Climate Engineering Omnicide And The Criminals Who Help Hide It


If you care about reason, justice, the planet, your children, yourself, or any other aspect of life on Earth, the 10 minute film clip below should fill you with justifiable anger. As awareness of the climate engineering insanity grows, so does the attempt by those in power to quench the growing fires of the awakening population. The "journalists" and disinformation site owners featured in this film will hopefully one day soon be held to account in a legal forum that should resemble the Nuremberg trials. Such cowardly and despicable individuals are all too willing to lie for a paycheck and a pension. They like to rant about the "conspiracy theorists" in the most derogatory tone, but what do psychologists say about the sanity of those who question as opposed to those who blindly parrot the official narrative? Studies show clearly that those who question are much more sane, what a surprise. The mainstream media disinformation in the video below tries to convince us that everything we see in the sky is just "contrails", but does this lie hold up to hard facts? What the disinformation people in this film did not tell you is that all commercial jets and military tankers have "high bypass turbofan" jet engines which is by design incapable of producing "condensation trails" except under the most extreme conditions. Did they mention the mountain of government documents and science reports on "solar radiation management" (SRM)? No, they did not even mention the term as that would have given credibility to this issue and that's the last thing they want. They show film footage of WWll B-17 bombers leaving condensation trails, but they did not tell you that these bombers had water vapor injection systems on them in addition to the very crude piston engines that put out a tremendous amount of particulate matter. Their entire video is filled with direct lies and lies of omission. If you want to make a difference in the battle to expose and halt global geoengineering, take the time to contact the two primary perpetrators in this mainstream disinformation piece and let them know you are not OK with them lying about the climate engineering crimes that will cost your children any chance for a future if these programs continue. One is Mark Allin from ATS (Above Top Secret). ATS is controlled and funded by William Irvine who has reported CIA connections. Then there is George Knapp, from Channel 8 news, who avoids completely the mountain of science relating to geoengineering and solar radiation management like the long list of patents and global governance documents. If you care about your future and that of your children, make your voice heard. Let those who lie for a paycheck and a pension know that you are not OK with their part in the cover-up of the covert climate engineering crimes. 
Dane Wigington


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  1. These persons are paid actors and actresses reading a script provided to them by their handlers. They are paid liars, nothing more.

    The same is true of ALL authority figures in general. How can human beings even believe the "authority" ploy? 10,000 years of retards believing they need "leaders"… 10,000 years of war. 10,000 years of famine. 10,000 years of idiot/thugs running around in expensive costumes and destroying homes, cities, and life. Get a grip on reality for a change. It's all manufactured drama, and girly/man theater.

  2. BeamMeUp says:

    With over 91 anti-geoengineering events in +/- 35 countries worldwide (per the list of marches posted online, and I attended one in NC) it's hard to completely dismiss this as a 'conspiracy theory'.  That label does not render the information false.  There is a plethora of information online ( that substantiates what is going on and its devastating impact on the planet.  This is a giant big deal which is why there is little MSM coverage and a bunch of debunkers online….whoever/whatever is behind it is powerful and does not want 'us' to know.  There is no verifiable scientific evidence to refute the claim that geoengineering, to the detriment of the environment and humanity, exists.  Quite the contrary.  Welcome to the present day "Twilight Zone".  It would be well worth your while to research this and come to your own conclusions.

  3. KellsBells says:

    I'm on D3 vitamin supplements. My tests came out pretty low. Have had a history of sinus and upper respiratory infections and have been on too many antibiotics. My allergies have increased, when I used to have none. Something's amok. I've had fevers of "unknown origin" or FUO's for months and months. I've cut down drastically and have found alternative "medicines" to help me. We all have to learn to detoxify our bodies of this crap that's being sprayed upon us and to let others know, even if we are ridiculed for it. People used to think the world was flat, too….and we've persevered for truth's sake, and on truth's side. Wake up. Look up. Follow The Money.

  4. Anne says:

    Full film online, thank you, James! 🙂 That makes a solid verification of the lie being perpetrated by the "newscasters". The other film they cited was probably a fake too. Most likely someone on staff found the badly photo-shopped pic online (as it has made the rounds on every 'chemtrail' debunker site) and the I-Team news dept didn't bother to fact check. And it's a fraud – not even well executed. We should point it out as it comes up, using the actual footage. 

