First Anti-Geoengineering Billboard Goes Up In New York City


Dane Wigington

Another billboard goes up in our ongoing and rapidly intensifying effort to expose the climate engineering insanity to the public. This billboard, the latest of many, is on the Long Island Expressway in New York City, New York. It is visible to eastbound traffic that is exiting Manhattan, just across the river from the United Nations headquarters and the Trump World Tower. 

Every day climate catastrophes continue to increase around the globe. Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet which are greatly affecting the climate system, the ongoing global geoengineering programs are the greatest assault of all against our biosphere.

From the constant toxic aerosol spraying to the constant bombardment of radio frequencies (that are part of the climate engineering assault), the onslaught of decimation related to climate engineering is incalculable and relentless. wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to all those that are helping to support our ongoing efforts in this battle.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Atlanta's weather has been impacted from all this spraying. In the last ten years I have observed the telltale white grids sprayed across the sky which expand and within an hour or two a blue sky day becomes white, grey, overcast, and the sun is obscured. I have also seen grey chemtrails and have noted black flecked particulate collect on my windshield after heavy spraying. The air quality in Atlanta and the surrounding areas is often unbreathable when the aerosols are heavy. Many, MANY people here, especially CHILDREN, are diagnosed with asthma, allergies, and COPD breathing issues. I called the Environmental Protection Agency and they have no answers. I have called the White House switchboard under presidents Trump and Obama to no avail. Finally, I see that we will show our neighbors this scourge of chemtrails that is impacting their health and their environment with these billboards. I look forward to contributing. Please buy billboard space along 85 Southbound in the bedroom communities commuting to the city. Traffic creeps at 0-30 miles per hour every morning of the year. That billboard would be seen by millions of motorists and truckers. People are growing angry at the way our country is being managed. We see what is being done to us with situations like Flint's drinking water, fracking, chemical discharges from industry into water, chemtrails in the air, incurable traffic even as states gobble up our roads and make us pay extra in easy-pass to drive on them, as we are taxed for an EPA that stands by with no answers as our environment is destroyed. People are waking up to what is being inflicted upon them. This is an immense step in awakening our neighbors.

    • Carol says:

      The EPA put on their website some info now. Search CHEAR and EDC mixture and geo engineering . It leads you Harvard environmental health science 

  2. frank reps says:

    The ” seven second ” viewing time is more than sufficient for the average motorist to read and understand Dane’s very dire message. The costs for this effort are quite high. Lets all help Dane put a few more bill boards up ; by accessing the ” Donate ” section on his website. We { my wife and myself } have decided to use the funds we once earmarked for the Sunday Collection, for Dane’s financial needs instead. Not to take away from the sincere moral guidance from other individuals;.but we never hear anything about the terrible damage being visited on God’s lovely Earth from any preachers we know about. Dane’s sermons are the best.

  3. John V. says:

    This is a huge milestone!  I also shadow the sentiment with regards to being in the perfect location.  Great work!!!

  4. Earth Angel says:

    Fantastic location for the billboard! Thank you to all who were involved in making this great accomplishment happen. I hope everyone looking out from the UN building & Trump Towers sees it. It's high time we thumb our noses to them all. They better wake up fast- the jackasses are poisoning themselves right along with the rest of us.

  5. Jeanette S says:

    That is what I say too. You could not have gotten a better location. In NYC, by a highway by one of the bridges, on the way to trump tower and on the other side of an alzheimer's bill board…an altruistic man has 10 times the strength and brains as someone in it for themselves and will most likely vanquish them.

  6. John Arndt says:

    Has anyone figured out the exact locations these jets fly in and out of ?
    They have to fuel up and re-charge the tanks.
    I am going to guess remote locations Globally as we only see them when they are aloft.
    We have been sprayed here in Maine relentlessly 
    for over a decade.

  7. Barb E says:

    Awesome billboard! How I wish I could put one on I-95 in Maine where the sprayers are out of control.  Many cars from NY pass us heading into Maine from NH so maybe just maybe they will actually look at the sky and remember the billboard.  Unless you're blindfolded you cannot miss the horror show going on in the skies just looking out your windshield.

    • Marie says:

      I am in my late 60's and i remember how the sky/clouds are SUPPOSED to look, but i think the younger generation from teens to age 30 don't even know what real clouds look like. They see these "trails" in the sky and they think nothing of it cause they think it's just "normal clouds". 

