Dispelling Internet Disinformation Tactics – Debunking the Debunkers


By Rebel Siren –  January 22, 2014

Internet TROLLS, also known as paid “forum posters”, “internet bloggers,” or if we call them what they really are, SHILLS, are increasingly being employed by private corporations and contracted agencies, sometimes for marketing purposes, but mostly to distract from the truth and prevent public outcry about dangerous programs such as geoengineering, genetically modified foods, and any issue where profiteers put their bottom line and lust for control over the destruction of the planet and at the expense of our health.  Trolls are employees that answered a work at home job ad on craigslist or some other venue.

The geoengineering trolls, specifically, are employed by the two main disinformation sites, metaxxxx and contrailxxxxxxx, both run by a gaming programmer.

He and his band of hired internet trolls lack expertise in science, meteorology or any other field related to geoengineering, yet claim to be experts in atmospheric science, and fancy themselves “debunkers”.  Shillidiocy is a term that best describes the rapidly growing industry of people ready and willing to sell out humanity for a few pennies per comment. Disinformation has been used throughout history for political purposes and these strategies are being utilized today by these paid internet trolls.


(Psychological Warfare – discredit, distract, intimidate, frustrate, divide & conquer) – Disinformation shills often make outrageous comments for the sole purpose of deflecting focus from the truth to distract us by creating a “controversial debate” where none truly exists.  Often, trolls use the “Trojan Horse” method to attempt to elicit an emotional response from people online, to evoke hostility with the intent of twisting it around to make the person look volatile, a classic “character assassination” tactic to discredit them, making them appear weak. On some occasions, they intentionally keep pushing a person into a heated argument, and will go so far as to “report” the person as being a “threat” to try to get them kicked off of the forum. Another major character assassination tactic is to highlight any negative or perceived flaw of an otherwise reputable person, whether true or false, to intentionally discredit them in an attempt to invalidate their viewpoint and make them seem baseless, to detract focus from the information they are sharing.  The trolls often “make stuff up” if they can’t find anything real to highlight for this goal, after all, shills are paid liars. Another trick these liars are taught is to use semantics to twist people’s words around and make it seem as though they’ve lied, to discredit them. These are all character assassination tactics that you will easily recognize happening all over the internet once you become familiar with them.


Disinformation shills sometimes pose as a supporter of the truth, or “friendly folks on the fence” politely asking simple questions, in a sly attempt to later discredit the movement. Often trolls posing as friendly allies will resort to posting long, incoherent diatribes (usually on fake blogs & articles) for the purpose of associating the movement with insanity; or other times to act as a “the voice of reason” and create a debate (where none exists) to make it appear as though the data isn’t strong enough, and they offer to play “devil’s advocate” to “help the movement”, then render any and all data as invalid regardless of how legitimate the source. They will “demand proof” then ignore it when it’s presented, or continue to demand impossible proofs. Regardless of what material may be presented by an opponent in public forums, they will deem the material irrelevant and demand unattainable proof that is virtually impossible for the opponent to retrieve; for the purpose of detracting focus from the mounds of legitimate data available for those of us that take the time to do some real research beyond the disinformation site links.


Trolls often interject themselves into productive web discussions in order to make themselves appear credible as though they have a “real” argument, where none actually exists. Their job is to create controversy and instigate a “debate”. They scour the net and attack awareness videos, articles, blogs, public facebook pages, etc., posting links from metaxxxx or conxxxxxscience, but fail to post legitimate links with verifiable references. They relentlessly keep commenting on a thread to dominate the discussion with the intent to keep their comments at the very top.  They also vote their comments up and everyone else’s comments down, (if the forum offers that feature). This is evident when you become familiar with their methods. I have yet to see a disinformation shill post a reputable link, or ANY link, other than from those two disinformation sites. In addition, they adamantly refuse to look at real data. They intentionally divert attention from credible documentation, dismissing it without examination. They regurgitate the same tired harassing insults, and repetitive generic jargon about how water vapor condensation trails are formed, which has nothing to do with the persistent, spreading, lingering trails we often see covering the sky that is being done as “scientific research”, the prelude to fully implementing global geoengineering programs.

