Climate Engineering, Heavy Metal Contamination, And Cover-up


Dane Wigington

From whales, to insects, to us, the entire planet has now been completely contaminated with highly toxic bioavailable heavy metals and chemicals directly connected to the ongoing solar radiation management (SRM) programs. Peer reviewed studies on nearly 1000 whales from around the globe showed "jaw dropping" levels of aluminum had been absorbed in their bodies. New studies now also show the same results for the collapsing bee populations around the globe. In fact, all invertebrates are in sharp decline. What about human exposure? The results are the same. Those in power have already committed the greatest and most deadly crime in the history of the human race, and that crime is ongoing. The criminal cabals that masquerade as governments are not about to stop, in fact, they are doubling down and further ramping up the deadly atmospheric spraying. There is virtually no place to hide from the lethal fallout and the deadly effects are erupting throughout the web of life. In the 4 minute video below the global heavy metal contamination and the health implications are discussed on the "Buzzsaw" TV show with Sean Stone, son of film director Oliver Stone.

Many believe that our "elected officials" would do something about the situation if they only knew, but is this reality? Sadly, our government and all those in it are completely bought and paid for by the power structure, I know this first hand after twelve years in this battle. I have been in senator Barbara Boxer's office presenting hard science data on geoneingineering, I have had high level meetings with California EPA officials, spoken in front of the entire California Air Resources Board, presented in front of the California Energy Commission, and had a private meeting with the lieutenant governor of California, Gavin Newsom and his top aid at the State Capital, etc, all were complete dead ends no matter how much credible science data they were presented with. In the next 4 minute video below, I publicly confronted US congressman Doug LaMalfa with water testing data from Cal. EPA which proved aluminum was flowing through California rivers and streams.

What did congressman LaMalfa and his staff do with the data presented from California EPA? Their final response was this, they did not recognize the EPA information as being valid. LaMalfa, along with all those already mentioned, continue to completely stonewall the critical climate engineering issue. This is what they are all paid to do. Can we be absolutely sure that aerosol spraying is occurring in our skies? We have indisputable film footage to prove it as is shown in the 2 minute video below.

The decimation and mortality already caused by over six decades of geoengineering is already so immense, it is far beyond any possible quantification, if these programs continue, the consequences to life on Earth will soon be total. The burden of exposing the climate engineering insanity lies on us, the people. Disclosure will NEVER come from those who are paid or otherwise pressured to lie. We must all prioritize the battle to expose and halt climate engineering as if our lives depend on it, because they do.

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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I really believe that this
    amazing site needs much more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the information!

  2. kirk mannor says:

    Yes when its time to vote if they dont address geoengineering and stoping it now, then don't vote for them. All involved should go to jail spread  the word.It is becomming a life time fight for manny,most people I tell, they are very interested and allways take a card.seen later with a reply there trying to kill us.

  3. Nicholas Eisenhauer says:

    To all our fellow LIGHT bearing humans on this message blog. You are family because you are on this site. Please let it be known to the new comers or seasoned GeoEngineers, do not be deceived. Just because you have a clear blue sky for a while or the scorching sun for a while and you did not see the planes spraying, you have been permanently contaminated at all times!!!! Just shine a strong halogen type of flashlight into the night sky and you will see that the nano contamination is always there but you cannot see it during the day because it is soooo small for the eye to see. ONLY the night light will show you it is always there. I am with DANE to stop the spraying but please know that even if they stopped completely today, these particles are so small and the world has been so completely saturated with millions of tons of the particles that they will not go away for at least a decade or more even if they were to let it rain to purge the sky but then the plants would all die in days. Sorry for the glib hope but that does not mean I am not in it till death along with Dane I will not give up for my young family and for humanity. Please know that they way one day can be blue and in another minute a flash flood or tornado, hurricane etc. is that the actual weather warfare weaponized aspect for the implementation of their plan is FREQUENCY based. Everything in life has a frequency that it will vibrate at and this is the secret the Powers of the world are using against us via the military and the universities with their research which is now completely activated in the Radio Fequency based weapons using the utltra conductive nano aluminum and other particles. Depending on the RF (radio frequency) used via thousands of microwave transmitter equipment on land and sea, they can create blue sky with no clouds, cloudy sky, storm sky/clouds, flood rains, drought, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. etc. etc. within minutes to hours. Just watch the skys all the time and see how fast the cloud cover and storms can change in minutes to hours time. Please belive it is true, they are in complete control for now but we cannot give up. Anything you can do to raise awareness is our best hope. Peace to all and keep supporting Dane. He is our angle.. whether he wants to be or not, somehow he was chosen and we will support him for all good humans left. Best to all.

