Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes


Dane Wigington

Yet again forests in the Western US are incinerating as the US east coast is anomalously wet and cool. All official sources are blaming the rapidly increasing extreme and deadly wildfire behavior on global warming alone, but is that the full truth? What factors are “official sources” not informing us of in regard to the increasingly destructive wildfires?

The NASA satellite image above reveals massive climate engineering operations being carried out over vast expanses the Pacific ocean off of the US west coast. The geoengineering / solar radiation management operations completely disrupt the hydrological cycle and thus fuel drought and fires (a scenario which has been ongoing). The image was captured on Saturday, July 28th, 2018. This happened to be the day that a long planned climate engineering awareness and call to action event had to be canceled in Redding, California, due to the Carr fire. Smoke from the Carr fire is clearly visible on the NASA satellite image.

Though there are countless forms of human activity damaging the climate and biosphere, illegal global climate engineering / solar radiation management operations are a primary causal factor fueling catastrophic wildfires all over the globe (which official sources are not disclosing). Climate engineering is completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, triggering increasing dry lightning, destroying the ozone layer, contaminating soils, and covering everything at ground level with an incendiary dust (due to the fallout from atmosphere spraying programs). The 10 minute video below elaborates on the direct effect geoengineering operations are having on forest fires, their behavior and their frequency. Geoengineering is nothing less than weather warfare.

The Carr Fire in Redding, California, my hometown, is one of the latest catastrophic infernos to erupt.

A fully engulfed structure along HWY 299 near Redding California. Photo credit: AP/Noah Berger

Other recent western infernos also confirm the impact of climate intervention operations. The satellite animation below was recorded on October 11th, 2017, it is important to examine carefully. Anomalous, counter-directional and extreme wind patterns over the core wildfire region was a major contributing factor in the firestorm cataclysm that occurred in the Santa Rosa region of California . All official sources continue to ignore and omit any discussion of the ongoing illegal climate engineering operations.

The climate engineering atrocities are a primary factor in the equation of exponentially increasing forest fires and fire intensity. 44567

Forest fire, US West Coast. Photo credit: Rebecca Boatman

How is wildfire smoke being utilized by the climate engineers? The video report below provides alarming data.

All around the world forests are incinerating at an ever more rapid rate being further fueled by the climate engineering assault. If the current trajectory of biosphere collapse continues, these forests are not coming back.

All of us must work together in the effort to fully expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare assault. How? By circulating credible data from a credible source. Make your voice heard in this all important battle. 

The commentary below was added to this "Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes" post in response to many sensationalized claims, narratives and conclusions that are being circulated about the creation and / or causes of the recent and ongoing catastrophic California firestorms.

How do we most effectively expose and halt the catastrophic global climate engineering assault?  We must stand on solid verifiable ground in regard to the data and conclusions we share, or we will lose all credibility in this most important battle for the greater good. Any propagation of implausible sensationalized factually unsupportable speculation (that by its very nature provokes disbelief) only undermines credibility as we attempt to expose the very real and terrible climate engineering crimes being perpetrated against our dying planet.

Are recent and current California fires behaving in unprecedented ways and burning at exceptionally high temperatures? Yes. Are there reasons to believe the public is not being informed of key core issues that are directly related to the exponential increase in global forest fires? Yes. Does available data make clear that climate engineering in countless ways set the stage for the firestorm nightmares? Without question. 

All this being said, in regard to the recent and ongoing California firestorms there are a great many claims circulating on the internet that should cause us all to take immediate pause. These narratives include claims that everything from laser beams to military incendiary bombs were used to cause/create recent and ongoing catastrophic fires. Though laser and directed energy weapons do exist in some forms (, there is no documentation whatsoever to confirm any sky to ground laser / directed energy platform is even remotely capable of causing massive and instant vaporization of countless structures over vast expanses. If such instant and extreme destruction were to occur (from massive laser / energy beams, spiraling down from the sky in the middle of the night), they would certainly have been seen and documented by countless individuals. If such instant destruction technology does exist, and was used, why is there so much film footage of extreme wind and heat driven flames during the fires that caused structures to burn for hours? If “directed energy” weapons of this caliber and strength existed, and were used, CAL FIRE and thousands of residents would have to be a part of such a cover-up (which is completely implausible).  Again, though available data indicates that current laser technology could facilitate the ignition of ground fires from an airborne platform (any arsonist could do the same), there is no acknowledged technology that an airborne platform could completely and instantly "vaporize" structures in an instant flash of immense heat. There is absolutely no documentation of structures being instantly incinerated. Powerful lasers are ground based in massive facilities that require immense amounts of power, components, and personnel.

Something to consider, many are claiming that standing trees next to completely burned to the slab structures is proof of  "DEW" weapons. Why? It is claimed that highly flammable structures that have burned to the ground should not leave adjacent living trees that didn't burn to the ground. Is this accurate? First, lets examine and consider the historical photos below from the 1923  "Berkeley Fire". These images reveal exactly the same "standing trees next to burned to the slab homes" scenario that so many claim is proof of "directed energy weapons", the Berkeley Fire happened 37 years before the first primitive laser was even invented

The 1923 Berkeley fire aftermath exactly resembles current fire ravaged landscapes (including standing trees near burned to the slab structures).

Another image from the 1923 Berkeley Fire

The image above (also from the 1923 Berkeley Fire) is especially revealing in regard to the false claim that still standing trees adjacent to burned to the ground structures are "proof" of "directed energy weapons" (DEW). Again, the photo above was taken 37 years before the first primitive laser weapon was even invented. Unfortunately, sensationalized false narratives completely distract from and undermine the critical effort to expose and halt global climate engineering operations (which are verifiably a core causal factor fueling the exponential increase in, and ferocity of, global forest fires).

Historical videos of the 1923 Berkeley fire are even more revealing than the still photos of the event. Below are two short film footage clips of the historic Berkeley fire. This footage reveals structure fire behavior scenarios that are parallel to what is occurring today.

Many are further claiming that such structures are now burning at temperatures much hotter than a "normal" fire because of "DEW" weapons which it is claimed is the reason that the structure burned to the slab. Again, historical images prove structures have always "burned to the foundation" under extreme fire conditions (now made far worse by climate engineering). Does the "DEW" weapon extreme heat and vaporization narrative even make sense? If a structure was instantly vaporized by a some sort of laser weapon that delivered an extraordinary blast of incinerating heat to a dwelling, why would there still be standing trees anywhere near any structures that were incinerated in the manner described? If (as is being claimed) a "natural" fire would never have burned so hot, wouldn't that make it more likely to see standing trees next to a structure that was burned by expected combustion processes? In regard to the still standing trees near burned structures, more later in this report.

Again, though some have referred to technology (that does exist) for extremely powerful laser and plasma beams, emission can only be produced from a ground based source with access to extremely high levels of power. Any such powerful emission could not be produced from an overflying aircraft or a satellite. Even a full scale massive electrical power plant (that was somehow able to fly) could not even begin to produce such an emission. And consider this, the most powerful laser beams (that have been created under test conditions in ground facilities) only existed for a trillionth of a second, and was only 2 millimeters wide, thats it.  We must remember and consider that the California wind driven firestorms raged and spread for days over extensive areas.

We must also stop to consider all the converging factors that are fueling the firestorm cataclysms.  Record low fuel moisture contents (directly connected to climate engineering). Extreme and unpredictable wind conditions which can be directly connected to convection manipulation via jet aircraft dispersions of atmospheric aerosols (that are a core part of climate engineering operations). Accumulated incendiary dust (from climate engineering fallout) not only laying on the surface of forest foliage, but blowing in the winds around and above the fires. About the trees that are still standing in many photos of fire burn areas, green living trees are not prone to burning beyond the foliage and thinner branches. Larger living green trees will not fully incinerate (unlike dwellings that contain no imbedded fuel moisture). In the case of the Santa Rosa firestorms many of the trees were Redwoods which are extremely fire resistant. All should take the time to look up more information on this, here is one sample link, FYI

Redwood trees have very thick bark which has a lot of water inside it. They also DO NOT have any pitch inside the trunks which is a very flammable substance found in many other trees. Another factor that helps to make the redwood trees fireproof is the fact that they do not have any of the resins that other trees like pine and the sap that the tree contains is made up of a majority of water also adding to the fireproofing ability.

As already stated, other species of living and green trees would also not completely burn in the same manner as dried and fully cured building materials, not at all. Any that have ever tried to burn a completely green log in a fire will know this. Such a piece of “fuel” will not burn, the moisture is too impregnated in it. Ever put a paper cup filled with water in a fire? It, also, will not burn until the water boils out. The top of the cup burns down in pace with the water boiling out. Though the crowns of many pine species are, of course, highly combustible, the trunks and heavy branches are not (assuming the tree was alive when exposed to fire).

Back to the extreme heat and wind in these fires, like a bellows (or blower) for a forge, such extreme conditions can rapidly increase combustion and thus temperatures. Such extreme conditions and winds also scatter embers at unimaginable speed onto landscapes, into attics, eaves, etc, where the embers are fanned by the high winds into further combustion. Many older homes are built with extremely flammable materials (with eve and roof vents that DO NOT stop embers), and many even with wood sub-floors which provide even more fuel at the critical base of dwelling fires. Once sub-floors have been burned away, it would provide a cavity for some larger incombustible materials to fall into (such as porcelain sinks and toilets which extreme heat can also shatter).

Structure fires are much hotter and burn longer than a forest fire, and in many cases, what you find is a single home ignites and then like dominos falling other homes catch on fire. This is exactly what is occurred in California communities like Santa Rosa.

As homes in close proximity ignite, all of the natural gas and / or propane supplied to homes adds further fuel to the wind blown furnace flames. Once fully ablaze, one home can ignite those immediately adjacent to it from the radiant heat alone. Homes across a street could be far enough away to be spared. Also, in scenarios where one home was in ashes next to another that did not burn, fire crews may have been present and actively watering down homes that had not yet ignited. Again, some next to other homes that were fully ablaze. In regard to the many badly burned vehicles, none of those making the "directed energy weapons" claims have bothered to mention the obvious, vehicles all have fuel tanks that radically accelerate and heat fires once the vehicle is fully ablaze. Those that have ever seen the remains of a vehicle that has fully incinerated along the side of a highway know that such vehicles look exactly like those in the firestorms. 

I viewed a number of videos that show trees burning from the inside out, with some claiming this was proof of a laser weapon. This, also, is verifiably false. I have personally witnessed  this exact scenario dozens of times over years of controlled burns on my own habitat reserve land, and fighting on the front line of wildfires that have occurred with staggering frequency on and near my acreage on the east side of Lake Shasta.. Any ember that settles into a hollowed out and decaying tree trunk will start such a fire as those featured in videos claiming directed energy weapons were used. In several instances I have witnessed trees that had a rotted hollow at the base of the trunk which allowed air in, and embers. Once the rotted core ignited and burned up through the rotted center of the trees (completely rotted cores are now common in still living trees due to epidemic fungal infections in the forest), the trees  literally looked like a blow torch with flames shooting out from the top. Please, don't believe me about trees with rotting cores burning from embers being common, ask any wild land firefighter how many times they have witnessed this phenomenon, it is extremely common. About the extreme heat and wind blown fire scenarios, again, if and when the heat plum from a fire is blowing along at ground level, combustibles one side or another may not be very effected from the directional flow of flames and heat that is being pushed in a particular direction due to the powerful winds. I am speaking from personal experience, not from speculation.

Some videos claimed brick or rock walls on some sides of some homes had disappeared, all of the “before and after” photos I have seen of this showed veneer walls of brick or rock, not walls that were actually constructed of these materials. Some of the same circulating videos claim that glass or aluminum could not melt in a wildfire, also false. Anyone that has ever put bottle into a hot camp fire and left it in the core of hot coals all night knows better. The same with an aluminum can. And, again, to be clear, all the factors I mentioned in this report must be remembered. Yes, these fires are unprecedented, the heat and behavior is unprecedented, geoengineering is inarguably a major factor that set the stage. Fires are increasingly ignited in the worse possible locations at the worst possible times. Do these fires serve many agendas of those in power? Yes, absolutely, but we must still stand on solid ground with the data and conclusions we share with any breaking news story if we are to retain credibility.

I know many people who are now claiming no one died (and no one was injured) in Las Vegas, claiming that it was all staged. This narrative is also very harmful to the cause of credibility. I have a long term friendship with a former Green Beret who just lost two close colleagues in Las Vegas. Though the Las Vegas event also has countless unanswered questions, and appears to be anything but what official sources are telling us, people were injured and died. The notion that thousands of people, including emergency workers and hospitals, could all be in on some grand conspiracy theater, is not rational. Are we to believe that 9/11 was only a staged slaughter? That people did not die there? Let’s all remember that those in power do not care how many they kill (collateral damage) to accomplish their agenda. Are we to believe the power structure would go to unimaginable lengths to avoid killing anyone in the Las Vegas event? Such a conclusion is also not rational given what we know about the demeanor of those in power. Many of the sites and sources pushing the " laser beams / directed energy beams" created the fires” false narrative are also propagating the “Flat Earth” and “global warming is a hoax” false and highly discrediting narratives.

William Thomas, a former member of the U.S. Navy Reserves, author of Chemtrails Confirmed, and the reporter who broke the “chemtrails” story for Environment News Service in 1998, observes that smoke is the bane of atmospheric lasers. 

Directed-energy beams from military lasers are scattered and diffused by curtains of smoke, as well as water vapor (clouds) and rain.

And sandstorms. “Just look what happened during the U.S. invasion of Iraq when directed-energy sensors on aircraft, gunships and armor were shut down by blowing sand,” this author of Bringing The War Home wrote to geoengineeringwatch.

There is no way (unverified) space-based lasers could penetrate the smoke over the vast U.S. wildfires with enough focused energy remaining to light a campfire.

In the case of the “global warming is a hoax” disinformation, this is in fact exactly the false narrative that the power structure and the geoengineers want. Why would anyone who claims to be fighting climate engineering / geoengineering push this kind of disinformation? 

There is also the false and completely undocumented claim reporting  “water vapor machines” are producing all the moisture for storms. Again, this narrative is verifiably absurd.

Credibility is so very critical in the fight for the greater good. Logic, reason, and due diligence investigation must be a part of the equation, or hard earned credibility is completely sacrificed. The truth is more than alarming enough, we must make every effort to stand on solid and factual ground. Credibility is extremely difficult to earn, and so very easy to lose.

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  1. Researcher says:

    Great article and so many great comments as well.  I will watch the video when I have a better connection.

    I am very moved, I wish I had the words to describe  

    Many memories, too much to even think about.  I can't believe everything that has happened the last few years, I'm still in shock

    Praying everyday and asking everyone I meet if they like to science watch documentaries

  2. Julie Bennett says:

    Trees block 5G 

  3. Adam Coleman says:

    Why would a verified federal government agency propagate a hoax? Really?

    Almost all fedgov alphabet agencies do the exact opposite of their charters.

    BY DESIGN! You weren't conspiratorial when you got into researching Geoengineering but you soon realized it's much darker than just GE and now you know 911was an I side job but were careful to stay "on point" but now you talk about it and you KNOW about AGENDA 21 (UN-WO) and the maps these fires are reworking to fit it?

    What other agencies do you know of that deliberately hoax US ALL?

    Can you say EPA? FDA? SEC? 

    The question should be….what fedgov agency doesn't have a hoax "agenda?"

  4. Diana Bliss says:

    Dear Dan have faith all will come together for the good! I bring you help! for your work. we are with you now! Ask and you will have what is in need. It is a time gathering. For it is in the time of need. we will do what we can for you to have the help you ask for! I King of Mirkwood thank you again! Always have Faith. For God hears your cry! There will some of the old earth will die for it is in clearing and cleaning now. He will not let earth die!

  5. Randy says:

    NEVER has there been a greater urgency to 

    shout out  “Geoengineering! Look Up! Look it Up! Do It NOW!!!”

  6. David K Smith says:

    Just as Trump goes around creating chaos all over the world and all the Bushes, Obama's and all who are attached to them (government figures and the blind patriots)  will attempt to beat or kill us into submission. This current government makes even the Bush family look halfway decent but the truth is None of them care about you, me or the environment. 