4 – PRE-WRITTEN SCRIPTED RESPONSES (cut & paste comments)

Trolls are supplied with a list or database with preplanned talking points and a format designed as generalized and deceptive responses to honest arguments. Geoengineering (chemtrails) “debunker” trolls are notorious for this, and note they never actually “debunk” anything. All they do is deflect from the truth to try to cast doubt and keep the denial tactic going so the profiteers of geoengineering can continue to suppress public outcry in order to keep spraying us without us balking and rising up to stop them. If you pay close attention and track the trolls, you will see that they often post the same comments over and over on many different threads.


This works hand in hand with #1 (character assassination), and the “Trojan Horse” troll. The goal is to sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule, engaging them in a hostile argument to try to discredit them, also known as the “attack the messenger” ploy. The goal of “false association” is to associate opponents with unpopular titles such as “paranoid conspiracy theorist” to make them look crazy and try to discredit them, or call them derogatory names such as “chemtard”, “ignorant”, or “liar”, attempting to invalidate anything they say regardless of how true it is.  The trolls seek to deliberately associate the movement with far fetched concepts like “Big Foot”, aliens, false flag conspiracy theories, etc., because of the inherent negative connotations, (tying in with “character assassination”). The ultimate goal is to provoke argument, create biases, and dissuade people from objectively examining any evidence presented.


Pretending to be the “voice of reason” in an argument with obvious and defined sides in an attempt to move people away from what is clearly true, into the murky waters of “doubt” where the truth becomes “relative.”  And if that doesn’t work they will antagonize and goad opponents with insults, name calling, and bullying. If they can’t do anything else, they will chide and taunt their opponents and draw them into emotional responses with the goal of making them look foolish or mentally unbalanced, in hopes of rendering their point invalid merely by shifting focus to show how “sensitive they are to criticism”, in an attempt to deflect from their point and invalidate any data they are presenting.  This is why it’s best to ignore their taunting.


A very common technique is that the troll will accuse his opposition of subscribing to a certain point of view, even if he does not, will make it appear so, then attack that point of view (Straw Man). Or, the troll will put words in the mouth of his opposition, and then rebut those specific words.  He will use conjecture, ridicule, and accusation to try and prove himself as valid while discrediting others with absolutely nothing, shouting “you have no argument, that is just ad hominem”, which is ironically, exactly what he is doing. The troll is trained to appear confident, unwavering, and that he is undoubtedly right, when in reality, it’s the exact opposite. Basically, he is a paid liar and his goal is to create doubt and discredit the truth.


When the internet shill realizes people are aware of his tactics, he will try to play nice, act innocent, and pose a seemingly “harmless” leading question.

William01702, used tactic #s 6, 8, and 2 to troll the video (link below) of the courageous Kristen Meghan, who stands strong to do what is right in the face of adversity to warn people about geoengineering and the disinformation sites. If you watch the video and listen to her, it is clear what is happening with the rampant disinformation in our mainstream; PAID shills are ready and willing to contribute to the demise of our world, and sell out their humanity to perpetuate lies for a measly buck. The shill “Hama Neggs” also trolled it with some derogatory comments about Kristen Meghan using #1 (character assassination).  These troll’s comments may, or may not, get deleted by the page moderator; but if they remain, notice the date and how quickly they found it. It’s their job to scour the net and attack, so in time, even if theirs get deleted, more paid trolls will appear.  If you check other awareness videos, you’ll see the same usernames in action repetitively.  Save LI Forum – 09 – Kristen Meghan – Geo-engineering

The following bold, italic quotes are actual troll comments made by username William01702 who is known to routinely attack youtube geoengineering awareness videos.

William01702 (troll):

“Could you please tell me what “disinformation” you have found on Metabunk or contrailscience? I mean, you claim the information isn’t factual, and then provide no evidence to support such a claim. Why?”… “It really is a legitimate question which deserves an answer. Despite what paranoid liars like GalileoGalileisGhost say.”
(If William01702 was just a random viewer, why would he care whether those sites have been exposed as disinformation, and “demand proof”, unless he IS an associate (a paid shill)? The answer becomes evident if you notice how he followed with the classic “false association” & “Trojan Horse” tactic to disparage shill buster, GalileoGalileisGhost. Would a random user that’s not associated with those disinformation sites have cause to do this)?