    • Wendy says:

      I have only been living in Southern CA for the past 2 years now, and have seen a ridiculous amount of spraying. At night, when I am letting out my dog to do her business, I can see the particulate matter through the light rays coming from the porch light. This is incredibly disturbing to see.

  4. I have noticed spraying free days this week as I hear everyone else saying…I believe they are spraying at night. I live on a flight line area and from 9 to 10 pm it is crazy. Every 5 minutes you hear a plane. Not a nice streamline jet. My boyfriend says that early in the morning it is hazy.

    • Blie says:

      We had same situation, every five minutes for a couple hours at a time, particularly late night. Vibration was terrible. Skies which used to be gorgeous blue in previous years now almost always grey and there is a horrible, at best faint, smell in the air since the repeated flyovers. (Tokyo Area October 2013 onwards)

  5. This was done very well Dane and All 3 videos are direct and sums it up quite well. Once again I say to you well down and great work and DRIVE you have for us all.

  6. Anytime I see a corporate or political slob with a huge pot-belly, I know what the most important thing is in their lives…

    Sorry. But based on his totally vague non-response,  I think this guy's already aluminum damaged… Next…

  7. Mark Bottorff says:

    I have given up trying to go through official channels to get anything at all done.  Other than their pre ordained agenda they flatly refuse to do anything.  The same money has bought them all.  Sometimes I have been blessed with a condescending form letter informing me that I am in good hands, they really know what is best for me while I don't.  They don't even have enough respect for me to supply me with manipulated charts, graphs, data, math, anything to try to back themselves up.  Like Dane, I have only encountered a surreal mockery of a representative government.

    Geoengineering is worldwide.  All governments are in collusion with each other.  All governments are now controlled by the same bankers.  Make no mistake; the leaders are all too willing to sacrifice the lives of others for their own gains regardless of who those "others" may be.  The couple dozen or so Elite control the world economy completely.  Their unimaginable wealth and power has not satisfied their greed.  They are most certainly psychopathic eugenecists.  They have their underlings in the Bilderberg Group and other secret societies to carry out their wishes.  Now that they control virtually all of the money, life on earth has become nothing more than a game which they play.  Their goal is to become Almighty.  

    The only hope for humanity as we know it is for the number of those who have woken up to reach critical mass.  Although it is almost like beating our heads against a wall, once in a while we will encounter one who has an open mind. 

  8. Katherine L. says:

    If it walks like a duck, then it is a duck. This is a biological attack.

  9. Karen W says:

    This reminds me of the grievous murrain.

    What happens to the animal kingdom is happening to us!

  10. Bryan says:

    For those who aren’t aware of it, the Trans Pacific Partnership “TPP” (in secret negotiations for over five years) basically cedes US sovereignty to global corporations. All local, state and federal regulations can be overridden by corporate tribunals.

    Think this isn’t happening? Think again. As Dane says, all the walls are collapsing around us and the push by the elite for total control is in high gear. Once the TPP passes (it’s irreversible), we won’t be able to ban fracking, label GMOs, create environmental limits or hinder corporations in any way. The Supreme Court ceases to be the highest law of the land.