  8. eveonst says:

    As far as confidentiality agreements are concerned – every employee of any standing at a corporation or working for the state, whether as a government or contractor, has to sign one of these today. They are standard in every field at this point. If you violate the confidentiality agreement you get fired and can get sued and end up bankrupted. That is how they maintain control over the "message" no matter what industry we are talking about. Even customer service people working for the state must sign these agreements now.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      All the newspapers must have to sign one of these also because they refuse to publish any letters I write to the editor about geoengineering.

    • Vermont says:

      There are more of us than them! Use your voices people loudly and clearly against this insanity being thrown all over us!

  9. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Fantastic ! Across the river from the united nations headquarters & the world trump towers, that's the Best part of it all.  Great job to all at     I pray it raises a lot of awareness to all that pass by.

  10. Sandy Patrus says:

    i think this billboard is great…we need them in every state.  I am amazed that people are not aware of what is going on above their heads.  My husband had Vice on TV the other night and while I was doing some laundry i could not help but hear the segment they had on about the wineries all over the world, and how they are losing half of all their grapevines to climate change.  Do they even have a clue that all this spraying in our skies is having a huge effect on their grape growing.  My husband belongs to eight wine clubs and I feel like writing to all of them and informing them of the geoengineering that is going on in our skies and what an impact it can have on growing their grapes.  

    • Marie says:

      And i was recently reading that California is having a new law that all new houses being built must have solar panels on them, but that's crazy and a waste of money, because we get less sunlight due to the aerosol spraying and therefore less energy from the solar panels, and i bet they don't even take that into consideration. The blind leading the blind.

  11. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Fantastic sign  ! Even the back drop  canopy of  putrid aerosol gray haze  just  literally  crowns this  NYC  expressway coronation !  Who even cares about  another  royal  wedding  w/ Prince  Harry & Meghan Markle ?!  CROWN this billboard!  Congrats  to ALL involved on this jewel – let's populate every state .

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes- and true to form for the Rothschild's royal bloodline thing- Meghan (and her given name is Rachel) is related to Harry- it was mentioned on the Atlanta news the other day in an interview with her 3rd cousins here in Georgia, she is a distant cousin of his. I believe they said she is his 15th cousin!.. gee, what a surprise!    ; )

  12. Sadie-Kay says:

    Hopefully, folks will look up from their stupid phones long enough to actually see this billboard. Fantastic work @Dane !

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Sadie-Kay:  Wouldn't it be great if someone invented an APP that screened this billboard on everyone's cell phone?  Or a system hack that would repeatedly beep and display the billboard every time some phone junkie pushes the smiley face on their "I" pad…

  13. Radar says:

    How ironic the Alzheimer's billboard is on the other side of yours!! 

    Good job!! 

  14. DawnSki says:

    Driving north on I-485 outer loop past Charlotte Metro Airport an incoming jet looked like it had streamers flapping off the wings. As it neared the runway and was just overhead come to find out it had a thin aerosol dispersion streaming out of two nozzles one on each wing. Emptying the tank for a refill perhaps. I was not happy to witness this. Also today's rain map was a series of small circles that made me wonder if they were cell/haarp tower related. Weird days we are living in.

  15. Trevor says:

    Climate engineering appears to be taking place regularly over the Isle of Man.  I saw a a rainbow around the sun today with a trail near by, apparently these rainbows are called Sun Dogs.

  16. Kenny Gourley says:

    Fantastic work on the billboard! I continue to give out my flyers by the hundreds. I’m tired of living under toxic skies. We must spread massive awareness! Tell everyone!

    Dane you are a true hero!

  17. Milt Farrow says:

    We have recently been bombarded by miltary aircraft from McDill and Patrick AFB  the water due to the "artificially created "deluge has created a real bad health problem as the water has infiltrated the many existing septic tanks causing massive coliform bacteria which has invaded a major water supply for Brevard  County -we were just informed yesterday-thought our folks should know the other debilitating effects of these chemically induced weather.

    • Ashley L Ray says:


      Thanks for sharing local news. I'm in Polk county. I was shocked when I discovered NOAA has a base in our county. CONSTANT spraying. I was sharing with a family member over the Christmas holiday, a day it was particular aggressive and obvious spraying and he basically called me a conspiracy but and said "why would they be spraying us?" The denial is strong.