    Beyond photo books, check out real estate photography going back over a decade compared to now. Skies are usually involved in the ext shots. It's dramatic. After that sports photography both video & stills show marked differences in eras as well. They can't photoshop and add trails to the original photos and films. The last good challenge is to ask people to go through their old family albums, especially of trips when they tend to shoot outdoor scenery. And to produce outdoor pix with the grid patterns. 


  5. James says:

    Good job Anne. NO trails in original Spartacus film. We must also get outdoor picture books that were made prior to 1990 as evidence.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello James, though there are likely modifications to some films, the spraying has been going on since the late 40s and is in fact in the background of many older films. Just something to keep in mind for the record.

  6. R. St. John says:

    Heavy spraying over Portland Oregon today. Are there any support groups here in Portland. I want to find like minded people to take action with. Thanks

  7. Colt says:

    One of the best documentaries I have seen. In subtitles but really good.

    Chemtrails- The Secret War

  8. Derek Redgate says:

    Dane thanks again for all you have, are and will continue to do for us all!

    I would love it if you had a forum!

    I am sure I am not the only one to feel this way!

  9. Colt says:

    George Knapp can go to hell. He is a liar and he knows it. Maybe he can get together with John Coleman and go live together on fantasy island.

  10. Elle says:

    We are sick of being stonewalled by our elected officials and the media.
    Please continue to be active against ongoing geoengineering programs! The only way we will succeed with our goal is to use our great voices and speak out!
    YOU can send this letter to any and all representatives and officials. ❤️!106&authkey=!AOBPWIMSMewJXrY

  11. Frank says:

    Thank you Wyatt for your honest representation of our current situation. I am also very concerned that a false flag event will take place soon for the current administration to further there agenda. The long cooling event in the east is projected to maintain it’s structure for at least a another week to 10 days. That will lead us into the beginnings of March where violent Tornadoes will be possible in the southeast. The current weather setup is very precarious in that the systems originate from Mexico and pull up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. These patters can really enhance upper level wind shear meeting with the cold air from the north. There are articles appearing now about how Global Warming May Spawn More Southeast US Tornadoes. The ones in power can use these events as a excuse to further there agenda. I am very concerned as I live in the southeast and am tired of these manufactured Tornado events. I remember to well the day of April 27 2011 when record breaking long track major Tornadoes killed many. I watched the Helicity factors that were off the charts. The anomalies were everywhere if you knew what you were looking for. The local meteorologist you could see it in there eyes were scared but as usual said nothing about this manufactured event. There is a article about Global Warming May Spawn More Southeast US Tornadoes and I will enclose the link.

  12. Anne says:

    As long as the original screencaps are still up…take a, look at 8:22 in the video above…and then look at the skies in the same scene of the original film .. Captured in screencaps here:

    Compare. Observe. Remember.

    Keep your old VHS, DVD, transfer to new media and retain.

  13. andrew says:

    My 38th email to my contacts, titled: What will you do?

    1. What will you do…. when you realise that life as we know it could change dramatically within 4 years, probably within 2 years, and rapidly lead to major extinction events?

    Will you:
    try to warn others?
    treasure every moment with family and friends?
    do as much good as you can?
    seek retribution against those who have kept this information from us (often for their own financial benefit, and at great cost to our health and finances)?
    make some basic preparations, or rely on our government to protect us?

    If you make the time to read this regularly updated essay, you will be able to make some informed decisions:

    ‘Abrupt Climate Change’ means a global temperature rise of about 3ºC in two years.
    A 50 gigaton methane burp will probably cause a global temperature rise of about 2ºC in 2 years.
    If they stopped spraying (adding toxic particulates into our atmosphere), there would probably be a 1.5ºC global temperature rise in a few weeks – but it is still our best option, the spraying has already made a bad situation exponentially worse.
    A global temperature rise of 4ºC leads to several extinction level events. Talk of higher global temperatures increases is immaterial. Nearly everything else is a distraction.

    According to NOAA the atmospheric methane concentration is now above 1820ppb – largely due to the arctic methane release from melting methane clathrates. Atmospheric methane concentration has not been this high for over 420,000 years and correlates to 9 °C average Earth temperature increase (Wikipedia).
    Methane levels as high as 2503 ppb were recorded on January 31, 2015:

    2. Still think we are being told the whole truth by the ‘authorities’?
    The intergovernmental IPCC only uses information that is about 9 years old, fails to include most of the recognised feedback loops, and the report has to receive government approval.
    Dr Shakhova’s dismay at The Royal Society is shown in her letter of 14th Oct 2014:
    Multi Year Ice Loss in the Arctic: (loss of arctic sea ice creates extinction level events – a 100m sea level rise is probably the least of our worries). Arctic ice should be thickest in March and thinnest in September.