William01702 – on a different thread: (note the contrast when confronted for his shill activity):

“ I’m not a troll I’m just someone who is better educated in atmospheric science and aviation than all chemtards, combined.”
(notice his derogatory use of the word “CHEMTARDS” a classic Trojan Horse move).


“Chemtards couldn’t be more stupid if they wanted to be. You people are evil alarmists who spread fear, hate, and ignorance based on a lack of education. I pity the chemtards!”
(does that sound like someone educated in atmospheric sciences or anything else for that matter)?

William01702 wrote this on an entirely different thread:

“Oh really and where do they say that THIS trail has ANYTHING to do with what they have “admitted to”. NO WHERE! It’s hilarious that you people read about some basic testing and then assume everything you see in the sky must be related to such testing. Chemtards are idiots! Oh, and BTW show me where anyone has admitted to any such thing! If you say HR2977 you’re a fucking moron!”

William01702 wrote this on yet another thread (verbatim, spelling errors & all):

“Tat should have read “because you are too stupid and lazy to understand basic fucking science”. But, does it matter?! Will it change anything?! No, you will always assume that just because you hate/fear the government that it must mean that you and your chemtard friends must be right about the trails in the sky. Nevermind the fact that you have never actually studed these subjects! You have visited conspiracy sites! You know it all real pilots are just STUPID for going to school for years!”

William01702 on yet another thread:

“Poor chemtards unable to understand he difference between an intentional nefarious release of chemicals and business as usual”.

William01702 and yet another thread:

“Why do you people pretend to understand that minor differences in temperature, engine power settings, engine types, and engine size can result in differences in trails, when its obvious that you are all fucking clueless!!! This video isn’t evidence of anything more than the ignorance of chemtards”!

William01702 on a video about chemical fallout from geoengineering (notice the pattern from the previous comments):

“Yup, I’m sure that she is a moron. And so are you. There is ZERO evidence that this “affliction” has ANYTHING to do with the trails in the sky. NONE! It’s nothing more than paranoid fantasy made up by those who like to pick at their skin. And you are right, she IS just one moron in a line of many. By the way accepting ignorant bullshit from OTHER paranoid losers on the internet is NOT “research”.”

William01702 wrote these comments on various videos as well:

“Stupid chemtards”“Idiot”“Moron”, AND “that is technology that is not only public knowledge, but is highly regulated. It also has nothing to do with any trails in the sky. That’s the problem with you people. You are completely ignorant but are too stupid to know it”!

Compare the subsequent comments with the name calling & insults, to the first one that was on a video where his disinformation sites were brought to light and notice how he tried to recover by looking innocent & friendly despite his hostility and antagonistic comments on other awareness videos.

Who are these trolls that have time to sit around and make comments on youtube all day and night, and WHY target awareness videos? The answer is clear, they are SHILLS. I took photos of the comment pages in the likely event that this loathsome user attempts to attack this blog and denies ever making those comments. So, unless he deletes all of his comments from all the youtube awareness videos he has attacked, and closes his account, (let’s hope he does), you can plainly see his existing comments (and more) on youtube by checking his page activity or tracking him on awareness videos. Just remember not to let the trolls bait you. They get PAID to antagonize you and LURE you to those disinformation sites.

It is apparent that some of these shills share usernames and have round the clock shifts because no one is online that often to target that many awareness videos without backup. William01702 is joined by known shills such as Hama Neggs (a particularly loathsome troll), LizoirTerry Ram,  Nwoflyerepsilon892Niglet Gook,  Belfrey1,  Jazzaconda,Baba Loo, MrFubar75, and several other usernames that have been identified as paid shills/trolls, all utilizing the same tactics and associated with the two known disinformation sites, employed by gaming programmer, the grand daddy of them all, Mick We$t, (or at least that’s the name he “goes by”). Their format is always the same and they often attack in teams to “back each other up”.  Anyone that does a little digging will find these same usernames frequently darkening awareness videos all over youtube, regurgitating insults, performing their usual antagonistic, tactical routine, and attempting to lure people over to their disinformation sites because they get compensated for it.