    Dane is an amazing human and really cares about Earth. I risk my job every day to speak with every one of my clients about the state of our environment. I would guess to say 80% of Americans only care about the next text or facebook post. When it is said to vote the bad guy out, I'm sorry the deck is stacked against us. There have been no candidates in my lifetime (I'm 60) that would go against the industrial complex and at this late date with limited or depleted food sources must continue the domination of the world for resources. The second issue is even if you can get some headway the environment is almost dead at least in Florida.

    I venture into the Everglades National Park almost every weekend because i'm trying to see the last of the wild life before it is all gone. 5 years ago if you opened your car door at night 1 million mosquitos would attack you. I go down there now in the middle of summer at night and no or only a very few mosquitos are there. The fish population at one of the world most popular fishing locations is almost depleted from so call red tide, blue green algae, corexin oil disbursed to break up the ongoing oil spills, pesticides, fertilizer, (radiation, fluoride, phosphorus from mining)  cruse ships, over population and now water encroachment from global warming is just a few problems our local, state and national leaders all helped to create and cover up how or why would they help now.  If a few start showing they can and will help then we may still have a chance but at the rate it is going we will be dead before the issues are listened to in court. Remember the world see the USA for what it really is war mongers and climate criminals the American People must stand up and expose what criminals are running the show before curtain call.

  7. Ted says:

    We still have a large oceans, Why don't we have large desalination plants all along the coastal areas?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Ted, desalinization (in addition to being an environmentally devistating process), would change nothing in the overall equation. Climate engineering must be expose and halted, this is the single greatest leap we could make in the right direction.  Lets all keep sounding the alarm.

  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, I am seriously glad you reposted this article with a further addition about "DEW's". I've watched all the so called incidences and "evidence" of DEW's. Just like you, I call for some reservation in analogies. Myself, I build things for a living. There are so many petroleum products in todays materials and I also know damn good and well how hot and how well those "modern products" BURN!. I also know what wind will do to a fire of substantial size. The term blast furnace comes to mind there. Or, metal forge. The one single thing that most "awakened" channels in media land forget to admit to or add in is the decades of build up of nano particulates on surface layers here on terra firma. "That Carr fire you all got going down there, been there, done that, I haven't been the same since", just sayin…. Love and strength to you ALL.

    Thank you, Dane, for keeping the record straight.

  9. sharon s says:

    We live in the western middle of Nevada under mountain ranges. We got bad news yesterday thinking the pump motor had gone out for our alfalfa field. It wasn't pumping enough water. Turns out the water table DROPPED! That's because we came out of an unusually long drought in 2016-2017 and then went right back into another one for 2017-2018. I told friends and neighbors buy hay now because we don't know how many cuttings there will be water for.  That's what the NWO wants is farmers and ranchers off their properties so that the gov't can grow/distribute food. That's complete power over the people, folks! It's happening before our very eyes, teary from over a month of fire smoke from Yosemite. 

  10. Kathy says:

    Thank-you Alan for you observations of Seattle to San Diego and that SEA compares to LA is spot on I am sure. The suspended particulate matter has been especially horrific and the increased operations alarming in the Seattle King/Pierce and surrounding counties I have observed myself. The gov of Wa has declared a state of er PRIOR to fire outbreak due to high risk.

  11. simone says:

    Name the location of the largest solar farm in the world right now. You’re probably thinking it’s somewhere in sunny California or in photovoltaic-obsessed China. And right now, China does hold the crown — but it’s about to get dethroned. The largest-ever sun farm will open next year amid the desert sands of Egypt.

    Let’s be real: Despite its year-round sun, Egypt isn’t known for renewable energy. The Middle Eastern nation gets more than 90 percent of its electricity from fossil fuels, and it used to be a big exporter of natural gas and oil. But Egypt has been plagued with terrible blackouts, and now the country that brought the world the pyramids is erecting a new sort of futuristic structure: a $2.8 billion solar installation called the Benban complex.

    When the Benban is complete, it will produce nearly 2 gigawatts of electricity. For context, that’s more than double the power of the current largest solar field, China’s Longyangxia Dam Solar Park. That electricity will help power hundreds of thousands of Egyptian businesses and homes, and it will start to move the country away from a dependence on oil and natural gas imports.

    It’s yet another sign of how renewables are on the up-and-up. A new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance found that global solar and wind power now provide 1 terawatt – or 1,000 gigawatts! – of electricity capacity worldwide. It took us 40 years to get this far, but Bloomberg estimates that with the help of new installations going up worldwide, we could double that capacity by 2023.



    • donald says:

      did it ever occur to anyone that maybe they do this to get emergency funds from the federal government

    • David K Smith says:

      Rick Scott of Florida called a state of emergency for 5 people with Zika so he could get millions allocated for his wife's mosquito treatment operation. Zika was created by the Rockefeller foundation and Euro doctors but the government says is was from mosquitos. Mosquitos are just a great way to distribute a blood pathogen. Well the whole government jumped on board. If any money was to had where do you think it would go, not to stop the cause but to pacify the criminals until the end soon. 

      Geoengineering is another way to extract money and control the population. Lets not forget vaccines. Please look at the web site for mass animal deaths and read how 5,000 birds fell from the sky from bird flue. Are you kidding me. The flue is not instant death and the birds would land and die over hundreds of miles.

      The human race here in Florida are nothing more than trained dogs.  I look out side today at the silver sky and put on my polarized glasses and see nothing but particulates from end to end. As Dane says over and over we are not far from the end.

  12. Simone says:

    ORGANIC PLEASE, AND ONLY ORGANIC !! – this is the only way for us and organic farmers who feed us still eatable food to survive and live longer in this bloody man-made hell !!!  BRAVO JEANETTE!!

  13. Alan says:

    One of the most reliable leading economic indicators is the occupancy rate at the animal shelters.  Every one of the City of Los Angeles' six animal shelters is now full to capacity.   This is somewhat surprising given our pet-centric society but, in bad times, pets are the first household casualties.  This so-called economic recovery is all smoke and mirrors.  

    On a positive note, the local San Diego TV news outlets have been shamed by into reporting the true ocean water temperature by our lifeguards.  According to one report, the ocean water temperature taken at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography's Pier yesterday was admittedly the "highest ever recorded".  This comes after the accuracy of the lifeguards' thermometers had publicly been called into question.   

    Question – Is it possible that these huge fires are being used to supplement the spraying, with the goal being to get as much particulate matter into the air as possible?

    I flew down to San Diego from Seattle a couple of days ago and thought about all of you west coasters who post on this site, starting of course with VSF, as I was viewing the carnage from the air.  And that's what it was – carnage.  To see Seattle's sky looking like Los Angeles on its heaviest smog days in the 60s was tough to handle.  


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Alan: Question – Is it possible that these huge fires are being used to supplement the spraying, with the goal being to get as much particulate matter into the air as possible?

      VSF: Alan, from my journey through NASA Worldview images, I would say without a doubt … YES! They appear to be using the Sahara dust storms for the same purpose.

    • sharon s says:

      Alan, I saw that about the full to capacity animal shelters last week when I drove from Nevada to So Cal to adopt a dog from a High kill shelter. Note to everyone, all of California is participating in Clear The Shelters on Aug 18 or 19 where ALL shelter animals will go for the bargain price of $20!  Please try to adopt as many as you can! 

  14. Paul Vonharnish says:

    It sounds harsh, but we need to face the facts.  There is absolutely nothing anyone can do to change what's already happened in Shasta County. The fires will run their course until there's no more habit, or no more fuel.

    Governor Jerry Brown is already flying trial balloons to open up the remaining forest to logging interests.  Yes, fire breaks and thinning may have been a good idea – for the last 100 years or so, but it's a bit late for all that, don't-cha'-think???

    It's never too late for criminal prosecutions. >

    9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani – YouTube

    Published September 5, 2016

    Listen very carefully to the last two minutes of the presentation.  Who is the Trumpster's "legal" adviser?

  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Unrelenting Heat, Humidity Will Soon Make Regions UNINHABITABLE
    Paul Beckwith / Published on Aug 2, 2018


    At 35 degrees Celsius (95 F) and 100% humidity (at 100% humidity this temperature is called the wet-bulb temperature) the human body is unable to cool itself by sweating, since the sweat will not evaporate from the skin. As a result, the body core temperature rises, heat exhaustion and then heatstroke sets in. A physically healthy person sitting in the shade, in a well ventilated area, is dead in 6 hours. Higher temperatures, and correspondingly lower humidity do the same thing. The very young, old, people on medication, etc. succumb to less extreme temperatures and humidity. This video expands upon my last video, which explains how many regions around the planet are reaching these uninhabitable conditions.

    Paul Beckwith:  "How hot can it actually get? What is in store for us? When you combine the heat domes sitting over many countries with high humidity, many areas around the planet will soon reach the deadly 35°C (95°F) 100% humidity (wet bulb temperature) or equivalent situation whereby a perfectly healthy person outside, in a well ventilated area, in the shade will die from the heat in 6 hours."
    "Most people, like the very young, the elderly, and the rest of us won’t last anywhere as long, at even lower temperatures. I discuss the latest peer-reviewed science on how parts of high-risk regions in the North China Plains, Middle East, and South Asia will soon be rendered uninhabitable by combined heat and humidity.”

  16. As Dane points out, there are many contributing factors related to these intense fire events.  For those who may have a "smart" meter installation mounted to their homes, I highly recommend relocating these types of meters to a remote utility pole, or at lease having the meter mounted to a fire proof block – away from combustible surfaces.  Here's an excerpt from the cited paper: >

    EXPOSED – Electronic Utility Meters – A Fire Safety, Health, Privacy and Security Threat

    Michele Hertz, Founder – Stop Smart Meters NY

    Utilities' Are Tampering with Evidence of Fires Caused by Electronic Meters. Hazardous electrical events that either originate on the utility-side distribution grid or at electronic meters are overheating and/or igniting electronic meters, blowing through the breaker panels, bypassing consumers' circuit breakers, destroying appliances and causing electrical fire conditions, which ONLY THEN cause the circuit breakers to trip in a back-flow response after these events have already occurred. These destroyed appliances are the symptom, not the cause of these fires. 

    Alarmingly, there are numerous reports of unlawful tampering with evidence by utility companies, which have removed meters after a fire has occurred and before fire

    inspectors can examine these devices. This has impeded investigations of fires caused by electronic meters.13 It has also led fire inspectors to blame electrical appliances for

    causing electrical fires, when in fact the appliances failed only after being damaged by a hazardous electrical condition that originated on the utility-side distribution grid and/or the electronic meter.


    Also this brief introduction to a potential problem: > 

    Smart Meter Fire -Home Owner Paid $5000 In Damages     Published on Mar 16, 2017

    There were hundreds of "smart" meter fire videos posted on consumer web sites and YouTube over the last few years.  I'm neither delusional nor stupid, and have an excellent memory.  The vast majority of these eye witness accounts and expert interviews have been scrubbed since February of this year. > WHY?  Smart meters have serious safety defects, and are known to self-destruct due to power line surges.  Please do your research.

  17. Kelly says:

    It was such a relief to see your post, Dane! Although most of us have never met, you have touched us all and you are dear to us. Your article cleared up a lot of misconceptions about how trees burn and how you don't believe the fires were set by directed energy weapons. I was confused after seeing the photos and talk on the internet got me wondering about DEW's.  You are the expert. You are the voice of reason. Let's all put that theory to rest, now. 

  18. Ken says:

    if you watch the follow up video, why is it so hot at the moment, you see a perfect example of the mainstream media trying to cover up the unfolding planetary meltdown.

  19. Ken says:

    If you watch the follow up video, why is it so hot at the moment, you see a perfect example of the mainstream media trying to cover up the unfolding planetary meltdown and pacify the masses. 

  20. 'a' simple horseman says:

    My friends,

    What would make you truly happy right now? Myself, it would be the worst rain storm in a million years, literally. 'After' the geoengineering assault is stopped. Point is, I can't think of anything else that would make me happier. Just keeping it real, my friends I have not met, yet.

    • Dang says:

      Check out new York times 7/28/18

      China space base Argentina ? HARRP?

      Yes big rain for the fires 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      OK, you all have had 24 hours to consider my statement of what would make me happy. Now here's the rest of reality. If and or when we get the geo engineers to stop assaulting our planet. The weather whiplash will be unprecedented. It 'will' rain the worst storms in a million years. There's no way around that fact, none! So then what? To me, in my mind, the proverbial collective conscientiousness needs to accept this fact. There are no Cinderella endings in all of our futures. It means more to me to make sure our planet survives than it does to wake up breathing tomorrow. No, that is not an oxymoron. I 'will' wake up breathing tomorrow and I will continue my efforts to defend 'our' planet. Our one and only home.

      Take it to the streets. Create a strong hold. Make 'your' voice heard.

  21. JR says:

    From the Southwest, New Mexico area. The scum with their aerial spraying of SAG/SRM are destroying all the rain clouds as what is normal to them in their actions. This has nothing to do with what is a so called Global Warming Event. Evil representing evil will pay in Hell one day it is written. No stone will be left unturned…

    • Wrightson says:

      Jr, what you say is spot-on!  If this has been going on as long as they say it has,there's nothing, no amount of conplaining is going to stop it! However, there's a day coming that (ALL) will be accounted for!  Just keep the faith!

  22. JR says:

    Hello to all, and my regards to the people in harms way with the fires of all over. As usual the devils spraying SAG/SRM are at full bore here in the Southwest, New Mexico area. Their job is to destroy any Good our God gives us with His 4 seasons. They kill the storms coming in of promised rain from many years back of a more normal hydrological weather patterns. These low life doing the Devil's bidding have sold out their souls to the evil one along with our so-called political arena & every body else that looks them. What are they good for, the whole lot of them? In the end these characters will owe much, but will they want to be held accountable? They will point fingers at one another as punks do. There is much corruption in this country, but they (all) indulging have no shame. The word says that God in the end will say to many, I never knew you…We all have will, either we believe or not…

  23. Lawrence Beck says:  On today's Democracy Now Cal Fire's Operations Chief talks about how every one of his firefighters talk about how these fires are burning different than any other fire they've seen.  

    How can these people be so oblivious to the effect of aluminum particulates coating all the trees and acting as incendiary devices?  Are they incapable of looking up at the sky, or are they all under gag orders not to mention geoengineering and how it accelerates fires?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Lawrence, yes, the incendiary particulats are a part of the equation. This being said, it is important to remember and consider that there are numerous other climate engineering related factors that are a part of the equation. In regard to the willful silence of those in agencies that still refuse to acknowledge the climate engineering elephant in the sky, the self censorship is starting to break down. We must all continue to share credible data, now more than ever.

  24. Lonnie Gordon says:

    I am so happy to hear your voice. I have been concerned for you and your family. Things really are beginning to seem dire here. The sky is so gray that when I look out at the ocean it’s a little scary. I know there is ash in the air from all the fires but they have been spraying regularly and I can tell the difference. I have been documenting the spraying and making note of the weather changes that follow.

    It’s so obvious once you start looking. My heart goes out to all the people and animals and plant life who are injured by this fire. I know that sounds corny but I am grieving for the planet right now because I just don’t see any positive energy helping us with this battle. Peoples lives are so complicated these days and their attention is pulled in every direction by new events and false flags. Even if they acknowledge there is a problem they don’t take an active role in trying to do something to turn it around  

    is there one politician or influencer in California we can put pressure on?   I keep working on a one on one basis, and writing letters to those who might be open to listening, but we need something or someone BIG to break down the consciousness barrier and to help spread the word. 

    As always, thank you for what you do and for sounding the alarm for so long. 


  25. Arthur Radtke says:

    Hi Dane and fellow Patriots who are working to awaken the masses. First of all my heart goes out to Dane and his loved ones and all those affected by the recent wildfires in the Redding and surrounding communities. This latest message on your post Dane was very educational again. Thank you. I have written to 18 newspapers in the largest cities of WI. and MN. in the hopes they will put my editorial in their column. I make a word perfect letter and then copy it and then paste it to each newspapers site. This saves me the postage required to mail it and I also get a confirmation that my letter was received. Hopefully most of the newspapers will publish my letter. I use credible and verifiable info as Dane says. Dane I admire your tireless efforts to expose the truth. Truly the weather and climate have reached unchartered territory. To all warriors like Dane, God Speed.

