Criminal Governments, Apathetic Populations, And Climate Disintegration


The all out human decimation of our biosphere is manifesting itself by the day. The planet’s climate system is unravelling as the planet continues into meltdown. The worse conditions become, the deeper many will descend into denial, but their denial will not save them. Earth is dying and even now most of the global population remains completely oblivious thanks to the constant bombardment of distractions from the government controlled mainstream media machine of deception which the majority of people are still all too wiling to embrace. When links begin to fall out of the chain that keeps industrialized society running, the implosion of the reality we have all known will be fast and furious. The power structure is rapidly preparing for this approaching inevitability, we must expose them before they have completely tightened the noose around our collective necks. If humanities current trajectory of total environmental destruction is not completely altered, it will very soon be game over. The single biggest leap we could take in the right direction is to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity. If we can do this, we must then face a long list of additional and rapidly mounting challenges directly related to the human assault on the planet. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to do everything we can to credibly and effectively sound the alarm within the limits of our individual circumstances. Fighting for the common good is not an option, it's an obligation. The article below is hard hitting and well written, but, of course, does not mention the geoengineering reality. We must all understand that mainstream authors fully realize what would happen to them if they did speak of the climate engineering issue, they would feel the immediate wrath of the power structure.
Dane Wigington

Abrupt Climate Change And The Failure Of Democracy

Source: New Eastern Outlook, article by Christopher Black

The deadly and destructive effects of abrupt climate change continue to be felt across the planet and still the response of national governments is to do nothing except issue press releases expressing sympathy for the victims and empty promises of local aid. In India, this week, hundreds have died in extreme heat, in the southern United States, biblical rains have ruined the lives of thousands. 

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In California and Brazil drought threatens entire continental regions. Alaska is experiencing temperatures 20 degrees Celsius above normal while in southern Ontario, in Canada, many vineyards suffered the destruction of their entire grape crop as temperatures suddenly plummeted and rainfall there is half of normal. It snowed again in Newfoundland and in New Zealand they had their largest first snowfall in decades.

In the Arctic the high temperature anomalies are causing large flows of warm, river water into the deltas that flow into the ocean from Norway to Siberia to the Yukon, warming the water and thinning the ice, now at its lowest point on record. Methane releases normally at about 1800ppb are now exceeding 2800ppb and a methane cloud has spread across the northern hemisphere. The west Antarctic ice sheet is breaking up, and faster than anyone had predicted and it and Greenland are releasing 400 billion tons of water into the oceans every year raising sea levels higher and faster, while world wide, glaciers have shrunk by 1.2 trillion tons in the past eight years.

Forest and brush fires have caused destruction from Chile to British Columbia, from Siberia to California and Australia, and now everyone hopes that the strengthening El Nino arising in the Pacific will bring enough rain to break the drought and the danger. For each fire not only destroys what’s in its path it also releases huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and so the heating climate provides its own means of increasing its temperature further; just one of dozens of feedback loops interacting in ways we cannot hope to fully understand, except that the combined effect is a planetary catastrophe.

Just a few months ago, in another article here, I reported the press conference called by the Arctic Methane Emergency Group at the meeting of world climate scientists and politicians in Peru to discuss the extent of climate change and solutions. None were offered and AMEG warned that if a blue ocean event happens in the Arctic then the warming in the Arctic would drive the earth’s weather and ecological systems into chaos. It could happen later this year. But even in five, the danger is upon us now. As AMEG also stated, we are in a planetary emergency-the first one ever declared. They posit that geo-engineering is feasible that could reduce global warming. Those who think it would not be effective, or even make things worse criticize their position. The debate continues. Others think, like Dr. Guy McPherson, and give compelling reasons to support their thinking, that it is far too late, and no matter what is tried, too many feedback loops are already in play, and that the certain collapse of the means of production of food, water and other resources will lead to the extinction of human kind. There will be no survivors.

