, shocked and alarmed. I mean, this craft was very strange looking with it's weird stripes. WTF!!!???

    • Earth Angel says:

      Geez Marc, Did any of the flight crew or other passengers admit to seeing this tanker too?  Surely some of the crew or pilots would have seen it.. I'm sure it flipped you right out seeing a thing like that. I used to fly every week commercially around the country for my job for about 5 years in the early to mid 80's and am sure I NEVER saw any such thing. Crazy!

    • Denise says:

      Marc, I see planes overhead spraying all the time.  One flew so low over my home, I could see every detail of the plane.  Grey, unmarked and no cabin windows, spraying a very heavy spray and going slow. 

    • Marc says:

      Earth Angel, Hi!
      The weird craft I saw was flying the opposite direction off the left side of the jet and up a little bit. Because of this we passed each other pretty damn fast. Zoom…and gone. I just happened to be gazing out and up at the spray trails when this thing zoomed by. But I got a real good look at it, and I would realistically estimate it's distance to have been approximately 800-1000 ft., I kid you not!!! Not any chance this craft was a mile or more away. No chance. Weird slightly zig-zag black vertical stripes on silver fuselage, from nose to tail. Many passengers had shades down on that side but don't know if anyone else saw it. The flight attendant, of course, did not see it either. I find his comments interesting in relation to the googobs of extra jets dishing out their shit that we common morons are not allowed to track on public sites.

  44. Linda Bonam says:

    I found this article to be fascinating.  So many minds at work to create havoc….Thanks for putting it into terms that we can understand.  I look forward to your articles always, and really enjoyed listening to you on the Hagmann's.  Thanks for all you do.

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