  26. MiltFarrow says:

    To Paul Vonharnish:

    The X   CIA operative, who on his death bed has confessed to the setting of chares in the WTC Malcom CVampbell, he was a demolition expert- He and 3 others did this horrible deed- The code word used for the Plot was "New Century" From Project for the new American Century" The rest is history-

  27. Milt Farrow says:

    Dear Folks Milt here in  East Central Fl. Yesterday they resorted to using their Megawatt Doppler system -firing up the cloud layer for about 1/2 hour  steady- The downpour it produced was astounding,. we are getting many inches per hour-Not only is the Military engaging in  this illegal activity, but the airlines have all agreed to help in the mega genocide deal that has been laid out to them – I have notified several Florida Congressional people but see none of them taking any action to stop this illegal act- I fear that If we do not take action in our hands we will not live to regret defending our lives-My Lawn has my own sign I had printed – I will need more pamphlets to distribute Dane-

  28. Kate Kelly says:

    Dear Dane: 

    Thank you, for posting this information, as I was a bit wary about other people who posted "progress" reports in your comments section with support for/from these groups – groups that are ignoring geo-engineering, first and foremost! (This careful steering of skewed information/disinformation could have been unintentional by those (two people) commenting at the time, or an intentional "high-jacking" of your site and message, covertly. Either way, you have allayed my own fears, whether paranoid or not…

    Thank you, with renewed respect,

    Kate Kelly


    Do you think that Smart Meters on homes are also "dancing" with these fires somehow?  As geoengineering is affecting the foliage and our bodies, but to a lesser degree – the interiors of these sudden, violent, infernos that many homes have experienced?  Just asking…

    FROM DANE WIGINGTON: for the record, our attorneys reached out to “Earth Justice” attorneys, they will not touch the climate engineering issue. Our attorneys have reached out to all the major environmental groups, none will touch the critical issue of geoengineering. All are more worried about protecting their “non-profit” status while the entire biosphere implodes. This is the reality we face, it is up to us to hold these unimaginably hypocritical environmental organizations publicly accountable.

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    L.A.'s homelessness surged 75% in six years.
    … Three out of four homeless people — 41,000 — live in cars, campers, tents and lean-tos, by far the biggest single group of unsheltered people in any U.S. city. If you took out Los Angeles, national homelessness would have dropped last year for the first time since the recession.  People left behind by the economic recovery can't compete with young professionals who have bid rents up to record levels.  In another era, they might have found refuge in crumbling hotels and tenements. But many of those buildings were lost in the city's post-recession spree of building, evictions and renovations. … Tent cities stretch from the Antelope Valley desert to the Santa Monica coast, with stopovers in unlikely communities — even Bel-Air, where a homeless cooking fire was implicated in December's Skirball fire.  During an October hygiene survey, county public health officials identified 222 encampments, including 50 with 30 or more people living in them. These ragtag outposts have altered the basic terms of urban life.
    … Faced with widespread displacement of poor people during the redevelopment of Bunker Hill's Victorian boarding houses, the city rejected slum clearance of skid row. Instead, officials concentrated very-low-income housing and homeless services in the the 50-block district.  But it became a dumping ground for hospitals, prisons and other cities to get rid of people with nowhere else to go.  Homeless people on skid row were expected to enter shelters, graduate to transitional housing and finally earn permanent housing through good behavior, including sobriety. But many people fell off that path and never returned.

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: There are said to be 134,000 homeless in California, 41,000 in Los Angeles — and 553,742 in the USA.
    The Carr Fire is going to make it even tougher to rent in Redding
    Even before the devastating Carr Fire, Shasta County’s rental market was tight.  “We are not going to have enough houses,” said Deborah Perry, owner/broker of Hubbub Properties in Redding, when asked about the prospect of finding housing for the thousands displaced by the fire.  “The rental market was already strong, prices were going up and places were renting quickly.”
    The Carr Fire has destroyed more than 1,000 homes and nearly 200 more are damaged.  … fortunate to have friends to stay with. But the Schneiders were told they’re looking at an 18-month process should they rebuild. They know they can’t stay with friends that long.
    At this point, they don’t know when they will be able to see their burned property.  They had lived in the house seven years and were finishing the remodel when the fire destroyed it last Thursday.
    … “I have heard of getting trailers to live on their property while they rebuild,” she said. “I think that can be part of the solution.”

    • jeanette S says:

      Susan, I view the homeless as a resource…just think if they knew cob building, rocket mass heaters and stoves, composting toilets, natural water purification they could be a disaster preparedness force that could take anything mother nature (or our little friends) had to dish out. Many of these people are vets and would love to once again have respect and dignity of being heroes. this does not make our little friends any money that is probably why an alternate way of life is not embraced by the mainstream. we all might tell them to go fly a kite with their ponzi scheme and get a job, a real one.

  31. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thank You Dane for always showing & explaining to us the connections & differences.  I like to know the truth.  I don't like it. But I like to know, regardless.  It is so painful to realize all of the factors they imploy to achieve such destruction.  Sadly they have been dumping the rain on us all this Summer & have destroyed all types of crops across the entire province yet again. Blue/Green algae yet again on Lakes & another huge pounding of hail where it looks like it snowed in Lethbridge, Alberta. And in B.C. & California, they are moving it away to drown others.  And these programs are for the betterment of the Planet?  I beg to differ!  The strong winds they create are Insane.  To mix them in with flames!    Well it's madness. 

    • Vivian says:

      "For the betterment of the planet" is the LIE they tell the sheeple as they do just the opposite: destroying the planet. Their WORDS are cheap! Their promises are manipulations. 

  32. Hawkeye says:

    Hello to all. The comments in this post are combined with comments from an earlier post in Oct. 2017, I scrolled way down and noticed the dates. It was another firestorm catastrophe at that time. At the bottom I found a link to a web site regarding excellent information on nano-materials in a comment box by Christine, 10/13/17, but I don't see it now?? So here it is but I am entering it manually as I cannot paste it to just click on, sorry. Go type in:     

     It is the researchers and their findings for all this nano particle technology insanity. It explains how explosive this "technology" is and so explains why all fires on earth, including you guys in California, now are so extreme and out of control, and also that YES it is probable the explanation given about a mechanical car failure is thought to be the cause of the ongoing Carr fire today. Excellent educational reading to know! Here is some in case you can't get to it…..

    Titled, Explosibility of nanoparticles. How nanoparticles ignite!  … The likelyhood of explosion is quite high due to very low ignition energies and temperatures. Nano-sized ALUMINUM has been found to ignite at a rather low ignition temperature of approx. 900k, which is below aluminum's melting point, as a result of the oxidation of the aluminum. The temperature for ignition of ALUMINUM nano particles then is 100 degrees C. That is 212 degrees F!!!! 100C = 212F. Wow. Way low and with earth temps in some spots breaking records today at 123+ well it just makes you go hmmmm, doesn't it?! If Earth temps get to 212 F will the planet explode?

    The researchers compared nano sized to micro-meter sized particles and found that micron powder ignited at 610 degrees C while the nanopowders already ignited at 100 degrees C! Decreasing particle size increases reaction rate. The reviewers write that this low MIE puts these nanopowders at a higher ignition risk than similar micrometer sized dusts. The nanopowders could ignite as a result of electrostatic spark, collision or mechanical friction, (the mechanical car failure?) and precautions should be taken to prevent such events. This results in lower ignition and melting temps and FASTER BURNING RATES! Fits pretty well to these fires doesn't it?! For aluminum nano's, these changes become more significant at a particle size less them 10nm.

    The report concludes; nano materials present a dust explosion hazard, with metallic nano's (aluminum is metallic) being particularly reactive. Due to this high sensitivity, explosion hazards may exist for many processes including but not limited to, mixing, grinding, drilling, sanding, and cleaning.

    There is minimum explosion concentration AND minimum ignition energy. Particle size reduction effects the minimum ignition energy point. Metallic nanopowders have shown they can explode with energies less then 1mJ, the lowest energy that can be tested.

    For me it was a no-brainer knowing chems are flammable, Cal et al are in serious drought for years so extreme dry conditions on the ground with extreme high temps too to create easy incendiary conditions.  I, Dane, Dennie and a few others have said it before, chems are flammable so aluminum is incendiary aka flammable yes. Now this nano info sums it all up and is a perfect fit. Also means the geoengineers and backers know dam well why all this is happening, they are who ordered the research and ignore the warnings. Be sure to add it to the list of criminal counts against them when we hang them all in court! 

    Go get informed, visit

    Stay safe!

    Best, Hawkeye

    • Dennie says:

      @Hawkeye:  FABULOUS CATCH!!!!  I found the article by typing the title into my search bar.  Try this link, it pulled right up when I tried it just now:

      Articles containing scientific research like this are Proof Positive beyond a shadow of a doubt just what those aluminum nano particulates are capable of doing; that said, I predict the truth is not enough to stop the "Woo-Woo" of the VooDoo crowd.   “Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.” — Jonathan Swift, 1710

    • Dennie says:

      @Hawkeye:  GREAT CATCH!!!  This excellent research into the Explosibility of nanoparticles" should prove beyond a shadow of doubt what the nanoparticulate aluminum is capable of doing when exposed to flame, and under extreme heat circumstances.  I'm afraid, however, that even this could stop the drumbeat of the Voo Doo crowd who, lacking Occam's razor for a fine clean shave, hear hoof beats and immediately think "zebras–!"  

      “Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.” — Jonathan Swift, 1710

    • Dennie says:

      @ Hawkeye:  GREAT CATCH!!!  I typed in the title of the article in my search bar and found it right away, here's the link:

      Articles containing verifiable research such as this, proving the extremely high explosibility of nano-particulate metals should be viewed as Proof Positive beyond a shadow of a doubt what the particulates' contribution is to these massive "never before seen" fires.  But even the truth may not be enough to stop the drumbeat of the VooDoo "true believers," who, lacking Occam's careful razor, upon hearing hoof beats, think "zebras–!!!"  

       “Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.” — Jonathan Swift, 1710

  33. July 30, 2018 | Zero Hedge | | 1,934 views

    Robert Fisk: "I Traced Al-Qaeda Missile Casings in Syria Back To Their Original Sellers" | The Daily Sheeple 

    Heh, heh… Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along…

  34. Jeff in Alabama says:

    Dane and the people of California. I am praying for you. This state has been under attack for a while. Drought, Wildfires, Heat, and Heavy Spraying. CA State leaders push the wrong agenda. There is more to this then we see. Truly some evil people behind the curtain and lots are in California.  I also know there are lots of good people in California. I hope each of you can raise up and take your State back. Trust me, Alabama is sprayed everyday and they keep the skies covered with fake clouds. They microwave the shit out of the sky here. Its weather control, climate mitigation, and to cover the truth about a system NASA has known about for 50 years! Its real people, climate eng has become worse due to the system. GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU IN CA. The wrongs of this earth will be corrected one day soon. The Lord will create a new earth, keep up the good fight.

    • Virginia says:

      Jeff,  you are very kind and considerate to offer your good wishes to us, here in California.  It is a rarity to see positive statements about this once Golden State from others who live elsewhere.  What has happened to this beautiful strip of land on the Pacific, with its beautiful array of the best of what nature can give is beyond criminal.  Being an 89-year old native, I can attest to the degradation in my short lifetime – politically, socially, economically, etc.  Our present governor has done nothing that I am aware of to 'fix the problems.'  And Dr. Pan, that evil agent of big pharma and California legislator, the author of the bill that made mandatory vaccinations for all school children and others, is typical of what we citizens are stuck with as far as governance is concerned.  W/hy are we allowing this?  Now the fires and climate engineering, not to mention the homeless.  Is there no end?  Thanks again, Jeff.  We needed some kind words.  Peace, safety and good health to all. 

  35. Lucille Munro says:

    Hello one and all.

    Crazy weather in southern Alberta, Canada on the last day of July 31, 2018.


  36. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    California fire smoke on NASA Worldview – Aug.1, 2018:

  37. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Gee, what an ordeal and the same ordeal happening many places in California and around the world.  Just as you said it would. I very much appreciate the time you took to post explanations of why this was not: name that conspiracy theory!  For the life of me, I don't know why people would jump to that, especially if on this site, knowing what we know.  I'm glad to see the moving photo, second from bottom, as it reflects what I saw here on Monday.  I was headed up town in morning and though a wall of smoke over Bay, there was some bluish looking sky, then I saw some white clouds, just a few, not thick or big, to my north. Thing was, they were moving West.  I have watched this before here but not often.  To me it is a screaming clue in that for all the many decades I've been here, we have constant west to east winds, even if not on ground, the clouds we used to get here never turn into things that linger or take shape like something one can name, because they are on the move all the time, even if slowly, west to east.  It was exactly like that moving photo, moving northeast.  All this year we've had constant winds.  That is unusual for here.  Thank you for keeping your head in this insanity and for using this to inform others who go off on wild goose chases.  I hope you and yours continue to be safe.  If I may, I'd add to the why houses burn so thoroughly.  Many homes now, like the hideous one built too close to me around 2010, have fake wood windows, a kind of wood resin I'm guessing, as I've seen some of one window next door get burned, from an idiot renter, hanging out window smoking, putting his cigarette out on the 'wood' ledge, which burned a bit and melted a bit, just from that.  But of course there is more in that particle board and wood resins mixes are frequently used in numerous ways and not only burn, but when they do they off gas poisonous stuff.  And polyester, which is as flammable if not moreso than aluminum.  That crap is everywhere, nearly inescapable.  Curtains, clothing, boots, snow gear, blankets, sheets, towels, and so much more, the stuff is Everywhere, it does not compost, I for one am actually allergic to the stuff, talk about fibers, it is woven through our lives now and that is so wrong, so very flammable. And too a host of other things that burn and burn nasty, plastics of all sorts, for instance.  All the synthetic things that make life and homes possible for many who other wise could not afford good quality this or that.  All these contribute to heat fires.  Thank you for explaining the different tree scenarios.  It is weird to see a 'vaporized' home with young trees/bushes close by, apparently alive.  Thank you for explaining.  You must be exhausted.  On the upside? if possible?, what a teaching event, eh?   I hope you can catch some rest.  I suspect that is not your inclination, but it is necessary.  Hell on Earth.  Be well in hell?!  Sheesh!  We can only try.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rachel, it is important to remember and consider, the homes that burned to the slab were not “vaporized”. The dwellings that most completely incinerated were constructed of dried and extremely flammable materials. Many of these structures burned for hours as countless film footage clips prove. In the case of green trees and shrubs, as I also outlined in my article, try to burn a green log on a fire, see what happens (or rather, what does not happen). IF we want to gain traction in this most critical battle to expose and halt climate engineering, we MUST stand on solid facts, not sensationalized speculation.

  38. Melanie says:

    Dane- I hope you and yours are safe! Thank you and God Bless! 

  39. Gary Morrow says:

    The Foreca weather app on my computer no longer gives historical weather data (average and record highs and lows) for any location in the world. Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just my computer?

  40. CP says:

    Once again, we are drowning in the Southeastern states.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  Relatively mild temps too.  I am old enough to know that is was not this way in the past.  The summer's are now so subdued.  It should be obvious by now that the Western United States will be sacrificed in an effort to prop up the Eastern United States.  This will not end well for any of us.

    • sharon s says:

      We are so praying for rain on the west coast. Dragging hoses every day trying to keep what trees living I have alive! Damn these people! Millions of animals killed, dozens of people, untold property damage.

    • Jeanette S says:

      I think they are trying to wipe us all out, CP, they are just giving more of what the usually weather is in the area so that people will accept it more that it is a "fluke" or climate change is behind the overage. It is a case of smoke and mirrors I think.

  41. Geoff Taylor says:

    Thank you Dane for thoroughly explaining and stressing how the geoengineering materials can explain the damage from the fires and how going completely sideways hurts the cause. Keep strong everyone, the fight is only begining.