Just this week documents came to light from Shell Oil stating that their scientists are sure the average global temperature will rise by not even the high 2 degrees governments now refer to as desirable, but by 4 to 6 degrees, each degree a deadly bullet into the heart of the ecosystems that allow us to exist. And where are the urgent meetings, of even enemy governments, to act, where is the urgent and patriotic hue and cry in the media that exists for the phony war on “terrorism”.

Governments are supposed to have, as their first duty, the obligation to ensure the well being of the citizens to whom they are responsible. Yet in India the poor who suffer the most have to complain to the press that nothing is done, that the suffering are on their own, and that men earning 3 dollars a day on a construction site feel compelled to keep working in 48 degrees Celsius heat, risking death because otherwise they will starve.

An article on the FirstPost website in India says the “the heat wave has reached disastrous proportions; but neither the central government nor the state governments have relief plans in place”.

“Despite its predictable, periodic incidence and high levels of mortality, governments have done precious little to mitigate its impact on people because obviously they don’t care – it’s still not considered a natural calamity,” it adds.

The website further argues that “it’s time to think about heat waves as a natural disaster and put in place both preventive and mitigatory steps”.

This is the state of the capitalist world and even the socialist world that is entrapped within its systems. No one really cares. If they did they would act to help their fellow man, to take care of us, but there is no response, none, except to say, “Stay cool.” There is no plan, nor even the sense that anyone has even begun to think of one. Governments are in the pocket of the financiers, bankers and industrialists.


They have no legitimacy under the various constitutions they are sworn to uphold because they manifestly do not undertake the duties nor shoulder the responsibilities they have to the people. In the West, the governments act in the interests of gangsters who are prepared to see people suffer so long as they can make more profit. They prefer to plant bombs, stir up wars, and frighten the people with the hobgoblins of “terrorism” in order to obscure reality from the people.

But in their pretence to be “of the people and for the people” even gangsters will try to earn some other respect than that drawn by fear, and will occasionally throw the peasants something.

It flatters their vanity and gives them something to talk about at their country clubs and intergovernmental, intercorporate meetings where no doubt lots of crocodile tears are shed. And so they sometimes take small actions to appear that they are responding. But the response is always piecemeal and always in reaction to a specific event, this flood, that storm, though occasionally, a high potentate, like President Obama, will even acknowledge that climate change “is a concern” for the “national security.” But most of the money is still thrown away on arms and wars generated by the same financiers, bankers and industrialists.

We are warned that, at the latest, the earth systems that support human kind will collapse in a century and, some, such as Guy McPherson, think as soon as 2030-40, only a few years from now. Either estimate is a flick of eyelid. It will affect everyone. There will be no survivors if they are right and it looks more and more compellingly that they are.

Civilization is at a crisis. George Monbiot recently, in the Guardian, drew attention to the fact that one factor in the Syrian war is the multi-year drought that has caused severe problems for the population and the nation and government. We are seeing similar effects in other regions from Mexico to China, and the oceans are casting their dead all along our coasts.

Yet, there is no mechanism by which the peoples of the world can force their governments to undertake their true obligations and responsibilities. And we have to face the fact that the peoples of the world have been successfully divided into nations and sub-nations, their common brotherhood buried under banners of nationalism and chauvinism, of “exceptionalism” and atomised into billions of particles all told to think of only themselves, not the other, and that vanity and ignorance are virtues, and that to have is better than to be.

Where in the West is the social contract that Jean Jacques Rousseau claimed united us all in common purpose and gave legitimacy to government? Where are the ideals of the great revolutions, the English, the French the great Russian and Chinese revolutions that succeeded, each one, in further emancipating the workers, the peasants, the artists, and intellectuals, so they had a fairer share of the wealth of their nations and more equality and justice before the law.

But even in the socialist world, though things are done to try to limit pollution and reduce carbon in the atmosphere, as we see with China’s tree planting program, and carbon sequestration initiatives, they are still locked into a predominantly capitalist, for profit world, there still seems no urgency, and the leaders talk in terms of decades instead of months.

