Earth’s Atmosphere As A Gas Chamber

By Laura Sutton
ABOUT GEOENGINEERING/CHEMTRAILS……………… A  few   ‘puffs’     in the sky  –  A  few  ‘streaks ‘  in the sky.          What the hell am I getting so upset about you might wonder.       I’ve watched this for years,   and it’s taken me quite a while to get this upset about it——-and here’s why I am:       Not only has it not stopped     (which was my hope initially),   but it has escalated enormously in scope,   in quantity,   in type of particulate matter.     It is the stated goal of this program to saturate our total Earth’s  atmosphere by the year 2025…and I finally believe it,   although it’s likely being sped up as more opposition develops.      What is being done can be likened to the implementation of a slow but lethal gas chamber ala Nazi Germany………whether the intention is the same is irrelevant.       It’s possible that not everyone in our contained atmosphere will die—-some will and some won’t…but KNOW THIS…..THE HEALTH OF EVERY HUMAN, ANIMAL, AND PLANT WILL BE AFFECTED.   THE HEALTH OF EVERY UNBORN CHILD WILL BE AFFECTED.         VITALITY AND HEALTH AS WE HAVE KNOWN THEM WILL DISAPPEAR.       THESE NANO-PARTICLES DON’T GO AWAY…THEY DO NOT DISSIPATE WITH TIME AND THEY DO NOT METABOLIZE.       THEY ARE PERMANENTLY IN OURBODIES,   OUR SOIL,   OUR WATER,      OUR AIR       AND OUR ANIMAL/PLANT LIFE.     THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE ACTIONS—-FOR THIS PLAN,   ARE CRIMINALS OF THE HIGHEST MAGNITUDEEVER KNOWN TO MANKIND.      THIS ISN’T BEING DRAMATIC AND IT ISN’T EXAGGERATION.        Our atmosphere,  though large,   is essentially contained and limited.       The TOXICITY of the content of the geo-engineering material      (nano-particles of aluminum, barium, strontium and other toxins)     being daily spewed into our atmosphere  is creating a slower,   but equally sure,   death —  or state of dying —   for all life within  THIS  CONTAINED SPACE………JUST LIKE  in the gas chambers of the concentration camps…..and not just temporarily;     but like Mars………..essentially forever.         Playing God has never been a good idea for Mankind……….and this is no exception.       The beauty,   the health,   the LIFE of this potentially wonderful planet will be sucked out and more and more as creatures, plants, trees, and our own health lose initial vitality and (even worse) the ability to REGAIN vitality.    We are currently losing species of plants and animals by the day.        THIS ISN’T BEING DRAMATIC AND IT ISN’T EXAGGERATION.     It  is  just  so  hard  to believe that humans are actually perpetrating this upon Life.    At best, it’s reckless and cavalier………… worst it is beyond greedy and evil,  and that is a pitiful understatement.     I’M GUESSING THAT THE MOTIVES OF THE PEOPLE DOING THIS VARY WIDELY.            MOTIVES AND INTENT MATTER NOT AT ALL.        THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS  IS  BRINGING  ABOUT  THE  CESSATION OF GEO-ENGINEERING IN TIME TO SAVE OURSELVES AND OURPLANET.               I live next to the ocean in Central California,    and it is tragically unfolding before my eyes here…….except,   still so far,  most people don’t see it,    or at least really grasp the ENORMITY of what is actually happening.     The people that are perpetrating this murderous activity   ARE COUNTING ON THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE PUBLIC TO STAY IGNORANT AND DISTRACTED.          The enemy of geo-engineering is public consciousness (AT LEAST INITIALLY)  and GIGANTIC ILLEGALITY after that.       PLEASE!!      LOOK UP………..DON’T TAKE MY WORD…..DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH……..TALK ABOUT IT WITH OTHER PEOPLE……….THISONE IS IMPORTANT….THIS ONE IS ESSENTIAL.  · · ·  If  each one of us briefs just one other person a day…… very well could reach a critical mass…….THIS IS THE FIGHT.   THIS  IS  THE  ONE  WE  NEED  TO WIN.

14 Responses to Earth’s Atmosphere As A Gas Chamber

  1. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Thank you, Laura Sutton. I’m in this fight with you until my last breath.

  2. Rebecca Montreuil says:

    Thank you Laura for writing and educating others about this atrocity that is going on in our skies….it is hard to fathom that people would do this but we know as history has proven, it is very possible…unfortunately.

  3. Kizzy says:

    Well written and insightful. An eye-opener!

  4. james says:

    Storm the Walls – Eat the Rich!!

  5. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    So let’s act and do something about it, call your legislators every day.

  6. Christopher Bains says:

    …but, we know what is going on! What are we doing? …more can be done, we need to band together. Where is this happening? Change is not going to happen with one person!

  7. DebW says:

    so many people are dying of some kind of cancer at an alarming rate…also the lung diseases and heart attacks have also blown out of proportion, and there are millions not smoking anymore, so they cant blame that. From small children, teenagers, young adults, on up…alarming rate of illnesses. There has also been severe psychological issues among the young, and I want to know what the hell is going on.

  8. Terri says:

    i fear that by the time a way is found to wake the masses it will be too late. if they won’t see this and it is so obvious i doubt they will see anything. Those who rule the world will simply come out and say they are ”saving” the planet and those with their nose stuck in their ipads and phones will nod their head in agreement…yes…the masters are saving us for global warming..see? it is right here on this little ipad..or tv tells them so. they won’t wake up in time to stop this i am afraid. they won’t believe it until they watch their family die.

  9. Joe from Michigan says:

    Right on the money!

  10. docnoss says:

    There is only one group of people on this earth with the hatred in their hearts and the money in their pockets to be able to carry out the extermination of all innocent life on earth. They represent 2% of the American population and .2% of the world’s population. They control the media, the Federal Reserve, the US Congress, Hollywood, academia,and basically, the world. Unfortunately, it is too politically incorrect to mention who they are. But, unless and until this true enemy of mankind is identified and exposed, we cannot solve issues like geoengineering, perpetual war, and destruction of the currency.

    • Laura Sutton says:

      What I wanted to write to you docnoss is….be careful of overgeneralization. If I am understanding you correctly, I am one of the 2% that you refer to in your comment…and I wrote the article above. Just sayin…

  11. Bea Zeis says:


  12. carol freiberg says:

    Wow…this is one powerful read. Thanks for your efforts Laura. You are right on the mark. Agenda 21 is as evil as it gets, but then that’s what you get when you invite eugenicists into your country in the hopes that you can control the world with the help of the pros.Hitler, and his dream, is alive and thriving here in the good ol’ USA.

  13. Todd vogler says:

    This needs to stop now!!!!

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