  42. Kevin says:

    It is amazing how KRCR's Rob Elvington has tried to explain why the doppler radar has had so much "clutter" on it during the fires, explaining that it was caused by all the particulate, pine needles,leaves, etc. I'm sure that most of that "clutter" on the radar is being caused by the aluminum particulate being thrown back into the sky by the fire.





  43. Melanie Moran says:

    Hi Everyone,

    This is off topic from the fires, but passing this info re: AB1992 on to folks who are interested.

    Rachel Howell, one of out politically alert parents, has passed along this vital information. I will quote her email below and reproduce the alert from which it came. It seems that the pharmaceutical/government complex is at it again.

    How long before we are all required to present our vaccination cards before being allowed to buy groceries? Welcome to Progressive California Fascism.

    This is an action alert. Reading this is not enough. To really be involved, grasp your phone and then read it.



    "AB1992 is one more bill that would make vaccines mandatory for a huge number of people in California. Specifically, it would require all recipients of any CalWORKs program benefits to be vaccinated, without any option for a personal belief exemption. Otherwise, these recipients would lose their benefits under these programs. This would affect more people than SB277, for reasons outlined in the email.


    A Voice for Choice is an organization that educates people on the legislation that is "coming down the pipes" that would affect their rights to decline medical procedures such as vaccines. They apparently lobby in favor of maintaining these rights. They also assist people in finding doctors willing to perform medical vaccine exemptions.


    AB1992 is scheduled to be voted upon in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday, August 6. A Voice for Choice is asking people to contact the representatives listed in the email and urge them to vote in opposition, or to vote to study the numbers and reasons for the bill. (At least, I think that's what "study bill" means.)"


    AB 1992 eliminates the personal belief exemption to vaccination for CalWORKs benefit program and is scheduled a vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday August 6. We are asking for the bill to be opposed or to be changed to a study bill to review the numbers and reasons for CalWORKs sanctions because of vaccination. Since the last hearing we found out that they have no idea how many people this will actually effect and what the fiscal consequences will be (more details below and attached).


    If you are or have been on CalWORKs or some other assistance program, please let them know that. in the phone call.

    1. Call Asm Chu's office and ask him to amend the bill to become a study bill or include a conscious/religious belief exemption. (916) 319-2025

    2. Call the Senate Appropriations Committee and their members and ask them to amend the bill to become a study bill or else oppose:

    Senate Appropriations Committee: 916.651.4101

    Senator Anthony J. Portantino (Chair) – 916.651.4025

    Senator Patricia Bates (Vice Chair) – 916.651.4036

    Senator Jim Beall – 916.651.4015

    Senator Steven Bradford – 916.651.4035

    Senator Jerry Hill – 916.651.4013

    Senator Jim Nielsen – 916.651.4004

    Senator Scott Wiener – 916.651.4011

    3. Email the Senate Appropriations Committee and their members and ask them to amend the bill to become a study bill or else oppose:,,,,,,,

    A Voice for Choice Advocacy’s opposition flyer is attached which outlines all the fiscal issues we have with this bill now the personal belief exemption is being removed. California is following in the footsteps of Australia and putting the last nails in this states mandatory vaccine policy. AB1992 will eliminate non-medical exemptions for CalWORKs recipients. (full bill text

    · CalWORKs could lose all federal funding if this bill passes without a conscious/religious exemption.

    · The bill is unnecessary with the Good Cause Form that is currently in place.

    · The result would be even worse than SB-277 because homeschool and IEP children are excluded in SB-277. AB1992 adds more vaccinations than what is currently mandated for children in daycare, preschool and K-12 because it specifies that the ACIP/CDC "recommendations" would be required. Multiple doses of Hep A, Rotavirus, Pneumococcal and Influenza (Yearly) starting at 6 months would be added to the current 10 antigens mandated for school children.

    If passed, AB 1992 would become effective on July 1, 2019 and be implemented by the State Department of Social Services without further legislative review. CALL NOW!!

    Christina Hildebrand


    A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc.

  44. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Wildfires rage across Europe as countries battle intense heat wave / Strange Sounds – Jul 31, 2018
    As a scorching heat wave engulfs large parts of Europe this summer, fires have torn through dozens of countries across the European Union. From Germany to France to Sweden, countries in Western Europe are set for another intense heat wave this week with temperatures soaring above 90 degrees. As firefighters continue to battle treacherous blazes that have killed scores of people, here’s a look at what some European countries face as wildfires continue to scorch large swaths of land.

  45. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    As California burns, many fear the future of extreme fire has arrived  /  UK Guardian
    Recent California wildfires in California are notable for their ferocity. At least six people have died, including two firefighters, in the past month in fires that continue to blaze, and 44 died as a result of last year’s wine country fires. The conflagrations have also spawned bizarre pyrotechnics, from firenados to towering pyrocumulus clouds that evoke a nuclear detonation.  These events are not aberrations, say experts. They are California’s future. …. As the climate shifts, so does fire behavior. Summers are longer and drier. Sometimes the winter rains are meager for years, as in the recent five-year drought. Sometimes, like this year, they are torrential, producing explosive plant growth that, several months later, desiccates into prime accelerant.  The needle is moving, but where it will stop is anybody’s guess. … the Carr fire is one of “a bunch of large fires which have behaved in uncharacteristic ways” in recent years in the west. … Of the firenado on Roger Gray’s homey street, he said: “A lot of people have said they’ve never seen anything like this.  I’ve never seen anything like this. We can’t look at this as a one time incident. We have to look at it as: what if it continues to happen?” …  firefighters getting worn down and becoming unable to do their jobs at this intensity for long periods of time, as California’s fire season grows longer. … Scientists emphasize that climate change is not the only way humans are implicated in California’s astonishing fires and should not be used to “relinquish local or individual responsibility” said University of Oregon researcher Mark Carey. Increasingly people are building in risky areas, and forest managers have allowed stands to grow too dense.
    Photo of pyrocumulus cloud:

    • Dale K. says:

      Kym Kemp
      July 31, 2018

      The Carr Fire continues to expand reaching 110,154 acres but it is now 27% contained. Almost 16,000 people are still evacuated even though some residents have been allowed to return home.

      The communities of Lewiston, Igo, Ono, and Gas Point face ongoing threats, according to the Northern California Geographic Coordination Center (ONCC). “884 residences and 347 outbuildings have been destroyed, 169 residences have been damaged and damage assessment is ongoing.”

    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  New fire outbreak in California east of Round Valley (Covelo). Mandatory evacuations.  We have three more months before…..hopefully the rainy season.  A few years ago there was no rain until December!!

  46. simone says:

    Wildfires have swept through Greece, killing scores of people and countless animals… MAN-IGNITED FLAMES are Here, There, Everywhere… 

    FROM DANE WIGINGTON: for the record, our attorneys reached out to “Earth Justice” attorneys, they will not touch the climate engineering issue. Our attorneys have reached out to all the major environmental groups, none will touch the critical issue of geoengineering. All are more worried about protecting their “non-profit” status while the entire biosphere implodes. This is the reality we face, it is up to us to hold these unimaginably hypocritical environmental organizations publicly accountable.


    • Vivian says:

      Just about every organization that starts out good gets taken over by the evil ones. How? They are constantly looking, in order to take over. First, they get one corrupt person in, pretending to want to do good, offering a lot of money for the cause in order to be part of the board. Then that person gets more evil ones in, and sabotages the good folks so they end up leaving. It's that simple. That's how evil agendas keep taking over. 

  47. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Dane has mentioned the 9/11 Architects and Engineers report a number of times.  For those who have ears, etc…

    I've had this video on hand for several years, but have refrained from posting it on Geoengineering Watch.  This morning's perusal of the "web" just became too much to stomach… Here's today's spoon full of sugar in Mary Poppins vill: >

    I discovered a recent Tweet from our unruly commander in thief, and it seems he's convinced that there are no laws against collusion.  So it only follows, that collusion must be "a good thing" for all passengers with stuffed wallets and empty souls.  Please review the video cited.  It's all about stuffed wallets, collusion, mass murder, > public ignorance of fact < and things that need to fall down.

    I awoke the morning of my 50th birthday (9/11/2001) to news of one of the most obvious crimes in human history.  Sorry folks, you can't melt through 5 inches of steel plate with any regular acetylene cutting torch, much less a kerosene enhanced office fire.  There have been no criminal arrests to date.

    9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!    Published on Oct 31, 2012

  48. gene maynard says:

    Here in S.E. Wilmington it has rained in deluges everyday but a couple for at least last three weeks. Maybe the moisture has to be moved North but it seems more than that. It's like they are preparing the ground, keeping it saturated so it can be easily flooded.

  49. Pedro says:

    To All.

    What I don't know is why the quick intervention teams, that should be in prevention mode on the terrain (in ALL countries) do not have big fire extinguishers to promote very quick response to the fires at the beginning of the ignitions, instead of hoes and other equipments that require muscle power, and which are slow. The water should be used after the intervention with the fire extinguishers for the aftermath, or for situation of fires which are out of control, and hundreds of quick teams should be in prevention mode, guarding in the terrain, with the support of the surveillance teams on the towers (in high places) and surveillance made by aircraft.

    (contrary to what some can think, fire extinguishers with an extension placed on the pointer of the tube of where the materials are sprayed, are very effective for flames under 3 or 4 meters high).

    Fire extinguishers with 20 or 25 kg of deposit should be in use (for all special quick intervention teams), to be carried, specially adapted as a back pack, on the backs of the fire soldiers.

    Also there are hydroplanes which can load up to 12 tons of water in a few minutes, these airplanes have an autonomy of 3000 km (China has one model). These aircraft can work in relatively short extensions of water for taking off and "docking". These are much better than the the "solution" of the toxic red powders which are thrown over the ecosystems by the other aircrafts. 

    And also and even more important, is the fact that the climate engineers can produce heavy rain if they want. But instead they are feeding the fires.

    The system is rotten.

    >>>> This is what I don't know: why the firefighters of the quick intervention teams do not work with big fire extinguishers?


  50. Pete says:

    Brilliant report and thank you for giving such in depth detail to an area that was grabbing my attention too. I realize we have to stick to what can be proven and not be swayed by unconfirmed claims. We all need reminding that there are legions of people out there to discredit truth and those who mean well but bark up the wrong tree..

    We are human and emotions can take over especially in such adversity, I can certainly be guilty of that on occasion but we have to re-focus, we have to report on viable truth, we have reach out to those masses not yet awake.

    The devastation over there is so sad indeed and my heart goes out to the people all over the world – we must rise together…

    • Dale K. says:

      Another fire breaks out in Mendocino County (in addition to the Ranch and River fires). 
      #EelFire [update] off Indian Dick Road and Mendocino Pass Road, east of Covelo (Mendocino County).  Evacuations in progress for Mendocino Pass Road.

  51. Dennie says:

    Dane:  THANK YOU for being a voice of sanity, logic and rationality in a chaotic universe of swirling hysteria that, just like the fires, is growing exponentially.  We have people getting into virtual knock-down drag-out philosophical fights over logic itself (they're not very logical) who, as adults, can't tell the difference between opinions and provable facts, which is something that everyone should be able to do by the end of the third grade– so much for the Uhmerukun educational system, or maybe people really do just wanna believe in the biggest Lies, er, FAIRY TALES, as often as "they" can throw 'em at us 😉  STAY SAFE, and God Bless!!

  52. Sean says:

    Hey Dane, 

    Any idea when they will no longer even be capable of making any area anomalously cool due to the consistently rising baselines we're having? 

    I just looked the forecast for Taipai Taiwan. The heat index there for next monday is projected to be just shy of 133f. If that materializes, it's absolutely insane conditions.

    As it is now, they currently have a heat index of 118f at noon today.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      The planetary climate collapse is already in a runaway state. Every day the climate climate engineers continue their toxic attempt to mask the severity of biosphere disintagration, they are fueling the overall fire. We must completely alter the current course, or we will not be here much longer, any of us. About the heat index, many regions have long since hit levels that are incredibly high, FYI

      Lets make every day count in the effort to credibly sound the alarm.


  53. Virginia says:

    This report is an incredibly important and interesting explanation of recent events and a very big help to those of us who do not have the experience to sort out the wheat from the chaff.  Dane, thank you for this piece and for the time it took from your busy schedule to write it.   So many different areas of coverage that we need to be aware of.  Your broad spectrum of knowledge amazes me and thanks again for your ability to share it with us.  Stay safe and well.  Peace.

  54. Dr. Hans J. Kugler, former prof. of chemistry at RU Chicago says:

    Actually aluminum is a – – affecting plant/tree metabolism – – plant poison.

    When even small amounts of aluminum get into ground water, trees start to slow down water uptake to a point that they become kindling.

    2015 data clearly showed that – relative to past years – large wildfires (1,000+ acres) had doubled from 12,000+/year to 24,000+ per year.

    Newer data suggest that the aluminum/wildfire problem has further increased to tripling, possibly even quadrupling.

    Brainless and illogical, as this SRM high altitude spraying is, we must keep up the effort to take these VooDoo apprentices – carbon interests – to court and hold them responsible.

    • karen says:

      Thank you for your comment.  As Dane has been saying..we are out of control!

    • simone says:


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dr. Kugler, Wow, guess I missed this back in January.  Thank you.  Let the court drama begin!!  Have you published papers on this?  People do seem to have trouble understanding, yet in so few words you made it clear.

  55. mars says:

    Wow first time visitor to your site. Brave and brilliant. You must have a super staff. Keep the watch going as you are doing a priceless service to your fellow humans. Peace

  56. Sharlene says:

    Regarding the Tubbs Fire that just completely ravaged my home town of Santa Rosa- geoengineering is clearly a factor, but my question is why? And why us, it is so random? What is being gained from all of this? It's driving me crazy driving around and seeing all the loss and destruction and not having answers! Thanks. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Sharlene, the answers to your questions are complex, and many. The varioius PowerPoint presentations on the home page of can fill in some of the blanks. Thank you for continueing your investigation of the critical climate engineering issue.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Look into the Agenda 21 plan for 'sustainable development' for Santa Rosa Sharlene. It looks like coincidentally- the exact area set aside for this program are the areas hit by sudden vicious firestorms appearing out of nowhere. Look on you tube, there are some very good narratives to be found. You can't make this stuff up. We should ALL watch very carefully what is done with the redevelopment of these areas.

  57. Susan says:

    Thanks to all who post here. This site is the only place on earth where I can find people who will rationally discuss the truth about what’s going on in the world. Even my best friends, most of whom are educators, will not discuss geoengineering. I am desperate to find folks like you in my area to talk to and work with. I live 2 hours north of Spokane, WA. Anybody else live up here?

    • Lynton Grayson says:

      Hi Susan,

      i live in Australia and go through the same crap here. People call me a conspiracy theories. Maybe if the sheep woke up and looked up they see would see what’s going 

    • Sarita Rick says:

      I live in Spokane , I don't remember there was ever a problem with wildfires when I was growing up , now every single summer we are surrounded by wildfires. They have been spraying us pretty much non stop for months. I wish they'd stop , I don't know what can be done to make them stop.  Another thing they and their families live on this planet too and they are killing them and society as well.

    • sharon s says:

      I have forwarded Dane's reports to my Facebook page, but all for one woke person responding, all the others are "crickets." Don't want to know, don't want to be depressed, want to keep their heads firmly shoved between their butt cheeks.

  58. Ann in pdx says:

    Dane, thank you for your excellent explanations about the fires and the impossibility of laser directed weapons at this time. Credibility is very important. The melted metals and glass, and the standing trees, and the sudden spontaneously ignited multiple locations had me going! Some the locations of the fires were said to be "northern Cali " I thought about your area. Since you're writing here, you must be safe? Thank you for your tireless work. Passing out booklets.

  59. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Many plants and trees that should be able to handle Full Sun 6 hours + per day are actually suffering from scortched foliage. Of course the UV measurements are grossly underreported. There were 361 Record High, Low temperatures set across the U.S. during the first week of October. Meaning that the Low (minimum) temperatures are not dropping to the averages. The overnight temperatures are warmer than normal.