    It’s not just about geoengineering – that’s my point. Again, as Dane says, we can’t just look at any one individual issue or we lose sight of the big picture.

    Yes, the spraying is the elephant in the room and the mother of all concerns right now but don’t get tunnel vision. These people are playing chess while most of us are up to our ears in tiddlywinks.

    Yeah, I’m scared like the rest of you and saddened by what we’re losing by the hour. Not just us but all sacred life upon this planet. My only consolation is that when they go, I go. As the brave native Americans say, the time comes when it’s a good day to die (on your feet, rather than surrendering to tyranny).

    I may not know you all, but you’re like family to me. Keep fighting the good fight and know you’re not alone.

    • Katherine L. says:

      TTP is another tentacle from the same octopus. They have the food covered, the vaccines, the soil, the "on purpose" oil spills, the water. If the environment is attacked then we are under attack for we are members of this Planet. We depend on a healthy planet to live. WHAT I WISH IS TO HAVE BASIC HUMAN NEEDS FOR ALL. It's unreal that we have to fight for basic human needs! What year is this?! What country is this?!

    • Mike says:

      Brian, I definately feel your pain, but what they are trying to acheive is to propagandize the real power of our Constitution. You need to go to under States Rights Treaties Do Not Supersede the Constitution. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find out what the real deal is. we just need more Americans to actually be Americans an hold our officials feet to the fire and their Oath. Let me know what you think after you read the entire section. your Brother in Arms against Tyranny

    • Bryan says:

      Hi, Mike and thanks for the response.  

      Unfortunately, the TPP isn't about states superseding the Constitution, but rather corporations taking precedence over local, state and even national laws.

      Only 5 of the 29 chapters even have to do with trade.  Imagine a bill so super secret (unless you're one of the Mega Corporations that helped craft it) that no citizen may read it before it's voted into law.  A bill so secret that men and women in Congress must ask for a viewing of particular chapters and then are not allowed to either 1) take notes 2) bring an assistant 3) talk about the contents.  This is the bill that Obama wants to get fast-tracked – meaning that nobody in America will know anything about the ramifications until 60 days after it has passed.  Does that sound right to you?

      All that we do know about the TPP has emerged from Wikileaks and dogged journalists who have pursued this legislation over the five years it has been crafted in secret by big pharma, big oil and big media.  As one critic put it, this elevates corporations from the status of individuals to the status of nations!

      I urge everybody to find out as much as you can (it ain't much) about this drastic change to our country's freedom in the name of so-called "free trade."  SPOILER ALERT: you ain't gonna like it.

  11. Mike C says:


    "Farmers" increasingly grow GMO Roundup Ready corn. So much of it for fossil fuel wasting ethanol. Ethanol meant to reduce smog. Much worse smog of aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. sprayed in our skies by our very own military. We pay for it all in more ways than one.The world gets more corrupt every day.

  12. A big part of the awareness problem is denial from the sheep .

    I get a government check and believe my Federal government would never do anything to hurt me . And i would never say anything to risk getting that check in the mail. 

    If the federal government says vaccines , GMO's , Geoengineering , war on terror and killing Palestinians is good for me then i am good with that. Just keep the checks coming . 

    I see this everywhere . Makes me sick.

    Thanks for all you do Dane.

    • Katherine L. says:

      when people start getting more and more sick, when the evidence is so overwhelming that even the people that refuse to look at this WILL look at it for they will have no other choice. It's a pity that we will loose people, trees, our good soil, etc. etc. etc but this seems to be the way humans work. Until they get a good swift kick in the pants, they will continue to watch TV, believe everything that's spoon fed to them and keep eating food-crap so that their brain cells and DNA aren't functioning to full capacity.   They will have to deal with these crimes against humanity for they will have no other choice. Thanks for letting me vent!