  18. Fredd says:

    Great. Hopefully people will look up to see the sky.

  19. lorenzo says:

    I live in Queens,NYC not far from the great billboard that was put up. I choose the lesser evil,our MTA subway system to journey into Manhattan. The fact that it is often bumper to bumper traffic in this area,. it will give drivers a good look, and take note of the website. Bravo!

    • Scott M says:

      Thanks Dane for making a difference. We are being pounded by torrential rains here in Va.over 12 inches in 2 days!! I don't understand how and why David Keith hasn't been arrested for all the crap this moron has caused among other people in this geoengineering racket. I keep telling everyone about this insanity but few listen, but i wont give up! God bless to all…SM

  20. russ says:

    Dane —-I live upstate NY now ….but for 55yrs I lived on Long Island and traveled this road many many times. It will be seen by millions…..God Bless You and all the others who help the cause

  21. r k says:

    Thank you so much for this billboard. We really need these.

  22. damon says:

    Great work Dane. Time Square is next!!! We are all in this together to help expose these Weather Terrorist!!!

  23. ann marie fitzgerald says:

    A LANDMARK ACTION!!!!  Kudos to whomsoever coordinated, pooled their resources and got this TRUTH put up for all to see!  Since most people are too mind-controlled to "see" the chemtrails….am so relieved that someone finally DID something, aside from Dane Wigington.  Now we need them in Manhattan itself, radiating throughout the state into other states across the nation…thank you, PATRIOTS!!

  24. Pete says:

    Glad to see that in New York – Progress.

    People, I’ve been busy – given up with emailing with any hope of responses to all those so called Environmental Agencies, Government officials etc, although will continue to shoot down lies as and when. Got an email today from Friends of the Earth about an app to monitor Bees, so had to respond to that with truth about that particular decline. To be honest I’m not confident my emails are even getting through now!

    So have ramped up walking the streets handing out flyers, sticking them on notice boards, plan to wait for employees at council offices going in and coming out and leave on cars, I’ve left some at train stations, on the train, inside newspapers or anywhere I can think of. I even saw some people outside a university this morning with a flyer stand of their own titled ‘What will the future hold’ – so absolutely had to stop to give them one and asked them to find out more. At that moment too there was a major spraying op in action, well, all day today – should see the end result here in Southampton UK  – i think that’s the best time to hand out flyers so they can look up to see for themselves – surely something must register!

    Just sharing that to give some tips and it does take some courage, believe me I am never comfortable doing this but once you start it becomes easier and you don’t have to engage in conversation, just give them the flyer, ask them to find out more and move on. If someone asks then tell them more – don’t force it as I’ve learnt the hard way despite my previous advice!

    For any reading that doesn't’t know, you can find these flyers on the Resource section at the top of this website, download to pdf and print yourself. If you don’t have access to a printer there are places to go, of course it will cost you, but surely it’s worth some small investment to help save this world! Or find people you know who work in offices and ask them to print some for you, which should hopefully make them think a bit too!

    At other times when I walk or cycle I’m constantly looking up when spraying is apparent – sometimes I do it deliberately hoping people see me looking up – yet to notice anyone has looked too as a result of that but I have once or twice in frustration told a large group at a pedestrian crossing to look the f*** up and pay attention – that nearly resulted in a fight with some idiot on one occasion. But usually most have eyes fixed on their smart phone which is glued to hand it seems. I reckon on average about 75% of people I pass are on their phone – not good people!

    Personably I don’t have a smart phone and I don’t do facebook despite everyone telling me I have to for years now! I could see the problems these things were going to cause in such an immature and controlled world and proved right I would say – not that most would acknowledge that!

    Point is, don’t be part of the herd, be yourself, go with your instincts as they are usually right, disconnect from this blatant conditioning of our reality and help to wake people, to expose the madness and to make this world a better place – if nature allows of course once the spraying and other destructive factors are stopped!

    As Dane says so often, and I too will not stop either until my last breath….

    • Donna Donahue says:

      We are all in deep trouble. Bravo to everyone who tries. However, the only way to stop the spraying is disobedience. The powers that be are not going to stop. They believe they are saving the planet, and could care less what the collateral damage is.

