Confronting Climate Shift And The Geoengineering Dilemma


by William Thomas, contributing writer for

Blame it on our Pleistocene wanderlust. When vast multitudes of latter-day hominids could finally hitch their two-million year-old nomadic genes to a hundred horses at the turn of a key – we did. “Happy Motoring” and cheap flights to Mexico transformed our lives. And the planet each of us depends on and so briefly inhabits. It now appears we’ve rubbed that magic oil lamp way too vigorously. The jinn has escaped and is two ways pissed: Drunk on petroleum overdose. Enraged at being uncaged.

Lines of cars are pictured during a rush hour traffic jam on Guo

Click on Arctic News and Robert Scribbler‘s updates. If you dare. While the world’s most feared rogue terrorist state murders millions chasing its paranoid projections into someone else’s oil patch…

Oil Spill Arkansas

and drillers lick their incisors over an ice-free Arctic Ocean…

The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy, in the midst of their ICESCAPE mission, retrieves supplies dropped by parachute in the Arctic Ocean

and those pesky frackers race to poison our space colony’s last dwindling aquifers in a suicidal attempt to postpone petroleum withdrawal…

Fracking Operation in Pinedale, WyominG

the weather, if anyone bothers to look up from their screens, is going nuts everywhere. We North American apex predators can, at least for now, reach for car doors and thermostats, sunscreen and parkas.

wild weather

But crops and critters can’t.

Temperatures over the dramatically shrinking Arctic ice sheet now exceed 20° Fabove seasonal norms, despite the deep vast rolling ocean absorbing over 90% of our carbon excretions. Today, the carbon-saturated salt sea covering most of this planet is becoming too hot and too acidic to support “keystone” life forms. These include coral reef nurseries, all shellfish, and the surface-dwelling plankton that supply most of our solar orbiter’s oxygen, while anchoring the entire marine food web.


Can you say, Oops?


Meanwhile, we have trashed natural habitats ashore and warmed the ocean of air we swim through, fracturing the weather-bearing jetstream, intensifying storms, blow-torching the Arctic, and helping kill off more than half of all animal species in the last 40 years. You could say the situation onboard our shared “Goldilocks” planet is somewhere far north of dire.

exponential trendline pointing at zero volume sea ice in September 2016

But that would be a knee-slapping understatement.

If so many simultaneous emergencies were flashing alarms aboard Starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk would be having conniptions. But hey, we’re cool with it. Only a few worrywarts are pointing to all that once-frozen methane bubbling up from the poles. (Remember what happened last time!)

Methane plumes rising from the seafloor

Turns out that over the initial 20 years of release, methane is at least 105-times more heat-trapping than the CO2 emissions already propelling us deeper into Earth’s Sixth Great Extinction.

Methane Spikes

Mix in industrial farming’s massive Nitrogen Oxide outgassing, and 93,000 commercial flights-a-day spewing the same 300-times carbon equivalent NOx directly into the upper atmos-fear (where jet exhaust also further erodes Earth’s unravelling ozone shield) and you have the precursors for Abrupt Climate Shift sudden as a shotgun blast following a centuries-long trigger pull. (Don’t forget to add all those military flights: more than 5,000 every day over the USA alone.)


Already, we’re seeing climatic consequences in our own communities.


So why doesn’t someone do something already?

They are. All those years of hooting laughter over something a few called “chemtrails” have segued into scientific hysteria calling for Teller’s sunscreen. But this aerial vandalism has been ongoing unannounced for decades. If you want to see your putative leaders’ most dangerous delusion and deception… just look up.

How in Creation’s 8.7 million divine names can we pretend to play at something as complex and dimly understood as “climate management” when we cannot manage ourselves? Provoke petroleum-powered climate instability with all these aerosol laydowns and atmospheric anarchy results. (Interesting how geoengineered drought and deluge reveal the fascistic corporate-governments hijacking the global commons below.)


All those weather baselines so patiently recorded over more than a century of careful observations are toast. Ocean sailors returning from Pacific voyages are telling me their Pilot Charts showing predominant winds since the time of square-rigged sailing routes are useless and worse, wildly deceptive. With formerly “average” winds, precipitation and temperatures spiking crazily, “Normal” weather is a fading memory our beleaguered children will never know.

No wonder the boffins with their elaborate computer models are constantly “surprised” over the speed and reach of climate chaos. Thanks to a handful of mad scientists and crisply saluting aircrews, it’s become impossible to separate “natural” from “geoengineered” weather.

Deliberate tampering with increasingly chaotic atmospheric processes has thoroughly muddled meteorology. Attempts to explain what’s happening to weather today, let alone forecast future trends, will continue playing catch-up until all those moisture-robbing, ice nucleating, sunlight-reflecting chemicals being spread across our skies are factored into otherwise fatally flawed algorithms. And stopped!