    3. For some humour, listen to the first 18 mins of this:

    I have heard it said that this is probably the first time science and religion are in agreement:
    “Scientists now agree that prayer is the only thing that can save us from climate change.”

    I pray that someone proves them wrong!

    • Hey Andrew, I just skimmed your in depth blog of Feb 11. I must say,  I feel the same, I tell others. Andrew, there will be a retribution for "them that destroy the earth." Guy is right, I think. And his message does speak to believers that the scenarios in Revelation will come to pass, both climatic and geopolitical, soon.  So, I seek for more I can do, I love others best I can, and I prepare to meet my God. My church asked me to contribute to a class on the NWO (!) and my contribution will be on geoengineering.  I try, we try, I like you, man God bless you.  

  14. awake says:

    ok someone please tell me what the skies will look like if TPTB get their way and start climate engineering. i would recommend everyone to stock up on vitamin D supplements as we aint gonna see the sun very often. wake up people its ongoing already!

  15. awake says:

    please tell me just exactly what the skies will look like when the ipcc and geoengineers finally decide to implement climate engineering. i would suggest people stock up with vitamin d supplements cos we aint gonna see the sun very often. either the atmosphere has changed drastically already or TPTB are at it now.something aint right thats for sure.

  16. Anne says:

    Sorry, but this is the better link to the Robert Harris post about his 1990s restoration work of the film Spartacus. The other link takes you to reader comments after his post, also interesting.™-spartacus-in-blu-ray/

  17. Wyatt Berry says:

    I sent this to about 12 people I know today. I figured that I would share it here as well.

    To my contacts,

    Within the past 24 hours many major news networks have published dozens of articles regarding geoengineering – specifically the subset of solar radiation management (SRM). This is a coordinated release. Each week I search Google news for the terms “geoengineering” and “chemtrails” (the latter term is highly censored in Google) and I have never seen so many articles about this issue published in such a short period of time. The artificially nucleated snowstorms that have hit the Northeast region and dumped an unprecedented amount of snow during the past two weeks are part of a massive psyops to convince the most affluent and densely populated areas in our country that the planet is not warming, but that it is actually cooling.

    This coordinated release of geoengineering articles into the news is intended to promote discussion about this “previously fringe science” after years of flat out denials about “chemtrails” by the mainstream media. This is doublethink at its finest – convince the public that these schemes are just mere “proposals” while the skies above their heads become increasingly saturated with sunlight-reflecting heavy metal aerosols.

    The elites’ control over the masses has never been so threatened in the course of human history as it is this very day.
    [2014 surface temperature anomaly map]​
    The above map displays the extent to which surface temperatures during the year 2014 have departed from a 1950-1980 baseline average. The Eastern United States does not fit the trend. Ongoing covert weather modification projects are responsible for this. Notice how the arctic is burning up. Certain regions in Alaska barely went below freezing (32F) during the entirety of 2014. There is an abundance of evidence to suggest that ionosphere heating facilities (HAARP/SBX) are being utilized in conjunction with aerosol deposits (“chemtrails”) in the Eastern Pacific to divert moisture to the north of California so that it can be supercooled in the arctic and then dragged back down via a manipulated jet stream in order to artificially cool down the lower 48, e.g. the so-called polar vortex; a term that the meteorologists have meticulously latched onto during the past year. All the while the geoengineers are sacrificing California by subjecting it to never-before-experienced droughts and heatwaves for the sake of cooling the rest of the country.

    As a result of extremely high temperatures, the arctic permafrost is melting at an unprecedented and accelerating rate. A massive methane expulsion event may be imminent. We have not years to repair this, but possibly only so many days. The media categorically lies to us regarding the true state of our climate. The damage has been done and now we can only watch as the feedback loops accelerate.

    Last year The Weather Channel began naming each individual winter storm as part of a deliberate attempt to condition viewers and distract them from this issue. (TWC is owned by the Rothschilds and is absolutely complicit in these aerosol crimes – recently they upgraded their site and now display image banners full of aerosolized cloud cover.)