  25. Lori aitken says:

    Great billboard!!! Let’s get some up in California so we can wake up this supposedly environmental cutting edge state!!! We are getting sprayed daily in northern CA!!!!

    • ann marie fitzgerald says:

      Lori…my brother and his wife live in Eureka, CA…I've been telling them about Geoengineering and have sent a few of Dane's emails…I've never gotten a response from them regarding this…maybe a few of these billboards up there might open their  brainwashed eyes!!

  26. james Burke Boyd says:

    Great work, Many Thanks to all those who make the Billboards possible.

  27. GM says:

    Great! The more people see it, the better!!!

  28. Atalanta says:

    Great work! NYC needs to be woken up bigtime. Tons of traffic on the LIE. Very encouraging. Keep up the great work!

    • Peggy Gordon says:

      This is wonderful news! God bless you Dane for all your efforts and all you do to get this information out. The majority of the American people are oblivious to what is going on in our world.

      Thank you again, 

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    An Empire of Nothing at All?
    The U.S. Military Takes Us Through the Gates of Hell

    By Tom Engelhardt
    … Brown University’s Watson Institute published an estimate of the taxpayer dollars that will have gone into America’s war on terror from September 12, 2001, through fiscal year 2018. That figure: a cool $5.6 trillion (including the future costs of caring for our war vets). On average, that’s at least $23,386 per taxpayer.
    Keep in mind that such figures, however eye-popping, are only the dollar costs of our wars. They don’t, for instance, include the psychic costs to the Americans mangled in one way or another in those never-ending conflicts. They don’t include the costs to this country’s infrastructure, which has been crumbling while taxpayer dollars flow copiously and in a remarkably — in these years, almost uniquely — bipartisan fashion into what’s still laughably called “national security.”  That’s not, of course, what would make most of us more secure, but what would make them — the denizens of the national security state — ever more secure in Washington and elsewhere. We’re talking about the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. nuclear complex, and the rest of that state-within-a-state, including its many intelligence agencies and the warrior corporations that have, by now, been fused into that vast and vastly profitable interlocking structure.
    In reality, the costs of America’s wars, still spreading in the Trump era, are incalculable. Just look at photos of the cities of Ramadi or Mosul in Iraq, Raqqa or Aleppo in Syria, Sirte in Libya, or Marawi in the southern Philippines, all in ruins in the wake of the conflicts Washington set off in the post–9/11 years, and try to put a price on them. Those views of mile upon mile of rubble, often without a building still standing untouched, should take anyone’s breath away. Some of those cities may never be fully rebuilt.
    Opening the Gates of Hell
    … Their overwrought geopolitical fantasies and their sense that the U.S. military was a force capable of accomplishing anything they willed it to do launched a process that would cost this world of ours in ways that no one will ever be able to calculate.

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    EXCELLENT! Well done. Beginning in 1965, I lived in NYC Manhattan off & on for over 25 years and bravely drove the Long Island Expressway (always insane bumper-to-bumper) many many times. I watched my first 'chemical sunsets' in amazement at the orange & purple colors produced by the polluted skies over New Jersey – home to oil refineries and numerous chemical plants.  I still love NYC, which taught me more than I can say.  In the 2000 era, I watched oval aerosol trails that did not disperse sit directly over Central Park. I was always puzzled that no one ever mentioned these weird circular patterns. My sincere congratulations, gratitude, and respect for those who got this billboard of Truth up on the LI Expwy!