    • Claudia says:

      Get yourself a hand held infrared thermometer and do your own check.

      In the Socal area, it's 80 on my normal outdoor thermometer says 80, and holding infrared to my plants at 9am with the east sun, registered 110, now thats off the charts, and this is the fall; can't even imagine what the real summer readings would be.  Good luck with that.


  60. Anon says:

    That Fungus is everywhere. It is killing so many tree's it is literally unconceivable. I am not sure what people will think next year at this same time.

    Probably they won't be thinking too much because the black crap up in those man-made clouds will have destroyed their Penal Gland and their soul.

    What a shame this is to the cognitive thinker's that still have some sort of Brain left.

    Oh well, it will certainly be hard to tell the people that have been told.

    So many will meet their Fate at the hands of the Criminal's doing this.

  61. Jane says:

    Some random thoughts from CT.  Last night we had a wind advisory which was posted after the winds whipped up to 35 – 40 mph.  Seems to go along with my observation that the weather forecasters spend little time anymore truly forecasting, rather they just review the weather of the day.  Anything forecasted seems totally wrong here and not many people seem to get it.  "It's clouded over" is a phrase seemingly programmed into people's brains.  A forecasted sunny day of 90 actually ends up being a cloudy day of 75.  Our trees are green with about 10% foliage.  Mid-October should be the exact opposite – 90% foliage with 10% green leaves.  Are we heading for another destructive Snowtober event?  Could that be the northeast catastrophe coming?   Apparently its fire prevention week and all signage here is about knowing "two ways out".  Ludicrous considering California.  As if we have control.  Two weeks ago I saw a single plume sprayed across a magnificent blue sky.  It was very large, very long, very wide and very low.  So unusual.  Really the largest, widest, lowest trail I have seen to date.  I took pictures.  I find that is the only way to get people to look up.  They all want to know what is in the sky that is worth taking a picture of.   Sometimes I just stand on a sidewalk with my hand shielding my eyes looking up when there are noticeable trails.  That also seems to work.  Otherwise most peoples head are buried in their phones.

    • Shirley Holman says:

      Jane, your last sentence about peoples' heads being buried in their phones made something occur to me which never has before. Could this be why the massive global push for people to buy cellphones, tablets, etc.? To get their attention to focus downward instead of upwards? To not take in anything around them? Even if not, it sure works for the geoengineering program…

  62. wovoka says:

    If there is aerial dispersion of nano aluminum , this would accelerate flammability & intensity of fires as aluminum is also a desiccant. I refer now to the N. Calif  fires. In the nearby east bay area, I see many oaks dying, literally splitting in half down to the roots. They are infested with boring beetles & black fungi.

  63. Pedro says:

    The video is from: Live Stream TV News, " LIVE (big dot) WILDFIRES Calif 10-15-17 EVACUATION SANTA ROSA, SONOMA NAPA NUNS POCKET ATLAS TUBBS WILD FIRE "    .


  64. Pedro says:


    In this video they say that firefighters from 1000 different departments and from 5 States are involved in the work to put out the fires..

    We are talking in how many men?, 20.000, 200.000??

    I saw many videos, and we didn't stay with the idea of a massive mobilization of Human resources, and equipments.

    I know that the area is about 300 square km.

    I'm just saying.

    Love, grief and Respect for the victims and their relatives.

  65. ecoD says:

    How do you all feel about the board game Monopoly?  IMHO people either love this game or hate it, depending upon their values.  I hate it–and I remember when I was a kid and we'd play this game, there would always be some jerk who had everything and wanted to keep playing while everyone else had walked away.  And the game only got that far because the jerk had the luck to land on Park Place (or whatever) first which gave them the "right" to fleece the rest of us when we landed on "their" square.

    When people ask "but WHY would they do this???" here is a BIG peice of the puzzle, and the Monopoly angle:

    Puerto Rico, Houston, Northern CA are all MAJOR paydays for SOMEONE

    Bonus: these catastrophes also clear the way for the globalist hegemon to rebuild in a manner that suits their agenda–part of which involves killing as many of us as possible, and shoving the rest of us into refugee camps while taking as much territory as they can for themselves. Poor people and the working class (and regardless of economic labels like professional/servicer provider/etc we are all working class UNLESS you have a PORTFOLIO) are pushed out/relocated into stacked boxes as feeder fish for the rentier society while every city and place in the US becomes part of their playground. See New Orleans for an example of this. 

    And of course, there's the synthetic terror aspect, keeping us all afraid of each other while they play us like a violin.  

    And don't forget that the most recent round of fires started when the las vegas official story was starting to collapse.  people are waking up and they had to redirect the sleeping masses before it really got out of their control. 

    Dane– I wish to honor your integrity and your efforts here. This is one of the few websites that I visit daily, and I do so to remind myself that I am not alone.  Thanks to everyone who posts here and especially those who share what they are doing to help. 

    I am doing my part and will keep doing more to help people get the facts and wake up to what is being done to this precious planet and to all the life forms which share it with us.  Next year I will be touring with my "museum of tin foil hat conspiracy" exhibit, and I will be staging the first full production of my play.  As part of both efforts, flyers and information will be prominently displayed for people to read and take home–artists have a part to play in this battle for life on this planet, and I intend to do my small part.  Blessings to you all. 



  66. sergio davide cogliati says:

    estate 2017 in Italia dominata dagli incendi boschivi i quali hanno distrutto notevoli ettari di terreno ” vergine ” ammazzando inoltre le forme di vita di quei luoghi, animali terrorizzati tentando una fuga impossibile nei territori infuocati come un girone infernale…R.I.P. Qui in Italia si è parlato di incendi dolosi creati da mano ” umana ” ma viste le dimensioni e la distribuzione su larga scala che ha coinvolto molti luoghi dell’ Italia si può parlare di associazione a delinquere, ”qualcuno ” si è messo d’ accordo ed ha organizzato questi terribili eventi. Rimane la terra bruciata consumata dalle fiamme; dalle mie parti si dice: ” sbagliare è umano perseverare è diabolico ” ciao

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Sergio Davide Cogliati.

      You're right my friend, these fires are harnessed and prepared by the powers instituted with the aim of creating doom and crisis. Even the way prevention and fire-fighting strategy works, it is designed to limit the technical and human potentials of those who fight them. There has to be vigilance and immediate action with the right strategy and equipments, and this often fails. There must always be many teams already on the ground, always of prevention. Of course, we have the huge problem of the aerosols that are sprayed incessantly on our Forests and cities, as these aerosols are made up of flammable nano particles (such as the aluminum) which also cause a desiccant effect on the Trees. At the end we still have the huge problem that is related to how the air column can be manipulated by the electromagnetic transmitters, because the air is saturated with metallic particles and it is possible to produce strong wind if these criminals so wish, or the contrary. Moreover, with these techniques of "climatic engineering" it is possible to produce RAIN, but apparently somebody decided that it was not the right time to rain, during these days of hell in California, Italy and many other countries that have suffered with the fires. If the People wake up, they will suffer the Law.

      Tu hai ragione il mio amico, questi fuochi sono sfruttati e preparati dai poteri istituiti allo scopo di creare disgrazie e crisi. Anche il modo in cui la strategia di previsione e antincendio funziona, è progettata per limitare le potenzialità tecniche e umane di coloro che li combattono. Ci deve essere vigilanza e azione immediata con la strategia giusta, e questo spesso fallisce. Ci devono sempre essere molte squadre già in terra, sempre in loco. Naturalmente, abbiamo il grande problema di aerosol vengono spruzzati incessantemente sulle nostre foreste e città, in quanto questi aerosol sono costituiti da particelle nano infiammabili (come l'alluminio) che causano anche un effetto di essiccazione sugli alberi. Alla fine abbiamo ancora il grave problema che è legato al modo in cui la colonna d'aria può essere manipolato da trasmettitori electromagéticos, perché l'aria è satura di particelle metalliche e può produrre forte vento questi criminali desiderano, o altrimenti. Inoltre, con queste tecniche di "ingegneria climatica" è possibile produrre pioggia, ma apparentemente qualcuno ha deciso che non era il momento giusto per piovere durante questi giorni di inferno in California, in Italia e in molti altri paesi che hanno subito con gli incendi. Se la gente si sveglia, soffrirà la legge.


    • Pedro says:

      …OVER our Forests and cities…


  67. Anon says:

    We all are getting poisoned from every direction. Now its coming out about Canada's Toxic secret in Cancer Valley in Sarnia. Even the M.O.E. doesn't do anything about it. A huge stack of papers documenting such events of spills and leaks. But nothing gets done about it.

    I guess them Fireman are pretty Fkn Stupid when they laughed at the girl asking them if they knew about the toxins being sprayed overhead.

    Yes they want the leaves gone from the trees.

    Apparently the big marketing club want us gone also. They ride around in their big fancy cars and SUV's. Or even their airplanes. The amount of people involved in this operation of making everything ill or dead has got to be a huge racket. Just like the lottery.

    Trace it back to one thing and one thing only. It's all about the money.

    Fcking up the world or themselves means nothing. Just Greed. The more money the more better it makes a better feeling supposedly.

  68. vb says:

    I read that there were 1500 fires burning this summer.  Being up in Northern Idaho, I could barely breathe air from the smoke filled sky. I stayed indoors alot with an air filter.  Now back in FL for the winter, I've been cleaning up a big mess from the hurricane.  There seems to be no escaping the wrath of those playing God.

  69. Dennie says:

    There was reporting today on NPR news the discrepancies in law enforcement's timelines regarding the shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  That something is rotten in the state of Nevada IS making it into the news.

    • jefe says:

      I heard a morning commuter talk radio host last week saying as much about the "official story": the whole thing stinks.  I tried to send him a supportive email (Brian Sussman at KSFO) but it got kicked back to me.  He mentioned that the station has been inundated by people who totally contradicted the "official" lies.  A young woman named Kymberley Suchomel posted a lengthy piece on FB describing multiple shooters in the crowd she was part of recently was found dead in her bed.  You can be sure she won't get mentioned by the lamestream.

  70. Bija says:

    Can anyone explain why so few media outlets, mockingbird or truthers, are talking about these fires? I have to dig for every morsel of news or updates on the situation! I know folks who are evacuated, burned out, and missing, having lived in Marin and the Bay Area for many years. This is a freakin' big deal!!! But no shortage of spilling and swilling about Harvey Weinstein. But an unprecedented disaster of this magnitude that is still ongoing…hardly worth featuring. Soon it will be shoved to the waste bin of old news, like Harvey and Maria. The attention span and the level of caring and compassion of this world has hit an all time low. Or maybe we are just too overwhelmed with catastrophe after catastrophe to keep pace. Seems fallen Hollyweird Icons only qualify as newsworthy. Sure hope Weinstein doesn't self- combust, cause no one will give a damn!

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘Can anyone explain why so few media outlets, mockingbird or truthers, are talking about these fires?’

      My guess is, it’s because so few people are affected by them. Also, more people died from other stuff, so, it’s not really ‘news’.

      Where is your outrage for those killed by other means?

      Besides, it’s football and political season. Who cares.

      i wish it weren’t so.

      Also, what do you mean when you say, ‘mockingbird or truthers’? What’s that mean to you? The first part is new to me.

    • Frank Emkey says:

      Media coverage would draw attention to the extreme conditions. Questions may arise. Can't have too many ppl figuring out what's really going on here. So they keep it from the collective psyche all together.  Fake news strategy 101

  71. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Thank you to Dennie, for the helpful info ….the tea tree in olive oil, etc.  And I suspected aluminum too, so thank you for confirmation.

    My favorite drive, when I lived and worked in Bay Area for many years (Palo Alto-Menlo Park), was Marin to Big Sur on the weekends, and going to Calistoga was such a treat.  I am now in La Jolla, and ocean is across the street….if fire heads this way, I guess I will drive up to higher ground, Mt Soledad.  (Or maybe plunge into the ocean!?  There are some fires in San Bernardino Mtn areas nearby.  Please be safe in Marin, Dennie!  (PS  Do you play music in those places you mentioned?)

    Prayers of safety and miracles of renewal/strength for all near or in the fire areas….does not seem to be slowing yet.  

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I won two auditions with Santa Rosa Symphony, moved on to play a major off-broadway run of Phantom of the Opera in S.F. for five years and have played weddings in:  Petaluma, Bodega Bay, Sebastopol; Sonoma:  Private residences on Sonoma Mountain, Viansa Winery, Gloria Ferrer Winery, Jacuzzi Winery, B. R. Cohn Winery; Santa Rosa: (at the now defunct, burned-to-the-ground) Paradise Ridge Winery, Kendall Jackson Winery, St. Rose Catholic Church, Hans Fahden Winery; Forestville: Farmhouse Inn; Healdsburg: Bishop's Ranch (solo violin for the wedding of L. Davis Bynum, pioneer in biodynamic grape growing & organic production); Hop Kiln Winery, Healdsburg Country Gardens; Hopland: Frey Vineyards; Napa Valley:  St. Helena Catholic Church and Mission; Harvest Inn; Beaulieu Gardens and Beaulieu Winery; Hall Vineyards; V. Sattui Winery; California Culinary Institute; Auberge du Soleil; Meadowood Country Club; Silverado Golf Club (burned);  You see, the area is heavily invested in GRAPES.  

  72. marc says:

    Gee, just when recreational cannabis sales are about to become legal in Ca. (Jan, 2018) and right before harvest time, there magically emerges a sudden, suspicious, and widespread incidence of fires in or near the so-called "Emerald Triangle", a relatively tight-knit region of cannabis farms which includes Sonoma, Mendocino, Trinity and Humboldt. Oh? Just a natural disaster? Oh, really? 

      No, it's not the first time in California history that fires have taken out pot farms. But the destruction this time around in this small region is unprecedented. My heart is broken for the thousands who've lost everything they ever owned, and for the loved ones lost and still missing. If these fires are ever proven to have been the direct result of intent, be it individual or corporate or military, I pity the assholes at fault for the unbearable karma they will have accrued by virtue of their heinous actions. And perhaps it could be argued that, in the bigger picture, the blame for this can already be placed squarely upon the shoulders of the military geoengineers and/or the whoring contractors who, whether by just blank-minded order-following, or through unbridled greed, or a combination of both, have unwittingly OR intentionally forced our lands and forests into such a state of extreme stress that such catastrophes as these were absolutely inevitable.

    • Bija says:

      Marc, I totally agree. These reprehensible, bad actors are coming back as cockroaches for eternities.

      Another thing that has weighed heavily on my mind is why firefighters, first line responders to these wildly unprecedented fires, are not speaking out. Every news story I have read has included the fact that these fires came out of nowhere and spread with shocking speed and ferocity. These men and women who understand the physics of fire more than anyone must know this is a new beast, and a man-made one at that! 

      A few years back, I lived across from a park in central Tucson where the local fire team would practice their skills and often play ball. I would be out there walking my dogs, swearing under my breath at the heavily geoengineered skies. One day, I walked up to the group of firemen as they were heading back to their trucks. I asked them if they were concerned about the overhead spraying and all the visibly dead and dying trees. I handed them one of my geoengineering cards, which I almost always had on me. The one guy who responded said he didn't see anything in the sky but clouds, and they all looked at me like I had two heads. I walked away, very dismayed as they were chuckling – no doubt at the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut. They put their lives on the line every day, even more so with the altered soil chemistry, extreme dry conditions and aerosolized heavy metals super-heating everything. I just can't believe none of them know! When the Prescott Hot Shots died, I bet they were faced with something out of the ordinary. I'm just guessing. 

      These incredibly brave men and women need to add their voices to those who are waking up and speaking out…loudly and urgently! Thanks for the incredible work they do and here's hoping they bring right as well as might to fighting these fires. Dane and everyone in Northern Ca, please keep us informed and keep this in the public eye!

    • helot says:

      Yeesh, when you say, ‘These incredibly brave men and women need to add their voices to those who are waking up and speaking out…’ I think maybe you need to back-off on the official worship throttle.

      Maybe it’s ’cause I’m not afraid of fire or heights or danger much, but I don’t find nothing brave about their jobs.
      Even more-so, I find nothing brave about people who are silent about geo-engineering. Just walk up to one and ask them, you might just find they are quivering cowards who are afraid to confront the truth. …I dare ya.