This begs the question can democracy really exist in nations of tens of and hundreds of millions of people? What is this democracy? Here in Canada I am opposed to the new secret security laws just put in place by the right wing government. I have never voted for the party in power. Everyone I know opposes these laws. Yet the laws are in place, so that now a few can arrest the many for their own interests, and call it “legal”. Is this democracy? They tell me it is.

So, we are in a very bad situation, but I don’t see anything being done about it. Civilisation has reached a point at which its social, economic, and political systems no longer function, except in a generally destructive way. And still people are collapsing from the heat in India, or drowning in Texas, while we watch it, like a cheap TV entertainment, a macabre reality show. But, be warned. Soon it will be you and me.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, he is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and he is known for a number of high-profile cases involving human rights and war crimes, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Source: New Eastern Outlook, article by Christopher Black
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13 Responses to Criminal Governments, Apathetic Populations, And Climate Disintegration

  1. There are ways to stop the federal hijacking of our country.
    Put the federal government out of business, and the military/geoengineering money will dry up like stale pop corn…

  2. NONE of this would have ever happened if World citizens would have chosen to eject military types from their societies. Your bankers, capitalists, corporations, and governments, all LOVE the militay morons you produce. Keep pumping out the teachable morons you call "military", and kiss your planet goodby. It's not that complicated…

    • This is what I send to every politicians site, organic sites, celebrities medical sites and next the news and weather stations… This is what I post.

      We have another battle to fight first. Unfortunately, nothing is organic anymore. The Military Industrial Complex is spraying Aluminum, Barium and Strontium into the atmosphere around the globe. They are trying to kill us off. Monsanto has developed Aluminum resistant seeds…hmmm. Let's work together and fight. Go to this reliable site for more info

  3. Katherine Gale says:

    I rarely wonder anymore what “motivates” the so called elites. It seems obvious that the show must go on. They have no solutions except to perpetuate the current paradigm. What makes us think they can fix the situation? This is not a hollywood movie. There is no miracle science or technology that will correct the situation. What would happen if geoengineering stopped? It would be terrible with massive die offs in a short period of time but perhaps small pockets of complex life could carry on. The alternative, appears to be extinction of all species except the most simple celled life forms.

    It saddens me to think of the changes that WILL occur in the near term future. Sometimes when I walk around and look at strangers on the street it seems surreal. This reminds me of the Matrix. Those who are part of the Matrix and unable to “see” they are living in a false reality. On some level many more are becoming conscious that all is not right. A few carefully tailored conversations can open up the infotainment zombies to a realization that there is a Matrix. That they are cogs in the engine of lies that perpetuate a rapidly faltering paradigm. And a frightening trajectory is in the process of playing out.

    For me the final piece of the puzzle was geoenginnering. This one puzzle piece provided an explanation of what was missing from the equation. I accept that if it is considered acceptable to spray poison onto the masses inorder to prolong the current paradigm, would the bean counters hesitate to take more drastic measures (sacrafice the entire Northern Hemisphere to save 10-15% of mankind)? What hope is there? I believe if there is a chance then it makes no sense to lie down and give up. I have in a calculated fashion presented carrots of information. I believe this is working.

  4. Steve Parsons says:

    We will not accept these PSYCHOPATHIC….ELITES …NEVER ! !


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, if we can wake the masses to reality, the rest will take care of itself.

    • Pat says:

      When your internet is turned off and you are forced to behave as "the party line" dictates or you will be faced with severe repercussions, you won't be able to discuss geoengineering and you will just be trying to stay alive.  Act now before it's too late people!!  We must keep our unique Constitutional rights, they are slowly being taken from us!  Many of our ancestors fought hard and died so we could have our constitution which respects our God given rights and makes our government accountable to We The People!  Have we fallen so far into slumber that we don't realize this FACT anymore?  IF we allow the elite to usurp our rights further through clandestine pacts with global banksters and international treaties that over ride our freedoms, you will be watching the planes from a concentration camp.  Now is the time to stop paying taxes to the bastards (this can be done legally) and to get the puppets out of office.  Who on this website wouldn't agree to becoming an honest representative in our government truly working for the good of the people?  We need YOU.  We can turn our country around by using our Constitution as it was intended, not usurping it with evil, self-serving intentions.  We are in the final hour.