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF:  For those of you who are not familiar with 'chemical' New Jersey “the Garden State” this WIKI link might be illuminating. Note the photos of the oil refinery.  The mafia in NJ was famous in the 1960s for disposing of chemical waste in the once pristine New Jersey wetlands. They were also famous for disposing of other stuff…
      Bayway Refinery is a refining facility in the Port of New York and New Jersey, owned by Phillips 66. Located in Linden and Elizabeth, New Jersey, and bisected by Morses Creek, it is the northernmost refinery on the East Coast of the United States. The oil refinery converts crude oil (supplied by tanker ships from the North Sea, Canada and West Africa and by rail from the Bakken formation in North Dakota) into gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, and heating oil. As of 2007, the facility processed approximately 238,000 bbl/d (37,800 m3/d) of crude oil, producing 145,000 bbl/d (23,100 m3/d) of gasoline and 110,000 bbl/d (17,000 m3/d) of distillates. Its products are delivered to East Coast customers via pipeline transport, barges, railcars and tank trucks.[1]
      The facility also houses a petrochemical plant which produces lubricants and additives and a polypropylene plant that produces over 775 million pounds of polypropylene per year.[1] The refinery has its own railway container terminal and heliport.
      The workers at the plant have been unionized under the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (Local No. 877) since 1960.
      The refinery has had and continues to have environmental issues, culminating in the major $225 million Exxon Mobil-New Jersey Environmental Contamination settlement.  A 2010 investigative report conducted by WABC-TV, the ABC flagship station in New York City, characterizes the Bayway Refinery as a "repeat offender" of environmental regulations.[2]
      The refinery was the famous toxic site in question in the 2015 legal settlement between New Jersey and ExxonMobil. In late 2003, the refinery came under scrutiny for a possibly abnormal cancer rate among its work population. … The refinery has consistently been ranked among the worst polluters in the nation, and has been cited almost 200 times since 2005 for violation of state environmental laws. It is also ranked as the 32nd worst water polluter in the country.[2]

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, I clearly remember reading in newspaper of those illegal mob dumps and how furious it made me, then realizing this has been going on 'forever' one way or another.  And wow, that long ago.  When young in midwest, lakes gave me the creeps as one could not see under water at all, but I Knew, at the bottom were cars, dead bodies, all sorts!  Why, why does anyone look at natural water, even manmade lakes, and think: toilet, burial ground, trash, a dump for 'free'???!!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Isn't it interesting a 225 million dollar settlement was paid to…WHO??!- the State of New Jersey?  Isn't this just another payoff to their crony pals in the legislature ending up in the pockets of the lawyers and the coffers of the State? I'll bet almost none of it went to rectify the environmental damages done or to the actual victims who were poisoned and injured by their carelessness with toxic chemicals. I hope I'm wrong but that's the way it generally works.

  31. Joseph L says:

    I hope this billboard gets a good response,. This is not that far from where i live. I rarely go in that direction. A huge amount of traffic passes thru there everyday.  I also see those fake clouds – climate engineering alot here . I am definitely more tuned into it than the average person.

  32. Gary Cristani says:

    Great Billboard

  33. simone says:

    Great  Awakening Progress, Dane!! We need to place thousands of these billboards! Our sleepwalking/driving population is hard to deal with…

    ~From our Recent History published by LAS VEGAS TRIBUNE. 


    The Crazz FilesJune 25, 2016

    FINALLY… a serious article about chemtrails in a major city newspaper.

    A quote from the Las Vegas Tribune Chemtrail  article by Marcus K. Dalton:

    “Especially disturbing for residents of heavily chemtrailed communities like Las Vegas is a “chemtrail sickness” associated with heavy spray days leaving many stricken people complaining of the “flu” and acute allergic reactions months after the flu season has ended. Upper and lower respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments remain unusually high in many spray areas, along with debilitating fatigue – and something even more worrying.

    What’s going on?

    Thomas is convinced that we are under “deliberate biological attack” by agents known only to top military and government officials responsible for permitting continuing over-flights by unmarked spray aircraft.”


    19 August 2005

    Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas

    Part 1

    Marcus K. Dalton

    Las Vegas Tribune

    Volume 7 Issue 3

    Las Vegas residents are increasingly noticing the appearance of chemical trails overhead. They appear EVERY weekend without fail, the only exception being the two weeks after September 11, 2001. Such “chemtrails” are substantially different in appearance to the normal condensation trails left by jet airliners. The difference is that while condensation trails are composed of water vapor that dissipates rapidly, “chemtrails” linger much longer and spread out over time to eventually cover the sky with a thin haze. This week the Las Vegas Tribune begins a two-part article to examine the undeniable and mysterious phenomena of Chemtrails Over Las Vegas.Last year a concerned reader wrote to the Idaho Observer: “Driving across Idaho and Nevada we saw normal condensation trails in the skies above north Idaho and we were habitually looking up as we drove toward Las Vegas. We had noticed that the sparsely populated areas in Nevada had brilliantly clear blue skies and that the occasional airplane left vapor trails that dissipated normally. But as soon as we neared Las Vegas, in the skies directly above the city, we watched what appeared to be a military C-135 Transports spraying something over the populated areas. When the planes were no longer directly over Las Vegas, they continued flying leaving a vapor trail that dissipated normally.”