    Folks, we are watching the sixth mass extinction unfold before our eyes RIGHT NOW. Throughout the past two years I have witnessed an extreme proliferation of persistent trails being produced by jet aircraft. These persistent trails are reported all over the United States and around the world. They are not normal condensation trails. My research indicates that the climate engineering program has accelerated even more rapidly since this past November. Much of the continental United States was underneath incessant artificial cloud cover between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many people are noticing that the skies no longer appear as they did two decades ago when these programs are alleged to have been deployed full force. And no, it is not simply a result of increased air traffic, as many detractors will claim. These aerosol trails create cirrus clouds when atmospheric conditions strictly forbid the formation of persistent contrails.

    I share this with you because you happen to be one of the few people in this world whom I happen to give at least an iota of a shit about. And I realize that this knowledge, for the time being, will likely fall on deaf ears, as it usually does.

    All I have to say is that you should be prepared for the revelations that will begin this year. Many do not want to know that the governments around the world have been deliberately poisoning us and our environment. I have voiced my concerns many times to my political representatives. They stonewall everyone regarding this issue. Soon the population will be forced to choose sides. No one will be able to ignore this in due time. Until then, you must remain vigilant. Do not believe a damn thing that the mainstream media states regarding geoengineering. I have debunked the “they’re just contrails” claims over and over. In the past year alone the counterintelligence services have been working overtime to derail and discredit this movement. While they may have bought some time, we are finally witnessing the facade collapse. Unfortunately there still exists a shrinking majority who have succumbed to the exceptionally strong social programming. I tell you this from personal experience. I am not sorry for sharing this information with you, even if few wish to know. Just because it is not discussed on the news does not make it false. I have many resources to which I can direct any of you who express interest.

    When disclosure does occur, if we are still here, I will be as ready as always to talk.

    Your friend,

  18. Anne says:

    Around 8:22, the embarrassing, alleged Spartacus image they use as evidence… with bright blue skies filled with trails (from the 1960 film). I challenge anyone to find anything resembling that image in the original version of the film… And yes, some people do still have minimally a pre-1990 version, when that film was fully “restored”. A painstaking, costly restoration was done in the 1990s by Robert A. Harris & James C. Katz. Harris has complained extensively about the effort at the time overseen by Universal and the results of “heavy handed digital scrubbing” described by critics of the product. You can read more here.™-spartacus-in-blu-ray/page-2

    The industry of Hollywood’s restoration and remastering of its classics unfortunately does not bode well for an accurate historical record of skies present during the original shoot dates and we will likely see them continuing to be manipulated- as that sloppy Spartacus image was.

    FYI…below are a few older films whose “updated” versions are due out this year at the Turner film festival. Will be interesting to see the skies in them. Hang on to your old movies–original versions… They may come in useful as Exhibit A.

    “Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has landed four film restorations set to make their world premieres during the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival, taking place March 26-29, 2015, in Hollywood. The movies, each from a different era in cinema history, including Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 (1995), Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus (1960), William Dieterle’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) and Charles Reisner and Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928). “

  19. JerseyCynic says:

    how do suppose they can get away with SUGGESTING??? geoengineering….
    are they really this stupid??? are we that ineffective in bringing it to the attention of everyone we meet? are there really that many people covering this up???? I just can’t wrap my head around this whole issue any more.

    Fed Report: Time to Examine Purposely Cooling Planet Idea
    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSFEB. 10, 2015, 1:38 P.M. E.S.T.

  20. anotherOne says:

    Previous comment was for al and the link provided.

  21. Frank says:

    What really sickens me is when these TV weather criminals broadcast live when Tornadoes are on the ground. These Tornadoes can be stopped because they are produced by certain forms of electro magnetic pulses that follow transmitters on the ground. These weather TV whore criminals just watch as people’s lives are lost and they loose everything.

  22. anotherOne says:

    Yeah, and they're presenting it to the sheep like it's something new they're thinking about trying out… when all along it's been happening right above our heads. So now the lame stream media starts to carry sensational stories and eventually the dumbed down masses will gladly follow without questioning anything and all the while we've been subjected to it all these years. Is this the CYA (cover you a..) move of the gov?