Good luck sorting this tangle out.


If these brief observations seem like empty words on a page, just bicycle out to California and experience what’s going down in North America’s fruit, veggie and almond basket. (Bring your own water.) Or paddle your kayak to India and Africa and ask where the monsoons went. Snorkel over drowning Pacific Island nations. Or climb the Himalayas. Crops will fail and Asia’s billions will go thirsty when four great watercourses slow to a trickle. But at least you won’t be needing crampons after the last high snows disappear.

dried up river

Or just freak out at home when you turn the tap and nothing comes out.

Meanwhile, the two joined-at-the-hip governments perpetuating most of this carbon-and-chemtrail mayhem continue to act as if ongoing mass extinction is not a problem at all. Everything’s good, they reassure us.

Until it isn’t.

Choosing to step up aerosol assaults is like an addict blindly flailing away at a planetary piñata.

Can you say, Geoengineering Is A Really Bad Idea?

Can you say it loudly enough to ground all those tanker jets? And finally release rain over California?

Speak up now!

Or prepare for the worst.

10 Responses to Confronting Climate Shift And The Geoengineering Dilemma

  1. A huge thank you to William Thomas and Dane Wigington for these wake up calls to the dead and dying zombie people… As long as these demented sheep continue to enjoy their economic enslavement and industrial strength extortions, the planetary beating will go on until it stops.

    Buy a jumbo sized airline ticket or an SUV today!!! Join the death circus!!! Employ another military genius!!! War is peace!!! Freedom is slavery!!!

  2. Andre Robatto says:

    Wake up mindless oh black Friday is coming, you bet sisters and brothers. Now turn, and tell it to youre babies.

  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This really outlines the stark reality we face. The pictures are startling, which I hope will shake and wake up the deliberately distracted people all around us. To think we constantly are assaulted by the warnings of climate changing carbon emmissions, and there they are actually spraying BLACK carbon as part of this atmospheric assault!

    Thank you, again, Will Thomas for your soft touch as you relay the hard, cold realities all around us. I couldn’t persist at raising this awareness without the tender gospel of Will Thomas.

  4. carol freiberg says:

    “Coming back to bite us in the ass”, as Mr. Colbert put it so eloquently while getting a good laugh from a mindless audience of California sheeple who are,or were unaware of such a program.No one seems to be laughing anymore.I am afraid the geoengineers will try to geoengineer the hereafter.

  5. Karen says:

    Great article. Thanks.
    Today was just like any other cloudy day here in Sacramento county. Predicts of rain for the next few days yet NOTHING HAPPENS period! I was waiting to see the engineered trails AFTER the clouds dissipated from the sky. At about 3:30pm there they were, those varmints! I knew it. And the mainstream media slaps us with Obama and China working together to fight this terrible thing called global warming due to over population, car emissions, and what ever else, but not spraying! I’ve decided to call it “sky wars”. I called my legislator today about sponsoring a bill to stop this aerosol spraying. Did anyone else? I sure hope so.

  6. Jay Fiato says:

    Earth Angel, I’m afraid it may be too late, this program and God knows what else they are putting on the table per say there is very little chance that it can be stopped. Common sense is all you need on this all encompassing on going largest crime against humanity . Just look up in the sky most days they are playing God. Research it, go and see what the Debunkers say as well as using their links, it’s almost comical what they try (through science and manipulation) you have to do it with a open mind. I wanted this just to be a hoax, but I’m 99.9 % sure this is true after intense research and common sense.

  7. Aroha Taurerewa says:

    My brain is screaming brutal murder of all life including our home Mother Earth. We have a group called Chemtrails over New Zealand. We talk to people, handout leaflets, use placards to bring attention. The people like my family and friends just carry on with their ignorant lives. But yes I still persist. I have too. The cost is so huge to just give up.

  8. Lrrpman 67 says:

    Sadly the sheep are in love with being shorn by the herder so they act like good boys and girls. Head down have a beer watch a ball game eat some chicken wings and sleep it off.

  9. Rex M. Vaughn says:

    THANK YOU WILLIAM, DANE, and MANY others who are spreading the word as (mr. nobody), i am that they are messing with GOD’S EARTH, which we live on for a brief moment in time! MAY THEY “ALL” BURN IN HELL! PLEASE forgive me GOD, But we are here ONLY by YOU!!

  10. Earth Angel says:

    Thoughtful article and telling pictures William. You said it all- Thank you. Let’s hope the handful of ‘mad scientists’ (and brown nosing politicians) and the ‘crisply saluting airmen’ who dump the toxic mess over us all day after day without question (or even thinking)read this and show some spine before its too late to save anything, including THEIR families.

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