Less frequently, you’ll see these strategies mimicked by average people in the mainstream that have willfully succumbed to cognitive dissonance and easily fallen prey to the disinformation tactics that have been used on them. They seem happy to regurgitate the lies they have been told and are content to post links only from those disinformation sites, while refusing to look at any other credible data presented to them. It’s like a mass Stockholm Syndrome in which their limited intellects are easily held hostage by their disinformation captors, and they’ve fallen “in love” with Mick We$t and his band of marauding minions. These victims of mass brainwashing also exhibit the common trait among trolls, of refusing to examine credible, verifiable, REAL data (such as several scholarly documents that can be found through this link:http://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=geoengineering+modeling+studies&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart&sa=X&ei=e-q_UcHDCMjPiwLk4YEY&ved=0CC0QgQMwAA).

Sadly, people’s refusal to examine any data beyond the disinformation sites, means success for the disinformation campaign.  Getting the public to do their bidding, not only meets the goal of “divide and conquer” in the battle to pit us against each other, it keeps us distracted, engaged in their fictitious debate, and prevents us from focusing on the fact that heavy metals such as aluminum, barium, and strontium, and other toxic chemicals such as sulphuric acid, and silver iodide, are being sprayed into our air supply globally for the purpose of Weather Modification and Climate Engineering.  In this war on awareness, the truth becomes irrelevant, and the sleepwalkers, happy to remain blissfully ignorant, are proud to belong to the band of trolls that have, ironically, convinced them that we are the “ignorant” ones, and that they are the geniuses that have all the answers.

The telltale difference between mass cognitive dissonance and a paid internet troll, is that the trolls usually have obscure usernames, no profile pic (or a generic one) and if you track their previous comments on other threads, you will see that they have attacked using the same format over and over; in addition to attempting to lure people to the disinformation sites, where they get compensated to engage them in a futile “debate”, waste people’s time and distract them from spending time increasing awareness in their local community, and doing REAL research ongeoengineering.

Don’t let the trolls cause you to feel stupid for considering that geoengineering may be a reality and suppress your awareness.  Keep watching the sky and research information beyond the fixed mainstream search engines. Watch the documentaries, Look Up! and What in the World are They Spraying?, take notes and look up the information presented. The TRUTH is there for anyone that is intelligent enough to look past the deceit & lies.


1)      Never “reply to” them; (do not fall for their tactics).

2)      REPORT them, because what they’re doing is a form of cyber-BULLYING.

3)      On your page, DELETE their comments and BLOCK them.

Share this information to increase awareness and disempower their lies.

Visit reputable sites such as  Global Skywatch and GeoengineeringWatch.org for more information about how geoengineering adversely affects our health, and is damaging our planet’s ability to sustain life.


6 Responses to Dispelling Internet Disinformation Tactics – Debunking the Debunkers

  1. Guy says:

    False flags are not far fetched, in fact they have a well documented history of being true. 

  2. Wyatt Berry says:

    This article is extremely relevant, I feel that you should continue to raise awareness on the disinformants tactics more frequently, if I may suggest.


    Keep up the good work Dane

  3. Great page and dinnae fall intae the trap of letting them hae free speech ,they are PAID tae shut you up

  4. Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am
    impressed! Extremely helpful info particularly the last part :
    ) I care for such info a lot. I was looking for this certain info for a long
    time. Thank you and best of luck.

  5. Rebel Siren says:

    Thank you! It is vital that we continue to spread awareness of the disinformation tactics that are rampant in the mainstream if we’re going to get past this giant obstacle that is suppressing public awareness. “Denial” must end if we are ever going to unite and make a positive impact to stop geoengineering before it’s too late. We must find common ground and come together for the love of humanity, but first we ALL must WAKE UP to face reality; stand strong collectively, take appropriate legal channels and appeal to our world leaders to halt this dangerous global program before it’s too late. What will it take for everyone (including the trolls) to wake up? A future of wearing gas masks? Thanks again for sharing this important information! ~Peace~

  6. Andy Kruusi says:

    Thank you. Hopefully newcomers will be aware of these dark agents and not be fooled. I frequent Skyderalert’s forum and it was getting hammered by trolls. There are some that slip in and it seems they’re there for the right reasons and then later start showing why they’re really there…to create confusion and distraction. The aforementioned website is much better now and has a great group. Thanks again. Good info to refer back to.

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