  13. Eric Piper says:


    First off, great job! Your efforts are commendable. I live in Sarasota, Florida. I have been monitoring spraying in my area for a couple years now. It has become a daily routine to see spraying right over my head. My question is, are there any organized groups in my area that I could contact and assist in bringing awareness to the public. I get zero response from local and state politicians. This obviously needs to be a grass roots approach to put enough pressure on our leaders. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for your hard work.

    • Al C says:

                    Another aerosol covered sky today here in Southeastern New England………….The spraying is just about a daily activity.

      Even my local meteorologist giving the noontime weather forecast called it with tongue firmly in cheek, "a milky sun"……………A milky sun???….. WTF!!

            I thank God, I have a place to come where there are awakened people to this crime against mankind and mother earth.

           We must stay banded together and continue until it stops.

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      It is true, Al C.  Here in Northeastern New England we mostly have "clear" or "blue" skies only during the night while everyone is sleeping.  The psychopaths are bending the limits of nature and many of you have also observed these widespread changes in weather as of late.  Our government refuses to acknowledge the citizenry.  They take us all for gullible idiots.  I especially enjoy the clip of Dane confronting LaMalfa.  "Are those peer reviewed…"  Typical politician.  Keep hammering them and arm yourself with the facts because we are definitely making progress.  Do not allow for the disinformation channels to convince you otherwise.

  14. Jane Eagle says:

    Don't worry, sheeple, the government and corporations are completely selfless in their desire to do what's best for all of us. And if you believe that, I have a unicorn to sell to you…

  15. marc says:

    Yeah, cowards, all of ’em. How easy is it to spray poison over the heads of humanity from 30,000 ft.? Not even balls enough to come clean to the public about what the f**k they’re doing. Cowards! How dare you bastards spray my world, our world with your disgusting deadly shit! Go to hell, all of you!

  16. Jackdanijel says:

    Hello Dane,

    I have been following your public awareness since last Year, when I started to research websites, which deal with similar themes. I have been following the weather since my primary school and had started collect local weather data in my early teenage ears in the middle of 80's. I must consciously say, that the weather changes rapidly has changed in 90's and in last 10-15 years have changes becoming irreversible in term the weather as current state of being in the lowest air layer Troposphere, which is according to my personal opinion seriously injured. However I assume that Elite knows what and why they do for last 6 decades, that it may reflect in the near future with high probability of depopulation from various reasons, that have been now increasing to exceed the maximal deviation of natural balance. Public awareness over website is one of the most effective tools, based on the personal consciousness of everyone. I do practically dissemination of every your periodic letter and contribute towards better world! I do understand that everyone who is alert and takes care for mother Earth that gives us natural life is to obliged to do something, according to his own belief in doing good to either neighbor or to all living creatures to sustain the balance of nature, that has been violated permanently since expansion of the global consumption that forces every individual to become a member of the rat race!

  17. Jonathan says:

    Thank you so much for what you are doing, Dane. I had my yard soil tested recently, in Eastern N.C. After some calculations, I came up with a high end of normal aluminum level per acre of ground at a depth of 2 inches to be about 6 lbs/acre. Guess what my level was? 1,198 lbs/acre!

    I confronted my local Congressman, Walter B. Jones, publicly, about geoengineering. One of the first words out of his mouth was, "conspiracy". 

    You mentioned the Elite having chelators to protect themselves. Can you please elaborate or email me about this, Sir? Thanks