  23. Nicole says:


    NUMBER 1. I'm gonna say WOW this is the MOST I have EVER seen broadcasted or covered by the local news media EVER on geo engineering even if they do not use the proper term so there is clearly a change happening we need to recognize this is amazing in itself regardless of how backwards it is. NUMBER 2. By 9 minutes in, I'm gonna tell ya why "Spaticus" and "the 90's" and :more jet traffic" is a lie and that is because these bastards turned their jets around after I flipped them off, and they dumped a TON of chemshit right on my rooftop and after that they have been here every day and let me tell you they are at LOW altitudes I can practically reach up and grab a friggen wing and I have the pictures to prove it, so this is NO COMMERCIAL AMERICAN AIRLINES PASSENGER CARRYING FLIGHT that is visiting our RURAL location at 3500 feet.NUMBER 3. NO ONE can be as stupid as these broadcasters. They DO KNOW they are LYING about what they are personally experiencing and for me the worst of the worst are those who full well know but refuse to admit it, talking all around the topic without coming out and stating they are experiencing it too. These are COWARDS who do not care about their own families let alone ours.

    Let's carry on the good fight! The odds are not in our favor but what else do we do for our kids and this planet we love?

    Thank you so much Dane! Nicole

  24. Lester C. Muller says:

    If there are no planes in the sky spraying various chemicals and substances down over us and there are no chemtrails that are made up of all these things, then where in the holy hallelujah did the following things come from that were found when the rainwater harvested in our front garden was analysed?

    I, personally, authorized and paid a local testing laboratory to analyse the chem cloud fallout rainwater that I had harvested in my front garden — not just one time but twice to get a comparison. The following is the list of what was found both times in this water: Chloride, Phosphate, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Strontium, Aluminum, Arsenic, Boron, Barium, Cadmium, Chrome, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Nickel, Lead, Uranium and Zinc.

    This is not normal rain water!

    Okay, any “CONtrail” supporters out there with an answer?

  25. carol freiberg says:

    These men are not paid to do research they are paid to read scripts given to them by their puppet master.

  26. Karen W says:

    Last Friday (2/6) we had a “strange” rain fall. Big drops with distance between them (was the talk at the am meeting at work). When I took my dog out right after the rain she went crazy sniffing the ground. I have NEVER seen her do that!
    This past Monday (2/9) after the rain my grand kids went out and took a video of the rain run off. It look very much like the “toxic chemicals in our water” segment of the news video. The material had an iridescent look to it. Some looked globular neon white-blue. They pierced it with a stick and parts separated away from the globular into small pieces and then disappeared.

    I see the only “solution” to this problem is to address the source that is now spending BIG money to keep the conspiracy going. Maybe Eric Gault can help with that.

  27. paul russell says:

    Such are the times we live in … That average citizens no longer will believe what they see with their own eyes unless the capitalist propaganda machine tells them it’s okay to believe. We have become fools and willing participants in our own destruction.

  28. Linda Sue says:

    Lonnie!!! Thank you so much for your suggestion! I typed *geoengineering* in google. The first thing that came up on my PC was an article from the NY Times: *Panel Urges Research on Geoengineering as a Tool Against Climate Change* and then I clicked on *more news for geoengineering* and articles from Grist, Slate, The Guardian and Washington Post came up on my PC from just the last 10 hours!!!!!!! Wonderful! Also when I clicked on: *Explore in depth* 78 more articles all in the last 14 hours came up!!!! Dane, I hope and pray all your HARD WORK and TIRELESS COMMITMENT is beginning to come to fruition. This is so exciting. It is also a plethora of information to read…

  29. Tim says:

    I never saw one contrail prior to 2000. There was tons of air traffic then so why didn’t we see days loaded with them? Your odds of seeing a true contrail are not good. God these people piss me off. They omit most of the story….the patents, the turbo by pass fans,…..damn.

  30. al says:

    looks like their trying to garner public support for their mission unbelievable

  31. Marc says:

    This was a difficult video to watch but I hung in there. The smirking buffoons on the right provide a counterbalance to the main reporter, Mr. Knapp. I have enjoyed George Knapp on Coast for years but am well aware of his erroneous stands on certain issues of the day. I was actually amused to see the extent to which Mr. Knapp read his script and went through the motions of appearing to present a sophisticated piece of reporting on the phenomenon. But the video was a piece of theater targeting countless thousands of slack-jawed TV watchers who just might be starting to wake up to something not being right. Yes, the trails are getting more and more press, and for obvious reasons: their numbers have increased radically in the last number of years and the resulting solar dimming and near incessant cloud cover are beginning to be questioned by more and more people.
    This “news video” was ill-conceived from top to bottom and felt like nothing more than a “tabloid” treatment of the topic, intended for rapid consumption by virtue of the topic’s “trendiness”.