    It has been reported that the “chemtrails” contain ethylene dibromide — a substance that has been an additive to gasoline and airplane fuels as well as a banned pesticide. Ethylene dibromide has been linked to kidney and liver damage and is an immunosuppressive and a lung irritant.

    William Thomas, who has researched chemtrails since their appearance in the latter 90s, has noted stunted plant growth in once-healthy gardens and wilderness areas in Santa Fe and Aspen. Similar plant problems are commonly associated with chemtrails in other regions of the U.S.

    A brief history of the chemtrail phenomenon can be traced to a Washington state man who told award-winning investigative reporter William Thomas that he’d become ill on New Year’s Day 1999 after watching several jets make strange lines in the sky. Within six months, Thomas, writing primarily for the Environmental News Service, has detailed 1000s of eyewitness reports of chemtrails from 40 states.

    “Mainstream newspapers have gone out of their way to dismiss these eyewitness accounts,” Thomas told the New Mexican newspaper in June 1999, “It’s easier to sell UFOs to major media than a phenomena as close in many cities as the nearest window.”

    Especially disturbing for residents of heavily chemtrailed communities like Las Vegas is a “chemtrail sickness” associated with heavy spray days leaving many stricken people complaining of the “flu” and acute allergic reactions months after the flu season has ended. Upper and lower respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments remain unusually high in many spray areas, along with debilitating fatigue – and something even more worrying.  What’s going on?

    Thomas is convinced that we are under “deliberate biological attack” by agents known only to top military and government officials responsible for permitting continuing over-flights by unmarked spray aircraft.

    Government officials deny that anything unusual is taking place, yet increasing numbers of concerned observers are seeing 727-like aircraft painted “all-white with a black stripe up the middle of fuselage” laying long and often cries-crossing chemtrail patterns over Southern Nevada and elsewhere. None of the planes carry identifying markings.

    Pat Edgar has been watching the jets spraying over eastern Oklahoma since a sunny day in October, 1997 when as many as 30 contrails gradually occluded the sky. “They look like they’re playing tic-tac-toe up there,” he says. “You know darn well it’s not passenger planes.” Edgar says he has watched “cob-webbing stuff coming down” from the zigzagging jets flying “all day long, line after line, back-and-forth, like furrows in a farm field.” Edgar adds “There is a lot of Lupus in the area now. A lot of women have come down with it.”

    One source, who spoke to the Tribune under condition of anonymity, working as a civilian archeologist on government land throughout Nevada, began to notice “all white unmarked aircraft” preparing for take-off at Nellis AFB and at the Mancamp Complex near Tonapah in the late-90s. “It was these unmarked planes that were constantly laying down the criss-crossing X patterns of lingering chemical-spray trails over Southern Nevada.” When the archeologist asked the military escort who accompanied the civilian research team into ‘sensitive’ areas around Nellis, about the planes, the reply received was, “You didn’t see anything.”

    Another Las Vegas resident, Sandy Range, grew up within an outdoors field and stream-type family and has been watching the weather and the skies all her life. Holding a degree from Syracuse University, Range moved to Las Vegas in 1989. “I first began to notice the chemtrails in late ’96 – 14 criss-crossed miles-long vapor trails that didn’t evaporate like the norm. I began to see them weekly, then daily,” Range states matter-of-factly.

    One early morning in ’99 Range was returning from Henderson when a low-flying craft dropped a trail right overhead along Boulder Highway. “It covered my car with a sticky web-like coating and I saved a specimen in a jar. Microscopic fiber-like filaments,” Range reports.

    Government denials, as usual.

    Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio authored the Space Preservation Act of 2001, which sought a “permanent ban against weapons in space,” specifically banning “chemtrails” as weapons. But in a subsequent version of the bill, the “chemtrails” language disappeared entirely. The missing words suggest an eyes-wide-open denial, which says as much about the cover-up as it does about the spraying that’s plainly visible in the sky.

    In a front-page story entitled “Conspiracy theorists look up,” the Akron Beacon Journal noted that Kucinich’s bill “had been rewritten and the references to chemtrails and the other types of weapons were quietly eliminated.” The Beacon Journal article, linking chemtrails to conspiracies, resulted from massive local pressure. Michel Massullo of Akron provided that newspaper with rolls of photos of plane trails and a sworn affidavit attesting to extensive aerial activity over that city.