  18. Ana says:

    If science comunity are not admiting geoengeneering is a reality  how do we expect people in general  to "believe" in the programs of cooling  taking place already in our global skies ?  At a global level i don´t truely know when it all started but people should know that Global warming exists and even like that there is lots of people denying the existence of global warming ,why? …maybe the answer is in geoengineering and the cool downs and the Media not reporting the hard reality that have the ability to make people think this is not an urgent issue to take imediate action and as you´ve told so many times: they want to confuse us or divide us in order to keep the things as they are in economical ,finantial and social level and to keep profiting in their businesses -Business ,ecomical growth ,stock market ,finances ,in one word :MONEY became the real God to our civilzation so nothing can interfere with this ,not even our Natural world in wich we depend to have everything we have .People forget that prime materials come from Earth also and technology can´t make trees(they are trying to) or rivers/seas ,breathable air or wood or plastic  cause ven to have technology you need all these prime materials that come from our Earth. Humans are nothing without the things that Earth gives to them and humans  are not willing to sacrifice this artificial world we´ve created to save our own lifes by saving a habitable  planet and the only one we have …If this is not Madness  i don´t know what it is …If this is not psychopathic people and all of us are a little too when we accept the things the psychos are offering us with the highest pricee to pay(our planet ,our children lives) and can not say No …when we are blind for having more THINGS and by the distractions instead of getting more knowledge about our world ,what we deserve aftherall ?What are we expecting ? Are we going to continue to say :"they wouldn´t do that to themselves and families"? really? What are we all doing to ourselves ?What are we all doing to our planet?

    The funny thing is that you  seem to be  the only one who wants to save the world .You seem to be the only one having a plan of  1st thing should be to stop with geoengineering but isn´t it too late when we look of how probably the world is already in meltdown (2 C of warming as a target is not realistic , we can feel the heat already when they don´t do the cool downs or  don´t leave the fake clouds in the sky  )and the only thing they have now as only option to hide the true hot situation  it´s geoengineering our skies .Maybe i´m wrong but seems to me that perhaps a part of the world can be saved for more decades but the majoraty of the  places i really doubt …California ,i really doubt .Portugal i really doubt! …I´m not an expert and i don´t pretend to be one ,i just have been reading and searching from information .You were a source of information like nobody else. You are a man full of knowledge at the level of the highest scientists but you are only one man trying to make us see how the geoengineering are acellerating the process of global warming and total destruction in exchange for a short term cool down(and a killing one too ,with chemicals able to kill us first than global warming itself) . And unfortunatly the majoraty of  scientific comunity prefer the comfort of their chair and well paid career while the world is collapsing and being maintained by the engineered cool downs .How Those in Power would want us to know what will expect us in a near future? Do we think they would want us to know about our reality if they don´t want us to know other politic secrets they have? Do we expect them to be able (or to even want) to save a population of 7 bilions or more?…Maybe i´m being stupid but i think many on scientific comunity know about geoengineering but they probably don´t want to save the world either or maybe they don´t believe that they could save anything if the only option is to follow the same of fossil fuel civilization and the same corporations interests .Seems like we all have no option. I talk to people about the planet´s situation ,about the warming of 4 C ou 6 C ,about how so near we are of killing ourselves and all the life in the planet and they simply don´t believe or don´t care …and if i talk to them about geoengeneering they care less cause for many it doesn´t exist and they think i´m lying.People are not aware about anything except football games ,next elections ,unemployment , music concerts ,vacations, moovie stars and singers etc… sad ,but it´s true! Even people in Education System  ,Health system ,envyronmentalists,meteorologists,biologists etc, etc, are unaware of a number of things including geoengeneering. People don´t serch for knowledge and these kind of people SHOULD ! I don´t have anyone to talk to ,not even those people i thought that were intelligent people …and sorry to tell you that I consider them all very stupid people !

    • James says:

      Few people are brave enough to open their mouth even if they were intelligent enough to comprehend this phenomenon. Considering the kind of damage that these nano and bio-available particles have already done, fewer still have the mental and physical stamina to read anything as lengthy as your posting and have recall of it 5 mins latter. I know this from personal experience that when your body is overloaded with toxicins like aluminum, you will be so brain bogged down among other problems, but you may not know the cause. So, most of the time one appears to be awake, you really are not, and are running on preprogrammed actions like Pavlov's dog. That is what most of us are. I imagine you are still energetic and I encourage you not to give up, when people act like they do not believe. One day when their brain fog clears they will once again hear your voice. Some of our political reps are on some kind of teleprompter for this same reason, their minds are on some sort of telemanagement. But if enough of your kind make their voices clear and loud, they will wake up and calculate how many of their eggs (votes) will hatch. In the meantime, take control of your health as much as you possibly can and not expect the authorities to take that responsibility. You could be sorely disappointed. Do not look for acknowledgement, just sow the seed, God will water and sooner or latter, the critical mass of the desired activity will happen. The cleanup may not take as much effort and pain as the destruction now going on once the geosphere is left to its own cybernetics.