  73. Jeff Naish says:

    I agree Dane. The wildfires and skyies in CA show the proof

    its from climate eng. Keep the fight up its going to be exposed.

    I direction people to this website all the time. Alabama is pounded like Ca.


  74. Christine says:

    HOW NANO particles ignite?? There are MAny resources on this issue, for example
    and the most important section in it, quote:
    "For instance, nanosized aluminum has been found to ignite at a rather low ignition temperature of approximately 900 K, which is below aluminum's melting point, as a result of the oxidation of the aluminum. By comparing the ignition of thermites prepared with nano- and micrometer-sized particles, researchers found that micron powder ignited at 610°C, while the nanopowders already ignited at 100°C. "
    Any connection to the super fast spreading 'wild' fires???

  75. penny waters says:

    dear all across the water

    have seen pictures of fires and mountain sides of dead trees in california.

    have stuff sent to me by 'the big wobble' – report of ireland fish farms destroyed by unnatural no of jellyfish stinging fish.

    solar minimum – earthquakes apearing in the ring of fire and elsewhere – if the influence of the sun lessens – does that means the inside of this lil ol piece of dirt will be released – earthquakes will clog up the sky – and civilisations fall – so it is in history – seems to be now too – will they stop the geoengineering if the too warm sun is blocked by volcanic debris

    disasters happening everywhere. wealthy get it too. richard branson hit by hurricanes in virgin islands – tax haven?

    have to say felt no compassion – dreadful – but cannot help it – bloated self – centred – another parasite.

    now have hurricane heading our way to uk. reported it would get hot so expected sunshine but no – skies filled with filth but heat unknown to me – feel of it – alien

    have to get all the apples and pairs in

    will my old roof stand it – think maybe tarp time – but how to hold it down in a hurricane!!

    and my gutters strain at the best of times – nature is certainly biting back

    the problem for me is i know that people 'in charge' haven't got a clue about the natural world – so whatever they try and do – everything will just get worse

    we can't control nature – we have to follow it!!!!

    still prefer to be wide awake though

    take care all of you out there – creatures full of light

    love pen


  76. herb says:

    I have a question.  What happens when a signee of an insurance policy perishes in a disaster ?  Can you a sign someone else to that policy along with yourself ?  sry 2 questions.  Not altogether sure I want to know the answer.    be safe all

  77. david says:

    That satellite video of the wind blowing in two directions is very strange.  It looks like the wind blowing to the NE is at a higher level than that blowing to the SW.  How does that happen even with the manipulation.  It seems like it would be impossible.  

  78. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was Farmers Market #23, 2 more to go. Today's market was even slimmer than last week. Cool weather. However, I did have a significant amount of visitors. It sure feels good to send concerned folks off with a big handful of good information. I changed the front signage on the booth this week. Worked pretty good considering the low traffic at the market and the amount of folks that stopped by. I also stood outside the booth and did a lot of looking up. We were treated to a chemical ice nucleation and microwave extravaganza this afternoon. I watched a fighter jet disperse an aerosol trail in a complete circle around a large cloud floating by itself. In 20 minutes the cloud was literally gone. Nothing but silver blue and an aerosol circle left by the jet. This evening when I got home, just after sun down, still light. I was surrounded by walls of precipitation off in the distance. Dark plasma, non definitive conglomeration of blah. Just glad it wasn't over my own place. God only knows what's in the precipitation after the fighter jets have done their specific crop dusting. Sure could use the rain though, things are pretty dusty here. All our rain has been sent to the Spokane area and beyond.

    Seriousness and a little funny: Seriously, I am surprised more folks aren't doing what I am doing(tending a booth). Tell me something more important than averting "game over" and I'll accept your excuse. I think to myself, "I am just a simple man and I can do this". There are so many way more smarter than I am(grammar intended). Where are they? I've been asked by folks that stop by the booth, "why am I doing this?", "what good can we do?", "we can't stop them". My answer is always the same, "How would you know if you haven't tried" and "when I die and go to meet my maker, I will shake his hand and thank him for a good life, I did my best to fight for the greater good", "I cared". I enjoy the reactions I get from such statements. Often the one on one, stranger to stranger exchange is quite honest.

    And for a funny, I have taught my dog to act out what is running through our minds when a fighter jet comes near. I get my cabin buzzed at least once a week. He does such a good job of ramming through the screen door and out to ward off the evil he hears but can't always see. He does look up and he has seen a few jets up in the sky. Mostly though, he's just standing by Dad, ready and on guard. Hey, if I can't my friends to get excited about those jets intruding on us, at least I can get my dog to join me(grin).

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Mishelle Shepard says:

      Thank you for this inspiring update! I'm glad to read at least your dog is an enthusiastic witness of your care! 🙂  I often think what I can do more. The effects in the sky are more insidious here in East TX and we live quite rural, no farmers markets in the area. We don't get regular aerosols that are visible and folks are not equating the lack of rain with weather modification programs b/c the weather reports on the MSM are full of manipulated data that reports on any slight sprinkle within the entire region making it seem like it's all normal. 

      I write a blog and often include geoengineering links and references, but I don't get much sense that it's helping raise much awareness at all.  Even when I point out to friends and tell them how it's working they just shrug.  They trust the engineers know what they are doing!  Oh my!

      Hubby and I have become so 'normalized' to it all now we mostly just joke, 'oh look, spray day! Guess no rain again for us. Better go water the garden.'

        Sad truth I know, but at least the truth.

    • helot says:

      This is pretty amazing: ‘I watched a fighter jet disperse an aerosol trail in a complete circle around a large cloud floating by itself. In 20 minutes the cloud was literally gone. Nothing but silver blue and an aerosol circle left by the jet.’

      I’ve never read anything like that. Wow!

      When you say, ‘I am surprised more folks aren’t doing what I am doing(tending a booth). Tell me something more important than averting “game over” and I’ll accept your excuse.’

      Yes, you called me out. I have failed. Perhaps, I’ve about given up on humanity. I look at the sports stadiums filled with warshippers and I ’bout give up all hope. None-the-less, I’m inspired by your efforts.
      I still talk to people from time to time. I met a 19 year old awhile back while fishing and filled him in. He was receptive. I told him he gave me hope for the future. He was so unlike my 19 yr. old know-nothing, game-boy nephew who couldn’t give a rats ass less, much the same as the six other older family members I’ve tried to inform.

      Man, what’s wrong with people that they refuse to be open to something which threatens their perception of reality, and their very life, I. Don’t. Know.

      Cowardliness, I suppose.

      The 19yr. old I met, didn’t ask, ‘”what good can we do?” he asked, ‘what can WE do’ ?

      I told him we can inform others and build awareness so maybe ‘something’ can be done. And, we can do things to detoxify ourselves so we live longer. Then, I told him about eating foods such as cilantro and taking magnesium and D3 and K2, that sort of stuff. I think it sunk in. But, I danged sure know it didn’t sink into my family members. Which is a downer. Ha! Funny that, I got called a, ‘downer’ by family for bringing all this up, and here i was thinking i was being positive and trying to provide solutions. … odd world we live in.

      I’m weak for not opening an information booth, you say, ‘Tell me something more important than’… one excuse is, i don’t want my significant other to suffer for my actions… psft, it don’t matter the excuse. I’m weak, i failed, i might as well be a clueless fireman, …and, I admire your courage doing that which I have not.

      @Mishelle Shepard, RE: ‘We don’t get regular aerosols that are visible’

      THAT, is simply incredible to me. We get them so often here in Iowa, and so blatantly, like in the photos above, it’s like they are planting row-crops. I cannot imagine what you are saying. What do you get, full white-out skies all the times, or what?

    • Mishelle Shepard says:

      Helot, thanks for this reply and question. I do think it helps a lot, at least for me, to hear these stories of one-on-one connection being made as with this young person who was so receptive. It does give me hope to hear this, b/c you never know the one person you touch who then goes on to touch one more, or maybe even many more.  We need not all open booths, scream from the rooftops, or become Dane to make an impact. That is not lack of courage in most cases I would say, it is personality differences, and it takes a variety of voices and styles to reach some individuals.  I know it sounds pretty 'woo woo' but I believe we send out resonate fields just by paying attention to these things that get picked up on and become more expansive even through serious thought.  But, beliefs aside . . .

      Not only do we not have consistent 'spray days' we also still get blue skies with white puffy clouds that would fool the best of us. We also get the weather whiplash and silver-white skies and the ubiquitous trails on occasion, including these 'microwaved skies'. I notice b/c I'm outside constantly and looking for it, ever since I first noticed it and started researching online.  I don't 'point to the sky and rant' as Dane likes to caution against, but I do know, if folks can't see it, if it's not in their faces, they won't get it. Even when it is directly in their faces they still often don't get it.

      I know other areas have it much worse than we do right now and I really get that it's a crucial issue that must be addressed and reach a critical mass, that's why I'm here.  But I also think there's a different strategy for different regions, depending on what is the culture and the effects in that area that folks can really connect with. We've got hurricanes in one area, floods in another, fires to the west, and the temps so high here I can't get a winter garden planted before the frosts come.  It's hard for anyone to grasp the whole when the parts are falling apart.

      Anyway, just some random reactions to your reply. Very best in reaching that next 19year old 🙂 

    • Tanya says:

      Thank you "a" simple horseman. Your perseverance and determination stand as shining examples for us all. For me, I have been very verbal for over 10 years. Here in Maine we are sprayed so heavily and I can actually feel it in my lungs. I do my detox protocols daily and still struggle with cognitive ability. I can see why so many just don't care. Fluoridation Mercury glyphosate vaccines and this is just what they've admitted to. I was once considered well-educated and respected in my field and I'm now considered the conspiracy theorist. And the reason that I am not more public is that I almost lost shared parental right over my 11 year old last year because of my views, ie telling the trurh. Today I am battling my child's father because he insists on the full vaccination schedule put out by the CDC. I like how you think Horseman. 

      Respectfully, Tanya

  79. Anna says:

    My husband went to high school in Santa Rosa, and was shocked at the severity of the fires, as well as the photos of the charred houses and city park. My older sister lives in Napa and was widowed almost a year ago. She was terrified of being alone during the fires. Luckily, she (and her house) escaped without harm, but she remains highly traumatized along with everyone else who has suffered in the path of these monster, out of control fires.

    Every so-called "natural" disaster that is happening in such back to back fashion lately, from the on-going hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires in northern & southern CA, & in our state of Montana that recently burned over a million acres of forest, to the recent shootings in LV, to the volcano erupting in Japan, and god-knows what will happen tomorrow on the "Evil Ones' Playlist"…registers immediately as one word in my brain and on my lips: "Engineered" !!! And I now say this to everyone who crosses my path, be it friend or stranger: Every single "disaster" here in the US is fake, with fake, engineered events and details. However, they are also real lies with a real agenda: to disable, harm, confuse, and kill as many of us as possible, in as many ways as possible. So spread the word! Just spill out the truth that we understand here on this website. There is nothing more to lose except our souls now. So no more cowardice! Be brave and tell the truth, and it shall set all of us free.

    i love you all for your honesty, especially Dane! His bravery blows me away and is a shinning example for all of us to follow.            

  80. Dan says:

    If you do not believe this toxic fallout isn't real try this. Next time you have to scrape "so called frost" off of your windshield in the morning leave a few strips and then when it warms up past the freezing mark and you think it has all melted away look at your windshield again. If you are like me you will be disgusted with what is left on your windshield. This crap is like trying to scrape cement off. And we are breathing this shit into our body's every f@#king day. I know most of you here on this site know this already, this is for the one's who visit our site and think we are all a bunch of paranoid eggheads.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I agree Dan. It is like cement. And it sticks well too. No wonder so many have had Heart Attacks while shoveling the toxic crap. And what the weight of it, has done to the  Trees. It's been years since I looked at Snow with Joy!

  81. C.J. says:

    I never ever forget what Frank said about Blissful Ignorance.

    I will never ever forget those words.


    How TRUE Fank.

    Frank says:

    September 27, 2017 at 10:08 am

    You don't need a character flaw to not believe geoengineering or the 911 story, just the average human desire to enjoy life and not make waves. We live in a time of great leisure, something humans love, and it does not mix well with talk of the end of the world, especially if you live in the NE USA, where the weather is beautiful.

    Unless you sit behind a news desk, hold political office, or have an Oscar or two, you have no power over casual conversation in a supermarket or by the pool. I have known all about what we talk about on this site for decades, but as the events rapidly close in,  I think twice about ruining someone's blissful ignorance with what we know.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yup.  Well said and too true.  I struggled with this aspect myself, but no more!!  Enough is enough!!  And people are asking!  Questioning.  They have a right to know whether or not they can handle it. 

  82. Sean says:

    Global sea ice extent and area are bizarrely skyrocketing the last week or two. Can they really nucleate that much ice??

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      I don't believe it! THEY must be! Northern Greenland and most of the arctic are 20 to 40 degrees above normal and have been for the several weeks. I agree with Andrew from Scotland that the "Blue Ocean Event" in the arctic may still happen in the next few weeks. It would not surprise me at all.

      I check this page every day. Put it in your favorites and pass it on.  You will be shocked!

      If the ice is growing, Chemical Ice Nucleation to Increase Sea Ice Extent is the reason why. Maybe THEY can nucleate that much ice.

      Here is a bonus for our new friend Brice and anyone else that has not seen my video. Please pass it on Brice, and Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

      Until my last breath, without fear, trepidation, timidity or anonymity.

    • TNGeowatch says:

      In my opinion all Ice reports on any website are false. You can't trust any official sources as they are all officially licensed to lie sources. 

      They can ice nucleate all day long. The temps in Tennessee are insanely under reported. We were clearly in the lower 90's today. But not online or on tv. 

      Been a while since I've posted here. It's very bleak here in TN. Trees deing everywhere. Birds bugs all disappearing.  Sky's are trashed.  


  83. Bob says:

    Good day everyone. So today on cbc news they have an article that states that leading scientists are getting together to discuss the possibility of starting to geoengineer to mitigate the effects of climate change…….Hello……. they been doing it for a while. Look up and open your eyes!!! They even stated that they would use aircraft to spray a particulate into the stratosphere. Sound familiar anyone? We must be in worse shape than they let on! Dane you are very diligent in pursuing this but seriously is it too late?   I have noticed a marked decrease in the amount of flights  laying down trails in southern Ontario in the last few months. I have also noticed other people on hear saying the same??? Curious! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bob, yes, the horizon is dark indeed, but so long as we are living, breathing, and still standing, it is not too late to play our part in this most critical battle. Sounding the alarm is not an option, but rather, an obligation. And we must consider this, that each and every individual that our combined efforts helps to awaken, matters, in ways that we cannot yet even fully know or comprehend. There is profound power in a fully awakened consciousness, it’s not over, till it’s over. Face to the gathering storm, Bob, lets keep marching. Glad to march with you in this battle, and with each and every individual who is refusiong to yeild to the collective insanity that surrounds us all.

  84. Brice says:

    I just want to know (anyone can answer) why has global geoengineering been ramped up exponentially almost as soon as November/December 2016 rolled around. When I mean ramped up I mean like trails filling every sky and ribbed clouds (from radio frequencies) surrounding every storm system? This is definately thought provoking… 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Brice, our question is dictates a complex answer which is not possible on this post. This being said, two primary factors are the imploding biosphere, and the rapidly increasing desperation of the power structure.

    • TNGeowatch says:

      Got to force the trees to drop leaves?

      Got to stage a white Christmas for the holidays for the marketing machine!


    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Anti-Geoengineering Activism is a Rush!

    • Hawkeye says:

      TNGeowatch gave you a good answer Brice. Do you get it? Why would they have to stage a white Christmas or induce tree leaf loss? I believe it is ramped up in fall/winter because if it was not those things TNGeowatch said would NOT happen on their own because temps are now too high and there would be NO winter without these criminal geo activities. Hence, no trees would drop their leaves. No white Christmas, instead maybe a beach day for Santa. I hope you see my response to you here so you can consider what I have said. Another point to drive home that backs this thinking up is, there is no fall and no spring anymore. Have you noticed that? Goes from freezing cold through almost July now in some areas, then it is summer over night practically.  More proof of why TNG said what she said. 