    The U.S. Air Force Website refutes the “Chemtrail Hoax” as having been around since 1996, “accusing the Air Force of being involved in spraying the U.S. population” with mysterious substances: “Several authors cite an Air University research paper titled ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025′ that suggests the Air Force is conducting weather modification experiments. The purpose of that paper was part of a thesis to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather modification system to achieve military objectives and it does not reflect current military policy, practice, or capability. The Air Force is not conducting any weather modification experiments or programs and has no plans to do so in the future. The ‘chemtrail’ hoax has been investigated and refuted by many established and accredited universities, scientific organizations, and major media publications.”

    Explaining the government’s position, Lieutenant Colonel Michael K. Gibson of the U.S. Air Force wrote U.S. Representative Mark Green in August 2000 and stated, “The term ‘chemtrail’ is a hoax that began circulating approximately three years ago which asserts the government is involved in a joint federal program of covert spraying of the public.”

    But many intelligent researchers call Gibson’s communique a classic non-denial denial: Gibson is denying that the Air Force is secretly spraying U.S. citizens. The reality is the U.S. Space Command and other government agencies are involved in ongoing experiments for military and environmental purposes that involve aerial spraying, and the microfibers and other sprayed chemicals inevitably fall to earth, putting the public at risk.

    Before you believe Gibson’s and the government’s “denial,” do an Internet search for the following terms: “Joint Vision for 2020″ and “Weather is a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025″, a whitepaper by MIT’s Bernard Eastlund and H-bomb father Edward Teller. Before he died in 2003, Teller was director emeritus of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where plans for nuclear, biological and directed energy weapons are crafted. In 1997, Teller publicly outlined his proposal to use aircraft to scatter through the stratosphere millions of tons of electrically-conductive metallic materials, ostensibly to reduce global warming.

    Two scientists working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base confirmed to the Ohio newspaper, Columbus Alive, that they were involved in aerial spraying experiments. One involved aluminum oxide spraying related to global warming and the other involved barium stearate and had to do with high-tech military communications.

    And even in the face of government denials, environmental laboratories have begun to identify an extremely toxic component of the spray drifting over cities and countryside. Several independent sources claim that samples of fallout from the lingering smoke trails and have been independently tested and found to contain ethylene dibromide (EDB).

    In 1998, a US Air Force public affairs officer told residents of Las Vegas that their sudden upsurge of respiratory ailments could have come from “routine” fuel-dumping by military aircraft reducing weight for landing.

    An extremely hazardous pesticide, EDB was banned by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 1983. But in 1991, the composition of jet fuel used by commercial and military jet aircraft in the U.S. was changed from JP4 to somewhat less flammable JP8. A Department of Defense source says the move “has saved some lives” in air crashes. Ethylene dibromide is a key component of JP8.

    The 1991 Chemical Hazards of the Workplace warns that repeated exposure to low levels of ethylene dibromide results in “general weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pains, coughing and shortness of breath, upper respiratory tract irritation” and respiratory failure caused by swelling of the lymph glands in the lungs. “Deterioration of the heart, liver and kidneys, and hemorrhages in the respiratory tract,” can also result from prolonged contact with JP8.

    According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s hazardous materials list: “Ethylene dibromide is a carcinogen and must be handled with extreme caution.” A seven-page summary of this pesticide’s extreme toxicity notes that EDB may also damage the reproductive system. According to the EPA, “Exposure can irritate the lungs, repeated exposure may cause bronchitis, development of cough, and shortness of breath. It will damage the liver and kidneys”.

    Mark Witten, a respiratory physiologist at the University of Arizona in Tucson where an official US Air Force study on JP8 was carried out, told Scientist in March, 1998 that crew chiefs “seem to have more colds, more bronchitis, more chronic coughs than the people not exposed to jet fuel.”

    EDB is 6.5-times heavier than air. Unlike normal condensation trails, the thick white streamers being sprayed from downward-pointing tail-booms over at least 39 states does not dissipate, but spreads into an overcast that refracts a purple color in sunlight and appears suddenly as an oily film in puddles and ponds.