      Keep on keeping on.

  19. victor says:

    Well, there is no question that the deck is stacked: politicians and judges at all levels have either been paid off or are controlled; corporations are in charge of our lives; the Constitution is disregarded;  major media is owned by 5 or 6 companies; countries are under attack if they oppose the US; all communication is spied on; etc. And then we have our wonderful geoengineering. 

    Fortunately, we have a few courageous people such as Dane. 

    I have an idea of how we may wake up more people. Everyday I receive Care2 petitions to sign. They cover many different issues. I am not very computer savy; however, if a few people got together with Dane to compose a Petition to put on Care 2, it would go out worldwide for people to sign. If enough people signed, it might help to show our controllers that the "game" is over. Just a thought. 


  20. Irene Parousis says:

    Since I awakened to geoengineering and the state of our Planet I have tried to minimize my carbon footprint as much as possible, quit work and living on my savings, don't pay my taxes, try to bring awareness about  these programs and planetary situation, but above all respect and grieve for my Mother Earth.  You can't force anyone to do something they don't feel or is not innate, I went through the same process with my dying mother and my three siblings who went on with their program as she was dying.  What does it take to make humans empathic? That's my million dollar question.

  21. Zack says:

    I just need to report, it seems they're trying hard to sell it to the public.We are fast running out of time when it comes to stopping this. Google geoengineering and look what google says about it. They are trying to make the public think it is worth the risk to stop global warming. Never do i stop trying to help, tell the end my friends we stand together. Love you all, everyone in this fight are living angels thank you, peace to everyone, btw burdock root removes heavy metals so does cumcumbers, horsetail, and flaxseed, and many others herbs. STUDY HERBALISM 

    • joy says:

      Zack, my life was saved several years ago by a Naturopathic doctor. I have/had a cellular disease that was starving me to death (I think it is all the chemicals). All life is struggling to survive, and we must do all that we can as the offending humans to try to make the inhabitants and their habitats of our lovely home healthy again. Herbs are saving my life and in return I am doing all I can to save the herbs.

  22. Isabel Kelly says:

    Hi Dane, a relative of mine living on the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales Australia, is currently under assault of heavy spraying. Over 100 multiple high-altitude passes in one day. The chemicals collect on his roof from which he gets his tank rainwater. He is becoming ill – poisoned. 
    This world wide spraying is slow murder – we are all just "collateral damage" – as well as all the insects, animals, etc. 
    The only way to have an impact is educating/informing everyone we know at a grassroots level. 

  23. Marc says:

    I'm really trying to figure out why there is such virtually complete denial, stonewalling, disinformation or silence by "officialdom" on the issue which brings us all together here at this site. Is it fear? Fear of the mob? Fear of government thugs disappearing people who dare to speak out? Why are so many of Dane's gallant efforts in the public arena evaporating like storms hitting the RRR? (ridiculously resilient ridge) Are ALL of the individuals involved actually cloaked reptilians hell bent on watching humankind be slowly destroyed for their amusement? I…don't……think……so……!!!!! Hello? What could possibly explain the apparent laziness, the disdain, the utter lack of any real action? Is the reach of the NSA/CIA and black ops so vast that there is an "understanding" that "you don't touch this issue"?  Is everybody just too afraid of this perceived "secret government" that lurks in the shadows, monitoring every move made by any public official? Or do all of these public "servants" privately know in their hearts that this issue is GODDAMN REAL and is way too big for them to touch? So again, it comes back to fear. A good way to deal with your fear if you're a public official is to remain comfortably within your normalcy bias, the status quo. Don't rock the boat, don't put your finger in a light socket, don't stir up the hornet's nest, don't shit in your messkit, etc. etc. But all of this subterfuge is poised to "go by the boards" soon enough. Something's gotta give somewhere soon. Or…..have we all breathed in billions of nano-bots which are already programmed to castrate us intellectually and morally when all hell breaks loose?