  32. Abe says:

    You can see it separating by weight.

  33. Robin Rich says:

    But I was told that the planes have not been switched over to unleaded.

    Let me know if you know anything different. I just tested rainwater and added lead to the mix to see if it was included.

  34. Steve Fimmel says:

    Let’s see if either of these guys are willing to debate Dane or another expert on SRM, etc (Clifford Carnicom perhaps). But oh – forgot they can probably add ‘cowardice’ to the long list of vices they would possess.

  35. Nick says:

    I guess these goofs in the video never look at the sky to see these “Contrails” which never disappear like the contrails I watched as a child. They also missed the fact that real contrails never stayed visible from horizon to horizon.

  36. Freedom Ranger says:

    @Dylan, it is a very interesting point you raise. In my many discussions on German strategy in WW2 I often expose the severe winter of 41-42 which halted the Wehrmacht, as a direct consequence of the intense bombardment in the incendiary opening and consequent phases of Barbarossa. I am shocked every time I read about the non chalance of Hitler in the disposition of his forces, a modicum of preparation would have insured victory for the Wehrmacht; the disregard warfare had on the weather of the Napoleonic invasion is inexcusable. I often think Napoleon caused his own dreadful calamity with the innumerable fires created by his then largest invasion in recorded history, if one tends to disbelieve the gross exaggerations of Herodotus. Nevertheless it is doubtful the Wehrmacht would have been defeated had Hitler simply reviewed history and noted the prevalence of intensely cold winters following incendiary summer campaigns. Had he thought of this we would all be speaking German today.

  37. Renate says:

     “Contrails during the war actually affected the weather” yes they did, but the gas was full of LEAD. Lead was removed from gas for health reason, I believe in the 1960’s.

  38. Renate says:

    That;s why I don't turn on/watch TV.

  39. Renate says:

    Stupid, stupid news reporters. It pains me to listen to them, idiots.

  40. Dylan says:

    Contrails during the war actually affected the weather

    Did Colossal WWII Bombing Raids Alter Weather?

    Streamline the process and you get a global program to do the same.



    “The writer himself has seen instances in which a single contrail seemed to grow until it became an overcast covering the whole sky. If the contrail were indeed responsible, which is by no means certain, this would constitute definite proof that contrails are capable of SIGNIFICANT EFFECT ON LOCAL WEATHER, AND EVEN POSSIBLY ON


    It’s no longer modest.

  41. Frank says:

    “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

    ― Albert Einstein

  42. Frank says:

    The Orwellian state exists because far too many Americans are paid to keep it that way. There are none so blind as those paid not to see. If you follow the money it tells all. The FED prints money at will, a bureaucracy that isn’t even audited by the Federal Government, then feeds the Government agencies trillions of dollars to do its bidding for the sole profit and control of the elite powers of the world. Such as the NSA, which is set up to feed corporations the info they need and want to maintain their monopolistic practices, suppress groups wanting to be minimalist and healthy, such as raw milk producers and organic poly-farming to maintain Big Agriculture, etc.
    Welcome to Plantation Earth. Many many slaves, many paid to keep it that way and the very, very few that manipulate it all.

  43. Malcolm Pritchard says:

    Unfortunately Joe Public tends to follow what they perceive to be experts so disinformation articles like the above do cover up what is really going on. This is why it is essential to reach a critical mass of awareness as soon as possible. It seems very hard to wake some people up to reality but it must be done!

  44. Ana says:

    Anybody with a half of a brain can see what they are trying to do here! MANIPULATION of public opinion again!

    Their arguments are so ridiculous that I would give a big laugh if it was not an important issue to all of us(the geoengeneering issue) here in debate.they like a lot to refer geoengeneering only as Chemmtrails (as if the substances for SAG or SRM in the documents of the patents were not chemicals at all) and as if we were not already eating chemicals on our manufacturated food ,gmos,and breathing chemicals or being injected with chemicals in vacines ,radiation ,methane etc.
    They almost look like the men in black from CIA .These guys are paid liers but not convencing at all with their nervous fake smiles!