      I live in SWFL and we used to have spring and summer weather normally, but no more. Now FL is either too dam cold or it is too dam hot. That is all they can do because they are pathetic assholes with a massive ego problem resembling that of a psychopathic addict!

      Notice there have been days in Feb., for example last winter 2018,  when NY etc got temps in the 70,s!  That is proof of what I "think" and tell you. This is also how the hoax of GW/CC is fed. Coldest winter ever, blah blah. NO it is only that because of geoengineering fake cold weather. But since the masses choose to remain not interested in the truth, they buy this BS and continue on believing there is no global warming or climate change because it is so cold every winter, and then to make matters worse, the president of these "united?" states tells the public that gw is a hoax. The only hoax about it is his froward mouth!



  85. Steve Ilievski says:

    To Dane Wigington and others on this site seeking solutions to this crime.  We must act in multiple ways.  Litigation may be one way.  Protesting and making others aware is another.  By now most of us know the "government" is not really the government, but a criminal usurper masquerading as government.  The difference is between maritime and land jurisdiction.  Land jurisdiction is common law, the law of the land.  Anna von Reitz is a retired Alaska judge who tells us to start setting up "jural assemblies" to lawfully begin replacing so called officials who operate under maritime law, the law of the sea.  This has already began to happen in the United States of America.  Please look up the following, and this YouTube video, The Stile of this confederacy.  This is a way for us to begin to take back the country and this world that has been hijacked by a global mafia calling itself the Illuminati.  The so called officials do not listen to us because they are all corporations operating under maritime law.  We must begin to change this with jural assemblies all across the nation and Anna von Reits shows us exactly how to do just that.  Yes, awareness is power, but education is even more so because it pinpoints the cause of all this criminality and how to rectify it.

    • Earth Angel says:

      We have already done this in Georgia and in other states. There are a number of groups working toward the goal of freeing America (and really the entire world IMO; as every human being is born with the same God given rights- no matter where he/she may be) from the tyranny of lies and deceit most of us have been tricked into by the corporation now running the United States. (originally begun as the united States). There is much to learn about the subtle nuances and terms which make a big difference between freedom vs. slavery. Everybody should get busy learning about it then help your province or state to begin being the change we all want to see happening peacefully and lawfully. We can do this!

  86. barbzi says:

    buckeye AZ skies have been REASONABLY quiet til Oct 9th ( much sky haze, I was very tired)….Oct 10 ( Lots of man made clouds including many taffy/wispy clouds + a strong WIND from the EAST + particles in the air with unhealthy alerts to the sensitive people)…..Oct 11 (More man made clouds + taffy/wispy clouds again very tired and sleepy that day)…..Oct 12 ( rather clear blue skies energy level back to normal)…….any of this cloud activity/wind blowing west meant to affect CA  ???  hmmm ….  or just a coincidence.

  87. Rachel Robson says:

    Has anyone's else's brain just locked up?  Mine has.  Like info and disaster over load.  And so I wonder if some deniers feel like this.  As if one more tiny bit of info/insight/political action and your whole system will shut down.  Rendered immobile.  This has happened to me a few times lately and I am not used to it.  At all.  Seldom am I rendered speechless.  But looking at what those fires did, are doing? truly blew my mind somewhere around when the pleasant woman at surgeon's office told of the cars whose gas tanks, caught in fire, blew up throwing them like huge flying fire ball bombs everywhere.  Somehow I never thought of that and things keep happening I never could have thought of and seem bleak indeed.  Scary as hell too.  Maybe I breathed too much of the pollution which just has to contain every known horror.  But it really set in for me when seeing nothing left but tiny pieces, so tiny, of whatever was.  As if vaporized.  Strong winds they said, 60mph.  True?And last night there a reporter confused, saying winds were said to be going east, yet a north west wind came in and spread the fires.  And, odd how it seems almost predictable when mostly poor people suffer disasters, and that happens again and again as with Puerto Rico.  But when wealthy people do?  Mega wealth and great vineyards?  Spas and get away places?  Not that they are my places.  But my State.  Which many consider a state of mind: " California dreamin'" and all that.  Because we have such forward thinking and laws to go with.  We drew lines in the sand.  We, more than any others escaped Monsanto's total grasp with great effort and group demand.  We, a rare state that demands truth in labeling such that we can know what is in our foods.  And, Just prior to these fires, Gov. Brown signed the clean money act, the disclose act.  Punishment?  Has not being sprayed constantly for so very, very long not been punishment enough?  They say this warming world caused our drought.  It shoulda caused more rain.  They also say that the big increase in lightning along shipping routes is due to the pollution these big ships put out.  Uh?  No.  How about how all our shipping routes are regulated via satellite and radar and the skies that make that possible via what all is in those skies?  They can't speak to that.  Dane is right.  It would take something like the Nuremburg trials to pull those teeth out.  Any admission is now guilt writ large and that they cannot afford, financially or politically.  The entire world would turn against us.  Rightfully.  It would be so very unpleasant and who can say what would happen next?  And, for better or worse if that is possible, given insane Trump, and the horses he rode in on, it is now being said there might indeed be a military takeover to stabilize things.  Uh?  I've been voicing my fears of that but that was just me being me, now others are saying it.  So…..?

    And bingo.  Just got a call to do some political calls this Saturday.  I nearly bailed but the young woman was so pleasant and we chatted about much.  She is only 21 and in school.  Wow.  Eventually, in talking of the fires here, the degree of heat in them, I just Had to ask her if she knew anything about geoengineering.  She did not!  My lucky day!  So I went further and she wants to know!  Gave her a reading list and references to info.  She seemed very interested.  And suddenly my brain feels alive again!  As I keep saying, there really is more that unites us than divides us.  We can find some common ground to support and insert!  Amazing how many saw the geoengineered hearts in the skies last week over Berkeley and the Bay.  Yet they never see anything else? Bullshit!  If I can move past my inertia, so can others.  And as Watcher here says, the truly remarkable thing is how people came together, helping each other.  Fake news would like all to believe how divided and violently this country is.  Proven wrong again and again.  And Nader gives example after example of how fewer than 1% of the population have made, together, great changes for the good.  We just need one %! That would seem to be the tipping point and we must be there by now or very, very close.

    • penny waters says:

      dear rachel robson

      know the brain fog – but sometimes caused by low biorhythms – see facade then look for biorhythms – put in date of birth – see physical, emotional and intellectual rhythms go up and down across each other – start when you are born and are natural 

      i always used to get my physical and emotional mixed up – once separated – easier life

      give you an example – sometimes you pick up something you want to read – can't make head or tail of it – then few days later – no problem – just read all through no problem – your intellectual has come out of a low phase – try it and see

      on the other hand tis so good to talk to people who are open and awake and want to receive info., and make sense of their world – tis the exchange that keeps me alive 

      as do all of you sensitives – for me – keeping me sane in what has become the human asylum (society)

      not only do we need to inform people but also – keep yourself safe rachel robson

      much love pen

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dear Penny, Thank you for your kindness!  I am aware of these fluctuations and your example is perfect.  But this was, is, different.  As if hitting a dead end, emotionally.  I am an empath.  I suspect you are too.  I feel too much it seems.  Then need to process that, apparently.  So much suffering Everywhere is a huge blow.  I would feel it if I didn't even know it.  I get when my brain is on down time and do things that go with down time.  Brainless stuff.  But this is different.  And for years and years now I've really pushed the learning, have learned SO much it is as if one more piece of knowledge will kill me!  But no.  Still, a lot for an old brain.

      I cover my chicken coop with tarp in rain times.  That is always iffy as with winds, holy cows but it tears and blows and breaks loose always.  Heavy rocks help.  I don't know if you can safely go on your roof, but if so, might be best to duct tape your tarp to hold it down.  May have to cut tarp and do it in patches.  I wish you luck.  Gotta ask, how often does a hurricane come your way?

    • Dennie says:

      I suffered smoke inhalation yesterday while driving to and from students' homes to teach music lessons.  Dry nose, sore throat, stuffy nose, painful ears, burning bronchioles.  What did I do?  I keep putting a small amount of mentholatum just inside my nostrils.  One part tea tree oil in 10 parts olive oil is also very cooling and helpful.  I drink Lo Han Guo tea– you can buy it in sugared cubes (you'll have to go to a Chinese herbalist if you can't eat sugar, and get instructions how to make your own).  It hydrates and soothes the lungs.  Today I went to Kaiser and grabbed 4 respirators they're giving out for free:  One for me, one for my neighbor, one for a house mate who has a history of asthma, and one to spare… I'd say "The Apocalypse" is definitely here.  If you're still "Waiting for Godot," that ship already sailed.  Why?  Because He wants YOU to grow up and step up to the challenge of fixing our problems, one at a time, on Earth– ain't gonna sprinkle you with the kind of Magic Fairy Dust you think would "fix" the problems here and you wouldn't like it any how.

    • kazadum9 says:

      California a rare state which force vaccinates their children or takes them away, more like commiefornia. California has become something out of 1984

  88. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    There must be ingredients added to make these fires burn so horrifically hot…..the burn areas are total devastation…worse than Harvey!  Nothing left but rubble.  Maybe it is only the metals etc in chemtrails that make them burn so hot and so destructive, but I think it is more.  I think the fires are perpetrated and manipulated to lay waste to the lives of all in the area.  Much like the hurricanes did…part of their deadly agenda.

    How the heart goes out to all who have lost so much.  I was born in SF and have a special love for northern CA, though I currently live in the south.  Have been praying nonstop for days, and yet the fires keep on going.  Enough!  Please, no more fires Lord & Angels.  Have mercy on the good human population…so bombarded.  My favorite town north of SF just got a 2nd evacuation notice, and I fear they mean to destroy it too.  How the heart aches.  May Calistoga survive….and St Helena…and so many others.

    I distribute the flyers/booklets on geoengineering….they are so good and informative.  People seem not to know what to do.  I tell them just the knowledge of what is happening is key to waking up the world…to keep sharing the information…and telepathy works that way too…the information transfers from one mind to another.  Keep aware…it always helps.  May blessings surround those who have lost so much….May love renew their spirits.  There really is only love….and we will go on in one way or another…in one dimension or another.  

    Those so invested in death and destruction will surely one day be denied the Book of Life.  Cosmic justice is a real thing….May it play its part.  Amen.

    • Edward Palys says:

      All it takes is strong winds and the fires pick up energy from the winds. There is little that can stop such a scenario. Going back a few years, it was the California drought, engineered so that people accepted it as a natural cycle. The scheme was exposed long before geoengineering was blamed. It was done to devastate farmers' crops. These latest fires are aimed at the California wine industry. What's next? Maybe if we can bury the Hollywood industry, things might change.

    • Debra Evans says:


    • Dennie says:

      @ Linda Lee from Sirius B:  Hi.  I live in Marin.  Have almost all my life.  I work in those places that are burning.  Used to be nice wine country and plenty of weddings/parties that need musical entertainment up there.  Calistoga is a Destination Wedding town….

      YES, there ARE chemicals added to the sprays that are INCENDIARY.  If you've been coming here looking around for a while you'd know that we're getting bombarded with nano-particulate aluminum.  ALUMINUM IS AN INCENDIARY, meaning that it makes fires GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That much should be clear now.

  89. Vicki Scallo says:

    Just a observation….they always spray us harder right before any weather event is moving in…..rain, snow….whatever…… 

    We will have a couple of clear days in a row… jets at all, not one.  Maybe a few small planes….We are eleven miles from the GWB…..and near some very large airports…Newark, JFK, LaGuardia….plus numerous lesser ones like Teterboro, NJ, Fairfield…etc.

    Do they just cancel all of the flights over us for two or three days in a row??  Are they redirected elsewhere over other towns and cities on those days??  Is Trump or other VIP's… that think they are more important than the rest of us …visiting the city for entertainment on those days??  Hmmmmm….just wondering. ;(

  90. Sharlette says:

    Hi Dane. 

    I’m  keeping an eye on the fire in California. I don’t know where in California you and your family live, but I hope you are all safe and well. And thanks for all that your doing. You are a real hero thank you 

  91. David A. says:

    These scum are making us all sick, killing our children, sabotaging our land too no end. Thanks for the update.

  92. Nelson Martins says:

    Great work, Dane. Also, Thank You for including western europe in the presentation. We here in Portugal and our neighbors in Spain know what our friends in California are going through, and have been. We are very much alike in relation to Geoengineering. Two west coasts of 2 large land masses getting "Hammered" with Geoengineering activities. Two Geoengineered CONSTANT High Pressure Zones created to push the Jet Stream north, and thus taken all "much needed" moisture with it to other regions of the continents. Absolutely criminal is what this is. Geoengineering is a Worldwide Crime Against All Life on Earth. We need to end it, before it ends us. Dane, Thank you again.

  93. Nancy in Central Valley says:

    We have friends and family all over the Northern CA areas affected.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

    Many of our friends don't know if their homes are still standing.

    More than half the places where I spent much of my life are now GONE.

    There MUST be an incendiary effect taking place. The wind patterns and intensity of the fires are likely not natural, even if much of the fuels in the hills and mountains haven't burned for decades.

    We lived in Sonoma Valley in 1964, and the intensity of the fire there was NOTHING like what they are having now.

    Just cannot believe this is a natural event.

    Watched the entire state burn from one end to the other in 2008, and based on my eyewitness of events, that was an engineered weather event.

    • Dennie says:

      Do people here not yet understand that we are being sprayed with nano-particulate aluminum, 24/7/365, and that aluminum is an incendiary–??? THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. JUST LOOK AT THE PATENTS, AND LISTEN TO THE PODCASTS. Goodness, people, this is not difficult– just do your homework!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      I guess this is what the rollout of the Scortched Earth Policy looks like. Very awful it is; creating hell on earth.  : o

  94. glendon says:

    I have an out there question.  Do I continue to recycle aluminum, knowing that aluminum is being rained down upon the earth? Don't want to contribute to this horror, but also don't want to bury it in the land fill. Thanks in advance.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      glendon, that's not an out there question. I too have contemplated the very same thought. If I were a nano particulate manufacturer, I'd be looking for a refined source of material to use. A cheep one. I have a stockpile of scrap aluminum just because I am not sure who the next user of the metal will be. The price of scrap metals fell just about the same time the aerosols were ramped up in scale. Things that make ya go, hmm.

  95. Susan says:

    Hi Dane:   Good Job! I am in canada. I need to know whats already happening here and whats coming. I know i cannot hide, and im shocked that everyone is SO afraid to speak up! There is no freedom . We are in a prison.    Please inform thank you!    

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Look on you tube for, "welcome to the reservation". An interview with Russell Means. You will learn a lot of "basics". (RIP native warrior Russell Means. I hope I make you proud).

  96. Carmen Sanchez says:

    Hello Dane I thank you so much for your work that you are doing. I have family members that are suffering very bad in island Puerto Rico due to the hurricane Maria. I have both of my parents in the island of Puerto Rico and don`t know if they are alive. I live in Jersey City New Jersey and I see how our weather has been. I would love to educate people about geoengineering but don`t know how to go about it. I don`t have a printer to print out the information and not employed right now. I have access to computer and read a lot of information on geoengineering that I agree 100%. We are living a very difficult time on planet earth with all this poison that is around us. 

    • penny waters says:

      dear carmen sanchez

      i am horrified by your plight. hope you hear from your mum and dad soon. i am and will be thinking of you and your family. 

      all of my love to you dear person


  97. Hi Dane, yesterday in Duluth, we awoke to a beautiful totally clear deep blue sky with a half-moon shining in the west. It was one of those classic autumn days when you wanted to stay out all day working on the garden or yard or going fishing. Then, at about 10 am, a single chemtrail crossed near the moon and the rest of the day the clear blue sky was gradually obliterated by endless chemtrails until the sky was nothing but haze and the evidence of dispersing trails. All day long there were absolutely no natural clouds visible.

    Then, on the local ABC-TV affiliate at 10 PM, the meteorologist faced the camera and said, with a sincere face: "Today began with a beautiful clear blue sky, but then the clouds moved in." 