  5. Marc says:

    I reckon the thing that is most disheartening is one fact we find over and over repeated, as it was here as well: regardless of any carbon sequestration or emission reductions or a total halt to geoengineering, there is a "baked in" temperature increase that will take the next several decades to play out, even if ALL sources of atmospheric pollution stopped tomorrow. But hey, guess what? We're not gonna stop polluting. MSM has sown so many seeds of confusion and doubt, that arriving at a consensus about what to do is sheer unadulterated fantasy. We're going down folks. Yep. We're either gonna boil in our cities, or be swept away by floods, tornadoes, forest fires, starvation, airborne toxicity, riots, anarchy, plagues, and……? Also……

      I've been checking the Weather Underground's temperature readings regularly, and have seen them routinely lowballing the numbers by on average 4-7 degrees F. Their "feels like" numbers are comical, I might add. The other night the so-called "real" evening temp was posted as 78, with a "feels like" 90. WTF!!!!!??? My thermometer showed an accurate 88. Do they really think we are THAT stupid?? And the answer is, of course, YES.

  6. Pat says:

    It must be realized that an "elite" segment of conspirators has seized control of policymaking and conflict management in the United States. International financiers and industrialists, in secret alliance with revolutionary forces, are merging American and Soviet societies under a master plan of infiltration, subversion and rebellion.

    General reaction of the muzzled majority to increasing exploitation and oppression has been a defense of the status quo. Yet, it must be clear that a political system perpetually on the defensive is doomed to ultimate defeat. Somewhere we must counterattack! And, we must do it before a new Constitution replaces our foundation.

    The problem can be considered as basically one of inducing movement and action. Relatively few people in America are pro-communist, or even socialists, and the definitions have so long been incorrect that you wouldn't know whether or not you fit into either category. At this point in history our "Democratic" form of government has truly turned into the force of tyranny. Well, facts are that the revolutionaries in government have taken their own legislative and judicial "rights" and "misappropriation" of constraints, laid forth their "voted-in" rules and usurped rights directly from our Constitution granting government for the people, by the people and of the people and are depriving us of our God-given rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We have long since left the one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. We have cast God aside from any of our workings, we are a divided people and there is no liberty nor justice for any!

    These conspirators and treasonists retain an iron grip on our domestic and foreign policy, manipulating economic, social and political disciplines to expand their dream of world empire at the expense of the Republic.

    Meanwhile, the vast majority of the (Korton's definition) Sheeple, both captives and targets, remain oblivious and totally calm and passive while our very existence is decided by our deadliest enemies.

    This passivity is certainly in no way accidental. World government conflict managers have long realized the significance of the vast gulf between spectators and participants. Their whole strategy is geared to maximize the victim's spectatorship and minimize his participation in the struggle.

    Let us look at this for it is basically a "principle" of behavior and was exampled beautifully in South Vietnam. It is estimated that out of every hundred people in rural areas, twenty were actively aiding the Communist Viet Cong, forty were passively anti-communist, and forty were neutral. That active twenty was enough to turn the country into a major battlefield leading to ultimate defeat of American forces (oh yes, we were defeated), aided and abetted, of course, by concealed conflict managers in New York and Washington.

    Conservative attempts to influence the spectator-participant ratio have been mainly confined to vague educational programs, insipid protest, and generalized talk–none of which has been able to inspire much favorable movement. Indeed, many conservative organizations obviously regard the national crisis as a popularity contest, not a war for survival.