    DANE you are giving them(and their bosses) a “BAD DIGESTION ” !… they laugh but they are consumed by rage cause you already have more than than 15 000.000 visits and growing !…From now on you need to be prepared to be under the spotlight,be careful cause they are too focus on you wich means they fear you ,wich means you are begining to be a “target” to them because of your awakening rates and growing …you don´t need false data or false explanations about the spraying and the chemical trails in the skies to make “news”!And you are a free man and they already sold their souls to the devil !
    they also are so wrong and no clever at all in their phony conclusions cause this is a spraying donne at a global scale ! I live in Portugal ,not in the states and like me there´s other people so this is not from the heads of Americans crazy conspiracy theorists as they probably are trying to make other Americans believe!!Why their concern now seems to try to convence people that this is not global ? YES ,IT`S GLOBAL ,only rats of employees from the oficial Media to say otherwise!
    Forget about these scum bags ! your work is your answer to all the scum bags on the planet!…

  45. Michel B says:

    I expect these lies to continue up until the last. Even when everyone is awake to the deployment of Geoengineering, they will still be lying.

    The problem is, these lies will work for many of those of who do not know about the realities of weather modification. They will conveniently swallow the sugar pill and get on with their lives, unprepared for whatever may come in the future.

    For those who know thus far that something is definitely going on, the future is most uncertain. We don’t know where this is all heading. Destruction of much if not all of earth’s biosphere seems likely, but with no disclosure from ‘authorities’, we are not totally aware of the intended outcome.

    It seems so bad, that it might be possible they (The Powers That Be) are just buying time to prepare for something cataclysmic. Destruction of the earth’s life support systems might be collateral damage for an attempt to save themselves.

  46. Lonnie Harpe says:

    Dane said start fires wherever you can, and it’s working. People are seeing it and now they are telling us. Type “Geoengineering” into the google toolbar then click “explore in depth”. Article after article being posted for all of the major players in just the last few hours. People are seeing it and they are realizing it.

  47. Lonnie Harpe says:

    Dane you said start fires wherever you can, and it’s working. People are seeing it and now they are telling us. Type “Geoengineering” into the google toolbar then click “explore in depth”. Article after article being posted for all of the Major players in just the last few hours. People are seeing it and they are realizing it.

  48. Jean GODBOUT says:

    Agree with you, they are conpirasists of the contrail conspiracy. Medias don’t want to disturb the criminals that pay them.

  49. Ally L says:

    The commentary says, Why would the people in charge expose themselves and their families to the spraying? Probably the same ‘reasons’ that their families are now exposed to the fallout from the 2,000 or so atomic and nuclear devices that were exploded in the atmosphere.
    Reason and common sense doesn’t always come into it.

  50. Diana Moss says:

    I didn’t watch the whole video as I could feel my blood boiling watching these idiots parrot words written for them to repeat. Seeing actual newscasters misleading the public makes it very easy to decide who the real conspiracy theorists really are. I find it ironic that they could sit there and explain how this ‘so-called-conspiracy-theory’ is the biggest ever and not wonder to themselves that with so many thousands of persons on board if there isn’t something to it.

  51. FIX IT STUPID says:

    Double talking media… the evidence is the aluminum in the water in the air and in our bodies weather modification is patented high-powered microwave antenna arrays are real the taxpayers money shown to go into these programs same old same old media move along nothing to see here

  52. Kat F. says:

    Thank you Dane for doing the hard research that is needed to keep up on this subject. Exposing the criminals who need to be held accountable is of utmost importance. We support you and my group: OREGONIANS for action and awareness against AIRCRIMES is meeting to make signs. Anyone who wants to join can. It’s free and I know it’s helping! I will be making news hopefully soon! I hope you get to see me on National news as we hold up our signs and make it so completely apparent where we stand on this issue that it brings people into the awareness. I’m excited and nervous too because we all know the risks. Namaste’ Dane!

  53. Dane,
    We have a president who has broke every rule in our Constitutional Book!He is a criminal as well as many others in the government. I’m not feeling real positive about anything being done about this. Sad, but true. May God protect from these animals!

  54. Eric Gault says:

    You can be part of the solution or part of the problem. YOU CHOOSE to be part of the problem. My dollars do not go to your advertisers and my time does not go to watching or listening to you. I will continue to encourage anyone and everyone I meet or know to do the same. If money is all which compels you then eventually you will have to change. Sad but true.

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