    And he got away with that disingenuous statement, partly because not too many folks around here spend any amount of time outdoors or, if they do, don't look up and, if they look up, they have succumbed to the corporate-controlled media propaganda that tells them they are simply looking at normal contrails.

    So, Dane, my question to you: Is there a good time-lapse video showing a clear blue sky gradually changing into the chemtrail-contaminated haze we all have been conditioned to believe is normal? Please send us all a link to any such video. Gary

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Gary, thank you for the report from your region. The time lapse video I am attaching is perhaps not exactly the scenario you requested (which we are working on), but it is shocking footage. FYI

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gary, I went to high school in Duluth(East High). As a spry young man, I spent most of my time outside all year around. I had a season pass to Spirit Mtn 4 years in a row. "Never" did I see a sky created like you described. I've been a weather nut all my life. I remember things as they once were. That fact has kept me from "going back" to revisit any places I lived in the past. Like central Oregon, Prineville, one stop light and it was new. I used to ride my tricycle to Dairy Queen and nobody worried for my safety. 'All gone now'…….

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Gary,

      Had the exact same sky experience you described here in Alaska about a week ago. Since then, it has been unnaturally warm here with our temps in the mid-fifties; which is definitely NOT normal for October. I still have geraniums blooming in my window box and rose bushes that are in blossom and budding. Today it is raining. Normally, a hard frost would have killed everything a month ago. Our scheduled forecast calls for snow showers possibly this weekend. It's a stinking travesty what those dirty devils are doing to us. Nice to know that you, a doctor, knows what's going on; so many professionals are oblivious. 

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Gary:  There is a guy out there who's been doing time-lapse videos of the sky and I think you can still find his work on YouTube if you do some sleuthing.  Clouds? HAH– FIDDLESTICKS– My "Alfred Lamy!!!!"  
      But at the end of the day, time lapse doesn't matter– JUST.  LOOK.  UP.  I know that's hard to do when so many who work do so in their "Ivory Towers," complete with fluorescent lighting, all day, and "no time" to look out the window– if you have one.  The White Man jobs make NO sense to me.  I'd rather eat dirt.  As an independent music teacher, I come pretty close to that sometimes.  Economic disparity is driving sooooooo much of this, including the geoengineering.  SHEEESH.  Just LOOK UP– Use your own eyes, your own God-given senses!! How hard is thaaaat for people to do, to actually LOOK, then use their own senses?  If you can get through medical school, or even win a few auditions for "just" regional orchestras, you CAN LOOK UP.  UGH.  
      If it's video evidence you need to have in order to provide evidence to convince people this is going on, it just may not:  
      "If four or five pieces of good evidence doesn't sway a jury, neither will 400 or 500 pieces of evidence."  — Michael C. Ruppert, author, Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil.

  98. Carol says:

    INSANiTY  so bloody worrying  everyday they spray here uk .. vaccination are becoming insane   And I hav research this subject for 25 years …… WAKE UP FOLKS .. Before it to late .. GREAT WORK DANE. Bless you for what you are doing …

    • Dennie says:

      I got a voice mail message from some Holy Grand-High Muck-a-Muck Em Deity saying how important it is to get the flu shot each and every year.  

      Now hear this:  My former violin student's parents are scientists.  They create vaccines.  I asked his mother if she gets a flu shot every year.  She said "no," because they cannot be tested and they are not effective.  

      How 'bout them apples, oh Great White Doctors???

  99. Dianne Pickford says:

    I too have been safely evacuated from Santa Rosa CA for the past 2 days.  A week before the fires started our skies were interlaced with white trails that spread out and caused unnatural haziness for 2-3 days. The clandestine jets looked like they were coming from the direction of Travis AFB fo r sure. I am so convinced there is a connection that I am passionate to raise awareness about this. If anyone wants to start a picket line with protest signs outside of a federal building in the affected counties, please contact me at my email address. We have to stop this.

    Sincerely, Dianne Pickford

    • Watcher says:

      Hello Dianne,

      I think that we could make something happen in this regard. I know a number of people that we could rally. If you can provide your mail address we can get the ball rolling.

      Thank you,

  100. American Patriot says:

    Hello Dane, I am sorry for being mad at you, yes you have every right to go on whoever’s show you want even if I don’t like them. I was upset that you went on Alex Jones and Natural News because I don’t lake those media outlets however I do understand you are credible and sincerely accurate in your reporting and is just trying to get the word out and we do need lots of your help to exposing and stopping climate engineering atrocities. I am sorry Dane you are doing a fantastic job and I truly love your work and let’s keep fighting during these hard times as I just found out that I lost all my belongings and my home I have rented for many years. I believe patriotism is about loving your country during easy time and hard times, sending love to all those affected —American Patriot.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, American Patriot, I am so sorry about the loss of your home, our thoughts and prayors are with you, please stay safe. In regard to various radio programs on which I have been interviewed, the goal is to pass on credible data to every possible audience, to reach those who don’t yet know about or understand the climate engineering attrocities.

    • penny waters says:

      dear american patriot

      my thoughts and love are with you too. hope peace finds you


  101. Maclovio Magaña says:

    Hello Dane, I live in the north bay and I live in one of te areas that almost got burned down, I am still at risk of loosing my house and yes I have evacuated safely. I couldn’t stay in my house so I evacuated to the Cloverdale Citrus Fairgrounds to spend the night. They are just hammering us with spraying above the thick layer of smoke and they will not stop as long as the smoke provides them with the what they believe is the needed cover for the spraying operations. Sometimes the smoke would blow away faster than the spraying could dissipate and I would just see this clump/chunks of spraying right above the smoke. They don’t usually spray in the areas right above where they are fighting the fires I assume they don’t want to be seen committing these crimes against humanity. Thank you very much Dane and I was saddened by this mother’s baby having a small seizure after breathing all that smoke that is in the air. This geoengineering insanity makes me mad and sometimes I worry it can get the best out of me and make me do something crazy.

    • Wouldlovetobreathe says:

      In Butte County, with two fires since Sunday, they have indeed sprayed when there is intense smoke. That happens every time we have fires. 

    • Disgusted in MT says:

      In Montana we had fires for so much of the summer and some of them are probably still burning down low. I saw pictures of smoke drifting in the mountains  just last week  from  a wildfire. The smoke was so heavy this summer from the fires and sometimes it would break and you could see heavy spraying above it. So yes they use every occasion they can to hide their spraying, and of course they also spray with no cover to shield it from our eyes. They definitely spray heavily over the fires. They don't care who sees it. They have no mercy either.

  102. sharon gagon says:

    how can they get away with this?

  103. Watcher says:

    I wanted to leave a message to those that are directly involved with these programs either as order followers, order givers or top of the pyramid masterminds.

    I live in Santa Rosa, CA. Most of us are awake to what you are doing and the fact that it appears these fires were set deliberately. We know that you are currently blocking a tropical storm that would bring much needed rain to this area.

    I just wanted you to know that your attempt at breaking us down and diminishing or spirit has failed. People are coming together and helping one and other in ways that are beyond words. It is beautiful to watch. 

    I just want to say thank you for giving us this opportunity to show our love to one and other and to help our brothers and sisters in need.

    I just wanted you to know thay you have succeeded at nothing other than bringing us closer together.

    Once again, you lose. The human spirit prevails.

    • Dennie says:

      There also were hurricane-force winds on Sunday night last week and ARCING, as well as transformer blow-outs.
      NO ONE can get by that fact, and that this had something to do with creating those fires. THEY DO KNOW THIS, and so should you. But that won't help at all, as long as all you want to do is just find someone to hurl your raging blame at– how's that going to create greater awareness—???
      Look, you can tell these idiots all you want, but THEY.  JUST.  DO.  NOT.  CARE.  I know it's hard to believe that, but THEY CANNOT FEEL ANYTHING and THEY LIKE IT THAT WAY.  These "people" have a DEATH WISH.  That much should be very clear as by now.  

    • BenBarzman says:

      Watcher, if indeed these fires are intentional, part of the bigger picture of destroying the human spirit, in some evil control plan, then i think you told "them" off quit well, when you said "I just wanted you to know they you have succeeded at nothing other than bringing us closer together." Well said !!! I didn't realize how much the people in my community were really all on board the same ship together, nothing brings us together better than a common problem.

      Dennie- yes, the winds were very powerful last Sunday. But they were not typical of the area, thus inquiring minds suspect that they were part of some weather manipulation. I live in the southern Sacramento area, about an hour and half east from the Bay Area, and we experienced GREATER wind speeds that last Sunday. Sacramento's climate is hotter and drier than the Bay's,with plenty of dead dry grass, we experienced no large fires, why? 

      Is it any coincidence that that the fire all started relatively close to major highways and arteries in the bay fires? The 101, 37,12, 128, 121 highways are all where the fire is at, not in some random isolated place out in the wilds. My gut says this is intentional, this is arson.

  104. Raul Gutierrez says:

    Hello Dane, I live around the wildfire areas, my house hasn’t burned down but I did notice the spraying going on above the smoke yesterday. The smoke provides cover for the spraying I just have to mention that. I need your help waking people up Dane, please hold an event around the affected region from the wildfire so you can let the locals know geoengineering is largely responsible for this cataclysm tha is unfolding evermore so everyday. My peace and love is with you all who have been affected by this wildfire.

    • Dane Wigington says:

          Hello, Raul, hope you manage to stay safe. In regard to alerting people in the fire disaster area to the geoengineering issue, has already supplied activists in the area with our informational materials for distribution, we will continue to do so.

    • Silla says:

      I noticed that, and lots of haarp activity too. i

  105. Lois Bancroft says:

    Hard to believe, but I'm open to the information.  How can we possibly stop it?

    • Watcher says:

      By waking others. Once enough people know that this is going on we will force the debate. You will find what you need under the "activist suggestions" tab in the upper let hand side of this page.

       Glad to have you with us.

  106. C.J. says:

    People are finding it extremely hard to believe this is actually happening each and every time it is pointed out to them and the next disaster happens. They listen to the MSM and follow the rest of the Herd.

    Even when people are flooded out or burned out they still think that is all just natural and mother nature is taking it's course. This is going on constant though and should be highly suspicious.

    When the people have been displaced from their homes and are moved into Fema facilities and then moved to Floating Barges', they may think that is OK. We are being saved. Oh mercy thank heaven's.

    Move the Barge out in the Ocean late at night. People might think they are going for a Cruise. Then it mysteriously sinks. Fish Food.

    People should really be opening up their eyes to all of this. The Agenda is fully in place and is being initiated, yet the people tend to ignore it.


  107. Leslie says:

    Last night on the National News in Canada they reported on Geoengineering / SRM.  They completely whitewashed the topic.  David Keith was interviewed and he said they will start the spraying this year!  So full of lies. He said it is our only hope of cooling the planet.  There was no discussion around the bad affects nor disclosure of what is being sprayed.  They did not mention it is going on now world wide and has been since the 40's and increased since the 1990's.  They failed to say that the spraying is necessary for HAARP and weather warfare. They failed to mention the death of insects, animals, ocean acidification, ozone depletion, tree die offs, human illness and death etc. due to Geoengineering. They failed to talk about how the fires and drought are connected to Geoengineering. They just said don't worry, some sun light will still get in.  Now, everyone who has no knowledge of Geoengineering will go back to sleep without worry and the people behind Geoengineering can say "we told you all about it, didn't you watch the late news?"  Note: when the interviewed other scientists about it…they did so with a rare clear blue cloudless sky behind them (can't be showing lines).

  108. Laura Donham says:

    Do we even have time for a lawsuit just to get documents from NOAA?

    Can Puerto Rico or a State affected by geoengineering sue the government for damages…..which will disclose evidence through that process?

    Will Earth Justice or other lawyers working pro bono on environmental issues be willing to support your legal team?  I used to work with environmental public interest lawyers via the Hawaii office of the Sierra Club Legal Defense, now Earth Justice.


    Thanks to all of you for your passion and work…I will work to get the word out.  Remember, as with nuclear war, this issue is so devastating and traumatic that it can cause a trauma reaction and shut down in people.  In 30+ years of activism, I found it helpful to give people hope with concrete steps and things they can do…even simple things like  signing a petition.

    also, given the dysfunctional state of affairs with our government, will regulating or placing geoengineering under some governmental environmental protection agency work?  There are other gentle "technologies" that work with frequency that help restore environmental and human health.  In short – should get-engineering be allowed at all?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Laura, for the record, our attorneys reached out to “Earth Justice” attorneys, they will not touch the climate engineering issue. Our attorneys have reached out to all the major environmental groups, none will touch the critical issue of geoengineering. All are more worried about protecting their “non-profit” status while the entire biosphere implodes. This is the reality we face, it is up to us to hold these unimaginably hypocritical environmental organizations publicaly accountable.

    • Jer says:

      Laura, Dane –

      A group called CELDF is led by top-notch attorneys that used to work for big environmental groups, that learned how they were actually doing the opposite of what they thought they'd signed up for.  So, they've created a new group that works to empower local advocacy groups, in restoring local democracy with activists' help.

      The current system is working as designed, it's 'fixed'.  It's only helpful to work outside of the old system in our thinking, to empower the people by restoring our sense of what 'authority' is, and who really has choice and the power to change anything.  On top of that, there's a balance between working within the system, while discovering ways to replace it, until complete.

      So, finding people willing to face the possibility of losing their credibility and even their living, is one way.  Another could be creating a way to make it tougher for individuals to be 'scrutinized' for assisting.  I appreciate the idea of open-sourcing info, and separating the informer from the release (like wikileaks, etc.), so that we're able to release info in an unstoppable way (w/o allowing the existing framework to do what it does). 

      We're in a new world, creating it.  To complain just adds to the problem we're complaining about.  If we have an unstoppable determination, we'll figure out ways that hadn't been thought of, and actually create solutions.

      What would it take to build another new team, working toward this direction?  There are many technologies hidden from us, that could easily reverse much of the environmental issues – what would it take to get those released or open-sourced?  And actually be taking action steps toward resolving, getting the word out, showing the world that positive is actually possible AND happening – JOIN US, corporate accountability reviews/implementation, etc.

    • penny waters says:

      dear laura donham

      i have become totally disenchanted with all of the so-called environmental groups including our only green member of the lords who tells everyone with pride how she grows organic food!!!!

      more people in the 'system' of make believe – it is all okay 

      that's how much they know about the environment – they lose their credibility in the 'system asylum' if they open their eyes

      have seen it in the past few years that so many – like the so-called labour party in this country (uk) wolves in sheeps clothing

      as long as they can become a celebrity – their 'holier than thou' mentality!!! have given up on many so-called wide awake people.

      keep safe 


    • Jeanette S says:

      Penny, on the day I met dane, my cohorts and I were leafleting for Prop 37. One said I do not believe in organic anymore and told me why and what the name was that was given to the sprayed lines in the skies. but I did tell her that I did not want her to say there is "no organic". true it may have nano aluminum on it but it is still organic as to the alternative. conventional food also has nano aluminum on it. the conventional food is from labs, half chemicals with the same nano aluminum in it and probably even more as think of all the processes done to it that air is used to do…and what is in the air? think it sticks to that oil and sugar? Plus even it is the same amount of na, did you know that the nano aluminum makes the hole that can now allow something such as a glyphosate molecule cross the blood/brain barrier? conventional food has all the synthetic chemicals on it. what I do not understand is why people kick organic because  of the geoengineering in our skies…if you do not like that it has nano aluminum then go and complain to those responsible. do not complain to the organic folk, do a 180 degree about face and complain in that direction; they are the ones responsible for it, is always what I would tell people when I would hear that during leafleting. "I would love you to". People who do have this mindset have always had issues with organic and now just have one more straw to add. If you wish to think you are being cheated or left out of organic, in many instances it is a matter of priorities, please do not coerce others out of the more healthful choice. Organic please!

    • Jeanette S says:

      think of ways to discredit the opposing team…as they do to us. Learn from their tactics. such as lobbying, pushing bills, etc. do they cry and give up no…they are back on Monday win or lose pushing for more. do a fabulous study on the teachers; two can play at that game.

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