    Hundreds of photographs and videotapes made by ground observers show pairs or larger formations of aircraft spreading a white mist that thickens and drifts toward the ground. Thousands of eye-witnesses – including police officers, pilots, military and public health personnel – have provided detailed accounts of aerial spraying in characteristic “X”s and east-to-west grid patterns, followed by occluded skies – and acute auto-immune reactions and respiratory infections throughout affected regions.

    Severe headaches, nosebleeds, shortness of breath, joint pain and a dry hacking cough “that never leaves” are being reported by countless Americans jamming hospital Emergency Rooms from coast to coast. While December and January are traditionally bad months for asthma sufferers, patients, doctors and nurses across the U.S. report hospital wards filled to overflowing with bronchitis, pneumonia and acute asthma admissions at up to twice-normal winter rates.

    “We’re getting sprayed real heavily with the chemtrails,” a Las Vegas resident told the Tribune. ” On some days it’s just total saturation.”

    As over-filled Pennsylvania hospitals were forced to divert respiratory emergencies to other facilities with bed space, a south-central Pennsylvania resident, Deborah Kammerer, looked out her window and watched aircraft “flying and dispersing over the city. It was supposed to be a clear sunny day. It became more overcast as the day progressed. I observed how the white trails widened out and settled down creating a haze over everything.”

    Where is the mainstream media’s reporting of this mass phenomenon? Indications of a concerted cover-up came in February 2003, when a retired Southern Baptist preacher named Everett Burton finally succeeded in reaching C-span. After voicing his opinion on the Clinton impeachment trial, this former minister told Americans to get a copy of the Constitution and read it to realize what they have lost. Rev. Burton then advised viewers not to take his word for what was happening in the US, “just look up in the skies as the planes regularly spray contrails across the skies, spraying people and making them ill.” At that point, Rev. Burton was cut off. The screen flipped from C-span to the Tennessee state seal, remained silent for several minutes.

    Read More:

    • Dennie says:

      The Ten Symptoms of Lupus read exactly like all the symptoms you get in reaction after the Eedjots have been spraying us heavily with toxic nanoparticulate metals and god-knows-what-all. Check it out:

    • Hello simone:  Thanks for posting this excellent article from the Las Vegas Tribune

      I wish it was on the front page of every newspaper in the world… I did some research on Ethylene dibromide fuel additives a few years ago.  It's too bad the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY isn't aware that it's a widely used fuel additive… Let's just dump it on people until they fall over dead…   

      Excerpted from: Ethylene-dibromide 

      “Limited data on men occupationally exposed to ethylene dibromide indicate that long-term exposure to ethylene dibromide can impair reproduction by damaging sperm cells in the testicles. Several animal studies indicate that long-term exposure to ethylene dibromide increases the incidences of a variety of tumors in rats and mice in both sexes by all routes of exposure. EPA has classified ethylene dibromide as a Group B2, probable human carcinogen.

    • Pedro says:

      Excellent News, Simone! Thank you so much!

      Congratulations Dane, this billboard in NY is a great achievement in the fight to expose and Stop climate engineering! And the location is near the HQ of the Fckrs. Perfect. I will celebrate.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Simone, Indeed, main stream anything won't touch this with a 100 foot pole!  Last night, doing several things at the same time, I had 'on demand' Bill Maher's Overtime segments which can be 5-15 minutes long and follows, but not on TV show, after on Facebook.  In one of these pulled up on TV, one man I remembered from some weeks ago, one of the guests referred to 'anti vaxxers and chemtrailers' in a sweeping dismissal as fringe lunatics, fake news, paranoid peoples.  I forget his exact words, the guest, because I became so incensed!  There was a time I wished Dane could be on Bill's site as he has seemed outside of mainstream, supposedly trading on cutting edge stuff, but apparently is highly concerned with his reputation which he believes represents truth, ever fearful he lacks education.  Ha!  He clings to the coat tails of "experts".  So much for Bill.  Sigh.  But, can't say he is alone in that stance!  A close friend recommended I back Dennis Kucinich way, way back when, back when I felt I was above all that, politics.  Regret that now!  He was ahead of many!  So many!  We must target ones like him coming up now!  We need a voice in government!  Someone unafraid.  Wonder what would happen if we reached out to Dennis Now?  He could help!  He just lost a race.  He has little to lose now.

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