    In contrast, misinformation, disinformation, denouncements of truth, and FEAR has been the elite conspirators' chief weapon; economic, political and social coercion, for maximizing passivity and spectatorship. Effective though it is, oppression is a two edged weapon. Its application generates potential reaction. These suppressed reactions can explode with most sudden violence. Channeling anger and frustration into constructive action is the task of knowledgeable participants everywhere. The individual can do very little if anything to protect himself and his family until he is armed with truth and knowledge–and a plan of action.

    Defeat of these "elitists" now leading America into the twilight zone of national disaster demands intelligent acceptance of the facts behind the crisis. And, it requires courageous marshalling of resources, and the commitment of motivated citizens who will take whatever action is necessary to reverse the mindless march toward dictatorship and total loss of your Constitutional national rights.

    • Hello Pat: Great comments. You're right. A return to a pure Bill of Rights is the only way forward. The citizens must take their country back from the frauds who run the District of Columbia. Check out the 14th Amendment and how it turned the Republic into a corporation.

  7. Ana says:

    Great article!

    The author says:And where are the urgent meetings, of even enemy governments, to act, where is the urgent and patriotic hue and cry in the media that exists for the phony war on “terrorism”.

    There´s no urgent meetings because the enemies for them are us the people of all nations (too many people to feed) excluding themselves (those in charge ), the   Elite and a few – "the chosen ones" ?!..unfortunately  all the labeled conspiracy theories are becoming more obvious to be  instead conspiracy facts even for the more skeptic …when  official Media is  making a  kind of reality show  on every TV news  about war and terrorism and appealing to more and more  wars and fights against  the supposed major threat to the world : the  Terrorism …and meanwhile  don´t say a thing about the worst kind of terrorism that is a near collapsing civilization that is not sustainable in any form anymore (never was ) and keeping people misinformed or completely in the dark about this terrible situation .Is this the People we expect to be helping us or taking care of our future ? I think they know there´s no future for us ! they even know there´s no geoengeneering card or miraculous technology to save us Now in the Present Time ,not anymore ;maybe is too late for them too as it is to Guy MacPherson . Maybe they need just to invest underground as their last hope of survival in warming planet !


     Those in Power just needed  TERRORISM to justify all the Military trainings ,new deadly weapons  ,NSA and CIA moves  and all these new laws they needed to implement (and are implementing) in the so called "democracies" …They needed us to buy the lies they were selling to us and they needed a strong motive to present to us  (the western societies). The real motive in my opinion is CONTROL over the populations that soon can become dangerous to them with scarce of natural resources and decline of the quality of living.


    When all we see is a kind of game where everybody bets on much ºC is going to warm in the next decade or two or in the next century or when we are going to die …what should we think about our governments or about our future? When  nobody knows for sure when is going to happen the collapse of our life support system -planet EARTH  but they know that is going to happen and everywhere scientists are "beting" (studying but beting cause this climate spiral nobody can say for sure) till maybe 2100 but with 6ºC ? WHAT THEY EXPECTING? Why the only thing they do is to desperatly try to hide this from us ?do you believe  is because they want our safety?i don´t think so!…

    The "bets" are everywhere but the inferno is very close in horizon …The predictions are always more positive when are the  public institutions making the studies…even the scientists are not telling us everything they think or some are just waiting for a magic technology able to send the C02 and all the nuclear waste to Mars  in the next space ship. 

    I have read this article from 2013 in this link down and i´m amazed how people in charge are able to treat such issue with this cold blood and as if they were seeing another reality show  created by MSM. Maybe admiting geoengeneering will be to them admiting that there´s no more saving card to play ,geoengeneering is the hope they want to keep in people´s minds and to people to think that we are not in red alert or in emergency plan  yet .

  8. Glynda Sami says:

    Thank you for this Truth! May all those that know, share and prepare all we know. It is the suffering of our children that causes the greatest dread! As you said, it is probably too late even now! 

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