      I ENJOY my rage at the bastards behind all this, for in the not too distant future we may all, at the flip of a switch, find ourselves suddenly lobotomized by a superior technology. In which case I am afraid we will be too far gone to even realize that THEY won. As far as I'm concerned, that would be blessing.

  24. Edward Palys says:

    It boggles the mind to try and figure out who is behind all this spraying. Obviously it is military aircraft doing the job. In following air traffic activity on Flightradar24, one can pinpoint where these sprayings are conducted and it certainly doesn't show all of them. The spraying costs millions every day and someone has to be paying for it. How about the pilots who fly these planes? Do they really know what they are doing or do they just adhere to "training missions"?

  25. Jeff says:

    I always enjoy watching Danes confident,yet polite confrontation,and skill when addressing the people in power. Its like watching a true warrior in action,non violent,intelligent,and cunning.

    The other day I wrote in about a city council meeting on "cloud seeding" that took place this evening,which I did attend. The group consisted of the presenters,city council,town news paper writer,me and one other concerned resident. I have been excited,and fantasizing of what comments,and questions I could chime in to make an impact,the meeting was uneventful. Before the meeting began,I handed out fliers I have created,and passed around,inviting interest,and curiosity to Agenda 21,with a list of reference online addresses,starting (and highlighted) with I listened to the short presentation,and the few questions of how,and where this would need to take place. I had the mind set before hearing the spill,that there had to be some sinister motive to this desired action,but left feeling some pity,and confusion. After talking a little to the presenters,realized they are trying to combat the drought to save there own as well,being farmers  also with water problems. I hope that they utilize the info I supplied them,and mostly access this amazing site. In the end the mayor of the council,decided to not make a decision yet,and think things over. In all not as dynamic as I was expecting,but high hopes for the seeds planted. I have no hopes of combating the big leagues like Dane,I am an artist,not a activist,but will never shy from such a meaningful battle,and cause,"A mans got to do what a mans got to do". My children family,friends,and and life on this planet is worth any such task.

    Thanks Dane for the inspiration. 

  26. jefe says:

    The simple reason why our elected officials won't address this issue is: they would have to admit they are NOT the ones in control.

  27. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…not posted in a while. Been in a reading/contemplating mode for last few weeks. I agree wholeheartedly with your article and observations regarding complicit public officials and legislators across this nation. I don't know how much more direct you could have gotten in pressing Mr. LaMalfa, only to receive empty promise and perfunctory reply.

    We all know officials see the elephant in the room, but have become calloused to it. I'm just thankful I'm not dependent on a career/profession that would demand me to lie for a living. Because that's what this boils down to. I guess some where along the way, we the simple law abiding citizens of this nation didn't get apprised to the fact that public servants no longer serve the people. Instead they serve the agendas of the elite cabal. Agendas that are duplicitous and deceptive and downright evil. 

    I know you will keep up the fight. We all must! On the other hand, I hope you are seeing greater awareness despite a huge disappointment in Mr. LaMalfa's "controlled" response!!

    Lastly, I think another great way to expose the criminality of geoengineering is by signing national environmental petition drives. I have signed 2 such petitions recently regarding multi-national water  rights to bottle CA's water despite devastating drought. I then take the opportunity in the comments section to speak out against the man-made drought and all the travesty in our skies and to this earth and direct to your website.


  28. Jan says:

    This was an incredible article and cost you a ton of money for travel, research, etc.  You never ask for any compensation for what you do … your life is devoted to saving "us" and the planet. I have more respect for you than I do for anyone in this world!  Don't ever give up – we need you.  

  29. MorningStar says:

    Keep in mind that all the politicians had a 'ring-side-seat' and allowed this disaster happen.  We should ask them why they let this happen and then (as M.White says) ask them what do they intend to do about it. 

    We can't depend upon the MSM to ask them for us either, we must write letters to their campaigns (snail mail, fax, and emails) and ask them ourselves.

    I do not believe that anyone should donate one dime to any of the candidates' campaigns — they don't 'need' our money, they 'want' our money … before their policies and practices kill us. 

  30. S. Gholson says:

    Hi Dane, FYI, I visited multiple cities in Southern Spain last month and was saddened to see the heavy spraying was much more intense than in my town in Northern California. Thanks for your important work!

  31. David says:

    for those who say why would they do this to themselves I have this thought now and then.  either they think they can push the planet to a certain brink while they gain total control, where they then release some kind of bacteria that will eat up the excess toxins, which already is worrisome since they are trying to overcome a giant planetary system based on a couple hundred years of "science", or they like huxley mused about, don't care if this damages the planet and kills off most of the life, because they will ride it out and then rebuild society based on "test tube" humans that are bred selectively for work, combat or musical abilities to entertain them where intercourse is only for pleasure and procreation is controlled by the State.  I'm finding it hard to see any other justification or end game to this madness.  War and Depressions are bad enough along with regional famines/droughts but to purposefully, willfully damage the entire planet's ecosystem that has cultivated humanity is pure evil.

  32. M. White says:

    I think we should consider the elections coming up next year.  If we ask the question to the candidates "what they intend to do about it?", maybe more people will pay attention and the politicians will fell a squeeze.  So many people don't even realize there is something different in the sky, until you point it out. 

    • Augie says:

      They will have the stock answer "I don't know anything about it; I'll look into it." And of course they never do.

    • PLT says:

      Are you confident there will be elections next year?  I'm expecting this fall to be the last dance with Democracy(TM) for the states, maybe for the western world.

    • BaneB says:

      Absolutely!  Make this an 'in your face' political issue.  Whenever a politician visits your area for a 'town hall meeting,' go and get in their face by asking the pertinent questions.  This gives the others in attendance a heads up about the Geoengineering monstrosity above our heads, informs the politician so he or she can't claim ignorance, and provides them with the thought that it IS a political issue upon which their election or reelection might be in the balance.

  33. Alexander High says:

    Hello Dane

    First of all thank you so much for bringing this to our attention and for all the hard work you are doing. Those of us who have had our eyes opened are truly grateful to you personally more than you know.

    On the 10/06/15 the spraying over Derby City UK was the most intense I've ever seen to date. For the first time I saw grid patterns and they didn't let up all day. I'm keeping a photo journal and writing everything down and the weather that ensues a day or two after they've been spraying so I've got some ammunition to fight with.

    Trying to explain things to some people is much harder than I thought it would be, unfortunately some people don't even seem bothered by the spraying. That being said some have taken notice and are now discovering the Geo engineering watch website so some good is coming out of it.

    As far as I'm concerned here in the UK the current British government have no legitimacy morally or otherwise to be in positions of authority, we didn't sign up for a chemical war being waged upon us by our elected leaders. They are our enemies pure and simple and all I know one way or the other we have to stop them destroying our world.

    I'm glad we have you Dane.

    God Bless you



  34. G M Rocheleau says:

    Hi Dane. just want to let you know that they have been spraying heavily in the north east and northern New England. 

    • Robert says:

      Here in Plymouth, SW England, exceptionally the previous 3 days we had clear skies altho I regarded the pale blue sky with considerable suspicion. Usually they spray constantly, daily. We had a storm last night and this morn there is cloud, but in patches it is now breaking up into distinctive small broken rolls of cloud, say no more!.

      Thanks Dane for all your valiant efforts on our behalf.

      Robert Q.

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